The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 12, 1890 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1890
Page 7
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THE tlPPESB BBS MOlNESl ALGONA, IOWA, WEBN1SBAY, 12, 1890. FOE A NORMAL LIBRARY, Thursday Evening's Entertainment a Mattering Success—Some Aged 'Cycle How Aigonians Were Hoaxed on the Wesson Fake—The Package Must Ob—Minor Mention. The opening entertainment of the normal school was given last Thursday '•evening* and was attended by a large and highly entertained crowd. As Prof. Dodge remarked in introducing the programme, the object was to get mottey for books of reference, and not as an exhibition of the work of the school— something to be given at the close of the term. The supper was finely gotten up, and much praise was given to the beautiful decorations. The seasons were all appropriately repre- ts of the hal the wor-k an sented, in different parts of the hall, d and were noticeable for taste displayed. At the close of the supper the pro- gramme of the evening was opened > by a duet by Misses Maud and Kate Smith, which was heartily encored. Their skill with the piano and violin is exceptional. Mrs. Wolfe read two pleasing, sketches, a litCi daughter of Mrs. Ke^yon's sang, and Miss Fahnstock gave a vocal solo, which was also encored. After another delightful song, a quartette consisting of Misses Fahn- stnck and Stowe, Prof. McCollum and C. M. Doxsee sang " Peter, Pumpkin Eater" with a bewildering variety of variations in imitation of choir singing. The variety was so varied that on the encore they got tangled up themselves, and amidst enthusiastic applause retired. This closed the programme and a delightful evening. Everyone went away well pleased, and wishing the normal school many returns of the happy evening. The net receipts we learn were sufficient to give the school a good start on its library. Exit Original Package. Algona is now without original package houses. Last week a party of temperance workers got together, and under their directions informations were filed against Wood and Alderman. Wood was brought before 'Squire Clarke and pleaded guilty on one count, and was fined $50 and costs, which he paid. He has since left town to remain till the final decision is rendered on his right to sell. Alderman pleaded guilty before 'Squire Taylor on two counts, and was fined $100 and costs. He is boarding his fine out on the county at the rate of $3.33 a day. This closes the liquor business until the law is finally settled. County Attorney Mayne was assisted by Messrs. Reed and Danson in the prosecution. A later development in the Alderman case was reached this morning. The defendant was willing to pay $50 and costs, and 'Squire Clarke went to Bancroft last evening and arranged with Mr. Mayne so that he should pay the one fine and appeal the other, the appeal to be allowed. Alderman has settled. on this basis, and is again at liberty. The settlement is a wise one for the connty. While in custody Alderman was costing the county his board. Now the county gets §50 and no expense, and §50 is a sufficient fine. up from Khoxyiile with the story that H> 1* Wtifison had been elected district judge in the Marion district. Of Course everyone was ,/suspicious, but he told the yarn seriyplyi and showed the tickets with Wassrofrs name on them, and everyoitogpnaUy agreed that it must he so. U^fpfaid that some of our prom- inenlrJiSjinocrats even wefct so far as to Writei-letters of congratulation to Was- apn over his success. And now it turns out the whole thing was a hoax. Wasson was on the democratic ticket, hut he got elected about as he did county attorney when he debated with E. Tel- Her. It was a good joke. Out 1 New Supervisor. The LuVerne News says of Mr. Lov ell, the newly elected member of the board: " Mr. L. D. Lovell, the newly elected supervisor from this. corner, will be found to be a man that is broad in his views and disposed to use all sections of the county fairly. He will suit the people and guard the interests of the county and he will be found agreeable and courteous at all times. Kossuth county never had a better member than he will make with necessary experience." Her T8th Birthday. To the Editor: The anniversary of Grandma Grove's 78th birthday was celebrated at her home on the 6th inst., all the children being present who could. They partook of a sumptuous dinner, after which grandma was presented by the