The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1890 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1890
Page 9
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^*W>— I % ••"-*«$ j*! 1 w*£ c !l^"-VW'^ *• f " • •5- * v . . ..^.^...w**-*"* -i e -i duff _^_ ^nm KOIKES, *t JMWA. torn. ill H*t«i» Aftotu nuBitsuve in ideaerts, 0. McCarthy, of ibtef view/published SttW," "antf I don't .i'tiiWickon the bk ; stretches between the and-the San Bernadino I8 , t ve a well established "Ihiitbitbf country, and 111 , *hv. You may remembet lectio^ of the Southern Pacifae / the turn* desert was the last Vl the road built, 'While the beiti* constructed I owned lines in Arizona, anrt tne asked me to put.on, a ,h Yuma and seven Plains '!he two lines of the railroad. and, fthbtgnttti teaohefS it's only* dozen tie I did teal had ft ne* coming nffl d * Wl i sassss;? •SSr'Ss-SsS »«' *,? n ,,i wtn t to know because my tobacco .»ok£ «dlt. v/i A fjfttlo* oj What an Engl^. home woi w ... times! Goin tom's dog he's got t Do not permit » taofamlllMity '»sr^ri°fr b ^ n S ot rabies, unless they ftt-e bitten MR !•' f --~«i. MnJ, ^.wtfLtoih WtT AND ffift, ice, „ late A tttatked. 1 wish I circus is (to every tne sTn alway. h* •Ye-yes, got for ft white tail, like mother's cat ive me threel real „ .hev'T my will you, m»P' 1 And with a times produce a long Republican the prin- whose I. withheld !o«ghto^^'K'is Buying found, audit was no worse ~~- ross there the men had to use wood- l ?ongs to'handle t1,e rails, and they wv ioiiio 1 ' 1 ''-"- 1 - *"•"- o * . •»ly what is right often .left.— Dallas News. off*alon"ufwith the other boys. aud torn, noisy and boisterous, on askew, his shoes untied-hut, stil^ ,v uv not" tore (not - Jtitehen', sriroij Wcfckft- )vern.W.' V:M /{ ? uuv f?fe •nwiffi aeeasyt wyfo? dhome "rial way iiuiuoo -..- tod then with a wet sponge, and, when B had thirty miles vet to }io i»«j y" fe^iESl « . t_ .. -.inof- l\\ How you pity those women to retire into the backgiountji '™ Who"'^s^X all to cackling and it is fun for him to tie ttl-SZ^lT&K 'j neaui —v/i»<*«v~.. The latest distinguished horse on the •f is named Semicolon. _ It must DO her difficult to bring him to a ).— Boston Herald. •ruth may He at the bottom ol " but it doesn't trouble •rmtin. He never goes ter's Statesman. > average boy will make a jloons look antiquated in a —Fei is nothing now under th« hirlin.gton Free Press. \The best enrVfor obesity is to foV the summer at a farm-house lea will be treated "like on. of A New York critic says that a cer- ^K^h'JVa^ttSurt which she has made a hit.—-worrw town Herald. Musician-"There, that is my latest eom position. What do you think? ! om y°._ ..«/•„!, oandidli'. T:i.mipur. 0 that every man- jack her housework, always been a spasm and rus her tail greatly was with She suddenly e rB, Suffdo. and°we Hnd v . . i t. * i. .itii i into a closet and re- into a successful morgi w ise—"—A'. !. Sun. but of day- Wild Horse of Australia. ieai lea. 11 a where- un the set- The ea w family. 1 '— -Boston Gazette. • itf-iB a* wise man who can remember ' them, -these mares, one colt foal, never hands, and with by touched by nmu» blood in him that and tho Grand °°Aml ..oh U»l r l'""J •:')„:?««"'; ^:™is^r<^< was -.. ii r * * vu u i K in w in inv w»-".