The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1890 · Page 14
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 14

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1890
Page 14
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rWfe . South— _ I MfS. J. O. Kfjoxf ille tlsit. BJ AffB Stltlef Bros,' sale la in ptogt ess today. Wofk began on the foundation of the Btsadplpe yesterday. Ladettdorf»«restaurant has a »«hioUie in the slot" cigar box. tfhe W, C, T. TJ. will ttcwt Itt their toota on Dodge street oh Friday, Oct. 10, at 3 o'clock. . The ladles of the Congregational church give a cardinal supper tomorrow evening at 0 o'clock. The heavy rains, of the past week have been very fortunate. Wells add fall plowing both needed it. If anyone can figure o«t &»» tfc£,4£" ogatesto the convention who will be the nominees,-ho is a prophet and tho son of a prophet. (1 , Many Montis of Mrs^B. .Tones will regret to luiwn that Wjtha quite sori- )f ftiV&rt roffrotfto luiirn that sty* «. •*—- -- ouily ill. Sho httjPfibon unwell for a couploof weeks. v ^SMSS'^ffluS'^S load of the celebrated A. A. Cooper wagons being- unloaded today. J, W. Bartlott has received a letter from tho railway commission asking about the Northwestern passenger service, and if it is now satisfactory. B.'A. Meyers bought a car load of oats of J. B. Jones last Thursday, pay- Imr 82 cents a bushel. That was a high- water price but thoy wwogopa p&ts, The meeting of Baptist churches tot the organization of a now association Is In progress, and attended very fully. A lull report Is delayed until noxt week. Bert Hallock has gone back to the oases in tho Eepnblican office, and El. Dalton takes his place in tho post office. El. proves a very handy manipulator with tho mail. Our old landlord, Alex Younie, has just threshed on his farm at West Bend and is bragging of over 00 bushels of oats tothe awe, and they weighed more than the machine measure. A subscriber writes from Seneca: "I am much pleased with your paper, and •will do what I can to increase its circulation." That is a great deal better than a kick in tho back, its tho old saying is. The Methodist church has secured the services of Miss Fahnstalk, the musical instructor of the normal faculty, to take charge of their choir. Sho is a ' . musician of superior ability, and the ' church is very fortunate in having her aid. Thos. Hanna went through the streets with a little prouder stop yesterday than usual, all because he is now "grandpa." Tho new comer is a girl, at Myron Schenck's, and her. father is even prouder of her than her grand father is. J. L. Paine is removing the remains of his old house just oast of Jus. Henderson's. It was one of tho early residences of Algona, and now that fire has taken Dr. Read's and the Henderson house, its removal takes away the last landmark. Marshal Dailoy took a couple of tramps Monday. One of them was just starting out on a begging expedition showing a big fly blister on his hana. After laying in jail over night, Mayor Jones gave them half an hour to leave town in, and thoy promptly complied. The water works are about whore thoy wore last week except that a lot of tho mains and foundation stone have been unloaded. Work will begin soon. Wo learn lhat it is tho intention of tlie contractors to hire most of their help here, in which event work will bo plenty for the next few weeks. The-delayed mail this morning makes it impossible to give yesterday's Chicago market. The local market prices are unchanged. Oats stand at SOc; wheat, 880; llax,$1.80; corn, 860; hogs, $3.75@8.80; eggs, 16o; loose hay, $3.60. - The general tendency of tho Chicago prices during tho week has been lower. A fine musical entertainment is promised for noxt Tuesday evening at the court house. Huiost & Stout's company will appear in specialties. They have a fine street band, and advertise a