Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 24, 1906 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 24, 1906
Page 3
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OAKLAND TRIBUNE SEPTEMBER 24, 19C5. 3 JEALOUSY EHDS PROPHET DDIH1E HE SMS PRETTY VJOLmn -MS fJOT?-- HlStJ i! li DIKE L GIVES SI 00 OOrCLEM STflflTLiWG ALLEGnTIOWSIKTHEGURHEECnSE John J. Marcovich and His Wife Declares He -Will Return . to Assists , Suit ? to Determine Police Are. Working Hard to' Are Separated by the Court. Triumph Oyer His . ' Enemies. Whether Uniforms May Be Worn at Entertainments. ' . Try and Find the nimnit,iintM.ttMttt)MM(jt(M)M)t)tM)Mi. Murderer MONDAY EVENING, mm MYSTERY IS . - . j Insane Jealousy and constant bickering on tha part of his wife Is understood to be the cause of John J. Marco-, jvlch, proprietor of the Gas Kitchen, leaving her oa March 25, 1804, and thus tarnishing the woman with grounds tor a divorce. Judge Orden. In the 8a- pertor Court thli morning, granted Mrs. Marcovich her final decree, the Inter locutory decision having- been handed 'down July t, X905. . . The Marcovlches were married at Napa, July SI, 1835. , They resided at ,17 1 Twenty-fourth street, and It waa CHICAGO. Sept. 24. John Alexander Dowie today bade farewell to about two hundred Zionists, the remnant of his numerous adherents. He .will on October 1; start for Mexico, where he hopes to re grain his .health, but there are very few even of his most ardent followers who believe' that he will ever reach there alive. A mere shadow ot the once fiery "Prophet," Dowie was today carried into . the - spacious parlors of Ehlloh there that the trouble started. Through I House by his two giant negro attend- 1 ur attorney, a. ij. it tick, sne commenced the action for legal separation 4 June 22, 1905, and petitioned the court for permission to resume her. maiden name, Agnes Toomey. She stated that she was S3 years ot age. and that she 'believed her husband deserted her for broken heart. My wife and eon have 'another woman. I left me and .you are the only ones who ! Oeorg e W. Reed, counsel for the de- I remain- falthfuL ' Zlon win become the fendant, stated that Marcovich,, after I greatest religious center In the world.' leaving- his wife, went to live at the I - Then,' with quivering- voice, he closed Elks' Club, and after a residence of I his short address by starting his favor ants, and In weak, trembling tones said to his assembled friends 1 am going- away, but I will return again to triumph over my enemies. am a sick man, but the sickness is not of the body. I am suffering- from a jveral months moved to Brush street. between Thirteenth and Fourteenth. -. Flick sent a message through Reed to the husband,' asking him to return to .his wife, but he declined to do so, be- ! cause he claimed they could not get 'along together. Mrs. M. A. Scroeder, 1912 Broadway, . Alameda,' testified .In the wife's behalf, and the decree was accordingly granted. Marcovlch settled about 18000 on his wife when the suit .was terminated. -..." ! V H -r. MOTHER FAILS Its hymn, God Be "With Tou TITJ We Meet Again v The closing- scene . In the active life of this one-time acknowledged leader of a peculiar sect was pathetic In the extreme. Women burled their faces in their bands and cobbed aloud, while tears' rolled down the cheeks of a ma joiity of the bronzed men. Dowie was carried to the head ot the stairs, where he pronounced the apostolic blessing- and thus ended his career In Zlon City. TOSH ATLANTA NOW SON QUIETING DOWiJ Young Diamond Thief Is Sen-! tenced to Term, at Preston -- ' '" School. 