The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 12, 1890 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1890
Page 10
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THE TOEER BBS MOINES! ALGQNA. IOWA, ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE Of TRAINS. ,-t'ttSSengcr westr- HO. t .......... .0:09ftta NO. 8 ........... 4:3Ipm _ o. 5 CtttCAGO, MJTfAVATJKEE A ST. .Passenger east- No. 3..'.....,. 10:89 ..„. N6. 4 9:60pm FrelRht- No. 10. 1:S5am No. 14 Siaoptn o. 5. ........ . i-fOpm No. 13 .......» CfllOAOO A North- Soiith- gltoOfe pass.. .9:661) «i Blfhore pass. 12:30 p m St. Fatal ft 8:65 & ra Den Moines ft 7:86 pm i' i ,<k ff ,! IN AitD ABOUT? ffBE John ftainsay is reported sick with malarial fovor. Slight changes are noted in tho Milwaukee* time table. Notice Howard's new advertisement this week on hardware. A social dance at the court house Friday evetiihff Is on tho list, Skating haa begun on the soft water pond, and winter is surely hero. Almoti Lattlmoro has moved into the old Mclntyre houso for the winter. The reading room has a flno picture of the Chicago temperance temple. A pleasant candy pull was given at Frank Parinho'a last Friday evening, Our article on seed potatoes did not appeal- Inat week, but is given in this issue. ThoT ington, haa gone to Waseoa, Mfhn., where, he hfls rented a 82-room note heated by steam, afid otherwise first class. Ho says he has a good opening, and can make a success of it. Sheriff Stephens was over- at West Bend last week after sotrie haytaen who carried off a Stack of hay after he had levied OH it. They were pleased to come over and pay all the damages, after which they were dismissed. The coons over in L Frye's timber are going to suffer. His old friend Dr. Stull is sending him a coon dog of renown this week from Wisconsin, and some lively hutting is booked for the winter. l)f. Stull comes out every year to spend his Vacation and enjoy a visit. It is reported that Dr. Pride has rented a house of Jas. Patterson, and will become a resident of Algona. Dr. . Pride has met with success as a physi- I clan in Whittemore and will be welcomed here. His coming is an important gain to Algona. Tho engine and pumps are being put in tho city well, and everything will be in readiness for testing the water supply by Saturday or Monday. The iron for the standpipe is here, but work is delayed for want of tools. The street mains will soon be laid. Word comes in from Prairie that Jake Garmon's house and everything in it were burned last Friday. S. S. Sessons lias the insurance and has notified the company. All the family were in the corn field, and have no idea how the NOVEMBER 12, several over-80 year-s. and one woman in England who is 00 and still rides ast cIMin rathe* upsets Algona' *„** • tot""*, write* Mia to mention names. The doctor's skill has started a 8T eat A 1 ! CUS8iofi which fs running through the press. s The absurdity of talking about Algona's toting tot Aigofla ifien is so apparent in this a election that it is funny Jas. Orr has boon papering and paint- . T£° McMurray boys are still at work te g ±te?° ringt0n ' illUl ming ^ Wftn™™^™^^^^ 0 * Tlio members of tlio Alo-ona club ---v— of it. Although hard work Was done for Randall and Benschoter in Algona, Smith gained votes on his tick- 3t, and Lovell ran only five behind. LM Verne gave Lovell every vote and Benschoter none. Algona gave Ben* schotef only a few over his party vote and gave Lovell the rest. Isn't it time o drop the issue of Algoha's good faith. E, H. Clarke retires from the office of justice with a remarkable record. During his eight years he has had over 1,000 cases before him. There have been but two appeals from his decisions, one of them decided as ho decided it and the other is still in court. There has been one writ of error, and that Was not sustained. Of tho whole num her bound over by him to appear be fore the grand fury, but .one has es caped an indictment. His record fo vigorous fines for breaches of the la\ Is well known. Ho has collected in nearly every case, and little expense has fallen to the county for proceedings in. his court. We believe that his record is wholly exceptional among justices, and one entitling him to jjreai credit. No better official has ever served the public interests of Algona. GREAT SLAUGHTER -©3=1. We PEKSOMAL MOVEMENTS. members of tlio Algona umu room are having their quarters