The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 20, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 20, 1890
Page 1
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~ r - ' * > R Ji *• H Ji *~ f~ ^i £ -• - * f ' ^ifcT^.*^ * " " -«• ." I* r i'f ** ill i ' V . * XXV--HO, 21. AtTGtJST being ft western man, loyal to the west, Is the most detestable toadyism esrtant. The writer has an unclouded The Store, sale of Summer 2^ until August IBj All Prints, Ginghams, Chafnbtays, Batiste, Zephyrs, ^LaWfts, Challies, Satines, etc., must go. 10.0CO yards of Laces and Embroidery from one cent to without restyles of Gloves, Mitts, and Hosiery, to cost, Everything marked in plain figures. " The early bird catches the worm." LAIRD'S FURNITURE STORE. J. R. LAIRD, Proprietor, EV* -,.. The Upper Dg Mote; BY INQfiAM & foAftfe aK. A100NAonce had*lawyer who told the Wry in a trial that the other side had objected every intelligent into off tho panel. Since then we have heard of nothing eqtiat to that knock-down argument until we read the Fort Dodge Chronicle's- indictment of Dolllvef._ It sayss " Conffressman Dolliver has labored untiringly against his home town for the sake ofSvlng disgruntled politicians office, and lt»n P suortinhi.nVor un: When When JJOlliver was oiouveu, * *>* u ^u- 0 - •• — • 6n6 of the two or three pension examining boards in the district, and Pf» Blon <*»JS? oblifted to come hove from long distances. Now every county in Dolllver's district has aboard, and the benefits formerly derived by Fort Dodge by. its board have been taken from it." Then Mr. Oolliver has really saved the people of the Tenth from long journeys to fort Dodge, given the benefits to other counties that Fort Dodge used to have a monopoly on, made the transaction of district business convenient, and done other outrageous things that deserve the severest condemnation, has he? And therefore the district should give him a vigorous reprimand, should It? And we should all unite in putting a man in congress who will see to it that the honorable usages of former times aro restored and Fort Dodge Is again enthroned and mado the shrine recollection 61 a, conference of Chicago printers in 1876, called for the purpose of compelling the payment of an tra- reaflonftble price for composition on the daily papers in the face of a depressing tendency of tho times. The meeting was largely attended, men from all the representative papers taking part. Speeches were made on both sides of the question involved, but the man who viewed the situation from the standpoint of justice ns regarded both employers and employes was not long in discovering that the meeting was dominated and controlled by the unreasonable, hot-head element, many of whom declared that the great newspapers had been made such solely through the efforts of the compositors themselves, and therefore they possessed the right to say what wages should he paid and how the business should he managed. The anarchist Parsons, who was then a compositor on the Chicago Times, was one of the most violent participants. It will be remembered that at a later period his neck was stretched, and properly so, for the active part he took in the Haymarket affair. This, however, has nothing to do with tho great railroad strike of lost week. It is only given in support of the theory that organized strikes aro not necessarily the result of dissatlsfao- person&i pride, little snap into 'And they ought to cuff a that sort of newspapers thnt haven't stemina enough to stand up and defend Iowa and the west and Iowa and western men. The most contemptible thing in toadyism IB a toadying newspaper. IT is probable that the 'Lodge elec- election bill Will be postponed by the senate until the next session of congress. THOSE are a queer lot of republicans down In the Seventh Kansas district. They have the audacity to insist on being represented in congress by a man who will look after their Interests. After declaring for low tariff they adopted a resolution declaring that their candidate must be exempt "from dictation of tho party caucus on all economic issues; we bid him enter the halls of congress a free man to battle for the material and business interests as well as the moral and political welfare of this great state." i'Jie GfB&t «-- *>. ----.,..itij... »» Sftildtinl 0»ii*6*tl6n-8omotwftg of the tVofft that T*as I»6fi6. To tho Editor; To all who were privileged to attend the gathering of teachers in St. Paul in July, we think there will be much to reflect upon that will give lasting satisfaction. In tho first place, lie enthusiasm aroused by such a meeting, when so many disciplined minds come together to consider the same theme, and that theme the important one of education, cannot but be a inlghty impulse inn channel which is constantly CTowing bronder and deeper: 1™*™%®? Anchor's mission is more nnd more recognized to be one of vnst importance. It is not alone thnt ho imparts knowledge, but the true toucher tenches how to getknowl- edgeT''he does not teach mere learning but how to lenrn; he gives not only mnterT- als butyls? meth'od.»