The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 20, 1890 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1890
Page 3
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STOfct* the barrels of fc you foresee any dan- said Yegor, casting mppHcatlng her tie from the eyes of the "=", mure wui no one more of Si. Thlg «*n has no guide; he ea» go In our COM- M8B&£JO*& &£&£$£ fe?ALtw*» w «a«d started j aftor having "-franced cautiously; htt * er ' ln the direction ce h«d concealed hlT He ""owed In ourfoot- .? ow el90 could ho ha™ s W8y1 ' Ytm ^ow how e roads are I" the the surround- m(Unt * inin S his caution, of the rel occupied at the ja th6 Ion- f«*r „„* •« "T 111 *'? * polofirfle. St. Lafleu* had purchased It at Aldanskoi. It WAS to be transported 8t first rolled tip ft the bottom of the enrt, tod afterwards fa the 1 h<S fonnd wUoh ' e trot Of a horse behind **,**A m * Surt>youraelf - 'Whoeve'r shnii we to fcaTifle you pain shall pay dearly for N«dege approached Yegor. "V Afffiftt H M«t,t«_. u ^.a _«_„ .... ln again tho on the , M* . His face was livid hfceyes wild and his legs bent beneath «™, 1 U * pered 8he < " If we ™*s to teount our ho»«s, could we not try toes- capef ' ''Impossible l» he answered, also ta a whis- ™!' ^ OV L?° iaf would not mak e himself our n <*ompUce,andwe should compromise overytning. "But, at least, dft not expose yourself I" «/»• without help I self I" l. ' murmured him-whith amounts to * 11 9uch ° P lnoe M this; But ho brought It on him! «T. only need* * «t«e gayety to render it charming, but a erforts to could not inspire 1™ M ber1 *' pMttfred ta * neighboring meadow. . e *ce-saw ttnder the mnlbefry tfVe. speech in urging tr$ to . "The bodies of three rnan *«»„ *n.^* FARM, fiOffi *H* tAN00FfrSfeD.To.Bfi. MUM *mteestt! nn.*r. An OW * > * AR nspAntsiD »A*S. *"' ~ J fto* e, "he People do not The chief of police, as we have seen, had escaped from Yegor, at the same time ae- qttWng convincing proof that the trip to Aldanskoi was but the first step fa an escape across Siberia. face of his cap was you ve tv-aftcd so mnuy months for the flrs,t day of our liberation to obev a summons without resistance I Do vou know What would await mo-what would await you-unfler such circumstances) I must Hither deliver up or defend both our lives!' OH 'P° fend OUr lives ! B ^ whllt moaos, Ycg "fiy every means I" answeiod tho latter He again gazed at the horseman and added • "ItlsYennaoi-itis, Indeed, tho chief of police. He is following us. I thought he hadfoi«ottei,ibut.toa man of his , llou u aeath alone brings forgetfulnoss." How you frighten mo I" murmured the ft m ,!^' 1 k esrorl whnt baTe y" 11 flone, 1 * murmured she, oti opening her eyes. And she gently repulsed the young man It was for you I" cried Yegor and your brother-two lives I If Besides, the shattered evidence sufficient to r6duloU9thttt a orim , aad6 ' lor ^y should or's secretary have tried to take fl rts bold And frno; hie ihade of the mnbBrry tree. cherished .e »•*.» an.fef-fhTm'nibl'r'^tSr As soon as he could safely quit his hiding. place, Yermao searched for his horse. He . Ah I it Is because I lovo you uml wish to sepnmto us !" "Yegor, I supplicate you— vou I" they y - , •-• -^ H) UOf no i nti LI in-.-- i r n sUc "«> painful for both /' "r- Amount vour horso, "he answered. saddle. 116 aided WS C0 " lpnnlt " 1 to *WUn hot boH b a tJl°,, J! nf 'f St T' 1 fra ai Ws leather bolt a teal and n fen-duck suspended by tho who hnd gone bended that the animal had been abandoned. 5°JnT U k B ' W u t in tho di9ta noe, wandering at will. Now it approached hhn, and Son of fen",. 7 aW8y M " U " der th ° ^fluon™ l??^ 0 ™ * °. vertnka !*. b«t his strength ' had n t ,f 1) ,,, s . » brought with him only a few pounds of euit, but even this slight supply O and "I will do alt I can to put what I owe vc _ accord with what I owe h - wanity. If I were a common would submit at the sight it B gendarme,odious l " uot ' ont mn ». the victim of on LllT 5 th ,° riBht °" my siclo '"'< Pol-hap^, 0 ] am the stronger I" ) nlone was yet outing the ro- the teal. Ho was down-in r with a tap tol appetite the morsels which the travelers appeared to have abandoned. Al the same time, ho took copious draughts of Jtoumis and brandy. ti,y e f? r , wns uot d'ooolwicl. It was. indeed, thochiofof police who was nppronching and it was not chance that had put him on the track of the fugitives. For a long while, "very time tho governor's som-t-irv loft H ™ k> . h ° h " a causod hinl t(> ljt tollo w- ea. This time, his habitual suspicious hud assumed such proportions that ho li-id de- oiaea not to coufldo