Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 19, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1896
Page 5
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Patent Adjustable Umbrella Roofs. Your Umbrella Hade as Good as New While You Wait. , DEWENT ER The HATTER And FURNISHER THOUSANDS -OF- PAIRS -OF- SHOES Are sold each season by us to Men Women and Children. There are good reasons for it, Stock Always Fresh, Quality High, ^Styles Right, Prices Low and your money back if dissatisfied with your purchase. Stevenson & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. THE FiRSI nATIONAL BANK -OK- IQGANSPORT, . INDIANA. CAPITAL 9250,000. X J. Murdock, Frea. W. W. Rose; Cash. J, r. Brookmeyer, Asgt. Cash. DIRECTORS: • H Kit* W, H. Brlngbnrat, J j Mnrtocis. - Dennto Chi. B K f antlVT *'• M - Ha™** 1 ' a. r. mm.?, w T W1 , 80n Banklnc in nl: Us Departments promptly "toftt™ to' Cu a °t n omSrB and Stockholm, 1 "Strong Reserve Fund maintained. '•'•).l. Business Change. James Beeheor has purchased the Pelton meat market. He now occupies the n*w room Just erected to the west of the old stand, an/J It Is his Intention to run n first-class shop and handle a full line of fresh and salt meats. Tie Logansport Humane Society (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty to Women Children and Animals E. S. Jllce—PMfc Oeo. W. WalterM-Scc. J J. Hll<l»l>raTnlt-TreaH W. M. Bluliop—Huinnne Officer. v q Rio* J C Hiw'lej, F. C. Coolbougb *' . GWW Walters: J*J. Hlldetag*. vnotoui Tiintlce Isaan Aaarai, Fc MM! wfi>. Fratt Mrs. J. N, M«n. Telephone No. 30. Report ca«es of cruelty to Secretary. DAILY JOURNAL WEDNESDAY, • AUGUSTW, 1800. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harriaon'i. Geo. Harrison ha» the finest line of hammock! In the city. New fall caps and Tarn O'Shanters ,'' for children.—Trade Palace. 4 Ton need Hood's Sarsaparlfla to en• iirlch and purify your blood, create an •|>ppetltc awl give Bweet, refreshing .•uy your COc winter underwear now •A 20c. Any overcoat at half-price. 'rv^hool suits, 50c on the dollar.—Harry .'",.nnk's closing sale. Vandalia line will run n special jr'b Lake Maxlnkuckee next y, August .22d. Fare for the trip, $1.00. Time 10:56 n. m. nORE SOUND MONEY. Republican Club Organized Last Night at Galveston. There is activity among the Bcpubli- citns in tlie South precinct of Jackson township. The ball wns formally started to rolling last night Vhcn County Organizcr George Gamble and W. T. Wilson held a meeting in the school house .it Gnlvcston, over 250 bo- Ing present, completely filling the building. There will be another club organized soon In the North precinct of Jackson, the one started last night being only for The South section. Addresses wore made by Messrs, Mtinson, Martin, Qtilun, John'Joyse and AY. T. Wilson. There was no abating in the enthusiasm at any time during the meeting, the respectful attention only being broken by cheers at points made by the speakers. The club organized numbered thirty members, and the list will in a short time include more than .1 hundred names. The officers chosen were as follows: President—S. Bevington. Vice President—Dr. .T. F. Smith. Secretary—A. W. Ault. Treasurer—A. C. Davis. •: The other club in Jackson township will be organized at Lincoln. Republican Meetings. Republican spcnkingswill bo held at the following places in Cass county: Deacon, Deer Creek township, Thursday evening, Aug. 20th—Q. A. Myers. Twelve Mile, Saturday evening, Aug. 22d—W. T. Wilson. . Young America, Saturday evening, Aug. 22d-D. C. Justice. Logansport, Saturday cyenliig, Aug. 22d—Hon. Theodore Shocfcnoy ot Union City. Logansport, Thursday overling, August 27th—Hon. .Frank S. Posey oC Evansvlllc, at the rink. . Tnlmcr school house,. Washington township, Friday evening, August 21st —W. T. Wilson. Anoka, Tuesday evening.