_And more than this, 11 at •«• i I Will deny that have studied careful and personal attention FARM LOANS. At 6 7, 7 #, and 8 per cent., on five to ten years' time, with privilege of partial payments before due. Interest can be paid at my office. Save money by calling on me before you a i° an> of all our pilgrimages, should wo? Who is editing tho Chronicle theso days? Ho should have tho biggest leather modal that can be found. He has mado an indictment that outshines anything in modern times. Let Rev. Burchard retire. Tho laurels aro no longer his. tion among the rank and file, but rather from tho demagogic control of self- appointed lenders. It way not have been the case with tho recent strike, but It too frequently is. CAI/Li On' T1IJS DOGS. Under the above caption tho State f. Register had a good editorial in a late Issue, good enough to bo read and thought over by everyone in Iowa: "Iowa towns nnd cities and tho state m cenernl hnvo been moro greatly Injured by internal bickering and strife than from nil other sources. There is too much of n dis- nosltion among tho citizens to compel all ^i^jS^W^ •Ss±£ft^^M?& _ ™J " „„„„„! ..nmmnnltv of interest, nnd THE Mllford Mall shows how shortsighted its fight on Spirit Lake is when it says, after quoting a sontenco from this paper: •'It Is nil very well for a paper like the UMMsn DEB MOIXES to pot off such gush. With headquarters at tfio countysoat of one of tho largest counties in tho state, it not. urally advocates taxation as a moans for booming its town." •Nearly twenty years ago Kossuth spent $38,000 in a court house which a moro general it. lid to build up stnto. stands in Algona. To would moan so much tho Mail this contributed by . JOHEPH B. DUNLOP recently married the widow of W. F. Storey, tho founder of the Chicago Times. Mrs. Storey inherited a quarter of a million dollars as her share of her husband's estate. Mr. Dunlop is now the head of tho Times, and is gradually bringing it back to its old-time popularity before Editor West wrecked tho concern. SPEAKING of tho independent press and why it Is tho most numerously road. Sum. Clark says! "The Iowa republican press has so many young men coming Into it of great promiao and ability, and tho entire party press, with a few unimportant oxcoptions, is so quickly adjusting Itself to tho enlarged and Independent breadth and versatility with which republican renders demand public questions shall bo treated, that tho Iowa republican press Is far hotter than wo have evor known it nnd is certain to have tho largest constituency of readers." As THE Carroll Herald sees it: "Bustling Algona is going to keep up with the procession. Tho people have raised S3.0W to put tho normal ct that placo on a bottor- pnying basis, nnd It will start out this fnll with tho brightest prospects for success yet In its history." ri ll the feet of John Milton, or Homer at tne feet of Walter Scott; to have read through Caesar as a pupil of Ihe Duke of Wellington, or Dante as a pupil of Mr. Gladstone, would be far moro instructive and Inspiriting than to have read them alone by oneself n the best possible editions, with all sorts of critical notes, and a whole shelf full of commentaries and dictionaries." . The subject of seeking originality In school methods In contrast with the accepted idea of conforming too much to elaborat e ea o od systems, was very ably presented by Prof. Cox of Ohio. His thought seemed to able edu s sugges tion that the aim of the true teacher shouU he to produce "lucidity of thought and largeness of temper" in the pupil rather 10-PER CENT. OFF,- 10 : .. . "- t Commencing on Friday, August 16, for 30 days only, on account of moviiiginto our new store, now occupied by Mr. W^dworth, and in ^^ . _= j. -A .. - * JM _.i ,iij^.