The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1890
Page 1
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If! 1866, ALGOHA, IOWA, WEDHSSDAT/.OOT. 22,1890. YOL, ^lsrO, 30, We are now showing the finest line of OVERCOATS in the place, in cloth and fur, at the lowest prices, Gloves, Mitts, Wool Boots, Husking Gloves, Flannel Sheets, Neckwear, Suspenders, white and colored Dress Shirts, Night Shirts, Trunks, Traveling Bags, Hats, Caps, etc. Best Ovemfls for 50c in the city*J8oys' Pants 25c ; come and see them. '''•' ' y Do You Want a Carpet? SO, BTT-3T ' , V. ' • Manufacturers all" say there will be an advance in prices soon. Some say an advance of 15 per cent, within a month, (owing to the feicrease in tariff on carpet wool, which is all imported.) <•''' \ Our new samples, Fall styles, on exhibition no\/. Gall and look them over./ The Store. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ^^ - ^ - ^^^^^- fc- ^> - ^^X>k^>^X^^v^Xrf'Xrf^S - ^^^N^^.^^^^X^rf^rf-^^^^V^>^' GEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bauk, Algona, la. W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over Kossuth. County bank, Algona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over Kossuth Co. bank. DANSON BROS., / ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and collections. Over Frank Bros. LAIRD'S FURNITURE STORE, . & • J. R. LAIRD, Proprietor. & ,3 fc) Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and attention.. Prices are reasonable. FARM LOANS. 7, 71^, and 8 per cent., on five to ten years' time, with jt vilege of partial payments before due. Interest can be d at my iA Qffice. Save money by calling on me before you s'. s. SESSIONS, ' ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrischilles' store. B. F. REED, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over the postofflce, Algona, Iowa. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office, State Bt., one door east of Cordlngley. Residence, McGregor St., east of the public school building. H. C. MoCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Special attention to city practice. W. E. H. MORSE, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office east of Bttherford house, Algona, Iowa, G, T. WEST, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Next door to J. G, Smith's store, Algona, la. J. E. HILL, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Wesley, Iowa. Day and night calls attended to wltn promtness. Pealers In Mlllc Cans, Churns, Riverside Stoves, Stoves and Ranges " Qulolt Meal" Gasoline Stoves. Agents for the NEVER RUST TINWARE, warranted not to rust. Call and get prices! we can do you good. Yours, etc., r WINI£IE BRO S. ware, and Cutlery , , , Shelf ware, Betting, Paints, Oils, Iron md Wwden Pumjis, Impairing af Catarrh I S 9 blood disease. Until toe poison la expelled from the system, there can be no cure for this loathsome and dangerous malady. Therefore, the only effective treatment is a thorough course of Ayer's Sarsaparilla— the best of all blood purifiers. The sooner you begin the better ; de^ Is dangerous. " I was troublw* with catarrh for over two years, I tried various remedies, and was treated by a number of physicians, but received no benefit until I began to take Ayer's SftrsapariHa. A few bottles of this medicine cured me of this troublesome complaint and completely restored my health."-^ Jesse M. Boggs, Holman's Mills, N, p. ''"When Ayer's Sarsaparilla was recommended to me for catarrUi I was in» olined to doubt its efficacy. Having tried so many remedies, with, little benefit, I had no faith that anything would cure me. I became emaciated from loss of appetite and impaired digestion. I had nearly lost the sense of smell, &na iny system was badly deranged, J was about discouraged, when a friend urged me to try Ayer's Sarsapanlla, and referred me to persons whom it had cured of catarrh. After taking half ft do?en pottles of tbia medicine, I am convinced that the only sure way oU*!**Uw obstinate disease is through the b^ -r-Oharles #. Waloney, W River fcowell, Mass, Ayer's Sarsaparilla, THESE ARE THE WINKERS, The Haiinoiuoiis Work of the BeptiV lieaii County Convention—A Grood Ticket Named, For Clerk of Courts A. A, BRUNSON For Recorder M. F, RANDALL For County Attorney W. B. QUARTON 1 fl W ' TTP'F'F'R^i For Supervisors... j QJJ A NT BENsbHOTER The outcome of Friday's convention s known over the country, and is not materially other than must have been ixpected. There was no trading on tny nomination. Every candidate was he high man in the convention. He vas nominated because the delegates ivere there believing he was the proper man. No candidate was nominated by any section of the county. Mr. Brunon was named for clerk practically by acclamation. Dr. Peters was enthusiastically endorsed by acclamation. Mr. Benschoter received the solid vote of he county on the ballot which nominated