The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 3, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 3, 1890
Page 4
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-j, Wo thfe fat &Am rf kU ey-ffc6 IrrtWiincS 6nfjr A flflifl Itint. ¥hS toe alarm bwMgWi the fKsople of Alfc&nft Out Sunday Mgbt at iaidnlfcht, totl&ftttie cttotWottott oi ote of the tafge tens on O. L iund>s «took A tftfge erotfd went out AS 6o6n as th<s alftttii fta« given, "but tod late to do anything eicept protect other property fhe fcafrn wfts doftsuined frith all Its contents, including ft Stallion for which Mr. Hind paid $2,000, 6,000 busheU Oi cats, 500 bushels of shelled corn, 60(i bushels of barley, $1,000 worth of fawn machinery, three work horses, a, Windmill and grinding machinery, and »any lesser articles not known. Ho* the flre originated is unknown. It began in the south end of the barn in the stallion's stall, and where the wind fanned it rapidly. Efforts to save the horse due of the finest iii the west, were Un availing, The danger to other build ings kept all hands busy, So that no at tempt was made to save smaller articles The fire ran the length of the building in a short time, and soon it was ft mass of ruias. The flre company arrived U put water oa the burning grain and some part was saved. The loss, however, Is nearly total. The building was insured. The other property was not and $4,000 will not probably make good the destruction. It waa lucky thatth wind did not blow the flames into thi large hay and feeding stables, or Algona would have suffered a loss that sh could ill afford. Mr. Lund's fine im provements are one of the noticeabl features of this vicinity, and their des tructlon would be a public calamity. IK AJTD ABOUT THE OITT. Bradley & Nicoulln have had three men out all summer selling buggies, ant now they have adopted a new scheme Frank has bought a big tent, and las week shipped it and a car load of bug gles to Spencer, where ho will store am sell. .This is the first-car of wagon that was ever shipped from here and i worthy of note on that account. Gib Button and C. P. Calkins make Spence their headquarters, and trail bugglo from there into the neighboring coun try, and sell as they have done here When that section is supplied they wll move their tent and strike a new place Algona in the meantime is the seat o operations. Should business increas S. A. Thompson will also go west. The old advice about "keeping you shirt on" has a new meaning to Win Bossingham, which, his friends wor not slow to refer to yesterday. H< came up Monday to stop over night ant take the early train to the fair, bu somehow in the hurry of dressing hi forgot the "biled shirt" he had la out to wear over his everyday flannel and was well started for the depot be fore he thought o" it. The time it took him to go back and put it on made him late for the train, and he and Mr. Ja dan, after a lively'run, had to wait fo the noon train. They will be thankfu when they hear the last of the odven ture with the shirt. Thos. P. Cooke is now to be enrollec among the shooting fraternity. A DesMoines he maintained his recorc sufficiently to be selected on the stat team, and with Capt. Upson of Hamp ton, will represent the Sixth regiment He went to Milwaukee Monday evening there to be put In practice until nex Friday, when the inter-state contest i to be held at Camp Douglas, 150 mile northwest of the city. Iowa expect third or fourth place in the contest no having had the practice of the othe states. Thos. Henderson is moving the ol> Durant drug store for the fifth time It now leaves the main streets and re tires to the rear of the Tennant house The little knobs on the front that usec to be the marvel of Algona architectur will no longer be open to public gaze When the building was built it waa stately structure and was put up to las in a frame of solid oak. An easy wai to estimate the changes going on is t try and realize the fact that not long ago this was the best building in town A marriage was celebrated in th clerk's office Monday, Squire Clarke officiating. The parties were tw thrifty German residents of Kamsay Ben Bruns and Annie Dammar. A the bride could not understand Englisl very well Robt. Chrischilles was cullei in and interpreted the language of th code, and the county attorney being also present, Squire Clarke feels satis fied that the ceremony is binding Squire Taylor has not yet had an op portunity to try his new form. The more Bro. Starr views the cos of his benevolent appeal to the suprem court to settle the law of appeal on county printing, the more he wants thi other fellow to appeal next time. W< hear that the county is being beseigcc by the various proprietors, managers editors, etc., of the Republican offering maps and other like inducements to ge names. One .man even re ports a chance to get the Republican and a map for 7<. cents a year. Bro. Starr shouldn't ge excited so early in the season. Dr. Shore closed his office Saturday and is no longer an Algona physician He will pack his goods and start fo New York some time next week an< spend the next six months or more there in taking post graduate work i his specialty, which will be the eye am ear. During his stay in Algona he has made many friends who will regret hi departure, and who will wish him al success in his profession, wherever h may locate. A location has been secured for th new Episcopalian church which is t be erected at once. The lot lies be tween the residences of John Hookar and O. C. Walker, and is as handsom as any in town. The church will be central to town and accommodate espe cially the north side. The lot was pur chased of Mr. Heckart for $300, he U have the use of it, and also to retain a two-rod strip off the rear of the full lot The open air meeting at the Grover farm last Saturday and Sunday was very largely attended. The weathei was pleasant and the people turned ou for miles around. The Sunday meeting was very large. If those who wen got no benefit at the exercises, they a feast drove through a beautiful part o the county, and saw some great changes In "Sod town" since a few years ago. Two neighbors in Prairie township were before Squire Clarke lost week re lating their mutual grievances. The} told their story and then listened to a timely lecture from the justice on the merit of minding their own business and stopping gossiping and quarreling. One, Bosonmeyer, nad been guilty of a technical assault and was fined the costs, which he paid. Dr. Sayers narrowly escaped a serious injury yesterday. He was laboring for the benefit of a suffering equine which evidently did not, appreciate the favor, for it reached out its hind foot and struck the doctor on the knee, mis- ing a big lump and knocking him across the barn. Luckily ho was not hit on the bone, and not seriously hurt. The annual meeting of the Womans' Christian