The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 24, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 24, 1890
Page 1
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fy, L'-s^ ills, Pants, Coats, etc. ^ Are the bsst for wear in sale at WASttEft. u tore Grange, Store. Goods for Fall and Winter, nhler is approaching, and it is time that you should be ^''edt for it. A good and warm overcoat or a suit of 5 is what you need to keep yoy warm, and to make ypu 6l Comfortable. If you have to make an investment in the line of winter fttiertts please give me a call ana I shall be pleased to show " as good a line of fall arid winter goods as was ever brought ' ' ' '' they will be sold at prices which will eottfitj- The KbSSttth county republican contention Co* tfia purpose of nominating county officers *lllDeheldatA(gona, on frttfDAY, 0(JT. if, at i o'clock p. in. The offlcors to bo chosen at this convention are as follows: One Olerk of Courts in place of A. A. Branson. One County Recorder in place of 0. i). Creed. One County Attorney in place of 9. MayHe. two County Supervisors In place of O, H. Peters and 0. E, Olson. * The basis of representation -Mil bo one delegate tor each township or ward, and one 'additional delegate for each twenty-five votes o* major fraction thereof cast for Joseph O. Hutchlneon for governor in 1880. teach town- Ship ana ward will be entitled to the following number of delegates, to-wltt Cdrrotl Sentinel, a Weeds pajJSr, says nctbl all taiin = .kj * rs J *> __a __. -^ . ., „*. . t oHhis: "Vfhf M*. ' ottr doorl, ... . tfce, Sf l&e Township. Algona City— First l^bSsuth county, ar, ~" competition. ^., My overcoating close but every pa^ Ipants goods will a| assortment of tailo! at my shop wiU * , -' « -•*» ityle. fflp be sold at a low figure, as I want to rn in stocS. Suiting, coat and vest and e sold w very reasonable prices. My trimmings is,complete. Clothes made g»e made in accordance with .the latest 6 years ago style about them. rst ward Second ward ..... . Third ward ....... , Fourth ward....... Burt ................. Buffalo ............... Cresco ....... . ....... Fenton ....... ........ German... . ..... . .., Greenwood .......... Garfleld ...... . ....... Hebrott ....... ... .... Itrlngton ...... ..... Lotts creek ......... LuVerne ........ ..... Portland ............. Plum Creek ......... Prairie ........ ... ..... Rlverdale ..... <....., Ramsay ...... ... ..... Seneca..... ..... ...... Swea .................. Sherman ......... .... Union We Whlt y temoM., Chairman. S. B, Sessions. 0. M. Doxsee.. F. Dorfhojr.... E. H. Clarke.,. John Kerr..,.. Root. Lane.... J. B. Jones..., J. U Blunt.... 3. Stelsel W, W-Wilson. 0. G. 'Vtrrlght.. Wm. Goodrich Horace Mann, Jas. Archer.,.. G. C. Burtls... r, H. Grover,.. 1. M. Gardner, J, Longbottom A. Fisher I, Merrlneld,. W. W. Alcorn. C. A. Erlekson lenry Ourrnn. rl. Schenck.... W. M. Colby,, N, cotton..... Total........ 0(1 , " wny MT. VVOOOBV me, onoics. 01 tne fArmers'Alliance and RhigntS-of Saber, ft democrat of high standing;atnJ a most popular citlien and farmer and & representative In the Wo last legislatures, who had the support of nine Bttt of ten of his eonfer- te'es WiB Were at the State contention for sOcretafy, of Stnter-why he Should belg hored Snd a republican taken up who had never affiliated witn thS de'mocratld party and Who 18 ndw ft republican member of the boftfd of Supervisors of 'Greene county, la a problem we hate not yet seen answered." The Sentlnelj as quoted by the dar- i-oll MoMld,, further oaks, "Was the democracy of the Tenth dlStrldt hold out?" and says: "Mt. Duncomfae and Mr. Bench engln- and w$ can gteatiy enlarge _6nt exchanges ntty for reeipfoc'ai toads." ing t6 build hers tod put in ft general , „ far as to refuse a .egate a hearing oil nn eered. things, „. Crawford county „ ... „_ amendment to the resolutions, which he had a perfect right to make and which nc- cordtnsf to all parliamentary usage was in order, in spite of Beach's Reed tactics that it Was hot. Do these men know why they Secured the nomination bf a republican instead bt a true-blrie democrat? If so, we would like to hear from them." Thus In the face of overwhelming odds, instead of a united front our defn- cratlc brethren come to battle with an open domestic broil, and begin a canvass that wilt evidently be largely devoted to clubbing each other. At pres- "SOS. 1. L WooBS has at last been made the deniocratlo nominee against the brilliant Doillver," Says Late Young in his Capital. "Mr. Wood* IS not the man known thirty years ago in Iowa as >6ld Timber.' fio is newer timber, and will be left at home to'season.'" ent Buncombe is snubbed. How ho will remain so is to be seen, long \ ; Steamship Tickets to and from Europe. ' «•" '1 have the agency for 15 different steamship lines, among Ithem the famous Cunard line and the Thingwalla line. Give ]>me a call before you bfy your tickets. ;- : , Q. m* 3FOSS. ^DEALER 1K- Stoves, Tinware, and Cutlery, Slielfware, Belting, Paints, Glass, Machine Oils, Iron and, Wooden Pumps. Repairing of Purnps a Specialty. JlLGONA, IOWA. Tho chairmen of the different wards and townships are requested to call their respective caucuses to bo hold on Friday, Oct. 10, 1800, at the regular voting places. 