The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 12, 1890 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1890
Page 9
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ft 1 »> tr * i , ' _, ! , ,->.«•** t ,3 -* ' <.75t' >,•»?:( ,<j^|pgiK>'*;T> f ^r! ji V" \ ! V ^ MC^KE8 1 A^GONA i loWA 4 WtoNlSDAY, NOVEMBER 12,1890, itt jfUfttfti to Cotttttoii thing*. Ail old gfentlernan over seventy,-earn* Itto the 6ity from his farm, without ! otercoat. The day turned chilly and I was obliged to forego hit visit to the > a ^iend who remonstrated With hint >iag away from home thus Unprebesaid: "I thought it was going 'til} my wife told tno to take my but I wouldn't. Women have fibre tease than men anyway," kl . frank admissidtf. /omen's good dense il laid td coma om intuition! may it not be that they more close observers of little things. i thing is certain, they are apt to strike _ nail on the head, in all the' Ordinary* oblems of life, more frequently than the bids of creation, "According to Dr. Alice Bennett, who ently read a paper on Bright 1 * disease ore tho Pennsylvania State Medical So* ilety, persons subject to bilious attacks tad sick headaches, who have crawling ensationx, like the flowing of water in the '"M, Who are 'tired all the time' and i unexplained attacks of sudden weak- ess, may well be suspected of dangerous mdencie.8 in the direction of Bright s dis- Me." The veteran newspaper correspondent, r Joe^oward, of the New York Press, in - noting this statement, suggests: "Possibly (j Alice is correct in her diagnosis, hut why I doesn't she give some idea of treatment? ' I know a man who has been 'tired all the time' for ten years. Night before last he took two doses of calomel and yesterday he •wished he hadn't." A proper answer is found in the fol- Jowing letter of Mrs. Davis, wife of Rr v. VTm. J. Davis, of Basil, Ohio, June 21st, 1890! t "I do not hesitate to say that I owe my life to Warner's Safe Cure. I had a constant hemorrhage from my kidneys for more than five months. The physicians -could do nothing for me. My husband spent hundreds of dollars and I was not relieved. I was under the care of the most eminent medical men in the State. The hemorrhage ceased before 1 ! had taken one bottle "of the Saf« Cure. I can safely and do cheerfully recommend it to all who •r* sufferers of kidney troubles. IN i?i von OF PKOPI r SHAKING. •The Delegates of the Indiana Mlneis Society Meet. TERUE HAUTE, Oct. 31 —The delegates of the convention of Indiana miners today : decided to live up to the contract signed last May for the year, but passed resolutions to tho effect that since the scale was signed trade has recuperated, an'' Basking the operators in justice co {.grant them a share of the present prosperity. They also declare that unless ^permitted in the future to make a semi- 'annual contract in September they will refuse to sign any agreement which will Inot a|low them to participate in the profit accruing during the fall and winter iDiiths. A. StttANGE A PhyMtlan fell* of tttft Onlfr ^ncoutoter « lth a fchoit Which. Hfe Believes to flare en tteal. ''In iny forty yeHs • eitSeriehce as a phy- ician," saidDr. R,., "I have seen many strange things and met with a few startling adventures, but I have seen ohly ohe ghost. I do not Relieve in the supernatural, but this incident was so strange—so ime plainable—that t call it a ghostly visitation for want of a explanation. I might have been dreaming, but I do not believe I Was, I was practicing medicine in New Orlerns during one of jthe yellow fever epidemics in that city some years ago. I had a large number of fever patients, and for weeks t was going day and night, eating and sleeping where I could. I had sent my family north, the servants were all sick or gone, and I closed my residence, first moving my bed to my office, so I could sleep there whenever opportunity offered. "Among