The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 19, 1890 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1890
Page 9
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I x-eSfi Ttffi WJPER DE£ MOtNES, AlGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 1890, <Jttitfi6l io'flai DlftoMflfit ot Oplhlofl Oil M tltt- yoft&ht Subjefct. il the force that Ousts disease; what is the most^tonventent apparatus applying ifcr 1 rfSw laf is the regular 'sician useful to us because we believe hitn, and how far are his pills and 'derS ahcl tot ics only the material rep- ntatives of hi* personal influence on health? ,Tb£ i regular doctors curej the hoinceo- ithio doctors cure; the Hahnemanhites fei and so do the faith cures and the na Cures, and the so-called Christian ^ntists, afld the four-dollaf-flhd-a-'half Vartising itineratits, and the patent ledicine men. They all hit and they all. sfl,. and tlie gi-eat difference—one great ifference—in the result is that when the igulfir doctors lose a patient no ono 'Uinbles, Hnd when _the irregular doctors ae one the community stands on end and i6wls.— Rochester Union and Advertiser. t Nature cures) but^ature can be aided, ^hindered or defeated in the curative process. And the Commercial's contention is Hint it is the part of rational beings to seek .and trust the advice of men of good cluir- acter who have studied the htininn system and learned, as far as modern science .lights the way, how far they can aid nature and how they can best avoid ob- 'structing her.— Buffalo Commercial, FARM, HOME AND GARDEN. O*f O grandly flowing river! Oisllver gliding river! Thy springing willows shiver * In the Btinset ne of old; They shiver in the silence Of the willow-whitened islands, While the sun-beams on the sand-bars Fill air and wave with gold. O gay, oblivions riven O sunset-kindled river I Do yon remember ever The eyes nnd skies so blue On a summer day that shone here, When we were all alone hero. And the blue eyts were too wise To epenk the love they knew. O stern, ihinassive river I O still unnnswerlng river I The shivering willow quiver As the night winds moan and rave, From tho pant a voice is calling, From heaven a star is falling. And dew swells in the bluebells Above her hillside grave. FARM NOTES. Convenient arrangements for feedintr will lessen the coat in feeding stock of all kinds, as there will be less waste. It is claimed that white Minorca fowls possess uncommonly goorl qualities as layers;_ in fact, that they cannot be surpassed It is not our purpose to consider the j n thi s respect. evils that result from employing the un- a , ,, . ',, . . . , .. ... scrupulous, the ignorant, charlatans and!. Stables should be cleaned daily, and the 'onttckB to r.reHcrilTfl tor the maladien that I Deciding carefully removed, as it is an ab- quacks to prescriba for the maladies that I Dueling caretully removed, as it is an ab- afflict the human family. We simply do- sorbent ot the liquids, the retention, of - • which results in the liberation ot arninoma in the stalls. Clean floors with clean bedding daily, promote the comfort and thrift iclare that the physician who knows something is better than the physician whd .knows nothing, or very little indeed about structure and the conditions of the hu- an system. Of course "lie does not know "—Rochester Morning Herald, I have used Warner's Safe Cure and but it all. of the stock. Those who have tried feeding grain and hay to horses claim that if a full feed of w hay follows the strain the grain will be 'for iU timely use would have been, I veri- j crowded out of the stomach before diges- ,lr believe, in my grare from wfcat th«! tlo . n ..! 8 accomplished, and a waste of mv doctors termed Brigkt's Disease.