0. 0. CHUBB, Chairman County Central Committee. Candidates' Cards. For Recorder—I hereby announce myself a candidate (or the office of county recorder, subject to the action of the republican county convention, D, T, SMITH. For Recorder—Believing It to bo but just nnd fnlr that the mechanics and laboring men should be represented In the offices of tho county, I hereby announce myself a candidate for county recorder before the coming republican convention. M. F. RANDAI.I,. Hardware Milk Cans, Churns, Riverside Stoves, Stoves and Ranges, " Quick Meal" Gasoline Stoves. -Agents for the j. NEVER RUST TINWARE, i * warranted not to rust. Call and get prices! we can do you good. Yours, etc., , WINIdE BKOS. M lIIJLLOAIonFariPropny. At lowest rates and optional payments. Interest 'payable at our office, can save you money. optional payments. If you want a loan, call on us. We JONES & SMITH. M. Z. Crove. John Grove, Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, West of Thorlngton Bouse. M. Z. CROVE, Manager. Cloths and Trimmings, J. K. FILL & SON, Merchant Tailors A roll stock ot oloths and trimmings always on hand, ai cheap aa can be bought anywhere. Alf work done promptly and Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call street, Algona. Iowa, PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. GEO. ,E. CLARKE, . ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bauk, Algona, la. You are To see and buy our Ladies' Shoes. Moris' Shoes, Boys' Shoes, Misses' Shoes, Kids' Shoes, Plow Shoes, Plow Boots, lap Boots, Calf Boots, Fur Hats, Wool Hats, Stiff Hats Crush Hats, Men's Hats, Boys' Hats, Kids' Hats, Misses' Hats. Cheap, Medium, AND Grade. J'he largest stoek in town, and at the oriees.' The Sent Jiubber Ooods Jient wearing Hosiery, lieau- nils. ^Dresi Oooili. Custom-made Over' Qoflts Thread at 4c. We offer you uo snide baits, we V)"f BO no fancy prices. We can save you money. One price for town and country. JO/IN BEEP. F. M, BRON30N, Dealer Silver Fluted Ware, etc. «epftltl«gneatl?dooe. Aljoua, Tlie New Meat Market, Jf W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Ovor Kossuth County bank, Algona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTOHNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over Kossuth Co. b:yi!t. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and collections. Over Frank Bros. TUB UJtXMXG T\riNM5 DEBATE. Senator Davis, tho able and independent republican of Minnesota, led the aggressive fight against tho binding twine trust in tho senate. To his untiring efforts was largely due the defeat of its attempt to farther intrench itself In tariff protection. In his opening speech he showed that 60,000 tons of twino are used annually at tho cost of two cents for every bushel of wheat, and at a cost of 89,811,200.for tho entire crop raised in tho United States. Of this §4,000,000 is a bonus, or gratuity, levied by a corrupt combination. Ho did not mince matters when he said: "Mr. President, horo Is a combination of Interests of forty-two manufacturing companies in this country, seven or nine in Canada, banded together by the cohesive force of a common Interest, superior to all law, which Is strong enough to bo in presence in tho Philippine Islands, where ono- haWof this raw material Is produced, and dictate, limit, and control the price there; to do tho same thing in Yucatan, whore the other half of tho raw material of this product is raised, and dictate and dominate and rule tho price there, having a committee at New York to purchase for all, and another committee of three representing every one of these corporations to limit tho output and fix the price, dictating everything; as secure above legislative control as tho clouds that float above us', In need of no law, in need of no protection whatever, amply and fully able to protect themselves, to spoliate the world; coming hero and say- Ing that they will shut up their mills and cease production unless they can receive this additional protection of \% cents per pound." The eastern senators who defended the twine trust claimed that it was organized only to control tho raw material, but not the selling price. This lame excuse was refuted again and again, and still all but a few western republicans voted