The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1890 · Page 12
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1890
Page 12
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afid Tom living d ftichar WOMAN'S 'CROWING' CUD. —i >-...- j iboi-ftfc aji'ri Showy Millinery is the Ktilc for tin' fair Ones Mis J-'ali, UPPER DESMOIKPA tfont- Fashionable Slylwi I'l-oposctt— "dtttnley Bi-owti" a Swell a tobacco coflditio: ibt quite Vcr, poi r the to - n >.i-.r ..i . ij irhose ski made, hi . the looffi?* i isdeao» f >j,, ng of a j aters, fife Hats to bo Wofn by Young Ladles—Lace loi-the Winter All Black Headgear, ,« TTiuuiu ii/, which is about of an indh broad and onfr> «««r-t"l*" ^ C 2 ifl ,-thickftess. Tradition says it was ftade 6f one of tbe nails u *ed at ths cruciflx'.oft of Jesus, and was given *-"•—afctlWb/hta mother, Helena? the w;r~ e A«« e S^t to protect him in battle, Afterwards it was used at tbe tthatorBgilulfus, at Milan, in the I The crown is now kept in the cathedral* of Monza. The outer circuit is composed Iot six.equal pieces of beaten gold, joined , together by hinges, and set with large l'S?t emeralds and sapphires on a 1 ^ ound ° £ Wo? gold enamaC Within the ltd to have no speck of 'h it has been exposed THE FARM MD attASttmtt's JotntffAi,. hat|M their ye8M j The niatit'g R 'ev; n ° 8nSW6r) 8lr °* h ° !i ' l " known > and benntifu) they fce ilent courses of ot rnw^ ?*" Stl » A ofthfe ™ M i ' l " nown > and benntifu The silent courses of oternity. tfhichfiattoehAs light. . , Wisd mothers tdbed provided fof •• < ^p£r3Sl.4a; ."sc ^sarSffig* .Tho inillihery world certainly seems to be going ornament-mad. vVithin the memory of living women there has not be° fore prevailed such elaboration and , -~ ! ' ness of ornamentation. "" woi-Jrl? '"<* i hiifled, t>rour"treml)llng is rsented '?e are also numerous ornaments which not be closed under the Sof "irn magea/'aa they certainly are not in : 'Ihn likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or the earth beneath, or the water ll ;..»..J with the night clerk in a i hotel when the 'bus backed up -issenger got down and came on a silk hat and a fine suit d. carried a handsom port- si7.ed him up for a diamond pm the way ho carried his lieved there was quite a load they looked on since, with patient s uncounted tolled riwny? ../ for mnn that dice, •dsof OiBpnBtas thuyf cloths i a ma!^ that pi* that v»j Itics OR' . fid S|¥ rise cV ; ,' uch |j> gnineu.. i and their i. •entureil vorj|\ 10 time till- o of tho ff , fl s not surpr show totho|-' webs «H their with gleaming bodies B'w«*""inj uiuuns anciornamentH r something surely bad to behold. ""However, when they are skillfully disposed the eftect is rather more than pleasing. And by the by, it is a mistake to suppose that hero are not among those who devote themselves to tho forming of ladies' head- iroar true artists whose JLo of formZl ooloris as keen and us cultured as tho b" s t ttfcnSUS^£^±± ^« "hff1SL±%fil^ York w? U8ed -' is M ? 