Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on March 1, 1922 · Page 10
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 10

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Wednesday, March 1, 1922
Page 10
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TiUS LINCOLN STATE JOURNAL. MMS. - in n s4 - TNT - vVk - Mn o lr - o A l - i I o T nnmnnnf I i l t Till k C i"f" CI J - ClVY OUll icllVCO VVCJL JLtClllO UJ. HOJJiaOlVa n.LllL0 - ALlXAXAXlg VJ itxiiiiivqvui iJAui , 1, l - 2. 4 DAWSON AT HELM OF HUSRER ATHLETICS P. W. Leuhring'i Resignation in Effect March 1 Coach Takes Reins and Will Hare Charge of Basketball Sleet. B A R KTB A IX STA N DIMiS City Loe. T.awlor aporta ........ ? 1 fnrqwliajr 4'lnthMra ... ? 1 Armtttromr Clathirrt . 7 1 Hwtnrt Iteirr ........ S It It. Kobinftoa ...... Ki'fHt ... lxWolir ............. 3 4 Un kirklM 1 1 Hitifflrt of CnlamHna . 1 7 f h'wtn porting (rooda 1 1 fttt JonriuU t 9 .S7S .Sl! .15 .M7 .! .fi0 .45 .400 .143 .143 .111 The resignation of P. W. Luehring in athletic director at the University of Nebraska became - effective Wednesday and Heaeh Coach Fred Dawson i now the official with whom other Institutions wilt deal and who will handle the - business of Nebraska athlatlcs until an athletic director U appointed. Coach Dawson is acting athletic director. ' The business end of the work will be conducted . by Neil Chaddertoa while Coach Dawson will be the executive. "The work Is going on very satisfactorily" said Chancellor Arery Wednesday morning, "With Coach ttawson at the helm and Mr. Chadder - ton assisting In the work of the office end with Coach Schuite and Coach Frank alio aiding the work of handling the state high school basketball 4urnaemnt will probably be very satisfactory." No Director Selected. Lieutenant Elmer Olfphant, of West Point, who was here last week looking over the Institution, had been regarded as a possible successor to F. W. Luehring but rumor has It that Oliphant la out of the race. Other men are being considered, however, and among them some of the best director In the country. Temporarily Nebraska will be under the guidance of Coach Fred Dawson The Husker school is getting along very nicely and the work Is in expert hands so the officials feel there is no necessity of rushing themselves to death in getting a new director. They believe it better to give the entire field a close survey and to select a man at their. leisure after the better men have been given the once over Luehring Leaves This Week F. W. Luehring stated Wednesday morning that he expected to leave for Minnesota this week. The former athletic director said that he would thin his household goods to Mlnnea - polls and would drive thru in his car. air. Luehring's final act in nis position as athletic director was to send the wlmmtnr team to victory over the Ames tank squad Tuesday afternoon. The work of Mr. Luehring as athletic director will not go with him. The tennis courts which he had erected, the swimming team, .the Coliseum floor for the basketball team and a host of other Improvements stand as monuments to his work at Nebraska Minnesota will find hiro an excellen executive and a diplomat worthy of representing the Gopher institution. Coach Dawson Is III. Altho nominally in charge of the .athletics at Nebraska at present, Coach Dawson la physically incapa citated and the directorship has fallen on the shoulders of Neil Chadderton for the time being. Coach Fred Daw - eon fell ill while in Kansas and la at present convalescing at Manhattan. Coach Henry Schuite has also had an attack of la grippe and is just getting back into shape to work with his i tracksters whom he plans to send to V Urbana. 111., for the fifth annual relay j c&rnival Saturday evening. Poplin franchise is sold taUMtay School, Trinity S hwmwl W. F. S - - ol Harrtbit ...... S I we KvanajcUcaJ S M. Pwnl M. K F.mmititn! M. K. ...... 3 I'lrn (hrtotton 3 K. Lincoln Christian ... a : - mt ltltnttt . .1 Won.1 lrtbyfrtlt .,1 4 7. km Congregational S t l.lmn Thonwlay. Trtnltr s. Honl PrrwbyUHan. 