Temperance union will be hold in the reading room in the-Gul- braith block on Dodgb street on Friday afternoon at half past 2 o'clock. Officers are to bo chosen for the coming year, and other business is to bo transacted. All members, and oil In terested are urged to be present. During the storm Monday, Mrs. Bui ley, living just east of Grunt Benscho- tars place in Portland, was struck by lightning. The electricity first mode itself felt at the knees and ran down to her feet, tearing her shoes oft and injuring-her severely. Dr. GucfleW was called and she IB rapidly recovering. Ed. Slmpklns hud a peculiar and un- at experience in, town last Thuro"Je b,|fc* ed - WB team wear the after wlaffi fii " of TKe liveliest im rW tit 'tfe S6aM was M On the streets laUrt f&fe ;we'en Earl Tefifiant and XJleti W They are both worthy young with many fflends who wish thi SMroSon Wbn., arid as •* reftolt ft he* race 18 6n f6* titf<Se *eek6 aM $25 is tib oft efcch side. Both toys ftfe fleSt fdbf ed, aM ft speedy race Mil be the result. Guesses ate «*etty oven as to the winner. , t. 0. Lindsay his. torn down afi old .aad mark at the Milwaukee depot In pfeftotiflf the«einainsof his &ld ftotel building. He has taken the Ittffite* t« make additions oft his. fartt^hieM he hAS fitted up in.goda Shape in late years. The old Undsay house *as & pioneer at the depftt. Our fire fightittg Mehd Herman Bantzow Was hot able to attend the Lund .fire. He Was about to* set out frhefi his attention Was suddenly de* inahded at home, hhd next morning he was the proud father of a trouncing girl. Our congratulations are extended. A pleasant marriage was celebrated last evening by which Jay Wheeler and Miss Opal Sftrchett Were united. people, pfness anc! prosperity. They afe at the state fair for a wedding trip., Supt. Sabih paid our public school building a very nigh cornplhnent on his recent visit. He said that he had not been ih a finer one in the state, either in point ol looks or arrangement. Outsiders without exception admire our school building. At the coming meeting of the editors at Webster City, J.. W* Hinchon leads a discussion on some phases of newspa* per management, and Harvey Ingham has a paper on the "Newspaper and Politics." The meeting is next Friday and Saturday. Landlord Tennant is still at work on his hotel. Now he is digging out a big cellar under the whole house, and is putting the office building south of it back for a laundry room. The change will add greatly to the convenience ol his house. C. JU. Doxsee is getting to be quite a Jersey stock proprietor. He has just completed a trade by which he ex* changes full blood bulls with Richardson Bros, of Davenport, and brings to the county one of the best animals in their herd. Another new residence is to bo noted this week. Manager White ol Paul's lumber yard is building a, 20x26 foot house near the yard lor his ..own use. It will be a roomy and convenient place lor him, and a big addition to that part of town. Manager Nicoulin has secured Warren Noble's dramatic company for the lair week. They come with full band, in their own palaco car, and play four nights. Their appearance will add materially to the entertainment 'of tho week. . Several calls wero made last week for extra copies ot the paper to send awp,y to friends. Theve is no better service anyone can render than to scatter papers with mention of the advantages of the town and county. Taylor's circus stopped at Algona last Thursday and gave a good show for the price. It was fairly well patro- A Ll*e1? to6ft of ftlg flfaret Saturday was a teautiful day for the last of stimmer, and the editor got & team of Grove and prepared to enjoy it by visiting a live town in one of the Wst sections of KoSsuth county. Burt Is ideated In a garden spot, if it had no dountry tributary to it bui the town ship It is in, it Would hate a good crowd. t claims nized but there was not a big It is a good circus and all It to be. Dave Haggard's fame as an auctioneer continues to be spread abroad. He has sales this month in five counties, and how many more he may add is open to conjecture. The month is still young. The beautiful "Daisies Rebellion" will be given at the court house Friday evening. The cantata has been gotten up at the expense of labor and money, and a fine entertainment is promised. The rain which was heavy at Algona Monday, degenerated into hall further north, and several corn fields were stripped. Stock was driven about and some other damage is reported. With two such moral agencies as the reading room and the UPPER DES MOINES side by side, there is no reason why Dodge street should not bo the most reputable part of the city. It is reported that Jud. Healy lost a team of horses near Burt, Monday, by a stroke of lightning. As the story is another team hitched to the same wagon escaped, E. S. Hammast, an architect of Davenport, is preparing plans and specifications for the now Episcopalian church. Work will be begun in a week or ten days. ' M. L. Clarke has been very sick for some time. Last week a surgical operation was performed by Dr. Shore, and the prospects are for speedy recovery. Marriage licenses have been issued to John Ostrum and Mary Anderson, John Wagner and Lucy Schumacher, Jay N. Wheeler and Opal Sarchett. . Several very brilliant shooting stars were seen in the early evening Friday. Some thought one came through and struck the ground. John Reed's store and Sponberg's tailor shop have been decorated the past week by the painters and much improved in appearance. Rev. F. M.. Smith will be at home to preach at the Baptist church next Sunday as'usual. He has been visiting in Minnesota. J. J. Wilson has a live agent at Sexton in J. E. Mclnroe, He is one of the active young business men of the county, O. F. Hale was up from Riverdalo last week, and, like everyone this year, was bragging on crops down that way, Peter Bowen has bought the Lew Dunton farm. Mr. Dunton will go where his relations are in Kansas, G. S. Wright and Mr. Dunwoody were over from West Bend yesterday, and made this o/Ilco a pleasant call. Three cows were killed by lightning on the Riebhoff place Monday, They were not insured. P, S, Stough has hod the painters on the inside of his store, making it more attractive. Will, Brunson has been appointed on the signal service corps of his brigade. A. W. Moffatt's handsome residence is freshly painted in the latest style. Evening services will be resumed at the Episcopal church next Sunday. The Paul Bros, have been' using the old postoffice room the past week. Mr. Bacon, our new merchant, is putting in his stock of goods. Labor day was not observed in any special manner in Algona. Mrs. R. F. Hodrick is still confined to her bod with asthma. C, B. Matson is around taking the school census. .O. C. Walker has a now sidewalk oast of his house. Remember the "Daisies" on Friday evening. .Tunltor