The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 17, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1890
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PH- 1866, ALGOHA, IOWA, SEPTEMBER 1?» 1890. VOL. 25. Ms, Pants, Coats, eta IK ,A¥« the best tot wear in the market, Foi* sale at 5 : -The Grange Store. '8 FURNITURE STORE. J. ft. LAIRD, Proprietor. Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attentionu. Prices are reasonable. FARM LOANS. * * " ' « * 1 <\- At 6, 7, 7J^, and 8 per cent., on five to ten years time, with '#'- privilege of partial payments before due. Interest can be !' paid at my office, Save money by calling on me before you if ' apply for a loan. . T. -DEiLEIl IN- Stoves, Tinware, and Cutlery, Slielfware, Belting, Paints, Glass, 'Machine Oils, Iron and Wooden Pumps. Repairing of Pumps a Specialty. JLLGONA, IOWA. Dealers In Heaiy Harfli are Milk Cans, Churus, Riverside Stores, Stoves and Ranges, " Quick Meal" Gasoline Stoves. Agents for the NEVER RUST TINWARE, warranted not to rust. Call and get prices! we can do you good. Yours, etc., WINKIE BUOS. TO LQAfl on Fan Proprty. At lowest rates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office. If you want a loan, call on us. We can save you money. JONES & SMITH* M. Z. Grove. John Crovo. ivery, Feed and Sale Stable. it ol Thorlngton House. M. Z. CRr- |, Manager. Cloths and Trimmings, J. K. PILL & SON, Merchant Tailors I full stock ot cloths and trimmings always on band, as cheap as can be bought any. , where. All nark done promptly PROFESSIONAL JIRECTORY. i**s~^r**r^r*~r**i~^ir*^~ir+~rv*^f*s\ *r*M~+f~*r~~i~*^*^+*~*s~~f*~r*-. CEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. and Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call street, Aleorm. Iowa. You are Invited To see and buy our W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over Kowuth County bank, Algona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over Kossuth Co. bank. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and collections. Over Frank Bros. \\\ Ladles' Slices. Mcns' Shoes, Boys' Shoos, Misses' Shoes, Kids' Shoos, Plow Shoes, Plow Boots, Kip Boots, Calf Boots, Fur Hats, Wool Hats, Stiff Hats Crush Hats, Men's Huts, , Boys' Hats, Kids' Hats, , Misses' Hats. Cheap, Medium, AND High Grade. V^e largest_stoek in town, awl at the ices. The Jiest Rubber Oooiln V Ht£*1i>eurtng Hosiery. Jieau- .•^_ 'looft. Custom-made Overalls. Coats Three d at in. Wo otfor you no eutdo halts, we charge no fancy prices. Wo can uavo you monoy. One price fur town and country. JOHN REED. J. E. HILL, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND 8VRQEON. Vfoaluy, Iowa. Day and night calls attended to with promtuoss. F, M, BRONSON, Dealtr Silver {'lated Ware, etc. Uopulrlui neatly done. Algona, Iowa. The New Meat Market, S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. L'rompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Oirischllles' store. B. F. REED, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Oftlce over the postofllco, Algoua, Iowa. C. K. GAHFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND 8URQEON. Office, State St., one c'nor east of Cordlngloy, Residence, MoGi Jgor St., east of tho public school building. H. C. McCOY, M. D., PlIYSIUIAN AND SURQEON. Special attention to city practice. a. T. WEST, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND 8UKQEON, Next door to J. U. Smith's store, "Algoua, la. LOUIS LESSINC, Manufacturer and dealer la all kinds ot FURNITURE, Picture Frames, Locking OltiBeeB.Cbronips, and all kind* Readymade Collins, iteurae for public uae. Ueutltjuar- tore for the best Tk Upper Bes Moines, BY 1NQHAM & Cnndldntos' Catd*. Pot fieco«Je*—i herShjr atmottttca raj-self A candidate for th« office of county recorder, stt> ject w th« action of the reptibUca* cmnrty con. ventlon. , D, T. SMITH. tft* it fifth DS8 MoiStS ($<£ fat* it i)M(Si JW a trHght boy, about M*to> t/«ir» of affc, framttng «/(rtr MWWnon fchoot ofaeaftofi, ttAo Mi Mi tomt dcperttnceatite pHniittg IxiMtiau ant aotrei to fo Wc» 4 JfcfWft, </ tflceMtl pay atl Mt iwrirfde* art ttWfA and fu.rM»h Mm mth a tteaay tiiuaHm. j#r?fct UHttttftn «« ielHOt. tiaMto, tMi J. J. KtrsSEtt declines to accept the democratic norfltnatiofi for congress in this district, though fully endorsing tho piatfottrt on which he Wits invited to stand. He is In the east, arid it is said business tit 1 rangemeiits. prevented his coining west to make the canvass. The central coinwittee yesterday notn- inated L L. Woods of Port Dodge to fill tho vacancy. THIS question wEether Gen. Kennedy of Ohio would print his remarkable speech in which ho scored Senator Quay so vigorously is settled, The speech appears In the Record, but shorn of somo of its original fire. He still denounces Quay, but In more parliamentary terms. His original speech wns one of tho bitterest attacks ever made by anyone on a member of his own party, but it has not proved enough to force Quay to seek an Investigation into tho charges against him. He enjoys with Payne nnd Brlce of Ohio the distinction of being ofrald of facing an an honest and open tribunal. THOSE who ai-e acquainted with the Sioux City corn palace plans for this season report that no previous effort compares In any way with tho exhibition to bo made Sept, 26 to Oct. 10. Tho corn palace will be on a scale of magnificence never before attempted, and the other decorations and attractions of tho western metropolis will correspond. Tho corn palace is tho groat original invention of Iowa, and the best advertisement over given for tho agricultural resources of tho state. Every patriotic Bf?izon who lives in northwestern Iowa should make it part of his business to support tho enterprise. All that