The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 19, 1890 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1890
Page 10
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THE UPPER MB MtmmiSt AftftlVAL AND DEPARTURE OP f RAINS, , Mlf,WAtlti!E 4 ST. fe. »* v« *•»•«»« »i>i «vr <w« C* ILI ATUi «, t *%*••.".•' <:31pttNo. 4.. No. 2 IO:Z9nm • Freight- No. 5 8:40pm No. 18 H:4Spm IOWA, WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 18, 1890. Freight— 9:60 pto No. 10. i:25am No. 14 8:30pin North- CHICAGO NOfiTSWiSfEilN, Sdnth- pass... 8 step a Elrnofe ... St. Paul n.....9:Mnm . DesMolnesft 7:86pm .<* W$ in IK'AITD ABOtrt TSE OlfY, Carter's big clothing sale continues this Week, A little girl came to Louis Bartlott's family Nov. o. Visit Qoeder's remnant sale advertised in this issue. New England supper at the Baptist Church Thursday at 6 p. to, Townsond & Lafigdo'n are making a big cut In crockery prices this week. A quiz social la to be given at the Buthorford house tomorrow evening. Dr. Prido has moved his family to town, but has not yet secured his oHlce. Wool boots and rubber goods are what .Tas. Taylor has to offer this week. Next Sunday evening there will bo a song service at the Congregational church, J. B. Laird has celebrated his advent into his now homo by building n big barn. Tho Swedish Lutheran church Is receiving a now coal; of paint, and Is improved accordingly. A temperance lecture Is announced for Thanksgiving, to bo given by Father Tlerny 01 Ossian. Andrew Soastrom has tho foundation in for a carpenter shop on East State street, and will soon build. Tom. Thompson, tho Milwaukee telegraph man, was over at Clear Lake last wetil: helping in the office there. the county fthtj want situations cah get pla<&BB5r applying to hlto. #6 has had calls from neighboring counties all this term and has sent out all the teachers the normal school could spare, and has demands now for several more. This call for teachers speaks well for our school. Henry ttiebhoff Joins the fanks of the high bred horse owners of the county. He has iust bought a full blook Clydesdale stallion of Sifcginaster, of iCeota, la. He is three years old, weighs 1,060 pounds, and goes as " Keota Cham* plon." He is a splendid horse and a valuable addition to the live stock of the county. Wo regret to call attention to it, but the figures show that the lady teachers of the county are older on an average than the men. And then, too, they show that more men got hlffh grade certificates In proportion to tho num* ber of applicants. We aro prepared to stand up for the ladies, and wo hope some satisfactory explanation will be sent in, While leading a big stallion by tho bit back at his home, old Mr, Wads- BtttOM. The LeMars Sentinel ropubllshes our item on_ Justice Clarke's record. Wo believe it is exceptional In Iowa. Mrs. J. A. Hamilton's residence is another which has received a now coat of paint, and enters tho winter with bright colors. With all tho expense Algona Is to in supporting her public schools sho pays less per pupil for education than any other township In the county. Swea pays tho highest teachers' wages, and pays tho ladies more than tho men. The cry will soon bo, "give tho men a fair show and equal pay." Geo. Boyle was in town Monday and went over to settle with Bro. Hinchon who really did tell the yarn about those democratic tickets. The result is unknown. Our new merchant, Mr. Bacon, has bought the Goo. L. Minkler homo across from J. B. Winlcnl's. nnd "T/inlr» ,,,iii oiu VUCK ni nis nome, old Mr, wads- worth had his shoulder dislocated by the horso rearing up suddenly. He hung to tho bit, however, and was thrown and his arm was badly cut, besides which he received other serious injuries. Many friends here will wish him a speedy recovery, which it is likely now that ho will onjoy. Tho opening lecture of tho popular coin-so before tho normal students was given at the Congregational church last evening by Prof. Dodge. A good audience was out and listened to a most iotoresting talk on the discovery of America. A regular course will be given during tho winter, J. W. Hinchon being on tho list for a lecture on the earth's geography to bo given in two weeks. Full notice next week. Algofl&'s