The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 13, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1890
Page 4
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.lift ft tt 8:SOf)in CHICAGO & NOSlWEBtBttfc. — vss SiSBBin EKnOW pasB.l!>:S>pm StPftflt ft!?. " .»:» a S|DeB Molne-aft7!8ISpm IffM fig* taken piSceSlffco the'plsSe SflchProfedtho Ga96 MtB tbo ttftV tf&M tolfie f AST MAlh LtNE with electric lighted and stem heated vesWbuled trains between Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Mlnne- apolis. tttAfcS-CONTINEJJf Alt RODTB, With filec- trie lighted and steam heated vesttbtiled tralnslietween Chicago and Council BWBs, Omaha, or St. Paul and the Pacific coast. ' Chica- M< '6th- Mrs. A. f*. Hail returned OUEAT frATlONAt ftptJTE between go, Kansas City, and St. Joseph, Mo. 6100 MMAS OF no At) teaching all principal points In Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, points In Illinois, isconsn, nnesoa, Iowa, Missouri, South and North Dakota. For maps, time tables, rates of passage and freight, etc., apply to tho nearest station agent of the chlcngoT MUwaukUJ & St. Paul railway, of to any ran way agent anywhere In the world. A. V. «. CARPENTER, General Passenger and Ticket Agent. 110SWELL JIILLEB, General Manager. gypor Information In reference to lands ana towns owned by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Hallway company, write to H. G. Haugett, land commissioner, Chicago, 111. RAILWAY* Affords unrivaled facilities for transit between the most Important cities and towns In Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, Minnesota, North and South Dakota. Nebraska, and Wyoming. The train service is carefully adjusted to meet the requirements of through and local travel, and Includes FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS of dining cars, sleeping cars, and day coaches, running solid between Chicago and ST. PAUL, MINNEAPOLIS, COUNCIL BLUFl'S, OMAHA, AND DENVER. Pullman and Wagner Sleepers Chicago to Ban Francisco, Chicago to Fort- land, Oregon, without change. COLONIST SLEEPERS hlcago to Portland, Ore., and San Francisco. Free Reclining Chair Can) from Chicago to Denver, via Council B. and Omaha. For time of trains, tickets, and nil Information, apply to station agents of the Chicago & Northwestern railway, or to the general passenger agent at Chicago. W. A. THRALL, General Passenger and Ticket Agent. W. P. NEWMAN, J. H. WHITMAN. A Land Deal of Some Magnitude—the Miiitaty BoyS *dl Qo total PatagraJihS. The Algona correspondent of the Marshalltown Republican sent a spicy fepwt of the MnDbard concert last week: Subbard's Voice company hate been advertising themselves rei-y thoroughly the past week in our town, trying to organize what they call a vocal school. They gave their free popular concert last night to a crowded house. They a'dvertised doors open at 7, con" cert to begiri at 7:80, so the crowd gathered early. The audience entertained themselves as best they could for ah hour with the thermometer ranging at about 95 to 100. The crowd finally became quite boisterous and impatient, spatting and stamping more or less. At about this stage of the performance, our leading singer, D. T. Smith, Started up the good old song, " In the Sweet By and By." After singing two verses a motion was made to adjourn, but the motion did not prevail. After the mo^ tion to adjourn was lost ( it was an* nounced from the platform that the leading soprano singer had been sent for and would be present in a very short time. Soon Prof. Hubbard and Miss Elenor Unglei made their appearance on the stage and without any apology whatever for their long delay, tho concert began at 8:45. We will refrain from any comments on the concert further than to state that some of tho audience seemed pleased while others were disgusted. When it was known that Pro?. Hubbard was seated at the church door-during most of this racket, trying to keep cool, and made no explanation for treating his audience thus, his prospects for getting up his class in voice culture grow very small, At the close of the concert only sixty would agree to join the class, so the professor very portly and unceremoniously announced to the audience that when he got ready to begin the class he would lot them know. We do not question the professor's ability to organize and manage a class of this kind, but to sny the least in his favor, an Algona audience has never boon treated so shabbily. They shook the dust from their foot wsm UP us fi,t OW6. On her wS,y tfaok she 8af them cutting thai* corn tot fddder Ml through Indiana and Illinois. She saw no apples while cone, and no crops like Sill's. She sa* also no town like Al- g-ona. Daniels of Cotwith was at Cleat Lake with his three houses, and had worse luck than ftt Algona. His trotter was too slow for the class he was in, and did not go. He hod two runners in one race, ant they were protested, under the rule that two horses from the same barn cannot go together. Jake Freeh has secured the right to sell the patent sickle grinder that was exhibited in Algona last week, and will canvass the south part of the county. The machine is apparently just what is needed in the mowing field, and will undoubtedly be largely bought. We received an account of the storm in Hebron frotti Win. Goodrich last week too late for insertion. It agrees with reports already given* His own crops were blown about it the bundle andbadly threshed out, and his barn •BBS fiitolfoSy DM Sot to-HisfeprfeBelit the Cltfr Well ttftttcf. And Accuses Sheriff Stephens of Jobbery in Asking that he be Paid ai fhid Time. Was moved off the foundation. The fruit crop of the County is beginning to show up in market. R. J. Hunt was in Monday with a wagon load of apples, and some very fine ones have tteen sold by A, H. Durant. Apple trees are breaking down with their load in many places. Landlord Tehnant is going to trot his horse at Forest City, and in all the neighboring races, and have him in B shape for our fair. Ho continues to go faster right along, and will be down to a pretty fast gait by that time. The telegraph office, postomco, Monday club library, and Miss Dodd's stand •es .res . , Third Vlce-prea. . Gen'l Manager. ALGOKA, IOWA. Capital, - - $OO,OOO. Incorporated under general laws o! Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted. Passage ticket* to or from the old countries Hold at lowest rates. W, H. INOnAM, President. J. B. JONES, Vice President, LEWIS B. SMITH, Cashier. Directors—W. H. Ingham, Jno. G. Smith, J. B Jones, T. Chrlschllles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadswortb, Baruet Devlne. and departed at noon, seeking moro congenial quarters. A Dig Speculation. Ono of tho largest sales of real estate made in northwestern Iowa in some years has just been consummated by the American Investment Co., of Emmetsburg, Iowa. Mr. E. A. Blchards, banker of Manson, Iowa, is tho purchaser, and the list includes about 10,000 acres of wild land in Dickinson; Emmet, Palo Alto, Humboldt and Webster counties. The consideration, some $60,000, makes tho transaction worthy of special mention, says the Beacon. Mr. Richards, with the same remarkable foresight that has built up a fortune to him in banking, can see that wild land in northwestern Iowa is bound to increase rapidly in price, nnd as soon as tho E radical farmer realizes the truth and ivests in this vicinity the quicker will be his return. These lands aro In tho markets yet at decided bargains and on