The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 27, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 27, 1890
Page 4
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16 4MAII IBOtJT ITO tores-ting, ft circttlfff givtfig Mi detail* 6f 31686 Sxctesion will bo fD'ftilCd.-32t4 !48f.1>At1L «l: (>« i *• i ft tttlKo, Ti;;',.':'.;:'.ia:a6ptn|No. 14. s. . .&-M p m ElfflorB It. Pftnut ..... B :W a mines Moines in 7:86 p tt FAST MAlti LINE with electric lighted ana steam heated vestlbuieiT trains between Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Mttme apolls. tttANS-CONtlNENTAL ttOOfE with elec, '•trio lighted and steam heated yestlbuled triune Detween Chicago and Council Bluffs, Omaha, or St. Paul and the Fncfflc coast. OttEAf NAtlOKAJj hOltTE between Ohicft go, Kansas City, and St. Joseph, Mo. 6700 MILE3 OF nOAt) reaching all principal points In Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, South nnd North Dakota. station agent or to ftttyfafTway agent any where In the world. Information In reference to lands and towns owned by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway company, write to H. Q. Hailgen, land commissioner, Chicago, 111. RAILWAY. Affords unrivaled facilities for transit between the most Important cities and towns In Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming, The train service is carefully adjusted to meet the requirements of through and local travel, and Includes FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS of dining cars, sleeping cars, and day coaches, running solid between Chicago and ST. PAWVMINNBAl'OMS, COUNCIL BI.UFFS, OMAHA, . . . AND DENVER. Pullman and Wagner Sleepers Chicago to San Francisco, Chicago to Port- laud, Oregon, without change. COLONIST SLEEl'EKS Ulcngo to Portland, Ore., and San Francisco. Free Reclining Chair Cars from Chicago to Denver, via Council B. and Omaha. For time of trains, tickets, and all Information, apply to station agents of the Chicago & Northwestern railway, or to the general passenger agent at Chicago. W. A. THRALL, General Passenger and Ticket Agent. W. P. NKWMAN, J. if. WHITMAN, Third Vlce-pres. Gen'l Manager. ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, .... fBO.OOO, Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposit* received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made DtoEaptly and a general banking business transacted. Passage ticket* to or bom the old countries sold at lowest rates. W. H. INOHAM. President, J. B. JONES, Vice President, LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier. Directors— W. B. Ingham, Jno. O. Smith, J. B Jones, T. Chrlschllles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W, Wadswortb, Barnet Devlne. First National Bant OF ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - - $50,OOO Special Attention Paid to Collection!. DIRECTORS. Ambrose A. Call, D. H. Hutchlns, J. C. Black ford, Philip Dorweller, Wm. K. Ferguson, Geo. C. Call, C. B. Jlutohlns, OFFICERS. iHBuosKA. CALL, D. H. HDTOBIVS, President. Vice President. J. C. BLACKFORD, Cashier. Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rales to parties wlio can furulsli first class security. Prof. Dodg* Mas Arrived to Segin Work in the Northern Iowa Normal— the Public Schools, The institute attendance has been Increased by ten new arrivals the past week and now numbers 183, tthich makes it, as has been Usual for several years, one of the notable teachers' meetings of this part of the state. The newcomers are: Algona, Bert Barr, F. B. McCall, Herbert Bancroft, Will. COvellj ftellle Taylor, Jatnes Chapin; Bancroft, Ida Moulton, Ida Swanson; iiUVerne, Adeila Gruhb, Edw. Conner. The week-has been one of hard work for the teachers, who put in from 8 until 12:80 in vigorous reviews of their school work, and then listen to lectures on physiology, and study physical culture in the afternoon. It has been Supt, Carey's idea to keep things moving, and she has undoubtedly succeeded. '"""' ""'"""" prof. Carroll has instructed in rhet- t passage and or i Ci arithmetic?, and grammar. Mrs. Rich has taken grammar and geogra- ' B. P. Heed reading and artthme- .--, -Jt E. Lumbar state government of Iowa, and Mrs. Wolfe orthography. The teachers in four divisions appear before each, and thus get a systematic review of their school work, The special feature of the institute has been the introduction of physical culture training, and Miss Goodrell has succeeded in awakening an interest that will long be felt in our schools. Her work is In line with the most advanced thought in education, and its introduction in the institute has In a very special manner commended itself to the teachers. No more attractive or beneficial new study has ever been given in our institutes, and as a teacher Miss Goodrell IB a marked success. • The institute proper closes tomorrow. Tho examinations are held Friday and Saturday, Supt. Snblii's Visit. Tho Congregational church was again crowded last evening in honor of tho presence of Hon. Henry Snbin, state superintendent, who gavo a solid, practical lecture on the teacher and teachers' work. Although very tired, Mr. Sabin spoko in an earnest and Interest- Ing manner, and his remarks were highly appreciated by teachers and visitors alike. Supt. Sabin has been an able and hard-working official for tho public schools, and is a man specially fitted for tho position ho now holds. Iiocturo Announcements. Prof. P. D. Dodge, president of the normal school, will speak to the members of the Institute this evening nt the Congregational church. His subject will be tho teachers' work in general. This will afford an opportunity for .all to meet Prof. Dodge, nnd one all should take ad vantage of. The public Is Invited. Prof. Little will give his "Chalk Talk" lecture to tho students on Friday evening. Ho will be remembered as having addressed the institute here last year, and his lectures are of rare interest. All will go nnd hear him. Tholr Pictures Secured. Yesterday afternoon while the sun was bright and all nature beautiful, tho touchers congregated on tho church steps, while Hudson & Shodle secured the shauow era tho substance faded. BANCROFT, IOWA. R. M. Richmond, Fres. R. R. Richmond, V. P. A. B. Richmond, Cashier. Transacts a general banking business. Collections a specialty. Money transferred to all ports o( the United States and Europe at low rates. Tickets to and from the old country for sale. Tines paid for both residents and non-residents. Abstract of title furnished on the same day applied for. R. M. RICHMOND, REAL ESTATE DEALER, Loan and Insurance Ag't and Notary Public. 