The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on August 6, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 6, 1890
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The Upper Des Moittes, Store, BY INGHAM & W ARREST. Clearance sale of Summer Dry Goods until August 15, 1890, All Prints, Ginghams, Chambrays, Batiste, Lawns, Challies, Satines, etc., must go. ALGOistA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, AtrattST 6, 1890. VOL. THE Register announced Friday the departure of Wm. A. Jones, who goes to Kirkland, Washington, to engage in the land business. Mr. Jones has been 'or several years chief editorial writer Zephyrs if 011 ^ e Register, nnd in that capacity those of (in ordinary finglish farm of 1,800 acre*." The last year's cross were: 26 tons of grapes (which are cut iron the first of May till October,) 80 tons of tomatoes. 80 tons of potatoes, 6 tons of peas, and a tons of beans, (the last three in April,) to say nothing: of other subsidiary crops." This picture of what Is possible may have little practical beat-ing on present fioolation. Irving A. Watson, Concord, N. H., is secretary. yards of Laces and Embroidery from one cent to Summer styles of Gloves, Mitts, and Hosiery, without regard to cost. Everything marked in plain figures. "The early bird catches the worm." LAIRD'S FURNITURE STORE. J. R. LAIRD, Proprietor. has made many frinds in Iowa who will regret that he is to leave the state. His genial and whole-souled manner mode his presence always a pleasure, and his versatility as a writer and interest in a wide variety of Subjects especially fitted him to do the best newspaper work. Among those who have enjoyed many favors at his hands, we wish him all good luck in his new home. Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention.. Prices are reasonable. IT is getting quite a fashionable fad to refer to the republtcatlon of. foreign books us "piracy," and to demand an international copyright as a matter of "honesty." There is nothing in either claim. It Ss put forth by high-priced publishing houses and money-making authors In the interests of a book trust, and that is the end of it. Authors have no more right to a copyright than a newspaper has to nn exclusive privilege. The copyright law is a favor extended by the public as an encouragement to production, just as the patent law is. Both have already gone too far, and instead of any international action, measures should bo taken to restrain the homo monopoly. When public favors come to be regarded as legal rights it is time to call a halt. FARM LOANS. At 6, 7, and 8 per cent., on five to ten years' time, with privilege of partial payments before due. Interest can be paid at my office, apply for a loan. T- Save money by calling on me before you -DEALER IN- Stoves, Tipare, and Cutlery, ShelJ'ware, Belting, Paints, Glass, Machine Oils, Iron and Wooden Pumps. Repairing of Pumps a Specialty. JlLGONA, IOWA. WIIVKIIS Dealers In Hartae Ai». ADAMS has moved his Independent from Dakota City to Humboldt, and begins the 23rd year of that valuable paper's existence in the now town. In early years Humboldt and Kossuth counties had closser associations than of late, and the old Independent and ICosmos, tho old rivalry between Dakota and Humboldt were like local affairs. Tho Independent is tho pioneer paper, the first issue being Aug. 2, 1800. In 1808 It began its continued existence. Mr, Adams took it sixteen years ago, and keeps it the same bright and newsy paper that it has always been. It has less local interest hero than formerly, but tho old settlors still hoar with interest of its success and of tho changes in our neighboring county. Its removal from Dakota takes from that onco vigorous village almost the last vestigo importance, and Humboldt is now tho unquestioned metropolis. methods, with present appliances. But It cannot fall to suggest the possibility of great progress, and open the eyes of every farmer to the discovery of a shorter and •easier route to get out of the soil the rich possibilities it possesses. Tho time will come In Kossuth county when ten acres will produce more profit than 80 does today, and the farmer who finds out how to bring it about will have little to fear from tar- riffs, railway extortion, or mortgages. THE people of Milford think that the way for them to got ahead is by pulling Spirit Lake bock. Accordingly they are fighting to prevent the building of a $16,000 court house because Spirit Lake is the county seat. That sum is certainly little enough for a'county like Dickinson to expend, and if the county's present building is not worth that much it should lose no time in building. But somehow Milford expects to grow without the rest of tho county growing, and tho people can't see that they will prosper because Spirit Lake prospers and is enterprising. Such quarrel remind one of tho old strike of the hands and feet against the belly because the belly got all the food and did none of tho work. All such towns as Milford will find when they h'avo starved out their neighbors and killed tho spirit of onthuslasm and enterprise in their county, that at tho some time they havo killed themselves,' CARL SNYDER in the Council Bluffs Nonpareil describes the coming newspaper: " The political organ will doubtless always exist. So Jong as newspapers can be subsidized by office