will require is his presence at Sioux City. Sioux City has a way of attending to tho rest. Gov. LABRABEE recently contributed an article to the New York Independent on our railway policy. In it ho made the following statement: "Tho property of tho railroad companies has during the past two years kept pace with thn^ of the people. Their gross earnings were over $1,000,000, and their net earnings over §800,000 more in 1889 than during tho year previous. Tho present assessed value of all tho railroad property of the state is $42,868,000, and the not earnings of tho companies in 1889 were $11,885,000. It will thus bo soon that the net revenue of tho railroads of Iowa is almost one-third of their assessed vulue. No other proper- ty'in this state brings such largo returns." It is evident from these figures that his claim is correct when ho asserts that Iowa has done railroad corporations no injustice. IT is reported that tho fight for free binding twine will bo bitter in congress, and that it is not at all assured that tho senate amendment will prevail. In tho senate it passed easily, as nearly all tho western republicans voted with the democrats. But tho trust has a big lobby, and tho house has shown all along less willingness to treat the tariff fairly. There is no more powerful or unscrupulous monopoly which gets benefit from the tariff than tho twine trust, and what It would do if it hod the power was shown a year ago. Only tho prompt and vigorous action of tho farmers averted a terrific steal then, and ihat success was only temporary if tho trust is still allowed to shelter itself 'rom open competition. Tho western man who votes against free binding twine is a traitor to the intorests ho 'eprosents, and if tho house defeats tho senate amendment it will happen only .hrough tho failure of western men to stand by their constituents. SENATOR SHEKMAN is anxious that reciprocity bo extended to Canada. This was Congressman Butterworth's den, and should commend itself to all nterosts. it is true Canada is a big exporter of agricultural products. Dur- ng tho last fiscal year she sent §18,593,000 worth to tho United States. But it ,s also true that she is a big importer of agricultural products, and during tho same year tho United States sent to her $22,833,000 worth. Thus in farm trade ,hero is a balance in our favor of over M,000,000 a year. A great hue and cry las boon raised about her barley, hay, ggs, and horses, all of which are sold n large quantities in the eastern mar- tot. But nothing is said of our corn, flour, wheat, cotton, tobacco, and hog products, which aro sold in return to lor. Why not buy her produce if wo my in our own, especially with so wealthy a balance in our favor? But 'arm products are not our only ox- chungo with Canada. She has immense resources In lumber and coal to trado for what wo have to soil. Tho tariff only operates to make things dear to icr whore her market is remote from source supply, but near ours, and dour to us where our market is remote 'rom our source of supply, but near hers. Trade with Canada would bring us all that annexation would that Is worth having. All this country wants ,o annex Is, as Bluino puts it, to " annex trade." t~ THE ro-olection of Reed by an increased majority is testimony of tho 'act that tho people like strong men. Reed is a man of nervo. Whatever ho champions he makes powerful by his own will. If ho didn't "stamp out tho Blaino idea" us he said he would, it was because Bluino, too, is a man of nerve and a man much nearer tho pub- lie thought. Like McKlaley, Reed is a narrow man. Ho sees a few things only, but on those things ho foousos the rays of a keen intellect and unbending detormiuutton. He is un intellectual * JjQcrnt. In /Inauciul measures ho tOrds it over our wavering westo^ con- Undent us thu southern urisk ?0 LOAN- ftnd the avowed purpose of preceding" republican ndministrfitions? f he B«6- oeSB of such men ft8 lieed is fortunate. Just as the stern, unbending, and im- peMous Calhoun is a prouder figure in American history than the ''fallen leader" .whose genius cannot efface his truckling Spirit, ao are the tteede and McKlnleyS more entitled to the admiration of even their opponents than the perhaps more liberal-minded but wavering, conciliating, half-hearted advo- cates'ot reform who carry water so successfully oh both shoulders that they count for nothing but the instruments through which the policies of others are made effective. What the west Wants is not the defeat of the Heeds. It wants some Heeds of its own. IN connection with Bishop Hennes- Sy's late order that parochial schools must be established by every priest, domes the report, from Dubuque that Rev. Mr. Ryan, who has only been in this country eighteen months, has preached a sermon in Bishop Hennessy's presence on the public school system, in Which ho said: "Who ore the graduates of your free schools? Show me a graduate of a free school and I will show you an educated blackguard, fair on tho outside, but rotten to the core." Great indignation was expressed by his congregation, and will be felt all over by intelligent Catholics, many of whom, have educated their children at the public schools. IF any man is touching life at any more points than Geo. T. Williams, editor, banker, theatrical manager, collector of curiosities, hero of libel suits, victim of personal assaults, and all- around rustler of Ida Grovo, ho is still to bo heard from. George's name has adornod the historic record of northwestern Iowa so much already that a new sensation seems hardly possible, but a now one is really up, and apparently a moro serious one than anything previous in his erratic career. At present ho is under indictment for sot- ting fire to a rival opera houso in