my patients was a poor family, consisting of father, mother and : one child, a beautiful girl 10 years of age. The father took the fever first and died, and then the girl took sick. In all my professional experience I have never seen a mother so devoted to her child as this^ woman was to her little girl. Day_and night she sat by the bedside, refusing to eat or sleep. The strain on her physicial and nervous system was great and as the child began to improve and seemed out of danger the mother took the fever. I called to see her twice, and saw from the first there was little chance to save her life. 1 left a nurse with the mother and child, the latter being, as I thought, out of danger. While on uiy rounds the second day after Mrs. B. was taken ill I beard she was dead—died the night before, and had been buried that morning. I did not go to the house chat day; I had an unusual number of calls, and it was midnight when I finally reached my office. I was completely worn out. and without waiting to undress, threw myself across the bed for a much needed sleep. Before lying down, however, I had locked my door on the inside and muffled the bell. "I had been asleep only a moment, it seemed, though in reality it was nearly two hours, when.. l/'was awakened by a light touch on my shoulder. 1 hen I heard a woman's voice say, 'Get up, Doctor, Feet Still il*«a tor PreMln K Wlne- OUlil" ItfMdnjr ftad Harvesting-. ALBUQtiBft&tJa, N. M,—To the visitor from "the States" this is the most interesting time of the year in New Mefcico, and the peculiar customs of the people constitute an Unfailing source of attraction. All the principal crops are ripe and are being garnered, but the process of irrigation may still be seen in the orchards and the late gardens. All the houses in the country and nearly all those in the Mexican villanfes are now ornamented with long strings of red peppers ("chili") arranged in clusters or bunches four or five feet long and half as large around as a man's body hanging from pegs driven into the adob wall, which ha« just been ne^ly plasteret with a coat of mud and looks as neat as a whitewashed fence. The store of "chili" aid by for winter is to the Mexican fami ly what - the pork barrel used to be to the American pioneer, It is the ptaff. of life but the various dishes compounded from i are so furiously hot that one mouthful is enough to set the uneducated throat on fire. The gathering and preppring of the red pepper and drying it for winter is a taper »rid Ktwtofl counties, in Missouri, produce hftlf the 161d.jM zinc ore used in the United State*. Tn« ridge runs from Joppi down through Washington county, Arkanftaft, and lana which in 1880 sold for 410 an acre this year has Brought $4,000. ' It brings peace and happiness into ovurv home Where the: world-renowned "Decker Bros'^the favorite "Everett," or tho new icale "Vose&Son" pianos, have their en- olw 6 ' ^P^^ 0 Ecl » un d Gram, sole agent, 207 and 209 Grand Avenue, Milwaukee, for Catalogues and terms. •^ A reporter In Denver went to slxty-thrcc Olfferent tnen, all Intelligent citizens, before' He found one to tell him the meaning of the word "ergo." He has now started out with CAtARRh quiet, Marie is worse; go at once, please, Doctor, or she will die.' "Marie was the name of Mrs. B.'s little girl. There was a light burning in the room, a,nd turning my head If||p? Mrs. B. moving toward the door. I nacl recognized her voice and for the moment had entirely forgotten having heard of her death. I got u^ and turned to a table to get my medicine case, when 1 looked around Mr. B. was gone. 1 thought she part of the woman's work, and the thrifty Mexican housewife is just as proud of hei big strings of chili as New England grand- mothero were of their wool and flax. The grapes are fully ripe, and every vineyard is now a scene of activity. Prom the time the fruit began to ripen, more