Wautou. The board of directors of the inde pendent district of Algona will receive bids for the janitorship for the next ensuing year at Its adjourned meeting next Thursday evening. All bids must be sealed, ana left with C, M. Doxsee, secretary, by (J o'clock Thursday afternoon. The board reserves the right to reject any or all bids, and to select the one that in its judgment is for the best .nterosts of the school district. GJSO. E. CLARKE, Committee. Jlo! for sex toil! Highest prices paid for grain, seeds, etc. Illinois third-vein ana Iowa block coal, flour, feed, suit, etc., at figures. Come and see us. J. J. WILSON, from the Outskirts Of town, as far as eye can reach, is an unbroken stretch of as fine country as the sun shines on, and & country covered, tdo, with fine houses, big barns, and expensive Improvements. When the railroad went through ten years ago there was unbroken prairie away'from the river. NOW the road from Algona is lined With fences, and the signs of cultivation are as conspicuous as lit the southern part of the state. But Burl is not confined to its immediate surroundings for trade and is rapidly developing into a live business center, and its business mob fire awake to their opportunities. New buildings are go- Ing up, trade is lively, the co-operative creamery is a great success, two fine churches have been erected, and everybody is full of enterprise. -Two churches costing $1,400 and $1,600 in a small town speak for themselves. But Burt's brag is on her creamery, Last fall 06 farmers put in $50 apiece and built a $3,000 creamery. The plan was mode by Fargo & Co., Who fur nished the machinery, and it is a mod el. The latest appliances were secured and a young Illinois butter maker Fred. Wilcox, came out to take charge He told the managers that • what hi, butter fell short of Elgin prices they might take out of his wages, and Elgin prices is what Burt butter sells at. The quality of milk which the farmers send in may be judged from the state ment that five pounds of butter is modi from 100 pounds of milk. The incorpo- rators'of the factory got 40 cents a hun dred for their milk the first month, 4: cents the second, and last month, Jul; 22 to Aug. 21, they received 70 cents Those not part owners pay 10 per cent for making. The creamery is making about 400 pounds a day now, and is a growing and prosperous institution. In Mr. Wilcox it has a manager not ex celled anywhere, and ho is ably assist ed by Charlie Cook. The now improvements now being made are Dr. McCormack's drug store and a 28x48 foot barn with wings by Fred. Nicholson. Tho doctor has late ly received a pension of $300 with $12 a month, and is spending it in improving Nicholson is going to engage in thi horse business, and will have a fim barn. Last fall Postmaster Easterly built a largo office, fitted with th'o mos improved boxes and in every way cos mopolltan. A new butcher shop is go ing in soon, and it is rumored that E L. Ward will put in a store. Nicholson &Buell have a large general store Geo. E. Marble likewise, O'Niel t Kerr and Mrs. McDonald divide th hardware and lumber business, C. P Stowe runs a big hay barn, Fred. Shaf or and C. P. Stowe are village black smiths,., while J. B. Corko tends t the Northwestern and makes hlmsel generally useful as land man, otc There are no pleosanter men to mee anywhere than any and all of these and to them and D, A. Buell, who somewhat of a Burt man himself, w are indebted for a pleasant visit. A BASKET TAOTOBY. A Desirable Institution Within Al Bonn's Reacu nnd Easily Secured A business proposition was made our citizens last week which is stil open, and which bears evory probabill ty on its face of being a good thing Geo. P. Clarke of Gary, S. D., is th prospector, and spent a day in tow talking with our citizens. If the people will take shares in a capital stock o $5,000 amounting to $2,400, his compan, will put in $2,600 and run a factory wit a capacity of 800 bushel boskets o larger daily. Or the citizens may hav throe-fourths of the stock, and the. will take one-fourth. The baskets ar made of elm, basswood, oak, etc., wood easily furnished hero. They are a staple product, and the local morke alone is considerable. They can be made at a good profit. Mr. Clarke was called home by a county seat fight, be fore any action was taken, but the pro jeet was favorably considered. Mr. A A. Call has talked with many busines men, and is convinced that the plan i feasible and desirable. Something should be done, and wo believe Algoni will lose an opportunity if she lets a factory pass which promises as well as this - _ Tho Prnlrlo I^awn Herd, Having sold my home farm I now of fer my entire herd of short-horn cattle at private sale, in lots to srit purchas ore, on the most liberal terms. Also a choice lot of horses and colts, inoludin_ some fine young brood mures. Also Poland China brood sows and pigs. 21 J. B. JONES. New Millinery. E. Reeve & Co. of Des Molnes, the successors to Miss Ames, will be here soon with a complete lino of fall goods JAS. MclNKOE, Agout. 2818 wo close on the 16th of September. Give us a cull before that date if you wish to be bonofitted. G. i. Woodworth. Ai* persons owing G. B. Woodwortb must settle before the 1st of September. PRINK ice-cold wutev out of the red wrel: then buy your groceries at the Cash Store. WE shall keep a full line pi staples to ell at cost iwtil we elpfte. G. R.. WOfld.wg.Vth. MI80ELLAHEOTJB LOCAL NOTES. The County Board In Hegulnr Se»- Blon-DcatU of Mm, Still. Road matters occupied the count; board principally Monday and yester day, A big discussion over vacating the crooked road by M, DeL. Parsons place ended in a partial change. A change petitioned by Badig iu Letts Creek was laid over. Roads asked by Hermann nnd others nnd Farley anc others wore not granted. Tho contest over the county printing was ended by the filing of Starr & Hal lock's stipulation, nnd the board al' lowed the bills of- the UPPKB DBS MOINES. Election places in Algona wero established at Bysou's office, Gilmoro'a hardware, the normal building, and the sheriff's office. The judges of election aro C, L. Lund, G. H. Blossom, and' J, G. Smith; A. W. Moffatt, D. A. Buell, nnd J. W. Hinohon; John Wallace, F. Donnoy, and J. B. Winkel; H. A. Clock, J. F. Nicoulin, and F. M, Taylor, In Harrison township Olson, Byrne; and Moneou are judges. Benson school house is the polling place. PontU of A Former Al(fpul»u. Tho Movllle Mail contains the following notice of the death of ono of Mr. Sifert's daughters: "Mrs. C. D. Still, wife of Engineer Still, died yesterday morning at 6 o'clock, after u brief ill* ness. Mrs. Still has been u resident pf this place but a short time, the family locating here many fr den,ce tee, , s$i toflk. jus st May. She hud mivdo uring her bjiel reel fflWM with ttei, }. Shewaf* imvprntst JM. as, issSj rad b$ra $frd &ftffcL she "$*&£ i$kA$Hdu lo d. D. Still Fefe 6,188V." TO th6 Editor: In the presence of ft pleasant tampany Composed of friends and relatives, Miss Helen V. Ingham of Algona and Mr. Charles Russet of Omaha, Neb., -wefte united Ifi HiaMage by Ret, Davidson. Miss Ingham has long beBft well hAow* t& the t«6pfe of. Al nfti afld.dufinff the past two years has Jeen a faithful and efficient teacher in the normal school. Mr. Russel is en* ged iA the practice of law at Omftha. _.