60,000 acres of prairie lands and Improved farms for sale or rent. Village property for sale or rent. Now Is the time to secure you a home before the three prospective railroads are built, whldi will advance the price of land beyond the reach of the average home-seeker. COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Bancroft, Iowa. R. M, Richmond, proprietor. Vint eluei house. Satisfaction guaranteed. Special attention given the traveling public. Looking for a Painter, Did you Say? Well, If f ou are you should seo WALTER WARD, «bo will be pleased to figure with you for anything lu the line of Painting, Paper Hanging, ETC. Those dealrlng paper hanging done are respect fully referred to the various pieces ot work lu this town done by me, which speak for themnelve*. I teel warranted In saying that I can guarantee nut- \tlaaU<M In ovary case. Prices are Always Moderate. Come and Interview me. TO LOAN- ON BA1LROAD LANDS. Persona wanting to borrow money on railroad lunda will do well to call at the Kotsulh Count} ttiolc, and tiring their contracts CONSUMPTION, I N ita first #UKC«, cuu bo lucccusftilly clitckoil liy tiiu prompt of Aj'or'a Cherry 1'uctunil. Kveu lu tho later pcviotU of liiiit ilisi<:isc', tho cou^li 1* wonderfully iriiovutl by Un's inedicinu. " I lnivo used Ayi-r'H Cherry ructnntl uilli Ilia brat ulliu't in my ]>rucllt;ti. '1'liis wuuilerful |iri'.|arutiuu oncu mivcil ui.v lilu. 1 hud u rouKluut cuu#h, liitflit uwviils, v/u.'i grimily rutluiTil Til Hi-nit, uiiil i;iv<.-ii nu by. in.v J'iiyMriun. Olio Uiltic uiKl a l,:tH ttt lliu JYrlor:f| rurcii inc."— A. .1. f.:u»c'ii, M. U., i'iiililMuii, ' " :>i<\riitt y -lira ajro I wna Buvc-rcly 111. 'I 111! lloclvl'^ •*: < .ul I W113 ill CHIlHIIIIlptlOIl, i...'! l:,,;;. con Id ijo nodiiuj,' for me, i,,.t loiuscit m«, 11.4 u lust rcMurt, tu try Aviir'n llln-i-i'.v Iv-i-tiirul, A:U-r lulling II '.A ID- liii-iitt: l\vu or tlir< 11 im-uths I Vt:t< rtifci!. ;tllil lay I iMlltil I'rllluiDtJ )£uuil Ii, I'.i- |.i- i-ift d.iy "-- Jtuuut JJircuurd, lj..iirn, > van. " £i'fi*iiiJ ,\ fui':? .'vo, »»» n jiuaxatfo homo In. in Ciiiiloini.-i, l>;. u:u, T, I rimlntutuil kn acvi'iu u <:uUI tliut Inr M'ii;u tlu.v* I v, UH fiiiiihii',1 fu my slul.--ii'Mi:i, unit u }iii,v.sii-i;m UN tioiinl r-uisiihTril inv life u. ili-.n^iT. i::ij>|ifhiii'4 lii luivu It bottle nf Ayi-r'H Clii-Try i'l-i-iurul, 1 uncil It li-rly, uiiil my lnii»» wi-ruM«>li ruitloruJ Id H inni'tn- cnlliiitiotl. KilK'ti tliCU I li,n '• ihvurialil.v T-Tuinuioniluil tlilu prep* yruilon."— -'• li.Oluiiullor, J uuctiwu, Vft. Ayer's Otory Pectoral, I'Htl-AWty at Or. J. C, Ay«jr & Co., lew*)!, 1 Prof. Dodge IB Hero, Saturday Prof. P. D. Dodge arrived with his family und moved into tho Jos. Patterson house north of the Rutherford hotel. His sister comes with him, his wife having died a few years ago. He brings three children, all boys. He takes hold of the work of advertising the normal school ut once, and will push it. He has made a most favorable impression on all he has met, and will we believe make a big success of the school. Prof. Dodge has telegrams this morning which enable him to announce his assistants in the normal. Prof. H. B. McCollum comes from Central City, Neb., where he bus for some years been engaged as principal of the city schools. He is known to be a competent instructor. Miss Jessie B. Johnson of Newton, 111., will be at the head of the music department. Sho Is a graduate of tho St. Louis College of Music, and is thoroughly fitted for tho position. Miss Reeve, a sister of Mrs. Clock of this place, will act us ono of the assistants. She, ulso, is limply quulified. Mrs. Wolfe, well known hero in school work, will continue her connection with the normal. Opening of tlie Public Schools Prof. Dixson desires the teuchers of the public schools to meet him at 3 p. m. Saturday at his office room, preliminary to the opening of schools, which comes the following Monday, Sept. ]. IN AND ABOUT THE OITY. C, P. Dorland, In o private letter to citizens hero, gives some personal news of interest. He says fruit Is booming this year, and that everybody Is In fruit in California. Ho Bold his grapes for 875 an acre on tho vines. He says thut Thos. Barley has put in 10 acres of oranges, and that ho is going to put in 100 acres. Ho closes with a profound und truthful philosophical reflection: My observation of people leads me to think that it is very immaterial where one lives, just BO he is satisfied with his location, and I see grumblers everywhere, for there aro some who aro discontented In this country." It might be said that there aro even grumblers in Kossuth this year, but they are awful scarce. A catalogue is out for the new Sioux City university. Prof. Gilchrist has several pages devoted to setting forth the merits of the diductic course, which opens Sept. 0, und of which ho has charge. In tho law department we notice thut A. L. Hudson Is to lecture on " Evidence," and thut A. F. Call is to lecture on "Legal Study and Ethics." Tho school embraces law, medicine, di- ductic, collegiate, and business courses, ouch fully equipped with a faculty. Rev. R, C. GlftSB is professor of mental and moral philosophy. Wo learn that Herman Rantzow is to be added to tho fire department. Herman's execution with his hoo Monday night excited general admiration. It is not always good policy to smash out windows but when they need smashing Herman is equal to the tusk. The lire had scarcely got under headway before he hud all the windows broken on the lower story, and by jumping had hit spmo ubovu. It wus the most entortuin- ing feature of tho /ire. Progress on tho water works is qulot but steady, The council got their plans from Mr. Turner ten dnys ago, and already U5 requests have come from contractors for them. The bids ure to be in next Monday, the contract will bo speedily let, und business will begin. Mr. Turner wus In town Monday, and Is confident thut he can underbid all competition and that he will get tho contract, Ho is a good man. Both flouting mills hava boon shut down the post few weeks undergoing the annual repairs, and both ure again running. Itfstobesuid to the credit of these homo Institutions that they have kept the price of flour very low. Minnesota flour Is sold lu Algonu at 15 and SO cents lees u, sack than in many other places, while Algona flour, equally an good, le sold still cheaper. Tho mills nave all tho business they can do. Our worthy postmaster occupies a column und a half In tho last Republican to oxwosa Ws opinion that tho UPPER DES MOINES in a liar by tho watch. That could have boon done in five Hues more effectively. For a, sorry lot of slush wo have noes, nothing Hko his article before, and while it uhom throughout u desire to slander My, "' ',ens, it is so puerile p to ho \iftt ftt am EdeM thlfd. Tne tl^ done 811 srinttriet counted, and it fret Unlikely thai Mt\ Cooke *ill be chosen on the state team which id to contest in Wisconsin. We desire to.cftll special attentloft to the notice of J. B. Jones' short-born cattle. Not one of these full-blood cows should leate the county. If they are kept fight here at home they will make us the best Stock county ih northern Iowa in a few yeafft. We don't want to give Mf. Jones any free adter- tisitig, but having got full-bloods amongst us, we shall adopt a suicidal policy to let them depart. The Resstguie family are again before the public, having hod Mrs. Peter Johnson arrested for an alleged assault. She was brought before Squire Taylor, but a change was taken to Squire Clarke and the cose then continued till Sept. 9 by consent Of attorneys. The trouble is of the same nature as that Which brought these parties into court some time ago. The people ifl the Grover neighborhood in Portl&ttd are preparing for a big grove meeting next Saturday and Sunday. It will be held in the grove near the Grover school house. Rev. Pratt and all tho neighboring Metho- 1 take part, attd an dlst preachers will _____ ,-—.