easy terms. ^^^^ The Military Encampment. Company F, some 40 strong, will start for Spirit Lake Saturday, and remain until the following Pridav. Four companies of regulars from Omaha, and tho six companies of the Sixth regiment will camp together. Gov. Boies will be present to inspect them next Thursday or Friday, and all who expect to visit the lakes will find it pleasant to go then. A half faro rate is given, which we believe is §2.10 for the round trip. OF ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - - 85O,OOO Special Mtenllon Paid to Collections. DIRECTORS. Ambrose A. Call, D. n. Hutchlna, J. C. Black ford, Philip Dorweller, Win. K. Ferguson. Ueo. C. Call, C. B. Rutchlns, OFKICEBS. iuDHOHV A. CALL, D. H. HCTCnivs, President. Vice President. J. C. BLACXFORD, Cashier. Money always on band to loan at reasonable rates (o parties who can furnish first class security. BANCROFT, IOWA. R. M. Richmond, Pres. R. R. Richmond, V. P. A. B. Richmond, Cashier. Troaaactsa general banking business. Collections u specialty. Money transferred to all ports of the United States and Europe at low rates. Tickets to und from the old country for sale. Tuxes paid for both residents and non-residents. Abstract ot title furnished on the same day applied for. R. M. RICHMOND, REAL ESTATE DEALER, Isxin and Intturawe Aff'l aw/ Notary Public. (10,000 acres or prairie lands and Improved farm* for suit or rent. Village property for sale or rent. Now Is the time to secure you u homo before tho three prospective railroads are built, which will advance the price of laud beyond the reach of the average home seeker. COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Bancroft, Iowa, R. M. Richmond, proprietor. First clHB» house. Satisfaction guaranteed. Hpeclul attention given the traveling public. Looking for a Painter, Did you Say? Well, If r ou are you should ace WALTER WARD, who will be pleased to figure with you for anything In the line of Painting, Paper Hanging, ETC. Those desiring paper hanging dune are respect fully referred to the various pieces of work In this town done by me, which apeak for themselves. I feel warranted In Baying tluit I can guarantee satisfaction In every case. Prices are Always Moderate. Come und Interview me. ]y[ONEY TO LOAN— ON RAILROAD LANDS. Persons wanting to borrow money on railroad lauds will do well to call at the Kossuth Count; Bank, and bring their contracts. Jndigestion IS nut only a distressing complaint, ol I itself, but, by causing tho blood to become depraved and the system enfeebled, Is the parent ot innumerable maladies. That Ayer's Sarsoparlll* Is tho best cure for Indigestion, even when complicated with Wvcr Complaint, is proved by tho following testimony from Mrs. Joseph Lake, oi Brovkway Centre, Mich.: — "I.Ivor complaint and Indigestion mado my llfu u burden and came near ending my existence. For more than four years I suffitrud untold agony, was reduced almost to a skeleton, and hardly bad strength to drag myself about. All kinilH ut food distressed mo, and only thi' most delicate could be digested at nil. SVithln tho time mentioned several ph i Mcmiin treated me without giving roll, •[. Nothing that I took seemed to do nn.v |ii'riimneiit good until I commenced the IIHU ol Aycr's StirBupat'illa, which Inui produced wonderful results. Soon after commencing to take the Sarsapa- rllla I could see an improvement in my condition. My appetite began to return and with it came the ability to digest nil tlio food taken, my strength lui- proved eauh day. and utter a few montlm of fultbdtl uttentlon to your dltectipus. I found luyneU a well woman, uble to attend to all household duties. The medieloe baa given we ft uo-.v lease vt 1110." ftyer's Sarsapatilla, Mill. In nnd About tllo City. Bod. Jain hud a peculiar experience up in Portland lust week.- He was working on top of a big stuck of hay topping it out, when ho thought ho smelled burnt matches and began feeling around. As ho ran his hand in his pocket he soon discovered what was up, and drew it out again quickly enough. What to do ho could not decide, as he was too far up to think of jumping, and all went over to their new quarters y terdny afternoon. Tho telegraph wii are not changed yet, as tho man did not arrive who is to do tho job. At the Episcopal mission the pastor will spoak on "The Childlike Spirit" In tho morning at 11 o'clock. A cordial invitation is extended to the people of the Congregational church to attend during their pastor's vacation The rending room will soon be located in tho room just fitted up by Geo. L. Galbralth north of the UPPER DBS MOINES office. It will bo much more convienent for tho general public than it has been before. Our promised fish story from Geo. E. Clark IB given this week, and its modesty is commendable. Ho is evidently enjoying a pleasant vacation, nnd writes entertainingly of it. Ho will bo home this week. Tho Northwestern had two freight trains north Sunday. The road is about to do an immense freight business in this section, and still no decent passenger accommodations are furnished. Mrs. Pickney of Chicago, who has been visiting Miss Lonetto Wilson, returned to her home yesterday. Her father, G. F. VanVeohten of Cedar Bap- ids, visited last week with Mr. Wilson. Hugh Smith, UPPER DES MOINES compositor, ana lately with the Lu- Verno News, has gone with an Uncle Tom's Cabin company. Ho played with ono somo months a couple of years ago. Tho UPPER DES MOINES office is more like itself now that B. B. Warren has boon able to get around a little. His ankle is still of no use, but it docs not prevent him from being around. Mr. Wilson of Webster City, an account of whose experience is given elsewhere, is interested in Piedmont, whore G. B. Woodworth is going, nnd was on his way thero -when held up. In announcing tho officers of the normal school last week wo ommitted the name of T. H. Lantry as vice president. Mr. Lantry is too good an official whero- evor put to bo ommitted. Another desirable addition is J. A. Hamilton's lumber yard at the Milwaukee depot. Ho is putting in a full stock of hard wood lumber, and has built a shed the past week. No ono passing through Wesley these days will fail to notice Hums' now brick that is going up. It is as fine a building as there is anywhere, and a great credit to Wesley. It is said that tho hail stones killed a great many prairie chickens and that people are finding them every day. The finders use a dog, nnd carry a gun for protection. All who are interested in education The Republican Inst week exhibited Us usual disposition in commenting on the city well and Mr. Stephens. In reporting a council meeting it sold: "Martin Stephens appeared before the council when in session Monday night and made demand tot payment for the sum named in the contract, claiming fulfillment thereof on his part. The council sat down on the claim very hard." After then reporting that the council will further test the well, it continues: "If the well it all right Mr. Stephens Will get his money. If It is not all right ho will have to go without it. as the contract in express terms provided. In taking this stand the council doubtless reflect* the universal feeling. To take any other stand would, in fact, be acting in Violation of every principle controlling business men in their private affairs, and would smack strongly of jobbery." Both in spit-it and in faxit this statement is malicious. If, as the Republican says, the "contract In express terms" Is to be Observed, then