The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 8, 1890 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1890
Page 2
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,J^?5l- k handful of old itfeff atid worn* bitte gone to chorcfe so l6n| tkf! th'ej : Hatred rheumatism." tiro's * torVo writes from oroii to F fte Chicago Sews that it seemi more than ev* likely that the Passion Play Will never tte teitto gfiifl -„ Witnessed half of this frill visit Chicago Atatai vxvi-wuui. tiw, fulq Will tttftRS SOfllfi in behalf «f COBgre'ssWari Mason. f Hftftft is to inmate in the Georgia State Lunatic Asylnfn who imagines, in his insanity that he is a frrain rf corn. He frill not (?o into the vatd fci ' will eat him. TUB fearing the chickens *Mftliit has teaks en Sf)left«M Fttfcfg State. flrj to ffiteeto fhe front TOfJ«ii6 Cofofany'a works j^ *_ . • „ r ' X 9 "' * we b '°*n- "t> Mon daj tavniffg' and ohaftafi was* kill Qra BMteta ihaohiMM from .Victoit. theii-year-old »6Yi M te is Gf«nd>, -of Idfaift, Mienig 4U*£ B Campion bMUcr-producing- co» o{ ie world is named Euratbaums, owned in Massachusetts, and her record is 945 )ounds uid nine ounces bf butter in on* •ear. TUB failure of the Kansas corn crop has called the farmers' thoughts to wheat flgaih, and it is predicted that the acreage "i wheat the coming year will exceed that of any previous year, REV. PATituii WAiyrRit, pastor of St. Patrick s Church at Washington, is going to write his reminiscences of the famous 1 trial . of Mm Siirfatt, the twenty-five TV-IT* *%j n «*ofthe British =v c «u.m dond at Oberafnraag-au. the w C r? h 'u ^tel^tl hom ^ Wllm »f l f*• "sentitaentatHemais against the per- s^Wtobechole^^ a dlsease A is fermance." Arch-bishop Oorrigan Of Sew fork, on his late return from Ed- rope, was quite enthusiastic over the play". Aft American family even more saccsss- fnl than the Jeromes in allying itself with foreign noblemen {9 that of James Price of -Wilmington, t»el., whose three elder daughters have secured husbands from the German nobility, ftnd whore fourth daughter, Anna Hollingsworth, is now announced to be engaged to t'rinci' Frederick Wilheltn Eardeck. I/ATEU reports confirm the fears that the world has suffered an irreparable loss in the Alhambra fire. The money notamount to more than a few „„..„ dollars, but the beautiful Moorish artwork that was destroyed cart never be replaced. The Alhambra still stands as one of "th*e handsomest arid most perfect wort™ "n« i n man'in' architecture' and d«Z5 . L Bo *$ f f" 1 ^ 1 "* nfldfiwfs - lo , hw "^ TLT L , ™"" l *" lllrB ™a decoration, ror, that American women spend 862 000 Much of its glory has departed, but what 000 a year for cosmetics, most of which is left will be more carefully cherished on "*? • e o£ ZU1C> 0 " de ' calomel and other that account. J poisons. OIIAIHMAK PAWIIJIJ, of the 1* air national commission, has board of seven lady managers of the exposition. Ihree are members of the Queen •h* ft 1 * ° f Teftn., has suspended *llooo 8flrfi 6stitoftted W ' at Jackson, efit. The on ; t., Tuesday fnorh* , did 1175,000 damage. The prinbipal lowers we Anfel, fdrnitufe store j P - Tariety ( .ai,-dfKo?8by f saloon. IniurahcB BttmlJ. GES. JBBAJ, A. E.t.sLfr ivas.steficiiflff in front of a bnildinjr on Main street; Lynchburg, Vn., Tuesday, which was recently burned, when suddenly the wall fell, burying him ih a mass of debris. He wns rescued ih about twenty minuies, only shorhtly hurt, from nndef some lartfs timbers which held the debris from bis body. It was a narrow escape. A rAssftNOBJi who arrived at Pendletoft Saturday morning, brings the news of n perious wreck that occurred Friday nt Wwei yWAe 4** sebats-adjourhed wiSbonFday""""™ "™ I !?il** flMlifee'caft'aafc but be" M«» ? .-Mr. Carte* (Montana) in the andw^^A^ h i house today submitted the conference re-' *"" P^/rress, atd of the eatri «* on the bill to dispose of the Fort 'His Inihtary reservation in Jft This bill Mr. Allen (Utat.) took as *-. .^«. te W hich he charged the re- and iri- y j T gate , •- ••f^»ftfftf *j« it UHjU,UU IJUUittft publican pflftv with degerteraej consistency. Mr. McCreary (1 notice that he would raise the point of no jnorum against the conference report and ST. Carter .Withdrew it. Mr.'casw")! (Wis.) submitted a letter addressed to the S? 8 1&I- 9lm ^- r .,^? n ^ ie s d6ri ^ ™rr P rf n ™ ?!?* o^*?'/ 13 " 8 to this method. to saw wheat in - cw»«»«d 6f the « t" * i«np«8Sio n «. Whea f tu T ? coma t*o years ago the f*« ? Si 8 ? 1 f enied abuM »aI and to t* &£*& b i lb £?•? *t *^ e toade II 1 ! e , Y ^£i he W^t°* *, a| uf that • s - ftken ' ftfid althouh there is "'• i .I ii. A Prof, tMfft* ftftftft iwirfeg tto fet&fbiej is- to J the Syifein Is .pfbftonfccea: aft'fin. pfotefiicni; Qfkt Aftythtoff 8d Fftr ne. My ruBiniiwrer w neat, tehuerintf «.*p . n ,IM,M signation. Subsequently Mr. Spoonw ff we 8 hou O&owthf committee submitted his we would » ld «.*p . n ,IM,MH,I — t ° , - -, -;-;£••*—••• «• CTOWU 10 HUrKiniT* band bf Spanish gypsies with gay L Kerchieft for n moment are brilliantly < lined ftffain&t •• - - • and u.iui .,1 JU.TH, ourraic, me twenty-live I tsf— ---va uimu uwuixeu i-nauy nc years'silence imposed on him by his Dish- ij ," otw R ° n ' l WauCanza, near Shoshone, "* >•»-!"•- -"-i-j J i IS. aho > on the Oregon short line. Hlj 6 / 1 .^ 0 """.fwtmnil ran into the east road will njw receive $40,000' pen are sub- Ihe »e would ..„, doubled once of all the mark, we sugacity .years hence same may be -„ , _. _-. „.„«„,„. v ^ uc ,, t luuu (/aiu w air £S?«JJ, by the Ne * York Central, who get KATE Fiiii,» has been examining some statistics furnished her by the Chicago LOUD SACKVILLB is evidently as ambitious to secure a reputation for meanness as Mr. George Washington Childs to scours one for generosity. He still holds to his alleged rights in the land on which the memorial fountain at Stratford-on- Avon stands, and so the American donor has offered to buy the spot of him. No wonder that the English journals are filled with unkind remarks regarding tho lordship's course and that the people of Stratford propose to give Sackvillethe sack if they can. OWE of the essentials to a good photo- SATOKDAY, Sept. 27. Sena/c.^-The house joint resolution authorizing the secretary of the navy to purchase nickel or matte was taken up and Mr. Cameron's amendment disagreed to. The'senate resumed consideration of or) gives rise to a grave suim'cion that some private nrrangemi '' • •' - them whereby DaTtorl, and 50th congresses ,™ v profits out of his contracts for carrv mails although no absolute proof"was obtained. The report is accompanied by Fare i s%*ffi&43££ origin. tome of . mainly di- but those who e y «,„„ ' a resolution rteelaJing the offleS of DOS* the into n? entT ^ es tment can find it in master p the house vacant, and directing ^ - the Woman's Auxiliary The cbairwoman n * P ntb ' ™™«™rt providin " u " urwomlul is Mr8 ' Potter Palmer.' Mlls - JE8 8IE BENTON t C ° nffre88 ' she de9ired , Tn ™ D " VIOE PKBRIDEKT WKBB, of the New York Central llailroitd, 1ms issued a circular, wliidi has be<m sent to Hie heads f ' hu Tarioa 'P^^a ts announcing .- -n - -—; •• u»uw»i.iiuv;ui. prOVlUittff , it the act shall not apply to any organ- Cation of musicians or orchestras wps FajMipwr,, Jri : agreed to. Mr. Hoar moved that tho" amendment shall not apply to teachers. Iho amendment was agreed to and the bill went over without action. Tho sen ate bill to establish a United States land court, was recommitted to the committee • n private land claims. The house bill tor the adjustment of accounts of laborers, workmen and mechanics under the eic-ht- hour law. went over without action and *T adjourned. :lean one—and photographers have much trouble, it is taid, because thfiy do not like to make suggestions which might be resented by their sitters. The London Daily news tells the story of a photographer "who, being confronted with a, decidedly dirty fuce, contrived as if by accident, to drop a sp ot of lampblack | found over 8.500 upon the customer's cheek. 