-, _________ enjoyable meeting is promised, in one of the pleasantest parts of the county. Harvoy Mathers had an experience in town with a kicking horse lost week, The first kick brought one hind foot over tho box of the cart right in front of Harvey's shine, and every time the horse struggled that foot hit the shin bone. Harvey got out over the back of the cart with more agility than grace, and still limps when no thinks of It. The UPPER DES MOINBS has no time, space, or disposition to waste on personal quarrels. It is a newspaper merely, interested just now in booming Kossuth county. How would it be, by the way, to have qulot politics and a business boom one season V Why not all put our energies into all getting ahead? A little excitement was occasioned in Union township lost weok over a domestic difference in a family in which tho hired man took the wife's part. Tho husband was too much for the hired man, who got mad enough to threaten to shoot. He was taken to Bancroft and bound over to keep the peace. The reading room is to bo opened in the Galbralth block next Saturday, and will bo ready for the public Sept. 6. This will bo a central location, and as the society has the best current literature, it should be liberally encouraged. A good reading room at little expense can be maintained with a little support. Green corn proved too much for a number of fine milch cows belonging to Dan Long, last weok, They overate, ng, and four died of colic before anything could bo done for them. Their hides alone brought any return, and as hides are on the free list, that didn't amount to much, The Naudaln Bros, are alive to business and will have in a coal yard this fall. Their scales, etc., are all in shape, but they are having a little trouble In settling on tholr location. They are good, reliable men, and will no doubt prosper in business. Peter J. Walker reports another tree hit by lightning near tho ground. It was in a grove near his house, and was struck last week. Why Is It that lightning is not attracted to tho tops? This Is worthy of attention by our scientists. W. B. Quartan had a birthday Sunday, and Mrs. Quarton, unknown to him, invited in some bachelor friends to dinner. They all agreed that they would like to see W. B. have frequent birthdays, Tho Lu Verne people have donated the ground to John Wallace for a creamery, and ho will build at once. Lu Verne is a good point, and a creamery will bo a big addition to her business. Algona is bound to entertain the teachers. Lost year Lessing's store burned down while they were in, and tho year before wo had a fire somewhere. Fire works is our specialty. Bancroft has hired hor teachers. Prof. Doderer is principal, Katie Byrne, Lutio Wallace, and Minnie Taylor are assistants. Prof. Doderer Is a stato normal school graduate. We were mistaken, last week, In announcing that Mr. Woodworth 's stay In Bancroft would be temporary. He says he will put in now soods, and assist the boom up there. Services will bo reopened at tho Congregational church next Sunday, morning und evening. Evening services ut 7:30, Rev, Davidson has spent his vacation in Algona, Our original package men uve in a quandary. Mr. Coonan owns his building, und Mr. Cook has a year's lease on his, and what to do with them is the question. A Wesley man writes in Sunday's Register In defence of country hotels In reply to the complaint of a traveling man. Wesley holds her own In the discussion. E. B. Eddy was down from Buffalo Forks Monday, and reported the new Methodist church there as already raised. It Is to bo a fine building when done. Rev. Whitfield conducted the funeral exercises of a little son of Mr. Ericksen at the Bush school house Monday. Tho remains were buried at Irvlngton. Tho tent over by Grove's barn is not for the circus. It is John's lecture tent as he travels over the ppuntry giving instructions about the horse. The Kossuth County bank and Laden dorf's restaurant have had new sidewalks put in the past week. Their example is worthy of imitation, Miss Lenotte Wilson is drilling the Congregational children for their operetta, and it will be put on in first-class stylo. Rev. H. H. Morse of Rockford, Iowa, will preach In tho Congregational church next Sabbath morning and evening, The military boys all join In praising Sam, Patterson as a cook. They lived high ut Spirit Lake, thanks to his care. The lumber Is on the ground for the new bridge south of town on the Long road. The work will bo done soon. J. J. Wilson has taken away his dooryard fence lately, and thereby added to tho appearance of his surroundings. Earl Stephens was taken very sick while at the Spirit Lake encampment and was obliged to come home. Tho circus comes tomorrow. I/very- one speaks well of It, and Its cheapness oh to kdwuth No* Mas * 'County Alliance— —total Miscellany. One of the great piwtfcimea of Mil- tary encampments Is reouiting new men. lliey atwAJr« cotae its to SOB the parade and are greeri enough to bite at the bait of bearing a blue coat. The boys recruited several at Spirit Lake. They marched one at double quick into the lake up to his neck. They put another through the courses with a knapsack full of gravel on his back. But th6 greenest looking one that appeared was hot so green. He donned a SioUJt City company uniform, shouldered one of their best muskets, and trotted around awhile. All Of a sudden just as he Was out at the end of his beat instead of " about face" he started on a i-un, and got away, and the Sioux City company was short a valuable outfit. It turned out that the recruit was a member of another company, and he had lots of fun before he returned his uniform and riflo. A County Alliance Orgnntzed. To the Editor: Please publish a few lines in your widely-circulated paper to let the farmers in general, and the farmers* alliances in particular, in Kos- Butii county know that a meeting of delegates from the local alliances was held in the Frlnk school house, tTnlon township, on Saturday, the 28rcl inst., at which time and place a county alliance was organized In duo form, with the following officers, viz.: President, W. T. Bourne; vice president, L. C. Potter; secretary, W. J. Bourne; treasurer, E. Cook; county corresponding secretary and organizer, wm. Johnson. It was resolved that each local alliance in the county is entitled to send three delegates to the county alliance, which will hold its next meeting; in Algona. on the 13th day of September next, at 1 o'clock p. m,, at the court house hall. Farmers are all cordially invited to attend. WM. JOHNSON. The lUverltiud Cases. Whiting S. Clarke of Dos Molnes is visiting his brothers, Goo. E, and E. H., and recreating in our salubrious climate. Ho is kept pretty busy with his law practice, ono of his chief cases being the river land controversy in which he has assisted Atty. Gon. Stone. In speaking of the caso ho suys ho feels hopeful of the appeal now pending in the United States supremo court. The chief point made by thorn before Justice Shiras was a now ono to the whole dispute, and while the justice stated in his opinion that it was important ho said that the supreme court was the ono to act upon it, as it had rendered so many decisions already on a different theory. Mr. Clarke holds that the