The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1890 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1890
Page 2
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M01NES. ALGONA. IOWA, WEDNESDAY, -- - •••> to pxaggerate the horror of th<s 'Wilmington. Tho terrific power of the explosives is shown by the character of the '. wide extent of outlaw valusd at the Illinois compulsory m i .« case ° e nos compulsory powder-mill explosions in education law at Champaign, Tuesday the 3Ury rendered a verdict for the state, supreme court, who was stricken with paralysis a few days ngo, died on Mdndav morning, G&SanAr, W. BfiucftAp who was secretary of war dnring the Grant adimnistei- tion, was found dead in bed at hishotae in Washington Monday moining. He had snicotnbed to a stroke of apoplexy, tr is generally believed that Spooner, e Gresham and Miller , ar3 the most likfly By the se- I • . - i, . * *• — I AT nInntninert-nil Til ftu, muly ives lost and a score of people Matthews, a brakeman, hi b'een injured, tell the sad story. That many in f 10,000 damages against the Chicago~and ft second of time blown into a hundred .• lto , ft Rn . llw . tt ) r » for injures received in be* £.««*..^^i.; ji,_ i iii . , I InO* KflOCkfin r'rrirti a ffdi« Ut» M U^i-l,*.*, * — *""** '»**•*»* eii 3 LIIHJ ill 1 . men for the vacant judgship. j Tiifison Of Jesse James, tho notorious 'fptioh of Oresham, Harrison could make a Jsperadq, is running an • elevator in a ?" 0 i w °F, t"«*piauiit 1 f and at the same time ""*"" n '*~ t "' J - 1 - mak e it probable that Greshatn's followers would not be his antagonists in Indi ana &MSMIU TT——^-l ^_ i_ «-= . , , * * • - ana should Harrison desire to succeed himself, fragments-that will never be found, add to the frightful/iess of the affair, General sympathy will go out to the little coir.mun/ ity that has been thus afflicted, .•, , c " A fn)Iatrain b ? a member from South Carolina, has slight strain of negro blood in freckle fifceT * 80nwho is redi haired and AFTER forty „ * "ilt"' v , en j 8 imniersion in the waters of the pool of Echoscbacht, not far u,. 0 ™ Hermanstadt, several human bodies the surface in , -' is doing much good in writing stories and stating facts well calculated to make men and women think. In a recent paper sho calls atten tion to tho fact that Kemmeler' and mother were butchers by tho same was also true of the parents of Jesse Pomoroy, the youthful murderer, who frorti infancy took such fiotirHati ,!„ ii,., . . , • HUU1 nentiisn cle-1 unu tug or war. • • u w light in torturing and killing animals. Nathaniel Lee in 1700. How httle heed is paid to tho law of hered-1,. Tjtri strike of minors ity and : the atmosphere in which a child lives while his taste and habits of thought nro taking expression. It is a lono- way from barbarism to true civilization, «.~T ii"""i."" "" ijr ou t the spirit as well as the letter of the civil service law, the secretary of the treasury has agreed to change tno mating practice in the marking of nominations of applicants for promo^ tions to the treasury department in cases of honorably discharged soldiers and sailors Who by law are entitled to preference, other things being equal. The change wil be accomplished by adding five per cent, to the percentage made by such persons in the examination referred to. am m A Mysterious Tribe Who Dwell in the Tennessee Mountains IM An Almost Primeval Way. Degraded Beings Whose Homes Are in a Country of Natural Wealth and Beaaty 8 than 17,000 miles of cable have 1 b$n required to do this, and several companies, with more or less aid from the" British, French, Spanish, and Portuguese governments, have participated in carrying out the work. , I The North Atlantic is spanned by no less than eleven cables, all laid since 1870, I though I think not all are working at the present times five companies ate engaged in forwarding telegrams between North America and Europe, and the total length of the cables owned by them,, including cost connections, is over 30,000 nautical miles, tfne tfctf id t*ftt**g ttfis. f ft the daily papers we find « u »u ,~ Oliver Wendell Holmes calls \'an ihfajlibl prescription to insure long !ife f and: reads thus: . "Let half a dozen doctors thump yotf and knead you and test you in every possible way and rentier their Verdict that yflu \*i\ttfi nn tTifa«.v,al nA»v,*-\t,iltaf t t.VlAt, /IA1T f,. otf .