The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1890 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1890
Page 10
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now i '', he oft "»?•>» lt(lil " r| °«<»l farms in 8,000. Ve HUifot-n,, bf ff they do ftot 1 ' 1 " hT., -,""j'""' hlthiniilfarfciii as Servitude ott n small Salary." Id wards, 'or stabbed p bits thoiigh hfough to a BO g«>ti& il and he-' 1 ' such a 'ar bot«?" ivingdiu], kish mat? s that I y of the,' >lid gas ? lie gas ,'; ist into} is prodj' IB app that ai" rogio loar A' i ported,' ' the Pf, and &' of a,V' fcion. § uch rp navalt y fur| oj; lu> inest '^ ising", world ••' an f', ana ? ' libitf* foi.HH has written of — ~ ..i,wf\o yrno * Himweu ing newspapers to get their nnl- Mo proper shape. j,,l»^" ll( .! n ' In vvlm vfsit « (| a quarry in Maine d scovered a freak of mil. It consisted of a square of while qu; exactly four inches square with i feet corners sot level in s block 01 }™A* $ nnit t\ I 1 .'s so perfect that It tooks like a block in a temelnted pavp- taenf. It was exhumed the other d» !V in excavation of stone and must JUMP lai.l there for centuries. J Sir ( Edwin Chadwick, who died n few days ago was recently asked (o what he attributed his loiig life and Rood health. .-Well." he relied. • * •••-"•• and presented a 'Please let me have it in-Mind ;"*, »o«encien tUB< « ,rir»-••—•"".», ••& 'fifllW'of teTW ?KJ!nsa-jSaA force. Ohfw f K ™. tie . ? ' ifniwl liunlH. . «Vr ,i .4 , "S " Ie ami jfoou neaitn. ''Well," he replied "I "aye always taken great care of'my- soil; i have my daily tub, in which'f strongly believe. But my great "Ire is .-- you what is w ,,\o .The tall young man advice, took the ——- t , • mt of in/iiiitry nmounla to 3,000,000 " was the « ,«.»,) of $100 Vvasliiiigton Her fortune the fni?«'•.."I"'* my two Sronl-ffliab^rluld- lauiers were centenarians." Sir Edwin 'Hid bo added, never'smoked ami iiirgely on vegetables. _..jro is asjiecles of acacia whioh ia commonly called the angry tree. When the sun sets the leaves foh'j up and 'he - -J leaves rustle uneasily for a time. If plant is removed from one other u, seems angry, and stand out in all directions. on_a porcupine. A pungent and '< o ffh? v n,' Sil1 ''.' lo rosci «ljle Hun given olf by rattlesnakes when annoyed (ilh ii"lli"uh" Iriv 8 °" IV "• ft '" < "" '"""' 01 trees, £^^' "»* ?« ^K They • •*•»".? * in « .....— 'You've made said mildly. "Not responsible for ni* li-ni tti *-. » 11. _ i. * . t . Allowed a fflspeetfu heaSl "tf «fw. «•"'"" a '"'°. «" any mista after leaving the Window,' 1 respond the pay ing teller sharply. ' "But you- " on '» Ve tllilke Uo corrections; move "Oh very well," said the tall voUncr man cheerfully, waving a bill at HIM grating. •;! was only £ lng to tal , ?*: you had given me $50 too much, but I ifiM^&An .* I 1 . , ' foniiniied the PolUS 'tor 1 Jolt H)n.i,-,,;.,.i.v „,.-,, L . UO '°J tea of ,-inil |)0t the move (jiiccr to an* leaves . _.. — ,, , V1J ,_,, x L1 j( ( "Hay there, hold on," ho called. Mind your own business, I s | m ll suit my own convenience." 'But wait a moment," called ..„••• thrust out his head*. Don t grow excited," respomled never" 1 P"" g nm " sootlli »fe r I.V. SHIPS' STEWARDS. Iteci>lv<> Tips. ' exactly the numbei,' 229 The stewards of an ocean steamship Hie a combination of waiters •,, ebambormaids. says the N y * ' Ihcrr wages are small because' R -I lie head steward, ages •ps are big. ., • • in.»;hl be Itnoireni.nntii the work.,.. , .