The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 13, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 13, 1890
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t^f|2^ l ^;*«^?-^^*r'?^^8^f£ 5 ^R^P^',^> 'i'^^p^sM-.^ f•*-.*'•»&•' r ESTABLISHED 1866, The Store, The Upper Des Moiiies, AtTGKtfST 13, fe u* Clearance sale of Bummer Dry Goods until August 16, 1890, All Prints, Gihghaffis, Chambtays, Batiste, Zephyrs, Lawns, Challies, Satines, etc., must go. 10,000 yards of Laces and Embroidery from one cent to |i a yard. Summer styles of Gloves, Mitts, and Hosiery, without regard to cost Everything marked in plain figures. "The early bird catches the worm," BY INGHAM & WAftBEfr. ly decked Hollahde* to Lyon county, it and a great imttfovemeiit over tha old had bi&en given by a brother ftollandei', but LAIRD'S FURNITURE STORE. J. B, LAIRD, Proprietor. WE gits this week the candidates ted platform of the democracy. The convention is described as enthusiastic. The Algona delegation was at the front throughput. S> J. Wilson was oh ah Important committee In the district caucus, and Jas. Taylor was chosen district eommitteeman for the year, Mr. Taylor is a Substantial business man, and a "rustler" in politics, and what can be done for the democracy he will do With vigor. It the remainder of the state is as well officered the democrats will make a good campaign,—but unfortunately this is not a democratic year. "lit It Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention.. Prices are reasonable. FARM LOANS. At 6, 7, 75^, and 8 per cent., on five to ten years' time, with privilege of partial payments before due. Interest can be GEO. B. StRUBLE, brother of the Hon. Isaac Struble for six years congressman from the Eleventh, is the republican nominee for congress in the Fifth district. Ho has been on the bench in his district, and was once speaker of the house of representatives in the legislature, but otherwise has not been an office holder. He is regarded as a man of ability by all who know him, and will be a strong man at Washington. Whether he stands for a broader national policy, and especially for the Interests of the west, is not known. His brother has been a man of great independence and an influential member. before, and the explanation of its existence was inado by Mai. When ho made the note his creditor give it to Witt so that he could toll by It when the debt became duo. When ie paid the debt he gave the note to his Creditor 80 that he might remember that it had been paid. A» the story goes the two had not known before what notes were for, but when they saw the use they could be put to they both agreed that they Were '-bully good things.' 1 THE justice of the peace who decided a ruling of the supreme court to be unconstitutional has his match. Judge Brennan of Cooper township, Webster county, takes judicial notice that an able bodied man cannot get drunk in an hour and a half. John Rodenborn Wat before him and five Witnesses Swore he had been beastly drunk. The others swore he Was sober When they saw him an hour and a half previous. The man was discharged, the Judge finding that he hadn't had time to got full, and that tho witnesses must bo mistaken. one. The size IS 60*64, two Stories high, and to be tefieefed with brick. The proprietor shews considerable enter- prls6 in' getting this matter decided upon and commenced SO soon after the adjustment of the insurance oh the burned building. It is tb be completed within 80 days, and work will begin on it soon as the material can be got on the ground. A Norwegian named Peter Lewis was killed by the B.jC. R. &N. southbound express train Saturday night while walking on the track some two miles .southeast of Dows, in Wright county. He had that day been at work in Dows, and late in the evening started for home by the route mentioned. His body was discovered by the side of the railroad track next morning, and near by were several bottles^ part of them filled with VOL. 20. It is said that Lewis was con- under tho Influence of left Dows, and as he had a paid at my office, apply for a loan. T. Save money by calling on me before you Stoves, Tinware, and Cutlery, Shelf ware, Belting, Paints, Glass, Machine Oils, Iron and Wooden Pumps. Repairing of Pumps a Specialty. ALGONA, IOWA. Dealers In Heavy Hardware Milk Cans, Churns, Riverside Stores, Stoves and Ranges, " Quick Meal" Gasoline Stoves. Agents for tho NEVER RUST TINWARE, warranted not to rust. Call and get prices! wo can do you good. Yours, etc., WINKIE BROS. CONSIDERABLE discussion has arisen over the effect of tho original package decision on the Iowa prohibitory law. It has been claimed on good authority that it rendered our state law null and void, as having boon runconstitutional when passed, and that a now law will bo necessary to carry out prohibition when the Wilson bill is signed. The Des Molnes Nowa telegraphed Senator Wilson on this point Friday, and ho answered: . ••••. : • " In