'So sorry; extremely careless on my part,' said the diplomatic operator, 'but you mil find "soapand water and towels, madam, in this little cabinet.'" But rumor neglects to say whether or not the likeness satisfactory in this case. quested to call the attention of employes to the circular. ni 4 , 1VEE 'f,. .".f" lf 1ras discovered that the official figures at Washington gave only 5,0i!8 as the population ofllowa Citj and an application tor a recount wns made. Jn the mean time the Daily Republican, at its own expense, mude a canvass of the city and . j . ,- peoplfi including- 1.000 students and families who are hero nine months of tho year. The government ordered a recount. has FOREIGN. , the republican members desired no more than one hour for.debate on tho tariff bill. He asked, therefore, that tha debate should continue for hvo hours, two hours to bo given to the friends and the three to opponents of the report of tho tariff conforces. Mr. McMillan protested iitjainst a limitation being put upon the discussion, but suggested tlmt if such limitation were made the hour should bo fixed at six o'clock. Mr McKinley acquiesced, and asked for consent that the previous question be ordered at that hour. To this Mr. McMillan objected, thereupon Mr. McKinley gave notice he woulddcmand the previous question at5:30 ----- j —-.»..n j^w*Ji/MJl*OWJt IV IJCl 1C duties untila postniaster shall be ai,, ed and qualified. Mr. Hayes BiibttiftL, „ minority report dissenting in reference to PoBtmaster Dalton. Pentlinjf discussion upon the question Mr. McKinley called up the resolution for adjournment with an amendment fixing the hour at 8 o clock. It was agreed to. The Wheat resolution t was then agreed to. Tho speaker laid before the house a letter from Representative Conger stating that hn lmt;/fqr<varded to the. governor of Iowa his resignation as a representative from the seventh district ot tho stain. The «peakor stated that ho had received a substantially simillur communication from Heusesentative Deluivcn, of tup first dis- Inid. -The senate concurrent resolution for negotiation with Grert Britain nnd Mexico for the prevention of tha entry of Chinese laborers into tho United States was agreed to. Mr. Caswell (Wis.) asked unanimous consent for the consideration of a resolution electing B. J. Flint of Wisconsin postmaster of the house. Mr. Williams (Olnoj objected nnd Mr, Cnswell withdrew the resolution. Mr. McKinley. chairman of the committee appointed lo wait upon tho president, announced that Ihe presidenl had no further communication to make and then - the house took a recess. During the recess nearly all tho members left the hall to make preparations for tlioir departure from the city, and when tho speaker reconvened the house, tho official looked down upon a vast array of empty seats. He merely «tated that according to the concurrent resolution, he declared the first session of (no Htty-urst congress adjourned without ah emnireh if ' d?vi ? d£8-tU ,„„./' -fu? \ lo »»>tndinally int- hil ,7,r.l!. fi t •' with , - lts " nllJ middle the assistant postmaster to perform th dvid-tU ,„„.' -u o »>nay hil ,7,r.l!. fi t •' with , - lts commanding " Is of St. Michis surging. A and- the jloinbre w'ails""of the >M8 singing out of sight '» *rrite( Ernest JDeLancy .... Myraid voi«6s hum. A medley . of «*«.,iVf.'"-i'" '— teft - Everywhere life spenksiii its many tongues. But let us 2Sf 2i"!!2 ft* */"« * ben <$ h .«* fewer, President Palme* Will Not Accept the Urge Salfti-y Voted film by Cofigfess. Unmasked, not the dark . ^ d i J*° bn i?^ ? ilo!] » n ted rest to weary, world-worn hearts. . i> W , n Sii^Mf i ^ ye , lloJ * rfla ' meS oftii e old guardinn s lantern sheds aghnst y glow on , Upri ^ hfc »^V the alF petrified bodies ih , wall. They are the a entlv nexhni I t thfl farming, and th ° thfl 8tat8 . in Population rn destined to have more i than the state of stands at the gateway of as Washington standx M the commerce o'f the have a better population. oes of men an<f women and chfldran that were brought here from the churchyard after the revolution. The darkest dream Of Poe, the most horrible conception of the painter Wiertz are ! u _ i ;fi ll ? 8ed >y tins cave of awful and CtticAoo, Oct. 2.—Trie national committee on classificati&n; which for ten day a has been working on the divisions of the groat fair, has at last, marked out divisions, into which the exhibits will be divided. They have been practU f) y j-5 8re i upotl( i V? b » bt formally adopted, and are as follows: Each letter represents a department: A—Affrlelillnre. B—viticulture nnd hortlciiltnre. C—Live Btfick. ' JJ-Jllnoi itml metallurgy. B-Mschlnery. s F-Blectrlclty und ulectriciil nuiilliinces. trlesT "" Bhd olhof ei^otatlve Indus- II—ftnonriB rol/tllons ' K—JlnHiniond flshorlefl. NesbitT ., foil .pnrimit, Nesbitt !SSf ***!?. dl8tan «s them tot few blocks *«en strength out grave , The bi " to the house and the the Seemly of *w that ** eft6n <* ^e governor and h l 8 » { #»»t<*6. «•?the measure tinder A The United stfttca Capt. Cavanaugh, command*i. ?u?- er1 ? wd 'i* 1i jt h *«s »HII demanding the punishment of Perry Kurt Nesbit. to He Says That thfe Done Hs Duty Hr the gfl) Mit.«uirM*. Oct. S.-WhHt-Easy; So. 9 •prUig, (M@(I5 for feller CM*; No. t northern Corn-Firm; No. 8, 4fl®41)J4 for seller cnMi. OMt.Blowj No. 2, white, 89)t@40 for seller Citsh. ProvMona-Qtllet. Pork-ll.TTH seller January. for clili'Hco Mnrhoi, CmoAoo, 111., Oct.S.-i-'lottr-Stettdy and nn- spl .| ng whent ..r, ... Wha.- tot pictorial, piAetlc and decorstlra: history, lltomturo nnd eocl Pfofessor Qnode who yesterday explained his system Of classification, examined he so-called l)e Young classification nnd bofore the committee today said that he PPP';9 vetl mos ' p£ it and thought divid whiter wheat, ilrye, 8.40®8.75. cash! WIJ4@!«J£ (or Mllor'December; *b for sellerTHiry. Con -Steady• for seller cnshf «J«®l8-4 for Heller Novembnr for seller Way. Oats-^ISiUy. 885 caehj 88!i for 9C || 0 r Dccomher; for seller jfny. Itye-Qulet; m<A |J,, r . !!r^""' '^-5'"" «»1-9w.ndyi 1.60. T.,1,0- Onr Charge d'Affairts Mft{ftlft|i Knssia Contemplates Ff om Its 1/enient lWf< «oller .}.. — -^ "•"" """ " l UW1UI unu i ' g v pallid spectres that seem to make moniice lns the agricultural department into three and leer at you as the yellow light falls UD- M f f eat , de P artmen t» instond of one. us he on them. F Placed it, was a decided improvement. Ho , "« n'lgnt imagine you stood amid tho Tlfl n. T^ who , 1r , e ^l 0". the summit of thoBrockenon Walpurgis night as you meet this line of dead. They stand in all sorts of atti tides, crouching, | 2 aning against each other, and some have even the air of trying to, climb the wall, in order to escape from tho ghastly c i' »; improvement.- He summed up Ins criticism in the remark tuut the committee had made a great many improvements on his classification and ,f they would only rearrange the departments of science, literature, education, etc., it would please public generally. It is given out' > l ily,t»iifc President Palmer of the world s fmr commission will not accept ».» for teller c.»htlI.6SKfer«eller January! 