The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 8, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 8, 1890
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•ss,-.' f'*Sf r ' - v.ti^fvvi. . ,L«.i_,ikM_*sy .*-*<% *» AT T fi ttiST^ lltefgase ift tariff- 6ft J eafpst w6dI K wRiliV #5 &i*t*«> •" V-' '** «« t . ? tall styles, oft exhibition HOW, Call J , « . faa'slfofrefrelMtotibn will fee o *,w»v i ^» u * « w « vw .^-™ w ^. eft>a^e'aetually 'recommended' the eF olu'Mori' of th'ese rfeftutiful poe'rastecailB^ If 'this ddeB^t"call .._ Horace-Mann 7 her.-., O."0,-BnrU*.. J. a Of over., R. M. Q 3> Lo fei?"a; scSiirlng "ofit Of the Brooklyn itf'the Interests ,oft a," healthy* if si it ing will always receive careful and l.attentioji.. Prices are reasonable, il-J^t-ahi 8 per cent., on.five to ten years' time, with j- %t ft* ^ of partial payments before due. Interest can be Inly office. Save.; money by calling on me before you " iyes, Tinware, and Cutlery, Slielfware, Belting, Paints, Glass, tine Oils.Jrqn "and Wooden Pumps. Repairing of I- -Pumps a, 'Specialty. ALGONA, rnm.-a Dealers in Chairman County Central Committee. >. Calls for Caucuses. Republican caucuses for the selection of delegates to the republican county conventio'n'at Algoni; DCt, 17, will be held at the times ttnfl places indicated below!'''" «•-»,. , FiniWard,'*Algo2(a-At the .old postofflce the Oalbralth block, on Friday, Oct. ' nt 7:00 p.m. S. 8. Sessions, Commltteeman. lecond ward, Algona— At the Wigwam, on Friday evening. Oct. 10, at 7:30 o'clock, 0. M. Doxsee,. Commltteeman. » •« Third i Ward,. Alabno— At Nornial hall, on Friday evening, Oct. 10, at 7 o'clock. Frederick Dorraoy, Commltteeman. , Fourth Ward,"Algona— At court-Jiouse hall, Frldayi evening, , Oct. 10, 'at. 7:30. E. H, Clarke, Commltteeman. • • Hurt- At the Hurt school house -on' Friday, Oct. 10, at 4 o'clock p. m. John Kerr,-Commlt- teeiuan. Buffalo— At the Elwell school house, on Friday, Oct. 10, at 3 o'clock p. m. H. Lane, Com- mltteeman. 1? * " Cresco— At the J. B. Jones school house on Friday, Oct 10, between the hours of 9 and 4 ''clock • p>m., on the primary system plan, •otlng by ballot for candidates. J. B. Jones, Commltteeman. . « . ' , Fenton— At the Webster school house on Friday, Oct. 10, at 7 o'clock p. m. J. L. Blunt, Commltteeman. Oarfleld— At the Bonstetter school house on Friday, •O6t.% 10, at 3 o'clock p. m. 0. G. Wright, Commltteeman. Hebrpn— At the Brown school house on Friday, Oct. 10, atu o'clock p. m. Wm. Goodrich, Commltteeman. Iryington— at the Lloyd school house on Friday, Oct.- 10| at 9 o'clock p. m. Horace Mann, Commltteemanr -;.•, -, ' - Lotts Creek— At the Archer school house on Friday, Oct. 10, at 3 o'clock p. m. Jas. Archer, Commltteeman: ?.•,'' -Portland— At the Stone school house, on Friday, .Oct.'-lO, tit 4 o'clock p. m. J. H. Grover, Commltteeman. :•••••?,.••• , Plum Crook— At the Rice school house, on Friday, -.Oct., 10,' at<l- o'clock -p. m. R. M. Gardner, Coromittflemuu, ••JliJst "W ,fi T?,Tn. Milk Cans, Churns, Riverside Stoves, Stoves and Ranges," " Quick Meal" Gasoline Stoves. Agents for the i NEVER RUST TINWARE, warranted not to rust, Call and get prices! we can" do you gooi Yours,"eto., • WVINKIE BROS, 01? TO Lfltf on lafM I At lowest rates and optional payments. Interest 52>ie at our office. If you want a loan, call on us. We sslve you money. JONES & SMITH. , Z. Orovfe. John Grove. Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, • „ ijJVest ol Thorington House. M. Z. GROVE, Manager. I I want to say ic\tjie people who burn Coal that I am now in the market with a full supply of both Hard and Soft Coal, for sale at current rates. ' Quality the best. Come and see me. F. C. WILLSON. BAY&PILPS. WAG01T AND PLOW WORE, GENERAL REPAIRING. »,,_„..__ rw ple to know that wo are prepared to put their plows In first class shape. Also ) repairing of all kinds, horse shoeing, and all classes of blnckBrulthlng. Have a illrat cla»s gon maker and painter, and we guarantee satisfaction lu uvoi-ythlng we'turn out, WARNER'S OLD STAND, WEST OF COURT HOUSE, - ALGONA, IOWA. Nulal Scbool CEDAB FALLS, IOWA. Winter Term Opens Jan, g, I89I, Spring Term Opens March 24, 1891. ) ft thorough and'Practical education to Welves for the best grades of public J work. Apply for catalogue to HOMER H. SEERLEY, President. J|ate University — OP- ^e several Departments will begfn the Year 1890-91, on September 10. „ .-•tmeut Is thoroughly equipped for dent worv. nud no pains .will be spared to ,_.<d »tttdeiitt the beet possible opportunity to pursue their chosen Uues ot study." For par- tloul&r Information as to tbe respective De- iartmeuts, address as follows: CqJ6|iat» : HDj;4MHts A. SoHABifj'Bli, Presl 5w» Oltyjt "- —^__ rE^UM Istts;..'