The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1890 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1890
Page 14
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SA! s\ "i,;? re nu 1 tl tl w, chv boii Laic. m& _tfffifltt BIS MOlKlBj AMOHA, IOWA, WB^SPAY, OOTOgjjB ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS J the discovery, and Moiiday tK6 brick CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE 4 St, PAtlt. ftoT"! No. 8.'.'.'.'.'., L .Weight- .No. B..,....... T!fi3j»Jh HO. 18 la:90pni ..-. S :...iO:88am No. 4.... fliMpm . .. No, 14. 2:20pln CttidAWO A ...> St, Paul ft.....0:55am Eltaore pass.13:30 pm DosMoinosft 7:36pm 1» AKB ASQtffi ME Otl!Y. The RoflButh County bank statement this week speaks for itself. fitemoinber ftoillvor's speech at the couft house tomorrow evening, tfred, Kapko bought lumber of Paul last week to make a 28x28 foot grainery 10 feet high. The Methodist Sunday school will give a Concert Sunday evening entitled "Glad Tidings." Auditor Hofius'sale comes next Saturday at his farm north of town. Ho has some flno stock to dispose of. Work progresses on the Episcopal chapel. The foundation is done, and the frame was raised yesterday. Myers bought 400 bushels of extra flue oats of 0. Dau Monday at 36 cents a bushel. They wore this season's crop. The democratic candidate for state treasurer visited Algona yesterday. Chairman Taylor introduced him to our citizens. A number of delegates thought "Bon- aohotor" was two mimes, and voted very loudly for "Scooter." "Scooter" got there with a hurrah. Bradley & Nicoulin's buggy tent has boon moved from Spencer to Ruthvon, and buggies are goinp as fast as they can supply the demand. E, J. Gilmoro has purchased A. D. Clarke's old home in the south part of town, and moves into it today. It is a handsome place, handsomely located. Ihyef § Were engaged in tearing down the walls. It seemo that for sdifle reason no attempt was made to get the foundation north and south, and the lob Was all begun over. The Courier refers to a misprint in our last issue by which we had oats bringing only 30 cents, when they Were bringing 88 cents. The mistake is immaterial, for oats on Monday brought 85 cents. Let the oats boom. Dr. Sayers came into Grove*s stable after dark last Friday, and walked rick had gtir&ti a receipt io Me#utt for the car, and the company was liable for his hay, so Cheney was ordered to get his hay out without delay, wliieh he did, and Mac. shipped his load. The is against a pitchfork lying on the floor. He rah ohe tine pretty well into the instep, but by using medicines prevented bad poisoning. He was lame for a day only. You can't fool the nickel in the slot machine. Some one whittled out a lead nickel last week and dropped it into Ladendorf's cigar machine, but no cigar was forth-coming, and the whole thing had to be taken apart to get the lead out. German township is to petition for a new postofflce, according to the Bancroft Begister, to be known as the " Gorman Valley" office. Adam Fisher will run a store and attend the mails if the oillco is secured. Our subscription list must bo increasing. Wo ordered supplements two weeks ago for our county list, as we thought, and then fell short our whole Wesley and Fonton lists. Wo will re- scramble for cars at all the stations exciting. The UPPER DBS MOINES received the boss potato last Saturday. Thos. Banna got it on his farm, and Weighed oh scales in town it went just one ounce less than four pounds. We considered keeping it for display, but four pounds of potato is Worth something this sea* son, and this one went the way of all good potatoes. Mr. Hanna says he has about 200 bushels this year, and feels well satisfied with them. Married, at the residence of the bride's father in this city, Oct. 18, Mr. Morris G. Minkler of Ashmont, Ohio, and Miss Florence Minkler, daughter of O. Minkler. After the ceremony was pronounced by Pastor F. M. Smith the company sat down to a bountiful supper and enjoyed tho occasion in a befitting manner. Tho groom is a thrifty farmer, nnd the bride, well known in this city, has recently made her homo in Eininetsburg. Rev. Whitfield is one of tho directors of the now college being started by the Methodists at Sioux City. In wpoaking of it yesterday ho said