company never legally received the grant from the state. Every body hereabouts will hope to seo him and the attorney general successful In convincing the supremo court, and In securing a reversal of the whole line of decisions by which the settlors have been defrauded. _ Mrs. I'll! Very .Low. Mrs. J. 1C. Fill was taken seriously ill some two weeks ago while visiting at Mrs. A. P. Hall's, and sinco that time has been subject to sinking spoils. Her age, and the after effects of the grip, which she Has novor overcome, made her recovery doubtful, but four of hoi- death was not serious until Saturday, when all the members of her family wore sent for. Mrs. Haunt of Spencer has been here a week, Mrs. Lynn of Milwaukee arrived Sunday morning, Mrs. Hathaway and John Fill came soon after. Mrs. Fill is 74 years of ago, and was born in Baltimore. The family came to Kossuth county March 26, 18(50, being among the earlist. They located on tho farm .near Irvingtoo they have since owned, and on which they have lived until 1872, when Mr. Fill opened his shop in Algona. The family followed in 1875, and have since lived in town. Missionary Mooting. A large audience was out Sunday evening to attend the exorcises of the ladies' missionary society at the Methodist church. Tho meeting was ably presided over by Mrs. Chas. Parker, Mrs. Rev. Whitfield read tho bible selection, and Mrs. Rov. Fuller offered tho invocation. Besides exorcises by the children, and tho mito box part of the programme, a very able paper on missionary work by Mrs, Rev, Pratt was read by Miss May Clarke, Mrs. Pratt being ill and unable to attend, Mrs. Dr. Barr also gave a fine selection. Rev. Whltfiold In reviewing the work in Algona reported that in his less than one year hero tho church has provided for $1,100 of debt, paid all expenses, and given $200 for missions. This is a remarkable showing and is highly creditable to Rov. Whitfield and to tho church. , e t)es MolfceS at 6:16, afld atrive at La- VePfie ift H:0ls IFvlsfton, 11:21; Algo- tta, 11:84; Bofi, ll:6g BaWblt, 12:10. The tfaift will rvra Tuesday, Wednesday, IThurtday, the Pfaot That the bopulatiott of Kossuth county has very largelt increased in the past few years is evidenced by the large and constantly increasing trade at the new wigwam. That Institution looks more like some great jobbing house that is seen in the large cities than an ordinary retail establishment. The proprietor informs us that trade has been unusually large the present season.-21 ' Koasuth" In AlRonn. John Winkel's "Kossuth" will be at Algona during the month of September for service, at FrAhk Winkel's Bar*. *lie pr-nirio Jjnwn tifei-d*. Having sold my home farm I how offer my entire herd of short-horn isattle at private sale, in lots to suit purchasers, on the most liberal terms. Also a choice lot of horses and colts, including some fine young brood mares. Also Poland China brood sows and pigs. 21 ,1. B, JONES. ONE box good laundry soap (82 bars) for OOo at Townsend & Lnngdon's. MOVEMEfrFB. Mr. and Mrs. t*. A. Haggard nre home again from their Minnesota visit. B. A. Myers went to Chicago, Saturday, to spend a few days and do business. Mr. and Mrs, B. B, Warren attended the wedding of Miss Annie Smith at Minneapolis last week. O. C. Fill was.up at Spirit Lake, Friday, but was called homo suddenly by the sickness of his mother. Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Watson aro oft on a visit with friends In Syracuse, N. V. They Will tnako a long stay. Mr. and Mrs. H. Hoxto started yesterday for a visit at tho old home in llhodo Island. It Is tholr first In nearly thirty years. Tho youngest daughter of Whiting S. Clarke stopped off for a visit with her cousins on her way home to DCS Molnes from Spirit Lake. OChas. W. Russell and sister, Mrs. Wright of Council Bluffs, and Miss Agnes Hoi- brook of Marongo, aro visiting tho family of W. H. Inglmm. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Danson aro home from their pleasant wedding trip, and aro already Indulging In tho luxury of houso- keoplng. They fiavo Miss May Clarke's house. Chas. Stlnson was over from Sheldon, Monday, to see Mrs. Stlnson, who has been at homo on a three weeks' visit. Charlie has sold his store, and will go into a bank In Sheldon. Thos. P. Cooko wont to Dos Molnos, Monday, to attend tho brigade encampment there and to take part In tho shooting contest. Lieut. Croou will start today for tho encampment. Mr. and Mrs. A. G. .McColm and daughter visited at Gardner Cowles' over Sunday, returning to tholr homo in Muscatlno on Monday. Mr. McColm is Mr. Cowles' brothcr-ln-law. J, J. Wilson was over at Ennnoteburg, Sunday, en]oylng his new honors as a grandfather. Mrs. Wilson has boon thoro a week or more. Harry's first is a healthy and bouncing daughter. Senator Chubb expects Lieutenant Governor Poyneer up this week to look over his steers. Gov. Poyueor Is a farmer, in fact, and feeds cattle every whiter. Ho mny buy in Kossuth this year. Mr. Benson of Geneva, WIs., has Joined his wife, who has boon visiting in Algona for some days. Mrs. Benson is related to the Call and Blackfonl families, und won known to many Algontans formerly as Miss Addlo Schuey. Mr. and Mrs. E. Telllor attended tho mil; Ho says it was ro- - . , at least. During Gov. Boles' entire Inspection there was not a cheer or a fllxn of recognition. To an old soldier a parade at which tho commander is not hailed Is lackiug somewhere. Dr. and Mrs. Shcotz arrived from Boston Monday evening, and aro the first to return of tho Grand Army visitors. The doctor reports a most enjoyable trip. Boston outdid herself in her hospitality, and Jio gathering was tho most memorable yet hold by the Grand Army. As a matter of local news ho says that tho Mr. yeazey who Is elected national commander is related to J. W. Robinson. J. W. Wadsworth and S. S. Sessions went to Des Molues yesterday to begin their duties In connection with tho state fair. Mr. Stephens goes tomorrow, and A. P, Dailey will also go to act us special police. Thoy will alt be absent till next week Saturday. Tho fair will bo tho best In tho United States this year, larger premiums being offered and greater preparations bo- ing Des Moines is preparing fpp a big display. Excursion Itntcs. For tho Minnesota State fair, to bo hold at Hamllno, September 8 to 13, special excursion tickets will bo sold by tho Chicago, Milwaukee, & St. Paul Railway company to either St. Paul or Minneapolis at ono faro one way for tho round trip, with 50 cents added for admission coupon. For tho industrial exposition, to bo hold in Minneapolis, August 27 to October 4, special excursion tickets will bo sold at one faro pno way for tho round trip, with 25 cents added for admission coupons. Itary parade last week. : markable. in one respect, fcoSBrttfi Cotlfity leads fhefo All, and ifi fifoting Wfitf, Mfcy be ft Healthy Boom. I^nbor Day. Next Monday Is "labor day," and Gov. Boies has issued a proclamation recommending its general observance. The purpose of tho day is not to work, as might be suspected, but to indulge in a legal holiday. Tho governor says: "It Is especially proper that tho laboring people of the state should, upon this day, assemble together and rejoice over the wonderful development at its material Interests, which