7 urn 'oncrrgnilonad M. Uobrrta IHiirjr a. V Fttrblf. e s i s s 6 i .714 .SS .871 .37 .37 S .euo L AMSON AND WALKER BATTLE TO A DRAW Hard Hitting Kansas City Heavy Unable to Floor Indian Copper - ikin Faster and Landing More Often. LATE FIGHT RESULTS. nerve enougn to auemyi Dempsey Just talks a UUle and does his stuff in the ring. Ruth, however, couldn t do his stuff unless he was booked at tne oia Roman amphitheater. The champion seems to be in per fect condition. He Is a little bit heavy around the shoulders but from the looks of his slim legs and his trim waist, he could hop In the ring with about three weeks work. He is boxing with Larry Williams, one of the big sparring partners he had at Atlantic City. Of course, their work is very "stagy" but nevertheless, Dempsey shows signs of improve ment. He seems faster and more graceful on his feet, his boxing shows much improvement and his punches are sharper and more accurate. He still breathes a little bit loudly but not the same "noise" as was noticed just be fore he fought Carpentier. HAYELOCK BEATS HASTINGS Two Extra Periods Required to Set tie Best Gaame Ever Flayed on Suburban Court. It renuired two extra periods of five minutes each to decide the fastest game ever staked on the Havelock court Tuesday night, which, ended with the Boilermakers in possession of the best end of a 44 to 36 score, in their game with Hastings college. At the last whistle the score was 33 to 33. The first extra period ended 36 to 36. The summary: Havelock Hlokok. t .. TuthUl, t T.ent. Sjvmo. a Hrlnrtch. t fftahor, f . far t s I e 1 ft t 0 0 1 I 1 t tf t e a IIIWLTS) OF TKTAT KIGHT SCHAP. r.onr 1.HMM, Mnrotn, ami Ifatrh Walker, Kmmw City, 10 nwxli, Urw, hravy weight. Frank! Immi. HanaM City, wwn SHm Trr 'Kid' W arlrli, Lincoln, la tn romida liirhtwrtalit "sirt" ioklra. 14nrohi mn4 - KM" French, Ontrnl CHf, S vwnd. Amw, w4tmrHrHta - Itattlinir" Htruyrr, l.lm - olit. won owwon ovr t ntnk Zelden, LumtoIb, S roanda, wl terwngtiia. Vmw York Tanran Iirktn. M kworkrd oat la iWIgm, Jiow York la iko totarth (wmI. Motion .Nt Mtogol won toa - fwmd 4o rkMon over ktl MkowUs, rw FngUMid woltorwetakt chajaptoa.. weifht was Voanrattwn, OsThmmy Fraack. 'rw York, knovknl ot IHck iMdnam Boffi. in tho foarth rwtiad. Mike Hurma, iMttn - bnrtb bantem, won declaim from Jack O'ltrion, ( Irtctand. Fhilwdrlphta - Tommy Lanrkma, Fkfla drlphia, outpoitiird llryan lotvnryf Ojlam - ku. Ohio, in m toM - roan4 boat. namokia. Pa. IkMuiy Korra, Philadelphia, ami Hnkby H'Uliama. Allen ton, fought a ton - round draw. Waterloo, I. y lUmtaa koai Frits Knio, Um round. Ma Frwrnca Carta filnnaattl wan a foar - rawmi doika from Hill Palmer and FrtMtkio Itakrr treat fetid ie llrown. pta IS 4 14 1 14 4 TTaatlmra A n1 - riion, t Kriwat - 'ta, f Orlfflth, V,. pinyrtar, g A. Hull Kobortaon, g St u I 4 0 ! 4 4 14 4 ft 9 4 4 4 S 4 rf 9 To " tf 4 4 4 4 4 4 44 pta IS 4 t 14 4 NEBRASKA SWIMMERS WIN Philip and Lindley First in Individ ual Points Husker s Win Six of Eight Events. AMES, la., Feb. 28. The University of Nebraska swimming team with only four members defeated Iowa State in a dual intercollegiate meet here thla afternoon 36 to 25 by win - ring six of the eight main events of tho Droaram. Philip and Lindley of Bought by Syndicate of Tour, With Denver Favored for Club, But Lincoln a Possibility. DENVER, Colo., March l.The franchise formerly held by the Joplin, Mo., club of the Western baseball league, was sold to a syndicate of four mt.n t a meetina of the Western laaue officials and prospective buy ers here U4y, it was announced this evening. . . . . . It had not been definitely decided to place the franchise in Denver as vet. - the purchasers said. Lincoln, Neb., Muskogee, Okl., and Sioux Falls, S. D., all want tha club, it was said, and a final decision as to where the club will be placed will be reached at another meeting. Al Price, business man; A. M. Ober - felder. concert manager, both of Den - Carrying the fight to a ten - round draw, Hugh Walker of Kansas City and George Lamson of Lincoln, heavy weights, scrapped one of the hardest fouaht battles nut on in a Lincoln ring at the city auditorium Tuesday night. Lamson carried the fight to Walker most of the time, but the "Iron Man" stopped his advances with strong blowa to the body. Lamson was on the offensive from the start and was able to land many light blows to the head and body, but was unable to make any effective smashes to vulnerable portions of the Kansas City scrapper. Walker took a great deal of punishment about the head but returned hard smashes to the body in exchange. The Indian's speedy attack gave him a chance to land many punches and his rapid fire jabs to the head kept Walker - covering up from the art. The "iron man" smashed a few to Lamson's face but most of the Kansas City boy's hard uppercuts or hard punches missed entirely or rolled off Lamson's head. The first nine rounds showed very little difference in the two men, show ing only a difference in their styles of fighting. The two heavies fell Into the clinches time and again and in these clinches did a great deal of in fighting. This work began to tell in the ninth round and in the final whirl both men were staggering. They fell Into numerous clinches in the final whirl but neither had In reserve a kavo punch while either looked like a fit subject for an