« bride find groom were the reoipi' ents of beautiful wedding favors. Mr. and Mrs. Russell after It brief sojourn atSjjirit Lake, Will reside ifl Council Bluffs.' The best wishes of a numerous circle of friends follow them to their new home. , Ttifi KOSfitfM OOtJlTTY JPAIB. tt Begins This Tenf Sept. 2S-Soine of tile Attractions Offered. The posters will Soon be out calling attention to the county fair. Less than four Weeks will elapse before the open' ing which comes Sept. 26, and already work is being begun to mak'e it the finest exhibition of Kossuth county products ever shown. The fact that al' premiums Will be paid ih full Oil the grounds, avoiding all delay and dis counts, is encouraging to exhibitors and in many departments there is al ready promise of big displays, in every department there should be a f ul display, not only because the premiums are large enough to pay for It, but be cause this is the year that the count; has something special to show.' There will undoubtedly be a large number o visitors from away to see what we can do, this year on account of failures else where, and we shall fall to look to out own interests if we do not make as gooi an Impression as possible. In respect to good entertainment, thi will also be an exceptionally good fair The directors have allowed llbera purses for races, and a lot of goot horses will be present. Tho rncini programme is as follows: Gentleman's driving horso to bo driven tc carriage or to buggy. Purse, $20, entrance fee, 10 per cent, s five or more to enter throo to start: distance, one-half mlln nn repeat, tlO, to, H. Running race. Purse $80 5 entrance fee 10 per cent, of purse; five or moro to enter three to start; distance, one-half mile one repeat, for county horses only, (ID, $10, $5 Trotting race. Free for all, open to gen oral competition; five to enter, three to start. Purse $200. Entrance ice, 10 po cent., (100, W, W. Novelty race. • Purse $25, For horse owned in county. Entrance '10 per cont Five to enter, three to start: distance on and ono-liah' miles; first half mile walk second half mile trot, third half rnilo run »12,«S,»I5. ' Running race, Froo for all, open to goner al competition; five to outer, three to star Purse (75. Entrance foo, 10 per cent, £10 *2fl. «10. Trotting race. 2 :40 class, open to genera competition. Five to outer, throo to star' Purse $150. Entrance 10 per cont,, $75, $45 $80. It is already time for everyone to be gin to do something. Let each man ge something to exhibit, and we will hav the " biggest show on earth." Unusual Opportunities For the study of music will bo affordoi in Algona during the ensuing yeai An accomplished musician and mos successful teacher will bo in charge o the music department of the norma school. Parents will do well to tak advantage of this opportnnity to secur for their children the best instruotlo on piano and organ and in vocal culture Otvi: box good laundry soap (32 bars for 90c at Townsond & Langdon's. •Wanted. All those indebted to me to come an settle, as I am need of money to run m business.-22t2 G. M. HOWARD. IF you want the best and easiest rlt ing cart over made, call at the Wigwam and got the Movse. J. B. Joner. JAS. A. ORR, painter, decoratoi paper hanger, etc., solicits the patron age of those who have work in this lino and guarantees satisfaction.-2mO THE STAKDHPE SYSTEM. That IB the One Adopted for the Al gona Water WorkB—Tlio C'ontrnc Let to Harrison <fc Ilawley for 97, 850. The water works arc again undo headway, and now with the prospect o something being done. Tho bids wer opened Monday afternoon, a big discus sion followed, an evening meeting wo* held, and In the end the council let th contract adopting the standpipe place of the tank system, Four bid were in covering both plans. Tho were: Fairbanks, Morse & Co., stanc pipe $8,439, tank $6,660; Harrison Hawloy, standplpe $7,850, tank $6,866 U. S. Mill Co., standpipe $9.990, tan $7,650; F, Turner, standpipo $9,000 tank $7,000. The bids put the Fairbanks, Morse Co, tank the cheapest, and the Harr. son & Hawloy standpipo the cheapest the difference being about $1,20( Which to accept was a disputed ques tlon, and on an Informal ballot in th afternoon the vote was four, to three fo the tank. In the evening it was fou to three for the standpipe. Tho ques tion was debated pro and con with vig or, the bidders being present and pre senting both sides fully, and the resul was reached after most thorough dellb oration. Durability was made the find test, and the council thought the $1,20 extra cost was more than componsatet by tho iron pipe, while in respect tc water pressure they thought the differ ence would not be marked. Tho men representing the various firms dlfferec ID their opinions, probably as sultec their business, and it may be accepted that whatever is done is largely an ex perlment. After the vote was taken tho council awarded tho contract to Mr. Hawloy, who was present, his blc being much tho lowest. It is believec that a remarkably good contract ha been mode, and Mr. Hawloy gave as his reason for being so low the desire of his firm to get into Iowa, where they have not yet done work. After the contract was let the coun oil arranged far eight-inch in place o six-inch mains, a very desirable change Notice is published this week for bids on the bonds, and business will begin al once on the work. Tito Mluneappjltt Exposition, Which opened Aug. 37 and closes Oct. 4, is the finest over hold in that pity. A guur- wtoo fund of over $185,000 was subscribed •& insure its success, enabling the manago- mout to secure the most costly attractions. The music, which has always been ft strong feature, will bo furnished by two of the strongest orgauUtttloiw In the world— Alcoves' Groat American band from Providence, H. I., and Strftuss'.Vlouuft orchestra of 60 artists. Other features ore the Bull- son electrical exhibit and Pain's pyroteoh- nlcal divlay, "Last Day* of Pompeii." VOV Sole or Item, The William Hill fawn. MB8. Ww. HIM* Oil, opats, only $1.60 at G. B. Wopd- ONE bpx choice butter orwjkers, 2Q Rounds, fpy fl, ft t UW«fWKl # MAg* ftftn'B. the SfIfrhtM Kind of Pfo-s- of tfie Tni Public Wheels Under , As the time approaches fot the bpefi- moi-e and more evident that in evefj' wa£ the high standard of the p'Hstthfee y«afg Will be mnihtaiiiefl. Prof. Dodge 6 Showing himself lolly equal to. the situation, and lit the Selection of his assistants hag given a Ml