The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1890 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1890
Page 13
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thftt ft MioftU ft&ke at '• ft ft ,„... tMng everything .. t. ~ $. ^ *^i in HIV u cY«jijv«""6 4 [§ clotnes othersj and * cake lh youf »e*t ifet'slflfe at SHka, Alaska, ._j^'*efo. 1ft forty years fillett 'DetoW zero but tour rtflt fctfKE Is a liquid and Hdrfcts directly on tli« ttffltees of the syotcni. 1; ii-ce. Manufactured BjV & CO., Toledo, O. fttdy inndc 100 «'<>i lU of 1 in "consor.taory," culled with ttie wwik RT"" - "• foit-e Sick tteodftdio. 1 ft locomotive tear• drtcn Pla., last week caught two B» liand* out of a covey while |iUe cab.__ \ substitute for, beef tea is a j with a bit-of; carbonate of V solution of the vegetable Jien the peas have been thorj- fWrated, the sediment wil dlear, thin fluid con be poured I Thin, of course, contains jfoirable to the stimulating ox- IngrddientB of berf tea, but in It) value it is really superior o Iroduct.— Dr. Quote's Health srin costume is the leader of the /Army meetings in North •— SiaSlest to use and cheapest f for Catarrh: By druggists. ""'sort or "tafiy" pavement Is being •to boulevard Anspach, Brussels.^ posea of India-rubber Ot various Ulnds^ and BSK ' ~^-—-—— Paon't have to take out' word .for the Efmmlity of Dobbins' Elccti-ie Soup. df/ 1 T i ... « _.m*« ,rni\ru\t' nun lot, it. I Ml 1 mote tt. frlow whiter, inelyland'/ i and barren ,r given end, Aaron, Yfet iviirii- jr, n.j. • Beholdiitohe light On tlu? broad'i'" 1 •nnntft. At.flONA.lO^A. ii — •"• - •rti!* another home. So it wfts.seU be should stav. As to services, STl£la*53 to 'them o^in'fbelr tola* or sing, and accompany them in tneir ?des, it was all they expected, nnl the "&£ Barents and was never happier £ Contributing to theif h«,p- muste was traveling, but the fond old Sept him in continual remembrance. • ? .3 came tittle package filled with for pere and mere. , Once an ite little picture was sent, to herself, giving her inexpressiole OCTOBER 15.1M- Dreadful sight! were gagged, W snowy counterpane. Amy flew upstairs The two old r . blood stam«d the and alarmed the There are some patent mccl- cittes that afe more marvelous than a dozen doctors prescriptions, but they're not •hose that profess to cure this 1 VV ***•<*. v* w- • for a doctor? sobbed Amy* ''We were only ga B Q- as soon as he could of his tongue ed the flesh o' hand said the recover the use d and wrench- riftg from the booty may justice. Atnyg a cry that to see you and they sent me • he held her hand. very MO J'J I \i*. *'!.*'• -"-" your grocer, and lot it own story next M' ot on? Soup. 'uv:ui, tii... i\*v 1L IL1. 'on/lay, and bo gov- Reinoiuucr . Ogden, Mich., Hay 17,1890. fci'A half boll!-- of row Invaluable nedlclne, 8t. fucubs Ef;011. cured mo of rueu- ihnattsm and- rheu- W- matte swelling of the ' knee. His the bestlu • the univerae." , J, M. L. Ponrnn: Hagersunyn, Md., /April 21,1800. "I.anilotlieraofmy family, have used Bt Jacobs Oil for neuralgia and found it a ; speedy, effectivo cure. Mns. lIJ!M_?^^5jy^-- L'ttle Amy Willis And tall, sinewy 'At.p.v-, w ildly, enthusiastically »app> these two loved each otHfr Only three years ago Amv < family of good French pe/ip ; ness. She had come from a ^-^ and much sorrow.. Her tatter Bad -^ prince among merchant; bit? ™W' , tilled himself through wear driraa Her mother had died soon a,ter ( sp.grat iul, pretty little 'Ami was a \iomeiess o i Pl p™tection was oflorpd her J; her unct I but he was purse-proud and Aiig I-I ways been a stupidly mdepenTf body. Again protection was \ a man twenty years her senior, w ed many houses and horses; but, ins that she did not love him, sfc Will it be believed, people _ blai very much, especially her relatwes,Tfl-[| 1 fusing such a match. Only one tj woman commended her. ..