number of excellent musicians, and plenty of entertainment. Thoy come noxt Tuosday,Oot. 22. Tickets on bale at usual place, A very excellent entertainment was (j m given at the court house last Friday ...ji, vening. The audience was fair ana if jo performance excellent. As no pro>8 nWi ' aw! K fous advertising had been done many i , , «w»ro i'ssed the treat, much to their regret, boon at, "• i^u is s( ^^ the play will be repeated ter tho ?re •nexTBHring, For dates, etc., inquire of ho face c\ . any Fowth warder. iklin'*«4' The inside of tho old Goeders store nlr would hardly-be recognized. Besides ,, ns now paint and new lloors, Frank Ding- 1 lev has put in for himself a full set of S drug drawers of tmk, and fitted him- s t.olf with a, handsome store room. His store and Bowyer's jewelry will go well together, and they will have one of the finest stands in town. The mention of F,. G. Bowyor's Japanese photographs brought him several visitors during the week, who once su enjoyed the specimens of foreign art. wrativelv 01 In mentioning tho matter Dr. Sheote nmitiveij 01, sasthey have a curious specimen of hscovery, an^iiinese work, A Chinese servant sent emigration RTmiotuve to China and had it enlarged ir exploration**'ft native workman, getting back a w™ n,» ™ ' fine picture, VY US tJie no.-—^ - j• , ™ the way JJICMJJQ w»*»*v» *—r «•—- -t. ^ * - a«B*»fcA Itt this ttase the eoffJW&ttefc, J»«* ft?*? aoul thdn railways ftfO ustiftllS- etedited with. , , , A autober of gt>6& cftrrespwaefitB have lately added to the interest W the UW*Ett BBS MDflNte by W^tff bewsy items f t offl about the countttr, We haveagoodllfit this Week and com* evidence of 6ur growth aftd prosperity everywhere reported, We how out reporters will not weary in well doing bul; will continue to keep the hews of their section hefof e the public. Tellifag of big crop returns is getting to be an old story. Everybody has them. But Gteo. Siffipkins made a flax speculation Worthy .of .^cofd, He bought a quarter within three tniles of town last spring for $10 an opfe, putin 50 acres to flax, and last week sold $18.* 00 worth of flax to the- acre. Besides his breaking and seed, he paid for half his land out of the first crop on 60 acres. In what other country do they do that/ This office is busy getting out catalogues for J. B. Jones] herd of short horn cattle, no slight job, as he has 180 head to bo described. His sale is set for Nov. 6, and ought to attract buyers from all quarters. There are no better cattle in lown, and they should be kept to make the beginning of the full blood stock, some day to bo on every farm in the county. Every farmer can afford one full blood, and one will make a herd quicker than one would think. Ed. Donovan stated last Friday before a number of people that a year ago A. A. Sifert offered him the Eepubli- can a year free and a dollar besides if he would take it. Mr. Sifert was then acting as agent for that paper. He gave the Republican to Frank Donovan for six months free, and the publishers swore him in abona fide yearly subscriber before the board. We knew of this tho day after the contest was decided, j Those are samples of th? Republican's mothodBi ; A pleasant marriage was Celebrated at the Catholic church Monday morning, J. E. Mnlnroe and Miss Lizzie O'Rourke being the contracting parties. The bride is the daughter of our Riverdale supervisor, and a very attractive young lady, well known in Algona and the south part of the county. Mr. Mclnroe is Wilson's "buyer at Sexton and one of the active young business men who have grown up in the county. A host of friends wish them good luck, and among them the UPPER DBS MOINES. The contract for the St. Thomas Mission church has been let to Peter Purvis, and work will begin as soon as the foundation is laid. The plans call for a very handsome little church, . It will be 54 feet long and 