The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 5, 1890 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1890
Page 7
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TOE UPPER DjBB M01NES. ALGONA, IOM A WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 6,1890. Too, WILL fASS AWAY. LAURA WI1.JON SMITH. t Sort* great sot tbw, like ft mighty five*, jjrsthrotfgh yon* life with peace destroying .et thi«y>s aie svfept from sight forever, 1 font aching heart each trying hour,— "This, too, will pass away. .fc*easeleee toll has hushed yonr song of glad- •Tne'ssy this trnth banish from your heart "its"sad- id ease the burdens of each trying day,— "This, too, will pass away.'* tt^fortune smiles, and full of mirth and pleasure The days are flitting by without a care, .'lest you should rest with only earthly treasure, let these few words their fullest Import bear,— "This, too, will pass away." 'When earnest labor brings you fame and eilory, "This is like old titnes, May!" "And 1 shall want FJorrie, too," added 9.bel t "to A help eke out my own experience. A man's judgment and a woman's taste. Majr 1 count on both oi you?" "On me, certainly," said Robert Dale. "You might know how that 1 would be ready to help you!" cried Florrie, almost inclined to be aggrieved. "Then will both of you come up to 'The Glen' to-morrow at 10 o'clock'r 1 " "That's the name of your new fairy palace?" "Didn't you know it?" Robert smiled. "I didn't ask many questions." said he. "Yes. It is called 'The Glen,'" she "This, too, will pass awny.' Thnuk Qod that earthly things are not forgotten I Thank Ood, our eternal home Is free from care! .Nor pain, nor death, the fondest hearts to sever, But joy, and peace, and gladness reigning there JShall never pass away. MABEL'S HUSBAND. '"Of course, I sholl never dare to speak .another word to her!" said Robert Dafe. ".But why not? Only tell me why not!" -cried out little Florrie, climbing up the •beams of the barn loft, so that her head ehould be just on a level with that of her .brother, .and clasping him around the neck iwith both arms. Robert wiis a tall hundsome young athlete, at that moment busy inmunuingone of the •cogs of a steam plow with deit and ready touch. His dark brown hair hung in heavy masses over his broad forehead; his hazel were lull of latent fire, and there was world of . character and resolve in his , aouth and chin. One might easily, ex- jJuse .Elorrie -Dale for being proud of such a, brother. K,"Don't you see, Flora?" said the young answered. Mabel Wynne stayed and spent the evening at the Dale farm house. She and Florrie sang sweet part songs to the accompaniment of Robert's violin; they talked of old times and new; and when at last Robert returned from seeing Mabel home, Florrie clapped her hands gleefully. "Oh, Bob," she cried, "isn't it nice to have Mabel here once more." And Bob's smile did her heart good. The next day. however, things assumed a new aspect. Robert and Florrie walked through the woods to the beautiful new house, whose stained glass casements commanded so rare a view of hillside, woodland, and distant winding river. Mabel was standing on the portico. Now come in," «lie "Walk throtiffh all the cried radiantly, rooms with me. ydht, gently putting away the hands that . /iterfered with the delicate screw he leld. "1 never asked her to be my wife vhile she was a poor and dependent school ^teacher here. How can I have the face •to do it now that she has inherited a fortune." Flora balanced herself on the'beam, her -dimpled face looking out from its frame work of hay; a speckled lien came cackling from the nest in the fragrant Imy, und a half dozen captive swallows flew back and forth in »he peak of the barn overhead. ""* ou were just going to ask her, • know