The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1890 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1890
Page 8
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DESMOINES, ALGONA, ,'tfA, 10WJL ttmls fticlmrds ahd Tom Edwards, two f- v ^ffialihy farmers living tifnr LVpnger, ,' 'fJtyit quarried and Richard* slabbed and \'jfllled fidwafd>. THE LATEST TELEGRAMS, f ttttwir*0ft8! yftflfs ago this month, John Browfl Ferry, was prowling wound Harpef's ONT/T six Iron furnaces are now in blast in Scotland, owing ;to the labor din- turbaticcfl, TUB rich Bar6n de ttirsch has aout kTtt» Wisconsin tobaccb crop fans ber.n f 20 ' 0 , 0 . 0 to Montreal to be applied to the ired in prime condition, though Iriiig pfocess is not quite through V t r l&" s very thing, however, points to ft very jear for the tobacco growers. PAsrtA whose skillful and hefolc defense of Plevna made him such a conspicuous figure in the last war between Uuisia and.Turkey, is dead, having diuwn-> >id at the foundering of a Turkish man-of(far in Japanese waters. THUS Scientific American says that two whole townships in the vicinity of the gas explosion in Indiana are one solid gas bed. Tho soil is so saturated with tho gas tha when a stick or crowbar is thrust into tho ground a miniature gas well is produced that will burn when a match is applied. It is tho opinion of that paper that an explosion touring up that whole region is one of the possibilities of tho near future the | fe"ljl of the refu » ee Russian Hebrews in statement of the Chicago, Bur- yet. Canada. ' v I» it proves to bo true, ns reported, that S?' the new Chinese fleet will cross tho Pacific ^ 1 ocean to tho United States and South $K America, the enterprise will bo of a cliar- >|f' acter to excite much attention, The > „,. Chinese have never gained much repute ' ( f~ as open-Hoa sailors, and their naval ships f.'.' have not as a rule ventured very far from *• i 'land. At the same time they, have in i"\' their now navy some of tho finest ships . i now afloat, and it is not surprising that I they a*o anxious to show to tho world their ^ <" naval powers. / SttoiiKTAny Noflus has put an end to i tho bad business of using Indians in the Wild West shows, having prohibited tho takimy-of Indians from their reservations , -"'ted decided to notify tho proprietors of | shows abroad to return all the rodmon now t * with them. IJJio maltreatment of those poor people by their employers 1ms caused j| •, groat ill-feeling among tho tribes, especi- j ally the Sioux, to whom some of tho vin- j^^ films of Buffalo Bill's neglect and cruelty y !l '' have returned, and the order from tbe interior department does not come soon enough to prevent a deal of mischief. AB TO the reading of the Bible in the M public schools the Christian Register, of ^Boston, says: "We are not in favor of the making the reading of tho Bible compulsory in tho schools. Tho service is largely perfunctory, and is the occasion of continual dissension. But the study of the Bible in a collegfl, is a different thing. . The student can elect it or as bo chooses. If studied, not microscopically, but with a , broad and general survey, the student .may got an idea ot the wonderful moral force of this collection of snored books, Ho may come to appreciate it as literature, history amlpneiry." ANOTHKIl 1'Ol.All KXJ'KDITION. BAUON NoHDMNHiciou), in an interview with the Stockholm correspondent of tho New York llerald, expresses himself as ^ — -"- — ««uj.