12.25 for sollor Mny. Urd-fii»ey j r, 2', for tellir M«b:8.4f«(a«.flo for seller Januarys «.S?'4 for seller M«y. SI, 0 ulder«-W)» W @5.W,s .hort clear, 6.r«@s.t6 ; ,hort rib., Ml. Uutter- Baltor, crenmei-y, U&&. datt y, lmw chws() _ teiiieti full cream cliwidarB, &S8!i- Hnt s 8X®85^ i young ,t merlcus, «X®nM. Egga-Mrm:' fresh, irais. UWw-Unchahgodi heavy nnd 11,-ht green sailed, IS'/,; green lild<i B . v/,; united bull.B green sailed calf, HSSJi; dry dim, 8®lli dry cnlf, B®.9; deacoiis, (-ncli, So. 'fallow—Weady; No I >olld inched, 4"i, f> 0 . a, 4: cuke,4J4. the i~i,"~v«—' , " *° vi j ^*r unwisely, Irish anu llalmn IB Delmitted to our shores. coast. For Upmost part Ihese^classes'To not get beyond the cost, where they CllQ>niBnlirnu IF *. nn _M.i.. •. t\* «-,,:«•• , . , '«" «*"«««i»"iun win noc accent Ihe slranee earth in which tlmy were } h ? B 1 nr ^ of W2.000 p B ryear voted him, buried completely tanned their skins and but W1 " wntent Ijimself with his six dol- s n imrtly potnfiod it. But here and there it has fallen away, revcnli.i . has fallen away, revcnli.ig the crumbling the commission by congress, and will ao bpnes beneath. Time mid the action of tho ^P, 1 . 1 "' 8 9 n| y wll on in actual performance s sx on por th . Bm . M voM tor the members of the commission by congress, and will ao . n o o ,. , air have strangoly contorted and twisted of bl8 dutles ' cities. Washington be the the inrge most m Kuropo to draw its supplies over the sea, and It is too expensive or them to come overlnnd. i have no- iced ha all. the emigmnta pLh.g '' 1 ? 1 1 - n wa » on lmins come from lC ,' )ll o cni Kansas appears to be the best state to t out of. Although there are some for- 1 " 3 r »- ;lr on<l cmi«r ant prosecuting the Boiilangists will be raised in the chamber of deputies. THE appeal of Messrs. O'Brien and , ........,an>ui; HU,™ 2, l !Lls ^?!L b . e . l . n ? 5 r i ed w°™ th ? »v fei ati °" »>° ra «»trict the high court . trial, therefore, Widiibsday. • denied justice at Dublin. The proceeded at Tipperary CirANCELLon CAPIIIVI has refused to admit Russian pork into Germany, on the ground, as he told the petitioners, that disease was prevalent in that country. In the opinion of Minister William Phelips, he will soon be obligodto move this restriction from American pork. TheBerliners have eaten several thousand horses within the past year, because of security of cheap food. Pork comes i u from Denmark and Austria and Hungary, , „ „ ..,,..<,..^-.,.,,c^ ul . but not in sumdnnt supply, and the news- ? Iedle /> owner of the cutler Isabel, belong- t\nv>n>. n « .• n_ • i-. f • I intf to idarHonnnl »nA fl->u m.^.., «c *».. 4 AM anti-Iinglish feeling is prevalent in i -?i Ro f. omtt ' ihreatshave been made to Kill the ex-British consul in revenge for the part he has taken in securing privileges for foreigners through the native courts. • ADVICES from New Guinea state that Mr. nays, 79, The conference report' was agreed to—yeas, 152 (the speaker voting in the affirmative); nays, 61. The only deviation trom a strict party vote was Alessrs. Coleman, Featherstone and [felly who .voted with the democrats in the negative. Mr. McKinley then reported from the committee on ways and means a resolution providing for final adjournment iuesday next; it was adopted without tho house ad j papers, especially in Saxony, are advocating the sduiission of this food from America. Petitions have been presented from Hamburg, Kouigsberg and Berlin, and others are to be laid before the chancellor from other parts of the empire. Mr. Phelps thinks that the popular demand for the removal of these restrictions is constantly growing stronger and that before long the chancellor will be forc3d to yield. „ to Hartlepool, and the crewof tlTe vessel, which were engaged in fishing for pearls off New Guinea, have been massacred by the .natives. The cutter was looted and then scuttled. A QBIIMAK lady has been arrested at Cannes who had in her possession a num- her of topographical charts of the fortress nnd plans of tho other defenses of the town. ... • /,,", F c P or . te < 1 that civil war is imminent in Lhili, owing the contest between congress and the presilent. who refuses to choose a new cabinet. The president is backed by the troops, while congress has the support of the people. a '.TV r fpoHed that the Spanish govern« '""""JT a cordon of troops along Portugal in consequnnce of CRIME. CHICAGO hasau "institution," supported by voluntary contributions called the "Bureau of Justice," the function of which is to see to the administration of justice in cases of misfortune, oppression, mean- I it, — • "• -"«•" •" "-"HocquiuiBe or ness and cruelty. It is doing a large work coSn'lS?"' ° £ & revolution in thafc and doing it creditably, for its Brat year it dealt with 1100 and in its second 2500- But whaUcommentary it is upon the administration of justice in Chicago that in so many cases the victim of misfortune, oppresbion, meanntss' and cruelty were forced to depand upon the heln nf n •v 'iii . ,. "'P OI a i „ " "n<"ic,iii<, uiq iiiuraereror lit charitable organization for the protection finall J' b een found guilty of the which the law is supposed to secure to .„ oc ! 9 ' ock 'P ntario - "nd has been sen every law-abiding citizen. Instead of de- vember Dt " th0 14Ul of N °- vising and constructing new machinery to make • up the defects of he old, would it not be better to go to the ';of the evil? The path that leads to ice is often long and tortuous. H [•might be shortened and straightened. Sept..29. ,, 6e ""'?-~f(ic conference rcpoit on the tariff bill wus presented in the senate today und read at length. Mr. Hoar reported from the committee a resolution, which was adopted,'declaring tlmt Ihe senators from North and South Uiikota, Montana and Wyoming were m- titleil to compensation from the dntn of the admission ,,f those stoics. Mr. Morgan offered a resolution (which was agreed to) calling on the president for copies of all orders and instructions | since March 1st, respecting the regulation ot tho fur seal fisheries of Alaska or Behring sea. The house bill defining the .duties of the sergennt-at-urms passed Ihe individual pension bills on the calendar was taken up and passed (fortv- rour in twenty-five minute). Jfoiitie.—ln the house today, on motion of Mr. Henderson, the bill was passed appropriating $28,000 to supply the deficiency in appropriation for the compensation of members of the house " to ammendment was concurred bill granting leave of absence to c erks und employes of first und second- class postofhces The amendment extends tin benefits of the measure to tho om- jjloyes in ' the mail bag repnir nhopi, - conference report on the bill to !„- Hie crease the efficiency of the signal! =orns army and. transfer to the weather service CUAKLES MclM'ANE, a Brooklyn murderer, has been sentenced to death by - —- ™ a -> -- —• vu* »• HI, | J(H (jllldlli ^Vj to. On motion of Mr. Payson, of UlfnofsT vr«afi^ -^^tf!™*. | Sr ffgn^^r st?Sfi: on public lands in case of drought senate joint '--"- - A JCOYAI, 1'lIU.AJiTIIUQI'lBT. TlioCrowti I'rlii,:,, of Auntrlii's Cliurltlcii —The .Sorrow* ot lllit Lite. It is, perhaps, not generally known that the Crpwn Prince ot Austria is one of Ihu greatest philanthropists of tho age. Dur\"S the life of the late Crown Prince Jtuaplf he WHS u penbonuee of very little importance even in hirfown country His immense wealth, however, gave him renned taste smd gen'enil culture rendered bun un authority upon literature and art. As time passed ho began to realize that ne could better organize his work in the capital than, elsewhere. He therefore established himself in Vienna, where he soon began to be regarded as u general benefactor. He at once took the lead in every movement for improving l,he condition of tho working classes. His energy was turned chiefly in the direction of establishing technical schools and hospitals. He also contributed largely to all existing charities. Perhaps the unluippines.s of his life has had much to do with the softening of his character. He bus hud more than his fail- shore of sorrow. When in 1853 he was appointed Viceroy of Tjrol and brought with him his bride, a Saxon i'rinces,s, the lyrolcsBo population united in giving them n welcome such as no tovreign hud receive;! there for centuries. Within n year his young bride—a girl ot seventeen summers—died suddenly, in the morning tho young Archduchess was seemingly in perfect health; before night- tall she passed away. Ho pasiioimtely a(- tached to bis young wife was ha tlmt, when slio died fears were entertained least his intense grief should affect his reiison Sorrow has undoubtedly loft its murk upon the niiiti, He is now 57 yoara o£ *...»