The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 26, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, November 26, 1890
Page 4
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fit THE WPEfi BBS The Upper Des Moines, , BV IfrGHAM & WARRED FAKES. , Algonft has lately furnished n strik- -,-, jnf illustration of how sensational news items begin and grow. Her mayor Is- fitted ah order to keep bicycles off the Side-walks, but worded it indefinitely, ttfid out of his reference to " wheeled Vehicles" has come a widespread circu- '. latlonof the "baby carriage" story* fit 1 . Garfleld learned to ride a bicycle , after he was seventy years of age, and « out of that has come the editorial la the UeW York Tribune of Sunday, Nov. 16, quoted oleewhore. These are harmless items and amusing enough. But the report sent out from Mason City to several daily papers to the effect that " scarlet fever is raging at Algona and the schools are closed" illustrates the abuse and the danger of the system of sensational "news fakes" which prevails. Mason City and Fort Dodgo scorn to bo headquarters for reports of this character. Reporters could got ho pay for a simple announcement of facts, and so a startling story Is made up, telegraphed broadcast, and a few honest dollars secured by the enterprise. Not only is scarlet fovor not raging in Algona, and the schools not closed, but there hasbeon no thought of cither. The story is out of whole cloth. We presume the dailies have no moans of knowing when they are being imposed on, hut so many fakes have started from category, and was ftelllfig out the republican patty. Ml* answer is ohfltnctorlstic: "We beg to say very pleasantly, but firmly, that the editor of the D. T. is a Hat. The Gate City and US editor was one 6: those republicans that helped make the republican party and ita policy when it used to sweep this country from end to end in election after election, and when Iowa used to give from 60,000 to 80,000 majority. We are getting tired of seeing the republican party run by half story headed idiots like the Tribune chap aad then see the republicans who knew how to run the party to victory and strength lied about by these latter day Jackasses who have done their best to mash it. Suppose you step down tfwhlle." Sometime, after the manner of bookmakers, we will write a preface to our news columns giving credit in a lump to our contemporaries. Until then they are liable to see their items borrowed bodily without further apology. ALOOKA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY. Snvmmim 26, ChauncyM.Depewsaldat the chamber of commerce mooting in New York last week that he hoped tho republican party would nominate the " champion of reciprocity, Jas. G. Blame." over la Iowa through 0. W. Pahgbufn. Miss Oden has taught school, worked as a domestic and otherwise employed her time profitably until she was enabled to pay the majo* portionoithe purchase price Is cash. Magazines for Ueccinber, The December number of St. Nicholas has for a frontispiece Rembrandt's wonderful tror- trait of himself, engraved by T. Johnson. This portrait is referred to in Mrs. Dodge's account of Holland and its strange features. There are to be two of these papers, and It is the first which here appears under the name " The Land of Pluck," fully illustrated by new drawings made expressly by George Wharton Edwards. New and old readers of "Hans Brtnker" will welcome these sketches gladly. Mr. Stockton's serial, " The Mouse 6f Martha," goes on merrily in the Atlantic for December, and certainly the author Is at his best In his description of the hero's amanuensis, a nun, separated from him by a wire grating Who, after days of Irritating silence, Is finally Induced to speak to him by the appearance of It seems to be a fact that the farmers elected a man in Kansas for county attorney who hns novor road law nor been admitted. Ho is to study at Ann Arbor until tho tlmo comes for him to take the oath. Mason City that nows from there might safely bo punctuated with interrogation points to warn the reader. A NOTAHTjE MEETING. The New York chamber of commerce told a mooting last week at which were discussed somo of the groat finance questions which havo excited tho public lately. The occasion of tho meeting was the threatened panic among the English bankers, which had been averted by the prompt assistance of French and American capital. But the discussion drifted from our intor-natlon- »l money relations to our Inter-national commercial relations, and reciprocal trade was referred to by every speaker. President Smith in his opening address said: /'I have tho profound conviction that reciprocity is tho koy which will open wide tlio door of commercial intercourse