The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1890 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1890
Page 5
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y?Tff $** V V ^'WsW® "' -'" •- '' ' ^ i:V-Y^W*i? ^/WS^f^iSIsS^^" ^l'J?* -.I", •*•" '; tf *LJ£ ., 'v/ y,-," • .-%<? *J"A* Fr. J , SAD. , Set* ate 1 ftio« wi bnt as big as the He^et hn*e more th " '6s my _ declare." tli ft pout, iy» (Joining IH^M, Wetan^of thfeu: 'era hold U S cookies, nn npplfl orj ffi »hd pencil andbtinon --"••-"•ji and mnvbe n 8fti J1 ». „.,» ot cotivpe, atid ft 1 Shells, nnd nebhlesand i&ftie odds and etidfj— J6> nean iltt)e hole little Silt J ftxn fee for yourself itko ft suit of ooitio patent i w ' with pORliftp mnclc ^Itle nwl !*">'Atx>v«imd below and before an ' Sewed extia heavy and etron 1'dWht 'bout a dozen or so, , All easy itiid qrtlck to got at 1 , Aiid 1 should be perfectly ham-, With a handy rig like Hint/' >t igfip and a ball, (P.™) [fa&tS wilt Stow; fondle ft s'odjna.ine ITO Wat yet. W! ethff plfl in the- spling. the s> tm worked tip and jbrot ta&ihon ofjilth. /be, IV It is a riiaUer of surprise farmers raise so few " t - ! " tl buy all the fresh when the table might half the expense. Ins 15 cents for beef, for six cents apou a reform at ho no muc"tt about th Labor is tho gr that gives the bos penses, but every and where it number of he brings in the ,, may entail ale rnng-prnent, IjJ mandirig aW tlie proper necessary , I know, Jit. Nicholas. ic vj^** u i7 *•»»*•*»•• HI*'I' • —»>j v forth* most, par't tnriy indued in Che terms gbdd and poor faX-m ing. Last yTSar almost nil* **"" ?°'V'.d grow \ goodwop of cofnj this year it \if generaly thefootl farmer that, dses it A Take as another example of the diffe ence beween iobd crops and poor* the result of t,fc difference between good atid pool- f arii in|j the crop of winter wheat. Like corr, it was a'failure in some sections through causes that no man could control, t, tnanf cflVes it was simply the result of dulling and ttotdrillincr it in. If there '.9 anything settled in wheat growing it si that winter wheat must be drilled in ot. if a drill is not to be had. it must be plowed in. The same difference is seen in airdrops, in meadows and pastures; in fnctAin (lie. entire management of the farm. We merely point out these matters now, Because every farmer who will open his pj cg has these object lessons before him cveiy time he goes to town lat so many is, and then ifnished at one- and an inquiry d to the~cnusc"s of These f\T tldiMVtnt 1O 4-,i I ( 1111'Ol'OM nj-ic, J ., .,..; .. "II - ry ,no e cnuscs o ese of paying 12 to «i jerences in prfpg will lead to much use- row chic WI and val i wasg groAv chickens iere is a call for Ore and valuable ,nforraation, It is, after all, \yiising that we learn. - - -—->™ 6 i ana the open uye 'generally is set in a full led elsewhere. head. 1 hero is if, better time than now ir on the farm see, and compare, reason out the of all the ped. food, Vj- j-lr depends on how It is not the •or performed that ir. misapplied labor in systematic ar. every matter de lives its share at with the least effort prime rules to be observed in and various .' * —~«**«**n*oS. Water in foul should not be offered. Keep separate, allowing to each bird F * % ' ull *i'«lll5| J.CUOUJL1 UUU UilU causes of things anj store away the practical information tli\i s obtained for future use. ')'•••' Fruits forthe Table. All our cultivated ftuits are divided with' reft^ence to the product into two classes, anaiere either "for li-arket" or "for the. the table. 1 he fruitsy.litsaed for market are not always ot high quality, size jfflU appearance being the main requisite, size in traits is nearly always at: the ex pense or quality and flavor; The''small, ,,-»-— •> ls bettev itt flavor than either the Enormous, Greg ;? or Sliaffer;the l(lT*t*!7 lift t I l-i.. ' £ n» rl « n \ 16,1890. DUD READING SUGGESTED. lived the bo; was arouse ments in of American Youths f PJ-eclons Time In Reading 1 I. Worthless fiction. ing -..