the school has an enrollment now of 115 students. The building Prof. Gilchrlst is in is about f.f. Successor to ft. ff. Leighton <6 06. and Clinton Morrison, Manufauturer and Dealer In Lumber, Lath 3. K. PILL & SON, Marehant Tailors AND SHINGLES, Cor,, Thirteenth Ave. S. and 4th St., . :,f •:%••< . Minneapolis! Minn, WRITE FOR PRICES Jack Schu wont over to Ernmotsburg Monday to get his goods, and will again be an Algona citizen. Ho is in Eickon- irodt's factory, and is a good cigar maker. Jack Graham is a man of nerve. He came down yesterday and had the dentist fix his teeth, and attended tho do'mo- oriitio convention both in the same day. Wright & Son sold three eighty-acre pieces to Peter Brant of Johnson county lost week. Mr. Wright and O. W. Turner were in Monday, and made us a pleasant call. Paul's new lumber yard has a fine now stylish sign. Mr. White found it at tho depot, and without knowing •what yard it was intended for, had it unloaded here. M. L. Clarke's many friends are pleased to seo him out again. Dr. Shore's surgical operation promises to give him good health, and he feels bet-* tor than for years. A. J. Robinson sold his farm in Irvington Monday to J. D. Starks. It is member them in tho future, and even matters up in some way. Tho shooting club have bought three new Peoria traps, and were down Monday trying them. The scores were good, so the traps must be. It is worthy of note that S. S. Sessions got 19 out of 20 shots, which shows how steady his nerve is. S. S. never loses his nerve or good nature over politics. Tho Methodist church in town will vote some time next month on whether women can be delegates to conference. During this and next month all the churches in tho United States will vote, and on tho outcome will depend the future opportunities of the fair sex. The date for voting here is not set. The Catholics are just completing- a very handsome church building at Bancroft. We had the pleasure of spending a few minutes Saturday in inspect ing it with Father Nicholls. The total cost of tho improvement will be but little short of $3,000, and credit to the town. it is a great part of the old homo place, and one of the earliest choson of any in the county. He got $20 an acre. The Algona delegates to the Odd Fellow convention went oil' in stylo. They had Frank got them some silk plugs, and will show DOS Moiiios wlmt the latest '.'really is. If the UPPER DBS MOINES has sont or agreed to send the paper 16 months to any one for §1.50, it is in contempt and will so remain. The statement is a lie out of whole cloth. The beautiful weather of the past week has greatly aided marketing, and the town has been full of teams all tho time^ Trade was never bettor in Algona than it has been the past month. The normal school is preparing for a fine entertainment to bo given Thursday, Nov. 0. It will bo a carnival and will be one of tho moat attractive feat The musical company which gives an entertainment this evening is in town and is composed of a pleasant set of people. They are good musicians and will give a good show. The bell ringers and other specialties are highly complimented where they have been. Tonight at court house. Those who saw Sam Squire's running pony at the fair will be interested in the race arranged for Saturday. His pony and one belonging to Campbell of West Bend will run GOO yards at tho race track for a purse of $50. The details are arranged and the horses will bo on hand. The famous school order case against Ramsay township has been dismissed. A lot of interrogatories were attached to the answer made by the township, which T. W. Harrison, plaintiff, did not wish or was unable to answer, and he withdrew tho suit. This lets the township out of what promised to bo serious trouble. Jool Taylor has had Hutchins' clover huller at work, and on six acres of clover ho got last week a net return of $8 done, $30,000 having been apont and no debt, contracted. The 'foundations of the main building are in at u cost of $35,000, and are also paid for. The money is on hand to complete this building, and the school is an assured success. A sudden death occurred at the Tennant house Sunday. An old man named Denson, who had come from Pottsdarn, N. Y., and who was on his way to Dakota on ah excursion, got off