the task to anvbn Iv but himself. ' • ' ^ ou ho learned that the cxilo Inid quil> tea tho seat of government with his betrothed, preceded by Davidoff's adopted son and M. Lafleur, ho felt assured that it was with tttomtoutiou of not returning. Ho wished to have the cruel satisfaction of arrostiii" ,T™vi imSOlfiu his fligllt - Neither hatred nor the i-oinembrance of the affront put upon him actuated Ycvmao. Ho had a hi^r in™ 0 ! TO ;... Ho co " 5ldor( "l himself tho instrument of the law and was obeying the harsh ooiijjations of duty. "Take those fowls, "said ho lotus bo going!" "But thlshorsorsnld tho Ing to tho anir "Tho horse "And now gnldo, point- 3 nnlnnil of tho traveler left behind •orsof Sotitfrae. Itwillnotstrnv master will rejoin us prosontlv. saddle. Tho recovery of tho animal therefore, mi imperative necessity, Happily, tho horso eventually recojmizod tta master and ran to him. But the full Uvos had now more than throo hours' start of him. However, tho chief of police ro. solved to continue his pursuit of them. Onci ^ would P" 0 "™- thoughthe, Tlio little party stnrtoj. The iraido va •umed his totorrupto.1 clmnt, aud Yormac' 0rab ': UO " Ud UI)0n tlh ° "• >th - nftor hav nostrils to snufr tho not belp ex " ''Poorinan-nnd wrstc-hocl Yegor I" added his companion. 4 CUAI> ™1 Vll.—TUB MirilDEHOtJS HOOK. •AVhei-o is tho next relay station 1" asked Yogorof tho guide. '•At Mloui-d," answered tho latter; "but, oororo reaching it, wo will Und a vourte iff- which to pus, .the night." very good," Sl i!d Yegor. The road g-r ml . loss nnd loss marked. Tho nrnl 6 , ,"', OI ' e '•° m P° llo '3 to BO around num- oera of miniature lakes bordered with larch troos which ,-overod their steep banks. Wm^ iJl ff 1 ' 1 ' 0111 timo to Ulnfl «« ""sure Wmself that they were not pursued by the chief of police. Nadogo no longer feared the latter whom she believed dead; but the manner of his deatli caused her to imagine a thousand dangers in every direc- nf +!*„ „ II , --0-- ^w "**unn uuu UUVOlTlOr Cossacto eSOttPB ' n " d " Sk f ° r " S9Uua of Lot us return to_ the fugitives nnd tho ""J^wau^vho was aiding them. tnour »' rest, they resumed They found only marshes M, r™. ; ff 1 " 00 " Srrass and hills became ram. The sky clouded; snow foll-tho first of the autumn-aud tho thermometer sank to two degrees below EOTO. Whoa they gain erected their tent, they wore forced to light a fire Afar off. in tho narrow valleys D tar? V ? I ' kh ": Y ' msl£ Mountains, they hoard ntorrent roaring. T ho next day they ford- This operation was not effected without considerable fatigue j the banks of tho tor- rant were encumbered with up-rooted trees and enormous blocks of stono precipitated from the noighboriuirhabrhts But nf i».f they were out of the marsWand wore apt proachingtho Verkho-Yansk chain. Oneo there, they would bo safe I As they advanced, tho forests, rare nt Orst, were more froqueatly mot. In them the-poplar trees grow to an enormous size anil upon tho drv lauds a\mvt ..«,i-~- _.<„ Drteln The iJANGEtt SnoAt A Tet-rlbte S*nm|.i* of Pahlshment lor Mntlneerlnff. RollfSLV^'^^^W This was the awful order 1 once heard given when I was a boy on an American eternity. No parson who has never wit- fraction of the 8olemnity a wh1oh?u n rrou T nd9 it. Ihe death penalty has been invoked, but very few times within tho history of the United States navy. It is one of those rare events that are too liable to be shrouded in mystery and covered with in- J."v.!. ce ;.! rh J?!!. !ni S l ! co T nervousness mis- i witnessed in West India waters might readily be called the harshest of names without an infraction of the truth. But it was aono in the name of discipline" „"] while it did not receive tho sanction of were allowed iisass^ that Would be severely nnniali^ "" lnonc J r > IfHilliil |§|SSiS nessedl WhyThe"cVtai!, ^' e ™ *? after night to commit fhnon !,«,??„!? i "!?, the A. latirl &nchflnt<Jd. Sncti h* (him™* I *'l ft «?'%"»«, *">W K?3S& cific- ^SSlfS?€?^°^ * • I wlv ^"SSSS!" 1 ' The" ft?r™ h " 0 - I "- nslc evef *"*• I for ovSi* twenty YSJ -^ h^nginebntogc %J»re8i; until I went. 'Twisb I hadn't. years and something kept '" h £ r W iD - l*»Wn? Well, I went, and I " ls » matter of tradition In Jatmft tlmt * nn ° n , "'."A'""™ when tffiK ta to MUM i' n d ?f"'-* Wrlte hlm "out it bold by Druggists, TBc. „„•*•. b >", "st recently for the Kh»rko# I Cathedral contains 68 per cent, of sort ?"ft !.' * e 'e lis «« Engll.h ponaVtad its vibrations last seterU mlnntiii. | "" "•'""'_'.•• ^•?i-..'»_t.'f."'.-ij_i«!. Cigar. ,,,;,!i."i!l "M 1 ?' 1 .!"!."'?. In .