guarantee of the kind of work the people may »ct. - Prof. McCollutn, Who is already tere, has been at the front In the pubic school work ih Nebraska, for four years he has held the pririclpalshlp oi iho Central City Schools, and that in- surefl his being 1 a teacher of exporieff&e and merit, Miss Reeve, a sister ol Mrs. Clock, is well known tb many o: our people, and is tt young lady of marked ability. Of Mrs. Wolfe's attainments it is needless to speak, as she Is well khowii to the people of the county. In some ways the most marked acqul sltion to the school is the instruction in music under the charge ot a'grad uate of the St. Louis College of Music who has been secured by Prof. Dodge only on a guaratee of a large salary She comes with the highest recom mends, and will be fully able to mee the requirements of advanced students Prof. Dodge has sent for a piano from St. Paul, to be here for her use. The people of Algona wilt ^appreciate thi addition, and her services will un doubtedly be in great demand outside the school work. The fall term begins Sept. 8—nex Monday. What the attendance will be at first is not certain, but there is ever, indication of a full school. Board wil bo low, and arrangements are now be ing made for a boarding hall. Every thing now points to a prosperous be ginning, something tho school will full; merit. Close of the Institute. The normal institute closed itsses sion with examination Friday and Sal urday at tho court house. All th teachers wero compelled to pass tho ox amlnation, and 164 were present, general comment be accepted the ordea wns ono well calculated to test the! nerve. No report can be made fo some time, and meanwhile tho candl dates will live in hopes. Tho closing lecture ot tho institut course on physiology was given by Dr Shore, who discussed from a modica standpoint tho effect ol alcohol. H took tho liver to illstrato his remarks and gave an instructive and entertain ing talk. It was paid close attentio by the touchers. Prol. Dodge lectured on Wodnesda evening to a largo audience on th teacher's work, and made a most favor able impression upon all. It was hi first introduction to tho teachers ol th county, who wero gratified to see ou school passing into so capable hands. Prol. Little's "Chalk Talk" lectur was given Friday evening. • During tho session Supt. Carey Intro duced the first issue ol her Kossut County Teacher, which she intends t< continue for a year at least. It is bright educational journal and we worth the 50 cents it costs. It was largely subscribed for by tho teachers Items from the " Teacher." Supt. Carey says of her first si months: " Wo have visited 148 school and traveled over COO miles. We hav found many schools doing very goo work and some doing very poor work. HMiss Laura Gilbert was offered school for tho winter before she finishe her summer term, an endorsement 1 bo proud of. J. A. Freeh carried 32 trees on h back several miles to plant on urbo day at his school. Thirty of them ar alive. M. E. Lumbar and Mark Sands wi' attend school at Iowa City this fall. A. A. Sifert nnd Jennie Pottibon will teach tho Wesley schools. Miss Delia Whitehorn will attend th state normal school, Public School Opening. Monday the pupils began congroga log around the public school buildin again for their fall term, and a full n tendance Is enrolled. Miss Marcy Fair/leld, the assistant principal, at rived last Thursday, and is stoppin with Mr, and Mrs. J. R. Jones. Th only other change in the old faculty occasioned by the resignation of Mis Fisher, which is to take effect as BOO as a successor can be' chosen. The rea son for her change of plan is not known but her departure will be regretted b tho patrons, A new feature of the work will b added this year, wo learn, in tho wa of training in vocal music, Tho teach er in tho normal will give 20 mintes i each public school room twice a weel TEE PIEBQE BOHOOL. What IB Doing Done by a lloiiovolcn Man In DleKlnaon County, Our readers have seen references the four-section farm bought by Danle Pierce in western Dickinson count near Esthorville, on which to locate hi orphans' school, A full description i given In the last Vindicator, which w reproduce. It shows how vast an on terprise Mr, Pierce has undertaken and how much it will mean for thi part of lown. The Vindicator says " The four sections of fine land, fou and one-half miles west of here, upo which the school is to be located, to gether with tho large and costly build ings and other improvements soon to b added, are all to be paid for out of th private funds of Mr. Pierce. The barn now being erected has ground floo area of 60x170 feet. The posts aro 24 loot, with an immense mow capacity in the roof, The whole mow will contain 600 tons of hay, The barn is built in sections like a bridge, so that the wbol ground floor will bo entirely clear o posts or other obstructions. The pur iosoisn}so to add to this immense Structure oa occasion may demand The main building will contain ubou /he same ground area as tho barn, bu of course different in shape, and will be jut a two-story structure This build ng will be divided into living voi ind for the present will also furnlsl •oom for the school. In a short time, •owever, Mr. Pierpe intends to oreot a school building propoy, large enough to accommodate {Ue 600 boys which is to >e the present limit of the school Fhese are only primary facts. When ihe institution is in full operation it will require an army of employes and a arge corps ot teachers, it wilt have ts own light, heat, aud water system, t will cost at least $100,000 tv year to meet its running expenses. A part of his expense, of course, is to be met by uo^tUlUig of the four sections of fine ilUwfol' tb.o number of Seltt* than ttie bbjr gits ia tta> average am home., A* Wigs of 18 tfie. Boy ' 'rt»umea to be equipped tor life's Id, fttfd llvith hid lOftf y£aY% $fti*n* _„-, Something like $800/he Is difi- mBsed from the Softool. The idea is all of g(M, Sard sense and replete rtth that practical, noble sort of ehari- J that haf fof its object the bettering S humanity. The facts ftfe mat eti- lefteS Of a £ra«d humanity and noble heart back of the enterprise. Estherville will be the retail market of this ohool, and of its value none can doubt." InAigonik. Johri Winkel's "Kossuth*' will be at Algona during the month of September or Service, at Frank Winkel's barn. and navy a, part ol the p lt Th,e purpose <tf tjhe owe: ..9» 1 pJwte>ys,.to of owses iurcuovwwa by m. If ypu tuK9(tf«ui«ylh>nr v»,C9MKU> l JWJte '"" ' th6rW£h tWnifig to , wbrk— A good house* eight rooms, cellar, cistern, etc. BELlte Mr.KKEtsoN. A FRESH box of WheSk Germ Meal rotors just received at thg Cash Store. Try them. A *EW bolts of Jamestown goods .... >e sold at lOc per yft; d. Call in time Gt, R. Woodworth. PERSONAL M(j - i -- — Chan. Aldflch of Webster City was In Algona last week