The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 30, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1890
Page 4
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•Pv i ff- k' if A fiftfsd tof> 1* „ the north end of Usage Stfeet. f he aiiftfJuflcementB of the railway* fdr BoBtori exfcurelonB give cheap eastern rates. The Georgia Hamlln cOm^.._. . "Little Vic" to a pretty gowa wn last evening. The gefteral < the original pax quiet in town. cion seeifis to te that ^e business is pretty f ASt ttAlt LIME with eiectrio lighted ftod »B»in Mated *?8tnmi«d trains b*t*e*a Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, afid Mltrn*- apoiu. At, ftOBrK, *lth swam heated MM. W. H. IntfiMH slipped on a stairway, Monday* fchd ftpfalned, her back, but was hot seriously injured. A large audience was out to heftf the Utah missionary at the Methodist Church last evening. The Setchells have been moving. out Pmm Other Hands. of ol< will BOOU uarters, and Mr. Bacon •e it, with his new Store". The Algona ball club Will play with the Burt boys tomoWow on the flat. They have a challenge from Emmetsburg. .-. Myron Sohenck was In InSt Week ahd got Union's flag, Long may it wav6 over one of the county's best settlements. Mr. Stephenson is still 1m, Besides his new-barn, he is rel For maps, time table*, rotes of paMnt, . freight, etc. apply to the nearest station agent ot the rjhicttgo, Mlwsukeu & St. Paul railway, or to any railway agent anywhere In the world. A. V. H. CARPEifrfcR, oeral Passenger and Ticket Agent. lAi MILLER, General Manager. , »-«. Information In reference to lands towns owned by the Chicago, Milwaukee k. Paul Hallway company, write to H. O. and towns & at ft BV. raui itauw»y cumimuy. wnwa w j Haugen, land commissioner, Chicago, 111. 1 60 AND ESTERN RAILWAY. Wing the old house on west State street, and will get a comfortable home. There will be e, meeting of the man's Relief corps at memorial hall Thursday evening, July 81. ASull at' one who has never fteen the evidences Of glMial action Should look at it. One Hde is worn down flat where the* Soil aea ice moved over it. From a Scientific standpoint the .stona is value, and will no doubt be preserved. Twenty years ago John G. Smith was driving an old cap out of ft WasS gtiB shell that had been fired. Ah explo| slon oocarred^afld he was woimded above the right eye, knocked flat tin his back, .and bled profuielyV fhe wound healed uf, but & little btrach was formed, Which many hate notified. He consulted a surgeon about lt t but was advised to let it alone so long as it did hot hurt. A lew days ago he was picking at it with his knife, and thought he saw something Ml it. ' little, he got hold of a bU,«. r ~— which proved to be the top Of a gun cap. It was just as .when fired twenty years ago, and had been resting quietly all that time. He Sow carries itittapa* per as a curiosity, which it, surely is. What he canhot understand, is how a cap that had been flrjd should be able to explode so viciously. It shows that one cannot be too careful uttdef any possible circumstances when handling firearms. into ttomS-A fe Uini Wedding-f Be Cfty Will- til* Postoffit* Matter. tendance is earnestly requested West Bend is enjoying a boom summer. A big brick block is up, four hay presses are runnli this ly, and other things are in k< Affords unrivaled facllli . --- --the most Important cities and towns in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and Wyoming. The train service Is carafultjr adjusted toueet the requirements of through and local travel, and Includes FAST VESTIBTJLED TRAINS of dining cars, sleep'lngcars, and day coaches, running solid between Chicago and ST. PAUt, MINNEAPOLIS, COUNCIL BLOTTO, OXAHA, _______ AND DENVER. Pallman and Wagner Steepen Chicago to Ban Francisco,'Chicago to Portland, Oregon, without change. . • COLONIST SLEEPERS hlcttgo to Portland, Ore., and Ban Francisco. Free Reclining Chair Can from .Chicago to Denver, via Council B. and Omaha, • For time of trains, tickets, and all information, apply to station agents of-the Chicago & North-western railway, or to the general passenger agent at Chicago. W. A. THRALL, General Passenger and TieketABent. W. P. NEWMAN, J. M. WHITMAN, , Third Vlce-pres. Gen'l Manager. PERSONAL