The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1890 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1890
Page 8
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' iv ', " " -I'y *•»*"•'*/- X^: 4) If in-'too came nef08S a nhd nskl-d him "why he did keep tip with his Sient restorative, . tt forms aft ngfeea- ble, warm drihtc, which is neither i travel faster uii.l sw. •.fct^iiuwmiier wished (oknow "what Iri IftBileni'i} he fmd 10 do with it?' \« "Only that I am (Jen. Hnrdoe, the ^fwiiwifi nder rtf l/iis departmentf" was lift' hwly. on "i did," snid the General. "Well," said the private, "1 hnve Tteuit taught according to your rules BMW tft double column nt half distance, Ktfw I wish you would loll UK* how to w iV s "V lt>(i on lmlf Wlmis." Ooli. lliirdt'o stuck spurs to his horsd "' traveled on, one of |*nd LI b i w »' oneoi tne men in a piatoq. i iff OrtMHtttt brigade was on picket J keeping. IT', (so-cftlled) nonr Mrtimssas. There r 1 •• ------ ...... 1.1 • < u iv/ii 1^7 ii\jl\ilHjL lIDilL* ittg tit the blriord, Jjor bftpfosslve to the Sforfiach. pftrtlciifarfy if taken 'slowly whan one is sitting 'qiiietly, Large quantities, however, include Hervoud disorde'rs, ' The importance of letting the sunlight fall into all parts of mil-dwellings bannot be too highly estimated. Good health is dependent on sunlight and pure rtif, An eminent physician !UH Bald "Sunlight should mjver be excluded except when so bright as to be tin- Comfortable to the eyes. Silver, washed after each" meal in tery hot water, with sometimes a little ammonia in it, will be bright and shining for ft longtime without otheYclean- ing. When n more thoroim-h cleaning Is necessary, use any good Vilvm' polish, being sure to rub Ifghtly. as the bright lustre soon wears dull, and If 'it be plated, soon wears otf.— Good House* 6NLY A All That Utftellrt in £..« hot a Yankee within twenty miles - *! lls nt ,that lime. The next day there :* i*"/ 1° bo no Inspection, and our hero Vbftd taken his gun all to pieces and was tubbing it up so as to make a shine the &*P d jy who " Inspected. While so MIO iigGoii. Barlmm, who was unknown to tho sold lor (who was a now rocru rode up. "What arc you Said.Gon, B. "Oh. i'am'a l.-lnd O f am- Sun , ,,«H»,U won, a, "Oh, I am 'a klm ifl , Mdtliiel, who are you any how P" :'.-'Oh, I am only -a kind 1 of a aler-Goiioral." was the answer. "Hold on; wait until I darned old /a got Briga- this t'ie fb gun together and' ; Jfivo you a kind of u present," ' Bentlno). , > But Gon. Barlmm did not wait. He ' wotij, of! and reported the luckless <; fioldlor, who in a short time, found jimsolf "a kind" of a prisonor. in "a , Kind of a guardhouse, and had to do a.number of extra hours of a duty as i ?,'«. kind of sentinel. ' On ono.occasion a man from Georgia liad boon very persistent in personal application to Gou. Loo fora furloii"h f . One morning the General- asked Tils ^tormentor if ho understood tho position ^ n o,,l,|| or . Th(J |lU( . l(l . B)l|d £ B (|kL A yatUfnUst q>t<l HlB Snake, "Speaking of snakes." said an atour naturalist to a New York „<*,* writer, "but for man's Insane prniudioo against them they would bo found to bu not only intelligent, but cxlremlv' sociable. When I was a boy I lived at Shoppard's Park, Rockliuid countv. mid near by was a good'stream- woll stocked with fish. Whenever I oam>-in u moss— which' was vory•often—mv father used to insist that 1. clean anil scale thorn at a distance from n H . houso.and Iny habit was to thus prepare tlio day's catch on tlio banks of the stream before returning homo. Ouo . day while thus ongaged'a largo black- Gou. he I6.,Was ordered to assume it. ee then gave tho command. tiaco; forward march."' As no i . . •' ••••«» -mm --'gave tho command to "halt" the S1 . IS J )ICIOIIS °. f ni y race, and if I made a i^troorgian kept on marching until he Vlolollt motion ho was over tho side iu •'•-"•'- e <} second and swimming ashore for snake appeared from under a