-.-! "I know a family, ' said the . who are-looking out for a governess. -^ to be a governess in that jhouse, is i, equivalent to being a daughter. 1 he pie are old.and have only one son { ,ana ; . orphan grandchildren, a little girl ait boy. TSey are the sweetest creatui, ever saw, iiocile and affectionate, as ^ 1 French'children can be." " . . Tf "Give me the address, said Amy, risii^ "The children are- orphans; tlw j? J enough," and she dashed two teoi-s frou her cleaV. grey eyes. " .kno~ shall ^ A them. 1 have a presentiment .thabd siMl| find a home, not'only in thejr liouse, bul; ' '"Siiclfa'curious old-fashioned house as • •> '--• Pnll, ot quaint al' Llt ,v stoc-' silent and .quite unable to a f almost overcome with the emotions i crowded upon her heart... Lovel she L now that she had worshipped I im; fcverv hour of the day, every moment, 1 d, that thrilling, overpowering con- neh* had been present with her, ^ssssfstiss?*- 1 ««* ri hT-^p toWi,»»"': i Ss< — •"« 'nsigniticant a creature as , be in that supreme mo- lSSS.™u»S»-" fi ' ^S^lKe'ilf m»,.Wntlj,»»« moments after. SSdSffi "silence! Do you understand?" The "^ """ «5 Everybody, ttoW and then, feels "run down," "playec out," They've the will, but no power to generate vitality, They're not sick enough to call a doctor, but just top sick to be well. Thats where the right kind of a patent medicine comes m and does for a dollar wha the doctor wouldn't do to less than five or ten. She dared S^^^|§^l^p BOejiro*dW*ri] home, L don't sneak, Amy?" 7 low voice thrilled her; Ihttt can I say?" I you love me, child; that is all I danced up, and the next moment |t arm enfolded her, and her face fiden on his shoulder. ..' B - '• were delighted when they \, ufc Auguate came his YVI ,.Jms e Spencd^vhat has altered you so?" he asked. () "Where is Amy? ,. .v self. We put in our claim fo Dr. Pierce's Golden Medica Discovery. We claim it to be an un equaled remedy .to purify the blood and invigorate the Hver. We claim it to ( be lasting in its effects, j creating an appetite, purifying the blood, and - preventing Bilious, Typhoid and Malaria fevers i/iakc* in tme. The tune to take it is when yoti first feel the signs of weariness and weakness.. & The time to take it, on general principles, is NOW. PATTERN FREE. i . . i 1 _lii. iraittenMt.iuFiiiM.w »« »™ enabled to mnke every our larty renders a hanrtinmo ? °" y " (vrranfffmCfit «.« FAMILY MAOJ • "Ml MagUJlnti every one ur ay r "cu? o y «t thl. slip ,'" two cent stamp for nrt ""dress) u» New retiuu inn., w «; t rated »nd full ,- f il, of ^^=^«^^erOm 8y , H out^hncf.c,Uhe ^^Sw«StS& " F ^ 1 ?c n et! ) Tou I r«uV l ?etS do«» tog-l*" * ««* tho • S^&^l^'^^^'f'H IllKIl l'^» >•*• • veiled my most 7 isy mniii BCCWUIJ Ho«r*.wi fa PEDINE CO., 268 PROADWAY, NSM 25c ; lookedupon as a and he "Tell me tho leif own. "The marriage *>™ ™ i in six monchs, and happy Amy liipon the bridai ( .outnt. L gloomy ring! she —-- — , she turned a large seal-ring ta's little finger. • ' ,, . ' some value, neyertheless. -he ; ,.und his brow clouded slightly shaped. ,1 never ~whorn we know- love, came to this I EWIS 1 1 Powdei (PATENTED) The strongest tmAput'est Ly* made. Will make the best perfumed Hard Soap in » minutes without boiling. It 18 the best for disinfecting sinks, closets, dtt' .is, wwhing Gen. Agts., Ai Office ovi ) SO liny Amy see!" And he turn- Both the jnethod and results when Byrup of Pigs is takon; it ia pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gentlyretpromptly on