paporcd and refitted., V J. F. Mcoulin's handsome homo is now out in new colors, The pointers have boon at it. A few unclaimed dishes at tho normal entertainment can bo found at Townsend and Langdon's. Carter's big Block of clothing- ia in and open to tho public. Ho has a lot of new goods going cheap. The ladies of .tho Episcopal church will hold a supper and fair at tho court houso hall Friday, Nov. 21. The V. W. of tho Baptist church will give a sociable at the residence of Mrs. L. H. Smith next Friday evening, Nov. Algona will welcome L. C. Smith | burg, Clear Lake and other places. I Jas. Cowan has also had big contracts, land T. H. Conner. Altogether our returned to Spo Geo. M. Annis has kane. iiuu A. 1-1. Conner. Altogether our I, L , on - Sessions is in Wisconsin on a contractors have built over 25 buildings business trip. in other towns this season. 1 Mr. Russ, the big Chicago land hold- as Late marriage licenses have been issued to Edward Van Vost and Etta Barton, W. H. Croswait and Jennie L. Poor, Oscar Pierson and Anna Oleson, James Kohoe and Annie Bert, Merrit C. Platt and Hattie Flack, Peter Muldoon and Angoline J. Ray, and Clemens lusch and Josephine Martz. In talking of election A. A. Brunson says that nothing in his success pleased him eo much as his vote in Lotts Creek 'That ho still calls his township, as there is where ho first located and lived for many years, and the vote of his old neighbors he considers a high mark of confidence and esteem. •gain. Last week while Ernest Bacon was driving homo from the Jones' sale with a distinguished citizen after January" What is Bull'alo Fork's loss is Algona's i , PI -. --,7™ -—««*««• DU.IO wiuu. .. „„ „„ ^^^,,.,,,,, 11 S !!?^ i?™..*? 1 ! 1 ? his ™Son, his team yesterday to attend district conference! , - — '-! -.-** "*b v^n-i.v*mgi/ JL« er in Kossuth, is out on a visit. W. B. Quarton is enjoyine a visit from her mother, who is up from Oskaloosa. V. H. Stough shook hands around Saturday, and Sunday. He was down on business. Mrs. G. R. Woodworth is home from bt. Louis and will remain in Bancroft during tho winter. J. C. Frank is off to Sioux City on business, and Miss Flora Bail- takes his place in the store. Frank Hedrick came home yesterday on a visit. Mr. Iltus of Sioux Falls is also visiting at the Hedrick home. Rev. Whitfleld went to Humboldt *. t have just opened, in the old postoflfice room, a large stock of Clothing and B • D> clm ' lf o has returned from r handsomely located in their new , homo. Tho supervisors havo boen in session since Monday attending to regular busi- •ness. Tho proceedings will be civon :noxt week. _ The Methodists stood by the women in their election Saturday. Out of 8 voters only two opposed tho ladies a delegates. Tho ladies of tho Home Missionary sociaty, M. E. church, will give a quiV social at tho Rutherford house Thurs ewy evening, Nov. 20. Auditor Hollus is now about settled in tho Mclntyro house formerly occupied by Rev. Pratt's family. Ho is welcome addition to town. The ladies _of the - Congregational church will g-ivo a supper Thursday evening at 0 o'clock. All are invited to come and have a social time. J. R. Laird has moved into tho Hyde house ho lately purchased, and R. F. Hedriok now livos in tho Goo. Adams house at tho Milwaukee depot. Tho insurance adjuster was hero Monday to settle on tho loss of W E McMurray's houso. The total amount on the houso and furniture was igSOO. Attention is willed to tho notice of salo of Farmer Coffin's short horns at his form noiir Port, Dodge. Ho is said .to lmvo some or' tho best in tho slate. Tho bridge over tho rivei- at Dan Long's is completed, and travel comes in on that road. Everyone commends tho added convenience tho bridtro affords. E. P. McElroy has boen down from Seneca having tho dontist attend him and spent several days in town last week. Wo acknowledge several nloas- 4\nt visits. The cold snap makes overshoes a necessity and Jas. Taylor has them in ond- loss quantities. Ho is making a leader of them, and if you want thorn cheap call on him. Dr. Baker, LuVerne's old timocitizon, is elected olork in Humboldt by a ma- started out and ran away." They were stopped by Frank Jenkinson up north of town and brought back to where they had left tho wagon and the bull. No damage was done of any great account. _ Those who sold their flax early were in luck. No. 1 sold yesterday in Chicago as low us $1.28, and is now worth but $1.15 in the local market. Wheat is also reported weak in Chicago, but still brings 83c here. The tendency on all produce is down in the late reports. In Ho is on the for a sermon. J'-U — MVW iu ^v. .» A* 41. U11U lUiut! 