The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 26, 1890 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1890
Page 8
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THE UPPER Djjj HOflnMi AL80NA, IOWA, WJ3DM8DAY, ARRIVAL AHD DEPARTURE fif TRAINS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & St. PAt*. Passenger east— , Jo. 1 fl:02fttn 0. 8... 4i31pttl Ffejeht- JTov 6, 3:Mpm 38TO. 18 ll:45pm No, a I0:»nm No. 4 fliWpm Freight- No, iff. l:S5am No. 14 3:80pfti , 2, ftnd at fiftneroft Monday* Dec. 1, evenings of said days. Masons will CHlCAUO ^ Elmofe ,.. St. Paul ft Oi South— Elmore pass. 19:80pin Des Moines ft 7:85pm \ IS" AND ABOUT THE OITY, "Ve Old Folks' concert. } A dahce is oh for tonight. Hay is $4 00@$4.50 loose in our local f,,~' tnarket, Will Annis is now at work for Win kie Bros. ' • • The Old Folks' concert comes next Tuesday evening. Carter's delivery team now sports a gold mounted harness, - The Fonton people havo a grand •dance tomorrow evening, A bouncing big boy baby arrived at C, M. Doxsoo's Sunday night. The W. C. T. U. will moot in thoir room Friday afternoon at 8 o'clock. Frank Parish wont to Chicago last week and bought a tinsmith's outfit. Thanksgiving services will bo hold at the Epiucopallan chapol tomorrow at 11 o'clock. .T. W. Hinchon's lecture in the normal course is postponed till sometime ttext term, JOB. Orr painted tho town red last •week—that is ho gave Bacon's store a •coat of rod. Our new citizen, Mr. Dowso, has rontod tho Spear house lately hold by Trof. Dixson. Father Tierny of Ossian lectures at the court house tomorrow evening on •temperance. Townsond & Langdon set eggs up a notch this week. 1 Eighteen cents now at tho cash storo. Bear in mind Ye Old Folks' concert. It occurs on tho evening of Doc. 2, at 'the Congregational church. The song service to havo been given •at tho Congregational church last Sun- iday evening will bo given next Sunday. Rev. Whitfleld moved his furniture 'Tuesday into the house recently vacated by J. B. Laird, and will live there hereafter. Old Mrs. Nebergall was thrown from n wagon a week ago, and fell on the back of her head. She has been very aick. E. C. French, who lately married tho daughter of Mr. Howard, tho hardware man. has rontod tho Hoxio building for a holiday stock. Frank Benjamin has moved his family to Minneapolis where he expects to live hereafter. He is conductor on the <electrio car line. Frank Dingley asks why Algona would not bo a good point for a beet sugar factory. Why not, indeed? It is worth testing. Chas. Walker lias gone to Independence, where he has a job at the asylum. He is with Glen Branson, each having a ward in charge. A little boy of John Foy at the Milwaukee depot had his eye badly bitten by a dog last week. Drs. Morse & Pride sewed up the lid. Declc Jones has moved to town and now occupies tho David Patorson house. He has two teams and will do work at anything that comes along. Union Thanksgiving services will bo held at the Congregational church tomorrow morning at tho usual hour. Rev. F. M. Smith will preach. Next Sunday morning the Baptist .pastor will speak on "Sin and Salvation;" in tho. ovonlng on "Leaky Cisterns." The people aro all invited. .L/BC* _, .„._ „,„ and evenings c. u^.« U u/j», >uaauuo »n take notice ftnd be present if possible. Wo neglected last week to note the arrest of a railway employee at the Milwaukee depot for stealing coal. He was brought before 'Squire Taylor* where he pleaded guilty, his fines and costs amounting to $20, which he paid. The county has about completed a &£Lj? big hew vault in the court house base- «_«;,** ment where old records in the clerk's and auditor's offices will be stored. If it will now fix up the ceiling in the court room it will have done a good job. B. W. Haggard was laid up sevnral days lost week owing to putting his foot down too emphatically where a sharp nail was pointing up. The iiail came out through the top of his shoe, leaving toady have had big 1 bters IOT shares ib the concern, and have stowed awftv in profits soine $20,000. J. W. Bartlett has again received a letter from the Railway comtnissiohars about the Northwestern