— • - . ^-^•rwtf. Jdrink. the. stream ^dr^ ^was h^ . Globe. e your wife ceased to love j kilTecl my self with,.-- ( iuoiuter for your cola •* '1. * .-.^ a 11C**. ' MJ A^. T. Weekly. _ Wo bid 'ViiiltV—''Smitliei-s was arrested for biting, muT t 4 l% an fi"«."Kt ^t hi. patient Sit suffer seriously from not to and s^^ss-ss tl *'o* *••*» water cranks. Sffi^^k^^ fcy^y^.teriLaiw ^ It A FAR-OFF STAR. T,k. » Cam.." »«J 000 Tanrn t« Hit It sfM Ik in difficult to beautiful dog star conceive that i th i, a K oho is ,1-Bv.iSciently to go witu the Whim we got to where J had 9«tn«- w. found only tho wag; appears as a mere point oTlighrisTn'reilW » i 10 . 1 ' 6 ,?^^ BO enormous a .quantity of light anu rrrr^u±« «&, would be consumed by its buimn 0 **llrlus shinin- with far greater luster than any other star, it was nalura.. u •u Sronomer. should have reveled Us ai bfiu* tlie nearest of all nxeu Stars- but recent investigation on the ^nbesUo'us&Alp-^-Sri'K thosouthern ••Well, k'.ait'iV ' it—said I mi rears and 'Well, sir, things are now , sir." Captain s because several pi been \row<l. n —Ltpinn- ._ refuse you point £a was very nice i ? '"c*ll around in ,er decision. 1 '—-' he live "He wan **" 1 !^ ™S 8 he' n^ain nt _ • •Why didn't you! Figaro. '",,„*, Jjifu Insurant i. jias'ansrerofl >ihi)- thin 1 ' that savqiyc it said Chappie indi if I opened m it a head on me. )t his oiler?"— (to a man wl iliow, tho on tho fact that DES TRUCTION_OF FOHESTS. lative Ka»'u—=""'" -—-;:-. ., whble chain or tinkling ho""^ Month after month rolls on. ^ch mare foals again, and two HU.. nge^ straying from «»VtlS herd rf C Floods, cyclones and droughts belong ^'ThVaTls faiher'of then, all. Human 1 U , '..!„.. Wii-h the trc for this case, which circa Srnot blown Ills jootpvinu o full n of on the list in the order o d sUn ... For though there are about «' ;' '' twenty itars whose distance haxe been conjectured, the astronomer knows that in reality all of them, save thiee o foW lie at distances too great to be measured by any instruments we have t it, that men sP" Mr. if they \ J-Jautf. when flnally ^ t ^%^'widte man, heTueMe^ed in taking but » to« "| J 1 ^ qmetcr ones, while t»'« M . . wftho ,£S became sharper than the "hAipe,^ wilder than the wildtsst and Beetei than the rouhucka. The Texan Cow-Roy- Cow-boy llfelii^nTTe last few y<«« once opposi- agree in fixing the dis- of the nearest ffxed starO 22, «:-»:;:« times, so that we are ^ prolmbl^noyair I, , , •-"',• ' * a^l 1 ' -"'• S- T?enl_ Very miuiy people w a n as in sii.i'i-'iHi'^o" 1 '" 0 ™ unhad luii'u .-.i.-t.'u better daSjyjgb.e So have- thoi'r bpardt5rs.-it s L>: ..., ,''./;.,,;. . ^li-Pl ; ,am—TjHero's an iisiii >r v>vo i'unnv ~, ,, x _-Wi>.il, that's a\i improve on llio old kind, ai\y Hroo.'ityn Life. \ OI1B i no oeuere uiraco f '(rets cn iv :igi:d to as many as t fowsnvTM-y summer." He— kind of tlirce days' Grace, as free Press. a( |vci I ^ taking i! who belter. Orleans ^li \j*J i»* j^Jill 1,J .medians.'" way. - were, Wit"'l"' —• " o- eud no huimin . wl ^ lllB forests has frownci'l so little lieinir Ll» il" 11 " ' . ; , sss;S;frK;s?7^ rr-^zS'Sst; ffi-SyH'MSsK ofthe fences, audjhe voua.