« Kansas town re t0 8pUrS aad wou ' d foil » Hung over Used-to-be, •ffifr^^$?3*j& don t come in six months I pay on - " he ;,' .'jjjgOT d ° n 'V eajs Charley. People In England have now ' I'ly^coreSlck-JJesdadHj. pay on the last •£Sofofe?;»«-^ asaInt te Goodlfewif o rs'r °i d •. s«:f .4» tM" much Ieft of »&„ Mltf ^C JIuttoii grown in six "r ' consume "Where's old Kit the crowd. > mai !' of says I to come " great be hange In 1 woman's life brings pe Weaknesses and ailments. Pierce's Favorite P*es6fipti3 brings relief aid cure. It igf powerful, invigorating, festbrai tonic and nervine. It imn strength to the whole systeta « general, and to the uterine orgatt and appendages m partibuld .. . vor, labor, 1 illed with the "u," i h usage, as favour, if to t lltlllOl BU1I ' B ' Don't lot .... safe and yet so sure.' Tho ajrophor .Germany ot lories of Eiij an annnriitiiH , pn ! B .» n °w Invention from '^ t . I . m .?.?, r . t ? n S? '" '"Xllle fac Iti 8 sea. ... sailor, who was .„„ a , r , n . nb °ut an eKperience at Jou see, he ran on, "we wnrn mn'l ing from Liberia to the United State™ and were keeping a.harp lookout for '.Uvo traders. Ours was a sort of training shin for midshipmen, not like those TO havein these day,; but one that in those early days was regarded as. fit for educating vn.Z! the distance." tf 0 one quite satisfied with the proceeding fnr two years of age without paying nnvthin^ In comparison with tho cost oSork won' erly grown on ironrl ^ln,,o, ..'r"™ 1 P r °P: shot says They hanged him d him, I said.' i'H'ejstoloiig.thuniifc." It"i J 8 VOIDOS in was for ^^^i^S^— .?, ro b w7imrdly more thiTbahles, wort '" " the llJinlahef^eTlifHo'mo^Zrhun: S±«ffl^oy« £ «=o«o?afe-&^^- ship ]IAI •* **" O 1 " 11 '* " difference, but still it ji lambfl. B in not so much wvor of the repttrin larch tree. " f tho haltei1 ' Yem> ' M dls so and fastened it to a . Ho advanced towards Yegor who arose at his approach. ,mfl?" t ^ r " littl0 trip ' Monsloui- Some- npflj' said he, with a smile on his lips. It was not an affected, hypocrithv.l smile, ' Sm ° f In '° Ud 8ntiar " llt '°» "'"' »"' tho young me that wo "'»> U1>on ll t °- lnor - for n little trip, as you si-a," an- Yogor. "And hero is a young and charming Indv,' continued the chief of polk-o. Nadege, "who fears neither wrotoiiod roads nor dangerous accidents." lurn" dCKe b ° Wed ' * n ' owin !- r wl «nJ l>alo by "Wo are going to Aldanskoi," sutd Yo-or vnth nssumoil carolessiios? "Aly botri'fi- ed aud I desire to get SOUP ,de, of that part of the country, with whi.:h w .i nro acquainted only through the vague accounts—" .VfaUU Ul. ^,,'.'? f 4. t '! e , m , el ' ehilnt!i who frequent the Yak- outek fair," interrupted tho chief, with a satirical meaning that did not escape Yog- or. I also am going to Aldanskoi," added J26. oxclalnlotl in "My sole vexation is that / know the way only by this directlou-coiisfcintly follow the light bank of the Lena." The chief of police, bavins own horse with him, was not escorted tho guide furnished at each relay stutioi Yegor had every interest in 'not lottin- this man, in uho-n l, e S i« .,„'; foe, outwit him; the contrary would expose h ' n ' to l)l>ln fe' "topped Ho, the, ofm e, im ,t ed him to protit by his guide as far uS tho brought his by "Are wo very far from Aldanskoi i" she asked, from hour to hour. ."Courage, dearest," man. "The guide assu see the Aldan and row." The fugitives passed tho night in tho yourte designated by the guide. While they slept m-apped in-the coverings they had brought with them, tho guide kept up a fire ; which had been kindled in tho centre of this rude habitation of nomads Ayourtoisuhutin the form of n truncated pyramid; it consists of a slight frame covered with dry grass and bits of turf In that occupied by tho travelers wore two small windows closed, in lieu of glass by transparent strips of fish bladder Tho floor of the yourto was throo feet below the surrounding ground. Wide benches, which might servo as beds, stretched along tho walls The Inhabitants of tho yourte had doubtless, temporarily abandoned it to live beneath a teut. Very early iu the morning, the travelers reached Mioure. It is a basin several square miles in extent, a dried up ancient lake full of excellent pasture fields and yet containing a number of ponds well stocked with ash. They encountered there a large vil- agc formed of yourtes, over which towered thobelfrysoftwo churches. It possessed animation and life, which contrasted strongly with the silence of the solitudes traversed by the fugitives. In the village streets ran vii" .u, h , -03 of horses The inhabitants demo ttoisolves to cattle raising and Minure