theKidneyB, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures constipation.' Byrup of Figs is the only remedy of its Kind over produced, pleasing to the taste and ao- • ceptaule to the stomach, prompt in ita action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the mosf healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it-to all and have made it the roost popular remedy kno'vn. Syrup of Figs is for sole m 5Wc •n<l $1 bottles hv all loading drug- gj)<ta. Any reliable drugirist \vho inay not have it on hand will T . "o- cure it promptly for any one who wishes to^try it Do not accept any substitute. ML/FORUM FI8 SYRUP CO. ' SAN FMNOISCO, CAL., Aiuvwasdirecteclto!- 'ran, 01 quiin.^ »i- % coves, dim corners unexpected tom™?"!* und old-fashioned turmture. But the ^ rich paintings on the'.wall, the elaborate al carviu" Iho faultless'statues all exercised a soothing and-refining in ^ ence , Aov ^ } ^ ffirl'B heart. And when the old couple can e in; both together^^p two tond children Amvl'eltthe tears ftCrag ' her eyea- th'ey were so handsome, so\*i?raceiul, so ^C^ell in love with the' chVyen just i os Bhtfhad with '• the sweet-face^- grand- 1 parents. Little Marie evinced her liking 1 I once by taking Amy's hand caressingly -:—i- fc*,™A,.t!. and rtooerc, ! ; Over Kossi in her tiny pink fingers; whose, magnificent eyes haa ,.-.. r anenthu^fastic admirer in Amy.crept up and inquired .confidentially it she liked for him "Yes'Hike music of all kinds," said Amy, "and 1 have even learned to play on HUB go) at* he*, •**(3 "" ped for ty to my only v fo lie .•"Aiu svhere ui»< .1 • this secret mamCTV Str °So l°heard. But, good heavens! why notSt'detectives to ™f* ***>$££ somebody you knew. My God. ban w DO ^tf W5£i S anTwif Vwijd cry she recoiled, for she perceived the ab never "^ftaSS., -» you all mad!' ' ^^JSS'iughtfuL a ^;e ring, Auguste-where is the seal le he arose and slowly left ring?" . ..,,j f er tn0n a t uiv gazed after him, wonder- He looked, at his isues nii^ , L 0 d—wondering why hehad!i,n^ «,,,rnmrine. inerui B . .. For several' days, al- ( ^ mer toward her was even : p 0 n' in before, he seemed lost; w nffen fell in reveries. Une ne> b uiucu j -> ° lte - tato, tee .k lut »ilfe Am^l^jrf •.»• he «j ^'teC'rS! iuystGr\ i- fcy ^ npnHon6tl HG h*is Ssgrlced lie us. lieV His **<* / s fat f yfl lik ? S--" b«.ve bean taken for each other, T 2^r»^rffla-fis^ T. W. DUDLEY, .,. . ,-V».T«:> •> f\tP I>H*.W. |,«ocl from youUiful error., *«;,«l« l « •MujuMuZtluHi mo*** -*-*-p _"_ $500 REWARD aii^^^iisw^y^ssi^ss 5 TON WAGON SCALE, $60 is not equal to any made, and a standard reliable Boile. For particulars, address only Jones of Bingha^JBinghaffltoj,^.!. TAT FOLKS REDUCFffl .jffiUWun^m"""'"' A nluliiMld'r BplM ««*!«»-"• -'« uSd W p*"» ni«. »*Jdora«n »ni) l-"» - .— mi yr«Rl §004, —V* «J ter. Au let them know I to,ld you; they rents that I am not to be ', short time—two weeks Xn"^"** "^ "T — ~ "^V""TFS?5U — woriangfor ". Pe'4" n ;pi; »lo ASTHMA. Asl/iinaSperfKe going, and why in Dear Auguste, why u scre mam . , are yoU so c> angcd; so silent t "Iltilha matWthatl cannottdl you mother and she were some divinity, tor th was full of music. • M O TT Amy took up her abode with the La- Dortes and no formalities ensued. K'dayAe rode out with them and belittle ones in tho roomy camage; she always took her meals withe the tarn '• they become very fond ot her and sue tears tilling ber eyes yv ny u«» "° B"—> and what has troubled him for tor so many days. Oh, what misfortiim! can beimpend- jwXv Aiw rli-onmn nrH i'rialittul, ana and clung to U "An%ou wouTd\have gone without see- I ingme?\askedAni^, grievmjr y. •'Iwr^toyou, love. You will find lie billet in the book w« are reading together. And/now, no more questions my darling. 