The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 20, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1890
Page 4
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Hi VpmrMilfe^ ''wm^&*< OF TRMM. St. cagiT eurt— . I0!38ftiu o. 4... 0:55pul Freight— r £. TsSaBmNo. 10. t^sim S.-.l3:33pniNo. 14 BrSOpUl .-,.. .0 it") a in De« Homes ft 1:my in ___ i ijINE \rtth electric lighted and heated vestl billed trains between , Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Minne r _ _ __ _., i UOUTfi with e . trio lighted ttnd steam heated vestlbulod • a iHUtiBTjetweenChicago and Council 5Jluffs ',.» Omaha, or St. Paul and tho 1'aotfli! const jfofifiAf •rUfiONAij ROUTE between Chlca y go, Kansas City, and St. Joseph, Mo. Mll<ES OF ROAD reaching ailpfinctpa trolnts In Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota , N lows, Missouri, South and North Dakota of trie OhlcMo, jdlwaultea & St. I'mil railway Of to any railway agent anywhere In the world A. V. II. CARPENTER, _ General Passenger and Ticket Accra. ttOSWELI, MILLER, General Manag?v. Info.inatlon In reference to landi , nnd towns owned by the Chicago, Mllwanko * St. Paul Hallway company, write to H. G Haugen, land commissioner, Chicago, 111. •J te- THE CHICAGO AND NORTH-WESTERN RAILWAYS Affords unrivaled facilities for transit between the most important cities and towns In. Illinois Iowa, Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, Mlnne sotn, North and South Dakota. Nebraska, and Wyoming. The train service Is carefully ad Justed to meet the requirements of through and local travel, and IncluUes PAST VESTIBULED TRAINS of dining cars, sleeping cars, and day coaches running solid between Chicago and ST. PAUL, MINNEAPOLIS, COUNCIL BLUFFS, OMAHA, AND DENVER Pullman and Wagner Sleepers Chicago to San Francisco, Chicago to Port land, Oregon, without change. Lightning Com69 Uncomfortably Close;— C. Rickard'a House a Victim— tts Work in 1*own. A very narrow escape from serious accident came to Bev. Wolfe and faml- y Sunday afternoon. They were driv- ng near the Milwaukee depot with a oung horse, and the care and cattle lord had already excited it, when its lead Was turned to cross the Northwestern track on the high grade. Just as it camo to the top another horse and carriage were corning up from the other side, and without waiting it turned around, tipping tho carriage over and spilling tho occupants. Rev. Wolfe struck on his nose, which was badly swelled. Mrs, Wolfe suffered some se- rere bruises, and her lungs were seriously injured. One little boy had his upper lip cut open from the nose down, and the other was bruised, but not bad- y. The horse strung tho carriage out, ruining the top, but did no other damage. Mr. Laird, who was near by, took ;he injured folks home and they are now doing well and recovering rapidly. A SECOND ADVENTURE. Another moro exciting nnd less dan- jerous runaway happened to S. I, Plumloy and J. W. Tennant Saturday evening. They had been driving in the country with Plumley's young team and it was dark before they returned On tho way, while going at a brisk jait, the horses ran squarely into f loop ditch, and in getting out pullec Sam, who was driving, over tho dashboard. Unclo Joe sat fast, and as the team began to run urged Sam to hole on to the linos. This ho did, dragging on the ground, until, little by little they slipped through his fingers, anc then he was loft behind, while the res started across the prairie in earnest At first our landlord thought ho woulc jump out, but noticing that one lino sad been thrown up over the whiffle trees he gradually got down until ho could roach ovor nnd gather it in, am was just beginning to pull on it when the other got caught in tho wheel anc wound up, bringing tho team to a shar] stop. After calling a while Sam wn« found, and the drive to town was with out further incident. A luckier sto] for a runaway has not been reportec lately. COLONIST SLEEPERS hlcr.go to Portland, Ore., and San Francisco Free Reclining Chair Cars from Chicago to Denver, via Council B. and Omaha For time of trains, tickets, and all informa tlon, apply to station agents of the Chicago t Northwestern railway, or to tho general pas senger agent at Chicago. W. A, THRALL, General Passenser and Ticket Agent. AV. P. NEWMAN, J. 31. WHITMAN. Third Vice-pros. Gen'l Manager. tenth Coil? Bat ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, .... SBO.OOO Incorporated under general laws ft Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and d mesno exchange bought and sold. Collection made prompt); and a general banking buslne transacted. Passage tickets to or from tho o countries sold at lowest rates, W. n. INGnAlI, President, J. B. JONES, Vice President, LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier. Directors—W. H. Ingham, Jno. G. Smith, J. B Jones, T. Chrlscllllles, Lewis B. Smith, J. T Wadsworth, Darnel Devlne. First national Bank OF ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - - S5O,OO( Special Attention Paid to Collections. DIBKCTOBS. Ambrose A. Call, D. H. Hutehlns, J. C. Blac ford, Philip Dorweller, Wm. K. Ferguson. Ue C. Call, 0. B. HutcbliiB, OIT1CEBS, AMUfioau A. CALL, D, B. HOTcmva, Prcfcldont. Vlco Preslden J. C. BucKfOKD, Cnsliler. Money always on hand to loan at reasonnb rules lo parties wlio c;m furnish first class securlt BANCROFT, IOWA. K. M. Richmond, Pros. B. B. Richmond, V. P A. B. Bluhmonil, Cashier. Transacts n central bunking business. Colle Lions a specialty. Money transferred to all por ol tha United States and Kuropo at loir nite Tickets to and from tho old country tor sale. Til os paid for both residents and non-residents. A struct of title furnished on (lie same dayapplle for. R. M. RICHMOND, REAL ESTATE DEALER Loan ana Insurance Ag't und tfotury I'uMlc, HO.000 acres ot prairie lands und Improved farm lor sale or rent. Village property for sale or ren Now Is the time to secure you a home before th three prospective railroads are built, which wl advance the price of land beyond the reach of th average home-seeker. COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Bancroft, Iowa, B. M. Itlchmond, proprietor. Kirs class house. Satisfaction guaranteed. Special a ten tlon given the traveling public. Looking for a Painter, Did you Say' Well, K you are you should see WALTER WARD who will be pleased to figure with you for anything In the line of Painting, Paper Hanging Those desiring paper banging done aie respect fully referred to the various pieces of work In till town done by me, which sneak tot themselves. feel warranted In saying that I can guarantee satisfaction In every case. - 1'rices are Always Moderate, Come and Interview me. ]y[ONEY T.Q LOAN— ON 1UILKOAD LANDS. Persons wanting to borrow money on railroad Innda will do well to cull at the Kossuth Count Bank, and bring [heir contracts. Save Your Hair B Y n timely use ol Ayer'a Hair Vigor. Thin preparation has no oqual on a dressing. It keeps the scalp clean, cool, and healthy, and preserves tho color, fiillnuH*, anil beauty of the hair. " I was rapidly becoming bald and tftny ; hut after lining two or three bottles of Ayer's Hair Vigor my hair Ifruvr think und glcmsy and the original color was restored."