The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 24, 1890 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 24, 1890
Page 3
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h'6loflcfffaVd that to aSTw^^Mft t H««w*Jft: rll&ittUft a *& to* &AM! titt*,,jOtf eave days «f<wm •""U ..The WKHI Wiwno »g tat MM) t|pn£&%& fthn ttir oil benino: hat #6bbl«M«i tttmfilM ktobt to te cottsedtjettce of tw e ttf It d*rt planning — _— , ft h0 " e yeac toned, *** * < aftoale a&d Was amused at the faent of Yegor, Whbni hit pfi&sencS tton* Ught Support to i 8 ive>oment (i atta the flngets andclarch6d.inft.«ftof,the: tehroper shape,; the offtcef, At length, "but it is «djr tt» and my colleague's children. Have th& tWC men who are with you passports, "One of them," said Yegor, drawing OT " - Esaoule ahd description o your excellent presefve| Esaoule seemed Sowewba t dtedoa certed. «e evidently feoted to bo . ed In a bad light to so many Important girt ia often ftee-looking handsome, bat eon- v*. - ~\:-: ^m m climbing a tee, I always laaghed at the aitwasroased 6, me. I al- spoil , ways sttgg&ted that- it might clothes. We long the wen, little thifttt together, came to clusion that I waft an old stager, wther sheepishly, they *ft*e «*** tempt to entrap toft. Then I graciottsiy waved my htod, as it were, and was frank]> received as ft veterai, cleared from every suspicion of being R*een. . .. , At last the day did fcomS when I did wish to climb a tree. The camp WM on a hieh plateau, and not far off towered a accent 'pine tree, itottiw out of the summit of a knoll ia such ft way as to command all the sutfoundiM country. Its branches tore phenomenally thick! its ffuth of trunk was magnificent. And this tret) I resolved one day to climb, in order •" S^fiable ttsftft* t>t bravwg th 1 tfiS SfcnSon, At tfie tety conunenoe- thS b at the average speed In the first, driven bj ara *™« M -tfadege, and Ladlslas F& polVand M. tafleur ocdupleo JC*IU J**«nw»»— A l ,» distent prospeot-tW i for that-bnt With Such sheet of whiteness, ol 4 always to occirpj . the patter of th* the Snow, wtthoul produced by the run- uwwoi unB-BKMgrt," the tellers mlgW ItWe believed their vehicles motionless. &g*6tt»sed several frozfln lakes. Th* 'after the first day, was even estab- 1 en bttfi trit those marshes which tomato ' frozen beneath the surface, and ftU the powers of his imagtoattoft. *»•--./and he presented to the AnMU. tt* .lu.t.MAuMtt. "is a t>attslan and, lurth- iturallst and theauthot "All this is not a passport," observed tht go as for as Aldfthskol where 1 taet him, and he risked accompanying me out of purl C "ttuta!"nnittered'the fisaoule, but hall sond 'day dawned amid an miens J promts?d well tor tho progress o! ugttives. They resumed their Journey, " shunned some intiabltol point* _t» of Cossacks were located, and where ffwduldfave boon difficult trtfurnist * tt satisfactory explanation ot the .-,>Ject 01 '""•' 'dp between tho IndiBiilrkt ia In such rough weather. Jdehlyi a-Coss.\ek,-drlvtuctnyory Hgll JtflS sledgo drawn by numei-ou-i "O^, shot by the nartaa like an arrow. ' - ' ThU-Oossack had » droll look, with his » l*«<lltung across his hack and his fur hood -. f pulled down ovor hi? eyes. Ono mi<rht hare ' ' thought him astraddle of an overturned iron chair and bolng drawn along;, despite himself, by a dozen dojts. . •f - B Was B courier despatched by tho com•* nandol- of u post established to tho north ol <". &e plain which the fugitives were crossing, V «araUel to the Stanovot-Groboto ehiin, in > ' which riso tho IniUsulrkft, tho Kollma, and \ the Omolou rlvors. % The Cossack, after having pjasnl tho two 4 nartos, turned his to»m about and started • Wbvertakethemi Yogorana M. Laflour y thou . lh therefore, ordered thoir drivers to put the aenomci> lhom . reindeer to tno top oUhi<!ri<;i«a ... nonunion di '•", They had *bmu«n tho air »f «lKht that ^ 8llouot( . '«•' .the Cossack's curiosity was simulated, tie " s wishod to take a noarbr look at these travelers who woro In such haste and who, contrary to tUe custom of tho country, shunned BpbikinK with the people Whom Kuo.i luck threw In tAioir way. " In low th in llvu minutes ho rnjoinod the eve said M. Laflcur, "am I asked fo« mv passportr-no, never t and every year 1 run through Siberia «». the .trwl . Mouh- toitts to Kamtohatea, aad iroto th? Altai chain to th« Arctic Ocean, The *»t wMn# I pass in the intimacy of the governor utek and his charming family •. 1 BOnages. Yernifto, who notices nis denly ceased to maaoJuvre his fork ™ 0 your couriers' Said the exile, "1 advise you to^ busy of Yukoutek and his charming enjoy the respectof the governor, the esteem of hU Wife, tod the friendship of Miles. Agrafona and Elona, their daughters. Aw you satisfied, Esnoulel For a wtay-mastet you aw furiously exacting Uok at mo well—I am a Frenchman, ten In Pnrls, on the Place de la Sastlllo. My sptno •• stralRht and I have not tho nlr of Being customod to receive the knoUt-know that, nnd vlve In llbertol tlospect in me a friend of your superior, and don't annoy me further ^vith your ridiculous formalities 1 While speaking, M. LaOeur had, nevertheless, handed his ticket to. tho offlcor. "I ask your pnrdon, Monsieur," «ald the tatter, respectfully taking the imper; "but tho chief of police of Yakoutek," (the fugU ttvos could not repress a start of great surprise) "notlfledme thh>u«h my Cossacks ol tho csonpe ot several exiles and sent mo descriptions answering exactly to you, this young lady, her brother, mid tho young man accompanying then:!" Yormno drew himsolf up, r.iutont at bay. Ing succeeded so well. •• - '* ,' lou-iht he was ubout to »po»k—to rflhiaeBr to tho top of thKlrR^uol^^ ^ ^^ | m £ o ~~M\o A ilosperato iittompt to recompense yoM xeA Instdntly to take a uo word Mcompehse his UP. He promised himself that oum