The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, October 22, 1890
Page 4
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LATEST Em COmb IOWA It would be difficult to exaggerate the hOrtbrof the powder-mill explosions in Wilmington, the terrific power of the explosives ia shown by the character of the disaster, A Wide extent of territory dev ftstated, five hundred people made home* less, many lives lost find a score of people injured, tell the sad story. That many in a second of time blown into a hundred fragments-that will never be found, add to the frightfulness of the affair. General sympathy will go out to the little coir.mun- ity that has been thus afflicted, U. RAnDBNKn is doing much .«..».*, juj* io uujjj£ niuun good in writing stories and stating foots Well calculated to make men and women think. In a recent paper she calls attention to tho fact that Keinmelor's father and mother were butchers by trade, while the samo was also true of tho parents of Jesse Pomoroy, tho youthful murderer, Who from infancy took such fiendish delight in torturing and killing animals. How little heed is paid to tho law of heredity and tho atmosphere in which a child lives while his taste and habits of thought are taking expression. It is a lona 1 way from barbarism to true civilization. CrMERAf, Byjmows klllect> Alabama outlaw P r °P<*t? valuod at l*r a test case of the Illinois compulsory education law at Champaign, Tuesday, the jury rendered a verdict for the state. TUB son of Jesse James, the notorious desperado, is running an • elevator in a Kansas City bank. AT Bloomington, III., Leonard Si« n£ w ?' A bfa <« !tn an, has been awarded 810,000 damages against the Chicago and Alton Railway, for injures received in be- ng knocked from a train by a bridge. CONOHBSSMAN Mm/urn, the newly*eated colored member from South Carolina, has mly a slight strain of negro blood in iim, He has a son who is red-haired and recklo faced. APTEII forty years' immersion in the W ^r£i h !_??°A of .Echoschacht, not far , .,„.. umyuu, wl . j.ju ul — ^ from Hermanstadt, several human bodies have been brought to the surface in a state of perfect preservation. THE common phrase, "When Greek meets Greek, then comes the tug of war," "i the most common misquotation in the " ! w& Uag r e i P 01 * 60 .".? ^ should read. "When Greeks joined Greeks, then was thetuffof war. ' It was first written by Nathaniel Lee in 1700. n, Tn ^. 8trilco o£ miners at Ishpeming, Mich., is apparently nearly over. The mine-owners refuse to make any concessions, and the men cannot hold out long. They will return to work in a day or two. ' A sitii' recently sailed from Belgium bound tor the west coast of Africa. Its supreme court, who was striekwi with paralysis a few days ago, died on Mdnday morning. GfiftBiui, W, BEt,KNAf «ho Was secretary of War during the Grant administai- tion, waa found dead in bed at his home in Washington Monday morning. He had sticcombed to a stroke of apoplexy, IT is generally believed that Spooner, Gresham and Miller ara the most likely men for the vacant iudgship. By the»e- lectioh of Oresham, Harrison could make a show of n.iiiniainity and nt the same time make if probable that Gresham's followers would not be his antagonists in Indiana should Harrison desire to succeed himself. Is order to carry out the spirit as well as the letter of the civil service law, the secretary of the treasury has agreed to change the .existing practice in the marking 01 nominations of applicants for promotions to the treasury department in cases of honorably discharged soldiers and sailors who by law are entitled to preference, other things being equal. The change will be accomplished by adding five per cent, to ( the percentage made by such persons in the examination referred to. A Mysterious Tribe Who Dwell In the Tennessee Mountains In An Almost Primeval Way. than It.OOO miles of cable have feSa .required to do this, and several. cffffiWrnes, with more"'or less aid from the British, Frensh, Spanish, and Portuguese governments, have participated in carrying out »i ij.