hu<>t> rock near by, and-, approaching mV •made a deliberate meal on the discarded portions 4 . of the tlsh. Ho then r<- tirod. The next day he came a-niin, and after that ho foil into the habit of waiting for mo. The spot whore f moored the dingy from which. I ano-lod' was the one selected by mo for cleaning the fish, and after a few days of familiar friendship Mr. BJacksuake ventured _ into the dingy and-vont a fishing with mo. After that he, became my regular companion, but many ff on- erations of oppression had m«do lu,n n rUUt-oftd 'F.n-f-Mtf. • "1 tell ywi what it is," remarked ! an Bid railroad man, "It tNrd to ltd lliat they couldn't turn n wheel'jtnv too fust for me. btit It's different .now. The Way these fellows run nowadays makes my hair stand on end. We used to think that twenty-five or thirty miles an hour was high running. People Were just ,-is well satisfied, if not more 60, than now, and there weren't so many accidents. Thoso days when a man got on theground there Was some chance of his getting away alive, but when you touch ground oh 6ne of these fast runs now you're mighty liable to stay there, People aro getting to.look Upon u mile as a common thing, and are just howling mad at a road that doesn't make it. They .never stop to think of the clanger. Ail they think about is getting to'tlmir destina'tioh. t "Why, when I stop and think of be* ing whirled across the country liftv or sixty miles an hour, down, hills ami around curves, with only ad inch-and a half of iron between mo and eternity, I get so scared I swear never to get on a coach again, What do t mean "by'an inch aud a half 'of iron? Well.'you know what a passenger coach is, don'l- youP You know how they're built. A coach is a pretty sold thing nowadays, and to look at ono a person would think they vvoro pretty safe, but that's because you don't know anything about it. Tho eoacli itself is all rMit so fur as it goes, but it's tho wheels. Did yon over look at the wheels? If -you did you may have noticed how assumption of piafc ftTothcs'-lif ..._ btfteers to the service of the old" fiast India Company, which was a bom* mercial corporation invested " with military powers. In the brigihnl Arabic "niufti' 1 indicated a person', hot a thinft namelj-. a doctor or teacher of religions or Mohammedan law, Which is Its present primary interpretation in Turkey. The French speak of an officer "in mufti" as "en Pekin," thus again recognizing the oriental origin of the word. The German armv uses "mufti" to express the assumption of civilian clothes after being in uniform, and the Russians recognize the term in the same sense.— San Francisco Chronicle, blCkENS AS A^PIMER. ftl* fWdn lit IrnlclnR it O«H^rtlrt Dollolont Gin Pitittjli, Dickelis, savs Jolm Hollingshcad in his lately published Niagara • Spray, was noithoi' a gourmtit nor a goiir- iiandj but, iis a Wan taking an im* mouse amount of walking exercise daily, he possessed a hoallhy. appetite, and was Hot ashamed- of it.' He was ooru and lived in tho davs ^of taverns and chop-houses, before tho town was filled with restaurants'of'French or Italian origin. His tasto for good food, plainly cooked, may have boon ingrained in him in his youth, but it was - - frew Yorkers «fe like Parisians, S«ys a New'York letter in thd Snn Francis-" co Argonaut—they won't admit rfny* thing tolerable outside theifr owtt nie-< trOpolis. Thev look upon the west like English people, as "characteris- tir;" they look upon Now England as "repressi'dj" they look upon the south as "used up." The United Slates is to them New York. The Ohifagonhs' "sister metropolis" galls their proud spit-its. II they have a sister metropolis it may be Paris. To go deeper, a New Yorker will not believe there ; is anyone in his as nice as himself. He will admit that there have been geniuses, great men, in other parts of the -republic, but for pure, consummate stylu and finish : he is the inaUt -. , The west, if he is broad, is fiill of "typesi" if he is narrow, of "haysoeds." Ho likes to welcome aud study the types, feeling the while that he is studying humanity from the irround •up. The more unusual and impossi- ; bio the typos are the more ho glories in them. "These fellows iiro so .original, after one's own gausr," ho observes, complacently suffused with satisfaction that they should bti different from his own gang. When.any mnmbor.of the gang meuts. an outsider who is like .. j, „ ,,.