« «uT* f* 1 order to reduce our / O \J\J J. WJ AiW VV v^~-«j; v ^ -, stock before moving we snail give a Discount of 10 per cent, for cash on our Entire Stock, consisting of: n unnnTmous puuTall together to ta the business of all portions of tho l We hnvo nn unequnlled stnto, a soil of matchless excellence, n salubrious climate, nn industrious people, nmplo water powoi, inexhaustible conl, clnys, gypsum, lend, and mnny other vnlunblo resources within the ?nrth. No people wero over more greatly blessed Nothing provouts n much grentor 'gencrnl prosperity except the gonernl stu- fedfsm of -r^SSeT H wo^be BWteortto^U^^clUgn. tho county to tho countysoat. In fact what has boon tho result? Wo believe no intelligent citizen of this county will deny that tho building of that court than tho more storing of knowled Tho subject of the practical in education was much dwelt upon; thnt teaching th oyos to see and the bunds to handle ho es- •teamed of equal value with touching the brain to think, nnd in order thnt education mnv reach its highest development tho "rain thought nnd power must be converted ntosk lied work with hands in the useful employments of life; that Is that thought is valueless until It becomes Incarnated into tangible realities. If ideas rule tho world it is because they aro cnpnb o of.being converted Into positive force in the world's activities. That this subject was trented in no narrow or one-sided sense was evidenced when tho young Indy who spokei upon " The Vnluo of Art Education In Our Publio Schools 1 ' nnd prefnced her remarks with the sentence, "Give tho children a little loss bread and butter aud n few more hyacinths," her words wero greeted with tho W E 9 ld n n P M ttU L B nughllnof St. Paul thought tho study of nrt should bo considered very SWttatopuWlojbh^'-boci^ F" ft o Shelf ivare, Selling, Paints, Glass, | customs, Machine OUs.J^n and Wooden Pumps. Repaint of Pumps a Specta. co"uld crawl out oTtheTr "shells into other states nnd countries to study the hnbite, nud business of other people. n general shaking up in tuo p'W ln(up ° p come come ;h«h e iis com settllnK too farhnck into their shells, com out of your holes nnd visit other porUoni of the country. Compare Iowa, with an; ' in - "jy nnd you wil Dealers In toy Haiti are vn I your THE Spirit Lako Beacon says: "The Northern Iowa Normal school nt Algona opens the fnll torm Sept. 0 under fluttering nusplces. Prof. P. E. Dodge, Intely of Boron college, Kentucky, is splendidly equipped for the Important position, and an o tf H PH do so much toward renTn tho paths of ponce, obedience, nna order, giving them present hnpplness, fut- m-o occupntiou, nnd a constantly elevated uro occupntiou. enjoyment. Tl._ necessnrlly mechnnicnl rou ta^hoir Silks and Velvets, Foreign Dress Goods, Black Dress Goods, Domestic Dress Goods, Shawls, Skirts, Underwear, Gloves, Hosiery, Handkerchiefs and Notions, Ribbons, Laces, Linens, Corsets, Woolens, Jeans and Denims, Domestics, Ginghams, Prints, a td i er" Embroideries. and house has had as much, if not more, to nblo corps of assistants hns been secured ^^Losing vol os outran \^^^^^^^ t has near town. Although Kossutli is ""- . . a largo county and parts of it aro dis-l ^_ _ tant from the countysoat, there Is not satlBflod witn t ho benollts : : cclved." an acre of ground In It that hns not been benefited moro by tho rather ox- TALK about how towns spring up out iionslvo improvement for those years wos t. Tho census gives Eagle Grovo 1,840 Tho UPPER DES KOINES people, nnd in 1881 there was not a building taxation to benefit on the WO acres tho town stands on. It is niiamusciu. The nation's _._. :•---.--,„, not tho development of intellect for intellect's sake, nor science for science's sake, nor art for art's sake, but everything for humanity's snke, to mnko humanity God U1 Much in tho same vein wns Prof. Win- choll's address upon "The Importance of the Study of doology in tho Common Schools." Mr. Emerson once snid: "As many moro languages as a mnn acquires, so many moro times is ho nmnn." Prof. Wln- ^.™ri^&^&j^ji3M% Clothing, Pants, Overalls, Shirts, Neck Ties, Suspenders, Boys oSS Clothing, Hats, Caps, Trunks, and Valises, Boots and tioes, etc., etc. This sale to continue until September 15. "Jf cnsro. than it cost. for It argue7only for a little funny how wo overlook those things nenr is not arguing any point. It Intelligence and shrewdness in tho planning in this great northwest. It argues only that wo have all got to win CuCll BupIJlumwuwu m»*o HJ ""j ~*-o y;, , -i i less tho 'perceptive faculties ^^"^ found out such joking in the young,} fo v/i in a measure bo a y^,, was an expensive Kk, y f°orTmnn mny ^™*™jj& ° ccu P atl ° IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. traded his stock NEVER RUST TINWARE, warranted not to rust, you good. Yours, etc., DIET TO LOAI on Farm ProBeny. At lowest rates and optional payments, payable at our office. If you want a loan,.call on can save you money. JON ES « nud prepared to join in n B ^.^.