MENTION. steadf ng. B. B. Warren's sprained ankle IB still a source of trouble, and he Is unable to get around on it at all. ' He has the prospect of being an invalid some time yet. The UPPER DBS MomEB may be pardoned for citing Its columns this week in proof that it is a newspaper, we invite comparison with the r> organs" of the county. Miss Ida Rose, whose rather ronmntlo adventure in Des Molnes was reported some months ago, is in Algona again, and supervising the cooking at the Thorington We reprint the account of the arrest of F. S. VanDeboe in Des Moinos on charge'of embezzlement. Wo understand that he is the well known former resident of Bancroft. Olof Johnson has part of his sugar cane mill here, and will put it up next week. He says cane has done well this year, and that he is going to make some good sorghum. Edens and Lamberson, the butchers, have built a new slaughter house together over south of town by Frank Winkel's. This brings all the yards and slaughter houses together. By ordinance persons are forbidden visit DOU YOU WANT THE to "ride on the wheeled vehicle. sidewalk on The marshal ly II arrest anyone found violating un wifl Best Legal Blanks? Most surely you do If you have need for any at all. Then remember that yon can and them at tho Upper Des Moines Offlce. WE KEEP ON HAND Chattel Mortgages, (Short Form, beat In use,) Farm and Town Liases, Warranty Deids, Trial Noiices, Grass Leases, • * Notts, lie., For sole in any quantity desired. Blanks not In etoclt will be made to order at short notice and correct prices. 'Rheumatism, ••.! M. .luu u> ilm pruHunce of uric \.J M-M In tho blixiil, is most effectually .'. l,v tliu ii."ii i.>( Ayur'u Simmpu- iiH"- '•" s " r " ."*'" K 1 '' Ayur's und no nthi'V, .ui't <*k.< it till thu jioimmoua „. . ; is iliiinm./lily 1'jjx'Um) (rum the ... .^i; 111. Wn I'llHlll'lltJU uttUUlioU to tllif u'riiimuiiy : — v . "AU'iit two yBur.H ttjto, after suffering f..r nearly twu yearn frnm rheumatic L..I ut, IM injj ubli< lo walk only with groat iii>rnmi»rl, ami Imving tried various riUuiMlit!", liiflmling mineral waters, ttiilumt relief, 1 saw by-.un ailvurllse- iiKiit in a ChiuuK" paper tlmt a man had (..•.•n relieved of this distressing com- pUiul, nfier long t»t(Iuriug, liy taking Ati<r'ti Sarsuparilla. I then cleeiileil to umku u trial of tliiti medicine, uuil tuok It regularly f'>r eiylit months, and mil ptrattiiil to slate thut it lias utfi'.i:l IM) a ruinplvtu cunt. I Inive since h»d 11" nt- linn ul tliu illotiuK."— Mrs. U. Irving \jni\ii<-, llu W.'st 1'jStli »t., Jii-w Vnrk. "OriK yi-iir »»o I wiw 4»kf» III -wiili liiflaiiiinatory rlii'iiiniitiyiiil li.'lii'.' >'»n- riim.l t» my li"ii« »lx niniitlii'. I ••»i«" out of HID «ii'kue»« v«rv imirli ilt'lnll- liltnil. with mi apix'tlti-, W»» H'X •yili-ni iliHurili-riM ill i-vi'r.v w»y>- I cnniliifliivil imiui! Ayi-r'» HiirsaprtrilU ami tiepm to iiiipi-nvii at »iici>, (juliiilis! in mrcnatii wid MNIII rciiovorliiii my »»ui*J liimWi. I runnot »»y too iniu-h in praise of thli well-known mcdlolne.''-^*!!^, li. A. Stark, NiHlum, N. II. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, ' ihls ordinance. By order of mayor, We }oarn that Dr. Pride of Whittemore has traded his drug store and practice for Des Moines property, and will seek a new location. We have no definite report, except that he has traded. El. Dalton has gone to Elk Point, Minn., where he has a situation on the Northern Pacific railway telegraph work at $50 a month. El. is a good operator and on obliging young man, and will make his way all right. The little house this eide.of tho Milwaukee depot known • as the Kinney house was burned Monday morning at 3 o'clock, no one waking up to assist in stopping the fire. A few articles of furniture were saved by the family. It is more than rumored that H. Hoxie will build a brick this year where the Dingley drug store Is, and possibly Prank Winkel will join nnd the row will be mode solid' to Lesslng's. Another brick building IB also rumored on the streets. ; At the democratic town caucus tho following delegates were chosen to today's convention: D. S. Ford, J. J. Wilson, C. L. Lund, H. C. McCoy, E. Laage, O. Pill, Ed. Murtagh, K. Lamberson, C. Byson, Jos, Taylor, G, Rutherford and P. Gilmore. Perry