The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 26, 1890 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1890
Page 7
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THE -v. MOtNES, ALGON A, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER .26,1890, Mttll6iri« and Adi Ort*rNotfo. course it is. The fio- pled science of medicine is a humbug i beeft froth the titae of Hippocrates ' Why, the biggest crank i tribes is the tnedicine man." irank was the admission, especi- ien it came from one of the bito . et y&ttng physicians of the city, one fchose practice is among the thousands, obugh ne has been graduated but a few B," says the Buffalo Courier, "Very __„ was his office, too, with its cheerful rate fire, its Queen Anne furniture, alid '* many lounges and easy chairs. He stirred the fire IMIy; lighted a fresh eigaf, and went on." "Take the prescriptions laid down in the^books and what do you find? Poisons mainly and nauseating stuffs that would inake a healthy man an invalidi Why in the world science should go to poisons for its remedies I cannot tell, nor can I find any one who can." "How does a doctor know the effect of his medicine?" he asked. "He calls, prescribes, arid goes away. The only way to judge would be to stand over the bed and watch the patient. This cannot be done. So, realty, 1 don't know how he is to tell what good or hurt he does. Sometime ago, you remember, the Boston Globe sent> out a reporter with a stated set of symptoms. He went to eleven prominent physicians And brought back eleven different prescriptions. '.This just shows how much science there is in medicine." There are local diseases of various characters i for which nature provides positive remedies. They _ma,y not be included in the regular_physician's list, perhaps, be- vause of th'eir simplicity, but the evidence ''^ their curative power is beyond dispute. tHnnt> /iioanoa ia nni*/irl AAAn«*^n«^n QnC.* MM, HOME AND GARDEN, Ktfro won» YOtr TH6 DOUSEWlfB. t)o yon know a henrt that hntigere For a word of love and cheer T There ate many such about ns; . It may be thnt one In near. Look nronnd you. If yon flhd It Speak the word that's needed so, And your own heart may be strengthened By the help thnt you bestow. It may be that gome one falters On the brink of ein and wrong, And a word from you might cave him— Help to make the tempted strong. Look about you, 0 my brother, What a afn is yours and mine If we see that help Is nrteded And we give no friendly sign. Never think kind words are wasted, Bread on water cast are they, And it mny be we shall find them Coming buck to ns pomedny. Coming bnck when sorely needed, In n time of sharp distress, So, my friend, let's give them freely; Oift nnd giver God will blees. IViirm Water for Cows. An experiment to determine whether it is profitable to give milch cows warm water instead of cokl water him been made at the Wisconsin experiment station. Such work as Ibis is directly in the line of the practical requirements of the farmer, and more tests ot the same sort should be undertaken. The result in this case was not up to our expectations, and not so good as many farmers believe they have personally procured: but it has the advantage of being a test under more exact conditions than the farmw can usually procure, and, if repeated with a result approximately tho sauio, should be accepted as nearly conclusive. To summarize the results briefly, we may state that the gain in milk produced by <>,j j. r *•-• — , "V ~.