- prepofidi,- tells us of and B« travels 1 fj '"-""'—-— • --- —.— H ^ v "^feshottld be Classified t()M e fltemttsefnl to Our - feoys, An ui> i ! \ Interesting Disquisition Writers ot Juvi- Litet-atttre. v- t (Maps.) nepubllcivn '•'I""' Vten Maria Edgwood and \ I mnf •cfi _. .1 : ,-,.., up.;!, Jiicoli Aiibot rn'gned aniostsu'preme over jnvenilp hteratu-e, it was not a hard task for paivnts to dncide ultout their children's books.: But now, when not, only excellent talent <j,.votes itself to writing for the young, lint everybody who can write and Miss )"""*: '.'<" everybody who en eager in trying to win money a to write "pomiUiV books, like cott ' A l _. r part-mts' ,tre called upon _ decide that most h nrf j question, Wh". sjittll we allow, inul what not to allow our v^ . n to reiu ' ? Tlle matter is more difficult as rogimU: boys than g.irls. Mrs. Whitney ami n number of similar writers There that a day Ody 14 c one Llv ther of t loen, visits n hitt h«Jfl steam Chicago, Ml IB with electric lighted tttod vesttbuletl ^ itikee, St. Paul, a and 1 went up *•»«• five crabs to "Mall ,-' mch mil- I tvlt principal Minnesota, Dakota* f^K^^^y^ 2 ^ of the 01— or to any riv A. V. It. vW^Tfofe 1 'S8 «.w c,, ?n«,2nlvoBi by tVlpiiiR tho fantastic : o^W 0 ^" 1 ?^ 1 !?^ ,'d butcher ^"P I R |l credit to uio i s UUM.I « .-i ^ )tulo niMt)t |i 0 i p8 on It Is well put on. irv butldlnR 'n tno T^dMrTiAaamB Is tho ono that DC you. i of what about 4' . , 1 >rtt rulu wo havo UIKI etoij&y 'foul should not' be offered Keen ^ll? ^^"y isf bettei- iti fiayor than cnrowls separate, allowing to each bird mmmn« ^ lor , mo ", s ' «««? wSHa«ter;the , diluch space as you .can spare; spread the ™^,r? n d i st ™wheny will by far dis- ir T/iV 1 ^"harp sandy gravel; and ta e IT I the , B . abach that will often measure U& that they are not disturbed. ],, ac l- If n- Q - 0iandoile ' ilalfinohes:in<Jia m- Uon to their regular diet of good corn ,' Un ginators work harder along the Ijke a r.nlrn nf mra,nrt « m i- _* i '' color line and for Ri7.o iii ffiiU» n,«_ *.._ ; that they are not "disturbed. t,ion to their regular diet of good _ lyke a cake of ground oats, of bean's Awn sugar, ir.ilk and mutton suet. Le 6 cake he until itis stale, then crumble E-and give each bird a gill measurefu Bnorning ami evening, ifo entire grain Should be given to fowls during the time they arefattemng; indeed, the secrer, of success lies in supplying them with n .,tri- ous food without stint, and in such a that their digestive mi.'ls Uifhculty in grinding it. form no ! 'CS 1 'Vn If ISiiJoyment at Homo. , Dc |n't shut up your house, lest the snoulcl fade your carpets; and your hr lest a marry laugh should shake rl some of the musty old cobwebs ther.' it you want to ruin your sons, let them think that all mirth antisocial enjoyment mn.-t be left , on the threshold without «-,„.„ tftey come lioine at night. When om- -i home is regarded as only a place d, ','W drink and sleep in, the work is begun ih-tt ends in reckless degradation. Ymmo- people must have fun and relaxution somewhere; if they don't have it at their own hearthstone it will be sought at other and perhaps atj less profitable places therefore let the fire burn brightly at night; and make the homestead delight ful with those little arts that parents so pur- fectly understand. ' Don't repress the buoyant spirit of your mrlll>!T in f nn li.-v,,» nl! • •' , i yot! Ar^TZ"— Ta iv " ""^ Ul frl »ts tbarT for quality and flavor. . ; , The readiness with which the BeiiDav'^ I list of apple sells is proverbial, and nearly foui ntths oi: the general run of customers will i walk past Jonathans and order or purcease I abarre of hose "big, bright, Roofing red applet 1 he chief f, H ,|t in this uiat- ^uu>g v« " -;i ter, is because of popular ignorance with're- tTHbl/mai «i? ot . spect to the quality aud comparative I " H ^ 1 ^--•-••• 1 f O r\T- H-l«fi li-n ^-, ,1 i -i *• 1 ___...