The reltt y 8 t««"n was at edhM dwarf codars gled with birches and iirs. l n lh o ,n rt M U °r n° re9tS ' hoatl '-< : »«l« and M. Lafleur und last- abounded, little Ladislas who was a capital shot, hunted them with sue- COS3. At length, tho passage of tho formidable chain of mountains was begun. The „,„" blow, that day, with violence and increased the difficulties of the undertaking. i ho cart mado its way toilsomely among the^fragments of rock which strewed tho narrow road. Tho ascent of tho rugged slopes was dangerous in the extreme. The travelers wound about enormous masses of black rook entirely bare, the summits of hun- nover dreamed that brewing, until one but no trouble lute in Ten Jinking. ! tea the water to bo used LONDON, Eng. — One seventy-five deaths ore cholera ir. Mecca. "Run-dowV debilitated and deM oate women need it. It's a legitj mate medicinei— purely vegetalll perfectly harmless. It's guaranteed to give satisfaction in every case 61 money refunded. Nothing else doell as much. You only pay for the! good you get. Can you ask moref As a regulator and promoter fcnctional action, at that critical period of change from girlhood t womanhood, "Favorite Preso-'t: tion" is a perfectly safe reraedia agent, and can produce only goo esults. It is equally efficacious al valuable in its effects when take for those disorders and derange*:! ments incident to that later an*-! most critical period, known as " Thai Changpof Life." 4 POZZONPS POWDWRT shi l'. bo wd is from streaks f^eTttlecond" 1 ^ solemn faces of t| ie ; c hero nnd there as if in victim to receive the lost As I said, tho upon the then shift some new the leaves pour a small D"Did a jury convictilum?" A jury did it." 'That settles, it. Who is that follow !«•/! Q 1 I settles, it. looking at me over there ?' sheriff. Warm I EWIS' -98 L 1 '°«<'« Ihe strongest aadyurest Lye^ made. Will make the l/'i perfumed Hard Soap in l!0 nunules ivitlimrt boiling. Iti» tne best for disinfecting sinks, cloKets, drains, wanhini h barrels, paints, etc. That is a de stationed at thro place every night at 6 ns back " 'Wo commit thin body totlio.lcop o us that there was any- nt onc ° mm ° th ° A " hl i? ds leave the quarter deok ' tl10 Ke " ral rul ° on shi board " There wiw mt| 0 night, Won I nv an elbow formed by tho rocks which would enable Nadogo and little Ladies to rest ror a few instants sheltorad ' blast and to strength, party halted trees, While the young girl and hor brother took some provisions from tho sacks, Yegor M M^S?* th6 Y ' lkOUt ° Tok<;i SC "1 0(1 ' »e «±f ° f ,' he m °, u '. ltal ? to "'"Ke observations. » gather a fresh supply of This advico was adopted anJ the W0ro tled wore ordered every man at the guns stood fat Tn second came the peVemptory ordw. All hands forward of tho mainmast " "* Olt1 noticod thnfc a " th sleep on board . Dpon "these best infusion possible; repeat thi«T esss^Hss «.5o;.''XS;3'Si;s!i 1 f,,,'fe:f' l t^! Yes, thank you, I will. -JlO Hall's i he fu -Uivo:, took'fresh hoi-sos aud anew guide. A sort of soup was prepared for them composed of fish, milk, fat a few * Blld " g " Bt dBal of 1 "" :l1 f This proposition somewhat ustimish'od Yermac, but he affected to accept it with added'- 6 Pl °" SUre - Ho Banked the exile ami "Who would have thought, when we weroatthebDttomof tho Oukbmil shift that wo would again encounter each other on a fine September morning, among the marshes of the country of the Yukrmtcs!" H "Do not tnik of the mine," snH thu cixiln It recalls, to^my great confiis:oii. fuels' that I have bitterly i-ojfi-otlo], believe mo Monsieur!" ' "Wo will drop it, then," he sii.l, dryly and he colored. " l f>< Tho exile noticed that : ho uttered oi-d that could open tl ution. "I believed this road utterly unavailable fcr carriages," said Yormac. And he point ed to the traces of thu wheels of M. LaflourV hedirso' att ° nt!vcl - v wafhlug the exile a."I thought tho same," ho replied. "] Vehuve just breakfasted," continued ho, "on the, spoils of the ,-haso y ou see-teal killed h, the neighboring pond j .mn going to shoot another brace or two- they ' will bo better for our next meal tl ! not o t mistaken. . I0 i "nd, after having donn honor to this altogether local dish, they resumed their journey. Yegor was iu haste to reach Aidanskoij there only, on agata seeing the Parisian and Nadego's brother ho could recover a little quietude and that eonfldouc,.. now so necessary, which already had begun to abandon him. Tho roads wore wretched, and it was often requisite to shun dangerous marshes. At last they arrived at Aldarekoi and tho first thing they saw on tho i .