-- misquotation in trie Correctly it should read, id Greeks, then was was first written by • .r jrtV'r"" 1 "" ""* """'nu rcuuru, con- nf^;°mnnn 0n8 , ot ? UI >P°*der, 11 casw of gin, 10,000 casks o! rum and 14 mis- Td<~i~!~,.""""" *"• "iiJioi'H at Ishpeinino-, Mich.,'is apparently nearly over. The mine-owners refuse to make any concessions, and the men cannot hold but long. They will return to work in a day or two. J ., A f "i I! recently sailed from Belgium (< DissriTK the oft-repcated statement that I ~ -----'°- w ? st coa *£ ?*. Africa. Its "the rich are growing richer and the poor poorer, "tho facts in some cases are tho other way. In England pauperism has ( . greatly decreased, not only relatively, but „;„ 5 S V° kegifllature met in extra ses- s uai ; y u s,!s Enginnd imd n iwpui11 - ^o^^^dassi; ^^&^ tion of 14,000,000, of whom 1,200,000 were ««» charged, among other o&m " ' paupers. In 1888 tho population had just that Cincinnati had the lowest L v,, doublod-28,000,000-but the paupers po ' ltlcal morals of ™y city in the country, numbered 800,000, a decrease of one-third. ,Ji 0 " ; 8f T Q ^"Vf Giger Showdash The fact is that not only is England grow- JuJrreled' vfobntfbetS^'of his't? ing-in aggregate wealth, but that natural °« sy - • Wednesday morning the woman causes are tending to its more general and I E? l _ s . on , ed , horsolt ! and h er 'babe, equable distribution than ever before. a -_ ...-V4.W »fc >. *iv*. M» IVJiU I UIin«. 71 » —.-.-—».i 11 ju\jti > distribjrftonjbanjver before. bodia, wsuicid^ 0 '^ I™' 1 f ° U , nd the dead ~ — JUIUUH ne sujciaert with a revolver question of the com.titutionnlity of .Timonly son of Col. Chas. Fred Crocker quorum counting is on its way to 0 * San Francisco, second vice-nresidfinf. . il US' d Reed's quorum counting is on its way to tho supreme court. It takes the form of an appeal by some importers of worsteds from a decision under tho law classify intr worfiteds m woolens. This law "was ^passed by Counting a quorum, and the duties since assessed under it have been junder protest. The matter has been de- ^•oided by the custom-houso officials against the importers, and has been reviewed by the board of general appraisers, one of whom, Judge Sumervillo, has prepared the opinion of the board. This opinion fully sustains Speaker Reed, cites authorities n's favor, and of course affirms tho constitutionality of tho law in question. This is but the first step in the litigation which involves millions of dollars, and will one nf i\- -' rlu ?f"co, second vice-president ,pt the Southern Pacific, fell over the I banister m his father's house Sun . nn « was killed. The boy, but 10 " * — •-• FIRES AND CASUALTIES. A CAVE-IN occurred at the Ludiugton mine nt Jshpeming, Mich., Wednesday, burying five men. Parrick Sluges and Jtichard Dunn were rescued alive, but John lusher was dead when reached. W. H. Davis and A. Bailey are still under th mass of lock and are unquestionably dead AN accident occurred at Moorhead, Me Uean & Co.'s blast furnace, at Sohoe J. enn. ; ab9ut 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon resulting m tho serious injury of eight workmen, two fatally. Tho men were en Ragedni di awing coke from the ovens when the hot dust blew out, enveloping the entire party. . EMMA SrMTSL/Esitn was shot and instantly killed Sunday morning at Rib flUV Wis by her young