„_.. the nvprnge g'irl; and while the!: writings have nn speoial value except fr a moral point, of view, they can do ySoTt lor you. ]' . w , harm. Boys are not apt to be BO lira fcf. 0. Murtft •&**"& nto L^f...TI B fam . n their jaste. They like to make ^tou the l«t of noj|t, month with His lami iures in their associations, 1 saw a p. joyof 14 the Ather day reading', 0 ." Brag," which heMiad just begun. ,"" do^ou think youWill like it?" 1, at u "Tip-top," was thft answer. A.a hehapiMav ^"- • i —-., 1 i i ed.tqbea boy who\ liked to have my gjwn Is tho grot^n, tho lady's opinion, I said it w A*not a fit book for '. to read and suggesttM "Tom Brown;',' which he at once exchanged it. An lad of 12 boasts UjstThe has reacl ,1 ules Verne's boojiffiin his vacation,! tal stimulationJfflce this, I fancy, is e< ly noticecj qH the average parent. Verne iiit.-^SfcLoned, and therefpn riot through his anrivft lod fl^W««'gSl to of- J'B >or. joy uid me as a %«• •HHHMMII«flli and won't j bittett bjT in 1527. As 24 graites. So, at weight troy, the flew f the New 5760 grains, or three-quartthen he The strict pound of 12 onna. per- only in weighing the precious tnler. with different subdivisions, for thc{ dauers and .medicines dpalt out by.ap caries. For heavy goods (avoirs du pojs a more liberal measure was given, Jikfc the baker's dozen, and 15 ounces was call* ed a pound. In the same way 28 pounds were called a quarter, and 112 pounds a hundred-weight, allowance being made for waste Or wrappings. The. increase o y the pennyweight to 24 grains in I 1 " raised the value of the ounce to 480 gr.. and accordingly the pound of comraer. containing 15 ounces, was raised to 72 grains. As 250 grains of wine were icci oned equal to a cubic inch, the gallon, coft taining 8 of these pounds, or 57,600 grains, had a capacity of 230.4, or in even numbers 231 cubic inches. This is the wine gallon now in use in United States, The ale or \wei- gallon, of 282 cubic.iiichea, was originally n measure containing 8 pounds of wheat at 204 grains to the cumc inch. , The name avoirdupois was transferred at n very early date from the heavy goods, which is indicated, to the system by which they were weighed. It occurs first in the stafntn of of 1335 and 1353. The early pound of 15 ounces of 450 grains each— 6750 grains—was raised by law, as has been shown, to 7200 grains, making 16 of tho old ounces. In practice, however, the " seems to have fallen below this about 7000 grains, and this pound standard to id to 4!37^ groins System,"by H. W. 'uer's Magazine. , weight was finally declared to bo a pound avoirdupois, the avoirdupois ounce, or sixteenth of the pound, being thus reduc- — " Metric Richardson, in Har- od, - an oc , FAST VESTIBULBD TEAINS ^ n with works,of I i condition of um/Comity Convention. inly I'oinibltcnu convention nominating county oittcorB _ Igonn, on FRIDAY ' '" To'olooHp.)" |ilB eonvontio oneDlorltofj Ono County OMAHA, AND DENVER. onn, o , OCT. 17, Tho oniccro to bo chosen at areas follows! Jourts in place of A. A. Unmson. iocordor In pluco of 0. B. Orood. P allnum and "Wngncr to San Francisco, Chicago to Porti to a » •t —ij, "7 H u """j auu. comparative merits of fruits, and, second, because 'of an inherent desire that is in the race for bi ? ' tnmgs. Color and the sense of si«ht play a most important part in the sale and con sumption of fruits, and the sight oi rosy cheeked peaches, flame-colored apples Jack or purple grapes, the well rounded Joxes or. strawberries, raspberries anc Jlaokbemes, tastefully displayed in the hop windows bring water to the mouth assoou-if not sooner-than' the savory nines of Shorthorn steak playimr on the olfactory nerves of n.hungry person frora a ntoljpn window. The steak satisfies, U the fine looking fruit, with lar<«o site leaves too often the feeling with tiie cui' J?!?! 1 i-that if that is the way all fruil iu.ti n™ ?V, J f lf au , h 2 ur ,.