p^flt by this windfall, while tttk- ,very prsdaUflon to shield his wsponst- bn "Letmesee,"s«ia the former Judge of the tribunal of Moscow to hlmaolf, ."what rellnnce can be placed upon the honesty of this Russian funoUonary.1" . • 'Tti6 Esaoule, in smifflng a candle, put It called htmerusbft Be«, because first catne to Jalisco he •ffiwjjb- ed I to the prevailing fever, and through all his days of delirium he called contmu- ° U »Au unexpected visit I" exclaimed M. tab leurTwhowai familiar with the IJ^slan P1 H V8 °manot think that he was so near tho . lar dare lavished upon the „ was able tbinove about a«J . conve se « him seemed to please of his proper name Jerusha Ben. " name 'You huvo not askod mo,''.said he, to tho Esuoulo, "wa.i la my otlior .twvoHnir com- PanloW I havo tho honor to p^-sont to you ta him ono of the four or flvo Polish priest*,'' O'crmao seemo.1 overcome wltU HUpromo lma Z oment)-"on 0 of tho Polish whom tho Russian govorumont allows to nartas, »u'd Yogor and his companions wore t ^ ,, slbor i,, to visit onco a yoav forced to atop und outer Into oonvorsttttofl -^ fto tu a monts in which are tSe^tw convicts of thot,.«»aud f« to Journey, Messieurs,' "And here Is a plfee ol of advice for you—•;,•<> would not inlas the ostros " Omo' ostrog was tho post from whence thf Cossack had beou de:i?atchoa. "They are not going to tho ostrog, __. bravely through the Siborlan cold Tobolsk to tho colonies et tho Amoor, and from the mines of Nortcblnsk to the ship- «B«lar passport," S5id i they going, then?" askod tht «^^^or^uTf ssffl^'^x-'rt. these vast solitudes. "Are your passports ir prTper shapol" domandod he of Yegor, who havinT? quitted his sledge, -bad advanced tt talk with him. . "Our passports aro in proper shape, an- g werod the young man. "If you we" " charged with verifying them, I would show them to you with ploanuro. But what good would that do, since you aro only an tg *°*Not °ao ignorant, after all I I am a cour * ler to the neighboring posts, tho boarer ol information relative to some vornaks es caped from Yakoutakl There are-. the Cossack counted tho travelers)-^! are four of them (he, however, saw five per gens), and you answer so well to the de scriptfons that I shall be compelled to asl you to go pay your respects to our Esaoule! Tho Cossack thought, perhaps, that h« had made a fine capture, Ho had no com punciion or falsa sensibility about tho mat- tar for tho contempt for exiles is »o greai that the natives repeat this popular saying By killing a squirrql ono gets only one skin, but by killing a vemak one gets three-th« Vn'» coat, shirt and hide! Yermao was about to speak, but the Parts- tan was too quick for him. ''We do not refuse, "said he, to the Cossack- "and, if you will load the way,'we will f ollow you willingly- For my .part, J - •houhJgreatJy re&h something warm tc eat Do they cook well at the ostrogl Idt not believe that my companions would hav« anything to say against some good pemmi- canCextkct of meat) broth and^vemsn- about him only pa^Stabrishinghis identity. To show ihem, would bo equivalent to a denunoia- Uon ' ~ - S h," resumed Yogor, to whom the danger lent activity of ml Permit mo to finish," resumed Yegor, wnom the danger lent activity of mind. "The devotion of our new friend does not always receive its recompense; among tno Verkho-Yansk Mountains, wo drew him,' so to speak, from the jaws of a bear- • "Which had already cruelly torn his arm," said M. Laflour, coming to Yogor's aid. But the passport!" 'Eaton by the bear," said M. I^fleur. 'Lost with a valuable wallet, in the agony of tho torrible strife," said Yegor drowning the voice of the distinguished naturalist. The Esaoule, astonished at tho silence of the pretended Polish priest, looked at bin? as if to obtain from him a word, agreeing with the declarations of his companions. . The chief of police replied to this loolt •"I have nothing to add," said he, ''to what has boon told you-tho Verkho-Y.ansk Mountains, the boar, the wound-all' this is the At that moment, at the half-open door of tho low-eoilingod apartment In which thoy wow, appeared a:hugo nose, a bony head and a thin toco beneath a dirty fur cap. Tho c ftan of the person was.iu uo bettor oondi- tlon. Yogor divined tho presence of a Jew ^TblTlntrudor, on perceiving BO niany poopla, witlHlrew his nose, his head and hU 'chest, afraid, doubUe«s, of being Indiscreet. Ytrn>r tbou^ht that If thu man wore, as ho believed, ii Jew morohant, a tow little purchases madn of him ami bestowed upon bta host In rotuni for tho forced hnftpltellty they woro receiving; «'«• llls unu ls ' ™teMt>™- duco an excellent effect. _• • _ TboJew-forltwoa, indeod, a Jew-re- mairiod in the antechamber, a gloomy antt dirty apartment, foobly lighted by a window having, instep of glass, plates of ice Bolder, ed with cold water, according to tho custom In these regions whore tho low temperature breaks panes of glasn. Ho comprehended that someone was approaching. Mysteriously, ho soizod Yegor's rulmleer skin pelisse, nud said to him, in a low voice: "Eaaoulo, I have some more—of tho pur. est, nnd in much greater quantity.' . "I am not tho Esaoulo," said Yogor; mil what have you for salo! 1 ' "You aro not tho Esaoulo I" exclaimed the othor, alarmed and, doubtless, fearing that he had said too much, "I will willingly buy," resumed Yogor, •'something that I can offer to the excellent Esaoule, to whom I am under obligation. What have you to solll" The Jow scratched his forehead with his long, lank fingers. » "Will you spoakl" "This Is how tho matter stands—what i am selling cannot bo offered to everybody. Prom whence come you!" "I am from—Barnaoul." "And whither are you going!" ' Yegor began to think the man excessively curious. "I am going to Nrjui-Kollmsk." "I came from thoro." "You came from Niini-Kolimskl" exclaimed Yegor, in alarm, "Do not tell that to any ono here and take these twenty dollars for your discretion. Is It a bargain? While the exile was'taking a note from his wallet, the Jow said to him, as ho stretched out his hand: "If you also havo secrets—" 'Then wo can have an understanding." , thicket, i^ 4ft a fT<*Afrtnfft6 ^OM nOIUttiK '" nim i inoa\/u s »»«..»» - I Htfaff»A tirt flntroorli He tiiftatt at- Butltsmbblel'gfllnwouldhftVegJt-Ptt rtnd offerect no puppui*", *%** , 1.1^^.1* JJ yi. l . us ., l '"Vr .