82 feet wide at one end, and 20 feet at the other end. A tower rises at the middle of tho west side, and this, as well as the general style of architecture, is .both odd and attractive. The coiling of the room will be gothio in style, the sides being 12 feet high, while the middle of tho arch will be 24 feet. W* . fia e & vifdt at hl&old bo&e ift SydatMdTe, HI ejapt. afld tttt. Smith started for fk kotfe yesterday for a visit with relatives. fa &> Court opened yesterday afternoon, Judge Thomas being present, and W. R. Lamoreaux as reporter. This is the judge's only visit for a year, and his many Mends are pleased to see him in much improved health. It is Reporter Lamoreaux's first visit in three years. Nothing was done yesterday. The well case will be heard this term, but the " Y " case will probably bo postponed, as Mr. Parker is down with nervous prostration at his home in Spencer. Among the visiting attorneys we note John Cliggitt of Mason City, Judge Cook, J. C. Raymond, and S, Mayne. The farmers in Fenton have held a meeting and decided on a, co-operative creamery. They will issue 60 shares of ip50 each, and have assurances of being able to get enough subscribers. No work will be done till next spring, but then active operations will begin. These co-operative creameries have been a big success at Burt, and at Fairville, just over tho lino in Palo Alto. But in other places they have proved loss profitable than the others, and have gone out of business. Fenton has the right kind of men to make a success of anything and they will doubtless be numbered with the winners. A big cattle sale was made yesterday by Chubb Bros, and Chm Walker to the Peoria firm who have bought so long in this section, Chubb Bros, put in 200 head and Walker 160 head. They got in the neighborhood of $2,75, the cattle ranging over 1100 pounds, and drove to West Bend to load on the Burlington road, which runs directly to the yards. A week ago R. J. Hunt, Pat Kuin, O. Mclnroe, and the Gilbrides sold about as many more cattle to the same parties at about the same rates. Many of these intended to feed, but decided that corn would be too high. These sales mount up into tho thousands of dollars, and speak 'for us as a stock county, Algona had a distinguished visitor in Win. Shaw Adamson last Thursday. He came over from Emmetsburg with W. E. G. Saunders, the manager of Blairgowrio, and spent the forenoon in looking after his land interests. In tlie afternoon with C. L, Lund and W. H. Ingham he drove over Mr. Lund's farm, and inspected his barns and feeding arrangements very carefully, and expressed surprise at finding so perfect arrangements so far west. At the conclusion of tho visit he invited Mr. Lund and Mr. Ingham to visit him at Blairgowrie, and they went yesterday. Mr. Adamsou is an ox-member of parliament, the owner of vast estates in Scotland, in 1 one whose wealth puts him among the loading men of the kingdom. His Blairgowrio farm is a big one even for the west and he feeda this winter 1000 head of cattle. SPECIAL attention given to children's suits at Taylor's. Rock salt cannot be beat for stock, 75 cents per hundred at Townsend & Langdoirs. Al A, JohfiSotl of the CJorwith Descent Was a pleasant calk* this mortnng. 3. W. Heighten, Llvertnofe's live hardware merchant, was on otir attests last week. A. A. flrunson is enjoying a visit from his nephew, Mr. Parks, who is on his way from New York to California. Father McCaffrey made his old parishioners a visit last week. He is located ut Fonda, in Pocahontas county. Jos. W. Hays, of the Republican force, was a Sioux City visitor last week. He says rain interferred with the closing davs of the corn palace exhibit. Jas. Taylor and his father went to Omaha Monday. From there the old rentleman goes on alone to visit his JaUghter, Mrs. T. Barley, during the winter. Will Haggard, who has been at