° f around the lamp and firelight of a home blots out many a care and annoyance d ur- ing the d-iy and the best safeguard thny can take with them into the world is the unseen .influence of a bright little domestic circle. Put home first and foremost, for there will come a time when a home cir- , ' """ ••*- ^"".u ID LJIC WfliY taste he will get along with as little at possible, use more pickled goods and vinegars for appetizers and toning up the system. : Taking into account these facts-deceptive color, sue without quality, ignorance oh the quality and comparative value of trmtsas a food, together with the fact that so large a per cent, of fruits reach the consumer in a clam aged condition and have to be picked in a half-:ipe state so they will handle safely and bear transportation—the Trnif-.-psi.r.iTio' Y\<il-Jin r.~ i__ i there is -— .....„„ ,^ UI , U11 , , Y iicji ,yuu will " lone for the touch ot a vanished hand, acd fhe sound of a voice that is still, "and when your greatest pleasure will be in remembering that you did all in your power to put a song under every burden to make each otl-er happy.—Albany Journal. The Lessons of The Year. Each year brings with it its own peculiar lessons. One year emphasizes in a most nnSflL^lH 1 ^ ™2 8s »y of drainage, ,. ., .—^ —: :.••"* "»«uiBpu»i;aiiio. fruit-eating public scarcely know what "-'•» " MI eating fresh, ripe fruit. Here held for home and local growers fresh, ripe fruit of high quality, see'tfem f1 pubhc , t0 a PP re "«te and .see tlie nealthfulnesss of such. Hi»h fer v tility and culture, close pruning, r]ead-rii;>b fm,t delivered in clean uackaMs will open fetMd sint ilova ply is ho some seldoii juvenijL flnemeil ty in cb has a: lie is hi and child row oveL fathers doi th'eir sons.s Brown." ' ^ Qn. the ot) for grown j people, an< wer^ their -A boy Vho bu,- likesucha, excitemet diilSVi "Nl*h mijj lear^ , a.wf5 >:H<3 in he'i E*y° u \ lies. __. . o write mol IB an lit do they/would They ' '*-" **" |\ein some •nds to afc 9088ot . ;tangle hiss^ ftl . 0 with cultival ,le book that on account } •ant of natural] all, that sub lich alone _ B m>uii*vk »"» J....W— — — Quo tJount^ttovucy In place ot S. Mnyno. u •*•- in inivoj of O. H. Hufcchlu aud n roivuo^ii. v* "•»-. ftui1 ° u ° add1 ' iito foi/cacli twonty-ttvo votes or tloii tl/eroof cast for Joseph O. K rot- gci-ornor In 1880. Bnch town- livd wl/1 uo outlllud to tlio following [delegates, to-wlt: SgoiTnl ffflrHt" J Bcctj ' Thlr d \var , ward & i to s. 3rd Fauntieroy"k [to read again, wit! |d delights of " n '" J many boo ttable for you ished by th ready form na can be iuiTealist's ivevdalo • ..unsay • • Seuoca— j\vca [Union Wesley... WUlttomoro (plialrmivn. -. •S. Sessions. M. Doxseo.. Donuoy.... . H. Clarke... ohu Kerr otit. Lauo..., U, Jones..., L. HUiut... . Stelsol V. AV. Wilson . G. WrlgUt.. Win. Goodrich Horace Mann. Jas. Archer.... G. 0. Durtls... .H. Grover.. H. M. Gardner ..Lougbottou •I. Mefrliioui. W. W. AlcOrii 0 A, Erlcltsoi Houry Ouvran M. Scheiielt. W.M.Colby. N. Cotton.... [IDIBCU, VJii*^»v e w . without chtuigo. MMM^B* COLONIST 8LBKPBRS Ohloogo to Portland, Ore., and San Francisco. Free lleolinlng Cliali- Cuvs from Chicago to Denver, via Council 13. and Omaha. seuger agout at Chicago. *A 1U5VOJ..UT10NAUY IIELIC. . SiMitlon of tho Grout Pntiwm Chain by Which the Hudson Klvor AVus lllocked to be Scon at Llbby Prison. ^ One of the most interesting relics at' the ,ibby Prison War Museum, and one that ttracts more than ordinary attention, is a lection of tho great iron chain stretchsd across the Hudson river, at the narrows between West Point and,Fort Constitution, by General Israel Putnam in 177G, during