88 Hallov.ofNe^ York, who receives a salary of 86,000 per ' l^ U I n Ji" d ^expenses paid «» Paris and and Miss taste and "Good evening," "Good evening." "Will you place tlm bag in your safe and trive me a receipt for it?" "I said no, sir." irSS/mypro a "ei ( v? R " y that y0tl won ' t 1" choked tho wm'i d if you - were ? ut here rd knookyou )wn for your impudence!" I put and hit t°Krangef on the eaT'Jnd &S cked i h , i i m °, Utl i The "atchel fell to •rt^^J^W&.P'V* lour •o givo, UIIKH ntn n po^JVi."'"" " L " latl ' s nnxlous quest? UBKB mo a less than weariness to live. Or Btay the Imzaril of his wild unrestf . . ) ii, 9t £ r ?' 5 vhnt lnl( 'nlgiit message do yo bear. wise? 8 ™ wn wettry wi * lhe •"*" '»• The wistful eyns that wntch yo.. „ I'Ook out of troubled hearts peace. FARM NOTES. must well. *J J U\Ji-llL\J All liviiu high and cap-cab air. They order to thrive g things do best mS wni? b * UnB Rt M tion 8eettls to be doing good work tor southern agriculture, in S5™?f *?? wlll|r . ex P c »toents twelve pounds ot fruit per vm 9 wore obtained the third year from such varieties as Concord Ira MA Pa .w. whilp thjj fosur ^ nc ^ 1 -blednearly seven- romt, ify(. lrn ''/- cmplS ng t' torn k snop the';, , dooi leak r ofr» ' hit 'Otttling} j llOols. ;/ and isf I is' it/ cc: , •QC 10. or ';Who was it?" I asked, A professional hotel benl;." I.TT i yiu '. CBB "»'»." notei neat." How did you know it?" fore he had v"^ ^ mak ° hilllsel ? aolid b * us for about One ol AViitterson's Stories. .. -v.i a glint in it of warm, red'toid YP low is combined with this shade of brow and is charmingly nffective as well as bar monious. lurquoise, pink and •' i pink 'satin-antique crown with a" brim velvel. 1 8 ° tUrqU ° isC ftnd '"oss-gree" tivS^S ^S^^l 110 "^ tiTo", "Xr'7i" D r uuo of the coming winter, But £ i ,' lfiatre T?^ ff jMf "% rejoiced Hut alas! his exurtjition was premature. He had hoard half the truth. To be sure o ftJargo proportion of hats and Diiat are as small and close fittintr f«7 fis l Jn! Bh t0 Seo , be ^ ond tooaf • w m, f •' i er ° aro> h( ""ver, large —-J with high crowns swathed in nlumfin capable of concealing so large a segment of any view thnt the remainder --- • • One of Henry Watorson'a stories relates to recons ruction days in tho south and ^V 0( fM nthorpo ' "? f South Carolina• Yo have no idea, sah, of the nggra- t7mn n / 8I n " USt i" Ces d ?,- th080 unfo'tnate times, Dp you, know what de demd eov- erninent did at Columbia,' sah? Way Ives and Perkin, tBo« e ?n»f lm 1 nt lf' Uv "i" J"" 1 " 6 "neany seven teen tons. Jn the diversification of south ern agriculture tho growing of fruit is bound to play an important part. How brutish it seems when a driver of a heavily ladened wagon, as he lides on the near-wheel horse, lazily, though severely logs the off one in a thoughtless manner lue reckless and habitual use of the whirl on animals is a crime, and should be SgnntfeiZ^^i Th^pfipSiJ^iotS on any ot his stock. The farm does we and the animals work well without the In pruning fruit trees aim: 1. io train each tree to shade its own body, so as to prevent sun scald. <J. lo distribute the growth of send a child off to bed at B ; same mihute' in Augtist as ifl seems a, trifle unreasonable: eseec the room is over-heated, close afid fortable, as most sleeping 1 rooms ar6 almost sure to toss and tumWe'S heryousaM fretful, before grateWl comes to their relief. Hehceif "' J managed, ifc is much better to children take a hap in the m'idi let them enjoy the cooling breezes refreshing shade, while you see tha of the sleeping roolrj are thfo^*U o" the heat be extreme, a block of i' 1 me.'t m the wash-bowl will do ward cooling the room, By this though the children start to bed* later than usual, they will very * asleep quite as early. THE BELLAMY COLOl Prlnolples of a SpeinltRMo and Co-b] Company tntejy Organized Irf4 DCS Moines'special to St. LotT Democrat: Secretary Ernest BL of the Socialist!