— D. F. Bhriner, senior editor Sciobo Gaeettt, Chillicothe, Ohio, in A letter dated Jon* 80,1890. I»L,AYEUS GIV15 IN. They Take Action Favorable to Consolidation. PXTTSBUBG. Nov. 12.— A.t the session of the National Players' league today President McAlpine formally presented tho resignation of tbe New York club. No action w«s taknn'On it, but a committee •consisting of W.ird, Prince and Johnson, was appointed to attend the National league meeting in New York for the purpose of placintr the matter of (consolidation before it. Tho meeting then ap- .jburned. Foolish Martyr*. Inhere are martyrs and martyr*. Some were wise in the loftiest, some are silly in the moat improvident sense. The word Improvident exactly applies to the latter class, since .they neglect to provide against threatened danger. <We commiserate, but we 'Cannot respect them. Among the silliest we the martyrs to rheumatism, who might have prevented daily and'nightly recurring torture by tne eurly uee of Hosteller's Siomacli Bittern, a blood depurent more eiUcient in removing i lie virus of this complaint from the cir- culiiiinii ilniii any thus far brought to the notice of the general community and the medical pro- fet-Muii. It promotes greater activity of the kidneys, tlie cluinnel through which blood.tinpurities, j-f\j)rodHClivo of rheumatism, gout and dropsy, are -prineimilly expelled, and .It imparts a degree of vigor io digestion and assimilation which hns a mott favorable bearing on the general health, it Also reiuediea biliousitaae, kJdiioy troubles and innlium. : ' nutrition ensues—hetice the hay should be given first. Ensilage has beeit the means, where it is fed, pf doing .away with that terribly provoking nuisance—long cornstalk. in the manure pits. Every farmer who has tried to load ruamure with long cornstalks in it on a wagon, will admit there is no language adequate to describe the performance and the tendnncy is had toward making a man lose his patience. A cow may be worth §100 or she may be worth only $20, but the low-priced cow may be more costly. If a«hoice article of butter or large yield of milk is secured from the $100 cow it will be greater in -extent and proportionately., 'compared with the cheaper animal. As a dairyman expresses it, if a $100 cow gives $50 profit in one year, a .§20 cow will give only s$10 profit, or perhaps nothing. The results of some experiments in;feeding steers .at the Michigan station are summed u;p as follows;: There is no profit in feeding average native steers -which will weigh from .1,000 tol,500H)8.,,at three years, uirough there may be in .raising thoroughbred steers which will weigh from 500 to 800 pounds more at the same age; but it requires'dose care and a knowledge of the most economical .methods of feeding to inake.any piofit.frotn feeding beeves at present prices. r~\ MUSICAL. There seems to be little going on in musical circles of late, but there is much talk, among musical people, of the marvelous cure of Miss B , b.e--hig^ contralto singer, who has long suffered from a severe throat or bronchial affection, superinduced by Catarrh in the Head, and who has been perfectly cured by the use of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, coupled with the use of Dr, Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery, For all bronchial, throat and lung affections, and lingering coughs, it is an unequaled remedy. When complicated with Chronic Nasal Catarrh, its use should be coupled with the use of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy Of all druggists, SCOTTS Of Pure Cod Liver OH and HYPOPHOSPHiT^ of Lime and Soda emjorsed aua proscribed by loading both tlie C'«4 f>lvei' IHl Hie Xho World's Wool. An English authority states the total annual production of wool in the world at 1,792,000,000 pounds. The estimated value is S908,000,'000. The number of sheep in