^r,.?««i4,«iiuo vniwutntiii. The fick nerved mm vu jioimtu- -—-- - •«.,..|_ abrupt edge to which he clung, cut deeply « of his effo him to fre.izl pt edge to which he c Eis cached fingers and his am seemly tearing from ita socket. WHhana«tui terror he realiyed lhat the terata .of his fingcts was involuntarily • ^ And « Bllvary nod ir—---- Vi Among the lull ling* on ,H*J «t 1» Kibble I 'anln would hu..^^^ ftdlSeniirMHiBale'sTwiiir would haveMflertd Fof tile dodOlnte cry of trie gull. ot efichftntmoftM tnghter of scorn, i its t ' .. 1M» look mutate and hard. ^Her bust ift flnt, like thJtataM 1 *. She is not -dimpled, but abets sturdy, to bero««s* the scion of the •foinertpisantry in the world. • Her greatest charm is b« fresh and _ WotfdMJ Shoe* to* Glrfi. San FrRticlico Examiner. The fashion of wearing .wooden ehoM owing into favor in ftiS country. M as inVland," sajda > 8u /nuuajw shoe dealer recently. By the aid of machinery ft really neat and comfortable shoe can be made, so stylishly Jtoat no yonnir woman fteftd be ashamed to It for the street. The traditional v wooden Bhoe l 'which"wehav¥'ali read. about was ft clumsy hand-made implement of incon- *Ith t« mro ea me away.ttom M beauty Thi WhenI I'tirnu. :-•-. .^^. .„. In the lltthtot tha ln [" ln . oU , 8h W3f?,L., Butt hours li grand voice In Ihe dlslanc InilBlenlly calling to me, And I rose with 11 Jubilant spirit And followed tlie song ol the sea. but little explored, an .— ••- .- ., , he determined to try his fortune in that rlirprHon The barranca ran east and west, and he had no cause for Bna - •'•• •" — « ins told him, and he saw the stranger, -.—•;-- .1 H . B have slaughtered, running toward tie side of the barranca. RapRv and easily he mounted tho ledges unti Jeruiha, Dm conld vee him no onger, and soon after words he heard hts steps, «Mdly«dwn» along the bro* of low cliff from which ig The anxipty wh ch JerusiiaBen now endured was •soniethintt ^K^ Did this man come to hill or. did he come to save. Jerusha Ben forgot tht id wondered whether the man would unclinch his fingers to .SCIENTIFIC GLEANlNGSi good .way to purify the air in a room by the production of ozone is to gen- - small electrical ma- Wi A. n matter of fact, Jerusha Ben arrived at the south wall of the barranca by noon olhhe second day. It was as gloomy and wild a spot as the most eager adventurer could demand. .From his feet to the bed of the barranca the distance was 8.0M fort, and to the east imd west the huge riJtran fT. U .TL,.. , un tU the eye could trace it no lie would"m P rely draw bis hunting knife and cut off bis arm at the wrist. Just then he heard a cheery voice above unity"between "tho". 7 Mexicttn arid South Scan Andes. They are vastcrBvasses, trending east and west, gigantic canyons, creatcdly the mighty processes at work within tho bowels of the earth, and they occur at intervals throughout the.whole leng aiof ; th e cha,,v._jnj^ d ^y. £ offer right hand, partner." Jerusba Ben rawed hi» riglit liana ana immediately it was clasped by two worm ones, while tho voice continued: "Now, heave, ho, partncr-for your life, te Ah?Hwas a fearful contest, those two £ Urivino asainst the death which ssTi^^^-rtrula ^rc^^Afy^r^- r»ifes?£^ • cretateons ages, injected with tKenetU-at last they were successful, for men train strength, at such moments, and Jerusha Ben lay speechless and altogether exhausted upon the! lodge, while a Gandsome, black-bcardeeI man, not much in statute .or years, knelt beside him with a wonderful solicitous «p«ss on on the chderfnl features, and chafed his hands nnd comforted him. • By and by Jerusha Ben was able to manage the descent, with the stranger, and erale sparks from a dine. , Prof. S.P. TAnftley has been investigating the nature of th* light cmited by the firefly, I'yroyhorus noctilucuB, using the "pectroscopo. He finds the light uisnb stantially from the urecn portion of IL spectrum, • 1-1 A small instrument has been devised for use in mines to indicate the presence of flre damp, or in gas mines to indicate the escape of gas. The invention is based upon the property certain metals have ot evolving heat in the presence of hydrogen gas. The danger to life and property from sparks emitted from electric wires has been so well recognized in London that )t is recouimended.thatthe city authorHies take the matter in hand and see that the wires are properly isolated. The British Museum has received information that the tomb, believed by arch- Biologists to be that of Cleopatra, has just been found on the site of a recent excavation in Egypt. The sarcophagus was covered with exquisite carving, and was found in a chamber ten feet long, by two and one-half feet wide, and of corresponding height, and at a depth of twenty-five feet. rget a cleaHdea'of the lay ot the land Of course I strolled off surreptiouaty, and, as 1 thought, nnwatehed. But there . was innth mistaken. No sooner - was J two-thirds of the way up the .tree than with shouts of -laughter, the lumbermen rushed out of the surrounding cover and proceeded to chop me down. The chance was too good for them to lose. I concealed my annoyance, and made (, no attempt to descend. On the contrary I thanked them for the little attentions and climbed a few feet further up, to secure a position which 1 saw would be a sofa ono for tat when the tree should fall. Aa 1 did so, 1 perceived, with a gasp and a tremor, that t was not alone in the tree. ' There, not ten feet above mo, stretched at full length along a large branch, was a huge panther, glaring with rage and terror. Trom tho men below the form .was quite concealed. Glaring restlessly from me to my pursuers, the brute seemed uncertain just what to do. A.