^ and Co-ore-a|« cf Edward Bellamy, started, iu with E. D. Smith of Louisiana'] jo look up a location for the cofo fare starting he stated to a repo'fl We have no authority to bind ' pany in any way, but are expectr Vestll/at.n HlR mprita n* H,n «„-!« Perfume of em ' L They P>»1» littlo a* •* w uxcn (|- pes stfilcin •> type, ,„ • "<=«•£» are A j. u ana commonrjlfl/w ^i- ^V 1 - sooa'ntttu i 3 , are usual v I tion is the tp«di««j> Tr'S^nans, 'fte tau ^kingly Co?/ «"i ««a«ffi5 bS^" 1 * V6 ^' »W ilourl $ e t?} lrtb . Gr e «-1 J , s . Pithetio were it t,A° n ' ? he . ili . poadirii and clear pJ&Wfc rafiiSE-F" 1 mm"?.™' '«^'1^/l i i*™^la"l™f m tt«S^^^ r '«'«'? pa« ana dan ty Nnn j ee " am/ ^"ff/and to id "WflfDninD 1 it th ° Wgher and 'the h™^ */ be M .vewly nn.rrn»{«-5.|, 0 }^ enr jii England if '" a pleasan respect,whin r««y *« iuij w",)', uui> ure expect! yeshgalo the merits of the varioii of the country visited. Our repot submitted to all the members ofi pany and a final location deten a majority "vote, after careful invi and study of the advantages of sections of the country. The have unanimously decided thn south _i8 the most promising Was): not :e [as « watot tor i—!• ,""" luo ^rst thing he done was to abolish the credit system entirely, sah Struck a demd devilis blow at our iibtr: ws. .Gunnel Stahbottle; sah, came up to the window and gave this demd ' vania Dutchman two lettahs. rut stans on those letters, . e growt of limh, omtarmly around and above the bod v to procure symmetry, and to have clistributed fht^T,.' "' t 1 ^ 8 ' •">dhe?faSi? vnd P le wing te*^!'*?.ft«m uercoal fe, the " . 8 . To strengthen the limbs by shorten° eUUl ' Je them t0 8U ^ain a crop «« uunimu. uuou uuw niti will take with UA is hard to have received inauy letters who contemplate joining, y not had time to take" the nee From this city about ten famil the middle or last of October, ™« uj law \JL \./Cfcv/OGf there will be fifteen morefroij 4. To reduce the , ln ri"i" """^«u suppose that d—d awbetbeggahsaid? He had the impu- Tn t0 1H T ' Co1 - Stahbottle ah, a^V P " St0fflCeWa31 ' uhonasto ^ th e '° S nn? UM Wl h8 , CUI ? nel 8h ? t llim Cle »d On the spot. What else could he do sah? a tlo you know, sah, so much fuss did govahment mako ove t that d-d i winwlrania Dutehman, sail, that it to k j-..«^uu juiooisoippi, in tne the yield of wheat this year is not over 8 bushels to the acre '_ t"i™f ° rta ^T ^ inneso fa and" th! Dai i 6 !, r een discounted somn- but those who are counting o, —-•••vwiiiu. j^uiuijiuuu, sail, that IE rn lr ouah utmost efforts, sab, to keep the cun- nel out of litigation."-Chicago Herald. s^'T^?^B^"S| h irffiti&~ H ~?¥ :r -*'^ hntr .»