-~~«.,w. .iiibuo uueiu Kilo go.UI iu IllLlli UIU'IUUBU UV Aidney disease is cured by Warner's Safe, giving water heated to 70 degrees was a Cure, a strictly herbal remedy. Thousands , trifle over one pound each dav. or eaual to of persons, every year, writes as does H. J. Gardiner, of Pontiac, R. I., August s .7,1890: "A few years ago I suffered more than probably ever will be known outside of myself, with kidney and liver complaint. Tt is tho old story — I visited doctor after dqctor, but to no avail. I was at Newport, and Dr. Blackmail recommended Warner's Safe Cure. I 'commenced the use of it, and found relief immediately. Altogether I took three bottles, and 1 truthfully state that it ' • , Why Joi.nny \Vu» Glad. 'Harper's Young People. Little Johnny's father hind been elected commander ot a Grand Army post, an honor of which he had good reason to be proud. Johnny could not conceal his exultation when lie hoard the news. "Oh! papa. I'm so placl you've got to be a com in an tier!" he said. "Thank you," said his father. "But can you tell me, my son, whv you are so glad?" " 'Cause, you'll have soldiers at your funeral!" answered Johnny." • DOCTORS proscribe Dr. Bull's Worm Destroyers, Ucciuiso children like them and they nuvur fail, French titles will he expensive hereafter. ,Tlio bill introduced to the chamber of deputies ID heavily lux (-rests nnd titles of nobil. ity is likely to become q law. Aio any or the new-fanplcd washing COIL. y w>.ui.ids as good as'the old-fashioned' soap? .'Dobbins' Electric Soap has beeu sold every iluy for 24 years, and Is now just as good as *V(jr. Ask your grocer for it and take no other. An electric light and power plant, soon to belli runnli.j; order at Ellsworth, Me., will run ehlelly by water power, and the com. pany expeets to be able to furulsn power at $30 a year for each horse power. THU musical public need not complain of the scarcity of flue pianos, at low prices, while 1 have and do now furnish the mulch- less Decker Bros., Steck, Hardman, Yost<& Sons, and the favorite Everett pianos ami organs at extremely low prices and easy terms. Edmund Gram, sole ay-enl fur Mi'o Northwest, 20T and 209 Grand Avenue, Milwaukee, Wis. pound each day, or equal to about 6% cult, increase uponjthe former daily average of 10 pounds more of water per day when it wm given warm, and that the increase in the yield of uiilk was coincident with an increase in the amount of water drank, whether it was taken warm or cold, so that if by any other method the cows were induced to drink more there would follow the same relative gain of one pound of milk for each additional 10 '. pounds of water. There was a slightly j greater consumption of food while drinking warm water. The testimony regard- j ing the relative increase of weight is not all conclusive, but seems rather in fa/or of ! cold water. Nairn-ally, when the milk i How is stimulated by such a purely artifi- | cial means increase of weight could not be ; fixppcted. The conclusions are as follcws: With butter at 20 cents p.-r pound, skim milk at 25 cents per hundred, corn fodder tit $5 per ton, and the cost of warming water i'or forty cows 120 ' .-.-.. from scorching and keep it well basted ail the time it is cooking allot/ one hour and a half for a small quarter, two hours for a large one; serve with mint sauce. HtCATittt A&D HOME. Window plaftts may .be.grown in any season of the year irt the following manner: Soak a' largo niece of course sponge in water, squeeze naif dry and sprinkle in the openings red clover seed, millet, barley, prase, rice and oats. Hang; it in the window where sun shines^ portion of thediiy, and sprinkle daily with _ water. It will soon lor ji a mass ofliving green, where even the clover will bloom. COJfFEE CAKE. Two cups sugar, one c"p butter, one cup of molasses, one