---". t'lr holomon knew that i died and Ihe •,-„„!, know of hi, tl'ey would leave off bnll.Hn* ' ! »ni. he made himself a stafffrtf """in Ins garden, ami, leanin« with his head bowed 11 • ----- he died in the tern hie soul was taken so '-"iP'e. ihiit the body reniuineii stnn I remamm-r for one whole year who saw him »•- •-• • J ,!ie<K (Soon !oon ddgs. Ire hjtat. .lit il line 10 Bob's Bob „ „ whilt ''Crmli. The on the sidii to take him In the mood to , ... r got the take him 'out. up and told to , ( Hont his head* iinil afloradeS' up thejob ,,....»,.. t'(! became ;iit of Bob's dogs, came along and mailer?" On be* iiat 'or dog of mine poliiibig lo a cross and jusi clog for fe( you fciOho cnn't." I can klver that! I lie old man says, iiinii'iii, out came Tho liimiey was put (inml--. Oil lime be •11. ao m.tke itself "l hoarse cries t'u m bllfltf isic Is a stil lakelet, !• —always me same, nl wclefmipjto its visitor. to rtjr friend. To his ej-e, "Lydin, is as familnr as "l'<it v r cteti*" to that of a ,,j olls "Integer via." which |,J |,.. g manly English, his Hoi-ace's In mil book that dwell ' ' flic richer nru inu And wiuit Homoe Viiyil, MM-.-, his do" by aim backs him into he fumes in con- the coon jusl. fastens VV'ith a howl of as* •il/c dog gives a jump, and B-W?-/ 1 k'uon bi'l'ure he knows W'M,'.' l " u (l "o ".im on him, and '• over his astonishment ,„.,..-- coon." "YV«II. 1 never m {ola- man," says B,,b. • .'i'| m iwrb.vptirs. lint I'll bo han^nd if Ihiin one way to^'-et a out'of a barrel."— Funat'and train of bOokiji-iker.s, Di*. O. IV. more than they are w,,rth. ,, nd SOI11C H times mortgage a ho,i, S e for the mahogl 'iny wo bring into HP 1 would rathfl eiit my dinner oil' the h,., ' " * priot idmr t of,' - iiaa i ,'\ |Q8,I" 1 tl* >d i from ome so hief. r lo in the igistor, of in favor the Bible I i';' -u.d , and you «wv gent emanly ami disobligh a liiile ex r 8to"id W nV > if i ? ltf " to " 1 ^ mo ' 8n ^ =a^i»i.H; ^S^:^^±^^ until fi -»-•••' "«ii»Bii night an until the temple w as confplete/ ev.-'v ft-, "l ,- H Uy ' Wl?ru wntc H *" ^ Vl -ij uotail Oy the muster who md many weeks before closed ii • »» td " r ! n ,S il " Ulis lil »e Htt' ; w?«n t"i f e " «; n aw'ng at the when the temple was finishe( ' '»ter the death of f crumbled under his passengers instead tone of but the The most densely mile In the world is i part 0,000 peo arc native nd $o5,0()0 6v the , . r, ^ j *-"v- "-J i» u u i r* 11 -if-pay; the oxponsos of his "mirth oxpcdttion^which starts from !r^.^,^£::™',^ "•pySSrati.tfra „"'"!!.". ?.'!?!i l ,! ul tllu avorag 0 is Stanley and Artist Bell. Mr Joseph Bell was skelcher, fertile in s F&irfer.n^a Sever'l,^^ « d »'» S tovo whatever may be given to -llie amount varies, b,U each n ,,l P"' glvos tho ««««i-ooni steu-u-d C'"'te, St ?, Wlird * 10 ^voon al udes to this enri6iis following (see Koran When he (God) had S m ? U .f llo " lli d'e. nolh 1 u ....« wnjujmj^ LMJl] fl "S which gnawed his stall 7 'a body fell down the genii i ceiyed that if UIBV „ , an admirable which is secret; they wo continued in a vile puiiisl, PIE-PAN Rllcr/ n the xl • fi ' pei> that not hare The last issue of tlm "A,,, • N<iwspaj)ur Direetorv" T >a l^tlianrur German news pa pen' ^ ssar's.'S.i-xfe » I ibulv and 585 weekly. Com, me depth got there ln '^'"hurlffl^lTlnjti. 1 * i'ilorc*llnjr fact rnny bo state visible! tho S^SWffBES -' mone,v anf'e[ thdr''"'° '" IV ° |)1( that it hand porter 'Y,. a " • I~D M uurso ''' said ; «>>n I'ios in nl Esthetic housewives erecl to know just whit pan of game pie, fruit ed custard that come ' with a ragged cd-ro. delicious the • Ornament' , 'An English Laborer's Holiday. OB/ty midsummer holiday Ihe London iWgo-worker ill-ported himself '{'o fashion' of his kind. 