.' , ^jnoellor, Iowa '• JcanofFac-Mty, Medical— A. C. -Cowi'i ..ill.,Deau or Faculty, Iowa city. Q' HOOT, D. 0. S., Dean of Facul- — E. L. UOSHNKU, Ph. O., ulty, Iowa pity. >n all Xtepartnr^nts are reasonable. d lu nrlvuto fi|Mlles, 13 to K per elubs, IV-W to »T *5?ir week. logues, or for 5 ./, .Vul intormatlon PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ' •*^^~~r*^*^***f^**^i~*jr*^*^v*^*~''^r^i^ii^t~v^*~*t^*-***^ GEO. E. CLA'RKE,- ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bauk, Algona, la. W. B. QUARTON, " AT'ftinNBY AT LAW. Over Kou.suth County bank, Algona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNSY AT LAW. Collection agent, Over Kossuth Co. bank. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and collections. Over Frank Bros. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Cbrlschlllou' store. B. F. REED, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Ofllce over the postofllco, Algoua, Iowa. SWearS", i Sherman .,..?. Union, .ft, v.« Wesley....'*.,KB* Whtttemore.,.,...,.. Jd.... 3;'A.'EHck80nl Beury OUrran.. a.'Schenck.,.. W. M. Colby.... N. cotton.,....i (Total.. 7. The chairmen of the different words,; and townships are requested to call their respective caucuses to be held on Friday, Oct. 10, 1880, "at the regnlarVoting places.- 'Riverdale—At the Stewart school house on Friday, Oct.uVat 4 o'clock p. m." A. Fisher, Commltteeman. •• ..».». ;• . iRamsay—At the school house in Diet. No. 1 on Friday, Oct. 10. at 4- o'clock:, p.' m. Henry MerriQeld, Commltteeman. • , Seneca—On Saturday, Oct. 11, at 7:30 o'clock p. m., at the usual voting place.' W. W. Alcorn, Commltteeman. • Sweo—At the Bergstrom school house on Friday, Oct. 10, at 8 o'clock p. m. C. A. Erlck- son, Commltteeman. : r ' . • ^Sherman—At the school house in Sub-dlst rlctNo. B. on Friday, Oct. 10, at a p. m. H. Curran," Commltteeman. Union—At the Frlnk, school house, on Friday, Oct. 10, at 1 o'clock^ p. m. M. Schenck, Commltteeman; t.Wesley—At the Wesley school house, on Friday .'Oct.-'lO, at 4 o'clock p. m. W. M. Colby, Commltteman. .— ^;' •• ,, Candidates' Cards. For Recorder—I hereby announce:myself a candidate for the office.of county recorder, subject to the action of the republican county convention. " D. T. SMITH. ' ••"••--• »*.. , - ,•- For Recorder—Believing It to be but just and fair that the mechanics and laboring men should bo represented: in the offices of the county,' I hereby, announce myself a candidate for county recorder before the coming republican convention. M. F, RANDALL. •*•«'• "- For Recorder—I hereby Announce myself a candidate for county recorder, subject to the will of the republican convention. J. L. BLUNT. »*• ' For Recorder—I hereby announce myself as a candidate for the office "of' county -recorder, subject to the action of the republican county convention. 0. WILTBE. »*« For County Attorney—I hereby announce myuelf an Independent candidate for county attorney. W. L. JOBLYN. - »*# For Recorder—I hereby, announce myself a candidate for county recorder,' subject to the action of the republican county convention. P. L, For Clerk—I hereby..announce myself a candidate for clerk of courts, subject to the action of the republican county convention. W. E. WAnn. U K. OARFIEtD, M. P., PHYSICIAN AND 8VW3EON, Office, State St., one door east of ConUnglvy. Residence, McGregor Bt., east of tbe public school building. * H. C. MoCOY; M. P., PHYSICIAN AND 8URQEON, Special attention f<j city practice,. W, E. Oi»AT/ M. D., PHYSICIAN AND pUltQMON. Office east of Rttherfard house, Algoua, Iowa. o. T. WEST; \ M< P-> 'PHYSIC/UN ANl^BURQSON. * Next door to J. 0. Smith,'* store, Algona, la. v. ; ;";|M. E. HJJul-, M. D., WJfsiCfAN AND SURGEON, Wesley, Iowa. Day and night calls attended The New Meat Market, THE FIFTY^FIHST CON GUESS. Tlie new Iftws passed by the republicans at this session of congress show their efficiency 4n dlappsing of work. Tho Hat includes the following important acts: The disability pension act, which aids old soldiers who are'in need. The silver bill, which brings American silver into use as money. Thei anti-trust layr, which declares a conspiracy any attempt to control trade.' The original package law, which allows states to regulate the sale of liquor. , , f Tho world's fair act, providing for a fitting celebration of the anniversary of the discovery of America. A law for the inspection of exported moat, and for retaliation where foreign countries are unfair. , . • '. ' Tlib" admission of Idaho and Wyoming as states. . ' The creation of Oklahoma as a territory. ' . The anti-lottery law, which stops lotteries in the United States. The establishment of a national park at the battlefield pf •.Chickiimuugtt, and other parks. ' In naval'and military affairs important changes have boon mado, also in controlling public land, and in custom duties. Tho most important act of course is tho tariff, but a long list of important legislation shows that congress has done hard and effective norvice. JM s|>ite of C'hesterilold'B observation that V* hod scon bullies who could fight and prudes who were virtuous, the world has come to look on bullies ue cowurds, and pn ti«ceijalY9 prudery with suspicion. So true is titis tha,t the teachers of Brooklyn who want long; fellow's poems excluded from the public schools for immorality, uro very llkejy to be excluded themselves on th.e game ground. Too keen a scent tor vice betrays HsoU ofteoor than it convicts its victim. The public don't want school teachers wbo can discover a double entendre cjulto so readily, even if It exists. The ability proves top thorough training Uftcl top much e«- peHonco. -Rut tho double njoanjp^e ft^- trlbutpa to l^flgfeHow.are so morality, ^then nothing can. a Heaveh's richest bieBsitJgs can sever 'rocompense Idhpcent children who are put for tfielr education in" the hands oi teachers who will pt&s all the'noble .