The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 19, 1890 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 19, 1890
Page 2
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Fff- Tsm friends of Birchall, the Woodstock Jfc, murderer, now claim <hat he is in- of the Bo 8 to« a»d KATB Cause SPRAOUK is still a loukiti^ wortnfi. 8he , oofa| ten yefl) . g younger than shd really is, and she works • «»»ardas any. woman in Washington, •She is writing a life of her father, and <ier work trill-be full of unwritten his< • toty t ! diftf?n°St 8 ffi|* B ' ° f the tli8tfict [ t} , Afi ^ A 'N W"pkade Oft the railroads in the Red Rmr Valley is apprehended. has been discovered in contfo1 *» ., ' — I i'Jf judgment M. RKNAtmm has just died in France at # ifl s "ld before, e age of 106 years, and the anM.fnWnn EAstunw oai Jtidgment for $000 due """",""'"'•'"""'! ttim the anti-tobacco . society has lost a prize it dearly coveted ^ It Was his boast that he never touched tobacco in any form in his life and in all the society's tracts he was named as a living proof of what non-smoking and non- chewing can do for a man. A SINGULAR disease has been called to notice by ,i prominent physician. It is a form of recession of tho gums of the superior molars, which is said to be due to the use of tomatoes as food. Groat sensitiveness is manifested along the line of recession similar to that of an exposed nerve. The only remedy has been found to be abstinence from tomatoes. If the disease continues the teeth fall out, not usually more than one being lost in a season. city council of Brazil, md., deposed Mayor Jacob Herr for drunkennoss T»K Mjssouii court of atmeals has just court giv- for a slave .P^ies, acting fo a Denve- land near Idano r J?,?' fi °S£ B1r ha9 written a letter to the i? on *T" nes , confirming Stanleys charges of brutality against BarttelotT IT is reported that Boulsnger has le*t SktiS! d ° f Jersey fof- an Uhkho ™ d* Stxi'fifcK families. complain* 100 persons, were evicted from the Olphert estates at Ardsberg, Ireland, recently A CONFLICT took place atGalwav, Ire nd, between ^bodies of police and mm- ftfl THP fitfOTflVARftf totttofc*theftlipMbrfttatl*U$kg Vf inC MOtUUlMDLCH a j oto f absorbentcotton to be fillarf MlM ' perfume. This of corirse eihalef mm ~ everv breath and sdtfounds the* fafi ., a has resumed business. Snell . started afresh a Jot of sensational theories Odd and Iwtiocent Conceits That the Fail- Ones Al-e Sow Albert JSnel Novel Irish . JOUN A. McFAHLANn, a reS^etb^r'Sbl'S their party, from jail. -uiemoer ot , in Madrid has loss of $200,000 Little Japanese Invention to Keep Cozy Bainty Wands, A CONFLICT took place at Galwav t clef and wliPfli «, pnncip r j n the mur- pJaJSasssH , easy reach PlKES~AliTcASUALTiE3, flT?f.!^A> nd °" and New Dn. HANSEN expects to start g ae 892onhi8e ^ diti pfirfumo. Thi8 m wu.m- — every breath and sdtfounds wearer with an odor of dream? sweecnessv- Some of the most exquisite bonbon v6teS are of Toledo steel inlaid with gold, tji§ skilled work manshipmikifigtheffl verw able works of art. Bfcftltli, Ofrace Mid beflttty. Wasp-waists are no longer the fashion*) and posterity will therefore enjoy afl lift 4 mcfi e advantage, of which tha prestoi and preceding generation have been de> prived. It is.a good thing for tne new school Mint its Ipnrlincr fjKlfliofa nffl in nnnfltrntrnf'tf H w . It is.a good thing for the new school wag's of Wheat ana Almond Meal— that its leading teachers are in nearly every s^i sash *od^ es ni a id» 8 ^^AJt^*ZT^s$ the the THK . went to Mills. 4 FiFTEEN^ersons were mW pieces on in a rail, Mass., New JOHN T. WALK'EU, SON £ Co., 1^!