him. Mr. Randall received votes rom three wards in Algona, Buffalo, iresco, Greenwood, Hebron, Portland, Plum Creek, Prairie, Ramsay, Sherman, Union, Wesley, and Whittemore town- hips, on the ballot which nominated him. Mr. Quartan received votes from hree wards in Algona, Burt, Buffalo, Jresco, Hebron, Irvington, Portland, 'lum Creek, Prairie, Riverdale, Swea, Iherman, Union, Wesley, and Whittemore townships, on the ballot which lominated him. While the nominees ,re residents of Algona it cannot be aid that locality cut any figure in the nomination, for Mr. Randall did not u the solid Algona vote, and Mr. Juarton got only eight of the 15 votes >f town, while both of them had votes rom the extreme outside, townships in 3ach direction. The convention recognized that in all but supervisor, loca- ion cut no figure, as in any event coun- y officers would have to reside at the ,ounty seat, and voted for the men they preferred. In nominating supervisors he convention met with the request of he north by chosing Dr. Peters, arid in VIr. Benschoter chose a man located to •ery equally balance the board in the ,ounty. The convention was throughout marked by good feeling apparently, ind the nominations were made easily. Cigars and apples circulated freely, Congratulations were plenty, and ad- ournment was in time for all to get home. As incidents of the convention Mr. Daniels, Bancroft's new banker, made a good speech in presenting Dr. Peters. Mr. Quarton also responded to call with a brief and pleasant speech. Pr, j. Q, Ayer ft m* i Personnel of the Candidates—Political Meeting to be Addressed Mr. DoliSver and Others. The Candidates. A. A. Brunson came to the county with N. B. Benham and took a home- itead in Lett's Creek township. He vas elected from there to the office of county superintendent. On the resignation of Geo. E. Marble he was appointed by the board to fill the vacancy n the clerk's office. In this brief time le has mastered the details of the important office, and has given entire satisfaction to the lawyers and court, as well as to the people. We beleive 10 is eminently fitted to render efficient service, and that is a high compliment for, although poorly paid, the clerk's office is not only one of the most important, but also most difficult positions to fill. No one at all acquainted with Mr, Brunson's work will offer any objection, on the ground of fitness, to his election. M. F. Randall came from Mason City some years ago to take a position as miller in Algona. He has followed that business since, and has been first a good miller. He has also been a good citizen and in every relation to the community he has enjoyed the respect and esteem of all. His nomination was a compliment to him and his election will insure faithful and efficient service in office. The county has no bettei men than Mr. Randall. W. B. Quarton was raised on a farm near Oskaloosa, graduated at Oskaloosa college, and the Iowa state law school at Iowa City. He came to Algona some eight years ago to begin his profession, and has in that time built up a fine business. His numerous cases on each term's docket speak for his legal prac tice, and his support from all parts o the county indicate that he possesses general esteem. Like all attorneys he has made some enemies, but we believe no one will dispute that he is well and fully qualified to act as county adviser His election will secure one of the best attorneys in the county in a responsible place, and one who will fearlessly at tend to the enforcement of all laws. Dr. G, H. Peters came to J^ossuth few years ago on account oi^nia health and opened a large farm three miles southeast of Bancroft. He has beei supervisor one .term, and his active am intelligent attention to the onerou duties of that position secured him the rare honor of a unanimous re-nomi nation after he had almost positively re fused to accept, He is one of the bes members we nave had on the board and his re-election me»na a continu anoe of good service. Grant Bensohoter is a native of Kos suth, his father, O, Bensohoter, beini our pioneer blacksmith,. Grant ha grown up with th,e county, and is nov pwnw of aj 1 - ' ~ '- *•*-corner of. iromP, ~_ ins$o» wp m it brings put i , th , farm in Creek fernj, e northeas PQt f« ^ nom not only becaus and sub, epresented. Many wanted the nom* ipee still farther east, but Mr. Ben- choter we beleive will be found to be ery fairly located by all who consult bie map of the county. He will be an A, number one" member of the board. The ticket as a whole presents five xcellent, well qualified citizens to the ounty. No obfectkin to their compe- ency can be raised. If any one votes gainst them it will be for other reas- ns. It rarely has happened that a ettor ticket more fairly nominated has een presented, and it should receive he hearty and unanimous support of 11 who believe that republican organ- zation is worth maintaining