and pivo to us tho general outlet for our surplus products, which wo must havo or our manufactures must for tho proaant cease to increase. I believo that tho considerate Judgement of tho country will demand of the party in power that reciprocity, which is only another name for fair trade, shall DO adopted as true American economic policy in connection with our foreign trade." Carl Schurn was ono of tho speakers, nnd ho remarked that: "There is at present among tho people a fooling that something ails them for which tho extension of our foreign commerce would afford at least a partial remedy." But the most suggestive speech of the meeting was Chnuncy M. Depew's. Tho Nonpareil hits tho nail when it says! " Organization is wholly good. It is the most effective of political weapons. But it is well to recognize ono or two things. It wasn't lack of organization that lost tho republican party in Iowa its old time majorities. Nor will organization alone bring them back. If the political managers of Iowa will recognize that voters aro not moro driven sheep to bo horded—at least that class who make or unmake republican majorities—if they will recognize that the Independent voter votes from principle and votes up or votes down a good or bad policy, tho key to the situation will have been found. Iowa republicanism wonts effective organization. But a great deal moro than this, It wants tho right sort of party policy." " Wo believe," says the Carroll Herald, "thatprotection will bo sustained at tho polls in 1803, but it won't bo tho Mc- Kinlcy-Roecl-Cannon-BuiTows protection. It will be tho conservative policy ouunciated by Blaino, which in protecting home industries and homo marlrots, iilso builds up foreign markets for agricultural products as well as manufactures. Elaine's sort of protection is the only kind that will win." an enraged wasp. The Atlantic Is fortunate in securing so clever a serial for the new year With its short stories from Budyard iapW and Henry James, its papers by Mr. Lowell and Francis Patkman, ffnfl the hitherto unpublished letters from Chortles and Mary Lamb, 1801 will be a red-letter yettMor the magazine. Scrlbner's Magazine for December is :& holiday number (with a special bronze cover) containing seven Illustrated articles, In which a remarkable list of artists is represented, In- eluding Robert Blum, Domenlco Morelll, Harry Furniss, Howard Pyle, A. F. Jacassy, ana others. Among the contributions are Sir Edwin Arnold's first paper on Japan; Humphrey Ward's description ot the famous London picture salesroom, known as "Christie's;" W H. Ridolng's picturesque account of Amy Robsart's country! Jacassy's article on a contemporary nrtlsfr-Domenlco Morelll A Mufrder THfti terest-LttVerne frurnishes a SenSa* tion-Mftttera Nearef Motile. The trial of Stingiey, the Marshal at Cedar Falls who shot Dexter tones a few months ago, Was held last week at Waterloo. Jones Was son-in-law of Mr. Miller, living atLuVetne, and was with young Miller when killed. The reports of the Begister of the trial will be of local interest. Stlftgley's own testimony was given as follows.' **i., sa r he wa £ tr y in e to take young Miller, who was drunk, to the lockup, and that Jones, who Was shot, and Miller, and a young man named Codher, assalted him, and got him down and were pounding him when he told them to get off of him or he would shoot. They did not do so and he fired two shots over his shoulder. These took ef* They then started to run and two more shots, ono of which feet in Miller's thigh. Mrs. he fired took ef- Stingley great' also testified that she heard the noise and ran out into the street. She saw the men on her husband and heard him tell them to get off or ho would shoot. She was only about five feet from them when the shots were fired." The witnesses produced by the defense were in eorroboration of Mrs. Stingiey. The Register reports do not give the other side of the story, which il" 8 ,. lim, stl ngley was over officious, that Miller was not drunk, and that Jones was trying to lead him away from marshal shot and . , ft , - -- when the killed him. inT£° a e f pot t Sunda y was: " The jury in the Stingiey murder case reached a verdict at 12 o'clock last night, but it «"- not made public until this morning. to the season. THE HOG- QUESTION. A " Newcomer's » Observations on tho 1'orkor In Kossuth. HARRISON, Nov. 29.