The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 6, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 6, 1890
Page 4
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AKD DfePARTUftE OF TRAINS. tfltfcAGO, MlttVAUKfcB & S*. f Atl,. Passenger east- . North- South— s ' felfnwe pass...4:<0prri felrflore pas;.lB:20p« •• - ft.Pan! ft.?...0:56 » mPeg ft 7; FAST SIA1I/ LINE with electric lighted and 8t«am heated vesttbuled trains between Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Minneapolis. TftArJS-CONTifcESTAT, ROUTE with elec. trie lighted and steam heated vestlbnlod trelnoWtween Chicago and Council Bluffs, Omaha, or St. Paul and the Pacific coast. Tttl COTf, The new postofflce is being papered and fitted up, * Read Taylor's announcement for August, and see his bargains, The Womans'Relief corps will serve Ice cream at the rink* Aug. 20. A very pleasrmt social was given at the home of C. If. Lund last Thursday evening. 0. W. McMurray in addition to his other contracts has the Liver-more hotel to rebuild. The Townsend & Lanffdon store has hod a new coat of paint. Painting is the order of the day. Mr. Bacon has been putting in a new sidewalk, painting his building, and making ready for his new store. A church council will meet at Eagle Grove next Friday, to recognize the newly organized Baptist church. Rev. L. A. Cummins of Bancroft will preach at the Brptist church next Sunday in exchange with the pastor. owa, , South and North Dnhota. For maps, time tables, rates of passage and frelght,eic. apply _to the noawrt station agent of the ChlcttKO. Milwaukee ft. St. Paul rallw ay, or to any railway agent anywhere In the world. A. V. H. CAIIPE1JTEU, General Passenger and Ticket Agent, MIM'KK, General Manat'U-. rW'For Information In reference to lands sndtowns owned by the Chicago, M Iwankeo ASt. Paul Hallway company, write to H. O. Haugen, land commissioner, Chicago, 111. THE CHICAGO AND NORTH-WESTERN RAILWAY. Affords unrivaled facilities for transit betweei the most Important cities and towns In Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, Minnesota, North nnd feouth Dakota. Nebraska, and Wyoming. The train service Is carefully adjusted tomoot the requirements of through and local travel, an* Includes FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS of dining cars, sleeping cars, and day coaches, running solid between Chicago and ST. PAUL, MINNEAPOLIS, COUNCIL KLUFl'S, OMAHA, . AND DENVER. Pullman and Wagner Sleepers Chicago to San Francisco, Chicago to Portland, Oregon, without change. COLONIST SLEEPERS hlcago to Portland, Ore., and San Francisco, Free Reclining Chair Cars from Chicago to Denver, via Council B. and Omnha. For time of trains, tickets, and all Information, annly to station agents of tho Chicago s Northwestern railway, or to tho general pas- J. B. Jones shipped a driving horse to DBS Moines Monday on the Norths Western. Ho sold It there for $200. A social dance was given by the home band at the skating rink Thursday evening, and it plensent evening enjoyed. On account of the storm the Methodist ladles did not hold their missionary meeting Sunday evening, but adjourned it for three weeks. At the meeting of the normal school board last evening, W. H. Ingham was elected president, H. C. McCoy secretary, J. C. Blackford treasurer. C. P. Dot-land answers in this issuo Ruskin's complaint that America has no ruins. Ho pictures ruins as ancient and interesting ns anything in England. Painters and paperors have fitted up the Galbralth room north of the UPPER DBS MOINES office the past week, and made another improvement for Dodge street. Plans are beginning to bo talked of for the county fair. Everybody should begin to save something to exhibit. All premiums will bo paid in full before te's «O*6n 1* a little oft, tot a pleasant tttp WaS enjoyed. Mtese* ftenft Laey, Mf*y Smith, L,i»ttt lid Amle Wallace, and Cornle Inghafn ttr6 plan- mnl tsS a trip to Chain Lakes this week for a short visit. Mr; and Mrs. Prank Hedrlck are in town vlsitlnK their parent*. Ho is on tho inftil run from Hninboldt to DeS Moines, but has a Week's vacation. Mr. arid MrS. S. Benjamin, Mr. and Mrs. Lem. StockWell, and M. P. Breweter started last evening for the east to attend the Boston array encampment. An old resident named Grow has been •visiting 5» Algonn, the past week after a 12 years'absence. He sees many changes but meet* many old acquaintances. Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Spear started oast yesterday morning. Dr. and Mrs. Sheetz went last evening and will meet them in Chicago. From there they go to Boston together. Geo. it. Galbraith went to Okobojt Saturday to join his party at the lake. Among them are Mr. and Mrs. Ingledu of Chicago, Mrs. Galbratth, Nannie Frazier, Belle Purvis, and Araio Puegnet. J. W. Bartlett went to Des Moines Monday to attend the funeral of his brother, Charles, who died in New York last week. His brother was In Algonn a year or more BY WiMD AKD ttAtt 8 Stotttt 1)1(1 ConSfamible D&fn- in Northern Kosstith—Tho Storm Elsewhere. City VVatef Works Are Under Way— Careless Cow Soys—Kesolved Grangers—Other Local, by Tho report Iri our Bancroft correspondence gives a pretty definite Idea of the damage done by the storm Sunday morning. We learn In addition to what IB thpve given that Wm. Goodrich had his large barn near Elmord set off its foundation, and probably other damage was done to small buildings and to crops. The county generally was very fortunate, getting only a heavy and much-needed rain, while both south and north destruction to crops is reported. In Algona the only the saloon iti Wf tow*, eat county, or OT BcSolvoa, That we view the recent decision of the supremo court, known as the original package decision, us an encroachment on tho rights of the people, and ft menance to their liberties. Resolved, That we urge our senators and representatives In congress to continue to use all honorable means to procure the passage of such laws as shall meet the objections of the supreme court, ana thus preserve the rlfchtt of the people of the state to manage th«r local aftairs In their own way. Resolved, That we call upon all granges, alliances, and other farmer 5 * organizations to Speak In no uncertain tones in denunciation of this threatened evil.. , • , Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions ho sent to our members of congress, and furnished to our papers for publication. tn Mcraorlntn. Miss Caroline Weber died at her home in Canon City, July 26, after two Weeks of illness occasioned by typhoid (ever. The deseased was born .Tune 4. 