^*™*™"™^ GENKUAL HENRYW. SI,OCUM, Henrv O.JHavermeyer and S. V. White have bee? appointed receivers of tho sugar tS IN all European countries .creosotod wood is used, wherever possible, on account of its lasting so long. The process of i creosoting is not an expensive one, and in view of the excessive use of wood in mines > "is suggested that it would be economy for all colleries to use only created timber in permanent haulage roads, shaft- ways, stairways, etc., and in the case of the larger companies it would pay to secure tho right and erect creosoting works of their own. TUB king~o7ltaly is a~g^ntleman as well as a monarch. While his country is m a state of financial [distress he refuses to accept the grant offered ;by his ministers to the son who has just attained his majority. Within ton days eight thousand Italians have emigrated to the United States and South America, most of .'them vvitli no property except their hands and 'he rags on their backs. Yet the army and navy ore largo enough t to place the country among the great powers of •fcurope, ' TUB man company. •S^n*™.^'*?* the 8 °- c[i " ed wild use it. 8 "'° e ib Wtt " de te™ined to WILLIAM O'BiuKN has nrenarpd t™ THE spinners of Bo! I on have demand an increase in their wages of C t,er cent, uul threaten to strike if the? don ? t -.. 4 v.*>,« by an explosion worth, Staten Island, I love yon well my sweetheart Shy: I'm trlie. ' The toalden. blushing, answered, I .„. . Love you. ' Why do you love me, iny adored?— .... A pause, And then she ansivered with a wofd, Have you a kiro? Or know what kiro is. We' perhaps ell, 1 wa ... - you don't was in just ti ,L j i,,, 8l vve "» l was in J«st that deplorable state of ignorance, too, -™ DCJ IUUHJJ, i »ut am prepared to resist the cold in the at Ft. Wads- cutest way imaginable. A kiro is a cun Til TUT Itftln *•*« l,..._'-!t t . 11* . office Mr omce, Mr. of Vancuren ' . 's residence and , . ras resence and thiw large barns were destroyed by fire at Juda? THE Hon. D. case Cam pell of n.r f :r ""•"•»* steps have been taken bv ALKTTEB, army, Bowell Litch- , ge 'r a hfti P ° ?ket boc > k8 Decently ihekjro is covered with velvet, one are'likoly to meet with more encourage^ meht, from the opposite sex than the an« gular sisters who are attempting to mould female thought. Grace of pose and mote' ment) and culture of form and perfect physical health, are the aims of the one* school, .the right to vote and hold office that of another. To attain perfect health, it is now argued, the individual must be "attuned to the universal pulse beat." and physical gi aces are to be attained the same way, • •I his IB a very pretty idea and it loses nothing by the inamier of ilaboration. The keyrnote of the new system, it is explained, is putting the individual injharmony with the laws of the universe, so that the being should respond to natural laws as the --- »^,'"uu'u respona to natural laws as the ian sorne_of the strings of one instrument vibrate when the notes of pother in perfect accord with it arfi sminlr 80T/I ™N „, .....^.ujg uuiu ooo c rnicsiDBNT HAnnrsoN has DON — Iowa by to 2,800. with their men, pneumonia at Washington^ of Illinois "" cense. S Gov |yi is THE cle- passenger train "ri"nn3^.j ™ OT "*f " Gar Sa ' e 'n. Ore. ^£""V^°»**& gteofflL'»i3r. m ?j "WASHINGTON. ATI-ORNET-GENEKAL MILLKH rules that LdDinet DV UOTlDTOOoiTioi, IT ni_ - rT affected. —. —_,, jne edge ~—5, p<»i.uiabou uu admit air enough to D acC flC n 0 ^ i 8t ri • Wit £, thls comes a< ! ™J?«*«>io Intitule of New fork the «re crackcers P,?{ £ S '^ a , bm $ , of 'P***™* a brown-haired, supple Juno: if. it .l^f i' Pu f., olie , ln tbe box, light was clad in a flowing gown of m'nk and ^BA^^^"]I^^^^'^ &*^3^»£\&itix&^!s& to fnninl i • j ? P erson s subject 'oher theory, science had discovered thai are deliS. ^ "ll^^fe^J I ^^Z^^T. 1 ?' ™™. ** electri are struck. In a recent address at a meeting of the Polytechnic Institute of New York the the human body as well as J.V* ^V, II «Q O both forms. 