—To the Editor: I understand your columns aro open to the public, so I take tho liberty of giving my views on the hog question. I do not set myself-up as an authority but merely give my opinion on some points, hoping that others older and better posted and with more experience will give us a better theory than mine that, I for one, as well as many others may be benefitted by their advice' Now we have several leading breeds II v? 8 " 8 ? a11 e °9 d for individual merits all naving their friends, hut. t.n **,„,«»_,•! , --- "«~»ui. uuyiuiuui, ituu KIUB is generally satisfactory to all who listened to the testimony in the case. The defendant has seemed quite sure of ac- quital, as there was no conclusive evidence against him." A Sensation at IiUVorne. LuVerne is torn up over a bigamy case. Some two weeks ago a young man named Van Vost and a daughter of Leslie Barton appeared at the clerk's office and secured a certificate and were immediately married by Justice Clarke. It was suspected then that it was a run- ffiay be some years in subsiding. Mr. Angus finishes Ijis course next year. As ih "Sfe Olden Tittle. " Ye Olde Polks Concert" ih costume will be given at the Congregational meeting house on the evening of Dec. 2, at 8 p. m., to which all are invited, old, young, and middle aged, without regard to sex or any other condition. A fine corps of singers will assist in rendering old and modern songs. There will also be instrumental selections interspersed through the evening's entertainment. The funds received from the concert will be used by the ladies' society of the church in good works. Admission, 30 cents; children under 12, half price. Tickets can be secured at Miss Dodd's or at the door, Come and enjoy yourself and help a good cause. Dr. Sayers Honored. Gov. Boies last week forwarded to Dr. Sayers his commission as assistant state veterinarian. Dr. Sayers was appointed to this place by Gov. Larrabee and his commission ran out with the election of the democratic successor." The action of the new governor in reappointing one of Gov. Larrabee's officers is a high compliment to the doctor, and speaks well also for Gov, Boies' independence in choosing his assistants, Iowa has no better veterinary than the doctor, and his services will continue to be valuable in the north half of tho state. A How In Prairie. A lively nssalt and battery case was tried before 'Squire Clarke last week, Mr. Klinepeter and Gregory Studer be- NdftfHEftN IOWA Normal School, ALGOtf A, IOWA, The place for thorough drill M «K common branches. TJieptace to prepare for teaching. The place to prepare for college. The place to pursue Advanced studies: in Mathematics* Science and Language, The place for practical Wotk in- Commercial Branches. The place to study Music t Instrumental and Vocal. Winter Term begins Dec. 30, 1890. • P. D. DODGE, A. M., Prinatpat H. B. M'COLLUM, A. B., Associate Principal. ing the parties, party where in The trouble arose at a the end Studer hit Lafo Young- says mournfully: "Since the country has gono democratic the Indians have gone crazy; the stock market has gone to pieces; Parnoll has lost his character, and General Weaver has moved toDesMoinoB." ,. . = friends, but to mv mind there is no breed that will fit every man s trough. But in all breeds I find by observation and inauirv in tVi« •(•„,« years I have been in the L * W ° is th away match but thought of it till nothing further was Saturday, when the _. o w * *'j-«. t xx, \_s, \_ county attorney was summoned to Lu- City, Iowa, 84 years old Vfifnn rn ni'r,aort,,+ rt *l»~ t * . . ' * , county that it young males as well as females. Many The last reports indicate no Indian outbreak as yet. Tho redskins trouble, however. breed so as to have their sows arrow "^ twelve months, run with their pigs two months, feed two months and sell, and for this sixteen months they are kent almost entirely on corn W wate? That way of feeding and breeding is I think one of the great causes of our los- mean . He advocated reciprocity not only with South America but also with Canada, and all American countries, and summed up his views by saying: ,«,','uT° il , lcrens4 9 OU1> 'ivailublo resources wo must enlarge tho area of tho markets for our surplus products. Tho solution of our It is announced that Fred. Lehman is to leave Des Moinos and locate in St. Louis whore ho has a big railway attornoyshlp awaiting him. Ho is ono of Iowa's most brilliant and promising men, and his departure is a loss that will be felt not only by his democratic brethren, but by everyone who has known him. Iowa lost a strong man in Col. Sapp who died in Council Bluffs last week. - ing so many hogs with choleraand other ? ha h ? e ' hfts been bred w lmmatuil ° parents that its constitution, muscle, and bone a™ve T y much weakened, so much so that they are not only more likely to contract disease, but breed disease in their own to from. ™ n th ? y cannot keep old sows to raise their ™> 8 Now if they will figure witha pointed pencil they will see that the Verne to prosecute the groom on the cnai'ge of having another wife. Geo Ji. Clarke was secured for the defense and a postponement secured until today to get evidence. In the meantime Mrs <Y a ? Y° st C1 i me to Algona and has visited Mrs. Ike Finnel. The facts as stated by the defendant are that he was married, but that his wife left him and he was afterwards served with a notice of divorce proceedings, and supposed of course that the divorce was granted. He met his former wife afterwards and she so stated. He has been in the county two years and during that time has worked for John Devine, who speaks highly of him and who secured counsel in his defense. It Is thought he can get E™L£?