1845, in'Portland, Dodge county, Wisconsin. Miss Weber was a Competent and faithful teacher, having taught in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Nebraska. She was at one time a teacher A MEAD *0tt THE Prof. Dodffe of Kentucky Accftpts the Call, ftnd Will Be Here an Kfctly Day. lit there Will Me a Pull Corps ef teachers, and Special Opportunities in the Different Branches. the fair closes. Bancroft, is to luvvo n. big shooting acnger agent at Chicago. W. A. THRALL, General Passenger ami Ticket.Agent. W. P. NKWMAN, J. M. WHITMAN. Third Vlce-pres. Gen'l Manager. DOU YOU WANT THE Best Legal Blanks? Most surely you do if you have need for any at all. Then remember thut yon can Then remember that yo flnd them at the tournament next week Thursday, Wo will give the programme In full In our next issuo. A big time is expected, and liberal prizes arc offered. It seems Congressman Dollivor has been busy getting local boards of pension examiners appointed for each county. In Kossuth Drs. Sheotz, McCoy, and Barr constitute tho board. Marriage licenses havo been issued recently to Alois Myer and Lunor Krenhuor; Alvln H. Nutt and Hannah M. Baxter; Olo Erioksen and Ollio Colo; Wm. Nollto and Nora Clark. W. H. Ingham sent down a fino box of brook trout and a haunch of venison last week from tho woods near Duluth. Tho fish wore the fruits of ono catch, while the door was killed by Fred at the first shot. A shoemaker In Sharp's shop and a woman who gets county aid every winter were up before the mayor Monday charged with offonso against tho moral code. They woro taxed tho costs and put under bond for good behavior. Work begun Monday on the now front to Slough's boot and shoe store. Peter Purvis is putting it in, and a big improvement will result. Tho town has rather looked for a couple of brick fronts whore that and tho cigar store stand, but they are not yet forth-coming, C. I.- Harvey is getting on nicely with his trouble since his face was operated on in Chicago, and now works in tho field, and sleeps without pain. Ho was a pleasant caller yesterday, and failed to find words to express his thanks to ago, and was then In very poor health. T. L. Crose was over with an Emmets- burprer last Thursday Who was looking for a valuable bird dog which followed some one to the circus here but failed to return. We did not learn how successful the search was. Mike Wlnlrel has moved up in the railway business. From baggage-man here, ho became night operator on tho western line of the Northwestern, and now Is promoted to station i ' •-•••• salary. Prod. Bartlett's visit to New York next week means his removal from Algona for awhtlo. His uncle in tho city has a place where he can got-work at shorthand and typewriting for a year, after which ho ox- poets to outer Columbia law school, and fit for tho bar. J. J. Wilson wont to Cedar Rapids Monday morning to be with tho early gatherings of tho faithful. Jas. Taylor and O. D. Pottlbono went Monday evening. Tho rest of tho delegation, with C. L. Lund as chairman, wont yesterday. This is a great day with Iowa democracy. D. A. Haggard Is homo from his western trip. Ho inot all the Algonlans at Spokane and found them doing well. Col. Comstock drove him over the city, R. J. Danson talked him full of law business, and the Brooks boys, Fred. McCall, and the rest all explained how well thoy liked tho country. They all sent regards to thetr Algona friends, which Davo distributes lavishly. Goo. Frink and G. W. Priest went to AVosloy Monday, whoro they will work In putting in tho elevator Bonder Bros, are erecting in place of tho ono burned for Putnam. Georgo is to havo charge this fall, and Is a good man. Mr. Priest goes to South Dakota soon to take another elevator for tho samo firm. Tho Bonder boys, who are well known in Algona, now havo 20 elevators on this lino of road. THE TEACHERS' MEETING. August 18 the Dnte-A Fow Words or Advice from tlio Superintendent. It will not bo long till wo meet again drop of tho temperature more than 20 degrees, and a sudden but not violent wind. Senator Chubb was on his ranch 12 miles west of Elmore, and says the storm was terrific. Tho hall dented his barn and cabin, and tho wind blow a gale. The cloud was the blackest he ever saw. Ho thinks tho storm must havo risen in tho air, as it left no traces very far south. P. S. Stough arrived at Spirit Lalco an hour after the gw.\Q had passed. Tho window lights wcro broken, and, he says, ono man was knocked down in tho street by tho hall. Ladles on tlio steamer on the lake put chairs ovor their heads for protection. No other damage was done. Wo condense a f ow reports from neighboring points: Sioux PALLS, Iowa, Aug. 3.—One of tho most terrific storms that over visited tills section took place this morning nt 8:40. It Is estimated that tho wind blew at least 00 miles an hour directly from tho northwest. Buildings rocked like an ocean vessel, but in the city not ono succumbed to tho forco of tho wind. Following tho wind camo hail of such largo sl/.e that no ono would havo believed that BO largo pieces could havo fallen. For hours after tho storm a sample was on exhibition which measured eight inches in circumference and weighed U pounds. Tho sidewalks were covered with tho debris loft from tho effects of the storm and hailstones. In ten minutes from tho beginning there was not a whole gas lamp In tho city. The tin tops were smashed and jammed by the flying stones; windows by tho thousands woro smashed to smithereens. The colleges, the hotels, In the Algona public schools, but throo years ago, on account of falling health, left hoine nnd friends, nnd sought another clime, where sho hoped to regain health. After leaving Alffonasho wont to Groeley, and from thonco to Canon City, where sho resided ub to tho time of 'her death. Her health improved Until lost summer, when she was seized with that dread dosoaso, typhoid fevor, to which Colorado is heir, and since that timo she has never regained her strength, and a little moro than two weeks ago sho again became a victim of this prevailing disease, but was too frailto survive it a second time. Her many frlenos In Canon City did all that could bo done for her dnrlng her last illness, and these, together with her many friends and relatives in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, sincerely mourn her loss. Sho was a member of tho Prenbytorlan church. Tlio funeral took placo at her homo on Sunday, July 27, at 0 o'clock, Rev. Robinson, pastor of tbo Presbyterian church, olllciatlng. IT WILL UB ENTERTAINING. Tho <«Y" Cuso Agrtlii Hobs Up Serenely—Some llncy llcmUiiff In the Arguments to tlio Cormnlssloners. Now that tho town well is disposed of it will bo with a feeling of relief that tho people will havo their attention again fixed on tho Algona " Y" case. That much-talkod-of trial is really In tho grist, tho pleadings being sent over and filed In tho clerk's olllco Monday. A. C. Parkor of Sponcor has tho matter in Word has been received from Prof. Dodge, tho newly elected principal of the normal sehoolj that ho accepts the call and will bo in Algona as soon as he can niako arrangements. The school Will open under the most favorable circumstances, and With a full corps of teachers. Prof. Dodge has had sixteen years experience in public school, nor mat school and college work,and brings to Algona highest recommendations He writes to the board that "there wll bo competent teachers for all depart ments." Farther in his letter he ex plains to the board his plans and agooi idea can bo had from his tiotcs of What ho intends to do. "There will bo special opportunities for Instruction in music, both instrumental and vocal. where., humorist and comic slncor; also Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Wntson of Minric- ftpolis; Miss Grace B. Drakl6y, ftnd Mrs. C. E. Leslie of Madison, Wiscon- In. The management hoe secured the elebrated Lotus Male Quartet of Chl- ago, and the Wilson family of Cedar Rapids. Miss Mablo Wilson, twelve •ears old, sings charmingly, and llttlo "osie, five years of nge, sets an audience wild With erithvrSisarn. All this array of talent Will be supported by a chorus | of 600 voices. THE HOME OF CLIFF DWELLERS- I llrothcr Borland Writes Kntortnln- f ROCK SALT FOR STOCK. Townsend & Langdon have just received a car-load of the Retsof Rock Salt for Stock. It is conceded to be the best and cheapest by the great S^n^7^S^^™!