'He then kissed'ber passionately and was g '• What can itbeV" murmured the girl, tears tilling ber eyes _'_' Why has he_gone. trled'wlthout. """"•flZSJbVe rSmS?. II "'« * ln °- ol the eyes it *• 5 nlfl *!?}".le/fSi. \Ve partioulwlj ! mPikSffimAJft OLD CLiAIIVIS rEFlSSUWo Scttlca nndcr NEW Ulvon Immedinte reliBf. H •K believed to bo the Bei» vSTHMA. Remedy known o humanity. Asovldeuoe »n cire a- Trlnl P»okag» Li-Kfe Bold by DrugzliJJ. Sent by mall. P°'' t -P l iM o1t . Ill porBor. AddraBhTHOB. POMAM, 2001 Rtdis* AW-. nue, Philadelphls. TO THB J.JH REGIONS -OVTHS- I "••• —' lm • WEST, SOUTHWEST, NORTHWEST, -opaid me well. It ,@ "' FOR MEUHCHOLY ILE BEANS SMtTn'B Mile unnn »« th« louding "w » nd BUtl - tW^-Uon. _ IMSAN8 SMAlV (40 little wwlr HoltJo). Very BinivU- little Marie came in beaming with"delight, exclaiming:. "Our dear, dear Uncle Auguto is coming homo to- said. ™, u „„ dinner a handsome young man wi?l"tawny beard and mustache, with SB of golden light gleaming . over both was introduced to Amy as' '.'Our Soiv, Au- eU Amy blushed crimson, not at sight of him exactly, but thinking ot the man she had'cTctmedto herself. The blush became P her-Bhe looked like a beaut fu rose Of course, Auguste noticed the blush, and made a rnentftf note that Amy. was beautiful, though he was not surprised at that, having listened to a list of her perfections from both the children and grandparents, Amy had lived with the Laportes a year, when a fearful trouble overtook them-both beautiful children died within a week ot Ca it was' 1 'Amy who shrouded their little .i ']„ ,,,^nn(-)i,iu tiTirl crosses o: .,-- . ' ",**" t «»K*«»--T . , . ing? My oveam? , are mghttui, Auguste is changed! 1 " , All that day she moved around listless- -orgivouie, Angustel-. know? ^Even your parents were was you. and so have been silent. ''Ten thousands fiendsj" cried Auguste, under his All Uiat aay sne -movtu u-iuuu" ly. The eyenii-ig passed more pleasantly. ,She sang Auguiste's ?Qi)g-sT amused the two «l/l .in/it-ilrt % «rit.h -liot« '-inftfi* 1/1 P.IItit. lH such care of us.'y, ess. Come dai. wuw. , H , a- •,— with me, The ^-ftvants wil •ooms below." .sft ' He went round.lfc my folio je tested the dt|B[s and wi: ^irl rould not b^p tolsj.;'w ' i mrank at tho opeinnk of every tf < it'troubled her to see the shadi^ i_ „ Ji „,.„*, 4-lirtfi^»1-i4- f\f ' oiinli •fliitvV* was forms, and ma'de wreathes and crosses ot purest flowers with which to deck their coffins; it was Amy who, with mute cares ses, strove to console the bereaved grand parents while it seemed to ber OB if..he t^JUU »*l*Jg *i,« e u«fcv " ^V»'&«- «"•*" , , old people with-ilier/, beguiling them to sit mucfe bey.ond tkeir lour. I •' • ,, • i "We must se'rito the faslpings, saia ild Mr. LapoJh. "Augulte. has taken iat we are wowing care- to, go fcthw tloor •IB —- *« tUQ \fJssp#SS£&SR£% sssaSfSPSH«p«««r » Thouimii(l>i BNTtTIjE ^ derU.B MKVV ACT. liiuuo.liHtely for DL for ?i.V"Sf;,.i==5,«i |f.ouiitiy ov,« llibli' "«|«i t"^ *" "vutli lUi 1 *.'" , ,„ _f..'(i.. fij.«t, while r . The ibut she Ir, and Eft&ES^gSggS money and communicated the knowieage t0 The ' matter was, hushed up;, money, though the efforts of "ves was recovered. . As for Auguste and Amy, their riage took place long before aionths had expired. had never thought of ; such thin\ and was thankful when she hao- the good-night kiss, and retir^ : room at the end of the same pa*s . lorl tn fVin hfid-chamilir of Mr. i ___ Hold It to the tight. led to the bed-chaj Lapoite. There she dow, and unfastened efore, ewed her that The man who tells you "onfl*? .lint will cure your cold is he had been lislleSsl) imekins up her boxes, when a maid rouglft a summons from- Mrs. f Lapore She found the old lady seated at a small tobl "the miniatures of the children open before her. At her side sat her white- said .JHSKL- 8»g»lil^ •• ; T,*pnFM». ,4TW»WT4*»*« flsSiaSSai «»»««. . < w?