-Aug. 25th —AV. T. Wilson. The Noble township McKiuley club will meet at'Red school house Thursday night, August 27th, AN OFFICER INJURED. Patrolman ' .Tames Kleckner was called last night to the Marble Front to take charge of a boisterous drunk. Patrolman Wirwahn was with him. As they passed, out of the house at the rear, Officer Kleckner stepped into a well that was uncovered, and In falling struck on his side. He was unconscious for some time after the fall. He was taken from his perilous position by Ills' companion. The hurts Inflicted are Dot thought to bo serious, though-at first it was feared that some of the ribs were fractured. A lady called at Wiler '& Wise's Bee Hive yesterday and informed Mr. Wller that she wanted to settle her bill amounting to 12.00 that had been standing twenty years.^Sg&sgurse the account had been outlawed .and Mr. Wller-could not find it; however, the lady Insisting, Mr. Wiler' took' the money which was' donated to a charitable institution. Frank Tott, while at the circus yesterday afternoon, fell from his seat In a faint, and had to bo carried from the pavilion. A ilrc started yesterday evening nt the Marble Front, on Railroad street. The flre was put but by Ike Greenup before it gained much of a start. INSTRUCTOR* Institute in Full Blast-Work Done'Yesterday.,'. '"' ", The wheel contest at the Bee Hire. Read regular space ad, for particulars. OUTLINED LECTURES Program For Today-Tonight's " Event-X Rays Exhibited, The Nineteenth century has seen a wonderful development In the scion- tine world, but it remained for-'the closing years of the century to give to the human race the ntost wonderful achievement of science, the "X" ray, as It Is familiarly termed. The,..discovery of Prof. Itoentgcn that^here was still more powerful light in existence than had. over been dreamed, of has been heralded from one end of the civilized world to the other, and IMias opened up possibilities in electrical development that are beyond' the ken of even the scientist. Following Roentgen's discovery came the development of the photograph by which opaque, substances were literally brushed aside and the camera revealed to the aston-' Ished eyes of the world tlie -human | skeleton, enveloped in Its living casing of flesh. The public was Incredulous. It did not iwllovo that such a ; thing- was within the range of human possibility. Yet this discovery was followed by one still more astonishing, that of Thomas A. Edison, the wizard of electricity, who made it possible for a man to hold ills own hand before a. screen and see the bones of his hand, to note a deformity if one existed, or clearly see any foreign substance timt might be imbedded in the flesh. J '. The teachers who are In attendance at the county Institute were treated to; a display of this kind yesterday and will be enabled to study* the marvels o'f X-raydom and shadowgraph, pictures all day today. Prof. W. A. Irwln, Instructor in biology and geology In tlie Northern Indiana Normal school at Valparaiso, is In attendance on the Institute, and has a complete X-ray apparatus with which he Is giving exhibitions.' The outfit consists of.,a' Smith's vacuum tube. Invented by Prof. J. F. Smith of Valparaiso. An induction coil, four-Inch spark; an eleven-cell dycbrornnte battery and last, but not least, tlie discovery of the "Wizard" Edison, the fluoroseope screen to enable the observer to see with his own eyes what-the shadowgraph reveals when the photographic process is used. C. W, Whitcman, a studeut iu The Valparaiso school, is assisting Prof. Invin in the experiments.' ; There were dozens who tested the apparatus yesterday and last night, and a series of experiments has been arranged for today, In which a number of shadow-graphs will be taken of hands to show tlie working of the discovery. A photograph, or, more properly speaking, a shadowgraph of the hand of Prof. D. W. Dennis, tlie instructor in the Institute, was taken yesterday and proved very satisfactory. 'A number of experiments of tills sort will bo made today. • . DENNIS AND PHYSIOLOGY. Tlie session yesterday morning nt tlie county institute was opened by E. B. Bryan, after which" Dr. D. W. Dennis addressed the meeting on "Physiology." He said that wo should study animals, their organs, muscles, etc. Instead of confining ourselves entirely to a book, we must get our ideas from real life} ' V Of course, hygiene, treating of the hcaltli of the various organs 'of. tlie body can be learned from a book. We are blind to every-truth in Histology, wjth&ut the use .of the microscope,-:anid the compound- microscope- should i! he placed lu ; every school. He -then-Took,' up the subject, "What Is : Bone?"