{skirts of the little town was M. Laflour's cart Ladislas was watching it The child ran Joy^siy "to "And M. Laflour?" asked Nadego nnx- ously, after having warmly cjasped Ladislas against her heart. _ "Do you not hoari" said Ladislas. m!? a1n ?i sl ' borlufryourto ' tho sounds of a little violm were tilling with Joy and motion a half dozen young people of the district™ lads and lasses. M. Lafleur soon a moared upon the threshold, continuing to Z^ on his instrument. Between two moasmes ho gi^ped'Yegor's hand and gallantly kissed the tips of Nadege's fingers. The company to whom ho was ' sj'oh^olight did not wish to part wi They reached a narrow platform which the whistling wind swept over. Behind thorn, the side of tho mountain inclined menacmgy. Thick clouds floated abovo their heads and a torrent, the noise of which was brought to them at intervals by the blast, roared near at hand. From this culminating point, they saw aa It wore behind a suddenly riised curtain! the imposing chain of mountains .stretchmg as far as tho eye could reach, its axis running towards its frozen polo, amid vast soli tudes that could readily be imaglnld It" was as if tho gigantic waves of an ocean lashed by a tempest had been suddenly petrified and tho vertigo of a troubled puo had all at once put them again in mo- The aspoctof these massive portions of a tremendous frame, black with trees, with their lofty summits lot with snow their crystal glaciers packed between high slopes, their sombre don es often torn by the lightning, un d their steep ^accessible walls-all this saddened tho heart, froze the senses and troubled the And beneath tho dark sky stretching to infinity, the parallel chains and their 1«tort nvt/tnuir.iii.- .,„•*-!, il.~t__ . "•"•*» JUl-ClilJ that all the „„(„,] n v, i "n save one were conjrre gntcclabwt the captain in thn after mrf of the vessel. The absent midshipman H> iniuned at his post at the fore castle A inoment later another middy was sent by the captain to tell the boy that he desired of E, f WlH l '"'"• TI J° two lad9 - Sor or tiiem twenty years of age, walked nff together. The officers of the sTiip o oned n two ranks to receive them, an S immediately the commandant ordered thn "" ° ' P '"", n ^">, *>»«•«; tobe disarmed and put in irons Chip's crew knew of fficci later when two of its numbei ed ami double ironed. No t i ' ^f^X^K waves, although each one was separately in a hammock, with pound shot at its foot T-'- ni J. ne , ""in uvoweil thathosfcV' that bail boon executed anil'f t le »oa ^"Jjnjr^ovw Ihe. forccastio: any farm. horse is taught the fault of the a fence is a nuis- Alost frequently the " -"' habit by the STUXNEW HY A SCKATCH. ThoSlnpulni-Kxnorloiice of a Man on the Flolil of Buttle. "I have read of men beine Darnlvzp,! by a wound and miaWe to mov^.Cdd a office- writ ; Causes That Tired Feeling. To be Strong, Take Hood's Sarsaparilla well-known holder to prominent a I/ewiston . Maine Journal "- Harried or Fl "| Y,r~" ! " ti " a *• ^slSgfeii: WArf^^A^SP^BS'aiS; °^«M B iS*OTMO BELT 4 &PLI&"™ CO •-flw-^rTsavssas®^^ evil So our to .m ,,ll r »i proachedalow rambling fence-a" vfi." ginia fence as they were called-and I had •^teM'"!^. doi -^. ^ splinter P man-of-war, ns it stood service I could. 1 saw tho spn roin a piece of that fence nndi P S li i f • ' «"", from the enemy. In the ''j? 1ntl ' 1 "P .««* of the ilying wood I seem ! ed to fincT time to dode and there was a o voked , and tho 120 souls on board ,nost"v boys, fresh f roi]1 the naval school L "I will wait for you here," said Yermac 'You do not huntf Why then do you curry Tho chief of poflco vuguolv cau-lit t glimpse of a hidden design in Yegor SeW UOff's words and tho invitation they convey- 1 *™'"-'^-^^ not a moment to lose extensions with their fe,v^ras^ pV | .""Z ramillcations of desolate valleys' ,11,,^ icon thronsh narrow gorges, the unfathomable ravines, the gaps from which asco "dcd in bluish vapor the foam of waterfalls, the i," measurable circular basins, tho bla «1 o elevations and tho sharp peaty u "" 10 " 011 The spot was lugubrious SdesolaU. and sad-more than sad-sIuis->. Jt seen od chosen for the accomplish. ^ otu £f faUcltloiily, from thin Dost nf nVi i' «n 0nY 'r : ,',' UtC ' discovuro(1 - upon tliu S "wostorn era hud . US s"d Ulltlli " OV01 ' Wlli ' ! ' 1 tlK> tra ^ 1 Ijtli dilnciilty and struggling obstl' linst tho wind whiuh poured fur. were arr«t n ,l 8 ° p °? (1 d 1Y after tlleflo """' were arrested, before the suo-t'estions of mutiny were quietly slipped ninonr, 'tl,n crew and middioH or, boarll. No one had ever heard of it as a well-defined plot but