to secure documents of [owa history for his collection at the State library. We learn that Mr. Call M donated his flies of the Pioneer Proas which will bo bound and preserved a Des MolnoB. Dick Ulet was called to Minneapolis very suddenly last week to accept a situation with a railroading party to work in Wash Ington. H, B. Smith baa charge of the work and Dick will be with his son Horatio He may not bo back in Algona for Severn years. Charlie Benham was down from Mlnne apolls Monday attending tb somo buslnes matters, and gathering up the things loi in Algona, Mrs. Benham is now located and will make her home in Minneapolis Charlie took with him the Jersey cow and horse, Mr. Glllesplo of Chicago, brother of Mrs A. Rutherford, Is out on his annual visit He conies regularly on Sept, 1, and assists in disposing of the chickens that aro left b. that time. He enjoys his annual hunt, an his many friends enjoy his annual visits. W. B. Spencer was in town several day lost week making arrangements concerning, his foundry. He came nere from Dakot where Baum Is at work digging wells, am where ho disposed of his interest in th machinery to Dakota parties, Rev. Davidson exchanged pulpits las Sunday with Rev. Morse of Hookford. H enjoyed a pleasant visit at Rockford, am spent a day with Dr. Charlton at Clea Lake on his way homo. J. W. Robinson Is homo from Boston His children came with him after thel summer's visit at tho old homo. Like th other visitors he reports a most enjoyabl time at Boston. D. A. Buoll is lately home from a thrc weeks visit In Illinois. He tells tho sum story of drouth that Is everywhere ro ported. Mrs. Ingledu and daughter, who hav beenvlsltlne tho Qulbralths, returned tc Chicago Friday oveninj. Crowds have gono to tho state fair from hereabouts. Kossuth's contribution will b tho largest ever made. Miss Nettie Harper of Clear Lake cam over lost week to visit her cousin, W. P Carter and his family. W. L. Joslyn wont to Dos Molnes las Friday on business, and to attend tho open ing days of tho fair. Mr. Starr has girded up his loins, co looted his salarv, and gono up north somo whore on a visit. Isaac J. Dodd, P. C. of tho grand lodg of Iowa Knights of Pythias, was a pleasan caller yesterday, Wilfred and Jessamine Jones went I Minneapolis Friday evening to spend a frn days in visiting. W. H. Easterly, a railroad engineer from Clinton, Is visiting his brother, tho Nasb of Burt, Miss Anna Ingham returned to Chlcng Friday after a four weeks' visit at homo. Mrs. H. J. Wilson and daughter aro ove from Emmetsburg to visit a few days. County attorney Mayno waa down fo the regular board meeting Monday. Jake Blossom lot tho light of his countc nance shiiie on Algona yestordoy. Mrs. A. H. Langdon 'is making her re lations and friends a short visit. Mrs. Borgor and daughter of Mason Cit aro visiting at J. B. Winkol's. Tho well known figure of Jos. Sklpsey again soon on the streets. Capt. Jeanson and wlfo wero dowu from Swea Monday on a visit. Walter H, Butler is taking a lay off an is visiting on tho farm. Miss Gilbert of Charles City is vlsitln at W. W. Wheeler's. Col. Spencer went to Dos Molnos las week on business. Dr. Todrow, Dr. Shore's successor, is town, J. W. Hinchon Is homo from his Bosto trip. H. A. Clock is In Dos Moluos on businos Gono Shadlo spent Sunday at homo. Afcd the Best dt It h tftftf the f 41*8 Aft Aft f ru4-RsporB ffom Out Neighbors. Sept. 1,—Sjfeelal Corre*>ndefiee: There are 'f6# localities in he northwest attended with a more apld development in settlement and agricultural attainments than the northern part of Kossuth county, and n this section no part has done better han Hebron township. Hebron may late been, and doubtless has been, overlooked and long neglected, but it needed only the magic touch of a few ifird, industrious hands to show its possibilities. Only industry and right management is necessary to make Heiron township one of the best iu Kossuth county. This impetus has been jlven within the last eighteen months jy a class of honest, industrious farm' ers who have turned the sod, and bar vest time has brought thorn abundttn returns, and Wherever the soil has been ,ried all mother earth has blossomed as ihe rose. Tho quality ot the soil being considered, the cheapness of real estate :n this locality is phenomenal, Think of land renting for 10 cents per acre for imy purposes and the renter selling thi bay at $7 on track, as is now done Think also of purchasing land at $8 pei acre and raising 10 to 12 bushels pel acre of flax from the same, and selling at $1.20 per bushel, as farmers are now doing! Such certainly is hot the lane where farmers ought to starve or tin poor man fail to obtain a home of hii own, When we came into this locality one year ago settlements in Hebron were scarce, especially so in tho south ern part. B. A. Richardson on section 33 could scarcely find 'another roof be side his own in sight. Now ho is sur rounded by neighbors. B. A, is rustler, and has had much to do wltl settling up this country with an hones and industrious yeomanry. He has a start toward as fine a farm as one wouli wish to see. We might mention man; now settlers who have anchored in He bron within the lost twelve months and praise tho prospect which they have opened out before them. The flowing wells in this district ar a feature not to be overlooked. Man; are the exclamations of surprise am admiration wo have heard from thos who for the first time -have come t look upon these fountains which sem forth this stream of finest water in end [ess abundance. Perhaps Hebron ma} again present her claims to tho public but no more today. Harvest Beports. Comfort Stowe threshed 181 bushel of flax to the aero on his farm nea Burt. A sample case this year is that o Chas. Schryvor. Ho bought 100 acre at $8 an acre. He broke 70 acres nn put in flax, and has sold $000 ol thn and will get hay enough to pay his ex ponsos. Flax is not ft one year's crop in Kos suth. Last year one of the Hodgson near Burt bought a quarter section nn raised $1,200 ol flax, paying for hi .land. Patterson Bros, shipped Siberia crab apples to Sheldon lust week, an have orders lor more. Excursion Kates, For tho Minnesota State fair, to be ho: at Hamline, September 8 to 18, specif.! e cursion tickets will bo so!d by tho Chlcas Milwaukee, & St. Pai 1 Ha'lway compau to either St. Paul or MInnoapo'ls at ono far one way for the round trip, with 50 con added for admission coupon. For the industrial exposition, to bo ho! In Minneapolis, August 87 to October sooclal excursion tickets will bo sold at on faro ono way for tho rornd tri», with S cents added for admission coupons. To thc'.Stato Fair. Tho Mllwpukco rord will sell tickets t'.io uearost Junction point at one fnve fo tho round trip. F^'oni Ai'g. 18-22 w.'ll so tickets to • Spirit Lako OAO favo for th round trip. The Crop Hullotlnu. The state report is: Corn