*'ThV; cell Is made up of a wall and this^aJl. is filled with 'protoplasms;'.a'hji ttieije; protoplasms . contain a .nucleus^,,,aiid-; this nucleus contains a nuclepla. -Lojjs' which lie In the'.water for a.course qf time become very slimy becausiv'thejr become covered wlthrtinlmals whose' cell wall Is siliclous/ The world'is'In-., te'rested .loathe study .of the cell/.. It brings the student.'In/coiinection ,w.lt3). the outside world ,while, studying; it.J Dr. Dennis continued his lecture; ln : the afternoon, talking,:on the-bones' of different vertebrate .animals and explaining his subject by, a'number o^ skeletons of various animals. He.will continue his .subject this morning.'.btlt his topic will.be "Blood:"'• . > \: . TWO TALKS'BY .lONES.'. j\ ; At the conclusion of Dr. Dennlsls/ morning talk, Prof. Jpnos . tookj ,;ttis ; floor to speak on "Fundamental P-rln- Times Really Hard? yfoney Scarce? You Want to Buy Cheap? Echo Answers NO, Rut *e say Yes, Yes, Yes, times are hard and money is scarce and in —ji^e *-f apparent indifference cf the people to snap rtally and truly great bargains, we will continue to keep sharp look out and offer for sale sucrfrbargains as we secure. ~ ~ ,* _j r>^ Successors to Blacker Cerstle & U. (jerSt 1C and CO., Co. Cincinnati. Ohio write--In consequence of an error of their repr* S€ ntative in forwarding discription of order on Ladies' Full Dress Patent Leather Lac* 2Oth Century Needle Toe Shoes they authorize us to close out the lot 100 pairs regular $5 SHOES'at $2.50, ard they will stand the loss allowing us one week to make the sale. Respectfully for the manufacturers OTTO KRAUS "Of Course" ;:cli)h's''.q'f Arithmetic." He said that it 'was "the goneral idea, that we can't ^uioiint t.P much' until we have passed •frpnV'the' common branches to higher studies and therefore lie thought it unfortunate that the public schools were so named. The great work o'f preparing a student for higher brandies must be clone by. teaching him a inorongh course la the common branches. Because youk now a thing Is not conclusive evidence that your pupil knows it." : -Nnriibers exist only in the. mind. There were, no numbers before there 'wn*;.a mind to thluk of them. Prof. .Tones spoke again In the afternoon on 'IScntcncc." He said that lie liad on miinbers'of occasions heard a boy say : that 'tie, .hated the study of grammar; that.it often took the director, trustee 'and-' even 'the police force to compel him to study It.' It is not possible to get an' interesting lesson out of gram, mar. 'unless we become interested in ir. The reason that so many people cannot : become. interested in it is that' they cannot see'the relation one part bears to another. As you put thought into work •you will draw out in proportion. If we don't know the relation of a sentence to the one that precedes,' or' follows it, wo should let it alone. The earth, trees and shadows have mean- -ing because wo know Hieir results ami what causes them. ' "The world of Invention lias meaning because some one lias put thought into It. Leaves Jiave me.'Uiing if we put thought Into them and relate them to the surrounding community. . There fire two- sides to written language, the form side and the thought side; the 'form- side comes to us first, then (he thought side. Form and thought are related as are the soul and body. One of. the greatest principles in grammar is to make our thoughts coincide with ' the' thoughts of the sentence. How s-liall we put light into the work? How shall' the thoughts be brought out? "What' is a thought? 'We cannot talk of a thought uuiil we have first found . out w,h:it. it is." Prof. Tones .was suc- cecdo&by Frof. E. B. Bryan. one day, twelve men can roll much more than twelve times that amount owing to the combination of effort. The elements which constiuto sociology are: (1) language, (2) art, (3) family, (4) society, (5) education, (0) religion, (7) politics and (S) economics. After giving a brief explanation why ,ench of the elements named constitute sociology he retired for the evening 'and will continue the subject this morning. Following is the program for today: Morning session — Prof. Dennis. "Blood"; Prof. Jones, "Fundamental Principles of Arithmetic"; Prof. Bryan, "Economics". Afternoon session—Prof. Dennis, "Digestion"; Prof. .Tones, "Principle Thought Relative to the Sentence"; Prof. Bryan, "Economies'". The evening session will be occupied by Prof. W. L. Bryan of the State university. Tommorrow evening will be the county commencement at which meeting State Superintendent D. M. Geetlng will deliver the address. Xew ostrich boas :ind collarettes.