Europe is estimated at 200)000,000, which furnish 448,000,000 pounds of wool, at an estimated value pt $242>000;000, Morocco, Algiers and Tunis grow a considerable quantity, while France produces37 per oent. less than it did forty years ago. European Countries are ranked in tiiejfollowing order; Russia first, Great Britain second, Germany third, .France ifourth, Austro-Hungary fifth, Italy sixth, Spain seventh. The East Indies and 'China produce .about 33G,- 000,000 pounds of wool per annum. We may state in this connection that in 1884 our sheep numbered .56^620(620 head, valued at ?119,902,006, producirig.300,000,- 000 pounds of wool. Since that time the sheep of the country have steadily decreased year by year, until last year we har 1 but 42,999,079 sheep, producing 565,000,000 pounds of wool. 'Our home-grown wools •are mostly fine and medium. Our import wools are mostly clothing, .combining and carpet wools. Our average imports from 1/880 to 1889 were clothing woods 19,305, 075 pounds, combining wools 5,754,203, and carpet wools 63,484,036, or an average of 88,443,200 pounds yearly. Treatment for Smut iu Wheat aud Outs, If wheat to be used for seed is suspected of containing any germs .of smut, it should be put through a treatment with copper sulphate (blue vitrol or. bjue stone, but not copperas, which is a different substance and ineffective) or with hot water. The opper sulphate treatment consists in dipping the seed into a solution of one pound to one g lion of water, letting it remain five minutes with constant stirring to wet the grain evenly, and then spreading on a floor to dry, or shoveling over with the addition of land plaster and slacked linie until dry. The method is not troublesome or costly and is effective. The treatment will prevent all or nearly all occurrence of smut in the crop following; it will also, however, somewhat retard the early growth of the grain and may somewhat decrease the yiold. A test of the hot water and copper sulphate methods applied to the oats was earned out on the Purdue (Ind.) university station farm under the supervision of Prof. W. C, Latta. The facilities for making the tests were only such as any farmer has at hand, the work being done by the farm laborers, who are of the same class of workmen that are employed on other farms. Although the process is a very simple one, yet a description of the exact method of handling the seed may be of service to others who contemplate the treatment of their own seed grain. Prof. Latta has written out the following account of work done on the station farm: "In treating our seed last spring we used cold rain water with one pound of cupper sulphate to one gallon of water. A common washtub was filled about two-thirds full of water, and enough finely powered copper sulphate put in to give the strength just stated. A Gushel of seed wheat vas put into a coffee sack (any sack made of coarse open cloth will do) tied near the top of the sack and immersed five limes in the copper sulphate solution, turning and kneading the sack so as to thorougoly wet all the seed. The sack was then placed on b&rs across the top of the tub to drain a minute, after which the seed wan spread thinly on an airy floor. The process was repeated! with another bushel of seed and so on until enough hftl been treated. To hasten the a,n4 piwat mwh sweJljpgr vt the it was dusted heavily, and repeatedly t totduy tfmu act like ta»gie «a a Weak Stomach land plaster (pulverized, air-slacked I ^ The Hawaiian government j>ft£^PP lict j to ' •«•--•• ......... ...... , lime will '. answer as well), .and mixed thoroughly.,. It is well to continue the stirring every few miitutej for ft few hours, and if the seed ctin be exposed meanwhile to the siin, Or in a good current of air so much the belter. As ^ach bushel will take upapart of the splutioM, it must be replenished from time to time, adding both water and copper sulphate in the j proper proportions. 