Ida Grove. Morrow, who confessed to have assisted him, has boon sentenced by Judge Macombor to two yoars in tho penitentiary, and Williams is making ready for a hard fight. Ho is out under $5,000 bonds, and has two Sioux City legal firms nnd one Ida Grovo firm engaged in his defense. George is a hail fellow well mot, and his friends will believe nothing vicious of him till it is clearly provon. MAJ. LACY of Oskaloosa was ronpml- uated for, congress by acclamation. Ho has been a strong man on tho Iowa delegation, and during his first term has won a hearty recognition. The division among his opponents insures his return from tho Sixth, for a long time an almost sure democratic district. THE city council of Monticello have adopted an ordinance licensing operating a "buss." Editor Doxsco of tho Express finds that Webster defines a "buss" as a rude"or playful kiss, and comments on tho new ordinance: Wo have no doubt tho councilman had iu mind tho ruder kind when they enacted the ordinance. Wo do not think they would interfere with that Innocent salute with tho lips which Is as old as sentiment: " A Mas of youth and love, And beauty all concentrating, like rays Into one focus kindling from above." And when they declared that "any person violating tho provisions of this ordinance * * * * by operating such buss * * without the license as above provided, upon conviction before the mayor * * shall bo punished by a fine of not less than 15 nor exceeding $50 * * ," they must have had In contemplation what Popo calls a "smacking buss" "or that well defined distinction of tho poet, who says: " Kissing anil bussing differ both In this, We buss our wantons, but our wives wo kins." While tho ordinance is not so plain as it might bo, yot we do not think It will bo so strictly construed as to put the ban of condemnation upon all "balmy seals of soft affection." The city marshal has probably been instructed to overlook any quiet and velvety lip prints which may fall beneath his observation, but those who indulge In tho rousing buss, tho smacking buss and rude kiss, or who, in tho language of tho ordinance, may bo found "operating a buss" aro liable to bo arraigned for disturbing tho peace and dignity of tho town of Monticello. THE greatest mind reading feat on record was performed in Chicago Thursday. Alexander Johnstono was blindfolded at tho Auditorium hotel, took a team and drove through the crowded streets to the Grand Pacific, went to tho hotel register, found a name selected by tho committee, and wrote it on a piece of papor without mistake, Tho whole test was conducted by responsible citizens and no fraud was possible. The strain on Johnstono was BO groat that he began to cry when it was over, and within a few minutes was taken with congestion of tho brain and became delirious, He said ho should never again try tho experiment. " REPUIILICAN state conventions," according to tho Carroll Herald, "have dealt with tho McKIiiloy tariff in glittering generalities, but thoro ig a truo ring and an old-time heartiness about tho way thoy approve Blaino's idoas." TIIE gospol is omitted by the Gato City about as often as by anybody in Iowa. Hero is a sample; "If nny democrat or republican editor PJJjjSfiJj? 3 ho only supports public men wh^jjjjpPlry opinion ho agrees with, ho is elthera fool or ho lies, and Uo knows ho lies." 'THE inevitable tendency is, I think, toward increasing tho free list," said Blaino in his groat speech. And tho froo list will be increased to those countries which increase thoir froo list toward us. That is reciprocity, and that means increased and profitable commerce. THE reciprocity amendment of Senator Aldrlch to tho McKlnloy bill provides that tho president, whenever ho is satisfied any country which soils us sugar, molasses, coffee, tea, aud hides Is discriminating against our fara products, may suspend tho froo importation of those articles and order tho collection of duties until our products uro allowed froo admission. Tho amendment don't go fur, but it is good as for as it goes. * THE tariff bill passed tho sonulo and comes back to the house with several Important amendments. One is Senator Aidrich's reciprocity addition, another Senator Plumb's proposed pormauont twin commission, another tho ohnugo iu tho binding twluo schedule which admits twino froo of duty. Tho somite appointed a conference committee and instructed it to stand flruily by the amendments. Is 1 Blolne lives he will bo tho republican nominee in '02. IN THIS MEiaJBQBHOOD. ' Articles of incorporation of the Emmetsburg and Dos Moiuos Ruilwwy cowpftuy uro lorded It over tho apologizing n6rt> 'filled. Tho now company 1ms booii orguu- do.ughfuws, What but u lordly commanding nolf-utiBort;ou ovw put U;j MoKJftloy plunk Juto tho republican platform of 1888, or pugged tho McKIn- ley bill through the JWUBO, when both tv»vevsod Uw Izod during tho imst week, aud bos for its object tho building ft w roud from Ewmots- burg to a Mwuectipn wltU Ees Mt>J«eB or Sioux City, or both. TUo pflieoi'e of tUo company uro B. S. Omsby, ptesMeut; M. I). Bfowu, vice proBldeuf, Alex. Poddio, J, J. RoWue, treasurer, E, B. is to be 19,000,000. The company M organized is a strong one And able to command tne necessary funds to carry the matte? tht cmgh. It tt understood that De8 MoinoS capitalists arc also interested in the com, _ iW McCaffrey has rotuflfea f« _____ Black Mills, says the Btumboldt Independent, where he haft been helping Mike O'ttourke build a rttiltoad front Buffalo Gap to the Hot Springs, a distance of U miles, which is completed. O'Rourke has now a Small contract at Glen Book, Wyoming, Where he is to grade si* miles of road, ready for the sleepers and rails, which will require the moving of 90,000 yards of dirt