„ ••llhl Vy|llil£^ II II I I ( || M got tired i but tliis little hint curod him, ' nncl his next application was through the usual channels. b , When Gon. Muhone was wounded at Second Manassas, some ono, to comfort Mrs. Mahono, said: "Oh, don't bo TJUoasy. It's only n fl os |, wound!" Jars. Mahono, through hor tears, cried out: "Oh, I know tliat is impossible; there is not ilosh enough on him for «„ ... „ whether this is a joke • on tho General or tlio private. A y u°l\/° llfttu ' the "Id First Beached Mium«ma Junction, in August, 1801.0.10 of the men, who did not clearly comprehend his position, had the impudence to ask Gou. BunurWrd , "wii.™ certain big guns that had "jS tZl'.?. 1 - -n° m r Bloh ,»«"«» would' be placed." The General replied: "Youii"- 5 jffl 11 ' if t ' 10 °°^ on '"y back know tho <%50retB C. f my heart I would .citt it J u dear life like an auimatod corkscrow On such occasions I invariablv found him waiting for mo with an "appetite sharpened by his bath. _"I do not know how intimate we might have become but for the sad sequel which cut short his earthly' career. Ono day I was called awav, and during my absence two neighbors repaired to tho bank of tho fltmam with the intention of doing a little flshino- from .the. dingy. As tlioy npproachi'3 t a largo blaoksnake wriggled up (.„' tliom in a confidential manner. While ?p n n 8 r of . ltllom(Wfts ue »''"y paralyzed with fear the other raised a heavv stone and lotting it fall, my harmless oo ,! paulon was no more. I !in . an o ) I mini now, but I oovor prized a frieu Iship more than that, and to this dav I ' "^ w.i tho Peninsula the gallant and jolly Gou. Baiikhoad Magriulor had ordered a moal for himself and stall'. A hungry rob—and who over saw ona who was not luingn P—oamo up to tho iariu houso, espied the nicely lilM tnblo, and, without leave or 'ilttoiiso eat down and bo»an to annihilate things. Just thoii tho General am •rrlpiuh walked in, osoortod bv tho host All wore surprised, "Hall!" said Jlury Magrudor, in terms more explicit tlian polite, "do know whoso table that is vou aro ugalP" 'No, h rP" said John Rub, with : JjiiHilli lull. '-WlioM' is iii'" "(ion. Magrudnr's. sir, tlio riniiiiilor of this dop.irtment." •'All right,," with nnothwr big | .uoutlM'ul. -Those war limes I -fiiu t i.nriitMilnr whore I eat -or who ] •Otlt with) sit down and make yourself bio com THE KAISER'S BROTHER. Bow Military lJlM<ji,,Tl,urai)t the Ueiit of I'rliiiudy Dli-t. Apropos of the mooting between the queen and the Empress Frederick at IJarmsladt, I dm "reminded, says the London tfiyaro, of the 1'ollowiii"- slorv which is characteristic of tier mTijcsi v's oldest dauglitor'Hliolions and iiracl'i'ci- ot discipline: Prince Henry, the brother ot tho present emperor, had. whon a small boy, tho greatest objection to .us daily bath, and tho nursery beeamo every morning tho scene of a vigorous and foarful struggle on his part against 'j tubbing. His motlior tried iu yarn to purstmdo him that balhs wore inovit- iiblo and that he must submit to thorn but she finally gave Die nurso orders one morning to lot him have his own way. Prince Hourv, conlidcnt that '••• lad ffl- : ' -. - . ;they're made. A good size, broad enough aud heavy enough, and with a tire oi the finest kind of stool. But. on the insido of the tiro, you seo a sort of nm or flange. That 11 an go' is about an inch and a half thick and about ihe sumo depth. It doosn't look us h ,t amounted to much; that little piece of ;steel, but that's what the lives of all ihe