accommodations on this line. Se answered as before that the company is giving us good enough second class service, while We , an ugly wound, but it has healed rapid- y. As Peter Jarvis was looking at .the to passenger service, why through pas._— not accommodate . ««»,,^ WM Minneapolis and Des Moines, Clerk Brunson was busily engaged all day Saturday looking up the naturalization records to flttd the name of a man named Vpgel. He is a stepson of Fred. Dammahn of LuVerne and lived GREAT SLAUGHTER . coiling of the church last week a piece of boitrd slid from the scaffold and struck him on the nose, breaking the bone a little and swelling one eye pretty well shut. No serious damage was done. T. Earley is expected to be in Algona this week for a day's visit. He received a telegram from Yankton that his father had fallen and broken his hip, and started oast at once. Jas. Taylor had a loiter announcing that ho would stop at Algona. Marriage' licenses not before published havo been issued to A. M. Gilles- pio and Anna Curham, Jos. Schultz and Mary Black, R. P. McDonald and Mary B. Liddie, Frederick Dau and Mary Ramboth, Frod. Riobsamen and Doll E. El well. E. P. Bircher becamo tho possessor of somo very fine chickens lust week, part )f tho lino stock brought hero by F. E. Wolcott. Seven chickens weighed 69 rounds. They aro Light Brahraas, and ul. proposes to have some premium vinners from this on. Tho closing exorcises of the fall term of tho normal school will bo given next here years ago, but lately has been on police force of Pittsburg, Penn. the , . He was charged with illegal voting and held in durance vile tending an examination here, where ho claimed to have got his papers Qeo. E. Clarke has begun a suit in week Friday. They will consist of a patriotic programme of essays, orations, etc., dealing with various subjects connected with the civil war. A "full notice will appear next week. Mr. Urch, one of tho Illinois men who bought the Hathaway farms, is out on his place. He begins life in the county with tho UPPER DES MOINES as a weekly visitor, and wo are bound to wish him good luck. His brother does not come till next year. All members of the gun club are invited to bo on the shooting grounds tomorrow morning atfl:30o'clock. About 80 pigeons and plenty of clay birds will furnish amusement. It is only in our summery climate that such sports aro enjoyed on Thanksgiving. There aro no now dovolopomonts as (to the <jity well. Sheriff Stephens is off arranging to either dig deeper or put in now sand points to increase tho water supply. At the sohool land salo last Saturday D. A. Haggard bought a quarter in Sherman at^l one in Rlvordalo. L. A. Hauge bought a quarter in Hebron, paying $11 an acre, It is now Drs. Morse & Pride, those .. two having formed a partnership. They will make a strong team, both being •well read in thoir profession, and experienced doctors. The bodies of Mrs. Hawkos, her youngest son, and a child of C. P. Buker, which wore buried on tho Bukor farm, were moved to Algona last Friday and buried hero. Supt. Carey requests us to announce that if there aro any more first class teachers in tho county who wish to teach, they will greatly oblige her by reporting before Doc. 1. A son of Mr.. Campbell, the purchaser of. J. B. Jones'farm, was out last week looking it over. His father will not come this year at any rate, and what will be done with it is still undecided. John Goedors has boon cleaning out Ms cellar, pulling in windows, and lay- :,ng a cement floor, all to accommodate Pottibono's buttor rooms, which will bo moved us soon as tho tho place is ready. The second trial of Foster for tho murder of Emmett Rood comes on in Taylor c.mnty Doo. S, Mr. Reed and Albert will go down, and B. F. will also go as soon as his business in our court j.8 attended to. Rov. Butler was in town Monday look- Ing for a house. The family will umko Algona their homo this winter. They give possession of tho homo place at once to Mr. J ulian, who has rented thoir farm of its now owner. The "newcomer" who discusses the \ hog question in this issue is not so very \newamongst us and ho knows somo- \tlungofhog8. We shall be glad to havo