__1— , the Work. Degraded Beings Whose Homos Are in a Country of ttatttral Wealth and Beauty. e or. The North Atlantic is spanned by no less than eleven cables, all laid since 1870. thouirh I think not all are working at the present time; five companies are eh in forwarding telegrams between forth America and Enropei and the total length of the cables owned by them,' including cost connections, is ore? 30,000 nautical 10,000 casks ol runi"and' 14 mis- 38. Ohio Legislature met in extra ses- s tho oft-repeated statement that ' tho rich are growing richer and tho poor poorer," tho facts in some cases are tho Other way. In England pauperism has greatly decreased, not only relatively, but Dually In 1832 England had a popula-, „„, , n UOTBrnor Campbell, whoir tion of 14,000,000, of whom 1,200,000 were stl BO charged, among other other paupers. In 1888 the poputatic ' '" ^ n! " " 1 "' 1 " ' doubled—28,000,000-but the paupers I 800,000, a . . ~--o-"•»"p"~, «."<UJIB uunor ucnur things In 1888 the population had just ,..., clnnatl ftad the lowest grado o political morals of any city in tho country - - _ , but that natural causes ure tending to its more general and equable distribution than over^ before. Tun question of the coiutitutionnlity of Reod's quorum counting is on its way to the supreme court. It takea the form of an appeal by some importers of worsteds ..--,._™. v morning the woman poisoned herself and her Tmbe. When showdnsh came home and found the dead bodies ho suicided with a revolver. THE only son of Col. Chas. Fred Crocker, f San Francisco, second vice-president ot the Southern Pacific, fell over the banister in his father's house Sunday and was killed. The boy, who from a decision under tho law classify in« was but 10 years of age, would have' inher° svorstada as wnnlnna Tl,:., !„_. ited the bnllr nf ViJa fnHio^'n !„.. i_i_ f ^ C 3.F 111 US' id v, h" worsteds as woolens. This law was passed Ijy counting a quorum, jvnd the duties since assessed under it havo been Jindor protest. The matter has been de• cided by the custom-house officials against the importers, and has been reviewed by the board of general appraisers, one of whom, Judge Sumerville, has prepared the opinion of the board. This opinion fully sustains Speaker fieed, cites authorities Phis favor, and. of course affirms the con stitutionalityof the law in question. Thi is but tho first step in tho litigation whic! involves millions of dollars, and will em only with the decision of the supreme court. No PonTKAYAi, of Russian methods o •/. i ir i r. « . »e"» wuum UHYU inner- ited the bulk ot his father's large estate now estimated at 315,000,000. lu •sbf sl- Ig government could be more effective than tho brief dispatch which conies from St. Petersburg describing the added precautions against assassination which the czar now fools called upon to take. The unhappy monarch will see no one except a cabinet minister unless an officer of the guard is by; and the custom of tasting " every article of food placed upon the im- (1) perial table, which fell into disuse with wato.* llereign of Pllul > has boon revived, great- ."-"luXto the satisfaction, we should imagine, ,jf n c ' e tnilecl to perform this duty. This iiu-n lluiVi JR P here of suspicion leads to the most ictors to'tal measures, involving the life nnd in wblappiness of innocent people, as, for ex- the 'ample, the exile to Siberia of every one ar|$:y rested on suspicion of being connected io |;: : : the recent attempt to wronk a train on |;; iywhich the czar was traveling, and whip:|,J taping of three peasants, one of them fatal- S:!;'}'',v wll ° wcro unfortunate enough to bo .;v:fOjfnd near the spot. What .Wonder that, -C. ,along with the recital of such horrors, or no 101 " 68 * lle s t a toment that the nihilists are l xou ,unusually active ? It would be strange in ,pp( deed if they were not; and should ever j 8 ^ their activity roach a point boyoud the iter P owor of officialdom to suppress, it would lay also bo stmngo if the revolt of Russia did LfV ' not afford a parallel to the revolt of r France^against oppression no more intol erablo a century ago, A coNOUitiiBNT resolution, originating in the senate, ww; adopted by both houses t'isiBofu 114 '' 1 ^ 8 '' 0 " ovo of tho final ad- spiing-, • 1 " >ou . t ' requesting President Harrison Pouvtn-'negotiate with the government of e insid' 1 . 