brother, who picked up a loaded Winchester rifle that had been left behind a stove and playfully pointed it at his sister To his n° r ™r the weapon was discharged and the balI, entering her mouth, passed out the back of her neck, killing her instantly. . SHORTLY after 2 o'clock Monday morning. Putnam's European hotel, at Nos. 163 and 165 East Adams street, Chicago, was burned and four persona lost their lives. The Malungeons Are Influenced Bttt Little By Outside Civilization, es. Mrs. Minnie Robinson was killed by jumping from a window. Tom Dowler, a barber, was burned to a crisp. H. Z. Sims, formerly a Pinkerton attache, was burned to death, and Edward Peyton, a colored During a recent tour among the i Malun- geons, the mysterious mountain tribe whose origin has baffled research, a correspondent of the New York "World" stayed at the cabin of one Gowens. The polite prefix Mr, or Mrs. is unknown in that region. A majority of the Malun- geons live within five miles of Smedville, ihe county seat of Hancock county, aVid ;heir habitations are windoivless log huts. The march of progress since the vrax has reached the Malungeons in the ability to •aise tobacco. Otherwise they are as nearly savage as they were a quarter of a century ago. Their orchards are the won- A Force Of 0,000 Men Found td be Insufficient. For sometime past the police authorities have found out that the number of con* stables placed at their disposal for the preservation of public order m Paris is in- signifiant for the duties imposed upon them. The_municipal council, therefore, resolved to increase the force by 300 men, and _the government has now foimally sanctioned this btep, and has agreed to pay half of the expenses out of the funds of the state, The police in Paris consists of 6,C the: DLUIC ii nj niiivi A v ui i & i uj-ii. A*. T i/tv . _ have an internal complaint; they know exactly what it iSj but it W you certainly by and by. Then bid fate*.,/ well to the world and shut yoiirself tip" fbf ",', an invalid; tf you are. threescore years did,*'* when you commence this mode ot life yoU'^ probably may-last twenty years, and the"rl* $ you are, an o6topenftriah." ''/•& Many will appreciate the doctor's subtle" *1 wit and sarcasm in this, without really ;'l understanding- the real worth of the pre"*; scription and the way it works, No dotttt').- many persons dp live long after tbeif ex* amining physicians have pronounced them incurably diseased, and it is often, too, be* cause of (juchdi"™""*-*" AU^I. u«~uii, u,..^^- resigned to a nil jjubsis that people become de of life that prolongs. life oeyond the anticipation of tnoir ex» aminers, . ' No doubt the doctors are often mistaken in diagnosis, but the unexpected prolong* ing- of life in such eases is favored by tak* . ing life easy, and those old folks who call j lay down the work and cares of life and 3 contented merely to exist from day to in the der of the country round, and always have been. But the fruit, as fruit, goes no further than the still house. The Gowens 1 family live on Blackwater; the people of the Ridge own neither cattle, dogs, pigs nor cats—nothing indeed that requires food and drink. Une old squaw was the mother of seventeen living children. The number ten is very_ popular in children, but the rule is not imperative, some mothers having as many as twenty-two. • The Blackwater country abounds in excellent mineral springs, and of late 'ears the people from the valley go there :o drink the water. There 'is only one joardinfj-house, a low one and and a half tory building 1 , with one room front and ne bank, and a loft reached by a ladder. There is no window in the house, and ., — j---.,--. »— v..w ,. wj n vi rru</i>ti*jj±£ i rnmn 1 pica ufrnrnii Now, ^-*3±i.i^®|SSSS5^Bi^i FtifottJti^£\£^s^*^Ji tions scattered through the city. As - I-- Consclou3 ., ten ant - to lay aside all de- wh ° now estimated at 