their hands have so largely aided to accpfflpjjsli. I, therefore, urge that tho usual avocations of our citizens bo suspended, and that all unite on this occasion in i'on- dorlng a suitable tribute of respect for a day designed to honor those whose strong arms are the shield of our nation as well as the source of our wealth. " TWENTY Ibs. choice butter crackers for $1 at Townsond & Lungdon's. recommends it, Tho woman's relief corps will meet Thursday evening at the grand army hall, _ _ Wanted. All those indebted to me to come and settle, as I um need of money to rqn my - business. -22t2 G. M. &OWAIW. Now Millinery. E. Boovo & Co. of Des Moiues, the successors to Miss Ames, will bo here soon with a complete line of full goods. For Sale or Kent. The William HU1 farm. MKS. WM. HILL. A County County Attorney Mayne was over at Wesley, Saturday, to Investigate a case which makes a claim on the county. A girl named Mary Vigdal, and who represented herself to be from West Bend, was taken sick on the train going east, and got off there and went to the Gallagher house, where she soon had a healthy baby. She charged the parentage on a Whittomore man, but Mr. Muyno could not secure evidence that warranted him in making an arrest. He found that the girl was going to OIL coats, only $1,50 at G. B, Woodworth's. ONE box choice butter crackers, go pounds, for fl, at Townsend & Lung- don's. A good bouse, cistern, oto. eight rooms, cellar, IT? you want the best a»d easiest rid ing oart ever m»4e, <saU e& tb> Wigwam uM get the Morse, f, R. PBBi painter, r, WM BOJiolte t ve Winnoshlek county, and there, und decided that the bill of costs fulling on tho county here CQiild be collected at hor home. She departed fpr her home In a short tlmo, some Wesley people taking the buby. A H«4 maze. The fire alarm Monday night brought the town to Ed, MoMm'l'ay's house opposite J. B. Wlnkol's at about 11 o'clock. The flames when discovered were bursting through the roof, and although tho building burned very slowly, ft was entirely consumed. The furniture in the lower story was saved. How the lire started is u mystery. The family were off on u visit, Ed. at Clear Lake at work, und Mrs, McMurry at Livortnoro, JVo one was in (be house that is known Of. and the lleo begun neur the roof, at least above the upper floor, Fortunately there Was np wind and np 4»m.affO wag dpne to neighboring tiHusoa, IN OAMP AT SPIBIT LAZE. Tlio Military Boys JCllJoycd It .Yot- wUhHtandlnit Had Weather. Kainy weather interfered with the military encampment last week some, but still the boys report a pleasant meeting. They wore hospitably received by tho citizens, and everything was done for their entertainment, The ranking of tho different companies will not bo known for several weeks, but Company F will have u good place. The Spirit Lake Beacon In reporting tho meetings gives Company P special mention; " Though tho youngest company in the regiment, Company F of Algona makes u creditable appearance. Cupt. Cooke is evidently u happy selection for the position." It reports the governor's review, in which our readers will be interested; " Tuesday was governor's day, und the weather was simply superb. In point of attendance and interest this was tho day of the week. Tho governor and staff arrived Monday evening and wus quartered at the Orleans. Tuesday morning be appeared in camp, und was cordially received, Early in the afternoon the crowds begun to assemble at the parade ground west of town. Four companies of tho Second regiment, U. S. A., commanded by Major Butler, appeared 11 ret, and assumed position on the south line of tho grounds. Subsequently appeared Gov, Boies in citizen's apparel, attended by the adjutant general and numbers of his stuff in uniform, und followed by the eight companies of tho Sixth regiment, I, N. G. Headquarters were established on u mound on tho north side of the grounds. The governor and party then passed along the linos for purposes of review, retiring to headquarters. Then ensued some fine movements on the part of the troops stato und national, after which the governor und stuff rode oil the field, followed by soldiers and citizens. This imposing military pageant wus witnessed by several thousand pepsaus, who manifested a deep interest in tho proceedings." Immense Yields of Crops bf All Kinds and Good Prices tat Cause— Read the Record for Yourself. Aug. fi5.— Special Correspondence: Bancroft, the metropolis of northern KoBsuth, this fall is one of the liveliest to*ns in the state. We hear it remarked daily by strangers that it IB the liveliest town they ever sn<v. Everything la hustle, bustle, Everybody ia busy— merchants, mechanics, prfr fesalonal men, stock buyers, grain deal- era. It is nothing uncommon to see 160 to 200 teama on our streets in one day. Our banka are paying out to farmers for stock and grain $3,000 to HOOO Our farmers come to town with smilea on their faces so broad that we hardly know them, .while the merchanta meet them with smiles equally broad. The farmer relates with an air of pride of his bounteous crops and the immense prices he is receiving for the same, while the latter takes it all in and chuckles to himself on the prospect of making big sales and reaping a bountiful harvest. It is not ah unusual thing to see a farmer come to town with a load of grain and receive money enough for it to buy a hew wagon. Some of the farmers report oats as yielding 40 to 50 bushels per acre, while it is not uncommon to near others, of equal veracity, report double that amount. Barley Is yielding from 40 to 60 bushels per acre. Flax was principally sown on new breaking, and the yield is from 8 to 16 bushels, and of very fine quality. Not much wheat has boon threshed yet, but the yield is fnlr and quality good. The highest prices thus far paid are 87 cents for wheat; 83 cents for oats, 40 cents for barley, and $1.22 for flax. Corn is looking fine, and with tho absence of frost for two weeks longer wo will have the largest crop over raised In Kossuth. Geo. C. Call, who has 400 acres of flax near Bancroft, commenced threshing last Friday, and threshed 210 bushels in five hours, which we think is pretty good work. Farmers, as a rule, have only commenced to thresh, most of the grain having boon stacked, yet to show the liberal receipts of grain at this point, I would say, although we have three grain buyers bore, and competition Is sharp, wo understand that W. E. Jordan alone has bought over 12,000 bushels so far this month, Our little city is growing rapidly. Tho now residence of Oscar Pearson Is already assuming proportions, the now Catholic church is enclosed and makes a very imposing structure, Geo. W. Smith is building an addition of 24 feet to tho corner drug store, J. G. Edwards is going to build a new store, our streets are being put in good shape, and thus go on tho improvements. Our citizens are a liberal, prosperous, energetic, happy class of people, iind in tho near future wo expect to see Bancroft the metropolis of northern Kossuth. From Ono Quarter Section. Goo. W. Ilunna has a quarter section of land under cultivation from which ho has received §500 worth of ront grain this year, says tho News. Last year ho received $425 as his share of tho crops. Flvo hundred dollars for one-third of tho crops! Five hundred dollars for one-third of tho crop raised on a quarter section is not ii bad showing for Kossuth county li-.nd, nnd when it is taken into consideration that this tract of land cost Mr. Hnnna only 51,000 a fow years since, it will bo seen that a good rate of interest may bo derived from such investment. Land that is tho source of such an income as wo have noted ought to be worth at least $40 an acre, and yet you can buy such land all the way from S10 to $25, according to location and improvement. All Itight Around Wesley. WESLEV, Auc. 20.