—Melviu Aludcu, Canaan Centre, N. II. " Sumo timo u^o I lost all my hair In ciiiiKi)(|ii«iivo of iiieasleH. After duo waiting, no now growth appeared, I Ihnii used Ayer'a Hulr Vigor and. iny hair (ifc-w Thick arid Strong. It hu-s apparently come to stay. Tho Vi|_'or Is evidently a great aid to nature." — J. U. William, l'lur«3vlllo, Tuxas, "I have impd Ayei-'a Hair Vigor tor tlii! past, four or live years aud 11 ud It a mom. Hiuinfuciory dressing for the lialr. It Is nil 1 could desire, being harmless. cunsi 11.14 Mm hair to retain Its natural color, iiii'l requiring but umnall quantity I 1 1 render tlio hair va»y to arrauge."— Mrs. M. A. liulloy, U Chariot) street, fluvcrliill, UIMH. " 1 Imve beuu using Aycr's Hair Vigor im-.snvurul ycurn, und Ixiliove tlmt itwis avisi'i! my hair to raaiu ita natural color."—Mrs. H. J. King, Dealer la e, Md. V ffy J itf"'W pr, J. 0' Ayer & co.^Cpweli, Mais. fold ty J>/HjHfWi wil I'trimatrf. in tthlcli thfe Oe'ctV flanta Naiwwty EserVfM Death —Tlie Damage Slight. The breaks. During tho sudden storm last Friday night lightning struck the houso o Chester Rickard, about five miles wea of town. Tho bolt followed no known electrical laws, but aimed at a windo\ in tho lower story, making a hoi through the glass about as a man's fis would. It also tooj: out ono studdin; and slivered it into toothpicks, tearini tho plastering a little but doing n great damage. None of tho people i; the house wero injured at all. Th lightning did not touch the roof of th houso nor any part above the lowe window. Mr. Rickard is insured in th farmers' mutual, and the company wi' repair tho damage. A CLAP IN TOWN. During tho same storm a sharp ro port indicated that something neur b had been hit, and tho next morning on of the cottonwood trees near Dr. Sheotz residence was discovered badly torn Tho bolt seems to have struck abou twelvo feet up on the trunk and tor out a strip to the ground. It seems re markable, but all the latest lightnin strokes in this vicinity have passe high objects and struck near th ground. Neither trees nor building have been hit on top, but all vory nea tho baso. IN AND ABOUT THE CITY. Thos. Hanna had a couple of photo graphs one day last week showing h house and barns up in Burt. Tho fin buildings woro not alone a noticoabl feature, but the groves and fruit tree seemed in remarkable contrast wit what that section would have shown few years ago. Fow who havo not trai oiled through tho county realize how has changed in late years, nnd ho\ rapidly it is coming to resemble th older sections. Such farmers as Mr Hanna are rapidly transforming us. ' Tho immediate surroundings of Algo na have materially improved this sea son. Tho Wadsworth buildings wcs of town are reinforced by a lino no^ residence on the Rawson place, an now a lot of lumber is piled up whor Mr. Thornton lives, opposite tho S. A Thompson homo. A now houso there Almon Lattimoro's now house farthe north, and H. A. Clock's improvement make a string of now buildings alon, tho west that aro worthy of note. C. W. Sarchott hands us a notice o tho fifth reunion of tho Ninth infantr and Third battery of Iowa volunteers which will bo held at Dubuque Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 10-1] Gem. Geo. A. Stone will deliver th commemorative address. The mom bers of tho Fourth, Ninth, Twenty fifth, Twenty-sixth, Thirtieth, am Thirty-first Iowa veteran volunteer are invited to bo present nnd meet thoi old brigade commundor. While it is now pretty certain tha the population of tho county is 13,1!) by the new census, tho award of pri/.c offered by tho UPPEU DKS MOINES fo guesses will bo delayed until wo have tho official returns; also tho return showing tho number of males and fo males. In tho meantime contestant can figure on tho probability of thoi guess being nearest. Tho " Y" case furnished somo amuso mont to tho dopot agents last week Mr. Vesper found somo men looking for a job, and sent them to Mr. Hedricl to got it on tho "Y," and thoy woi vory much in earnest. R. F. put on his blandest smllo and assured thorn that work had not begun yet, but whon it did ho would see that thoy woro em ployed, Jim. Reed's hay barns and outfit nar rowly escaped being burned out las Friday afternoon down on tho railrotu switch near Hodges. It is supposed an old pipe did tho business, and boforo tho flumes woro discovered thoy woro In somo looso hay and rapidly incrcus Ing. Thoy wero extinguished just as thoy reached the barn. A curious item just camo to light yos- torday. It seems that Mr. Griffon ivhoso vory small baby attracted utton- <ion somo months ago, received at tho Jmo a letter from tho Omaha Boo on- closing the report clipped from tho ?EU DKS MOINES, and also an offoi rom a circus manager of a big salary if -hoy would travel. Our readers should notice in'this in- iuo tho announcements of various railway excursions, tlio Minneapolis exposition, otc. Vory choap rates aro giv- jn, and tho best can bo seen near at lomo. Throe of tho finest displays in ho United States aro tho stuto fair, ho corn palaco, und tho Minneapolis exposition. A vory pleasant social evening was pent with Mrs. Townsond and Ella liatigdon by thoir lady friends lust Thursday. Tho invitations, docora- ions, etc., woro in peanut shells, gild- d und decorated, and many curious do- igns added to tho interest und pleas- ro of tho visitors. A special passenger was put on tho Vorthwostorn, Sunday, to tako visitors 3 tho camp mooting at Goldflold, but ho nows was not fully advertised and nany know nothing of it, , A number ront from horo, and altogether enough ttondod to pay tho company for tlwir rouble. Tho Northwestern road will run its locial pussongor trains to tho state uir this year. Thoy will loavo early i tho morning and return lute in tho veiling. Tho fair will bo bettor thuu vor. It begins uoxt week Friday^ Hurrah for Sexton! The lumber Is n tho ground lor a IffiO-Ioot