8 -to aus e ladi( * to cleanse body.' the ' in Wo 6 f ?OSa8 of f tafa J 88 and P ic tures interesting, not only because the graceful, but because they repre' expressed in nation. The ""in a well-trained and now sorry that she shot of Ohio, is so serious- typhoid pneumonia, the willfof the late Col. all. Justice of Eng- were --•wixt Qipt. William St. — T Wfc -ULOU- Preble Hall, rn v "* uv liiCciiiso i ilisy flro cornposfid 11—*"" """"^cu n \vmi* discovery of electric il fanning •kl-7>1Ann ii I • . . ** process - were harvested. ^ffl^^A^^n 0 '^.^ which reduces the time of the from many months to a few days has its counterpart in the alleged discovery of a process by which the time of the manufacture of champaign is reduced from eight months to forty hours. It is claimed that no foreign deleterious substances whatever are added to clarify the wine or to give it the gonume and delicate champaign color, but that are simply the result of the natural fermentation ot the germs ami the sugar contained in tne preparation. 'Prr i , ' I J ?' UT ' M -"-"'isos City, Mo ar P "limf'C lira, development of tho system of post- 8l8 °f; having been separated , i Oflu^avings banks in Japan during the hw^ ' U ' e hei '' 8 to ^'Sorlune last fourteen years has been remarkable "" " " " Accordmg to an article in a native journal they were established by the government Jv !?, 75 ' f! tl1 tho ob J ec t °f encouraging thrift and to collect tho small sums scattered about in private keeping. At they attracted so little attentio tho end of 1875 there were only 2 000 do positors with $15,320 lodged. Henceforth, however, the figures increased at a remarkable rate, the deposit, O f zSjl ^^1,^^^ fc JfflK* amounhng to W0,4fil,000. In Tokio the & «' P/omise 8u it brougbt, by Miss number of depositors is 856,000 and the Goodley ' o( Medina, Pa. y ' 8 ' thmr^posits-^10,400,000. Qapj"in^a''W A ^ 0Mtissouri Valluy, LONDON i. the wealthiest and the most g^'L 8 ^ 68 na 7'°^ ^ockford" 111 poverty-stricken cityin the world. ^^^?$t$^!^^™ Should - Central President will Hon. American "republics, itogran be deposed, _GEN. S. V. BENET, chief of the burpmi n« «,„ 7i ,, m tr °ubles of any kind the aid of soap, for their use say • or hot water tjion at Woodstock, but this ma^noTte done as it «• the British custou/to burv tne bodies o- f>Yopnf or i „«,•_.:_.,_. U "'J -, »- .„ „ ui 1K oruiao. custom to 1 bodies oi: executed criminals in 7_ ™ °* LLU wiuuouc jne directions given - y se a sponge to tepid powder percede th e present service I W1 th eav.coiorpri v^i B i Y C ?n^« Sl01IAI l SEKVIC E OFFICER GREE- NJl jail yard. th t CRIME. five 2,000 ELMEK SHAHKEH, the Ohio matrioirln has been granted a further respite ' WESLEY P. BAI.OH, the Boston a ant cold t ?" nadoes ' Regarding forecasts predicted. writG ju w »ni vi velopes, but it is wen t formed with a moderate to at .Hfe 11 ^' ]3 ,l s) «?P Mr. Johnston was made at Lafayette, Ind., ... _ r —ge Bennett, who'had killed .. «. bcott and John Workhoff. A. CAPESTKO, an Italian, of Sr. Louis has received a letter from the New Orleans Sted. fylng n fclmt he is to be ~ of MANY SAIJ.QUS 10nBrltIsh C »"-" Serpent TVlt , (sailors and Soldiers on Board reundeof with ceniber, has been sentenced'to fou7ye~ars in the penitentiary. in New York saved ~ Ti; a "«"° ""I* 0 "" 1 only'three were Owine- to t.K, vini Qf . n « ,,* j.,.. , T 7 h ° is -— r ™^. As he owns an awfuifv a vlioV, an acceptance of his invitntfnn p my chagrin when the dlySe andZ ESats'iM-a °]X 1'HB STAGE. Pe»Ple Play C o mlo KoI(J8 Sorrow p 0fll «» ChiWe jSSB? 8 S ft,**, ry window was a t 6 , 30 t hiB - .second- injured. -.w L,, oouu assistance from the of "the d"Sd 0 ™S SWept > ede '* s of. the < .