passengers depend upon. Thatilan're keeps,tlie wheel-to the rail anil keeps the coach from running off tlio track. "Well, now, when a train is going nfty miles an hour around a curve you seo how much depends on that ilaiigo. ihe whole weight and speed of the train is against that flange on ono side t be outsicle of the curve, and it is all that keeps the coach from vvhirlino- from the track. Suppose the flange broke, or, as is often the case, was worn down and had been missed by the car inspector. The chances are ten to one that the llango couldn't liold, but would climb tho rail and thore'd be. another accident. The reporters would bo told tho rails spread or something of that, kind, and no one but tho company would know what ciHiaod the accident, . "There are a"good many accidents that happen that way, but it doesn't appear to be any of the public's business. As a general rule a coach wheel is watched mighty closely, and tho minute a tlaiige begins to wear now ones are put on, but riiany a time tin inspector will miss a wheel and then the chances are big that there'll be an accident."— Kansas City Star. out acknowledgment,- where it is known as the •.•porter-house."' The Albion was his favorite tavern. The old boxes with leather seats gave a semi-privacy to a small aud select party in the,-and tho end less procession of joints gave a varied and substantial meal-at a •moderate price, without tho trouble of ordering a seat: dinner from a menu .like a British museum catalogue. In Ins own house, or office, at Household Words, where he had a little dinner or supper room, he seldom, except on show occasions, departed from his favorite simplicity. Tho chief approach to artificiality at those little banquets was noticeable in a le°- of mutton prepared in a manner not generally popular. The bone of the joint was taken out and the place supplied with veal stuffing and oysters, and the whole roasted or baked iu the usual lashioD. The result, as it was cooked in tho little kitchen at Household Words, was always a success; and if it liad not been there was ample 00010011- siiU".n.aft.orwnrtl3in the. master's"un- > Carelessness iu measuring and pre- .pariiig u di,sh is often tho cause of filllura. ^Wlien a reoipois found good, i,sl»««fl! blMollowod oxaetlv, ?,-» iS'not only au economy for homo- nKers tp,keep an account book, but fa, a g-r#»'$ satisfaction to know, from iay to year, exactly what has boon ex- ,llilod. The excellence of baked potatoes de- wls upon eating as soon as dono, and pjv , before. They are worthless till — pked, niul dry rapidly as soon -4s wi 1 n • oit JIM'" om through, r i'o remove? f JiHous, rub on salt and wash in tlio tlroly removed, dry in tho sun. What is tlian a r lino J' ol1 stain as usual table r (VS possible, ., , ' If Uot Oil- union juluo and ' *' f fn isngreonblo to uso uP Bub thorn dust and swoot oil, make tliom smooth, to ft faolorv and have them f th$8$ Stove Is cracUed, a good ce- the gimailo for it us follows: Wood v.-ouifl !! JU t 'd salt in equal proportions, ro- nowpWO n paste with cold water, and loyUWii tlio cracks w lion tho stove -\ s drug d''It will soon harden, i;elf witj stale pieces of ln'ss&\ ftlid when store Ky t | U y (iomo 8) iltytVom thorough- jaiuod a remarkable victory w-is o-Nullaiit, and wliuii ho set out for liis Morning walk took no pains to conceal his triumph. Ho indulged in sundry taunting remarks to his atlondttuts; but on i-otui-iiiiig homo ho Was sur- Urisod to uo'tioo that tlio sentinel at the gate did not prosont i>niis as ho missed On reaching tlvb-paluoo ho found a second BonlJMol equally remiss, and knowing «s well as any of his puuotil- liousi'u^Je^ylmt was due to his rank, o tollow walked up to tho man ;od severely: "Do you know r lamP" "Yes, Hoholt," said the leiitiuel, standing nioliouless. "Who am IP" "Prince Hoiiirich." "Why don't you siiluto, tlioiiP" "Because wo do not present arms to au unwashed prince, replied tho soiitiuol," who had received