915,000,000. porter, suffocated. AN extra of Canadil 0«»tte FOREIGN. TUB Jews in Sebastopol have ordered to leave the city. A PAKIS correspondent of Chronicle says that a private ^c- gram states that Dillon and O'Brien landed on tho coast of Britanny and nre innrnmritir* in T)m.. n been the tele- journeying to Paris. TUB Servian Government, finding the only with court. tho decision of the supreni No ron'riiAYAi, of Russian methods o government could be more effective than tho brief dispatch which comes from St. Petersburg describing tho added precautions against assassination which the czar now feels called upon to take. The unhappy monarch will see no one except a cabinet minister unless an officer of the guard is by; and the custom of tasting every article of food placed upon the im- U) perial table, which fell into disuse with wato.* heroi B n of Paul, has been revived, great- rove the satisfaction, we should imagine, SK? ' M1 detailed to Perform this duty. This am lliutV 8 P llere of """Pieion leads to the most ictors to'tal measures, involving the life and in whiappiness of innocent people, as, for ex fihr Bl" >g if gL H —- *-*"»^*«"-ic«iit iiiiuinir une presence of,ex-King Milan in the country intolerable,. IMS resolved, to ask the bkuptscbina to pass a bill providing for liis expulsion from Servia. IN a special in the Australian chain ber luesday the premier declared tha the present strike in Australia had been a most as disastrous to the country as the bom bardment would be. The government h said was determined to be supreme. has --- .~.,-..»-"'(^ ** f *winiiimiiJ.uii 1*6" the export duties upon spruce and pine logs, and also export duties upon shingle bolts of pine or i.edar logs cnpablft of being made into shingle bolts. No reasons for this action are assigned except that it has appeared to the government to be desirable in public interest to' remove tne export duties mentioned. Who . A/p" E i r ?? ort « f the Iic l uida tor of the Cap of Good Hope Bank,which suspended a few week - ' up- ., ™-^-*jvww t J.D win uo HGC6S the report says, to call an assessment on the stockholders of £40 per share. DURING the progrr as of the "conspi- ^..-, t ^ « Twerery, Mr. " P ppe . counsel tor the defendants, received Heafy, a clis- * * — — —...v^w^.u Hww^iuj HB| lur ex- l »° 'avuple, the exile to Siberia of every one ar- ^f Z*€SC6cl Oil susnininii nf liainr* nn .-..,,. n L n ,i • rested on suspicion of being connected . - —- ~»»«.w.tiui.uiuo } icvtJlVUU II CllS" m ch announcing the arrival of Messrs. )illon and O'Brien at Cherbourg, France IhflimvenunentU trying its hardest to who assistedthe fugitives to escape. „ -..meetings have been forbid- Belhnzona by order of the coinmissioners. Thousands o liberals nocked to Bellinzona to protes den in federal MCH COLORED MEX. Examples of Ex-Slaves in the South JHavo Grown Wealthy, It will probably be surprising to know that in tralveston there is a colored man who is worth over 8350,000, says Ihe Chicago .tribune. His name is Sylvester, and he has a fine mansion in the most desirable residence portion of the city: and what will most surprise Chicago oeople, his wife gemploys none but white servants How did Sylvester get rich. Well, he got rich in politics, then ran a saloon and gambling house for colored people for a TRW VOn»»D Minv\ •mtm-^.L Z — L*. I _ , i , amps or candles have never been lighted n the place. The family sit in darkness tter sundown and go to bed in darkness, and rise in darkness.JI'he proprietor is'the father of twelve children, none of whom can read or write. The father, however, is very progressive, and continually on the watch for the railroad that is coming '-ter the Ridge." The Malungeons are very like the negroes in the matter of worship. They beliuve very strongly in the efficacy of men are available for ordinal ^l^^^^^^^S^ to^tJt 8 ^^^ miles of, streets, anTTthrw constables wJfV^ 11 toar g01 ^ ° n in '? ^ or are necessary for each of the twenty-four >i 8 'i ma j' a ! one wuo merely hours, it will be seen that either manv of Ui,;,,^ * 1 daylong, basks in sun- the "beats" have been neglectecforYth J™'aKJJ" 8fauu • befo " a fire ' ^nd men overworked. Even witl 1 Tf,h fi n .Mtu n *, ' This is wh on n A- ot d.OOOnew men- Even with the addition the police force is j Pnns ' n m » s e admitted that there is much room for improvement in the supervision of the ex- tenor districts, where street robberies an assaults ore not uncommon.