cun of strong cotfee, one egg, two teaspoons each soda, cloves, cirmmon, one teaspoon^ nutmeg, one cup raisins, flour. SOtm MILK BISCUITS. One quart of flour, two cupfuls of sour m'lk, two level teaspoonfuls of soda and two large tablespooiifuls of lard. Mis with the hands as bread dough, only not so stiff. Roll out about an inch thick, cut and bake in moderate over. RegulnMng the Quantity of Food. The arithmetic of the hen business, as applied to her expense account, by the Fiirin and Fireside: A hen is said to consume five pecks of Brain food iti one year, or forty quarts. Hence, if one hen eats forty qmirls of food in 365 days, the 3G5 hens should eat forty quarts in one day, or about one quarts to nine hens. It has always been the rule that one quart of corn is the proper allo w- inco for ten hens in one day, giving a pint in the morning and a pint at night. This, liowever, is_the estimate of the quantity of food required. If green food or meat is given, the amount of corn must be reduced proportionately. How_cau this be done, as it requires very nice calculation to equalize tho difference between a pint of corn and a head of cabbage, there being 10 standard by which the two foods can 3e compared, to say nothing of the fact hat in some flocks one hen will eat more ihan another, and one will eat largely of me kind of food while another hen wi prefer some other kind. It is a wise poul ttyman who can estimate in advance th exact quantity to give, as the hen may ea more today and less tomorrow. Man's Idea of Perfect Woman. Here is. a man's idea of what the purfec woman should b3, for somu sweet girl ti cut out and paste in her sciapbook: _ First of all, because,- he is a man, he in sist-j that the perfect woman shall always b well dressed, in as much taste as the sill, fashion of the day will allow, and in suci a way as "to .set off her beauty when she i young, to make her seem still beautit'u "THE humble receive advftntafe, tde self- aufflcient suffer loss." It you will listen to advice, it Will pay you to use 8APOL1O. Try a cake in^your nctt house-cleaning. A new rose has been introduced at Lyons, which is described as a velvety fed, with ft delicious perfume. It was named in honor of the department commandant, Barou Berge. _ ___ _ STATE OP Oinn, CITY. OP TOLEDO, , FUANK.J. OIIHNEY mnUes oath that he Is the senior partner of the firm of 1\ J. CIIBNEV & Co., doing business In the City of Toledo, County and Slate aforesaid, nnd that snM ilrm will pay the sum of ONE 1IUN- Dl'.IOD DOLLARS for each and every case of Catarrh that counot be cured by the use' of HALL'S CATAIWH CUKE, FRANK J. CHENEY. Sworn to before mo and subscribed in my presence this Oth day of December, A. D. 1880. , —•— . A. W. OLEASON, | SEAL I Notary Public. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally and acts directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials, free. F. J. CHENET & CO., Toledo, O. JSfSold by Druggists, 76 cents. The Austrian war office bag decided upon filling the mattresses and pillows of the soldiers In barracks with wood shavings. Experiment* with this material have already been made In Borne military districts. A'o ujiiiim In Piso's Cure fur Consumption. Cures where other remedies fail. 25e In th$ AArft, ftomfetiineft A ronrlnff, hur.ztng sound, or tnnpplng like the report of a pistol, nro ciuixcd by oatnrrh, thnt ftxceedingljr dinngreenhlii nnd Tory common dlsotmo. LORS of fcmell or honting ftlfio re- *nlt« from cutorrh.. Hood's Snrpnpnvllln, th» great blnod piirlfidr, 1* ft pnrnlfnrly ftuccfifminl remedy for oatArrh, which it ouio» by eradicating from the blood th» impurity which CBnsos And promotM thlt dl««nee. "For 25 years I have been troubled with catarrh in the bund, Indlgentloii, and general debility. 