The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 29, 1890 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1890
Page 14
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'*« MB Mtttt*. t n^ i ocvonm aa, 1890. ^^^^^^^^tt^^^BHtoBifB(lt»«rfll'l«lllil*ltlll II iii-.-...^— •imJ J lhi 1 ^n.mlJ_ L ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS fg^fjfgyggjg^^j^. «WCA&0, «tt,WAtrKES! A fl*. Trimmings what you &re doing In the school foofis!" the issue is raised as to ' ujj his nose »t fio - 8 hsn ' t thftt MT AtB AfiOftt? fffiB Olft. II'. Ik' fe-V ' f -•--. ^««, ut *ij, cflft tOffa hig nose tit). flVAti ilte fits ** Thfs ls * -MB This office received last +ri l4*.. n i.Yj " '"*"Y W * D - UU **** , WDO to investigate tno details a,nrf S on Th flh v^ h r one f" 1 SSS &£>fW,,« J% M11 be worth something' cmplS. 1 ' ef - ftCeflBWella9 for thl * Tho new Catholic church at Bancroft was dedicated Sunday Cnlng ttt °/o o'clock. A largo number we™ ^.SLi* 'r,^'^"7i J '" 1UU to r °tich Ban- «voningr m ° etln8 ' was hold Monday V/flitB JlflVd (,'OlllG Up to 40 COtlffi 1ifl 1*1 nv ' &?w 0 °ok?' mid ° ld C ° m to 40 c ° nts th ° There will be preaching as usual next unday mornlnff n.n<i „»„„««- ..i"f?. Sunday morning and evening ut tho Baptist church. s Tho Wotnana'Hollo! corps will hold •^r±z^ te 'iS y moong all tomorrow evening. ls ndvortlsod -"»wj.*«j wjjv ^iiyona cnoii* t to refcdet* the inusfc. The ^^SfSfW^S^"^ Sftctro handS ° me and c - m ^ ! The ladies of tho W. C. T. U am m. rb g e in f,i 0crna ^ omo ?? 8t ^al co'nVs ; 'N,?., r g ^i 1 B0mo tlmo J n December rhis elocutionary contest is onen to nil young people between the n|os of 12 n ?uch y rn^ a f Al1 deslrln £ to take part in sucn contest are requested to moot «o committee at the reading roon? on Tuesday evening of next week, Nov 4 who n necossarylnstructions w 11 hi' gt ITttfUj for Rent. I want to rent my farm for the com- SSKS&. siffis&» *&™o B0t2 B. J. HUNT. in bulk, flno ci- Manufaulurer and Dealer In Lumber, Lath, SHINGLES. Minneapolis, Minn, A tailI MM|E .oi; siem*.. sad trim ***&.£'''fW 1 * 1 ' *•*»•!» «™w Whefe. M\ work done prem and Satlefaction Guaranteed. call street, Al^oaa. town. on THU A PROCLAMATION FOR A GEtoSlIAfc i&MMOJf, To t* Held ofl Tnfsdfty, LOUIS LESSINC, JtanufactUfefanddealefldBllklndsbf Pursuant to law, I, Horace Boies, ursuan aw, , orace oes, goveror' the state of Iowa, do hereby proclaim ..that the general election to be held on rag Ttttt- t Wm. -™e* "»*^ 1 _£. —j Church, vldual," Bible, ,nd the j«^W^S,^ trfc .S^S e - Rov - DavldB - SS iS hisn^w^? 00 ' 01 ,' 8 fc-alwaay Improving wftUrZ P n C 7° by 1 ? uttin ff in ft wfdo sido- dSKtoSSf 8tl ' oeti lind lettln ^" ftS«^«-^ thing of them^o^lewVanit fs° w< ""^ x S°M±r^r=2' a . 8S .°!' i ^«5 AlSn ^ sters . at Lodendorf's i » « I hno of confectionary, gars, tobaccos, otc.