Mi*. Stephens was entirely right in asking his monoy. But whether it is or not, there was nothing Improper or savoring of a desire to take any advantage in his request. We quote the terms of the contract between the town and Mr. Stephens, which provide that he was to be paid, not when tho well is accepted, but when it is turned over by Mr. Stephens, and that his bond of $2,000 was to protect tho city until it was finally accepted. The contract reads: " Said party of the first part is to give a bond in the sum of (3,000, signed by two such men as the party of the second part may accept; tho said bond is given for tho faithful performance of the contract ns hereby entered Into by said party of the first part. And tho said party of tho second part covenants and agrees with tho party of tho first part, in consideration of tho faithful performance of tho above specified work, to pay to tho party of tho first part the sum of (1,000 when said party of __. f See" of Mture wfis Strewn with frag- ttentfi. Scarcely fc whole pfttie of gifts* was found onthe north or west sides.of buildings. We go into these details to give the teaaet an idea 68 to the character of the storm, by iib means because they embrace any material share of the damage incurred. In fact, these losses are as the trimmings of the disaster. But little was known as to the condition of the country until next day. By fl o'clock farmers began to show up on the streets, and before noon every community In the 8tofm belt within miles of town was represented. Dismal tales were told, some resultant from real losses, others based upon low spirits and a lively imagination. mm no n Beeatise Cf op of Ail Kintia in the SortlvWest are First-Class and Prices on the fclse. front whlcn th-6y W&fantee inilft ft» the Senator. No* let eterfrb ' TIis Census Hoturii*. Algona gets 2,001 by the census. The county gets over 18,000. tuf flattest week. The ' full re- Normal institute. Mrs. 8. D. Hatnllton <MU take boarders during institute. Thorlngton stf eet t Algorift.-18t8 ' Crop Failures in Parts of Nebraska and bubota—What the Washington Bulletins bisclose. Harvest and haying hare now gone far enough, and corn is along well enough to warrant the farmers in this section in a little exultation over the prospects. As a whole, we have never had a better year. The grain yield, so far as reported, is average in wheat, oats, and barley. Flax is away above average, and a big acreage is in. Corn also is above average, while pastures are fine, hay is plentiful, and all kinds . lend e, haafl, tod We shall have what so many people in the cbrffinunlty nave long felt the need of, viz., a better *ay to dispose of their milk product than the selling of an indifferent quality df butter at si* to eight cents per pound. It ia to be hoped that our farmers Will not let the opportunity go unimproved, but that they Will ftt once come to the front and set the ball rolling. To the 8tnt« fftlf . The Milwaukee rand will sell tickets to the nearest junction point at one t Ate f or the round trip. From Aug. 18-32 will sell tickets to Spirit Lake one fare for the round trip. _ _ THY a box of those choice crackers, 20 Ibs. for $l,;atTOWnsend&Langdon's. JAS. A. OftH, palhter, decorator, paper hanger, etc., solicits the patronage of those who'have Work in this lino, and guarantees satlsfaction.-2m8 W& shall keep a full line of staples to sell at cost Wood worth. until we closo. 6. H, did not want the hay to get afire. Noticing the wind was strong ho reached in and grabbed tho matches and threw them no far as ho could, and they were carried off. They wore tho explosive parlor matches and had caught by rubbing together as ho worked. He was thankful that ho camo off as lucky as he did. A few are inclined to joke our worthy justice, F. M. Taylor, over his last week's marriage. It seems the couple he tied in holy bonds according to the statute were catholics, and no catholic can be fully married without the religious ceremony of tho church. When the married couple fully understood this they decided that 'Squire Taylor had not done all that was needed, and came In and were married over by Father Nicholls. again 0« Am ft Co,, Algona men are plenty at Clear Lake. Jim. Cowan is putting in two fine brick stores with a big opera hall over them, the McMurrays across the street aro putting in two other brick buildings of good dimensions, Gone Shadle is in tho leading store of the place, and others could be found for the looking. Clear Lake is building some good blocks, and Algona mechanics got the job because they put up a good school house there. We don't want to raise any suspicion of our political fealty, but wo aro constrained to confess that since tho weather signals have come into democratic hands they are in a more conspicuous place. Auditor Hofius now each morning elevates them to the Hag stall on the court house, and they may bo seen from tho country round, Tho work of attending to tho signals is no slight mutter, and he is entitled to much credit for undertaking it. Tho annual meeting of tho W. C. T. U., when officers will bo oloetod for tho coming year, will bo held on Friday afternoon, Sept. 5, in tho reading room which will then be opened in the Galbraith block on Dodgo street. The ladles have secured this pleasant and commodious room and will endeavor to iiuiko it a pleasant resort for both old and young. Will all members please remember this annual mooting? The annual Methodist camp meeting began at Goldfiold yesterday. Kov. and Mrs. Pratt wont down last week to assist in preparation. Rev. and Mrs. Whitflela go today, and wo hear that Dr. and Mrs. Barr, Mrs. Hough, Mrs. Slaglo, and Mrs. Gardner Cowles will also attend. Rev. Whltflold will return to preach both morning and evening next Sunday. It is learned that Bert. Hallock will quit the postoinco in the near future, and his place will bo taken by El Dalton. Bert, has boon an efficient and obliging official, and many will regret that ho is to leave. Ho says ho will stay in Algona and hopes to got a position in a store. Ho clerked two years boforo coining to Algona. John Goedors' advertisement this week announces a out Bale preparatory to his move into his new building. Mr. Goeders has shown his faith in the county by investing his money to help build up, and his trade will increase accordingly. Ho will have a handsome store, and will have, us he should, a handsome trade as well. Bert. L. Ward writes "if any of you up there would liko to see a lot of people with a Maud S. gait just come to Council Bluffs with her beautiful parks and palace hotel, her beer saloons on every corner and some school houses on tho hilltops." Bert is evidently enjoying lilo at the Bluffs. For the entertainment ot the teachers in attendance ut tho institute, and for the public in general, Rev. Eugene May will deliver his celebrated lecture ' ' With a knapsack through Switzerland and up tho Matterhora" on Tuesday evening, Aug. 19. at the Congregational church. Admission fyoe. Amon lmprov His jfUi u uiiu ouixi u& v*(" vv t* aiuu oaivt |'cu vj WL the first part shall have completed tho said well as above described. " And It Is further agreed by tho party of the first part that he Is to have no compensation whatever unless he shall procure an unlimited supply of water In the crystal well for tho party of tho second part's use. " It Is further agreed to by the parties hereto that the paying for and taking possession of said well by tho party of tho second part