« I carefully refrained from climbing any further up, and tried tu assume an air of not having observed him, he apparently concluded that 1 was not his worst enemy. In fact, 1 dare say he understood what was going on and realized that ho and 1 were fellow- sufferers. - ,, V. l laughed softly to myself aa I thought how my tormenlers would be taken abacK when that panther should come down among them. 1 decided that, considering their numbers, there would be at least no more danger for them thin that to which they were exposing ine in their reckless fooling. And. already influenced by that touch of nature which makes us so won- droun kind, 1 began to hope that the panther would succeed in making his e»- - venience and noise. Bat now, when a ene . , dainty maid trips along the sweet of wetty mountain town, with her little trotters clicking on the pavement, it makes many a foolish young heart beat wartaly. The use of wooden shoes with Bean clean Xh6 US6 Of WOOueu ouuco »T*U« **w—, T- straw in them, on the stage, at church fairs and bazar entertainments haspopu- arized them, and now in many of the weet little villages in England, Lanca- hire lasses who do r, patter along the streets in 11 quaint wooden footgear, and young lover hpsitates to ki cheeks because of it. IU Excellent qualltlei C*mmend to pnbiw approval the Oalliormta UdOld fruit remedy. Byrnp of Figs. It U pluastnir»the eye and to the taste, imd br iently acting on the kidneys, liver an* bowel*. »t eleans«i the »yst«m e«eotuatlr. thereby promotliw the hoaltto »nd «OMf«rt •I »U»bou»«lt. The American wife of the new Duke of MantKrTwho ? btemed such unen«. able notoriety as Lord Mandeville, has to be greatly, disappointed by the from ordinary methods has 1«K| been adopted by'the maker* of Dh iPierce's Golden Medical toisoovery-. Tffhey know what it can do^—Mltt they guarantee it. Your tnonef ,is womptty returned, if it ftib W .benefit of cure to all diseases wising 'from torpid liver or impurt blodd. No better terms .could be ftsked fo|. No better remedy can be bad* Nothing else that claims to bfl ft blood-purifier is sold in this way-~ because nothing else is likd th* So positively certain is it in itt wrative effects as to warrant itt makers in selling it, as they Are do* ing, through druggists, on trial / It's especially potent in cundff Tetter, Salt-rheum, Eczema, Ery J sinolas, - Boils, Carbuncles, Sore Eyes, Goitre, or Thick Neck, and Enlarged Glands, Tumors and 'Swclluiga. Groat Eating ^oew rapidly heal under its hcmgn influence. World's Dispensary Medical Association, 603 Main, Street, Buffalo, N. Y. in actories curative, effects as to warrant itA the tiniest of no well-bred kiss their rosy'ttS'scas BILE BEAKS S'he trunk of the pine was so thick that I might almost have reached the ground before the choppers could cut it through. At last it gave a mighty shudder and sa£ —•' to one side. ' Vm.limr.Bd mvself nimbly , when they were safely and sari^tis^^^j^ small stone from one side ot the hut and dragged forth a .do^en bo^which^he ilained: Take it ask his meaning, and then ' nt I conglomerates and otheTIndicaUons' of the tertiary period, all deformed by the exhalations of the vol- can'ic vapors .which corrode the room . Upon thXd of many barrancas th, way. go - man. as he 'This is what I shot you for. 1 all and forgive me." , "Whv. it's only a flesh wound, It's nothing," replied the stranger as he «««.* in astonished admiration at the "Mover mind about giving mo this teach me your secret myself and we can be itagreed?" llu partners," .Tcrusha t 13cn answered, "if you cnn forgive me. Never mention it •gain." the atran- ' And now what is your S S ffiSS^'ajissass. "Why on earth do you Deei>#dowii within the eartli enormous walla of naked rock towering toward the vault of heaven, hateful gases oftenUmes arising around .about, curious cause oh d »led so of ton upon Ihe name Jerutlm when be was ill of the fever when first in the country. The strangers eyes filled with sympatluc toarc, and he cl feTof iKtoS 1 ^ ft«W». andheap,! Jemash Ben's hj '' ~ if flnrnedBumice scattered loosely, the "Speak!" •'I am selling gold dust—ia good eondi- M. Lafleur said this. h. .a pie. ~.« wne, at the sanvktlrie endeavoBnk to make 'ifegoi oompre/ad by signs that it was impossible, to get COirofthe plain Invitation of th«v, Cossac i/ Yeg'Ahea resumed his place, first ques- Uonin fwitb a look the countenance of the Chief '> /police. The latter seemed absorbed In a d >P meditation, tho subject of wbicb the exfle divined. Had Yermao not bee» present, Yegor certainly would have given tbe Cossack some trouble. But an attempt of that kind, with, the chief of police against hiin, could not havo been made without running the greatest risks. -~ Nadege was much alarmed at the intervention of this soldier and Ladislas already had tears in his eyes. Yegor reassured them both, and directed Tekel to regulate the Bpeed of bis slodge by that of Jho vehicle w the fatal Cossack who had thrown himseil acrofis thoir road. The threo nartas started abreast. The Cossack tonli a notion to havo a root between hi» dcvs nnd tho reindeer. Tekul and biB friend Clini-t wi'.ro uotiwore.s to the w-oposal and accepted Ihu chaUeu««, driving oil atli f'irious rato. In less than 8 ' uuarter of an hour tho ostrog was lu sight. Yegor had .sc,uvoly had tiuio to think ovoi how he should faco thu _ _ immense relief to Yegor and NauegeVbut all the trouble was not yot ° % "A11 this," said the Esaoule, scratching his hcud, "is tar from being regular," "What further can I dol" askod Yegor. • "Youl-nothing. But I must do what tho circumstances render necessary, I arro«t you, and shall ask instructions of the governor of Yakoutsk and his chief of police, at the same time sending -a CosMrk to Ntint-Koliuisk to announce to the Juuoum, my "oUeaguo, yourspcady arrivaj^providoa that what you have told me be true. UIIAlTKn A.