•thought, and pfe Ittiagiiify of.the "Launching of the "'lp", : to pick out sotoe passage that jiblmisSbnBtrued'to suit their 6wa depraved; tastes,'' * * ') SSSSSSS It is a mls'&ke"to' consider the; now .Vlfl'as.a shibboleth of the,, republican party,. The attempt to.make 1 'it such failed frOm the beginning, andi^alne put on end to it. .Neither in nor ouTof congress" havo'republlcans united in its support'."- It will not-last. It fs'doomed to be undone. It is contrar/ to the growing convictions of the'< country. No one'protends thrtt,it is satisfactory as a whole. No one has shown that the remarkakle,inorease"ln various duties was needed for protection or revenue.' [t* was put through against a protest which wiU'grpw, and which will change it- in" the _near future,. Ex-President Bayes expressed^ general' sentiment in an Interview in New York' last Wednesday: V T cannot fln4 .words tor express my regret nt tho passage of the. measure. It is ruinous ,to all .our best Interests, and It will do an Infinite amount of •barm." •Being'asked further about Blaino's letters, he said: ,"I second,overy.,wbrd Mr.- Blalno wrote in the matter. I cannot"understand,how public men can be so blind to. the interests if tho country.,ot large as to pass such a bill. It-is anulhllatlngjto tho'.ropubllcan,party. it is the most terrible blow, that-has .been struck at that party/during its existence. t can only say that I hope such a policy will die out, surely and Bopn; but I'cannot shut myoyesito the evil'that will bo'done .before such protection as this finds a grave.' 1 l^i -,:••: President Hayes is right. No party will long remain in power which mokes such a tariff as we now have a test of fellowship. AN exciting race against time was mado by the Spaarndaur, a slow freight vessel of the Netherland-American lino iaatwcok. 'The ship was loaded with 3,500 bales of tobacco^ valued at $1,800,- XK) with the' old tariff. But tho new tariff makes an increase of $160 a bale, and a syndicate, pf: importers combined ioget'in this immense supply before ;he new 'bill should take" effect. The Spaarndour had only got out pf Rotterdam with its load about 15 miles when .t ran on a bunk and it took the tugs 'our days to pull it off, while frantic iolegrams were' being sent over the cable to hurry up.' This is tho largest cargo of tobacco over shipped, and tbe profit under the-how tariff will bo enormous. A prominent importer said on its arrival that this is the last Sumatra tobacco that will bo imported in Ive years. Gov. BOIES is owner of several hundred acres of land in Palp Alto county, and keeps several hundred head of cat;le, and his fences are bad. His cattle are eating up the produce round about, and ho refuses to make repairs.. Their last raid was on Alex. Peddle's corn Jelds.'and our honored executive is iikely to have a law suit, The Reporter says his record all over tho state is for bad fences, although a big land owner. That;Wpn't do in Iowa. Tho governor's political fences will never stay up, if he lets his farm fences get ricketty. J THE advantage of having the world's fair at Chicago already appears. Agriculture will rank "A" in the exhibits, nndlmvo the best place. THE mind reading feat of Johnstone in Chicago has been exposed as a trick. IP, we can't agree with the Carroll Herald la all it says of tlio now tariff, ut least thus far we go .together, It IB a pottejf tarjfl tUau the Mills bill would have boon, highly of Speaker Reed, ' Since he began to rule, " the horoca of a hundred motions to ud~journ must find now fields for their motley talents." Ho- garo'ingjjis rule fpr cpuutlng the votes ho gays further: "It was fprjnerly thought that you could lead a horse to wutor'but cannot "jako him drink. Wo have lived to see the hprse led. to water, and if not made to drink, his uose at least held in the trough long enough'" to count 106." THE Npuparoll thinly It entirely llko- ly that Clarksou will bo in the ring for tho presidential nomination in '03. CONGRESSMAN tJomvEii in u lato political article ''the cheup disputes about rates, revenues, and bonded in- dobteduosB," ...'.