Ayers, who worked at photography in Algona and afterwards went to Bancroft, bos secured a position with the Minneapolis & St. Louis railway company taking views. He competed with his work before the National Photographer's association, and got a mark of 96 per cent. Phil. C. Hanna is now making his home with Landlord Tennant, preferring a change of climate for awhile. He has not yet given up expectation of a foreign appointment, but will probably have to wait for it, as tho administration Is observing civil service rules in its consular service The reports of harvesting from all parts of the county show a better yield of grain In the north than in the south. Plax is looking well everywhere, and corn is also in. fine condition. Hay, as usual, is good.' The season .thus far has been all around a good one, although we have had better grain years. Algona gets another blast from tho Whlttemore part of the advertising agency. Here is one sentence: "With what Algona actually done that we wish to discuss." A few more such outbursts us that, and no normal school t). A. Quell has been enjoying ft from his brother. Amasa Paine will go to Chicago on a business aud visiting trip. Mrs. N. B. Benham has hod friends vtilt- ng her the past week. Mrs. \V. F. Carter and children returned Thursday from a visit at Clear Lake. H. E. Rtst and B. F. Haggard went up to Spirit Lake Saturday, returning Monday, Mrs. S. A. Thompson returned last week from a visit With her sister at Owatonna. Willis Hallock went to Chicago last week and met Mrs. Hallock, who It now at home. Mr». O. L. FOTII, who has been making a visit at Forest City, returned home last Friday. Mrs. Jane Crone has been over from Emmetsburg a few days visiting her old friends. • John G. Smith and Honry Durant went to Webttor City yesterday to attend the shoot- Ing tournament. Louie Gray and Miss Ileno Marquotto, nephew and nelco of E. G. Bowyer, are making him a visit. Mrs. Hedrlok was taken sick shortl; after going to Dakota, and her huiban went out and brought her home. She u confined to her home. Mrs. C. P. Borland is in Algona making a short visit with old friends. She has been over from California some weeks visiting her old home in Oskalooia. Miss Clara Berger of Mason City came over last week to visit Miss Maggie Winkel. Miss Berger has many friends In Algona who are pleased to see her again. Mrs. Quarton and children are home, and W. B. looks happier over that fact than over the new paper In his office, or his Lu- Verne boom for county attorney. Mrs. Dr. Garfleld received word last week that her aged mother was dangerously 111 at ¥he result ot S. A fanes' trifj to fret week was the 6416 of hi! th&tthe PrftMe IAWB f arm to M. K. Campbell ot Marian. The consideration Was city property In Des Molnes, and money. Mr. Campbell 16 one 6f the leading business inen ot Shelby Couftty, and bought here because he was very favorably impressed with Algous. Mr. Jones' Was th$ tenth, larm he had examined in the state, and the only one he Would take. Mr. Jones retains possession until December, fie also retains all the stock, amounting how to over 180 head of registered short horn cattle, which he will dispose of before that time. He now Is discussing selling the hunch to Colorado mnchmen, but i! he decides not to, "will divide them tip ahd sell them In this locality. It is to be hoped that the stock Is retained in this section, as it is all the test in quality, and distributed hereabouts would accomplish Wonders In bringing up our cattle. This sale will not take Mr. Jones from Algona. He has decided to qullj farming, and will now devote his whole time to his other business, spending his winters south, » * # In this connection an article by James Wilson, ."Tatna Jim," in Friday's Register is so timely that we reprint it entire. -It IB entitled " Begin a Herd!" fcfrJBS . which hid, It wSS«6lS»rl l«St th6 reason the- ptftnf did iKft woHt mm was thftUt *fts tml Bfcfly Wtndied, aS'd that HliS titte it :a be pttt ill tHe well So » to fairty show whethe? the aSMtmt ,bf wstet Claimed U Jftere. Mf. Stall pit in Mtandftyltt 6*tng the apparatus. *o Mo^e the p«*4tffftc«. Softethlng bf a, Se'riBfttlon was created Friday motftin^ by the ftnnouilcernent fte &W*y tfcfcl Ai|B«a'S CeleWfttion MS & Fl**le id Still the to This is a good time and fine opportunity for young men to establish herds of pure bred Stock. We have many well educated young men who determine to follow farming for life. Thejr owe It to themselves to make the most of It Got the very best stock possible of all kinds with the means at your disposal. Bead of, convene about, observe, and study the kinds of animals that the Iowa soil you work will maintain. Then buy cautiously, a few at a time, while you study the golden mean of feeding that is midway between the end the scrub breeder. 