The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 5, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1890
Page 4
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'" 1 "" 5 "'" -* '" '•*'""'' "' ' * **- ""' ' *""»'•-*' " "' ' '• ••' r • ==-"-"«"" n ' _ ii ii :. •• Hie Upper Dei ifaines. jggygjjjl^^^^. & DESMOINES; AMOWA. IOWA, obligations to I* A A*.. ~, 4 nn^aft,, /C3Z »£ uuucruougatlOHS tO ?fJ&^«.S2^^ om .P 9(m '* » democrat serving undef this administration, he make* the confHhiif.tnn.+n AIA %»* -_:ir'Irrrr**. age* at e | comj fat I ont it)B ----,_ ablf vefl Will tit mil one man in 'the campaign who W»a said anything faoteworthyis.Slaine. Although he spoke but few itlmes, .and Wleny 4 what he said will 'be discussed *heii It will be forgotten that other tten wore on Hhe stump. Elaine has given vitality, if not birth, to an idea Which will grow in popularity. He has ry. e as pointed a way for extended commerce wee fr ~ -—— "*v "" "Auouutju commerce wee from the embarrassments of simply «penihg our markets. j?ree trade leaves us at the mercy (t>f the selflsh- ttess of others. Reciprocity puts them Under bonds to trade in good faith. Blaine speaks only of South America Others will apply the same principle to «ur trade with Mexico, others with Canada, others, and westerners especially, with tho nations of Europe who buy our western produce. Reciprocity like the old Hansa league, will among a few begin a policy of fraternal co-opera- tiott and trnrln. t.Tin.t nncm nn *„ 4.1. _ it tS*£&Zth.t in l 8 aattinisttation, hemal «« r*«^M< t( ? n ' t< l, ttl< L hlfl . own .Party- am a remibllflAn -r aid mine. If we am We Would not. No tnt employe to con- o-uoDJics to contribute, no him to contribute to this . 0f*W h Wgfttd ••*° the mbers, there Is no reason why -.Hbo democrats ns well as re- But them will be prose- tneieason ( WentteSV(rt bodge last week I fo^edicai advice and how toon to £ his former self and would probably be tanch better at tho present time could he have realized that a man of mature years Is far from being a celt and have acted accoW Ingly When there was hard Work T 4 £Z* t*, B> t ut w ?-, of them WJH be Prosecuted if wo have evidence of their trying to force contributions by intimidation:'' One of tho most curious of the new issues of this campaign was the movement in Dos Moines by the lawyers' to name the candidates for a non-partisan judiciary for Polk county. The demo- crates endorsed the scheme, but the republicans put up a.straight opposition ticket. The big majority of lawyers stood by their action, such republicans as Senator Gatch, A. B. Cummlngs, Judge Nourso, and Judge Day supporting the bar ticket. Tho Register, Capital, and News supported the republican ticket, and tho contest has been bit- Ike Swiegard is in politics over in ' fc****** '"The •-"""w -me signal says: "The - Crescent calls Swiegard a "moss back from 'way back." You are slightly off, Bro. Nichols, *nd evidently not acquainted with Isaac's political experience It is only about six years ago since Ike was a pretty strong republican over in ICossuth COUnty. ItWaftnillv n ntiounn _i i_.,.. THE RESULT IN DOUBT. tJbllivef May PdssSbly Have Small Majority in Kossuth Cbunty. j HOVEMBM 5, Igoa building is a fine two-story brick, aftd the editor enjoys one of the finest homes In the city. Mrs. PiJ»r will be pleasantly remembered byold Algonft college students as Eva Wykofc She has been in poor health for some years, but has the promise of full recovery in the, near future. She' recalled with pleasure the days wheti they came to Alffona bv team to attend school. j ySF'j. 4i " * -r "• ""•ueiiiiu.uu-upera- ' ~ ""••> viunuuaumis ooen bit- nK < ~ H fltld tmd0 ' that I 3a88es to tho wider 1tor ' Of c ° o1 ai-gtiment there has been «M ZoIIverein, and eventually to universal littl8 ' "' nd but Httlo of that deliberate W <som »efcial unity. Commerce brings cliscUSBlon which such a movement >•*• peace, it encourages enlightenment, it oughil to su &gest. There is merit in kills provincialism, it permits every nriy mov °ment to remove tho choice of ttrtfriiiw nt fJi»> >-»!