shall not bo an acceptance of said well by tho second party, but that said second party has the time above described In which to accept of tho said well." Tho time spoken for tost before final acceptance is cr.ii year alter tho water works aro in. Now wo have no intention of discussing how far this contract is binding on either party. We only quote it to show that in terms it provides for tho payment as Mr. Stephens requested, and that Mr. Stephens was in no way attempting "jobbery" or dishonesty as the Republican states. Wo quote it merely to show that It is easy for a paper to slander people by not acquainting Itself with facts. The truth is that if tho well proves all that it promises and that the council believe it will, Algona has been 'very lucky. Emmetsburg has $2,800 in her well, and wo give below how far she is with it. Blue Earth has $3,500 In a well, and Boone over $9,000. No one bpltoves Mr. Stephens has made' any money on his contract. Ho has had money invested in it over a year. While no one desires the council to deal on any but a business basis, or to do anything not wholly in the interest of tho town, everyone ought to feel that Mr. Stephens has done a good work, has shown a good deal of pluck in doing it, has mot with good deal of hard luck, and is on- titled to a good deal of credit. There is no occason for slandering him, at least. Tho Republican does itself little credit in continuing its course of misrepresenting and abusing Algona people on tho slightest provocation, a course that more than anything else has been responsible for tho outside at tacks that have been made upon us. For Sale or Rent. Tho William Hill farm. MRS. WM. HILL. ALL persons owing O. It. Woodworth must settle before the 1st of September. fEBSONAL MENTION. Archie Hutchtnson la In town for a day during his vacation, frank Dingloy came homo last Thursday from a visit to Spirit Lake. Mrs. Nellie Palmer and children returned from Cedar Rapids last Thursday. Dr. Tylor, the veterinary who has boon visiting at M. Stephens,' will locate at Blue Earth Ulty. Harvey Ingham wont to DCS Molnes today as delegate to the Knights of Pythias' annual gathering. Mr. and Mrs. D. Rico of Plum Crook visited at Elmoro last week with their daughter, Mrs. Pangburn. J. C. Frank Is In tho oast buying goods, He visits Cincinnati!, Now York, etc., and will be homo Saturday. Mrs. D. A. Haggard and daughters are visiting In Goodhuo county, Minn. D. A. expects to join them this week. Mr. and Mrs. Clms. Weeks of Jamestown, N. Y.j are visiting nt G. R. Woodworth's. Mrs, weeks Is his oldest sister. \V. F. Carter was oft on a business trip to Boone and Havlan last week, but didn't make tho deal ho expected to. Rev. Hanna was over at EinmeUburg last week and brought Rev. Sanderson to Algona Thursday for a day's visit. Rev. Miss Tupper of LaCrosso visited a few hours with Miss Anna Ingham last evening. They are old school friends. Mrs. Powers of Grand Rapids, Wls., has been making Mrs. J. W. Tonnant a visit for some weeks. She went to Spirit Lake lost night. Misses Anna and Dora Weber camo homo from Canon City, CoL, a week ago. Miss Anna has gone on to Deansvillo, Wls., for a visit. P. R. Croso, who has been working in Brunei' Bros, shop has gone to Vinton to ng the pleasant v«3i« toot of and tho progress of our school system are cordially invited to visit tho Kossuth county normal institute. Word comes from C. W. Thompson, former school teacher at Whittoinore, to send his paper to Boise City, Idaho. He is there with Prof. Reed. A sample of this year's growth is a 13 foot raspberry vine left at this office by old Mr. Noblo. Ho is on tho Samuel Reed place on Four-mile. A. D. Clarke says business is very dull in St. Paul. In all tho country he visits there is as much sign of life in Kossuth as anywhere. The Baptist socjoty will give a dime social at the residence of Capt. P. C. Bailey on Thursday evening. Ice cream wHl be served. The first tile has been turned out at the new factory. They aro better than those usually seen here, and ought to find a good market. Uncle Isaac Grove has his new house finished and painted, and is satisfied that it is a good one. So is everybody who has boon in it. Tho court house is improving in appearance. Tho treasurer's office has window screens, and tho superintend ent's a now carpet, A nicklo in the slot cigar box has been secured for tho club room; The nicklo goes in, and the cigar comes out. No nicklo, no cigar. A. P. Steinberg was in Algona Monday, and secured some score books at this office for tho Bancroft shoot tomorrow. Now paint has made a wonderful change in appearance of Howard's hardware store and Frank's clothing store tho past week. B. A. Myers opened his elevator yesterday. He decided to stay in Algona, at which many friends will bo pleased. Nathan Studer was in Monday, He has just added 100 acres to his farm, and now hits over a section together. Tho postmaster announces that orders have come to send no more mail to Soxton and Wesley on the night train. Tho institute will bo ready to say " good morning" to tho teachers at 8 o'clock a. in., on Monday, Aug. 18, Subscriptions to tho new Episcopalian church indicate that enough will bo raised to put up a good building. Mr. and Mrs, Lon. Sessions camo back from Wisconsin Sunday. Mrs. Session's health is still very poor. Capt, Cooko has received a nicely drawn plut of tho grounds Company F will occupy ut Spirit Luke, A fine five-foot sidewalk in front of tho Lantry block is one of tho week's improvements. Guy Tuttle has boon working In tho First National bank in Mr. Ferguson's absence. A picnic party at August Zahlton's grove, enjoyed a pleusuat day last Friday. Miss DeShields of Emmotsburg is visiting tho Rutherford family this week. W. B. Cowles of Omaha is visiting his brother, and will stay some days. Dodgo street loses tho original package store and getn the reading room. Old gentleman Gay is working ID J. J. WllBon's ofllce at present, There will be no service nt tUo Congregational church Sunday, Ho Is a good man and Shectz, and meets many old For Jlent. A good house, eight rooms, cellar, cistern, etc. . BELLE MIKKELSON. Well and Cistern Worlc, I am prepared to bore new wells, clean out old ones, and do cistern work, all in first-class shape. 20t2 OLIVER MAUQUIS. Tho Womuns' Relief corps will servo ico cream ut the rink, Aug. 20. REMEMBER wo close on tho 15th of September. Give us u call boforo thut date if you wish to bo benollttod. G. R. Woodworth. EFFECT OF BECENT STORMS. IteportH Show Somo Damage In Northern Koiwutu, Though BllulU- Soutlieni Minnesota n Severe Sufferer. Stories still coino in concerning the violence and damage done by tho storm through southern Minnesota a week ago. As somo of the tales of hailstones have been rather romarkublo, our readers will bo Interested in the final und truthful reports from various neighboring localities. They show that the stories have been grontly exaggerated, although it was u bad storm. This is the first damaging storm ever noted In tho section it passed over. ELMORK, MINNESOTA. G. W. Pangburn writes to the Blue Earth Post: Tho first notice wo hud of the zephyr was tho complete removal of our west windows. This,'however, was occasioned rather by tho hail than by the wind. In fuct, it wus tho hail rather than tho wind thut did tho damuge. In places tho crops aro al- most'completely destroyed. As near as we can determine, the agricultural part of this country hus sustained from u 25 to 50 per