or run by politicians, the organ will continue to bo a factor. But the reading public is coming to recognize and demand in a newspaper that it shall be Something more than a mere political tool, that it shall speak for and conserve the larger Interests of the people who look to a political party not for office or spoils but as a means of good government. They look to a newspaper for its hews. They ask that its hews shall be honest and then they ask that its opinions on current questions shall be honest and fair. This sort of a newspaper Is coming to tho front. It is the paper that wins the respect and confidence of the public and In a larger sense is the most Influential. Doubtless such a newspaper will excite the contempt of the politician who looks upon politics as a sort of guerilla warfare whqreln victory Is rewarded with official spoil. But snch a newspaper can be content to bide Its time, confident of the final verdict." H. 0. Shadbolt has agreed to climb tho flag staff that is to be placed upon the etandplpe of the waterworks, and stand erect on the top. He will be serenaded by two brass bands before arid after the feat. Emmetsburg tteporter: Three members of the Algona council were over last night, examining thestandpipe.... ... .Miss Cora Hlbbard of Algona is visiting her parents aud friends in Vernon township .Miss Margaret Butherford of Algona and Miss Gillespie of Chicago are visiting their friend Estel- llne DeShielBs. Several young men from Corwlth attended a dance near Twin mkes on last Saturday night, says the Crescent. It seems that original packages were quite plenty, and a general fight was indulged in. Several of the boys bear marks of the Norwegian's club. In the melee some shots were fired, and one young man living near the lakes was hit in the abdomen. Two of the Corwlth crowd are said to have left tho country. We know nothing as to the merits of the case, if,it has any, the general report being that a largo part of tho crowd was full. T generally dry and potatoes are suffering frota lack of moisture. THE WASHINGTON Bt The weather crop bulletin says tho weather during the past week was. unfavorable for crops generally throughout the entire corn belt, and the continued drought in connection With the hot, dry winds west of the Mississippi fiver has permanently injured corn, especially In Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri. In Minnesota and the Dakotas the weather was favorable for harvesting, but the hot, dry Winds were unfavorable for wheat. The week closes with showers and cooler weather in that section. FROM THE COUNTY TOWNS. BIG BARGAIN STORE. THE union labor party has issued a call for a convention to put In nomination a candidate for representative In the Tenth congressional district, which will bo held in Fort Dodge, August 10, It Is not probable that regularly chosen delegates will bo In attendance, for the call asks for the presence at the convention of all persons who orodls- satUfled with the present representation of the Tenth district. Milk Cans. Chums, Riverside Stoves, Stoves nnd Ranges, " Quick Meal" Gasoline Stoves. Agents for the NEVER RUST TINWARE, warranted not to rust. Call anfl get prices', we can do you good. Yours, etc., WINKIE BROS. TO LOAN on Fan Property. At lowest rates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office. If you want a loan, call on us. We can save you money. JONES & S M IT Hk THE most serious dispute of the day husbecjn amicably settled. It is not whether we shall have reciprocity, or whether Speaker Reed's rulings are correct, but whether Mrs. Astor is Mrs. William Waldorf Astor or Mrs. William Astor. Letters have corno to the postofflco for Mrs. Astor, and the renowned females who havo been so lucky as to marry the effeminate decendants of the old fur trader have been pulling hair because each will not admit that the other is Mrs. Astor—the Mrs. Astor. Tho postmaster, who must bo an evory-day sort of an American, settled this threatening social uprising in a very simple manner by deciding that neither lady could get letters not addressed in her full name, and that letters to Mrs. Astor will go to the dead letter office. Peace again reigns, and tho people may breath freely. Nl. Z. Crovo. John Crave. Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, West of Ttiortngton House. M. Z. GROVE, Manager. .uj Cloths and Trimmings, V J. K. FILL & SON, I W! e re h sit Tailors PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. GEO. E. CtARKE, ATT011NEY AT LAW. Ofllce over First National bank, Alfona, la. i Full stock ot cloths id trimmings always on (mud, as cheap ( jsan be bought anywhere. All «: i done promptly and Satisfaction Cuarnntoarl. Callptreet, Aluona. Iowa. are Invited To soe and buy our ' Shoos. Mons' Shoes, Boys' Shoos, Misses' Shoes, Kids' Shoes, Plow Shoes, Plow Boots, Kli) Boots, Calf Boots, Fur Hats, Wool Hats, Stiff Hats Crush Hats, Moil's Hats, Boys' Hats, Kids' Hats, Missus' Huts. Cheap, Medium, AND High Grade. The Ian/eat stauli in town, and at the lowest prtees. The Jlent Rubier Goods Jtest wearing ffoxiery. Jleau- ttful Dresx Qoodi, Custom-made Overalls. Coats Thread Wu oftur you no Hiildo balt», wo churgu no (ttnoy prlcos. Wo can save you inouuy. One pricu for town unU country. JOHN REED, F, M. BRONSON, Dealer Silver riuteUWure.elc. , Iowa, The New Heat Market, I>OWE & LAMMltSON, ipvppriotprw of tUo mw tuuvtwt oju TUorluytou Btvyet, kuop evwy tUlujf iu ttwh ttud MttU luwvt. ViWFb ilwii ovwy Vriduy. CMJAW &ua s«« u«. FUBNISUE-P- W. B. QUARTON, A'ri'OHNJSY AT LAW. Over Koxxiirii County bault, Algonn, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATTullffSY AT LAW. Collection agunt. Over Kosnuth Co. bank. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and collections. Over Frank Bros, S. S. SESSIONS, ATTOKNE¥ AT LAW. I'romnl collections. Money to loan on chattel Miuurlly. Over Chrlschlllcu' store. D. F. REED, ATTOHNEY AT LAW, Cfltcc over the poslofllco, Algona, Iowa. L. K. OARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND 8UHQEON. Oltlco, State St., one door cast of Cordlngley. Hcslduncc, McGregor St., cast of thu public school building. F. E. V. SHORE, M. D., ALOiONA, IOWA. State street, cast of Itutherford house. H. C. McCOY, M. D., - 1'MYSIUIAN AND SUliOEON. Special attention to city practice. O. T, WEST, M. D,, PHYSICIAN AND SUltaEON. Next door to J. U. Smith's store, Algona, la. J. E. HILL, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SUUQEON. Wesley, Iowa. Day and night calls attended to with promtncss. LOUIS L.ESS1N Manufacturer and dealer In all KlnU' FURNITURE, Picture Frames, L<H>kli;g()lusa<;».CIirgmos, mid all kinds Boudjr- luiide ColUim. Uearue tor public use. lieuduuur- tern fur the bent NOTIQf TO FARM Tho possibilltios that lie beforo tho good farmer have been pointed out so often at our institutes that many have come to believe that tho future has boon measured, and that we know tho limits of production. How far thus far we havo fallen short of any adequate conception of what nature can do with proper euro is shown In a remarkable article by Prince Kropotkin in tho lust Forum. His facts and figures road like u fairy story, and show not only that tho possibilities of tho farm havo not been measured, but that as yet wo havo not begun to farm. The article in full is worthy of reproduction. A few selections will servo to give a glimpse of tho wonderful fairy land of agriculture, enough to inspire a curiosity for more. His first showing is for wheat culture. Franco has raised wheat continuously on tho same soil. Thirty years ago tho average crop was 22 bushels per aero. Now there aro wholo sections which havo an average of 41 bushels to tho acre, special districts get 5.5 to 08 bushels per acre, and farms havo had 80 bushels per aero under special tillage. In East Flanders a territory of 87,000 acres supports 80,000 people, Whout averages 33-89 bushels, outs 78 bushels, boots 48 tons, carrots 14-18 tons as a catch crop—planted after other grain has been harvested. Mr, Champion in England gets 77 to 110 tons of boots to tho acre, M. Goffart in Franco for 14 consecutive years raised on tho sumo land an average of 40 tons of ensilage to tho acre—tlio food of four cows. Those crops aro tho result of manuring. In that part of Flanders where irrigation hus been used, six tons of hay to tho acre is tho avorago. Crops of 18 toiia to tho aero have been secured. In Jersey tho average potato crop is l?800 per acre, and for tho entire surfuco of tho island, rocks and nil, tho average yearly return Is $230 per aero. But oven those remarkable results of expert funning uro outdone by tho product of tho " kitchen farming" when glass shelter und artificial heut uro used. Prince Kropotkin describes ono of thoso gardens and says: "Kitchen gardens under glass are now tho rago. And whon I walked through these glass-roofed kitchen gardens, which do not know what failure means, uud which yield crop after crop throughout tho spring, summer, und autumn, I could not but ud- uilro tho recent conquests of man, I saw throe-fourths of un acre, covered with glass und heated for three months in tlio spring, yielding about eight tens of tomatoes, and about 200 pounds of beans us u first crop iu April nudMuy, to bo followed by two crops uioro during tho summer uud uutunm. Horo ono gardncr wus employed, with two assistants; u small amount of coko wus consumed ; uud thevo wus u gas engine for watering purposes, consuming ouo dollar's worth of gas every month. I tmw again, lu cool gruouhousos (simple glass unil plunk shelters,) pea pluuts covering tho wulis for the length of u quarter of u mile, which ulroudy .hud yielded by tlio ond of April a,SOO pounds of exquisite nous, uud woro yet us full of pods us if not ono hud boon taken away. I saw potatoes dug from tho soli lu April to tho amount of live bushels to tlio 31 foot square, und so ou. And yet all tuut Ut eclipsed by tUp liuweuso vluorleg of Mr. Bashford lu Jersey. Thoy cover 18 ucros, uud from tho outside these huge glass houses and, ehtumeyu look like u Factory. Hut wUou you outer ouo of tho houses, HOO foot loug, aud 40 foot wldo, uud your eye Buuug tli»t world 'of jji'oen ew,boUl»b,ed by tho reddening grapes, or towiitws, you forgot th.o ugliness of the j|wt»ido view. A » to SOME writer, who receives tho commendation of tho Dension Review, deplores tho Independence shown by the republican dally papers of Iowa. Ho names the Gate City, Nonpareil, Sioux City Journal, Register, and Cedar Rapids Republican, and Is indignant that any of them have objected to Quay's political morality, Rood's bulldozing, and McKlnloy's suicidal financial policy. Wo cannot but grieve for the Injured