hero sick, and died very soon after reaching the hotel. Dr. Barr was called but nothing could be done. Mr. Denson was past 70 years, and died without a struggle. His wife, her sister and sister's husband took the remains Monday and returned with them to the old home. Tho sale on Butler Bros.' farm attracted a big crowd last Wednesday, and generally speaking, everything sold well. J. J. Wilson bought a fine heifer paying $40, Henry Wadsworth bought also a good one, while Mr. Julian got 13 head of cows intending to do extensive dairying. The hogs sold at rates which made them worth four and one-half and five cents a pound, while horses, machinery, etc., went fairly well. The cows ran from $20 to $40 which is a good sale now-a-days. Everything on the farm was disposed of, and possession will soon be given to the new owner. The Butlers are whol- ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - - '£• . $5O,OOO. Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passage ticket* to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. W. H. INGHAM, President, J. B. JONKS, Vice President, LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier. Dlrectors-W. B. Ingham, Jno. G. Smith, .7. B, Jones, T. Chrisohilles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Barnet Devlne. own* /nd . bifid. M ohflBji M can be bought &«*. Ill work doftft pttttptlf and Satlefactlofi Guaranteed. CSli Street, Algous. Iowa. oft A PBOOLAMATIQN f 0ft A tiEKUBAL To t>e Held oh Tuesday, Npvettlier' 4, LOUIS LESSINC, Manufacturet and dealer In all kinds of FURNITURE, Picture Frames, looking Glasses, CbromoB, and all kinds Bendy- made Coffins. Hearse {or public use. Headquarters tor the best Sewing Machines and Organs, Looking for a Painter, Did you Say? Well, If you are you should seo WALTER WARD, who will be pleased to figure with you for anything In the line of Painting, Paper Hanging, OF ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - - $5O,OOO Special Attention Paid to Collections. DIRECTORS. fnm,, v, Call ',, D ' H - Hutchlns, 3. C. Black ford, Philip Dorweller, Win. K. Ferguson. Geo. C. Call, C. B. Hutchlns, OFFICERS. AMBHOBK A. CALL, D. H. HDTOHIVS, President. Vice President. J. C. BLACKFOBD, Cashier. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties who can furnish first class security. ETC. Those desiring paper hanging done are respect fully referred to the various pieces of work In this town done by me, which speak for themselves. I feel warranted in Buying that I can guarantee satisfaction In every case. Prices are Always Moderate. Come and Interview me. ures of the season. Pull particulars in due time. Qap) Ed. Chrisohilles was a caller Monday. „ ° Ho talked of the now creamery Fonton that f proposes, and says he thinks it will be the f built. He also says Ponton is making .Cap' big improvements this year in barns, houses, etc. D. T. Jones is also a big potato raiser. A half bushol of ns fine potatoes as were ever raised anywhere are now in i offlce, Deck, says ho has 200 bush- pf the same kind, besides plenty of • kinds. is down to $1.41 in the Chicago Tho markets are all slightly ,a aro up to 85o; at 80@85c; ilax, $1.27; hogs, $3,60; hay, loose, 's son got his foot sidewalk some jVeil a bad sprain. He « but tho occurrence \to keep their side- St. how averag looks ui tluit rv in re'ptv. abop Coonan, of original package notoriety, "• e says ho will not reopen till the Iowa case iiow in the United States court is decided. It will be passed on this week. If the decision is the same as the Kansas case, it settles tho law. The eagle eyes of the city council were east on the engine houso as it arose over the city well, and they soou discovered that it was set askew with tho rest of tho world, besides being otherwise not as contracted for. They called the attention of tho \" boss" to per acre. The seed went nearly three bushels to the acre. This $8 an acre is pay for cutting and hauling a little grass. It represents nothing else, and is clean profit. Col. J. H. Koatly will speak in Algona next Monday for the democrats. He was state senator from Council Bluffs with Senator Chubb, and since has boon a government official in Alaska, of which country ho has written some interesting sketches, He is an able speaker, and republicans