cent, loss of crops, It reached over but u few mile* of territory, however. Those depending inrgoly upon their flux crop will suatuin tho heaviest • " 'all other crops them In the stack. Mr. Blanchurd hud a barn partially completed which wus entirely demolished. Tho Elmoro original package house still stands in all its original sublimity. It will, however, keep closed doors for a short time to undergo repairs. Tho lumber sheds of Z. Roberts and Nelson & Tonnoy wero badly demolished. Mr, Shaver of Elmoro hud u 100-ucro field of flux, about u mile out of town, which tho day boforo the storm ho wus offered $1,000 for. This field after tho storm wus not worth the cutting. This is only ono example of what hue boon done for us in tho strip of territory visited by the storm, It reached only ubout one mllo south of Elmoro und three miles oust. loss, as a majority of were out and some of take a place thero. will do well. Misses Hattio and Cora Carr, cousins of J. L. Edmonds, returned to tlioir home In Minnesota last Thursday, after u visit of several weeks, Irwin Journal: Miss Emmu Walker of Algona, Iowa, a sister of B. M. Huntingten. arrived hero Tuesday evening and will visit about two weeks. Gco. C. Call was In Emmet county last week. The big storm did not come down into the county very far, but the damage whore it did strike was complete. Frank Winkol Is back from his business trip and visit at his old homo. His mother's health Is improving, and ho enjoyed a pleasant time with old acquaintances, W. K. Ferguson took advantage of tho cheap Boston rates and Is visiting his old homo at Mnlono, N. *VT. His sister, who has been visiting In Algona, wont with him. Mrs. Chas. B. Byorly of Kansas City Is making a short visit with Mrs. J. O. Reaver. She visited Algona somo yours ago as Miss May friends. Fred. Bartlott got fur enough east to get caught in the New York Central strike. A telegram from him yesterday, however, said that ho got through to New York with only a brief stoppage. W. L. Joslyn is home from n ton days' visit at Spirit Lake. Ho was there during tho hall storm, and reports somo interesting occurrences, showing that tho published stories have not been exaggerated. B. A. Myers is homo from a visit of somo time in Chicago and at his old homo. Ho says tho prospects in tho city are for good prices for produce. Tho rush now of now grain will lower them, but ho looks for steady, good prices. Will. F. Walker loft Algona lost week to again take up his work on tho road. Ho travels for Chamberlain & Co. of Des Molnes, and has ono of tho best salaries paid. Rome Walker leaves this week, and will preach in Illinois boforo returning to school. Spencer Reporter; Mr. and Mrs. Vesper and llttlo Orma camo over from Algonu on the Saturday evening train, and spent Sunday and Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Faddon of Lako. Mrs. Vesper is a sister of Mrs. Fadden. On Monday they canio to Spencer which Mr. Vesper thinks has improved very much since ho was hero twelve years ago. Superintendent Carey lias Just returned from Newton, where she has been to Inspect the work In physical culture being done by Miss Annie Goodrell, She expresses herself as well pleased with tho work «ho saw, and says sho Is sure Kossuth coun ty teachers will appreciate tho value of those drills in physical culture when they see tbo graceful motions of Miss Gooiiroli, who is an artist in her lino of work. W. H. Ingham and son Fred arrived homo from St. Paul Friday evening, after throe weeks in tho woods and on tho lulto. They spent most of tho time south of Duluth on the Brule river, whero trout wore plenty. They then took a boat to tho oast end of Superior, and visited tho boomed city of Sault sto Mario, It is now dead, and property that two years ago could not bo bought ut at any price is choup enough now. Low ISxcursloii Ilutoa. The Chicago and Northwestern railway will soil excursion tickets at halt rates, one faro for tho round trip, for tho Iowa National Guards encampment at Cedar Rapids, Dos Molnes and Spirit Lake, and for tho state encampment of Knights Templar at Spirit Lake. For tickets and full Information concerning dates of sale, etc., apply to agents C. & N. W. Ry.-18ta 18 pounds Turkish prunes for $1 10 pounds dried apricots for 1 10 pounds Cul, pitted plums for.,,.... 1 at Townsond & Langdon's. Good oats uro worth W) wnj<| ft.fe in Algonn. ^-^ •* On- is painting Stpwgh'a; TWENTY Ibg. DltlNK ice-cold water out of tho red barrel; then buy your groceries at tho Cash Store, Tho Vindicator reports somo damage in Emmet county us follows; In this county the damage was confined to Emmot nnd Elsworth townships almost entirely, the course of the storm changing northeust after passing half way through Elsworth. Esthorvillo and Center townships suffered a little, but tho town of EsthorviUe escaped with almost no damage with tho exception of one or two houses, one in tho extreme north part ol town having a /aw window glass broken. Tho hull did no harm here to speak of. Beginning throe or four miles north of town, how- over, and, going into Minnesota for sov- urttl miles, tho hull wu# terrible, us ro- portoil by residents. Chunks pf solid loo weighing' JO ounces foil in grout hoap9, uttewy poun,dljj£ the orpr round. m»y termers ' Olood-byo, Original PucKnge. Algonu's throo packugo stores aro closed and will so remain until tho law is settled us to thoiv rights. The managers consulted and agreed that they had no desiro to furnish tost cases. They believe, however, that It will bo found that the present Iowa law does not operate ugalnst them, and that u new ono will have to be enacted. Whiting 8. Clarke of BOB Moinos upholds this position in u letter to the Register, Good lawyers agree with Senator Wilson ou tho other sldo. If a new law has to bo passed, will Gov. Boles cull an extra session? Would this legislature miss It? And would Gov. Boies sign It? are llvo questions. A)|(ouu Normal School. Tho trustees of lit" Northern luwu Normal school ut Algona have secured the services of Prof. Do.dgo of Boroa college, Kentucky, ono of tho very bust educators to bo obtained, who will bo assisted by u strong cor i)s of instructors. The citizens have contributed $2,000 for the improvement of tho school. Tho flohool year commences September U. Bates will bo vary cheap, and instructions the best. Those Interested may address tho president of tho school tor further information. beat tov etok, of stock are in splendid condition. It high prices are due to tho failure in other sections, it is unfortunate, but still the high prices nro here and promise to remain. Everything combines to mako this n yeaf of jubilee With us, and the most natural thing in the world is to take advantage of the situation. The individual should got all he can, and the community and the whole northwest of Iowa should pull together now for the boom we are entitled to. The boomed districts out west have played out, Kansas is burned out again. Nebraska is below par. Dakota will be asking aid again this winter* while the western coast has nothing to offer farmers. At tho same time our eastern states have failed. Northern Iowa is the surest of crops and has tho cheapest land of any part of tho United States, Wo have never had a failure in tho northwest, and only once a partial failure. Why should not all our cheap lands bo taken and our county be filled up? This is tho year for us to E jll together and advertise ourselves, et us all join in seeing that northern Iowa gets