children with a rich and costly easy rocking chair, for which she returns many thanks, and will long be cherished in her memory as a token of respect. GRANDMA GROVE. his residence, when he will rent the house to R. V. Scott, Mr, Scott having sold his property IA, Win. Brummond. Leander Barten is having a new set of stock scales put in on his farm. W. B. Person is doing the job. We all had a lolly blow out here last Wednesday night, and lots of fun with it. The anti-hog Won. Hurrah, John Devine is going to put up a building for the purpose of tunning his feed grinder, and will also put in a hay press with it. This is what we need here. B. F. Grose and wife of Bancroft were down to E. A. Lovell's on last Monday for a call. Mrs. Wm. Brummond's father, Mr. Hoff, Will occupy the R. V. Scott house recently purchased by Mr. Brummond. W. B. Quartoh of the hub Was in our burg Friday. There was a dance at Fred. Hintz 1 north of town Saturday. J. H. Miller is having his residence painted. Mr. Adams of Algona is doing the work. W. B. Person's mother of Dysart is hero making W. B. a visit, and will also visit with friends in the vicinity. Ed. Welch wont to Fort Dodge Monday on business. There will be a dance at the Revere house on Friday night the 14th. . The new meat market is in running order now. The Shultz brother's house is about completed now. Tho first snow ofj the season, and the sleighs arc making good use of it. FBOM THE COUNTY TOWNS. IFenton. FENTON, Nov. 9.—Mrs. Esther Conrad of Sharon, Wis., is visiting her parents, Mr, and Mrs. T. M. Clark, she will remain with them until spring. Elder Foss will preach at the school house every two weeks. The 4th of November dawned bright and sunny, and the men were all up and around bright and early for this was to be the day of the political contest. The voting men of a certain town, the name Of which was Fenton, assembled at the school house. After spending the day most of the men hurried home to do the chores so as to return early in the evening to count the votes. Meanwhile one of the prominent young men had been sent to the store, by the republicans, to get $1.75 worth of apples to treat the democrats with, but when they returned they found it to be a democrat election, and the republicans found dried on the desk for a treat instead of good eating apples. About 12 o'clock that night one man could be seen going east with a package of dried apples, and one could be seen going west with a market basket full, and we expect some one will live on dried apple sauce and pies for a few months. Oh, ye political men ! Don't trust that young man again, but take time to get them yourselves. A grand dance at the hall Thursday even ing, Nov. 27. A foot race between Lewis Tibbetts and Frank Newell, Nov. 27, for 810. Bicycle Rumors. . Dr. Garfield's record as a bicyclist is going the rounds of the press, and as usual most astonishing announcements are made. Here is one from the Sioux City Journal: "Dr. L. K. Garfield, Algona's 70-year-old 'cyclist, lays claim to being the' best and fastest bicyclist in the United States for a man of his age, and will substantiate his claim by planking down hard money for any reasonable amount to anyone who thinks that he isn't and wants to prove it." Another from the Journal of another as follows: "Dr. Garfield of Algona, the septugenarian bicyclist, has a rival in the person of A. L. Proctor of Iowa Falls, who is 74 years of age and has been straddling a wheel for the past four years. A race between the old gentlemen will probably result." We have not interviewed the doctor about either one, but if Mr. Proctor wants a racfVnp him make it manifest. Algona dpg'g f'°P° s6 . to take a back seat on t 1 ', r cle question. . We've tO jkan Suffrase. ;or: Mrs, Carrie Lane jhas recently been speak^ wom£ln suffrage in ^ ave all a( j{i ress Monday to knOW^ itje Congregational church it. Third ie audience were mostly The one C0' a few gentlemen were I were greatly pleased m, Irested. One of her most 1 he Seat |was the statement that is not in ths vnicn we *°°' f for moral ,, . prship in moral reforms, the StomachT politics. Two-thirds of Dl*. Pierce's\I )ro * e ^' an * churches are jomen, and the other d of men who generally _— iterest in politics, so lower which is really in t brought in an effect- power ought to be, Reader, let us think news to he; will do the Wanted little regul; Tuft The first A, giving olai GOOD 3 regular bowels 4 * « * Sple, for