«»* lrf .i» u \su. u*iis VlllV.tllK^'M UUI hngton and Quincy Railway of August shows a decrease in net earnings of $349,' 004,99. IT is believed at Cincinnati that the bandits Who robbed tho train hearUrbana, Ohio, did not secure over $1,000. TttE population of Montana is 181,769, an increase of 92,610. or 230.60 per cent. Butte has 10,701, and Helena 18,834, BtjsttfEBs failures for tho wetk number 197, tigainst 219 last week, A marked decrease in the number of fnilures is report- for the third quarter of 1890. AMONG the corporations licenesd by the secretary of state at Springfield, 111., Monday ( was tho Mount CarraiU Aeronautic Navigation Company, to operate air ships, with ^capitalization of 820,000,000. TmtKG Ashland Chinamen, Ah War, Leo War and Sam Lee, left for tho Celestial Kingdom tho other day, after having amassed §3,000 with which to buy their liberty. They were slaves. ENGLAND has peremptorily ordered Portugal, to settle tho claim for indemnity tor the seizure of the British African Lakes Company's steamer James Stevenson. IN the Alliance procession at Hutchinson,.Kiis,, was a monstrous wagon containing fifty or sixty children. Over the vehicle was a banner bearing tho inscription, "Overproduction." THIS local United States authorities at ,{»?," noting under instructions from Washington, have begun a stringent enforcement of the now law relating to lotteries and yesterday advised the newspapers to receive no advertisements pertaining to gift enterprises. QiiiNiciiATj business throughout the coun- reported in a highly prosperous con- charged with murdering hi* wife by ptrthfuf her ihto the Niagara ri.ver, returned a verdict of guilty, Jand Day was sentenced to hang. Tttfl trial of Burchell for the murder ol Benwell at Woodstock, Ontario, has resulted in his conviclion. The sentence is that he shall be hanged on the 14lh of November. Atjatist ScnusTEit, the young tnan who was convicted at Baraboo, Wis., of asaa-jlt- ing Miss Hose Sackman in Sank county, Feb. 17, was sentenced byJudge Siebecker Saturday afternoon to five years in the penitentiary. .Hxitnv MAitsitAiA was shot in the temple at Wasbburn, Wis.. Wednesday morning, by M. Peltier. Peltier found Marshall in Mrs, Peltier's room. Marshall shot back, but missed. Both men ar\ employed by Bigelow & Co.. the lumbermen, and both are skilled Workmen. FltANK GIIAV, the express agent who pilfered $3,000 from the United States company at Rhinelander, fled to British Columbia and was captured, has been sentenced to spend five years at WiiUpun. Glover, the Hurley bellboy forger, was sentenced to the reform school by Judire Calkins. AN express train on the Cincinnati, Santluskv & Cleveland railroad was boarded nearUrbana, Ohio, soon after 3 o'clock Thursday morning by two masked men, who compelled the express messenger to deliver up his treasure. It is not known how much money was secured, but the amount is believed to be several thousand dollars. Two men have been arrested at; Bellefontain, Ohio, on suspicion of beiri tho robbers. . •'"'-'• A men OLD STOVE, How it Excited the Curiosity Patty of Motltttaift Visitors, thatnette&i you. Of hooks id thi Tfaeltfefcotifti 6 there for some J dttfiii* the * jrt and bear's ri „ store tod flfe dried fe»' ._ if thrstwe were on the ftp i"» that Uy tnfcttiitious Coitfeftt Eg Offers His Best Eeasoii Each Put up a Forfeit to /fit Opinion-Long- TomTook/thK 'Pile. There were five of us in counting Long Tom, the ttiMi i4at/ o \iarn two day s hard climbing, rors endured with exe/ni we arrived at the little vail ;he mountains, through ;ho trout stream. "Jest you, all go over ;here and make yourself d tend to gettin' this stuff /*»' Loner Tom, "there ain't pard'ner, he's down bolo '•The cabin appears to . ith the h>r- uuy fortitude", 7, high Up in iich threaded |t'> the /cabin le, While ( I kedi" said me,thp/re, My two/cabins," J.HK uiiiuu uppftWB uv vv b»u/,utii, iaid the colonel, as We itpproaxjhetl it. '•That is for econoin'y m ridgfe poles,' said the doctor; "sleeping apartments on one side and kitchen on the other. In the between you ke<ip your fishing-tackle ;orras. ere clition by II. . . , , special feature being freedom from un- Dun y prr & Co. Am> CA8IjrA.iy.riKS, s agency, n, healthy excitement resulting from specu- Collections are above the average, lation. and no clouds dim the horizon of, trade. SUNDAY the German citizens of Kansas Celebrated tho '207th anniversary of tho landing of the first German colony on American shores. Tho (louts in tho parade, woro exceptionally rich in design. The -papulo was followed by appropriate exercises mid in the evening the celebration was continued in the exposition building). "OLD MAN SCHNEIDKII," an old German of Ashlaijd, Wis.', found a barrel containing over $700 in gold, silver and paper money, while cleaning out tho yurd back of a saloon. The barrel had evidently been there for years, Schneider took his treasure inside the saloon, and tho barkeeper took it to look ut and kept it. Schneider has brought suit to recover tho money. 