«!._. A_ i .. . - nut* iti/HrtJnM*» fii~._ A\. i *1 ,—„,, iw jJtuuiiiB uvOPy portion of tho globe to do-wHopo that which it can dovelopo best. 'It Us fair tonllwhiloitisfafr^andlit cannot bo otherwise when by definite treaty.or legislative engagement nations ajrree to make it fair. As Blaino -said at South Bond: "The republics should bo brought closer and .closer together, and when wo can help them.and they can help us it fa the ilrst business to do flO." This is true first in tho'interests of civilisation. It is true second because 'Jho said farther: People may dispute about .Elaine's Btatemanship but no one can deny his genius. By one brilliant flash he has lighted the way that will what Clajralways projpheded, and.Garfield desired. Reciprocal trade will be tho watchword of a progressive .republicanism in 1892. „„ ^ ^*j_i w v u uiiu UUO1CG OI our judiciary from the hoac of party conilict, but how far, tho people can afford to relievo themselves of tho responsibility of naming their own judges is a question. Unfortunately tho contest has brought out but little meritorious discussion, while of mud' slino-lng and personal abuse there has been no end. South Carolina is showing how to settle tho raco question. In tho conventions Capt. Tillmnn, tho alliance man, won tho nomination for governor. Ho represented tho now democratic sentiment of tho south Tho old bourbons put up Mr. Haskoll and strangely enough the darkeys were for Haskell solidly. There was no republican LlClrfir.. nml nn ItlnnV w..t_ it..... - ..— v..j^j u, viUUIigO Of him a democrat." — Spencer News has an item of lo- calinteresti HaswellRamsey, typewriter and stenographer with Hughes & Hastings, and since their sale to Cory & Bemis, with the new .firm, departed for Chicago on Tuesday. He will take a vacation till Jan, U ^ir an ^ theng0t ° Seattle to re-engage with Hughes & Hastings. Emmetsburg is In high feather over the new pork packing factory which is now ™ces? ^"Po**"" ^ make a big The Estervillo Republican has __. j. i pleasure me uays wnen iney came 10 —-—-.1 . j Algoha by team to attend school. fn/<*<*t^Ui. n . ~. i A feature of Sheldon enterprise wor-> incomplete Retufns Show that thy of note is the farmers* grain ware- Many ToWnshios Sfraf-rliprl house. Some two years ago the mer* tJ- to j. chaftte raised $4 '°°0 and »"llt MI ele- iiim Badly, vator and have since run it to keep' under plow, and fall plowing all done. Of this there are 120 acres of pasture, & good orchard, plenty of buildiii#e, et& good orchard, plenty For terms inquire of 80t2 J. Him Badly. BiTMlsoit for Clerk of Courts Probably Has a Majority of Something Over One Hundred, A Close Bafle for Connty Recorder, with the Odds lu Favor of Smith, (Democrat.) While for County Attorney Quarton and Joslyn Make a Lively Fight of It— —Joslyn is the Winner. , . .-"« a-iauuuiiuan nas changed its form. It is a big, newsy pa per, and wo are pleased to note its prosper- Hamilton Freeman; Miss Lizzie For Supervisors It Looks Like Peters and Benschoter, (Rep.)-Uncertainty as to the Result. tjiiuuta rttiewu «p*,uui/ liiiu u vator and have since run it to keep prices up for produce. The result is Sheldon has the best market in that part of the country. Another curious thing is the rapid settlement west, although the country Was opened later thatt ours. O'Brien county is the size of Palo Alto, but has as many people as Kossuth, while O'Brien and Osceola are the size of Kossuth and have 8,000 tnore people. The country is so well taken that they cannot raise their own hay. That is What has made sudden towns, and good ones. Sheldon is a fine example, full of enterprise, and a credit to northern Iowa. No better small citys exists any* where. THE BABY OAREIAGES AGAIN, .Tames McLaren Is Interviewed In Apples! Apples! Appiesi A whole oar of apples &f rived at the big city of Algona. and Pattefeon Bros, have decided to sell them at $1.00 pef bushel. Come earlyi-28 Mo! for sextohj Highest prices paid for grain) seeds, etc. Illinois third-vein and Iowa block coal, flour, feed, salt, etc., Come and see us. J. -J* JAS, MclNSoE, Agent. at figures. Jf. 23t8 „ j.. loumuu; J^gg J^JjjgJ Kennedy of Algona was tho guest of Miss Ella Henneberry the first of this week. T H r -r-i * i . n/mrVT, ?