£™ llce bein & Canted. He Klinepeter and injured his personal appearance. The testimony was conflicting, but the justice assessed $25 and costs against Studer. The case was appealed and will be heard in district court. S. S. Sessions appeared for btuder, and the county attorney for the prosecution. , IOWA'S AGEp ATHLETES. Dr. Gnrfleld's Challenge Proclaimed by the Now Present Story ord. New York Tribune: Something over a year ago the Tribune printed the challenge of Mr. A. C. Owen of Mason to run a 40 ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, .... $BO»000> Incorporated undor general laws of Ions, Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business, transacted. Passage ticket* to or fronv the old countries sold at lowest rates. W. H. INGHAM, President. 3. B. JONES, Vice President, LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier. Dlrectors-W. H. Ingham, Jno. G. Snilth, J. Bi Jones, T. Cnrlscliiiies, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Baniet Devlne. Yorlc Tribune—The of His Bicycle Rec- « Tho New York Tribune editorially / endorses Dopow and says reciprocal trade must bo tho watchword in 1802. Grovor Cleveland was a speaker at the meeting and ho added his word, say- Judgo Thomas occupies his new home at Storm Lake, said to bo the finest m01 ' G and bettoi> P iSs ey oia ones, with the of a sows than from young same amount of feed. .Just a word about the selection pig tor breeding-. I want always I'll n T\l (•*•.- J 4-"U i v -•-wu /, H,,£f' ?• t 1 ' S ° 1(V Ol> boiu> ' should h avo a ngnt slim head, and be raised from a sow not less than two years old. The sow to have a tong buck and straight I*. ii ~ •"•*• to*-**-"* 4H.1. ujj.. ctilU. while an unpleasant scandal is aroused it is to be hoped that the course of true love will soon run smooth again. At tho Conjjrogatlonnl Church. Two very able and interesting mnnri ,°-i b ° ar .« 6ll °'' t ' lound ing: own pooplo. o avo hoard about Fnuwo loping out England and tho United States .financially. Now, why ain't tho v do so 0 ml, owing to my neglected education." All this coming from tho loaders of both parties means that the Chinese wall theory is relegated to tho roar. The only question now iu how far tho country shall go in encouraging tho interchange of commodities, and securing markets to our surplus. Tho agricultural interests of tho west will bo slow to believe that any fair arrangement for trade can go too far. DO.LT,IV:KK ix KOSSUTH. The Carroll Herald, commenting on Bolliver's small voto in this eays: "In Algouu, Congressman Dolliver refused to make a selection between two cmi- Bubmittod the county, city. G. H. Light is recorded as winner of n poultry prize in a Kuthven contest last week. Tho Palo Alto Horse Breeders' association, with a capital of ?5,000, has boon incorporated in Kuthven during tho past week. Tho Algona district Epworth league Will convene in Webster City somo time (luring December. About 100 delegates aro oxpootod. Webster City has put in her own electric lights, in connection with her water works. They wore turned on last week for tho first time. Several cw-loads of stock from Dakota were unloaded in Kuthven on Thursday. After feeding there for a few they will bo shipped further oast. Word comos from Spencer that J B Blossom is preparing to mako a shipment of poultry to New York, which will bo ready tho first of next week. Ho now has over 8,500 chickens. J. 1< . rib, with in tho hams, nnd t,n h« back and square shoulders and asstliai 8-ht in the sides he is on the back, no falling in back of the shoulders or forward of the hips With two pigs of that shape breeding means to mo large litters of uniform pigs. Couple two like the boar I have described and it means to me small litters and when they are three or four months old they will look as though they each belonged to a different litter HrfinrTjS- seo an / u rens on why, with a little difierent theory in breeding a little less reliance on c^orn forTeed, Ind a little more on clover in summer and both summer and winter with n Wff plenty of roots, days the the union, - should not be mons