*' Henry George Were invited to attend tho corn palace. THIS NBIQHBOBHOOD. A railroad accident at LuVorno a week ago Is thus reported by tho Bogle Grovo £lmes! Wm. Schaller, aged about 18 years, sbn"5f, I ft%i(lpw atTama, fell from^tho, cars near LuVorne aiid^ hod both legs'horribly manglod'death"'ensulng-from the"shock and loss'of Wood a few hours after. He' was head brakeman for conductor Goo. Welch, and leaving the engine to go back over the train, made a miss step and fell on the track. And what* Is',' particularly painful tohls comrade's.T.hoy'dldnotmlss him until sbino time afterwards,'when ho wag'dltP covered-by-tho's_ectloti men." Surgeon Will went to the scene of the accident "as soon as possible, but It was then too late to save his life, oven hud his terrible : injuries "permitted; The sufferings of tho poor boy 'as ho lay beside tho track with limbs so painfully mangled, must h'ay'o been'awful. The stoutest "quail to imagine it. The remains were conveyed to Tamo for burial, on tho afternoon passenger. Llvcrmoro Gazette: Wo ore informed tha^tho now St. James hotel building has already boon loosed to a Mr. Dunn of Algona for one year with the privilege of five; and that ho will furnish- it and take possession as soon as completed, Tho name is a very suggestive one for o hotel' keeporj ond one which "will strike the . average boarder as being particularly put, but then, It is sometimes absolutely necessary in this country. Mr. Dunn is an experienced hotel man, being now in charge of one of tho leading houses in Algona. At tho Into Methodist conference, writes a Livormoro. correspondent, your loving uncle Phil Hanna was appointed to look after "God's lambs in and about Eagle Grovo. Well! Uncle Phil is a'good former; and ol- so well fitted to look after tho spiritual affairs in any ofoGod's groves' and has a voice that tho lambs will soon learn to recognize whilst yet a groat way oft, and though they may not oil come at his calling yet there Is no danger of their becoming somnambulists during tho tlmo ol your uncle Phil's soft whisperings. Mason City Gazette: By a i&rd ,published in the Algpna'exchanges, wo notice that.our"'old friend, M. F. Randall is a candidate for the offlop'bf county recorder, and wo sincerely hope that the good people of Kossuth will give him a triumphant election to the position he seeks. On account of falling health' hie is'obllgfed to; give up tho milling business at which he has long been engaged. ' Ho is eminently 'qualified for the position and if elected will fill the oflloo creditably to himself and to his constituency. And still tho mayor is in for it. The Carroll Herald soys: Tho mayor of Algona las issued o proclamation against baby carriages on tho public streets. Wo presume hois some crusty old bachelor who has never enjoyed the smile of wife or baby. By the time he has .twins of his own he will feel more kindly toward baby carriages. Kossuth teachers are not tho only ones In tribulation^ The Emmetsburg papers report: Out of 5$ applicants for teachers' certificates, at the examination lost month, five received first certificates,' 14 got second grades, 18 were entitled to third grades and twenty failed to nv&o the standing" required for lowest'grodes. ''•"'".' The Emmetsburg Reporter notes: Hon. J. J. Wilson is in the city and taking in the fair,...r.AmiePeugnet of Algona is taking in the fair .Bert Salisbury of Al- gone passed through Emmotaburg on his ; yesterday. Ho was traveling overland in'p]brioor. stylo, . Humboldt Independent': Wo are glad to note the advancement or promotion of our old Methodist paster hero, Rev. W. A, Black, who has been appointed presiding older of the Algona district. Ho is worthy of it. • THE PUBIJO SOHOOLS. A Comparative lloiiort for Months ot September, 1H8O-OO. Following is a comparative report of the city BohoQle for months ending. Sept. 37, 1889, and Sept. 5 28,1890: , 1880. 1800. 4fiO 163 1SJ5.7UO 412.081 -S3 80.. 00,70 Total enrollment 490 Monthly enrollment... Average belonging Average' attendance., 430 41U.72S !)U.'1.083 411.5 30 05.01 08.8 GEORCIIS WILLIAM CURTIS as president of tho civil service reform league, called the attention of the country to existing abuses in. the distribution of fed- oral patronage. Thus tar tho work of Curtis and his supporters has apparently accomplished but Httlo. But they are right ftBd their, ref ornj will prevail, Days of absence.. Pupils' tardinesses,,. Visits.;......,..:.,-.... Percent, attendance - — __,... Per cent, punctuality OH..8 00.84 Teachers' tardinesses 4. 1. Number belonging at end ofjuontf.-:.? 7. 484. 