— IHBKwTsi) HIS OOI.D 1>U»T. Yegor ivus thunderstruck. He saw Nad- ecu turn palo, ready to swoon. As you please," said he to the Esaoulo, "thouahitisawrotehod piece 'of business to delay children who are hastening to thoir father's death-bod. But you should, Monsieur," added ho, firmly, "when I tort belches forth a molten sour , , tvave ers are obliged to present themselves before you, fatted by a long Journey made under the worst conditions to gain a few honrs- tbexo houra whi«b you aro so llghtlj m nk- Ing us losc-vou should begin by exorcising a llttlo in their favor that Siberian bospltJ- ' torrible trial thul. His hbi»rt beat violontly. The ostrog was u small, ruined fortress, with walls formed of beams confusedly heapod togoti.<»r, ..A.H«lo square tower still stood at aach'anBtW despite the ago pf the structure, thu whole 1-oiug surrouhded' by 9 * palisade of hum logs of wood. It was what remained of ono of thosii rn»luut fortlflca- S tlons built, lir'tho sovontoouth century, to ' protect the firat Uussiau pioneers ugaiwt the inuurslona of tho nutlyos. Besldotho m-'.ro;,' atofxl u small village— pno of tho inosi romoUs stations in this northern region, • : . In tho fortress, ten Cossacks composed » post placed under tho orders of an Esaoulo. CThauto to this armii'l '/und, thoofllwor of the -ar wua pnablod to collect by foi-uo the tax •able in fura-thu yaaak-owod by the L r tho district. -a_ ul ..ud his liompiuilous were brought beforo-tUo Es loulo, who wxiupluJ tho lui'g- esthirtUiokvtliuvllluBO. Ho wua HU u 8 ud Buasiun~uu old fox wUtouoJ 1" hit burrow —perhaps, » former uiuk-.v-ofUcor of the army who had boon promoted, perhaps, tt dlsgracoU'functionary who had IHJUU DUuisU. ed by banishment. „..-, With such amaif, firmness was necessary Yegor summoned up all he possessed, Ht coiBplalned of tho Invitation nmdo wlth^rm- ed baud by oue of tU« soldiers of the ostrog. protesting that bo was ttcoustomod to mow a lttlo i ?t 'which U, pnUsed so dUtricts-especially when the persons among them, like thto young girl and this little lad." • . The Esaoulo, in confusion, offered Nadege a chair, and showed Ladislas some kind""^Monsieur," said ho to Yegor, "my house is yours, and all it contains is at your sor- yjce. You aan dispose of thorn as you Ike until my couriers huvo returned from tho seat of government and Nijnl-Kolimsk. Meanwhile, I will endeavor, believe mo, to diminish for you and. your companions thu weariness of your forced captivity, , "But tho lost time I" exclaimed Nadogo. "Mademoiselle, I will regain It for you by furnishing you with excellent teams of d °»As' for .no," said Yermao, "I W» but congratulate you, Monsieur Lavronti Kuntior, u™" your intertirotation of your duties as a functionary of the Empire I" , "C know me, tho.U" said tho Ksu oule considerably surprised W hear Ids i um montionod by tho ao-owlled Po^V^t-. "No matter utout that," said the luttor. -It Is enough that my compliments aro sin- coro," ^ • . . f_ , .The Ksuoule, seeing that tn#so words we:" spoken seriously, took them lu good PU »I do all I i'.an," said ho, "to prQjiwly 4is- ihurymy.di.tfci, which are often disagree- untenance beamo;}. Thus, tion!" "Stolen goldl" "Not so loud 1 Gold taken from those who put thoir hands on it without having taken the trouble to mine it. Thin," added he, drawing fipm his bosom a small squirrel skin bag "comes from tho sands of the Amou- Baria. Feel the weight of it I Twenty- eight ounces—almost, no sllvor at all mixed with it and still loss copper than sllvor," "And you will give mo nil this dust for a little at my own gold!" "Yes—for gdd coin or oven paper monpy." Yegor co-il/uot avoid smiling at tho irtoa of this excliiage of contraband gold for that bearing the stamp of tho State. "There ia more than tin-on hundrod dollars worth. laskonlysevonty-Iivo. Is that too much!" ' . "No-it Is not too much. But I urn not rich, and I wish to present your bag to tho Esaoulo." . "You have then a very groat favor to PU ''Pe'rtmps. I will give you fllty dollars." "No; I prefer to go to the Esaoulo, for whom I have, besides, a verbal commission., from the Esaoule of NlJnl-KoJlmsk." "But what ot the money I gave you aud our ugrotmioiiU" "I forgot that," sold the Jew. "well, 1 will not seo tho Esaoulo, but you will go as 'high as sixty dollars I" "Agreed, my friend. Puss me your bug) there uro people in that room who must bo npassible asc nded ew to tee fallen soil offer a hudaad danger° U Je d rusha D Benlay foranhour flat on the brow of the precipice gazing the strange sights beneath him. Ihen he sought for a long time to find a Bare way to tLe foot ot the wall and was finally sue: ceYsful although his arrival at the side of tho tinv river .blch flowed «.H. o along the bottoms found him wo uised and his WpeanweB sadly d bruised, worn and iamaged to me that our en- t camo out hare bo- could forget ho , but her cursed false faco is d^Wf before mo. I cun nnver cease to love and hate her till I die," and Jerosha Ben jodly undone by his recent danger sobbed rV'Did it ever occur to you my. friend," he stranger said after a little -interval of silence, "that you might have misjudged h "Misjudged her! HowV" exclaimed Je- ruiiut Ben? with a startled look on his fi.ce. . Mr. Sidney J. Hickson, an English naturalist who has spent some time on the island of Celebes, ha* made somflexlens ve