The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 10, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1890
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1808, , IOWA, WSDOTSBAT, SffiMBMBEK 10, 1860. VOL. fells, Pants, Coats, etc. Are the best for wear in the market For sale at The Grange Store. it *fl* tfPMft DSC.9 Moists itfut M» A krtfht kef/, ateo) Hxtek &#t towmoft titunt idiifaUm, **o tin had I6mt ekpeHtnetatttit jnHMffiff State! mi rfeWft to teffttt MftueVto tti tttdOi. ft tvcfi A Jtf*» t if hcf>o»teitgo<xt haWtt, ihU ojftftwiit flag an Ml »«rtte» are \iarth M furnish Mm Hiuatlon. A iteiiy [IRD'S FURNITURE STORE, J. B, LAIRD, Proprietor, THE Cedaf Rapids Republican lakes the Council Bluffs Nonpareil to task /or insisting 1 that the export Market for Iowa produce is Worth protecting while we are protecting eastern interests. It refers to this exported produce as a very trifling matter, to such papers OB the Nonpareil as "republican feeders to the democratic mills," points to the growth, of cities and depopulation of the country as evidence that we shall soon oat all, we produce ourselves, and I* Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful.and ' personal attention., Prices are reasonable. FARM LOANS. &t£, 7, 7J^, and 8 per cent, on five to ten years' time, with privilege of partial payments before due. Interest can be •paid at my office, "apply for a loan. '.'' ' T. Save money by calling on me before you -DEALER IN- Stoves, Tinware, and Cutlery, Shelf ware, Belting, Paints, Glass, , Machine Oils, Iron and Wooden Pumps. Repairing of Pumps a Specialty. ALGONA, IOWA. Ir f WIIVIEIJE J3IR.OS., Dealers in Heavy Harfliare •nar-w A T?.T% Milk Cans, Churns, Riverside Stoves, Stores and Ranges, " Quick Meal" Gasoline Stoves. Agents for the NEVER RUST TINWARE, warranted not to rust. Call and get prices! we can do you good. Yours, etc., WINKIE BBOS. M OHEY TO LOAK on Fan Property. , At lowest rates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office, can save you money. Dptional payment: If you want a loan, call on us. We JONES & SMITH. inuch More stuff and nonsense of like Import to help 1 afoiiBO tho wildest enthusiasm over opening alt over foreign trade to eastern cutlery, and yankee notions. Just why our own exports are trifling matters, while exports of eastern goods are so important that we should subsidize steamships to carry them, the Bepublican does not point out. That able paper falls even to suggest why, if our pork and butter and beef exports amount to only four pef cent., that is not good as far as it goes, and Why we should not be alert to ex tend them. It does not oven stop to suggest why it will bo a good thing to smother agriculture until we raise only what wo con oat ourselves. The fact Is all such papers as the Republican make themselves ridiculous by not consulting a few facts. The .agricultural exports of the United States are an enormous 'actor in her growth, and being all the balance of trade that they so much brag of. Last year England alone paid us in money over and above what wo got in goods, $204,712,007. What was that for but the produce of Iowa farms? Since 1^75 her average money payment to us has been from $161,000,000 to $306,641,840 per year, 4 besides what she has supplied Us from her factories. This enormous balance of trade In our favor, when wo export our farm produce, is lost in our trade with South America and tho islands, so that our total balance each year Is but $70,000,000. It Is our agricultural exports which today mark us as a commercial nation. They bring us our money, they aro making our profit for us, they aro maintaining high priced labor, they are maintaining the moral and patriotic population of our country, they are Iowa's resource nnd her pride. Why should we nil fall down to tho cutlery calf or tho tin monopoly calf and say cut off our trade ly ejfenteg- to isuf BWn&wISg' les and &«6W6§&*lfoftaWfc6t. IN his grett Waterville Speech* Blalne said: "In field agriculture, with the Immense propulsion given it by agricultural Implements, we can do far more than produce breadstuff and provisions for our own people; ndr Would It be ambitious destiny for so great a country as ours to manufacture only what w& want to cbnsufne or produce on)y t what we can eat." Will we now have an end of this nonsense about squeezing the farmer till he will need no foreign market) . 24, t/t Ml tJOtlfifY fioASl)i RSffliftf SefStfcBlfa** 8e*i!dit or titS BtjAiNB sttoke !of Atoerlcan "get up sad get" when he said! "I think we should be unwisely content it we did hot *6ek to'engage In what Younger JWtt so •Well termed the annexatldn of tttido.' 1 Tfiii Carroll Set-aid sagely cotntnents on a singular foots "The Kfonpareil made a bold fight In the municipal election , in Council Bluffs last spring, and deserves much of the credit for the success of the citizens 1 movement In {payment for its services it lost $1,000 worth of business and has brought on Itself a llbol suit for £26,000. Ever; thus are the efforts of on. outspoken newspaper rewarded." THE Spirit Lake court house contest ended in a second election, and the bonds carried by a majority of 100. The majority is always on the right side when It comes to legitimate Improvements lu northern Iowa. . THE Nonpareil is out in new type. The dn«h, brilliancy, and independence of it have already secured it a national reputation, and It deserves Its handsome appearance. If Council Bluffs knows when It Is well off it will back tho Nonpareil. Tho name and fame of that city have boon In type more times since dart Snynor began than In ten years before, and what that moans ordinarily shrewd business men ought to understand. All success to tho Nonpareil, ALOOSA, Sept. 1, 1890.