my Judgment, tho Iowa prohibitory laws will need no reonactmcnt to be effective under the operation of tho original package bill Just enacted by congress." This is a weighty opinion. If sustained, the original package will depart quicker than it came. THE most foolish part of tho democratic platform is its attack upon the silver bill because that measure allows a man to contract for payment In any specific kind of money. Why should a man not bo allowed to contract for what he pleases? How is any man injured if ho agrees deliberately to pay gold, any more than if ho agrees to pay potatoes? Tho borrowers are under no compulsion to make such contracts. They will be foolish in the west if they do make such contracts. • Silver is good enough and rich enough for us. But if any man wants to pay gold why is ho unjustly dealt by if ho is permitted to do so? Wo should like to hear some defender of tho real democratic "lot alone" policy give some reason why the government should step in to prevent any kind of honest contract a free citizen may desire to make. E. C. BUQHES, tho well-known lawyer at Spencer, has sold his practice to J. W. Cory, our old district attorney, and will go to Seattle. He is a brilliant young lawyer and will make a big success in his larger field. IT is funny to hear that the issuance of sliver is contracting the currency. How is It that tho prlco of silver and all other commodities Is rising if tho money supply is being contracted! Even if gold loft tho country, it would swell tho money volume somewhere else, and so stiver would increase the money supply of tho world, and that would react on us by cheapening money. If wo never have a more serious contraction than comes from expanding tho silver circulation wo shall never bo seriously pinched. THE action of tho Kansas and Nebraska senators on tho tariff bill is commented on by tho Gate City, which says: " In the senate tho two republican senators from each of tho states of Kansas and Nebraska have voted with tho democrats In favor of lower duties. This shows that Kansas and Nebraska have been taken out of ttio high protection list by tho people and tho republican senators simply carry out thoir wish. Messrs. Ingalls and Plumb of Kansas and Mandorson and Paddock of Nebraska do not protend to havo any personal desires about tho subject save to do what tho .people thoy represent want. Tho change in tho popular view of protection which this action of tho four senators proclaims Is due, we presume, to tho work of tho farmers' alliance. This organization has become very strong In both those states." when he , — „ supply with him it is not likely that he sobered up any while on the Way homo. He leaves a wife and several small children in destitute circumstances. HARD CROWD IN HANCOCK. Too Many lievolvcrs Carried In Our Neighboring County-Shooting Scrapes, Saying nothing about revolvers going off by accident, there have also been several shooting scrapes lately in tho county, says the Hancock Signal of this week. A week ago at a bowery dance at Twin Lakes "Sloot yor podnerl Promenadey all around 13 kegs of beer" there was a sort of a free fight between the locals and a crowd from Corwlth. Several preliminary fights ensued, tho Corwlth boys claiming that after dancing they couldn't go out and have a good square fight with any of tho Scandinavians but that a certain giant Swede would skulk behind tho bushes and make tho Corwith fighter bite tho dust just when ho As tho Carroll Herald sees it: "Elaine's reciprocity Idea Isn't 'drawing' very well in congress. Throughout tho country, however, it draws like 'lassos In fly time. Tho people like it." was getting the othor fellow in chancery, by lamming Mr. Corwith over the head with a club from behind, then running bock in his dark don in the bushes. This was bad enough, but when tho big Swede's club missed tho fight- Ing Corwlthlte and smashed tho ilddlo into cedar tooth picks, "this last straw broke tho camel's back" (and tho fiddler's back also) and they concluded that tho big Swede didn't want to bo sociable and wanted them to fool his club instead of feeling at homo. So the Twin Lakors and tho Corwithites ranged themselves on opposite sides for a big fight. Whether more than ono shot brace and bit, chisels, etc. Soon after a message was received from the department denouncing Aiken as a fraud and directing his arrest, which was done, he being now in custody. It Seems that there was ho complaint about the conduct of the office, and just what the fellow's scheme was is not plain. OtEfiCOATS ft AUGUST, Ge6i te. ci&rke Teila of the Pleas* tire* of n Trip Efcst by the take Itouto-A Fin* Summer Resort ftiid tt Good Fish Stoi'y. 'MOOSEUEAD LAKE, Me., Aug. 7.