13e sure that the copper sulphate is finely powdered, or the solution will be too weak at first and to strong at last. A man and boy can. treat six or eight bushels of seed in an hour. In treating this hot water we filled two wash tubs, each about two-thirds full, keeping Ko. 1 at 125 degree to 130 degree? Fahrenheit and No. 2 at 130 degrees to 133 degrees FahtenheU. (The present season's results show that the water in tub No. 2 should have been kept nearly; five degrees hotter.) The seed inclosed in a sack as in copper sulphate treatment was im-uersed in tub No. l t then drained_a few seconds and immersed ftve minutes in the No. 2. The first tub was used simply to warm the seed and prevent producing the temperature below 130 degrees in the second tuo. The seed was spread and dried as in the treatment with copper solphate. Care must be taken to add not water from time to time to make the proper temperature. This treatment has the advantage of hastening the sprouting and early growth, while_the copper sulphate retards the germination. From all the data at hand the Indiana Station arrives at the conclusion _ that to treat seed wheat with hot water in order to prevent smut it should be immersed in water for five minutes at 135 degrees Fahrenheit; if the temperature drop below this point the seed should left in the water tt little longer time, and if the temperature rises above it, the time should be shortened. A greater variation than fire degrees above or below the 135 degrees Fahrenheit should be guarded against. The practical details of the operations are the same as for oats given in the foregoing, with the exception that water if used •without the addition of copper sulphate The hot water treatment is to be preferred, us it <9oes not retard germination. NOT A PROFANE BXl'KESSION. A Bifrlily Interesting Discovery in the line A correspondent in the Nation has contributed the interesting information that the word dam signifies .a •small brass coin current in Persia and India and worth about a cent of our incney. He adds that the expression "not worth a dam" was first used by Englishmen, trading in the east to express their sense «f a thing's worthlessness. We recall nothing in the hiptory of profanity of more importance or likely to be more revolutumizmg than this discovery in language rase, says the Hartford Couranc. Consider a little. 'Of the many millions of man who (though of unblemished general character) fcave in moments of unnatural 'irritation indulged in the expressive and pungent phrase, probably exceeding few if any, thinfe for a moment that they were making uee'of entirely innocent anc permissible pbiaseology in their mother- tongue. But oow these same millions, in the flood of light. thrown upon the case "by the Nation's correspondent, can look back upon a long list of dams (spelling, to b sure, to their mind's eye, damn), and fed not the remotest twinge of conscience nor the slightest fear of retributive punishment. Better yet they can look forward to a glorious, free, and life-long indulgence in the phrase, not only among their mates in the market-place, but even in the rose- colored refinement of drawing-rooms ano boudoirs, of course, offering, in case al trouble, the *bove the historical explanation. And notice that while this spicy bit «: •speech can now -be used with ir.npcenoe. tradition is each a-power that an individual taking advantago of the fact, although hit reason testify tihat he does no wrong, may have a sneafeing sense of guilt, and tJ heighten his enjoyment. We are aware that such bothersome superfluous people as rnetaphysieans wil take exception to this line of argument; they