—Board of supervisors inet in regular stolon at 1:80 p m, members all pres'ent except M O'Routtte. Minutes of tfuhe adjourned session were read and approved. On motion the board took up the Matter Of vacation of road petitioned for by M De L Parsons and others, and heard arguments for and against Said Vacation. On motion the petition WM laid on the table. On motion the petition of Christine Anderson for assistance was not allowed. Resolved, That B A Buell and O It Peters be a committee to view road petitioned tot hy Win Radig and otters, and all other bridges and grades petitioned for at this meeting. Adopted. Resolved, That tia.tti ta* of 1889 be abated on southeast quarter of Seo »1, twp 06, range 80, on account of exemption for trees, Adopted. On motion the report of the soldiers' relief commlsslfin was accepted and ordered placed on file, On motion t H Latttry was appointed a member of the soldiers' relief commission for the term of three years, expiring Sept. 1898. Resolved, That petition of Conrad Herman, L H Ward and others for road in On- ly F Hoflas, _ Myron scheni seron wad. ..... roiEn on road ......... , appraiser on road.... gallons, at s loss, counting at the fate of ten ceftts per 1,000 gallons, of f 11,57.— N6w York Commercial Advertiser. ayne, county attorney salary nd August, and expense of to Wesley and one trip to POOR* £17&D, Harm .1 : furnished J B Gallagher, clo to poor.........!.,; o Freeman Ash, sr, care of poor 61 Mary^^oor,. [shea-poor dlial attendance on "" "l! allowed attendance on 1(9905{ allowed -.. ,—tufs fo^poor ) Mlllen, worlt on poor farm... -- . -. r 0005 . Is'for poor farm'. ....... j2ucujtkiuiu, earo of poor.......,.,.1,. B A Buelljeommittee on poor team.... Taylor & Hume, coal tot poor Lewis H Smith, corn Tor poor farm.... Henry Munch, goods for p'oor...,...,.. Wartman Bros, goods for poor, John G Stnlth, goods for poor... --"--• •*»—'•-- Cutler, medical attendance on poor, claimed 111 60; allowed:....... 8825 750 M. Z. Grove. John Crave. Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, West of Thortngton House. M. Z. GROVE, Manager. Cloths and Trimmings, J. K. PILL & SON, Merchant Tailors A full stock ot elotbs and trimmings alwars on hand, as cheap as can be bought anywhere. Ail work done promptly and Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call street, jUfcona. Iowa. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. GEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bauk, Algona, la. and raise the price of your goods? The Republican does its own intelligence little credit by such stuff. And as to politics, if there is any class of men today digging republican graves in Iowa, it is the traitors to Iowa interests who are ridiculing the commercial importance of Iowa's chief industries. Before tho Republican essays again to criticize the defenders of the west, let it'jiut in u column the manufactured products it knows of which can bo moro cheaply produced, moro" extensively produced, more profitably produced, or that are more important at homo or more desired abroad than butter, lard, pork, beef, flour, and eggs, and point out wherein their superior merit consists. If it will try this little puzzle it will shortly discover that Iowa Is tho biggest manufacturing state in tho union, that its labor is bettor paid, that is products are more profitable, that its commerce is more valuable, and its industries more worthy of encouragement than of any eastern state. THE Kansas republicans endorsed Blalne by name in the long series of resolutions. "THE fact is," enys Sam Clark, "this country has got so big that James O. Blalno is the only man in it. The Mills and the McKlnleya are pleasant district-sized men, but Blalne is the only man who spreads over a sixty-five million nation without breaking up thin somewhere.'' THE prohibitionists of tho state liavo a ticket In tho field. IS THIS NEIQHBOSHOOD. llumboldt is not to be outdone by any of her sister towns in tho production of rplics. Last Tuesday afternoon when the men commenced tearing up the ground on Johnston's hill for tho basement of tho water works tank, they dug up the skeletons of four human beings. They wore about two foot under ground. The plow struck them and ull You are Invited To see and buy our Ladies' Shoes. Hens' Shoes, Boys' Shoes, Misses' Shoes, Kids' Shoes, Plow Shoes, Plow Boots, Kip Boots, Calf Boots, Fur Hats. Wool Hats, Stiff Hats \Crush Hats, men's Hats, "toys' Hats, 'Hats, ' Hats. Cheap, Medium, AND High Grade. ryest stock in town, and at, the The Dest Rubber floods ,'Jiest wearing Hosiery. Jiean- Good*. Custom-made Oner- Is Thread at 4v, We offer youW> euldo baits, we charge no toy prices, m can gavo you money. One price (or town au\ country. BEEP, M. B^ONSON, Dealel. leva- New Meat Market, iH'm»rkot on Tboriugtou iu fr*»b and suit wn»t. COSK ana uoc us. W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over ICousuth County bank, Algona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTOKNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over Kousuth Co, bank. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and colk-ctlons. Over Frank Bros. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel Over Cbrischllloa' store. 