the revolutionary war, to prevent the British vessels from passing up the river. This section consists of eighteen links and '" exhibits. The This section consists —._. forms one of the special - , links ore made of iron bars *% inches sauai-e, and average in lewghth a little feet and weigh absut 150 -iver"at its narrowest point between the low the old steamboat h ' It was hitched to huge blocks m H! 0'. k it )' II 0 21 (! I] 4 r t W W. A. THUALt., General Passenger and i , ]'. NBWMAN, J- M-- TUlrd Vlco-proB. ranage another the necessity of conserving niois- ' etlrc One year compels y^j''e farmer to , "-• M8 roughnes^ 1 and another to conduct his operation/rather with a view to saving labor if,angled. There are winters which prayi.? tlF most eftV-l- ive sermons that set tlSfKariner to studV- _ ing with new energy the ."matter of water supply, 1 here are years ir whi<>h almost nn/one can farm and grow reasonably ggod crops, and there are others in whicfi iTgood crop can be grown only with skill and pains. ' The closing seaso.-lias been one of this class, as -the past was o7. - v -'f-4he very ou- posite, A close inspection V> the bni ,neJds this aeison will teach some very important lessons to any but a blind 'man, liiere are large sections of the country in Which the good farmer and the poor fared exactly alike. Where there was no rain- talL or where there were untimely frosts or where there were rust and blight conditions, the fields well farmed fared much the same as the illy cultivated There and keep full contVol'VfTnylocal or°S^ market More fruit should be CT own ancl AMI? ° the , class kn °wn as ' 'for the table ' All those who can should not only °row the common fruits with high cultivation and secure flavor with sine, bat a short cut can be made and a few varieties of each class of fruits of better and higher flavor can be £ 8 £{i «_grown withoxtra care for home om *ngin concacf. ESSfSSS f=aw th° — would ., remedy i \ides ouf.hesJ nfluen| v boy ii *book,| 3 |, tho regular voting inacea. & & CH UDB, nalrniaii County Central Committee. Normal CEDAR FALLS, IOWA. Winter Term Opens Jan, 6, 1891, Spring Term Opens Mnvcli 24, 1801. HOMER H. S5M , more than two pounds each. The chain was stretched across -iver at its narrowest point between •ocks, just bolow the old steamboat landing. It was hitched to huge blocks on ach shore and was buoyed up on very large iga about 16 feet long and pointed at the , ads to lessen the opposition to the force, ' the current. The logs were placed at _& " • tort distence from each other, the chain jried over them and made fast by staples to each log. There were also a number of '" anchors dropped at proper distances, with ^ i cables made fast to the chain to give it a greater stability. This chain was en- -relv handforged, and is four times a* ^ irge as any chain manufactured today." -;' was made at an iron works a few miles *om where the chain was .used. The 'hole of the chain, with the exception of is section and another small one >rf the - •ooklyn Navy Yard, is still buried in the ad at the bottom of the Hudson river. chain was originally 1,600 feet long. J ic Chal: t ble ones best w set in ire's un oj: Jnnny 7 C ura °° Cards. nnaiaaves- ^»i«=- Ject — I veutlon FT--.* Mu y»t\J **»J- UUJLlVtl[jm are extreme conditions which no wisdom can toresee and no skill avoid. On the other hand, there are exceedingly impressive object lessons in almost every township and on almost every farm where there has been total failure of crops 'n any Jvy.6, miles the traveler can see corn fields, on apparently the same kind of ° '-^L, .,—-^*t* ^t^»i- J.U1 11UIIK or table use. Tne village garden, the suburban resident on commodious lot. or the farmers can develop their fruit gardens on this line and discard the consumption of pnwholesome fruits. The size >ffnrit should advertise it just as i • ---{ie fumes