were given at the Congregational church Sunday by Prof. L. F. Parker of Grinnell, for many years professor of Greek and history at Iowa City. A local interest attached to his visit to Algona, on account of his old time acquaintance with Father Taylor. He was county superintendent in Poweshiek county when Father Taylor held that offlce in Kossuth, and they met at the first superintendents' meeting held in Iowa. Father Taylor walked most of the way to Iowa City to attend, and i ror. rarlter remembers the loud an- plause with which Father Taylor's account of his pioneer work for education was received Prof. Parker was also a schoolmate of Judge Call at Oberlin college. While in Algona he met his old Iowa City students and their friends and was hospitably entertained at D S. Ford's. He how holds the chair of history at Grinnell, and his professorship is endowed by private subscription and is his permanent! v. TT 0 i a „ „„„; „ i rod foot race with any man of his age for §1,000 a side. We are sorry to say that he has now withdrawn his challenge, as he has not been able to arrange a match, and has grown tired of negotiating with irresponsible persons who were willing to talk, but not to get I out on the track and run. But Iowa must still be regarded as the land of aged athletes, as with the withdrawal of Mr. Owen's challenge there comes a proposition from Dr. L. K. Garfield of Algona, aged 79 to race any man in the United States of as great age on a bicycle at any distance for any reasonable amount. He would not object, of course to any man older than himself though he would not care to race with any man who was over 110, as he believes at that age a man should retiro from the track if he ever intends to As we just remarked, Iowa furnishes our best example of the great-grandfather in athletics. Other states have alleged aged athletes, but when it comes to putting up their money arii getting out on the cinder path they make dismal failures. Mr. Owen's experience proved this, and we sincerely trust that DP. finvfioLi ,.,:ii !_.._,,° 1V OP ALGONA, IOWA, Capital, • - $50,000 Special Attention Paid to Collections. MBECTons. Mrrtm,n 1 --r, JftlI ',, I) ' H - Hutching, J. C. Black a^OTaffii Wm> K> * ergU80D - Geo - OMflOEBS. AMBKOSK A. CAIJ,, D. H. HnroHim. President. Vice President. J. C. BLACKFORD, Cashier. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties who can furnish flrst class security. B. M. BANCROFT, IOWA. stractofWe-fuS R. M. RICHMOND, REAL ESTATE DEALER, Loan and Insurance Ag't and Notary Puttie e to respond to Mr Owen's.challonge was a man named Palmer living in Oregon, 111 He wrote that he was anxious to run and Owen told him to come on. Then Pftl mer began to make conditions and find" fault with the articles of agreement and it finally came out that hf had lost a leg in the war of 1812 and wanted fif- t? 611 , r°ta .start. Owen promptly replied that it was no handicap race that he would not give him an ' start, evenif he ha g d fost COMMERCIAL HOUSE B-ESSINC, Manufactureranddeaierlnallklndsof , th °.. revolutlon ' and that if he Bo Ihat was tho last he ever heard of Pall rner. ft an - umo e er to nu election by tho republican init- of the office. The election ro urns « bad showing for that way of decid- comes out of only tog such questions. For ho JKossuth county with iv majority of nine, about 150 behind the ticket." We doubt if the Herald's Inference is correct, because it was not tho election Of postmaster, but the incidents pro- ceding' it, and the manner of It which occasioned ill will. Mr. Dollivor at first decided to recommend on lists of k republican endorsements. After a long ontest, in which he refused to choose, ' requested uu election, but restricted voting to tho inhabitants of the Corporation, and allowed the domo- to voto. He also restricted the to the two men in the field. The oratlo vote really decided the while at least half the republi* Patrons of tho offlce had no vote. Duncombo has shipped several hundred volumes of his law library from Fort Dodge to Sioux City, whore ho lias placed them in his office there as tho foundation of a library to bo started by him in that , and I wil1 bc hear from others. ___ NEWCOMER. SUGAR BEET DTDTTSTBY. Testa Indicate That Iowa Can Pro- Ouco sugar at a Profit- WJiat Has Already lleeii Done. There is no doubt that Iowa will test boot sugar thoroughly, as reports from He is a genial, , —_„ *.v*jf.