13, F. REED, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Onloo over the postofllce, Algona, Iowa. L. K. OARFIELD, M. P., PllYSICIAN AND 8URQBON. Office, State Hi., one door east of Cordlngley. Residence, McGregor St., east of the public school building. H. C. MoCOY, M. P., PUYSIUIAN AND 8URQMQN. Special attention to city practice. a. T. WEST, M. P., PHYSICIAN AND BURGEON. Next door to J. U. Smith's store, Algona, la. J. E. HILL, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Wesluy, Iowa. Day and night calls attended to with promtneuB. LOUIS LESSINC, Manufacturer and dealer lu all kinds of FURNITURE, Picture Frames, iigOlasbeB.ClironiQB, and all kind) Read/- raatloCofflns. Uearse for public use. Hewilqu«r- EMORY JyJONEY TQ ON RAJMWAP UNPS. IT is ingenuity that makes tho world go. The wealth of the ngos has not been accumulated where tho climate was good for crops, but' where it has stimulated brains. Down in the tropics, where food grows on the trees, they tu-o still barbarians. On a little island smaller than Iowa, hung- with fogs, without remarkable natural resources, and shut out from the rest of mankind, aro the commercial rulers of the world. People who couldn't see the point all took to the high ground and wondered what the low lands woro made for, But ingenuity put in drain tile, and the swump owners are getting rich, and the high and dry men all want to get oft their perch. A few years ago our farmers cut their little jag of hay and sot a prairie fire to clear the ground for tho next season, hay press, and But ingenuity got a today every aero of ground is shaved us carefully as a grain Held, and $200,000 is a small estimate of tho ready money Kossuth county will get this year In place of her old prairie fires, What any country needs Is not moro opportunities, but brains enough to use what it has. It is brains, education, invention, application that makes one country bettor than another. Poverty exists next door to gold mines, and wealth is today taken out of those things which yesterday were declared useless. Brain power moves the world. O. W. WHAIAMS has given Independence a national reputation. He raised there the fastest stallion on record, Axtell. Ho has made there a balloon shaped race track that is claimed to be two seconds faster than any in the world. Ho has mode a success of the biggest races over held in tho west. A town no larger than Algonn. paid $38,600 in purses, and next year will offer $75,000. At tho raceswn Iow» two-year- old, Manager, reduced the record for its class to 2:iOj, the second fastest pacing record wus mado by Roy Wilkes, and the fastest throe heats ever made woro by Cricket, In summing up the results of the cordcr says: rucoB tho Hampton Re- meeting has fully demonstrated ilmttUo following statements aro fticts: First, Independence is the Lexington of the northwest; second, Williams' balloon shaped brack is tho fastest mile course on earth; third, Iowa is rapidly coming to tUo front and will sooa become noted as the homo pi trotters; fourth, 0. W. Williams hag mere > sand' and enterprise, combined, titan any man in the stato." SENATORS AWSON and Wilson both voted with the democrats and western republicans to put binding twine on the free lint, and . tlm amendment was adopted. If. tUo house is equally as {air, a very i|mrar.|j}nt change will have been In w> interests of the farmers. The wn.atoi' hue made nmny- important lh.a bill, uad has in the main mude un excellent measure of it. With Blalno'e speech. o# tho accepted davti'iuo of. repubUcuulsm, there is up :«H?»ffl>y wy vote? crushed tho skulls of two that woro lying together, but tho lower jaw bone of one with a full set of perfectly sound teeth was secured. Tho other two were talcon out without breaking up the bones, but were so nearly decayed as to make it almost impossible to handle them. Tho location of the ground is a mound in the timber on tho brow of tho hill. It Is supposed to bo an old Indian burrying place and further search will undoubtedly devolope moro of the skeletons. Mr. Wm. Shea of Nevada township, in Palo Alto county, had his right arm broken at the elbow joint on Sunday last. Two young men from town, pretty well filled up with liquor, were attempting to drive across Mr. Shea's premises when a largo dog interfered, and tho young men requested Mr. Shea to call oil the dog. This Mr. Shea refused to do, telling them they had no right to drive across his premises. ' They then commenced to abuse Mr. Shea, and he ordered them off and started to put them off. In the souffle Mr. Shea fell and broke his arm. Tho young men have left Emmotsburg, and if tho facts as related are true, It is probably lucky for them that that they have. Says the Emmotsburg Democrat: " H. J. Wilson's daughter is receiving as much press notice in this congressional district as Baby MoKeo, The editors all know Harry." To w.hlch tho Humboldt Independent adds: " And they all know that Baby MoKeo Is no circumstance to Harry's baby. Harry and his wife aro both well known and their baby must be a good one." Estherville Republican: It will be with feelings of regret that the many admirers of Ed. Andrews, tho popular manager and star of the Andrews Opora company, will learn that he has become insane because of over work or too hard study. The Carroll Sentinel remarks: A woman up at Algona was struck by lightning the other day and part of her clothes torn off, yet she was not injured. She attributes her safety to the protective tariff. At the race Tuesday at Humboldt, Lute Barrett's Henry C beat Abdellah Star. A large crowd witnessed the It. Barrett's horse is Bowyer owned a few years ago. Judge Carr has appointed David Grier of Emmotsburg court reporter for the balance of his term. He takes Will. Spencer's place. Carroll is to have a knitting factory that will cost $10,000, besides a three ion township on west line of see «», i be not granted, the coats assumed by the county. Adopted. Resolved, That petition of J M Farley, E Chrlschllles and others for road In Whltte- luoro township be not granted, and costs assumed by tho county. Adopted. On motion the board adjourned till 8 a m Tuesday, Sept. 3. TUESDAY, Sept. 3,1890.