than a month ago, it has been going to market in considerable quantities for table use—for tbe mission grape, which is grown almost exclusively in the Eio Grand Valley, is said to be the finest table grape in the world, and finds a ready market wherever it is known. Except in a few places like Albuquerque, where the invasion of American ideas and machinery has disturbed some of the established customs of the people, the process of wine-making in the New Mexican vineyards today is just the same as it was in Palestine at the time when Solomon lived in all his glory. Tne pressers take off their shoes and stockings—if they wear any—roll up their pantaloons, and get into the vat, and the man w'th the biggest feet can make the most wine. Th Jesuit fathers, whose wines are celebrated now use presses altogether, as do severa other large concerns in various parts of th territory, but nearly all the country wine 18 Still innHp in f.lla T\1.11Yllfir-Q irrn \t I 1 !, Nearly every article sold Is cheapened, in cost of production, at expense of quality,, Dobbins' Electric Soap is exactly to-day what It was in 1805, absolutely pure, harmless and uniform. Ask your grocer for it. Look out for imitations. 'QIu the United Kingdom 20,000,000 hens laj/ on the average ninety eggs each per annum, of which ten are reserved for liaU'hing. It Eollows that the home product is 1,000,000, \ 000, which, added to the number imported, gives 2,700,000,000, or seventy-three per iu- liabitant. Loi every tniecoiuu woman know it! There's a medicine that'll cure her, and the proof's positive! , Here's the proof—if it doesn't do you good within reasonable time, report the fact to its makers and get ^our money back without a word—but you won't do it! ( The remedy is Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription—and it has proved itself the right remedy in nearly every case of female weakness. It is not a miracle. It won't cure everything—but it has done more to build-up tired, enfeebled and broken - down women than any other medicine known. Where's the woman who's not ready for it ? All that we've to do is to get the news to her. The medicine will do the rest. Wanted—Women. First to know it, Second to use it, Thipd to be. cured by it. The one comes of the other. had hurried back home without waiting for me—they lived only one block from my office—and started at once. "When I reached the door it was locked. "Then it all came back to mo. I remembered that Mrs. B. was dead and buried. I had locked my door before I lay down, there was no other means of entrance or exit from the room, the windows were all fastened.' My first thought was that I had been dreaming and turned to go back to bed. But that could not be. 1 had seen th'fi women, heard and recognized her voice after I was wide awake, I will admit I felt a little strangely, but I determined to go and see the girl and make sure I hud not been dreaming. 1 hurried over to the house and found that little Marie was indeed ivon?e; in fact she was dying, and in a few minutes breathed her last. Mrs. B. was not there, and when I asked the nurse about her I was told she died the night before anil had been buried during the day. The nurse said that half an hour before my arrival little Marie in her delirium had been talking to her mother, and her last words were: 'Mamma, please send for Dr. R.' She could not send, so came herself. It was the strang est experience of my life.' —Globe-Dem crat. ANDY JOHNSON'S TOAST. George Keeble, a Harbor, Talks About Mr Lincoln's .Successor. History is not altogether written in books nor carried in the minds of savants. I'he sources of historical information are varied. Vor instance, says the Indianapolis News, one may get an idea of the character of President Andy Johnson from a talk with his barber, who happens to live in this city, and is none other than George I. Keeble, one of the