to increase tbe tariff ut the behests of the lobby. Senator Davis truthfully said in his closing speech: "Mr. President, not ono statement that I have made on this subject has been substantially contradicted; every word that has been said against what I have uttered has been in palliation, in confession, and avoidance. There is no competition on this continent today between tho manufacturers of binding twine. With one or two exceptions evory binding twine factory in this country and in Canada IB in a combination THE renomination of J. H. Sweeney in the Fourth district is a deserved vindication of one of Iowa's best men. We know nothing of Col. Sweeney's troubles over postofflce patronage—what interests he may havo conciliated or estranged in distributing the spoils—but we do know that in the Iowa senate no man ever did bettor service to the state than ho, and that as congressman he has taken a good position at Washington for a first-termer. Ho is a clean, honest, and capable man, and should be re-elected. If factional disturbances over patronage can defeat him for Walt. H. Butler, it will be a more striking illustration than wo have yet had of tho folly of attempting to make party capital out of postofllcos. CONGRESSMAN DOLLIVER in an interview published Sunday.says binding twino should be on tho free list. SENATOR ALLISON sat down on the notion that flax straw would be benefited by high-priced binding twine when he said in the senate: "I know—at least I think I mow—that not one partible of the flax that is produced in Iowa, the Dakotaa, or Minnesota pan bo utilized for fiber if it is util- zed for seed." JOHN P. DUNCOMDE'S Port Dodgo Chronicle docs not support Mr. Woods. It also- announces that Mr. Duucombo will drop politics entirely. BEAlt OASE ENiilD, The Father takes »160 rtnd rtolltl* qulshes All CiftitH to the Boy. Ernest Seal, a bright and intelligent, 12-year-old, hoe had rather more than an ordinary experience in hla brief ca- rooft Fortunately for him the romance is about ended, and from this time forth under hla toother's care he will enjoy the ordinary doui-se (if youthful life. A settlement was made at Eagle Grove last week by W. B. Quarton by which his father, in consideration of $150, releases all claim to him, and Mrs. Beal has sole charge of his affairs, The story of his kidnapping was fully told at the time of the divorce proceedings. The decree of court gave him to his mother until he should be 12 years old, and then to his father. The boy came to tho fateful age a few weeks ago, and was token bV his father to Eagle Grove, where with his new Wife he how lives. But tho boy did not like his home, walked to Qoldflold, and there took the cars to Livermore, where he stayed some two weeks, while his father was hunting for him. A letter from his mother sent him back, when he received a vigorous dressing down for playing truant. But Mr. Beal really did not want tho boy, having offered at first to take §600 nna give him up. Mrs. Beal was willing to give $160, and tho Tho settlement Tho boy gives promise of a bright and useful career, BANCROFT, Sept, 22.— There was a Fakir sociable at the school house hall Wednesday evening. A deaf and duab daughter of Mr. and Mrfl. Burns Of RatAsay died of congestion of the brain Friday evening. She was 12years of age. • Mrs, O. H. Johnson is in Bed Wing visiting relatives. s E, L. Ward went out of business on the 17th. , Bev. Ward is Attending conference at Spencer. Dr. Morse was in town over night last week. He is located at Algona. John Bomser of Alesia, Minn,, Is visiting D. B. miintf. Cattle are plenty) but prices are low. Cai'd parties are all the rage. I. J. Bruer is painting his store. ^^^^M^H Iowa Crop tteporti The Iowa review for the" month sums up the condition of Iowa crops for the year. The per cents, and averages given compared with the Kossuth reports show that we are to the front. The report for cord Is: There Is a decline in condition of three per cent, since lost report, although, many report a full average crop and ripening rapidly. If frost does not Injure the crop the state will produce near 80 per cent, of the bushels harvested in 1889. The condition reported by one thousand and ten correspondents is 70i per cent. Flax—Five 1 hundred and six GOODS. Special bargains in Dress Goods just opened their new stock of i amount was accepted. is fortunate for all. THE anti-lottery bill passed tho senate last Tuesday. It winds up tho lottery business in this country. precisely for the purposes and with the objects which I stated the other day, namely: To engross and control tho raw product in S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security, Over Chrischilles' store. B. F. REED, ATTORNEY AT LAW, Office over