the suspicion of the officers lad been aroused, and death was to be the penaHy L*fc£, fi) * flt th ?. d ?y ".p drnm-heSd (1 - --- w..,, u TCC <rench leave of tho iur arrival at the This tragic <jy«nt Iiail fr.» i f» llt wh ? Graphically told this »Sfw^ 0 1dt^l£ Sa'n^Zr 1 ^^" 1 — ho would add some fresh noi rahvo Unit the speaker had ^•f^sxszsz =?fK*~."4ra»« fforous, butlt hampers the anii,m7 L ^"l it cannot jump. '""mi MJ mat The iting it, but blow was se- oi| BC i-1«" meUiixl oc oom nnd nil Bkln Dl Dooli The different ways in wlnVli ti,; uSTm A, J 81 t W ave 7 fc hing. Men reared wound'nie 1 " 1 " 011 U '°' H ° sides. My wits were clear inv brain' clouded, but there was I. dying, »! el .» . <"n" out. •ttraetod by the presence of the travelers Nadege,inher riding-dress, caused much afl Y *-*«^W this Inomont Laflejr how he had been rodiic-ori court-martial was called'in the"cabin to decide tho fate of these men H didn't Wte long When tho sentence of „ L WHS rendered to gratify tho caprice of ^ viiln nfflcer. the men were not fled thn" they-had ten minutes to live. There wnV no ceremony about the announcement and t wan as brutally communicated us possible. The young boy, 18 years of aae who was charged with bmng ambiHous o capture the craft raise the mutiny and turn it into a pirate ship and command it him" self, never weakened, although his two commuuons asked for time to*KO^,,rre fo? ne,ith. ilie hid asked to bo released from %^&-5V*.*?***& these yearn to find men still dealing j n I1TF Ittit ,,.!._ __ 'I D " iiinn-of-war.— KESA&£='» so appear- In use the when I felt someone's hand on my col far fa™ 7" dT W Be $ out and tumed on my on^Hn i rBllay£ °. r a momont w some one rifled my cartridge-box The mnMm, •avedme. My.pulseseemed to s r!C will to re-exert itself, and in a few min- ever. i J - wound that I stanched it with my ' nd in half an hour I w,}J a Homo Consumption »r Oli,, OSI ... Anierknii Agrlciilturlbt. A.) a practical choose ' 1 -4 am you' 1 : "Now I thinlc ,,f it, why should participate in tin; amusement f X man." Yegor oi-db Jl t |,,, guide logo In advancf and asked Nadcg,, to got inte the saddYo Ho motioned to his .log \\'nb to follow tho latter. The Yuk.,ul<-, on f.wt aud singing an Improvisation. lod by thu bridles tho horses Of Yegor and the chief of police. Nadego, before departing, cast upon hor lover a supplicating look, which she Btrovo to render persuasive, lie understood its generous signification. The two hunters, full of distrust for oiu'h other, passed along tho edge of a pond over ground covered with a profusion of dwnrl cedars. Nadogo ho.u-d them discharge their weapons several times, l-'rom afar sUooveusuwainiiuta-oflui-ge birds full. Stricken by their shot. This only partiallv reassured hor. .mH 8 ' 1 ! 0 ,? 1 ", 111 ""' 08110 " yt *" r '•''""'•. «"d noticed his llerco eyes, oompi-casud lips and clenched hands, she, would have feared some violenco on Ids part. The young man, dismayed and overwhelmed, no longer i.-l itated "* "•• -' - - (To bo continued.) WII.I, DO T1IJ5IH OM'JV | Ounudlunii Object luIIuVe A,,,e r lm * In Cleur^lu Gulf. never "The . scene on board during thn ton minutes in which tho three merf wen" p«" paring for death made a picture upon ,y mind that can never bo effaced, *Wh e the other two were inclined to weaken to bov wus a hero, and only asked for tin ° r KJJ .. . that hn died ly asked for won! to h ° r a man, and then asked "Wo "You are right," said the Parisian, must make haste." "M. Laflour," said Yegor, "your devotion has been put to a complete enough p JU f ^^".^^.^^"•""yWlKMi: „.. orgotwhatyou | steel yessol which to tho uominion govern.,, .--- 3 in tlio gia will bo vigorously oh- ^:^.?!"^l».W«UnWe7T|?a te a .. N O „ replied the oxcellont M. Lafleur; I will quit you only when you have crossed thei Verkho-Yansk c-n-.h, ,,f mountains. Besides, I will take advantage of the op- portunityto em-ich my l^i-th, hu rba7 or tlio collection intended for nfy family's tOWll. ^'lllltc'lll 'I'lliln'lMr T -II i t, inioily. J. will tell you being Tho built , - — -—. loaded dnl,r i ' U ' uud ' "''"'out further delay, when Yormac took aim at a fon- flred JUSt '' iSO "' covurud "I" tinl The chief of police hoard whistle about Wsoai-s not small hunting shot, but a ball, Which shattered the face of his cap. Ho no —ir doubted tho intentions of the escaped u°K' b ' S Vi(nv ' Yo « or Wtts "otuiiig Hu thought of replying in kind, as he was also furnished with like muniUons, but that would bring on a duel, and tho rigid functionary immediately discarded tho Idea as an egregious woaknoss, un effect of fear convi , udvorsuiy, no mutter how l bo might be. H« strict duty foi' t, except us u last resort. It was with his hands tied behind bis buck tftftt ho should roturu him to the sout " Nadogo Joined hor entreaties to those of rogor, but they could not induce tho dano- ing-mastor to reconsider his determination An instant afterwards, tho Yakouto to who,,, M. Laflour had giyo,, rendezvous at Alduuskoi, was presented by him to Yegor. His name was Tekol, and he was to accompany the fugitives as long us they might need his services. He was a man of about i, m °,!u h ° rt Btature ' but soll(1 »»d well ount with a countenance denoting subtle uuuniiig und good nature. Ho It was who, the fugitives onco hidden at ^ 0 f°™ Bt0 ' Ost '-ovoyc, which commences at tho bottom of tho Verkho-Yansk Mouu- tams, was U, go on foot to Zaohlversk, distant two hundiu-l and lifty mUos from Unit forest, to bring buck at tho iirsthciuvy frosts •em"I[. -~ a U1 "' u ~ witu " sti-oug team of Al. Laflrur Imcl bou;.-!it tho day before, p.u ixwhing Aldaiiiilrol, u hoi-;.i for Ye^oi) and a smiillur ,,no for Nuduao, aa well aa u shaft homo lor tho cuvt to ba driven by T< In which Ludisl.Ls waa ' will protest against thu privilfS/s hand..-d over lo , ln An,«-i.-!in d^H, object for which the stei'iuor'^'U' was kept secret until I he prc 3 ,V for ,,,-i vate reasons, but now that tW /hiteiaw application is in tho enterprise could no longer bo concealed. A protest w II o sent to Ottawa in a few days - gun'thic", w'as^to 0 end "^ to fl ™ t -" e tencc, • e "' 1IS eilrl ' n| y exis- "The first day of December, 1842 was ,t bennWal one. Tho tropical JunTwiSS," y in the afternoon, was tempered by a bracing brene, and the ocean wa/a" st ^alf of the and tho -»... t...~..v.>u uiiuuue maiiutuclurer IIP writer'proposes to advance a few ido-w re atu-e to the care of ;tho product. S, i| v " marketers are not well supposed to bo ox- port judges of choe»o. They should nick one out with a good rind, yielding yet linn and elastic. lV rind is an exSlfci t dicater of qm.hty., A soft surface denotes a poor ilabbv interior. Cheeses are curod in atompOe-Uure of from Cfl deffreos to 70 degTees. -fheydo not, however? require this degree of warmth, after they arelo y * y ?u-,, A co ^ ler tttmosphero is better for thorn then. Take the choose from the box and rub off all mold that may have S? cumulated since it left the factory/Cover it with a serenn. and .Vnf. ,'f ,-„ .. "\, 19 When they de- BOUGHT -VVITirjENQUSH MONEY. An Iiiiineme Tract of Southern iron l.nd. Sold. UJ-OOMINUTON. — Matthew .T. Scott a wealthy citizen just consummated Son iop, ; np| u evidently have an, have an udmir- Not i 11 s< *e n ", i"d put it in a cold dark place. If no regular cheeso screen at hand, make a. light frame-work coyer with mosquito netting. is .-- and oomething ill ---•----o wM) MOO tno biggest deal in mineral lands that has ever been re" corded of late. Some years a«o M? Scott purchased the fee simple title to toe property known as th« Cumberland iron otuurt county, Tennessee. This "" 46,000 acres of land, ore agricultural aud lands, producing char- Both the method and results when oyrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant andrcfroehingto the taste, andacU geutly yetpromptly on tho Kidnera Liver•and Bowels, cleanses thesy,! tern effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of Its kind ever pro! duced, pleasing to the taste andac- ceptaWo to the stomach, prompt in ita action and truly beneficial In its eflecta, prepared only from the mosf healthy and apreeabla Bubstances, its many excellent qualities com"end it to al a ,,d hnv« made it the toost popular remedy kuovn. .-,1 ft 11 !? °( ri K 8 »forflnle in 50o »na 91 bottles by all leading drug- gisU. Any reliable drugfrfstwhl may not have it on hnnd will r^o- cure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. p CALIFORNIA F/ff SYRUP CO. SAN FMHOISOO, OAl. **• H£W WRK. DROWSINESS liiw. Kolcilcn diinMed >1 ^TS^HH'f^'^ ^.M^'.-ff''-^™- VaM^M^Wffaiw , adilriW, iROAD CARTS ONLY $1O •» "•-> llc.t uiul l. un j»t Prlo, the rest mineral ., n ,,i ;_„„ i;. ..... rr,"*°i j»«uuuiiig cnor- uwil iron of fine quality and in practically exhuustless quantit/ T roperty Mr of P E/gli s h s quantity This pro P have formeof •• *i—;,—* "'rough in tho afternoon whnn wo were summoned aft to become bo cool und _.