|stc>ckmen every where, and it goes three or four times as far ry it and be convinced. The list of prices formerly found in this space will remain of •rhera, and Tells of Their Homos in the Rocks. AT TttE BEACH, July 22, 1S80.—Special eter at 143 in the sun, as it was in Arizona, rnmmnn qnlt tho scene has changed to that of tho great as common factu. Pacific which lies Just before me, with the pleasant shade of a canvas canopy that In the cool breeze rises and falls in harmoni-1 , ous unison with tho slowly ebbing surf, and | trie same, also In tho further fact that tho bodily temperature has been lowered by a refreshing salt bath, and tho scorching hot air is re-. .. — - ., _ placed by a bracing ocean breeze, and the We sell a choice Hard Wheat Hour lor desert by woii-tiiled fields of waving grain] y/e sell a Half Patent Hard Wheat Flour for sell a Full Patent Hard Wheat Flour for. sell 32 bars of Good Laundry Soap for.. We sell all kinds of 5c Yeast for. Special normal work will be done in tho fall term. All teachers in northern Iowa can afford to avail themselves of tho opportunities that will be afforded." Ho says further that special attention will bo given to penmanship, book keeping, and commercial arithmetic. Ho will himself take charge of this department, having had several years' experience in charge of tho books and accounts of a large establishment, and adding a practical business experience to tho theoretical knowledge, of tho general work ho writes Speak- "wliilo Upper Des Moines Office. WE KEEP ON HAND Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, best In use,) Farm and Town Leases, Warranty Deeds, Trial Notices, Grass Leases, Notes, etc, For sale In any quantity desired. Blanks not In stock will bo made to order at short notice and correct prices. the friends relief. who enabled him to get It would pay, now that tho harvest Is over and a good crop and good prices are assured, to call at the now Wigwam aud inspect the lino of goods now on hand in that old and reliable institution, among which is tho celebrated Morse carts, the Stavor buggies, Mohno & New Deal and Garland A good improved turm In Holt county, Nebraska H'j mile from town. BunuInK water on farm. Alaooneot IHOacrenin Phillips comity, Kan- sun. 2VS miles'rorn railway suUUm. Apple and peach orchard, hedge fence around house- uud orchard. Borne timber and running wuler on farm; HO acres fenced In pasture. A good thing for the right man. Come and see me. 4-> M. L. CLARKE, Algona, Iowa. Honstipation, TF not remedied in season, la liable to 1 become habitual and chronic. Drastic purgatives, by weakening the bowels, confirm, rather than cure, the evil. Ayer's Fills, being mild, effective, and strengthening in their action, are generally recommended by tbo faculty aa the beat of aperients. "Having been subject, for years/ to constipation, without being able to flnd much relief, I at last tried Ayer'a Pills. I deem it both a duty and a pleasure to testify that I have derived great benefit from their use. Tor over two years cast I have taken one of these pills every night before retiring. I would not willingly be without them."-Q. W. Bowman, 26 East Main St., Carlisle, Fa. " I have been taklnt, — nsing them in my family since 183T, arm cheerfully recommend them to all In ueed ot a safe but effectual cathartic." —JohuM. Bogg>, Louisville, Ky. " For eight years I was afflicted with constipation, which at last became so bad that the doctors could do no moro for me. Then I began to take Ayer's Pills, and soon the bowels recovered their natural and regular action, so that now I am in excellent health."—S. L. Loughbrldge, Bryan, Texas. " Having used Ayer's Pills, with good results, I fully indorse them for the purposes for which they are recommended." —T. Conuers, M, O., Centre Bridge, Pa. Ayer's Pills, TMFA*1D BY Or, J. C. Ay«r & Co., Uow«ll, M*II. Bold by til Druggtiti ud P«*t<M la K«dl<ln*- NOTICE TO OCCUPYING CLAIMANT. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. —M. Uo L,. Pin-nous, L. C'. Duutoii, It. V. Wrluht, and Albert I3u«li, To all whom It may concern: Thu comrnlii- Blotter appointed to view and vacate a highway petitioned lor by M. Do L. Parsons and olUeri, him reported in favor of Us vacation aud re-location a» follows: To vacate that pitrt minting diagonally through the south went ouarter of auction'*!, aud north half of suction 25.W>,B«, aud ro-locato ou half section Hue beulmUuu about SB rods caut of tho northeast corner of the southwest <iuarter of Bcctlou SS, aud running thouce wont on half auction Hue to luterBoct with county highway running north und south on wwut lino of section Ifi.V&W, uud all oulectlouu thereto or claims for daw- aueu must be Illed In tho county auditor's office ou or before noon of tho lut day of September, A. U. 1«X), or Biich highway will be vacated and re-located without reference thereto. Witness uy hand aud seal, this and day of July, 1000. J. D. Ilpi'IUS, 15t-| County Auditor. C\ UEAT PUKXflt UEJIBDY.-Dr. 1,0 Due's VJ periodical pills froui Paris, France, act ouly upon the generative organs Iu femali'H, aud positively cure Bupuryaslou of tho nienueB (from whatever cause) uuil ull periodical troubles pmillar to women. A safi-, reliable remedy, warranted to excite wvnatruallou. or money refunded. Should not be UBIK! during pregnancy. The large proportion ot the 111* 10 which Indies are subject Is the direct result of a disordered and Irregular, iwwttruuttpn. Ask any dniKKlut for them. American Pill Co., Spencer; la. L. A. Sheet?, supply Wftwt, Aluo- ua, Iu, U. Uoavvorttt & Sou, Milwaukee; Row. Stevenson & Co., Chicago, wholesale agents. Cooper wagons, sulky plows, etc. Miss Caroline Webber, whoso sickness nt her home in Colorado was noted, died there a week ago Sunday, her sisters arriving only in timo to see her alive. She had been a sufferer from consumption, and gradually failed in spite of the bracing western air. Sho was a model teacher, and many of hoi- scholars in Algona will mourn her death. Her sisters will return shortly to Algona. Miko Fox is circulating a petition for tho pardon of his son Dave, who was sent to Anamosa for burglary. All who know anything about tho facts know that the offense was technical, and that Davo was no worse than dozens of others ho was with. It was a great question whether he should have gone, but ho has in any ovont had punishment enough lor his offense, and should bo released. Tho petition is being generally signed. How quiet und reputable