—Board met at 8 a m, members all present except M O'Rourke. On motion the petition of M Do L Parsons and others was taken from tho table. Resolved, That petition of M Do L Parsons for vacation of road be granted as follows : Commencing at the northwest corner of the southwest quarter of sec 24, fivp 05, range SO, and running thence oast about SO rods, thence in a southeasterly direction to the south line of said seo 24, twp 05, range 20, and terminating at that point. Adopted. Resolved, That C L Lund, 0 H Blossom, and John O Smith be appointed Judges of tho general election in tho First ward in Algona, and 0 Byson's office tho place of holding the election; A W Mo/Tatt, D A Du- oll, and J W Hlnchon bo appointed Judges of the election in tho Second ward, and G1I- mbro's hardware store tho place of holding tho election; John Wallace, Frederick Dormoy, and J B Winkol bo appointed Judges of the election for tho Third ward, and tho normal school building tho place of holding the election; H A Clock, J F Nlcoulln, and F M Taylor bo appointed Judges of the election in tho Fourth ward, and the sheriff's office tho place of holding tho election. Adopted. Resolved, That C A Olson, P J Byrno, and Nols Monson bo appointed Judges of tho general election for Hurrlson township, and the Benson school house tho place of holding the election. Adopted. On motion tho auditor was authorized to receive bids for coal for the court house for the winter. Resolved, That tho auditor advertise for sale all school lands that are now subject to sale. Adopted. On motion Matt Holzbauor was employed as Janitor for the court house for tho com- GFHolloway, building bridge ...» 88 O E Bliss, repairing Greenwood bridge, 10 Frankoareyi work on grade.......... 6 B Austin, building bridges 141 Taylor ft Hume, lumber for bridges... > 110 0 F Brooks, bolts and washers for bridges..... 17 Alpheus Johnson, repairing bridge.... 16 D Tallman, ditching east o? Burf......' 49 M B Dalton, work on grades 18 J HOltz, committee work and mileage 8 John Paul, lumber for bridges........ 8 "—•— •- -hme, lumber for bridges.... l deoFHolU.... Thomas Hendi hauling lumber >n, grading on Gala- 14 C IIIUD uivon.> i • • • • i. t • i. i«4,. ( • i«t... i«.,, 0 H Hanson, building bridge on Seo. mus creek. L ................ V 7............ 2000 8450 125 80... ihkio, work on Des Moines riv- • ........... Qeo Blade, work on Des Moines river grade ...... ............. ............... 150 Alpheus Johnson, work on grades ...... 10 60 Oeo H Peters, committee work ........ 2719 I J Bruor, hardware .................... 828 Taylor & Hume, lumber for bridges .... 820 Bruer Bros, lumber for bridges ........ 140 50 D A Bnell, committee work ......... ... 5 HO Campbell & Reynolds, hardware ...... 8JJ8 Chas Winkle, hauling piles ..... . ...... I) 00 J M Farley, lumber for bridges ........ 18!) 28 H Austin, repairing Dau bridge ........ 18 50 H Austin, building bridge .............. 4(100 H Austin, blacksmith work ............ 185 On motion the board adjourned sine dto. G. H. PETBHS, Chairman. J. B, HOPIUS, €lerk. ing winter at $25 per month, to commence his duties when notified by the auditor. Resolved, That $SOO in the domestic animal fund bo transferred to county fund. Adopted. Resolved, That tho Carl Miller family be allowed JO per month until April 1, 1801. Adopted, Rosolvcd, That D A Buoll bo a commit- too to inquire Into tho needs of Mrs. Lenko, and the auditor be authorized to draw warrants for her relief as ordered by him. Adopted, On motion tho claim of Sperry, Watt & Carver for remission of taxes was not granted. Hcsolvcd, That Mrs, Colby bo allowed $12 per month until April 1,1801. Adopted. A13 M tho board adjourned till 1pm. Board mot at 1 p m, as per adjournment, and proceeded to tho consideration of bills. Resolved, That school fund loans mado by auditor bo approved. Adopted. Tho report of auditor of fees of office, 950.75 transfer foes and $8 redemption, was accepted and placed on file. race and enjoyed it, the trotter E. G. B story building 50x100. 125 hands. It is to employ Corwith Crescent: Mrs, Reed and Mrs. Jenkins drove over to Algona lost week to visit the normal, Trouble Over Cattle. There must have been something in the air Sunday and Monday, says the Corwltb Crescent. A part of Zumoob's herd got away Sunday, and some of them were taken up by Millers, and others by Pattersons, southeast of their range. When Mrs, Zuinnch and one of the DOVS went to seo about getting the cattle Monday, the boy got a brace of block eyes and Mrs, Zuinach was knocked down and struck with a buggy whin. Young Zumauh came to town to file information, but investigation showed that the offense was committed in Kossuth county. '.The aamo day Patterson Bros, wore in town, und a young man who had worked tor them und claimed he had not got his pay, undertook to square tho account by thumping Chet, Constable Llthlo Interfered ana the assailant paid a fine for assault and buttery, the amount of which was made up by tho bystanders, I'ubllc Solo of Short Horns. There will bo sold at auction at Oukluwu farm, cue mile and a half west of Fort Podge, on Thursday, Oct. 9, 1890, Tl pedigreed short horns. Forty-Blue cows and lielfore, 8uo individuals anil from the best strains. Twenty-two bulls, cam- prising 14 from the herd of 0. 0. Carpenter, two trow the herd ot Hart # Fuller, end sljc;jrpm the celebrated herd ol Martin w of Walnut Hill, near Dos MoJlue*. "rether tho finest lot of young thorough- Imlls ever offered U» northwest Iowa. Towns! A credit of o«o your ouuppwvod notes ut six per cent, interest, or u discount of twg percent, for cash. ' was adopted for tho year 1890: OENEUAJ. FUNDS. State, 2K mills on tho dollar. County, S mills on tho dollar. Poor, 1 mill on tho dollar. Bridge, 3 mills on tho dollar. School, 1 mill on tho dollar, Insane, >f mill on the dollar. Soldiers' relief, 3-10 mills on tho dollar. Poll tax, 50 cents. Dog tax, male CO conU, female $1. TOWNSHIP FUNDS. Townships. Algona City Algona Ind. Dint, Hurt ,. Creaco .,,.., .... Fonton Greenwood Oarfleld West Bond Ind.. Hebron. [rvlngton Lotts Creek C.U Verne Lu Verne Ind ... Portland Prairie Plum Creek ... lllverdale. Sherman ,. Seneca .... 3wea. Union Wsaiey Wesley Ind Whlttimore Whit toinoro Ind. *« iFi 13-1 0-1 is-e 9-8 is-e 16-6 D'l 8-6 'k log $ 19 17-7 0-6 4-« 11-7 9.7 8.8 16-9 10' 7 8.8 17-6 33-5 "H. MvB | 7-9 7-1 8-1 8 B-8 8-8 5-0 8-1 5:! SS 4-1 r 1-8 & a 9'9 3-8 4-6 $8 ig 8 School 1 House. 