Shamokin News-Dispatch from Shamokin, Pennsylvania on October 15, 1937 · Page 3
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Shamokin News-Dispatch from Shamokin, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Shamokin, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, October 15, 1937
Page 3
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SHAMOKIN NEWS-DISPATCH. SHAMOK1N, PA- FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1937 PAGE THRE3 L0.0.F. GROUP c, 7 ILL ASSETtlBLE AT YORKOCT. 17 Annual Convention of Pa- triarchs Militant to Be ; Held Next Week. The 49th annual session of the Department Council of Patriarchs Militant, I. O. O.F. of Pennsylvania will be held in York, October 17, 18, and 19. The general committee on arrangements has everything in readiness for the greatest gathering of Odd Fellows the city has ever known. Entertainment has been provided for every minuti of the day and from the time th' organizations arrive they will be kept on the go. . The festivities begin Sunday evening when divine services will be held in Trinity First Reformed Church, Rev. Allen C. Meek, pastor. On Monday. October 18, 7:00 a. m. Breakfast meeting of all elective and US' officers at Colonial Hotel. 00 a. m. Department Council ses sion, I. O. O. F. Temple. Greetings by; Hon. Harry B. Anstine, mayor. Response by Major General Russel K. Patterson, department commander 'and Lady Florence Hallam, president, Department Association, Ladies Auxiliary, Patriarchs Militant. 2:00 p. m. Patri-ttchs Militant memorial services. 3:00 p. m. First aid demonstration. 3:30 p. m. Patriarchs Militant conference. 6:00 p. m. Annual banquet, Second Regiment, Malta Temple. .:00 p. m. Patriarchs Militant degree. Mustering ceremony of Ladles Auxiliary. 9:30 p. m. Reception and dance. Tuesday, Octoijer 19. 8:30 a. m. Department Council and Auxiliary sessions. 12:00 noon. Installation of Department Association officers. 1:30 p. m. Sight-seeing trip. 4:00 p. m. Meeting of District Deputy Grand Masters Association. 4:30 p. m. Patriarchs Militant drills. Special ses sion, limited, of Grand Lodge. 6:30 p. m. Parade of all Units of the or- der. 8:30 p. m. Grand decoration and decoration of Chivalry, White Rose Arena. 10:00 p. m. Grand military ball. Wednesday, October 20, The 108th Annual Communication of the Grand Encampment of Pennsylvania, I. O. O. F., will open at 9:00 a. m. with address of welcome by Hon. Harry B. Anstine, mayor. Response by Charles Gotwalt, grand patriarch. 2:00 p. m. Grand Encampment Memorial services. 3:00 p. m. District Deputy Grand Patrairchs meeting. 7:30 p. m. Competitive exemplification of the Golden Rule Degree. 7:00 p. m. Special session, Rebekah Assembly. ALL AHDVEKTHSEID) CIGARETTES TOBACCO P.ALBERT 4AA VELVET I UC HALF, HALF can Half & Half lb. 69c CIGARS 5 for 10c CIGARS , 3 for 10c CUT-RATE Alka Seltzer 24c, 49c Nervine 83c Yeastfoam 34c Feenamint 19c, 39c A. B. D. Caps 79c Halibut Oil Caps 6Qc 75c NOXZEMA 49c Lyons' Powder 32c Pond's Creams 25c Neet 45c Mum 29c Pompeian Powder 40c Palmolive Soap 3 for 19c Coty Talc 50c Pepsodent 19c Tissues (200) 13c Italian Balm 29c Vitalis 79c J Cor Hemorrhoids - Call than what vou will, thav ar tapping t atrangth and vitality oi million! oi people today. 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'Fleeing Shanghai War Fury ' Unn n fyn . 1 urn t'"'"v ''"iBTIiytl1"" Fugitives from their own home, their destination uncertain, and with no resource but fear of the war fury, this Chinese couple, leaves the native quarter of Shanghai to find safety in the countryside. And the dejected peasant boy, carrying family belongings in a hand-pack, must lead his mother all the way. for she is blind Thursday, October 2J. Session of the Grand Encampment throughout the day. , A number of local Odd Fellows are preparing to attend all or part of the sessions, leaving by auto Sunday and Monday, to be there for the parade on Tuesday. iN ARRESTED FOR I ,T TTir, T . XT DEFRAUDING WOMAN Charged with defrauding a Sun-bury boarding housekeeper of $20, Harold W. Lapse was arrested at Pittsburgh on a warrant sent to that city two weeks ago. Prosecutrix in the case Is Mrs. Jessie C. Fenstermacher, 201 North Fourth Street, Sunbury. Laspe was located at the county seat for a short time and, according to police, was employed at the U. S. Northeastern Penitentiary. According to the teletype message received here announcing pack 14c XTRA SPECIALS 50c TEK Tooth Brush 2 for 51c DR. WEST SPECIAL 50c T. Brush Value $1.00 50c CALOX CO A POWDER WWW MILK MAGNESIA DENTAL CREAM 13c tube COD LIVER OIL Full Pint 39c RUSSIAN MINERAL OIL a)- Full Pint JV ? WITCH HAZEL Full Pint 19c EPSOM SALT 5 Pounds 19c MILK MAGNESIA Full Pint 23c Everything Cut Rate Pinkham's .'. 