1 Exact Number Killed in Riot May Not Be Known for Some Time. ATLANTA. Ga.. Sept. 24. At 8:30 o'clock the city , U Quiet. ..; The seven teen companies of State militia are in ' Although his mother traveled across the continent to save her son from ' prison, her efforts proved futile, be- tmtMM XxtAm Uarrl, in tV. flnn.HAi. ' Court this moraine- sentenced Albert complete control of the situation. Ail I Johnson, the young diamond thief, to saloons are closed: for the day under i three years' Imprisonment at the Pres- tne order of the mayor. Business has f ton School of Industry, at lone, on a assumed normal conditions, thre street charge of grand larceny. Johnson had car service has been resumed. . the pleaded guilty and fought to be placed schools are open as usual and public on probation, but the evidence given confidence Is being restored under the by bis sorrowing- parent denied him his energetic measures taken oy tne au liberty. thorities, city, county and State, to Mrs, Johnson admitted that Albert maintain order. No further trouble Is i has been In trouble In New York for anticipated. Ten bodies - of 'those petit larceny and had been placed on killed In connection . Wit hthe riots of probation, which privilege he violated. Saturday night have been prepared for .In extenuaUon for his acts the mother burial: It is reported on seemingly .'stated that the youth had been struck Rood authority that several bodies .'with a stone behind the ear when a have been taken away for. burial, and "boy and that she believed the injury! it is equally probable .that some deaths ; had Impaired his reason. MEDIATORS ONCE , - MORE FAIL TO MEET HAVANA, Sept 24. The first meet- j lng ot the American mediators with lthe insurgents and Liberal committee, -called for this moraine, was again postponed on account ot the Illness ot . Pelayo. Garcia, one of the conspiracy duty for some time. have not been reported to the police or other authorities. The exact number dead may net be kno wn r for . several cays. Various startling rumors of trouble have been brought to the newspaper offices, but nine-tenths of these have been proved absolutely without foun dation and in other cases marvelous exaggeration was shown. ' ; : -..-s- The Stfcte infantry will, be kept on The entire city prisoners, who had been added to the committee. The meeting probably will 'upon the attitude of the commlttse at the first conference. Heavy rains are prevailing and the . Insurgents are Inclined to seek the .benefit ot the armistice during the con- .ttnuenoe ot the peace negotiations. ASKS FOR LETTERS Is being patrdUed, The passing- of last night without serious trouble Is con sidered a hopeful sign. , The local situation at noon seems more favorable than at any time since Saturday. The authorities have dismissed and sent home all outsUeeqlll- tia companies, except those belonging to the Fifth regiment. This leaves, one full -regiment In charge, excepting ; that guards have ON SISTER'S ESTATE been posted at the hardware stores to protect them from possible - raids for Rosanna Conntll hat petitioned the! firearms and ammunition. The sale of i. Superior court for letters ot admlnlt-l firearms and 'ammunition .has been tratlon upon the estate or cer taie sis- i oraerea stopped, au tne saioons nave ter Marie ConheU, who died In this I been closed until further' orders. olty September 14. The petition shows that the deceased died intestate, leav ing real and personal property valued at 37237. and that the heirs are the petitioner and , her . sister, Margaret Connell, -both residing at 12 6 West Twelfth street, .this city. : ; ; ; ' CLEVELAND 8AIL8.. , WASHINGTON, Sept 24. It was reported to the navy department today that the. cruiser Cleveland had sailed from Havana- for Cienfuegos j to re inforce the Marietta at that port. : : J. Mallch Offers $100 Reward for Amount is Two Cents Higher on Arrest of Man Who Took' Account of the. Influx of His Valuables. , ' People, '; ; A pickpocket operated . yesterday A tax; rate of 3L28 wm probably ."be afternoon on one of the ferry boats of ?" by the aty ; Council at its ad- ' .. Hnnthrn Partita Comoanv which JIr1' meeting this evening. This is the Southern Facmo company wnicn kt Auditor Breed in his dock at the oaxiana moie ana secured a 1 estimate, which was considered last I good haul, from one of his victims. J. I Thursday night in committee meeting M.nnh 'nmin en vun of, on I by the members or the Council. , ... . ... . ... I The amount la two cei.t higher than was crossing the bay on his way to this fo ,-Verai