should join in giving him a big audience. J. B. Jones complained Saturday of rheumatic pains in his ankle, and- Saturday night was taken with a severe attack of inflammatory rheumatism. Dr. Pride was called and did everything to prevent a spread of tho inflammation, Mr. Jones is confined to his bed, and very unfortunately, as ho has boon very busy arranging for tho sale of his cattle, which comes early in November. Fire alarm Monday brought tho people to tho building in which Bradley & Nicouliu ofiice. The flro was soon out, and was found to be in the bed quilt which had been thrown against the stovepipe up stairs. Mr. Nicoulin had kindled a fire below, and the flro re- ly undecided as to future ' movements. We hope they may decide to remain in tho county. The closing Iowa weather bulletin has a hail story from Kossuth worthy of preservation. It is reported by H. N.Renfrew of Bancroft: "On Sept. 1 there was a severe hail storm through this section, perhaps fifteen miles wide, but it only hailed in narrow strips. It was heavy at Bancroft, damaging crops and breaking glass, In Seneca, one township west, it is reported by J. B. Carr, a thoroughly reliable man, to be eighteen inches deep for a space about four rods wide by about forty rods long on tho open prairie. One man reported that in a hollow where it had drifted down it was so deep that in driving through it the axletree of his wagon BANCROFT, IOWA. R. M. Richmond, Pres. R. R. Richmond, V P A. B. Richmond, Cashier. Transacts a general banking business. Collec- ".°R?^specialty. Money transferred to all ports of the United States and ~— •- • Pursuant to Itiw, I,. Horace Boles, of the state of Iowa, do hereby- proclaim „ that at the general election to be held Ob the Tiles' day next after the first Monday ill Noveinbef, It Being the fourth day of that month 6f the year one thousand eight hundred'did nine the offices hereinafter named are to be fil By tote of all the elector's of the state— The office of secretory of state i The office of auditor of state j The office of treasurer of state; The office of attorney general; The office of judge of the supreme, coiirts The office of clerk of the supreme court; The office of supretne court reporter! The office of railroad commissioner. By vote of the electors of the several Judicial districts! The office of Judge 01'the district court, In accordance with the provisions-of Section 3, Chapter 134, laws of the twenty- first general assembly, as follows :< The first Judicial district, two Judg The Second Judicial district, for + uv wcrtujvujuujiuw umui-ji;!/,\uiree JUafl£8f The Eighth Judicial district, one Judge ;• The Ninth Judicial district three judges' The Tenth Judicial district, three judges; The Eleventh Judicial district, three Judges' The Twelfth Judicial district, one judge• HP. 3StteSffi.JS«}!^.«P«««> two Judges; ct, t The Fourteenth judicial district one judge j ; The Fifteenth judicial district, three judges;'., The Sixteenth judicial district, two jud" 1 The Seventeenth judicial district, one ju The Eighteenth judiclaldiatrict, Wo f the i , Thirty-third senatorial district, composed of the counties of Buchanan and Delaware— • The office of senator, in the general assembly from said districti tovflll';the vacancy occas- 10 ?S d ri b T y A B -»$gnall(* of_£dward P. 'seeds. «,in?,M? n S^ 116 / proolftlm ana Wve notice to the qualified electors of the state that at said general election there will be and Is submitted to the people, In pursuance of the requirements of Section 3, Article 10, of the constltu- ftlS.?? 11 Ch ? pter lS £, of the aot8 of theTwlS third general assembly t " South Side of Broadway Whittemore, Iowa. . , the question, " Shall ' revlse <*e constttu- sau "»f" which question' n !* d on eacn uallbt-and wn» > stloa the WOI- d "Yes" or ballot. B Writtfln or printed on sn <* Whereof all electors throughout the state f 1 " take due notice, and the sheriffs of the In testimony whereof I have hereun ed the thousand eight hundred and nlnetv of^thA dependent of the United States tfie one h? the Ine one hund- mV. UD x uulMJU ou "es anu Europe at low rates Tickets to and from' the old country lor sale. Taxes paid for both residents and non-iesldents. Abstract of title furnished on the same day applied R. M. RICHMOND, REAL ESTATE DEALER, Loan and Insurance Ag't and Notary Public. 