—Special Correspondence! it gives me great pleasure to address yOu from this place. As I Sit in my room With a cool breeze blowing from across the lake and think of you poor, benighted citizens of kossuth county, probably sweltering this evening at the close of a hot day, I think it gives an added zest to iny enjoyment of my present surroundings. We loft Algona the night of July 22 atid went to St. Paul, whore wo stopped and had a very pleasant day In the "twin cities," then on to Duluth. This city has made a Wonderful growth since I was last there, some fourteen years ago. Then the place was desolate—a deserted village) rows of empty shanties stood where today are brick blocks three and five stories high, and lots that could then have been bought for a hundred or two dollars are now worth ton to twenty thousand. It Is a city built on a side hill with ono level street at the bottom. Our trip down Lakes Superior and Huron was ono of tho most delightful I over knew, nndforonco my fond anticipations wore more than realized. I do think It is the most delightful trip on tho American continent to take in tho hot season. Think of your overcoats in July and August! and the air Is peculiarly bracing and delightful. In tho evening sitting on the deck wo could see our breath condensed as you will observe It In Iowa in November and December. Five days brought us to Port Huron, where wo took tho Grand Trunk railway to ^^^^^^. ^x^^^~ ^^ • ^^^^^^ ^^^^ ,..,.^BF*!^.._ ... [„,, ,n rini ^^ i^HH •••• ••••^•l 10 • PER CENT. OFF - 10 Commencing on Friday, August 15, for 30 days only, on account of moving into our new store, now occupied by Mr, Wood-worth, and in order to reduce our stock before moving we shall give a Discount of 10 per cent, for cash on our Entire Stock, consisting of: TO LOAI on Fan Property. At lowest rates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office. If you want a loan, call on us. We can save you money. JONES & SMITH. M. Z. Crovo. John Grove. livery, Feed and Sale Stable, West of Thorlngton House, M. Z. GROVE, Manager. Cloths and Trimmings. J. K. PILL & SON, Merchant Tailors i full stock of cloths and trimmings always on band, 09 cheap as can be bought anywhere. All work done promptly and PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. CEO. E. CL-ARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Onice over First National bank, Algonu, In. Guaranteed. "It Call street, Algona. Iowa. You are Invited To see and buy onr W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. O\vr Kossuth County bank, Algona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATl'OllNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over Koamth Co. bunk. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and collections. Ovor Frank Ili'OH. THE endorsement given Grovor Cleveland at Cedar Rapids makes specially pertinent his views on tho silver question. It is one of tho failings of such papers as tho Courier that they criticise reasonably good measures without nny apparent recollection that their own party has a record. President Cleveland opposed the use of silver us money, and so did his secretaries. Ho said In his noted letter: " I hopo you will concur with mo and with the great majority of our fellow citizens in deeming it most desirable at tho present Juncture to maintain and continuo in use tho mass of our gold coin, as well as the mass of silver already coined. This is possible by tho present suspension of tho purchase and coinage of silver. I am not aware that by any othor method it is possible. It Is of momentous Importance to maintain the two metals in company; to prevent tho displacement of gold by Increasing tho coinage of silver; to prevent the disuse of gold In tho custom houses of the United States in the daily business of tho people; to prevent the ultimate expulsion of gold by silver." While papers are trying to support such doctrine us this, would it not bo well to observe a little modesty in criti- cising measures because they do not make tho uso of silver wholly unlimited? THE ladies are pitching colts at Ruth von. Groat skill is shown—In dodging tho shoes. SAMCLAKK says: "Gen. Clarkson told a friend, ho would be back In the Register sanctum in 30 days." THE Sioux City Journal quotes tho statistics which show that moro gold was exported a year ago than during tho same months this year. That settles tho cry that gold Is leaving tho country on account of tho now silver bill. LrvERMOHE has been havlngaa series of burglaries for a month past. Tho offenders wcro caught last week and aro boys 14 and 15 years old. WE still notice that the chief answer to the Council Bluffs Nonpareil's arguments on tho tariff is that Carl Snyder is a young man, sophomorlo, etc. IGNATIUS DONNELLY once intimated that tho Washburn family were born with a brand of M. C. on tho broadest part of tho anatomy. Is there anything of that kind about tho Strublcsi THE marshnl closed tho Dos Hoincs package houses Saturday. was fired is In dispute, but certain it Is that a bullet from tho other side hit a Twin Laker in tho ribs, ploughed under the skin and out on his side, not penetrating his abdomen. This brought them to their senses