vr. naat. oinr t th. m- city. He was Jostled, about In the creased funds heeded to conduct the city. 1 thrnnv which crowded the front deck of I iroverrment, consequent to the large mi !,. .imRI. IT believes that ha wis ' people Into this city since last . . .. . .. ...... I April. .robbed or ms vaiuaoies at mat time. 1 When Auditor Breed compiled his es and eo reported the matter to the Oak- I tlmate he found it neceesary to cut down 'mrA nnltra. ' I the estimates of the heads of the de . . . ; . . ..a . I Dartments many thousands of dollat- xne prcupocurw in coin, TnU evenmg the CouncU w. in aU Ja gold ring- and a note for 2100 on the I probability, reanange some of the funds Seaboard Bank of San Francisco, from fas compiled- by Auditor Breed, In order Malloh's pockets.' The victim of the secure enough money to pay for the f,' " , -, . . - .... 1 twenty three new policemen and two bold thief has offered a reward of 2100 Btectlres. which it was recommended -for the arrest of the pickpocket. I by the committee last Thursday night. 1 T theft wss skillfully cernetrated. should be allowed Chief of Police Wilson. TuTby theVckr ATVh AND IN ; the robbery. Malloh was on the way to NEED OF MONEY the home of his mend, u. Greeser of , 271 Sixth street. , . I While in an intoxicated condition Sat 1 1. k I urday night Frank Burke,, a husky la NEW YORK. Sent. 24. The steamer I borer from San Francisco, asked every Prina Adelbert.' on which Paul Clone h.mt along- the street for some Stensland. the fugitive Chicago bank I 4 a u V,ln wAhtitet i? s tKa TTnl-. iv,,. -,,,K.. utodr and charged with drunkenness and ted States, was sighted southeast of ThJ mTmnrA M to- Fire Island at 11:30 a. m. today. - The lleo JK,M Sm,th thl- mernlne; and steamer is expected to reach quaran 1 tin station about S o'clock and her dock in Iloboken about 4 o'clock this lafurnooa plead guilty to both charges against him. Me was sentenced to six days in the city prison on the drunk charge and sixty days for. being a vagrant. 7L 1 t Si! - iff 3, f imps: 1 . :(t:i:i:ff:-:r:-i mm mm v , - Mm. mm ,-- ' - , ' "3 - - - - Sill mmmm 1 r mi. mmmm m niifaM.i-iVii.iiri)nmii 1 J . wv-vitvs-fea MRS., LILLIAN KELLER. GU RNEE; whom millionaire says is not his wife. mWs Xomplaint Filed and a 1 Restraihing Order Has Been -;' Placed on Record 16 Prevent Husband From Disposing of His Properly. "OUR SIDE WILL CONTEND THAT THERE HAS BEEN NO LEGAL MARRIAQE ' AT ' ALL. I WILL HAVE' NOTHING. FURTHER TO SAY'' IN - THE CASE." STATEMENT MADE BY ATTORNEY GEORGE W. HAIGHT, COUN8EL FOR GEORGE H IN NAM AN GURNEE IN HIS DIVORCE ACTION- AGAINST HIS BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WIFE, LILLIAN I8VIN KELLER GURNEE. , ; OYSTER BAY. SepL4 24. President Roosevelt has contributed 2100 to be used by Rear Admiral - Thomas : In a legal suit instituted recenUy at New port, R. L, to determine whether or not a man. may be excluded from a public nouse or entertainment because he wears the uniform ot tQe nlted States army or navy. . ,.... ' " President Roosevelt todav mail a nubllo the following letter which he has sent to iiear Acmirai Thomas: OT8TER BAY. 8eDt 84 Dear JLdi. mlral Thomas: I inclose $100 to be. used in that suit whlch thanks , to you, has been so wisely undertaken .to test, the legality of excluding any man from any public place ot entertainment because he wears the united States uniform. I feel that it Is the duty of every good citizen to endeavor in. every shate and wav to make it plain that he regards the ' unl- xurm or tne united States army and navy Just as much when worn by an enlisted man as when worn . by an officer, as a badge of honor and therefore . entitling the wearer, so long as he behaves decently. There ls'no 0ner body of men in all our country than the enlisted men of the army ; and navy of the United States, and I cannot sufficiently express my indignation and contempt for any man who treats his uniform save with the respect to which It is entitled. If a man misbehaves himself, then no matter what uniform he wears, he should be dealt with accordlnslv: but tha tue-t