^ „ damp, do not risk the choose in such a place. Get a full cream article of I^ u . d '?",' ^ eodus ,°, ."""tuinn milk j, fall to ... ....... .UUMIIUIIUU un to become PV- f I1oluoucu «">r in tuo season It dnnn >mi in" 'a",nr 8 atio N ° "T? T ln "{ il1 co " 0 '"°'" cfc T^™ 1 '', » un ^ «"« of oTd mi pie|j.irations. The boy objected to thn i" 160 ""^'- 0 tllfl l"il*tes of some this I if raZrH° f ' lL ; IlUl a ? d , be 6Wto bo shot ;»e«e?;f "on of/strong chees is "e e t lather than huiu/m . Imf n,,. ..? "" b u:,'iit, t,1m n.uin,. i,, n c ith.. "b'uta- tu l,a iu Tliu Next JSnvaiupuieut Uetrolt. BOSTON. Aug. la.-General Wheelock G V eilzev of Vermont, and a membor- of the inter-state comiuerco commission was today elected coinmander-in-ohief of tho u. A. H, by a large majority. General aiger toinporanly Hurrendered the chair w |ion. Warner Miller, and in brief re- bo hold at Detroit. The motion prevailed by iv unanimous vote. l»«vautu shot ro- raUierthan hanged; but tlie captain y«rd'arn;,' ir ' Y ° U '" Uflt dio fro »' «'« . The lad and one man were placed on the right side, and the third on the loft of the blujAiit the majoi 'Iftvor. Hi... ..._„„ and choose ono JJOSSP; , ijority of pe&Sfoi urefpr „ iwMer flavor. Have the «lleV%ffi * -, who Coun,nn°"l pa "J''^" ed the ^""'ueriana L-ompany, limited, incorporated at London, '-'''KHinU) Wltll U CilDltflT fifdnlr nf 41 OHO n/in * 11 11 v**M*iiii oiuutL or Pl.tOU.* canitalttl 6 ^g'ders are Engli.i, fiffl nf H e f e P tMr ,- Scott, who holds one- S!;,f M thet 8tock 8"d " the American resident director. The company proposes to 2S2TS 8 ™ 6 - su - m '" buildfngfur^ naces a,,d otherwise improving the prop- nf,fi ilia lands he on the Cumberland, one hundred miles above Nashville, and formerly were the property and the nome United" Stetea ° r ' 1 " te P?e " ident of the M. M. BAHMHTIK. nn. r Mr. oku of Fortune. rou wm BAVB MONKT; Tliu«, i>»l u , Tronblo anil will CURB CATARRH ELY'S c"S BALM. Tnp Itueeleft, only *55.00. llurnoK* *?.50 u r&ffs^T* B«vt money •nt) wnd fnr IVtce IJrt. CHlCAbO SCALE CO., "*-•-- IlllnoU. V. 8. Amsterdam, ^. h ???_?'"0 Bl« o!f« ' * CO., AUy'i U WuhlS Ii IfBiNO force. T ' V^very 0 ^^ 0 °? «*?•* excite- MMiiCHILD BIRTH EASY M8iO B1POHB ' niont ship. The wore q 1 uro. His execution ever have hold ( condoiunod are ndilons deswb- ed, and cut from it fresh for every "HO , I Good cheeso can be ruined by drying, whwi • , . niuc ,' 1 } u "ut at onco. This is onn ni. them, comments be mado cabin boy and cook swung board whe Kvon in un UleyeJandbaspurchaseuiwWresoSed wast lino ou Buzzard's bay. The house on the estatB „ ft krge, low wooden ouso with a stone fouudution covered with ivy ^Wffi&^.M" **.<$* S not exempt :, s « death to which fi, n navy, date. American to buying it i,, small quantities'at . Uiofcughsh complain that ., cheese dries up and chaim quicker on the cut surface than their homo- produced .twk. The difference grows out of the diversity of climate, Do not attempt making cheese at homo unless you have all convenioncos for it, or iu'e isofat od from dairy disti-icts. With the a, u teur fine cheese is not so easily mad" as fine butter, and the housewife who i» partial y ignorant of the fine details of man Suc; c ^«!!^._"'«k wmXtK m samp tireless energy. Their ahin i some than trying to be what • o How fortunate that our defects . gut he hud wot, nowovw, suWciout , wm-g sont buck. B for an hour, tUo ing many heads iJow to' sumption of chocso. Tho onl .0. tho people to buy-it of ffie SSoJ \£ through their agents, and iu quanitios they would flour by the barrel or « > package. We have boeu so en- id with our foreign clioess trade i.i.'i"ii'f to ' orol *f u 'ftstes aud demands' that the needs o! tho homo trade have' SSM 1 f."?^ 1 luul «»* «S? woi« win have to be accomplished before demand is made for the . imifucturers they could afford to resell to consumers for 2c or 3q per ftsste** £« «jsw pawhJa^ Howe such WUJSB an tfeis WM8WJ- ,-HKICUAN * WOW«V, W«hl. B ,ou, O. 0. r'nr,, ".""^ ot ou " UuMar "'outhly a your bo- forest tho suggustlun of u friend who put thu sumo Hiuouut. mgut , h " S° '« much thu ip,^ f W le ,i° fte , n tilk wisely on subjects of which they know notliins- unnear very affectionate to those for wfcm^K have uo regard; praise loudly that in which they see uo beauty-gush We bave all mot the nerson who^speaks of Shakespeare's worfs as "Just too ubout as intelligent <w 'a foieiigu °wewiK SSSSiht ^ {o be individual iu taste and onhnm. •* rf llfi! 'IHio i «"=*wvw t^uu VC4MAvll| \Ji mi lil 1.. „.,*._•_" •» •» ., * *T v'rvvJ'tftlll.! t>QB 111 short, fl figure ordiuftucos w to ^ a (, ur civ JUzation, 'Local iTO, and W» victims day, , used for Gleaning purpo. I asked A mmd if she would wed, And in my hproe her brightness shedj She fiintly smiled and murmured tow, ""* ' ~ ~ far 0 CATARR'M

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