you were. 1 " out how is it?" .f, by instinct, of course," decided shook his head, with a rather sad , my little girl," said he, "I do not •choose to . be one of the great army of fortune hunters. I've lost my opportunity, .and there's the end of it. It is my own fault." Florrie burst into tears. "Oh Bob!"said she. Robert Dale stroked down her sunny head without a sparkle of moisture in his •eyes, but he smiled a wan smile, nevertheless; "I've often read that pride was a sin," .sobbed Florrie, "but i never comprehended it.before. Oh, Bob, 1 could almost hate ^you. if I didn't love you so d -arty!" And Florrie scrambled down"from her perch on the beam, and ran away, with both hands clasped wer her face. Dale loaked after her. '•Poor little darling!" he said to himself. "It is but A scratch on the surface other tender young heart! On mine it is a deep wound, seared in with red hot iron. God help me!" It was one of those romances which occur in re; 1 life oftenor than any one has an idea of. Mabel Wynne was a, pretty young school teacher in" Abbott's district whose life of poverty had sucldently been turned into riuhes by a bequest of a distant and nearly forgotten jelative. To Mabel herself it seemed like a golden dream. How often she bad built castles in the air, where the foundation was, "If I were rich!" And how the dream had come true; the pinnacle of the air castles were actually shining athwarth the sky of her life, heretofore such a cold and gray expanse! "And now," said Mabel to herself, "I can have my heart's desires?" She took counsel with no one, unless now and then an hour with the gray headed old lawyer might come under that head; shtj smply did as she pleased. "Hev 1 ye seen the new house that Mabel Wyyne is buildin'?" said one neighbor to another. It's a, regular Aladdin's castle! With the trees all cut away from ! the lake, and new drives made through the woods and heathen stutters set up he:e and there and a rov« of glass houses to raise furrin plants and ripen grapes and peaches 'before their time. 1 don't approve of no biich notions," sol- imnly answ,ered the other. "To my mind o' Providence at defl- Here is the library—I want Robert's ideas about filling thct up—and here are the drawing rooms. Florrio and I must decide about these; for to tell you the truth" —and she colored pinker than the heartof arose—"I am going to be married!" Florrie started back, with a little exclamation; Robert stood calm and quiet as one of the marble statues in the vestibule. "Married,"—Florrie cried—"and not to confide in lue! Oh, May!" •'Tell uw," said Mabel—"shall we furnish the drawing rooms in blue and silver, or pink and gold? And shall my rooms be the south ones, or the suite looking out over the river? And Bob must have the vestibules furnished to suit a man's taste. I. shouldn't like to have my husband criti- cise them when he comes. Will you do this for me Bob, becouse of our old friendship? Oh, don't look so solemnly at me! I know I am asking a great deal, but I thought I could depend on j'ou." VKCUMAH IS'FATUATlOX. 1)1 (Torent M«t1imtA of ITollovtltig the Injunction '-JLttte One Another." Do men ever fall in love with each other? Women do. 'Not long ago a young woman in New Jersey was married to a youthful laborer on her father's farm. Sometime afterward it was discovered that the husband was a female; the young wife refused, however, though earnestly en-; treated by her friends, to give up her chosen consort. The strangest part of tha discovery was the fact that the bride knew her husband -was a woman before she was led to the altar. if men do hot exhibit this strange in* fatuation for one of their own sex, they at least often times give evidence of the fact that they love one another. There are many