-—-• -;---, to nid in improving nil tho unequnlled ad ntnges of lown nnd her people. Call off mr Jogs. Talk nnd work for Iowa." We don't know whether It is tho on Editor Clarkson Is said to have written after his first trip in 25 years or not, but it is in any event true, wise, and timely. It is time to call off tho dogs. It is time for the state, for tho northwest part of tho stato, for Kossuth county. Enough is enough oven ot a good thing, and there is not a locality we know of that has not had moro- than enough of petty jealousy, of contests with no greater merit than wounded vanity, of internal bickerings based on .nothing but political disappointments. Interest T his year of all this locality can wisely We heed tho advice in this editorial. By a combination of circumstances wo aro , enjoying moro than average material prosperity. Now is tho time, if ever, Err r ,r M: S?:»—«•« the saving to bo true " There is not much toseX any plnco to him who doesn't I know whnt there is in it when he sees It. No ono sees n New England village, or town, or city who merely looks for the big- Best buildings nnd tho most costly resl_- Thoro is such a becomes, tho better for Milford and the, - ~. ^ Ullof broko in p. M . south half of Dickenson county, and the hom(j ftt lCorwtth \ w \, week and stole if reaches readers who can see j § w belonging to our former toaclier, Mail, will never Miss Ollio WilUinson. very far beyond their noses, convince anyone to tho contrary. This EB thorvillo Vindicator: Miss Anna is a noor time in northern Iowa to hold Richmond, who has taught in the puD- a^r; so close to our eyes that ^4^^^°^^Z shut out tho moon. rC8ti • === I _,. 1)0 , rua postofllce inspector, THE Chicago Herald is authority for nted a sensation at Britt last week, ,10 startling nnnouncemont thnt a huge , to ??rt podge WANAMAKERAND THE PEESS. One of HlB Friends Thinks It Cruel and Unjust Toward Illrn. A Washington correspondent writes concerning tho postmaster general: is a cruel, selfish institu- BIG BARGAIN STORE. suclfa' thing ns n trained mind nnd a sol- b t „ Baid ono ot the few friends 5Sffi^ ! ^bffS^£&M£ One of the most stimulating pnpers of the I£ thol . o is any man in this count! y invention wns thnt read by Prof. Willinm h hns boon n friend to tho nowspa- ,f Washington, D. C. His ™H!™ B it is Mr- Wanamakor. Tho first „ The University ExtonslonSys-poi sit wiu^ ^ t fm , and tho thought was_ to make plain | nwnoyjae ° u j Ho has boen nd - ' at homo for ncodei who tho VU «l»J" l _ ^ ^ Vl^flllV «""««"»"«"''l^ > ''t with w course of study highly recommended by I advertising on a grand and costly scale, Prof Harris and with which ho Is himself and has paid more money to tho news- 1*1.01. nuino uuu *>»«« ..»..— - — — --— connected has for its originators and chief nfflrnra President Timothy Dwlght of Yale i i^u-ivi «.«*« .~ ^ -- 4.\,t D than an y other merchant in this For ears his advertising syndicnto hns been formed for tho estab- lion before the »,) UU1I.WUW ^ _______ ...... ,!„!!„ l in,.,. - US. M. Z. drove. ns many leading cities country, Iho prime object of which is to boom Cleveland for president in 1893. Mel- villo E. Stone's recent return from abroad United States author " of what his non- ko M . G mak . ° tH fol . a g nmd celobra- ing of their auditorium They is taken to mean that ho Is at tho head^of L tho 1|lUo B i Jm . o on Aug. 22. tho orgnnizntion. Tho Herald claims that 1^ Jmvo cxouw ions on tho railroads tho Chicago Globe hns nlrendy been pur- und oxpcc t thousands of people to visit tho organ for tho tlioii,. Miwlc, .omtoiy, _^|coBBumB, country. For years His aavorubiuB bills have exceeded half _ a million dol- Livery, Feed and Sale West of Thorlngton House. Cloths and Trimmings. J. K. FILL & SON, erchant Tailors' GROVE, Manager. .1 PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. .^^~~—. •— — CEO. E. CLARKE, ATTOliNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bnuh, Algona, In. _ •"""' °—iriss: u ~err^ never accomplish anything if wo war with ourselves. We shall never got ahead by fanning tho embers of past rivalries, or reviving the bitterness of dead contests. No man with his face resolutely turned-backwurd is going to aid much in going forward. Neither in state, section, or county, is ono town going to make any great progress by pulling buck on its neighbor, we" and that nogo«aUons"aro Ibout com- and receptio,,H Will be the wuau, MM« o rt.tnnninn. office: vmtbetter aCpted to scholars of lolsure. do anything in this country simply by but with tho same great end in view, that tho u So of tho columns of the press. It of preserving tho mental vigor and tho ig n f avor ito theory with Mr. Wana- growbiKfncultioslurnnturollfo. This sub- »» that a man could go into New got could have no better_ exponent Jjhnn ™ o ^ hicago ol . any big city and start any sort of business which he UnewTowto manage with fairly good methods and get rich in a few years simply by using printers' ink This me ,U y ant y has set the example of forc- plotcd te j££T?