brief opinions from others on the questions ho raises for discussion. A son of Sam Scott, living near Whittornoro, was handling a gun last week, when it went oil, snooting away the muscles on his left arm above the elbow, and nearly taking tho bone. Ho will do well to save tho arm. The discharge was purely accidental. The general tone of the Chicago markets is a little bettor than last week. Tho local prices remain: Flax, $1.03(5) 1.05; corn, 30@40c; hogs, $3.25(a)$3.35; oats, 35@38o; hay, $4.00@$4.50\ Our report on.hay last week was incorrect, as hay has been at $4 for some time. Notice has been given tho Nebraska state militia to bo ready for the Indian outbreak, and Iowa comes next. We can imagine tho enthusiasm with which Company F would get ready to march against Sitting Bull. That would bo quite different from camping up at Spirit Lake. J. E. Paul was in to tell us that Swea don't pay tho best teacher's wages but that Greenwood has tho honor. Greenwood pays $42 a month, and has only first grade teachers. Swea comes next, and also has only first grades. Ramsay also pays big wages. Tho noz-th end is in for good schools. Tho jurors for the coining December term of court are: C. H. Blossom, C. Ward, C. A. Erickson, Ellis MeWhortor, John Benke, R, A. Ricluu-dson, Joseph Andorfer, Win. Radig, John Walker, C. W. Sarchott, N. Collar, Adam Marty, M. Thilges, A. G. Anderson, and Sidney Cottorell. Court moots Doc. 8. Two copies of tho New York Tribune with tho editorial on Dr. Garfleld were sent to Algona. Fred. Bartlett sent one to his father, and Mr. Hopkins of New Jersey sent one to W. H. Ingham, Between Mayor Jones and tho doetoi vui_>i jj| vxnv* ivv m.v& WGg U II CV OL4J.U J.H this term of court to compel Callanan & Savory to remove the cloud made by their claim to swamp lands from some tracts belonging to the railway company, No appeal has ever been taken from Judge Carr's decision that Callanan & Savery had no title to the lands, and tho company wants them to remove the cloud at their own expense. The ,cttso will affect all the lands similarly situated. Geo. E. Boyle writes a letter to tho LuVorno News in which he repeats his story about Mr. Quarton, and discusses tho shortcomings of tho UPPER DES MOINES. Wo havo no space to devote to the latter. As to the former, Mr". Hlnchon, who got out the democratic tickets with Quartan's name on four years ago, says that he was given to understand that tho matter must be kept secret from Quarton or he would object and spoil the whole thing, and that as ho understood it Quarton knew nothing of the tickets until after they were distributed. This corroborates tho cards published by Quarton and Danson at tho time, and probably settles tho question of fact. Pat. Kain and Thos. Gilbride are two sons of "ould Erin" who enjoy talking over o_ld times in Kossuth. They both came in an early day from the same place in Illinois, and Monday they were speaking of the changes that had taken place since, when Gilbrido recalled an incident of his first visit to Algona. He had come up by where Watson's store used to be, and met Mrs. John Hutchinson, a sistor of Alex. Brown, and asked how much further it was to Algona. She looked at him a minute to see if he was joking, and then replied in her inimitable accent, " ye're right in the heart of the toon." He says when he found out this was so he about decided to go back, but he stayed, and rejoices now to think of the growth he has seen. Both men agreed that great changes had taken place in 30 years, but both look for much greater ones in the next ten. PEBBQgAL MOVEMENTS. Robt. Junkin of Fail-field spent Sunday at J. R. Jones'. A. F-. Call came over from Sioux City Saturday to attend to business. Rev. Davidson was invited to preach at Spencer Sunday and accepted. B. E. Plutchinson, one of the original proprietors of Ramsay, is in town on a visit. Elmer Slagle is in a hardware store in Minneapolis and his family have joined him. B. A. Myers returned Monday from a week's trip to Chicago, and his old Illinois house. Will R. Spencer came down yesterday to look after his foundry interests. He likes Duluth. We have just opened, in the old postoffice