easy sleep wbif fer. The smashing attack of Lamson wore him down until he did not have a hard smash left in either hand while Walker had received the brunt of the attack and was worn out in the last round. The two were in a clinch when the final gong sounded. Lamson broke the knuckle in his third finger on the right hand in the second round of the battle, according to his manager, Billy Hale, who had the hand examined after the battle. The huge Indian's punch was all in his left hand while he used his right for his infighting. The hard hitting of the Indian lessened in the last few rounds when his hand began to pain soverely. Dean Defeats Wheslock. Frankle Dean, Kansas City light weight, won a decision over 'Kid Wheelock of Lincoln in their ten round setto in the semi - finals. The speedy Kansas City lad was carrying the battle to Wheelock from the start and in the last round had Wheelock on the defensive all of the time. Wheelock was game clear thru and used his science to the best advan tage he rould but the smashing at tack of the tiny southerner broke down his guard and allowed drive af ter drive to get to him. Dean was on the 1923 season. The University of California crew last year won a reputation for itself at eastern races. The greatest honor ever won by a Stanford crew went to the 1915 eight, which took second place to Cornell in the Poughkeepsie regatta, after In adequate practice on the Hudson fol lowing a hard trans - continental trip. Stanford lost by half a length. The coxwain, Johnny Goodman,, kept his crew rowing on for some distance, un aware that they had crossed the finish. The Stanford shell was gaining on the Ithacans at the close. Following the rafce the Cornell men col lapsed in their boat, while the husky Stanfordites turned their boat around and rowed four miles back, up the riverhaving no launch. The trip broke tho crew. They had to "hock" their shell to get transportation back to the Pacific coast One thing is certain, however. If Stanford returns to crew again, the sport will be adequately financed, and all the necessary equipment, much of which waa lacking in the past, will be obtained. MXANDLESS AFTER A GAME WESIEYA3T ATHLETIC DIKECTOR KTJBLS CHALLENGE AT PERU. Coyote Cagers Feel Bobcats Are Taking Championship Without Due Eeason OffeT Hatch. BASKETBALL RESULTS. a tbti - tr twetaty - foar. Pa Wank in am af ; vimi vn - MtMt woanyaHv LJAAiL UM DLAIo ilLDttftOaA the winner of the Elks tournament RELAY CARNIYAL AT URBANA FIFTY - SEVEN TEAMS LISTED FOB COMPETITION IN MEET. Nebraska Slated for Several Events Fifth Annual Clash of Schools Saturday. Nebraska were tied as individual point winners by reason of two firsts the go all of the time and at the end and a nlaee on the swimminsr relay of each round received a nana rrom team for each. The summary follows: 160 yard relay, Nebraska, first, Car son, Graebing, Philip, Lindley, Iowa State second, Robinson, Blalsdell, Keith. Frush. Time. 1:321 5. 40 yard dah, Lindley N) first; J. N. Frush, (A) second. Time, 22. 44 - yard braaat atroke Robinaon (Amaa) flrat: Uraebina. N) aocond. Tlma tft SHO - yarU raca Undley (N) flrat; Robinson A aorond. Tlma S.lS 4 - 8. Fltma for dlatance Keith (A) flrat: Careen N aooond. piataaca 44 - feet, 4 iiu'hoa. Time 41 S - 5. 40 - yard baok atroke rhltln (tf) flrat; Vanriervaldt (A) acond. Tlma 2S 1 - . 100 - yard daah t'araou (N) mat; rruah (At aerond. Time 1:11 1 - 3. Fancy divine Philip IN) flratj Roblnaon (A) ofcotid. Score isoDraaka iff, Amaa 2. Kefarea A. T. Ktiasal! of Da Molnoa. The City Basketball League. The Second Bantlst swamped the Zlon Congregational 27 - 5, the Arm - the enthusiastic crowd. Kid' French and Sid Soklyn, wel terweights, scrapped to a five round draw in the second preliminary. The Central City lad outpointed Soklyn thruout and was attempting to avoid clinches a great deal of the time. The Lincoln boy was unable to match clev erness with the 'Kid' in fisticuffs and fell into' the clinch to save himself. He appeared to be all in in the final round and staged a smashing attack that ended in a clinch which was on when the gong sounded. The opening preliminary, a five round bout between "Battling" Strayer aud Frank Zelders, Lincoln welters, went to Strayer by a decision. The Battier' was outpointing Zelders at every turn while Zelders was unable to land a telling blow. The kayo kid rocked Zelders several times but URBANA, 111., March 1. Fifty - seven relay teams, represent ing, thir ty - seven universities, colleges and high schools, will compete in the fifth annual relay carnival to be held here Saturday evening, March 4. The total distance to be covered by these teams adds up to exactly 121 miles for the relay