we aro is shown by the record of costs for criminals last year. Mr. Brunson has just made his report to the state oilicials, and it shows that the total cost in state cases was §337.82. In fines paid thero was received $121, leaving a total cx- penso for the entire county of only $210.82. What county can show bettor evidence of a peaceful and benevolent disposition? Tho firo alarm this inorniii£ brought a crowd to thu ukl llriid Menus place west ot tho normal school building. Tho barns of Rov. Wolf, Henry Mason, and Mr. Billsboroujfh, which stood ad- wore In IhunoH, and wore soon Tho lire was discovered HOOII alter some llttlo boys woro playing in ono stable, und the K\v\» got the horses out so thut the loss is not great. Fortunately there was no wind or serious damage would have resulted. It has bison dmrifud that tho agricultural college never turns out a farmer. Hut the record is t" bo broken in Kossuth and that by ladies. Tho Misses Mann are attending their closing year at tho school, and our informer says will then open » horticultural farm south of town on tho homo place. Thoy intend to grow all kinds of fruits nnd vegetables, and Introduce scientific methods. Wo wish thorn good luck in advance in thwir valuable, undertaking. The surveying party that has boon in the Black Hills country under Bert Langdon came home last Friday. Their job was shorlor titan they expected. Mr. Langdon, after a day's visit, went on to Milwaukee, where ho has a per- miinon t situation. Dick Kist is at homo, Mr. S. Patterson is also at homo, while Choever Hudson lias gono to Milwaukee to take a position. They all report a pleasant time, but that no now road will be built at once. They woro working on tho extension of this lino beyond the Missouri river. 1'EttSONAL MENTION. John Hobinson starts for Boston toduy. CliUB. W. Kusiioll of Council Bluffs IB visiting frlunda In town. Mr. and Mrs. Alox Patterson started this noon for Boston. Misses EBsio and Emma Cordiiigluy uro visiting ut Spirit Luko. Geo. 0. Cull ia up at Swim Luke ou a tlirco day's business trip. Mrs. Nellie Palmer und children aro In Cedar Huplds visiting relatives. MuUuv Uuggurd is homo from his Job with M. O'Uourlfo ut UuBulo Gap. Chccvor Hudson goes to Milwaukee to accept u position iu the railway oilUm Kov. Uuvidsoii goes this week 011 liU v»- cutiou visit. Ho will begin with Chicago. Dr Tyler, uu old friend of M. Stephens, 1ms been visiting iu Algona for u wooft pust, Howard Uoblusou returned last evening from u week's visit with his undo Iu J>us Moiuos. Miss Haltlo Acoi'S ctiino with Mrs. Creed from Spirit Luke, uud rnudo u visit with eld frlottds Iu Alggnu. Fruuk Wiitkel went to his old IIQHIO in WitscouBiini -week ugo, culled by the »l«U- ncus of lilu mother. MinsOBDoH 'i'ouuuut, Jouuio mid Joslo Pettlbeuo, uud their Mend ¥i»s Bung* ure visiting u£ Spirit Luta ;e. te. vlsMhj,g for another institute session. Tho 18th of August will soon bo hero, and before it comes wo wish to sny another word to tho great number of teachers who aro coming to help us make this institute ti success. Do many of you stop to think what wo mean by tho word success! 1 Before beginning any undertaking wo have n definite object in view—a cot- tain something wo wish to accomplish; and until that something has been reached and made our vory own wo havo not succeeded. We havo not planned this institute simply because it is customary to hold un institute onco a year, but because wo wish to accomplish certain results; and if we find your little boys and girls standing with folded hands, staring into vacancy and counting "one, two, throe, four, five," without as many objects to look at and handle; if wo flnd you, with a first or second reader in youv hands, telling them what to call every second word when wo visit your school next winter, wo shall fool that wo failed, no matter who said it was a success. To tho younger teachers I wish to say, you cannot teach what you do not know. Then come to tho institute with tho determination to learn tlio principle itself, also tlio best method of teaching it to others. Note how tho instructors present it to you and try to present it to others in a similar way. To tho older teachers I would say that always there aro new ideas to be gotten regarding tlio oldest and most common things. Como to tlio institute with eyes nnd ears alert for new ideas, nnd then strive to use them when this institute shall bo a thing ol tho pust. During the spring u lady said to mo: If you have an institute, Miss Carey, I do hope you will do something that will cause tho teachers to do better public schools, plate glass fronts, tho penitentiary, tho street cars, privato residences, telegraph office and every building that had a piece of glass in it the festive hailstone hunted it up and loft its destructive murk. MASON CITY, Aug. 4.—-A terribly destructive wind Btonn, much worse thun first reported, swept ovor Lyons, Oseeolu, Dickinson, Emmet and Win- nobngo counties yesterday destroying nearly everything In its pathway. Many horses nnd cuttle woro killed und men who were outside their houses wore badly cut up by tho hall and several aro reported as seriously injured. Tho track of tho storm was about 14 miles wide, following eastward tho south Minnesota lino. Hall stones ns largo ns hen's eggs fell to a depth of six inches. Flux, which was u heavy crop, was entirely ruined. Wheat und oats wore nearly all cut und in tho shock, and were so badly damaged that they will not be threshed. Several houses woro blown down and it would take thousands of dollars to cover tho damage to farmers alone. charge. Tho documents filed consist of Judgo Cook's argument, Dr. McCoy's reply, and tho decision of the board. Tho petition alleges that the roods have not obeyed that decision, and tho court is asked to step in. Although tho subject of this case is not such as to cause much excitement, tlio papers are very spicy. Judge Cook, in commenting on the original cause of tho petition, took occasion to remark: "When tho true inwardness of tlio petition is learned I believe it will bo found to havo originated with some ono whose personal grievance is that ono ot the roads is trying to got along without employing him as a sort of general advisor, and give him for such services an annual pass." Tills reference stirred tho doctor up tho work is largely for touchers thero will bo thorough acndomic instruction in nil branches required. Every ono wishing to pursue udvnnccd studies may como expecting opportunity to do BO, Public lectures will bo given during this year on timely subjects. No pains will bo spured to make tho work thorough, interesting, and profitable." This insures the continuance of u high grudo school tho coming your, und ono that will bo worthy tho pntronugo of ull who desire its opportunities. Boarding is being Bpeciully arranged for at low rates, und full announcements will soon bo made to tho public. Low ISxcuroIou HntcH. The Chicago and Northwestern railway will soil excursion tickets at half rates, one faro for tho round trip, for tho Iowa Nu- tional Guards encampment at Cedar Hapids, Des Moines und Spirit Lnko, nnd for tho stnto encampment of Knights Templar ut Spirit Lake. For tickets nnd full information concerning dates of sale, etc., apply to ngonts C. & N. W. Hy.