and rock. Bode promises some day to get right to the front With fast horses, and as a preliminary step they have laid out a half-mile track in T. A. RbSslng's pasture near town, •whore the best blood of the township can be seen any fine day getting around the circle In fine Shape. A tnUeh-taiked-about wedding occurred at fitnmetsburg Wednesday, Miss Myrtle Ormsby becoming Mrs. George J. Conslgny, Mrs, Conslgny is daughter of Col. B. S. brmsby, and the guesta, presents, and general eolat made tho woddlng ft notable affair. LeMars Sentinel: The Algona Utt>En DBS MOINP.S Speaks of a stalk of Kossuth county corn with on oar growing out of the top where the tassel should be, and wants to know who can beat that for a freak. Oliver Marquis Was up from Algono last wook, says tho Blue Earth Post. Oliver has had some bad luck since ho loft hero for Algona, but is full of energy and honesty and is therefore bound to succeed. Roberts & Co. report tho sale of 1,400 acres of Palo Alto Alto lands last week, and two sections on Wednesday of this wook. • So says tho Reporter. Mrs. Minnie VanClso, formerly Minnie Colby, will return from Clear Lake to Minneapolis, whcro she 1ms secured considerable reputation as an nrtlst. An Independence saloon koopor is said to havo cleared $18,000 on tho sale of bottled boor olorio, during tho recent races in that city. i Kov. Sanderson of Emmctsburg has n flattering offer to go to Sioux City. Sponcor claims 2,050 pooplo by tho now count mado by tho town. Company V nt tho Intcr-stato Shoot Tho big inter-stato rifle contest at Camp Douglas was held lost Thursday and Friday, and Iowa's position shows that holding out is what wins. In tho preliminary flring Iowa was ahead. In tho first day's contest she. woe second. At tho close she was fourth, But Iowa still had honors for Seagt. Shulcey of tho Fourth Bogimont mado the best individual-score, nnd won tho gold medal which Gov. Hoard pinned on his coat. Ho got 270 out of a possible 400. Tho shooting was at all distances from 200 to 600 yards, and skirmish ilri'ng. In tho latter tho boys ran and firod at regular intervals. Iowa's total was 2,21)0 out of 4,000. Minnesota made 2,384. Wisconsin 2,378, Illinois 2,330, and Michigan 2,225. In the Iowa team Capt. Cookc stands fifth with a total of 228-42 less than tho best. On tho first day's firing ho stood third on tho team of ten. On tho first day ho made tho best score mado at 000 yards, 28 out of possible 25. Tho Iowa boys did not average up as well as tho teams that had had practice, and thoy did not stand hard work as well. In the winning Minnesota team there wore only 48 points out of 400 between tho best and poorest. In tho Iowa team there were 57. Still tho contest waa close, and Iowa has reason to bo proud, while as Company I- 1 comes above the middle in the Iowa team, it too has reason to feel proud. Trouble at St. Jo. A very startling and unusual piece of news comes from St. Jo. this week, to tho effect that tho now graveyard fence had boon purposely damaged and practically ruined. Tho Livormoro Gazette says: It seems thoro has recently boon anew burying ground laid out there, on tho location of which tho people of the church had boon somewhat divided in opinion. Tho now ground was laid out, noverthelosss, and a fine fence had boon built around it, but sometime between Sunday and Monday nights this fence was sawed, hero and thoro, leaving nearly every board in it about the proper length for stove wood. Tho indications aro that there must have been quite a number engaged in it, as tho work must havo occupied somo time and some strength, a number of tho posts having been pulled from tho ground. On one of tho posts there was tacked a notice signed " White Caps," tho contents of which wo are not pro- pared to state. Considerable excitement is naturally raised by this little episode, tho outcome of which remains yet to be seen. In any event tho damaging of tho property is quite a serious mattor, or is liable to bo to tho perpetrators, if discovered. BrcnHu the World's Record, Algona now has a champion bicycle rider in Dr, Garfield. Ho mado his do- but amidst great enthusiasm yesterday morning, and besides handling his safety with skill and case, is, if tho snorting papers are correct, without a rival. It Is stated that but ono rider in tho United States Is over 70 yoars of ago, and that no man can loarn after ho Is 70. Dr. Garflold was 70 last May, ho [•ides, and ho learned in n week's time. Ho has spent throe half hours a day in tho rink in practicing for a few days, and then took a turn about tho fair ground, and now goes anywhere. Few men of his years have half Jjis vitality and agility and his maatory'of so tricky a steed as tho bicycle shows what can bo attained by well preserved old age. Public Sale of Short Horns. Thoro will bo sold at auction at Oakiawn furm, ono mile and a tmlf wost of Fort Dodgo, ou Thursday. Out. 9, 1890, 71 pedigreed short horns. Forty-uluo cows nnd noifors, lino individuals and from tho bost milking strains. Twenty-two bulls, comprising H from the hord of C. C. Curpontor, two from the hord of Hart & Puller, mid six from tho celebrated hord of Marti 11 Flyim of Walnut Hill, noar Dos Moiuos. Altogether tho iinost lot of young thorough- urod bulls over offered in northwest Iowa. Terms: A credit of one year on unproved ites at six por cout. interest, or u discount •it two par cout. for cash. Lunch at 11 u. in. Sale promptly at 1 p. m. Sulo under cover. No postponement on account of wouthor. Write C, C. Curpoutor, Fort Dodgo. Iowa, for catalogue. Col. J. W. Judy, auctioneer. UiiUBUiU Opportunities For tho study of muslu will bo afforded in Algona during tho ensuing year. An accomplished musician and most successful toucher will bo in charge of thomusio department of tho normal school. Parents will do well to tako advantage of this opportunity to soouro for their children the bust instruction on piano and organ and in vocal eulturo. UMiD Sioux (JJty Corn Peluco, To enable all to visit tho Corn PU.IUCO tho Chicago aud Northwestern Rullwuy company will, from Sept. 26 to Oct. 11, Inclusive, noil excursion ticket* to Sioux City and return at bait rates, one faro for the round trip, tickets good for return passage until CM. Jt>. For full Information apply to ugouts of tho Chicago & NortUwwtorn railway.