instances on record where one man has given his life for another. There ar& many more instances where men have givtm life to another. It is a proud possession—the knowledge that one lias saved a precious human life. Meriden, Conn., is the home of such a happy man. John H. Preston, of that city, July llth, 1890, writes: "Five years ago i was taken very sick, 1 had several oC the best, doctors, and one and all called it a complication of diseases. J was sick/ four years, taking prescriptions prescribed by these same doctors, and I truthfully state I never expected to get any better. At this time, 1 commenced to have the most terrible pains in my back. One day an old friend of mine, Mr. R. T. Cook, of the firm of Curtis & Cook, advised me to try Warner's Safe Cure, as Iw had buuu troubled the same way and it had ull'euUid a cure for him. 1 bought six bottlen, look the medicine as directed and am to-day u well man. 1 am sure no one ever hail a worse case of kionej and liver trouble than 1 had. Before this I was always against proprietary medicines but not, nuw, oh. no. Friendship expresses itself in very peculiar ways sometimes; but the true friend is the friend in need. 'You can, "Come out lio answered quietly. and look at the new sun dial on the south lawn, added Mabel. Florrie has run up stairs to see the river from the observatory. We won't wait for her, because, Bob, I want to tell YOU a secret. "Would nob your husband ba the prop - er person to confi de in, May?" he a&k- ecl. "In this case, no, Bob!" she cried. "Listen to me. I love this niiin with all my soul—this husband that is to be—and he loves me." /'Naturally," observed Robcit, setting his teeth. "But he does not dares to tell me so. HP thinks, don't you see, that I am an heiress. Well, so J am; but lam a woman nevertheless, and I love him! Is mv wretched money to part us? If so I will Hing it all into the ocean nnd begin life anew as » beggar girl. Now, Bob wluil fhiill I do?It is for this Ihiit I have sent for yon to' come here. Answer me, quickly!" "Tell him all," said Robert, huskily. "For God's sake do not break his heait for so trifling- a cause as this!" Mabel's face crimsoned, her eves fell to the e round. "T have told him." she murmured, "within this hour. Oh, Robert, Robert! have I said too much?" "My May, my own dnrlinp!" cried Dale. "And to think that this miserable, false, false pride of mine failed to measure the nobility of your virtue!" When Florrie came down from the observatory to the marble sun-dial, where the minutes were measured off by sun shine— oh. how appropriate it seemed just now, this division of time?—Bob and Mabel were side by side on a rustic bench, and there was a something in their faces that betrayed the tuth at once. Mabel's lips dimpled into a soft, shy smile. Bob drew Florrie towards him at once. "You have discovered our secret, little sister,"_ said he. Florrie uttered a cry of joy. , "Oh, May!" she said, "It'is Bob." "Could it be anyone else than Bob?" Mabel whispered, her sweet eyes full of loving light. And then Florrie, the mendacious littln gipsy, declared that she had known it all along. It wasn't a bit of a surprise to her. Everybody had seen it but Bob, and love was proverably blind,—Saturday Night. An Uiit|itru'B Peril. The lot of the umpire of an amateur j base ball game is usually a very unb..ppy | ind likewise a dangerous one, says tho the j I3nffiilo_ Courier, In a contest recently' played in a town not many miles from Buffalo, between toi- home learn and a visiting club, the umpire was compelled to decide several close decisions against tho local nine, and though the crowd became greatly excited, no harm befell the Mutrocat of the diamond up to the last half of the ninth inning. The score at that juncture was 9 to 8 in favor of the visitors, with thfl home team at b-it. The fh-st man up got a base on balls, the second singled, and sacrifice advanced each a b.ise. A repetition of the four-ball act fll'ec the bags. The next two bntt.ers (Vinnet out. to the chagrin of the crowd, who begun to think that the umpire intended to rob the home e.'nb ofthu g-tiu'\ The climax was reiichi'd when r.hird m.