^^ notwithstand-HnL' tho old mill is turn- ut Livormoro into a . Now machinery of ordered, and oc co Prof Hnrris, n mnn who hns done so much to givo tone and character to American •xno subject of " Religion In tho Common Schools," or the question of church nnd stato, wns presented most ably to a very largo audience by tho eloquent speaker, Archbishop Irelnnd of St. Paul, Bishop Patterson Brothers, gl,000,000 into tho pool. ing his positive denial of any knowledge of _ tho affair, tho Herald insists on its truth. * vol . yUllng irt to bo fixed up ship shape. It is also said that Cleveland is in full conn- . rho j vIc Murray boys' hands from Algo- deuco of tho mnnngers nnd gives the na ni . e now a t work there carpene..!,^ u.ui w i ir_c?4.nnrt .-!.!__ „ «.l 11 iintnF nr»t>en nnwOl. UtUt Alf work done and proroptlr Satisfaction Cuanmtood. Call street, AluoiiB. Iowa. You are Invited W. B. QUARTON, ATT071NEY AT LAW. Over KoHSUlh C'mmty bnnli, Algona, lown. E. H. CLARKE, llNEY AT LAW. OolUiction ngent. Over Komiuth Co. b Tho enthusiasm it destroys will come back to hung a dead weight on tho nock of its own°ondeav6ur. Tho bitterness it engenders will in duo time poison its own cup. Tho policy has been tried and is fntnl, and when St. Paul and Minneapolis point the moral, lesser villages may well take hood. Tho only way for one to succeed, is for all to succeed, and tho of tho Chicago News, tho west. There is much thnt is improba-1 bio in the whole story, but the fact Hint tho Herald, which assumes to lead tho democratic hosts in tho west, insists upon Its truth lends much in tho wny of plnusiblllty to the yam. mu ch thnt is improu.-, While returning '~™ «'^"W.^ ,, but tho fact thnt Uu, ^^-fc'TlhWffi was shot by tho accidental discharge of WB gun, the load passing under the THE original package in Iowa is loo dead to skin. In f not it hns gone out of tho skinning business, ight shoulder midway between shoul- i«,. ,,ml nlbow. tearing the flesh from AlCHUlbllUH Aiuiuui* v- •-»•• » ""• -- , *, Irelnnd did not denounce tho public school svstem; on tho contrary he affirmed that Catholics wero among Its best supporters; he would not detract from it, but ndd to its curriculum religious instruction, nnd this through church schools or through system- utic religious instruction nftcr regular school hours. Bishop Ireland is fnr in advance of tho bishop of Poterboro, who soys : " Religion has nothing to do with politics nnd with tho state; that it only.coucorns tho Individual ns nn Individual, not in a collective body." But Bishop Irelnnd does not affirm, with innny, tho doctrine which seems to bo growing more nnd moro into favor, that politics and roliglou cannot bo separated ; there can be no true morality that does not end in religion, nnd no trup religion that does not end in morality; that the To see and buy our DANSON ATTORNEYS Loans ana collections. BROS., AT LAW. Over Fnink Bros. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Ladies' Shoes. Mens' Shoes, Boys' Shoos, Misses' Shoos, Kids' Shoes, Plow Shoes, Plow Boots, Kin Boots, Calf Boots, Fur Huts, Wool Huts, Stiff Hats Crush Hats, Men's Hats, Boys' Hats, Kids' Hats, Misses' Hats. Cheap, Medium, B. F. HEED, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Ottlco over tho postonlco, Algona, luwn. AND L. K. OARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SU1WEON. State St., ono door oust of Coi-dlngloy. kesiawico', McGregor Bt., oust o( the public school building. High Grade. F. E. V. SHORE, M. D., ALOONA, IOWA. Statu utrcot, oust or Ilutliorlord houso. only way all will succeed Is by working together. The Register says " call oil tho dogs and work for Iowa." Wo say cull off tho dogs and work for Kossuth. Till! HAILHOA1J STIUKK. Tho great strike on tho Now York Central railway lust week ended in a fizzle, as it ought. Some fifteen hundred railroad men wont out, thereby hoping to so cripple and disorganize the management as lo make tho running of trains at an unusually busy time ut lenst difficult if not impossible. It was a foolish move, and it ended in a| failure because it lust no merit. It eurao about as a resulPof tho refusal of tho company to recognize an unreasonable demand of its employes, who claimed tho right to control promotions within their own ranks. Added to this was tho fact that some of tho employes hud recently boon discharged. Incl- JUDCIK REED was nominated to succeed himself in congress from tho Ninth Iowa district, at the convention hold nt Kcd Ouk last Wednesday. It was ono of tho hottest political contostsV-iown in Iowa for years, and it took 109 ballots to reach a result Col. Sapp of Council Bluffs und Silas Wilson of Cass county wore tho opposing cnndldntes, but Judge Rood was nominated notwithstanding ho some time ago wrote n letter in which he snid ho hnd become tired of his cougresslonul position und was not a candidate/or rcnominutlon. Hinging resolutions wero adopted endorsing tho lown state platform, urging tariff reduction, mid declaring for Ulaiuo's