4 M. OoinsN, a wholesale dealer in dry C ds, jewelry and general merchandise, failed. During a severe storm Monday the schooner M ary Jane was wrecked off Cape Tormentine. All efforts to save tho crew proved futile and none were to be seen. Five bodies are recovered. AN extra freight train of loaded cars smashed into another freight which was at a stand-still between Belmont and North Cambridge, on the Central Massachusetts Division of the Boston & Maine railroad Tuesday night. Some 160 cars were wrecked. Tho train men jumped -and escaped uninjured, THE engine on the Milwaukee & Northern accommodation train, arriving at Menosha, Wis., here at 7:10 o'clock was derailed Wenclesday evening by running upon a horse. Three " iously injured— tha Gavin, the fireman, we* did i»ot notice such f urni- was, for each ,4»embor of the WHO) JUJ. \Jl*V/l» *»JV****WJ*. "Ji. w«w jtepped,over the high thresh- is attention entirely' *^ £ -—'•- 1 and a bright rour. went along tlie grouj ut staggers / me," V "H'm," said tlie prof/ssor, in a 1 ous tone and rubbed his chin. The sto"o was H plffm, small cooking range, rather old find Crusty. The strange thing about it was' its! position, Its abbreviated legs stclM upon large cedar posts, which were planted on the floor and were over four>f.eet\ in height. This brought tho stove awrfty up in mid-air, so .1 for front the- foof to be tf ® nc * s old loael, who hftd stepped hile the judge was speaking. The old trapper put dofn th rticles of baggage with 4 wwe .loaded and, came .i cabin where we all stood, tfe tfaoe group and then at the stilted^ the dooof fife!( , (he got s mtoto down stafrli• "The bifi., around, bathe taloons and 6h persons were ser- engineer, Martin Morris Joy, and C'A.Uli.U GKN. LOUD WOLBKI.KY has assumed command of the British troops in Ireland. Tins wife of General Booth, com- , the brakeman, Philip McDenald. AT the Salt Lake express on the Rio Grande road was rounding a sharp curve near Sargent Tuesday morning, one of the trucks of the emigrant sleeper gave way and the car was derailed. August Boerengen, an emigrant from Efflngham, III., who was sitting on the platform. jumped and was killed. Several other passengers wore slightly injured, butnone seriously. TO SEJ5 BY ELKCTUICITY. that the top was on the l onel, and he was a We formed a circle and stared at it as solen] priests around a sacrii felt of the posts, they showing that the rnystei was a permanent, not Then we all bent our to look at the with the col- ;e"cfc$ ie ,. _iim t6 t g r iockholdeVl otbe. Th! the bolo through which! ished. I Suddenly the stockbrj a laugh. "On, 1 understand: "Understand what'l sharply. " Why Long Tom hi up so high from the fl| .f^S.pjdo I," said the peCt, ; tl}a|fmj. ex p lanai [nd tbe free aim raid and viaim ritual grace •What do yc ;on's recent pa army, mander in chief of the Salvultion died on Saturday. 8 Tins Grand Dulco Nichols, tho uncle of the OMIT, is in a critical condition. A cancerous affection has attacked the brain. hopeful of the success of the new polar expedition that Norway is now fitting up. Tho old explorer will not go himself, but is intensely interested in tho enterprise. He has a son in tho Arctic region, and ho thinks tbe prevailing conditions ore so fa"orublo that "now is the time to make a dash for the North Pole." The question arises of what value to science or human happiness are these expeditions which have been prolific of nothing but human suffering and of the sacrifice of human life? The Baron answers this question in tho words of Franklin, ''What is the uso of a now born baby?" and adds; "Man should not rest until every spot