feelings 'of tho correspondent. He no doubt thinks Iowa republicanism doomed. But ho will probably live to BOO that tho independence and fearlessness of Iowa's daily press is doing a wonderful work and is really making tho republican party worthy of support. Ho will know some time, if ho is able to trace causes, that tho best political adherent is not tho man who defends caucuses most zealously or pledges his faith to every political mountebank, but tho ono who by insisting on wiso politics and honest methods maintains a political standard which constantly appeals to the intelligence nnd moral convictions of tho people. Lot tho daily papers alone. If republicanism is suffering by thoir course It Is because it will no longer stand honest tests. STEPHEN B. ELKINS has been interviewed and ridicules the Idea that Mr. Blaino has presidential aspirations for 18(12. Mr. Elklns says that Mr. Blnlno's ono desire Is to accomplish his reciprocity plans, and ho IB moving now because ho believes that tho McKlnloy bill simply makes reciprocity Impossible. Mr. Blaino, according to Mr, Elklns, wants to go down to posterity as the founder of tho groat American league of nations, and ho desires nothing else. That ho considers fame enough, for, If ho should merely succeed In accomplishing tho flrst step—reciprocity In trade—future generations of North and South Americans would rise up and call him blosssd. EARL HAMPTON'S VIEWS. Ho Discusses the Election nnd Silver Bills, J)OTV Before Congress—The Bclirlng Sea Controversy. WASHINGTON, D, C., July 27, 1890.— To the Editor: Will you kindly permit a far awaycorrespondent to Indulge in a little gossip with your readers on a few of tho current topics now engaging tho attention of the general public. Tho recent passage of tho election bill LAST week tho Courier thought male- ing tho black men citizens was tho reason why there is a race question. Now it soys: " Tho race problem will novcr bo sbttlod while the races aro In such close contact. In our opinion even education will not do It. Separation is tho only real solution." Wo havo no desire to drive the Courier further. It in enough to show that it will Invent excuses and turn corners rather than frankly admit that every American citizen has a right to vote, and that tho man who prevents him is a ruscal, and the man who takes office through frauds at tho ballot box commits a crime against free government. That tho Courier willnover admit. It will apollgozo, explain, and preach about the broad democratic principles it stands for, but no reader will oversee '<n its columns a frank demand that throughout tho length and breadth of tho land wo have an honest, free, and untrammeled ballot. Tho Courier believes in democratic principles—when it thinks they will help the democratic party. The Courier writes itself down in its treatment of this question a mere apologist and special pleader for tho bourbon and mossback clement of its party. WE havo no Intention of dragging Prof. Dodge Into any controversy with tho Courier. That paper treats him very unfairly by so flatly misrepresenting what ho said on tho southern question. A full report of his remarks was published In tho UFFXK DES MOINES of July 33, nnd wo command all who aro Interested to that Issue. A NUMBER of Minneapolis Journals aro taken horo because our people do not know that Iowa evening papers can bo had as early. Tho Dos Molncs News and Marshalltown Timcs-Hopubllcan both come on tho early morning train, and aro both reliable and nowsy Iowa papers. Thoy havo all tho general news tlio Journal does, and plenty of local news that It lias not. AT tho timo of General Fremont's death ho was engaged upon tho manuscript of a paper for tlio Century's forthcoming series on tho California gold hunters. It was to bo entitled " Finding Paths to California," and was not only to deal with tho several exploring expeditions, but to narrate tho writer's intimate connection with tlio ovonta which led to tho conquest and occupation of tho territory. Tho work will bo promptly continued by Mrs. Freemont. A lino portrait of General Fremont from a dugurroo- typo of '49 and ; f>0 will appear in tlio September number of tho Century, along with portraits of Commodores Sloutli aud Stockton, "Duke" Gwin, and Governor Burnett, in au article giving account of "How California Came into tho Union." SAYS tho LeMurs Sentinel: "The enterprising citizens of Algona havo raised over $3,000 to maintain a normal school for the next two years. They will soouro an able faculty and operate u good school." CONGRESS declared tho seat vacant which Brcckcnridgo of Arkansas has boon holding, on account of Clayton being shot. That is tho way to treat the holders of fraudulent credentials. by tho house of representatives dooms tho pledge of tho republican party BO far ns that portion ot congress is concerned, but there is a steadily growing fooling, which undoubtedly has somo foundation, that in tlio south, whoro the operations of tho laws, It is supposed, will act most forcibly, Us provisions will bo ignored, and become a dead letter. Mr. Mills of Texas made tho remark in connection with the subject at Issue which is significant as allowing how ho regarded tho measure from this standpoint. Ho intimated that there would be a greater number of dead federal officials than there has been heretofore, should