On* tlmt, and l)octor- Attempts Sttifcido at Crtston-ltls Dentil Sttttaay Morn* trig. Special to the Siou* City Journal: Dr. F. W. Ollivor of Siou* City atill lies between life and death, with very little chance of recovery. The particulars of his rash act are about as tollows: He came here Nov. 6 and took rooms at the Summit house. He seemed to have plenty of money and no pressing business. He made claim to being a phrenologist and a lecturer on that branch of science and perfected arrangements to deliver a course of lectures at Pratt *s opera house, commencing last evening and lasting three nights. From November 6 until about last Monday he sat about the office and also visited at frequent intervals the saloon below, and, in fact, became intoxicated and remained so for a period of three or four days. But since last GREAT' SLAUGHTER -O3? 1 o Our Lu Verne correspondent notes Dr. Lacy's success in his suit against the Northwestern. Our readers will remember he was pushed off a freight caboose at the depot hero in town one night when up to attend a political rally, and had his knee hurt. He gets $•100 damages. We would congratulate tho doctor if we wore sure it would not will now from J. B. Winkol's, and "Link build again just east. Another house for 1890. Regular meeting of the order of Eastern Star will be held at Masonic Lodgo room Tuesday evening, Nov. 25. A full attendance is requested 'Visiting members invited. H. J. Gilbert was a pleasant caller Monday. His daughter Louise, well known to many of our readers, is now in Chattanooga, Tenn., as stenographer at $40 a month. S. I. Plumley has bought two lots opposite his old home, and will build yet this fall a ware-house, lime shed etc., and have his headquarters there Who remarked Algona was dead? Fred. Foster's barber shop is celo- i brating this week. The marriage of Elmer Wilbor and a little girl in Fred's family aro tho occasion. Fred feels pardonably proud of his daughter. The card of Dr. T. J. Felling appears this week. Ho lias located at Whitte- rnore, speaks Gorman and English, and comes with the hln-host ronommonda- tion. He luis located in u good town. Market pi-ices are down in Chicago flax selling as low as $1.19. In Algona the prices this morning aro: Flax W.OS@1.06; hogs, $3.25$U5; oats, 85 @38cj corn, 80@40o; hay, looso, $3.50. Our new recorder, L. C, Smith, was in town Monday and completed arrang-e- ments for renting theLookwood houso C. H. Blossom has lived in so many years. It will g-ivo him a pleasant • °-W. Parker has resigned his job as janitor of the school houso, and lust night the board hired M. B. Dalton to take his place. Mr. Parker has been a good janitor, and Mr. Dalton will also bo a good one. Muddy roads and coming cold make everything about foot-wear interesting- reading. F, S, Stough has a contribution this week which wo commend to all. Stough's old reliable boot and shoe houso is up with tho times In styles and prices. A very handsome banner will arrive in Algona this week, being the emblem of tho state lodgo of Odd Fellows. It comes to bo in charge of Goo. C. Cull who is grand marshal for tho ensuing \ n-m, and will bo put in tho hull here it is valued at $500. „-,-, U.UUWMI. j.i IT w II\JL\J ouj,u iu VYUULU JIUu again " let slip tho dogs of war" in the News office. On tho 10th inst. Mr. Elmer E. Wilbur and Miss Nora B. Robison were united in marriage by the Baptist pastor of this city, at the residence of the bride's parents. The groom is the son of I. N. Wilbur, and an esteemed resident of Union township, and the bride the daughter of Wesley Robison, well known as a worthy neighbor and citizen of tho city. Tho newly married couple will occupy tho house of John Heckart next to tho Grange hall. What is the county going to do for a sheriff? Wo tried Jack Pinkerton, but the postmaster decided that he was n bad man. Then D. A. Haggard came in with Bro. Starr's heartiest approval. But before he went out the postmaster decided that he was a very bad man. Thon Marsh Stephens came in with the loudest blast of trumpets the Republican could blow. And now the postmaster has decided that Marsh is tho very worst pill in tho box. This is a horrible situation with nothing in prospect. Until tho postmaster speaks the word, wo presume all we can do is to await future developments, and in tho meanwhile get our usual good service in tho sheriff's office, while our mail is distributed so that the inventor of tho 15 puzzle couldn't tell whoso letters ho is reading. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. D. A. Buell is contemplating a trip to Florida this winter. J. W. Bartlett went to Des Moines Monday on business. Edwin Blackford is in Dos Moines attending an insurance meeting. Chas. Dillman of the Blue Earth Post was a pleasant caller Friday. Hardy Buoll went to Ames to attend the annual commencement last week. Arthur Tollior is home from Hutn- boldt where he has dad a run of typhoid fever. J ' Miss Hough, a cousin of A. Houffh, and Mrs. Bigelow, a sister of Mrs. Hough, are visiting at the Hough home, Miss Lenetto Wilson is in Des Moines until tho holidays, teaching a large class in dancing and etiquette. She may remain during the winter. Wm. Cloary was down in Nebraska last weolc attending an Adventist meeting at Lincoln. While at Omaha he called on tho Aigonians and found them all well. Dr. Savors attended the annual meeting of tho state veterinary society, which was hold at Des Moines last week, and of which ho is an officer. Ho returned Saturday. A now addition to our people ia Mi- Dowse, a brother-in-law of T. H. Wadsworth. He will go into tho horse business, and possibly do something at his trade, being a master brick mason — - --- - — ••• u » ..UM*. Mi W| y tj t JJIAU OAHl^U IclOU Monday he has been strictly sober, and has been completing arrangements for his course of lectures. Instructions bad been given to the help at the hotel not to secure tiny more liquor for him. and everything seemed to bo all straight. Friday evening he was seen at about o'clock, and to those with whom he conversed he seemed to be in good spirits and full of hope for the financial success of his coming lectures. About 8:80 o'clock Saturday morning tho boll boy nipped on the door of his room and made the announcement of breakfast. No response was received. At 8:45 he was sent up again with a similar result. Becoming alarmed, the day clerk went up stairs, and gazing over tho transom, discovered Dr. Olliver lying in a state of what appeared to be unconsciousness. An entrance was effected by moans of the Hvindow, and messengers dispatched for physicians. The body was still warm and some life remained, and every means was resorted to to restore animation. The room was in a condition of chaos. The doctor's medicine case lay open on the floor and numerous bottles of poisonous compounds were strewn about on the stand, bureau and floor. A bottle of belladona, partly used and open, was on the bureau, also a bottle containing nitrate of omyle. On a stand was a bottle which had contained chloform and a bottle of morphine lay under the bed. The cork had been removed and replaced, and showed recent usage. The bureau contained a bottle of Dover's powders, which was partly empty. The patient was in a cornotose condition and from the symptoms it was impossible to decide just what and how much poison he had taken, as the effects of several poisons were visible. The cause of Dr.. Olliver taking poison is in doubt. Theories are numerous, but actual facts are scarce. Sometime Friday he had indicted a letter to his wife and the same was found outside or the door, as if thrown through the transom or pushed under the door. This would seem as if he had contemplated some rash step, but an examination of the contents disclosed no reference to the act. One theory is as follows: Dr. Olliver had been nervous and irritable and during the night went to his medicine case and prepared himself a quieting potion. Not finding relief he tried another dose, which in his weak condition was too much for his system. Unless he revives and is able to make a statement, it will probably never be known whether it was an intentional suicide or an accidental death. Latest: Dr. Olliver died Sunday morning at 8:30 o'clock. A friend who was with him claims that apoplexy was the cause, and that there was no evidence that he had taken morphine or any of his drugs. OPEEA SATURDAY NIGHT. Tlie Abble G'urrlngton Company in Grand Opera— Gounod's Faust in We have just opened, in the old postoffice room, a large stock of Clothing 1 and j Taken in a real estate deal from one of the largest manufactures in the west. We own the Clothing cheaper than' any other firm in Iowa, and it must be sold in the 'next sixty days REGARDLESS OF COST! The goods are all new; have been manufactured in the last thirty days. Remember, we recognize no competi tion in this sale. The stock must be sold for what it will bring. * • ' r.