_"s'SJP l llif«iPL 4 , y0 Atn^ M uLny ,o self-posse^d, burst 1 into tears no ICUIB. „ "My child, were you going to leave us < Amy dried her eyes i\my uiicu i»» ^-r 1 "I must earn my living," she said, her UU\V, IVUU um-non.**^** ^ hair, dreamily lookinj) over the event of the ofr Suddenly, just afteif' struck 12, a strange m'J her, which made th veins, Leaning forw tently. Again it wa. time she was sure the quarter where the old , Rising from her seat^ was to ny to them; yet s and the undefined te hour.took tangible fori«, W iv. ,,„„.,„..,,.,, eieui»»» HT r nvro Hie figure of housebreakers an«'assp.ssirAtki.neVitly, Mrs. Laporte. IA ^> thecry, and thistle she ttipnglffi'SfZ she distinctly heard her own ntpe. ThtSp l~ 3 / nerved her, and she opened her' door an?] rushed into the passage, She knew thatv Mr. Laporto had but recently drmyn.mohuy' from the bunk, and that a large 8i|«» lay in his cash-box at th^liea^ pf his bed, The moon show r of Mr, i down by .' eavy coi. t, and ^lowri —,. I sound re 7 curdle 1 a listenei •ted and - ^ame from »slept. \first impi b but a » \of on earl lion of uiis reium »»»"»•" -;• free at ait druggists' uiu 36 . __.1'KKATED '»• ...—. positively Curad wilh Vegetable Remotii»« '• "^-ijroHN W.T— ""•"• fl Syralulust-war, jowujuiuuu.viuu,^.-—, —. A. A. Ftaeman, S^earjAoB^t U-^M'.y-Sl'l:,. ASTHMAfiHRiB-FREE- by mull ta mlT.rer.. Dr.U. BCHiyKaAN,gt.l^ul.mna, I largest" temperance I world. THOUSANDS of miserable and puny little oiiHrtnm have been restored to robust •grtufby tSKg Dr. BuU',.Worm Destroy- administered to them by Wna ana iov- parents. ien and one-half tons of celery were from Kalamazoo, Mich., In one day to I ; T^-UfcT'' *• C^nj —=~~^ -*\ r~^ **-s l—M-l ^f , o(-ih?xnd be convinced, ^*pr ^nr •• " •" . *- - 4U<J necpssitatee a great otitlay. balances any saving in cost, thabeat and cheapest Boap W fails to accomplish satisfactory results in scouring and cleaning!, and labor, Vhicli more than tind Bcourimr. ment the door of '. 1 I^IUDV \,«*'*« ~ voice trembling. "And you shall; but you must stay with u. Our wieels (oved you. To see your sweet face about the h.use.-keeps us from llnair We say to each other. 'Amy is with the children; she is hearing little WAV** v**v —T" n J Tin rivirl rOtlAnintf flGiir i **v» w » ——.— -- - - -. ^ r tet aoiS ; - ea tr^we| ^'Silencer was y e»w, »!! tte bs»t 9' *.iiilij V7HR „.....-.. ' *»»"'— —— —"j;V : ~"""*" —'"T II T ~ 'l"" 7 ^ " •' dashed violently oppn, ,{^4 the moonbeams revealed—what ffWJ§ to : ; her maddened senses? Whe.rt*iwajj^hat, bt5ard--where that splendid flgureji no.w lithe in the hurry of ''My God, .August*), wuttvp here?" she cried, white with' —,---• "Rilfince!" was the hoarS'e reply, irllln for eorofulu, anlt rheum, or an cnusoil I))' lmp»« blood, i» suiaoleat to iiyoneof the superior and pooiiliur oura- ,,i ot HU» madioiae. TUe followlns atute- rl B ht to the point: au BtreoteU with the worst typ^ of eorot- tu» i-Bopmrnendutioa of my druggist I Aiiiy -•- -'(•c' - • from which he had ¥T . terror, for she still aeft "Father! mother!" has happepedy" With l — 1 ' 1! W? 0 ^5 r^S ' -W <&**» » "twelvWU- Anf orce ,,, vvtu' UH»COV*»'W ?9f '"v _»i? tiJnJi fatal dleense Imv* boeu c«re4 JftH?- rnu« 'Wnrriilli i t)ii« dreftdfal, ^8"J} n O5? n ffi* p «'Hi'i'lK TTO-4>A V "or thtryJft%e '•'T*.flS Y)( 8Jw«,a "• ""• ' " " *" "iiim A •o-oir _Vt«iitifr«Bo^-.Olt V.'llieSOftBtaH;

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