-in had two strikes and three balls called on him. The excitement was at fever heat,-for the next ball pitched meant d. j tVar, or victory. Stmicrhfc as an arrow c.-itin? the sjih-.-rs toward the p'ntrt. but as the lunpir" tremblingly prep.-ire'l to call th..> "Tiiird strike; side out!" the hatsmsm swum;- aroum with the club ai|<l kuocl<f"l [he bill m-.-r the fence. The sen-ation of joy experienced by that umpire was a very joyous kind, as ho comprehended how near he hud come to death's door. He never tires of telling tho story, but avers that ho wil 1 never umpire '-mother bull game. Marlnette boasts oh a nine-year-old musical prodigy in the parson of little Miss Edtia Stanton, who is organist of the M. E. church Sundny school. Jlest, easiest to use und cheapest. Piao's llumudy for^Cuturrli. By druggists. 50u. la Cincinnati, recently, two girls, one of whom was but eleven years old, were arrested for driinkunnoss; nnd two boys, one only eight years of ;.,;e, charged with being incorrigible, were taken to Hit police station, "shackled together with handcuffs." The liest cotigli niedieirte Is Plso's Cure for Consumption. Sold everywhere. 35c. A scheme Is on foot for thft erection ft! Droitwlch of ft new brine-baths hospital tot the poor, affording increased ana much seeded accommodation. The entire cost oi the building will b6 lyofne by a lad* whose name la at present withheld. Hold it to the light, The man who tells you confidentially just what will cure your cold is prescribing Kemp's Balsam this year. In the preparation of tliis remarkable medicine for coughs and colds no expense is spared to combine only the best and purest Ingredients. Hold, ft bottle of Kemp's Balsam lo the light and look through It; notice tho bright, clear look; then compare with other remedies. Large bottles 5(te. and f 1. Sample boUlei free at all drugglste'. Barbers report that uair-dyelngr is going out of style. Many "tonsorfal parlors" do not keep the dyes. Gray threads in ft young man's head, especially If his occupation can be Construed to be intellectual, arts coneid- ered distingue. A FATHER loves bis child. A mother worships it. Both decide the child should occasionally be given Dr. Bull's Worm Destroyers. Rutgers College sophomores issued an order that their boots must be blacked by tho freshmen. The latter collected the footgear and smeared the leather generously with green paint. A. M. PRIEST, Druggist, Shclbyvlllc, Ind., says: "Hull's Cuturrli Cure gives the best of satisfaction. Can get plenty of testimonials, as It cures every one who lakes it." Urug- There Is a family In Armstrong county, Pennsylvania—father, mother and lour eblld- aeu—whoso combined weight is 1,800 K»a., an nvuruge of 310 pounds. One of the girls ,weighs 3U5 pounds and in only eleven years old. ; If yon wish to do the easiest and quickest week s washing yon encr did, try Dobbins' ( ftl«t|trle feoap next washday. Follow the directions. Ask your grocer for it. Been on (lie market 84 ycara._ Take noother. An Athens (Ga.) man has given to the University Museum the skin of a rattlesnake killed at Snpelo tills summer. The rntller was ten feet long, and the largest part of the body measured ton inches in circumference. Whj doefl this man stare so f H« simply listening to the marvelous cures effected by Dr. Pieroe's Golden Medical Discovery. The following case illustrates: February