elevator, oul house, and lumber shed which J. ; Wilson Is to put UP immediately, it ill be ready for the fall' " Pony Buy „ , n*S 1,CCO .bushels 16ft, ltd teft 156 acres of corn that he gflftf • AteeS Mil gf6 46 oflahels to the sere If fbBtletSit aloftb ft little longer. He iteks the yield will be larger, but would thank nobody to insure that. G. R, Woodworth was at Bancroft, _'ondny, making arrangements to mote is stock of goods there about Sept. 20. le has to give floBSession hero before Dot. 1, and will be n Bancroft merchant ntil he disposes of his stock. A largo audience was out Sunday vening to hoar Patrick Lynch lecture n Roman Catholicism. Monday even- ng he Spoke to men only on the confes- [onal. He Is canvassing the state gainst the Catholic church. A largo parly wero up to Bancroft on Thursday to Attend the shooting totir- ament, and all report a pleasant day. :ho shooting was very good, and. the ntertainment furnished by the Ban- roftites was excellent. The time on the Northwestern road ias been shortened n little between Al- fonft and Eagle Grove. The train goes outh at 12:80, instead of 12:20 as here- bfOre. It goes north nt 8:56, n little earlier than formerly. It appears now that Hugh Smith has not joined 'n theatrical company, bui vill start a paper at Goldfleld of his iwn. Goldfield, as its name implies, is a good town, and Hugh can got them up a good paper. The present issue completes nnothet Inancial quartet 1 of the UPPER DES utoiNES, nnd tho business manager wil )O around to see the business patrons as soon as his improving physical con dition Will admit.- Ambrose A. Call is to clear up hii imber laud for pasture this fall, anc advertises wood very cheap in another column. Those who are figuring on their winter fuel should read his offer Late reports are that Boswell, thi cattle thief who sold stock at Bancrof and Chicago, did not get the $8,000 a ,ho latter place. Tho commission men are holding it for tho stock owners. The Congregational society are pro mring an operetta entitled '"' Tho Dai lies' Rebellion," which will be given in about three weeks. Invitations are out for the marring of Miss Nellio Ingham to Chos, W ilussoll of Council Bluffs. It will occu next Wednesday. John H. Queal & Co. aro putting in lew scales nt thoii 1 office. Matt Holz jnucr is building a stone foundation. A now sidewalk leads from tho Ruth orford houso oust. It is a good needed improvement. C. M. Doxseo did a rushing busines Monday. He was furnishing countj maps to tho teachers. Tho ladies of the missionary societ will meet with Mrs, Gardner Cowlos to morrow at 8 o'clock. A very elegant reception was give to her lady friends by Miss Edith Cu T last Friday evening. Townsond & Langclon havo some thing now to offer this wook that wl!" bo of interest. Regular meeting of Jas. C. Taylo post Wednesday afternoon, Aug. 27, a 2 o'clock. Dr. Read is building a now nous where tho old ono stood that wa burned. A little girl arrived at T. H. Wadi worth's, Sunday, nnd rejoices tho housi hold. A marriage license was issued las wcok to Martin Olson and Carrie Olson Tho Grand Army boys are discussin painting memorial hall this season. Eumors aro still prevalent of two no brick fronts near the postolfico. Stnto Superintendent Sabin lectun next Tuesday evening. Algona welcomes tho school ma'ms. PERSONAL MENTION. np exercise at 5:48, breakfast at '6:80, nd the either exercises, with an hem* ad a half ottt for nooning, continue without Intermission tfntll supper tirtfe. JOY. Soles and staff inspected the regi- nent yesterday insteM of next Friday, <w was expected. *h6 SMiirlfc iift-tvn irci-d. Having sold my home farm I now of- or my entire herd of short-horn cattle t private sale, in lots to suit purehas- rs, on the moat liberal terms, Also a hoiro lot of horses and colts, Including orao fino young brood mares. Also "toland China brood sows and pigs. 21 J. B. JONES. ONE box good laundry Soap (82 bars) jr OOc at Townsend & Langdon's. CM. coats, Only $1.50 at G. B. Wood- woith's. For Sale' or Kent. The William Hill fr.rtn. Mns. Wsf. S. S. Sessions goes to Dos Moines fo tho state fair next Tuesday. J. W Wadsworth and M. Stephens go o Wednesday. Tho fair begins Frida and all three will remain throug] Tho best days will bo from Tuesday i Friday of wcok after noxt. Tho bi display by Des Moines comes Thursdn evening. Fireworks alono will coi $1,700. Prof. Dodgo is expected this wcel Ho will then begin action in connectio with tho normal. In tho meantim Secretary McCoy lias had tho announce ments of tho school extensively pu' lished, and vory /'uttering prospcc aro assured. Prof. I. B. Smith of Union schoo Warsau, N. Y., visited tho Bailey Bro last wook. Ho was coming homo froi Dakota, and was accompanied by h wife and daughter. Ho was mucli di lighted with this section after travo ing west. Rov. F. M. Smith will use a tw weeks' vacation in visiting friends i Minnesota. It in expected thut thei will bo tho usual preaching service i the Baptist church Sunday mornings, Judge Bailey and daughter Ann woro out from Chicago, Monday, visi ing Cunt, and M. C. Builoy and fam lies. Judgo Bailey is on tho suprom bench.of Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Clurko ro turned from thoir custom trip Satut day evening. It was enjoyable Uirougl out, and both como back greatly ro freshed. Prof. Gilchrist camo to Algona o Friday from Laurons. Ho preached a Wesley, Sunday, and lectured last oven ing boforo tho touchers' institute n Garnur. A. H, Paino is back from Illinois whore ho found tho country pretty wo dried up, Mrs. Paino and daughlo aro also home from Minneapolis, Mrs. Josh. Lantry and daughter Ed na visited in Algona last wcok, return Ing to their homo in Minneapolis .o Monday, J. C. Frank is home from tho casl New York, he says, is lively, as usual Chicago and Cincinnati! aro ratho quiol. Mrs. T. II. Connor has gone to Rolf to spond a few days with her husband who is at work superintending hi school houso contract, Mrs. Ed. Williams and daughters 3ortio and Bossio, cumo from Ipswich S. D., last Wednesday evening to visi old friends in Algona. Rov. Larson of tho Swedish Motho dlst church wont to Dos Moinos las wook to attend tho wedding of an oli lollcgo chum, C. M. Doxsoo and W, W. Wlioolo. drove ovor to Holfo on Saturday anc visited Sunday with Mr. DOXHOO'H pur onts. J. R. Jonos and daughter Jassumlno C. C. Tutllo and family, und Miss Hod •ick woro Spirit Luke visitors Sunday Misses Rillu and Loronu Stulu of Dos tfoinos aro visiting ut Dr McCoy's anc ncoting thoir many Algona friends. Tho