tho sotting out it is entitled to, and In bragging n little where wo can honestly on the opportunities that are now open. WASHINGTON BULLETIN. After comparing tho fall in por cent, of yield for the various crops, ' the Washington report is: A full of 20 points indicates tho disaster which has befallen corn within thirty days. Tho cause is tho abnormally high tom- poraturo of tho central maize districts, with insufficiency of rainfall. Returns of tho drouth, which covers a brood area, and tho severity of tho effects produced aro moro general and depressing than tho signal service record of temperatures seems to Indicate. In Ohio there is groat difference between the northern and southern parts of tho state. Tho south tier of counties in Indiana and Illinois have likewise received greater than the northern. Tho condition is slightly higher in Missouri. In Kansas the severity of the drouth culminated. Iowa and Nebraska aro nearly in the status of tho Ohio valley, while Minnesota has tho highest average of 'the west. Wisconsin suffers slightly and Michigan still more from drouth. There has been a considerable reduction in the conditions of spring wheat, amounting to fully 11 points. It is less In the Dakotus than in other spring wheat districts. Tho average of condition is 80 in Wisconsin, 80 in Minnesota, 87 in Iowa, 71 in Nebraska, 88 in tho Dukotus. Tho latter is a decline of 7 por cent., owing to hot southern winds. Tho oats crop will bo one of vory low yield and probably poor quality. Another crop of grout importance, potulocs, has also been much damaged by tho drouth. A low rate of yield is assured. THE IOWA REPORT. Secretary Shaffer has tubulated the reports of about 1,100 crop correspondents, representing every county in the stato, showing condition of crops Aug. 1. Following aro tho averages of leading crops: Corn, 79} por cent.; sorghum, 82; flax, 05; millet, 85; potatoes, 00; sweet potatoes, 62; broom corn, 70; upples, 00; grapes, 83; pastures, 72. Average yield por aero of threshing: Winter wheat, 14} bushels; spring wheat, lit; oats, 30; winter barley, 24i; spring barley, 24; rye, 14}; clover seed, 21; timothy, 31; hay averages, H tons. Tho past week has materially Improved tho outlook for all growing crops, especially corn and late potatoes. With fairly good conditions In the remainder of the season this stato will produce 75 per cent, of an average corn crop. And prices will favor tho producers this year. They aro entitled to n benefit now und then. DROUTH IN ILLINOIS. The stato bulletin of the board of ng- riculturo for Illinois reports, Aug. 7: The lust month has been one of unusual drouth and high temperature, and much damage is being done to growing vegetation of every description. The corn crop and pastures have suffered in some portions of tho stale to an alarming extent. Out of tho 102 counties in Illinois only four full to com plain of tho lack of precipitation nnd its damaging effect on the growing crops. The effect on tho corn can be estimated from tho following conditions, as giving for Aug. 1, ns compared with an average: In the northern division the condition is reported at .68, in the central at ,79, und in tho southern nt .54—mnklng the stuto average ol about .07. The average of wheat harvested, in round numbers, was 1,300,000, and the total yield 14,560,000 bushels. The estimated urea seeded to outs is 3,850,000 acres, nnd tho uverugo yield por acre for the stato is 18 bushels, mulcing a total yield of 58,500,000 bushels us compared with 142,000,000 bushels lust yeur. DAKOTA WHEAT POOR, The Mlnneupolis Millers' Record says: Thero is ono complaint from tho wheat fields in tho north west that is universal. It is that the tops of tho heads have not filled. Thut will bo found on threshing to mean smaller yield than would commonly be estimated, and lo cal estimates are, from thut alone, likely to be cut down. Superficial examination of wheat fields does not usually take into account tho extent of such injuries. Tho stand of straw averages much bettor, nnd us the straw is what many people go by in estimating, the threshing will likely disappoint thorn. Tho whole Red river country is estimated by some to yield 15 to 18 bushels, by others 10 to 15 bushels, West of that it is figured ut five to 10 bushels for an average by different judges, Thero ia much moro wheat that hus u large yield ufid a small yield in tho sumo territory. O'ltourke on the Hlack Hlllu. Our Rlverdulo railroad contractor wus homo lust week, and camo into tho UPPER DES MOINES office to soo if tho bridge hud boon moved away from his yard .vol. Having sutislled himself on thut point ho told ubout tho Black Hills. "I made up my mind," ho suld, " when I got buck thut old man O'Rourko hus ubout as good u farm us lies ubovo ground. It did me good to look ut it again. If anyone don't liko this country, just advise them to put in u few months out thero, und If it don't euro them nothing will." Mike suys thut this country looks liko u garden compared with tho sand, sugo brush, und tough country he hus boon in, to say nothing of tho heat. Ho has just finished ono contract of 14 miles of road, which when trucked will loud to tbo famous Dakota hot springs. He is bidding on some more work, und hus gone buck to see how ho cumo out. Ho expects to keep nt his railroading us long us ho cun mako any money ul Ft, but the Black Hills and western country will ' ' '' Wo wish every farm- could hour his Tournnintnt at Bancroft. The first annual shooting tourna mont of the Bancroft club Will be held there tomorrow. A large attendance Is insured from all this part of the state. The programme is as follows: Match No. 1— Entrance. ROCK SALT FOR STOCK, Towtisehd & Langdoh have just received a caf-ldad erf the Retsof Rock Salt for Stock. It is conceded to be the best and cheapest by the gfeat stockmen everywhere, and it goes three of four times as faf as common salt. Try it and be convinced. The list of prices formerly found in this space will remaift the same. Tan Single Peortfts II BO MatcliNo. a-* Six Singles ana Two Pairs 160 Match No. 8— Fifteen singles 300 Match No, 4— Five Pairs 300 Match No. 6— Ten Singles 1 M MatctfNo. 6- A Ten Pairs 800 Match No. 1- . Ten Singles—unknown angles 1 M MatchTNo. 8- Flve Singles Stralght-aways—25 yard rise.. 100 Twelve Singled i TO Match No" 10- Slx Singles and Two Pairs 1 GO Match No. It- Nine Singles—Sweepstakes fid Match No. 18— Team Shoot........ : 900 Throe cash prizes aro offered for best averages—$10 to first, $7 to second, and $8 to third. All purses (except sweepstakes) are to be divided into four moneys 40,30,20, 10 per cent. This gives the ordinary shooter an equal chance with the professional tor his money. Other matches may bo arranged, but tho programme as furnished will bo carried out as near as possible. Birds always included in entrance, and put into traps at tho lowest possible price. • Machine loaded shells for sulo on the grounds at reasonable prices. Shooting commences nt 8 o'clock a, m. Ulllon! Why do you pay such high prices for flour, when you can get it good enough for tho Queen or President Harrison at $1 per sack, warranted at J. J. Wil- son's?