11 ^ 1 ^ 1 - 1 " 1 anrt Moxico, with a view of i hardly be e tho ingress of Chinese labor- P ^ U )uUnfot' the U " iteil Stlltes . Ulrou fe' 11 the di-uwers of' a> ^ Wls become evident that the vitli a Jwnd'f Mongolian immigration, 'ough these tortuous channels. So . i there is monoy to be miido out o ne80 Ue pUc )an workill fe' mel1 ' »*nd starvatioi i-ul visftoi" 18 lv ^ Uoiue i these people may be fed the pupon to test every avenue of entrj ,ont>ipuit!lie country, and a constant patrol to leso^voi-kt' *~ lu w '" bo -' lie(;e ssary. On the ivure to Chiuu. J^'iiJsh Columbia tlioy now native worlunanjil some smart white man fine picture. , 0 bring them into ^ .ib llr(Jy ;nau who^ i the Mexican frontier v "ed kintf of''"of" ti jrts IU1 ^ the waudoring the iron ,' npa j an opportunity to bjiy covotod land. It they at ftll, it, must bo by our neighbors on both lU'o a hundred hungry itmieo for every one k man, thoy must iviliziition will be Iniud by tho bar-'time soinothiatf * douo. FOEEIGN. THIS Jews in Sebastopol have been ordered to leave the city. A . PAIUS correspondent of the Uiromclo says that a private telegram states that Dillon and O'Brien landed on the coast of Britanny and are journeying to Paris. THE Servian Government, finding the presence of ,ex-King Milan in the country intolerable, hns resolved to ask the bkuptso.bina to pass a bill" providing fo his expulsion from Servia. i lN m ll , B P ecial in the Australian oh am ber iuesday tho premier declared tha the present strike in Australia had been a most as disastrous to the country as the bom linwlttiAii J- frrsic. l.>1 K™ ^m_ . . FIRES'AND CASUALTIES. A CAVE-IK occurred at the Ludington mine nt Ishpeming, Mich., Wednesday, burying five men. Parrick Sluges and liichard Dunn were rescued alive, but John Fisher was dead when reached. W. H. Davis and A. Bailey are still under the mass of lock and are unquestionably dead AN accident occurred at Moorhead, Me- Clean & Co.'s blast furnace, at Sohoe, i'enn., about 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon, resulting in the serious injury of eight workmen, two fatally. Tho men were engaged in di awing coke from the ovens when the hot dust blew out, enveloping the entire party. . EMMA. SPLITSI^ESHII was shot and instantly killed Sunday morning at Rib Falls, Wis., by her young brother, who picked up a loaded Winchester rifle that had been left behind a stove and playfully pointed it at his sister To his horror the weapon was discharged and the ball, entering her mouth, passed out the back of Ijerneck, killing her instantly. . SHORTLY after 2 o'clock Monday morning. Putnam's European hotel, at Nos. 163 and 165 East Adams street, Chicago, was burned and four persons lost their lives. Mrs. Minnie Robinson was killed by jumping from a window. Tom Dowler, a barber, was burned to a crisp. H. K. Sims, formerly a Pinkerton attache, was burned to death, and Edward Peyton, a colored porter, suffocated. AN extra of the Canada Gazette has been issued containing a proclamation removing the export duties upon spruce and nne logs, and also export duties upon hingle bolts of pine or cedar logs capable of being made into shingle bolts. No •easons for this action are assigned except ihat it has appeared to the government to be desirable in public interest to" remove the export duties mentioned. The Mailing-eons Are Influenced But Little By Outside Civiliza tion. TfiE VOLt&S O# PAtttS. A Foi-ce ot 0,000 Meri Found tit lie ittsttffl- dent. For sometime past the police authorities have found out that the number of constables placed at their disposal for the preservation of public order in Paris is in tft the daily papers we find What „_ Oliver Wende'l Holmes calls "ah infaJfibll prescription to insure long life,' and i reads thus: . "Let half a dozen doctors thnnrp y6f and knead you and test yoto in evBty possible way and render their verdidt that yditt, have an internal compkintj they dolj know exactly .what it is, but it Mllkill^ you certainly by and by. Then bid f all*'.well to the