«n 4.:,, Llli- i • ., *' 4 fet a l . - "• "-UiltUl^, wnilQ tne PlaCfl nSlQ funrai* m the book. I inhabitants now than it ' had 50^ years full bow of tho brown volve and told?!' in* w th"^ fr ° m , a d l? tant cit y Wlls talk- rod, yellow spangle ribbon^ "amelit'fel th^ o^Jlfon^^™ 11 one d ^- ^en i sir; I've lived 'right here in this , l ye n rs ; / ve se . en wonderful ,---.., ~ p.a^u uia^thoy I chants. T »«ll '^ l™ e ,'.. ai . r - w . OIld erful Hike open edge. The other h,it ^ O . lv , fl , f : l " co ,' l ". d .jot- .Aa felt during wint'p'r'rV,Ti" ul £M J vo , rn 'lufi'ifr tlie/ror SOUK deft <li ! "' °- Hl A s h ? fc is J ettBd in a progress. i'.°" t i uo ." osi ^n and 111 tho back i« n, l,,vi, "In what I man. " VVIiv. in different ways. i when we didn't (he fact that a very great part of°"inir" ES€'SlM?r that the American farmer is ahlp i-n 1^11 so much of his resources in reserve ities. 1 have received li?tte every state in the Union it the plans, with a view of I bers. Some of them are, cranks. The most seem earnest. There need be no fear Fifty men can by associate division and sjstematizatt accomplish 100 times as if s can alone. We hold tha/ 1 ." product of labor expend/"; sources, and that the cp:' e ™ should hold those natu for the benefit of the wi fchatevery man should to labor tbereon. We as it is only through soi/fitv 4-tn» 11-,. L 1 iM i t nvod * «0t. hf WjSmfi&FSSZt «"*-TB5T **i ^^§'^^iih ?&f;^?s ps,!»;^aH •SrwifSTarasftt arTnW 111 tlle '"story !„ A * 1 ntj eratoo SwSaKS *i^ nca w tat Jesus ^T 8 ^' 1 '^ won bvTLS d -.«ld th-:. «n r f"''!''ffs, often frus _ do w'am f' f '«Jiig, fimif, riVtm ri ' 11 jffiiy be,tod re -,.. -.»« ivav/utLica in ItJSGrVG. ' What right have we to say that farminrr "11 not pay until all «,„ .1 ' -l_ a . m ^ ,-. •'& **" *4t4JT VJ V _ _ 'S'tt'fi'ulS «s=«S gathered and utilized? Wl the crops of the field, when the cra= dust can be condensed into meat or tion that man can do ceive the benefit of t: DIVBllSIPICATIO: which makes comfor that he owes for the 11 in porportion to the 'g, r '",r «•"»* • ictive labol pV tNDUST ^.nd luxury] dntenancef ''ion. > and fflur- "and It :es is in 'In what way?" asked this wonderful . - -iy ot doing. No farm vet was made to do its Gest. Grumbling ™ crops, thm cattle and half-prfceoI dairv products is useless and sinful, for this state ol- things need not be under ordinary cumstances The prudent and ties Id farmer will make it pay, and his chant-e "ipetenee is cfouble that of his c ty Ibis is true whether he now JAMES 1C. REEVE. cousin. This is thinks so or not. 1 n 1 and !l' V^ i attei the tilt) UA|JUU * "« X 1 1 co of tho eife 1 ' 1 ;'! « 'H last oxpoJ^'" fl TO rbturnud, I ro, as in tho ot the most of u their graves rliisling snows, other parts of the with like coiuli- if navigation, of i, of tho p;issos— ;o surmounted tho ively clear to roup very, and to open gration and uom- plorations no such s the north pole be ot companion of the bills', iv particularly The wrinkled ibout tin ' 'sick, wi half mile of recollection, ain't it? one stoVhei, Tvnd'n ^^^ g a o V t°two The Spanish "t^an is the verv mininervwo, 8l '° Pi "J J *«?• "Sk «?2 •' ls so ". gray-brown velvet, <l silver piiKaomontorio The . rown is ot the Tun O'Shantor the close urim has a roll of lie edge, with open si —••.•& "Mn straps of velvet and ci-o""!!. n " 8 * tendin » from ">« °*£l I'l n J'' n «' li8 h. round hat, which is Wise county, !llld «'«8 on tho , which is the Spanish turlan, -- r ^±^/Sl^i a broiid cut jot buckln at ago, whpn th« s±i. 1 ". 1 ?,'.. 1 }.