the'postofllce, Algona, Iowa. L. K. GARFIELD,-M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office, State St., one door east of Cordlngley, liesldence, McOreg ' St., oast of the public school i. gliding. H. C. McCOY, M, P., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Special attention to city practice. . W. E. H. MORSE, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Ofllce east of Kttliorforcl house, Algona, Iowa. a. T. WEST, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Next door to J. U. Smith's store, Algona, la. J. E. HILL, M. D,, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Wesley, Iowa. Day and night calls attended to with prorntuess. LOUIS LESSINC, Manufacturer and dealer In all Kindt of FURNITURE, picture Frames, Looking Qlas»e;,ChromOii, and (ill kinds iteudj- alone it is produced, which is done through a committee in tho city of Now York for the benefit of this confederated league; and so far as the output of tho manufactured >roduct is concerned, another committee 'or sale representing the confederates in this country and Canada." Speaking again of the absurdity of iidoptinq 1 laws against trust conspiracies and then allowing them to come with unblusing front and demand protection, ho concluded: ' Now, Mr. President, I said a few moments ago, and I Insist, that this is not a question as to whether this aged Infant ought to be protected. The question is whether wo should preserve and uphold the law which wo ourselves have made. That this Janus-faced concern is a conspiracy in every aspect in which it can bo looked upon within the purview of the act of congress of July 2, 1800, there Is no manner of doubt. That it falls within this penal statute which we ourselves passed a few weeks ago I believe no lawyer can question, if ho knows tho facts. I think this statute should bo honored and enforced. Grant protection to this monopoly and— k • " Our strong statutes Stand, like the forfeits In a barber's shop, As much lu mock as mark." * THE great Sioux City corn palace opens tomorrow and continues till Oct. 10. It is on a scale of magnificence never before attempted and is undoubtedly much finer than ever before. In a private letter Dr. Ingham describes ono feature: "Tho dome represents tho globe, and North and South America ore worked In colored corn on the sldo facing the Garrotson. On tho map of North America Is Iowa in corn of another color, and In its appropriate place is Sioux City" A very fine description has beon written byj. H. Quick, well known In Kossuth, and scattered over tho state. Speaking of the palace ho says: "It will bo 304 by 204 feet in size, twice as large as last year's palace. Its stylo will be graceful in the highest degree. Its doc- orations will exceed anything of Its kind ever seen. It will be filled with exhibits from all ovcr.tho country. It will havo an auditorium seating 1,200 people. Trained musicians will occupy tho stage. Its ventilation will bo perfect, but daylight will bo excluded and ft will bo lighted by thousands of electric lights." In another place our old professor waxes eloquent and says: " Shut your eyes and enter and from the evidence of your nostrils you will imagine yourself In some great barn filled with fragrant hay and nqw-garnored grain. Trust your ears and you will imagine It a workshop from tho constant tupping of innumerable hammers aud the buzzing of saws. Open your eyes and you exclaim, 'It is fairyland I" 1 Among all tho attractions thus far devised for fairs and expositions tho corn palace idea stands easily first, and all who have never seen ono should not fall to visit Sioux City. Those who have soon them will go without urging. AVOOWS I-OH CONGBESS. Tho democratic nomination of a candidate for congressman is more worthy of note for the manner than the matter of it. Mr, Woods is a genial gentleman and has boon a good legislator, but in the overwhelming republican majority of tho Tenth district much more ambitious politicians would be lost oven with tho most favorable starting out, and as making a serious contest his canvass is scarcely worth discussing. But Mr. Woods does not oven enter the race with u fair start. It is an open secret now that hlu ambition has been bitterly opposed by John P. Duncombe, who has never seen anyone come to the front in Wobstor covnty with equanimity, and who has boon childish in his light against this nomination. At tho committee meeting'at Wobstor City ho was present on a proxy to light Woods, and to tho last bitterly opposed him. He has written a' letter referring to tho farmers' alliance nomination of Woods, in which ho says: „ "How many does it take to nominate u mau for congress 1 A, few disgruntled men., twelve or fifteen in number,' got together here Just before pur convention at Webster