room, a large stock of Clothing and FURNISHING •-. GOODS %> Taken in a real estate deal from one of the largest manufactures in the west. We own the Clothing cheaper than .any other firm in Iowa, and it must be sold in the next* sixty days , OF COST! The goods are all new; have been manufactured in the last thirty days. Remember, we recognize no competi tioii in this sale. The stock must be sold for what it will bring. Don't forget the place, the old postoffice • room in the Galbraith block, Algona. CLA-ZR/TIEIER/ Nyram Taylor has evened up somebody's score with the railroads by run- ping over tho engine last week. Ho says the engine usually runs over thorn but he got oiv top this time. The engine was oil the truck out at Hobart. Geo. B. VanSaim, state Masonic leot- wer, will hold schools of instruction in Algxma, Saturday, Nov. 20, Tuesday, .M^^j^^y JS-JL ' f > •~~" •* •• **--•" »i.4.i.fcj wfc (f w*iutj tu 14LA IH(LJ UUl/lillL Algona is getting more free advertising than she did out of the normal school contest. The Sioux City Journal announced last week that "B. K. Stacy, conductor on tho Morning Side motor line, was caught between tho swinging door of engine and tho motor the other day and quite seriously bruised, several ribs bo- ing broken." This is our former Al- gonlan, and his friends hero will regret to hoar of his misfortune. Frank Jenkinson was driving by the river north of town Monday noon, when a whittle tree broke, lotting the wagon tongue down, and throwing him over his hay rack head first, As he went he caught his finger in tho standard, snapping it square off, Ho camo to town at once and Dr. Barr fixed his hand. Ho considers himself lucky in having his corn all out and in the'bin. The matter of trying sugar boots is being discussed among a few. There is a prevailing impression that our soil is peculiarly adapted to them, and that tho successful manufacture of sugar is possible in this section. It will cost Httlo to try them in any event, and all our farmers should got a little seed, and seo what can bo done. They are a very profitable crop if they can bo raised hero. The fair given by tho Episcopalian ladies last Friday night attracted a big crowd to tho court house, where an elaborate supper was served and whore a great variety of handsome articles were for sale. Everyone enjoyed a pleasant evening, and the total receipts to the ladies amounted to $120. As everything nearly was contributed, a nice little sum is left for the church work. Mrs. Dr. Garfleld is homo from her long visit at Cleveland. Many friends welcome her back. Mrs. W. M. Parsons is home from Des Moines visiting her parents, Mr, and Mrs. J. L. Paine. Mr. Fisher, a friend of A. W. Moffatt and hay commission man of Chicago, was a pleasant caller here Friday. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Warren go to Whitewater this evening for a visit. He will return the last of the week. H. E. Rist spent last week in Minneapolis, and while there met many old Algonians, all of whom seem to be prospering. Mrs. E. S. Lamb called on her old friends last week. She is located at Odebolt, and is doing well in tho millinery business. Dick Fields is up from Storm Lake, where he and Frank are running a jewelry store, and ho is a dentist. They are doing well, F. S. Stough went to Minneapolis Monday night to spend Thanksgiving and see the sights. He will be gone three or four days, Geo. C, Call is contemplating a trip to Llano, Texas, where W. S. Dorland has set stakes. Two railroads are building into the city. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Smith are down from Minneapolis to spend Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Smith. Many friends welcome them to Algona. Jas. Joslyn, a merchant of Sycamore, 111,, oamo out Friday for a visit with his brother, It was his first sight of Iowa, and ho was much pleased especially with Kossuth. Mrs, H. S. Langdon returned last Thursday from a visit to Elgin, 111., where Bert has been sick with an attack of sciatic rheumatism. He is up now and able to attend to his work, but still lame. He and Mrs. Langdon live at Elgin, and ho goes into Chicago every morning to