—Paris Leade . so many chronic invalids At a Chilian Hotel. water in religion, it being- their custom to immense converts by three dips, face for- worcl. They shout, sing and in short are extremists in noise and enthusiasm on ''uieet'nday." On other days they steal, he, drink and are as idle and filthy as 'you —.— ..u^.vv,u uu uoiiiugunti co protes against the action of the government. The demonstration was peaceful, but various •M tho recent attempt to wreck a train on I indk/nTiHm,' ,,-a<,f" ' —..».«-„ which the CZ ar was traveling, and wHp-' S^" /S'Sp.HafcSiS ping of three peasants, one of them fatal- '""" "" ' ' Jy, ,who were unfortunate enough to be fo^nd near tho spot. What-Wonder that, '' : i *l°ng with tho recital of such horrors^ >r ne jomes th ° statement that the nihilists are uou ,unusually active? It would be strange in pp( deed if they wore not; and should over ^ their activity reach a point beyond the tev Power of officialdom to suppress, it would ,q,y also bo stmngo if the revolt of Russia did w not afford a parallel to the revolt of France^against oppression no more intolerable a century ugp. A CONOUUUEOT resolution, originating in the senate, vynp adopted by both houses „«*«„,,,,.«»;;•;- 0 " u £ uo eve of the final ad- - • ,7 • •*• *•" ^»UW(JIO 11J mice and no blood was shed. CONFLICTING reports are received at Lisbon regarding tho situation ot nihurs at the mouth of the Zaziba nver. One report alleges that one of the pass up the river, to prevent "which a line ot Portuguese gunboats anchored across the mouth of the dver with instructions to passively resist the passage of the British vessels, and that sue ran down and sank one of the Portu- v. -.--- ..'ar ships Another report SBvs the foSS jr boata have not yet sLted CBIME. at Milwaukee, in th fatates court, confessed to th tew years, then went into real estate and speculated. He is shrewd and successful. _ Une ot the most successful and wealthiest real estate men in Houston is a colored man. His name is Milton Sterrett. He owns a fine residence, surrounded by immense grounds, all terraced off, and planted in the finest flowers and shrubbery, and ceeps a landscape gardener to attend it ie was a waiter on the boats between ualvestion and Houston before and durino- he war, and made everything he has in eal fstate deals during the last twenty ears. He own several large plantations, u.d is worth at least 8400,000 Then take Senator C. W. Burton of Fort 3end County. When the war closed and he was freed, he lived on a plantation belonging to his mistress, whose husband and two sons were killed, leaving her alone in the world. She had given him a good elementary education; he was shrewd. By to business '----- - - J humanity can be. The Malungeons do not use the uns and "we uns" of the mountaineer. On the ridge, the real stronghold of this peculiar people, life is a great deal harder than in the swamp or on Blackwater creek. They live more like Indians than the dwellers or the valley and are entirely content with their life. 1 visited several huts spending a month among them, living on ;orn bread, honey and black, sugarless cof- They were as utter strangers the day 1 left as on the day I arrived among them Galloway Collins is an Indian if ove one set foot on Tennessee soil. He is ver fond of his red skin, high