is matu ing quite rapidly, and two or thro weeks ol lavorable weather will plac the bulk of tho crop beyond danger Injury by frosts. Sorghum and broom corn are in promising condition, an late potatoes will yield beyond previou expectations if not cut short by an un timely frost. Pastures have been groa ly improved, and full plowing is i progress. Tho Washington report is: Th weather during tho past week in th wheat and corn regions of tho coal va leys and tho northwest, are generall favorable, and the condition of crop Improved. The harvesting of whea was interrupted in Minnesota and Nort Dakota by rain. The corn crop i greatly improved, although the weath or is too cold for rapid growth, low reports corn and potatoes improving, better crop than was expected a mont ago, but two or throo week's favorabl weather is necessary. From Kansas eastward to Ohio and Kentucky th corn crop is much improved, An Opportunity Will bo Afforded your eastern friends to visit yo by tho series of excursion now being iv_ ' by the Chicago & NprtUwestor railway, for which tickets will be sold a half rules (one fare Tor ilio round trip). I you will forward to W. A. Tarrll, goners pussouger aud ticket agent Ghlcajo St NorthwesUiru railway, Chicago, IU., th names aud addresses of your eastern friend to whom the information would prove in torosUug, a circular giving full details o those excursion will be wiiiJMl,-92M 4 Scrap o; Payer SUVOB Her Life. weYueUlessUir'i, sevooly iiouKils. Om « ( ttpp''gpaperahetemi of. fir. I'o'.'s covei j, ftuU &o( A aara-)le ho. 1 , e; It helped f isve n 's is wpat you gu?M to t>cve, fo feu you mutt It 1* ft>JI» enter I're. iBouaiiudiare «e»'oh- prHdu'lyauainwr.lluj beetle U'e.n'id't ifi! MA -Atott feoSSith Crops WhicK Will ttra Satires. EGGS WANTED; At 12 cefitg |>ef dozeft, at Townsend & Lansdon Unmet Ucvlno's Stock. Barnot Devino arrived homo, sai the Humboldt Independent, the midd of last week from Waverly, whore h has been buying young stock to puto his farm, and succeeded in getting 2( head of yearlings and two-year-olc such, as will make a paying growth, an with him came Hall & Crampton, catt dealers, who wore looking for cattle o larger growth, such as are ready 1 stall feed, so betwixt the two we don see any reason why the larmei shouldn't (to use a western expressio regarding their stock) get shed ol them about when they please. Apples Farther North. B. E. Davlson brought In a basket apples last week, says the Bancro Register, which ho raised on his farm In Portland township, and they were as nice as could be raised, anywhere, says he has about 30 trees bearing Only three vnritios bear much—th Duchess, Wealthy, and ono other va rlety. Since BO many farmers are ma kotlng apples this year it begins 1 show moro conclusively that Iowa destined to become one of the greatei fruit producing states in the union. More Die Apples. Samuel Beed of Irvlngton does no propose to be outdone in fruit. He has 200 bushels this year, besides what th boys have gathered in tho night, an of ten varieties. Yesterday ho gav us some handsome "Cooper's Earl White," and showed us some fine spec mens ol tho "Golden Busset." He say the trees he has bought at home hav all done well, but ol those he has go abroad only a lew have ever nmounte to nnythlng. In hardy varieties, how ever, he believes no country can ben this for Irult. A Sample Hay Crop. Lust Saturday Don, Paine hauled th hay he has been cutting on a quarte section near Burt into town nnd sold I to Stowo at $4 a ton, The hay was tak en from the cock and had not cost th stacking, there was no waste, und $8 worth was delivered during the day From the crop of the 160 acres Mr Paine gets $400. That is a pretty goo. return lor an unbroken piece ol land, In This Neighborhood, James A. Cranston, the owner of i fine farm northeast ol Odebolt, sowed 1 acres this season with a mixture c wheat and oats, the proportion being 10 bushels ol wheat to 15 oi oats, The result ol the experiment proved satis factory. He threshed the crop th other day, and it yielded 100 bushels o excellent wheat, and 23S bushele'of No 2 oats. The oats were of a bettor quali 'round ad on it pro . . ., was eve grown in Sao county. Tho value of thi product .at Odebolt prices is about $100 or $10 )3er acre. Mr, Cranston will con tinue the experiment next year on a larger scale. E, H. MoDougall, near Spencer, another farmer who Ja firmly of the opinion that "farming don't pay." In 1880 ho bought 80 acres of land which tie broke up and sowed to flax, and the proceeds W that crop paid for the land and all expenses of the same, This fear he leased the land, and his tenam lowed it to oats, and Mr, MoDougtill's ihuro of that prop will p»y him something like 82 per pent, on the first cost of the land, including taxes, hauling, etc. What better Investment can E man make than in a chunk of loyvu soil? O. D, Price gives the Emmetsburg Reporter u llet ol apple raisers in one neighborhood, The list credits Dan. ?ipp with 100 bushels; Geo. B. Mo- Curty, 76 bushels; J. C, Baker, 35 bushels; H. Allen. 86 bushels; A. A, Wells & Son, 86 bushels; T. Allen, 10 byehels; X H. Glddings, 10 bushels; orchard on Joran (arm, 25 bushels; W. J. Brown, 25 bushels. A, D. Kuttm who has been, trying the .. .. of Kansas farming for two ears, returns to Ernrnot county, bis ret lovo, and expresses a willingness 0<*tftke her" lov better pv tw ftjilongajlUe^o last.. A -'lenceqHikQiew^- All kinds of $c Yeast fof 03 Soda per pkg Axle Grease per bdx 06 Lewis Lye per box... , Id. •/: Gloss Starch per pound oj Clothes Pins per doz , Remember We are Agents for Rock Salt. A t3p° If we catt fit you with a pair of Shoes of BootSj will sell them cheap. Come and see us. TOWNSENB & LANG-DON, We can now make Loans on Improved Lands from one to ten years time t and give the borrower tl:e privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof in even $100 at any date when inter* est falls due. This is Iowa money and no second mortgage or eoityons taken, This plan ot Maklnga loan will enable the bo' rower to reduce his mortgage at any time and Uve the,<mere»t on the amount paid, Moner furnlMrd at once on perfect title. Call on or ttddrem HOXIE JL REAVER, Algona, lOWO. corn this season. Ho expects to make some money out of both crops. M. Bonstetter was over from the west yesterday. Ho says that loose hay was run up to §5.80 at West Bend Friday. It is back again now, G, S. Wright says he is making 76 pounds of cheese a day, and the demanc s greater than he can supply. He wil' tiavo to add to his dairy. A train of 12 cars ol shelled corn was made up at Bode last Thursday, pulling out Thursday noon. ihere. Bode is gotttni To All Whom It May Concern. The partnership heretoloro existing under tho name of J. F. Lacy & Co. wherein John F. Lacy, Wm. H. Lacy and Wm. L. Corrough, each ol the towt of Algonn, county oi Kossuth, state o Iowa, wero general partners, is this the 2nd day ot September, A. D. 1800, dls solved by mutual consent. J. F. LACY, W. L. Comtoucn, W. H. LACY. Tho business will be carried on by J F. Lacy & Son. All persons indebted to tho old firm o J..F. Lacy & Co. are requested to cal and settle their accounts without delay either by cash or note. Otherwise thes< accounts will be placed in the hands o an attorney lor collection. People Are Afraid to Check Diarrhoea to quickly, lest it produce inflam mation of the bowels. This used to be th way when tho mjxturo containing tannin laudanum, and resinous, gummery matte were used. Dr. T. W. Wood's Blaokberri Carminative is free from all those objections, and is a sure cnre oven in infiamma tion of tho bowels. Sold in Algona by Dr L. A. Sheetz.