world ahd shut yourself Up fW, an invalid. If you are threefseofe JreaW bub When you coaimence this mode of life ydft probably may last twenty years, ahti tnelfl;, you are, anoctopenariahi" '* Many will appreciate the dodtor'S subtil • Wit and sarcasm in this, Without really^ Understanding 1 the real worth of theftfe*- 1 ' scription and the Way it Works. Ko dotiU many, persons dp live long after thaife*"! amining physicians have pronounced thetft incurably diseased, nhd it is ofteil ( too, be* cause of dUch diagnosis that people become •' ' '' a mode of life that prdlottgs /, w f< '.4$ During a recent tour amo geons, the mysterious whose origin has baffled respondent of the New York ,. stayed at the cabin of one Gowens. The [ t."f ?"/"«" Tl^' '""f "7 TT ^ ^ I m ^S™ 81 . 3 ' but the uueipected prolong polite prefix Mr. or Mrs. is unknown in KfA* * " ot tfie funds of ing of life in such cases is favored by tafc that region. A majority of the Mal.nn-' *' lie ' • l " 1 " lifn ° a ° t? ot " 1 *••»"«"> «'•' *«"'* *-t— -— geons live Within five miles ot Smedville, gcimo iivo vviuiiiii iivu mucn WL UIUCUVAUG, the county seat of Hancock county, and iheir habitations are windowless log huts. The march of progress since the war has reached the Malungeons in the ability to nuu me Kuyeriimeuu ima now foimally NO doubt the doctors are often mistaken The I i a ?? h 2 n ,i d thls step> nnd , ha f 1F e( i d *9 P a £ to diagnosis, but the unexpected prolong. half of the expenses out ot the funds of i ng O f life in such eases is favored by tttfc. the state. _ .• 'ling life easy, and those old folks Who can police in Pans consists of 6,000 | ay down the work and cares of life and counting the inspectors, of be contented merely to exist from day to niaoyj oufcj in re-' -*•-- **...--. _., .i.i".-*/_ _» . _* ..i. *n f , f tA , , ., .. e 8treets> A central brigade of 400 men raise tobacco. Otherwise "they" are as I;,"" "^^tn. J^TTi "V e T° UL •*".". " 1B " I Uur vital powers are called upon every nearly savage as they were a quarter of a j S2^ ^rtn^ ^^^Jj^ 1 ' 1 ^ Mv in two ways-to maintain the vital century ago7 Their orchards are the wonder of the country round, and always" been. But the fruit, as fruit, ther than the still house. i *J\J \j\siiu\Jll\j\jH. LH\jl\jlJ U\J tSALOV J.IU111 UttV LI/ day are thus enabled to almost outlive the incurable disease, and perhaps die of sohie- | thing else after all. Our vital powers are caUed _upon every ahd to to _. work the or Th."G;w«,-taii;s, „„ Shi.*,,, I S,''"tfi "."»'"•" h«tiifisj.fcrffi; I s,; n T= K, 1st i.^bW! IbanopboftbuBldn own mllher cat g"J " »°'9"Jf » "» ™«" PolM sto tlo con.oiou. t.n.rt to lay IS i. II S it'SM.M'jfesr' >M sa,rs sa?" ± & «w s* ys^sssfsjs^'s ^JtnsBff'feStfrs s*- T ' OP "" et fassp*^^* '-in children, but the rule 13 , jn'S, ^| y " s "PP°sed to be divided in- -• - '' many aVtwenty-two. • ' mll(!s of ' stre "3tp, and as three constables mi "' ' • ... i are necessary for each of • the twenty-four "•'j.f«t"«"*; *" umiuicu, uuu I/UD iuiu 13 , .„_, ,,," , ,," — ,.— i , „„ mere is an immense •uitterancn bRtwppn not imperative, some Jiothers having as .,'*, DeatS| representing about 900 the VCT and tanr or.ino.nn 7n i many as twenty-two. • miles of, streets, and as three constables hardworkW mnn n»3 » = i y ? r The Blackwater country abounds i,, fe necessary for each of • the twenty-four rita o^jnd alHnv^,n» \j£° ^^ excellent mineral springs, and of late tf™*;. lfc J",' 1 ^ e seen that either many of Line toasts hL shfns b^ora n fi J n ^^ years the people from the valley go there te beat " , Jmve been Meglectedor/the s eens all lie oan ' d <, Hrinlr thn ™.t*r Tho™ 'L ™i,, „„« men overworked. Even with t.liA nrlrlit.imJ mP? al ]1 ^ oan> . . ' :o drink the water. There 'is only one conspj- bardment would be. "The government h said was determined to be supreme. THIS report of the liquidator of the Cap ot Uood Hope Bank,which suspended a few week ago, shows that the net minimun deficit is £464,000. It will be necessary the report says, to call an assessment upon the stockholders of £40 per share. DUKING tho progrr ss of the racy trials at Tipperery, Mr -ounsel for the