cheek-bones ant Indian-like appearance. His cabin has two rooms, connected by a kind of shed, There are dirt floors in one room and the shed, but the other room has a floor of logs with the bark still 01 them, and aid side by side, just as thev came from the foiest. A bed of - 1 ' The favorable impression of Chili which Hiacl received in descending the western slopes of the Cordillera was augmentec when I reached the village, or perhaps I should say town, of Santa Rosa de los Andes. This was my first experience of a Chilian hotel. As we rode up through clouds of -dust the exterior of the one-story "adobe buildings of the Hotel del Com- ercta did not seem inviting. Inside, however, J found a series of court-yards, or _ patios, avenues of trellised vines, aviaries, canalized watercourses, and other pleasant features. I hired a room in the first "patio" with an outlook upon the flowering shrubs, the fountain, and the wonderful imitation marble statues which stood Who would havo expected to j that of vegetating, much to the surprise of friendsV^They sustain the smallest possible amount of wear and tear, work and waste, life carried on at small cost and ^tended indefinitely until it reaches what Shakespeare depicted as the seventh stage of mon\ career. Wjth hfe reduced to its smallest iSKl 1 !^ "PTW along the But there are those who, when bid farewell' to the world," shu't -hemselves up and run their machine tit ow pressure. Preferring to wear out around it find speci- en—i— —HWUOU LU unu specimens of Greek sculpture—of the period of decadence, it is true-at the foot of the Andes. Dusty as I was and having been wholly deprived of the use of soap and water during my six clays' journey across the mountains, the old prejudices of the dwell- a ys occupied a low shelf just above the table, for fcolloway, like most of the Mal- unseons, is a slave ot coffee, and drinks it instead of water throaghout the day an d alloway himself is a king, a issaiu .' «i»"i. wiu KIIUI uu- wmiou oiuies court, confessed to th spring.. amo "t> requesting President Harrison chal ;s e of using'tha mails for advertising 'oui-tb negotiate with the government of r A°r• y imd .J lul ffe Bunn fined him S10C i insid^tJBntain and Mexico, witl, a view of in iwWfrL T^,I„?„„„ ™* ? ont "1 'oui'tb nild Mexico, with a view of bo g tho ingress of Chinese labor- and ne-the Unite:! States through the 11il."7 4.' in . "'" OBHk 1867 trom Irompealeau county on en- - ' ' -ith a luiud^ Mongolian immigration, divert- n Bowyf American ports, is finding its - r - J-...V—, AH I4IILIII1J ^ these tortuous channels. stands ip S i there is money to be made out o starvatio people may b al visitoi 3118 ll ed the pupon to test every avenue of entr Mittonirhe country, and a constant patrol t ' 1 '' u wi)1 bo ''wcewar. On th buve to China v$rii.ish Columbia they no\\ native workman; n 80 y uu eum . t j it flue picture. ^ Wng tlmn into v i the Mexican frontiei j.,Jrts and the wmulering mi opportunity to bny and. If they ftll, it must bo by ,0111- neighbors on both roru uro u hundred hungry for every one man, (hoy must •ivilmition will be lined by tho bur- 'tinie j done. "1 -- 4 - .»-,.,« wwmi vj (Jll i sentence for manslaughter om the jail ^ f^m FriJay 'trusty" convicts, 3mului Express on tho Missouri ..wns robbed while halting at a station in Kansas City, Wednesday even DK. McSj^ua.-u,, the aged New Ym-lr pnysjcian who caused the Heath ol Annie uooilwin by malpractice, has been sen t fi f f ,. a> een tenced to twelve years' imprisonment n . Fie d r " y. E. MIJ,I,KK °l l -f t(lled and Priscilh '»'kers ty S 1110 » th ago with liol !l-i - ••«"•«<» IUUHUJ HBO Wltll labilities amounting to 8600,000 have been arrested in u hotel in New York! They are said o have come to this country with tunds which should have bee applie to ho hquufctioa of dflbts Qf fot^ff "--.