443, Number neither , absent nor tardy 1DU. 880, It may be obsorvod In the aboyp report that while the enrollment is 14 more during tho month than for tho corresponding montn of last year, that the number of days lost is but little over half that of last year, and that wo' have 87 more pupils that were uelthor Absent nor tardy. The schools ore gradually getting where they should bo in regard , to attendance and punctuality. Room number five, Mies Cull txmclior, reports tho highest per cent, of attendance, 98.74. These rooms, number two, five, ana ten, had no tardiness. Forty-eight pupils remained out of school on Friday of ful ; SAM, CLABK, whoso brilliancy make? too Ggte'Cjity the editors' paper of Iowa, is again la popr health. PRPSBJENT HARRISON visits 'tUe Ot- tuuawtt coal pnlftob tomorrow, SPISAKEB ItagB itf expected to speak in Iowa once ortwlce. SENATORS PLUMB ol ot Nebraska, ftftd Pettlgrow of . ftowth -Patat* voted agtot the ta.rljf ;bll.l. They tfejre the oajy w>te& WWrtiMSiB* i each room in per cent, of attendance and' punctuality 'for the month, the number of tlwos each ranked one during tho mouth in the same, and the number oi days that each had no absence: Room and Te^chor. ailey ......... tmey ...... . WWtmey ...... 10, lAicretlaMttroy,.....,. Pepot-Jemilo Pottlboao . Number of days taWtTje. , W.H.PJ*|9», - , . & gM spirits ¥nahl|foy r f>leffled with hsi>?^)§ot; ., v j •..* ^At Slattle ftfid Taioma h6 fdfttid ffiu ' 10 BUUI s uoiug uuuo. 3.* He .was out'on a ____-)* find husband,* Mf." ihd-Mt8 i ySatti*BBiket'?b6th c ol! whoin^he ound;Well*Md returns *,very, much refreshed by his'shbrttaeatlon. v Mr.]and Mrs". Ifi. • fioxle, are. home torn a fouRyeokVvistt in'Connecticut ind v Rhddo IsleM***! Connecticut'i was. fays if ho had money he would go there again.'-' He reports the same condition ihat Mr. 1 ' Langdon»dld\* about * farms. The manufacturing towns are'growing, >ut the value of farttT* lands is * down. Je says' lands are not worth half what .hoy were when he was a boy, and any quantity of 100 acre" farms . with-' good wildings can now be had for $1,800 and 52,000.^ Many places can be bought at lalf what the buildings cost. Many other changes have taken place since the war. Then there were no foreigners, now a'third,of the farmers are German and Irish. Then the factory girls came from the farms. Now they are all, Canadian and Irish. Tho native idys and, girls have gone west. He ihinks.ln many respects there are more mslnoBs chances , oast;than > west,' and ,hat"'iar'mlhg on larids at present * prices would be profitable. •« But the towns are he centers of business life, and where ho money is made. ,_ ' * « * Dr. E. E. Sayers returned Thursday rom a two weeks'visit to his 'home in Dhlo.* Evdn'Ohiojis'far enough east to eel the depressing influence of western arm competition. Crops have not been ;pod this year and the country is won- ierfully quiet. Tho towns, and es- leolally the manufacturing centers are •rowing in wealth and business, ; but ho MTB farms that were worth $100 an acre •hen he lived there can now be bought or 550 on ooro. Ho says there is a :reat deal of curiosity there over Iowa, and many farmgrs are" seriously con- iderlng coming out where land is hoaper. Farming for proiit on their ilgh priced land is out of the question, and it bare living is all most of them lan secure. THE COUNTY FAIE. A. Hlg Success as Soon with llnncroft Eyes—A Good Report. The Kossuth county fair, according ;o the Register, was n success, if there las ever boon one in tho county, good weather accompanying it throughout. Wednesday was spent chiefly in nrrang- he displays, giving out entry checks ind preparing for tho two days follow- ng.. The promise to pay all premiums n full In cash- certainly had a tendency o encourage tho exhibitors to bring in Beir prize stock'and other articles for lie people to view','and before noon on he first day the buildings were crowded to their capacity. .'Concluding..we.'.must not omit tho aces each day, which,. wore very good and' ! attraqttid mucb'attentlon from tho overs of good "goers." A number of good horses, wore there from a distance ind took mbst;of; the prizes. Taking ,he good weather, and the good exhlbi- ion in all classes wo must claim the air a successful one. EEAI ESTATE TBANSFEBS. Following are the important transfers f realestato in Kossuth county, fur- ilshed this paper by C, M. Doxsoo, ab- trocter of titles, and real estate agont, or two weeks ending Oct. 4: L Mann and wife to 0 E Stevens, warranty, shrswqr20,'0n.v27 « 780 S Oabeen and w to L C Marshall, wur- ranty.'Bhfje(jr.l8.-100,«SO 800 M E Sullman aud'h to S D Drake, warranty, e hf so or 13, 07, S3 - 040 3 E Stevens an<f w to J E Boadie, warranty, s M sw qr 20.'0(1, H7 1,400 Olof Johnson and w. to H O Dlomstor, • warranty, ne ot ee qr 1,00,30.'....... 1,100 M A Twyman and h to W H StricWer, * warranty, ne qr 11, 00, 20.. ,.\ O H Llchty and w to Mlna Blglng, war- •- ranty, ,e hf se' qr 30,- 04/27.'. ........ v... 1,600 C F Bates and w,to H W McDougnl et al, . warranty, shf sw qr;27, v 100;S7.';. ! .'..'. 000 T A Way and w. to'-Lawls Larson, warranty, sw qr 26i'06, 28..:.../..•.-. 8,400 ' B Qrlniiell and w to 1!-D Jonos, warranty, s hf no qr, n hf se qr, • and' n lit sw.qr 1 ands.hfnw,qir.S, 07, sw qr, ana s ut nw or », 07, Sort;.••.... Qeo Helfrlch to G Q Studer, warranty, ehfnwqrSl.05, 87 ..."„:;.,.'/. 