defendants, received a dfs- patch announcing the arrival of Messrs )illon and O'Brien at Cherbourg, France he government is trying its hardest to iscover who assisted the fugitives to escape. ALp.'frtiblio meetings have been forbidden in Beilinzona by order of the federal commissioners. Thousands o liberals flocked to Bellinzona to protes against the action of the government The KICTI COLORED MEX. Kjtnmples of Ex-Slaves in tho Sontli AVlio Have Grown Wealthy. It will probably be surprising to know that in faalveston there is a colored man who is worth over 8350,000, says the Chicago iribune. His name is Sylvester, and he has a fine mansion in the most desirable residence portion of the city; and what will most surprise Chicago people, How did Sylv6si6- rich in politics, then ran a salooTan'd" gambling house for colored people for a few years, then went into —-' ' joarding-house, a low one and and a half tory building, with one room front and me bar.k, and a loft reached by a ladder. There is no window in the house, and amps or candles have never been lighted n the place. The family sit in darkness after sundown and go to bed in darkness, and rise in darkness.iThe proprietor is'the father of twelve children, none of whom can read or write. The father, however, is very progressive, and continually on the watch for the railroad that is coming 1> ^- theRidjje." of S.OOOnew men-the police force is regarded by its chief as insufficient for the I MOSP hi tlnnTnf'vn.w ^"""V* " lc t""""^ growing, needs of Paris, and it must be | £?!,We" sur^o?' frieU™'^ vas who can reduce their mode of life pretty nlnan *-n *-1-.r.l- n f ,.«_.i_i.' I? . ^ ^ WU J 'ter The Malungeon.o are very like ch negroes in the matter of worship. The beliuve very strongly in the efficacy o water in religion, it being their custom to immense converts by three dips, face for ward. _ They shout, sing and in short are extremists in noise and enthusiasm on "meet'nday." On other days they steal, he, drink and are as idle and filthy as humanity can be. The Malungeons do not use the "you uns" and "we uns" of the Tennessee mountaineer. On the ridge, the real stronghold of this peculiar people, life is a great deal harder than in the swamp or on Black water creek. I hey live more like Indians than the dwellers of the valley and are entirely content with their life. 1 visited several huts spending a month among them, living on corn bread, honey and black, sugarless cof- tee. a - .—ei «^w*.. tl W i a. ttno, ttiiu. it UJlleilj UG admitted that there is much room for improvement in the supervision of the exterior districts, where street robberies and assaults are not uncommon.—Paris Leader. At a Chilian Hotel. The favorable impression of Chili which I had received in descending the western slopes of the Cordillera was augmented when I reached the village, or perhaps I should say town, of Santa Eosa de los Andes. This was my first experience of a Chilin " hotel. As we rode up through clouds . — -jutt/iiou vj. menus, iiiisy sustain the smallest possible amount of wear and tear, work and waste, life carried on at small cost and extended indefinitely until it reaches what Shakespeare depicted as the seventh stage of man's career. _ With life reduced to its smallest SSSM&^2^ alOB * «•* before the last of 'dust the exterior of the "adobe" buildings of the Hotel del Com"- one-story ^ _ — "o" v*. u»u -iuj.wuot uci \>um* ercia did not seem inviting. Inside, however, I found a series of court-yards, or patios, avenues of trellised vines, aviaries, canalized watercourses, and other pleasant features. I hired a room in the first "patio" with an outlook upon the flowering shrubs the fountain, and the wonderful imitation marble statues which stood around it Who would have exp3cted to find speci- nens of Greek sculpture—of the period of iP'P.flrlonnn if. 10 J-*<iin ™t 11.. PI « . •. decadence, it is true— at Andes. the foot of the They were as utter the day the dav 1 ' 8 U one set foot on Tennessee One of the most successful and wealth- Inif He is Milton Sterrett. He owjis a fine residence, surrounded by immense grounds, all terraced off, and plant)d in the finest flowers