° fWhIttemore h£ls the credit of shipping tho first carload of hogs to tho Emmetshuri? nnnv;,,,, v, B to tho Emmetsburg packing house. Complimentary Mention. One of The unofficial figures of election are given below except for Cresco. There the republican majority will be' above 20. _ The vote seems to give Dolliver a majority of six or more, Brunson 200, Joslyn 140, while Peters and Lovell are elected supervisors by a very small majority, probably not over 20 for either one. It is the closest election ever held, and official figures will be awaited S.^ 1 ? ?<«'"> the result. The '"•""-= JTJLV/JUMJI c« IB j.u.iervievvCCl in California About the Famous Or- ttlnance-Wlmt He Says of Algona. Our old friend, Jos. McLaren, sends us a copy of the Alhambra Review, edited by a couple of bright ladles, if the paper bo allowed to speak for itself, in which is the following amusing inter- Vlfttir* To tfie Public. I have employed a good blacksmith, and am now prepared to do general blacksmithing in connection with iny wagon Work. Special attention given to horse shoeing and plow work. Sots PETER J. JOHNSON. CHOICE Strained Honey at Townsend & Lang-don's. " NELLIE ELY" caps going cheap at Setchell & Setchell's/ v W. L. WOLFE has the agency for tho " genuine" Oxford bibles, also a fine line nf fn.milv hihloa ntnrnnft n<u>*%n*.4-j M ~ =^ ANOTHER FICTITIOUS IIKHO. In 1700 a pamphlet whidh questioned the authenticity oifthe:story of .William Tell was publicly burned,in the canton Ot Uri, so bitterly,did thojpeoplo resent fflnv suspicion conceimingitheirjmtional •>• But ruthless .criticism i has done !/• ii ti/l -i-T- _ f~i _-•• 11, { hero. -v»v >v*i.*uj.\sjQU4 [ AHIH its work, and tho Swiss liberator who ahot the apple from ihis.son's head, and afterwards killed tfce tyrant ,Gessler amd made possible the .Swiss oonfedera- ££ «ivt M r^|j,r-rr traced to the common legendary stock' of the Ancestors of • njfl the lEurapean peoples. Norway and England and other nations have thelr-stories of Tell different, but showingr a common origin' ^Switzerland can no longer claim his actual historical existence. In »tho last Atlantic W. D. McOacken sums up the evidence, traces the stories, and points the iuevietablo conclusion 'Tell X?S fc , Th ° Bt0l ' y ^ f hi8 U!o ™™ told in 1474 by a notary .at Sarnen, ' i r'_ . n'rtii ........ . - * ,,. ^,.0^, wus no republican ticket, and no black man's ticket. And so the moss backs wanted a full darkey vote and denounced in awful imprecations any intorfcronco at tho polls. It must havo been a strange sight, the old southern aristocrats coddling and protecting tho dar keys at the ballot box. The world moves It is reported and disputed that Mexico has retaliated on our tariff by putting a tariff of $500 a car on American cattle Even grain sent with cattle is taxed 80 cents n bushel. The report, which comes from Kansas City shippers, was that cattle and horses sent across tho Rio Grande last week by unsophisticated owners were subjected to these duties. The consequence is that several loads havo been seized. The im ^p- a il|$ l ^->£g'S§a!S! s'ras? l ? $*^£tf££Xi to bo pleasing to its readers and patrons g a o view: Our attention was directed on reading our eastern exchanges, to a reference to an ordinance prohibiting moth°M rom 7 heelln £ their infants on the sidewalk in a town in northern Iowa, called Algona. Supposing it to be authentic, and knowing that one of our bank men was from Iowa and possibly frdm Algona, we sought information ai to the truth of such an order, before sending for for the mayor's photograph that we might publish him to the woAd I t.rlR nnlnmvio nt 4-1 T-» • need —„„ «.» TU uodi auizea, me importation tax on United States hogs has been flxod at $3.50 a head. Gladstone is making as vigorous a campaign as over in Scotland. At 81 he stumps like a man of 40. Ho is tho maroel Of MIR ivonni*ofIn.. attractive. Carroll Herald: THO upr of Algona has discarded the SffiSaSSSrFj^S 1VO nlnm-w».