-.... l> _... uu . ull wiujf ^11 uiu world, its inbabitants have become conscious of tho I '"a'yor"'and' banker' fact, and some of the best thinking of the OUITUAUY! At Fort Smith time is being applied to measures for ' M """"'"•• °~- •'-• lief of the distress in tho fiast End ' career of-Jack the Ripper" has eervod I k^v^rS^T^ °V for an eye-opener to social reformers, «?> McCandies, president!oI the' while recent mass-meetings of the "sub- C '^(^O National Bank merged tenth" in Trafalgar Square have T " r " T " ' " helped to state the casein still larger letters, It is no wonder, then, that the Prince of Wales should join with nobles bishops, and men of wealth and intellec . in helping General Booth to pull "Djirkes England" out of the mud, THIS troubles in~ Central America threaten to break out afresh, just as it was generally supposed they were over, at least for a season. President Ezeia, of Ban Snlvator, concluded a peace on bis own terms with Guatemala, and further bloodshed between their respective armies • robbers wont through the exm-pss cars on two Georgia railroadI trainfS &OMTcSS" WMlflOP - llnd ' flClir8d THIS g ra nd jury at Winchester, Ky nas returned fifteen indictments against Hume Clay, who forged the na.nes of his hither and grandfather for over $100 000 inm.ri™"'V n *'" W ' 10 wfts '^ched for a in±,nt. IlGeorgiawfound to have been trn J - 0 " N M Fl TU , IU 'INOTON, the notorious train robber, who escaped from the Bro\vn- ville, Mo,, jail three weeks ago has boon recaptured. "Jean HT- W , EV> J> H - K| NG, formerly of hillside Mich., committed suicide at Oberliu o' He was sixty-seven years old and has been or infirm mind tor several years min?/nf nCK f° N< ° n6 of . the Eub>e Burrows gang ot outlaws, committed suicide in the J«,T P . pi ^ ¥ Pi80n "t Jackson by onping head-first from a stairway to a brick pavement fifty feet below. Miss JIM SNYUEH of Fort Wayne Ind -as killed by Albert Shurt, a rejected 111611 ' ir " >i i " 1 * * it-^.,1 *_j_i * known society woman whpse an ame Heege's a plac e e W ° U ' d be ex i Je cte'd to "fil'l fSSBr^rt^ and -^UVA^OQ JJL w"«t Uiiy flig npr-vof, i -j -i" * I - 1 *'I1Z6CI, All h?t W ^ te i, thfl ,^^t tensfon but t" Strained t( > 'bit. She look after the rehearsnl t man aged to r ago at oeonn ^1,^ i..j , Barsa| of savorai „.:: the com- Double and gold cover, lias made a t ' W =W t .ttr±™!r? K «™1 KAs i g 0 r j /^»'.o..», Hee, and Ellen '/erryas^ucyA?htoJ.wi Vi * A —--*•••• "wunuuj', ur VV'iukoshd -_ fought and one was killed others were hurt. THE friends of Birchell, the condemned war. At •"*"*"**t»oi, lllu UU County Spectator. --—--,__„„„„„„„„ luaytjuuve ai-nues Ho result ol hardsl having been thereby averted, tho people of Prisoiu during the HqrAwM considered it was about time I h l V, 1 --?-, E - Shueiuq for them to make a record as fighters. The | row has taken a form of revolution. The capital is a stage of siege. British fighting, has occurred in the streets of Tegucigalpa- ^ODABU, the French aeronaut is dead he who prounounces the name of the city n ., Sl f mo " »» a boat from correctly can have it-and many lives have OhkoSk 5' Morgan wer e been sacrificed. Several men have their eves 1W opthe presidency, but a gentleman by be JinedlnTraiLZS'l Hnd S^'" in ' the name of Sanche. appears to be in the^'and, Tuesd!?. ' eat "° ur T ««»ton, lead. The present president, Mr. Louis ? BU « TABUEUT a nntn,.in o * ' " * I socitilisfc wiis i Jlu voiiou8 ueruitui Berlin, Tuesday "I'h ^ Ora p " 801> friends helped him to a rP insane ;.-._ murderer, will iippTy n prieveonthe ground that «e j. insane •ireV'of'M HAUPEI "' P«»i«lent and treas- tirei of Hurpi'r Bros., manufacturers of decocted lamps, in New York has dLp peared, buvinjrH»i^<, t, 0 i,;.,,i i.:.; msa P ap- »bfa bebinrfliim aiLouuV r---«. .