will hold that intention is what constitutes the crime. But far be it from us to take away from the mildly profane the comfort, retrospective^and prospective, resident in the thought that "not worth a dam" must hereafter be regarded not only as a greatly descriptive but also as a perfectly moral expression . DR. BIXJODGOOiD SANDBAGGED. The Veteran Medical .Director Is in a serious Condition. ' NEW YORK, Nov. 10, — Dr. Deltuah Bloodgate, veteran medical director of the United States naval laboratory in the navy yard of Brooklyn, was sandbagged Sunday morning and roljbed of his watch and chain and pocket feook. He is in a serious condition. A man who lias practiced medicine for 40 years ought to know salt from sugar;. read what ho says: TOLEDO, O,,'Jan. 10, 1887. Messrs. F. J. Cheney & Co.— Gentlemen :— I have been in the general practice of medicine for most 40 years, and would, say that in all my practice and experience have never seen a preparation that I could prescribe 'with as much confidence of success as I can Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by you. Have prescribed it a great many times and its effect is wonderful, and would say iu conclusion that I have yet to find a case of Catarrh that it would not cure, if they would take it according to directions. Yours truly, T.. L. GOBSUCH, M, D.. Office 215 Summit St. We will give $lvi p *or any case of Catarrh that can not be cu. i with Hall's Catarrh Cure. Taken internal. P. J. CHENEY & 06., 'rops., Toledo, 0. tggTSold by Druggists, V • A grain of musk will scent a room for twenty years, and at the end of that time will not show tliat It has diminished in the least. _ Tlie confession made by Sara Bernbardt that she always has some illnena after a fit of ungur, is doubtless a sort of experience familiar to those who are prone to lose lumpur. A tempest of rage, or even a mild Bturm, may turn the bodllv secretions aa sour as the temper, and so It happens that sevuro dyspepsia and acute rheumatism or gout arc often pretty immediate sequences st uncontrolled explosions of passion, Vlo- out passion will even render toe saliva poisonous, and man's bite dangerous, or it may spoil a mother's milk, BO that U will act poisonously upon a nursing babe. Keep cool.-Dr. Foote's Health Monthly. Standard time has been fully accepted In Asia by not less than 40,0000,000 people, in Europe by almost an equal number, «ud in America by more than 60,000,000, never wat o remedy that gave so good satisfaction always as Dr. Bull's \Vnnu Destroyers. Physicians recommend them. ___^_____ A tunnel to Prince Edward Island across Nvuhuwuerland straits, a dletanct of six and ouu-half tulles, is the next great engl- uuuriug fea| talked of in Canada, the Japanese government f6f 5,000 more ini- inlgfanU, and they will be Bent, i)r. Frank Potoell (White Beaver) has ho_agente or proteges outside of LaCrosse, Wis. Beware of swindlers using his name. BALFOUH is now in Westport. It is reported thHt he is 'deeply impressed with the scenes of the general wretchedness of the peasants and the prospects of a famine. RESULTS attained in the world-renowned pianos and organs represented by the old reliable firm, EDMUND GiUM, 207 and 209 Grand Avenue, Milwaukee, are: Joy and Happiness. Peace and Contentment. Mirth nnd Laughter. A lovely and pleasant Home. Write for prices and catalogues. In the United Kingdom 20,000,000 hens lay on the average ninety eggs each per annum, of which ten are reserved for hatching. It follows that the home product is 1,600,000,000, which, added to the number imported,' f ives 2,700,000,000, or seventy-three per In- abltant. A Flensing; Sense Of health and strength renewed and of ease and comfort follows tho use of Syrup of Figs, as it acts in harmony with nature to effectually cleanse the system