7-1 7'1 B-8 6-6 1 6-1 4-8 S* '»" - B : 6 3-9 6* 6« Bourn of 1 Health.! .... ::: "•'a "•T : : : [Library. | " : B ..., "! 'i'i .... .... .... .... .... i 8 .... .... '"s '•;; On motion the auditor was authorized to draw warrants for all bills allowed at this frwUvb Sujttvlu IMwwt Kwaovem aiilwrd, so|t, or.aaJiioused Jumps »n <W Resolved, That D A Uuoll bo u committee to employ a steward lor the poor farm, Adopted. Claims ol Mrs Mary Palmer for care ol poor, and Dr P H Cutler lor medical attendance on family of Andrew Johnson were not allowed, Claims of P M Butts and B J Gllmoro for goods lurnlshod poor woro continued until properly presented. On motion the members ol tho board were allowed the sums sot opposite their names lor services at this session: O, H. Peters, two days, sixteen miles » 9 03 D. A. Uuell, two days SCO o. A, qispn, two days, twenty-live mileti.. H 00 J. Holts, two days, sixteen mlleu.......... 9 W DO DOGS HAVK MINDSf Strange Storlei of the Power of Mujnet- lim Over Dumb Brate>. Even Mr, Jingle and . Mr. Jesse never thought of applying animal magnetism to sporting dogs. Bat this is part of "The Scientific Education of Dogs" oa practiced and taught by "H. H." "I have held a lot of dogs by tho magnetic power of will from doing wrong hundreds of yards away from me," says "H. H.," and he adds that if he unbent his mind by making a remark to a friend the spell wasi>rokon. It cannot be the power of the human eye, he thinks, that acts thus, for how can the eye act at a quarter of a mile's distance? He might shut his eyes and try if the magnetic power still lasts. "To be a first rate dog breaker a man must have lots of animal magnetism," which, according to this philosopher, is developed by force of will. But what is will, or is it a form of "magnetism?" Even in dog breaking we reach at once the debatable land' of metaphysics, and are embarked on Schopenhauer's speculations before we know it. Of animal magnetism exercised by the rider on the horse little need be said. The man may influence -the boost by contact unconsciously, not by "will force." It is different when "H. H," turns a distant dog from a particular corner of a field by simply "wishing" with all his force. The whip and the •will hod better be kept separate as much as may be, and some dogs answer to the will which merely sulk under the whip. The cleverest of "H. H.'s" dogs was a retriever. He was fishing in her company, caught his fly on a stump of the opposite bank, sent the retriever across the water for it, and she brought it safely. When a friend's fly caught in a bough of a willow some feet above the water, the dog swam across, climbed into the top of the bush, jumped, fastened on the bough as she fell, bit it through, and restored the tackle. The dog was sent for a wounded mallard which was swimming below the ice. She ran eighty yards down stream, broke a hole in the thin ice, and waited like a cat at a mouse hole. There she caught the mallard as he came up to breathe. If this was not reasoning what is reason? But some other power must have been exorcised in tho following case: "H. H." left his dog at the front door of a house, with a friend to watch its proceedings. Ho himself left the house by the aid of a ladder set against a high window in the bock and walked away. Tho dog began to be uneasy as soon as the master hod thus escaped, and was with him in five minutes. Could he have been guided by smell or was he attracted by animal magnetism? If the human mind can really influence that of a dog from a distance, the force which we coll mind must be common to man and beast, and "in that equal sky" retrievers may keep "H. H.'s" company. The attention of Mr. Bomaines and of the Psychical Society, as well. as the study of sportsmen, should be given to the subject. We are only beginning to Study the psychology of animals, and yet it may be the proper starting point of those investigations.— London News, A Troubloouio Worm. It was funny to start with, but twice as funny when the great mystery was unraveled. At one of the Lewiston school buildings the janitor, who is painstaking and careful, had been accused of negligence in sweeping the floor, He denied the charge, and said he swept the floors regularly and carefully, but that no matter how well he did it, the next morning the floor was covered with dirt and the result of his sweeping went for nothing. He couldn't understand it, Only one solution, ghosts— and he didn't believe in ghosts. Due investigation of his sweeping was ttieh nficle (affectionately)—My deaf, a8 yon are so fond of going dot yachting with the yonng men, I hate bonght yoti 6, yachting costume, which I had made to order. . Pretty Ifieee (ecstatically)—Oh, you deaf, Sweet old tmclei What lovely material) fiat what is all this stuffing aronrtd-tKe shoulders? Unele (sentehtionsly)—Cork—Good Hews. tied Si* Horde ta ft Gfft»»hopp«r. Jfig* Cooper, a daughter of the novel* 1st, James Fentoore Cooper, states that when in Paris she saw a French translation of her father's tale, "The Spy," In which there were several mistakes, but one of them was such that it was almost Incredible that any one could possibly have been guilty of it. The residence of Mr. What ton, one of the characters who figure In the story, Is spoken of by the attthof as "The Locusts." Kow f the translator had evidently been ignorant of the circumstance of there being any species of trees bearing this name. Ifaving; therefore, looked up the word in his dictionary, and finding the definition to bo given as '-Les Santerelles"-— grasshoppers—thus he rendered it in the test. Presently, however, he came across a paragraph in the novel In which it was stated that a visitor to the house of Mr. Wharton had tied his horse to a locust. Then it might bo naturally supposed that the translator would at once have discovered his error, Not a bit of it! His reasoning would appear to have been somewhat on a parity with that of a celebrated countryman of his, when he declared that "if the facts do not agree with the theory, so much the worse for the facts." Nevertheless, the writer seems to have been conscious that some explanation was due of so extraordinary a statement as that a horseman had secured his steed to a grasshopper. So he wenton gravely to inform his readers that in America these insects grow to aa enormous size, and that in this case one of these, dead and stuffed, had been stationed at the door of the mansion for the convenience of the visitors on horseback!