1 concluded to try a bottle of Ttood's Sar«apartlln, nnd it did me 10 much good thnt I continued its URe till t dare taken flro bottles. My henlth, hn« grently improved, and t feel like n different womnn." MRS. J. B. ADAMS, 8 Richmond Street, Newark, N, J. "I used Hood's Snrimpartlla for catarrh, and M- celved great relldf niul benefit from It. Th* cftttrti was very disagreeable, especially In the winter, aant- Ing constant rlischnrge from my nose, ringing noiM* in my earn, and pains In the bnck of my hend. Tfc* effort to clear my hend in the morning by hawkiif and spitting *na painful. Hood's Snrfnparlll* «;»** me relief Immediately, while In time I waa entirely cored, t am never without the medicine In my honH M 1 think It Is worth Its weight In gold." MM. Q. a Oinu. 1029 Eighth Street, N. W., Washington. I). Q. "Ibnvenned Hood's flnrsipArllla for catarrh wltk *ery untlsfnctory reiinlts. 1 ha»« receired mor» periminent bnnaflt trow It th«n from «ny oth*r ttm* ndy." 3. K. HuntuRD, StrMtor, III N. B. Be lure to get Hood's Sarsaparilla The following populations mnke an Interesting comparison: Russian empire, 113,- 8M,G4!); United Slates, 02,480,540; (Icnimny, 4U,Si>a,450; Austria-Hungary, 40,401,808; I'Vnnri). 38,218,1)03; Hreat Britain and Ireland, 85.2:10,033; Italy, 38,400,000; Spain, 17,550,240. It is only a question of time wliun we slml) lead own Russia, nnd with our increase will bo tlio leadership of the EuijlUli-speaklui; civilisation. Bold by All drngglHte. Ill elz for $5. Prepared only by a I. HOOD A CO., Lowell, Miu». (OO Doses One Dollar Sold by nil drngffinti. til •!* for |9. Prtptrtd aflf by 0. I. HOOD i CO., Low.II, Mm. IOO Doses One Dollar tf yon •nflVr from Cntnrrh, In nny of it* forma the meant of a certiila cure before It IB'' ' H li yonf duty to yonnelf nd family l» obta\ FOR A PIBOHDRIIBU 1.1 v i!H try BEECHAM'B PILLS Frank Beslln, a blind editor at Salt Lake City, is soon to have a reninrkuble operation performed on Ills eyes. It will be the trans-, planting of rabbits' eyes and connecting lliem with the optic nerves. This operation lias been successful in a number of cases. the mnant of a cortnln cure before It IB too Into. This you fnn easily do (it the eipanne of on* r -III for i poitnl landtag jronr nume nnd nddrens tu Pro I*. .1. A. l.n\vrriirc. \c\v VorU. who will nend ion Fit UK, by return mall, n copy of the orlfdnnl recipe for pruimrtng the brut nntl Kiirmt rrtiivtl* nvrr <ll*«ovr,re<l for tltf cure of Ciidiivl. In alfltn rarlous ulnaes. Over OIIB million o»n». of tbli drendful, dltguBtlng and ofton-tlmon falnl rtlsnnHs Imve bpnn rnreil iiermnnentlr dur IB the pnit fl« yimniby the Me of thl> medicine. \VIMTB! TO-DAY far Mil* KltKK recipe. Its tlmeiw one mayaavi you from the denth tolli of Conmimptlon. IM» NOT DKI.A V longer, If foil deilre a npfledy iiu'l per. manoutour*. Addren Pr«if. ,). A. LAW KEN«:K, 188 Warren Si rent, N«w Vo " — i ^*.~.w ,."l*tvi tMJ J.t^ulL/J^Vl Ull II IJfJlU UL "±U I . ,. I I I • 1 , . . " , , cows averaging 10 pounds of milk per co v \ art tot a I.kinds—art in painting, sculpture ,!.