-lStS 18 pounds Turkish nruncs^for Si 10 pounds dried apricots for 10 pounds Cal. pit ted plums tor. at Townsend & Langdon's. DuiNli ice-cold water out of tho red barrel; them buy your groceries at tho Gush Store. and orchards of ripening fruit, I feol much | in tho mood of complying with your request to give a description of tho homo of tho cliff dwellers, and at tho same time to thank you for your kind words concerning what I havo Written. The antiquarian and student of anolent history has always turned to tho old world for information In his lino of research, being either ignorant or oblivious of the fact that right hero on tho American continent aro unexplored Holds aa rich in resources as those of tho Nllo or Euphrates. Pot- hero are to bo found pyramids similar in structure and larger than any ou tho Nile. Hero aro buried cities older than Herculaneum or Pompoli; hero nro temples, hieroglyphics, a written language, sculpture, pottery, ruined walls, aqueducts, and public highways that, for aught thut has boon proven, aro older than Babylon or Nlnovah; hero arc records of a religion well nigh as pure as Christianity, which contained many of its beliefs mid symbols, such ns a holy supper or feast, a cross, prayers, orders of nuns and monks, tho expectancy ot a Messiah from hoavon, a belief In ono God, in a resurrection, immortality, in future rewards nnd punishments and ninny other of what havo been commonly hold to be exclusive tenets of tho Christian religion, and these ideas were taught to tho common people nnd were vory generally understood before tho first white man sot foot on this continent. There comes to us from before tho time of the Spanish Invasion evidence of a fair degree of learning in astronomy, masonry, architecture, mathematics, especially surveying, uud also a knowledge of tho value of tho rotation of crops, the breeding of animals, tho distribution of labor, and an ago in which if thero was any coin of the realm it was not either gold nor silver; and yet ull these things Uo buck of tho timo of written history, and have been handed down by tradition, or their evidence has been obtained from ruined cities, or from the storm-swept desert and from out of tho burning sands, or from the handwriting on the rocks, or dug out of caves, or found in tho homes of the dwellers in cliffs and mountain fastnesses. With such a vast .$ .03 . 1.00 . 1.2$ . 1.40 And we take produce in exchange for groceries. Come and get our prices before you buy. TOWNSEND & LANG-DON. and Ills reply touches up tho judgo in lawyer-liko fashion. "I would respectfully submit a few statements," says the doctor "in regard to the coso in reply to some of tho imaginative state- incnts of J. C, northwest Iowa western road. Cook, tho would bo 'Poo Bah' of thoNorth- Tho doctor then refers tho our work when they come bock to school room. Tho teachers in school have always attended tho institute, but they have como back and gono on tho same old way — no hotter method of questioning, no butter able to give a clear explanation, no different way of hearing a recitation, no change whatever. And they have not been successful teachers. Were they successful I would ask for no change." Teachers, don't give anybody an opportunity to make this remark about you in coining yeurii. Many of you are doing good work now, but you can do bolter. Come to the institute, and with your presences, punctuality, your undivided attention, mid your dollar help us to make this the most successful institute Kossulh county has over known. Tiring your fifth readers and your second readers if you have any. After much deliberation wo have da- cldcd that it will bo best to hold our examination at the court house hall, August 2!) and HO. Wo would bo pleased to have all tho teachers take the examination at this time. Then all could pass tho same list of questions and Ktuud an equal chance of receiving their just dues in tho marking qf pa- pei's. Wo shall have tlii'oo lectures during tho institute and wo hope every teachm- will attend them. lUiv, Eugene May, who spent last year in ISuropo, will tell you how lie went " With a Knapsack Through Switzerland and up the Mat- torliorn." His subject is one that will interest not only the teachers but everybody who wishes to learn about tho • • •• ' - ........... Mr. Mr. George E. Little of Washlngioii, 1). C., will dolivoi 1 one of those wonderful chalk-talk lectures. If you over saw the work of Mr. Stoaks last year you will need no second invitation to attend tho uiitortiilnmont to bo given by Mr. Little. State Superintendent Henry Habiu will lecture for us August 2(1, and we fool sure iv largo audience will welcome him. Wo extend a hearty invitation to tho public, to school-boards and directors.. Your presence will encourage tho teachers and stimulate thorn to greater ofTort. 'Cordially yours, G'AHKV, Getting Down to llunlnosH. Tho city water works havo roaehud a now stage. Tho council have advor Used for bids on tho plant. They hold a meeting Friday evening, hoard Mr. Turner, tho Emmetsburg contractor, ordered him to prepare plans to bo done Aug. 15, and advertised for all bids to bo in Aug. 30. Tho bids will bo on two plans, one for a tank and ono for a gtandpipc. Tho tank is to hold 2,000 barrels and stand on a support 75 foot high. Tho standpipo is to bo 12J feet through and 100 foot high. Tho council by vote expressed a preference for tho tank. All tho water in a tank is up whore it comes through tho pipes witR pressure, besides tho tank is cheaper. On tho other hand a standpipe is much moro durable. They will decide when tho bids are in. Tho official action was expressed in two resolutions: Moved and supported that tho city solicitor bo Instructed to advertise for bids for water works plant for tank system, tho tank to contain 2,000 barrels, anil stand on a tower T5 feet hsgh, and also for tho stond- ilpo system, tho sUmdpipe to bo 12>{ foot -• ' • •• "•" •--' ' '-;h, each system .,«*/ >UU u ui o.