City, and not a single man from thirteen counties, representing nobody and nothing, and pretended to nominate Woods as a labor alliance candidate. It was seat off and published in the Louder (which WAS thus Imposed upon) us a nomination to forestall any action of the Webster City convention." What tho roul grievance la at tho ^bottow is not knowp. It in enough to know that Dunoowbe'e dislike has prompted hint to go fur enough to make ,dpugb of tbe dowooruMo cwko, j But W though, tbls wore got oufluph tro.ubl« tbe telly iw few Uuoe istefle}' " '-«* "WITH reciprocity," says Blaine, "the west can annually sell many hundred thousand barrels of flour in the markets of Cuba and Porto Rico, together with a largo moss of other agricultural products. Without reciprocity it will bo driven more and more from those markets," SAM. CLARK says: "If the farmers of the wild and wooly west will continue their faith in God and tho grand old party they will gat on top and stay there." J. P. DOLLIVER is expected homo Oct. 10 to make as much of a canvass as his limited time will permit. JJLUIU100 Ul C1, ULlgilt U11U UDBJUL 1X11UU1, and after his stormy youth is entitled to a period of quiet and healthy development. ' -• HAED TIMES. IS THE EAST. II. S. I.nnclon, Homo from n Vacation, Tolls What Ho Saw. H. S: Ijangdon has returned from his eastern visit, and tells tho samo story about depression on tho farms that has bean so current. Ho was through Massachusetts, Connecticut, and other states, and he says it is a mystery to a western man how they make 'ends meet. Everything in the markets comes from tho west, and outside', the manufacturing centers there is nothing but steady and dull times and quiet. At his old homo u farm of 200 acres under a high state- of cultivation, with houses and barns, sold for $1,000, which in his youth was worth 550 an acre. Money cannot bo borrowed on real estate at all. Aside from the lack of life manifested he had a most enjoyable visit. His health was much recruited at tho sea shore, and his visit at the old homo stead was of course pleasant. Ho picked apples from a tree that has borne for 80 years. He says his earliest boyish re 1 collection is picking apples from that tree, and still it has a pretty large croi each year. Ho returns to Algona will renewed faith in tho west. Ho is satisfied that Iowa is tho favored spot'and that Algona compares favorably with tho rest of tho world so far as he has observed. PEOM THE OODBTY TOWNS. Itninsoy. KAMSEY, Sept. 22.—If you want to read the news of Ramsey subscribe for the UPPER DBS MOIRES. Miss May McCall and Miss Louie Altwegg of Algona visited friends in North and South Ramsey, Saturday and Sunday last. They both havo been teachers of the North Ramsey school, and wo are glad to speak a good word for the girls, and extend a cordial invitation to come again. Girls, next time call a little louder to the fellow sitting on the fence, he js a llttlo hard "on hearing." ^ Miss Emma Ogson of North Ramso|i is visiting Miss Carrie Smith at Whltte more. Wortman Bros, are again visited by their Illinois brother who Intends to settle down in northern Iowa. A very wise plan, Mr. Wortman, but when you settle down subscribe for tho UPPER DES MoiNES. Scott Wickham of North Ramsey talks of breaking 800 acres of, prairie next summer and sow the same to flax. It will pay you Mr. Wickham, could we only secure more such wide awake men who dare to venture to such an undertaking. Good luck to you Mr. W. This will be fair week and who will be tho wise man and take a trip to tho county gathering and try and secure the premium. Let us all turn out. Haying is done with for this year, and very soon Chicago will be stocked with Iowa's rich produce. Some time ago tho Hebron correspondent played the juice (jews) harp so loud, ana practiced on the old tune, titled " Hebron's Prosperity," in which there was told about all tho improve merits in that vicinity. But as wo correspondents report the average condition at88i percent., a decrease of Oi per cent, since lost report. The average yields per acre for other crops are: Wheat llf, barley 28$, rye IflKoats 30, hay one and one-half tons. Pastures—Their condition reported by one thousand nnd four correspondents is 70i per cent., a decrease of about ono per cent, from former report. Irish Potatoes—This crop presents tho worst showing of all. Wine hundred and eighty-five correspondents give the average condition at 491 per cent., a decline in prospective yield of lOi per cent, since last report. Tho report for the post week is: The week was favorable for maturing crops. Tho reports concerning the extent of damage by the frost on tho morning ol tho 18th inst._are quite variable. Striking an average, it is evident tho loss of the corn crop from.tho effects of frost do not exceed five per cent, of the total product of tho state, and Iowa will this year crib at leas<>sJ6 per cent, of an average of sound, W^qhantable corn.. The damaged corn V'":*&«'t»!?o a total loss. Potatoes will )J?