observation of the cora » -of the Malay archipelago. In regard to the food of corals, he is incline! to the beliefi that many of thorn may be vegeto.blp feeder*. SS doubt the water in the vicinity of man- gVove swamps is full of .the debris of leaves and wood, which, sinking to the bottom, must enter the mouths of the coral am- malH. It is suggested that this may explain tho vigorous growths oiten seen near extensive swamps. September 6, 1881, iswoll remembered in New England and parts of New. lork and Pennsylvania as the "yellow day. Southern Canada took on some of the characteristics noted in. the states above mentioned, the yellow in the atmosphere having a more greenish cast, which accounts for the Canucks referring to it as the "green day." In the morning tUe sky had the appearance of being clouded, but as the sun arose it was plainly visible and the color of brass. About midday a much darker yellow appearance prevailed; every- thinc except leaves and grass had the intense yellow look, they appearing of a rich vclvitv green. The cause of the phenomenon,'which lasted but one day, bos never been satisfactorily explained. A successful trial of the new .Bender propeller wheels was made at Newark, N. J., recently, on a thirty-foot naptha launch. The boat has four-Waded paddle wheels, situated in drums at each side of the keel; and the buckets or b ados extend only slightly beyond the hull. Ihey are four inches by twelvo inches, and the drums in which they revolve are only eighteen inches in diameter. Yet these diminutive paddles propelled tho tho wind and tulo over Utjil LU U11U O*u«> * M «i.»*.w»— -—^ ---- w on the upper side, steadying myself by a convenient branch. The great moss of foliage, presenting a wide surface to. the air, made the fall a comparatively slow one; but the tremendous sweep of tne drautfhfupward, as the tree-top described its gi B ontic arc, gave me a sickening sensation. Then came the final .dull and thunderous crash, and— in an instant, i found myself standing in my place, jarred but unhurt, with the snow threshed up all about mo. , Tho next instant there was another roar, or rather a iflrt of screaming yell, overwhelming tho riotous laughter of tne wood»uieni and out of the confusion ot tho nine-boughs shot the tawny form o£ the panther in a whirlwind of fury. One of the choppers was in his path and was bowled over like a clumsy nine-pin. Tim next bound brought the beaatonto the backs of a yoke of oxen, and his cruel claws severely scratched tho owns necks. As ttie poor animals bellowed and fell on their knees, the panther paused, with some idea, apparently, of fighting the whole assembled "party. But as the men, recovered from their first amazement, rushed with their axes to the rescue of the oxen, the panther saw that the odds were egainst him. He turned half round and greeted his enemies with one wrrihc nnd strident snarl, then bounded off into the forest at a -pace which made it idle to pursue him. The owner of Uie ox«n hurled an ax after him, but the rnissle fell wide of its mark.— From " 'OhoppingHim Down'," by Charles G. D. Eoberta, in bep- tcmber St.'Nicholas. one ornament in England. KLBVEN clilldron out of twelvo heed Ur Biiir» Worm Destroyers oTOnsioimllv Tlicse doliity little candles are alw&y* Buff nncl sure. '_ The utttte euologlst of New Jersey Bays of iTiat slate Is slnhlnB at hu rate of at l«aat two fuut In n cciilnry. Oilier ob- .ervcr. hold that lib rnto l« i»»''l' "'»"•• Try "MILE BBANS 8MAW l,e«.m In end. bottle)- >' .a"v to tahe. Price of v YOUK 1 <*« »'«'• •* .""""" .l»e, *««. rapid. RUBBEB Sample mallotl tree if yon STATE SIZB OP BOOF. QEO. E, GLINES, 4J Went Broadway, N._ 00p«r. Write/or J«>* drcuterv ROOFING forty, feet iimlerthe water. _ -CI.KAN cookery Is a e»«d "W. 1 . 1 ^' (iood cooks clcftii tlieir ntiMislls wltli 8A- VOUO It l» a s' 1 " 11 l '» l(l! " r 8«'»»rl»B Soap. Try It In ulcnidmf your I>U!B nnd puns. A new m«hoAoteoi SUREOUBEforPIL mm and even through his hair Xo opium In Viso's Cure tor Consumption. Cures where other reniedlua fail. AJC. There are twouty-sevei. states with ovor ono million population each. At the provl- OUB census there wore nineteen. George Blust swore so frightfully at Mrs. OlittS Ortthain, near Now Albany, In<l., that she went Into convulsions and djed. V 1 CHENEY & CO., Tiilcdo, O., Propm. C ilnrrl. Cure, offer *100 roward for ot enmrrh tliat «»i mil Uo 'ru<l\n Cur WM. FITCH & toa Corcoran BtttldlniE, Wo»hlngto Send for tcsti boat mile autllHHl' LIIU «*"« «*»»•» ~"-." - -- , cdurse, and the time for the mile was six The boat miles by d his needle and _ night's contrived think," the stronger Jerusha whom °» tho and his courage. search for treasure and ... ho first tried ws --he found, but so painfully her father's death? What wouia you | thu-kH the^l, too, thou g ht,that For one day her she lover re traces of volcanic action «tilj therasolvea on every hand, ana Ben was forced to take his way "wTth the utmost caution j for round about him were boiling rtream. and sulphur sorinm. and the br ook of pure water, to «h The had first descended, soon con- er heart, until QUO day, long afterward, en readin the page, of a record pen- minutes and seven second.., , ran at the rate 06 over nine an hour, with scarcely any swell or disturbance of the water, 'Ihe wheels revolved at the rale of two hundred and fifty turns a minuto, and were operated by independent engines. When ono wheel was run forward and the other backward, the boat was turned on its own centre.. it is intended to equip » rarce sea-going vessel with the new wheels. The inventor designed the system for canal use, but eoon found that it* field of usefulness was much wider, Full Plowing For Outu and IJarley, Much has been written in favor of fall plowing in the "American Agriculturist, tut I learn by letters received from readers that there are points not yet clearly understood. In repeatedly advocating fal plowing, which was particularly m mind it and'tho" purchaser and seller departed tn dlffereutdlroctions, apparently satlsflod with tho bargain I barranca. Upon its ««..... ••----•-_. . t i down and marveled on the mighty ' " - ' was no rude when readin: ned by her dk**i»»»«...