his orders from tho prince's mother. Tho little fellow .said not a word, but walked on, bravely whiklu<> back the two big ami's wliich lilted his eyes. Next morning, however, he took his bath with puffoot docility, am was never known to complain of it again l Swimming for Boys. . ' "I never would allow, my boy to learn to sivim." said the .mother of an only son; "and I never could bear to have him in a boat. Skating I alwavs detested, and ball playing I consider vulgar. He had a horso for ridiiio- aud ho was always allowed to walk as miich as he chose." (!) Hor hearers understood why it was that her sou had grown up' to be a narrow-ohosted and delicate man and were thankful that lie was permitted to go out doors at all in his boyhood. fortunately this young mail had possessed a strong love for walkiii"-, niul also for study, wliich had kept him from inanition, and also out of mischief. But for an active, full-blooded boy not decidedly studious, such a bringing up as has boon dRsorlliod would have meant either ruin or death. I hero i;*no need to di-scaiit upon Ihe manifold attractions and uses of swimming. All proper'precautions for ids safety should bo taken, but your boy should-loam to swim. Never let him go into tlio water unless ho is tvoll: u?lther lot him go alone or with llifjhtv boys oil 1 ./. nvtsM when ho has mastered tho art of li'tUa'.'."'!—(Viiinps and accidents of nil'sorts are too ooiiimon {;••; that. Koop him away from rapids and whirlpools, and impress upon him at every oppo:-|unity, by niiocclole, pro- copt and oxamplo, tho nooessity of exercising prudonco in tho matter. Especially seo that ho is familiar with remedies for cramp, and with tho modes of reviving tho drowned. Many a valuable Ufa has boon lost because a boy's companions did not Understand how 10 uso proper restoratives whou his body was lirst recovered from the Water.— Kule Upson Clark, in Harper's Hazar, . I verily believe that Charles Diokeu was more proud of his skill in mam facturing this seductive compoun than being the author of all his •Tea works. Tho preparations for all thi concoction (which I named ".five shi lings and cost") wore simple and ve elaborate. First of all the jti"- wa produced—the vat or tho receptacle o the brew. Then came a plate am knives, then tho lemons, tho su basin, and then finally a Inrec table napkin In tho meantime the kettle on the hob had prepared the boilini water, and the bottle of distilled liquii —an important factor.'as the phrase •joes—was. placed iu the hands of the master; I shall be guilty of no irreverence if I say that at this point his eyes twinkled and generally winked ihe process of blending was like a conjuring trick preformed by an accompolislied professor. Tho mixture being made wlch care and de- liracy, and with a certain amount of demonstrative pride, Hie iu" was placed upon tho table arid the napkin thrust into its mouth. The brew timed by tho master's watch, had eoml mencod, and in a few minutes tho napkin was withdrawn, and "live shiliin<>s and cost" was ready for convivial dls- tributliiii, Among'thoso who drank (moderately) and admired (hugely) this Dickons nectar wiw Wilkie Collins, who told mo that-, next lo a Well-made an- plo pudding, ho know of nothing more agreeable. Wilkie's tastes, like Dick- going .. _. , dorness beyond the Mississippi P Can it be possible that the wild and woolly west is going to produce rivals? Hid- :ooiis thought! ; The women—of the same rich, narrow class—are a thought worse, as naturally having, no' reasoning faculties and taking their cue from tlio more iknowing and experienced male. Boston women, who aro always lookin"- for "material".whether they write or not, delight iu au outsider from any point of the compass. Now York women simply look to see if he be do notre monde, and if he is uot better for him that a millstone: wore tied around his neck and he were cast into the sea. Such uuonlightcnmcnt in this refulgent nineteenth century is