work in the Republican office for some time, has gone to Milwaukee to try his luck there. Ho hopes to get a job on the Sentinel. E. H. Slogle went to Minneapolis Monday evening. If he gets tho place he looks for he will not return, and Mrs. Slae-lo.will follow ;vith the household goods. Rev. Davidson returned from attending the meeting of tho American board at Minneapolis Monday, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Stacy, Mrs. Pettibone, and Mrs. B. F. Reed return today. Will Price, who went to Des Molnes to act as clork for H. A. Latta and who was taken sick with bilious fever, is homo after a six week's illness. He lookg th9 worse for wear, but is getting, 'better vapidly, Guy GroVo started this morning for", Grinnell where he goes as a delegate to the state convention of the Young Peo-' pie's Christain Endeavor society. The meeting lasts three days and he will remain throughout. F. G. Yeoman, formerly agent for the State Leader, was a pleasant caller last week. He remained in town to see tho Fourth ward caucus, and was well repaid. The Fourth warders can give points to the whole state. Heise's barber shop looked natural last week, owing to a visit from August, now a St. Paul tonsorial artist. He had been to Sioux City to see the corn palace and stopped here on '.his return. He is still in tlie Ryan house shop. L. C. Chandler, who was in Des Moines some weeks ago having his eyes treated, returned yesterday and will remain until better. His sight was much improved before but he strained his eyes after returning, and they are now in bad shape. Mr. Tuttle, who for some months occupied the John Robinson house, was back in Algona Saturday. He moved to Chicago about three months ago to handle hay on commission. He says he has done a good business from the start, and likes Chicago. He says lack of cars alone holds the price of hay up, and that it will inevitably come down if a big supply can be shipped in. B. F. Reed is home from his trip looking up the evidence in the Foster murder case. Ho visited 'the spot where his brother was killed and made a rough sketch of it with a crayon. It shows an attractive spot in the woods, but removed from houses. He says some evidence they had. before is lost, but he found some more that they did not have, and he feels confident they can still convict the murderer. • J. R. Jones attended the annual meeting of the grand chapter at Cedar Rapids last week, and reports a very full and enthusiastic masonic gathering. He served as chairman of one of the leading committees. The officers chosen wore: Gen. Quinbyof Shenandoah, grand high priest; Wm. Wilfer- haus of Cresco, deputy high priest; C. S. Fletcher of Atlantic, grand king; F. M. Crary of Des Moines, grand scribe; F. J. VanHorn of Mt. Pleasant, grand treasurer; Alf. Wingate of Des Moines, grand secretary. Mafiufauturer and Deals? in • Lumber, Lath AND SHINGLES. Cor, Thirteenth Ave, S, and 4th St,, on Aath LOU iteed. UNO, Hail kinds of WRITE FOR PRICE It is the Cheapest Full tooklo made t. tersfofl Sc ••MM Looi mat URE, .-rarnes. iwujj, and all kinds Readf- ie for public use. Headquar- pftbs and Organs, ana J coJo. epor md pecti arioi The undersigned will clear off a large of timber for pasture, and it ordered by I 1 will Deliver nt your door good straight, SoftWood at - $3,00 per Hard-wood, hickory, and second-gro Oak Wood at - $4,50 per and stove wood of any length proportlio^ O f cheap. Dry wood at my house now, if~ price. Body stove wood at Jl.BO per coj H * Off. -—J'o epoA") 'lot . fainter, Did you Say? l/ji are rou should see WARD, ure with you for line ot Paper Hanging, B iMB&aeed to figure with rou for Vnllnglnthellneof i'.io jtB .is odm t IIDI ''Hie |, r ut th "nis/ii ETC. respect' i,u« T«ilous p'lecfl* of work in this awe, which speak for themselves. I n ilu Baying tunt I can guarantee sat- u *ry caae. I are Always Moderate. Interview me. Stats . Cjf! aa the office of 8ftt«u""> •£"«•;.