Humboldt Independent notes Iho ircisonco of Mrs. Nollio Gray Bowyoi u Humboldt lusl wook on a visit. Mrs. W. H. Ingham and daughloi Cornio attended Iho Clour Lake nuuti- al mooting lust week. Loo Clurko and AVilfred Jones drove o Spirit Luko to unui)) out. Thoy omo back next wook. Kll Gur/iold, Iho only surviving undo f Dr. Giu-field on his father's side, is inuldug him u visit. J. E. Blackford wont to tho southern art of Iho stalo lust wook on grange usinuss. Miss Hutlio Stephens is just homo •om u two weeks' visit in Illinois. Miss Minuio Shadlo t;pout Sunday ith her brother at Clour Lako. Mrs. P. Kain and daughter Anna uro omo from u visit in Illinois. Honry Thompson was u Clour Luke isltor ovor Sunday. Military at Spirit Company F, with guns shining and 'iippings burnished, rn.aroh.od to the Milwaukee depot Saturday evening and ook tho train for Spirit Lako. Somo (teen or more others bought tickets nd went tUong. The company will be n cump until Friday, uaa during will uadergp o flym tot i| lift Cotmty Sownal Institute Began on THE JONES SHOOTING CASE. 'artlculnrs Concerning tho Accent Affair at Waterloo. Tho Lu Verne pat-ties interested in 3ock Jones, who was shot at Codar Tails a weak ago by a marshal, are lome again, .and the wife of the inur dered man is with them. The All, vtlllor, who was also injured, lived a iUVerne many years, nnd his fath& and brother both reside there now Tho News, in reporting the matter saye of the parties: "Neither Mr. Jones nor Ally hac icon drinking, and tho facts are tha ;hey wero brutally assaulted and sho without provocation. Wo want to re murk right hero that there is no botto or moro peaceable young man than Al .y Miller proved himself to bo in th nearly ton years residence of his nt Li Verne, He was a small boy whon hi camo horo, and was never known t drink or carouse or keep company wltl those who did. Wo aro very sorry fo tho Miller family in their affliction and hope that the fellow who shot Alii Miller and Deck Jones will got his jue deserts. Ho has boon hold to await th mooting of tho grand jury without bail Mr. Miller and son Henry havo re turned, and tho report that thoy wor among those who threatonod to lync Stingley is not true." Our readers will be interested in th full particulars. Tho Nows says: "Albert Miller and Mr. Jonos, wh woro Hying on Mr. Miller's farm abou throe inilos west of Codar Falls, won in company to Waterloo to got som threshing machine repairs, nnd o thoir return homo stopped a fow inln utes in Codar Falls. Thoy wore walk ing up Main street whon thoy mot noisy crowd of follows who appeared t be loaded up with 'budge,' and the both stopped off tho sidewalk to lot th crowd pass. Just at that timo Stingle came up and laid his hand on All Miller's arm and said ho wanted hin and at tho same timo showed his sta: Jones told Ally that Stingloy was deputy marshal and that ho would hav to go, but at tho suino timo ho too hold of Ally's arm and askod Stinglo what ho wanted Ally for, and said tha they wero on thoir way homo.- Stinf loy replied that it was none of his bus ness, and at tho samo timo hit an knocked Jonos down with his billy, an boforo ho could got on his foot he sho him twice und lulled him. Ally star od to run and ho fired at him, shootin him through tho fleshy part of tho icj Ho then turned and fired at a bystanc or, but did not hit him. Just what th fool intended to do seems uncortair and it seems to bo tho general opinio that he was a now man, just sworn : as marshal, and hearing tho noiso c tho crowd, ho thought tho boys wot engaged in tho disturbance, which wi not true, and whon Jones put his hnn on Ally's arm and asked him what 1 wanted it appears that he got scare and thought they wore going to rcsis and hauled off and hit Jonos with h billy." Tlio Proof That tho population of Kossuth count has very largely increased in tho pa* fow yours is evidenced by tho largo an constantly increasing trade at tho no Wigwam. That institution looks moi like some great jobbing houso thut soon in tho largo cities than an ordi ary retail establishment. Tho propri tor informs us that trudo has boon u usually largo tho present season.-Sl ONE box' choice butter crackers, 2 pounds, for ?1, at Townsond & Lang don's. ALL IN THE GARDEN STATE. Our Splendid Crop Yfolds-A r,ur Stock Donl-Tlio Itullotlns. It is now beyond question that Ion is again tho suro crop getter of th western states, and that in Iowa th northern part again leads. Alrcuc tho country is looking to us for ha; Three yours ago wo supplied tho who interior territory, and this year aga: wo aro likely to bo tho Egypt of ti west. Whilo for tho second or thii timo in Into years tho hay crop ha failed elsewhere, it is worthy of no that wot or dry wo havo never hod failure. It is equally worthy of not thut we havo never had a failure of at crop that was total, and never a partia failure of all crops at ono timo, whi! in stock tho prevailing health has boe unbroken. Tho dry weather that has burned other sections has given us ou best results, This your our hoy, ilux barley, and corn uro way up, and out and wheat aro but little short of a goo crop, This is tho timo to boom nortl orn Iowa, THRASHING MACHINE RETURNS. Tho largest flux yield yot heard o this season is reported by Frank Amo from near Sexton. Ho gots 20' bushel per aero, which sold at $1,18. Fla from several Holds threshed is runnin from 10 bushels up, J. B. Jonos reports a yield of oats o ono piece on ills farm of 50} bushels po aoro, Scott & Fay, on tho Ingham farm threshed 45 bushels of barley to th aero, A Bid STOCK PURCHASE. John G. Smith wont to Wavorly, Mon day, to assist Bin-net Dovino in u doa by which ho gots 200 heud of two-yoat y old cattle, which ho will bring hero t food. Tho su upply of the bos hay und corn her tho ututo. TUB aOVKKNAlENT BULLETIN. WASHINGTON, Aug. lu,—Tho wouth or crop bulletin Buys: Tho drougli continues in South Dakota and tin woathor during tho past wcok has boon generally unfavorable, causing porma icnt injury to crops in uomo localities The frost in tho ourly part of the wool did little or no dumago. Tho woathoi conditions aro gonorally favorable, anc •osultcd in tho improvement of condi 'ions from Kansas und Nebraska oast vurd to Indiana, although moro ruin is locdcd. All crops uro Buffering ii Michigan, und corn has boon seriously njurod by tho continued dry 'wouthor STATE CROP REPORTS. For Iowa tho week's report is: Con s rapidly maturing, under moro favor .bio conditions than woro prevalent in Tuly. Luto potatoes and pasturage gl vo udlcations of recuperation. Throsh- tig shows gonorally u reduced yield o: mall grain. A luto Nebraska report is: Taken us v whole, Nebraska will furnish fully a ittlf yield, probably bettor us regards oroals, though the latter statamont must bo taken us contingent on late or urly frosts. Vegetables will bo scarce ind it is doubtful if enough potatoes lavo boon raised to supply homo con- umpUon, It is doubtful if much grain s shipped out, tho general expression f opinion being to ship in stock from ess favored ooatmuaitios igjd to dispose f the surplus ia that way. A good, eight rooms, cellar, Istern, etc, ' ,e»n o^Uer was not so vulutt- Sfyo»» took her ohoiao and " — 0 MAKH GOOD TEACttfiftS, Monday trtth the usual Attendance— The Hoster. Revised Course ofcfitudy tot th* Public Schools fcecentty Gotten Out by Prof. Dixson. The teachers' Institute opened Monay morning promptly at 6 o'clock, and do first day's enrollment reached 178. 