-30ml HOK Cholera. . Get the " Standard Stock Food" nnrT Baveyourhog S ,- 28t4 j. j. WasoN v UIJ * o - '—•^•^••^•a State Unirersi 'y —OF— rose the city water was struck. of r ? vived the memories The several Departments will begin the Year 1890-91, on September 10. ALGOKA, IOWA, capital, .... $80f000 . Incorporated under general laws of Iowa W. 6. INGHAM. President, 3. B. JONES, vice President LEWIS H. SMITH? Cashier. FURNBTURE, Picture Frames, Sewing Machines and Organs, ly vote of all the electors of the state— The office of sBofetatj^bf state; . The office of auditor ol state: The office of treasurer of Btafe; The office of attorney general; The office of judge of the supreme court! The office of clerk of the supreme court: The office of supreme court reporter; The office ot railroad commissioner. By vote of the electors of the several judicial districts! Tho office of fudge of the district court, in accordance with the provisions of Section 3, Chapter 134, laws of the twenty- first general assembly, as follows i The First judicial district, two judges! The Second Judicial dlstr/ct, for fhe tiflex- pired term of Dell Stuart, said offlcebelnanow temporarily filled by E. ll. Burton j .. „,_..... fluw'jttdfes} Looking for a Painter, Did you Say? Well,« you are you should see WALTER WARD, Painfin&Paper Hanging, The Thirteenth Judicial district, tv e reenth Judicial district, tvTOju The Office of rnnrflnantnfttrn 4*. —^_ . . ° ld text - n -- rSt ofsf,- Jl a°y PP ^r l p U ai? •iMnJS? re8 Pectlve P De- Presl- Olt Hty. Mod . °"«k. that the should know what ad th ° °«Wican ,Ta v.'njT i noto Wm - Ward tells us The democratic meeting for Moml-iv evening was dismissed «» - --^""^ f MOCLAIN, Chancellor, Iowa ... uui ,^. F> Peclc ' M " D -Dean of Faculty, Pharmacoutfcal—E I. TJnT.i,»t,»T> r., D S off acuity Iowa City. BBNBn ' Ph - «- Jixpenses In all DepartniBiita a™,. ^•SSBSkaiSS?** address Sl ol for BBnerul Information CHARLES A. SCHAEFFER 17m4 President. SHERIFF'S SALE. i»SiWXC?!W^^««j«. Capital, OP A1GOKA, IOWA. , ieei warranted In sayin Isfactlon In every case. Prices are A^ Come and Interview me, Moderate. SBO,OOO Special Attention Paid to Collocffons. , MBECTOBS. South Side of Broadway Whlttemoro, I'M Sfi^tttowgdi^i^^^^.towa, here.""' ' Unc2 was llllnbl e to be ti Notice tho chancre- in Taylor's adver- to' ) VIS- T n i7 *"**"«v/**jiomj will QG in njt hnV.,. n ™ i 8eason we understand will s^-ssstarvS r=S«^^te wi vu\3 uiotnci; court George and Homer " ' Hnrtnn Mrs. Mary Wllklu °£ of J. K. Roi offer at mihiin BANCROFT, IOWA. dav ugainmitheriso, standing at SIVtf 1.30. Hogs are $8.00 ^-»Ca ±Si=S^^t^ in for John- hoalth, and gives strong ovidence^f ±ptr ff r l ^^^p- e aS re- ii farm in the county puts '! in 71f%ooooc,!«.. _c ""_ 4->»i/o , NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. O'cloclc Tt m i- fYi OV6IUD61*, 1800 fit *^ Ba^!™5^£SS'^aR l : postofllce In Wesluy Tlio hnSSi d lvt the right to rejectandlull bids! reserve the WestoyS 1 be recelvea jg* ^^flffltoffloeta Secretary ofttoDoinf of Directors. At. f.lio onitin 4-(-...» »,^_ » . . B. M. Richmond, Pres. H. B . Richmond V P A. B. Hluhmond, Cashier R. M. RICHMOND, HEAL ESTATE DEALER Loan and Insurance Ag't and Notary Public ' COMMERCIAL HOUSE SSffi|§3£tt8i» DOU YOU WANT NOTIONS Hate, ana Boots and Shoes, Boys' and Men's Ready-Made By, the Goqernor • H °RACE BOIES. FflANK D. JACKSON, Secretary of State. SHERIFF'S PROCLAMATIOH s S coftp t - t C«^ L-SkF -Cai-tni. f,V , uuulll y puts °i"»'K uveriuntt to Washino-ton anrl 1 sfpiHMp-^f^ flUOtorl. ' U P P" ces Will be PTIPfinWAT n/rriTi-r,-.,^ THE Best Leg Blob? Crockery & Glassware, OONFEOTIONBBY, Wood! and Willow ware. Produce taken in exchange for goods. HENRY MUNCH. DELINQUENT TAX SALE. ^^^nS'^e^^S^ottoeJ. ,,..