-• The office of railroad cfttamis By vote 61 thfl eWctdfS of the Districts: TheofflcSofJUdBi it TheThira judicial district, The Fourth judicial district The Fifth judicial dist ges! \ 'of [ "•** mot P oes^ C( • sac 'i is AMBROSE A. f"' (lei a KiSoutk Side of Broadway (tht ;« Iowa ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, Incorporated under general laws o| Deposits received, money loaned, toil mestTc exchange bought and sold.J made promptly and a general banfc| transacted. Passage tickets to countries sold at lowest rates. W. H. INGHAM, President, J. B. JONES. Vice Pr. LEWIS H. SMITji Dlreotors-W. H. Ingham, Jno._ . Jones. T. Chrtso&llles, Lewis H'/mUb, Wadsworth, Barnet Devlne. Iff. Buff, We ea '""'fflk asm! OF ALGONA, Capital, 850^00 Special Attention Paid to Collections. DIBEOTOBk Ambrose A. Call, D.H. Hatohlus, J. O/ Black ford, Philip Dorwelier, Wm; K. Fergus^. «eo, C. Call,O.B. Hutchlns, AHBBOSK A D, H, Ho j. c. BLAOKFOED, Cashier. Money always on hand to loan nt yeasoname rates to parties who can furnish flratclaaa security. NOTIONS, Cats ancl Oa,p« Boots and Shoes/ Boys'and Men's Beady-Made GROCERIES, Crockery & Glassware, CONFECTIONERY, Wood and Willow ware. Producetakenlnexehangeforgoods. HENRY MUNCH. The Tenth judicial district, twee judgW ; . The Eleventh judicial district, ttWe 'Judges', The Twelfth judicial district, dn« jUdOT t < The Thirteenth judicial district.' two JrtaOTS! The Fourteenth Judicial district, one, judge; Tile Fifteenth judicial'disWct, three dudfeest' The Sixteenth judicial' district^ two Judges; The Seventeenth judicial district, brie judge; , The Eighteenth judicial district, two Judges i By'vote of the electors of the'several congressional districts^- ;. •' •; * , The office of representative In congress from each of said districts. • , « , . By vote of the electors of the TMlrty-thlrd sen- • atortal district, composed of the counties of Buchanan and Delaware^The office of senator in the general assembly from said district, to fill tile yacanoy occas- ' fir6U6I*ni& OiWU.ll/U U1AWAW TT**« •**• *™ ~T -y*»-., _, tothe people, la pursuance'oiYthe *;-:—- mentsof Sections. Article 10, of the constitution, and Chapter 127 of the acts of the Twenty- third general assembly, the question, "Shall there be a convention to revise the Constitution and amend the same!" which Question shall be written or printed on each ballot—ana at the end of said question the word," Yes" or "No" shall be written or printed on such hallot. Whereof all electors throughout the state will take duo notice, and the sheriffs' of the• several counties will take official notice and be' governed accordingly. In testimony whereof I have hereunty set my; hand and caused to be affixed the great seal of the state of Iowa. Done at Des Molnes this twenty-second day of September, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety, of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and fifteenth, and of the state of [SEAL] Iowa the forty-fourth. HORACE BOIES. BytheGoqeraor: FBAHK D. JACKSON,'Secretary of State. It®] SHERIFF'S PROCLAMATION. To the qualified electors of Kossuth county: You are hereby notified that at'the general election, November 4. 1880, the foliowini? offices are to be filled by vote ot all the electors or said county, to-wlt: v The office of clerk of courts: The office of county recorder; The office of county attorney; The offices of two supervisors. Whereof all the qualified electors of the said Kossuth county Trill take due notice and be governed accordingly. Witness my hand and seal this 30th day of September, 1890. M. STEPHENS. 27 Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa.- DE. L. A. SHEBTZ, <! Dealer In DRUGS AND MEDICINES. M JKafflSS^ffil4^ poses only. Books and stationery. DOU YOU WANT School Land Sale. Notice is hereby given that in accordance with the action of the action of the board of Fen the 8 at th8 September ' 18 °°. session, I 2d day of November, A, D, 1890, to-wlt: school lands, THE O. JAS. A. ORB, painter,' decorator, paper hanger, etc., solicits the patronage of those who have work in this line, and guarantees satisfaction.-2m6 FOB fine dress goods go to Taylor's. Apples! Apples! Apples! A whole cur of apples arrived at the big city of Algona, and Patterson Bros. have decided to sell them at $1.10 per bushel. Come oarly.-28 lints ! Bonnets I We have now a complete 'stock of winter hats and bonnets, BhowingL.JJH the latest styles in shapes and trim- Real Ejltatel^gent Algoua.lowa. /.andsbout, mission. Specla/ attention gl\ of i«al estate In J ossuth andl for non-residents Agent for/ anoe compari»iaf Freepprt, and from the/, /countries ies s<J r, jd sold on com/to care and sale oining counties „ German Insur- Passage tickets to st lowest rates. The northeast quarter of ........ f.le A U 01, .......... ..... ...... Ifl The northwest quarter ot,. '.'.'.'.'" is ^e northwest quarter of .'::::::.16 ::::: ..... io 6 ° the &* . urer's office 'to ™gona lowS 7 ' * he treas ' SALE. mings. Examine our goods and prices. E. REEVE & Co. NEW Buckwheat Flour and Maple Syrup at the Cash Store. CHOICE Strained Honey at Townsend & Langdon's. ft.MOBp»")wa, Oct. 1,1890.—Notice IB here- ^liveifecl|S on the first Monday in December, 1800, at! urfl Vclock a. mtwider the provisions of BeotIL ,i Chap 1 - -•*-"*• -' «"> aiv+»» n t.h genera!" " e *mbly, — YntertfMi ac . mt "and, , acts of J will offer t mrer of Kq -Of the! „ i mrer of the h'. Val >Jt bidder, U i uu assemj -Of the! '. , lrs s.or the dell ;' s ' J" 1 to tim nd, Treasurer fry* ,,,H . ,f m t-> to i> ji ' sol „ „ Sixteenth ,uded by Section 2 , Twentieth general ,\bUo sale at the office r/h county, Iowa, to i following described . ,Wat tax of 1889 and poo' shall be adjourned M-jUl all shall have been IT. H, LANTBY, isuth County, Iowa. B l "6" (0 IO N v. she mitig; s 'ie brougio appearing ohe!" P. Jarcioe PRBoa next \MJtfftJfa i«7rf f Ws OWI1 s /S3F' 73 ' ft fli "> iu II iflKfiou, TYhich . their pup- ^ ' • *' J -on' BANCROFT, IOWA. B. M. Richmond, Proa. B. R. Btcnraon"OVT.! trans ist sy i |B».! M ( S'S CO t- t- O 1 IN W e* ,«P 3 Upper DBS Moines Office, * WE KEEP ON HAND Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, best In use,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, Grass Leases, Notes, etc,, Cholera. Get tho "- Standard Stock Food" and save your hogs.-28t4 J. J. WILSON. owly yifty come, For a good, lantern. Doh't go groping jrj the aarfness. To wn^end & Langdou. A. B. Ulcliiiiuuu, Cashier. Collj Tnu-isitctsu gencr.-'l banking business. . tlons a specialty. Uuuuy transferred to all of the United Stated and Europe at low Tickets to uiul from the old country for sale, es paid for boll) residents and non-residents. struct of title furnished on (he same dayap lor, ' R, M, RICHMOND, REAL ESTATE BEA3 nd Inmrawe Ag't and Notary J Ban (nsfer ide* 60,000 acres of prairie lands and Irnpm for sule or rent. Village property for sal Now Is the time to secure you a home three prospective railroads are built, advance the price of land beyond the r< average home-seeker, QQMMERGIAU •f^H^^ -WM pv> checks IP .PS'" f «> Bl :"•&, • i -y& NOTICE T8 60NTRACTORS. On the 16th day of October, 1850, at 3 o'clock P. m., at the Webster school house in Fenton township, the contract for bulldlna^ a iShnni house irfsub-distrtct No. 6 otiSS? towwgip wiUbeletto the lowest responsible bidder Specifications may be seen at the auditor's of. flee to Algonft. By order of the board? Bids will be received by O. 0. TIBBETTS S6M Secretary, Fentonpfa/Iowa Bight reserved to reject any or all bids. • 87t3 ! TUT i BgVBUI . INTPBB9T Bwl utet

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