nt wearing-, the r tThlted ' States ' uniform should be accepted ns presumptive evidence that the man who wears it is right: any discrimination ' against the. uniform is much more than presumptive evidence that the man discriminating- is all wrong. sincerely yuure, -v THEODORE ROOSEVELT. Rear Admiral' Thomas la renorted tn be paying- half the expenses of a suit for $500 damages brought bv Chief Yeoman F. J. Bunsle against the Newport Amusement Company of Newport, on the ground that he was excluded from the oiace while in uniform. Bunsle is on duty at the .naval training station at Newport. The suit will not be tried until October t, or later.. , . . v : k E ARTHQtJAKE : AGAIN BLUED Time Extended for the-Filing of Teachers Certificates Who Were Entitled to Them. Everything now points to a bitter Interested society, from the Atlantic to fight to the" end between the wealthy, young New porker, George H. Gurnee, and his fair bride of less than a month," Attorney Asa Mendenhall, repre senting the defendant, returned from Martinez yesterday afternoon, having filed - the wife's cross complaint and having obtained . a - restraining order forbidding the plaintiff to' dispose,' of his vast holdings or draw money from the Crocker-Wool worth National bank. San , Francisco, or the Central . bank, Oakland, where It -is understood he, is a depositor. t .' Gurnee has been Ited to appear - In the , Superior court , of s Contra Costa county next Monday " and whew" cause why he should , not , pay his wife $500 per month pending the prosecution . of the action and $1000, counsel tees, These are the latest developments in the Pacific coas'ts. . ' , , Attorney Halght refuses to discuss the merits of the case from his client's standpoint, taking refuge In 'the' statement that the matter will be threshed out in court He did, however, declare that the plaintiff would put in the defense that there was no marriage. Regarding Mr. Gurnee' s whereabouts the lawyer said he was in the dark, as Mr. Gurnee only communicates with him by telephone. j - 1' There were'rumors of a compromise during the early days of. the proceedings, .but this disposition seems to have fallen through because both, attorneys unite In saying- that ; the suit has resolved-Itself into a contest to the bitter end. . v. " . ; Alone i and among ..strangers, the youthful bride bemoans the sad fate that must keep her on this coast for the sensational suit, which has already at least several t weeks.1 In an inter view which she granted a TRIBUNE representative last -evening the regal beauty made it plain that she dreaded further notoriety and expressed the sole wish that the divorce would come to a speedy " termination eo that she could leave Oakland forever and join hef mother; In New York, city.-' It has been a source of surprise ?to her that her husband has remained in the background, although she takes his retirement as an admission that her grounds are based on fact. Mrs. "Gurnee Is the step-daughter of Horaca. Klelnhaus, ". who was found dead, in ;& bath, tub In the Lenox hotel. Buffalo, about a year and "a half ago. He was one of the most prominent clothing1 merchants In America, and his brother, is. now; in the Bison City carrying--on his business. Gurnee it appears," Is a' Yale grad uate and waa a classmate of a number of the most noted men of Old E1L BERKELEY. Sept. 24. The State Board, of Education has extended he tme for the filing of teacher certi- fcates by those" who wefs entitled under the regulations of last year from August 1 to December 1. . This action which enables those who were recom mended for (high school certificates at Stanford end .California Jast. year, and who failed tot file their recommenda tions before 'August l to secure their certificates without further university work, which would be required of them under the new regulations which were taken by the Board Friday, and1" Sat urday.