events. Including the entries in the special events, there will be 430 athletes competing in the meet. In the one - mile university relay, which is very popular, there are ten entries. Pennsylvania, winner of thie event last year, is sending a strong team. Michigan, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois are represented here. Forty of the country's beet quarter mtlers will be seen in action in this one race. The other relay events are tho two mile university relay with eight entries, the distance medley with 1 eleven entries, and the four - mile university relay with thirteen entries. Fifty - two crack milers will compete in the last named event. Belolt, Knox, Central, DePaul and Eureka are entered in the one - mile college relay, while two teams are to run the two - mile college relay, and three teams the medley. 6ix prep school teams are entered in the mile interscholastlc event. University high of Chicago, Deerfleld - Shields of Highland park. Cedar Rapids, la., Danville, Benton and 8t John's military academy of Delafleld, Wis., being the Bchools to send teams. The special events are popular beyond expectation with forty - eight men in the 75 - yard dash, forty - one in the low hurdles, thlrtythree in the high hurdles, twentytwo in the high jump, thirty - one in the broad Jump, twenty five In the shot put, thirty - four in the pole vault, forty - even in the 300 - yard run, forty - three in the 1,000 - yard run, thirty - eight in the 1,500 - yard run and seven in the all - around championship. In this number of en trants are many of the best athletes of the country, several of them hav ing been abroad with the Olympic team. Athletic Director R. B. McCandless of Wesleyan University feela that Coach Speer of Pera baa 'done him wrong by not matching the Bobcats cagers against the Coyote team. Coach McCandless stated Tuesday. "Some surprise is felt in Wesleyan circle in view of Coach SpeeVa statement that the Wesleyan athletic authorities refused to schedule with hira earlier in the season, and also in view of Coach Speer's conduct on the Wesleyan athletic field and campus in the fall ef 1920, during football season. At the close of the Peru - Wes - levan football jzame in 1920 in which Peru was defeated 43 - 0, Coach Speer made several statements regarding Wesleyan and Wesleyan athletes which wero very . uncomplimentary. And among other statements which he made, he stated that he was thru with Wesleyan and would never meet them again in athletic irporU." The Coyotes are very anxious to take on the Peruvian five in a cage clash, believing that the Bobcats would not be able to hold out as cham pions of the conference If such a match weT staged. The Peruviana, however, show no Indications of attempting to meet Wesleyan. Speak ing of Coach S peer's action. Coach McCandless said: It is also surprising. In view of the fact that Mr - Speer himself gave quite a lengthy talk at the conference meeting December 10, 1921 in coadem nation of schools which try to schedule Just enough games to get away with a lucky championship, that it should be he who attempts to do just that same thing in basketball, scheduling only with five schools fof the season and then when one of these waa forced to cancel for the sea son, attempt to claim two games on forfeit, and falling in this, a t the eleventh hour, so to speak, ho ached uled a game with Tork College February 25 to be played February 27 on the Peru floor. Wesleyan would have been his logical contenders if he actually wanted to win an undisputed championship since York college la tied for the cel lar position in the conference, Mr. 8peer states that in the event of Wesleyan's challenge to a game or aeries of games after the season that they would probably refuse because they are content to rest on their laurels. As to the above Wesleyan believes that laurela are only worth while by gaining victories over lead - era rather than the avoidance of the same." Coach Speer will be forced either to refuse or to accept a challenge to meet the Coyote five in a post season game. Coach McCandless claims that the Pent team has met but half of the conference teams and these teams practically all easy money. Speaking of challenging Peru he said: "When the season closes, the way schedules now stand, Peru will have met five college teams in the conference and won nine games, whereas Wesleyan has already won eleven games, two more than the Bobcats will have played and we have three more conference games yet to play, having met every team In the conference except Peru. Wesleyan's brand of sportsmanship will not allow its athletic teams to rest on laurels but Is open at all times to meet any and ell logical