—15t8 We sell all kinds of $c Yeast for $ .03 We sell a choice Hard Wheat Flour for J.od We sell a Half Patent Hard Wheat Flour for t.2§ We sell a Full Patent Hard Wheat Flour for 1.46 We sell 32 bars of Good Laundry Soap for <JO And we take produce in exchange for groceries, Come and get our prices before you buy. TOWNSEND & LANG-DON. TllY Townsend & Langdon's flour, SI por sack. Tho Clear Lnko Itncca. A goodly number of Algonians wont to Clear Lake Thursday and Friday to see Tennnnt's " King David" away from homo, and enjoy tho races. "King David" was in tho three-minute class, but one.heat was trotted in 2:30, tho fastest time mado on tho track. Two of tho horses in tho race were protested for having bettor records, und if it is proved, Mr. Tonnant will tako pood money. As it was, his horse mode ono heat in less than 2:40, which is a big improvement on anything yet done, and won applause from tho crowd. AH the races were very good, and especially so because the judges ran them for tho benefit of the crowd, nnd notthe jockeys. Mr. Kirk acted as starter, and he brought the drivers to time. He fined Borgitt of Humboldt $60 ono race, and sent his horse to the barn. In another race ho set him back for foul driving. Ho sot a running horse to fourth place for not taking its proper part of the track. He declared n heat of a trotting race off because one horse was not driven right, put on a new driver, and mado tho horses go over again. In fact he bossed the race track, saw that tho horses went their best, entertuined tho crowd, and pleased tho horsemen who want legitimate speed contests. He could do It partly because the track belongs to tho association, but mainly because it is in him. He is tho nerviest starter wo ever saw at a race. The races wore on the whole a success, and Clear Lako won much praise from all who were there. A FRESH box of Wheat Germ Meal wafers just received at the Casli Store. Try them, NEW patterns in glass sots just received at Townsend & Langdon's. FROM THE COUNTY TOWNS. linncroft. BANCROFT, Aug. 11.—Rev. F.L. Gale of Mason City preached two very interesting sermons to a splendid audience each time. He is a student of Evanston university, Chicago, and is visiting with Kov. Ward, who is his cousin. Promptly on the arrival of tho evening papers on Saturday, Aug. 0, A. F. Steinberg closed his original package bouse. Whatever may bo said of the business, Mr. Steinberg has run a quiet house, and has obeyed tho law to the letter. Thero wore no services at the Baptist church last Sunday. John Chapln of Humboldt was in town over Sunday last. Miss Annie Barslow left on Monday last to visit friends nnd relatives ut Iowa Falls. A Miss Edmonds of Algona has been the guest of tho family of G. W. Smith the past week, but returned homo on Monday last. Tho State Bank of Bancroft is to put up a brick building in tho spring where Campbell & Reynolds' hardware store now stands. Revs. Ward and Gale left for camp- meeting at Goldfleld last Monday morning, and Mrs. Ward followed on tho A Collar I'nlls Shooting. A local Interest attaches to the remarkable murder committed at Cedar Falls lust week, the father-in-law of the murdered man living at Lu Verne. Tho facts as brought out at tho examination show that a man by the name of Miller was drunk, his brother-in-law, Jones, was trying to get him home, and the deputy marshal in trying to arrest Miller shot Jones dead. The act was apparently without provocation, und tho marshal, Stingley, was bound over under charge of murder. It was feared ho would be lynched, hut extra care was taken to prevent a riot. Tho Lu- Verno News, In speaking of local matters, says: "Mr. Miller's folks received a telegram on Tuesday morning convoying tho sad tidings of tho death of their son-in-law, Deck Jones, and the injury of their son Albert nt Cedar Palls. Goo. Miller Sr. nnd J. H. Miller loft ut once for Cedar Palls, but up to this writing no particulars of the unfortunate occurrence have boon received hero," DRIED fruit of all kinds cheap at the Cash Store. A FEW bolts of Jamestown goods will bo sold at lOc por yard. Call in time. G. K. Woodworth. Snooting. Tho Humboldb Independent gives the detuils of u sad ticcident in our neighboring county: Miss Emily Kirchoff, a daughter of Win. Klrohoff of Beaver township about five miles southeast of hero, met with death in a most shocking manner lust Sunday. Some geqtle: men, ono of them the girl's undo of Fort Dodge, drove up to the house with a buggy, On the approach of a shower, the girl gathered up somo coats that were lying in or near tho buggy, und currying them into tho house threw them into a chair. There was a loaded revolver in ono of the pockets, und it struck tho chair in suph a manner us to explode uiio of tho cutridges that passed out of the coat and entered the breast of tho young lady, She called out and taking a stop or two foil dead in her father's arms Tho affair casts a gloom over the entire community, as Emily was beloved and highly respected by all who know her. jRflolf suit ottunpt be hundred never oatoh him. orjuthp county nnd vigorous description of thut couu- 4 New Crunuiery at J/uVeruo John Wulliuie, tho oiwmovy and sop- urutov H>IW of Algonu, say*) tUeLuVorne News, came do\yn to our town this week und looked up the prospects for a successful busiuosu venture in his HUB hero ia LuVeroo. Ho met with naught but encouragement from our oittgeus, nnd notwithstanding the Uvtouoss of the , un effort will Uo mudo right A Safe Investment. In one which U Kuurantoed to bring you satisfactory results, or In case of failure a return of pur cliaae price. On thla nafe plan you can buy from our advertised druggist u buttle of Pr. King's New Discover! for Consumption. It la guaranteed to bring relief la every case, when used for any direction of throat, lungs, or chest, such as consumption, Inlluuiiuatlou of lungs, bronchitis, asthimi, whooping cough, croup, etc., etc. It Is pleasant and agreeable to tusto, perfectly ante, und can always bo depended upon. Trlnl bottles free ut L. A. Sheelz' drug store. 1 Merit Wins. We desire to suy to our citizens, Hint for yenru we Imve been selling Dr. King's New Discovery for CaisuinptUm, pr. King's New Life 1'llls. Bucjt- lon'u Arnlcti Bulvo unU Electric Bitters, und have never bundled remedies tiut sell us well, or tliut have glvou such universal sutlsructlon. We do not busltute to guarantee them every (lute, mid wo stuiul ready to refund the purchase price, If nulls- fuelory results Uo nut follow tuelr use. These remedies have won their grout popularity purely on tliuir ov«tUa. L, A. 8heeU. away to sooure tlto milk ot iv ol cows sufficient to wnvraut the uau,ovtuk- ' 'lou papers ow bota.ujo,d, ftp&e stere ol Hojftry Kliftdt a»d at t v d JH . liu.cklcu'8 Ani|e(i Salve. The best salve In the wurul for cuts, bruises, sores, ulceri, siilt rheum, (ever sores, tett»r, phauped hands, oh IMulin, CONM, and alUkln erup tlono, and positively euros piles Or no PUT requlrou. U l» KUtt.runte.pd w give perfect suttsfaction ot won- er refunded. Price U5o per bat. 89M ty K 4- CorwUU W. H. Weed, eon of S. Reed of Jrviug- toM, wus hui'gUu'Uou' at Corwith last week, his stoi'o U.oUig broken into. A tato dispatch announces the capture of .vtoliSobflpty: * a. menMaed. 