., IL «,. ""...W1.VI UIU,Ur,IIlL trains, they arc of the most ptovident class, lie Scandinavians. But the great mnjorl itv of the passengers are Americans. Many of them may be of foreign descent, but limy have become acclimated to our soil and to our habits of acting and thinking. • Before leaving Tacoma 1 paid a visit to that great American wank, whoso brains so rattlo about in his head. Nevertheless they tire brains such as many a staid, ro- IwwM WOU ' d b ° g] ° I )JMe » s ! f about all there ie, hickir.n,, the OTgunlla- tion of George Francis T.airr. ITioso of JH, who ridicule him should not forget that the country » indebted to h,m for t),D first conception and plan of the trawconli- „ ,t l L r !!i r l n l'.»*.« t f*PP«». ".together the bones and muscles. , Some with hands clasped and faco fixed in a terrible smile, as though mocking at death. Others with awful agony on their parchment features, as if they hnd endured the torments of Hades. Still others express fury, with their hands clinched in rage. As the light falls on them they seem to be suddenly endowed with life, and tho eyes bum with a sudden fire that causes a shudder of fear in tho henrts of the living who contemplate them. One of the most, appalling in this hor- «Kv> nrn. uKiroitD KKCISIVKS IIA.U, An 0*liho»)i Mllllomtlro Extend* the Hiuul of FriumlAlil], (,, the l/nrartuimte. .Oct. 2.—The Rev. A. M. lortonville, arrested a few years ngo for raisins and attempting to pass United .States currency and who confessed his jfuilt. on Saturday evening, was 20r,CKMj iblpmoiHH, IKi, MI. ont*_i(BCHintp, aaa.unc! « sis, «»i CHICMMO. Oct. a.-Th* Chleaeo .limrm.l reirorif: Cattli'-KecBititi., 10,010: IrreRular- stcors **»»! Texa. fll e P r fl , 2 ,^. a .,. t run^e cow'; 1.80®2.!». Hogs-Hecolpt-. 20,000; Irregular' P»eko«, 8.(W@4.«5, prime heavy and butcher.'' weights, 4.4(134.05; pig,., a.Sn@*.16. -Sheep-He- celptt, 10,1100; Blow and lower lambs, 8.«0@8 Tfi nives andwelher», mixed, 4.23®4.8:); wettern 4flO ©I.U5; fodToxans, 4.10; liiinbs, 6.00(9)5 n ' IIKCOAUJTO WAStttNOTON, Oct. I.—!„„ today transmitted to the house i to a resolution concerning the eW 1 of prpscriptive edicts against IhS Russia, a report from the secreCi state upon the subject. Spcret«r> j refers to the correspondence On thei sent to the bouse in 1882. siiys since that date correspohdgnel been had with the government ih fL in a case of alleged interference b* „„ smn authorities with the rights bfrt] citizens of the United States profesSifitft being supposed lo proW J 6 |i faith. He says the correspindence 6V that the United States govcrnmgl * omitted no proper occasion of rpmont^» against the application of a religions' i, to our citizens in Russia or havinff] terests m Russia nnd ngfliHst*t, enforcement of rt disqualification foutil on euch a lest, which proceeding is r " i out a warrant of recognition in the stipulations between the United „,„«, [and Russia, an 1 moreover isre&ughal to the fundamental doctrirJB 11 ^ a freedom of conscience - v equality of religious belief which organized society almost I versally rests. The secretary further when it was first reported the Rusi government was about to take measrj resulting in tho expulsion of a vast ttti oer . ot its subjects because of th" _ religion, our charge do affaires at Stfl Petersburg advised the department that! he had the highest, authority for nmitt4 taming that the Russian government doe* J not contemplate any change from " "' ot the - , . this morniii »t I I ~-'" ".V".. • »lJJS!t!|Aliy II riblo host is that of a general who was killed in a duel. You can see tho great wound and his mouth is contracted in a smilo of scorn. Then a family of horrors who died of poipoii, * By tho time one has looked upon half a dozen of these fearful figures there is a sudden sense of terror, a feeling tlmt, we have passed from earth to tho regions of the damned. Tho old caretaker who )ive« quite near bis horrible neic-hbnrs suddenly to change in form an ' ami Ins lace assume the look of of Evil. And it is with a fense of relief that the man come of up irning from tho coiinty jail tho bond being signed by n, the millionaire Tumber- Han ishlfosh. The for hearing case will during ths October 'term of the "United -States district court. All of tho testimony acquired regarding an industry of this character goes to prove that the reverend gentleman, must bo extraordinarily expert, as it is claimed that only a man of the (jreatost experience, and thoroughly conversant with every - detail pertaining to the general value of the bills in their construction, could be able to perform such a feat it ™rr -,. ™ wr i apart, Ihe millionaires of Omaha ana nil of its people should remember that to him they are indebted for their location and their prosperity. It was this crank" too, who built the first street railway in ""' whlch80me " f i'« citizens w e ghastly cortege in left behind nnd DID turquoise sky and bright, glad sunlight nrc beheld oncn more. Only a step from this tower of tears into the song nnd sunshine of tho street. citizens, who f • s r nt B y 8tet " of "t rl "n. tore up in disgust. His familiar figure is_no moro seen in Madison square 10 death. / XT tr "*"*« n«0li 111 1UUU1HQU SOU of New ^ prk, surrounded by the chifd I;HI t T' " ve " lile? ollt of town in a little frame *hiuirr of one story, twenty feet square. To reach it wo drovaat first over a dust.v road, then amor.g half-burned stumps and nt lust UirougE a bonutiful natural nark of flrs. Then we came "a small clearing where this extraordinary man 1ms built his house. It is easily ree- Intensive Farm Work l>"r~LaiIfeH. An editor of an Ohio exchange made u visit to the model farm of that state, being that of I. 13. Terry, whose reputation as a fanner has gone beyond the slnte lines. thcmurdererof Bonwel, has ^^^£^^T^ to Black cranberry IT is fair to infer Mr. Balfour's policy by the acts of the magistrate before whom the Irish nationalists are on trial. It is extreme coercion, and the imposition of the most, severe penalties in the event of V- the conviction. The deeds and utterances i of the prisoners for several years aro to be examined to incriminate them, and the Whole record of the Smith-Barry warfare is to be brought up against them, and as much more as possible. Tho permission given tothe crown attorney ( wnend life complaint and his openiii" ^ the hearing indicate this. It really look therefore, as though Mr. Baltour believp W hw ability to wipe out the league an f the nationalists at one fell swoop by gath \ enax ia the leaders, and jailing them, i f thi* ii bis purpose, he has a sizable under faking on Ma bands. The difficulty wil River regions, , win 11 -,-iV.Y itu a (loil "le biirrelled"h'iiot'gu'i' Irank Mike and White Thunder, two Winnebagoes who live at the Indian mission not far from this city. The shooting lie says was unprovoked. One of th > in- dmns will not recover. A THIO of counterfeiters, who have been '" ri '"|{ Lansing, Mich., with bogus sil- ara, wi.