and the sufferer was taken to Britt for Dr. Colo to cut out the bullet. Wo hear ho is getting hotter. But a rumor wus cireuluted in Corwith that his wound wus mortal and two young men skipped out. Outside of tho Corwith party no ono knows who fired a shut. Another scrape was in Orthel township last week. Simmonds and son were in u dispute with Fred Tutjens over the grass on a farm thoy all rented. Tho former claims thnt Tutjons threatened to pitchfork them if thoy cut tho gross—they borrowed two revolvers, oiled thoir mower und began to cut the gross. Tutjens started over, leaving a team standing, to see them. Hero tho parties disagree us to what took place. Ho claims u shot wus fired us they walked ovoi—und they say it went off by accident—ho und wife say thoy met him with niracd revolvers —thoy sny thoy did so when ho tried to strike the old mnn with u whip-handle. A triul over it wus hod before 'Squire Ross hero, tho uttornoys being Bradford for tho stnte and Riploy for tho defense, and thoy, Simmons and son, were bound over to court, in sums of $50 ouch, which they at onco gave. Wo do not wish to prejudice tho merit of either of these mutters and do not, but it is plain there uro altogether too mnny lire arms curried. Boys und young men think it smnrt to carry a revolver to " protect themselves," und it either goes off when not louded, shooting some person or they got Into some trifling quarrel, whip it out and shoot some ono unnecessarily while their blood is hot, und forever after regret It—likely behind bars und prison walls. For people who carry them will bo tempted to use them, while 000 out of a thousand men novor roully find actual need to carry ono in this peaceable ago and state, Ladies' Shoes, Mens' Shoes, Boys' Shoes, Misses' Shoes, Kids' Shoes, Plow Shoos, PJoiv Hoots, Kip Boots, Calf Boots, Fur Huts, Wool Hats, Stiff Hats OrushHuts,,. Afen's Hats, Qoys' Hats, Kids' Hats, Misses' Cheap, Medium, AND High Grade. The largest itock In fawn, and at the The Vent Hitbber Goods Jfitttt wearing Hosiery, lieau- I'T' Custom-made Overalls. Coato_'fhreud at 4v. WuoRvr you no.KiilUe baits, we charge no fancy prices, >\'(? Pan savu you money. One price for town and country. JOHN REED, . F, M. BRQN80N, Dealer Silver J'luteawure.elc, iljouu, Iowa. Tto New Meat Market, I.QWE & UMBEUSON, t'roprlctors of the new market on Yhorlugtou "'" ' "• ' frwh »ud unit ulcttt. Come oud nod us. street, keep ever JTres^ flHh every S, S, SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel (iucurlt y. Over Chrlschlllea' store. B. F. RE£D, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over tho postofflcc, Algona, Iowa. L. K. CARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SUliQEON. Office, State St., one door oast of Cordlngley. Uesldenco, McGregor St., east ol tho public Hcliool building. F. E. V, SHORE, M. D., ALCiONA, IOWA, State street, east (it Rutherford liouso. H. C. MCCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND 8UHQEON, Special attention to city practice. 0. T. WEST, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND fiUKOEON. Next door to J. O. Smith's store, Algona, la, J. E. HILL, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND XUUQEON. Wesloy, Iowa. Day and night culls attended to with iiromtuess. LOUIS LESSINC, Manufacturer and dealer In all kinds of FURNITURE, Picture Frames, Olusaes.Clitomon, ond all kinds Beady- fflM. Henr«e for public use. |Ieud4Uttr- ue 00 ivtit IQJ THE conference committee appointed to reconcile the Wilson original puck- age bill, and the bill pussed by tho house decided in favor of the former, and tho house lust Wednesday ratified tho com mittee's uctlon by a big majority. The Wilson bill provided that tho sale of liquor In or out of tho original pucknge be left to state control. Tho house bill extended tho scope of tho measure to include nil commodities. Its purpose wus to put bogus butter, dressed incuts, etc,, etc,, in tho sumo category. The rejection of this meusure indicates thut congress does not fuvor a system of state control of trude, but merely Intends to put intoxlcuting liquors in u class by themselves, Tho logical consequence of tho Wilson bill Is state interference with commerce, and tho results if curried out would bo to reject that national freedom of trade which the founders of tho government specially planned for, In limiting tho scope of tho law, congress expressly doclures that it does not sunction this proposal further than its special application in tho sale of liquors. ^^^^^^^^^^^ THE Esthorvillo Democrat desires to twist an independent discussion on the tariff into u comparison of tho records of tho two political parties. It is one thing to denounce a fraud in tho tariff, but quite another to say that because the democrats vote against it, tho democratic party is therefore right on tho tariff question. Tho democratic party is to be tested by its official record, not by individual votes on side questions. But