} £?Afc.H Fnl1 plowing is progressing r2] Prints, G-inghams, lantets, •:- Stall Cloaks, Ribbons, Dollars, Ties, Underwear, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Gaps, We invite our friends and customers to see our stock of DRESS FLANNELS In all colors. We keep the , -AND Public Sale ot Short There will bo sold at auction at OakWn farm, ono mile and a half west of Fort Dodgo, on Thursday. Oct. 0, 1890, 71 podi- grecd short horns. Forty-nine cows and heifers, fine Individuals and from tho best milking strains. Twenty-two bulls, comprising 14 from tho herd of C. C. Carpenter, two from the herd of Hurt & Fuller, and six from the celebrated herd of Martin Terms: A credit of one year on approved notes at six per cent, interest, or a discount of two per cent, for cash. Lunch at 11 a. m. Sale promptly at 1 p. m. Sale under cover. No postponement on account of weather. Write C. C. Carpen tor. Fort Dodge, Iowa, for catalogue. Col. J: W. Judy, auctioneer. Unusual Opportunities For the study of music will bo afforded in Algona during the ensuing year. An accomplished musician and most successful teacher will bo in charge of the music department of tho normal school. Parents will do well to take advantage of this opportnnity to secure for their children tho best instruction on piano and organ and in vocal culture. The Sioux city Corn Palace. To enable visit tho Corn Palace tho CLOTHING. We invite the public, young and old, to call in and see the bargains we have to offer. Thanking you for past favors, I remain, Yours very truly, Jno. Goeders ]L We bought a job lot of LJL, 1UU1UB1VG, City and return at half rates, ono faro for the round trip, tickets good for return passage until Oct. 15, For full information apply to agents of the Chicago & Northwestern railway.—2fit8 ' - A WASHINGTON report is that requests for copies of tho letters of Secretary Blaine on tho reciprocity question are pouring in on the members of tho senate aud house from all parts of the country, and it Is calculated that during the past month over fifty thousand such missives have boon received. Someone, Just who remains a secret at tho present time, has taken the trouble to collect the letters in question-and print them In pamphlet form, A general dopot has been established and their distribution froe of charge arranged for, Some thirty thousand have already gone through tho malls, and tho present and prospective demand has warranted tho friends of tho secretary of state in giving an order to the printers for a second edition of fifty thousand. INTERVIEWS with Iowa' cong vjssmen indicate that Representative Kerr thinks reciprocity U possible between the nations south of us and with Canada. Representative Laoy says it is a good thing If it can be made practicable. Ho favors the principle, but wants something better worked out than has been proposed. Representatives Dolllver, Flick, Reed, and Struble unite in saying that Mr, Blalno's ideas ore popular in Iowa. SENATOR SHERMAN thinks rec ity with our neighbors on the m proc- th Is " only a question pf a short time. Toe poo- pie of this country, X think, ore In f avov pf reciprocity, owl I believe that wore than 9 majprity of the Canadians desire it. The revolution (s one that will require mutual advances, and whoa It U tho Interest of two countries to have unrestricted trade and comtnorolul relation? it will uot take long to make the advances, » > In Ids letter to the Boston club, said: "Certain wise mejj ask, How can we sell farm products in South America wbon the twwo tUluge are. produced there) Cereals, uio undoubtedly grown lg the southernmost na)-ts pf South Am,erlw, but tho wise men wUl rowwUor that • eoro- Ula W4 su£Qr d,o uot grow to tb,o same egl), pf &> u .th W d au.d the Wwt IwMtt Jsl- never will bo done up with the string of such u small instrument, wo will show you a list of our prosperous and well to do men, and tell you their adventures. Mr. John Smith commenced to build a two story house on his farm near Ramsey. Wm. IClelst is building a very lai-gd grainory and barn, Mr. Strabbon, who has purchased a quarter section of Mr, Call, has built a very large and commodious house and barn. Henry Reese is building a good sized barn, and Mr. Larsen a kitchen. Mr. Wells, our booming farmer, intends to put up a wind mill. Finger this, Mr. Hebron, and we think you will havo a tune that will oxeell them all. Peter Smith of Elmoro. Minn,, was visiting under the parentlal roof. As we understand Poter intends to go to Minneapolis. Lev! Good, the