-re captured at North Lans- 'no of thi ...._. . . .„ ' V ,M icinifty ' C811ie "in- I u ' r ^ an3 »avy dopaiimenfs'to "submilTo nW%, T fa« F°;'fe'f esfl Positions for the enactment Green B"av7,?iTr'^',l « i- & 7 anton °« the into law of the recommendations of the & for'a^n'f, ^"^^K \ ^™^ --""K 1 ?? ^^ °n * , - . . ••"• *•* ntjft tri lunia ui. ago, but looks much older, owing mainly to the expression of sadness which, it is said, never leaves his face. JnlUG'2 at tun urgent entreaty of tho emperor, he married a second time. His briilo wa the InncQss Annunciata, of Naples, wh also died, leaving two sons and ii daugh ter. ' It, not whom to arrest ami prosecute, bu , *I»M n&t to. If he boffins with member a parliament, ho must follow down the ««te to the tenants, who agree together fcft* pay their rent, not forgetting (ha . by the wuy. Free and coiiKtitu- ooki trell.-trying, like the ( a whole nation. dixputcli of two or three J$T» contained an interesting acounl insovt-ry by I' r ,jf. J 0 «eph Hirsch of o/ exlractinjf aluminum from at a rawt of a few cents a pound. The this discovery was h'rsl months ago, and denounced I »arne time oti a fraud, but I'rof. | inaiaU upon his original story, and •o allorina' that we prefer to believe t* true. Aluminum is the largest «arue time one of the strongest ie metals. It U easily manipulated impervious to rust. Prof. Uirsch to be able to extract sixteen pounds uHiBum from 100 pounds of clay, and ^ iMt has already made 2,000 pounds jfrjll won be reauy to manufacture that Ifcty dftily- An interesting statement - mr sleeping cars of the Thompson » to U built ol the metal mado H»rsch at once. The V ul uo O f iWhwlougbcen appreciated uod on Hulitt. The ea c were surprised in tlieir room in the very c ' oit1 ' wi(h i motion of Mr. CnldwollV to prevent of Ohio, a the desficnt- AXJ> CIIAJlAC-rHR Ji\J>EX. i- f.i T secru- l on of the Dime, Slates (Ug by printing tl emw otany painting or advertisement The houso then tookli receTs' the even" ing session to bo for the consideration of auairS P committee on Indian TUKBDAY, Sept. 30. Ur. Carlisle speaking on tl.o conferenco report in the senate, said ho woud not attempt to discuss the econom- c theory ot the-bill. It; was not his mrpose to attempt to st.ito the effect of jie mwisure on public revemn, because it would be impossible to do •«> with liny degree or accuracy. following are some aphorisms which studenta are required to be guided by in their movements: Extreme* tend to reaut to thoir ites. oppos- -iw-SfliSSh'^wht^ memonit?" 0 f 3 ^ eVlCe8 ""^ luottoes "O" 1 - rcToHd\ Ve Our 1 knoTupo,rtKoor°was juiswerec in proju-la prtona. Holding his own hands together and shaking them IIP recognized us at once, although he had Jiot seen us for many years. We returned hi* cordial salute in the same style. U is ti?nf M 0 "'? 0 °f tt ""''*l magnetism, and that thn touvh of the hand of thut of •mother ,„„,, „,. W0lmw c \ opriveK him f certain portion of whwt is bottled up with- i™ m f But 'J e0lla »? «'at the children are not receptive, and therefore he does not extend this rule to them His curious little establishment is put together without nails, and consist* of Mich a parlor, bedroom and kitchen as its imrrow units will permit. A» n nine by four-inch kerosene Ump, on which he boils his cocoa, the only article besides rice that ho cooks, sot upon a little table comprises all his culinary furniture, the room needed for his department of bis economy is a mero closet. His diet in A fact that impressed the visitor niort than anything else was that Mr. Terr-'' daughters did out-door and field work It was of course! not the hcnvier work l>ul they conducted a strawberry plantation thnt yielded them twenty to forty dollars per day during tiio picking season in the fuce of five^ cents n <iu«rt berry market. 1 hesc ladies live in a model home, have finished education—in fact are graduates and instead of going into professions' clereing, telegraphing, typowriti.ig or being slaves of fashion, or sittiiiL' in a bay window and holding and pelting n misty, stinking poodle, wishing for husbands and sighing about the inevitable chose to bo producers. This is certainly a lesson to the now crops of graduates. Wo think it is little realized what there is in the'soil and the returns it will give if the same energy and thought are devoted to it there is to Blackstone, matoria medica and the click of the typewriter. riic extensive shipments nf frniU from California and Chicago i.ilo tho northwest is a plan showing of thousands of opportunities open for improvement in tho newly settled portions of the northwest. Truly it requires work—hard work—but cun- plflfl is independence. Years ngo Mr. J. G. Hollojid nindo a ' i II --•"• *»%*« ii" M, lAjnu iu blJC lUCtJIV" ing teller at ono of our city bunks, passed without hesitation, and change was given after which Marshal Wiswell explained to tlio astonished banker that the bill was a raised one and ;had only been presented to test the accuracy of the counterfeit Ibo Rev. De Ford, in his confession, claimed to never have passed any raised bills prior to a week ago lost Tuesday, and WHS then prompted to do so through being so heavily in debt. Mr. De Ford has been connected with the M.thoelist church in this state, both as student and preacher, for the past six years, and was on his way to Whitewater to join the Wisconsin conference when detected ia his nefarious scheme. The Rev. DePord left at once for Hor- tonvillp to arrange For his family. He will return to Milwaukee und be sonic-need in about two weeks. Tho Governor of Arizona IB Surloiisly Concerned About tho Proselyte*. WASHINGTON, Oct. 2.—The annual report of tne governor of Arizona says that the mining industry is in a more healthy condition than ever. Great attention is being paid to agriculture owing to the productiveness of the lands. The governor thinks that tho restrictive legislation in Idaho will cause an increase of Mormon immigration to Arizona. Tho number of Mormons now in the territory is estimated at one-fifth of the population and . the' report states that unless restrictive measures are adopted the territory will become Mormonized to such tin extent as to seriously disturb society and the affairs of the government and prmu'hcp the territory's chances for statehood. He recommends tlmt congress grant t lie some protection to Arizona as is enjoyed by Idaho, and that the Idaho test oath be made applicable to Arizona Tho governor recommends that the enabling act tor the udmissujn of Arizona Iw piu-sed w ni^se by congress, tlmt the San Carlos Amu-lie '''" 1 the terri iiml SLANMHSli SUIT AT liAKAliOU. Mount. Olln turn Satiliorn An, Ilia Attor- »nyn for tlio I>«r<,|i»e*. BAHABOO, Wis., Oct. 2.- On Aug 25 1885, the ftourine mill tt t L u . Vulle ' was burned and the circumstances connected with the burning were such (hut they oil thfl people of the village to believe t to have been of incendiary origin. I be mill ami Jan 2 1880 he property passed into the hands of H' JU. Johnston. Two clays later th B mill was again set , on fire and burnoil to the ground. Jlr. Johnston wns urged to rebuild, but he loured that Hi,. • burning would bo repeated and u, Ins remarks inti/miled thut Lyman Berry, a former owner of the mill set hro to it. Berry now brought suit against Johnson in tlm circuit court for slander, asking §5,000 damages. The case is now on trial, Alessrs. A. L. Snn- , ."""".". ----- ' "'^ i^ttiLulv iLIIU I h tho reservation be opened to settlement. I'UKKOUMS A WONIJEUJPTrj, PKAT. H«rri«k Devlin .TunipH From the PnwtiKi- h<it llrl<l K o into u Ueop Ilol«. PiioviDENCE, R. I., Oct. 2.