proprietors of tho Young Men's Christain Association barker- "1 might have been the first freo colored man to be married in the white house," said George, "but I mis not willin" to watt uctil we could p-o from Nashville to Washington. It happened in this way "My wife was Mrs. Johnson's maid. She waited on the front dooi of the Johnson mansion and was very affectionately treated by the family, "When Gen. Johnson went to Washing ton, knowing that I was waiting on Mrs Johnson s maid, \ve were asked to go along and be married at the capital, , The circumstances of my courting wer unusual^ Une day I was walking past th governor s house when I saw the captain o thei army, well-known in Nashville, walk up to Mr. Johnson, who was in the yard, anc is still made in the primitive way. process is full of interest to the visitor and generally does more to make him stop looking on the wine when it is red than : prohibition speech. The corn is gathered in the field befon husking, hauled to the house, and laid down in a heap on one side of the fron door. The husking fails to the women and girls, and in front of every hou«e may be seen a litte group of senoras and senor- ihis squatted on the ground gossiping anc "shucking" corn. All the fodder is cut and hauled in, stacked on top of the stables and cow-sheds, and if there is more than these will hold the rest is put on top of the house; the first roof being well adapted to this purpose. The wheat, which was tramped out bv the horsfis and burros just after harvest, is now receiving a final winnowing by being tossed up in tho breeze with a wooden paddle preparatory to being saclwd up for the mill. The weather of that portion of New Mexico south of the Glorietta mountains begins to be almost perfnct at this season of the year and, with the fixception of an occasional "blustery spell," may be expected to continue so through tho win'•fir. The season which is known in the north as "winter" is hardly worthy of the name in this countrj. In the Rio Grande Valley the whole season through the weather more nearly resembles that of "Indian summer," than of winter in the east. With the exception of a stormy day now and then (blizzard from the north) there bo no time between this anrl spring will The seat of sick headache is not in the brain. Regulate the stomach and you cure it, Dr. Pierce's Pellets are the little regulators. " WAJHtaBT- Tuft' ~ auoy o GOOD DIGESTION, £rloe, 850. ASY OR« OONPINBMUNT. begin to use abusive language, "Among other things, I remember he called Johnson a'traitor.' Johnson firec up in an instant. "His right hand and arm were paralyzed. With his left he struck out brisklv and tumbled the captain down upon the gr.iss. Afterward the guards were placed atout the premises with instructions to the exclude nil persons not having passes. "i'liis interfered somewhat with other young fellows who were, like myself paying attention to Mrs. Johnson's maid' cur it helped me. "The muicl nt the front door told the guards to admit ma, and by the time the governor wns ready to go to Washington 1 had prosecuted my courtship to u successful result." "How did Mr. Johnson conduct himself toward the colored peoplo?" ' 'He was free and easy with us. For instance, he would come clown to my barbershop ot a morning and about the first remark won tl be: -Well, George, do you where 1 can find a 'mod mint when a healthy man may not sit down on the sunny side of the house at all hours and read his newspaper in comfort. The natives do not use any fuel for heating purposes as n rule. It is warm enough in the sun during the day, and when night comes it is time to sleep; The mild dry air of this region will make it a great winter resort in time for those affected with lung diseases. The Rio Grand Valley at Albuquerque is 5,000 feet above tne sea level, and the climate at this altitude has proven of lasting- benefit to many pusiness-men who come here as invalids. Reversing tli« Tittup. Pioneer Proas, , He sat and looked at the busy editor for about fifteen minutes steadilv. Finally he yawned sleepily and remarked: "There are some things in this world that go without saying." "I know it," snapped the editor, "but there are too darned many things that say a good deal without go- J'oisoned Uiirts. New York Weekly. Great belle (four seasons): "I presume you are going to Miss Tipton's outing party ( Rival belle (first season): "N—o jyf^Vl/. 