on the earth has been reached anil carefully examined. Tho North Polo may bo tho key to a thousand things. Who known? It is folly lo cry, What is the use? There is uso in everything, and nothing terrestrial abouhl bo hidden from man." This is very borpis out hardly pertinent. Every -expedition that has over ventured into the frozen regions has been attended with one of two results; either tho expedition has been wiped from the face of thy earth, as i .the wise of Franklin's lust expedition, handful of men have returned, lamod rippled by exposure, as in tho case of ly, leaving the most of companions in their graves g the everlasting snows, "discovery of no other parts of the has been fraught with like coiuli- Thb dangers of navigation, of ;ent of mountains, of tho passes— kless forests once surmounted the is been comparatively clear to reap 'efits of the discovery, and to open untries for emigration and corn- But in polar explorations no such i >ns obtain. Was the north pole gr. -ed would the way be inadaaiyr- ^ ?' ; Cations? ir ' • of naviB? wl SoorAi.i8Ts.who are taking 1 advantage f Urn expiration of the anti-socialists law . of Urn expiration of the anti-socialists law to return lo Germany, are compelled to An AinmratiiH For the Eyn ng the J'hono .graph for tlio Km-. It is said to be possible that modern electricians may succeed in constructing a device that will do for the sense of sight vylmt the telephone does for the sense of hearing, but the prospects for such an achievement are not particularly bright. The possibility has been demonstrated experimentally, says Iron, but tho practical difficulties in the v,ay of carrying out the idea are very great. It is wi II known that certain salts of copper and silver, for example, generate electric currents when exposed to the light; and, conversely, electric currents will produce in these salts changes corresponding to show papers from tho authorities at their last domicile, giving them a clean record, HMVKKAI, of the workmen's quarters of Berlin weio ill<**inntwl Tuesday night in honor of tho expiration of tho anti-socialists law.. The Italian socialists sent congratulations to their Herman brethren as champions of tho proletariat. , IT is denied at Lloyds, that the cholera appeared ut Adam. Notwithstanding tho denial of tbe quarantine established at the Fren b and Algerian ports, forty cases are reported in Atapho Wednesday, 28 of which proved fatal. Tl?o inhabitants of the place are leaving. ADYIUKH from Rangoon, British Bur- niah, state that a mail train was thrown from the track near there, killing one person and injuring twenty. An investigation was made us to tho cause of tho accident and it was discovered that tho lino had boon tampered with. I'IIM authorities having become convinced that a conspiracy is on foot against tbe liirkish government, and lhat the conspirators are using the mails for the furtherance of the plot, orders have been issued suspending the local postal service with the view to preventing the conspirators from carrying out their designs. else wou "We'lifti'll bet th: the stockbroker, money." v "I am in this," snj a clear idea about tli it." "Make it a jack"I want to take a" The stockbroke: coin out of the table. g O f "He has tttef 0 recent "to getabettejfe I problems oE t 1 "Ihaven ; fc itliemountai: " " Qf the |one.w\»ohi yearsi church ! Certainl^ the only i ""Tseo you air all admirin' ny stove,' 1 said he. "and I'll bet you have been wonderin 1 why it is up so hip"Yes, we have," sAid th) professor, "how did you know it?" „ ,, „ "People must allus &tu««m "J*?? come into the place begin toask me about it—that's how I knowed. , j amot , j.j "Well, whyis itupsohifh? demanded the stock broker impatieniy, with a side glance at the well-developd jack-pot on the table. , , ,, ., "The reason's simple enough, said Long Tom, with a grin tot showed his biscuspids; "you see we had to pack all this stuff upfroindownbelow on burros. Originally there were ftur j mts of that stovepipe, but the chch wasn't drawed tight enough on the ttrro that carrying them, and two of 'em Dipped out and rolled down the niouDcam. When we got here and found that tiere wasn t but two pieces left Ireckbnec that I would have to kinder h'ist the siove to make it fit the pip e _ so i just in and h isted her. Ana thar it is yet. Say, what's all this money on the table for?" ,.,,,, There was a deep silence which lasted so long that Tom ventured to repeat his question about the money. "It a jack-pot, said the doctor, sadly, "and as near as lean make it out belongs to you."