—Bookmark. NEW STORE AT ALGONA! Would respectfully atihounce to the public that he has, at the Red Profit, State street, Algofca, just opened up and how offers for sale ah entire new stock of merchandise consisting of Staple and Fancy Groceries, * * Crockery, lamps, glassware, dry goods and notions, to which will be added new goods to make and keep our stock complete. While we earnestly solicit a call from all, we are especially anxious to meet the farmers of this vicinity, whose interests will receive our careful attention. We have come to stay, and warrant all goods at low values, and as we represent them. Just opened. Don't forget the Red Front, State st, Algona. G-EO. B. BACON. M l (X WAGON AND PLOW WORK, GENERAL REPAIRING; P'»;< sd , t ° P u » H»elr plows In flrst class sha e. Also class WARNER'S OLD STAND, WEST OF COURT HOUSE, ALCONA, IOWA. Stanley After Hid Return. Nothing worried Stanley more than a tap at the door while he was writing. He sometimes glared like a tiger ready to spring. When his courier knocked tremblingly at his door v ho would cry out,"Am I a prisoner in my own house?" "I've brought you this telegram, sir." "Well, I detest telegrams. Why do you persist in bringing them?" Every time Sail, his African servant, approached the den the least 'thing he expected was that the inkstand would be thrown at his head. One day he originated a new way of saving his head. Ho had a telegram to deliver *so he ingeniously fixed it on the end of a long bamboo, and getting tho door just ajar he poked it into the room and bolted. Although averse to reading correspondence, Stanley read somo letters with keen delight, and one in particular from a little girl. It contained the following characteristic lines: "It was very kind of you to go through such perils to rescue Emin Pasha. I liked so much to hear of your fighting against the dwarfs, and should like to see one very much. They must look so funny, being so small. I am a little school girl at school, and I am 11 years old. I am very fond of geography, and am always longing to go round the world."—Scribner's. ORIGINAL NOTICE. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUKTY- Dlstrlct Court, October Term, 1890.—Jackson Bcott against E.H. and W. J. Harris, aw The American National Bank of Hartford, Connecticut, and Tho American National Bank. To the above named defendants: You are hereby notined that there is now on file a petition of the plaintiff Jn the above entitled action in the office of the clerk of said court, asking to-have his title quieted to the following described lands, tp-wlt: The northwest ouat? Township One ifund. nj» v, 0ci»i<iuu .cjittjuu, -Lownonip UUG uunu* red, Range Twenty-eight, west ol the 6th p. M. Iowa; and also asking the cancellation of a mortgage on the said lands given by J. H, Fulton and wife to E. H. ana W. J. Harris, and asking for general equitable relief. Andun- leas you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the flrst day of the next October term of said district court, to be begun and holden at the court house In Algona, in said ?° u fl*y.',.9'J th _ ( L 14tnd ''y pf .October, 1MO, de- Plaintiff's Atty. ORIGINAL NOTICE. \LU HUIU ueicnaanis: You are hereby ni fled that there Is now on file a petition of plaintiff in the above entitled action In the lice of the clerk of said court,' claiming t] STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY.— District Court, October Term, 1890.—J. M. Young, plaintiff, against Timothy D. Crocker, Thomas D, Crocker, and Wm. Bade Jr. To said defendants: You are hereby notl- "•• of the the of- she is the absolute and unqualified' owner in fee simple of the northwest quarter of the southwest quarter of Section Twenty-two Township One Hundred, north of Range Twenty-seven, west bf Bth P. M., Iowa. an<f asking for a decree wherein yon and each of you win be forevor barred ana estopped from settlnc up any claim or title thereto; arid unless you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the llrat day of the next October term of said district court, to be begun and holden at the court house in Algona, m said county, on tho 14th day of October, 1800, default will b» entered against you and judgment rendere ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE * ST. PATH.. " Passenger west— Passenger east- No. 1 6ioaamNo. No. 3 .....4:31pm No. 4 S:60nm Freight- ' Freight-. No. G 7:53pmNo. 1<T.. l:95am No. 13 ia:39pmNo. 14 2:30 pin CHICAGO £ NORTITWEBTEKN. North— South- Elmore pass...3:6Gpm Elmore pass.l3:30pra St. Paul ft 9:65 am Des Moines ft 7:36pm thereon. S-Mt J, B. JONES, Plaintiff's Attorney. no Wanted tho Host. Speaking of tho Hindoo deity reminds mo of a story a friend of mine told me the other day about his little boy, and which is entirely true, Tho little fellow is very slow dressing in the morning, and to cure him of this habit his parents told him the next time ho failed to be ready as soon as the others ho would have to go without his breakfast. Being tardy again, when he came to the table ho was informed that he must either eat bread and water or do without eating at all. The boy was silent and would not eat. Tho father, not wishing him to go altogether without food, said: "You might be situated so you would be glad to havo bread and water. Suppose you were away out on the ocean, and the angels should fetch you bread and water and tell you that you must eat that or nothing, what would you do?" "I wouldn't do neiver," was the answer. ' 'I'd just wont what God had for breakfast."