sad. Moreover, the poor things never know what they lose in renouncing the acquaintance of the American Locliin- vars..butgo blindly on through'-life, cutting off their noses to spite their faces. The English women who come over here are always on tho lookout for dashing, daring, unconventional- males, like the cowboys in the Wild West show, or "thoso' splendid creatures you read about in Brete Harle— gamblers,, and road agents, and things. Ihese are just like the men wo 1 meet everywhere else!" But I ho beautiful metropolitan can be horrified- by anything. She. in the flower of youth and beauty's pride, would as soon have tender relations-with a tight-rope dancer as bow to a man on tho avenue who wore his hat ou tho rMit side when The Fellows—witli largo "capitals —wore theirs slightly tilted to the left, -thus are the artistic perceptions of botham hopelessly blunted. For these reasons do they fail to see tho "<r 0 od in everything" which the banished i uke recommends as a sate line of conduct- throughout life. Gen. .ni/^M.... —, - wlmre'he would Spend the replv he saiil: "you arti t&i dolii'rtlo jioinh hut I nni not to confess my ^otefty". ways afford to Change toy v with tho season. Nevertheless to stroll about the country drtl slimmer, but I nvoid placed other men tln-oiig, I proftii' nature in tho mountains. She, at any i ate, does not deceive me. Hefe iii Turin I lead a perfectly secluded life* ^ I visit no Italians anil receive sdaCcely any visitors. As a rule, I nm nt nOfflS,^ to no ono. Fill- mrtuv yoitrs I, llaW sought forgetfulness in work. rliiS' Is no loiisror possible. I nm a brdke'lM down old. man. Work fatigues' m6, and the puiiifiil wrololiediiess of'sfllU tude weighs <lnily more and more .ilji* on mo. I am nlono with my memories, :nlouo with my bitter expuriences/j I was formerly'nimble to compass mjr aims without 'helpful fellow workers, and then-I learned to understand raatt-^v kind. Plato is right; life is no blessing, ,- o no gift, hut a duty {'no gain, but rather-' f a,loss. When."on.'the brink of thef" ? grave a mail hiiikos up his account,/ y the balance, is always on the jtvrong side. ' I liave.'liskoil myself w'li^pr lifo was worth Hying. Only oiie * fort remains to liie, I have persi' followed dutv." "Traveling Stones." , Tho curious i "traveling ,sto' •Australia aro 'paralleled in' They aro described as being round, abont.iw.large as a walnut, and, of an ivory nature. When distributed about on the floor,: table, or any -otlior level surfaue within two or three feet > of.each other tliay iinmedliitelv be"ia , traveling loward'cach other until tlTey meet at. a common .centre and there huddlo up in a bunch, like cirirs in a . nest. A singlo stoiio rein . ud to a distance of four foot, npuu 'being released, returns to tin; heap,, but if taken away five feel remains motionless, It is needle*), to say that they are.liu-goly composed of magnetic iron ore. . Valuable Sllvci- Shares. uuuni irests eompax the disco vusu (VS jj ue U8 tlusti Those, then, bo ut hand for propariug Japanl'3, cutlets, oroquottos, etc. severi to bod at night to sloop; and not enjoyluk over tho ' troubles of to-day, In who anticipated trials of to-morrow. I for emigi says fevoiuan said: "I plan my next each n ' uorvous tliiug, she lo oked u polar oxplr:3W n °N6rk each night at'lor i-otirin ' am. ould Was' ^ ,, the ^^ow^ 8 ! 1 c<5 |ei 7 fresh by boilrag it in 'n wu P'M' 01 ' sprinkled with water, 1 of | \i wrap in a damp cloth,and put it iu •> --,i,j.j^ol, dark place. Before preparing it -i. ''-''.Iho tdblo, (iiibmcrge it in cold water lot it stand for au hour. It will bo vary crisp. m furnishing a homo, do not nog- to purchuso picture. They serve ioall pleasant memories anil seunos, when hung-to harmonino with the lure and iu k( !( )|iiii.v wiib iiio use '' room, tlioy aro hjlchlv oruamen- !uy good ouuo, or uoiie. '*4 ouo i# fanned, ton is .