'J'o the Ciystftl Palace went he hi coloss-tl era. There were ( of him n iiici-e were one. Thromrh Clanlnm JaneUon rolled trains R v thehu," and. packed to the doors, to dis- r ,o their multitudes in the shadow B big glass house at Sydenham. came early, they came late, and same air day long. The palace lied,-the terraces were /il'led', the grounds were filled, and the crowd i, Jistriously lille.l itself wilh e.libies and oiiiih-ames. Ihey gazed at Ihe statues tiie iiowers. the books, the pictures, thu big lobster, the smiled animals, the seKstuniiig animals, the panoramas •J'^'iih'TJfe^iiS'A^ Sf p"tAK,5*' «i SllU I OWll Hin I,,!.„.,., i. . . ..'. s a g,,,,, beauty ol garment, liot,«, and re are iMwdy ornaments compiled vi i domes 10 ove.. All the olegaUcO a „ 1*°?- . ** IU U0t illilko tt &» and I would e,ve more for a spoonful of real heart-Tove than for whole ship! loads ot furniture and all ll,. often both(lo wilh, a lbig,orb}ik- tlie oven nwtfer how rrom o loions the pn«-|k«m,,r 6 e 0 > light the heart it i,« ,'C,, 01 ^iindcom,ele,its^anT S dr!!nr IlOVO. "/ the dish or a •JBi'taln to" de- J th o Rje. .for a giime to w gourmet, ugerhas but m must bo ^'Iffe, says MS7" '','"' l° n 'on , »J/the chops with „' *«iJw» and truf- «"HD(J.,io scat'« ^n«lo _ and 3 served a "la Hsttrred to an ; dllriment are •aqle—a silver »' /flt'hni-i „ • dandv Iho United. Stales luu ; of graves snows s of the eondi- on, of assessed the 0 reap a open 1 uom- o such j pole V^Of al what- hi or mitioir ThursdVi. - millions --v •" indireetlv upon patoiita. J i'f!!, U . Fl ' 0 "" h '"'"'stov of war from Porignoiix to Paris, 8] J-hereweni 2.748 onlries, th TiiHPrek, I( ">'. tl "y tl lslanoo in 8 ovo 3:22 Wedn "'."•'.y-fyur. minules, or i waiting at r 11 " los ll1 / hour. of tho cnpitonnlinar/ feat in lelouhonin to the house to MUH , 0 / 11)lis | UH , i,^^ 1 ^ MiriVSP^^nolliouIoAj-na, a'distancoo Will tuuiback, wersation was kept up Kinkead, ot Kontuciu-alher hio-h in,i Drake, of the District o,,,<"•'.,Jifei' a "' '° mission to visit the v> "••-- r -- J! in the state ,t nun jj made, which to lind fault A Parisian ii'ftyon piotiir afterward pretended" Hi. "It does not bear tho .sli.r|, u . st .,, « r b,anee_tome-'hesaid,^ndf^ The artist protested, but -ill fn n« curious public ° tho It hud mft '" lyind will, Lovo. '» hon she bijo-i,,, one man j., it. j.| lo empty ' many ot to be tn feel that, in is ful1 ' "" ln " Ue ' tudy in a toweriii"- r J)( r 0 that throats amounto.r to ««d artist's findin sshe has ^"'^pfe./Zmn^'/ooJSJ" ^!di5led^ at r miis -'^»?' ! 'S nieniP QI, '? ' ler 'Happiest mo, ^ttsisjjftejssi. at last, ter-work alono- tl caving-in of the tract from the r the reason that the gustatory ' The vulgar sav one sense, but tempted. It is_ the N. Y. WorM builer to c|- -^ wheels, to cresses, tl lies and c tor rose )' ices. and gan- t buffet u / ornamonl sunk in a puneh-bov dinicre, 01 ble rim is »'" «ent to ;t B nrtist, so daft i i . j"ii it tvlti) fi r wlnltledintoa bo k n a pnviilp home th ' "" """Imndlud u will i •'. " u e(i °»omloal ^ using r to be a cherry pud- rom :t straw" siie serves the pastry "miiirent thing, but the the! Irish in the occasion imd' the Herald. tsenco. And if I'im, and not day.— London or By a new method of cemontin.r i,. on posed ot o (| ,,u| ..arts nf «„ „ l.. l '°. m : A Curious Calculation. A rapid penman can write thirt! words a minute. To do this he nu draw his pen through the space of rod-smeen mid "one-half feet. Iti forty nmiutes his pen travels a furlongl and in live hours ami a third a nilltl wo make, on an average, sixteen! curves, or turns, of ..he pen for each! word written. Wnung thirty words a minute, we must make fe>rty-three es to each second; in an hour, 28 - m five hours, 140,000; and in 800l ,-working only li ve | lollrg enc j,r -y, we make not loss than 48.200,000f curves and turns of the pon. The man who makes but 1,000.000 strokes of the i peu a month has done nothing reniark- able; there are those who- make four I tmes that number. Hero wa have in he aggregate a muck 800 miles lon-r to be traced on paper by a writer in "' Jfinr. In making each letter of tit ordrnary alphabet, we ma ke frog three lo seven strokes of the pen-oTi an average, three ,,,d u | m |f. lo four.