„, tviu uuuiiiy, to-Witl "~ ""* v " v governed ac. 'Singly. notlce and »e SchoolIandSaia Jay D( Norager, A. D, logo, ALOONA, Iowa, Oct. 1 1800 g£a% ha olr kh a^S to-wit The northeast quarter of.. :, ^quarter of . .. the s °utheast ^quarter of"" o: tht « The southwest quarter 6f:::;:: Sec. Tn, 10( . ..16 ,.16 ..16 ..10 ..10 ...16 -fs^z^&j^^s lirices excont co«- a ffl,/" 1 ." 8 -J, 1 , 1 & ood wont Spencer Silver Plated Ware, etc. as^uforiS* WM over in a couple of hours ' . The Lu Verne News 1 fot vention voted dele- . v-vv^v'44 iwtuil oDillllV f(\n 4-\\ i tfqu of Grant BoiSter Mdito?°pi!l}V ^S^SSffS^^^^ len.lTosCnewSaco 1 "' th ° mC ° S ' X, ' spoilt mTtM^ WJ^JI; °- d ^te. ,° < o™ n compliment to A i ~,~ «4'i'*«<" A}>plos! ^d» A ^^-«!^edatthe| 1 •"» i'|.iuint from which many suffer "••lit low aro entirely free. Its cause '••' i.'-'li/ ami a sluggish liver, tho run. for v/liluli i.s readily found in tho <'.<« >.( Ayor'» l>ills. " I MM MI fdiniil that for sick headache <• III.MIU ii.v H ilwunlered condition of tho Mt.iiiiirli, A.vor'ti Pills are tho most re- \\W(liin?M,','i'i' >V \r 1 ~ Sttwuel Ol Bradlnl f") ( "Altnr tin) u«<> of Aycr's I'ills for iiiii:iy yoii-s, in my practice and fuuiilv "in iii.stiiH!il in snyinjr that tlioy uro an '•-M-ciUiin. cutlinrtiu und liver inudluiim— «i'>ii:iiiiH|»ull tluiclaiiiiHiuiiduforihui))." . k-' ,,,' };°. ! J tta "'M. !>., "'. 1'. Austin - -v .\. ivtilwuy Uo,, Bui.iut, Tusas. "Ayor's Pills nr« the best, inedicino l.iiiiwii to inu lor r.- : .-iilutiu g tlio bowels, ami for all ilisriiMis caused by a dis- m-iiuri.d BlDiniii-li i»nl liver. J Buffered icrovor tlirui! \,-ars from lieadaiihu, iu- iiifiostion, und constipation. I Imd no npputito and was weak and nervous of the tirno. By using throe, boxeS of Ayer's P lls, and at tho same time ™ n £ myself, I was completely cured " — Phi!i]) tockwood, Topeka, Kansas. "I \/as troubled for years with indl- hon. nnn«».inotin M( a ^ a headache. A Upper Des Moines Office. WE KEEP ON HAND Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, best In use,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, Grass Leases, Notes, etc,, )0 87 07 27 84 29 98 28 90 30 00 30 90 30 04 38 I ui me u-easurer or Kosalif h V/T""7 """"" "JJ">e able °n or beforn tmi Casl1 and the balanpn ™«r rrom time to time until all shallK 1 ^ AI» ,_ J -B. HOFITTS n ... . . Treasurer ofKoss SS3S««*Sf--srw= """"6"- ,. * V"" 11 ? Ul " or apples arrived at tho ,• ua wuuieu ior years with indl- took the premium «n u QU f _..i»,,, . »—•— Strout, Meailvijloi Pa. ' "•**• Ayer's Pills, tinnninvrt **tr SHERIFF'S SALE, fnntr tl i ' • A2lss Dova, Weber SooftoKfe faTr ^L^WM g»rrie Gflotfwui won the premium for To tho J. JOHNSON. Pr, 4, C. Ayer & Op., Mass. • > <**«* P- day Mario. \ c7. 80 and 0 ready nl most t- In, dilor the to lml<J r from a bit a disordered aidlrVfl^i^^Ji^.i'esult of ITUIUU mcues are SUblnnf. 1a thu S7.7 1 v "° "'o VO a disordered and Irregular i» Bn »i5 eot *, l ' esult »' any druggist for the^ lal fflSS"?%?.•. Ask ^^SSSF'rS S». la- H. Bosworth & sn',, 8l ^R L^ en t. AW EMORY Mind vwderiM ourad. Rnnir. i..?. ^ '^^rf*^*^^, ^ M°NBY ON »*ii-2Wb^p g . „ ^ id?3 d ?w«^to°fcrtiS^ »nHn l i» P *8iS \ **» «R<J brtel ttiM|| ? ^ fMl$i&Qqeo£ ) ['ere was (this / ' Ut

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