— - —-.--.• those statements rfhich explained ,,. . Would you believf that this girl " 8a J'y and passionately loyed you if 1 toId you that alone and unaided she set out upon the course of her unfortunate lover, and "carily but surely tracked him ovor to the spot whe« ha I* «^jg»» B ta B ° u -° ne Ren baff° U risinK with ain»zeuient, hone and joy and doubt all the time showing in "Do you mean that you are——" "Of courae 1 do, my darling the stranger answered, and as the hat and thrown aside, and jDruaba s • her shoulders, was not nod '.and, but land on which a crop of corn, or potatoes, or beans, or roots had bewi grown, and which was intended for oats or barley in the spring. Little or nothing was said about plowuip sod land in the falls on my own farm-of late years, at any rate-I seldom, if ever, plow sod land in tho fall, and that not from theoretical reasons only, but because there is not time and because, further, sod and can be plowed in the spring at times when other land is too wot and sticky to Ho did not hesitate a second. "I know," said ho, "and I thank you!" He grasped the bag and gave Yogor a look which could Have but one signification, numoly, that ho trusted to his dlsore- (To be continued.) * ,|y paid 111) Ills uouw. in consequ'eiipe, ttud hud kthe wilds ofMexico— Yormac's without being compelled, to display iiigrau- S^^^rSS «S»^«I iterallnthe solitudes of the dlsWMs^w , thinking that W» friend wai agsumlog too lofty a tone, Interposed. *LookUer<>, my dear follow," ' »»W he nmy gluttony did as much towards decidlnj you to come to pay your rojnocts to put W a" «»» l ttboiau>able Oossacli 6ni hungry tmd want wawtb ng to eat," added ho, addressing tl« Qur intention to" stop here the latter, " Vou wished uoithn your stock of provisions nor t " law lib•&Mi^^*» ~V£?£ixs«'*o, H^r* ftf tell Something about the'burning ol the forest of 0»trovoyo,» •»«? the Jwaoule. "You must have wltuossod the connngrn U ""il. yp« may well believe itl" cried M. ..Who had lost nothing of his business, honorably mined his nerves in determined to seek the wi.— - --- - : -- ,, primarily because he knew that ho could more easily restore his physical and men- W tone there than elsewtere, ^4 »eco,id|y, i because he trusted to his. scientific knowledge to enable him to disjover gold con- Sedamid the my. to?«Jf"g° '$ h ^ • i I mnnntfliu• caverns, ihere Vias, iou, »» A traveler in a bltwkwobds .community, S^,, on wliy ho had wished to get attracted by a noise in a cabin 'not fiff.. I ,W e r g»^ > ftnd f r i e ndsand country. fronVthe roadside, stopped and,, address- OT^o/Mearly loved the daughter o{ ing a boy that «at on a fence, saw: ... . brokendowu old friend pf nw "'You Jive about here, 1 suppose! rjerusbtt wan twenty:two years "* iest about" I *"*!*?.*" _ir.^^i...w r -- ,,i,,>,-mim/'. - wBii can you tell me what makes tha^peculiarnoiseupyoudwin that cab- ' W "Yep, iff' mam." • '• "Wfiat are they doing-beating ^lop, beaten' one' nuther." "You don't «*y.«)?" "Who said.I didn tj _ "1 mean is it posslbler . »i,un n^ Btrtiigui'w«j uw..v». -IT-T- — *, "That's wbut it is." ,. H**" "and, with much politeness and w- What are they beating each °« ie M Sknce of regret.Jnfdrm.od hj^at^bH for?" when other land work to advantage, . It is of great importance to sow-barely, and oats early in the spring, A. few days difference in the timn of sowing often makes all the difference between a good cvopandapoor one-and what a differ- liMSH OF THE OftEAT LAKES. Wlmt Our Inland Seas Yield anil How They Yield It.' This city is the most important lake fish distributing market on the entire chain of the great laTces, although a very small proportion of the ash that are daily sent from here to the Eastern cities are taken from waters contiguous to Buffalo. They are brought from Lake Superior, Michigan, and Huron, the nnarby waters of Lakes Erie and Ontario furnishing a comparatively small supply of fish for shipment. The fash transported in rifrigeratpr cars, rind Ihe supply is so large that the present demand is not only fully supplied, but there is surplus enough to keep the winter demand for lake fish amply cared for. The trade .m lake fish with seaboard markets has increased so of late years that it.would now ho mipossiblo to supply it during the winter season if winter fishing had to be depended npon for the material. The surplus of the summer and fall catehes is frozen and stored in refrigerators for the winter trade, so that a white-fish, lake trout, yel- ] low pike or lake bass served on a New, Yorker's table in mid-winter may have been caught the previous July.or August. Whither the flavor of the fish is frozen in with the fiah itself so that it will be the | same as it was when the fish is taken from the water is a question. , Lako Superior is considered the best ot the lakes for fish. Its water are more like that of springs than the others. White- | fish and trout taken from Superior command better prices than similar fish taken from any of the other lakes. They like deep water, and are found at their best in water 300 feet deep. Yellow pike come chiefly from Lakes Huron and Ontairo. Lake Erie excels in blue pike and black buss. Immense numbers of white-fash and lake trout are also taken from Lalie trie and Lake Michigan, but the best come from the co'der clearer waters of Superior. Uill | nets are used almost entirjv in. capturing ny case Tlio farmers of St. Joseph County, Inn.. RraEreatly troubled hy wheat thieves. They ncaHinty Blciil the grain, but horses ami vehicles with which to carry lt_pg. Would You Uellcve Proprietor, of Kemp's Balsam •'"«« CO., ,11.0. Hfm^fflftAts". Immediate or future use. Trial bottle freo at all druggists'-. Large size Me. and «l. , County, Kansas, man makes PENSlOf^^ . P. 0. \ NEW LAW. 800,000 roiatoi ,,J and ™j°' t1 ™ 0 \ l *£ ?