1OUUI Co. in Algona oats stand at 88c; corn, 35(0)400' and ' and hogs at $3.40@8.50. A change in the management of the Brunson cigar factory took plnco yeste Fr jority of seven. Tho Gazotto says his success shows "what persistenc will success shows accomplish." Scarlet fever . child of O. W. McMurray'a is down, but no fear is felt of its spreading, Every- persistency will is reported. A little day. WilfBrunson" "arid" Fred house have bought out the old stockholders, and will .hereafter have full charge. Tho new firm is full of push and business, and will make ti success of their venture. Fred will travel while Will, will run the shop. E. P. Bircher began treating his friends on his return from Minneapolis last week, and they soon discovered that it meant that ho had been married Lhero to Miss Hattie A. Moore. They !mve begun housekeeping at once in his house south of A. A. Branson's, and iro pleasantly situated. Many Meads vish them happiness and prosperity. While in Chicago Mrs. Ingham at- .oncled tho meeting of the conservative Jmtiirians and met Miss Mary Loggott Miss Leg-gett is in charge of a church it Beatrice, Nebraska, built with money )f hoi- own raising, and now in a prosperous condition. Her many Algona friends will learn of hoi- success with pleasure. No one was long in doubt how Seneca had g-ono after uncle Win. Ormiston struck tlio town last Saturday. Ho was brim full of enthusiasm over the result, and did not fail to let some of it out. According to his toll the republicans up there are making themselves scarcer than Stalker did when he went up to shoot his horses. Our Garfleld correspondent corrects tho Courier's statement about Mi- Wright's attempting to assist in getting- an illegal ballot cast. Such statements ought not to bo made. We don't believe there is a man in tho county who is out from Wisconsin to spend part of tho winter. Miss Eva Kamrar, the accomplished daughter of Senator Kamrar of Webster City, is making Miss Edith Clarke a visit. They were school mates'at Evanston. Mrs. Mclntyre and daughter, Jennie have gone to New Hampton to spend the winter with Mr. and Mrs. Bush- Taken in a real estate deal from one of the largest manufactures in the west. We own the Clothing cheaper than, any other firm in Iowa, and it must be sold in the nexiT sixty days REGARDLESS OF COStt The goods are all new ; have been manufactured in the last thirty days. Remember, we recognize no competi tioninthis sale. The stock must be sold for what it will bring. Don't forget the place, the old postoffice room in the Galbraith block, Algona. noil. It is reported that they contemplate a trip to Scotland before returning to Algona. P. S. Junkin, brother of the editor of tho Fail-field Ledger, visited his sister at Humboldt last week and spent Sunday at J. R. Jones. .His father is one of the oldest and best known editors in Iowa, and now Indian agent for the government. Dr. Bayers was called to Vinton last week by some breeders of fancy pigs which have swine plague. He could do nothing for the sick ones, but helped keep the others well. Such calls from private parties speak for the doctor's reputation in Iowa. Many old friends greeted Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Robinson for their regular Algona visit last week.' Both look well ind enjoy their Des Moines home. Mr. Robinson, though a firm republican' very strongly opposes tho new tariff, and hopes to see it changed. Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Robinson are planning- for a pleasant winter, and start this week for the southern part of the state. After a visit in Iowa and Johnson counties, they go to Illinois arid will not return to Algona before spring They are among tho county's first settlers, and have well earned a vacation. In speaking of his trip and his years in Kossuth, Mr. Robinson recalled that ho had taken the UPPER DES MOINES from its first issue under Mrs, Read. Cloths and Trimmings, |pjfg{ J. K. FILL & SON, Merchant Tailors A full stock oi cloths and trimmings always on hand, as cheap as can be bought anywhere. All work done promptly and Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call