when costive or bilious. For sale In 50c. and $1.00 bottles by all leading druggists. , It is calculated that nine-tenths of the reading time of most men and that of a large portion of women Is given to newspapers. "EVERY work requires a proper method." Half the trouble of house-cleaning results from lack of common-sense means. Use. SAi'OLlO. It la a »olld cake of Scouring Soap. Try il, ' Tlio dynamo Is replacing the battery lo such an extent in telegraphy that its use will, il is thought, be universal In a few years. It is both cheaper and more efficient. The best cough medicine is I'iso's Cure for Consumption. Sold everywhere. 25c. The Croton aqueduct is now practically completed and in use. The supply is 318,000,000 gallons of water per day. Do your clothes last as they used to? H not, you mutt be using a soap or washing powder that roll them. Try the good old-fash- toned Dobbins' Electric Soap, perfectly purt to-day as in 1865. Liverpool, England, has 250 miles of the best paved streets in the world, and it cost* lesfl than $40,000 a year to keep them in perfect repair. Ask Yonr Friends About It. Your distressing cough can be cured. Wo know it, because Kemp's Balsam within the- past few years has cured BO many coughs and colds in this community. Its remarkable sole has been won entirely by its genuine meril. Ask some friend who has used it what lie thinks of Kemp's Balsam. There is no medicine so pure, none so effective. Large bottles 50c. and $1 at all druggists. Sample bolllo free. The latest fashion in the way o£ flower •decoration is to employ only one kind of flower to -ornament a table. rarTLY AND rnn!i/A-~"r:.T smmrttATSr lumbago, liendhche, Toothache, WIDE AWAKE CHOIRS, rnoROtJS ROCIETIftS »nd All ttttStCAti ASSOCIATIONS will do W«ll to «6Tid for ll»ti I nriil cntnlnene* of oitr Chorus, Anthem or OIWI i Hooks, Ohnreh Mnftlc Books, Singing ClMS Booki, i Orntnri(i», cuntttiu, Quartet*, Choralg, Octato Pleci-c, &K., Ac. I .Icluivnli'R l'nil«i>. (Jl, or $9 doit.) Km»rson. j Is n Inrge. first i-ln«» Otinrcn Mn«lc book, full Of the heel Tunes, Anthem* and Slnglnf Clnn? Klt'tnemt HIM! Mildc. Sore Throat, Swellings, Frost-bite:. , S C I A T S C A Sprains, Drnlscg, Burns, Scalds. IHECHARLES A. VOGELER CO.. Galt!mora. Ml Kthnulitto the torpid liver, strengthen the <llgestivG orpins, regulate tho bowels, mid are nncrmalcd tu nu Anti-Bilious Medicine. Elegantly fttignrcnnted. Dnneftnmlt. Price, SS ceuts, Otllce, 3D A 41 l»*rk Place, N. t BEECH AM'SPILLS -A.CO? LIKE MA.O-IO ON A WEAK STOMACH. 25 Cents a Box. OF ALL DRUGGISTS. . i Km«r«on'g Kiiny Anthem*, (SOctg., ST.SOdoz.) I (lnl)i-lcl « New mill Keleitecl Antlinnu, (SI, I J!» per ilnx.) I5mri'.<on'.« Nrrr Hp«pn|ine», (80 ! ct.i>., or fii do?..) Onttr'ii KftfttionAfes »"d Sen» tenors. (80ct«., or $7.20 por doz.) Santornl, ($1, or Jftilii/..) Palmer and Trowhrldge. ' Are new and thoroughly good bookl. Curl Zerrtmn'ft A tint. ($1, or $9 per tloz.) Emerson's Concert Selections. (|l,$0dol.) Are excflllent for Convention). FOtl TttK OlIli.UHKN'S CHHISTMA9. Cntiitrlit Nn|>|>lng, (80 cti.,$3 per doz.) Lewis. Mnry'» Stocking. (30 ct»., ot $1.80 doz.) Shogren. jingle Hell*. (80 Ctf., $8 per doz.) Lewis. GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. BREAKFAST. "87 a thorough knowlmlf* of the natural law* which govern the operiUI -at of ditto tl»n »ml nulrt- tl in, and br a careful application »t tho nn« rro'.ier ties of K el-a lootoil Oocon, Mr, Kp » hn provlil d our breakfast tablei with a dellcmtely flavouretl bar•rage \rhloh may tare us many u«avy doctors' bills. It li uy the juillolous uu of luali nrtlolsi of diet that aoonitltutto* may t>» gr dually wullt upuulll strong enough to re»l«t «r«ry t«u<l«noy to moans. Hundreds of subtle ntaUdlai arj flonlluit arouml us ready to attack wherever tliere Is a waalc p . nt. W« may e><mp* many a fatal shaft by keo|>lnjf our lelves \rell fortletui with purs lilo rt « rt M properly n"UrIihed frame."