—San Frareisco Argonaut. MU. AND MRS. BOWSER. The Latest Kplsode In the Domestic Ltfe of That PecuDar Couple as Recorded by Mrs, Bowser. I Detroit Free Press. Soon/ after supper the othi'r evening, .r.- Bowser slipped up stairs, and as his ran dowfi ttL. top of his VdiJ his necktie' If next I Heard! the house;. dozen ittfin < home frotd I they rushed 1 fire. Iheftr) that he had) had the mo( audttiathe] months, and had Mrid I cottoni'is-, . ,t'did#t] theiest; -'I. failurr/Mtl in the base to i also ate,,Up all . but'wheiltbeyhi woman,. fc->.« «"<? aid- He st? Eoman were" in bed and apj upstaird. tread Of a Became it) walke rook-with his hands unJ and then looked up said! . . "Mrs. Bowser, J hav child good-by before 1 t I didn't say anythingj| Mrs. Bowser, I shall tsl me!" 1 didn't answer. "Mrs. Bowser I" _ At that moment the cook ctl hall and 'asked who wasi there. 1 "It's I," answered Mr. r>owa\ "And what are you doing? "N-nothinfr." .' ' n 1 "Then you'd bete be m bed and poor missus and baby and a few winks .of sleep' , house! Such carryings, on,' bucn- taneous combustuous kick up-a-iusti I give you notice, sir, that I quit my-j before the dishes are washed in the mi? and Mr.'Bqwsj /8US' /same up 'for tj the thestoC back. No, ifc-i flip colons rock tion is more f] lower latitud' get higli that is, 1 mi thing like t to sn'Jden ci the profesSj with a sar "Is tin mahded "Well "never good eno that he stove by bus it t" "The, profess' idea is d head 5510,000'. lossfis and death. The e ever known rft nc\ the losses iclrcd thousands I'UK NATIONAL UNDKH the apportionment for the surveys of public lands for the year undiiu' J nne !iO, 1891, South and North Dakota gels §40,000 each. Tuis comptroller of tho currency has called for a report on the condition ot national banks at the close of business Thursday, October 9. TIIK President signed the tariff bill at 8:22 Wednesday afternoon. He was waiting at his room in the senate wing of of tho capital to do so when the bill went to the house for Speaker It reel's autograph. THM president has appointed Messrs. "Will Cumback, of Indiana, George P. Kinkead, of Kentucky, and Gharles D. Drnke, of the District of Columbia, a commission to visit tbe Puyiillup Indian reservation in the state ot Washington, and imjp^ignte the report, as prescribed by the iipy tho'.pg* 088 approved August 19, 1890 Of all! these thnijfc action at Washington throw- bat ho'judged proper "tpl indemnity lands has jQoJ4ng-lmen by whom he of fortune seekers to the rationed Wm with c ted to meet» child < brokeifl pot?"f The! ceeclc'r very i heigl 'Oyed. l0 sion company's those made by light.' If a strongly-illuminated object is placed in front of a transmitter covered with such a salt electrical currents will be generated which will vary in intensity according to the intensity of tbe light fulling on different parts of tho.snrfaco. If, now, these various currents were carried to a receiver similoi.lto a trans>raitter they would produce on its surface changes like those wrought by light on the surface of tbe transmitter. According to the Electrical World an apparatus has been proposed based upon the property peculiar to selenium that its electrical existence changes with tho intensity of light. For a transmitter the selenium cells are arranged in squares like a checkerboard. Tho greater the number the more efficient would the apparatus be. Each of these is connected with the electro-magnet in tho receiver. The latter is composed of a mirror constructed of thin strips of steel, to