and shrubbery, and ceeps a landscape gardener to attend it He was a Vaiter on the boats between Oralvestion and Houston before and during "J8 war,^and made everything he has in ieals during the last twenty own several lai— ' • •• —-.. by - ----- —"•*.!. floors in . the shed, but the other room has a floor of logs with the bark still on them, and laid side by side, just as they came from the fwest. A bed nf drv last s:±i7bS."" > " l """""" n s"'« ±±s5S5SS«ft&* the cavalry. The people made ance and no blood was shed. CONM.IOTING reports are received at Lisbon regarding the situation of affairs at tho mouth of the Zariba » v - 6 ^, ^o re P°rt alleges that one of the British stern wheel gunboats attempted to pass up the river, to prevent which a hue ot Portuguese gunboats anchored across the mouth of tho river with instructions to passively resist the passage ot the British vessels, and that she ran down and sank one of the Portuguese war ships Another report says thu British gun-boats have not yet started tor Zanzibar. -.A. United CRIME. at Milwaukee, in the btates court, confessed to the ."--«•, freed, he war closed and on a plantation be- Dusty us I was and having been wholly epnved of the use of soap and water during my six days' journey across the mountains, the old prejudices of the dwell- nV 0n i H° W1 ? 8 ™ se * M . themselves, and I asked the landlady, m an off-hand and halt-apologetic tone, if it would be impossible to hfve abath. "Como nor with the usual Chilian »w M° fre ^y affif motion, and added: Would you like a swimming bath, kind —, ..„„„ warned , -, •• r-:"",-" uore, cannot content themselves to bid farewell to the world, shut selves up and run their machine at "T, Pressure. Preferring to wear out rather than rust out, they keep in tho swim .and die in their tracks some day when the weak part has been too Ibmr overstrained and freaks the thread of life ior old folks the secret of prolonging life is in ur. Holmes prescription, or the rishman's "be aisy, and if £ees C an?t be aisy, be as aisy as yees can." Uncle Sam's Cruiaers A.non ff Uritlsh Iron duds. . • "" Almost like yachts they look, compared i with some of their huge neighbors ^or \ SOmfl nffrroof: n«t n ;«'._i_—•=.%.' I0r II mistress's bid- death and de- TJ •, . e w vDigiiuuia, jor torriuf ""tain s strongest and most terrible sea-monsters are gathered in the harbor,, lying un the waters as if in slumber q uiet and tranquil enough now but ready to awaken at their mistress ding and to vomit "forth death ai ^^T^l^^'-^d sides. Close to other side our ship h the AnsonTon the i huee^Benbow, with massive super- guns over on night. . j i »*••— *i w*. u<t,i,iiv«.i| It/H;¥lllg 11 Cl tLlOIl" in the world. She had given him a good grew .._. selected b the the " owned by Ins mistress, and had two other large ones on the Brazon in ten years more. His old mistress being reduced to poverty, he undertook to take care of her He said when he was elected to the state senate that lie owed all be was to her kindness, and he felt it his duty to care for her And he sent her back to her native state— The' The man's very instincts are Indian H sleeps in leaves, indoors or out as inclined. He smokes almost so often, in fast, that his way, finds it necessary lu Ulllu • Jor her "old man to Ann .-,.„..„„ w«ni v, ^vjntraofu IO tllo charge ot using'tho mails for advertising a lottery and Judge Bunn fined him 8100 i» isW 1 ' ll .? M| wh ? was sent «P in J867 from irempealeau county on seven-year sentence for manslaughter escaped from the jail farm Priday Ho was oneot tho "trusty" convicts. tho Missour ing. Du. Mcfetua.u,, the aged New York miysjcmn who caused the death of Annie goodwill by nmlpraotice, has been sentenced to twelve years' imprisonment CoBKjajAV.MiriM.iui and Priscilla 1 ie k, the wives of London bankers style l;ielcU; Co., who failed a month ago wit labilities amounting to 8500,000, have been arrested in a hotel in New York „ -and. IBS done so for fifteen'years. 