street, Algona. Iowa. CHOICE Strained Honey at Townsend & Langdon's. y- is , one should bo on the lookout for th "terrible scourge. Prof. Dodgo tells us that tho not receipts of the normal entertainment were over $47. Tho students and toach- i-i'fl desire to thank tho people for their ('.onerous appreciation. It is rumored that a imirriugo is on tho tapis for uoxt week, that is being kept very secret. Tho furniture is all in tho_ newly routed home,— but wo snail give nothing awuy. A special -meeting O f tho Womans' Rehor corps will bo hold Saturday ovou- J5£i Dlsrtl 'j ct insjwctor, Mrs, Charlton of Clear Lake, will be present, and a 11 Il1t1tondunco is "squealed at inomorl- The first of a series' of popular k>u- turos will bo given attho Congregational church next Tuesday ovonfng by 1 rof. Dodgo Subject, " Tho Discovery publio ' D H. Sotchell was pruning a tree a week ago, whon his knife slipped and made a deep cut in his leg-. '&. Gtu" held sewed tho wound, and it is healing A considerable loss of blood was tho chief damage. The Republican offers a premium for the best statement of the political attitude of tho UPPEH Doss MOINES. Wo wish we could return the compliment, but unfortunately no one cares how the Republican stands. Landlord Dunn, lately of the Thor- — — •" " .»iiiu in uiiu liuuil by who would assist in anything but a fair ballot, much loss Mi-. Wright, who is ono of our best citizens. . Mrs. Carrie Lane Chapman, who now is the wife of Mr. Catt, lectured to tho ladies Monday afternoon. She is just in from advocating woman suffrage in bouth Dakota, and spoko rather dis- courngingly of the intelligence of the pooplo out there. A mooting of ladies was hold at W. W. Wheeler's in tho evening to moot Mrs. Catt, and to discuss organizing a local suffrage society Leaving Kossuth politics tho Lu Vorno Nows swoops out into nation; uitairb long enough to announce tlia bpoakor Rood is defeated in this election. This is the kind of informatio the Nows lias reserved for local matters and wo regret to see it wasted. Stic to Algona and tho offices," Bro. Plutt and Icoop allowing how opposed Alg-oni is to electing outside men, and havin them inovo into town, Tho charge that the UppiUt DlSS MOINES refused to distribute thoRogis tor w tariff supplement because of wlm it contained is untruo. Wo bought 500 copies, all of which were distributed bo lore election. There wwe many things m tho supplement wo did not agree to but oiu- readers are always welcome to hear all sides. There is never anything gained by trying to prevent a full hoar- lug of all claims on all questions, and May TJmiik Her Stars. The nnrrow escape of Mrs. B. M. Searles of Elkhart, Inil., from a premature death Is wonderful She stiites that " for 20 yeurs my heart troubled me Kreii ly. I became worse; hud smothering spoils, short breath, llutterlng; could not sleep on my left side, hud muoh palri in breast, shoulder and stomach; ankles swelled; had much bead- in'lW 1 !} n lzz »M 88 ;' treatment ,ud me no good mi- til I tried Dr, Miles' New Heart Cure and Restorat- . 4.EEAT FRENCH REJIEDY.-Dr. Le Duo's VJT periodical pills from Paris, France, act only upon (he generative organs In females, and positively cure suppression of tlio menses (from whatever cause) and all perlodlca troubles peculiar to women. A safe, rellab: remedy, warranted to excite menstruation, o money refunded. Should not be used durin pregnancy. The large proportion of the Ills t which ladles are subject is the direct result o a disordered and irregular menstruation As any druggist for them. American Pill Co bpencer-la. L. A. Sheetz, supply agent, Also na, la. H. Bosworth & Son, Milwaukee; Kobi Stevenson & Co., Chicago, wholesale agents. OF AJLGONA, IOWA. Capital, - - $50,000 Special Attention Paid to Collections. WRECTOHS. A> n Call ',, D - H< Burins, J. C. Black 111 - K , . OFFICERS. AMBIIOBXA.CAU,, D. H. Hunanus, President. Vice President. J. 0. BLACKFOIID, Cashier. w " ueuli Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties who can furnish first class security! , es ew ear ure and Restorative Nervine. The first bottle helped me und I was soon virtually cured. For pale at F. W. Dlngley's drug store, Algonu. . i, *«'w..Yj., IF, i^uiBioj' a A line book on the heart and *4 boon willing to at all times wo havo present any fair statement by anyone Br. Garliold, in addition to other ,?VK« SI 1B I 3u ^ i8hod in one paper as being 88 years old, and us challenging tho £S£°, u i l tf blfoycle - He ha8 ' vl8 ° ** coiyetl a lotte.r from a stranger in Virginia, iu which tho writer says that the ° Woycl unfounded, and that there are nerves, free. Jiiok the Hipper. The excitement caused by this inhuman mons- ster Is scarcely equuled by that produced by tho greutdlscovery of Br. Mlles-the Restorative Ner- vluo. It speedily cures nervous prostration, change of lire, pain, dullness and confusion la head, (Its sleeplessness, the blues, neuralgia, palpitation monthly pains, etc. Mr. John S. Wolf/druggist 1 of lllllsilalo, lllch,; Talbott & Moss of Greensburg t 1 . 