— "Civil Struiat iJnitttt " Simla simply with nolllii? vvator »r mij'r. Folil onlv |n half-pouii'l tin-', y Grocer-", latiplle-i thus; J A M US I'H A£ OO . MoinronpalJilo Cl Best, 'easiest to use and cheapest. Fiso's Bernedy for 'Oatarrh. By druggists. 50c. Five hundred children under ten years'0£ age were taken Into .custody last year iti London as drunk and incapable. A now method ot compounding Tar. SURE CURE for PILES, SALT RHEUM and nil SUlu IMneiues. Send S Zti-stnmpii for Free Nttin- plu with Boole TO Rold by all Druggists and by TAU-WIU OO , I d ItMdolph St., Chlouco. Price GOu Wisconsin Druggist! supplied br IJICKKJIK A ««TTOM CO., Milwaukee, Wl». notmi.E Rrtcch-lioader $7,75. BJFLF.SK.OQ PISTOLS 75* B 1 E. B. TREAT'S Cattlorne of nrwbookn. KhoMnt bunilry Tn r«cl»,by'l almone , $240 Quick rain, life L p:u. Also, Mother, Home & Heaven. 400bMt authors. E ilcd b • T. L. Cuyler. $376. ™ ooo told, ncco .E.B.TUEAT.N.Y. Tickling 9 In your -throat arises from aaUrrh, «n4 «s oatorrh'U •a osnitttutional diseaae the ordinary cough medl- •olnai all fail to hit the spot. What you need is a constitutional - remedy like Hood's SnraapariUa, wkloh, by building up the general health, and ei- pellinff the scrofulous taint which IB the CBUHB of catarrh and consumption, has restored to tperfeot huulth. many persons on whom theee dlsaaeefi eeom to have a firm hold. Many unsolicited testimonial^ proTe beyond question, that Hood's SanoparlUa does re catarrh. Hood's Sarsaparilla fiold <l>y *ll tlruggiBtrJ $1; six for $5. Prepared only bj C. i, UOOU t Oti'., Apotheoartei, Lowell, HUBS. JOO Doses One Dollar .pis m ,,„„ ..... . .,„„.,„_.._ hi lllliUill.aaBllBBm J^Q,, Kldge's Food. "" Druggists. WOOLU1O1I £ CO,. V . OIHLOKHN. ThouBonds of youn« mi'n and women In cUti countrjr owe their lives, thul- health tut ' their Happiness b Hidev'B Fouil, thutr daily diet U Ini'miey and CMl*h»o<l hnvlnp Kldge's Food. 35 ••em o up MUM. im>RKis, >.C. I Oyrsluiustwar, 15adi'uUcatlugolu[uiii,*rt- |J y6liio»- Dr, Bnrdars Kldnvy Balsam caret EnurnMU D-WETTING.) _ _'rioe»lper pnokaun b» druggiatn or at omua. n Fqr qlrct). ':th ' ~ i stamps, Dr. 0. W. F. mull TTorjale _. „ lura nnd testimonials address, \vi SNYDEII, 243 Stnto St., Chicago. Jf®~ Ask your Druggist to order it for you. MENTIO.N i lila PATKK WHKN wui'riftu ro AUVKIIII*..,^.. great mot remedy for m«k- Ing the feet Smu.Elt. luntant relief for cold or perspiring font On Hale everywhere, or sent free on receipt of fiaets. Sample package free at stores, or mulled far B dime. Illustrated Pamphlet Free. TUB PKUINB CO., WOULD It'LD'G, N. 7. RELIEVES INSTANTLY, BROTHERS. 50 Warrea St., New York, Prloo 50 cts. good revenue" . tf?lrx jfc. AS r rxJjjjiiiiiil rx. Jf ^ resuifs cleanliness is a. solid Try if in your nexh house-cleaning &nd beh&ppv. CHEAP COMFORT Can "be secured ty the small investment in one caJce of SAPOLIO when you have a house or kitchen to clean. From the paint to the pots awl pans, and including Vie windows and floors, it is the very lest labor-saving soap for scouring and cleaning. Ml Grocers sell it. Best Cough Medicine. Recommended by Physioinns, Cures where all else fails. Pleasant and agreeable to the taste, Children take it without objection. By druggists. KliiR Winter. (20ct«.,|1.80 per doz.) Xlim« at the kerchieft. (90 ct*., $1.80 dos.) Lewis. OhrUtmM Gift (16 eU., $1.80 per don.) Rotfc bel. Kingdom of Mother Oooi*. (16 cU., |MI doz.) ANT ROOK miLKD roB BBTA1L PRtO*. LYON & HBALY, Chicago. OLIVER DITSON COMPANY, Bostoa -VASELINE- IMHt A OMt-UOM.AIl UIM. «nnt u« by mall WB will dellter, free of nil churu;os, to nnr person In Ilia United States, nil of th» following