— The scn- pational feature of the cotton centennial celebration today was not on the program, was a proformance of Heirick Devlin, a Rhode Island milita man. In emulation of Sam Patch he dived from the south side of the Pawtucket bridge. He struck into a ten foot square hole forty feet deep into which his prototype of sixty-one years ago used to jump. In a few seconds Devlin re-appeared and was cheered by thousands as ha (,wani to shore. i L n 11, O 04 ', 1 -—letters from Russia 1 slate that the epidemic of cruelty to th&i I Jews continue to rage with unabated fury/, 1 A message now being framed by the mil ' ster orthe interior un-' which will nrOu-,, ably be upprovfld by the czar, provide*! that persons of foreign blood wto we ordered to be expelled from Russia ;i any cause, and *ho do not receive 'L. recognition of their native ornnyothg government, shall be pent without trial (u-a Siberia, nnd kept there for the remainder^ of their lives. This fact prineipally «• lects the Jews, who can seldom claim an* particular nationality. * YOUNG Queen VU-Ior),,'. Subjects are AJgo Subjeo t" r'-culliir Ac'Ilolis. LONDON, pet. 1.—A sensutional ^ u . 0 , s before the Westminister police court to-fl any. .Sir 1 hernias George Fieake, baronet/f was iirrested at the instance of a " Oioson, formcrlyan intimate friend, , charges that Sir Thomas lured him to a U deserted house in Kensington, overpoWei-fl cd him with the nwiKtimce of friends andM MOKpJ-we«ion of his keys. With these 1 bir Jhomas prococded to -the clubj we o Lib-oil K -jirivato box and destroyed-" letters iind photographs the plaintiff:! received from a lady'.:. Sir ' IIAVJHG AZ>VEUSE I.UCK. > I T t «•**•» -tTi^UDlO. /I, ij, O1U1- born ami John M. Olin, of Madison, ap- -tlftllflniF Tni* tli A iln4-'n.,.l.._ L .1 /i n. ^ ----^ argument, uifuinst the bill characters and aitempted^i^aST ^ 1^1---''°^ by .^. Alli&on wl '° nfo H ,.^-l • -i—r~..«i".v« .Goirnuiiui; f tu ^ en lnto u corner befor e the ot the ofhcer and handcuffed, be taken to Detroit. WASHINOTON, i Jit, president lias nominated George S,. Biitcholdei-, of New York, to Be fillister resident and consul-general tc but ^varly criticised'the^tnUhe I,T^° guns 1 he discussion having ended the conference ihey will | report was agreed to on the signal service bill. Iho house bill to enable the postmaster general (o test at small towns and villages the practicability of a free delivery syvtonj wus liaised Aft* f!i-!n/ c, i,..:. .n. i. .* .,:. * "* l • 'Jitiy olJulff) closed the to Personality is tho result of hareditrund culture. ' (josturo is the immediate revelation of tho being. The Duality of tho gesture is tho quality of the individual and the touchstone to thf. i character of the man. I The will may have some control ovor the muscles, but it has none over the blood. | . Gesture is the language of nature, and is comprehensible to. people of every A few character hints to bo gleaned from the general cost of features ure given as Thoughtful people habitually lower tho head uuil eyes. Enthusiasts carry the head elevated . Heavy, sensuous lips, b< 1U ure massive *' •"' " " eCk " ldic ' lt03 "• vicious chiefly bread, milk and fruit. His expen- fies nre abniif 850 a month, the greater mirt of ivliich he dipiiem-cs in hospitalilj, Ami yet ho lias a splendid physique, with the uptwrumm of a well-fed man of fewer years. Wo woro witnesses of his hospital- itj-. Le.iding us through the pat lor and lulcheii, he cmna to n tiny pagoda wilh a it-tie ovn table in tho mklello surrounded by a low boncli, on which were seated half » dozeni little girls feasting en fruit and nuts. Dm was tlw company ho had left when ho heard our knock upon the door. And now, tolnlly forgnlful jf our prasonce, he began again to tulk lo tlicm at, if he lllrnliull Muy Client tho Gallows l,y Committing Suicide. WoowsTOCK, Ont., Oct. 1.— While Bircbal was bezn/j taken to' the jail last night he made his only comment on his conviction and sentence. He said: Here's a. how-do-you-do. I've had pretty rough luck all through." He retired almost immediately after reaching his cell and slept soundly. He arose nt the usual hour this morning, ate a hearty breakfast, and appeared not at all depressed. Mrs Birchull did not, learn hist night of her husband's fate, (she was in a highly exciliible condition, and her physician gave • her an opiate before the verdict wns reached uml she slept soundly all night. Ibis morning .she was told of the verdict in the presence of the physician, and bore up bravely. It is believed that she will recover sufficiently to sail a week from tomorrow for England on tho Germanic with Airs. West-Jones. No ono was allowed to sec Birclmll this morning without an order from the sheriff. ' The remanded for furthe'r; „.,„„,„„,.„„., « asserted that (he iileti>were jivaljfor t affections of Iho lady in question; that'*? both of them had been on terms of iii-C" tmiacy i with her; that she got tired of'• Jjibsoii s attentions and was cognizant of ANOTHER CniXKSE OUTRAGE. A I.iuiiMlryiimu, Hop Slug, I* 'charged ^v^*' 1 Abusing: Young- GIrlfl. ,-• " AliMVAUKEE, Oct. 1.—Another -"Cfij-"' nese case the iniquity of which bids fair to rival that of the cases which occurred tt' v year ago ast spring, hns been unearthed^ by the police. 55,"» /*•.,• Some time ago Mrs. Margarel Risch. '*'",' who keeps an Intelligence office at '637 <" Bast Water street, and who lives al 584- Prospect Place, complained to Detective Hannifin that her 16-year-old daughter : Lizzie was becoming very wavward and often did not conTe home flight, ' Detective Hannifin arrested her on a charge of vagrancy. She unhesitating <rave a full account of herself when what she had been doing the week'" previous Among otW thing ' she said that she and Lena Bart another girl of about her ~~nee went to a Chinese laundry on du Uic avenue,, near Thirteenth street,, Si n08d «y.. ni f-'bt-and-stayed there MI night with the proprietor of the place Hop hmg Both had been there eaily ^ in the afternoon, when Hop Sing gave them each twenty-five centi and pSrn! !!f!v : "i s , 1'A 6 ^ Sirls-. thenifcelves say. to give them 82.80 each if Ihey would come back and stop all night. This they agreed . to, and presented tSemselveB at tUeTaun- dry about .10 o'clock that night. Thev n .." —-- ..^ citizens. .1 hey arc graduated with "infinito yearnings and tho idea to "bo somebody " "I he young ure bred to discontent. Everybody ID iittor a high place and noarly every- liriMU fnild f<\ i»rti- nnn «^ ,1 f~'l'.. _ 1 * body fails to got onp, and failing losses hPiirt, teinpnr and contentment. The do- sire for distinction (in political life) is a sort of a moral scrofula running through lie whole social body. Multitudes of lawyers aro a disgrace to thn profession IIYLIXOI8 CMXTRA1. l>JSCOPJlAaE». Suverul SlocliholderH Aro Prepiirlnir « Olr- «ulnr Showing tho Itnmj'ii Condition. CIIIOAOO, Oct. 2.-A statement of the Uurlington & Qtuncy rond for the month of Auguet shows a decrease in the net lawyers aro a < disgrace to theprofeasion earnings of 8340.600 fw tbe^saue per od and a curse to the country. They have last vear. Tho disaffected1 slocklmlEof snnimil fhnniBn vnafm. n^.'im^n i:e., n l.i 11 I fi.n ni{.,^:, ri-..i...i , o^ut-HijujiiLrfi 01 TUB appropriations made by the nt session of the fifty-first con Kress were 9351,311,503. Vhe per^"i^ISS? 1 a ' J l )r °F iutio " 8 !or «ie edr IHyO-lblll amount to #101,628 453- the grand total for the y« ~' ' . an increase over the ongresa of 840,313,618, Tins department of state has received a ispateh from tho United States Legation uenos Ayres, amiounci,,g tlmt the presi-' tlunt ot the Argeiitnio republic has iasuecl a decree accepting the plan for an intercontinental railway commiasion. Messrs. Paddock, (rep.) voted in t) .3 senate then pro- voto on the conference report. Pettigrow und lmb , ire ,,tive. Tl.