- - Professor Dresslar said this mornr Intr: "This action was taken because the earthquake threw everything awry in both universities,, preventing some students at Stanford : from finishing their work and preventing all from graduating until September, while at the University of California the' term was suddenly broken," preventing committees . from rproperly notifying their students and " advising them with reference to their certification. . Now that the time , limit has been' extended, all graduates from the University of California and Stanford . university who are duly, recommended end wish to secure high school certificates should make sure to do so before December. This should be done by all who wish to teach this year and also , by those who wish to teach in the future. . 4, , i - . WOMAN ARRESTED. Grace Murphy' was arrested yesterday at 864 Broadway on a charge of vagrancy. The woman - appeared in department one NEW YORK, Sept 24. Up to aa i early hour today the police had made) practically no progress tn unravelling; the mystery surrounding, the finding of portions of the body of ev murdered? man In a pit at West Thirty-sixth street and Eleventh avenue. The trunk i of -the man was mutilated as waa that orQuldensuppe, the victim of the no-: torlous murder of nine years ago; the forearms and lower parts of the leg were recovered, but diligent search Of the npis-itMtrYiftnil fntljuf tn mvbI the head or - the thighs. The Place where portions of the body were found -i Is near the river and the .police believe J that the head was thrown overboard.! The only clue which furnished . any i results yesterday was the gunny sack j upon which was printed the name 2L ' K. Mano." - It was found , that -Mano. ! who died several weeks aro. had beenn an Importer ot nuts at No. 47 Wash-' lngton street In the heart of the Sy-j rlan and Armenian colony. He left! a widow who a few cays ago sold out t his entire stock preparatory to- giving up the business. It was learned last'; night that Mano had a brother Jack, who had trouble with hie Syrian neigh- bors because, of some business deal in the settlement of the estate. - It -was said that Jack had gone Into" hiding a, tew days ago because of threats made against his life. Some of the Syrians declared that . the description of . the body at the morgue talllled with that of the missing man. ' . The dead man was of foreign' ex traction, either an Italian, an Armenian or a Syrian. - Coroner's (Physician Weston. ' who viewed i the body advanced, a theory that Impressed the police. t . , 'Trom the condition of the torso," he said. "I am sure that the murder waa committed after midnight and I also believe that three men disposed of thw remains, . very , probably v the three each carried & portion and meant to throw them all in the river, whlca is only & few hundred yards away. "They got frightened probably and: one of them chucked the body into this hole. Another ran Into the freight yard and seeing ' a oar door open, flung his load Inside. The third kept on to the river and hurled the head far out Into .the water. - "As to the cutting up of the body, I am .Inclined to think that whoever attended to this part of the crime must have had, some knowledge o anatomy. The work - is not that of a bungler. They are neatly and cleanly.: cut at the Joints, being so dlsartlcu lated that not a single bone was eve it scraped by the knife. I do not mean that the murderer was necessarily a surgeon. A butcher might have done the work.".,.. . .-. , : . . ; ' . , j Detective Petroslno, who Is one oq the many police officers . assigned t, the CVe after an Investigation eald: T do not think the murder: -wael EWD1G0TT TO RETURN 1 Will Devote Entire - Attention Hereafter to Isthmian Canal '. Commission.' - WASHINGTON, Sept. 24. -Rear-Ad- miral Endlcott, chief of the Bureau of Yards ' and Docks, Navy Department, wIU retire from that office upon reach lng the statutory age, sixty-two years, Ndvember 26, in order to devote his en tire service thereafter to the Isthmian Canal Commission, of which he Is a member. ' ' EACH SLAP COST --- U t i HERU DOLLAR One dollar tor" each slap she gave her neighbor, MrsT Josephine - Lucas, was the sentence ' imposed : on Mrs. Laura Bell Blaln this morning by Police