— Special Correspondence: There has boon but little grain threshed around hero yet; what has been is yielding well. Oats go at from 40 to 60 bushels per acre, wheat 12 to 18. Tho (lux crop IB just being harvested, and ip very good, with a large acreage out, Hay is a eood crop and farmers and hay makers are taking advantage of the good price it is bringing. Butts & Ward received on an average last weok 50 tons a day of No. 1 upland, for which they paid §2.75 a ton. Wheat is bringing 75(a!80c; outs, 25@ 28c; flux, SU2@1. 10; barley, 28@38c. Can KoHsuth Itujtio Applcsf B. J. Hunt was in town Monday with another load of apples, which he sold speedily, this making 1GO bushels bo has already disposed of. He suys he shall have 225 bushels at tho least, all from 27 trees which occupy less than two acres of ground. He has had $1 a bushel for his 100 bushels, making a not return already for his land of $80 an acre. This probably answers whether we can raise apples or not. A Corn ITrcnlc. Perry Burlingamo says Kossuth is bound to raise corn. When the ears don't come one place they do another. To support it he has a stalk with an ear growing out of the top where tho tassel should be. There is no tassel, but a well-formed and healthy ear of corn over six feet high, and the stalk has Can A Great Manager Begaft of the Exposition, which opens Aug. 27 and closes Oct. 4, has secured a great attraction in Pain's "Last Days of Pompeii," the moat wonderful pyrotechnics,! olaplfty ever seen in the northwest. It will be exhibited at the Exposition every night from Aug. 27 until Sept. 18. The production has cost about $10.000. Among the principal features of the Exposition are ft fine collection of paintings brought by a special commissioner from the great galleries of Europe, and Strauss' Vienna orchestra of 50 pieces. A FHESBt box of Wheat Germ Meal wafers just received at the Cash Store. Try them. ,, A FEW bolts of Jamestown goods will be sold at lOo per yard. Call itt time. O, S. Woodworth. EGGS WANTED; At IS cents £er dozen, at ^ Townsend & Landon's Fred. Fuller arid Miss Kittle God- dnrd United In Iloly Itonds-Othef Matings. A marriage in which the UPPER DBS MolNES is specially interested was celebrated Monday evening, by Rev. Whit- fleld, at the residence of A. L. Goddard, whore Fred, Fuller and Miss Kittle E. Goddard wore united for life. Fred, has been for some time connected with this office, whore he haa proved a very efficient and faithful employe, and it gives us pleasure to congratulate him on his good luck. Miss Goddard is well known as a charming young lady, and their Union promises nothing but happiness, with them. May good luck bo always ono good our in the proper place, anyone beat that? B Shipments. During the month ending Aug. 15 thei-o wore shipped from Lu Verne over tho Minneapolis & St. Louis road 02 cars of grain, Lay, and stock, No figures are given from the Chicago & Northwestern, but If they did as well, there have been shipped In tho neighborhood of 200 cars of farm produce during the lust SO days, und in this way does Lu Verne got to the front. UHtUbllMUCll. A council composed of delegates from six Baptist churches of this vicinity mot/ wit}) the church «t tho Dollman B.eheol hpuso two Wtiee east of Wesley o» Friday, Aug. n, «Wd duly wad town- ally recognised it as the First Baptist church qfHuflCQok county. The church " ' ' «n»e 18 yew ago at . ,,„ ™9 ttVlftW WB W9 peigh- Sftttftty, V[ber£tt iipjlpy school wo closo on the 15th of September. Give us u cull before thut date if you wish to bo bonelltted, G. R. Woodworth. Tho Idea ID Exploded Long Ago. A Kvout inany have the Idea that to cure diarrhoea, fllux. or collu puius, the medicine must contain camphor, capsicum, lum 1 - anun, and sucn otltei-' strong rfVugs, put Qt>. If. W, Wood's Blttokburi'y Ourtuiuatlvo bus exploded tWs Idea, It contain* npthiug of tUo kind, aud U the most potent nvodtoluo In use, Sold by I,. A. Shei>k-9lt3 ALL portions owing G. R. Woodworth must settle before the let of September. DBINK ice-cold water out of tho red barrel; then buy your groceries at the- Cash Store. Rock suit cannot be 76 centti POP hundred »> boat for «to,ols, at Townsoud & llurvest Kchouu. B. J. Hunt has received a letter from Chicago parties inquiring if a place can bo hud hero to feed 4,000 sheep. He wrote that this wus the exuct spot whore we could accommodate them Short crops aro already making stock men look for the Egypt again, and we are on tho spot. I. Prye, just south of town, was in Monday und says his corn exceeds anything no ever expected. He says thnt ho would not now tuke 60 bushels per ucre for his crop. Ho wlH bout thut on unnvorage. Mr. Frye, by the w«y, is a farmer who farms to get crops. Dougul Wallace began to cut his corn last wook, but quit for a few days for It to ripen a littlo more. In one week it will be out of tho way of frost, and he suys it is the best crop he has ovai< raised in the county, Ho outs his atalka for fued, Kd, tyluhoney, near Lu Verne, raised 75 acres of wheat thit) season, which is now being marketed. Tho yield is ubout 14 bushels per ucre, und the price for the grain 87 cents a bushel, or $1£18 an acre. J. Bullnger, near Whlttemoro, raised IS bushels of llux per ucro on OS acres of breaking, and was offered $1.20 per bushel for the crop. This Is on land, that cost him $10 an acre, B, p, Smith pulled one etulk of llux in Goo. C. Cull's field which hod 11 stools, 200 bowls, und over 1,200 Beeda. Tho Btulk is in tho window of Call's ollloo. Mnrrlod nt Minneapolis, A marriage which has been for some time in contemplation was consummated last Thursday evening at Minneapolis, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. Waterhouso, the contracting parties being Mr. Geo. W, Webb of Arcadia, Wis., and Miss Annie Smith of Algona. Rev. Marshall of Simpson Methodist church performed tho ceremony, which was brief but impressive. Only the near friends of the contracting parties were present. Tho bride Is well Known here, this having boon hor home since childhood. For many years past she has been a member of the J. H. Warren household, where, though no relative, she was always regarded-us ono of tho family. She has many warm friends In Algona who will learn with pleasure that she has joined fortunes with one who stands well In the business and social circles of his Wisconsin home, and tho newly-wedded pair start out on life's journey with bright prospects before them. Algona friends will tender hearty congratulations. Thoy remain a few days In Minneapolis bo- fore repairing to their homo at Arcadia, Wls. THE MOBTITABY KEOOBD. Sudden DcntH of Mm. ,Tas. "West Last Sunday Morning. Tho death of Mrs. Agnes West occurred very suddenly