reciprocity idea. Judge Re of much usefulness tho m to the bone und making an ugly flesh wound in his side. Tho accident took place near tho Brown creek bridge southeast of town, and as Mr. Clark was accompanied by u Monti no time was lost summoning medical uiu. Allison oil tho Silver Law. Washington special: Senator Allison of Iowa is in position to speak of tho practical results of tho silver law, us ho represents ono of tho most extensive agricultural constituencies in tho country, and is a man of national affairs and wide experience. Ho said today: "I have not heard n single complaint against tho proposed operation of Uio now silver coinage law ethics of tho aormou on tho mount should church and govern with equal force in church and state, and that the state can have no highoi function than that of building up and sustaining grand and noble character. When this higher standard prevails It will not ho deemed necessary that our public schools shall have special religious in- t between Protest- struetlon apportioned out botwp— - - nuts nnd Catholics, but It will bo doomed most essential that tho Instruction in rolig- Fon nnd rnoiW acknowledged by all seota alike bo taught In our public schpola. Then as one has said most truly, 'we Thai!i hoar loss complnlnt thnt education s does not make men and women bettor, nuo wo Bhnll hour less about tho danger of the 'non religious' church school." Bishop Ireland wrf listened to most attentively unil wns often npplauded. The largest audience which greeted any speaker was that gathered to hear Miss Prances E. Willard upon tho subject of " Tho People's church, Sg success by means of the press an example which merchants everywhere are following. And yet, as soon as Mr. Wanamakor appears In public life the nross begins a crusade against him. It treats him unfairly, derides him, lies about him, abuses him. Tho newspapers of the country appear to resent the appearance in public life of a merchant w'lFo had Brown rW* by odverUsing^ cannot understand It at aii. im. Wanamakor is ono ot tno most uwui tious mon connected with the administration. A near friend of his says the nostmastor general even dreams of be- FnTprosidont himself some day, though ho did not add that he expected to do it by means of tho advertising columns of the daily press, after his favorite theory. "Mr. Wanamakor is a good deal moro of a man than most people give him credit for being," continued this fr end. "Ho has a wonderful capacity for work. He is full of plans for bettering the department of government operations with which bo is connected. He has turned his attention to politics, and is becoming a pretty good politician." Ton Years* Growtu. The following figures census for tho Tenth congressional district aro given by tho Carroll Herald. The place to buy groceries cheap. and his renomiuntlon M. stocli in and (it the The Jiest H. C. McCOY, PHYSICIAN AND 8UHQ1SON. Special attention to city iir,' t otlcu. Ked Oak did well, strong cnudldnto; strong !' JMUI11U » mnn.iww.-v n»u». •.-, -- ,, hns shown himself n member good lo the business interests of tno ' " people. It will undoubtedly give the fan oi's higher pi-ices for their products und operate greatly to the advan- tncro o' labor, us an advancement of fees oi. what wo sell always carries with it an increase of wages to tho la;,;,n,. and mechanic. Tho talk about I think all of | ;'^White Cross. ^^-^^ , uvuiy ""b ,__ flnd it WB8 nearly 10 ,wo versos of "Nearer being sung by the audi now p**»w. v" o- - .. i a very iiuyu uu« «^. inv constituents are thoroughly ploascu UUod to overflowing, ai with it, and that It will result in »H&»t'ftSS«3 Doono..... CalUouu... Carroll.... Crawford , shows thnt tho republicans of southwestern lown have « seen u greut light." Tho Nonpareil heartily endorses tho work of the convention nnd adds: " Tho convention at . They have named a they hnvo formulated a They have Iu n word onco o President Cannold introduced Miss - y du Groonc.... Hamilton Hancock Humuoldt Kossuth Palo Alto Willuvd ns »tho greatest woman iu Amor 1 - j,-- hontas ca." MlBB Wlluu'd came.forward, amid We i,Btor great npplauso and waving of handkor- w t mie bngo.. 1800. 23,»I8 13,010 18,850 18,763 4,368 1S.7W 15,285 7,663 10,031 13,100 8,773 ' G. T. WEST, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SUltClEON. Next door to J. O. Smilh'H mom, Algona, la. alls. Wo o«or you no unldo Ijiiits, wo charge uo fancy prices. We cim wivu you mouuy. One | W ealey, lowa^ price (or town uud country. j. E. H1UU, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND XURC1EON. Buy and night culls attended •*• nrouitiWBB. JOHN REED. , m. SROWSON, Dealer Silver Plated ware, etc, impairing nuatl;4Qim. The New LOWK & LAMBBHBON, Manufacturer and dealer In all fctiiu* of Picture Frame?, on TUoriugtoji Blilt muut. Coin" aud HOO UB. terBtortUebeat Sewing Mac. lies and Organs, RWw.RjL dentally they happened to bo knights of labor, and this was construed to bo an attack by the company on thfti 01- gani/ation, though there was nothing to warrant such assumption. No complaint -.