of the steak does the value of Short-horn cattle as a food and the quality of the fruit and its condition ror cue palpto and stomach should only be properly shown by the size and color of the fruit. Only such fruits should be planted and placed before the public in suuier want more. But above all, the pubic should seek to inform itself more about horticu tural and venders of fruit to educate public taste. Women Who Feel Youuc. ire s a sister I often srriee fuss. fjd the •Ei, levied as. lyrics to Tennyson w rouse a grea*, enthu jjupiN tor the better time cou»>s tLat a' Ameinan j,unily g^i be se-^n icddina a se story t& he would be n nig a dimenovfl, a education of oui boys \ mfenoiity \upon can bojb, like p as a latitude flivo re- caucus _.. Carr, lelogates Ollowing bo narni- J. P- upcrvis- Mffi^^»l?«« The several Departments will begin the Year 1890-91, on September xo. convention For Countjr attorney For icy. «, fflRKM&TWSi: S iflK«%'&«: *:°* c )^rl^L ^ Chancellor, Cl lodlcal-W. P. Peck, M. D.,DeanofFacultyX ty, Iowa City. J BOBBNBB, ty pSuStlc a i rE . L. B, ^^SSf^KS^^^ff^^ rirtit. rtf lioard In prlvaw families, »a TO «o l»* lust as young as ever she was." She's n kittenish thing, yet she'd be a little more kittenish if she was a little Jpss elenJiantine nriRlfvnlrl f»n»l 1-,^-.., ^1,„ j i. _ i i. Time Notice p-.^-, v « »Mi/fw.c4ii;»v mo Hume Kina or land, one yielding fifty to sixty bushels to th? acre and others from thirty to twenty Sometimes they will be in such close proximity-as, for instance, on opposite sides ot,a road or of a partition• fence—as to preclude the possibility of any great difference in the quality of the soil or the Character ot the season. The difference is wholly, in the farming, this is by no means a special lesson of this year. It is so every V6H1* Ir uftm/^d V-U-i'o *. n »« _ -11 " n ' i --*«•"« >r««sif« '^•'"tait'oa ciorjn«JlCZn6 I'nsky old girl, how she does love to climb into the swing at the picnic! Weighs two hundred and fifteen ar.d makes the t ' creak like a hoisting tackle. "Hi Mr. Thinshaiiks! Higher! Oh, hi lou can't frighten me! I'm not one or the scary girls." You bet she isn't. Has six children, and if you'll mistake her for lier eldest daughter 2«^v. ^oi, LTC touched in this is a fan begimiiijg to is om av ont with an oval face, •a sweet, sleudtu expression! thi>s year with more Yi- T . 1!> J c "» wiui more fiJT^W^dutanptneaB. His emphatically the good tarmors that have the good crops ,ttas yew, Good farming means more than plowing, so wing and-harvesting. It means tot and toremost, keeping the land in the pest possible condition of fertility A great inaiiy farmers excuse their lighl • on the plea hffi'.OT ft } 8 .?T 0 L l - U i e , plea *^t they had. "old tad, " by which they mean that tbeirlaBd^asbeeiiincorn, or corn uud oats, or corn, oats and wheat, a of yeW8jnt«eces8iop. This is not- good for- SSSSf? V ?*^' H]LAhou .S ib *o» J « *Hf nim-o lire Obliged to do it. Ap-uin, theie ttl-M m.iuy held* whicfi hhow widely difPormt' results nem fyxmn way have clover aoj fr °«l»Mwnlly thy aft(Uyet tl-pre and figure as graceful as a swuyinclily she 11 ask you to dinner for a week. Plays fussy wants a corner" and "Hunt the slipper. Loves to "teeter." With an eighteen-foot board you have to pull all but about thirty inches over to your side ot the trestle to make it balance. When the board is balanced right in the middle, she can fire thn whole young men's Bible class up into the air as though they had been fared from a catapult. When her end of the board bangs down on the ground it jars all the buds off the trees. Fond of mountain climbing. Usually fastens on to a young man to drag her,up. Olde* brethren too wary. They dragged her up hi'llg when she was younger. Besides, the old youngsters retain their old-time prejudice 1V» Til.vnr nF'.uniinrvn« „.;»!