'his makes It, in point of attendance, ne of the best ever held in tho county, nd in every other respect it promises ,o equal or surpass previous meetings. time was wasted in prelitnlnaries, xnd the teachers had hardly Said 1 good mdrning" until they were hurled into their respective rooms at the >ublio school building nnd the.exer- slsses began. Supt. Carey takes gen- ral supervision. Prof, Carroll, so well nnd favorably known at other insti- •utes, has oharge) Mrs, flich, Miss Goodroll, B. F, Reed, and Prof. Lum- mr give instructions in the various jranches in which work was laid out in Mss Carey's comprehensive outline of itudy. Tho forenoon is spent is divls- on work at the school building. In ;ho afternoon tho teachers moot in a jody at the Congregational church and .istento Prof. Carroll on physiology. Dwlttg to tho injury suffered by Mrs. Wolfe, her work is for tho time dropped. A special feature in tho institute, and one that will commend itself, is the work in physical culture in charge of Miss Goodroll. This work has for some time been fully recognized in tho colleges, and gymnastics and tho lighter exercises which give health, strength, and grace havo been steadily encouraged until there is now scarcely an institution which doosnotmnkoaspecinlty of physical culture. But tho common schools have not done as much, and in many cases even the common essentials to health, such as good drainage, proper light, etc., havo been neglected by school boards. Tho necessity for moro attention to those matters, however, is being recognized, and tho work in this Institute willprovo immensely beneficial. Miss Goodrell has taken vory thorough training in tho Dolsarto system and lighter gymnastics, and her work in tho state has boon vory highly praised. It will result in much valuable training in tho county through this institute. Tho next lecture of tho course will bo delivered noxt Tuesday evening, Aug. 20, by State Superintendent Sabin. Everyone should bo present. Following is tho total enrollment of yesterday: Algona— Rose Plumloy, D. II. Sotcholl, Edith Whoclook, Ed. L. Mantor, Mrs. Willlatnaou, Lucy Cnulkins, Jessie Nowcomb, Calcutta Hoed, Remi Lacy, Mny McDoruiot, Alum Crouholm, Carrie Colburn, Muy Colburti, Florouco Spear, Anna Altwcgff, Loulo Altwcsff, Dolin E. Hood, Jonuio Pcttibono, Josio Pottibono, A. A. Sifert, Corn WiBO. C. F. Dulcor, Lutio J. Wallnco, Nollio A. Purr, Maud A. Smith, C. M. Wesson, Corn M. Hlbbard, Dorc Wobor, Nottlo L. Hull, Edith Cull, L. M. Hot-ton, Mttinlo L. Kennedy, Ella Bonla. Hose- Paino, Ellu Hopkins, IJcrihn Hopkins, Eunnu Henderson, Liiuru Gilbert, Mnttio Bukor, Uilsborough, Stella Hudson, Sndlo Patterson, Vornon Tubbs, Emma Gilbert, Brita \VcBtcrborg, Dan Pi-att, J. A. Freeh, Will. Bowon, Einma Adolphson, Gertrude Wheolock, Sarah M. WhltUold, Julia M. Tollior, Viola M. Jonos, Walter Frnser, Mnmio E. Gilbriclo, Stolla W. Cieary, Anna Hamilton, Libblo Gilbrido, Emma Walker, Knto N. Smith, Nannie B. Hill, Anna Johnson, Marguerite Purr, Mary Johnson, Grace Young, Fay Rood. Carrie Johnson, Hattlo Scnryver, Ella Nowcomb, Laurn Tonnant, C. Nelson, HOBO Holinan, Nellio Mulllca, Maggie A. Wlukel, Ada C. Adams, Emma Lehman, Blanche E. Henley, Jennio Thompson, Daisy liiobhoff, Nollio Salisbury, Jonnlo Batloy, Eva Whitney, Esther Adolphson, Annu Mclnroo, Anna Lundst rom, Bortha Holso, Maggio Stewart, Minnio Shadle, Myra Clilpnmn, Clara Burroughs, May King, Cora Hauna. Martha Bonn, Whlttcmoro— Lorcna Thompson, Stanley Moore, eWfhtfy. Mr. Tups* tells n9 the whoTe fcale amounted to|M5, and It 16 S~af6 to fiat that ribbons never went at cheaper prices. We learn that other special sales at cut prices will be made to meet the fall trade, and if people want to get specialties cheap they will watch fer announcements and at least visit the Taylor store. Tftylor'S Cli-citS 1* Coming. Tho Nebraska City Press says .• Taylor's circus josterday afternoon played to a good audience notwithstanding the weather was very threatening and before the entertainment was over it rained quite hard. The show Is a good one and gives the beat at Satisfaction to those Who saw it. They hate some Acts that neither Baruum nor Foret ve a clean was filled nlce-looHnpr lot of people and i' show. In the evening tho tent with an enthusiastic audience, fmd When the Fnrnnm brothers, acrobats, Chas. Watson, hurdle rides, and Mmo. Nelson made their appearance, they were greeted with loud applause. No drcua ever gave a better or neater entertainment in our city, atic when the price la taken, tnio consideration one wonders how Taylor can afford It. Mr Taylor can roat assured that Nebraska Cltj will always welcome him with a full house Will exhibit at AlffOho,, Thursdoy, Aug. 28 FEOM THE COUNTY TOWNS. WESLEY, Aug. 19.