-us made as to wages nor hours. Tho con ' Hluiply held, as it had a perfect right., /old, that it would conduct its affairs according to its own notion* Any other, policy can but prove suicidal. We are not unmindful of tho rights of laborers and labor organi/.a- tions-tho right to Btrlko but not to destroy; the right to quit work singly or In a body, hut not to prevent others from working If they so desire. Tho lino is easily drawn. Tho nyinpathy of tho public Is quite frequently with tho strikers, and especially Is this so if they have a just grievance. It will always bo that way because that is the right way. But so soon as vlolsnco ia resorted to, so soon Is tho public disgusted and its sympathy withdrawn. It is tho old, old story—n largo number of men voluntarily out of employment and Ihoh' places Ulled by others who aro willing to work. Tho Now York Central appeal's to bo getting along very well without tho aid of Iho striking men, n possibility which scorns to hnvo boon strong piaitoiui. *"«j • — •- — sought und gained tho grout objective of politics, tho earnest of victory.'^ ATTY.-GENEKAL STONE says otlleiully that tho prohibitory law Is in force in Iowa, und that tho original package is Illegal. WK have read Tolstoi's Kroutzor Sonata, mid wo have road a good many intelligent criticisms upon tho postmaster general's order prohibiting its transmission through tho mails, and thnt order Is almost universally condemned. Witliout discuss- stopping coinage under tho operation of tfio law is a Democratic _ movement to e will bo nreiudico the ignorant. nreuc . no cessation of coinage as long as there l" a demand for silver dollars, and whenever coinage stops tho purchase of Son will Continue just the same and hiuiiuu win. i>ui*tJitiwu JM«. . tie issuance of certillcates upon the do,i, a the bullion will continue just grea cliiofs, mid Bald: "How plonannt it is to a woman to bo praised by a good man I" She then i a very pleasant way introduced her Bubjeot ami dwelt upon tho benuty of true llvliiK and tho integrity of tho home. She 8P ,ealod to the teachers of our country to uphold tho standard of true homos. " Tlioro is nn original pacliago, and It* name iu ti,« HHh\ child iu our luldst, tho Uttlo cuna wit J i "pOtuflU" nnd Ita wix itvn tn beidu to oxnlulii " 1880. 80,585 5593 13341 13,390 1,M1 19,711 11,351 8,453 5,339 6,177 4,131 3,713 15,9-13 4,016 Real value, For August only we want you to see these goods. Sizes 141-2 to 17. The very best made, best ,material. See bargains on our Remnant Tota , counter montli. all this ..... The table is intorestinc in itself, but it is particularly valuable when it is deved to determine tho rate of noslt of tho bullion lie same as though the coinage was golf there is no demand for sil- busineKH Interests of the is no use to continue . ver by tho country there coll IIKO, and it Is far bettor to buy the bul 1 on and pllo it up in tho tro.isury d at the mints for redempt ou of to _ wx ivn n eiu tt™ir aud aft"r\viird to explain the universe !,, him I am Sere, tUeu, to urge In your mes- ^^t^S^.ji^or^y.jAaK linil llVL'lullO 18 OUU 01 till) grmilOOl UUI/UUD™ ui ?i?,,i Sii schools can Uu godless unless thuy ±. d ;,nmin US tml UV SSdleBB B nieu nud women: ^ n owUi l 'in d th°ls sector Kossuth county, with tho single exception of Calhoun, shows the largest incroase of the Hat with u few over 7,000. )Htuio tne whole district has added a tfc,ift during ton years, Kossuth has more than doubled. Tho growth of tho past ten years is nothing, however, to what the » . j._ Ill ,..ifnnu« VV inu Tolstoi it rJSjy bo insisted thnt >•• if this is good dootrino then ShakBpero'B "Lucroco,"" 1 ' Venus and Adouia," and a score of- others, not exempting Bobby Burns' "Jolly Beggars," should come within tho same ruling. What would the people say, wero nil the alleged objectionable works of standard writers excluded from thomailBl There is force in what bam. Clark says about tho malls belonging to tho publio and uot to Mr. Wanuuiukor. THE chairman of tho Ninth district republican convention openly opposed the l, and wns heartily cheered. rnouA^monSthat 5rfn T ta to cease after n certain date. Naturally the ln- Idre ico is that there is to bo a contraction of the circulation. There is to be colmige whenever the demands of tho people suggest it and wh"" tlin is wanted for circulation. when tho monoy ^.oti. ID" would bo oiind bad financial TIIK Council Bluffs Nonpareil com- woutsou the need of Independence iu tho west, and