« ques lion was curried by a voto of 8S to 27 iho conference report was agreed to' and now the tariff bill needs only the signa- ures of the presiding offlom of fjoth houses and tho president of the United fetutcs. Ihe house concurrent resolution to (he correct enrollment of the tnritt bill wus agreed to. Adjourned. ' WuiJNlSBIlAY, Oct. I. 8eH<ite:-lu .the seimle today after the reading ot yestcrday'« journal, Mr. Sherman offered u resolution for the a- i bin, compressed lips, bony jaws, and pointed chin show hardness and cruelty A nose east in a heroic mold i« rarely iouiid dis-assqciate<l with some aditiinib qualities of mind or heart, A pinched, peaked, or Hot noso near! always accompanies a mean, peoviuM, o crafty nature. A brow corrug tied with seams nn wrinkles is the external evidence of a lil of thought and much care. A brow innocent of lines betokens vacuous mind. .i N o has made a ruling that goods entered tor immediate transportation and tor . which permits of delivery issued before , . resolution for the appoint- nuiiit or. a committee of Iwo senators to join u like committee on Ihe part of the house to WHil upon the president and in- torm him that unless he shall have any further communication to make, tho two houses are ready to. adjourn. The v£o Contracted nostrils show contempt cruelty. ' A full, high forehead denoted intellectual superiority, A low, receding brow murks mental den- An elbow turned outward denotes conceit und selt-iuwflftioii. Inward, it indicates weakness, |iumilil,y, and subordination of self. duty third bill to prohibit book-making "and secrotury of state on Mommy 1'°° : 6ell " 1 8- i" Iho J>i»triiit of Columbia senl to tho senate tt statement of tor H ie PTO»e of gambling. Tho presi- Ibe dwburwuents from the appro- 1 UJlt s 0 >' otj o» >« ««s Jutter bill is that it -"""- tor exposes .of the k to.%,- | ^»M$*\»£"**S*»* pool priatipn Amaricau eoafer ban one chemist has indulged in Wt' wn/f one day able to cheaply 3*!S^^?l&l ttpprppriution . . -__—_« w wv«..(j vuniou into tho L,, 1 !"!!.'!, 10 " 80 . 00 !""' 1 ^" on Boaounto has tin tero, ae jUwttt? d. olution yftcunt. House in If thaifon,, ' ( " 8 ° thinks it J ' h(J «°-tu'««Htee, of aster the hn,ii 7n ,. . ns thou.a bi.j tha prohibition should apply to ^ ,r' w ' 1 ?«" d ^ 1 '^-. TM» P« W«w vory In response, it iiidieutes ease, moilos(.y, ml solt-possossioii. ' u, ( , lt , ouhp my «tudio ui>- my invitution one morning, wear» "Oft hat and smoking a,. cVuious He tossed tl ( chaton a chair.' und C ,'^ OIlth ?. uumtul «*Uw begiu operations. Ho was a easy st ,bfoct Jo photograph. He mid been one of tlmiu. At la«t, i,, np ly lo one of our ijiu'stions ivlatinjf lo his triij "round the world, hm wli,7li, nmnuer changed, fnt only di,| hi, B . v u roll i,, ' finei fruizy/'but his value f.)lled"*ilh it. His face aenoted both thuudp" and lightning, and either he was not George *rancw Train before or ho was not George Francis Tram now. Hut tho children did not seem to mind a •jhange to which they hail been accustomed. With them it was only tt thunderstorm in their summer un ' ?| erfumly ' * ", co . ma <M 'leal with him L b ?nn fi - ° f ,'?,'"' "-^O'l't" umounting to *4,500, just nt the end of his journey, when Jw arrive, in 1'ortland (oo lute Vor the rnguliur tram, his cash exhausted, they re. U8 " l ° orll ' r ""t^iil engine to bring ., , ., ,-— -------- j- j ..ur . mini-K n spoiled theninlvM for private life and they the Illinois Central have Tpre wed a cfrcu spot private life around them. As to the li«r comparing the condition of the road mcdtcal profos S ion,.many enter it because 18SI, and uic now " u ,,„, inc , i, Thev they have neither piety enough for prench- «n.V the company "in eight ~and a "half mg nor brains enough to practice law. J'om-s has 'increased fc u share Especially is this lamentable when wo ' " ' ' ' . strictest watch is kept over him. Manv believe that he will cheat the gallows bv committing suicide. Polly lcarue-1 of the verdict and sentence last midnight just before taking the fast train for New York. He sails tomorrow for England on the Majestic. He goes alone. Charles Bonwell will folk w later. Pelly told a repor- wr that he rather expected a disagreement ot the jury. Ho expressed sorrow for Birclmll. -"Nov. 14," bo said, as be stepped aboard the train; "1 must remember that date." did not morning. witness n leave ..... uiitil Hop Sin nng. op ng has been held ai witness nnd his arrest will probably.foll night. They 5, o'clock the nexb has been held au aw V .16 n mraiber that it involves tho spoiling of i thoiisatuls of good farmers and mechanics to miikn poor professional men." Mr. Holliinil flnses his memo. u on "American Public Education, 11110 lliirty years ago, by saying uml funded debt 870,000,000 must, luo increased annual interest .. is over f2.400.000 and its annual ,, ,,•„ ; . v" ,, I . 1 ,?. com8 ', IUS ''pcreased more than half Mr Holland plnses his memorable ossay « million. What encouragement the cir- i "An,B,.,n,,n P,,i,i, n i,M,,,.nH 0)I ... wrU(o J cnlnr (iskB, is there for the stockholders to ythat "man ]'"t nva; millions more into the corcern bv increasing to share of capital V"il5,'dbo 000 as requested by the directors. sui'icmou engine to bring him through. Huts, S0 von precious IIOUM o t mo, as vitluublo lo him w it was to miens Fogg, wore lost. lu purling ho was about to shake his own hamls us ho had .loiiaon our arrival when I suggested to hi,,, t h ut ho night « mko onnlianil of a little girl and I would •.balls the other. JJ B rwulily aox-opted U 8 com],roin, so It did not occur to tlio pi il- gopher tlmt slm was a cpnductor of olec- is most respectable whpn ho is "in his nlacn and half the unbuppin'.'ss in the world grows out of the fact Unit from distorted views men are ia places where thev do not belong. Opportunity for pleasant and profitable I employment in horticulture is wide and varying in the northwest, more so than in iJluo. While it may be a part of schools tor young mpn to practice and gesticulate i ---v * »•'» im-jjui uimgingt'stttblisliiimnf before a looking glass, with a pe'.ble in UtBt. ClondMim,.. wilfooStISI S,p"r o" tho mouth for hours in oratory, and young /hoy have already secured Borne gootl coii- ^^ r £. t ?*, r ^15Sl r ?. «mt too>™ tmcto. It U said thai Supeno,>bu s in e " s Ul'PKU HBWTIIS MUST HE CLOSED. So, r>««ia<>H iliu Sniirmmi Com t of tUo siulo Of Mlllllt'HOtll. ST. PAUL, Oct. 1.—Jn a casu brought by the railroad commissioners, tho supreme court ot Minnesota has decided that upper berths of sleeping cars unsold to occupimts must remain closed in this state, A Chlottgo Doctor Exposes the Feats of the Hind-Render .Tohnstniio. CmcAQo, Oct. l.-A morning paper., prints what purports to be an e™' of the tricks by which Paul- Alexander Johi)»tono,ofBt. Paul, performs his al- eged mind-readmar tests. l : The disbeliever /' iiii Jolmstono is Dr. Grutchell. of this city '/ editor of the Medical Era, Dr Uratchll; submitted to apparently the same tea* conditions as did Johnstons; ititd. uudefl\ these conditions went blindfolded up anofU down stairs and found and wrote a clesig- natedword in a book: He then showed bow, was done The gloves were folded ± e ^ t , b !.^ J ^ ai , 1 .l. aba »J«g« .«ed tight M, painting ami the Nuoiluh Sloye Wool-Its. .Hi, Wis., Oct. 2.