Sunday morning at 0:30 o'clock. She was taken ill Wednesday with an old trouble, but Sunday morning, was feeling very comfortable, dying of tho rupture of a blood vessel. Mrs. West was a sister of Laird Galbralth, 04 yours ol age, and had been In this country 87 years, Sho had no children and leaves only her husband. Tho funeral exercises were hold yesterday at 2 o'clock, Rov. Davidson officiating. Mrs. West was highly respected by all who knew her, and was a woman of great strength of character, and led In every way an exemplary life. HOBTHWEST IOWA AHEAD, Crop r.uporta and Ilullotlils Tell tho Tale Beyond Question. Tho crop reports show everything in good condition in this section. While in some sections it is reported that frost did damage last week, nothing of that kind happened In this vicinity. All crops are in good condition, while hay is very heavy and corn promising a big yield. THE STATE REPORT. The drouth is broken, and abundant rains in the arid districts gave a green hue to pastures, revived wilted vegetation everywhere, nnd added a brighter color to the reports of our not over- sanguine staff of weather-crop observers. Com is doing nicely, and there Is no visible occasion as yet to lower the estimate in previous issues of this bulletin, that Iowa will this year produce 75 per cent, of an average crop of that staple. The only hazard Is, tho possibility of an untimely frost. Potatoes are greatly improved, and tho Sresent outlook is that the stato will ring forth 60 per cent, of an average crop of that useful vegetable. It Is more likely to exceed than fall below that figure. THE GOVERNMENT BULLETIN. WASHINGTON, Aug. 23.—The weather crop bulletin says: Tho weather during the past week In Minnesota und Dakota was too cool for lute crops. Although the wheat has been nearly all cut, some fields of late sown in the extreme north have been injured by frosts. Light frosts also extended over the extreme northern portions of Iowa, but caused no material damage. The recent rains greatly improved tho condition of crops throughout the corn belt extending from Ohio westward to Kansas and Nebraska, and in this section tho condition of corn and potatoes are much Improved and the ground in good condition for plowing. All kinds of jc Yeast for 03 Axle Grease per box 06 Gloss Starch per pound 05 Soda per pkg 6§ Lewis Lye per box.......... t& Clothes Pins per doz '•., .ot Remember We are Agents for Rock Salt. £|plf we can fit you with a pair of Shoes or Boots, will sell them cheap, Come and see us. TOWNSEND & LANG-DON, PEOM THE COUNTY TOWNS, WESLEY, Aug. 20.— The warm weather has set in now and the prospect for a good corn crop never looked better. Sheriff Stephens of Algona was In our town today on business. Mr. GifTord of Britt was bore for a few dnys lust week visiting the family of A. M. Tuttle. C. L, Lund of Algona was hero Monday looking after his farm interest In this vicinity. P. M. Butts nnd Ed. Kunz are in Chicago laying In their fall stock of goods. Look out for bargains In tholr lino of business when they return. C. B. Oleson intends going in next week to lay In their stock of goods. Tho Scandinavian peoplo had a grove meeting nnd picnic at Mikleson's grove last Sunday. It was said they hud a very pleasant tima, by all that were there. E. F. Bucon returned homo from Chicago Saturday. Ed. Kunz opened up his new hall last Thursday evening with a big dunce. There was a largo crowd In attendance. Wesley has a barber ugain, a now man nnd a shop at u new place. Now, boys, we can have a clean face once a week anyhow. Samuel Mayno of Bancroft was in out- town last week on olllcinl business, ulrai Mr. Quarton of Algona was hero ou tho same business. • Tho Methodist people will hold a grove meeting at or neur the Grover school house next Sunday. Quite a number of our town people are talking of going over to attend it. Our school will begin next Monday, S.ont. 1, for the full term. A lady boarded the train at Whitte- moro one day last weok, Intending to •o to her friends near Charles City. Ihe was taken sick and stopped off at Wesley, putting up ot the hotel. Dr. Hill waa called, and It was not long till there was one more added to tho population of Wesley. She remained here three or "four days, gave her baby to a family hero in town to raise, and took the train for Whittemoro again, giving up the Idea of going to her friends. Her name wo did not take the trouble to find out. Sho claims to be n widow, her husband being dead about a yeur. She had been staying at West Bend und Whittemore since her husband died. _ Bancroft. Register Aug. 20: Mrs. S. Mayne wont to Goldiield on Friday last to visit friends and attend camp meeting. B. R. Richmond departed on Thursday for Dallas Centre, after a pleasant stay with his son at this place. G. W. Smith is going to build a 24ft addition to his store building occupied by tho Corner Drug store. This will give the drug store considerable more room and enable them to enlarge their stock of goods. J. G. Edwards has rented the building oust of his livery stable to some Jews who will put In a stock of clothing and furnishing goods. We have contended till along that u good clothing store would pay the proprietor here and we are glad to know that the town is to have the establishment. TAYLOB'B NEW FOEM. Our Worthy Justice Is Now Able to Tlo Them Up to Hold. F. M. Taylor of Algonu, says tho Bancroft Register, had some difficulty in ono of his marriages proving illegal, consequently he has gotten up a new form which is expected to hold out ugainst all objections. The couple are ordered to remove their huts in the presence of the court, and to hold up their right hands. Ha then begins: "Do you and each of you solemnly swear thut the answers that you will give to the questions propounded to you shall bo the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?" Thoy answer, "I do." "John Johnson, do you solemnly swear thut you aro of lawful age The Piiliiit nnd tlic Stnje. Fep. F. S.-iout, n".«lor United Breiiiren clmrcti Blue Mourn', Kn 1 ).. BlifB: "I feel it mj duty to tellnluitwomie.nbr. King's New Dbcove ; 1ms done far me. Mr lungs were bsdlj- d'-.e.-.iec', and my (jn'H.itoners thought I could live on'y u few weeks. I took live bottles ot Dr. K'og's New ni.s- core-y aud am sound and well, gi> ••fg 2ts poem/a !n we'ght." Arthur Love, manrgf i Luve's Funny Koh.a Comb'tmtlon, wr'tea: " u tuorougn ttM atut cottviacligevidence I &itt confident lit. King's New Discovery (or Consumption beais 'em nil. Rnd cures where tveirthing else mi's. The KniiUese kindness I can do ray many thousands of friends Is to urge them to try ft." Free trial bottles at L. A. Sheetz' diug store. Reju'Ef sizes BOO aud one dollar. 