says: "With that love-headed wuy that hns juado It ouo of tho notable pa- J . . <>.,. A i..,,,,., TiiM'Eii DBS pors of Iowa, tho and I think it will newed prosperity" on MOINEB remarks: 'Congressman Bl-ruble was right In hitting Bixmkor Hood, if foi uo, ,, . other rewwUuw to show thnt an Iowa outkoly overlooked by tho uiuu who mm, Uw ab wvu ..h right to Uo bull headed as I went out. nMuUunuo.,,. Uto» sntMuoUon to Uud [ Strikes by ovgunlwjd labor two too of unwarranted ttoa by fcot-heftde 5yitW n $»« ' 89WOOW) wUo freja Iowa,' TUo Uw«M 'ffee «Hiologt/.o For tho Iowa state fiilr tUo C'htogo * NorthwoBtoru H«UwiW cowpuny wll , ftow SSoHSKiS^tbgssSrtMi thonithBtUittUor, ancfuohma nil WilukevB, Qod." Miss Willnrd hold tho undivided nttoii- tlon of the audience for fully on how and us her last words died away the organ nonlod forth tho beautiful strains of " Homo, Sweet Homo;' 1 the vast audience arose us wltSwS accord and Joined with enthusiasm luslnglng tho sweet hynui-tt tribute most worthy• from uu audluuco of BO much uitolll- goucolj a worker BO tireless In her efforts lo brluif about thnt good tirno when tho iigl!oBt B iutelligeuco shall all always bo oou- ocrnted to tho best cuds. «• *• «• Unucroft. A whito cap letter was sent to tho, mug man to whom tho young lady vho committed suicide In Ktimsay some vooks ago was engaged. Tho Register Ho rocoivod u threatening let' ordering .him to leave next ten will witness. Wo _ Tenth will double again in tho next docado. It has tho best and surest farming and stock country in the world, and It won't take many more.failures in other parts to convince people of it. * ^"Como on," called a bridesmaid to the bride, who was standing before a mirror, touching and "they're wnlllng for you. $7.50 per dozen, JAS. TAYLOR. We ean now make Loans on Improved Landj from one to ten years time, and give the borrow* the privilege of paying the whole loan orar, vart thereof in even $100 at any date when into: est falls due, Ttiis is Iowa money and no seoon mortgage or coupons taken. nabla the borrower to reduce bis mart 'All right," the maiden, without moving. MDon't say 'all right,' but oorno on. What do you want to see yourself for? You look beautiful." . "?, yes, I know Tills ulun of making a loan will nabla the borrower to reduce WB moti tUe.lmereTon lUe amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfeoUlUe. HQXIE An ImiiOBltloii ou Public Confidence. It Is uot Just nor vt">-+ •- • any man to adver- tlsn his nrennru do. It ?lS a 1 ooufldouce. fact, t It uaunot ou inibllc Dr. T. W. t!itu uasBiigouutU Sept. .«. •ftppl- that; brWes always do." Well, then what aro you standing before the g ass tor, when every thing Is waiting?" "Boo dear "she answered,with provok- rj'atienoo, "It Is well for ouo to In•e In some reflection before ono gets Wood in couudence.7ndTuowlug Its inerlts reconiiueuds Ul.acuWry Oanulnattve for all State Universi — OF— reconime- bowel complaints, Sold by L. A. Shoutz. BIWS- art , you know.»-N. Y. Ledger. -A typographical error. — Vlsltor- "What's the matter, Doctor? Vou appear to be welted." Poctor-"! am ox- niend and I h»vo good reason to be. 1 ±e'tho ipoul edlU . little notice tp put In the paper, notifying my patients that I had returned from my vacation p,nd had resumed my practice." " A " d he forgot all about It?" " N "- * j wish he had." "«> tho Intelligent the woi'<l patle) ary notice aow "''y my patient of >»y return. . y i/«Uw^.^J»5JfSS± oijelone There's No Uao Peiiyiug the Truth. Ellort'B Extract ol Tar and Wild Cherry for Coughs and Colds. lUiuroB them. Dr Januos 1 German Worm Cakes destroy aud remove worms fvoui the system. Dr wineheU'B Teething Syrup IB the best for (Sonera! nlUneuts of eWldW. All drugglats. Happy Home Blood PurlUer and Health Ton- lo puHlfes the Wood and make home happy. Uncle Sam's Condition Powders and Uncle Sam's Nw've and Bono Wulmeut-these two great laedlclueB ura cold by all drugglBta- The several Departments will beg i, on September »P^ Bnoh aepartment Is thoroughly equip efficient work, and no pajus will be «" nflora students the best possible OPB to pursue their cliosen Unes ol Btuoy._. tloular Informntlon »s to the partmentB, addrosB aa follows: • CoUeidate-OB*M*S A. SOB. And •No, h? didn't. 'Why so?" "Boowse tor left the 8 ofl the compliment- thatldesU-etow Tho 0 KugllsU Spavin WulWMsnt KeniovoB all hwd, aoft, or callousea lumps m$ wKlBfiestroin horsBB, -"I°o4 Wft^u, ourU"- w •- - nuev. rlua uoue, BtlueBt Bprttins, o. ife,oto. Sftw»w by use olofte bottloi warrantea. TOemostwpnacrl\»lb;o»- Isb owe ever Uftowa. 8oW by L. A. itch cured. m_aq ffiluutes. b; 01 Sodlcal~W. P. Peck, M. P., pe»ot 1 ' -A. Davwuport. HoMOBpatJale MGaloQ ty, Io.w» Oitjr, ' 0. COW .lowftCi lnP«»9°

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