Judge Samuels. -." ' ' ": ' The two women live in the vicinity of Twenty-second and Market streets, and they get Into a quarrel over their chil dren. Mrs. Blaln's son alleged that the Lucas boy had stolen his wheeL The two mothers took sides to the case and it is stated that blows were etruck. Mrs. Blaln Is alleged to have slapped Mrs. Lucas in the face twice and -her fine this morning, therefore, was $2. .. .; ; -ft- ' ' PITTSBURG, Sept 24. The body of Frank Riona. an Italian, aged. 34 yea terday, was found this morning lying In the street. There was' a seven-Inch belief f the police that the crime was a "black hand", murder. . 1 PUT UP FIGHT Prisoner Will Be ' Given , Every Opportunity to "Prove His ,..,' Innocence. - CHICAGO, Sept 24. If Paul. O., Stens land' .so desires when' he 1 eaves the steamer Prins Adelbert in New York, he may ' commence - habeas corpus proceeds lngs. x States Attorney Healy said today, after being informed of the sighting of the steamer off Fire Island: "N "We are not in the kidnaping business and' will give Stensland all the opportunity he wishes to proves his ' Innocence." . ' The States Attorney sent a message "to A Sslstant States . Attorney Blnn, wh6 Is now in New York awaiting the arrival of the Prins Adelbert, directing him to afford Stensland opportunity to seek the aid of the courts of New ? York or New Jersey, If he .desired to. do so.. . A- tug carrying' cnaries I stnns, a representative of the Illinois State's at torney and Joseph L Klnnier, a Chi cago detective, met the Prins Adelbert on her arrival at the quarantine sta tion with the Intention of transferring Stensland from the ship to - the rail road station in Jersey City, where he would be; placed on board a train for Chicago, i' ir.y--3 i-'-y 'ify i..-.-.; Theodore Stensland, son of the former banker, was also In this tug. Before leaving for the quarantine station Theodore Stensland said: , "If my -father was kidnapped from Morocco or not properly arrested there, I shall fight extradition from New Jersey to Illinois. I shall first demand of Assistant State's Attorney Harry Olsen permission to talk with my father, both as his son and his lav3?! . SIX KILLED If A COLLISION Fast Passenger Trairi h Crashes , , ' Into a Freight J , . Train. J : - ' MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. ' 24. Six are reported dead and more than a score injured In &: rear-end collision on the Minneapolis St. Louis railroad today at New Prague, Minn, The south' bound passenger -train - leaving Minne apolis at 9:30 a.-. ml. crashed into freight train which was "on a' siding, splintering the first cars on the former and derailing the entire train. Both engine crews were killed.' ; ; , : r- ' SHE LOST HER ' FILLED SUIT CASE WhDe .Miss .Nellie - Biddell of- 323 West Adams street, Los Angeles, was stadlng en the corner of Sixteenth street and San Pablo avenue Saturday night, a suit. case containing wocsarfs wearing apparel was stolen from her. Miss Biddell was waiting for a car at the time, as she was on?hcr way to the Sixteenth-street depot The thief stole , the suit case while the young lady went out on the street to see if her car was coming. The theft has been reported to the police. - -' LAST VISIT TO SAM DIEGO. ' SAN DIKGO, Sept 24. The Hawaiian American liner Hawaiian,', fifty-five days out from New York. began discharging this morning. This is her last visit here as on her return to-New York she will be kept tm the run' from that city to Ccatsacoalcos on the Mexican coast, the Castem terminus of the new Tehuante- pec railroad,"" prearranged for in disposing of the body the murderer picked, up as wrappings whatever came t . his handrkj table cover and a mantel cover. ! ft "The brutality of -the crime Indl-j eates that there was, a strong motive, j" such as jealousy or Tevenge rather thaa! robbery." ' ,'''!,' , : ...J YOUTH WHO STOLE ; j For stealing a canvas covering front the Schmidt Lithograph Company at Fifth and Adeline streets, 14-year-old Joseph Frates was arrested Saturday afternoon and charged with --petit . lar ceny. This morning he was given a severe lecture-by -.Police Judge Smith-and told to return to his home and go tot school. - .