Uth, 1800. WORLD'S DIBPKNSIRY UBDIOAL ABSOOIA- TION. Buffalo, N. Y.: Gentlemen—A remarkable cue bos occurred In our territory. J. N. Berry, a man about thirty yenrs of are, wai going down rapidly. Ho tried phyalcian after physician, patent iiiccllcliico. home receipts—In fact, everything. He went to a notod sanitarium and returned no boUcr, We all thought he was dying with consumption, nnd only * few woekj of llfo •wcro loft Cor him. Ho commenced "Golden Medical Discovery," ami at the same time commenced to niniid. Ho has uicd about two dozon bottles, anil is Btlll using It. He has gained In weight, color ami strength, and Is able to do light work. His just inch a caso as \ro should Imvo Untuned to rather suspiciously, but when wo see It wo tntwt believe it. It has troblotf our sales of "Golden Medical Discovery." JOHN HACKBTT & SON," Druggistfl, Konnoko, Ind. In all bronchial, throat and lung affections, lingering coughs, spitting of blood, weak lungs and kindred ailmenta, the "Discovery" effects the most marvelous cures. PATENTSMi Treasures for Teacher^ fof Sehoot Jfti*M Teaehtrn SONG MANUAL! Complete Course fn f Undo Reading. J Booh* 1 ft I 80e. «te. Me. P«r dot. |t. |4.SO. We. tl.aoperdo*. •• j For tUffh Sehoolt i BONO GHfiBtlNG. BjrL.O.Bmer.on. Medu JO doz. A good book, with the be«t of mail«T* For Plant* feaehtrt and fheii> funlttt Yonnnr Pla*ert ( PopnUt Collection.. Blt>f«c*i. JEM 2s F-< K pieces': I* aim Miuwlc.. Vol. 1. riniio MnMle*. Vol. 2. Sabbath Dajr Music. , OlaMlo 4-tiaml Collection. 19l)tiets Operatic rinno Coll'n. 19 Operas! 44 pieces 81 pieces 18 pieces, us* large qnnhtltle* «ff our OCTAVO MUStO. f.OOO VllffireSt Sncrert •ml Secular 8«l»otlaiii, Quartets, Antlictnx, *«., ft o . " 1 "' th " n ° *° 8 " e llookt anitfvtU maUtd for Retail PHet. OLIVER DITSON COMPANY, C. II. 131TSON * CO., 887 Broa«w», New T»rk Tho dliftbllltT bill IB R l«w. Boldlor« dlnMiled lino* HID wirnrooiiiltk'd. l>i>(>t»id<mt wl<lo«-» mid parent* now dependent wlinio •on> illod from olTccti of nrmr •errlconro Included. If you wish your claim d|wudU» Bud micrnmfu ly pros- edited, LnteCominlmlouorof 1'enaiona, Washington, D, C. f • HI II (p TANNERl $500 REWARD will be pnld to the aeent of «ny toala company who> will say over his own name us a«;ent,thot the JON w 5 TON WAGON SCALE, $6f .^ '^'pt^i^td^ SS*"* rellaw " JoiQ^jj_BlD|jiamton, BlDghamton. H.T. njATTtBTTft I, I »«tn«itloii8 VKKB t» ru 1 r* fu i \ 9 i" vB "' o «' NVritu at •»«• in i LSI 10. ffon k of ln * orm »- OR^XLE & CO., Wmhlngten. D. q . J inn' in this ere climate, with the ground! Mark my words, no good come of it." iright September evening when ne stopped at the old Dale farm iished out to meet her, and with hugs and kisses innuni- lear Mary!" she said "Why been to see us before'?" •ven't you been to see me?" re- witn tho piquant, offhand ich was one of her greatest 'That is the question, 1 should eyelashes dropped; instinctively to her brother. vanned to her rescue, offering y hand, with excellent im- mposure. Mabel, your time has been upied," said he. "I told Flor- ngs were changed—that you ly be expected to have leisure to jar silly prattle. d you know that things were cried Mabel, with a resentful violet-blue eyes. ,y own common sense told me at the reason that you haven't me?" the reasons." aid Mabel with aji incleiscrbable of voice, and fixing her ej es with a sudden qestiomng ich he was but too thankful to looking another way! "That ,t you cared for your old friend, lild be of any real pranctical use {friend—." Ian," briefly interrupted Miss ne how and I shall be at your Still Rolling. It has recently been demonslrntcd that some articles of merchandise, which have been before the public of England for the last half century, are nine times more used there