1 " 1 ; 1 "'I',' V V ' | 311lek l ) , ur " ?f VVooster, Ohio, say that " the Nervine sells better than anything we ever sold, ami gives universal satisfaction." Dr. Miles' new illustrated treatise on the Nerves und and Heart, and trial bottle free at F. W. Dlngley's drugstore. * A Miles' Nerve and Mver Pills. An Important discovery; they act on the liver, stomach, and bowels through the nerves. A now principle. They sueodlljr cure biliousness, bud taste, torpid liver, pil"., and constipation. Splendid or men, women, and children. Smallest, mildest, suresj Thirty doses tor 25 cents. Samples free at F. \V. niiigley's. * CONSUMPTION. I N its first stages, can [bo successfully checked by the prompt use of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. ISvcu in the later periods of that disease, tlio cough is wonderfully relieved by this medicine. "I lmvo used Ayer's Cherry Pectoral with the best eil'ect in my practice,. Tins wonderful preparation oiu-o saved my life. I had a constant cough, night sweats, was greatly reduced in ilimh, and sivcn up by my pliymdim. Ono bot.rlo anil a linlf of the JYrlor:il rnrod ])!(!."—A. J. Khison, M. V., JUidilleton, NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. On th',> 1-tth day of November, 1800, at S >'cloi!k ;>. ni., at the ISlwoll school house In liugalo lowuvulp, the contract for buildlnc a chool house iu Sub-district No. 1, in sale owiiship, will bo let to the lowest responsible biduor. Plans and specifications may be seen t the auditor's office in Algona, and at the ostoflice in Wesley. The board reserve the ight to reject and all bids. Bias will 'je received at the postofflceln Vusley by A E, L. TUTTLK f>Hry of the Board of Directors t\ t ri L ——^—. At the sa/,., ...^^and place proposals will be the school house and it stands, m Sub-dls- ishlp, to a new site 'fit the Board' of Pirectoiu " Sovural years ago I wr.s severely ill. The doctors H>I id I was in ('uii«nni|>tion, anil tliat they could do iiuiliiii<{ for mu, but advi-iiiii mo, us a liiat rrsurt, to try .Ayer's t/'liM-ry I'bctnrul. Alter taking tin's) iiicdicino two or tliivo months I wan cured, and )ny boulili ruiimina good to tlio present duy "—Juiuus liirchard, Darien, Dorm, " Suvoral years ac;f>, on a passaj;o homo from California, by wuii-r, I cmitractuil l<o severo tv cold tlmt for mmm duvs I was umiUm-tl (o my M:iin-ri>iMn, and a physician on buanl cunsiihu.Ml my Hfo m diingiii-. Mupponiiu; hi lmvo a bottle of Ayor'ti Clujn-y JVcinrol, i n.sud it friii-ly, and my IUIIK.-I \\vru wiim restored to ;v In-ill thy condition. Since then I Imvu invariably recommended this preparation."—J. B. Chandler, Junction, Va. BANCROFT, IOWA. B. M. Richmond, Pres. B. B, Richmond, V P A, B. Richmond, Cashier. Transacts a general banking business lnn . „ «„„,.„,„., Money tnmffe 0 ™, 11 ^ lI porta Tickets to and from the old country forsnin 'TW' es paid for both residents and non-resldenti ?h" struct of title furnished on the same da?a pp iied" R. M. RICHMOND, REAL ESTATE DEALER, Loan ana Insurance Ag't ana Notary Public COMMERCIAL HOUSE, CO DOU YOU WANT THE .• ed for anv 11- " Upper Des Moines Office, ALQONA, IOWA, Cap«ta, r - f Incorporated under general laws of Iowa, made promptlyand a transacted, ^s^e tickets to countries sold at loweat rates. W. H. INGHAM, President. WE KEEP ON HAND Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, best In use,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, •>> ^ Grass Leases, Notes, etc,, AUCTIONEER. A. HAGGARD, I-HKIMREU BY Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Mass. Bold by all DruggJuta. Price $1; i — — _ ._ F, W| f BRQNSON. Dealer AT SEVEN PK8WW. INTEREST .4t the EQasuth County Ban|{i Applg atn _ BLANKS- $*1

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