- Don't forget the place, the old postoffice room in the Galbraith block, Algona. I Cloths and Trimmings, J. K. FILL & SON, Merchant Tailors on where. All work done promptly and OF ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - - $50,000 Special Attention Paid to Collections. . DIBKCTOBS. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call street, Algona, Iowa. Dr. Savors says ho saw more teams in Algona Saturday than in any town between here and Dos Moiuos, as ho came up on tho train, What is being done oon be guessed when it is reported that one of our merchants sold $015 of goods m one day last wool;. Prudence Lodge, No. 205, A. F. and A. M., will hold regular communication at their lodgo room Thursday ovouintr Nov. 20. A full attendance is requested as important business will bo brought before tho mooting for consideration. Visiting brethren invited. The Congregationalists aro feeling- happy over paying tho ?000 installment fn their church dobt. Although tho people have boon put to big- expense for lurches, tho money was raised with- j.';t trouble, which indicates an outhus- " V 3tic condition in the society. for y curious trick is reported out at Ho- XJ. Last Saturday as the switch en- liousl was approaching the switch some I slio 01 ' *. uu threw tho switch open, and •m^ngiue ran off the track. Tho per- M ev rator of tho joke ran, and it took °"«i hours to get things righted up This is the report a* ' ' »rof. Dodge tells us that Ernest Laago goes to his old homo in Denmark for a visit Ho expects to bo gone somo time, but had tho UPPER DES MOINES forwarded to keep him posted. He is one of the most biauitii workmen who ever came to Al- gonu. . Mrs. Mary Carter, who has been making Algona her home, has gone Elka- clor to spend the winter. Her many friends in Algona will regret her absence, as sho has been an active worker in the many church and benevolent BOClOtlOS* Mrs, Barrett is hero from Denver to spend the winter with her brother, L M. B Smith. They had not met bo- foro for 35 yeiira, and this visit tea voi-v pleasant one for both. Mrs. Barrett was a pioneer in southern Minnesota, and was driven out by the Indians in the Spirit Lake and New Ulm maaw ores. With her children she drove from Lake Crystal to Horicon, Wis., just escaping from her home after the smoke warned her that her neighbors were being burned out. ""^"^IB It is definitely announced that Abbie Carrington with 10 artists will give one of the best standard operas in Algona Saturday evening. She will be remembered by all music lovers for her concert here some years ago. She ranks with the best, and from the reports in neighboring cities is giving the best performances in the state. It is a rare treat. CANDIDATES were traded off in the election, it is said. But no such trades were made as Carter offers in clothing. GERMAN socks and felts at Stough's. tariff hasn't affected Carter's _____ an beat free trade and Germany are not o. L. x/cr:isrr>, Real Estate Agent, Algona, Iowa. Lands bought and sold on commission. Special attention given to oare ana sale of rsal estate In Kossuth and adjoining counties for non-residents, Agent for the German Insurance company, of Freeport, m. Passage tlckett to and from the old eountrlei sold at lowest rates. OKJflCERS. . CALL, D. H. HDTOHIHS, President. Vice President. i. C. BLAOKironD. Cashier. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties who can furnish first class security. - . clothing stock. Ho can beat free"trado prices. England in tho race. GLOVES and mittens at Stough's. tione fov Good, It U (o be hoped that the barbarous bustle has ., 116 er ea ' discovery , Franklin Miles has come to star and alleviate Human nurrerlijB. This wonderful nerve food and medicine builds up worn-out systems, cures llta, spiiBins, headnciie, nervous prostration, dlzzl- negs. tileeiilesBiieM, monthly pains, sexual troub- Nervine free at F7w. Wngley'o, who guarantees It. * 5 OVERCOATS, caps, winter clothing, underwear, and everything In fu -nlsH- Cttrtor ' 8 In Poisoned. In a recent work on heart disease Dr. Franklin Klle«, lite noted opeolallst, gives many new and st» riling fiieu. Thousands of people arc slowly polMMiUiK themselves, weakening their hearts by tl\« une of tett, coffee, tobacco, and alcohol. These are heart whips, causing It to beat rapidly, thus gradiuLlIr weHrlng It out. producing shortness of brwttli when exorcIMmr, pains in side and shoulder, hungry snd faint Kiieiis; finally swelling of tlw aiikles and Hudtt.-n death. For weakened and minted Hearts ttw i.ivss everywhere highly recom. nieud the New Ke«rt Cure discovered by Dr- Fraiiklin Mito. which is for sale at F. W/Dingley's drug stow. _ ___ * G Miles' Nerve and Idvor Fills. An important discovery; they act on the liver, •tomu nerves'." A hew rr;.;,""j" n ;." v/ °K OOU "' UUID Biliousness, bad ffiF&Z W? %& aWljmS; awi?w T p'»r tor afi cem9 - i am - Indigestion I S not only a distressing complaint, of itself, but, by causing the blood to become depraved and the syatem enfeebled, is the parent of innumerable maladies. That Aycr'o 6«rftaparllla is the beat euro tot Indigestion, oven when complicated with Liver Complaint, ia proreU by the following testimony from Mrs. Joseph Lake, of Brockway Centre, Mich.; — "Liver complaint and indigestion made my life a burden and came near ending my exiHtenoe. For more than four years I suffered untold agony, waa reduced almost to a skeleton, and hardly had strength to drag myself about. All kinds of fonij distnjBfied me, and only tin' most delicate could IMJ digested at ai!. \Viiliiu the timo mentioned several p!i>.sii.'i:ins treated n>e without giving relief. Nothing tbat I took seemed to do r.ny punimiient good until I commenced tho use of Ayui-'s Sarsaparilla, which luw produced wonderful results. Soon after commencing to take tho Sarsaparilla I could see an improvement in my condition. My appetite began to return and with it came the ability to digest all the food taken, my strength improved each day, and after a few months of faithful attention to your direction!*, I found myself a well woman, nble to attend to all household ditties. The medicine has given we » now lease of life." • BANCROFT, IOWA. B. M, Blcbmond, Pres B. R. Blchmond, V. P. A. B. Blchmond, Cashier, oftheDnlted States and Europe at low rates Tickets to and from the old country tor sain ™? !' ™ . f,H , n non-reswens. struct of title furnished on the same day applied j R. M. RICHMOND, REAL ESTATE DEALER, Loan ana Insurance Ag't and Notary Public. 60,000 acres of prairie lands and Improved farms ' " ler nt ' V ""« e Propert DOU YOU WANT THE •you do if you have need for any at Tben remember that yon can find them at the Upper Des Moines Office, WE KEEP ON HAND 1 COMMERCIAL HOUSE, ^^^A^^^^^- tentlon given the traveling pobBe. (Short Form, hest In use,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, ^ Grass Leases, Sarsaparilla, ti,«u m ' o ang Bfto the old postofflee room when in town. The New Meat Martet, FKEPARBD DT Dr. J. a Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mats. Price «1 ; ilx botllee, $6. Worth $4 * bottle. Pe AIXSOKA, IOWA, .... «0 F QOO, Incorporated under general lows of Iowa. ttfl woelTe*. money loaned, forelen and <in, •zehange bought and sold: finiS5S£? 0 W, H. INGHAH. President, '• P ' ^SSI' v *» President, LEWIS H. SMITH, cKshler __ AUCTIONEER. D ' A. HAGGARD, Wlllc F. m. BRONSON, Dealer /?( BBAT FBJBNOH REHEl)Y.-Pr. VJT periodical pills from ----- ---------- .. Due's Psrts, France, act gane ia females, Ton of the menses v"«"> iTuvKOTo* vnuooj ttud all periodical troubles peeultar to women. A safe, reliable remedy, warranted to excite menstruation, or money ref undedj - ghouW not be ' used during r. The large projportloB of the Ills to wesubjecf teMeWeot; Vesuit of d and Irregular ffenjrfKiatjlon.* Ask t *OP tfcew. American Pill Co., pencer, a. ' L. A, Sheetz, supply agent, Alcana, Ia. H. Bosworth'S Soni 1 WIlwau1tee Bolt.

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