—80t8 „„— Spftvlu Lluliueut • Kuuioves ftU buvd, sort, pr oallgusoft lumps au 8^;wW6W,'e%T*Jiv*J'»?"by' .«So .01 one 1»U owe over fcaowu. to* pi GROVE. Cot. Arm*tr«i*ft'« tuft to* ft fcttt>«o tnttt W.&1 Will B» tftlHie All Other*. He newspapers hAve got hold of ft that our townsman, Col. Arm;, is to present the state with a tract of redwood land in Sonoma county for a park. We made inquiry of the donor and found the rnmof correct, only that he does not intend to give it to the state or to any particular municipality or society, but to trustees, for the use of the people, for posterity and for all time. This magnificent gift of 600 acres lies in Big Bottom, near the extremity of the branch of the Ban Francisco, and North Pacific railway, about one mile from the river at Guerneville. in Sonoma county, and accessible by rail from San Francisco, which is seventy miles distant. It is the last considerable tract of these big trees in this region or so near the city. Of course there are other scopes of scattered timber in the hills, scrubby in growth and out of the way. But this is a grand forest of monstrous trees, much on level land, bordered by the side of the Mount Jackson range, with tree trunks from five to fifteen feet in diameter and more than 800 feet high, intermingled With various other sorts of growth, occasional firs, laurel and other woods adding to the beauty of the spot. The donor says the gift will not be fully appreciated for the next fifty years. Then, when no other spot like it can be found in reach, his motive will be understood. The trustees will be selected about as follows; Perhaps the chairman of the Golden Gate park trustees of San Francisco; the landscape gardener of Central park, New York city; the chief justice of the supreme court of California, and a local trustee of this county. These gentlemen and their successors forever will have control under but few restrictions in the deed of trust. One •will bo that no timber shall ever be cut or trimmed unless it bo blown down. Another condition will be that the park shall not be a place for encampment, for fear of fire, and shall only be visited in daylight. There will bo drives, paths and the like, as well as many ornamental structures, and a gateway and fountains in keeping with its purpose, for which a sufficient endowment is to be placed in the hands of the trustees. The details cannot bo given for publication, nor in fact aro they completed. But it is understood that some of the work will bo done in tho time of the owner, and that he will retain control for the present and as long as he lives. Out of the 600 acres about 200, with valuable improvements, orchards, buildings, etc., are being put into condition for yielding a considerable income, and much of it is as fine land as lies in Russian river bottom. After its income may no longer be required by the family it is provided that it shall become part of the park, and the trustees will bo directed to uso such portion as may bo convenient to erect glass houses for propagating strange plants, flowers, trees and shrubs, to bo used in bordering the drives and ornamenting tho ground. It will bo seen from the sketch that tho plan is for posterity, and it will take a long while to work it out, though in the main the natural features of a wild forest aro intended to predominate always.—Cloverdale Reveille. Burled tho Choose. In the suburbs of Boston lives a merchant who is something of an epicure, and not infrequently he brings home with him from the city on his return from business somo tid-bit or other. Not long since ho found some particularly choice Roquefort cheese, rind tho day being Saturday ho took a piece homo with him for his Sunday dinner. Arrived at the station ho was met by his man with tho buggy, and in driving home ho put the bundlo on tho bottom of tho carriage, where ifc lay forgotten until the next day. At dinner ho remembered tho delicacy, and sending for Patrick, ho asked what he had done with the package of cheese which he left on the bottom of tho buggy, "Was that chase, sor?" responded Patrick, in evident surprise. "Yes, of course itw«s choose. What did you do with it?" "Well, upon mo soul, sor, it never in- tered me comprehension that it was chase. It smelled that powerful, sor, that I thought shure it wore dead, sor, and I wint and buried it, manin' no harm."—Boston Courier. Photographing » IMrd lit Its Nost. Mr. John Watson, at a meeting of the Kendal Natural History society, described the manner in which he had been ablo to procure a photograph of a woodcock sitting on its nest. Ho was walking in the neighborhood of Arnside, a village on tho shore of Morocambe bay, and observed ono of tho birds on its nest, which was placed in an open situation. Ho watched it for somo minutes, aud wished that ho had some means of transferring the picture to paper. He shortly afterward fell iu with a friend who fortunately had with him his camera. In the course of an hour and a half, during which tho bird sat as if unconscious of their presence, they secured four negatives. A picture of the nest and eggs, after the bird had been driven off, was also obtained.