thuu all other principal patent medicines put together. We refer to Ueecham's Pills, which iu order to meet the wishes and -requirements expressed by Americans, many of .whom already know their vulua, are now introduced iu such u thorough manner that no home need bo without them iu America. We believe this shrewd and dia- cerning people will soon join iu the universal testimony that they "are worth a guinea a box," although they can bo purchased of druggists for but twenty-five cents. These E llis are round und will therefore roll. They ave already rolled into every Knglish- Bnuaking country in the world, and they are still rolling. All euttui ing from indigestion, flutuency, constipation, and all other forms of stomach and liver troubles, have now this famous and inexpensive remedy within their reach; but should they Hud, upon in- qulry, that their druggist doe* not keep DoBchain's Tills, liiuy can send twenty-live cents to the General Agents for tho United Slates, B. F. Allen & C'-- °" K " ' °' * New York City, who them to any address. Life is Misery Tu tliiiii-iiinl- u C i>GonlB who hnve tho tnlnt of scrofula In tholr blood. The agonies cnustul by the dreadful running sores nud other manifesUlloiu of thlt disease ure beyond description. There Is no remedy equal t« Hood's Sarsnpnrllla for Borofuln, salt rheum und every form of blood diuDiue. We know that It has cured the severest cases und it will benefit all who give it a fnir trial. "Scrofula bunches on lay neck disappeared wlieu 1 took Hood's Sarsnparllla." A. K. KELI.EY, Turk. 61-uburg, W. Va. Hood's SarsapariUa Fold by ull druggists, f Ij nix for $5. 1'ii.ji.innl unly by O. 1. UOOU 4 CO., l.ontill, Muaa. IOO Doses O^ne TTOTJ no appetite, Indigestion, Flatulence, Sick- Hoadeahe, "all ruu down" or losing fleali, you will Und Tutt's Pills just what you need. They tone up the weak stomach and build up the llinfjjlngeiiergies. MOTHERS. Jicr package, split post-paid, with full lu»ln"ilous CK (iulai-» mill 'I'Mhiicihliils fur 6e. Kiaiups. * Used according f o BfRECTIDWS wiffj e Seat for trial "in your own home befor* TOI bur. Local Amnt< Inferior InntrunKuiti or what ne aslc. s, SWELLINGS We pay $61) lo f 100 H month and oinimaot. Addro<» THE CHARLES fl. 'i.Y 1I11OTHERS, CB 'VVarron fit. NowYorlc. 1 Mat Cough Medicine. Recommended by Physicians. Cures where all elae foila. Pleasant and agreeable to the taste. Children taka it without objection. By druggiflta. " No other Week 'y Fa P' r 0 ive * «"°'» Variety of Entertaining and Instructive Reading at so low a price. nnd fully en dorao Bis G fta the onlj apeelflc for tho certain curl of thin disensc. O. H. INORAHAJI.M. J> Amulerdnm, N, V Wo have sold B'c Gf»« nmny yenrs, and ft but jiven the best oJ nail!) .action. D. tt. DYOms ,fe CO., Chlci ,-u, II! 31.00. Self, by Umwclati human nji , •if/A laval, dtimm fnituoei lorcinou and indiscretion, to all forma of distant. Old Eym, Kaplan. PMmosti, tta. 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Powder Monkeys; by Admiral S. B. T-ice. A Chat about Samoa; by Admiral L. A. Kimberly. Overland in a Man-of-War; Admiral J, H. Gillis. Latest Discoveries in Science. This Series of Papers explains In a simple manner the recent researcheu of the greatest Specialists In Science. The Stars; by J. Norman Lockyer, F. R. S, The Moon; by Prof. E. S. HoJ^n. The Earth; by.Prof. N. S. Shaler. by Prof. C. A. Young. The Stars j by Prof, E. S. The Ocean; by Camille Flam/arion. . SNYDIilt, l,otk Box 401, < IX TIMS TMl-l-'R .„„„, ,._.. '.,•.«««. MONTH q Itrlelit -Voting' Men or Hoard f'<<IT<>H in each County. U.y.n:«Jt.»:u Jt CO..BT. J.OUIB,JIO. IMDBLK . Inuk-Uidtrl $7.76. if, A. , WAHIIlNUli Solid I'm lr«WELL*ClUUT, 1»« Mala Htnet, aUMtl, Ohto. Successful!> Prosecutes Cla!