—Pittsbnrg Dispatch. A Precocious Child. At was a Toledo child who, being down for a recitation at a Sunday school exhibition, told the audience of a place Wbero erary prospect pleases And only man Iiaa bile. —Detroit Free Praa». There's No Use Denying the Truth. Eilert's Extract of Tar and Wild Cherry for Coughs and Colds. It cures them. Dr. Jaquea' German Worm Cakes destroy and remove worms from the system. Dr. Wlnchell's Teething Syrup Is the best for general allments.of children. All druggists. TAX SALE NOTICE. To Wm, a Kedllne: You are hereby notl fled that on the Bth day of December, 1887, th treasurer of KoHsuth county, Iowa, at a ta sale holden at the court house In Algona. i said county, sold the following described rea estate, situated In said county, to A. D. Clark for the delinquent toxe» thereon, viz: Th south half of the northwest quarter of Sectlo Twenty-four, In Township Ninety-seven, nort of Range Twenty-nine, west of the Bth P. M and that the certificate of sale thereof has bee duly assigned to the undersigned, the owne and holdor thereof; and that the right of re demotion will expire and a deed be made b the treasurer of said county, conveying sal premises to the undersigned, pursuant to th statute in such cases made and provided, un less redemption from such sale be made with in ninety days from the completed service o this notice. GEO. E. CLARKE, Dated Sept, 8,1890. Holder of Certificate. 8413 TAX SALE NOTICE. To JohnM. Becktell: You are hereby notl fled that on the 6th day of December, 1887, th treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, at a tax sale holden at the court house in Algona, in said county, sold thu following described rea estate, situated in said county, to A. D. Clark for tho delinquent taxes thereon, viz: Th northeast quarter of Section Seven, in Town ship Ninety-nine, north of Range Twmtyrsev on. west of the 6th P. M., and that the certlft cato of sale thereof has been duly assigned to the undersigned, the owner and holder there of: and that the right of .redemption will ex piro and a deed be made by the treasurer o said county, conveying said premises to the undersigned, pursuant to the statute In sue! cases made and provided, unless redemption from such sale be made within ninety days o the completed service of this notice. QEO. E. CLARKE, ^ . ^ c . „ ,™, Holder of Certificate. Dated Sept. 8,1890. S4t3 NOTICE OF COMMISSIONER'S SALE. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OP KOSSUTH County. Iowa.— Thomas Snell vs. Mary S Shaw et al.— Notice of sale by Qeo. E. Clarke lop , Home Blood Purifier and Health Ton- Leu tho blood and muke homo happy. Uncle Sam's Condition Powders and Uncle Sam's Nerve and Bone Lluimeut—those two great medicines are sold by all druggists- It 1'otd cm county mils COUNT? VIINP. ii-Dos Moliws, printing. postage, express, imd sup- hoi »1U« 71 Ward, pointing of court 9BO. lew Robinson 1 * bill,... luuuey, work «t court house ,a parey, salary aud postage l an, county surveyor uud vuujuueatiJHVr OD V«rlOUS roa,US...... MattParrott'* Sons, supplies 'for court porter $''JJwesVyp' 'liup'pUes' 11 ?$ -, vork at court Uyv ..ion, bard;— ou«o roof. !<>y, pajtats ana oils' tor court made by the authorities, and they found that the sweeping was well done. The next thing wits to investigate tho floor, and here they found tho solution. On lifting some of the planks, they found the under flooring full of borers, the meanest kind of a worm, one that works out in the night and drags its dusty self all over things in general, fitirrin&up the dirt in tho cracks, so thai the first footsteps of the morning will send thodiH all over the floor. Tills was the solution of the mystery and the death of tho borer, — Lpwiston Journal. . Consumption Among Tho monkeys in our menageries usual' ly die of consumption. Recent investigation* which connect pulmonary tubercles with bacilli, and indicate that tho gorms of these pestiferous creatures bo communicated by the breath, render it a matter of small surprise that the poor creatures, confined, together iu the detestable atmosphere of such places us tlio monkey house of tlto Zoological gardens, should become thus infected ajud speedily die. It is a curious fact that the keepers of caged animal? in menageries are usually victims of pulmonary consumpttoB.^-Now York ' UP\V City Water May Ho Wn*t«a. In a recent \ynter works report a table ie published giving iw gallons and huu- Looking for a Painter, Did you Say? Well, if rou are you should see WALTER WARD, who will be pleased to figure with you for AD; thing lu the lino of Painting, Paper Hanging, Those desiring paper hanging done are respect fully referred to the various pieces of work in tills town done by me, which speak for themselves. I feel warranted in Baying that I can guarantee satisfaction In every case, Priees are Always Moderate, Come and Interview me. per jnlwte wveugU various sisea of art- ices ut different lieu*?. Bough culoula- tlPffls we also jfta^Q Bowing tUe »WT mam qwiMUea pi voter wgoh escape iw the small streams sometime? faucets to Catarrh I S a blood disease. Until tno poison Is 1 expelled from the system, there can bo no cure (or this loathsome and dangerous malady. Therefore, the only effective treatment is a thorough course ol Ayer'e Sarsoparllla- the host of all blood purifiers, The sooner you begin the better ; delay is dangerous. "I was troubled with catarrh for over twoyeaiB. I tried various remedies, and was treated by a auuiuer of plivsl. clans, but received no benefit until I began to take Ayer'a SartmparUla. A lew bottles of this medicine cured me of this troublesome complaint am) com. pletely restored my health."