00,000 acres of prairie lands and improved farms Vlllage propert J: fr fa? NOTIONS, Hatss aiid Boots and Shoes, Boys' .and Men's Ready-Made scraped the surface." This is well authenticated, and therefore the more curious. The Sept. 1 storm was one of tho moat remarkable ever known in Iowa. The Republican has twice referred in a sneering way to our mentions of the business enterprise of Burt and Wesley, and intimates that such work was not in the interests of Algona. In its last issue it refers to a mention of Wesley as "soft soap." This is an exhibition of the petty spirit which thinks Algona can get ahead by ignoring the other towns, that more than anything else creates an unfriendly spirit. There is no " soft soap" in calling Wesley a live, wide-awake, and prosperous place, nor Burt, for that matter. They are all we have said about them, and a great deal more. We hope to not only occasionally mention their prosperity, but the other parts of the county as well, and wo believe that thereby we are doing Algona no injustice. In any event we shall, continue to speak for all parts of the county, and, as fairly as may be, be a true county paper. COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Bancroft, Iowa, R. M. Richmond, proprietor. First class house. Satisfaction guaranteed; special attention given the traveling public. °^"» "^ DE. L. A. SHEETZ, Dealer in DRUGS AND MEDICLT T1 " Vull assortment always on hand, of Drugs, Medl es, and pure poses only. , r, olnes, and pure liquors lor medlcinaTDur Books and stationery. O. L. LTT3ST1D, Real Estate Agent Algona, Iowa. Lands bought and sold on commission. . Special attention given to care and sale of real estate in Kossuth and adjoining counties for non-residents. Agent for the German Insur- a9° e company, of Freeport, HI. Passage ticketsi to and from the old countries sold at lowest rates. DOU YOU WANT Crockery & Glassware, CONFECTIONERY, Wood and Willow ware. Produce taken in exchange for goods. HENRY MUNCH. - - - - • --DELINQUENT TAX SALE. assembly, I will offer at publKe \t ti? n « al of the treasurer of Kossuth ««vi?,, 16 offlce the highest bidder, the [SEAi] BytheGoqemor: " ""HOKACE BOIES. FIUNK D. JACKSON, Secretaiy of State. SHERIFF'S PROCLAMATION. The offlce of clerk of courts • The offlce of county recorder- Tho nS ce °' c ?unty attorney; The offices of two supervisors • 1 School Land Sale. ™*^^%&S^ *«»?«**» tt^«*%S^^£SS& 22d day of November, A, D, 1890, siPS'Mss The northeast quartero/ ........ Sec. Tp. a The northwest quarter of .......... 97 2 The northwe .......... of :::::::::: Southeast 16 97 27 94 29 ' 3 ° |0 from time to time Treasurer of Kossuth'co^ ? o T va . THE suited. The room above is used by his men for sleeping purposes, and they must carelessly have left the bedding whore tho heated pipe touched it. No damage was done. There is a regular distribution system of cars these days at the various stations, and shippers watch their car as a winner would his ticket in the lottery. At Hobart Saturday, MoNutt got a car in the toss up, but Cheney thought it was his and put some hay in. MoNutt took his hay out uud filled the car. Cheney then came and threw hay out and filled the oar. Apples! Apples! Apples! A whole car of tipples arrived at the big city of Algoua, and Patterson Bros, have decided to soil them at $1.00 per bushol. Come early.-28 Best Legal BMs? Most surely you do if you have need for any at all. Then remember that you can find them at the Upper Des Moioes Ofiice, To the Public. I httve employed a good blacksmith and am now prepared to do genera • "" "-•• »»v ii L»4 v^ym VJV4 VW UU KV3ilvI Cli blnoksmithing in connection with my wagon work. Special attention given to horse shoeing and plow work. 80t3 PETER j. JOHNSON. cholera. Get the " Standard Stock Food" and save your hogs.-^8t4 J. J. WILSON. WE KEEP ON HAND Chanel Mortgages, (Short Form, best In use,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, .. r e you lendid, „.,. with; real in Jon For sale Jn any quantity desired. IS stock will be made to'oraw at ft»a correct pytces. ' £** year, at fee Seas'! ™ I ••MwRY fKft&SSW&ssA « J, B. In one rsioTng* •V/

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