—Spocin.1: Reccn showers havo bucn much enjoyed, nn< they havo revived Iho pastures and nc doubt will help corn to mature. Prof. Plutt of LuVorno and Ooo. E Boyle woro in town ono day last week S. S. Sessions was looking over town last Saturday with it view to somethini of a political nature. Our two warehouses aro open an ready to receive anything that ma; como to town in their line. Grain i coming to town slowly. The farmer nre busy haying (ind will not tako lim to thresh at present. Prof. Gilclirist preached two ver able sermons horo Sunday, moruin and evening, to a full houso. This i tho last timo that ho will preach hero us ho is getting ready to take up hi college work at Sioux City. Brick chimneys scorn to bo all tb rage here just now. Sam. Plumloy 1 doing lots of work in that lino horo Tho carpenters aro busy finishing th inside work on the Kunz building. ] will not bo many days until Mr. Kun will bo nicely located and ready to d businosB-wll/h nil who como. E. K. Thomas has boon murketin quite a crop of apples lately which co: tainly aro vory nlco. They uro of h: own raising on his farm northwest ( Wosloy. Anyone seeing them can help but bo convinced that apples oa bo grown in this section of Iowa. Improvements aro going on all th time in our burg. Nick Studor ha bought tho J. C. Sanders property i Call s addition and has sot Andre Grain to finishing up tho house. Taj lor & Humo havo extended thoir cot houses somo moro, and also added a li tlo to tho north ond of thoir dry she< There woro two cars of caltlo and on of hogs shipped from hero to Chlcag last Saturday. Wesley is without a barber now, Go Nelson having taken up his effects tin gone to Bcltnond. Thoro is a goo opening hero for somo good, wid awuko follow to do a good business : tho tonsorinl line. Cora Clark, Mlnnio Newman, Arthur Carlisle, Nanlo O'Brien, Anna Hayes, Jounio E. Angus, May Cooko, Abbio M. Goodwin, Lotta Bartlett, Sadio Taylor, Corwlth— Blue Earth City- Bancroft— Alice Farvour, Mary Morgan, Carrie Soronson, Mnttlo Warner, Edward Gray, Annie Haydeen, Thos. Gannon, Livormore— St. Joseph— Aggie Struck, Irviugton— Llbbio M. Dunn, Emma Hodges, Addle Sample, Sadie Dunn, Laura Parsons, LuVoruo— Lottie Cumin, Flora Stoddurd, Fonton— Edna Ttbbitta, Anglo Mooro, Wosloy— • Lottio Thomas, Traelo Kornun, Liona Hopkins, Mary Kennedy, Edith Chaplu, Laura Fluok, Bridget E. Coagrovo, Sweu— Bonocu— Sadie Fish, Sylvia M. Fish, Gazollo Aluoru, Hamsay— Annu Wolhouson, C. B. Paul, MaudThompaon, Cora Bixby, Zora Newman, Louise Falrburu, Eliza Chrlschlllos, Josephine Liddy. Mildred Taylor, Emina L. Jain, Edith Wagner, Emma Hutchinson, Clara Grover.. Florence Thompson. Caroline Woaloy. Myrtle Hunt, Winnie B. Gannon, Mamie Taylor, Ida Hunt, Sarah Pack, Mary Lingo. Carrie Smith. Mary Stewart. Hitttlo A. Henth, Etta L. Smith. Sadio McCIellan, Boaalo Dodge, Eatolla L. Brooks. Elsio Packard. Mary Kunnoy, Lottie Thomas, Anna Ward, Hunna Keller, Luetto E. Ward, Anna Longbottom, Esther Kornun. MolliaBorgstrom. Edith Fish, Minnie Conon. IIIVINQTON, Aug. 10.—A food, r freshing shower last night wim voi thankfully received. Me 1 . Barton of Lu Vorno shipped cur of hogs from hero last night. A big smile is soon on tho face of .In Leuvy those days, and tho boys in smoking an extra clgur, all on nccou of a now section boss, who dates fro tho loth und weighed 10 pounds. Our goninl station agont returno from his visit at Glad brook last Frida but wo notice ho hasn't lost any of h ambition and energy in tho fishing bu inoss. O. J. Olson's father camo up fro Story for a few duys yostorduy. A party was hold at Low Dunton last Friday evening. A good timo wi had by all. " Bob" Smith and O. J. O. woro 01 Sunday evening down near Lu Vorn to something—well, we'll louvo them toll, but it was quite lato when thoy r turned. Hay making and plowing aro tho o dor of tho day now. Marina Winter. THE OPENING LECTURE, A largo audionco was out lust ovon- ing to hour tho opening instituto loo- turo, Rov. Eugono Muy told of Switzerland and his ascent of tbo world- famed Mattorhorn, and prosontod a picture long to be remembered. The audionco spout a doiightful hour. A Now Course of Study. Prof. Dixson has spent a portion of bis vacation in preparing u vory doslr- iblo outline of tho course of study in tho high school department of tho pub- do schools. None has boon prepared sinco tho schools first bocamo organ- nod, and many changes havo boon mudo from tho original outlina then n-lntod. Tho high school courso which usts four yours begins with arithmetic, grammar, und tho Knglish brunches, ind carries tho student through goom- )try, ustronoiny, botuuy, rhetoric, and, f ho choosos, Latin as far as Cicero's orations. In general tho following ro- juiroments aro made besides Iho rogu- ur studios: Ortliogruiiliy dally. Penmanship throe Imoa a wook. Reading once a wook. Es- uys and recitations uro required from each lupil lu the uluth aud tenth grades, once iuuh mouth. Tho eleventh uud twelfth grades uro required to form a society which hall moot every, two weeks. Eaeh uioni- jor takes part lu ovory progrummo, which xmulsts of readings, recitations, essays uud rations, short extemporaneous spoochoB on urront tonics, etc. The sessions aro con- uotcd strictly according to parliamentary ulos, tho study of which is u part of tho uuinosB of tho society. Tho schools havo in late yours com- nondod themselves to ull for tho oxuol- inco and thoroughness of tho work hoy are doing, and tho scope of it can o learned by perusing ono of oursos of study. those TUore Was o Grout llviuli, Tho biggest rush' In Algona Saturday r as at Taylor's ribbon sale. The store •as full of Indies all day, over 1,000 ribbon o.f all elwis wout at the WJUttcinoro. WHITTEMOKE, Aug. 19.— Bourdma Bros, loaded a car of butter horo la wook for California. Tho Baptist society expects to lay tl foundation for thoir church soon. Tl Lutherans havo nearly §2,000 su scribed for a like pui-poso. Prof. Plutt, tho Valley News ma was a pleasant cnllor last Thursday. Honry Thompson and Col. Keepo took in tho musiculo at Clear Lako, an report a grout timo and lots of pcopl C. C. Sampson and wife went tho oth< way and camped with tho soldier boat Spirit Lake. Wiohlor & Hahn havo received a sc of scales for their hay business. Jos. Thompson, Myron Schonck, at: Mr. Hofius woro horo today appraisii; tho damages on tho road leading ini town from tho wosl. Win. Tlttoi-ington camo today wit his dogs, and tho snipo had best tako t tho woods. L. II. Sporan of Ruthvon in tho no tinner for J, M. Farley. Tho Ladies' Aid society moots wit Mrs. Chrischillos this week. Whittemoro markets: Outs, 2SCHi32 barley, 30@35c; flax, §1.20@1.21;lii §3.20@3.30. News, 15: Tho grain market horo i LuVorno is having a regular boom. C. G. Harrison of Tacoma, Wash., visiting- his brother, Postmaster Harr son, this wook. Mr. Harrison cam horo from Wisconsin, where ho ha boon visiting his parents nt his ol homo. Ho has boon a resident of Tact ma for iliroo yours, Mrs. Geo. W. I-Iannu und Musto Scott of this place and Mrs. O. C. MI Intpsh of Coldfiold loft on Tuesday fo Now York, whore thoy will visit'rolu lives. Thoy expect to bo gono sovora weeks. And now comoth dumo rumor with tulo to tho effect that our Smithy wi sturt a paper of his own at Goldflok It is only u rumor, but Smithy is a goo printer und there is no knowing whu may como to pass. Smithy, allow us t suggest that tho Goldliold Nuggo would bo u good name for tho