— JBSHU M. Boggs, Holmau's Mills, N. 0. •'When Ayer's SorsaparlHa wn* w> owwouaod tp me tor catarrh, 1 wu:> in- cltuod to doubt its efficacy. Haying tried so many remedies, with little benefit, J had no feltb that anything would pure toe. I became owaoifttoU /row loss of appetite and impaired digestion. I Uftd nearly lost the sepe of smell, au.4 my system was badly deranged. I was about discouraged, when a friend urged, me to try Ayer'e Sai-aaparillH, a«<l referred wo to ne«ons whom, it had cm-ed of catarrh. Alter taWnff lta.ll a down bottles ol tuis woillciuo, I am convinced tlmt the only sure way pi treating this obgtiu.f)te dl«e#se is through the M<wl. i-gharles H. MalWwyi W River St., fcowejl, concern: Whereas, on thu an ordor and decree was . Commissioner. To whom it may Ifltli day of May, 18 entered in the above 'entitled cause then'pen'd ing in the district court of Kossnth countv Iowa, by said court, ordering, directing, anc decreeing a sale of the real estate hereinafter descrlbod, and appointing and authorizing the undersigned to proceed to sell said roal estate Now, therefore, under and In pursuance anc by authority of said decree, I wfil sell, on the mth day of September, A. D, 1890, at the hour of s o'clock p. m. of said day, at the east door ol the court house, lu the town of Alizonn Kossuth county, Iowa, to the highest andbesi bidder therefor for cash, the following de scribed real estate, to-wlt: The southwest quarter of section twelve, township uinetv- four, north of range twenty-sevens the east half of the southeast quarter of section twenty and the northeast quarter of the northeast quarter of section twontynine, in township ninety-nine north of range twenty-seven, in Kossuth county, Iowa i also the east half ol the northeast quarter of section twenty-six in township ninety-four, north of range twenty- five, and the southeast quarter of the southwest quarter of section fourteen, and the northwest quarter of section twenty-threo, all in township nlnety'soven north of range number tweuty-flve, in Hancock county, Iowa, and to execute a commissioner's deed therefor in pursuance of Bald sale. WtS GEO. E. CLARKE, Commissioner Aygr's Sarsaparilla ORIGINAL NOTICE, STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY.- Dlstriot Court, October Term, ISOO.^M, L. Clarke ugalnst John Hendrlokson. To said defendant; You are hereby notified that tv petition of nhe plaintiff lu the above- entitles notion is now filed lu the office of the clerk of said court, claiming of you the sum of Seventy-nine and 60-100 dolfiws, with Interest thereon »t the rate of ten per centner annum from the iwth day of December, insrf, its iuoney Justly due on your promissory note, and ten aollwsfts attorney's fee horefn, and that BU attachment has been issued In said cause s and unless you appear thereto and defend on or before uoou of the second day of the next October term of said district court* to be begun and holdeu at the court house lu AlgonaTlu said county, on tho Wth day of October, 1800, default win be entered ftgftttist you and Judgment rendered thereon. p 6 „. * QEO. 8. CLARKE, 9SH J?lttiutl8,s Attorney. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. of , guarantee t the city ot AlgoSa; Iowa? will be receives ftt theomoeoft&oltircierhuntll 18 o'cfwlc «?., September l, 1890. Finns uua speoittcAtlons will be on Ale. At the city clerk's omce on aud after Augugt i$, 1880. Each bUTto be aor «. w , tua ,.„uaaohepktottteam.ovmt »9 tbftt the successful bid- j contract with e«,ld city. >eryed to reject any and all bids. W, H- QWA«TON,'City ~ -"' ,. t the succe ____ S,««:wlUBn,ter Into ». contract with saw OH UBMEDy.-Dr. Le Cue's >) pills trow Paris, Franc*, not , ,....,.- .o generative organ* in a«Sp,oi).itively owe suppression, of (from whatever cause) a»d au troubles m PAST MAIL LINE with electric lighted and steam heated vestlbuled trains between Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Minneapolis. TUANS-CONTINENTAL UOUTE with electric lighted and steam heated vestibuled trains between Chicago and Council Bluffs. Omaha, or St. Paul and the Pacific coast GREAT NATIONAL ROUTE between Chicago, Kansas.City, and St. Joseph, Mo. 5700 MUiES OF ROAD reaching all principal points in Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, South and North Dakota. For maps, time tables, rates of passage and 'relght. etc., apply to the nearest station agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, or to any railway agent anywhere in the world. A. V. H. CARPENTER, Information in reference to lands and .towns owned by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway company, write to H. G, Haugen, laud commissioner, Chicago, 111. THE CHICAGO AND RAILWAY, Affords unrivaled faculties for transit between r5 e most important cities and towns in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, Minnesota, North and South Dakota. NeWska and T ' 8 ce s carefully ad FAST VESTIBULED TEAINS of dining cars, sleeping cars, and day coaches, running solid befween Chicago ana ST. PAUL, MINNEAPOLIS, COUNCIL BtUFI'S, OMAHA, - ______ AND DENVER. Pullman and Wagner Sleepers Jhicogo to San Francisco, Chicago to Portland, Oregon, without change, COLONIST SLEEPERS hlcago to Portland, Ore., and San Francisco, Free Reclining Chair Cars from Chicago to Denver, via Council B. and Omaha. to IF p • I' . * * m^.TlllAfl. . Third Vice-pres. State University — OF— The several Departments will begin the Year 1890-91, on September 10. f board In private families ta to i iuclubB,fi.BO to 19.60 per woek. CHARLES A. SCHAEFPER, President. WOOD t is the Cheapest Fuel, TUevmdersiguedwiUpleareH ft large treet f Umber for pasture, ana u ordered by y ov . ) ill deliver at your ftoor good stra,ight, d-jpeit oft Wood at * $3,00 per cgrd, Hard-wood, Wek,pry, 8k Wood it . I4»SO fir Uord, tfl atovo woofl pjt any Dry wood at my

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