/ns! Ha Principal Examiner U.S. Pension Bureau Will promptly Illllil HJ^ t8 Principal ExaoiiuerU.S.PenBion Bureau IJIUUI^HJT mini B3yrglntostwur,lSm\|uiUcttUiinclttliu.,tttty»iuB« Mackinaw Island, Midi., hna some queer people. Knias Polotte is eighty-six years old, was boru on the island and lias never seen a locomotive or railroad car. Hosa Lonisignaw is also eighty-six yours old and for sixty years never left tlie island, breaking her record last^ j^ear. MBN think house-cleaning easy, but unless a woman uses SAPOL10 tho proverb is true, "Easier rule a kingdom than manage a Louse." A fine dog in Dyer county, Tenn., worked Us way Into a hollow stump, and when in could not get out. When found, twenty, three days after its disappearance, the pool 1 creature was alive_aud conscious. SINGLE J DOUBLEl _ _ I We willjeud the aoovolo nTny addresa'onTecelnl I I of |1, or 11 for 60 cents, post-puld. Cataloeuo f$Kt. I |U. I . MAY * CO., ^T._PAjJj, t MINN, f FAT FOLKS is jUi:iii'iiAM'tf 1'n.Ls cure Uillmis tinil Kurvoua Ills. Tliu diuilli rate in AiiBlria in ISSO watt low- ur tliiin it liuis bcLMi for tun yuui-B. Tlio total nunibur of dcutlis wus U1U,T87, Ueing at tlio r^tu of 87.85 per niillc; tlio nuinbor of births \v«8 808,300, or fuwur Uian In 1688. Ainoui' i«t her anus around her friend's tl»* I'liUUveu boru tUero verg 1.00$ boys to Deling softly; i liOWgUfo o'^5 puuudb per liiiruiItfiD lin-bu !No nlorvinp, i\ Uui-e. . C'onlideut iiil. Send IX-. for i-iiculurs und tefUniC'niulki Adilreus IHt. O. W. V., i<S Blato Si., t'liicugo, 111. Muuiu this ruini-i' when you write. , KNTITMiU VltO UA VJ2 NOT iiJiiCN ION l'iTJ,i;i>. ^Uilreu* tor forms fur ijiulicullon und full iufurinmlon WW. W. DUDLEY, J.ATIS COM^USSIONJii; Ofc' 4'KN.SIONS, AUurutiv til 1'UW, \VitNliliigluu, D, C. (Meutiou this itniier.) tho profit foot reuiQdy for male. Illtf tllO f. Ot SSUI.LKK. Jllf'lut relief for cold ur i"THpirlug feet On ulo overywhurc, or son i r,-«e on receipt of 6c, eta. 8f uiplD uukago fiu,. ui stores, or mulled for a -%.'!W, t »*J»w§6 ( }«t | Pn»ft. College Athletic Sports. ^ By Harvard, Princeton and Yale Captains. College Boat-racing; by R. W. Herrick. Foot-Ball at Princeton; by E. A. Poe. Base-Ball: Matches Lost and Won; by A. A. Stagg. The Sun; How to Choose a College. Four Articles of great value to any young man considering a College Education; by Pres. Seth Low. Hon. Andrew D. White. Prof, Goldwin Smith. Pres. Merrill E. Gates. Important Articles. The Success at the Bar of Famous Lawyers; by Lord Coleridge, Chief Justice of England. Incidents in the Lives of Famous Surgeons; by Sir Morell Mackenzie, M. D, Railway Stories by Railway Men; by Prominent Railroad Officials. Jules Verne's Boyhood, telling how he became a Story Writer; by Jules Verne. Among the Highland Peasantry; by The Marquis of Lome. Illus. by The Princess Louise! The Girl with a Taste for Music. How can She make the most of Her Voice ? A remarkable scries of paper» written expressly for TUB COMPANION by the following famoui lingers: Madame Albani. Miss Marie Van Zandt. Miss Emma Juch. Miss Emma Nevada. Madame Lillian Nordica. Thrown on Her Own Resources. What can a Girl of Sixteen do ? A Series of Four practical and holpful Articles, wlueli will prove suggestive ana valuable to any girl; by Amelia E. Barr. "Jenny June." Mary A. Livermore. » Marion Harland," And other Favorite Writers. Art . E , ditoriaU on Current Events at home and abroad. A Charmine Children's Ppge Every Week. Sv w M i U r b 'h PU M Wlad frequent 'y- «*'»« U8eful '"formation iu life various deponents ofTome life,- oy Work, Embroidery, the Decoration of Uoomi, the Care of Plants, Cooking, »nd Hints on IIou»ekeeptag. SLIP FREE TO JAN., 1891. WITH m o u%D>e UiflON"

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