-i ».„., Jl Si_ _ >,, _ W-C*U.O tGHClGll- MISOELLAUEOUS Chas. A. Dana is home from Europe He say B it is largely duo to Whitelaw Reid that Franco is nnniinn. ,!«„.„ _i . that Franco tariff. is cooling down about our but greatly-Till was supposed to Jiuve lived who particii^' a -"-' mu '*'?/•' The sti/ri^ of the legi poem air being: "XV'ory was a copy.of older V id no foundation in fact, tvon at length,-and copies in other countries, ono { tho old English 'ballads The Irish patriots, Dillon, O'Brien- and others havo arrived at Now York to again seek aid for their cause. Tho Century Magazine celebrates its twentieth anniversary with the November irainbor,-a number which is intended to Original Paclcn K o Dealers Are J n „ Quandary Over tlie CaMwell Decision-Minor Mention. The decision of Justice Caldwell on the Iowa original package cases has made a difference in the status of the business in this state, and the original package men are in deep water.' 1 When asked what ho should do about it, Mr. Wood, our local dealer, said nothing-at present. Ho IB now under bonds to appear in December was not Ju § U,o litorkVy and SrUstio AndnL? 11 ' 111 ' 1110 v P° n ">' s "«aa, tho Do Vinno Press, •Soribncr's Magazine for November con- •tauia three romarkabto . illustrated articles • of. travel and adventure of widely differing S! 1 *?? 0 *™ 11 . 8 "**. emtowSiw elephant • , -...-^.^oy General Stone, in ono place the justice says- there never was any question -—; laws ol Iowa prohibited the --—01 liquor produced in the state if ttonil™™ 1 ' * hl , 8 pUI>P ° se wei * c °™titu- tiomil. These laws were in full force at the date of the passage of the act of congress, and that act having ' ' - OlleCit, nlinlidlir,/! „,.,•_!.- .1 bl torto. -..v.^^.tiuiji iuu BUUI-CO tottiie moiith nf tii«t ^tethT^^^f^H ^'S^S^r"^ 1 !^^ ^a.uui uiiau J.Oil is ji.i liero of fiction adds another to the lfet : , of exploded traditions. With Santa - I ---- - *"» »**\J tl^U is relegated to the shadows. We may next be prepared to hear that Winkel- ried never grasped tho Austrian spears to his bosom, and Bonnivuwl never wore tho stones in the prison of Chalon M! Lol tho fairyland is tost. -- >. , iui M AuiAiii tilt) HttitQ Dv n Ahem on the same footing with li- i-iproduced in the state, tliey are-4 to • - - i , s «*iu »ta t l lie state law as if in people in the world. n .°, reference-it's guan if they say they are from They '+h h ° W ^ Out that ordinance the council prohibiting moth- their baby genuine-- uxiora Dioies, also a fine line of family bibles, anyone expecting to purchase a bible before holidays will do well to see him. BOCK salt goes three or four times as far as common. Buy it at the Cash Store, 75 cents per hundred. JOHNSON'S pure Cider Vinegar for sale at the Cash Store. Buttprlclc'B 1'atterns In fall styles of ladies' and children's garments. Call and ask for "Metropolitan Fashion Sheet." Free to everyone, at Setcholl & Setchell's. FULL strength pure Cider Vinegar, made by F C. Johnson, Kishwaufee 111., for sale by Townsend & Langdon. FRESH oysters at Ladendorf's in bulk -iso lull lino of confectionery, fine cigars, tobaccos, etc.-30ml : Hog Cholera. Get the " Standard Stock Food" and save your hogs.-28t4 J. J. ~ Rock salt cannot be beat for stock < ° rOCk Such a laugh as is heard onlv in glorious Calfornia was the reply as he explained that it meant—bicycles f ,, Incidentally it might be remarked "ivr )>- s . ha PP v lau &h indicates that life. 1S ^ g °° d health and en Joying Fnllnrcs in Life. MOVEMENTS, visit. H ° Ugh iS h ° me from his Michigan tbe iided a business trip, was Milwaukee last Ruthven An Important Matter from -'. Pangburn was down from El- *3 Stiles' .Nerve and Liver Pills RemovBB- 110 " toh cure ever The .whole question will now K o to the sujjremo court, and the Kansas^decision an favor nf tii a ,™ „!,;,.:;: " as , •In Algona. Algona was hottest flgfet was on justices. nament last week scores. They matches. " Durant tom> the E . H Iowa - —ivivi .i VJAJ. iino m,j package is illegal. Inspection of Co, !