^ u ! on M}s a stylish ' ' . Clover for Poultry F^^a.',^;?';^,^* &ss e rs*™S barrel remove the head without breaking it ai: to pieces, so that vou can nsn it fn put Dack again, then pack your barrel i°r,,^l fc . with «« id Cp ffiS tenderer tho better. , - — j ,£«.•«»•. AH 1.1 OWll tlffht. I HiPnii if must be rammed and i am £*j Jowii as lid and on top of the lid pi a ce"a sVone""^ pood swed one that takes two men to lift ^ «" nan prenora n« many barrels eel. Under our plaiu'the man tastes can work enouih to satis sires, and the others/Will be co work as much more As their tas expensive. No restriciions are the manner in whwh any inenlber may^ his earnings, except that he £ n nofcyuse them to oppress seme other ifcember. He can not bny company land arid charge t company or any member t/ereof rent He may not loan at interest fc the compa or any member ^hereof. Hfe may not e gage in privato .production Jfor profit, employ his tellow laembers anfi make a profit off of their work, but he Jay use it in anv manner hat gives him pl/ie Ld haS no one else, He mny buy and drive fast horses; he ma/ y entertain expensively, ho may gather abound him works of art and things of beauty; he may give to his friends or bequeatlyfo his hei,^ Each member family W1 Jife? °of cou± he wilf b'Jild^n company g/ound, but/f he leaves he wiS ^±fc!"L°L h !l im P rovemenf '- l" called purely n !)ean industrial and productive strictest sense in ' Whenever we ask for an answer would say t he read to &^'»fflSSK lB 'K3 ,,, .' r e 5^e fair c ..- r ,; Db , "s best, au' * Cue's" oomfort.' , and, indeed, '"''•""V , •" U " U)IC> mi(1 - indeed, Hilly;?;' 0 fashioiniblo than all blacky •ii.,!!..' 1 . , u ' ov nre worn with alf ""'".list at present aro Ihe olij with in •'For thirl «» . ^.. almost every hotr tforthirivTvn u< ?1 Jolni , nB c °^™»im ''"»ly-hvo years 1 luive been roaming over these inoiintnhi ,.«„.,(,.:„' ,'?„'.. l ,l ns uyor theHfl mountoin connlrios peeling ».,.„,,. ,«,«;! 7s ? JJx.s-Mgri ..•^rf^jS wfcr^T? -'~s.»u waitingV.-iP must needs counl the! When 1 was converted f™»n nn J', tlun »- ofthecniaiJ'onnet o match! the but 1 folt that I u\St lei™ /o "n'^' to_the house ^or tho expejsiv -^^ipt^^»» d ^ S.' Tins presitr' 0 " 6 Will CumbacIT „ Kinkead, of K = Drwke, of the Di i(!18Ilt P°'°riu mission to visit t. l ' c \'.'"'" eve&™. K - vati&n in the 8 t ral)l8 . mif1 *' to -»e theri 1 "" "'" ' "" : ~ ro viied king of -, 'aoeel the iron Holds aiufat" night 1 "studied "with" "'other. She taught me o read." ' •— j v»« ijoiio jiii* ii HDnn rlrtir onutting grain. It isn't necosJaTy tol'o into details and tell why all this Cniffi ney always give an abundance of ^fSsiS^SAtsy^ luve a tiuHnoj'twn of it in vtiitlitrl if t . m ,- fooll 0!i,,tbdfcd»T,S,h«°( »yz e 'i^rv.ft,a sjgsru-sra % «t S£ 1 the crnn h .,- — vuo fruitcloes nnr OIU ha8 fed »r« l i^.£'»j=Ti's to her little nhi w^» i' ib . he w «s nec«8»«5. , peui/lawfulto i all labo _ Jo paid /istration T fully wit f s. The lichinery, ,.lge in agr r ^ pnufactur/ug, '; tow be permitted to com- /iety. Ours will be a . -,/-/• just as railway com- As to the details of our or- we uw organized into a joint any; our declared object is, - t/ , wherein it ake interest, profit, or shall be systematized and full value; where the ad- affairs shall be democratic i ;the control of the njftm- >,auy will acquire lands, , and merchandise, eu- iro, fruit, stock raising, land merchandising; will I cided what to do There wnfi^ 168 unde " the , fle , lds of Boas U L?. u h M - TO Jar man was on, big message. I wa g *»*v/*. tJi*iinM.ii3ii(y^: Will villages, erect public ancl they do not stick in'the"^' keL^t 1 ! 