—New York Telegram. An Untimely Discourse. A man 60 years old was married recently in a small German town to a woman ten years his senior. Tho "youthful" bride insisted upon having a great wedding, with the addition of a "special" marriage sermon from tho lips of her beloved pastor. The groom, after useless protestations, assented to tho wishes of his future better half. His feelings,-however, can bo imagined more easily than described when the beloved pastor began his sermon with the text, "Father, forgive them, for thoy know not what they do."—New York Tribune. Ait Impossibility. Mrs. Brown—You shouldn't wear your hat on one side. Little Johnnie—Well, how could 1 wear it on both, sides? —Kpoch. A Study In 1'lillology, Sumwfty—It is strange how one word brings up another in the mind. Mrs. Suinway—So it is, Sumway—Now the word "sardines" always suggests to me the word "compact." Mrs. Sumway—I wonder why. Sumway — Because they compact— come packed very compactly too,— West Shore. Whore She Should lie. Mrs. De Fashion—What! Did your daughter marry for love? Mrs. Oldtime—Indeed she did. Would you like to see her? "Well, yes, unless she is exhibiting herself at some dime museum."—Good News. There's No Uso Denying tho Truth, EUovt's instruct of Tar and Wild Cherry (or Coughs uml Colas. It euros thorn. Dr. Jaquos' German Worm Cakes destroy uiul roniQVO worms from the system. Dr. WiuohoH's Teething SyruP Is the host for gouoral ulliuonts of uhlldrou. All druggUts. Happy Homu Ulood PurlUor aud Health Ton lo purfuoB tho blood nud nmUo Uoinu happy, Uncle Sam's Condition Powders nnd Uncle Sum's Nerve uud Upno I/iuluieut—theao two great modicums aro sold hy all drusBluts- Special bargains in Dress Goods Prints, OKnghams, J l MUM II JLMj Cloaks, Ribbons, Collars, Ties, Underwear, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, AND—CLOTHING. We invite the public, young and old, to call in and see the bargains we have to offer. Thanking you for past favors, I remain, Yours very truly, Jno. Goeders Jr. Save Your Hair DY a timely uso of Ayer's Hulr Vigor. D This preparation has no equal as a dressing. It keeps the scalp clean, cool, mid healthy, nnd preserves tUo color, fullness, and beauty of the hair. " I was rapidly becoming bald and g ray; but after using two or threo ottles of Ayer's Hair Vigor my hair grew thick and glossy and the original color was restored."—Mulviu Aldrlch, Canaan Centre, N. II. "Some time ago I lost all my hair In consequence of mou.slcs. After due waiting, no new growth appeared. I then used Ayer's Huir Vigor mill my hair grew Thick and Strong:. It has apparently como to stay. Tho Vigor is evidently » grunt aid to imlnre." — J. B. Williams, PloriMville, Texas. "I have used Ayer's ITair Vigor for the past four or five yuars and find it a most satisfactory dressing for the hair. It Is all I could desire, being harmless, causing the hair to retain its natural color, and requiring lint n small quantity to render the hair easy to arrange."— Mrs. M. A. Bailey, 9 Charles stree't, Haverhill, Mass. " I have been using Ayer's Hair Vigor for several years, and believe that It has caused iny hair to retain its natural color."—Mrs. H. J. King, Dealer in Dry Goods, &c., Bishopville, Md. Ayer's Hair Vigor, Dr. J. C, Ayer ,k Co., Lowell, Mass. Bold by DrugglatB aud Pcrfumcrt. CEDAR FALLS, IOWA. Winter Term Opens Jan, 6, 1691, Spring Term Opens March 24, 1891, Courses of study specially arranged to pro- K are for State Certificates and Statu Diplomas, 5 suit common school teachers, high school graduates, or college graduates. The faculty has been greatly strengthened, DID facilities much Improved, and the graduates are hereafter reorganized by the Btute, The advantages are very superior for nil who desire a thorough and practical education to lit themselves for the best grades of public school work. Apply for catalogue to HOMER H. SEERLEY, S6M President. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. On the 15th day of October, 1800, at 9 o'clock p. m., at the Weuster school house in Fenton township, the contract for building a school house in sub-district No. 6 of said township will ho lot to the lowest responsible bidder. Specifications may be soon at the auditor's of- tlco In Algona. By order of the hoard. Bids will be received by O. C. TIBBETTS, S6M • Secretary, Feuton P. O., Iowa. Right reserved to reject any or all bids. ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY.— DiBtrlot Court, October Term, 1800.—M. L. Clarke against John Hondricksoii. To said defendant: You are hereby uotllied that a petition of the plaintiff lu the above- entitled action is now Hied in the ofllco of the dork of said court, claiming of you the sum of Beventy-ulue and co-100 dollars, with Interest thoreon at the rate of teu per cent, por annum from the 97th day of December, 1889, as money juatly duo ou your promissory now, and ten dollars as attorney's foe herein, and that an attachment has boon issued In uukl cause; and unless you appear thereto and defend ou or before noon of the second day of the iiext October term of said district court, to be begun and holden at the court house In Algona, In said county, oil the 14th day of October, 1800, default will bo entered against you aud Judgment rendered thereon. QEO. E. CLARKE, 23tl PlaiutlB.s Attorney. NOTICE TO BIDDERS. Sealed bids will bo received by tho city council of Algoua until 7 o'clock p. m. ou the 1st day ot October, 1800, for the purchase of $10,000 of city bonds, Issued lu ton »l,000 bonds), payable at tho rate of $1,000 u year after ton years from date of Issue, tho whole to be duo lu twenty yoars. Tho bonds boar Interest at tho rate of live per cent, per auuum from date of IBSUO, payable seml-uuuuolly. 