articles, oar» ftilly packet! : One two-oiinoe bottle of Pore Vanellno, - - 10 otft. One two-ounce bottle of Vaseline Pomade, . IB " One jnr of Vniiellne Cold Cream, JJ One t'uke of Vaseline Camplior Ice,-- - • JO" One fluke of Vnnellno Ripap, unnoonted, - - IU OueCakaof ViiBolineSoiiii, eiqiilslloly »o»nted,2» " Ouo two-ounce bottle of White Vaseline, - - 36 11.10 Or far poitnae stump* any tingle article at the prtci iiaintil. On no ni:i:iiiiiit lie fternunaeit to accept from l/iinr iirni/iilxl nut/ Vnwllue or preimraUon tlitrf ffiini tinle.i.i willi our name, beciiuif i/nu utll certain It/receive nn Imitation which hai little or n« mine. f)lti'«pbroiin;li Bffgr. Co., *4 Slate St., M. If. p. FAT FOLKS REDUCED "KlKht yours HBO 1 lincl nn attack fi^^/F^-^fta^k^drsSK hi f ,aml stdo continued to pnln me, a oninii and llniba bloated, lieurt troubled menndoou ii'irv Kiimaue. HH^H, Wtmltinulnn. 3 ATIENTS TREATED BY MAIL. J?o .•iirviniii "o Inoonvonlnnoo. liai-mle»s and no bM elli"H. Strictly annlldiinllnl. For circulars ond te«» suoululH liddreas with do. In stumps, DR. O. W. F. SNYDER, 243 STATE ST., OHIOAoa plANOO ' liSJly Perfect! .. MiMit for trial "In your Ubttlotru home befnr*/ou buy. Ltical Airvuta must n\\ Inrnrfor Intitrumenti or KM-, ^erlnuhla what we ask. Catnlufrus frir« MAKOIIAI. A • SI IT II PIANO CO., vnn Knot «(•* Ht., N.Y. i pre.ierloe and full»in' -vgii Bl« G aa the _jly dclHc for tho curtain our* of tills cliapuac. G. H. INOIIAIIAM.M. D., Amstprdam, N. II Wo have nld I«R G foi many yei-rs. nnd It hi* R,von the best u? salli fnotlon. B. H. DYCJTT!: A CO., Chicago, 111. « t .Off. Sold b- The "Little Beaui^ •- "' l-4tii. la 4 Hi.. ' '""P «"' Fnr | IIIUM k.-i-ii,-"!, <Wen or,. A $OI>.0() S'w'tnt: Mttchlni- $ lii.UOi A I'lntfutm Scnlc... K..OO- A t-Taa Wugim &-ale..'.'..' -I ('• »0 • A b-Tiiu Scult-nnd Stuck lUuk .' 5.UQ • A (Ml hi<eil Mill Illl.<IH A ,t HI.OII Ilimil C«il .'- ,ia A flS.OO Slnirlr llnrm-n. , . ~ ',» • A S-IIMh. PlnlforniKf"'. . \ Tho disutility bill Is a Un. Sul.ll.To <l!»nhl«d ilnce thu w:u-arcuiilllli-il li.'pi'iiilont w|iluw*Hiid pureuti u..«• .l.'iiiiinl.'tit wboau Burin ilitul fruin ffTi'ctg of army Borvit-HarHlnclinlu.l. If you wish yutJr cmim vpecillljr unil >iic(ri"'«rnlly proa- IflRJCO TRftiMCD ecuu'.i,H>'»i<, ilflmCd iMnnCtfi Latu Coiuml«uiouor of PeauioDB, Washington, 0. Ci / D \ TON SCALES \ . $60 ioxTaraBuam/ ,di *" • axa ^/ *-**^ _.You \ ant to Knew linmnn system, " itfnunincc anil • indimimHon, llurt la all form* of, )Oltt Kara, Rupture. 1'hlmotii, tto., ,(;»y (n Marriage anithtiveprize babtci* _6l Doctor's Droll Jokes, profusely Illufc nd loa rents for new 1/iugh Cure Dook caUad MEDICAL SENSE AND NONSENSE/^ I'*-" EW PENSION LAW. 1 THOUSANDS NOW KNTITI.Iil) WHO' HA VIO NOT liUKN KM'ITI.IOU. Adilrem for forms fur 'ipplinillou nnd full iiifonnuLlon WM. W. DUDLEY, LATH COftMII.SSIONI'JK OF I'KN.SIONS, AlluriiL'V nl, \Viisliinyloii. U. O. LhU rnorA i"«"' 003*.'»"%". A DIONTII Q llrlsli' Voune Men or J l.lllllVH lllCUVll l!olllk|y, •f, I «•.« «.»iU A t:<>.. ST. l.ouib, Mo, PATENTS UU.-1»JTt|| MK!I *° TRA.VHSI.. ll^illl..U 10 tiUOu uioutliuud i V.\. U'iHUiNuru.v, o. 0. tiuud for uiruulur. We pity (W >,,.., i. 1NUTON, \Via. PATENTS!! PATRICK O'FAUUKLL, Att'j ul 1 Invrntor'ii or Mow to Ob. !•*»• PATENTS !iP ruotlon» CHUB (a lorn. Write at ouo* baud-book of Inform** J. B. C1ULLE A CO., Wanhlngton. D. O. nmttUi lliu liubuiune. riualtt uitimann jiuployed ultio. A few vauaucie* in B. f JOUNUOM * 00., 10UU Mala f Uiutirv. N S PTilvO N CH C CO, Jaltery d Optical Cft MAGIC LANTERNS, UN lu JlluHrgtrt -~ jtt^Mii tSOflOO Five Double Holiday WTObers. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Easter, Fourth-of-July, FREE Tfcp JntVt S i YOUTH'S miwruoN •f ,-•&.

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