Mr. Jones his sale rst raw, unpleasant day the crowd in attend- ge. Col. Scott was up laggard auctioned off k. Hogs went brought fair e young bulls. No sell the cows. In sold over $3,000 and there is , ffi«ri B J ook to™.. Vi* relief for cold «r psrlflt UOOH, and 6O- ewrrbere. or wot fiVf,. Tr>nfiR» firmlv pi»p»d;»geft<i«»i>". jones nueiy Illuilr got off a which |u Algoaa Bancroft. BANCROFT, Nov. 10—Rev. Whitfleld of Algona preached to a large audience in the M. E. church last night. Mrs. Rev. Cummins is on the sick list, and has been for some time. Chas. Wilson has gone to Wright county for a short visit, Willis Tallman is walking on one foot as the result of getting his foot caught in the shafting at the elevator. F. H. Vesper and wife of Algona visited in town a short time last week. The regular covenant meeting of the Baptist church was held Friday evening last. Florence Thompson of Corwith is a guest of Minnie Breese at present. Rumor has it that we are going to have a new blacksmith. Democrats are jubilant. We hear that there was a wedding in town last Saturday of which Oscar Pierson was one of the contracting parties. Frank Grose says that the Des Moines Valley News is an obscene sheet and should not be read in the families of Kossuth. The Bancroft belles all had a sleigh ride last Sunday. The fellows that traded off the honest miller because they thought he was going to be elected anyhow, are kicking themselves hard these days. Our templar's lodge numbers 72. Some hundred dollar monuments are being put in our cemetery. J. A. Freeh commenced his school in sub district^fo. 8, Swea township last Monday. A pleasant party of young people gathered at the Farmers' home last Tuesday evening to get up a surprise party to the Misses Adda and Lela Davison, and after carrying the Davison residence by storm, they proceeded to have a good time in the shape of games, charades and the like. It was pronounced a success by all present. It is said that J. A. Winkel will build a new steam elevator in the spring. Verily Bancroft is a booming town. LuVerne. LuYEitXE, Nov. 10.—Ed. Van Vost, who has been running the engine for John Devine's thresher, was married to Miss Letta Barton, the daughter of Leander Barten, near town. Our best wishes go with them. Hugh Smith and wife of Goldfleld Suu- dayed at F. H. Patton's. A bouncing baby boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stokes on Monday morning. There was a dance at the old creamery building under the management of Simmons and Crosswaite on Friday. Good music in attendance. The election was very tame here. Later returns from the hub say the anti-hog ticket won. John Devine has a new steam feed grinder, and is trying it here today. It works boss. There is to be another butcher shop in town. The firm is Martin Craig & Frank Stone. It will be on the west side, and lo cated in the front room of Paul Feckner's shoe shop. W- L. Niver is building quite an addition QD his dwelling bouse, J. if. F^aaeispi$gg|ra fancy porch 04 Garfield and West Bend. WEST BEND, Nov. 10.—Roads almost impassible. Have you heard from the election? Immense quantities of grain .and hay have found a market in West Bend in the past few days. Mrs. G. F. Emerson, whoso life has been despaired of for some time past, is now in a fair way for recovery. Mrs. Lonzerbeam,. who has been sick for some time past, is in a dying condition. Our lodge of I. O. O. F. installed officers last Monday evening. Nov. 3. Dr. Bachman is busy visiting his numerous patients both day and night. Mrs. Mary G. Lloyd of Cedar Rapids gave a temperance lecture at the Presbyterian church in this place on Sunday evening which was replete with logical deduction, withering sarcasm, and surpassing eloquence. As an orator and reformer, Mrs. Lloyd stands in the front rank. The Courier in its last issue reports C. G. Wright as procuring an illegal vote at the late election. Not so fast Mr. Courier, Mr. Wright did nothing of the kind. The chairman simply asked the party where he resided- His reply was that he lived on Mr. Wright's farm. No one present knew at the time that he had not lived in the county long enough to acquii'e a residence. Neither the board nor Mr. Wright were in any way to blame. It is to be hoped that the Courier will correct its statements in regard to the matter. WJilttemore. WIIITTEMOUE, Nov. 11.