in the ounty. The Routine Report. The convention was called to order iy J. B. Jones in the absence of Senat- r Chubb. Harvey Ingham was chos- n chairman, E. Bacon and B. F. Reed ecretaries. A committee on ct'eden- ials consisting of J. B. Jones, W. M. Moor, and E. Tellier was appointed by he chair. E. B. Butler, G. Cowles, vnd M. B. Chapin were appointed on permanent organization. The report f the first committee showed every ownship represented, and that of the econd made the temporary the permanent organization. On motion of G. W. Hanna the r.oll was called for a formal ballot on clerk. A. A. Brunson ro- eived 61 votes, W. E. Ward 13. On he first formal ballot for recorder thg •otc stood Randall 26, Smith 16, BU'^t 0, Wiltse 8, Slagle 8. On the s^nd allot Randall had 26, Sml*Vl6> i 'l31unt 0. The third ballot sto/^Rt&dall 31, imith 16, Blunt 21. TO,, fourth ballot was Randall 36, Sm^rl5, Blunt 21. The fifth ballot^, °<i>-inatod, Randall mving 38, SrO^/A,, Blunt 33. The rst ballot f^> %#ity attorney* stood Quarton 3£'' ^ «A&ns 17, Mayne 23. Ray- lond twL A> OA,/ne second ballot stood Quarton/'^, Session;: 16, Mayne 23, Ray- iond fy.o. The tba^ ballot stood Quarton 36, Sessions IB? Mayne 16, Ray- lond six. The last ballot nominated Quarton with a vote of 39i. G. H. Daniels then moved that Dr. G. H. Peers be named for supervisor by acclamation. It was unanimously voted. An infoi'mal ballot was then taken for he remaining candidate. The vote tood Ed. Johnson 14, S. S. Potter 12, . P. Harrison 19, W. H. Conner 7, W. L Chipman 6, J. S. Gallagher 9, H. C. 'arsons 5. The second ballot stood bhnson 10, Potter 13, Harrison 21, Conner 10, Chipman 9., Gallagher 6, Benschoter 6. The third ballot stood Wes. Hanna 11, Chipman 7, Conner 17, Gallagher 6, Potter 17, Johnson 10, G. 1. Wright 6. The next ballot stood bhnson 16, Conner 26, Chipman 3, Galagher 7, Wright 20, Hanna 2. The lext ballot stood Wright 24^ Johnson 2. Benschoter 31, E. P. Keith 3, Galagher 6. The last ballot stood Benefactor 74. During the balloting VTessrs. Harrison, Potter, and Conner withdrew, their names. The conven- ion adjourned. Republican Speeches. Hon. J. P. Dolliver will speak in Algona tomorrow evening. This will be he only opportunity to hear our congressional candidate. The meeting 111 be at thecourt houseat7:30 o'clock. Honorable B. I. Sallinger of Manning vill speak in Algona Friday evening, Oct. 31. Mr. Sallinger is one of the most brilliant young orators in Iowa, and is well worth hearing. Hon, W. M. MoFarland will speak at LiuVerne Friday evening, Oct. 31. He .s republican candidate for secretai'y of state, and an old friend of Kossuth, and should have an enthusiastic turnout. Hon. N. V. Brower will speak at Ban- :roft next Monday evening, Oct. 27th. Vtr, Brower is senator from our neighboring district on the east, and a man of influence in Iowa. He will give Ban croft a good speech. DONE Bt THE DEMOCRATS. 'Heir County Convention Wad Held Yesterday—The Nominees. Clerk of Courts D. S. : Recorder I>. C. SMITH- $ The democrats held their county coft* ention yesterday and nominated as heir ticket D. S. Ford for clerk, L. 0, Smith for recorder, P. G. Mousel and, Nathan Studer for supervisors. The ounty attorney's place they did not fill,, The convention was well attended, alft ownshif but Hebron being i?epfe<- .ted.' J. J. Wilson was made chairman, J. J. Sullivan and C. M. Wasson jted as secretaries. Mr. Ford was lominated for clerk on the first ballot, fred Bronsqn receiving n compliment- 1 ,ry vote. Mr. Smith also was nominated without serious opposition, Mr. 'ord is a well known resident of Algona, highly respected by everyone, ind a man against whom nothing can be said. Mr. Smith, though not eX- ensivoly known, is a thrifty farmer of "brtland township, and a man Whose neighbors heartily endorse. In pass- ng the attorney's place the convention eft the field to Mr. Joslyn, whose can- idacy wo have already noted. Mr. dousel is one of the leading farmers Of Ramsay township, a man of excellent Character. Mr. Studer as a member of if the board last year made a record or hard and good work for the county. Lack of time prevents full notice of the icket, but it is made up of good men md there is no reason why wo should lot ha,vo an agreeable and fair contest m party lines. Both tickets have ex- iellent men. Let us have a fair test of trength. LINCOLN, OLAY AND BLAINE. BUTTEK, CHEESE AND EGGS. Tlie Fourteenth Annual Convention to be Held at Fort Dodge. Beginning Nov. 5, the 14th annual meeting of t>he Iowa association will be leld at Fort Dodge, of great interest to all farmers. This meeting will enroll many brainy men, who have given much thought to the dairy. Among them will be Henry Wallace of the Homestead, "Tama" Jim Wilson, Prof. Patrick, of the Iowa Agricultural college, Dairy Commissioner Tupper Col, K. M. Littler, Hon. L. S, Coffin, et al. A strong programme is