^ ot^JJ .Ibo rabies, as manifested ^n cats, appear differently than in dogs? I ""'•'The symnloms," the Doctor replied,"- have a fashion of wag^in^theHr of course sliow 1 the usual Trailing saHva which the ^ntraetlons of tie which a had dropped contract rabid dog has tasted or saliva in, tlie former might 1<*l Ss*sl."W.5TJS2;Mi£ ° f T^ take r-nmon example of H- Crating S u,henormousdi f= :U jjui'iiiiyton t rce I ress. -Next Sunday," said the dlv|no, "I shall preach <>n tlie -Eight Deadly S us ' "Eight?" queried the yesu>- LikftheSe winds on the ocean the -The whole thing resolves itself into didn't put any stAge line across Miss Plaingirl--"! .sometimes fear thai 'he doesn't love m«; yet he kissed me Hit ui«ht." Miss Prettypurt- "T,,en von .nay rest assured tual\ he U,ves ."-W. Y. Sun. SfS?SSM25S not kept undei '^ nc ° t t | )e|1 ). ec p their work. _ Hie uoj ^ ( ^^^ n iiowinsj them with the spend of iVoBud. Now. if this vulocity could be ke t up it would require no fewer than 100 000.000 years before the ball could reaeii ijirins. Novel Way to Subaue Dogs. has bad a good lar tl,e art gallery «• VB -- *£--„£ two Una of two works of at uiio Of puuuenehable HOME ^CHOOU. ,,e has! How hnn- H OW the cookie* {*£»«% x«< :¥«!»>• r -jrarsAssr^wt b he onco won a wager on Hake you v« r y lo ,"o-," , ..I'll tell them what we both know- it won't take me any longov,"-Jtyaro. • •All the fools aro not dead yet," said ii cantankerous Richmond man to h s ouse. "Of cou^ethyy •»}'«« not. i i 11 .uio.t hit wife, for u they w±'r due a *£to^-*>*to™* & cordei: \ ;•,.-.'. , MWell," said good, olt -tasliioned Mrs! rrudingtpn, a. U, laid dowp J, well &s«s."si^""S'»»^rs SsSifffssiriK'^f. yourself from a similar hite. JV. Herald. . The Lion or India. best, and =* ' conversation being on the it is are full o of are dirty droogb, !"• oiuuneu u\> i« """ . . * ^'"-'e'i'-lr'.'Sl.Voi't 1 , "tat - -^sm§^ — Washington I'ost. Tlie difference between men s and n's wuvs is nowhere shown so is in trouble. Where woman to a Hood ot tears man pro utupVfew .iroug Terre Jiaute Express j, e --What life is free, luseinatia^ their moral physical to have sn 1 U that a genuine . g c ow-boy e J saturated the te ^ ls s •£&£$*&&•&!? •'l^VBSJWVWU^ .°* u ' p ....T...!.^in his breath, and ot 'O r'Yuffoofttw Win and ! *™ W°i.^Sffi she has head of the ^"T ,T- .1, ; n handsome foot, cs^v^ au sr^ soa> brero ts\to * Mexican. Jj^ wi^ ^ 4 the cyclone that should be enough devastated num»r»;" *•",.„,,,_-. 'iihese it»bly follow. Tl»e Baoe With the Pi-esa. Dr.- Wendell llolmt-s, says: It is lust as well to recognize the tact that one should read day and night, cou- Uni - himself to his own language, he Sou (T not pretend to keep up wUo h, press. Ho might as well try to i. with a locomotive. The hrst di therefore, is that of i despair- could stick to your reading ni<rht for fifty yearsi what a idiot you would bebpme ceptur/was over! W^U, is no need of gorging oV knowledge, and no r proach b-^uise^ Magazine.* irate Youth—"See here, Duzeuberry, 1 did fo«Te» Sparrowgrass that I could not be counted on to pay im " ouv » r BM °°''^lvkS' r ''° ;i -My -- , ,„ without i> coat, and be_ dl!fti)id»(Jul attire but »» best IB ft vcrni-wi v vdn**»——-' • 1 OJ6.000 scjuare miles, with a Ueu of 27.000,000. Through vless; and and . , icious, aor me*

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