tho act become a law. This assertion seems to strike vory near tho truth, to judge from tho extromo.bltter- ness and unprecedented rancor that has attended its discussion everywhere, and upon all occasions. Should the federal election bill bo- come a law It is high timo that .wo settle tho question of whether a third era of nullification is to bo inaugurated. If there is to be discordant friction simply because South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, und other states cannot nullify and wipe out tho colored vote and thereby give her white vote from four to eight times tho representation of the same number in population in tho north' IT now appears that Jim, Miller's great sensation wus, after all, only a bogus affair, and not very creditable to either his brain or heart. Instead of his little slip in counting tho votes for Slrublo giving tho nomination to Perkins in tho ElovonUj district by mistake, it cut no figiljl' batover. This may bo vory palnfujL.' \Miller, who did not rest till ht^.,^ advertised to tho state that ho was practically tho only Sac county delegate, au old-timer in putting up conventions, and wus about to make everybody fool terribly cut up by retiring from politics, But in fact Mr. Miller was not tho wholo Sao delegation. Tho other seven had votes also in tho convention, and they had consulted beforehand and decided that they would not all go to Strublo in any event, Four of them woro for Perkins, und Miller's miscount hud nothing to do with tho nomination, His frosh letter has made Mr. Perkins no ond of annoyunco, for tho democrats havo all joined in to show that ho IB tho holder of stolen goods. But otherwise it amounts to nothing except to show an amazing vanity and luck of sense. Tho only commendable thing in H is Miller's intontion to retire from politics, which probably, llko tho rest, Is untrue. A IIKNEVOLENT gentleman named Henry Lamb of Rochester, N. Y., has for a series of years offered prizes of $500 and $200 for essays by medical ox- ports on practical sanitary questions. Ono of theso has lately boon sout to tho press general ly and la worthy of gratuitous advertisement. It is on titled "Sanitary and Economical Cook- Ing." Tho essay, or book rathor, was ono of 70 selected by somo of tho lead- Ing profosionul mon in tho United States. It is written by Mrs. Mary Honmtin Abol und explains tlio science of cooking, tho ohomiatry of foods, tlio cost of a eliea.p living, and is filled with roelpos for ohoap dishes, aud bills of o fov overy moul ot tho your. Tula In connection with tho essay unhealthy fooda for the working clubsoB by Pro/. Vaughn of tho Ann Arbor medical col- lego makes a uouiplatg aclonuo o( food und cooking for pooplo of moderate moans. Tho work Is purely bonovolout, la douy by the boat recognized tiutlwii- Uos, und should bo iu every homo, Iu paper Prof. Vuuglm's essay costs JO oonts, Mrs. Ahel'a tho same, Thorp JB SENATOR PLUMB of Kansas is making a gallant fight to cut down tho tariff. Iowa has failed to come to his ulil In a single particular, It is oasy to talk low turlft on tho stump. THE wholo fight against Judge Hood'a rcnomlnatlou for congress la because ho did not appoint tho right politicians to tho pout- oftlcos. The absurdity of tho situation la apparent. Dut so long as congressmen try to uso tho postofllces to help themselves, wo don't BOO why they shouldn't abldo tho results. Lot congressman have norvo enough to avoid this potty attempt to uso patronage, and they will soon coaso to bo troubled with personal and local opposition, If they arc capablo in tho performance of their duties. UES MOINES is discussing §10,000 illuminations and displays during fair week. IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Spencer IB discussing starting a col- logo. Dr. Baker, an old Lu Vorno warrior, is candidate for county clerk in Hum- holdt. Esthorvillo has tho champion hull nino of tho northwest. They have beaten everything. Crescent: Mrs. Bon Rood of Algona mid Mrs. G. C. Burtls of Lu Vei'no are visiting ot W. II. Keed'B. W. H. Hoed was In Lu Verne on Monday night and reports nlno cases beforo the mayor, conduct. for drunk and disorderly Tho old Dakota mill, built in 1807 and for years a landmark in this whole soo- tlon, is torn down and a now one takes its place. "West Bonders want to organize abase bull louguo comprising tho live counties —Clay, Dickinson, Kossuth, Palo Alto and JOinmot. Mason City has a darkey foot nicer who won a race ol 125 yards lust week in a little under can bout that, 14 seconds. Algonu Livorraoro has a bud scandal. G. C. MoAnloy Jr., a man of family, is tnS2 main olTondor, und a coat of tar and fouthors was proposed unless ho got out of town. Ho agreed to migrate. Hon. John P. Duncotnhoof Fort Dodge, for many years tho platform maker for democratic conventions, will become general manager of a now Illinois Central lino and will romovo to Sioux City. Through tho solicitation of Congressman Dolliveriv board of pension oxumiu- oi'B has boon established at Garnor, composed of Drs. Blair of Garner, Groom of Britt, and Heskott of Corwlth. It will bo u grout convenience, to tho soldiers of this locality. Sompboys at Wobstoi 1 City planned a practical joke on tho man in tho hotel. Part of it was to tirrost him, und whozi they came to that part ho drew a revolver and »Uot ono of tUem. Ho is