__ . i.'ii i •->* n • i *, .. «*. • T\rtofi*tr I to 1*1,1 fii *»a tvi noin n »•>*! *t-i ti&t- I-IOK/ "I bear your husband is quite a gallant. Do you everttud an v letters in his pockets V" Only the ones I give him to post?" per day, and at least S10 on a herd of 20 and S5 on a herd of 10 cows. An additional cost for fodder would rapidly reduce the gain. As we have said, the rusult does not seem as go )d as that obtained by individual fanners. The reason may be that when the farmer or dairyman warms the water for his cows he also does several other things, such as making iheir quarters warmer, paying closer attention to feeding, etc. When one pays strict attention to one detail other improvements in methods are apt to follow, and thus results are gained that would not be produced by any single item. We hope the experiment at the Wisconsin station will IJH repeated under aa nearly the same conditions as is possible. Ueet.H «s Food for Cows. A bulletin of the Ohio agricultural ex- \ •RK.HT I»9O/ I Poverty-stricken Millionaire I This seems a paradox, but it is explained by one of Now York's richest men. "I don't count my wealth in dollars," he saltl. "What are all my possessions to me, since I am a victim of consumption ? My doctor tells me that I have but a few mouths to live, for tho disease is incurable. I am poor- X er than that beggar yonder," "But," jnterupted the friend to whom he spoke, " "consumption can be' cured. If taken In time, Dr. Pierco's Golden Medical ' Discovery will eradicate every vestige of tho disease from your system," "I'll ,4' try it," said the millionaire, and ho did; ^ and to-day there is not a healthier, happier man to bo found anywhere. The "Discovery" strikes at the seat of the complaint. Consumption is a disease of the blood—is nothing more nor less than lung-scrofula—and it must ftnd does yield to this wonderful remedy, "Golden Medical Discovery" is not only an acknowledged remedy for that terribly fatefejeoialady, when taken In time and given a fulr trial, but also for all forms of Scrofulous, Skin and Scalp Diseases, as White Swellings, Fever- Bores, JJip-joint Disease, Salt-rheum, Tetter, Bczoma, Boils, Carbuncles, " slpclaa nnd kindred, ailments. "low to «li. t«*H II l»«t- viil,se>it free Att'y at Law, Wash., t). U. Instructions I'll KM to inventors. \Vrltu 'at onuu for huud-buek of .infortua- « "06., WaahlnBton, D. O. CATARRH pi«. >Vritoforsiin). Newark, FREE at foot romcdy (or mot- feet JJM,M*«. D r n I M C "10 f C U INt i lug rallef for cold or pursulrlng foot On every w gent (rsw vu JHy£M$t W perimental station gives the results of an experiment in feeding sugar beets to milch cows, made during the past winter, together with a summary of two similar experiments, one irade by the station in 1889 ard one by the farm department of the Ohio state university in 1879. In the last named experiment eight cows were kept under test for eleven weeks; in 1889 twelve cows for eight weeks, and in 1890 twelve bows for nine weeks, the cows in each case being weighed daily, as well as their feed and milk. In each of the three experiments the cows ate more hay and more total dry matter when feeding on beets than on other foods (liny, nidai and bran in 1879 corn sihign in 1889 and 1890) and in each case more milk was given Ij-om the beets than from the other foods, but it is not yet demonstrated that the increase of milk was produced cconomicaly. For twelve years records have been kept on the farm now occupied by tho station, which shows that the average yield of beets over this period has been nearly sixteen tons per acre, against an annual yield of about fifty-five bushels of shelled corn per acre. Hut a crop of fifty-five bushels of shelled corn with its fodder, will contain nearly t\yice as much dry matter as sixteen tons of beets, and these experiments indicate that, whether fed dry us cornineal and dry fodder, or us corn ensilage, the dry matter of (he corn crop will be found about as effective, pound for pound, as the dry matter of the beet crop. It IK possibly to raise more than sixtoen tons of beets to the acre. One croo of