-A. Hussy lido, proprietors of tho li- TWO VESSELS C()I,1,1»K. over them. By lifting the eyebrows, bandage was worked upward uo the. Th compares favorably with that of Ardeliiv Uitt Mametta's Holley's famouschuructo in her book "Sumanthu atSaratoRn." tha onded n, "ort," "snort," »nrt kindroc words, ami was measured with a stick youtic- folks coming out of school shouli Iny a«idoftll such foolishness, roll up the r sleevos, like Mr. Terry's girls, and go to WOJ*n, tion to maku the tariff bill . table, A mussajfo from ,..„ mg concurrence in the rewlu- another corroctiaa i n wus considered on . inum furtijture, fi j "'-— «-•• -«i*w ^viiiiucicu yju Mr fcdmunds objecting. At 5 minutes before thrco Iho tariff bill, enrolled, vw , IV . coivod ly the house witblha spoukert wtfUfttuw wid was iuiwediuHily sigued by ;«w«te»t uud jenf t e the pxtu- i. AWrwh ljhere W e fl reported Wlnttr IVIiuiil, The general .fuucoss which has altcndc Ho oxpmiiu'iito with winter n tho regions where i i Inn beMi B Imrptptoro thut npiing witout wiw ilioonl I'linuty that would grow, win ,] u i,tl B8 Ic-.i'.i to uif.reuw I u,!!,.^,, this fr, i, Th Npnug whuat rurfion, which mig'it bo'de iiied us a. rough way IIB nor h of the north Imoot Kaunas and Missouri, seoum to bo gradimlly iiiovmif further north, aud thu winter whflut rcgwi! south of that line gradually extending northward. IJetwuen these regions thwo is u bolt of one or two hundred miles rfide which once grew good spring whoiil, but which tor some reason lias refused bt late yours to grow it with uny certainly. In this region we advised lust your, uMwimwitiitioii with winter wheat While we have «o complete a lie general driftof the H'porjs : - -" Wt^fiS^baS^fe^'— e »»' V 1 bo •'movingstone" of Buenos Ayres is lia iif,. nV'il A """i i"'"" 1 ""? suortoiiflcl "Murjueil in the St. Lfluis Republic: "It w lite and lengthened my own by stealing }» on (be Tamlil Mountains, and was to '"' Vltilllwl "'' Cll "' ollt - J. 0. I .0 Indians an object of great"vm.omtion at the time ot the advont of white men in I lint locality. It appear* to ba sustained an a). «pent so«ie minutes in examimng '" 1 btul ^SfSn>?=S w^ 411 loot, ut tlio tituol iimntioii, the nnfi ua t lon Ih , ud1 ? 1 ° l; ,'«? u wude more thuu one week. He liked thojpietura of " cock, and turowg *- --'* • ••• •»S&S*$K i&Aia; I ssastUhJ^fA Vj _ ftUAesuJied . to %. _tt ou it« basu by un almost invisille axis, und lui-s an osciliitmg movemoiit eiut n»d west, I ho power of ono man being suffici- ('iil In put it in motion. It measures 24 ,M, P ia' fel ? Uf -' '^ 0 «l ninety feet in length uml 18 feef in breadth. II represent a yo ume of over 5,000 cubic feet. Its figure is thut of an irreBulitf cone. Wlen the wind blows from IIm Koutlieust 'the stone mny ba Been rising ami fulling, after the uianuerof the ocean wave." . . Superior "business are trying to negotiate with the Ncomil, Ktovo works for a romov.,1 to hupenor, I hereiis a movement on foot ere to raise funds and incorporate a company for tho erection of an extensive foundry and machine shop. The move? went is in the interest of the east end A.l*OiM)lZED TOO LA'l'K. «ollovert MU uml 2, or His tin,,, ui a <«MJuu - . . ty i lui'Hoaii yvlioiw Uluptl unU liver BluggUli, iii-0 QX "t uiularldl illiauee,' Tlio mom triniiiif m»y, uutler «ucl.i co«4(Umi«, ' ir~,\'";""""• """• »•—loduy while J. v. (lurdiier, an extensive lumber dealer ut [tideway, Pa., was returning fj-om the of sio imn rp tV o1 Ohl ° ftl i r> hewiw ""oved ofSlOOOO, the proceeds of u big- luui- bull'. At Washincton street pine one called out "Alleghauey " nirdiier started for the dojr but was iimuied into a corner by several m«m who iMvantodtQgatoff. 'Ho apologiwd o ne gi them ufter a quarrel After the H ^I 3 , 1 ' 0 !'? 1 ' Vlw reached Oacdnor found that lie had apologised too soon His pocket book was gone, us wus also the gen. woman to whom tha anoln.rv «, nu ,,,.,,i,- festltt und llunlu 15,,n Together ftt New Vork, NEW; Yoiik, Oct. l.-Tho steamship Majestic of Iho Wlutu Star line mulDania ot tho Hamburg-American company were in collision today as both vessels wero outward bound, Tho accident occurred bo- low (he. quarantine station. Thu pilot of tlie Majestic discovered tho title wat.hing her bow over towards tho shallow water, fo prevent her from running aground she was sent abend speed for the purpose of getting of the Uiiniii and fo hold her course 'in tho channel. The Majestic being so much larger than the Daniu, the hitter vessel was drawn by the suction over against her. Two of the Mujestio's lifeboats were carried away and three of the Daniftg. The latter'* bridgo and the captain s denk-houxe wits also damaged Alter an examination both vcwsuls proceeded. r upon forehead then the heavy cloth hood wa? out over his head, and, by pulling B couple of strings .t wns parted in front, leaving' Plenty of room-to see ihrough, Theii 'the buck veil which hid the features, but which could bo plainly seen through, wus drawn ovor tho whole, and the prepwft- 110118 were complete for "wind reading" { chums ^ 's done bv /- in as Dr. Mutcnell claims it is done bv jimV stone Iho directions and distances to be traveled over the page in the book and the letters in the word chosen wow traced the an with tho finger in front of the- per™*,1 r "" • ie #"*• W( « performed in ae> norcjance with them. Dr. Gratchell says hi. does not know how Johnstone per-, but he is o merely a trick The OIHelHlH Hold Thut 1'| 10 y Ar , b.irei-8 Under Oouti-uet. made UKK. TUv |u»UuoU to Vrop Out. OVVUIUK, OWahomn Ter., Oct. 2 ~-To- ilay was one of freuwudous excitement in tho temtorittl legislature. The W for Ujo pwinw,o,,t locution of the capital ftl OkaUpma Oily passed, 1NT1U5 JUNO-AGAIN. "Juob thu ltl|i]i m -" ^Vlll Kvsuiuu Opem- (liiiiB In l.onilui, LONDON, Oct. 1.-A11 London is ex cited, umt particularly the Whitechape. district, ovor Iho published iinnouneemimf today (hat "Jack (lie Kipper," that mys- (enous man who hns taken no less (l mr iiuio lives since, be first appeared, bus declared I,is intention to resume operation*, The Whitwiliapel police have received formal -warning from "the Ripper" thut lie . is about to kilj another woman The handwriting of the letter is identical with thut of the other , . r s nurg Loentgeruth, two catholic clergymen, ""' 1 « cfll! ' , ",« cfll!aeii on their' They made on ,,", ,, --•-.—.. *».oj iuuuo mi an.v.»iyr that they had come to this country, not Ii act us professors, but to deliver leotu< I on natural pliilonophy nnd theology. H Wm. Gray found Oullty. , ASHLAND, Wis., Oct 1.—W wus c'onvicteel by'a jury in .. municipal throe months ago. 'ropany - K -,~~* ^ «.«.^, w ^ . ; ,, -,—- ->=«•, u ray was a messenger in tl'ii; employ of the, "States" ---•-"--- siippeiu-ecl coiiioidont maiiey, Dotectivea followed" ami dwuppenred coincident with the loss of the mow .Detec , man to Bntwh Oolumbiu aud he ma brought, back from tli.-ro by Sheriff Matt; "">'- Sentence line been reserved for a time. .. .- - - — Mtei'S", winch U Imd l/«ou the custom of the murderer to neiid to the police prior to tho murder und mutilation of some poor creature in Whitecl\iipo). AH thaw wurn- ings have invurinbJy been followed by a homble crime, the police pa,trol in tho districtfrequorited by "the Bippor," hw been 4ouWe4 ana every effort made to ii^othw W urde tua ftsinssiu. »'o Cu<mtruol A Kow Jloek. T SwKitiou, WJB., Oct.l,-The 786 tot high, ou tta Uhl^ViuSTftK porttttipii CQuipttd.v's property *u tfejj «&. was let today to U. tf. fiw. It wfu Wi wib dock tiw) will luaka available tha cmupiuiy a vulunble dock property in tou Clt\' ( Inn (fi*oiln-!mii i-vi\»r\ntt-r>\.i.« _i^Li_!__?•' let'to' SAUK C'PIWJI'V crime i; _

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