-28t2 Half Hates to DCS Mollies. For i,ho Xown stale fa'r tho Chicago & Nori,hweste-m Rpilwpy company w'Jl, .Vom Ar J. 23 to So jt. 5, fncvs'.vo, se'l tickoU t< Des Moines aud reUmi at niOf ra'es—or ;"aro ''on the voimd tr'n; iielels goof IOB rt (,11.70 uno : l Sept. 6, taolvbivo, Fo ticlcets ondUT'onnat'ou coacev i'ng t'meo traias, etc., apply to a.-;onU of Chic. 30 Northwesiora ra*lwry.-9H3 BOCK salt goes three or fouv times a far as common. Bny it ai the Cos' Store, 75 cents per hundred. DRIED fruit of all kinds cheap at th Cash Store. Tiwabox of there cho.i.ce c ackers 20 Ibs. for $l,;ai Townsend ft Lnnjdon's Miles' Nerve and Liver 1'llls. An Important discover;; the; act on the live stomach, and bowels through tue nerves. A ne principle. The; speed'lj cute biliousness, bn taste, torpid liver, piles and constipation. Splen did for men, women, aad children. Bniallea mUdest, sures). Th'ify doses for 25 cents. Sam pies free at F, W. Dingle; s. ~ Bucklcn'H Arnica Salve. The best salve In the world for outs, bruise sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tettt chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin era turns, and positively cures piles or no pa; require It In guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or moi. er refunded. Price 25o per box. Sold b; L, A Sheetz. DIscovor.'CH. W ••at Btlla 'd Ed'foo R'e to t>e ts'eproie an e'ect.'o't;,6»'sU'6Plii>bu-gNews, Dr. F.c',- 1 ' M:'es, U>e (Tell! nowa sito - a"5t )o redoes d races, isiott erervoi's system ait! nerre flrl A mo it i>'s Di"me'OU3 d' .covei'es LI'S Resto.. '.' Nervie;su''dtivbt8c'';o'?eof ibe c"eat)s!. U It rca; be !:ad o( F. W. D'ng'e;, d :- l g'st avd B!S Dr. y»es' new took on "New and 8to ."Of Tac'« fo. 1 the afflicted. Kveryore sl'ov'd read Ill's ve 11'?ret "rig, 'rstruct've, nod liamlsome:; fllustra ed boo , * 0 The Old Made Yonng. Dr. B K.jSecvar.rd'sersIro! jrouin mj; he a lir.poi- •-: dlscovev. bi>t «ver;oae U?.ow3 iliat D Fran' i Miles'New Hen't Cu-e ce^n'j'; 'i. lias t'vea thovs: arts r.TI'c f 3d v/:u sei.'oi's I'eo d'uease a pew 'ease ot H'e. DTV "'.tt wl'O c"< ob Its effects oj vajy criton)e.-s evevwtier speak i it; h'llily o! it, John Weaver o' K'ICS town. T;d,,sa. s: " I so'd much of Dr. i 1 es New Cu ) rnd have received, man- good re ior i. sold Bon<e to one ol fie lendln-j Mnaou'e a te ofl ce 8 and !t d'd him a great derl o! good," Sol and gi'r ant:ed by F, ff. D'n^ey. * 6 THE CASE IN A NUTSUEIJ;. When Bab/ was sick we gave her Castorla, When she was a child she cried for Castorla, When she became Miss ibe clung to Castorla, When she had Children the gave taem Castorla DOU YOU WANT THE Best Legal Blanks? Most srrely you do n you need for any u nil. T.IOJ remom'jor t'nut yon ci'U find t'.iom at t'ae Upper Des Moines Office, WE KEEP ON HANP Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, vest In use,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Oseds, Trial Notices, i*or »i''lo in any Quantity dtw'veJ. Btt.uks not u «tocU w.Ul be murte to oi-ao.'ut sjovt no«Jce . . ud oori'eol pyjces. or .-.- . --^ ri ,»lnHQUwuaty,Nebraska, .,„ from town, Bunuing water on farm, jpneptiaonoreain Plumps county, Kan~ from railway etallon, Apple nnd . ...hedgefence aroundhouj» T and or- Some timber and ruuolug pa.ter «n. far- arSS! Algona, iftwa. ALGONA, IOWA. ,. Capital, - " • • «0,00o. Incorporated under general laws ot town. Deposits received, moner loaned, forolsn and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passage ticket* to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. W. H. INGHAM. President, J. B. JONK3, Vice President, LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier. Directors—W. n. Ingham, Jno. O. Smith, 1. B • Jones, T. Chrlschllles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsnorth, Darnel Devlne. First National Bank OF ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - - $5O,OOO 'Special Attention Paid lo Collectiont. DIRECTOBS. Ambrose A. Call. D. H. Butohlns, J, C. Black drd, FhU'p Dovweller, Wm. K. Ferguson. Geo, C. Cap, C. <?.- Hutching. OFFICERS. iHUItORtcA CUX. D. H. nOTOHIHB, Freald3ot. Vice Preitdent. J. C. B( trjKFOrm, CiiB'i'e'. Money a'wa>s i n hand to l"uo at reasonable rates to pa't'ea who can furnhhf'Stc'nssBecuii , BANCROFT, IOWA. R. U. Richmond. Pres. R, R. Richmond, V. F. A. B. Elclimoad, Cui'uior. Tnnsacts a &ercra\ banking bublncss. Collections » f -pech>l./. Mono" l,,an«;eri -d to a", ports o(*>-lUa'.'ad tti'u OTJ Europe r.t low rates. Tie' ets lo and:'. o.,i the old coanlr' .'o sale. Tares pa'd for o.U ealien'ipld noj-;ejde Us. Abstract u" .it'e i'arulaued c i I >e sure da? applied for. R. M. RICHMOND, REAL ESTATE DFALER, Loan and Insurance Ag't and Notary PuUle, 60,000 acres of prairie lands and Improved farm! for L le or rent. /.'Huge p.ore f for sale or rent Now "stret'rne'osecu eyoan .iOme be'o'e the three pi-cspeci-ve iri'ro^da n-e "it, which will advance the price o' i>i'u lie;ond toe reach ol the average home-see er. COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Banciolt, Iowa. R. V. Richmond, proprietor. First cte?s houre. Satis :e (Ion fciiarae eed. Special attention El fen tbe traveling pub'lc. Cheap Cast Store! South Side of Broadway Whlttemore, Iowa. Goods, NOTIONS, and Boots and Shoes, Bojs' und Men's ReiuD'-Made O L O T GROCERIES^ Crockery & CONFECTIONERY, Wood and Willow ware. Produce taken In exobange (or goods, C. L, Real Estate Agei Algona, Iowa, tandi bought and sold on commission. Special attention given to care und sale ot real estate in Kossuth and adjoining counties tor nou-resldents. Agent tor the German Insurance company, of Freenort, 111. Passage ticket) |o and from ihe old countries sold at lowest ratp». > AUCTIONEER. D. A. HAGGARD, Will err city apd farm p '(wertr, make collections etc, A'l business ot a private nature will be strlctiy ooc'Montla'. onico with V. M. Taylor, over Annls 9ros, DR. L. A, Dealer In DRUGS MD MEDICHTSS, t r ull assortment always on hand, ot Drugs, Med| Olnes, aud pure liquors lor medlolnaTpurV poses only, Books aud stationer^,

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