two acres is reported at thirty-seven and one- half tons per acre, and smaller ureas have given still larger yields, but such crops re quire very rich land and thorough culture. VVhether it is possible to produce a pound of dry mill ter in beets as economically as it can bedono in corn is not yet definitely settled, but the probabilities are against it, TUB I1OUS1SHOI.B, Salt fish will soak fresh much quicker in sour milk than in water. For frying croquetts the lard 'must be very hot—much hotter than for frying cakes. Old brass may be cleaned to look like lew by pouring strong amoniu, on it and crubbintr with a scrub brush, rinse iu clear water. # OIDEH CAKE. Three cups of brown sugar, one cup but- er, six cups flour, two teuspoonfulsxf sqrla, disolve in a, little water, salt and spice to one hi If pound of raisins, nnd run ku , stiff butter with cider. Byke the day be 01 e •J; QKUMAN PQUCiHNUTS'. pound sugar, three leggs, three <) of butter or lard, three-quarters of ttr . of milk, one teaeppoouful of sodii, wo '(teappoonful of crettuj tartar, three ouuds of flour; roll 8J-d cut in rings', fry ft ight brown in boiling lard. ROAST MIND QVABTER OF J.AMB- Have ready u clear, brisk fire, put down ae joint a little distance to keep the fat poetry, literature, music, and must" hav trained her eye so that she knows gooc work, and is not carried away with shams and humbugs. Above all, she must be sympathetic, am not talk so as to show how clover she is but to bring out the best points to the nnn she is talking to. She must be intelligent and gracious, as well as sympathetic, ana always a wo man's woman, of whom other women think and speak well. She must love everything that is beautiful and good, and hate everything that is coarse and ugly. And the man who has set forth this cora- prehevsive little gospel of womanhood, which every girl, would do well to read, mark and inwardly digest, is no other than Walter Besant. Ruskin gives dressing, also, as one of the cardinal virtues which every young womanly woman must possess, and says every woman should "dress beautifully, not finely, unless on occasion, and then very finely and beautifully too." It would appear that, in consideration of refined men, true wonmn are queens of the realm by right divine, and lose something of their high prerogative when their robes of state are shabby and crumpled. Watches for the Blind. A watch by which blind people can tell the time by tjnch has l^eon patented in England. It is an ordinary hunting warch with a smooth enameled dial, without glass or seconds, and iumiediate- Ij over each fiyure on the dial is a small projecting stud. Extra stout hands are provided. Trade* and Occupations. THE TOOTH'S COMPANION for 18!)1 will give an instructive and helpful Sorius of I'npors. each of wuk'li describes tho c'liuriu'tur of some leading Trudu for Hoys or Occupation for CJirls. They give Information as to tlio Apprenticeship required to learn each, the •Wages to be expected, the Qualities needed in order to enlcr, and tlio prospects of Suc- ,auss. To New Subscribers who send $1.75 at 'once the paper will be sent free lo Jan. i, 1801, mul Jur a. full year from that dale. Ad. dress Tun Yoi/Tji^s_C l oMpANio>f 1 _Bo3tou ) Mass. A Hussinu lias invented a fireproof paste which has recently been put to a crucial teat by the Moscow Imperial Society ot Agriculture. It proved a uTuat success. Straw when covered with it wlU_npt ignite. Hold Tt to the Ll(rl.r, The man who tells you confidentially just what will cure your cold is prescribing Kemp's Balsam this year. In the prupiim. li(?n of this remarkable niedlrino for coinflw and rolds no expense is