—Maggie Farley, who has visited here for the past three weeks, left for her home Wednesday morning. E. Paul visited his brother C. P. one day last week. Mrs. Ella Smith left on the Sunday evening train for Mississippi, whore she will spend the winter with her sister, Mrs. Titus. Jennie Thompson came over from Algona Saturday and spent Sunday with her brother Henry. Whittemore is to have a bank. Dr. J. M. Pride assisted by C. P. Paul removed a tumor from the head of Mrs. Stewart Wednesday afternoon. Mr. Ridgeway, the banker, has moved into the house lately occupied by Johnie Smith. Mrs. Pride gave a tea party for her Sunday school class Monday afternoon. The little folks enjoyed it very much. The Lutherans are getting on finely with their new church. What is the matter with the Baptist church. Fred. Munch left for Cassvillo, Wis., Monday evening to attend school. for dance and snpp6r. One prominent member of the band was heard to remark that they intended to go ahead with their dance, and would charge 99 cents for dance and supper. They intended to have ah old- fashioned Thanksgiving supper of roast turkey and chicken, etc., and thought they could get their supper up with less cost than Mr. Kunz could; they Said they had appointed a coinmitte of their own number to go out at night and bring in the turkeys and chickens, and all could rest assured that they would have a nice time. It seems the boys are bound to beat the Dutch. Let them do their best. F. M. Butts has gone east on business. Mrs. Ada Glllespie is suffering with a bad gathering on her neck, caused from tho effects of scarlet fever. Dr. Hill has lanced it several times. At this time she is getting better. By the way the lumber is 'going out of town of late there must be considerable building going on. The trustees of the M. E. church are making some improvements on tho parsonage building a wing 16x20 feet. Tho following is tho grain market today: Wheat, 70@75c; oats,87cj barley, GOc; flax, •S1.13; hogs, $3.40; hay, $4.50 per ton, loose. ,-WESI,KY, Nov. 10.—Mr. Rusk of Chicago is in Wesley attending to matters relating to his farm. He in partnership with Representative Lund owns a fine stocked farm one mile north of Wesley. Mr. Barrett, tho banker has moved into Nick Studor's now residence which is a fine one and nicely fitted up. Mat. Sheitz, a brother of Mrs. George Lawson, was meeting With old friends in Wesley last week. Mat. has become partner of a large stock ranch since leaving these parts. Ho says besides gaining some money in tho " Wild West" ho has gained him a wife. May fortune follow him. Go to the Cash Store -TO BUY- Note our prices on a few items : All kinds of Sc Yeast for 03 Soda per pkg 05 Axle Grease per box 06 Lewis Lye per box IO Gloss Starch per pound 05 Clothes Pins per doz OI Remember We are Agents for Rock Salt. we can fit you with a pair of Shoes or Boots, we will sell them cheap. Come and see us. TOWNSEND & LANGDON. JOHNSON'S pure Cider Vinegar for sale at the Cash Store. Rock salt cannot bo 75 cents per hundred Langdon a. boat for stock, tit Townsoncl & English Spuvlu Liniment Removes all hard, soft, or calloused lumps and blemishes from horses, blood spavin, curbs, splints, sweeney, ring bone, stifles, sprains, all swollen throats, etc. Save $50 by use of one bottle; warranted. The most wonderful blem • Ish cure ever known. Sold by L. A. Sheetz. Itch cured In 30 minutes by Woolford's Sanitary Lotion. Sold by L. A. Sheetz. State University -OF- The several Departments will begin the Year 1890-91, on September 10. Each department is thoroughly equipped for efficient work, and no pains will be spared to afford students the best possible opportunity to pursue their chosen lines of study. For particular Information as to the respective Departments, address as follows: Collegiate— CHABLES A. SCHAEFFER. President, Iowa City. Law— EMLIN MCCLAIN, Chancellor, Iowa City. Med edical— W. F. Peck, M. D., Dean of Faculty, Davenport. Homoepathlo Medical— A. C. COWPERTH- WAITB, M. D.,Deau of Faculty, Iowa City. Dental— A. O. HURT, D. D. s., Dean of Faculty, Iowa City. Pharmaceutical— E. L. BoEnNEn, Ph. G.. Dean of Faculty, Iowa City. Expenses In all Departments aru reasonable. Cost of board In private families, S3 to 85 per week; In clubs, $1.50 to 92.50 per week. For Catalogues, or for general Information address CHARLES A. SCHAEFFER, 17m4 President. DELINQUENT TAX SALE. Wesley. WESLEY, Nov. 10.