sheet, llaiicraft. Register, Aug. 13: G. F. Hollowu und J, G, Edwurds got thoir heuds It gothor lust Monday and made a trad worth mentioning. George traded hi house und lots in south Bancroft for th Phoonix barn, and will take possossio whon ho vacates tho houso in a coup of months. In tho spring tho Phoenix will bo miido a sale stable, where farm ors euii buy und sell horse llosh to thoi heart's content. James Taylor has boon elected coun ty ehuirmuii of tho domocrutio commit too. All will admit that Mr. Taylor i u worker and if any man in tho county can load tho democratic hosts to victo ry it is James. Rumor hus it that whon E. L. Ward' timo is out, tho middle of September iu tho corner building tho room will bt occupied by G. R. Woodworth of Algo nu. Bancroft would like to secure sov oral such citizens us Mr. Woodworth und wo hope ho has decided to cast his fortune among us. TWENTY Ibs. choice butter crackers for $1 at Townsond & Lungdon's. REMEMBER wo close on tho 15th of September. Give us u call before thai date if you wish to bo benofltted. G. It. Woodworth. Itutes. For tlio Minnesota Stato fair, to bo hold ut Hanilluo, September 8 to 18, spoola! ox curslon tlukctu will bo sold by tho Chicago, Milwuukoo, & St. Paul Railway company to cither St. Paul or Minneapolis at one faro ono way for tho rouud trip, with 60 cquts uddod for admission coupon. For the Industrial exposition, to be Uold iu Minneapolis, August 87 to October 4, special excursion tickets will bo sold ut QUO f uro ptio way for tUo round trip, with, 25 couts added tor admission coupons. ' A Yiiru ou Al(:ou<i. "A U8««Uy voracious Algouiim/'says the Palo Alto R,opt»'ler, " is authority toy ttoo s,tqry that white thoy woro test- ieg tliftUf i°TO woU the ilow ol wtvtor woTteen took ft ve eel out of th6 pigs that weighed early three feet. P. S,—Its weight ay not have been stated in feet," JAS. A. ORB, painter, decorator, jnei- hanger, etc., solicits the patron- go of those who have Work in this line, nd § nnrantees sati8fn«tion.-2m6 WE shall keep a full line of staples to ill at cost until wo close. G. B. Wood worth. Hits td<jft la Exp1«de<l Long Ags. A groat fflany have tho Idea that to cttb larrhoea, fllux, or colic pains, the medicine must contain cariiphor, capsicum, land- trum, and such other strong drugs, but Dr. T. W. Wood's Blackberry Carminative has xploded this idea. It contains nothing* of ho kind/ and Is the most potent medtdno n use. Bold by L. A. Shcetz.-21tfl A f OWM- of Glory 70 Pcdt tilgti, And covered with 7,600 Incandescent lamps a one of the features at the Minneapolis 8*poslt!on, which opens Aug. 27 and closes Jet. 4. This will be tho most dazzling Iglitlng spectacle ever witnessed. The electrical display Includes the Edison ex- ilblt from tho Paris Exposition of 1889 and the Thompson electric welding apparatus In operation. Pain's "LnstDaysofPompoll," the most wonderful pyrotechnic display ovor mvdo, will be given at tho Exposition every evening from Aug. 27 to Sept. 18. Ail. persons owing G. R. Woodworth must settle before the 1st of September. i-cold water out of the rod t>p..'i'el; then buy your groceries at the Cuah Store. Rock salt cannot bo beat for stock, 75 cents per hundred at Townsend & Langdon's. A llcimu'knlilo Ilcncnn, Mis. Mlcliocl Ciirtln, Plalnfleld, If., mnkcs the statement that she caught cold, wh'ch settled on her lungs; she was trottted for a month by her rnmllj phrs'.clnn. but grew norse. lie told her she wns a Ao/xAra vMiiu qfeon-MMpf-an, nnd that no medicine could cure her, Her druggist suggested DC. K'HR'S New Discovery >or Consumption; she bougut n bottlo, nml to he' dellglit fouml liemelf benelltied from the llrst dose. She continued Its use, nnd fitter tuklng ten bottles found herself Bound and well, now does her own houtmvorlt and Is PS well ns she ever was. Jfree ttlnl bottles of thRQreal Discovery nt f'. A. Bhec,.:' drug Blo-e. La £e boit'en 50c ami one ilo!'nr, Z and on EGOS WANTED. At 12 oeiits per db^eii* at Townsend & Landon's I . All kinds of 5c Yeast for 03 Soda per pkg Axle Grease per box. 06 Lewis Lye per box v to Gloss Starch per pound...' 05 Clothes Pins per doz bi Remember We are Agents for Rock Salt. 53P" If We can fit you with a pair of Shoes or Boots, we will sell them cheap. Come and see Us. TOWNSEND & LANG-DON, Happy Hooslers. Wm. Tlmmong. postmaster or Idarlile, w-ltes: " Electric Bitters lias done moro forme than all other medicines combined, for that bad reeling o Jslng from kidney nnd liver Ironb'e." .Toliii Losllo, Iiinncr and xtockmnn, of same place, fliiyn: "Find Klccli'lo Bittern to be the best kidney and liver medicine; It nntuo me feel like a new num." J. W, Gardner, hardware merchant, name town, Bays: "Electric Diners la.Junt tho tliltmror n man who Is all run down and ilon't cure whether he litres or dies." Ho round netv Htreiigcli, good ntipetlte, and I'elt lust like he had a new lease ot IKo. Onlr no cents u boltle ut tue d;ng bio.'e ot L. A. Slieelz, 2 Miles' Nerve and Liver I'llln. An Important discovery; they net on the liver, stomach, and bowels through the nerves. A new principle. They Bpecdlly euro biliousness, bad taste, torpid liver, jilles and constipation. Splendid for men, women, nnd children. Smallest, mildest, stires). Thirty doses lor '2f> cents. Samples free at P. W, Ulngley's. * WAIT FOR THE BIG SHOW! IF 1 . T. T-A-TTI-OIEB'S . GREAT AMERICAN Huge World's ftftuseum, CARAVAN AND ROCK salt goes thi-eo or four times na fr,v as common. Buy it at tho Cash Stovo, 75 cants per hundred. DRIED fruit of nil kinds cheap ut tho Cash Store. A FEW bolts of JumoBtown goods will bo uold at 10o per yard. Call in tine. G. R. Woodworth. A FUESH box of Germ Meal wiifoi-s just received ot tho Cash Store. Try them. Illllon! Why do you pay such high prices for Hour, when you can got it good enough for tho Queen or President Harrison at SI per sack, warranted at J. J. Wilson's?—1518 TRY Townsond & Langdon's flour, 51 per suck. TRY n box of thoso choice crackers, 20 Ibs. for Sl,'nt Townsond & Langdon's. To tlio State Pair. Tho Milwaukee road will soil tickets to tho nearest Junction point at one faro for tho round trip. Prom Aug. 18-22 will soil tickets to Spirit Lako ono faro for tho round trip. May Thank Her Stars. The navrow escape of Jlra. B. M. Scarles of Elk- liarl, Inn., from a inemature death Is wonderful. She 8tmen that " Tor lit) years my heart troubled megreutljr. 