spared to combine only the host and purest ingredients. Hold a bottle of Kemp's Balsam to the lijcht and look through it; notice the bright, clear look; limn compare with othc.r"rome.clies. Largo bottles SOc. and $1. Sample bbui'ja freo'ul all druggists', The United States government holds in its vaults a greater amount of gold and silver i linn any oilier government in the world. It Is the diweU'iislodlan of *: J .:ir>,(i()0,()()Oiii gult' '••ij» mul bars and J318,000,OIK) in silver A SOUK T1IUOAT OB COUGH, if suffered to progress, ol'lun results in an Incurable throat or liuifc trouble. "JJrwmfii Jirone/ital Troches" give instant relief. The records of the New TTavon public library show that there were 4,000 loss books drawn last year than the year previous, the decrease being almost wholly in the field of •llction. GOVERNOR OF MARYLAND S-A.TTS: IT EXECUTIVE CHAMBER. tS •Annapolis, ~Wd., JTati. G, >9O. "JT have often nscd, ST, JACOBS 0JTX, and find it a good, Z,initncnt." ELIHU E. JACKSON, Gov. of THE POSITIVE CURE. ELY BUOTUEliS. OB Warren 8U New York. Prlco CO cts. "lwept*whenlwa,s born.d,nd every dey * C ° HT * THE BEST. who didnl'use Both tho method and results wheat Syrup of Figs is takon; it is pleasant an tire freshing to the taste, and acts gently yr>f, promptly on the Kidney*, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, heiid- ache'r, and fevers and cures ))*"hif,ua! const! patinn. Syrup of Figs is th« «nly rewiMJ,.- of its kind e'jer pi-o- CiiH'.cci, picit/iiig to the taste end ac,..(.;,». vir> to tbe stomach, prompt in its JICDUU and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the BIOS.* healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy kuoivn. Syrup of Figs is for sale' in 660 *nd $]. bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable drug.fist who may not have it on haud will r"?o- cure it promptly for any ona who wishes to try it Do not Accept any substitute. CALIFQflMft F!@ SYRUP CO. SAN FHANGISCiO, CAL, Dyspepxta In thn hnno of tho present {fen- erntliiii, J tin for itHinii'o anil itniittviiiliintOf sit IE houdaclie, constlpatiou tuiil piles, that o I i d c &,ke' of scouring soap used j'-or a. -^t- cleaning purposes f^- 11 Alii,Ah 1" dried-the house wife, "The Secret ] DIET can resist "Oh! Oh!" Cried the DIET, "At loigth I must go, I cannot pISO'S RKMKrjY FOH OATAUHH.—Host. - 1 - Cheapest.. Relief Is immediate. A cure is certain. 1'or Cold In tho Head it has no equal. It Is an Ointment, of which a small particle is implied to the nostrils. Price, We. Sold by druggists or sent by mall. Address. E. T. HAZBLTINK. \\ WIDE AWAKE CHOIRS, CHOIIOUS SOCIETIES and all MIlSICAt ASSOCIATIONS will do well to send for lists and catalogues of our Chorus, Anthem or Olee Booke, Church Mimic Books, SlnglngClabs Books, Oratorios, Camatau, Quartets Chorals, Octavo Pieces, &c., &c. Jehovah's Praldo. (SI, or $!) doz.) Emerson. 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A nevr method or uompoumllnvr Tnr. SURE CURE for PILES, SALT RHEUM pnil nil «hln DUciinc*. Send U i!i;-otfinip» for Free Ham- II|H with Honk Tf »l Sold hv nil Pruinjfltu* nnd by TAJMHOCO , flCS Jiumlnlnb St., Miluiifgo. Prlcft 50o. \VihcoiiHla Druggists RUnnlied by OK ttll'JTB <» <;<>., MlluluiUo*-, Witt. Tho aieablllty till! Isn law. Uoldii.