each of which several of the electromagnets are attached, A strongly illuminated boJy being placed in front of the selenium transmitter the electrical resistance of the various ''cells varies according to the intensity of the light, us in the case of salts of copper anil silver. The various currents affect tho electi o- mntniet in different degrees, the results being that the strips of s:eel are bent irregularly, turning the mirror into an aggregation of surfaces, very slightly warped, which will throw an image on a screen. The nuiin difficulty in the way of tho realization of such an idea as seeing by elcctricy lies in the necessary complexity of an apparatus which sh-ill enable in t numerable points in the transmitters ami'-™ 1 ' iim \ recoivers to be actuated simultaneously hr- 1 . 1 '" ^ noil ' perfect independence, and also in perfeur ^ 8t °Ppod correspondence, but it is quite possibl/' (lowi1 " Wifiajy that further experiment will bring int| CQ off tao l °P «' ' actual uso what might bo somethii/ 0 '? 11 ' 1UK ' tho Y more than a mere plaything. In dof/* diroctiou of th sivo war a telescope ot indefinite would certainly be of value. With wires and concealed visors a might watch his adversary's mo\ at times when this would mean instead of defeat. he ri ~, < , "Wlf 10 '•"" 1 RhO*^*-^.-' mountain air tMj re d head ? W f Aian a: of oxvgen to tjf giO.OOO'. .S/nd co i! - ''----•*- "'ife Ahani.ii m« w -Td that if you i/sookan egg- boil—or some- lied, thrown in- ,f discover) that ear Ethel, oi)y/fixed upon him two ireigW train goup/)e science f x as cattle. St>' d others escapdcbroker, doggedly, J.ter became ..jpns. Experience is nfe dead ones ••--'''- de- He finds ,rt, but had a;,er draught .for his of the.-wp in mid-air, so he to be shot ! 17 ; ' .r'the wreck. ' "^nation," began the :h of freight an'rj simplest. jS T ow my /interrupted (the. stock table; "arerou in this pro- that our host is a ction look very mysterious to me I fol- llvecl him. I found him overhauling the *''otlies-basket. "Mrs. Bowser," be began by way of ex- opation; "do you know that we have had lose call—a dozen close calls—from be- burnod alive in our beds?" 'Lands no! What do you mean?" I mean that there hasn't been an hour ... the twenty-four since we moved into [his house that it was not liable to take re. In other words we have been slumbering on the edge of a volcano." "Why, Mr. Bowser!" "Nothing but the hand of Providence has prevented a great disaster," he continued as be dumped the last of the clothes oucof tbe hamper. 'But what has that hamper to do with itr- Everything. Mrs. Bowser, did you ever in your life hear of spontaneous corn- bastion?" Of course." Well, there hasn't been a day that all ;be elements necessary to spontaneous iombustion haven't been pre&ent in this jhamper. Also, in various other places in ;his house. I shudder over our narrow es- ' "You—you haven't gone and got another fire-escape, bare you?" ••There you go! Always ready to throw up something! I suppose you'll call this a notion of mine?" "What has spontaneous combustion got to do with our clothes hamper V" "Everything. Here are the elements right here to start a fire. Here are cotton, wool and silk crowded together in a temperature of at least 90 degrees. Nothing could be more favorable." "I don't believe it!" "What! What!" shouted Mr. Bowser holding up a pillow-slip in one hand and one of baby's stockings in the other. ''You don't believe in spontaneous combustion!" . , "Under certain conditions, yes. but those conditions cannot bo found here. Some one has been working on your im- ,..,„ to bend over. If tho i/!the floor he would have to lei tlations. * >e i n Scl'a rasher of bacon, j. iv?iv*"P and do it with ease. Your a terubiy - sn ood . the longer the na "to/isht, the better tho'fire will insurance.^„ remrked the Colonel, "I •Wowniritive to tell you that your money "Long Tom told me, on the way ™iis partner did all the cooking, !8S . 