In jail, while tho doctors uro hunting {or tho bullet iu tho wounded mail. The Llvprmoi'G Gazette Bays u circus will arrive Aug. 18, and adds: "01 course Algoflii and Fort Dodge will be expected, to tuvo out to our suow pn the 18th; wo helped to wake vp the crowd. attUoU's recently. If they can got up a c«,v looxj or two wo wjll try to get orn states, then by all means lot tho issue come and be settled, and if it should he settled for tho south it is plain that wo havo outlived a republican form of government. # * * It certainly presents a strange anomaly to observe states' like Iowa, Kansas, and certain others representing as they havo done by their republican majorities tho very soul and essence of centralization and federal power, now contending for tho rights of tho states, and that they be allowed to control thoir own internal affairs. 'So far as tho defeat of prohibition Is concerned, the sympathies of South Carolina, and tho most of the southern states would bo with federal government, and also with centralization in tho ensuing results, and now it remains to bo soon whether 'tho south will love states' rights more, or whiskey and tho so- called personal liberty less. * * * Good political engineering was shown in tho preparation und passage of tho silver bill, which seems to give general satisfaction on both sides of the Atlantic as a compromise measure, and it will havo a tendency to strengthen tho republican party. Of course, Texas is ably represented in congress. Not all of her legislators aro In the habit of blowing out the gas. Mr. Crain has had a difficulty with the Washington correspondent of tho St. Louis Republican. Tho status of tho parties is similar to those engaged in tho Taulby-Kincaid affair, with the exception that Mr. Crain seems determined to out-gonoral tho correspondent, and get tho drop on him rathor than lot O'Brion havo the coigno of vantage It sooms that tho correspondent claims to havo told nothing but the truth regarding tho absence of Mr. Crain from tho house during tho vote on tho election bill, etc., but whether it bo truo or false the Texas gentleman evidently entertains a strong dislike to having it told. It is a fair presumption, however, that if Mr. Crain remains on the floor of tho house during tho pendency of an Important vote, Mr. O'Brien will scarcely report him absent. * * * Tho Bohrlng sea controversy is absorbing a great deal of public attention just now. England is protesting that tho United States must not seine Canadian poachers during tho pendency of the negotiations, and convorsly Undo Sam in insisting that she must keep her thieving sealers out of tho Bearing sea during tho same period. Like a couple of old fogy doctors each one poo-poos at tho other's suggestions, but Blalna is too much for his lordship. The fact must bo apparent to all that, if Canadian soalors aro allowed to tako tho seals during the pendency of tho negotiations, they will probably havo plenty of time •o destroy everyone in existence, for England manifests no apparent desire to adjust tho matter. Tho truth of the negotiations immediately ceased when Mr, Blaino entered tho cabinet. Ho cltos what was promised his immediate predecessors, but he doos not allege that anything has boon actually promised him by tho British premier. Can it bo possible that tho Wesley. WESLEY, Aug. 5.—Alcinus Ward, horn March if. 1813, in Underbill, Chlttendon county) Vt., died at Wesley, Aug. 2, 1890. Married Miss Ann Eliza Dillon, Oct. 8, 188?. Moved west to Bradford county, Pa., in 1888, where most of his children were born. Moved again west to Jo Davis county, 111., in 1856, then west to Kossuth county in 1889, with his children, eight in all, with his son-in-law, residing here 21 years. He worked and lived to a ripe old age, leaving to mourn his loss his faithful wife and children. Mr. Ward was 77 years old when he died. The funeral services took place at Wesley, in the M. R church, conducted by Rev. Wolf, Baptist minister of Algona. The funeral was ono of the largest ever held in Wesley; the church was filled to its utmost capacity by old friends and neighbors. His children, William Chandler, John Arthur, Mrs. Ford, Mrs. Glddlngs. and Mrs. Abnor Flack, and their families were all present, sixty in all, with his great-grandchildren. Mr. Ward was a man who was well liked by all who knew him. Ho was a man of a religious turn of mind, belonging at ono timo, in tho state of Vermont, to tho Congregational church. After moving from that neighborhood ho united with tho Baptist church. Remaining- a few years with tho Baptists, ho united with tho M. E. church, His religious views woro very liberal, having, a great lovo for everybody. He had been having vory poor health by spells, but always bore up under his sickness with the greatest of patience. Mr. and Mrs. Ward wore married nearly 63 years. Thoro were born to them eleven children, eight boys and throe girls. Four boys preceded thoir father and woro waiting his coming. Tho remainder of his children all reside in Kossuth county at tho present time. Mr. Ward was ono of tho early settlers in this county, coming horo with his family and threo sons-in-law, J. H. Ford, W. P. Giddlngs, and Abnor Flack, in a sort of colony. They closed up the last homestead in section 98, 27. He planted, a grovo on his homestead, ono of tho finest in tho county, that will stand as a monument to his memory. His wife and children tako this moans to thank thoir many friends and neighbors for their kind, assistance in the sickness, death, and burial of thoir husband and father. On Sunday afternoon, July 27, somo person or persons sot firo to a field of oats belonging to Jo. Hornick, a Gorman living two miles south of Wesley, and burnt up what Mr. Hornick says would havo threshed out 800 bushels. His entire crop would havo been destroyed had It not boon that somo of his neigh- Patterson Brothers, The place to buy groceries cheap. ©C3 OIElsTTS €33 Heal -nlie, $1. appointment of Mr. Patrick Kgan us minister to Chill gave a '»neighbor uu affront? It was ussortc,>.15jHit ho ro- muinod In Sun Franolst.