even admitting such u tost tho record Iu congress is uguinst the claim the Democrat makes. Wherever enough ropublicuns bolted McKinloy's bill to chunge it, tho democrats refrained from voting, und thereby kept the worst features of it intact. As Sonutor Plumb honestly stuted in his frunk discussion of the subject, tho democrats aro fully us responsible in the lower house us the republicans for many of tho worst abuses of tho tariff bill. With tho turill as with silver legislation thoir main purpose has uoon, In tho words of ono of their loaders '• to put the ropub- licuns in a hole," and If in so doing they have voted right incidentally, it la not much of a sign that thoy would do so if their votes would count. The Mills bill und such declarations us their Iowa platform are tho olHclul test of thoir tariff pplicy. > Wo have no vwo for either even if sa'putruffPPUB a steal tw a copper INTERVIEWS with loading Maine mon show that thoy stand by Blaino. Rood Is not yet big enough in his own state to oust tho "plumed knight." THIS is true also: "Tho genial gentleman who sits on a dry goods box protesting against the ' robber tariff' on wool, will walk Into an original package house and pay 25 cents for a bottlo of beer, which only costs $3.50 per barrel, and novor murmur." CONGRESSMAN STBUBLE was right In hitting Speaker Rood, if for no othor reason than to show that an Iowa man has as much right to bo bull-headed as a Maine man. It is a satisfaction to find somo ono who don't apologize for being from Iowa. IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Mason City gets 8,917 by tho census. Hampton offers 8850 for races Aug. 19-20. Tho next mooting of tho Upper Des Moines Editorial ussoclution will bo held in Webster City, Sept. 12-18. Tho Storm Luke school bourd will advertise for bids for furnishing school books. They expect to save 40 per cent. "Doc." Russell has sold a Chicago syndicate 17,000 acres of lund in Mississippi, Ho und Murray aro south now. Tho G'orwitJi Crescent says: Goo, Johnson hus. left the harvest field to tuko a position in tho LuVorno News ollico us chief printer, W. F. Hunter, son of the present editor of tho Webster City Freeman, is added to the editorial stuff of thut old und substantial paper. Frooinont Turner, who is getting plans for our water works, wus ut Humboldt Monday of last week helping them figure on works thero, Homer I. Wasson failed to got tho nomination for county attorney at Knoxvillo. Ho hud a pretty good sup- pbrt, but tho old men wore too many for tho "young democracy." Our sympathies go out to the young men. A little son of Fred. Frodrlckson was so badly beaten by tho hull stones on Sunday, a week ago, near Esthorville. that for u time fours woru ontertuined for his recovery. Ho und two smaller brothers wore out' during tho whole storm. The citizens of LoMars made a vigorous protest to tho slate board of rail- roucl commissioners because of tho condition of tho Illinois Central depot and grounds in thut city, and tho result wus that tho board ordered tho company to fix the depot up there. Webster county hud u cyclone south of us u week ugo. In one place in Olho township, tho storm struoft the homo of a family named Schekoy and curried the building fully 20 feet from its foundation, and then turned it clear over upon its roof and badly damaged it. All this time tho family of eight persons were in the house, hut by u miracle they succeeded in escaping the crushing timbers and flying furniture without any serious bruises. Othor instances of narrow oscupes are reported, but none that uvo quite uw fflii'uuuloKs us (his. HELD UP OUT WEST. A Webster city Mnn lina a lively Expcrloiico on hlB Way to the llliicU HlIlx-HIs 8T5O very Luckily Saved. Hon. W. C. Wilson of Webster City hud an exciting time with train robbers u week ago. At Missouri Vulloy, suys the Freeman, ho took tho Elkhorn Valley road, which runs through Nebraska and up into tho Black Hills region. When about 00 miles west of Long Pino, two masked mon entered tho cur In which ho wus riding nnd proceeded to " hold up" tho occupants. Tho robbers wore ouch armed with two lurgo Smith & Wesson revolvers, which they nourished in u threatening manner, making it rather unpleasant for tho passengers, Thoy curried a two bushel suck into which all were instructed to dopbsite their valuables und usk no questions, In tho excitement of tho moment tho thieves passed Mr. Wilson without observing him and us they passed up tho jvislo ho slipped his wallet, which con- tuinod about $750, bonouth the eout and made u break for tho private closet in tho corner of tho car, which ho succeeded in reaching. A brukomun observing this move, endeavored to follow suit, but tho quick eye of ono of tho robbers detected him In this attempt, and ho instantly wheeled about und fired, Tho brukeraun stumbled and the leudon missel sped above him and went crushing through tho rear end of the car, penetrating the second car and