££• ,"°iy'«. Wnahlugton, D. 0. SeriTins And This la The Reason for The Unequalled Popularity of Hood's Sarsaparilla BEECHA^'Q THE DRE.>.T,E!iai.l? Cure BKLIOUS Ner 25ctO. nes are u . luke fish for market although tons of pike b«83 are taken with book and > line. It >wer edges of to knoU ^^ku^pou^douta^arol 1th ig'norant and buss are taken with— r —.-, is a singular fact that blue pike we rarely, if ever, found in any of the lakes except Erie- The fishermen of these lakes follow | a perilous calling, and many losethBir^i—" . *ii ^ _.:-l_..i n i«».» a Hint owf»«n ftVftl* DEVELOP PI.ESH, Olflp"? 89 * 41 P«k V\w, N«w YorK. that.sweep over the =~ lakes almost without warning, . . .. It has long been noted as a curious fact Tl that all the St. Lawrence river - ~ "" DOCBI.B IrMth-toailer $0.78. valleys be- uu » vary "from a dark idy loam and a clayey loam. Au • Aeti i e»i l 8u»iin«* 1 Work. . . haps these terms dq not convey a distinct meaning. All I wish to show is that the ,, t wif vanes considerably und requires dif A certftia young actress during the stage {ttlAdso£ W orlaug. 'lu get narl ion earns a snug little income by ^*" fleW iu g0 od condition for onto or bar- nAlw barkof tbobircU tree to dcco- g y *„ tfie sprnvg reauires three times :-Bne makos pictures jroui tno | ]i ^ mr reau i w \ on otli . vacation vacation the a a . found in nearly all the great.Wkes with the exception of Lake Erie. This can be ae- couiited for only by the theory that a subterranean river connects Lake Ontairo with The beds of Lakes Ontario sea dally 1 . , of v>a«te. lii" consent; to the, en ' ' , , ,' so 'lojig; as,.,lii«, ..were prps-, .. erous but no sooner had the crwh cow rnn he Btraightwuy called upou tho young " nd a- placntland see yo hero so coin- father beat your 911-poworful to the .o g*nt erwUislou to obtain r«i» E»J w^ f ~ M^I drop hn.»e'f Bockon you'd wtto go or stay an' pity pap awhile. uearance o r, daughtor had carefully seurched^er, heart nd decided that her engagement should be t once tenninatod. Beu Cowedhishead Ko"y, but it novwoccurred to luin to doub Kith of the matter, Bono conUnte linisel with writing a very sarcastic and mournful letter to tbe young lady and than eft the country. So we find him now, •tramping wn tho gloomy course of the barranca K stwnis, tlwting rovks and away \na ore Oue day it occurred to him t check fhe couw of * small rtcwm of (w. ft hue bowl of the molten sub Lon« ttfter the invention of pins in the - ~, ~rwa white; I , pleasing and )I3 mpor on otner parts, as this (say a field that *e details mm produces silhouette etfe employed in odd thb upper . Superior, Huron, M idwgJin and On lie about tho samo depth below the evel-from ^50 to 260 foet-the upper lakes' beds being the highest, The bed of Lake Krie is 350 feet above the sea lefel The theory is that a river running beneath Lake Erie extends from Lake Superior to Lake Ontario, and that the fish from he St. Lawerence and Ontario follow tha course of that river and find the waters of the upper lakes.—Buffalo Cor. N, Y. Sun, ri$Tpuj«i_ "A | till I O 8ro'a'i»t~Biraul»t._ DCM^inNQ OLD CLAI1 Kw rtWOIUWO Bellied nudor NEWT r^siSi^?«« w, LATK COMMISSIONER OS 1 Allornov ftl Law, WMl>lu«t<W, thl» pm»r.j rea. Sr coWeftl or serious effects,, according o the Sro-inaker, i-Kyfas, hair, buttons, ,ts are wit in with' India ink.' eta., aropuv.'f, ™" — liiif , irM fits., are puv.iu "'"« "7"; :,«if,'i,]i,hhH P'°v) trow is notonly;.yWK ^ '.£«** „?,«£&-1 !•?» start the ,_ between the rows ol . w ,^ n ...^.™,,~ Plowing otter the con, and ttoelks are removed. On strong land I pHtthrea tof»«s oa, th,e plow jwd r"n up ft good, deep fuW, apd, F'"'Ti- '...««,/C!l n.i *nn whero it 18 0X1)05' educated an' her father id general fi ja an ao'' 1 ;avorite us well, and ive member of the - • r aw '- leave, toe BV ed to the RI_ , , and frosts of Winter, , il on top where it is oxpoj' action of the air from the and the (Hscreet in thus giving her summer eeoret ^ more ea8 i]y prepared-lor 8 awny so 1 wi" uulk * so ' ue awe " ds b ^ Sous tUmn if it hud not been plowm __-fLiT_l,li«.» \\t\v tiainP. I »ln«tin<» inv Prtrtl. tllV UrftCtiOO W tO , for spring, OtteiB and~uTiIitoFwere ptoSrlw iwwn, rav pracUoe . prw w, scarce in Cou- S roun d the field, aud M»u» ivvo d having «r». w tea ft'hujje'towl-.--. stance near the gre»t lake, in f .,-,... 6uW«S^rS - ^«r«w^?* ^^tfj^^^g bs^-NWcgSS hpUoWh, ^^"^h^ta^ verv slow t^y^^^^s- WftSW tethoir hidosTew wth from*5 p ice went dovn, and now thu numb, we ? inj /gong-plow w as to fill UP to dead in the state SKftin. 80 numerous bave f ur rows, are eiwily levwea m tne BIUUJ »KW .. • ^ y we getting I cross-harrowing .with an country K"»y Uuxom " In the veniptbr districts ivwAy villagssi'ampps the peaty bqi . T R V.«»l ~~- i fU« wnbaa l\ hawthorn had. the cheeks of' ^Irlsh'peasupkBM. it 6n the grows lu,s\i »*?M ,Vsi **!lPt ***; w*** things thivt fill the i»W- '. ,/ ' The colleen bftww w strejgUt, unfrequently tall, her fchouldars - wttiut large V«t awpvle M$ *e looks W*aw^w5 «F ffissr»;r%«» of chestnuts.soiuetiw,f it has arippUi w it, but oftenw it is lustreless and s tpwgW*, and possibly so very heavy as t? be alnjQs '"Thave" seen peasant giris with braids e clubs, the tresses when "»• low*4 In foil previous. is drawn back to leave .. cyqa aro frank. 1^,4 blve, cleiir, though < darkened it imd "oh,oppjjd.p;9wn INSTANTLY, St., Ho\v York. Price 00

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