800 Oallanans Bavery. to same, warranty, ehf of ohf of swqr8i;OB;27...'.....'.. 850 J F Qage to Jos Ilonlg, warranty, s hf so aril,'05, 27 8,100 OLuthlandwto Ella Wlchman, warranty, e hf nw qr 29; Oi, s 30 800 Q N Dyers et al'tp N Mathles, warranty, ne qr 20 ftndnwqr«8/06, S!7.:....';... 2,600 J A Crano'and w to L '-HUBS, warranty, no and Be qrs »0, 08, 88 2,800 F H Arnold and w to w Baldwin, warranty, w hf uw qr 28,100, 87 010 lAStoddard to S ij^Stoddard, quit claim;und hf se qr 0,100, 28...,, 880 H t Stout to H A Btoddard, warranty, se qr 0,100, 28 1,080 D Adams to H O Birch, warranty, w hf noqrl.'OO, 27. Q W llauna to O Q Harrison, warranty, nwqr25, 04, 87 3,400 D F Hayden and w to B V Marble, 107 ft . by 14 rods In 13, 08, 20..,"...;...,,..: BOO Harriet L Miller, and IT to J A North, warranty, bllt 805 Call's add to Algoua 800 0II Lichty and w to P Fenohner, warranty, It 3 blk 4 Zoelle'a add to Lii' .Verne..'..'; ., .,,.,, 100 T E Green and w to'J<L Kainray, warranty, uw qr 7, w hf ne qr and nw qr 11,100, 20, and u hf uw qr and uw of neqr4. Oil, 37 •',.., 2,000 Warren walston to J Wallace, warranty, 6 acsin 18"Op, 28....7..,.., ..;..., 200 »uleto''JC BlaoWord, warranty same 100 : p Clarke anajw to 0 w Hendreu, warranty , r ll-20 li 14 Fisher estate 20 J Qeorgeuet a\F j.Qlbbtos, .warranty, no or, u hf Be qr, and Be of Be :is, 1)0, ill) 3,' Q R Glndgren and w to a W Hunter, s hf uw qr and n hi uw of BW 17, 06, 28 1,100 a W. Hunter and w to W 0 Danson, warranty, same... .,, 1,000 K T Hathaway to John Urch, warranty, 3,700 UWqrlO, OS, 28 , . Same to Qeo urch, warranty, BW qr 10, 3,000 8,800 S D Drake and w to F. Legler Jr, warranty; n hfjne qr 30, r 04, 87 1,800 Same to F Legler, warranty, s hf ne err 110, P4, 27..... ".":.:. .........'. 1,200 N M and Horace Mann to John Qultuoy, warranty, s hf no qr, w M BW ne qr, s a-_8 ne ue qr, and 6 acs in no uw qr 10, Edward Cooper and w to John iiauge, warranty, B hf nw qr 32, 100, 27...T.. 000 Same to win Pauguuru, warranty, n hf nwqrsa,100,37...v.. .....:. soo Same to D B Lohnlu, warranty, sw qv 20,100, 27._. ... •:,„•;!.. ,\ i;.?;...'.,........ 1,200 1,020 2,000 swqrWioo, 87:::7.7.'.7, .?.T.V.:::".T.' 1,200 " oh< -•"-•• - '• • ^ . A McPouald to Q Rosouau, quit claim, BWqr80,100, 37.........,.?............ R Nuuneuiacber and w to F 0 Fries, ' . .. ...., . lMtou ana w to * H Wing, war- rany, e hf 83, 100, 28 ......... ......... B Fulton uud w to M T Flanagan, war- runty, o Ut BW q.r 30, 00, ao..°, ..... T,. 1,800 Vubllo Sale of Short lIoriiB Th'ore will be sold wtauotlou at Oaklgwu farm, pno mile uud a hull west Qf For Rpdgo, OB f huv8<J»y. Qct. 9, 1890, W p«U greed Bh,ort Uprna. ^orty-ulne cows out , Jluo Individuals uud Iron) tho bus strains. Twenty-two bulls, com finest line of> place, in at th^tlowest prices, M-itts, .Wool Boots, Husking Gloves, Flannel Sheets, Neckwear, Suspenders, €^'die^iid colored Dress Shirts, Night Shirts, Trunks, Traveling; Bags, Hats, Caps, etc. f*****~*****~*^^+*t***^***S^^~*S+**>S**S*****^^ Best-Overalls for 50c in the city? Boys'"Pants 25c; come and see them, EEV, EIQHMY AT LUVEENE. Ills Parishioners Greet Him In Old- fashioned Methodist Stylo. . Friday evening, says the News, was appointed for tho return of Kov... and Mrs. P. H. Eighmy from Spencer, where they had been attending the M. . conference. Anticipating his return about fifty'of his parishioners and riends gathered at tho parsonage and when all were comfortably seated Inside the blinds" were pulled down in. or-, dor to prevent 'the .light from being seen without, while a half, dozen ladles aijd gentlemen went with tho !bustothe Northwestern depot to meet the unsuspecting parson and wife, and to >pro- •cnt any, suspicion on their parts as to what was forthcoming. After the usual greetings they all started for town .and as tho parsonage was the first stopping ilaco, tho dominie was soon on his own aoor stop saying good night to the peo- )lo in the 'bus, and in the meanwhile unlocking tho door. No sooner had h e jot the door open than ho was sudden- y landed inside the front room by , the lid of a vigorous push from behind. The lights were suddenly turned up and •evoaled "tho room full of people and a preacher about ns completely sur- irisod as any man tho oldest of the par>y had ever seen. He soon took in tho situation however and tho laugh that "allowed was a regular old-fashioned, Vtpthodist laugh, which in turn was fol- owed'hy-a general hand shaking, which, by the way, was Methodist, too. A bountiful lap supper was partaken of and several hours spent in social' pleas- intries." It was one of 'those pleasant ittle affairs for which LuVorno is no;ed. and when .the company dispersed eacn one felt glad that ho had been pres- jrit upon so happy an occasion. Surey a minister never received a more royal welcome back to his charge • than lid Rev. P. H. : Eighmy on his return ast Friday evening. There's No U«o Denying the Truth. Ellert'a Extract of Tar and Wild Cherry for Coughs