smushing u largo gluss in the sleeper. In a much shorter time than it takes to toll It, tho robbers had left with their boodlo, und it wus uscortulned that but u small amount of money und other valuables were taken. The ball from tho revolver was found and it proved to bo a huge chunk of load half us largo us a man's thumb. "Walt." maintained a "dignified silence" throughout tho entire performance, und says it is astonishing to note tho 'celerity with which men will "shell out" under such circumstances. He says that when ho entered tho closet he plastered himself up iiguinst the wall behind the water tank und occupied loss space than he did tho day ho wus born. Miss Muttlo MoC'onnoll of this city was also on the train, but escupod without hurm or loss. Toronto, a city of over 200,000 people. It is a regular western city, well built, with wldo, woll-paved streets. Tho next day wo rodo to Kingston, at which place wo took tho steamer down tho St. Lawrence to Montreal. It is a beautiful sail through tho Thousand islands, past summer houses on ovory llttlo island, and hotels ovory few miles. Wo realize that wo nro passing through ono of tho groat summer resorts of America. Tho buildings are mainly on tho United States side. During tho day wo sail through several rapids, tho principal ono being tho Lachino, and through thoso it is very exciting, Thoy aro rapids—groat lodges of rock arc on each sido of us; ono moment on our loft it looks as though we would bo dashed by tho rapid current on an immonso lodge right in front of us, and as tho steamer Is turned from it another on tho right Is close upon us, Thoro wore 800 passengers on tho steamer wo camo on, and It was both amusing and exciting to watch somo of tho woaker-norvod ones as wo dashed through, tho steamer rocking like a crndlo. Wo arrived at Montreal for tho nlgbt, and spont a day thoro sight seeing. It w>. " worth our time. It is a groat city, full of solid-looking blocks of buildings with tho stamp of another country very apparent on them all. And today I havo spont in trout fishing, nnd havo really had very good luck. My brother, Honry Straw, and myself caught a dozen beauties from a half pound to a pound and a quarter in weight. Wo woro over at Wilson's pond, about three miles oast of Moosohoad lake, near Rum mountain. It is a small lake about ono and a half miles long and three-fourths of a milo wldo, surrounded on all sides by mountains and high hills. Wo were only thoro two hours, and In tho morning wo aro going out at 5 o'clock and spend tho day, and wo expect to got a nice string to carry homo with us.' Getting up at that hour, you will excuse mo from further writing tonight. Yours truly, GEO. E. CLAIIKK. The Democratic Platform. Wo congratulate the people of Iowa on tho election of Govenor Boios nnd heartily approve tho wisdom, justice and courage with which ho hus ndministored his high office, nnd we commend the notion of tho Twenty-third general ns- scmbly for thoir fnithful efforts to redeem thoir pledges for their enactment unto law of tho Australian bullot bill, tho pharmacy bill nnd othor measures demanded by tho public welfare. Wo reaffirm the policy respecting tho control of tho traffic in intoxicating liquors sot forth in the democratic pint- form of I88D und approved by tho people at tho election of that your, nnd wo uro in favor of such legislation, state and national, us mny bo necessary to carry that policy into effect. Wo declare our continued adherence to tho principle of railroad control ns expressed in the laws of tho state and general government and we fuvor such changes as experience mny show to bo nocessnry to maintain a just nnd oquit- nblo relntion between carriers and the shippers, Wo again acknowledge that tho nation owes tho soldiers nnd snilors of tho union nnd wo declare in fnvor of just liberal, and equitable pension laws for all invalid nnd dependent soldiers nnd sailors. i Silks and Velvets, Foreign Dress Goods, Black Dress Goods, Domestic Dress Goods, Shawls, Skirts, Underwear, Gloves, ^Hosiery, Handkerchiefs and Embroideries. Notions, Ribbons, Laces, Linens, Corsets, Woolens, Jeans and Denims, Domestics, Ginghams, Prints, Clothing, Pants, Overalls, Shirts, Neck Ties, Suspenders, Boys' and Childrens' Clothing, Hats, Caps, Trunks, and Valises, Boots and Shoes, etc., etc. This sale to continue until September 15. EIDEIR/S tho war, came to Iowa in 1870, is a lawyer, and has been postmaster under Cleveland. W. L. White, candidate for state treasurer, is present county treasurer of Wayne County serving h'" ,-thlrd term, was born in Iowa, and iios for 19 years resided at Corydon. Col. C. H. Mackoy, candidate for attorney general, lives at Sigournoy, Keokuk county, is 65 years of ago, a prominent lawyer, and a colonel of tho 33rd Iowa infantry. P. B. Wolf, candidate for supreme judge, is a practicing lawyer at DeWitt, Clinton county, is serving his second term as state senator, where ho has been prominent on