8150 every nonth. He is popular with whites and blacks, democrats and republicans, and .tudiecl law so that he could depend on nmselt to manage his immense plaiita- .1011 and ranch interests. Senator Burton is worth over 8500,000. Then Henry Black, the great sheep and cattltu-anchman of Tom Green and Pecon th, He counties is worth nearly $500,000. AroZt lb a " hl le ?? than flft " 11 Are these men southern negroes' YP« every one of them. ' tho Mlun-eon l° mited learn- of But the .argest plantation owner and K^S^^ ^ f«d ' wa, the heaviest farmland taxpayer in the until we aft w ot to be £'» 'essons rich county ot Lamar was a liclifc-oolnrprl prl nnf f n i~ ?. we , ro et iufilly determin- mu n.n.ipri u<>-„.„ u_ 9, uu . LOlo ' HCI eu . n ot to leave nnti m iii,i !.,„!_ ii 1 ... named Harvey.' He tfied'a few weeks ago and lefU widow, who will FAoiu , until we left. We we™ ed not to leave unti 1 m •at upon the extreme end of , " K . e »'io: " 1B ^i He bench his life for Th« Best Man in th* World. Well, U not poettivelj th* beet, on* pt th» Isest, It li« who check, dleeas* »t the .Urt to hit rrrtraasss?,; SfWK*S.SS&£S'K.. . * w j «*u tor years.' — -o provide fine departed friends and ^ driver of the stope Wld to oS ; ut the pistol wouldn't work. The robbe next afternoon he robber 88r aiutury raformnot ill health. Two Dontlig at DoBviu.E, AVs. Got. i9.~William The Ocean Cable of the World. Scribiior. ""»''»'«»'-- total cost; o; thesn n,\ i . 001 ! 1 P at J les! The ^t^KSe^tt Si 1 ^^^^^ ^e.nfes of the United StatesK&J 1 ^ t»ionT ~Y"~i -"""s ^a^h in the hi tel i I asked. "Como no? The water is not crysta line, but it is clean and fresh, and broutfh from the Aconcagua River by an "ace QUltti wen?to r se e : amOSaVer '' SaLdI - 8nd And behold at the end of the garden was a tank some fifteen feet square wt water running through it, and overhead an a protection against the sun, vines laden with pendent bunches of gram formuisr, as t were, a coiling to til bath This was delightful, and I bathed with joy Now after a bath a man need re treshments of some kind nn'ri <( t 0m0nc ! ? " wa8 ^'invariable reply and I was shown into a bar room where I A SUOCK TO MAN'S How the Unusual Place of the Heal. Mow York Times. ps the .--- -. womanhood mignt be n by'r S a V )el ° n ^' 'o their posses- f:!. 1 '. 1 rl ? ht ..°t growth and not of pur- .little incident which occurred i iifcnck Sarsfield GH1- un beach, very recently, mnnrio"*—' llo ^ ( ? ve r. that there are rounds tor suspicion as to the hair of of all ages from the cradle „--.. - In om corner of the mu- .0 nrapitheater at Manhattan beach a ^ntir, 00 f y ?i u " g v talk was taking the ttention of the audience in its immedi- to vicinity trom Patrick Sarsfield and it. musicians. The child-so several roinen said and the men evidently thought -was "too lovely for anything." Her net beauty was tho golden ringlets that eoped trom jnder her luit and made a igular halo -around tho chubby face. Babv ad climbed by the aid of the seat back to standing position, and was cooing lov igly at an old gentleman behind her. The Id gentleman pulled one of the golden "f' ento - . With a quick movement the ttle on; drev, her hat off and held it out °-n"fl- , A ! tth6r ,lwutiful ringlets went itb the hat. They were sewed around ot the msub. The lovelv child, there an ordinary looking baby with hm and straggly locks of a different bue tlie golden c«rh. OTTAWA, ourt today ate III., Oct. 13,—The granted a .. ...:„ i , -i—w% ft **»TO| t.\Ji HcSS" structure, points her enormous guns t &ffi£3r$*hS^& P^l 8 , 1 " ^ 8ide ? the cannons of th& miraf An h 0nflieStheflagottho rear ad " gitaWmey"^^^^- Over ya. among the co re .es i n^e ^offi a man /° f -™r irt their" midst; n the office another naval n amperdown, is steaming 3 il. S n nT h8 '% Whitee P 8i ^ m " k Bth e ice ot a man-of-war itt ' ' -,.••--- astonishing rapidity a ur ship for a moment, it darts off s" y, and with a swish and quick a oinethmg drops from its side. / ^nt later a dull report, a flash of fb little puff of blue smoke, curlini liW« ?° flme distance Beyond us little red flag waves from a sort sating there, shows us that the iat we have just seen launch cached its mark.—From ''Port ith the White Sqmidron'' by in October Scribner. T-UCJvY ONE j labo l Joy , ' is ^S^Cl^Vth^

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