75c Carter's Pills 17c Nujol 52c S. M. A 75c Lactogen 69c, $1.69 Dextri Maltose 47c Horlick's 39c, 69c Syrup Figs 39c Castoria 25c, 49c Baby Brand 21c Vicks 24c, 49c Hill's Quinine 23c Wampole's 79c Midol 19c, 39c Anacin 57c Nature's Remedy 34c S'l-X Lapses' arrest, he is scheduled for a hearing today. An attempt will be made to effect a cash settlement, it was said. STORE OBSERVING 15TH ANNIVERSARY Tomorrow will mark the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of the Stromberg Store at the corner of Independence and Liberty Streets. This place of business has been conducted with the principle aim of service and economy to the women of the community. Stromberg's first launched in business on Market Street, later moving to a site on Independence Street. Five years ago the firm leased Ehe building it now occupies, having made many improvements since locating there. Stromberg's carry a complete line of women's apparel at reasonable prices. PEACES BEGINNINGS OP LOVELINESS... by Elizabeth &rden N beauty Is built in a day Its essential background must bo care fully cultivated. ..Daily cleansing, both night and morning, is of the utmost importance. ..then follows scrupulous toning to clear the skin and give it that vibrant Arden look... Last, soothing to insure a permanent background for glamorous beauty Cleansing Ardtna Chanting Cream, ) hj$4. Toning Ardtna Skin Tonlt, 85 fo $15 Soothing Ardtna Velvo Cream $1 fo Jo Orange Skn Cream, $1 fo If 2w Skampo& VileiHtof drene NOT SOAf NOT Oil Billowy Suds Banishes Cloudy Film leaves Your Hair Shining like Silk 81 49c WITH EVERY PURCHASE f nisi (Eli 79c 3 PLEAD GUILTY IN PIPETHEFTS October 13 Proves Unlucky Day for Schuylkill County Trio. Roy Krah, 32, Ashland, is one of many who is convinced 13 is unlucky. Krah has reason for his belief, he pointed out at the office of Justice of the Peace George A. Zeig-ler, Bloomsburg, where he and Frank T. Cooney, of Girardville. 22, pleaded guilty to larceny of cast iron water pipe from property of the Roaring Creek Water Company in Conyngham Township. He said the two stole the pipe on September 13. Tuesday they "got up 13 buggies of coal" in a bootleg mine operation and were arrested and then pleaded guilty to the charge on October 13. "Thirteen sure is unlucky for us," he told the official. Also pleading guilty to a charge of larceny of pipe from the water company was Charles Resetori, 55, of Big Mine Run He admitted stealing four lengths of the pipe from the property some time in August and said dynamite was used to break it into pieces. Resetori also admitted that he is an unnaturalized resident. The three were taken into custody by State Trooper William Rosewell, of the Bloomsburg substation; N. M. Phillips, private detective for the water company and Thomas Kelly, chief of police of Girardville. . Phillips is the prosecutor. Krah and Cooney admitted taking one section of the pipe, which weighs 1700 pounds and of breaking it up with sledge hammers so it could be disposed of as Junk. They did not accomplish the sale, however, the broken pipe being found in some bushes. The section was valued at $65. Resetori pleaded guilty to stealing four lengths of the pipe, valued at $20, and said his return from the sale of the pipe as junk was $4. Resetori is a citizen of Czechoslovakia. The three were held for court in default of bail. Metro Pechanski, 22, Woodlawn Heights, Ashland, and Joseph L. Lacerte, 35, of Big Mine Run, Real values are the rule in your convenient American Store. Buy and save the OSCO Way. S I Housekeeper You Buy and save the 1" .J77' .iSIj 5 Should XnoW. OSCO Way. 1V (tV Housekeeper You Should Know. Better X1A.42 That Quality IVUWWW GENUINE (Long Island) BABY FRESH (Rib End) Pork Loin Roasts 23 Frlme Tender Juicy Chuck 1 Roasts NO. 1 SUGAR CURED Small Smoked Skinned Maims " 2S' FRESH LEAN Ground Beef 19 tt. Derrydale Farm Roll Butter Finest Butter Good Quality Loose Eggs Every Egg Guaranteed Pure Rendered Farmdale Milk Prim Pastry Flour 1 2 & ,32c (24-Ib. bag 63c) Pillsbury Best Flour FANCY Tokay Grapes 2 fts 1 5c LARGE THIX SKIN Grapefruit ea 5c Fancy New Onions 1 0 25c FANCY YELLOW Sweet Potatoes were arrested Wednesday and arraigned yesterday on charges ot being implicated with Resetori in stealing four sections ofthe pipe in August Resetori. said Pechan&kJ and Lacerte used the dynamite to break up the pipes and later sold the loot for Junk and gave him $4. Police said Resetori nas his firs: naturalization papers. . Pechanski and Lacerte were taken into custody in Ashland bj State Trooper Rosewell, Detective Phillips and Officer John Snyder, the latter of the Ashland police. "Best food in Philadelphia" DELLEVUE-STRATFORD MODERATELY PRICED CENTRALLY SITUATED "In PhiUdtlphi ft trie BelltviH-Stratford Claude If. 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