contenders for a championship. . The athletic management of Wesleyan therefore publicly challenges Peru's claim to a basketball cham - Dlonshiu until they shall have but that since he included himself in the charge he felt frt - e to make it and back it up if necessary. He also said that some colleges were on the ( . . . . ... a ... . art l a ..... a. at a I wrong iraca. roinung out, uiai a winning football team makes or breaks a football coach, he added that unless a coach delivered a winner he usually found himself out of a job after two years. Gil Doblte, of Cornell, refused to concur in Jones' theory, stating that he fonnd nearly all coaches honestly trying to develop teams. The meeting was held for the purpose of getting some sua gestions for the rules committee. DEFEAT THE HUSKER BASKETBALL TEAM 29 TO 15. !De Moines Cagestert Prove Too Fast for the Local Five in Game Tuesday Night Pitcher Al. Mamaux of the Brooklyn Dodgers, does not believe in witchcraft or other antiquated stuff, but At. does believe he is going to have the greatest season of hhs career this year. Mamaux reported to some New York frieads that he never passed a better winter than this one and on a number of occasions he has dreamed that he waa doing sensational work on the diamond. Mamaux adds that hla dreams have an uncanny way of working out in detail. Al. has been nursing a lame arm for two years but this year he underwent treatment and then took a long rest, just as advised by a physician. He says he hopes to return to Brooklyn with a good arm and a chance to show that he is far from being thru aa a major leaguer. TO LAY OUT NEW GOLF COURSE Nebraska City Club Considers Buying Forty - Acre Tract NEBRASKA CITY. Neb., March 1 Directors of the golf club met last night to discuss the location of their new golf course. The Brower forty acre tract waa given much considera tion. It has a great many advantages over the piece of land west of the cemetery, as it la within six blocks of paving, is on the King of Trails, and has several desirable hazards, a most necessary thing for a good golf course, The Brower heirs have made s proposition to the club which 'will permit the removal of some of the trees and which includes a reasonable ground rent. The officers elected at the meeting are: W. S. Cornutt, president; Frank Schwake, vice president; J. H. Sweet, secretary: A. B. Wilson, treasurer W. 8. Corrutt, Paul Jessen and J. H Sweet were named on the committee to draw up by - laws. EXPECT TO RAISE BALL FUND ver: F. L. Whitlock of Sidney, Neb., strong Clothiers defeated "the Roberts could not administer the sleep potion. I, and C. II. Atkins of Peets, coio., Dairy by the close score of 14 - 10, ana formed the syndicate which purchased the State Journal went down to de - the franchise, it was announced. I feat at the hands of the Lincoln bport Before coins: into another session lina Goods company, 2411 in the trio with Western league club owners and of basketball games that were played inral rmntnass men tonieht. Al Tear on the "Y" floor Tuesday night, sura ney of Chicago, president of the West - Imary: ern league, saia mere was nut u i sconrt Baptiet t slightest doubt that Denver would be Adama. ......... . . i j .! .ki. Vom, i ............ 4 ine eigniu memuar iu uia kbuo I Seabold, f 4 ear. 1 Dtrka, 4 tiati wnrbail llt I Poama. C .......... 4 jaici;unug una I KttOtor C .,.,..... 1 satisfactorily to an parues con - wolf. .. - . 4 cerned. declared Tearney. "All tnat Zelders took the place of Pete Preece who was 1(1. Earl Trenholm refereed. ft . 4 1 4 4 4 4 4 t 4 4 i 4 I 4 Pt 4 pt. I 4 4 4 4 remains now is the formal signing of the papers. There is'nothing'now to preclude but formality. Denver is back in the Western league again after being out since 1917." Tearney said that the price Denver 'would probably pay for the Joplin franchise was f 20,000; five thousand dollars will be paid to the Western ' i league upon the signing of the papers, he said, and an additional $5,000 with the opening of the league season in April. The remainder of $10,000 will be paid during the season, he said. DEMPSEY IS ON THE STAGE Gets $14,000 a Week fov Thirty Minutes at Hippodrome in Boxing1 and Talking1. Jack Dempsey is getting S14.0U0 a week for filling in thirty minutes at the Hipoodrome daily with a little boxing and a few wise cracks He says he wants to get away from the stage and fight. Most anyone else would battle to get on the stage ai that fancy figure After having picked up $300,000 for sixteen minutes work last July the heavyweight champion might be Total IS Kion Oong. V Minko. t ........... 4 baack, f 4 Steiribraeker, .... 4 Koaa, a .. X BtiU. ............ 