<rg diKiililvd sine* tno wiirarountitlvd. D>'i>«iident widows imd rmroutl Iinw dopendent whoee BOMS died from elfccts of army (orviceari! included. If you wish your claim and nuccoRHfully pros- have become HO fivmnui, They act gently uiitliitdlg-cNtlvnoi-^iiiig. R-lviiig- them tone ami vigor •without >'.rini:i;f m- uaiiaca. SSc. 1QTHERS' FRIENO HIS CHILD BIBTHJS IP USiO BBPOHl OONPINlMBNTi BOOK TO "Mi)TH»K8" MAILIDDFBKI. VBADK1GLD KE«I LATUU CO., ATLANTA.,**, »OIJ> «T FOH A OMC-l»OI,J.,till BiU.I, BBiitus by mail NH will rluliver, friu of all clmi'tro*. io any portion In •he United States, all of ihu following artiuluH, euro* fully [jacked : One two-ounce boHle of 1*111*6 VuHnlin One two-nunco bottle of Yiiauline 1'on One jur of Vaseline Cold ('ruuin, - One ('uka of Yuhaline f'uniphur Ire, One Cuke of Vuttelint) Suiijt, uusceiittii One 0like of VnueliiiuSoiip, t-xijuihiluly One two-ounce bottle of While Vuaeli ivle, 10 uta. 1« " 15 " 10 " 10 " '26 " $1.10 Of for i>ostaye Hump* «•>>/ ulni/te nrllcteut th. tiuineil. On no amount ln< jifrxifiileil In nm/it front V<uir ilniffyM uny Vuisflliiii <ir jifeijui'iiliiia 'there- from unless labelled with our mime, Itrc'iiim i/on mill certainly receive an finitttiloii it Inch has little or no vuliie, , Cl>«-ii«l>rongh Mfg. Co., !U Htatn St., N. V. 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OHIOAQO. Late Commlsaloiier of I'lmaloDB, Washington, D. 60 Complete Pli.Vli'., 100 > t<(Miir'4. l.tMiiflVlluw'g IV IllltlOI-'ll J'(M>ll,«f <:lirUliiiM« £tuHva» . tidlc'N <;ur(iitii l.eo* I tttrumind (Jnlllvvr'n'J'rnvelfl* -All tli« abnvt »»t mUniilutelf . _ Fre» »"il |i««l.p«W la «n/ out lending unlYii CitiitH for a Tlirue Muiilli»'iuli<orl|>lli>al« •* lite rvoplu'n llomu Journal," nlHrg* 16 lingti, fil eot* unili llliiHtntteil liLiTiirjr Kud fiunllj pftjier, fi lecl wlthcv cv«rr> Berlll , Panoy HerlU Kud fiunllj p tlng t'i urniiHo, mitLM'titn nnil in«lruii( tl> Btiil bliort Sntrlc«, ^kiM.;li«n, 1-niiiiiH, Uimrul AllHce Work, McMi.uliuM.Juvfmluuii.niiimormnlK'iiim ..... u », He Unrieilij Jlri. hiiuili.wnrihtuil Hit. Jlurv J. Iliilmei bnv«Jm» lieea o»in ..... nooii. It IR tlm bi'Ht Htnry PtunT liiilili.tlii'il. W* wntit 100. QUO ticw trial fljili-iorlliurii—lliiit iri wlty Ke uiako (hi* grunti'llur. ItfHtlie tii^itKt tuu uciitv' worth CVIT glvi-'a—yoa Kill g-.-i II vo liui.M j-.Mir IIIIHIM'I wurlli. Html fur tliln git. I offvr, tiiitllr vim iiru nul piitlHdutl wu Birreo tu rLMura yuur ten cema ni»l iiniUeyoti a |<rti"Mitorall. Mxnubioriiitii.!!!, with All tlioiin-'iiiluiii""""'-!!. »iiLlur6(lounti, We reftir W llio »kr. ciill'llu Agi ticlusnii I to »uy HL''i|iiT niiblUlii-il in VBHT Yorfc Uliv tisli. nnr rullilillity. Aitilm.ii, P. SI. I.III'I'ON, i'ub. jlnlivr, KIBJjlOU J(eudcHlreul,Muw York. IIHE^WONDERFUL OF FURNI_TUHE -hS, $zm Wo retail c,t tho In, and flhip goods to be pnid for on delivery, beud ataiup for OatiX' logae. JtauM gootU denrtd. J prosoriiie and ._., ("i.'oo Big (J as the „.„ spteinc for th« certain cur» of this disease. O. H.IN'JHAHAM.M. D« Amsterdam, N. T We bnve old nicr G lok many yui.rB. and It naf Riven the beiLi o< siitis/ faction. D. It. DYCHE ft CO., Oulenijo, III, 91-00, Sold 1. - Druggists. wm young ui'ii and women In tlili couiitrjr owe their lives, thcl- health UD their bapplnesg t Rldu'ti's KoH, thulr daily diet li Infitney uud ObUdliood havluy Gives immediate relief. It la believed 'to be the Bast ASTHMA Remedy known o humanity. An evidence •vo give u Trial Paukage ISIS. Sold by DruKKis " ' lid, f ______ Sent by wall, post-paid clJreaaTl for _____ (1 par Box. AddretiaTHOS. I'Oi'JIAM, 2001 Kldge AT* oue, Philadelphia. VQUBI.E Rrcech-Uider 87.76. $500 REWAhi3 ^!!!^±^^ri^±l^E&^ 5 TOW WAGON SCALE, $60 , or particulars, H Y. _ YOUR BOY WANTS Om 1 111 strutei Burotl Saws, term Skuto CATA 1 OQVK of AlHgio Lull- Gluv« ,eto, CatuI (jue. THE JOHN WILKINSON GO,, 1 ' 269 & 271 Slat» St., Chicago. III. MplNTQSH Battery ft Optical STEREOPTICONS MA6IC LANTERNS,

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