1 became worso; hud nmotherlng spells, abort breath, fluttering; could not sleep on my left side, hud nmdi |u'm lu breast, shoulder, and stomach; nuUles swelled; had much headache aad dlzzl/iess; treatment did me no good until I tried Dr. M'les' New Heart Cure and Restorative Nervine. Tho (list bottle helped me and I was soon virtually cui-eJ, For pale nt P. W. DlDgler's drug store, A, gona. A line boo'.; on tl:o heart and nerves, free. • 4 Jack the Ripper. The excllement caused by this Inhuman mons- »ler Is scarcely equaled by that produced by the tsroat discovery of Dr. Miles—the Restorative Ner- vine. H speedily cures nervous prostration, change of life, pain, dullness and confusion :n head, (Us, sleeplessness, the b'ues, neuralgia, palpitation, monthly pains, etc. Mr. John a. Wolf, drueglst, of Hlllsdule, Mich.; Tulhott & Moss of Urecnsburg, Ind., and A. IV. Blnckuurti of Wooster, Ohio, say thut " the Nervine sells better than anything wo ever sold, anil gives universal satisfaction." Dr. Miles'new Illustrated treatise on the Nerves and and Heart, and trim bottlo free ut F. W. Dlngler's drugstore, «4 liucklcn's Arnica Salve. The best salve In the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever notes, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and all skin erup tlons, and positively cures plies or no pay required. U l« guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25o per box. Sold by L. A. Shoetz. THE CASE IN A NUTSHEI,U. When Baby was sick we gave her Castorla, When she was a child she cried for Castorla, When sho became Miss she clung to Custorlu, When she had Children she gave them Custorlu. WILL EXHIBIT AT Algona, on Thursday, August 28. AFTERNOON AND EVENING. That we give the best Circus Performance ever _ : _ seen j n the west. — :— Fifty Star Performers. 5 Funny Clot ns A show to tulk about and think ab'out. Tho greatest number of great favorites over as- Bomblod under canvas. A great holiday ol' rest mid recreation for everyone. Wo guarantee to all a moat enjoyable, morul, refined, and artistic entertainment. A Temple Towering Giant of the Desert! The largest brute that breathes. Earth, sky, Iruifl, and sea contribute to our rare collection of wild und living wonders. MOLOCK, THE EQUINE GIANT! And tho biggest of a lino of towering ancestry- His stately and perfect flguro measuring 21 HANDS HIGH, and his momentous greatness poising at 2,650 POUNDS. Tho Russian monarch was born at Moscow, is but n colt, and is still growing. None should fail to see this monster equine. V Crimsoned with the radiant lustre of tho noonday sun. A street parade of glittering' splendor, noblo kuigbts and warriors. Ladies fair on prancing horses. Hugo Camels lod by their native keepers. Dens and vans containing wild and ferocious boasts. Blooded horsas from Arabia. English und Kentucky smallest Shetland ponies. Bauds of music filling: tho air with melody. It is the Cheapest Fuel. Tho undersigned will clear off a largo tract of timber for pasture, mid If ordered by Nov. 1 will deliver at your door good straight, 4-foot Soft Wood at - $3.00 per Cord, Hard-wood, hickory, and second-growth Oak Wood at - $4,50 per Cord, and stova wood of any length proiiortlouatoly cheap. Dry wood at my house how, at sumo price. Ilody stovo wood at Jl.rx) per cord. AMBROSE A. GALL At 1 o'clock. Soo tho perilous trip to the clouds. TWO PERFORMANCES DAILY, RAIN OR SHINE! Doors open nt 1 nnd 7 p. m. Performance commences ono hour later. Do not lot othi advertisements mislead you; we never disappoint. Admission to Both Circus and Menagerie Only 25 Gents, AUCTIONEER. D. A. HAGGARD Will cry city and farm property, make collection etc. All business of a private nature will be strictly confidential. Olllco with If, If. Taylor, over Annls Bros. DR. L, A, SHEETZ, tiottth Sidtt of Broadway Whlttemoro, • Iowa. Dealer 111 DRUGS AND MEDICINES tfullassortment always on baud, of Drugs, Mod olnos, and pure liquors lor medicinal purposes only. Books aud stationery. c. 31,, Real Estate Agent AlKOna, lowu. Lands bougbt and sold ou con mission. Special attention given to care und sal of rial estate In Kossuth and adjoining countle lor uoii-resldoutti. Agent for tho German Insu ance com imuy, of Freeport, 111. Passage tlckete t unit troin the old countries sold ut lowest rates. DOU YOU WANT THE NOTIONS, Boots and Shoes, Boys' und Men's Uoadr-Mude OONFKOTIOJJJ5BY, Wood end WHIpw 1'ioJuw tivtou to excimmio for, pooOn. Most surely you do If you have ueed for any a all. Tliou remember that you cau Hud them at tho Upper Des Moines Office, WE KEEP ON HAND Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, boat lu USD,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, Nqles, etc,, Forea.leUi any quantity desired, wjaataiuoi^t short UD.WO A good Improved farm In Holt county, Nebraska IVi mile from town. Ilunulng water on farm. Also one of ino acres In I'hllllps county, Kansas, '2i,(j miles from railway stailon. Apple und peach orchard, hedge fence around house anU-aow. clutrd. faome timber and running water on. farm, (10 acres fenced lu pasture. A good Uiliis iw the right num. Come nnd see me. 42 M. L. CL.UJKE. Algomi, lomi. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Sealed bids for the furnishing of all material and constructing a system of water works lu tho city of Algona, Iowa, will be received at the office of the city clerk until 13 o'clock m September 1, 181)0. Plans and speolrloatlous will be ou Illo at tho city clerk's otllce ou auil after Augugt 16, 1800. Each bid to bo ac- compiiuled with a certified chock to th» amount- of faoo, us a guarantee thut the Buvwssrui bidder will enter into u contract with said city. The right is reserved to reject any and all bids. lllfrl W. IS. QUAHTON, City Olerk. G KKAT ntGNCH ItEMKDV.-Dr. te Duo's periodical pills from Purls, France, act only upon the generative organs In females and positively euro suppression of the menses (from whatever cause) aud ull periodical troubles peculiar to womeu. A safe, reliable remedy, warranted to excite menstruation, or mouey refunded. Should not be used durina l»;egnauey. Tho largo proportion of the ills to which ladlos are subject Is the direct result of a disordered and Irregular menstruation. Ask vny druggist for them. American Pill Co,, bnencor, lu. L. A. Shoetz, supply agent, Algo^ ua, In. JJ. Uosworth & Sou, MllwauTcee i Hoot. Steveusou & Co., Chicago, wholesale agents. gl-IOlU-PORM MOBTGAQE$- Tlie best for chattel work. Always lu slock at the Upper Des Monies eoiee. It Uus 'wmwnontl.v gun ess, it you \uivn [iixiiuuultorYV oma. tiiiuli us (\>n;>,'h, Uidu'uli U'Ottllilujr, A'!'., ilcm't iKiltiv. Ill) n&Q'B cU|U£ FO« wnvHUAtFj

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