4 Totala Roberta' Dairy - Burnt, f ........... Dunlap, e ......... A. Ik ins, a Woodward, g I S 1 4 4 Totala t Armatronra f Scott, f ,...,.,.. 1 Lovinaon, f ........ S Pickett, o 4 Bennett, r ......... 1 HutnraoU, g ........ 1 v Totala , T. In coin Sporta Aratrop, f ......... Voaler. f ........... 1'outart, e Morotlttn., g ....... Oowia. g ........... Totala Stata Journal Blxby, t Scott, t Slionka, g ......... Boomor, g S t a l t t4 t 4 4 t 4 4 1 ft I 4 4 1 4 ft 4 4 4 4 4 4 ft 9 4 t 4 4 S ft 4 4 4 4 e - mmm . 4 ft 4 1 4 4 4 , tf S 4 4 1 1 4 tf 4 1 4 S 4 - J tf 0 1 4 4 4 1 tf 1 4 1 4 t 4 tf t - 4 t 1 4 4 Pf 4 4 4 4 4 4 pf 4 4 4 I 1 Pf , 0 1 t 4 1 4 Pf 1 S a a 4 Pf 4 4 4 1 4 Totals 6 7 pti a 4 4 a 4 4 4 10 pta 14 ptj 4 a a 4 84 pta 4 a 4 4 11 LEONARD'S THUMB IN SPLINT. Back from New Orleans with his figuring now that he . is working too J thumb in a splint, Benny Leonard, agntweignt cnampion, saiq it was doubtful if he would be in condition to meet Charley White in Madison Square Ctarden on March 17. Leonard injured his thumb on the head of Pal Moran in New Orleans Saturday night hard for the money. As "sport aotors go" however, Dempsey does his stage work very ! well. He has Babe Ruth backed off the boards, altho it must be said as a Ci edit to his bravery that Ruth had STANFORD MAY HAVE CREW mmmmmmmmmmm Westerners Abandoned Aquatic Sport in 1919 But Expect to Return to It in 1923. ' By Robert A. Donaldson. SAN FRANCISCO, March 1. The 1923 crew season may again see Stanford university on the water with a shell. The Palo Alto institution, whose aquatic prowess became famous a decade ago, abandoned crew as a sport in 1919 because of difficulties in financing the sport, which takes a ptI large outlay for the equipment and I. . . j j I trips, ana is pracucauy uevuiu ui gate receipts. By a vote of the students in that year the money which would have been spent for crew was diverted to the building of a basketball pavilion, recently completed, which is declared to be the most modern in the country. With that project out ot the way and athletics well financed, owing to the fooLball crowds drawn to the newly completed stadium, which holds 65.000, the athletic authorities at the Cardinal institution are considering reviving the crew. It is expected that the 525.000 necessary to put the sport on its fet will be available by January 1, 1923. Stanford has unusual difficulties to overcome in practice. The boat - house is seven miles away on a slough of San Francisco bay at Redwood city. The present boathouse facilities are utterly insdequate, and many other changes will have to be made. During the years Stanford participated in the sport from 1910 to 1919, she gained a nation - wide reputation as the home of powerful eights. The return of Stanford to crew is expected to make two powerful con tenders at eastern regattas during Capital City Bowling Scores, The Windsor Cafe, Bootery and in the Capital City bowling league at Fleming's Jewels won games rolled the Lincoln alleys, Tuesday night. In the Industrial leagu at the Y. M. C. A. alleys, Curtis, Towle A Paine beat the Y. M. C. A. The individual scores: CAPITAL CITY LEAGCK. play the winner of a tournament tc be held by the membership of th Eagles. SUPERIOR WINS A VICTORY Beatrice Fans Canvass Business Dis trict to Get $5,000 Pledges. BEATRICE, Neb., March 1. Indi cations at the close of the first day's canvassing for the baseball fund were most favorable, the committee headed by Harley Heffelflnger reported. The fans are endeavoring to raise $5,000 for the support of a state league team By permitting pledges to be paid in quarterly Installments they are sign Ing many subscribers who did not come in last fall, when $3,500 was tentatively pledged. Sentiment Is growing for a "Fans' Association," with a definite head to direct the actions of the local boosters. Some Beatrice sportsmen favor getting the backing of some smart baseball magnate and work the club under the same management that the Fairbury and Hastings dlubs are doing. The Nebraska cagesters met defeat at tlm hands of the fast Drake quintet Tuesday evening on the coliseum floor by a score of 29' to 15. The Drake five were going strong holding an eight - point lead at the end of the first half, the score being 17 to 9. Payaeur and Boelter were the stellar performers of the evening registering 1 and 10 points respectively. Ihese men covered the floor In good shape as well as being excellent goal shooters. Warren and Carman were individ ual point makers for Nebraska, each making points. Russell played a good guarding game for the lluskera The Nebraska lineup was changed several times but they were not able to overcome the lead that Drake had piled up against