<%."sorao time rathor than go to Chill in a vessel Hying an English Hag, but that has nothing to do with the Bohring soa imbroglio. It is gratifying to see Mr. Bluino backing up tho position assumed by his immodluto predecessors instead of orltgJlslng thoir action. Ho proves himself to bo muster of tho situation. EAKLIS HAMPTON. TUB OUTLOOK IS GOOD. Tho Crop llo]>ort la Favorable from All I'artu of tlie State. Tho county WUB visited Sunday oven- Ing by u lino ruin, which wus badly needed fov corn, potatoes, mid pastures. It now seems certain that wo shall luivo bountiful crops. THE STATE KEl'OWT. Luck of moisture is tho prevailing complaint. Tho state bulletin says: Harvesting is about completed, small grain mostly secured iu good condition, uud threshing is counneucod. Tho yield ol wheat, oats, and hurley is vuri- ranging from light in localities sd, by rust to heavy in, oilier BOO, wfcere tlxe JviueraloJall w«s Jess eopiqus. Corn's is doiug remarkably eU.vaster tUoirn'ovftleut un.fovpra.bjo is ftot u^ajp.riUjUy " 'fls Qt tfeo mfa, """ M bors camo to his assistance with thoir plows and teams. Wesley will soon havo another warehouse. Bender Bros, of Spencer have ono horo on track which they intend to havo in running order in a few days. Wo notice that somo of tho brick for Kunz' store room aro on tho ground, and tho masons aro beginning to got ready to lay thorn. Tho shower wo had Sunday evening has put a stop to tho stacking for a day or two. Most of our farmers would havo finished this week. H. C. Hollonback and lady aro spending a few days in Masou City. Wo notice that Mr. Gallagher has got a car load of new Molino wagons which ho intends to add to his largo stock of farm machinery. Quito a number of tho early sottlors of Kossuth county woro in town Sunday attending tho funeral of Mr. Ward. Our school nm'ms and those that aro contemplating being such aro beginning to pack thoir grips and getting ready for tho institute. , Mr. and Mrs. James Clark and Arthur Church arrived hero from Loroy, Kans., lust wook. They intend to looato horo. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Grovo wish to tender their heartfelt thanks to thoir neighbors for tho kindness shown thorn in tho illness, death, and burial of their father, E. A. Perry. They assure one and all that thoir kindness will never bo forgotten. _ I) aileron. BANCROFT, Aug. 4. — An awful wind storm struck Bancroft on Sunday last at about 12 o'clock, and blew dust in such a lively manner that it was Impossible for anyone to walk ' tho streets, and while there was no damage done horo, tho news was telegraphed from Elinoro that eight box cars had boon blown from tho truck, tho roofs taken from somo houses, tho corn and flax laid flat on the ground, and the grass also was blown so flat that It could not havo boon mown In tho afternoon of that day if anyone had tried so to do. Also a school house in Swea township that was being built and nearly ready for tho plasterers, was so badly wrecked that it will havo to bo torn down and rebuilt, O. E. Bliss will bo the loser, Bancroft is happy that she escaped without a scratch. Mrs. Llttloflold's house is painted and plastered and nearly ready for occupancy. Bov. Ij. A. Cummins is having a short vacation for a trip to tho lakes, and consequently there was no preaching at the, Baptist church last Sunday. flay is being pressed and shipped from tills town at a vory rapid rate at present. Wo hear It rumored that E. L. Ward is to go out of tho grocery business. M. L. Carr will open a butcher shop in tho building formerly occupied by Dick HumiBton. ' Ezra Sands left for Blue Earth City to visit with relatives and friends at that place, Mrs. D. A. Ellis of tho Fur}bault Register Is visiting relatives and frlonds in this place. Tho broom drill last Friday evening was such a groat success that tho performance was repeated, with a few additional features, on Monday evening to a crowded house, Tho foundation in laid for tho now Catholio church, It will bo a beauty. A bouncing baby boy is reported at Win. Murray's southwest of town. The Republican correspondent seems to havo a monopoly of tho original package discussion here. Shoot your wad. If hard work and Supervisor Davis can make them, Bancroft will havo Bomo good streets. At the I, O. of G. T. installation last Saturday night tho following officers woro Installed by tho lodge deputy, S. Mayno: N. J. Skinner, W. C. T.; Emma Smith, W. V. T.; Lizzie Ringsdorf, P. C. T.; Goo. E. Bliss. W, C.; J. A. Freeh, W, S.; Jas. E. Puttort&n, W. A. S.; H. W. Smith, T. S.; J. B. Stroat- er, W. M.i'EUa Smith, W. A, M.; May For August only we want you to see these goods. Sizes 141-2 to 17. The very best made, best material. Look out for the Ribbon Sale. It will come soon. $7.50 per dozen. JAS. TAYLOR. We can now make Loans on Improved Lands from one to ten years time, and give the borrower We privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof in even 8100 at any date wJten interest falls due. This is Iowa money and no second HOXIE *• BEAVER, Algona, Iowa . T.; Mrs. G. W. Smith, Supt. J. 