™»ii w unum ueunxl Hun ai mgto between $25,000 and $50,000. Miss IDA LANG of Milwaukee, in lookiiv for !,„,. husUmd, Adolph Lung, disn-i,^ K " n ine, and also made. ''joverev. Imd two other ww^ bare the - first which -n this of7ir«"rin'"" a "7 11 F e8fi nts Lucy one part fu^™.^^^- 0 " "»«««« Jia-Ken,wooa-»^a whatsoever hap between u.a reasons this SS»£*™?-M- W16 WlQtn Of r." 10 nne.™*...,...:.. _...•«, resicUn& that city. AT ClamnceviKe a nwe;- who for BOIUO time Jtfln named Fourni- ,m =....p ose( j to Aasboen insane, but -j. . .««w die houwfi toe dangerously so, hL tln^f"^."Sf* whero his *ife was Sm 0 ™.?*?, »i" fl je°f. llnd .^w U across and"adjr'' i ,..^ f ™uce it to the _.„„., Rnr-' ..Jhtlt within the unriwlifo 'Tv.n ^m, and the rubber tipshSd ft in plJce * * One of the unwritten laws of weddings SSn^^tu^m^rf* teeing to Sme n r!^er i. now in-1 fco^e^Tma^ "^"doi™^ be a little surprising ''" readers. It will bloJomlr, w.TVf T, l° m& sorf of a seize upon the'hintar^ society does not imT 6 sV h JZ -i Utt ? h , ole ? ! do ' for it custom of iveaC:' J^d revive the ancient fo7 S mnVtW™ a \ Vt ^ lea !* ? ne Bought f • --ring the divisible ring as an t i™ ™ m« g u• more lovelv than poli- betrofhal; and the jewfler, of ^hev ^«%T ingl but w ^-oh, why >. lfonr> aK««., n i „£ _.V,:. i. _, I o° wey one and all wear carnations TI 1Q « well .little bit with golden any waj. They-the carnations uve us a little variety TA nnrl .ill -,:_. * ' "fe*. Boston S Bs-? 9™ £ J* 1 cours AsV •><- betrothal ; and the jew «}*•» "•' nl . u «t keep abreast of publi * 07 n, Juesday. u " vu "' ru Jh^;J n ir . l V*" asu()en 1U8 ane, but Having read Mr. Moon i^TsiAt-- ?— ^^.^'AT^™ Krih;8j£? Tuesday S fi° m **}«>» llt i fmm wlnnl, ti ^''* )r llnd dre . w , u across' thiin I can do. ft is lurpris ^£5^ f C ^^£ ! Klis^7riS'^* ! ^fr' lor Hit i i • ^^'nce of Wales n ' J tf"iie, i ournival fled and 1ms ftnd in three weeks 811985 othnnH« p Q 1 1 Ilthro P ical Plans of „ PAT CA « M <| uret1 ' has made about as I have, oro and the Salvation army. P> recently f]) Uy) u g ti Louig sa | OOJ)keep . Mf. g. 0*a?«i #" Co.! Za ». W ttif at1 M the cabinet counnil h no "^^^".''^"''''Hn business. He knew I9» <&» 8& ojrculars, A pi ured. ,. _ saloonkeep ,.-.„-..„„,„„ 411 business. He kuew bankru D FT^ 00 , d b u U8iu ? 88 uud ^ tie S£ / i g l - d ,r by I 16 8 , ho « lcl become wie matter, i Finally, after brooding over ue cottcludeU be jnustlmve • »»^t.y amctwti ur puouc ' the means of this revival, •vuier consiaeration is the fact that the I y T l ' i ?^ 1 P. robab i'ity be placed on the boards on this side of the Atlantic next' season, and when introduced here will attract large numbers of play-going jewelers. Having read Mr. Moonhmd'i' experi. ence plating with gold, silver wd aickel, 1 sent for a plater and h»T» more work thap I can do.. It u lurprising tbe spoons, casters and jewelry that pepple want ' J cleared 137.10, tipns is "?«>i it is it ae lf in wrong, [arm than good, '- »P*ee with ui, Le wi8 S^^M.^Si 06 ' rlA'^,* 0 ^ 11 the newest We may wrinkles whiuu are consi |rsr<5 [ t^t/*> »- them \n fact that a fifteen " ' r9«. »«» my wire WJBW jn xact tnat a fifteen huniiroif A n iv 5 *B? U ^,*!SS**J J? aTe ' ^7 addressing plant was stolen at their last fln«™ i. ar ]V. g. Qriffith A Co., ZttBesYJUe, OWo, and the rest of t£ SS > the ^ ,Zn? Bhow ' sou c«p get owwlftrs A plater only posts either chained^down oTcoverel t^tl ^ ere a.J2al5 ll ».*s,«R&,& MK lssa.7»** >,«* SiT&TS^ leases, which wwni prosaic aiid sordid. »** tbingt »ni» ^^S&S^pSj ««*.of peoJK who hav« Pr S V6a ^tC Shows Sta^d E¥tt ^ "J« Shows Wll , ^a

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