them. The game was slow and teamwork and basket shoot - ng was lacking on the part of Ne braska. The two guards for Drake held their opponents to very few short shots. forcing them to resort to long ones. Rlddlesbergt - r began the scoring when he registered a free throw in the first few seconds of Dlsy when a foul was called on Payseur. Payseur then dropped in a field goal and Warren followed close behind with another. This was the only time in the game that Nebraska held the lead, keeping it for just a few seconds. Payseur, Smith and Boelter ran the Drake score up to 10 points before the Huskers made another counter. Carman for Nebraska then made a perfect follow - in shot which netted them two more points. Drake then made three more points and Warren dribbled the full length of the floor, throwing a closeup basket. In the beginning of the second half Drake made two baskets and a free throw before the Huskers could get started. This is the second game that these two teams have played, Drake win ning from the Huskers two weeks ago on the Drake court by a score of 34 to 32. Captain Smith did not come up to his usual form in this game and was not able to account for a single point. The men who were substituted for Nebraska showed up well in team work. Drake shot five out of ten free throws while Nebraska made one out of two. On Friday evening the Huskers are slated to play the Kan sas Aggies on the coliseum floor Summary: Drake ff ft 'tf avetir. t ......... S 4 4 Wflhelra, f 1 Smith, (C) S Tavln. g 1 fioeltar, g ......... 4 Wallops Edgar After Season of Sick ness said Injuries. SUPERIOR. Neb., March l. After a discouraging setisoa filled with sick ness snd injuries, the Superior high school basketball team closed the sea son on the horns floor with aa ex hthition of true class A form and dealt out revenge, for a former one point defeat at this hands of Edgar, bv ringing up a total of 50 points to Edgar's 4. Ed Weir, all - atate half back and individual honor man at the state high track met, played his first regular game of basketball in thin game and agata added to his list of honors by ringing up nine seat baa kets and held Edjrar's star centei scoreless thru the entire game. Snip" Bairti, veteran forward, played up to his usual form rolling up 20 points for bis team and the floor work of Di Unel, J. Weir, Rhoads, Stever and Ellit proved that Superior high is a team to be reckoned with in the coming stats classic at Lincoln. Tho the traditional Edgar - Superior spirit caused the heavy Edgarites to fight like demope from whistle to whistle, they wetre unable to stop the raachins - llko accuracy ofthe Superior quintet and were allowed but one field goal gathering their other two conters from the foul line. PICKETT TO WAYNE T0URHEY 4 4 4 4 1 4 4 4 P 1 4 t 4 4 11 14 RUTH SOON TO SIGN. Babe Ruth is expected to sign his now contract Wednesday or Thursday. At a conference the swat king reached an agreement with Colonel Houston, part owner of the club and they are now waiting on the approval of Colo - de nel Ruppert, president of the club. Nebraska - Cairn nit, f - Smith, f "" Tipton, f . Hpar. f War - ran, . . Htddlaaborror, KuoaoU. g Kofal, g IS fa s ft 4 9 4 4 1 4 e Kafaroo Qnlffl?. St. halves, twonty mluutea. llarya. & I S 4 ' 4 4 1 4 e "a Tim at pta a 4 4 II of University Ulan Will Referee Games in District Cage Meet. John Pickett' of the university athletic department will go to Wayne Thursday to act as head referee at. the Northeast Nebraska High School league basketball tournament The meet opens Thursday afternoon. Thirty - one teams are entered In three classes. Wayne business men will give trophies to the winning team in this class and also a prise to the player who impresses the referees as the star of the tournament. WOULD PLAY CAMBRIDGE TEAM Gothenburg Legion Wants Game on Neutral Floor. GOTHENBURG. Neb,, March 1. The American legion basketball team is begging for a chance to play the Cambridge legion a game on a neutral floor with a neutral referee. "We have played nearly eighty games in the past three years and this is the only one of eleven teams to defeat us," Manager Lloyd Kain says. We think they should hav lost to us, and while they are not in our district we want to show them and the world that we are capable of beating them. We will give our share of the proceeds to the legion post or Rod Cross in the town where the game is played. Opr preference is Holdrege or North Platte." METZ IS BILLIARD CHAMPION. NEBRASKA CITY,' Neb., March 1. William Mets, sr., won the billiard tournament at the Elks lodge by defeating W. A. Forbes, the title holder, by a score of 50 to 47. The game was a close one thruout and was anybody's game until