1« row noon train. Tho worlc on the streets is progressing finely. P. R. Croso lolt for Vinton last Monday night, -whore he has secured a job in a barber shop. Success, Dick. G. W. Skinner returned from the world's fair city lost Saturday. Tho ladies of the M. E. church will give an ice cream social at the Davis building next Wednesday night. Hands are scarce, and the price is good at 51.50 per day and board. B. B. says that the original package law is not in force until tho supreme court pusses upon it. What about that white-cap business? Rev. L. A. Cummins was at a recognition service at Eagle Grove last Friday. The boys are making a success of the gymnasium. That's right. The question before tho people now Is, who is to be the principal of our schools for tho ensuing year? A. D. Clarke and J. B. Jones of Algona were here between trains lust Monday. Llttlo Rossman Richmond is rcportec as being ill. To Boston and Hack. On account of tho G. A. R. encampment at Boston on Aug. 10 to 1G, the C,, M. & St P. Ry. will sell, Aug. 6 to 10 inclusive, ex cursion tickets to Boston and return for $30.53. Those tickets will be good to leavi point at which sold on date of salo as stamped on back, and provide for continu ous train passage to Boston. They will be good to leave Boston on the return trip only on Aug. 12 to 20 inclusive, and for continu ous passage on tho return to starting point with final limit not later In any case thai Aug. 25. They may, however, bo depositet with Joint agent of Boston terminal lino on any date, Aug. 13 to 19 inclusive, and an extension secured that will enable holder to return to destination not later than Sop tembor 80.-18t2 Failures In Life. People fall In manr wars. In business, In mor ullty, In religion, In happiness, and in health. A weak heart is often an unsuspected cause of fall ure In life, If the blood does not circulate properly In the lungs there Is shortness of breath, ostu ma, etc.; In the brain, dizziness, headache, etc. In the stomach, wind, pain. Indigestion, futn spells, etc.; In the liver, torpidity, congestion, etc Fain In the left side, shoulder, und stomach I caused by heart strain. For all tnc.w muluules Dr. Miles' New Cure for the heart nnd lunijs Is th best remedy. Sold, guaranteed and recommendec by V, W. Dlngley. Treatise free. • 8 An Important Hatter. Druggists everywhere report that the sales ot th Restorative Nervine—a nerve food and medicine- are astonishing, eiceedlng anything ever had while It gives universal satisfaction In headache nervousness, sleeplessness, sexual debility, back ache, poor memory, OU. dizziness, etc. Taylo Bros, of Bryan, 0., Ambery & Murphy of BatU Creek, Mluh., C. B. Woodworth & Co. of Ft. Wayn Hid., und hundreds of others state that they neve handled any medicine which sold so rapidly o gave such satisfaction. Trial bottles ot this grea medicine and book on nervous diseases free at F W. Ulngley's drug store. * !) MUCH' Nerve und Liver Pills. An Important discovery; they act on the liver stomach, and bowels through the nerves. A new principle. They speedily cure biliousness, bat taste, torpid liver, piles and constipation. Splen did for men, women, and children. Smallest mildest, surest. Thirty doses for 25 cents. Sum pies free at F. W. Dlngley's. Killed by Gasoline. A sud nnd terrible accident occurrei at Sheldon Monday noon, In which Miss Stella Gruvor met her death while fill Ing a lighted gasoline stove, the can o gasoline catching fire. Dropping tlv can the contents were thrown over her person and in u second her whole cloth ing was afire, She was alone in the room and after vainly trying to auencl tho fire by wrapping herself Jn the bod clothes, she ran into tho street where the wind quickly fanned the flames intp an intense heat. Befqr-o assistance ar rived und the fire was put out, the greater part pf her clothing had beer burned from her body. All that coulc bo done for her was done, but nothing could save her from th.o effect of the cruel burns, and e^e passed away about 0 o'clock tho swne evening in the pros' once of her widowed mother and sisters, Stella was seventeen yearij of ago, a popular young lady UfflRng hep uo- quivinttiuces und was rich with those womanly graces und modest pleasing manners which aro so becoming, llurd up for a Drlulc. Ono of Ksthorvillo's citizens hud a sac experience Sunday, according to the Republican. It was a hot morning nnd the night boforo ho had lowered ni: original package to the bottom of the woll. About 0 o'clock Ills thoughts begun to turn fondly to tho "wire bound bottle that hung in tho well,", but, sud to relate, when he curne to draw forth the treasure ho found, thut the string hud parted from the coveted bottle. Ho tnen went to work to pump the well dry, which was accomplished in about an hour, but sadder still, there lay the bottle on the bottom broken into pieces. Fortunately he hud emptied the water into a, ruin barrel as fast as pumped out, so the package, although not initsorlg- ituil form WAS not wasted, und although much o< its original flavor was gone, tho barrel of rain water cfmtaiped enough of it to finish out the day in ft manner only appreciated by a njan who knows what it is to bo thirsty. TUG CASK IN 4 When p«bf w»> BI.CJF we gave her Gloria. When oto was » ch.«« e.Us Drtod to Cu^oju},, South Sidn of liroadtoay sir*- Whlttemore, Iowa. Goods, NOTIONS, .tM rind Onpw, Boots and Shoes, Hoys' iin<l Mm'fl Kenili-Miiile O 1; O T GROCERIES, Crockery &, Glassware, CONFECTIONERY, Wood and Willow ware. Produce taken In exchange for goods. UENKY MUNCH. DOU YOU WANT THE Best Legal Blanks? Most surely you do If you have need for any at all. Then remember that you can iind them at the Upper Des Moines Office. WE KEEP ON HAND Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, best In use,) * ^ « Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, Grass Leases, Notes, etc,, For sale In any quantity desired. Blanks not In stoolc will bo made to order nt short notice— and correct prices. AUCTIONEER. -* D, A. HAGGARD, Will err city and farm property, make collections etc. All business of a private nature will be strictly confidential. Office with if. M. Taylor, over Annls Bros. -- 1 DE. L. A. SHEETZ, Dealer In DRUGS AND MEDICINES. Full assortment always on baud, of Drugs, Medl clnes, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes onlj. Books and stationery. Reel Estate Agent, Algona, Iowa. Lands bought and sold on conir ilsslon. Special attention given to care and sal? of r«al estate la Kossutb and adjoining counties, for non-residents. Agent for the German Insurance company, of Freeport, 111. Passage tlckeU to and from the old countries sold at lowest ralM. For Sale or A good Improved tann In Holt county, Nebraska Va mile from imvn. Ituiiiilna water ou Inrin. Also ono iif itio acrus In I'lillllps comity, Kfln- sus, avi miles from rulhyny stuilmi. Apple nnd right man 42 Come and see ie and see roe. M. L. CLARKE, Algona, lOWU, N9TICE TO CONTRACTOR?, the ofllce of the city clerk until 1!} o'clock m., September 1, 1800. plans and an will be ou tllo at the city clerk's o after Augugt IB," 1800. Each bid to commuted with a certified check to the amount of (!&>, as a guarantee that the Bucceushu but; der will enter Info a contract with said city, The right is reserved to reluct any and. a 10M 6 W. U. QUAT G llEAT rilKNOK UEJIEDV.-Dr. Le Duo's periodical pills from Pails, _. . .— _,—, France, i ily upon tlio generative organs iu fenii" ill positively cure suppression of the me . (tvoiu whatever cause) vmii all porlo4loi_ troubles peeullnr to wumeu. A safe, reliable remedy, warranted to excite menstruation, or money refunded. Should not be used during lauey. The large proportu» pr the Ills to „ —i ladles are subject Is the direct result of a disordered aud irregular menstruation. Ask any druggist for them. American PM Co,, Speucer, Ia. L. A. She^te, supply ageflti A'~- onl . . na, U. H. Bosworth & Chicago, wholesale agents. jVSE ITIS EASIEST TO mw-y v ill L ED:

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