3 Epoch, The transition f-ora long, lingering, and pn'nful sickness to robust hei'llu maiks an epoch la the Ifeof ta,e|adlv'<luni. Suaha remarkable event Is treasured >n the memory uud the irancy whe eby the good heaUh has been attained; Is gratetd'y blessed. Hence It Is tutu so much Is iieard In prake of Electric Bitters. So maiy feel they owe heir restoration to health to the use of the gient alterative nnd tonlo. K you fl e t'oi'btetl n.'lhany dSeaseof kidneys, Tver, or stomach, ot long or sho t Standing, you w'H su'cly llnd relief by use of Elf c; 'o B'Ueis Sold at SOo and one dollar a bot- Parish, two of tho ablest and most successful public school men in the state, to chairs of natural science and didactics, tho school has boon-much strengthened and tho work that is capable of being done will bo n credit to tho state and will toll greatly upon the public schools lu the near future. Arrangements aro being completed to organize n training school in which all graduates will got actual practice, In accordance with tholr needs, in teaching children. Tho propositions before the board are of such a character that this department will certainly bo- soon organized nnd thus give the school, all that it needs to become ono of the- greatest teachers' training schools In. tho west. Half Ratoa to DCS Mblnos. For tho lown stato fair tho Chicago & North western Railway company will, from Aug. 39 to Sept: 6, inclusive, sell tickets to Des Molnes and return at half rates—ono faro for the round trip; tickets good for return passage until Sept. 0, inclusive., For tickets and Information concerning time of trains, etc., apply to agents of Chicago & Northwestern rallway.-21UJ KOCK salt goes throe or four times as far as common. Buy it at the Cash Store, 75 cents per liundred. •53U tho DRIED fruit of ull Iclnda cheap at Cash Store. TBY a box of those choice crackers, 20 Ibs, for §l,;atTownsend &Langdon's. Miles' Nerve and Liver I'lllt). An Important discovery; they act on the liver, stomach, and bowels through the nerves. A new principle. They speedily cure biliousness, bad taste, torpid liver, piles and constipation. Splendid for men, women, and children. Smallest, mildest, surest. Thirty doses for 2B cents. ples free nt F. W. Dlmiley's. Sam- THE CASE IN A NUTSHELL. When Baby was sick we gave her Castorlu. When 8he was a child she cried far Castorla, When she became Mlas she clung to Castorla, When she had Children she gave them Castorla. South Side of Rroadioay Whittomore, Iowa.. ? 'A' NOTIONS Boots and Shoes, Boys' und lion's Rendr-Made tie ut 8U eeU'd restore. U P.ueklen's Arnica Salve, The best salve In the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever soiea. tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all akin erup tlontt, and positively cures plies or no par reoulred. His guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or men- refunded. Price 35o per box. Sold by L. A. ejr reJui Sheetz, GROCERIES, Crockery & Glassware, CONFECTIONERY, Wood and Willow ware. Produce taken In exchange for goods'. HENRY MUNCH. DOU YOU WANT THE and sound mind, 'and good and lawful right that you liavo to convey yourself unto Mary Jones in fee simple, to hold, to keep, to maintain and support, to hor heirs und a«aig-na forever, and that you will defend her title against all unlawful claims whatsoever?" H | swear!" " Now, Mary, do you hereby acknowledge the aforesaid vow an4 by these presents groat bargain, sell, ftnft convey unto the snicl John Johnsou and his heirs forever, to have and to hold, with all appurtenances thereunto bo- longing, (tn« that you lire free from all loins and hicumbrancea and will wuv- nuifc your title to tho sujd Johnson against all persons whomsoever^" "I dol" "Fee, please. Look pleasant, please. In consideration of the sum of $2 to mo in hand paid by the party of the first part, und to mo personally known to be tho identical person sun- soribed to tho foregoing instrument, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife until death, Of this court el)all further dooroe," Uono for Uoud. U In to be lioiioil tliat the barbarous l>u»tle 1149 e (or uooU, but It lu corUtlo lUo K>euC U'scovci/ r. FwkM'1 lilies uus come to star and ulievl- ttte liunan sufferuif- Tbls wonderful ue .-« fooj lllllou! Why i'o you pay such high pi-ices tor flour, wiiea yo, 1 . cuu get It good enough for tho Queen or President Harrison at $1 per euok, warranted ut J. J. Wll- sonsV—16to Aw QppAM'tiuwUy WIU l>» Afforded your eastern frloudu to visit you by tne series of oxourulou uow Ueiug ur- ruDsod by tUe Cwciigo & 'Northwestern yuy.fpj'wMch tickets will uo «<ud ut rates (owe litre lor the round trip), If tylU forward to W. X Turull, gaueral M«er «*a ticket agput Chicago & Wto'JJ, rpwjlg, PhlfiMK), IU7, the .... .A,. _-»_-_ ^y^jgyjigtejfjij^gngi and taedlolue builds uv win-out systems. Ills, »I>IW,UB, Ueuddobe, nei ;pus p.oatrufou, <*"•?.(ness, tlfeup w»ues», nipjllil? I'Ulun. sexual iroub- lea, eti). mm. Jglm B, M>'>ar ol Va ni'iUso, lud.. andj. P. Tw'.orot LojuupJ't, l n ,4<> iW'ued 20 pounds u trpntli wlii * > • Hag It, Fuoly WuutriU- ed treKtise on ''Ner<ous Diseases 1 ' and UottlesoJtlieUesloi.iilYS Nervine tree u, -. Tliousautls , In a recent .WOTS w beau disease pr.: Repudiates the Kickers. Tho Bancroft Register administers a just and final rebuke to the men whoso mission seems to bo to slander the county. It says: An invitation from another quarter of the county has come to turn in and give it to Algona, but tho same wus promptly refused, The Register has nothing against any part of the county; has no grievances against any one, and until it sees something beyond personal dislike for a community or individual, will hold Its peace, What we have said heretofore Is said, and don't need re-printing. We look buck and see some very foolish work uttuched to tho writer's newspaper- record und we don't propose hereafter- to, etltoi' into iv controversy that VflU Ao US or the other party no good. The State Normal School. The Iowa Stato Normal School is entering upon a new era. For tho past fourteen years, it has boon kept on trial by tho state, having no certain Income, nor any professional recognition of Its work. The lust general assembly wisely changed all tho unfortunate conditions by giving the school a permanent iuooivto and grunting professional veoognltlon to Its work by authorizing the state board of educational examiners to grant state cortflcutes and state diplomas to graduates. The school opens its fifteenth year in September with unusual prospects for a large attendance, with nearly ono hundred graduates for graduation in its senior classes and with the confidence of the people of the state. It now provides work suitable for common school touchers, for high school graduates and for college graduates. It will greatly Improve the specialties of music, elocution and physical culture the next term so that instruction in these lliws will be of superior rank, A specialist has been secured to instruct iu elocution, a graduate of the Phlla- delplUu sohool of oratory, one of the ' esv iastruotpvs in this art in the woat. J|8£ good facilities are b.eiug- wronged ' ' •—••---"— toe r ' Best Legal Blanfs? Most surely you do If you have need for sqy at / all. Then remember that yon can / llnd them at the / Upper Des Moines 01 WE KEEP ON HAND Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, best lu use,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, I SWf For sale lu any quantity desired, Blanks not In stock will ba niude to order at short notice aud correoti prices. o, Real Estate Agent --.. „.__._.„,„ «ad odjoliiliiK . (ornou-reaUleiits. Agent tor the German »noei company, of Fteeport, 111. PawwgtitU aud from tue old countries sold at lowest ral JUSE, ITfS EASIEST . TO ^

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