\j intin. "wlioso good work in Iowa it would be hard to overestimate, and whose helpful influence has aided more than one to some Honorable career. Iowa has few nobler n c gan offered to if the purse was made $20 000 and another In Kansas would gladly run If the distance was extended various places indicate that the beet can be easily produced. Council Bluffs Nonpariel sugar The reports a Monday Night's Opera. By far the finest musical entertainment given in Algona in years was the concert given by tho Abbie Carrington company Monday evening. Excepting only Remenyl, and possibly the Bensberg company, it was the best entertainment ever in this section. In the | concert pieces and in th dog, the iutelligenTanim e al 1 'beii P° s ?, d t£ M ead him and keep him with tion showed that Stark ran with a hit" Davenport Tribune is one of riff papers which ;itta,t its low tariff T&rethevn wpujd •t» if they dared toVt lately in- beloJged Warner, tho maple, sugar man Is still before tho public. The test case against hmasapoddlaratFort Dodge has boon dismissed, so as to permit tho city to renew tho case on another lino which will bo moro advantageous to it, and tho cases will bo instituted again as soon as Mr. Warner comes into tho jurisdiction of tho city ofll ciuls so that service can bo obtained upon him to compel his attendance in the citv courts, •* Fort Dodge is happy over securing tho Heath oat meal will, which was locate? in Des Moines. Heath was offered a bonus of $10,000 and a fine site to locate in Sioux Falls, and a site, bonus and other privileges amounting to $30,000 to locate in Davon port. Both those offers wore rejected bo cause the cities wore out of the oat bolt and tho factory was established at Fort Dodge because that city is iu tho heart of the best south nest Iowa farmer whose beets, . - -_,., „„ Cl , uillly have stood a high test, and in the Rotr- good ' a ?? £ ave us as fl ne a programme istor a Perry correspondent says: as could bo heai 'd in any opera Souse in "For the past three seasons two or I0 i, wa ' and - secon donly to the best ariy- threo farmers near Perry have been ex- where - It is needless to specify the porimenting, in a small way, in raisimr ° nnmn "™*~"~- ' - * the German siin-n.p Vioofn mi j _ 6 oat country in Iowa. Hebron is gaining, writer iu tho Blue Eartl Tip Craig of Blue Earth acre farm iu Kossuth coi through Peter Weldou, Pi. Martin also purchase ......MUs JwUa Odeu of Cl centlv puvoaas.ed a quui'tei- The Elmore Post records: bought a 130 ty last week, LaDuko and farms 'tou has re,ou of laud . , =• — beets. The seed was bv£l± d Q ram , G , ermttn y to CalffornTai n£™ Spreckles, tho great California sugar beet advocate, and two on three packages of the seed procured by J. H. Conley, Perry's flrst mayor who was on the Pacific coast at t fe time were sent back hero. The first mdDr. P. A. K fi,,,f . 7 i °,1? beets fl ' om tnat that tested 17 per cent, sugar. commendation was T deserved t Ba tifl-^° Ut ' ^ tho heart y encores testified popular appreciation. Madame Carrington sang beautifully, and Rose of Summer" compares uTTi ,„ b u est> As Marguerita in Faust" she was as perfect as the limited stage and scenery would per- Tnir,_ n.nn \wr»w n >-> ^ 1, « 1 ,1 •._ v _ 11 , ". , woud grab himff e and hold him while his master shuffl« alon along and went under the wire"" urally Stark was dropped isut in the case of Dr terms are rather more Nnt Nat " Sewing Machines and Organs, TAX SALE NOTICE Sn^SS.W^^iS^.g real eg- Clarice M 3513 ^y'^ABKE Holder ofcemae'ate. won , and held in a11 a S. d »PP»au88 of her raised a tow of these beets from that ll ls airac «lt to speak i seed that tested 17 per cent, sugar m, ^ e com pny nnd th< Hie second year tho same parties raised ? helr comln £ wil1 long each another small crop that tested 14 by Amusement lovers it Jft'LT'- su ? iu ' This y e{u> Mr. o „„ „, — Ihornburg-raised a cron nf t.ha ao,,,; The Trouble { Parts the audience. Ihornburg boots that tested llus test was made a crop of the same | M per cent, sugar, by a government! ; is difficult to speak in too high terms of the company and the entertainment. Iheir coming will long be remembered - amusement lovers in Algona. The Trouble at Ames, Geo. Angus and the Misses Mann are from the agricultural college, is year talking with Mr. in AmoricaaTe known t7 have in^e nin , ? «tn M C co us s P reokle s of Califor- An ff us he says the resignation of Presi- nfor °eets dent Chamberli will est beet will tost above 12 per nt that, will test 20 °eets dent Chamberlain was requested, and which caused it 'arose Hence of college secret so- cent ' a secret great disturb- good a place as any. f , , _. „ , the s and trouble that has been n the college management _&ti!&Lbid*L> I J viK/'' 'V^ ^"A-'v i-fefrffctA-^l.*-!'. ,. Mi . , T tance for any stakes, he will be fai , ponent may ride 5ny sort o a wheel he chooses and in case he has lost one s the doctor will gj ve him a ffiSi^^'^^Sh^ that AHJltaory, Hosiery, an4 Notions.

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