3313 W. D, QUAKTON, City Clerk. Looking for a Painter, Did you Say? Well, U you are jrou should nee WALTER WARP, Who wl)l bo pleased to ilguro with mi lor aujthiug lu (be line ot Painting, Paper Hanging, Those desiring paper hanging doue are respect fully referred to uie various pieces of work lu thin towu done by me, whloli apeak lor tUomaelves. I leul warranted in swlug lint I can guarantee nut- lafiictUm lu every cu»o. Prtees are Always Moderate. Como uuu (utervlow mo. Real Estate Agent, NEW STORE AT ALGONA! Would respectfully announce to the public that he has, at the Red Front, State street, Algorta, just opened Up and now offers for sale an entire new stock of merchandise consisting of Staple and Fancy Groceries, Crockery, lamps, glassware, dry goods and notions, to which will be added new goods to make and keep our stock complete. While we earnestly solicit a call from all, we are especially anxious to meet the farmers of this vicinity, whose interests will receive our careful attention. We have come to stay, and warrant all goods at low values, and as we represent them. Don't forget the Red Front, State St., Algona. Just opened. GrEO P B, BACON. i I want to say to the people who burn Coal I that I am now in the market with a, full ] supply of both Hard and ttoft Coal, for sale I at current rates. Quality the best, Come and see me. F. C. WILLSON. RAY & PHILPS. WAGON AND PLOW WOKE, GENERAL REPAIRING. We want the people to know that we are prepared to put their plows in flrat class shape. Alsd ao repairing of all kinds, horse shoeing, and all classes of blacksmlthlnrr. nave a ffirst class wagon maker ana painter, and wo guarantee satisfaction In everything we turn out. WARNER'S OLD STAND, WEST OF COURT HOUSE, • ALCONA, IOWA. ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY— District CourfcOctober Term, 1890.—Jackson Scott against B. H. and W. J. Harris, and The American National Bank of Hartford, Connecticut, nud The American National Bank. To the above named defendants: You are hereby notified that there Is now on file a petition of the plaintiff In the above entitled action In the office of the clerk of said court, asking to have his title quieted to the following described lands, to-wlt: The northwest quarter of Section Fifteen, Township One Hundred, Range Twenty-eight, west of the Bth P. M. Iowa; aud also asking the cancellation of a mortgage ou the said lands given by J. H. Fulton and wife to E. II. and W, J, Harris, and asking for general equitable relief. And unless you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the first day of the next October term of said district court, to be begun and holden at the court house In Algona, In said county, on the 14th day of October, 1880, default will bo entered against you ana judgment rendered thereon. W. B. QUAKTON, MM Plaintiffs Atty. ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSTJTH COUNTY.— District Court, October Term, 18BO.—J. M. Young, plaintiff, against Timothy D, Crocker, Thomas D. Crocker, and Wm. Bade Jr. To said defendants: You are hereby notified that there Is now on Hie a petition of the plaintiff in the above entitled action In the of- lice of the clerk of said court, claiming that she is the absolute and unqualified owner in fee simple of the northwest quarter ot the southwest quarter of Section Twenty-two, Township One Hundred, north of Kange Twenty-seven, west of 6th P. M., Iowa, and asking for a decree wherein you and each of you will be forever haired and estopped from setting up any claim or title thereto; and unless you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the tlrst day of the next October term of said district court, to bo begun and holdeu at the court house In Algona, in said county, on the 14th day of October, 1880, default will be entered against you and judgment rendered thereon. J. B. JONES, UI4t Plaintiff's Attorney. TAX SALE NOTICE. To Win, C. Kcdllne: You are hereby notified that on the 6th day of December, 1887, the treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, at a tax sale holdon at the court house in Algoua, in said county, sold the following described real estate, situated In said county, to A. D. Clarke for the delinquent taxes thereon, viz: The south half of the northwest quarter of Section Twenty-four, In Township Ninety-seven, north of Kange Twenty-nine, west of the Sth P. M.; and that the certificate of sale thereof has been duly assigned to the undersigned, the owner and holder thereof; and that the right of redemption will expire and a deed be made by the treasurer of said county, conveylug said premises to the undersigned, pursuant to the statute In such cases made and provided, un* less redemption from such sale be made within ninety days from the completed service of this notice. GEO. E. CLARKE, Holder of Certificate. Dated Sept. 8, 1890. 8413 PAST If AIL LINE with electric lighted and steam heated vestlbuled trains between Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Minneapolis. TKANS-CONTINENTAL HOUTE with electric lighted and steam heated vestlbuled trains between Chicago and Council Bluffs, Omaha, or St. Paul and the Pacific coast. GREAT NATIONAL ROUTE between Chicago, Kansas City, and St. Joseph, Mo. 5700 MILES OF ROAD reaching all principal points In Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, South and North Dakota. . For maps, time tables, rates of passage and freight, etc., apply to the nearest station agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, or to any railway agent anywhere in the world. A, V. H. CARPENTER, General Passenger and Ticket Agent. KOSWELL MILLER, General Manager. TAX SALE NOTICE. To JohnM. Becktell: You are hereby notified that on the Sth day of December, IKS!, the treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, at a tax sale holden at the court house In Algona, in said county, sold the following described real estate, situated In said county, to A. D. Clarke for the delinquent taxes thereon, viz: The northeast quarter of Section Seven, in Township Ninety-nine, north of Range Twenty-seven, west of the Bth P. M., and that the certificate of sale thereof has been duly assigned to the undersigned, the owner and holder thereof; and that the right of redemption will expire and a deed he made by the treasurer of said county, conveying said premises to the undersigned, pursuant to the statute lu such cases made aud provided, unless redemption from such sale be made within ninety days of the completed service of this notice. OEO. B. CLARKE, Holder of Certificate, Dated Sept. 8,1890. H4ta NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S SALE. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF KOSSTJTH County, Iowa.—Thomas Snell vs. Mary S. Shaw et al.—Notice of sale by Geo. E. Clarke, Commissioner. To whom it may concern; Whereas, on the llllh day of May. 1890, an order aud decree was entered In the above entitled cause then pond- ing In the district court of Kossuih county, Iowa, by said court, ordering, directing, and decreeing a sale of the real estate hereinafter doncrlbed, and appointing and authorizing the undersigned to proceed to sell said real estate. Now, therefore, under and lu pursuance and by authority of said decree, I will sell, on the 37th day of September, A. D. 1890, at the hour of 3 o'clock p. ui. of said day, at the east door of the court house, in the town of Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, to the highest and best bidder therefor for cash, the following described real estate, to-wlt: The southwest quarter of section twelve, township ninety- four, north of range twenty-seven; the east half of the southeast quarter of section twenty and the northeast quarter of the northeast quarter of section twoutynlne, in township ninety-nine north of range twenty-seven, in KoBsuth county, Iowa; also the east half of the northeast quarter of section twenty-six in township ninety-four, north of range twenty- live, and the southeast quarter of the southwest quarter of section fourteen, and the northwest quarter of section twenty-throe, »11 in township ninety-seven north of range number twouty-flve, iu Hancock county, Iowa, aud to execute u commissioner's deed therefor in pursuance of said Bale. 8413 GEO, E. CLARKE, Commissioner. State University —OF— The several Departments will begin the Year 1890-91, on September 10. Each department is thoroughly equipped for oniclent work, ami jio pulus will be spared to ... ,.„. , ...-. ,-, respective mirtuvoutu, uddresa as follows: Oolloglate—OJIAUWJS A. 8paA«yjr«u, President, Iowa City. Law— EJIWN MoGfcAiN, Chancellor, Iowa City. Medical—W. F. Pwu, M. D.,Pean of Vacuity, Pavenport. ' HowojlMitiilc Medlcul—A. O. Cowpuuiu- WAITS, M. D.,Dean or Faculty, Iowa City. Deutal-A. O. HUNT, D. p. S., Poau ofV»euV ty, Iowa City. Pharmaceutical—E, L. HOEJIKKII, Pb, G., Doau of Faculty, Iowa City. Expenses iu all Pepartrneutg are roaaonablo. Coat of board Inprivate families, W to K per week; lu cluba, (i.w to W.60 per week. Jpr goinerfti iufoi'w»Mo» " ' ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAtlt. Passenger west— Passenger east— . No. l 6:03amNo. S.........10:83am No. 3 ...4l31pmNo. 4 0150pm Freight- Freight- No. B 7:52pmNo. if. ,l!26am No. 13 12;30pmNo. H.: 8!30piu CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North— Elmore pass...3:5r,pm South— Elmore pass. 19ISO pin St. Paul ft B:55u.m DesMolnonft 7135pin Information In reference to lands and towns owned by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Hallway company, write to H. G. Haugeu, land commissioner, Chicago, 111. „, THE CHICAGO AND NORTH-WESTERN RAILWAY* Affords unrivaled facilities for transit between the most Important cities and towns In Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, Mume : sola, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming. The train service is carefully adjusted to meet the requirements of through and local travel, aud Includes FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS of dining cars, sleeping cars, and day coaches, running solid between Chicago and ST. PAUL, MINNEAPOLIS, COUNCIL BMJPi'S, OMAHA, _ , AND DENVER, Pullman ami Wagner Sleepers Chicago to San Francisco, Chicago to Portland, Oregon, without change. COLONIST SLEEPERS Chicago to Portland, Ore., and San Francisco, Free Kccllulng Chair Cars from Chicago to Denver, via Council B. and Omaha. For time of trains, tickets, and all information. apply to station agents of the Chicago & Northwestern railway, or to the general passenger agent at Chicago. W. A. THRAUj, Third Vice-pros. Qen'l Manager. It is the Cheapest Fuel, The undersigned will clear o« a large tract of timber for pasture, and if ordered by Nov. 1 will deliver at your door good straight, 4-foot Soft Wood at . $3,00 per Cord, Hard-wood, hickory, and second-growth Wood at * $4,50 per Cord, and stove wood ot any length proportionately cheap. Dry wood at my house now, at game price. Body stove wood at Jl.BO per cord, AMBROSE A, CALL. NQTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Scaled bids for the furnishing of All material ana constructing » system of water works lii t{;«city o'A'soua, iowa, will be received at ' Eaou >w> 09 "a? ™* ^«»V^ W * luw ft uoww ThoHgMlM^ato^ .allbds. —* jwMwvuvfti v*4*9 "vim jTwis, f Taxice, only upon the generative organs iu tew and positively cure suppreBsfoTof the nw «K>JU wa&tever causey »nd »« pertot troubles peeaitar to .wojuen; A wtfw Wli» w ,„„„„ ,„„— ^ ... .«• i&ttttrWK w 'i *

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