1(m i a man of rather short stature. thlB . ™nel paid his compliments to the 108 1 9,, and continued: Now, my idea of ]iJF° v? Hie stove heats tho room better niloi- the! ; nan on the floor. It is only a cook- numborl -»ye. to be sure, /but when the winter >ut horns, tfoH it makes tlie room comfortable, ise- •ilroadv th'ioijP ul ' ue middle of the space, it bet Dually well, wl ych it could not do il down below."/ .,, dthis theory with a 'you are wild agination." "Oh! They have! On my imagination !" he softly whispered. "When every scientist and scientific publication believes 'n spontaneous combustion—when it is radically demonstrated every day in the ear — w hen it is a fact as well known as ,mt ahorse has teeth, you stand there and ell me that I have been played on! Mrs. Jowser, will you have the kindness to go .own stairs?" I went down and he took every article rom the hamper and spread them on he floor. Then he went through every lothes closet and bureau drawer, and it vas fully two hours before he came down and heaved a great sigh of relief and aid: "There! Wo shall not be burned alive —not to-night!" ing! 1 ' She went off to bad, „..„.—. --. made two more circles of the room, KII ed the footstool under the bed and'" crept into his accustomed place ana snoring away in the usual manner in 1 than fifteen uiinntea. A millionaire heiress in California is 'I having a good dual of advertising lately,^; It has been discovered that she w young,'.; that she is beautiful, that she has a right to her millions, and, among all the rest of' it, one day she was fouad scrubbing tbe^ back steps of a flat in which her mothtt \ resided. When' one of those fellows who is always discovering things for the betf- efit of his paper suggested to her that it ^ was unusual for a rich girl to clean steps-^ no, that it was unusual for a girl so rich.toy clean tbe steps herself, she blushed prettirjr and immortalized herself, as. a "modef housewife" by giving expression to the commendable theories of its being "every f irl's duty to understand and pratice all ousehold art; should be tho.chief aim of every American girl's education to make a good housewife of herself;" that "tbe idea of hot suds and a rag being, beneath a girl because she was wealthy" did not suit her at all; that if her white hands became rough, "it would be ui honorable roughness, and turkey red from respectable toil, was much better than lily white from idleness." Which all sounds very fine, womanly, brave, heroic, my beautiful Florence. But if the girls with' intelligence, with advantages, with money, ',. are going in for scrubbing, for washing, for sweeping, for the drudgery of a household, what under the sun is going to become of the poor woman who has no advantages and no ability above that kind of labor! Hot soapsuds, rags, turkey red bands and scrubbing is the capital of this woman, and you are taking from her, her individual property, just as surely as those other claimants were trying to deprive you of your wealth. Understanding household wo'rk and the art of making a successful home is every woman's duty. The higher, better ambition, however, would be to direct intelligence and wealth into the channsls that can instruct the poor woman to use her F». WiULT *» w "o canhm74t./r»-i"* BKr? I irj »e«sf^'. e '" IU 'Mu B»fiJrj^«p^ , ping elegraph of athletic ''speech?, !w** Wl tout lift-1 id! '«« 88 if mn ^ ho ''Cd^^r'ni, sSife Ex-J ms ' is flic tl»« OUlohomu ii , KANSAS CITY, Oct. 6 patch says: "The fjT^ iapitol location questioipi.* 1 ' 638 The president of the sent/ | tho bij[ locating the < mly wn; mi- stov to your is moment to aim^ put H 1 instead ' A fliiali lifflitoil up!? 1 " 11 '" s l tho bi'.nu-liss, Walj'r 111 " 13 >', 01 howl, nn.v fci •>"v^. ante. nimoa 1Y-.M. * "Tlie pot/is mine," said the doctor as hofdepositfed the coir.;; "you will adopt ftwns. , r ,(ig my j/lon the' moment you hear it, am I/)iil Tom, who will be here in a minute wilrbear me out. This room Jto disseminate it is to is low as possible. Ac- deaitwculd be .a good 'urnace in the attic ot in the basement, id the colonel, "that.I could argument better it you tuuuo tlllU'.O But elk lo- to mul, . dashiii 01 , 8I 8» ,,,,' nihoum the •"Hnnar the ,ongtv?iuo «. Senator Dtivls s apparent. w and bPtli wpuWicans. w fliapute on fhe simplest of , . ,7 to-day is very .'Ui UJU UUt* -I *»»- •• jj > U ..M. : it 1ms but little door space, and none of it goes to waste. Now if »e^dputthe stove down where we expected to nnd it Long Tom could not have made w for an area unddrneath. as you see he has done I «*W J V — . ( On all sides of ^e supporUng^.