1 ^, 161 ?:" G«atbelle, (malicious "Ibid," imd hat already accosted flity-four toen wthout getting a satisfactory answer. THB Chinese lay, "When the wind blow* your fire. It's uselew to tire yourself.'" About half of your toll c*n be avoided by, 'the use of BAPOLIO. .A French attorney Wai writing out a brief. He Was In splendid health, only 40 years oldJ and was writing rapidly, when all at once he stopped, and from that moment could not tell fits own name. Memory went out from him like a flash of lightning. Yon make no mistake if you occasionally give your children Dr. Bull's Worm Destroyers. It is a nlco candy nnd wlille It never does harm It sometimes dous a world of good. The archbishop's throne, designed nnd executed by Grlnllng Gibbons, which \vn» presented to Canterbury Calhedrnl by Archbishop Tcnlson, hna, it Is suld, for ninny years been Btmvudnwny as lumber in u (lamp cellar adjacent to the cathedral ulolsturs. Never Neglect a Cold. Dr. Austin Flint says In the forvmt "It Is probable that a person with an Inherited tendency to consumption would never develop the disease If he could be protected against infection with the tubercle txtctllus. In the light of modern discoveries conaump. tlon can no longer be regarded as an Incurable disease." It IB no exaggeration to aayj that Kemp's Balsam, when taken In time, has saved many from consumption. At all druggists; SOc. and $1. Sample bottle free. Four tame duckt hare cost the county of Cascade, Mont., about $800, owing to cross suits among neighbors for trespass, per- lury and threats of bodily harm. One of the men has been sent to the penitentiary. Bronchitis is cured by frequent small doses of Plso'i Cure for Consumption. People who sit at home in this country and are panic stricken by the occasional appearance of a mad dog can hardly realize that in India lait year upward of 20,000 per- ions died from make blue alone. I« aeompUlnt whloii *t*oU nenrly wrjboif, mor« or leu. it th * oold, of inoOMilon ot coldt, aomblntd with import blood. Ditagrcaobl* flow from eh* noM, tickling In th* throat, off«n«l»« breath, pita OYM And b»tw**n th* •/••, ringing »nd hunting noilM la th* •«•§, «r» th* mot* common i/mptomt. Otttfrh it ottrtd bj Hood'i B»Mip«llla, whleh ItrlkM dlnotlf *t it* o»n» bjr Mooting all ImpnrttU* from th* blood, building up th* dtl*u*d ttttuM tad giving h**Uh? ton* to th* whol* Dtngeront UndtnelM chtrtotorli* thM »»rf i men itfootioa, c»t»rrh in th* hesd. Mi* foal •*!>*> dropping into th* bronohUl tab** •« long* U «**y- li*bl* to lend to bronohiti* *t Mntam»tlo*. J« esUrrh origia*t** la impnHtl** at th* bloci, l***t •pplloation o»n do bnt Uttl* goad, th* •om«**t> ' MBM method of trMtmtnt I* to parity th* M**4 •nd for thil purpot* th*r* i* no pnpkntUa Mt***. or to Hood'* BMMpkrlll*. th* pow*rf*l MU** *t thit m*dl«in* upon th* blood *tp*b *t*rf tai>lMg «nd enre« ottwrh. Hood's Sarsaparilla Bald br all draggUt*. Hi lU tor |1 Pr*ptr*d only br a i HOOD A oo., ix>w»n, MU*. IOO Doses One Dollar •old bf «11 drnrgiita. |1| ill for *&. br 0.1. HOOD A 00., Low.ll, Itum. IOO Doses One Dollar Catarrh Cured, ONE CENT! '* yon •nffw from Catarrh, In »ny of Iti form andl.ddr..,to pof . * aapr "' *. A. I,i»wr«nce, Vew York, who will MM for preparing thi belt and inrr«t r»rvt*y ti rarloui itiigM. Oier on* million OMM rt POSITIVE CURE. BUOTUKRS, CO Warren St., WoiV York. Prlco 00 cts.l SPRAINS. OMnf. ?r.