and Colds. It cures them. Dr. Joquos 1 German Worm Cakes destroy and remove worms from the system. Dr. WincheU's Teething Byrnn Is tho best for general ailments of children. All druggists. Hsppy Homo Dlood Purifier and Health Tono purllleB the blood and make home huppy. Unclo Sam's Condition Powders and Undo Jain's Nerve and : Done Liniment—these two Tent medicines are sold by nil druggists* tiouo for Good. It Is to be boned that the barbarous bustle lias ;one f or good, but It Is certain tho great discovery f Dr. Franklin Miles has come to stay and alleviate human suffering, This wonderful nerve food md medicine builds up worn-out systems, cures its, spasms, heudaclie, nervous prostration, dizziness, sleeplessness, monthly pains, sexual troub- es, etc. -Mrs. John It. Miller ol Valparaiso, Ind., ind J. D. Taylor of Logansport, Ind,, gained 20 pounds a month while taking It. finely Illustrated treatise on'-"Nervous Diseases" und sample rattles of tho Restorative Nervine free at K. W. Dlugley's, who guarantees It. * 5 Bestiepl Blanls? Most surolyyou do If you have need for any at all. Then remember that yon can find them at the Upper Des Moines Office, WE KEEP ON HAND Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, best in use,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, Grass Leases, Notes, etc,, for sale in any quantity desired. Blanks not n stock will be made to order at short notice and correct prices. Thousands Poisoned. In a recent work on heart disease Dr. Franklin lilies, the noted specialist, gives many., now and til riling facts. • Thousands of iieople^arefslowi; iols.qn.lng themselves, weaKeiilne thelribeuts by ne use of tea, colfee,' tobiicco, and alooliOl; Theso ,re heart whips, causing It to bent rapidly, thus raduully wearing It out, producing shortness of ireath when"exerclslng, pains In side and sboul- er, hungry and faint spells; finally swelling of he ankles and sUddon death, For weakened and rrltsted hearts the presa everywhere highly recom. nend the New Heart, Cure discovered by. Dr- rranklln Miles, which Is tor sale at F, W. Dingey's drug store, • « B School Land Sale; Notlco Is hereby given that In accordance with the action of the action of the board of supervisors at the September, 1800, session, I will on the 22(1 day of November, A. 0, 1890, at 1 o'clock p. m. of said day, at the auditor's oBloe lu Algona, Iowa, offer at public sale, under Chanter 12, Section 1840 of the code of !owa, tbe following described school lauda, gee. Tn. The northeast quarter of 10 100 All of 10 '"" DIDuortliweatquarter of.. 10 The northwest quarter of ID Tlio northeast quarter of 10 The southwest quarter of 10 PhD south half of the southeast quarter ot 10 The southwest quarter of ID 27 07 27 04 20 1)8 20 00 30 UO 30 on :>o 1)4 38 Citsh, or one-third cash and tho balance payable on or before ten years, with Interest at 8 ier cent, per annum, payable annually on the irst day of January lu each year, at the treasurer's ofllcit in Algona. Iowa. ** • J..p. HOFIUS, County Auditor. Algoua, Iowa, .Oct. 2,1800. 28t4 NOTICE TO OCCUPYING CLAIMANT, STATE o» IO\YA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SB.—To p. Scott Qurvmi, Joseph M. Wilson, Jas. Cal- lauau uud Jan. O. Savery, 13. F. Phelps, Henry Haclier,- Henry Dorweller, \Vm. Shaw Adumsou, John Qerbor, J, W. Wagoner. A, D, Clarke! Fritz Baas, i,' P. Hanson, W, H. Nycum, lleury Malilur, Fetor Bosch, Marshal Uaysor, Win. H. Audrcgg, • heirs of liora'ce Hamilton, Win. Babe; Ourlst Mosor, and all whom It may concern: The commlsBlouor appointed to view a highway petitioned for by MarBhall Hayes and others bas reported In favor pf Its location as follows : Commencing at the southeast cornev ot Section 10—04, 30, and running thence north on section line to the northeast corner of Section 104-OB, 30; and all objections thereto or claims for damages must be lUed In tbe county Witness my hand and eo»l this 1st day of ( tobor. 1BDO. J._U. HpI-iy.S, *t>V» NOTIQE TO CONTRACTORS. On the if'4> day ot Ootober, iW, at 9 o'ata p.m., at the Webster school bouse in FenL, township, uie contract tor building » schoc houseTusub-aiuti'lctNg. ^ «t sa' will be let to the lowest • rospou.f BpeoUioaUpAJs inay be seen at too «ce in Algona. '"By order of the will bo received by 0. 0. '£{}.. S8M Bocrotftry, Fentpu P. O v /ow«, BfyUt rusorvefl to veject any P> ajl bids. LOUIS LESSINC, Hanutncturerand dealer in all kinds ot FURNITURIE, • Picture Frames, * Looking Glasses. ChromoB, and all kinds Bendy- Hide Coffins,,-- Hearse lor public use. Headquar- ,ers for the beit Sewing Machines and Organs, O. 3Li Real Estate Agent, Algonn, Iowa. Lands bought and sold on commission. Special attention given to care and sale of rail estate In Kossuth and adjoining countlei for non-residents. Agent for the German Insurance company, of Freeport, III. Passage ticket! to and from the old countries sold at lowest ratei. DOU YOU WANT THE South Side of Jiroadtoay Whlttemora, * Iowa. Dry Goods, NOTIONS, Hat* Boots and Shoes, . Bora' and Men's Ready-Made o x-, o r r n i u GROCERIES, Crockery & Glassware, Waod and Willow ware. Produce taken In exchange for goods. JPJNRY MUNCH. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, STATE OI-IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, ss.—In the District Court. To all whom It may concern—Take notice: That there was tiled In the oftlce of the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, on the Wth day of September, A. l). I8W, an luutru- ment hiwrltingbearlngdate the SCtU day ot AugUBt, A. H. IWO, »«d purpprtlng to be the law will and testament of JosepbTue ICiieger, late of said pounty, deceaaed. was produced and publicly reug by me, and that the 8d day of the uejft term of said court, to be hoiden on 'IStudiiyof Ducomlior, A. D.-.1890, at tiie ...irt hpuige in Algouft, aJoresaid, has beete u*«iVfor proving eiM will i and at i) o'clock p. w. of the day Above meutlouoi nil persons lu- t«W»te,« are uevoby uotlUod and required to ap- near lu said court and show cause, it any they have, why said insfruflwut should no t be pro- •-tod ana allowed as and tor the last wilt and lc( Court. Cloths and Trimmings, J. K. FILL & SON, Merchant Tailors A full stock of cloths and trimmings always on hand, 83 cheap aa can be bought anr- where. All work done premptlf and Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call street, Algona, Iowa. You are Invited, To see and buy our Ladles' Shoes. Mens'. Shoos, Boys' Shoes, Misses'Shoes, Kids'* Shoes, Plow Shoes, Plow Boots, Kip Boots, Calf Boots, Pur, Hats: Wool Hats, Stiff Hats Crush Hats, Men's Hats, Boys'Hats, Kids' Hats, Misses' Hats. Cheap,' Medium, AND High Grade. The largest stock in town, and at the lowest prices. The Seat Rubber (foods made. Sest wearing Hosiery. Sedu- tiful Dress Goods. Custom-made Overalls. Coats Thread at 4c. We offer you no snide baits, we charge no. fancy prices. Wo can save you money. One price for town and country. JOHN REED. State of Xo-wei. EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT. BY THE GOVERNOR: A PROCLAMATION FOR A GKNEHAI; ELECTION, To he Held on Tuesday, November 4, 1890, Pursuant to law, I, Horace Boles, governor of the state of Iowa, do hereby- proclaim that at the general election to be held on the Tues day next after the first Monday, in November, It being the fourth day of that month of the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety, [he offices hereinafter named are to be ttlled, to-wit: By vote ot all the electors of the state— The office of secretary of state; The office of auditor of state; The office of treasurer of state; The office of attorney general; The office of judge of the supreme court; The office of clerk of the supreme court: The office of supreme court reporter; The office of railroad commissioner. By vote of the electors of the several Judicial districts: The office of Judge of the district court, in accordance with the provisions of Sections, Chapter 1S4, laws ot.the twenty- first general assembly, as follows; The First judicial district,'two judges: The Second Judicial district, • for fhe unoi- plred term of Dell Stuart, said office being now temporarily filled by E. L. Burton i The Ih 5??? ? " at -°- - — ri - ot ' ttr!BeJ The Fo™. TheFlftl.._ r . The Sixth iudiuitti UIBVC*wtr vuree juages« The Seventh judicial=district, three ludges; ^^^&^^'^^ a The Tenth judicial district three juf ~'° The Eleventh judicial district, three 'Ph« 'Pw«m.h HllHfnlol /llaVntrt*. '«^;. J.Tj Fges; A uw utwi uuvu JUUfVJtkl VUDl'lj.Ul'i tUrtit S&'^tl^^ft'-.^MSfe.WJ'" ^lE^^r^ffirtc^kree-ludFeBi The Thirteen The Fourteen , icial district, udicial distric 1 - 1 -—--• t* *»**^B**VM JUU1U1U1 U1OU-4UI. , vv The Sixteenth Judicial district/ two 3ud The Seventeenth judielal disb^ot. one "" "** KT * *'**"w**v»* j wu*v*M lS vTO The Eighteenth Judicial district, 1« irnta r\t *•!,« «lnn)- r .U n «J il.™ ._._V.. UMUM Wt DI**U UtOVt^UW* By vote of the electors of the Thirty-third sen- laU^fflwafel 0 ' ** ° OUnWf>s 0< ffiS8ft$^£^$S£y^^ loned by the resignation of Edward PrseedsV And rdo further proclaim and give notice to the qualities electors of the state'that at aald general election there will be ftnd is Bub»«te4 to the people, in pursuance of the reaulre- uieuts oPSeotlon 3. Article 10, or the constttw- tlon, una Chapter 187 of the acts of the Twenty- third general assembly, the question, " Shall there fee » convention to revise'the constitution and amend the same!" which question "to}!. 1 be written or printed on each baliofr-and at the end of said question the word " Yes" or jJNo|J shall be written or printed on such all electors throughout the state " B ,fi2teu*P d ft*. *9«r.ffs ol the Ppue at Dee Moluos this pf September, in the* year of " eight hundred and nne the United s 8HEP!FF'8 PROCLAMATIQNi > -xCI ' ^.'1 M r£ * PW »»2

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