^^ ban*! hisVana and skillets. U^erneath ther^ is a kitchen cjoset, fo,|poU and cook intr mitensils ot various sorts. Wha *er returt^ • >, w. t;, • a brotttor Jllg Ulliensiis ui *»V"Vo TT.i/lAr vou conhl me more convenient? TJnd« >»« ordinary stovo there is room only tot poker/and a few c^pkroaclieb. .... JS^afe5STs..Sia an Abjection ws for/vurd and. now steppe coin OB his depisiovi ,, I . ,, ,i " "•*•**»» w «ot uoi capital to tie best advantage. Intelli* gence directed in this way will stand by you faithfully, and if-a cyclone having struck your million or two-it should become your capital stock, yon will find., honorable roughness" and "turkey red hands not necessaiy. You will nMH be able to command an enviabla.-iricoint for" intelligently practical Wen are nre, while the world ia r.i-/v..-ri n ,i ™uu •"' while the world is whose hands and crowded witb wotia branis are lilly "There was no danger, I replied, There wasn't, eh! Mrs. Bowser, I His emotions overcame in opportunity to say: him, and I got Why don't other' people's bouses ever )urn up through this spontaneous combus- ion?" No answer. "1 haven't ever seen anything- in the mpers about a clothes-hamper explosion." Mr. Bowser gritted his teeth. ••If it has got to that pass that tbe sheets off the spare bed can't coma in contact with tho baby's stickingR without striking Eire, we'd better fill the cellar witb tin boxes." Mr. Bowser kicked at the cat, but missed her by about two feet. "But there'll be afire, of course. You have overlooked an old vest somewhere, and it will get down off its hook and walk over ti one of your old shoes and arrange for a bonfire. I shan't sleep a wink tonight." Mr. Bowser circled around the room three tiaies with great dignity, and then went off to bed. Wr.en be was out of tbe wav I went out and . I'd a talk with the cools. The result wa- that we brought an iron kettle into the front hall,-got out some cotton-battinf, and as I. went up stairs she whispered t? me: "I understand ma'nm. In exactly half an hour I'm to touch it off." Mr. Bowser was in bed, and though I spoke about the cool wave, baby's cold and other things, he had nothing to say. I wasn't hurt, noweyer. I got' into bed and waited. It wasn't over te)i minutes until the odor O f burning cotton was plain enough in the room, and I and gave Mr. Bowser! a dig g trom idleness and tbe poor souls de of the ric? How Children are Spoiled, It is easy .enough to spoil a child No' great art is demanded, Only three 9r tour things are requisite to complete the work Make al the nurses Won him and fly at his bidding; let him learn new o go tor a drink, but always have it brought to him. at ten years of age have Bridget tie hu shoe-stiings: let him strike auntie bocnnn she will ° 10 t K et him a sugar-plum. He will won learn that the house is bis realm, and he is to rule it He will come ?? into manhood one of those precious spirits that demand obeisance and nd with the theory that B h« oyster, tt jth knife, he will If that does not world proceecHoopen. . him, buy him a horse; it is and enlarging for a man to own the liver m,f helps the n an bVv Z U T or itis almost impossible to be good with too much bile, an enlarged spleen or a stomach off duty. We iTongrati ' ' man who can afford to own a ho a boy own, one, he will proba"bly"ride on it to destruction; he will stopVthS tflVPl'Tl *-"™ •!--- i * ••• - "u*|j wy LUQ _ --„., to rein all thflir livtri *""*?• l . e are men who in where it day." Ti known. George sas City arily ios . McLean, a r i shot himself

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