^. ._ 4, / f A. Prolix An old Scotch lady who lived at a considerable distance from tho parish church was iu the babitof driving over to tho service. Hor coachman, when ho oonsidorad Itho service nearly at au end, would slip out quietly for tho purpose of having tlio carriage ready by the time tlio service was eo'uoludod. Quo -Sunday John returned to tlio oluYroh, and aflor hanging about tho floor for a considerable time grow im- 'pationt, and popping in bj s |, om i i ( ii s . covered tho minister arguing as bard us over. Creeping down the aisle toward his mistress lie whispered iu hoiear: "Is be no near dune yelP" "Dune!" returned the old lady,' in a high state of indignation, for her patience had longsineo boon exhausted, "bos diuio half au hour siiu-u, but he'll uot stop." A rVmarkablo invention lias boon made in Austria. Glass tubes project before the train,and if they aro broken, by any obstacle an electric-movement is applied lo the brakes, brin»-iug train immediately to a ' ' '" 7 , A bank oflicor who muse nover bo . efji-i W'ttst^d wit(i t\ secret—the 'toller. Just What, Mufti la. What docs "mufti" mean? Is it as American, an Anglicism, a Gallicism, or pure umlulloratod slausrP In tho days of spelling and definition boos, linoen yt-nrs ago, it would have boon selected as a good word to torture as- piranis for the pri/,»s. Briefly expressed, mufti, is a military torm largely used in Europe and in less (le-ri-im iu this conntrv for tlio uso of civil dross or plain dollies by a rc-ii- lur military or naval ollleer entitled "to wear uniforms at all timus, as was actually dpno by ollieers iu the army or navy of the great nations up to the close of the lust century. Iu the present day there seems to be such a burning desire on the part oj olhcers in tho armv and navy of tho United Stales to get-rid of the ovi- donees of their presumably honorable Calling that the wearing of mufti, or plain clothes, is an almost universal practice. Whether it is for the good of the country that tho objecting to wearing uniforms on the streets, outside of parades or public processions, is ex- :eiuling to the nou-commissioued officers and privates ,6f the'regular service, is a question tllut is just now -receiving considerable attention-from/the Mioughtful eithsous? Turning for a n/o.uiout to the phijo- .ogi.eal issue inv/ilyod iii tlio word uiiiHi," it a|)po,/w that'the term is of ens 1 , though he know tho culinary ways ot die cultivated foreigners, we're essentially simple, and so were Thackeray's. Night after night tho author ot "Vanity Fair," leaving tho delights of. the Garrick club a few doors hi"-her up in King 1 street, Convent gariion, was a constant visitor of Evans' supper-rooms (tlio original of his "Cave of Harmony"), where ho was not afraid to eat solid minion chops and baked potatoes at midnight, and not ashamed to show his doli»-ht in tho part singing of tlio choir "boys, who divided ihoirtimo between tlio collars uud a Homan Catholic cathedral An Anti-Piano Movement. Illi Carlsnihe. the official capital of the Grand Duchy of Baden, pianoforte Jlaying spread so as to excite a de- ijiled movomont against it. First the ity passed a law lining any one who Jlayed with the window open. That ii-ed little help, though, to tho house nxt door, and the next orniation of a bachelors' ociely, sworn not to marry «-j r j s W , IO hiy<«. tho piano. Tho su(it\. u" s ° oooiu.ts Duiuboro,! over 300 but llie ai-l.srulio girls | 1!U 1 ni;llly ( ', f t) :-n to the fiddle and iho FrS slop was the aiitl. nm slual An Australian widow with the in- . como of $125.000 a year is tho fashion- able sensation in London. Her storv illustrates what can bo got out of a sif- vor mum in New Sontli Wales. The lady s husband paid £120 for certain shares in tins mine. Whan ho'died not long ago tho shares wore comparative- y valueless, and he thought ho was leaving his young wife, in destitution. Shortly-niter Ins death the shares rose suddenly to a price so marvelou.s that ^ e ^L» w ^ Uli »»«-!»