0 ' 1 -,? 111 " 1688 w «yis ^o I kettle ot boiling water over a " and cover " f"7"'^i • J )uilc lings, ° erect waterfgas electrio hdht works; build, equip ami ,We JinflJ O f transportation^'an oummuniMtiot establish proper methods °* dls h? 1 ^' transportation and stoi" «*o;estubhs»a just system of credit, account ar.d exchange; issue to its member m payment tf or services rendered or mater- al furnjishef""-- '- " IMIOT rbitrtifion i after I awhile, again. had kept l™* intlle uari eyft Potneedtobecari fS®^^' / fi'isneafof wheatnJ »«.i L cu LHIS nine and J S a m h : n he^rlion™^ 8811 "-" ffisain VBmm '0. K,' TT . ^r^«AWIwog vt could hardly hold tlm „„„„:? nei vous I * ho f5 rs t e | en( ... __ __ ,, W /A ', Pa., Oct. 6.-A rule for a _ trial m the case of Annie Husaboe gainst Pastor Roberts was asked for to- lay. One of tho reasons was the absence of the plaintiff from the court room preventing them from proving that she Brought a similar case against Lars •4oe in Dane county, Wisconsin, in _._>! Wo. Roberts tendered jf ^•ion, which the congregation ' "' *"-** .que«tio}»»*- . Ule IJoutlnp. ,,, 1I , t , is not wise for-a housekeeper that b-r ^iles and regulations ,w be cnaugfed. System ivud /order sential, Teven indispen^kie for Iftvprl-hoin^c. H./n 'i> ,. use insist never ars 03- ihe best fcftw of the nforie its ,ut outiriuca JCJJUDJIUU or macer- the company; provide for the pul just settlement of f BETWEEN ITS M13MBEUS; and regulations by suit- -••«*-" *>« >'j>iitts ana regulations by suitable penalties, and provide for the education ot its Vnembers and their families in «l plv ^ al - ™»-»l; ««-««. «nd artis- tip. lines, and it , , /QUO jnan may hold one share 1 •, « ..,-»... ,||<*h«i. & A&tuij «4Wt«.l VHO OllcU t) ami it is non-transferable, merely entitling the holder to residence and employment on the gmrlnds of the colony and an equal suare in thfejpossession and privileges of the ooniDsi,, Wife , of me mbers are en bulletin out ancl i i got a big sheet of or ink managed drew a crowd, came rushing in _ and - I my fin- he door had no ' work. askpH ffiTSSSaftaafe w<Ni: ''M^J 1 ? 1 ? bewW tn^n-STt itled vote, vattes kill n j_ v ••"-*"• **— W>W~.-.VAV ***vr WAf* ; become members, but have no , ero will be a schedufe of rates of 'xf-d according to the kind of labor, lyurcd, and the !aws of supply MJU VWD :««•«» Ul Buyuiv OfUOi company will keep ft store llfl.RAR m».V VIA Inflrla ^tn'f-V. as meant. I told him what r he nearly had a fit Yt wn, a a t wn, on the Western Union and * p^P^nint^^ n «?tr dtS let it down too soon." • • l guess *.»v vw***^****,^ i,mi »cy^/ tfi otUiC purchases may be wade with ~ U 'I. I n*r t "".Y s " lue checks. There will be no '% ot, other stf> re permitted. No member of the 'U'/us compaiiir may —''V except* a ' The annual enormous. At Ent9rprise, i^v£rE"S &S | e arl y Sei usual rout « le to<all co»ce. f"- 1

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