the judiciary committee. Thos. W. Ivory, candidate for court reporter, lives at Glenwood, Mills county, was born in 1850, is a lawyer, editor, and has been postmaster. Peter A. Day for railway commissioner is about 55 years old, an old settler in Iowa, a civil engineer by profession, and a well posted man on railway matters. He was elected over John Mohin two years ago—tho first democrat to get a state office in 30 years. BIG BARGAIN STORE. Patterson Brothers, Wo denounce tho republicans in congress for thoir submission to and support of Speaker Rood In his arbitrary Wntmon no Good, H. I. WUHSOU is now a resident of Knoxville, says tho Spirit Luke Beacon. He is going through the sumo sensational and mischief making political him \ inuneuvorB in Miuion county that unsavory notoriety in Fayolto, uwuro, Dickinson, ICmmot and Kossuth, By this time Wasaon ought to know gave o,Dol- that us u politician ho fuilura is .a miserable Brltt has n sensation. A party named Aikon who recently lived at or near Waucomu, Iowa, came there lust week claiming to bo n deputy United States marsbalundpostolnoo Inspector, with authority to inspect thut postoflloo. He claimed charges had boon preferred or eomphUnts mude, tvud even claimed there was soon to be a removal, and instigated certain eltizous to apply for the office, und u petition wus according,- ly circulated, PostHuwter Way 'twd him ho could onjy (aspect the oijaoe on ju'otlucUpn of Ws uuthprity, which Jjjo fift W fcWirawW w> fijead.ay, He fulled ' '« upprossion of free speech und nbsoluto lontrol of tho course of legislation. Wo demund tho free cotnngo of silver und that it bo made full legal tender for nil debts, public nnd private, nnd denounce ns unjust und dishonest the provision of tho Inw recently enacted allowing parties to stipulate against tho payment in silver nnd silver certificates, thus sotting up n standard of value for the creditor nnd another for tho debtor: one for tho poor mun nnd another for the rich man. Wo are in fuvor of n tariff /or revenue only; a tariff reduced to tho lowest rate consistent with tho needs of an economic- ul ndmtnlstrntion of tho government. Taxutlon to any greater extent than this or for any othor purpose is un- nocossury und unjust. Liquor, tobncco und all luxuries should bo mude to hour us fur us possible tho burdens of tuxn- tion und tho nec'essnrles of life should so fur us possible bo relieved. Wo oppose tho MoKinley bill ns nn abuse of taxation power nnd in favor of the woulthy corporations, pools und trusts, by which our manufacturing interests are so lurgely controlled. It especially discriminates against the ngrloulturul Interests of tho country by compelling tho farmer to buy what he needs und to sell what ho produces in a monopolized market. Wo uro in fuvor of commercial reciprocity, not alone with tho Spanish states of South America, but as well with all other countries whoso miirlcots nro opened to our products. Tho election bill pussed by the lower liouso of congress is n menace to tho freedom und purity of our elections. It pluces the treasury of tho United States at tho disposal of the party in power; it enables tho managers of the party to employ us lurgo u force us it deems nocessury tp curry on tho work of its campaign, and to do this under pretense of supervising elections, it destroys- all responsibility of government to the people by testing its enormous powers in officers holding by appointment and for life. We hollevo that tho people of the various 'localities oun bo safely trusted to conduct their own elections, and that the power of congress to determine tho qualification, election and return of its members Is sufficient for protection uguinst local ubusos. That platform was unanimously adopted with applause. W..H. Ohauaherlalu is u dry goods , is 48 Tho Republican Platform. Resolved, That we, tho republicans of Iowa in convention assembled, reaffirm our devotion to tho principles of tho national republican party, and wo make no other tost of foalty to tho republican party of Iowa. Wo heartily indorse tho able, prudent and patriotic administration of President Harrison, with special commendation of the movement for bettor and closer relations, both business and political, among all American governments and pooplo. Wo do specially declare our adherence to tho principle of protection in American industry applied wisely in view of tho interest of all conditions of our pooplo and administered in view of tho equal interest of all industries. Wo agree that discriminations may bo wisely made, but never in behalf of tho strong uguinst tho weak, novor against tho masses. In this spirit wo hold all legislation should be had whether it concerns tho raising of revenue or disbursement of tho samo by tho general government, by tho state or by sub-division of the local government; whether it concern domestic aggression or bo the definition of tho limitation upon foreign aggression. Wo oro in favor of