enthusiastic thresher, has now completed his threshing force and increased the power by adding ono span of them ere long eared horses. Miss Carolina Wesley of Blue Earth Minn., is visiting Mrs. John Miss Wesley is one of our Kos< City, Smith. suth county wide awake teachers, for whom we are glad to speak a good word. She secured a school in Swea. Among our Ramsey's mechanical young boys is Charlie Smith, who, when no commenced herding last spring, undertook to build a toy nay stacker. He worked at it all summer and it is completed and works to perfection. Give the young boys tools and they are bound to bo industrious. If there is any news worthy to mention please write it on u slick piece of per and address, K. K., Ramsey, and en su MOINES. pa then subscribe for tho UPPEB DES LuVeruo. News, Sent. IB: Mr, and Mrs. D. A, Duitmau left on Tuesday for Minneapolis to take in the exposition. They will be away all week. Guy Hunna returned on Saturday from iv visit of several weeks with relatives at Waterloo. Prank fltiir ol Algonw is the manager of the sepurtttor run by John Wallace at this place, _ Sept. }0.— I, P. Kendall, , in in Elinoro thtti and another party }s sojot lu his stea4. Wo noticed our genial sheriff our grain merchant, weeE, in the sights at tins place today. taking Saying is now overwlth and pressing is the Qjrtter of the day. Ppetniastor Leslie informs us that they kayo u young Iftdy at their house, pounds,, £l» P, JPrftice, formerly, station ufifont ' «M» ber/lflnie <$£ Jgg ggfc V English Spavin Linfment Removes all hard, sost, or calloused lumps and blemishes from horses, blood spavin, curbs, splints, sweeney, ring bone, stlnos, sprains, all swollen throats, etc. Save *50 by use of one bottle; warranted. Tho most wonderful blom Ish cure ever known. Sold by L. A. Sheotz. Itch cured In 30 minutes by Woolford's Sanl •tary Lotion. Sold by L. A. Sheetz. There's No Use Denying the Truth. Kllert's Extract of Tar and Wild Cherry for Coughs and Colds. It cures them. Dr. Jaques' German Worm Cakes destroy and remove worms from the system. Dr. Wincheirs Teething Syrup Is the best for general ailments of children. All druggists. Happy Homo Blood Purifier aud Health Tonic pui-Iilos tho blood and make home happy, Uncle Sam's Condition Powders and Uncle Sam's Nerve and Bono Idnlment-these two great medicines are sold by all druggists- Successor to N. 0. Letghton & Co. and Clinton Morrison, Manufauturer and. Dealer in Lumber, Lath, AND SHINGLES. Cor, Thirteenth Ave, S, and 4th St., Minneapolis, Minn, WRITE FOR PRICES It is the Cheapest Fuel. The undersigned will clear off a largo tract of timber for pasture, and If ordered by Nov. 1 will deliver at your door good -straight, 4-foot Soft Wood at - $3,00 per Cord, Hard-wood, hickory, nnd second-growth Oak Wood at - $4,50 per Gord, and stove wood of any length proportionately cheap, Dry wood at my house now, at same prlc.o, Body stove wood at »1.60 per cord. AMBROSE A. CALL, ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY.— District Court, October Term, 1800.—J. M. Young, plaintiff, against Timothy D. Crock- or, Thomas D. Crocker, and Wm. Bade Jr. To said defendants: You ore hereby notified that there is now on file a petition of the plaintiff In the above entitled action In the of- Dee of the clerk of said court, claiming that she Is the absolute and unqualified owner In fee simple of the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter of Section Twenty-two. Township One Hundred, north of Range Twen! ty-seven, west of 6th P. M., Iowa, and asking for a decree wherein you and each of you will be forevar barred and estopped from settlne up any claim or title thereto; and unless you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of tho first day of the next October term of said district court, to be begun nnd holdon at the court bouse lu Algona, fu said county, on the 14th day of October, 18110, default will be entered against you and judgment rendered thereon. J. J3, JONES. iH-it Plaintiff's Attorney. which we sell way down under cost, Also a NICE LOT OF JACKETS! Our stock in Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, and Neckwear is complete and we can suit everybody in price or quality. We still keep the SHAKER YARN and all other kinds, such as Saxony, Spanish, arid Coral Yarn, Underwear for ladies and gents. «®° We will open in a few days a fine line of PLUSH CAPS for children, ladies, and men, bought direct iroin the manufacturer. «©Tlease call and examine our goods. Chrischilles & Herbst. " NEW STORE AT ALGONA! TAX SALE NOTICE. ToWm. O. Kedline: You are hereby notified that on the 6th day of December, 1887, the treasurer of Kosmith county, Iowa, at a tax sale holden at the court house In Algona, in said