— Trade Palace. . . AN ON PSYCHOLOGY. He sSid. "We need to know more psychology. The mind depends upon the body and this loads to the study of-psychology. The teacher was formerly the oracle whom all consulted, but it is not so now. The school course has been widened and lengthened until his time and energy is taken up with .that., He. should know how to do his ..woiik'well : and-how to meet the peo : ..ple.o£,.hls neighborhood and talk.with H$^"onvtne' topics of the day. • Take the"'ti'piltl'caV questions. Do we view .-.-tbwii .-.rationally? , I heard a man say '•f.6u'r:yea.rs'ago that he would not vote "for-Harris'on-'because he had : riot had ^'gobtTwhedt crop under his admluls- ; t'ra'flortranothpr.sald that he would not :'yo.ta,,4?''Cleveland' because 'be had .a big neck'. Is'this the way we are guld- .edaipliticflllr? .Wouldn't it be better.to •teacu;tJie science-of money than the Wouldn't it be better the tariff than to know ur^-n-.- We can get better citizenship ijy reaairig;'about and s'tudylng society: 'TlTe.fiQ'cialist : Is the student ot sociology whiclj'iVthe science,of society. Prof. Bryan continued his lecture on "Sociology&Jn-.'the afternoon going deep:the subject. 1 .He.said'that the •the' temple' the deeper in the 'the- foundation had 'to be laid n uu , „..-.- ,...j : the'case with a lecture 'on socIo^bgy,.!,'!He said that it required a,!combinatlan of efforts.to bring about '.seclo'lo#y,,and gave.ns.an example: If one- ijiftfti can '.roll > one -acre of logs in Lots of new fall designs coming in daily at the Bee Hive. NEW TREASURY NOTE POPULAR. Tho Ono Dollar Silver Ccrtlflcuto Tiflnf Taken Up Rapidly. The treasury department hoe almost- sprung a sensation oa tJic country in the issue of the new one dollar sijver certificates. The bill has proved very popular, and demands for it have come in from bnnks in all pa*ts of the country. The officials have been obliged to put a limit on the amount that will be j issued for the present to any one bank', 'and the fig-ure is fixed ait $500. There has been a- sort of lowil run on the treasury to get the new note, and, in self-defense, the treasurer has been-obliged to decline to pay them out except when convenient. There lias been every day since tuo notes first came out a string of applicants for them, ) ike that at a box office at a popular playhouse. For three weeks persons whose friends in the treasury have mentioned to them iho prospective issue have been writing with, incloeures of cash asking for BO exchang-e. Some of the bonks have offered gold for the new notes, and these have always been accommodated to the full amount oifered. - In all about $16,000 of the notes has been drawn out in' Washington, while .some $50,000 has gone to the country at large! Over $25,000 was-sent away the othej day. It i» only a question of a short time •when there will be plenty to supply every call. _ _ DISLIKE ELECTRIC EXECUTIONS, M»nuf»ctur«nl Will Net Sell BD Obi* Sheriff a Dynamo. Warden Coflin, of the state prison at. Columbus, 0., came to Chicago the other riay to buy a dynamo for the electrical apparatus to be-'used in the execution ol death sentences in that state hereafter. Here, as well us in eastern cities, Mr. Coffin failed in his object. The local dealers said Ohio was•=£,*. in their district. Mr. Coffin called on the General Electric and ihe Westinghouse people, but they declined to take his contract U. E. Sunny, manager of the General Electric, said in reference to the roatier: "Conditions have changed in the last few years, and the sale oC a dynamo for electrocution purposes would probably cot injure the trade of a company. buS electric manufacturers do . not want :7iuch to do with ghoulish business. AH the leading