such expansion of currency as will moot the growing demands of uii increase in population and trade and offset tho contraction resulting from tho continual withdrawal of national bank circulation. To this end wo favor such legislation as will utilize as money tho entire silver product of our mines, and wo favor such laws as will aid in tho ultimate and unrestricted use of both precious metals us money. Tho republican party of this state favor in a very fair, honorable way tho Industrial interests of tho pooplo of this state. Wo boliove the business interests of tho people uro intorohangablo and mutual and that Injustice towards ono class must soonor or later work te tho injury of all classes, Particularly do wo want to believe that the groat industry represented by tho farm stands at tho head of Iowa industries and that faithful guardianship of that interest is tho prime obligation upon those who make and administer our laws. Wo congratulate tho pooplo of this state upon tho measure of success sustained in tho contest in this state in behalf of tho just legal control of railway corporations doing business in this state, and wo appeal to tho people to see to it that thero bo no recession in tho Just policy of tho state in this regard. Wo bellovo tho efforts to nullify tho interstate commerce law should be resisted to tho ond that national protection and state protection may ullko ho equal te all communities and among all classes. The republicans of Iowa offer their sympathy to tho producers of the south who seek now for dlsouthrullmont from industrial bondage te tho grinding monopolies of tho states of that section protected and promoted by all tho power of tho organized democratic party of those states. We bo- liovo that in tho breaking up of those systems, under which industrial freedom is impossible and which rob and persecute tho poor, lies ono grout hope of freedom of elections and. popular government, sooial pouco and general prosperity iu those southern states, Recognizing revolt iu the south in behalf of liberty and Justice, popular government ftud popular rights, it is a matter of minor concern In what name tho battles are fought and won. Wo welcome first growth und spread of power of republican principles. Wo cordially approve tho purpose of tho republicans in congress to so amend und improve tho pension laws us to make further and moro generous provision for union soldiers, their widows, parents and children; and wo yot bollovo tho day is not fur distant when a goitoral service pension law should and wllfbo passed. Wo express our abhon'Oiiue of all trusts The place to buy groceries cheap. €303 OEDSTTS ©3 Real mine, $1, For August only we want you to see these goods. Sizes 141-2 to 17. The very best made, best material. Look out for the Ribbon Sale. It will come soon. $7.50 per dozen. JAS. TAYLOR. We can now make Loans on Improved, »« loan and trade conspiracies of every kiud intended te destroy competition und create und perpetuate monopolies, and wo call f or the enactment and enforcomout of both federal and state laws to completely ox- torinluate such Iniquitous and dangerous cowWnutlpus and to prevent their further organization. Bproud and power. turn ou tho part of thy police power of We favor such loglslu- to regulate, coufiue or prohibit bur, uud for approval of tho record of the republican pu,rty o ie states iu thoir effort the public work un.d purty i>S tWsstate HOX 'E * BiAVBR. Algonft, Iowa. An Iiiiiiositlou on Puhllo Coiilldeucc. It Is not Just nor right for any man to adver- ,i"r T«V -rf—•— as doing what It cannot .1, " tt uauserous imposition ou nubile confidence. Knowing thA fact, Dr. T. W. Wood In couiidonce, uud kuowliiK Its merits, recommends Blackberry Carminative tor all bowel complaints. Solflby L. A. Shoeta. There's No Use Peayljig tho Truth. Lei't'H ]2xt,riLnt nf 'Pin. anA urn,, QJjgj'yy fnr rv,. Couglui uud Colas. Jt cures them. Hapuy Home Blood Portlier aud Health Ton- lo puvuloB the blood uuO_mal«) tome happy. Uncle Sam's Condition Powders and Uncle Bain's Nerve and Bone LlnlweuV-tUese twp grout weaicfueu are sold by aU ,EugU«U Spuvlu Lluluicut Bernoves all bard, volt, or calloused lumps and eB from hordes, blood spavin, curbs, ey, ring bone, stUloa, spralna, all ve (Mr by use pf one most wonderful Mom- V? fe, T 4ftW¥- merchant ut Independence, ojd, came tp Iowa, in, J893, ) times to the 1 ,... .oiw dtetriet. He is ftom^uated te'etajwdetote. U> tWS gjWftt caste p/tempprauoo, luvolv a,ud the safety ol * The contract for the hotel, o* whatey&v I4vennoro, liusibbenlet State University -OF- The sev?r»l Pepartm««s will begin th« 180,9-91, on September jo. offloient work, id for " to »nor« sraaems ne best posslWe opportunity to pursue their chosen lines oJstudy. For particular information as to tfce wspiofive De- partmenw, address as toilows: " O '» uuv » **»• ent, IoA city?**"** *' I4HW-EWWN MCCfcAlU, Iowa

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