county, sold the following described real estate, situated In said county, to A. D. Clarke for the delinquent taxes thereon, viz: The south half of the northwest quarter of Section Twenty-four, In Township Ninety-seven, north of Range Twenty-nine, west of the 6th P. M.; and that the certificate of sale thereof has been duly assigned to tho undersigned, the owner holder thereof i and that tho right of redemption will expire and a deed bo made by the treasurer of said county, conveying said premises to the undersigned, pursuant to tho statute in such cases made aud provided, unless redemption from such sale bo made within ninety days from tho completed service of this notice, OEO. E. CLARICE, Holder or Certificate. Dated Sept. 8,1800. S-lta GKEO. IB. Would respectfully announce to the public that he has, at the Red Front, State street, Algona,' just opened up and now offers for sale an entire new stock of merchandise consistme of Staple and Fancy Groceries, Crockery, lamps, glassware, dry goods and notions, to which will be added new goods to make and keep our stock complete. While we earnestly solicit a call from all, we are especially anxious to meet the farmers of this vicinity, whose interests will receive our careful attention. We have come to stay, and warrant all goods at low values, and as we represent them. Don't forget the Red Front, State St., Algona. Just opened, GrEO, B, BA.GON. DR. L. A. SHE1TZ, Dealer In DRUGS AND MEDICINES, If nil assortment always on baud, or Drugs, Med! olnes, and pure lliuora lor medicinal pur- poeeionly. Bookaand stationery, SHEBIFF'S SALE. Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of special execution, to me directed by the cleric oj district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, against the goods, uhattlea, lauds, tonenumte, its., of Joseph Halnzel, defendant, lu favor of ;ho McConnlolc Harvesting Machine Company, nalutlff, I will offer at public sale" to .ho highest and beat bidder for cash, it the door of the court house, lu the mid aay, all of said tltlp, and interest lu Halnzcfs right, and to the following do- icrlbed real estate, situated In Kossuth coun- y, Iowa, to-wit: The south half ot the northwest quarter of Section No. Thirty-one In I'owushlp No. Ninety-woven, north ol Bauuo No. Twenty-nine west of the 6th P. M, Sale to commence at tho how bf 1 o'clock n. m. of said day, ' Witness my baud this S3d day of Septotober, A.D. im M. STEPHENS, . 8018 . , Sheriff of Kossuth county. Iowa. ORIGINAL }fOTIO& VA, KOSSUTH CDUN'f jotoUer Term, IgOO.-Jupl .vHi jm-Xr-.l' .Harris, TATE OP 1C District Court couuocUout, wutl The Amwloi>u "N»tU>uai Batik. " ' *•• "• 'Co the abovo uanieS d.elenaaat8! Vo« are ereby noWed that there IB now p» file a pen- fiw P' !*? P'JJlo«« A? »?,Abw« --""-*" TAX SALE NOTICE. To JohnM. Booktell: You are hereby notified that on the 6th day of December, 18S7, the treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, at a tax sale holden at the court house In Algona, In said county, sold the following described real estate, situated In said county, to A. D, Clarke for the delinquent taxes thereon, viz: The northeast quarter of Section Seven, lu Township Ninety-nine, north of Range Twenty-seven, west of tbe (th P. M., and that the certificate of sale thereof has beon duly assigned to tho undersigned, the owner aud holder thereof; and that the right of redemption will expire and a doed be made by the treasurer of said county, conveying said premises to tho undersigned, pursuant to the statute In such oases made and provided, unless redemption from suoh sale be made within ninety days of the completed service of this notice. * QEO. B. CLARKE, Holder of Certificate. Dated Sept, 8,1800. 84t3 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS, On the 15th day of October, 1800, at 3 o'clock , m., at the Wpbuter school house lu Feutou .nvnshlp, the contract for building a school house lu sub-district No. 0 of said township will bo let to the lowest responsible bidder. Specifications may be soon ut tlie auditor's office lu Algoua. By order of tho board. Bids will be received by O. O. TIBBETTS, 26M Secretary, Fenton P. O., IOWA. Right reserved to reject any or all bids. Carpets! People in search of something nice in Carpets should' call and see JNO, GOEDERS JR, * '» \ He ha§ facilities for furnishing anything desired at very low figures. LAIRD'S FURNITURE STORE. J, R, LAIRD, Proprietor, Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention., Prices are reasonable, FARM LOANS At 6, 7, 7^, ^nd 8 per cent,, on five to ten years' time, privilege of partial payments before 'due Interest can be paid at my office, Save gpney by calling on me before ypu apply for a loan, T.

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