~ .ncli mains, and deep well pumps ami engine and pump house. Moved and supported that Fremont Turner bo requested to furnish plans and «pcd- llcatlons for the two systems named iu tlio above motion at tho customary price for plans accepted and used by tho city, and in ease Turner is awarded the contract to put in tho works, no cliurga is to bo inado for said plans. Suld plans anil specifications to bo ready by Aug. 15, IS'JO. Mr. Turner is the man who has put in tho works at Emmetsburg, and is a contractor of long experience. It is tho purpose of the council as soon as tho contract is lot to have tho engine and pump put in at once and give tho well a thorough test while tho other work is going on. There is no doubt that the water is there, but it will require a test with a heavy pump to do- to tho fact that the judgo has appeared on both sides of tho legal question, refers to tho "lachrymose condition" of his feelings, and then to "our very learned lawyer, Cook, who admits that it is no trouble for him to stultify himself on any case if a sufficient inducement is ottered." Tho doctor closes his argument with a partngi thrust. "J. C. Cook is evidently ns far wide of tho mark in his estimate of the business men of our city as ho is in his other estimates. It Is impossible for a man of his vacillating views to measure men of moral worth and stability by himself. Of course such measure would bo unjust to them." It may bo seen from this that tho "Y" case will bo interesting. It will como on at tho next term of court, to bo held in October. TltY a sack of that SI Hour at Townsend & Langdon's. I.ow Jliitcs to ClilcnKO. The Chicago & Northwestern railway company will sell excursions tickets to Chicago and return August 3 to 0, Inclusive, good returning from August 7 to 11, inclusive, on account of the Continental Cantonment and Triennial Parade, Patriarchs Militant, and I. O. O. F., nt tho low rate of ono faro for the round trip, with $1 added for admission coupon to the Grand Military Drills, which will bo a very Interesting feature or tbo occasion. For tickets and full Information apply to ticket agents C. & N. W. Uy. Co.-17t.'J Hold for investigation, the lover of antiquity can find abundant opportunity for tlie fullest and most satisfactory research upon our own continent, and much of it under the protection of our own flag. With such an array of interesting facts before him, you can readily imagine how not only an enthusiast upon the subject, but even a plain, common lawyer, to satisfy a laudable curiosity, to sny nothing of a desire for knowledge, could bravo not only tho desert, tho heat, and the burning sand, but also snakes and scorpions for tho privilege of standing in tho midst of dwellers that beyond peradvcnture are older than modem history, and to see with hla own eyes iin- countries they havo never seen. May will ho with us August li). pipe system, tlio stanupipe i In diameter and 100 feet high to huvo 1.000 feet of six in now sand points are Normal Inutltute. Mrs. S. I). Hamilton will take boarders durinir institute. Thoringlon street, Algona.-18t3 JAS. A. Onn, paper hanger, etc. painter, decorator, solicits tliu patron' ago of those who have work in this line, and guarantees uutiufaction.-2mO Wjo shall keep a full line of staples to soil at cost Wood worth, until we close, D, ALL persons owing O, H.' must settle before tho ' Low Ittttem An excellent opportunity will bo afforded Uy the G. nieut at BonUui, August 10 ta} oec"u»iQti 1 ' VBrV feoi termino whether needed. Obstreperous Cow Hoys. Sheriff Stephens was up in Swoa and adjoining townships last week to attend to tho cow hoys. Ono in particular, named Cummings, lias boon a terror several years, bringing in herds from Oskaloosaand thereabouts. This season tlio cattle havo boon driven on hay land, over ploughed ground, and where- ever it came handy regardless of private Interests. Several sections of lino hay hind have been herded iu spite of orders to got off, Capt. .Toiinson and Bill Gallion being chief sufferers. On complaint to the county attorney they wore instructed to take up tho slock and have the damages assessed, but on several trials gave that up, as tlio cowboys could drive tho cattle back faster than they could got them out. Accordingly the shorlit was called out, and after a day's work 40 head of ono herd, and 22 of ano.thor, besides a riding pony and some other traps, were socurod. After much bluster and many throats ono herder paid $50 and got his slock. But at last accounts tho other refused to settle with Capt. Joanson and his stock are being hold till tho trustees assess tho damages. He will probably pay in time, ana know after this that Kossuth is u poor county for cow boy pruuks. _ Put Ui> or Shut Ui>. Reports are being circulated to tho effect that tho Estorly Machine company is out of business, I have §100 in tho bank which says that all such reports are wholly untrue. The Estorly is on top. FRANK NICOULIN. THY patent whole-wheat Hour and you will use no other; $1 a sack only, at .1. ,T. Wilson's.-10W TUB BIG CATTLK STEAL. oHWcl! tlotu Awny with llio Momiy —Ills Operations ut lluiirrolt. The cattle thief, whose doings woro given brielly last week and who was captured in Chicago by Sheriff Wholan of Ksthorvillo, escaped tlirouy I) a failure of tho requisition to arrive at Chicago in time. The judge gave the sheriff 24 hours to get his evidence but failed and young Hoswell escaped. ho It is said ho got tho $8,000 also, for which ho sold the cattle, if true it marks tho success of ono of tlio cheekiest and most daring swindles over attempted. A report from Greene county, whore the cattle came from, says: " It has just been learned hero that tho herd of cattle shipped from Emmet county to Chicago by II. C. and Geo, lloswell woro principally from this county, and it is causing quite a stir among tho farmers. The heaviest loser is II. 1'aup, 40 head of four-year-old steers. ,T. E. Moss, D. M. Moss, J. B. Garland, C. Garland, and S. Bullor, each had from 15 to 25 head of young cattle and cows lit tho herd. Tho Boswolls were formerly residents of this county and havo always borno a good reputation, and could havo given bond for any amount to secure return of cattle had it been asked for." Boswell was known all over Emmet and tho north part of this county. Tho Bancroft Register gives a report of his doings in its town: " Win. Uoswell of Calhoun county was in town on Thurs day lost looking after trucks of a way ward son. Last spring Mr. " icrd of ci Tlio I'utroiiu' Ui'Molutlcms. At tho mooting of tho Algona grunge, Saturday, tho following resolutions woro passed referring to tho saloon and tho original package decision: , Wo fully endorse tho emphatic . B. M. Weaver, toujuor- aj?y vUiilrauut at ¥ -ewt|on,tbftt sjipmy of ftp hu and sou got up a herd Boswell cattle in that county and drove them up into eastern Emmet county, whore they havo horded them. Some weeks ago Mr. I3oswell, who is an old man, was taken sick and wont home, coming back last week. During his absence his son sold two car-loads of cattle to W. W. Wilson at this place and one car-load at Emmetsburg. Ho then drove 20 carloads to Esthorvillo and shipped them to Chicago, going along with his special train. Six cars woro purchased by Wood Bros., and tlio olboru by two other linns. When Boswoll wont to oblaiu his money, ij«,000, tho hanker suspieiouod something was wrong when ho wauled that much cash, and told him that ho would have to wait till Monday. 