^«'f h»r shares .mil is now receiving * 'll.v for the oilier half. ° A Itoiiian Palm Tree. A priiso palm tree in-Rome was blown down .luring tt mcent } w ™ stood in ihcjrnnlaii of tho Urliish'om- '•|»sy. ami was perhaps the tallest iee in Ilonin. It was. hi s t,,rical as j.iv...g ^npiorood by a cannon bnU "111111" I II! II . :i[> .- /,n ,!,„ .:... • ^ H'« attack on 1870. It wa tho city j n i, -i , J " UL ! :,!i,,wi>:| tlu- u-.-icos 01 «.,HM, U ,| Homo to a He Wouiq Have Kxeciitcd His Threat . The Hon George D. Bisbee, of Buckfield, saw Gen. Butler over at Poland Spring one Sunday, and he accidentally came into close proximity to him i a the crowds on the piazza, Mr. Bisbee was as good a soldier as ever wont to war, and besides getting a full dose of camp hie and service he got eighteen mouths of short fodder an3 harcT bedding in rebel prisons. Finding himself near Gen. Butler and findin" the old gentleman_ cordial and good'-nuturod, ho said to ium that ho supposed that he owed his life to him. '&„. JJut | er wanted to know how. Mr. Blsboe called to Ins mind the time when the commandant of H certain southern prison was going tu hang a lot of the Union prisoners. At that time Gen. Butler liad Fits-Hugh Lee ami some of the other southern leaders iu his keep- lug. ihe reported outrage to northern prisoners lired Butler's souse of tem- porul_ retribution, and he threatened to string up his prisoners if a sin»-lo Union prisoner was hanged. "I was pueot those Uiiiou prisoners," said Mr. Bisbeo, "and I reckon that vou saved my neck." The eye of Goa. Bunor lighted up wonderfully. He lifted his chiu, looked at Mr. IJisbee and thou said with energy: "I'm ' tn K» n ... ...... « t • C3 * EATING WITH THE FINGERS, Table Etlauet ,„ tha Ullys When AVeru Not Known. Did you know that queen Elizabeth ate with hor -.fingers? asks larner'l rnu-ntt Pnf\ nls\ • XT' •"W'/y./i// o * a «n<J no/He, ion . may have known that she loved show and stylo tint she was so fond of lino clothJs t at when she died she left 8,000 dr os es and a quantity of jewels; but did von ever imagine that such a gro lad could be so as to eat w tl, her hngors? But she di.l, and so did bhakspoqre. and Chaucer and Willi „ the Conqueror, and King Alfro, In flverybody else who lived before hS time. Those last were more oxcusa bio than she-they had no forks-b "t even she was not without " for, though she had A Prescription. Manv personTpo troubled about the with '' nirty excusa other of gold with two little' pears, and still Why didn't she uso thomP y ol , ,, sk Well, bocauso she had n,n-,,,. known anybody thai^ used[ on l^" "" were somotbin..- new; and there was a prejudice voulion just from must not think buca forks that the madi) no preiensions to nnomont, Tho they liad lioifors, aud win, n • Implements .1,.,,, .L WUh t»"»o u ro From their OKI books «r t- •'• learuhow they did It ' tlquet wo place the " washed Pew hay so thai center, say Orange j enemy to especial); farmer g up in go a gust 0 swept '•; qualitie goes to farms In Illl/ were eight' 1'oofe niatc hold WOK Art of Stacking. Ai-abiu origin, Hiudoostuu k^_^ >---- - jud \vas adopted into tp express t^.e , . ' ---- " tt J ' * **« glCtll to know you, sir, and 1 say to you to- clavthatl well remember h ell remember that occa- sioli, and that, by thunder, I would " ~J v«» ». m..\. » , + |Y UUUl _. avo strung 'em up and left 'em Jmii'--- liig to this very day if they had done What they said they were goiug to do." r~LeiyistQu Journal. ° C \ ^"f^T" L ^' "If'^ ^T-tf^WI .... ,A^, . <-.'»f l V-j.u'-k«^*. M .AoV;, t* the posts. there is not ei what there is *tack for any' pins nstead ;oheap,0r in the aud the not JQ , 110 one ing after his , boon iu the dish, moat was pieDared parvor uud passed iu 1 a kuit'e. > P^^.SS^^.'.in-soU, 'articular part ofitlnuUsi, f, i • ^ a f o must h'elp hlms f d-iin i ? ? tt ' tt ' t'l'S place, uslut ouly uire u ', l '° m afterward, ia oai*«»»~- ••> - y ^"S 1 whloli, of

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