- - 1 The lad stated' that, he had been work ing in a box factory - and earned . $8 a week, which he turned over to his par ents. He also stated that other . members of the family were working, and Judge Smith told him that he had better go to school. The passing: or sentence was-continued for a month. ' of the police court pleaded not guilty. this mornlnsr and Her trial was set leaded not guilty. Her trial was set or October 2. It is claimed by the po-ice that the defendant has been leading lice a dissolute life. IBS AS HAS HER BRIl rhirty-Year-Old Woman Has Disappeared and Police Are Looking for Her. . With her - mind thousrht to be some what deranged. Miss Jennie Sewell, thirty ve&rs of axe. has left the home of Mrs. Osborn at 1302 Seventh street, where she has been' staying,' and the police have now - been asKea - to locate ner wuere-a bouts. Miss 8ewell disappeared' several days ago and her relatives cannot account for her absence.,' It is feared that she msv be lost or has met wun an accident. " Frank Dimmett has been reported missing from - his home at 611 Octavla street, 8 tin -iPra.nr-laco. -. Dimmett is thirty years of age. He left his home mysteriously on September it. The locat ponce have been asked to locate mm. : . . THIEVES. ROB A . SALOONKEEPER A bold burglary was committed Sat urday night in the saloon of Herman Schoenfelder, 1786 Seventh street, West Oakland. The thief o rthleves gained entrance to the i place .by crawling through a transom over; s rear door. The till' was broken open and $134.20 la coin was stolen. Two checks n tha Central-hank of Oakland, amounting to 197.75,. were a!so taken during the burglary. Schoenfelder reported hia loss to the police yesterday. REAL ESTATE DEALER DIES. SAN DIEGO. Sept. 24. Simon Deta mater, aired 78 years, formerly of Chi cago, died yesterday after a short illness. He came to this city last winter from Chicago, where he was a prosperous real estate agent and a prominent Ma- Ann. - J . . . i. . MARRIAGE LICEN8ES. . - The foliowir.a- marriage licenses' have; been issued: William T. Wilson, 33, and Lollta A. Bruck, SI, both of San Fran cisco; De Forest Reichland, 33, Los An geles, and emuy M. stetson, 33, uaKiand: Anthony W. Joseph, 24, and Kate L. Soran. 22, both of Oakland; John - A. Horn, 43, and Matilda Kronquest, 33, both of Oakland; Albert R-.Kleinech mid t, Jr.. 26. Salem, Ore., and Hattte E2. Bern- Btein, 22, Memphis, Kan.; Jao R. Netto, zi. ana inaoeue tnra, is, potn oi uaK- land; William F. Judeon, 32, and Minnie Basmussen, 26, both of Oakland ; Albert F. Harnett, zz. ana ieua Ktcnardson, 30, both of oaiuana: jame b. itnigtit, 2L. and L. Dorothy Barth, 18, both of Stock ton. ' - T - LOSER BY EARTHQUAKE Lady So Upset That She Lef: Fat Wallet Under Mattress - of Her Bed. 1 The stirring' days following the", earthquake so upset Mrs. Kate Wattsi of 918 1 Pine-street that she forgot v large sum of money she had placed un- der the mattress of one of the beds in her home. Last Saturday she recalled! leaving the money under the mattress i and went in searcfi of It. The purse! and money were gone and Mrs. Watts reported the disappearance to the police. - ' Mrs. Watts placed the purse, con-j taming 3109 in ; coin, under the mat-, tress on, April 22 last, v She did not think of it again, until Saturday, when she- discovered the money had , been taken. ... - . , - .- ; . , " LUCK WAS WITH THE CARPENTER Luck was with Nathaniel W. Hatch, a refugee carpenter, this, morning, when he stepped on a faulty cornice of the building in course of construction at Sixty-seventh andl Mabel streets and was precipitated sixteen feet to the ground below. : Instead of receiving a broken neck he only sustained a dislocated ankle, which was set at the1 receiving , hospital, where he , waa promptly taken. Hatch was then eent to his tent home at Tenth' and Fallon streets. He Is employed by Aides and Company, , . , . - " ...... ...A

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