'Telegrams passed between tlio bank aud Esthervillo and tlio sJiorilT ordered the money and prisoner liold, wiiioh watt done. But nobody ap- nojtrod ujfalnBt ihe young thief at tho exaininatlou and ho was roluaaod, Thu ey w*w bolny hold ut lust accounts, i(itb.e»' did not Uiww of his capture . hoB ho WHS uoi'o and, the old inuu wua H't broken o;i account of hlu UOU'B " WARRIORS IX COUNCIL. Delegates Selected to tlio Democratic Stntc, C'onirrcsHloniil, nnd.Judic- ial Conventions —Xo ItcsolutlonH Adopted. The democrats got together Wednesday and chose delegates to tho various conventions. For tho state convention, which is called at Cedar Rapids today, tho following wove chosen: C. L. Lund, Phil. Dorwoilor. J. G. Graham, F. M. Butts, A. U. Darr, JUB. Taylor, Frank Pompo, H. C. McCoy, J. W. Hinchon, C. D. Pettibono, Samuel Reed, D. S. Ford, Geo. Stewart, L. C. Smith. For tho congressional convention, which meets at Webster City, Aug. 27, tho following were chosen: J. ,T. Wilson, H. C. McCoy, Tlieo. Chriscliilles, Albert Ogren, C. Byson, David Gilmore, Silas Roupo, N. Studor, L. Wlth- iiin, Alex. Fraser, John Winkel, Roy McGotehio, Wm. Ormiston, E. Chris- ohilloB, Those woro instructed to attend tho judicial convention, if one is hold. Tho convention discussed tho situation in this district, but did not adopt a resolution ulforod by Dr. McCoy instructing the delegates to support J. ,1. Russell of Greene county, who, it is intimated, will run independent. Tho county organization was perfected by the choice of .fas. Taylor as county chairman. Tho township chairmen a're as follows: First ward, K, Lambor- son; Second ward, H. C. McCoy; Third ward, Ed. Murtaugb; Fourth ward, J. F, Nlcoulin; Burl, A. 13. Sheldon; Cros- eo, L. Wlthnm; Gurlluld, A. R. Kinnoy; Greenwood, .i. G. Grahnnr, Jrvington, C. I. Harvey; Lotts Creek, Win. Radig; Lu Verne, H. Klindt; Portland, Wm. McDcrmott; Plum Creek, P. T. Ferguson; Rivordale, Alex. Fraser; Ramsay, Albert Ogren; Seneca, H. McChane; Wesley, F. M. Butts, In the townships not named the old chairmen will remain in olllce. Hlllolv! 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Tlio greatest musical festival over held at Clear Lake will begin Tuesday evening, Aug. 12, with a splendid free concert, and will close on ihe evening of Aug. 17. Prof, C. E, Leslie of Chicago is director, and will be assisted by Profs. T. J. Jell'ors and J. B. Babcock of Oslikosh, Wisconsin. Mrs. Llxzio B. Colovillp, (formerly Mrs. .Ervin,) of St. Paul, accompanist. Among the many other attvaotlgns are Miss Jonulo Baldwin of Chlougo, soprano soloist; Miss Wilson oj Chicago, coiitrtilto HO- lolst; Mr. Konvy T. Hurt of Ghtcttgo, 1 ' 1} Mr. J. AUon frolseh of Chi- uago, bugs, soloist; M>. Jawx L, John...... ,•*. ^ K. Boot of OU«t«o, ton*. Kftvii pleinents of household use whoso utility has been forgotten, and rude letters or gym-, bols that only await some Rusctti stone to reveal a whole history of the dead and mysterious pust. Now for u picture of u home of the cliff dwellers. Jutting out from the main body of a mountain range is a high tableland, lovol, barren, and unattractive except for the peculiar outline of its perpendicular sides, which rise abruptly from tho great sandy plain below to a height of from 1,500 to 3,000 feet. As you view this plateau from ft distance it looks ns though this tableland, at one time, had been the valley, and thut some vast river hud cut its way through, leaving tho perpendicular bank on one sido, and wholly tearing away all of the rest of tho country for miles around uud reducing the whole to a much lower lovel. Upon close examination this perpendicular side has much the appearance of having been water worn, and the soft, reddish sandstone which lies in the strata from two to twenty feet in thickness between layers of harder rock is worn away much more than tills harder formation, thus leaving projecting shelves uud deep cuts along tho mountain sido, all of which lio parallel with tho valley below. Tho top portion of tho mountain side being composed of igneous rocks and lava, is still less worn uwuy, hence the top projects ovor the side below, and us the side gradually recodes from top to bottom, tho overhanging rocks ubovo completely protect from rain aud storm and fulling rocks ull tho sido immediately below it. As you stand in the plain bolow and look upon this (rrcut, towering, almost perpendicular sido you can plainly sco thut there ure great shelves running along the aide, uud that tho shelves are of u different formation than tho intervening rock. It is into this intervening stratum thut the cliff dwellers cut out rooms, nnd on the outer edge of tho shelf built up u wall of udobe brick extending from the shelf foundation below to the ovcrhungiug sholf ubovo, anil thus made large and commodious rooms, some being SO or -10 feet long by 10 to 20 feot deep, and tho ceiling from seven to 13 feet high uccqrding to tlio space botweou tho two hard strata of rock. Where tho natural shelving was vory narrow the spucu was widened by cutting back into tho soft sandstone, leaving partitions of Btono between the rooms. Tliia spaco botweou the outer wall und tho rooms was a common hallway running the whole length of tho cliff and off from this liullway were tho separate rooms. Into the sides of many of the rooms ui'o cut uii'lius used ns shelves, uud into the lloor was sot u hard stono hollowed out, In which tho corn wus ground with u pestle. In the ailobo wall openings were left for. light and air, and the murks of lire wore still visible ut largo openings, which hud probably been the family hearthstone of some auulont household. Access to these dwellings wua hud by iiieuns of u uurrow footpath which ran up the fueo of the cliff, being ubout throo feet wide ut tlio bottom uud tapering to the surface ubout u foot above tho head. This path was not cut in onu continuous Hue, but from shelf to sholf, und utter rouuhliig u shelf you hud to hunt for tho path ubove, which wua not readily found by u stranger. As u pluoo of safety from uu enemy it mviBt have boon perfect In its day, for there ure many sharp turns uud narrow places whore u muu with u convenient elub could defy u whole regiment with bayonets, for ho could stuud completely protected bohlnd some »hiirp turn uud strike down tho enemy one by one or push him over tho preolpluo us ho oumo into view. Uy reuson of u grout landslide Iu llio mountain tho houses wo visited liuvo boon wholly inaccessible uud the proHOiit Indians knew nothing of their exlvtouee, so that their discovery is of re cent occurrence, and u puth had to be eut iu the mountain at uu oxpouditure of great luboi 1 und considerable luanuy. As wii went along the lodge uud pusgod by iill the rooms ou tUut shelf wo cuuio t» another break iu the Bide of the mountain, und ieokUig across tho cUww sonio 800 or 400 feet, we could wee tho suuiw extended cUff with Us i'o/$us on tho ether sWo, u,ud it W»* re^ly u port of. the 8,b,elt ou \vufyUwe hut no jfrhite w»V tei*» over bep. u lately found in the rooms wo visited. All articles of pottery, ornaments, cloth, grain, pieces of metal, bones, and in fact tho ashes and every movable thing have been caro- fully preserved, along with ollicra of like kinds found in other places. By reason of tho drynoss of tho atmosphere and protection from the wind and storm and all kinds of enemies tho relies have been kept In a degree of preservation thut IB almost as wonderful as tho relies themselves. From our elevation we could ace stretched across tho sand of tho desert n long, dim lino or mound of dirt, with lateral branches at right angles, that is supposed to have been an ancient irrigation ditch that brought the water from the mountains and made a garden of what is now a picture of desolation. While much speculation and uncertainty sm-rounda these dwellings, their great Interest centers iu their contents, which at onco lead ua