<- r. tiivr".-. Oflice I'rcsideiu and Gen. ral iraim/jor, CtnclnnnLi, <I|I|D "My foot Mirlilciily turned und pa 1 1- in'.> a very *e vc rely sprnini'd unkk'. Tlio application of Ft, Jacobs Oil resulted nt nnco in u cllcf I'roni pain." W.W. PEAHniry, Prcst.&Gcn'lMnn'gr. THE CIIA^I P« n "on< BRUISES. "•IB Boipiiin S.treet, BnlHmorc, Md., Jan'ylS, 1890. ''I was bruised badly in lilpnnd side by n. fall and KUCured severely. St. Jncobs OH complete! y cured 3110." W.1I. C. lU/iDEN, Member of State Legislature. ER CO.. Baltlmor*. Md. re likeS v &p:orto.-They wast-e hhem-selves to m&ke the v.orld Brighter. SAPOLJO is Hie _ lectric lighh o^ house-cleaning- THE OLD RUT and old methods'are not the easiest by far. because they have not tried the better way. Many peoplo travel them- It is a relief from a sort bouse-cleaning. pISO'S REMEDY FOH CATAIlRH.-Best. Easiest to use. n M C<he « pe 5T- y$\ et ls 'm' 11 ?^ 11 ^ A cure Is certain. For Cold in the Head It has no equal. It is an Ointment, of which a small particle Is applied to the nostrils. Price, 60c. Bold by druggists or sent by mall. Address. B. K HAZELTINE, Warren, Pa. -VASELINE- FOIt A HIE.I aunt u> by mull we will deliver, free of all charges, to any person In ;ha United Slates, nil of the following articles, oare- fully ra c ' c °d : Jne two-ounce bottle of Pure Vaseline, - 10 ots. Jne two-ounce bottle of Vaseline Pomade, 16 " 3ne jar of Vaseline Cold Cream. .... 16 " Due Cake of Vaseline Camphor Joe, . - - 10" Dne Cuke of Vaseline Soap, unsoented, - 10 " 3ne Cake of Vaseline Soap, exquisitely soented,2l> " OUB two-ounce bottle of WWt« Y(W9UH», - . 25 " WIDE AWAKE CHOIRS, «HOKOUS SOCIETIES and all HXDSXOAI. ASSOCIATIONS will do well to send for IUU and catftloeuea of our Chorus, Anthom or Oleo Books, Church Music Books, Singing Class Booki. Oratorios, Cantatai, Quartets, Chorals, Octavo F1CC60, <&C., &C. ohoyah'H Pralno. ($1, or $9 doz.) Emerson. Is a larpe, flrBt class Church Music book, full 0* i,, Indeed! how very strange! I an - ' Rival belle: "Yes, I Heard they nad finally secured a champeron." Thomas Winans, tl o uiillionairc, who had Jived luxuriously, said on his death bed tnat he would gladly give a million dollars to be able to eat a butter. Hpw'a We offer One Hundrei any case of Catarrh tha' taking Hall's Catarrh r F, J. CHENEY & C We, the undersiffn Cheney for the last 15 of bread and >nn Reward for t be cured by Druggist*, Tole- know julopV' • ''I generally knnw where to find ono, and he would invite rue over to try tho liquor with him. in driukiiiff he would generally propose a toast, and this was the most common one: 'God bless the white folks and the Lord save the niggers.' " Jlfo optum In Kso'i Cure for Consumption. Cures where other remedies fall. 25c. fjiere U some prospect that New York will have » etftto park in tbe Mlrou^ackg. Jt is proposed tUotareseryfttlopof ebout f^SH 08 *1««f e <>« *«ken, com cre«, j., Toledo, O. known P. J. porfoclIyhonorable-in'iu'BSHBe'i^tSS.lfaS lions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. y West & Trnax, Wholesale Dri do, Ohio. Waldlng, Klnnan & Marvin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Oiiio. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken internally i acting dlrecty upon the blood and mucus urfaces of tho. system. Price 75o. per bot- le. Sold by all Druggists. The Methodist ladies of Salina, Kan pledged themselves to raise $1 each for church purposes. Among them was a woman 75 years o d, who earned her dollar by making eight bquy dresses by hand. A Wonderful 1'upev. When you were reading the largo Prospectus of TUB YOUTH'S COMPANION, pub. lished last week in our columns, did you stop to consider what a wealth of talent was engaged In producing this remarkable paper? Its success is phenomenal, and It is read in 450,000 families because it is tho bost pf its kind. Npw is tut) time to send your subscription. $1.75 sent at once will' secure you the rest of the year free, Including all the Holiday Numbere. Tan YOUTH'S '•'""•• •••••-"• Boston. Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and act* geiitlyyetpromptljon theKidneya, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colJa, headaches and fevers and curea habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the onJj tern.*?- O f jts kind ev*r produced, pleasing to the taste «rVvo-. Coptics to the »top5C"h, prompt in its action and f ruly beneficial in ita effects, prepared only jfcoffl the mos.* healthy and agre2able substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and hav6 made it the most popular remedy kno^ra. Syrup of Figs io for sole in 60o and 81 bottles by all leading druggists. Any rolkble druggist who may not have it on hand will r ?o- cure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FI8 SYRUP CO. Mwajy,? 1 **™ 00 ^ P°!? a e >iampi any tingle article at Iht prlci . i~ °", n ? acc <"'«« 6« persuaded to accept from «»£?? 'f'fM Va * eltne or preparation there » , «A «ur "ante, becaunt you wil an imtlatlon """"A has little or n u Cltoaebrougli Mf g . C o., State St.. N. ' A ROBBER OR THIEF •j!^SSh%»"* tolll|WtwlloWto ' 0 « Jones' $60.5 Ton Wagon Scale li not ft standard loale, and equal to any made Por f r«» book »nd prloo Hit, a<W rem Jones of Biflghainton, Blnghamton. HI and ohip good* to ba for on delivery, at&mp for date,. ' ASSORTED COLORS y address on roccl post-paid. Catalogue fit)! iag counfry owe t&etr~ifvcs"thelp health'and tholr JmrnSuessto Hlde's Food, their dal y diet to an " All klodi cheaper tb» eucwbere. Before jo bay, laud namp la Culnlojuc. Breech-loader $7,76. RIFLES 12.00 ISO JUlu Clncliiimtl, FREE nuKELcuiiaa . TO UIBK. •SPKOUL raix fcPKPBO MF«. CO., 14* NTstti Stfrtlid^rfc In China all tbe land belongs to the state, mi4 a trifling guw per acre, never altered through long centuries, U paid as rent; this Js the only Is* in tliecouutrr, «n.4 It W9U«tt ti I? cent> per be»4. • 5B^Sffi^T&^rT5«Ste Heduo mouth by huriulem hurb roiuodles. ASTHMA. Pop/iam's AsttimaSpeciflc Gives immediate relief. It [In believed to be the Beat I ASTHMA. Remedy known I to Immunity. An erldouo* /we give a Trlul Package ' FHBE. Sold by Drugglsta, Sent by mall, post-pala, for Po'plIAU*'2001 iMSg^AvS' uue, Philadelphia. 'J'/ie Oldest Medicine in the World ii probably PU. ISAAC THOMPSON'S I Are new and thorouchly good bookg. '* Carl Zerrhan's Atlas. ($1, or $9 per doz } Einorson'B Concert Selection.. ($1, $Vdo«.J Are excellent for Conventions. FOB THE CHILDREN'S CHRISTMAS. Caught Nappln ff . (80 cU., |3 per dozO r " S K ' (2 ° Ct> " " * l< *° do *Jingle hells. (SO cts., $8 King Winter. (20 cts.', Jl er dox.) L«wl. o pw do* ) Chrlstmi, Oltt. (IB <&., |1.80 p w dp,,> OKdom of Mother Ooote. (» 0 U., AWT BOOK XAILIP JVB WfTAU. PJUOT. ', YON <fc HH ALT, Ohioaga OLIVER DITSON COMPANY, Boston, I EWIS' 98 L powdere The strongest and purest Ly4 " made. Will make the ~lett perfumed Hard Soap in 20 minutes without bailing. Itia the best for disinfecting sinks, cloaetB, dra^is, washing bottles, ban-els, paints, etc. PENNA. BAIT M'FO CO, Gen. Agts., Phjla., Pa. ^ . I prescribe and done Big <} as the _ Bpeciflo f or tbe certain « 9.' U'taltaease. Amsterdam, We have sold B'g G f"* many years HU'i I? bni action, D. ». DYOHH A 00 " Tlio disability bllliealivw. tuo now ciopemlctut whoso eoim d(etl froni e'lfeiTa lurylcoaroincludo.!. 1C you wish your '".li.ra'f'"''.^"*- PATENH j. B. OBAU. —• «"»»*4*~ » w .. ..n.mmtwn, u. u. j-nipifiWAH <$ WQJVKV, Waeiluiitoii ~U~ > l'v ? "n" fo ow f, d » wi»,«i8V«p full, piirUoulurly invite tlie uUeutiou ol physioiaim to i la luorits. For .Sli d "»ek»t»- JOilN L. THOMPSON, SONS Ued 11U7. lulo by all druKglat * 00., Tnov, N. V. PATENTS PATBIOK O'l-ABUBU^

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