„ miA_. T__l* i " V 7,"^ ^ - *^* ' VMV** vivvimm? MlclUUlCc in tavor of ;younger girls. They help her daughters up. Man never mistakes Bother for daughte^ going up mountain. Apt to wafee that mistake about Juncheon-time only. Oh, yoknow the old—elderly—that l8 .- mi 7J. e .\ a ge4 woraan who is the youngest of the lot!" And, knowing her, that is, m we.U itfWjnjai—yjw has Jonc' since shed nia vrm»i3 o*irl «.n,Dnrl n f*~, An _^L .f corns is yom tiiv onto ,».»vj. 15 who had just conje^ carried thiee thick i Scott," ho answered with fact was, his parents hai of reaJing, and the lu when he announced Scott inpcredn to Ins t.iste, 5. Theie is, a curreit opimonnh cures toi something besidel boy s book, lie is a "goodp whj this <-hould be one finds plain. No one thiiiks a-bp dude because heal ways" loc"" edj nor is a boy laughed a. ness, at least by sensible word he uses is not elan^ best taste in books shou aged in a toy one would clear- Parents often sa; take a run with certain ' or Kingston's, us they the whooping-cough, will prefer something boys, and we can't ex- at once. In fact, we be." So theyai-e let with the ttuscelliin they lose their boyis! the models of the S But some of us ki. young friends, re,il souielhing better f wise parents. An sceesful t9.ep, we ijSfWtWJt, ow in or- knced. he to get Ight, who are now ., and Mr. [hard work )e excelled, jveuimm on lo Alto coun- v Intend buy- it least double "order to meet iand for their fcf West Bond •evening, Sept. rofflcovs for the Vrlghti V. T., v, Bta Vanoej naucial secvota- t G W. Tuniori bite; P. 0. *•' Time NOUCO. This is to give aottoeto aU oonoeraed that I l}avo jg iven mv ^^eafter I 17m4 A. SCHAEPFER, President. bum. Vnellsli Spavin Imminent , es ail havd soft or^«^««»%Sj .^.^f^n-m TlOVBOS, moou .- 01 gprftjnS, ftll China Boars of Burt, NORTH Taylor's. TII15 HEAl 1 ) MAST IIOS33,. igulur S«ene in the Ofllee'of a Colorado Corouei 1 . l 'riend of John Bergan, wV,o, reoently ead near Twenty-first and 'Larimer s, had a thrilling experience in ;Cor\Valley's oltlco which -may turn his . ;ray, says the Denver News. Bergau i Le buried and had to bo laid o_ut ratory to being dressed in his burial ivas covered with a white sheet, Ear- he evening Bab Roberts, one of the sr's assistants, who had been worked all day, lay down on n long bench •he corpse, and, drawing a sheet over ) prevent the flies from bothering vent to sleep. dead and sleeping men were in the positions when one of ^organ's j came to pay the last tributes to end. The fellow was a little the for several good-sized glasses of / r.nd on entering the morgue ast^d the remains of his friend. Ty mployed there were busy at thb jointing over to the bench where ^fruis were lying said, "There he is." visitor went over to the bench where erts was sleeping and giving him a L - j slap on the stomach said: /T| r Jack! it was only the day befor/ T^ly i W as after asking him to have a ^ %d me." . low awoke Roberts and he hastily $, ht, The'man's hair stood on end s faced by his supposed dead ' id with a howl of terror which ' he clock he rushed through the , and down Fourteenth street at a * oh would beat the best profession , >r in the country, e a yell every few jumps and tV jf him he was nearly to_ tr* ver and was still going. Friends t- llixt Ung to find him, and it is pre- cou ' he will be heard from after he rrage, lie Im his fright, x with (h indignantly wanted to^ry to r a thus rudely disturbed, di ^as go convulsed with Jrug r. )UJd not answer him. f is sale s Xoitr«e I)euyl»6 «"> '1™**-. 1 n " :..;* A«iid f!h*rrv Of , 35" -hvud *•Son oc- iu ttio now UIOOK. *•:' , PM,., Oct. 6.—A rule s *a the case of Annie'fJu Pastor Roberts was asked ft >n,e of the reasons was tho ul plaintiff from the court them from i ought a similar ca&e agmwy. • K in Dane county.^Wjsccm^ ' I M . Rpberts fc«),dere3 K»n * ,s* F.

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