back to an ago and civilization as widely separated from that of tho present Indian of that country as it is from our own. Whether these cliffs were common dwelling houses or only used In case of war ua places of refuge, or whether they were granaries and storehouses In which provisions wcro placed against u famine, or whether they were ante retreats of roviui' bands of mauruders, or the peaceful hc.meu of un agricultural people are u few of the unsolved questions thut hnvo arisen in the effort to Hud the true solution of tho mystery thut us yet surrounda these cliff dwellings uud their curioua and multitudinoua contcnta. Whatever else may bo said of them thero is no controversy over their great antiquity and that they are in no way connected with the present race of Indians. Whether- these ancient peoples were the unccstorsof the Aztec, Toltec, Tuui, or Pueblo Indians, or were moro undent than them all is not yet determined, but they evidently enjoyed the advantages of a civilization far superior to the present members of any of the above mentioned tribes. Judged by their works, tho cliff dwellers belong to the same race thut have left similar evidences of their civilization in Mexi co, Central uud South America. Space warns me that there is no opportunity here to eutor into an account of the relics found, or any speculation of those undent peoples who huve mauifcated so much skill and au- gncity in selecting and building such per- munent nnd aecure homea as we find in the rocks and cliffs of these desert mountains. C. P. DOHL.VNI). TUB CASE IN A NUTSHEht... When Duby was sick we gnro her Cuntorlii. When she WHH u child she cried for Ciialurln, Wlien she became Miss nhe clung to CiiHtorla, When she had Children slio guvc them Cnstorlii. ALGOXA, IOWA. Capital, ' - - - - $50,000. Incorporated under general liiwa of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and do- moHtlo exchange bought and Bold. Collections made promptly and a general banking business transacted, passage tlcltett to or from the old countries Bold at lowest rales. W. H. INOnAM. Prenhlent. J. D. .10NKS, Vice President, LEWIS H. SMITH, Ctt.Hhler. Directors—W. n. Inglmni, Jno. (!. Smith, .T, I) Jones, T. Chilaclillles. Lewis H. Smith. .1. W. Wudswortli, Bnrnet Dcvlne. First national Bant OF ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - - $50,000 Special Attention Paid to Collections. DIRECTORS. Ambrose A. Cull, D. B. llutclilna, J. C. Elluck toed, Phlllu Doiweller, Wm. K. Fergugou. (ico. C. Call, C. II. Hutchlns, OKXICEIUJ. AUUIlOhKA.CAli., D. n. HUTOBIH9, President. Vice Prealdent. J. C. BLACKFORD, Cashier. 4 Money always on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties who can furnish llrst class security. The New Discovery, You have heard your neighbors and friends talking about It. You muy yourself bo one of the many who know from personal experience Just how good n thing It Is. 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She wan a great sulferer from heart disease for years; wan short of breath, had hungry spells, pain In side, llutterlng, faintness, etc. After taking two bottles of Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure she says; "lam better thai: for UO years. My mind and eynslght htiva Improved wonderfully, I advise all iiersonB thus aflllcted to use this great remedy." F. W. Dlngley. druggist, recommends uud guarantees It. Dr. Miles' woik on Heart Disease, containing marvelous testimonials, free. *2 A llemarkuble l.etlfr. Thu following letter from Mr. W. A. Thomson of Columbus, Win., Is peculiarly Interesting: " My wile," says b«, " has been treated for her head, stomach, and nervous prostration by three doctors in New York, two In Chicago, one In Philadelphia, one In Cincinnati, and at the large Institute In ButTalo for 1II months. They all fulled. But one bottle of Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine helped her wonderfully." ThU should be mud In all head aches, backaches, clmnees of life, nervous disturbances. Ills, rheumatism, etc. Ask ut F. W. Dinghy's drug store for a free trial bottle and Dr. Miles' book on tho Nerve* and heart. »2 Miles' Nerve aud Liver 1'lllx. An Important discovery; t»«y net on the liver, stomach, and bowels through the nerves. A new principle. They speedily cure biliousness, bud taste, torpid liver, piles and constipation. Splendid for men, women, and children, smallest, mildest, sures). Thirty doses for 2n cents. Samples free at F, W. Dlngley's. ' To lloutun and Illicit. On account of the G. A. U. oucumpmeut ut Boston on Aug. 10 to 10, tbo C., M. & St. P. Hy. will sell, Aug. 1) to 10 inoluslvo, excursion tickets to liostou uud return for 830.5!). Those tickets will bo good to louvo point ut which sold on duto of salt) ua stumped on back, and provide for continuous train iwssaKO to Uostou. They will bo good to leave Boston ou the return trip only on Aug. W to 20 Inclusive, uud for continuous uussugo ou the roturu to starting point, with Haul limit not later in any case tliuu Aug. 85. Thoy may, however, bo deposited with Joint agent of Boston toruiinul linos ou uuy date, Aug. 13 to 10 inclusive, uuii uu oxUmslou scoured that will euublo holder to roturu to destination not later than September 80.-1818 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Smiled bias Cor tun (uviiluliluK of all material uud constructing u system, of water works In tlw city of Algoim, Iowa, will be received at tho oUleo of tuu elty elerlc uutll Vi o'clock m., Soptouiboi- i, im 1'livuB uutl uueelueuUuiiB wlu b» oft Ulo ftt W« city clerk's omoo ou a«a after August 1,5, ISXj. Kuoli ,W to be uc- LOOK, / Pal. whole wheat flour per tsac.k. .81 00, tUfSocry sack wurranlal. , Braluim Jlour per saeJt 5Q Bolted corn meal per sack 215 Suiikwlieat 1lour per sack 25@50 liranper 100 60 Shorts per 100 fiO Ground feed (uorn and oats) 70 around feed (corn, oats, barley)... (SO liest liard coal per ton 9 00 liest Sd-vein Illinois coal per ton. i BO liest lower-vein Iowa modi coal 4 00 Salt per barrel 1 25 I handle only the Best Coals, FREE IN DELIVERY THE CITflf. .... Leave orders ut the Big Flour and Feed store. ££r-lllKhest market price paid for lloga and a kinds of liruln, Seeds, etc. J. J. WILSON. Looking for a Painter, Did you Say? Well, If roil are rou should KCO WALTER WARD, who wll] bu pietism) in H^uru with you lor aiijthiH;; In tlu- IthC (if Painting, Paper Hanging, ETC. Those deslrhiK paper hanging done ure respect fully referred to the various pieces of work In tills town done by me, which sneak for themselves. I teel warranted In paying that I nun guarantee satisfaction In every case. Prinw are Always JUudcmtt:, Come and Interview me. AUCTIONEER, D. A. HAGGARD, Will art city and lurm proper!;, make collections etc. All business ot a private nature will be strictly conllUciitlul. Ofllce with If. M. Taylor, over Aunts Bron, * DB, DRUGS L. A. SHEETZ, Dealer In WSDIOTK,- full assortment always ou baud, of Drugs, Sltull olue», uad pure liquors (or medloluafpur- poaesQuly. Books ami aWUlouery, It 1ms Mwm'Uiuiilly pui«,l Tiion,N'A pjf wi»«!_ l>i'<>iuimiro_u li.v lUifiur* $M

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