work, the headquarters of the Milwaukee road having been moved there. J. W, Bartlott was in Des Moines on business, as wo stated last week, but not the business usually attended. He J. K. PILL & SON, e A full stock ot cloths and trimmings always on hand, aa cheap as can be bought anywhere. All work donn promptly and Gall street, Algeria, Iowa. O. L Real £gtate Agent, Algona, Iowa. Lauds bought and sold on commission. Special attention given to care and sale or real estate In Kossuth and adjoining counties lor non-residents. Agent'for the German Insurance company, of Freeport, 111. Passage tloketsto and from the old countries sold at lowest rates. Successor to J,J. Wilson, i" ; Office and Yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALGONA, - IOWA. i A. WBITE, Agent. Constipation, Handles the best of all descriptions of MATERIA Old friends of Al. Ewing will be pleased to hear the report of his prosperity given by Mrs. Lamb. He went in lately with the inventor of a substance to take scales off from boilers, and the two have struck u bonanza, Ihey can produce the material at small cost, and it is so effective that the rail* ways are taking all that caw be made. They are located at Sioux City, a»4 al- and Mrs, Bartlett were down to attend the W Iding of his youngest brother, who takes a Des Moines girl to New York, whore he is located as general manager of tho New England Loan & Trust company. They enjoyed a pleasant visit, and witnessed a happy marriage. GERMAN socks and felts at Stough's. I F not remedied In season, la liable to become habitual and chronic. Drastic purgatives, by weakening the bowels, confirm, rather than cure, the evil. Ayer's Pills, being mild, effective, and strengthening in their action, are generally recommended by the faculty as tho best of aperients. "Having been subject, for years, to constipation, without being able to find much relief, I at last tried Ayer's Pills. I deem it both a duty and a pleasure to testify that I have derived great benefit from their use. For over two years past I have taken one of these pills every night before retiring. I would not willingly be without them," —G. W. Bowman, 26 East Main St., Carlisle, Pa. "I have been taking Ayer's Pills and using them in iny family since 1857, and cheerfully recommend them to all ia need of a safe but effectual cathartic," —John M. Boggs, Louisville, Ky. "For eight years I was afflicted with constipation, which at last became so bad that the doctors could do no more lor me. Then I began to take Ayer'a Fills, and soon the bowels recovered their natural and regular action, so that now I am in excellent health."—S. L. Loughbridge, Bryan, Texas. " Having used Ayer's Pills, with good results, I fully indorse them for the pur. poses for which they are recommended." —T. Connors, M. p., Centre Bridge, Pa. Ayer's Pills, PIlBPiBBD BY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass, Bold by til PmgfUti »nd Pwler* In M«dl«int, G l : at the HEAT FltKNCH KKMEDY.—Pr. Le Puo's ^, periodical pills from Paris, France, act only upnu the generative orgsmu In females, ftuu positively euro suppression of the menses (from whatever euuse) und all periodical troubles peonllnr to women. A safe, reliable remedy, wamvntoa to oxeUe menstruation, or money vo/nii>1.Hl. Should, not bft us«d during pregnancy. Tho Uvvet) proixH-lion of the Ills to which ladles HVB mihjuot Is tho direct result of a disordered und irroirular lAoustnuUlon. Ask any driigKist for Ilium-. • Ai>iwloft:|i piu Co., bpeneer, la. L. A. SlumU, stipjily ugeut, Alco- rm, i», H. BoawwHi & Son, MflwuiiKess Kobt» Stevenson $ Co., Ohloivgp, vrholos ./' 1 Which includes everything that can possible needed for the construction of anything from a picM fence to the very finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITIOJ Come and give us a chance to Mun ymr m wM prove that this is not merely m, ^ a M. Z, Crave. Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Wflst. nf Thnr>ln«*rt« TT«.,™ fW * *F * West of Thorlngton House. *' Zl CB °" "-Ti «»«&m This plan of making a loan win ena^le't^^^^ «r ^^•^^^SrrS^awajf'- I9wa.

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