the final billiard" was cored. This is the second tournament held by the Elks lodge this year, Mr. Forbes winning the first. A fine cue was given Mr. Forbes on the first tournament and he in turn put the cue up again for the second tournament YORK WINS SEASON'S LAST GAME Breaki Deadlock With Seward in Second Period. YORK. Neb., Feb. 28. York high school won Its last basketball game of the season here Tuesday Bight, defeating Seward highs, 27 to 21. The first half ended 13 to 13 but the locals were able to draw away In the last period. HOLIDAY BOUTS BANNED. Holiday bouts of championship caliber will not be permitted anywhere in Michigan, according to Governor Groesbeck. As a result there will be no match between Bennle Leonard and Charlie White or Pinkie Mitchell on July 4 as planned. feated Wesleyan, and is mailing this same day a forma! challenge to the ; Bobcats for a post season game or series of games on a neutral floor in Lincoln, which arrangement should give the conference championship committee an easy solution of their problem of decision and also help financially the athletic treasuries of the two contending teams.' ' r MR INDIAN0LA HAS GOOD RECORD F. B. Flemings. Carr 17T i Canftftd 19t Brovrti 134 Lyo 147 B. Amapokor ......... 167 1(1 144 114 186 103 J3 17 143 iao 64t D7I 4e 494 422 Totala 427 464 444 3433 Glob Laundry, Minor 144 Raymond , 300 Mathleaon 149 Johna ............... 135 8. Amapokor ......... 233 1(1 1 23 ii 181 137 149 173 lis 143 141 447 494 433 42B 471 Totala 373 714 431 3494 Booterjr. Mlllaon H. Spanfflar V. feipaiig - tetr Dunuaa t ........ . 131 313 154 144 194 301 m 151 203 174 199 ISO 193 149 1S3 S81 437 M4 612 651 Basketball Team Wins Thirteen in Sixteen Garnet This Season. Indianola high school has a splendid basketball record for the season, hav ing won thirteen games and lost three. ! The only decisive loss of the three was when one of the star guards was out on account of sickness. Altho i there (s no indoor court at Indianola the team is planning on going to tne tournament. The total for Indianola! for the season amounts to 379 points, while their opponents have run up 183 points, The record: , AIM tndianola 24 tndlanola 10 indianola ,...,..37 Indianola 14 Indianola 64 Indianola .......20 Indianola ...... .31 Indianola ....... 44 Indianola . 24 Indianola ... Indianola ....... 4 Indianola ...... .14 Totala FVtatoo 188 KMkonbars 191 Whealor 196 Brora 171 tovo 140 463 492 403 3477 19 143 129 149 166 tOl 190 134 143 164 M 614 4S0 463 466 Total 843 736 834 2428 Amutuntg Clothing - Co. 194 I Ruo Will lama Wood a Morits UuUaoa Totala Carlnon Armatrona; nhrltanen French . . Gumbla , . 160 174 133 180 196 129 134 163 I'll 173 143 164 174 160 618 450 477 647 486 886 Windsor Cafo. 174 164 154 311 314 749 407 3438 170 136 148 174 148 169 201 151 329 135 193 497 476 407 617 Total 616 818 866 3599 INDL'STMAL LEAGtE. Head . Carlaon Adktna Grltzner Earn at Totala Krapa Hhrtaro Stephana lrath Straw Totals Cwrtta, Towlo 4 Falno Co. 142 161 1E4 120 171 304 121 106 120 361 131 87 139 129 138 464 836 430 494 390 Y. M. . 760 C. A. . 143 99 166 111 190 679 703 3099 146 163 116 113 104 121 143 120 161 97 414 406 391 34 S 323 627 434 644 1905 Indianola Indianola Indianola Indianola. 38 :iS 31 Hartley 9 Bartlay 13 Holbrook 7 Culbanaoa ......13 Ediaon .......... 9 Holbrook 13 Danbury 6 Kdlaon .......... 6 Ianhury ,. .13 BarMry ....16 ftfoCook .18 Storkvllte 8 StookvlUa 3 Trc - nton ......... 8 Cambrldga ,,.,..35 VVilaonvUla 32 Sport Siftings. Leo Flynn, New York fistic ira - pressario and manager of Bill Bren - nan, takes violent exception to the ruling of the New York boxing com missioners in refusing to sanction a match between Brennan and Dempsey. Flynn declared the commission has practically acknowledged that boxing: shows are mere prize fights. Flynn ; says Brennan is easily a match for Dempsey, having improved greatly since they met last. Chairman Mul - doon was informed of Flynn's speech regarding the commissioner, but the veteran refused to make a comment. At die evening affair, how much better you look in a Tuxedo or Full Dress suit! More and more, men are wearing them. Why not? When you can get a beauty Kirschbaum tailored ' ' a . . 41 tor as little as 50 Sari Fmcmp Stlk Lmmp Coach Tad Jones, of Yale, tossed a bomb Into the footnall world recently when he informed a number of grid mentors at a dinner that all coaches were devoting more time to trying to beat the rules than develop good football machines. Jones gave his talk in response to a requeet for a chat on the trouble with football. Jones said he knew it was a broad statement The Store For Men on N St

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