\ Tho report, of the standing of our military company has been received and shows an improvement over last year ^ffii^ssr^^ 0 "-*- ces. . H Clarke P. M. Taylor, S. A. Thompson ana fi. S. .Sessions were voted for Tav- loi- and Thompson getting the majority. The vote by wards was: Taylor, 38 in First 70 in Second, 45 in Thiz-d 69 in Eourth total 222; Thompson, 85 83, 43, 5 water works. the ORIGINAL NOTICE. me piates had to v,« ":""i ji i ja up, as No plates areVaVfor ? 2 f fUffp^ to nut nn fi-.^ f. % ? Corses unlflSH ~ v *™.imuy t —•*»*«*uit) •'•UVGHtlllflnr Jan. i ifisn O i sllt Per cent, ne" .-- wereon ifory'noteVv^jneyjustVa ,°.te«^ of r e » to Plaintiff- 184. c ..,,to , 197; Sessions, 59, 43, 83, 50, total, to put on the poses. 'g pur- a visitor +« +v, <-.i . *•«» «»i*«iuenoo to the State Register denounced tho civil service law, tho commission, and everything thereto pertaining fa T ^easured terms. Ho said oik. hTd 9M then-political liberty, and so on to -the end of tho story told by tho dk appointed crowd, who no longer ievy" their dishonest assessments on the holders of appointive places. Tho facts in the owe show that olorks havo all the political freedom any citizen has, and all the opportunity they desire to fllVG tnfll )• \vn <vr»c. t „.. .. . -i., . .- ssssfir]£p^ < aa«^ aB Si« . ~-*~r*n*jr * DUIIJUS. Jjis- ^^^SS'K^SKS^ ^^&™?. «p«»*ras practice of the in the firsi C. ' Shadle,' ^J^lf ^,«»«-venteensue-j BOWYEE'S WAOTDISPLAY. ' T if..^ n f?.* Llae ot 0«W, Silver, ONE OF OUENEIQHBOKS. I'lace-Some Items of Interest. The writer had the pleasure of a day m Sheldon a week ago, and was sui^ prised to find so well built a city Where fire took out a block of old wooden stores there is now a block of two storyBuildings, some iu the f/L TD'ABanrl Kt.I^l. _..j A i . -—v soon to spend the winter s h J5»SS; SS W^^"E Chicagoas y an n artl'±!^ far ^ead of uu si n ' with John Jenswold one of E? rtne «*lp B ona college stude T ld A1 ' Tir."' AUItinan * •,!;,: "»nna. TOno,. 1 its give their jwigns. In wages for political cam- T"^'™"*, U ° f tho wpubllenn OU lerks Theodore Roosevelt of the com- jl£ lissionsont money to the campaign tht uumttoe last week, and Commissioner Wfttiwnpson did the same tor tho demo,V^ li> Speaking of tho situation Mr. )( x phfyolt said: . HeiAjks are as much ut liberty to con ft tho /* one l )al 'ty W to another; and they f\ away U>e inn •HI IN THIS NEIGHBOBHOOP. Humboldt Indopondont: Tho at Irviiigtou are a progressive K- G ; Bowyer has got rented room, and is i best jewelry stock he handsome ladies' and in his j , . " ' """ ao J « mo nnest pressed brick with stone trimmings, one in stone, and all in brick. Besides this there are a dozen or more other brick business buildings. .The hotel is Sf? na , rv i el °. f . ele £ unc e for a Small citv blocks of forest * ^ •• Ul ,,., °—••"»« pi-ogressivo society and nee ^H d f,l MCe8 ! aVybusi » e ^ * con- «« »n filled oases he baa a full show < 3 ase a . . dls .P la /as good as can be found in any city in Iowa. iri ne rings, also and other jewelry are plentiful, wara. nW ra «»/> «n i.i_j' * --.«*) (1 **A»»J jOIX V\Sl , . all kinds of iewelrv 2?Ji n "SJ"9*V. WaU 6Uy ...,-^nd. Sheldon has three . and is rapidly becoming a WHio fh ln Ol i. 1 ' wes tern country. cSlATAS af^ reof They la v* «-*»o. V^UHB. owns iveone of the finest homes town, and Charlie is g^ e tl and is now closin ut his fc-^r clothing- visit with of the «f *i, v T- oldest PaJpws 01 the state. He has tit "newspaper luck," tensive nhoto v,, L-,! 1 " Ia ?i? r ^o an ex- tavl^^eittof^Syest« H,f e g9.°n 88 tensive photo bus Z« y ^ r do a " ex- 8^'«B^tTO&*ro^e W ^^ wrashftA 6 El w?ij e ^te.i8ob, a( ^$8S&ffi$&t PlansanA 6 *'?the low.?: i.'» si :&'!

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