—The first snow of the season is hero and our young people are making good use of it. C, E. Oleson, one of our popular merchants, had his horse and cutter out early Sunday morning, taking his best girl out for a ride. The snow makes the farmers feel like having their corn husked, bnt few of them have only just begun to husk. Grain has been coming to town lively the past two weeks. Our grain men haven't had time to scratch their heads or talk politics with the honest granger when he comes with a load of grain. The election is over, and while we cannot exactly rejoice with those that are rejoicing, we must confess that the result-is a stunner; but we don't intend to throw away the old party; we will do as old Mike Fink said he did when his old flint-lock gun would flash in the pan—pick the flint and try it again; and that is what we intend to do next fall. Wesley got there this fall with flying colors, and you will find her in line next fall. So let her go, Gallagher! Land seekers have been quite numerous in our town lately. Quite a number have bought close to Wesley and intend opening up new farms this coming spring. Rev. McBride held religious services here Sunday morning and evening, also preached at the Win. Ward school house in the afternoon. Mrs. Myron Dunlap of Stilson was visiting her uncle's family Saturday and Sunday. There seems to be considerable "plotting against the whites" of late in our burg. Among those that like to trip the light fantastic, viz., our Wesley band, haye been making preparations for a grand ball the night of the 87th in their hall. They ordered their handbills printed and are awaiting their arrival; but Ed. Kuuz, who always takes time by the forelock, paint* the town red with poster* stating that h,e intends to give § good b&li the night of the , to which all m invited. One ALGONA, Iowa, Oct. 1, 1800.—Notice Is hereby given that on the nrst Monday In December, 1800, at 10 o'clock a. m., under tho provisions of Section 1, Chapter 70, acts of tho Sixteenth general assembly, and amended by Section 2 of Chapter 104, acts of the Twentieth general assembly, I will offer at public sale at the office of the treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, to the highest bidder, the following described property for the delinquent tax of 1880 and previous years. The sale shall be adjourned from time to time until all shall have been sold. T. H. LANTRY, Treasurer of Kossuth County, Iowa. Time I o o M P. I OO-* cioo CO I-1- L- CtXC-tCO I *±'- 8 " "(B 05 $%<° ^ i iff I J +3 _r? 5 p ;.s l I as Everyone at this season of the year is interested in the question of how best to warm and beautify their homes ; what stove will heat the most surface with the least amount of fuel ? etc., etc. I wish to say that in making my selection of stoves this fall I gave this question CAREFUL ATTENTION and am sure I selected as good in every respect as there are in the market. Please call and see the new styles and get prices. I also have a large quantity of second-hand stoves, which I will sell VERY CHEAP—from three dollars up. I have a full line of wood and iron pumps, husking pins of all descriptions, guns, ammunition, etc., etc. These goods are sold, remember, at J. W. ROBINSON'S. M fllEY TO LOAI on Farm Property. At lowest rates and optional payments. Interest* payable at our office. If you want a loan, call on us. can save you money. JO WES & SftftBTH. M. Z. Grove. John Grove,. Livery, Feed and Sale State West o! Thorington House. Successor to N. Q, Leighton & Co, and Clinton Morrison, Manufauturer and Dealer In Lumber, Lath AND SHINGLES, Cor, Thirteenth Ave, S, and 4th St., M. Z. GROVE, Manager, We can now make Loans on Improved Lands from one to ten years time, and give the borrower the privilege of payiny the whole loan or any pan thereof in even §100 at any date when interest falls due. This is Iowa money and no second mortgage or coupons taken. This plan of maklnga loan will enable tue borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time and save theilnterest on ihe amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or address HOXIE & REAVER, Algona, rowa. MONEY ( I ward to say to the people who burn Coal that 1 am now in the market with a fuM | supply of loth Hard and Soft Coal, for sale I at current rates. Quality the best. Come and see rue, F, Q. LOUIS LESSBNC, Manufacturer and dealer In all Kinds of F Ming for 9 Painter, Old you Say? Well, It you ure you should see WALTER WARD, who wlU be pleased to figure wltb you for analog In toe Une of Painting, Paper Hanging,

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