in preparation. Special premiums of value have been awarded for exhibits, Fort Dodge offers very fine inducements to the as sociation, and a general good time is in sured. The meeting will continue three days. For information address Col Littler of Chicago, or J. N. Johnson o Oskaloosa, JIftrvclous Endurance. The vast amount of labor.performed by tn heart in keeping all portions of (be body suppllec wltb blood Is not generally known. It beats 100 000 times, and forces (be blood at the rate of 16; miles a day, which Is 3,000,000,000 times an 5,160,880 miles In a life time. JJo wonder ther are so many HEAUT FAILURES. The first syrop toms are shortness of breath when eserqlslnr Franklin Miles' New Heart Cure Igtbeonl .'t-*•*-! rustlco Miller's Estimate of Noted Men in American 1'olltics. Speaking of Lincoln, who appointed-, lim to the supremo bench, Justice Mil-'" er once said: " He was the purest, implest and frankest man I ever' He had a great deal more sagacity th: he world gave him credit for and ne tnew how how to manipulate men- When he talked he spoke from his heart, et he could not be induced to talk when he did not want to, and he got his reputation for story telling partly on this account. When he was asked to ex- ' press his opinion he would turn the con-V rersation by telling a story, and he pf- v ien got rid of disagreeable persons 'in.«. his way." The last time judge Miller, 1 ,'!? jaw Presided,Lincoln was at the 'In'/s augural ball at the time of his second^ election. The president was talking*-. with Charles Sumner when Justice Mtf-Aj? er came up. He turned to him with'<; _reat cordiality and said: " How are the justices and their gowns?" Judge], Miller replied that they were all _ ,nd presently Lincoln went ,.gn: "Milrv, er, vou were brought up 6^ a farm, ' weren't you?" "Yes" replied the Judge. "Well," said President Lincoln,'' 'you must have seen the breakingfor and and the burning of timber in a clearing. You have seen the bark fall off of a half-decayed log while out from under the bark would come great winged ants, which would waddle off with the funniest kind of clumsy dignity. Do you know, judge, I never see, one of you justices with your gown oa> jut I think of one of these ants which we used to see on the farm in clearing.?' Justice Miller was an intimate friend of Henry Clay as well as of Blaine, r~i speaking of them he said: " P- 1 - and Clay are very much alike. Blaine has the same courage, the magnetic influence and the power oy§' men that Clay had. Their careers hav;e,, jeen much similar, both have been Ben/ 5 ators, both have been beaten for the,'' presidency, both have been speakers o£, <; ihe house, and both have held much.'!, the same ideas as to political matters,' ' Blaine has great executive ability, and BO had Clay. I doubt, however, whether Clay would have made a good presW dent and still I would have liked i ~* have seen him elected. I would for once to see a great political" leader in the white house, and - r ,,-,, t tired to death of seeing characterless men simply because the politicians hate- the leaders and cannot consent to see them win the great prize of politics, ' & would like to say good-by for a tims M negative presidents, and to see how 1jhe> country would get along under a ppsi* tive one. Clay might have igMq a f great president. He had that irjjn y$fc $ which was characteristic of the men of his time, and which . prominently in John C. ,..Calhpun. drew Jackson and Towi 'iJentpn; was, I believe, an honest man of the most fascinating orators | overheard. He was the geeat speaker of his day, though Uajjiel ster's speeches read much bet(ell'» his. He was a far better i r« than Webster, and he excelled w ir- party leader, He was the auth protective tariff system, and haf my opinion, one of the greatest have ever had," •^'eJV' lnd.,w«rtl remedy. A Strange Cose Bad Mrs. H. A. Gardner of Vistula, ... . two thousand years ago she would have been thought to be possessed by evil spirits. 3h« was subject to nervous prostration, headaches. dlzzl- neae. bschache.. palpitation, ana fort/ to lltty spasujsttdtt: eight pbyr ' yuiimavivu. nun iu»« w M«J : .'liougli having been treated by DR for years without success, she was jured by one bottle of Dr. Wles' Restorative Nervine, 4 W«l pottle or »bte new au4 wouderlul medicine and » finely illustrated JselreeutF.W.Plngley's, recommends aad Miles' Nerve ABImpoitant(llaoQverj'i atojuaoh, and bosyels thr Auction I will sell at public auction, farm, 14 mile north of Algona, 1890, beginning at I o'clock p, , . v stock, consisting oj one fwjB* e, roadster, one 2-year-oliJ d " .e sucking draft colt, nine 2-year*old steers, six 1 two yearling heifers, oj 3-year-old bull, twel\ tons of hay & stack, peep, «, lot P| ch set; of farming topis, too numerous to me' sale; One year's tiwe '•" ,,ongood,app^n -4fy,Tue •'-

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