- oi. Louis JinpnUiu. War ana Yairiis. War is a frightful ]Q - »« wars have boen wa<--ed on fh» |»ost llimsv and foolish prefc* 5. eve," ' a pretoxt ilt Il of uct.v H ° r:lClirrat ' HoM ' 0 ver. in k is her linn "tallied '" —.'»' loaf, herself it j. ''• In live davs (|| 'X- all ll-ju;,., ,~ yani-ihed -iml 1 Ull'l i i it; U I/ l"K "ppuariiuce of welding. A FAVORTTE_An : ^' i A Man Who ossed lobe per- f cement SSFfSfSS. - cause iho "...! .. W ' lr ".' - Vnai-at, be ripe." Our ] when cannot oo sprin At-iiiivct^i, VL -lYUmiHJU^rjl Druke, of the District o*,,^....,.^, „ mission to visit the Puyallup Indian res ", the state ot Washington, a . s w , ;e the report, as prescribed by • >y the .jngress approved August 19, 181" uy tUGT'"e tt^lJiuvwu /LU^Ua^ iy, 1O1 41 those thnjijiaetiouat \Vashingtonthro judged proper "Tgji indemnity lands hi neji by whom he of fortune seekers to "' stloned him with qurioslty. wSati v / on, ruin the those who not fancy the and rini, there Ji'iper novelty — frill, or the pie- decorates a dish much .--, and is moro ''•ills are made of »t I'M, said anor. you'd ,»,U BI) Ulo jrko , 1B(W added thos -quite they must learn to Hive" together. \eai-uywirofmutfial ' ' A of Wai or. Geologists assort thTl if the conti. n«ii(««iul the | )OIU)I11 or ll|U ^', 1 .'" were graded (low,, lonnifonn level u" Whole world would be eovrrm vator a mile deep. ! s - a pretty known as H",. Pan riifile, The CTV-l" 1 , 1 . 1 b * ilf - °>'W«lo"cSn io nt dishes O f various sizes. ^ Jiipaueso/mipkins they are Dints' """L'^/ 1 "MM ll>> COSliu = but "o/ui, i| U)se made o f with sprays of t'moro expensive and Jess 13 a second using i s not 30 ''V' 5 Jl »M°st momontP up ni/ mind to say so;, but C<niii(.|.y. eounlry, , lo obliirn \uii wilh -i •/> taniji ho f (H1 |.s insulted at our '."" ;.'"' ""'''"v lor ii, l.ui if you »« lor ii maldi ho sarcastically why you don't (my sumo." said Ah, I think, after all, the moment is whun'Loyo is a swi uew-comer, amjl Hope leads it hiinil.-.Zjo MMe / OAuiutlor Atoit Ladies' nomojoiu-nal. lipiest ' shy .by the i in I'luuub-Nuil Two^fiipkins. The ,olive Which to serve those oU e Oliver Wendell flo,™™- write, After a curtain peHod m ifV W " c ' ways with an ellort tl a 1" U , ls . a1 ' uew author into the in L^f, ?* m . lt a intimates. r cuol ° "f our ose oU er o e corners some loose at, ?™ '" ""'''e lll "l upon them snmJ ^ V 8BPe outlined, outlined in gold. 18 'he the T U ,h ll ? 83 ' *ba f ; fourtl! corner »r'.'V»rloiiI folleetions centuries old l ' 011 ' i" China and Japan', or iho most D fays In In recalling tho memory of <he early days at De^lwood Col. Palrick «, J * * I'lun'rt nt! ll > . . i *»uni, ,.,v,v wllj. never again be/ auolhuV Doad_wood/' From every £tnto ami of th« Union /thousunds ho spot, and ye|t it was the id crowd T ."">'., .° ono sense, ' ' for Cou every di from 3 1 quo of, ; inumu-nail drawings s«v«iu"j ouiiinw ,'• tpuohea avo life si/,e. mul ul . a . in the o 8 '"'man sardines t ml (i l ' »" lnmgu to " " () "apkln What a relief to IHM'T lo ^'v keeiw of ^ will ' ---•" you fro e loved volume M ^U' mmtii »i^;r;:;t to W 8uvur.ll. LT V f"? ^«U;KT i&.\

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