concerns made an effort t» prevent the sale of a dynamo for Sing- Sing, but Harold W. Brown, a Xew York electrician, managed to buy on« recoml-lKuicl for the prison. It was t. ':i Westinghouse alternator. At that time the compnni-es"\\-ere afraid the public would get the idea that, dynamos were dangerous. The intelligent public now understands that certain electric currents will kill if not properly insulated and handled, the same as fifeam iiT fatal -undcV certain circumstances. There are dynamos in every city now that will furnish from 1,000 to 2,006 volts acd cmisc death. We are all opposed to electrocution. The law wae passed on the theory that killing ^7 electricity was quick, certain and painless. Why not use chloroform or gos? Either is bound to be pairjess, and they ire cheaper, too.' of the Robes, Of all the official banquets in Lontlon. that are organized each year on tbe occasion of the birthday of Queen Vic* toria,- there ia none more curious than thot.given by the mistress of the robes to her majesty. The mistress of the robes ia the feminine head of the royal household, and has under her orders all the ladies in waiting, the maids of honor, the bedchamber women and the readers. She receives a large salary and perquisites, and is regarded as possessing such on amount of influence j that, since the days of Sir Robert Peel, j 50 years ago, her tenure of office' has • •invariably been coexistent with that of die cabinet. TobAoeo In Connecticut* In. Connecticut iti* claimed that there Is not ; a single farmer who 'does not raise- tobacco. He has a small crop, if no more. This he can sell in the leaf for enough to supply himself with such manufactured tobacco as he wants. ' IN HONOR OF BIG DEBATE. Celebration of the Farnoon Llncoln-Donf- 1ns Political Controversy. The celebration, under the ausplcem of Knox college, at Galcsburg, HI., ol the 'tlurty-eighth nimivexsnry of tlie -Lincoln-Douglas debate, which cornea on. October 7, will easily be the most important college event of the year find in point of interest will rival the celebrated debate itself, vrhich. was . !i«axd by no audience of 25,000 people, a. very hn-£o crowd for the population. Lincoln a.nd Douglas stood on, a platform on tiie east side of Ivnox college, with a prairie stretching' before them, \vherc now is a beautiful pnrk. Tho exercises will be held the same hour an tlie debate and at the same plact. Chaunccy M. Dcpcw will deliver the oration of the day, his letter of acccpt- nncc being now at hand. Robert T. Lincoln has consented to be present untl •take part in the exercises. Congressman Eobert R. Hitt, who made a stenographic report of tic debate, k expected to be present and.fipeuk. Ex- Cov. Horace Boios, of Iowa, has beeui invited. A large number ot other distinguished men have been invited anfl. some have signified their norcptaacc. It is expeclad that medallion heads oZ Lincoln anil Douglas will, during tfcc exercises, be put in place on the wali immediately bock of the places they occupied on. the platform. Arrangements ore being made with, the railroads for alow fare.. From present indications it is certain that»large nnin- ' her of distinguished men will be present in addition to those on the pro- gramme. Hl(i:hw»jwomn>. A startling- species of the new woman has arisen in Pennsylvania, Three of them held up a big man recently and robbed him. They grabbed the man and knocked him down, and went through him very gracefully. I* he had any doubts about their JM;X they were dispelled by the genuine feminine shrieks when he hit one of them in tlie sye during the struggle, nr:d they all jvore skirls. .... • ! Pilgrim Bottlft. A pilgrim bottle of Venetian glaaj was the other dny sold at Christie's, te , London, for £ 370. ... John L. His ParewelliTour; Admission Only 50 Cents. ,: ^jtf-f/tj^. • J &&i^'£^^';-':^- '' p I; John L Sullivan suiJported ^7 an|A.ll Star Combination; Don 'JCreejion,-'Tom ; Tracey,' Tom White, Ifi'ly Mur|rijiy,pi^©e Bertrans, Big Tom Ohandler^- •Big;;: : ?o|g^»miti?ongi' •• and Bothers under direction of BROADWAY.. RINK. One Night Only, -• • •* ' • , . '' • ' . Friday August 1 A ^ . . » . . i.i ,,», i i.

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