'S^Maggle Jordan, S.; Robt. Wilson, G.; L. O. Barslou, lodge deputy. The lodge Is reported to be in iv prosperous condition. R. R, Rlohmond of Dos Moiuos Is visiting with his son, R. W., our bunker, at present. C. E. MaUory, our live ton, coffee, und HTilco man, reports business us being brisk. T. L. Gulo of Mason City will prouoh in the M. E, ohuroh hero next SuubutU. Mrs. Cbm Smith ol BUie Etwth City wus a visitor at t^is place the first Ptu't ol the week. S, D. PvftUo, too gonW flour ma,n, WU9 JJB tUlfl huvff PA iftturftay lust. Married, Sujwd.»y, Aw.?. £,1880, at . m-ssm % merchants of his town. Success to them. Rumor has it that a Mr. Stiles of Emmetsburg is to start another original package house here hi the near future. LuVerno. The News: It does us a great deal ol good to learn that Algona succeeded in licking that " kid" nine over at Whlt- temoro. Hon. C. C. Chubb of Algona was down hero looking around last week. Col. R. H. Spencer of Algona was a pleasant caller on Wednesday morning of this week. The colonel is looking first rate aud says that he is feeling just that way too. J. B. Winkel, tho sewing machine man, was down from tho "hub" on Wednesday. J. B. is a very domestic sort of a follow when out on a business venture. O. Pill of Algona was down hero sizing the boys up last Tuesday. Austin Willey, W. A. Patterson, and Harry Park made a flying trip to Algona on Monday evening. Phil. Hamm turned up here after a few day's sojourn at the "hub." An Imposition on Public Confidence. Jt Is not just nor right for any man to advertise Uls preparation as doing -what It cannot do. It is a dangerous Imposition on public confidence. Knowing this fact, Dr. T. W. Wood In commence, and knowing Its merits, recommends Blackberry Carminative for all bowel complaints. Sold by L. A, Sheetz. There's No Use Denying the Truth. Ellert's Extract of Tar and Wild Cherry for Coughs and Colds. It cures them. Dr. Jaques' German Worm Cakes destroy ana remove worms from toe system. Dr. WlncheU's Teething Syrup Is the best for general ailments of children. All druggists. Happy Home Blood Purlfler and Health Tonic puriues the blood aud make homo happy. Uncle Sam's Condition Powders and Uncle Sam's Nerve and Bone Llnlment-these two great medicines are sold by all druggists- English Spavin Liniment Removes all hard, soft, or calloused lumps and blemishes (rom horses, blood spiwiu, curbs, splints, sweeuey, ring bone, stifles, sprains, all swollen throats, etc. Save $50 by use of one bottle; warranted. The most wonderful blein • Ish euro over known. Sold by L, A. Sheetz. Itch cured in 90 minutes by Wool/Orel's Sanl tiu-y Lotion. Sold by L, A. Sheetz. South Side of Broadway Whittemore, Iowa. Dry Goods, NOTIONS, Hati-a and Oaps, Boots and Shoes, Bora' and Men's Beady-Made ' GROCERIES, Crockery & Glassware, CONFECTIONERY, Wood and Willow ware. Produce taken In exchange lor goods, HENRY MUNCH. —Elephants have been known to live to the great ago of four hundred years. When Alexander the Great had conquered Phorws, King ol .India, he took a groat elephant, which had fonght valiantly for the King, and named him Aiax, dedicated him to the sun, nnd let him go, with this inscription: "Alexander, the son ot Jupiter, hath dedicated Ajax to the sun." This elephant was found with this inscription three hundred and fifty years afterward. CRANDALL & GARFIELD At their snap In the Grand Army building, handle tbe celebrated Star Spring Bed wblcli (ma been awarded premiums at eighteen state fairs and expositions aud gold medal at ton- don for elasticity, strength, ana beauty, It excels everything In this line now extant. TUej also do Furniture Repairing and Upholstering Iu the most u; Also keep the largest manner. west pi Chicago and can furnish anything In the uphold- taring line ou short notice. All work guanmteeu E. Gartleld U authorized collector for this llrui. State University -OF— The several Departments will begin the Year 1890-91, on September 19. Eu»U uoimrtiuent Iu thoroughly equipped (or tiitluleut work, and no imlus will bu uparud to ivilova »tu4euta tU» bout possible opportunity to pursue their clioseu HUMS of study. For particular luforuiutlou an to the respective De- purtiuuuw, address as follows: Colleelttte-p«AU W !s A. SoiUBWSB, Proul- deut, lowft Olty. — EMMN MCOWIN, Chancellor, low* City, MedlciH-W. F. Peo(t, Davewport. Homcuimthlu P., neau of Faculty, Medical— A. C. COWP-EUTU- AWB, M. n.,Bt>un ot Faculty, low Olty. Dental— A. 0. HUNT, IX D. S., Peau o; Fftcul- Bhamawuttci,il-B. L. BOBimBB, Ph. G., Doau of Faculty, Iowa City. Expenses Iu all PepartnwntB are reawuftblo. Cost ol Upard U» brlvatotamiUee, »3 to IS per wool: ; in clubs, »i.w to fcj.w per week. Fpr, or lot jjouerul luloruiatlou " CHARM3S A, Boat and ch»pMt V»Urtn»ry B«n»dle». 8tewart'aHe«l|nff Powder Estate Agent,

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