- - • "_• M- I.",T years he added to it, and bought in the plantation formerly owned by his mistress, and had two other large ones on the Brazon in ten years more. His old mistress being reduced to poverty, he undertook to take core of her He said when he was elected to the state senate that he owed all he was to her kindness, and he fell it his duty to care for her Anil he sent her bo,ck to her native state— Virginia-and regularly remits to her, ami IBS done so for fifteen years, 8150 every nonth. He is popular with whites ami democrats and republicans, and law so that he could depend on to manage his immense planta- Senator Burton and I er in towns asserted" themselves' asked the landlady, in an off-h ' half-apologetic tone, if it would be impossible to have a bath "Como noV" with the usual Chilian T?w ij re ?£ y affirm ation, and added^Would you like a swimming bath, kind . I* there a swimming bath in the bn tel i I asked. 'Como no? The water is not line, but it is dean and fresh, and t from the Aconcagua River by an "ace <-{UUv, went to enS °ee TOmOSaVer '" Said J ' an(1 And behold at the end of the Uncle Sam's Cruisers A,uo ns British Iron "~ some oFGreat Britain's ItronSS most terrible sea-monsters are gathered in t?ia harbor, lying an the waters as if in ^ ber, quiet and tranquil enou-h no «>/iitrl.. *.— nYira|rQ« rt i. A!_ • " *»v i ^ _ •} , . tiiBir niisfcrcss g Iiifi- 0 , ana to vouut 'forth cUvit-v, .,„,! j" vastation from their steel-clad^ide " de ' lilOBrt Tf\ mii* nl.*.-. J ; t > „ through it, and ovfiplipnr! a* a protection against '& , s un vines aden with pendent bunches of orinmg, as .'his w, '' so often, ' way the loner )lacks, itudied limself S^t?-j!^ b jK£jB^tffi±as d i. 1 ^ lion Henry Black, the great sheep and cattle ranchman of Tom Green and Pecon counties, is worth nearly $500,000 Ha has made it all in less than fifteen year? Are these men southern nog-roes? Yes' every one of them. ' But the largest plantation owner and the heaviest farmland taxpayer in the rich county of Lamar was a light-colored " 1 ^ t ?.?. auie , d , Hwvey He ( T ied a few widow, who will be 'en race, black hair and small PVPS n^ A sirnr-i- -n^ . •-——»• cos. nruvouo,. ;„ „ i , '"' c Jfi>. uor- •"• a "<Jiyiv fo MATCJB i^ » T ,,,,» ^~~ r 01 -boats anu - anu vn^-s belle. A SHOCK TO MAN'S How the On«. u »il^; wUer6 „,„ 1'laoe of the Real. Now York Time - . ed not to leave sat upon weeks ago and left a w'iclow, who will be and iwued his^r' 6 '° ml ° f * l ° n «' bonch SHleSEStf^ l!|,f^SSv^ 0 Sa t0 cK r snug Utle durance policy on hlSf^ W*^™,^^^ „ firm, TUB overland was the Th« B«it Mai Well, « not positively th'i'be'iC'on. of «,« w7 » "te Wh ° ChM! " d ' 8 . MM *' *• ltart ta hl * leaven-grunted gift O f tombs. Thw mourn r ° 1 l )rovi 'l«fine kinsmen foTyea^s' departod friends *** of t i le Scribner. . - --•- t ..-vu, nuuiuil I WOl'K. 1m vnl,U Q ,. stranger in ,J . JUSTICE MiLLtu, O f the t t Two n , mid (it Wis., Got. lO.-William illeold est settlers in this esteemed, and Mrs. John j^KX^IS^^^ trations, the sdbm-ivLa f"i ph , adnl »»8- r-" D ""ovein K/vrnnsirm url,{/>l, «,..,i...-i^ ,1 far ea4 imJpfes 101 -', wluch I- in i,, f ' 1 ^ 9 oo miles more. Eai-ly in PB n W tbo ****** of West AtVica cables, wh ( ch started from Cftdia only si 5 to °»- De Tovn. o is now completely child ,. as to the hair of ot all ages from the cradle In on? corner of the mu- iater at Manhattan beach a g to talk was taking the nto vir,r -T "i" aULll 5 nco in its immediate vicinity from Patrick Sarsfield and bib musicians. The child-so severa women said and the men evidently though ssyiJte --°^- ibr .^ y s£; .*« that n chief beauty was the golden peeped troni under her hat and made a reguuir halo wound the chubby fuce Baby had climbed by the aid of the seat back to a standing position, and was cooing lovingly at an old gentleman behind her. 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