1 A first-rate mare or two, a pedigreed cow or more as you have money to buy them. Keep all tho females and as years come you will see your farm filling up with stock that will be a continued source of pleasure and profit Tho sales of pedigreed cattle this spring have averaged (100 a head, and'they will average more In tho near future. Pedigreed hones sell readily for throeV four, five, and six times as much as work horses, and will continue to do so. We want mutton sheep In Iowa. There Is money waiting for the enterprising men who will find the right kinds and breed them for sale. If you lack heart to buy a mare or a cow, or a pure bred sow, got a trio of poultry, at least, and breed better the Watson block across the street, but the dust and heat soon stifled it, and the town maintained its usual equilibrium. Mr. Starr has purchased the room next to Setae's shop, and Sometime next month will move the' postof- fice outfit. The carpenters are bow at Work On the new room refitting the Interior and making ready for the change. The purchase price of the new building was low enough to make the change a good financial deal for the postmaster. .He has been —-•— *"" a year rent where he Is. new building on eight year] of $600 each, or a total of . _ $1,000 of this he trades a Tot next to FOBS' shop, so that in six years he will own ft building for about what his rent was Costing him, Comment on the removal is somewhat mixed, and while some are pleased, many are hot. A iiome industry. The best cheese is n home-made, whole-cream cheese, and that is what G. S. Wright & Son are making at their farm near West Send. They now have a 60-cow dairy, and the entire product is devoted to cheese, for which they are making a market at Algona, Emmetsburg, and other surrounding towns. Both Mr, and Mrs. Wright are old cheese makers, and they expect to give their factory hero a good old New York reputation. Mr. Wright says he never made a skimmed milk cheese in his life, but thinks he can satisfy any taste with a full milk cheese. The people should try the Wright cheese. District Camp Mooting. The Algona district (Methodist) camp meeting will bo held at Goldflold, Iowa, Aug. 12 to 21. The grounds are beau- Ko Truth in the Vam and Ne- Sense In Telling It—fifigle drove Hfts f rouble, too. Eagle Grove is in trouble with he* Fourth 6f July races. A lawsuit Is now progressing over the award Of purses, and some little public interest is manifest, as the Gazette reviews the matter at length, In closing it says: . "It must not be forgotten' by those Who ,re criticising the management of the races . .. ish to defend th«n) that there were races the tame day at Fort Dodge, Algous,, and Mason City, and horsemen went with their horses where their In- clinatlons led them. Eagle Grove IS fiot the only,town from which Some went away dissatisfied, but not for* the same cause. The Algona papers State that there was a poor celebration there, but good races. All there Is to say tot Eagle Grove Is that there Was a good celebration and poor races, Ai to Who wins and who loses In the lawsuit originating from the races, the citizens of Eagle Grove and of .Wright county don't care a continental. We paid a quarter to see the faces and Wore satisfied. We subscribed our money for the celebration and were satisfied) but We do not Wish the Impression to go abroad through the country that there were ' snide 1 races gotten up hero on the Fourth to draw a crowd, for the facts disprove It." ptdd to tfcem. bjrf the »e*t softgoii, many oftfceffiJiltvtog fittfrfrM a height of thl-Se Or tour feet, it was thought bart to 6ut them Otit. In earryifig olit this determination 1 went at them with my "little hatchet." and soon had them ul demolished with the exception of oAe straight, nice-looking tree Which, it oc- eufed to me, would be a good one to leave standing. And so I left it undisturbed. In spite of the fact that no care was given it at all, and ashes were heaped arovmd it simply because they hnd to be thrown somewhere, the wee thrived and grew. Not being on expert in fruit growing, it .did not occur to me until last year that I was nurturing a tree that would ultimately become other than a poor shade. At that time, 'however, I made the discovery that 1 had "builded better than I knew," and thle season my pains wefe regarded by its producing a handful of very nice cherries—not alone handsome to look at, but good for eating purposes. The tree is fully two Inches in diameter at the base, stands eight feet high, and is rugged and StWng. It has grown from its Infancy under most adverse circutn- stances, and there is no Jfnowlng what it might have done with anything like & fair show. One conclusion can safely be drawn, ahd that is that fruit raising can be successfully accomplished in northern Iowa.. -'.-»*• ROCKSAEfOR STOCK. Townsend & Retsof re just received a car-load of the Salt for Stock. It is conceded to M the best and cheapest by the great stockmen , and it goes three or four times as far as corrirtiort salt, : fry it and be convinced. raged lem hens .than your neighbors. Iowa is asserting her power to grow animals better and cheaper than any other locality in the her home In Cleveland, Ohio. Mrs. Gor- flold started east Friday evening. Dr. Sheetz. J. W. Bartlett, S. I. Plumley, and J. K. Laird went to Wesley yesterday to attend the funeral of Mr. Perry, father of Mrs. Sam. Grove. Mr, Perry was a veteran. Jus. C. Young, the Cedar Rapids land man, was In Algona Monday with hli family. He has a nip flax field In Hancock county adjoining Kossuth, and Is visiting In this section. Rev. Davidson was Voted a three or four weeks vacation by the church last week. He has not decided where he will spend It, but will go some time next week. He preaches as usual next Sunday. G. H. Woodworth and son Rome are homo from the Black Hills, and have decided to locate at what will be Piedmont, when the houses are built to start the town. Mr. Woodworth will put in a stock of goods this fall. Mrs. Negus, state secretary of the W. H. M. S. of the Methohlst church, and Miss Iverson. a missionary In Moroni, Utah, were with Rev. Whltfield's family yesterday. A reception and tea were given In the early evening. Among those who are planning to go to Boston are. Dr. Sheetz, who attends the Grand Army reunion as delegate for the Tenth district, and posslbl; Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Spear, S. H. Lamson, and E. Telllor Dr. J. 0. Aytr it Co., Low*)). M»*». Prle.«li NOTICE TO OCCUPYING CLAIMANT. STATE OF IOWA, KOS8UTH COUNTY, 88, —M. De L. Parsons, L. O. Dunton, It. F. Wright, and Albert Busb. ita- to'all Whom It may concern: Tb« , alouer appointed to view and vacate a Ugh way petitioned for by M. De fc. Pwsens and others, has reported In favor of Its vacation and re-location as follows: To vacate that part running diagonally through the south west quarter of section !H, and north half of section 26,66,W, and re-locate on half section line beginning- about 95 rods east of the northeast corner of the southwest quarter of section av and running thence west on half section line to Intersect with county highway run nortb aud south on west lino of section '*,' and all objections thereto or claims fox damages must bo tiled In tbe county auditor's offlce on or before noon of the 1st day of September, A. 0. law, or such LlKhway will be va""' aud re-located without reforonce thereto. ltnew my hand and OU4UO1, •acated i. day of County Auditor. ADMINISTRATOR 1 ? NOTICE. c notice Is hereby given that tho under' as tbi* day been appointed and corned by the district court of Kossuth ilouedby t__ _. . ' , lnthe»t»t«of Iowav»4mln ot Jacob Heln, ivlng claims agttlont ' ale them wit itratrlx of _,^;-andall Id ostate Me the cleric of stated and duly sworn to, d WUL Ink allowed 6udproved fjuioVW uaul estate »re requested to ma ~~ «t to the undersigned, and a' A. ,tory to their W .. OWilltf -liafe its. NCH HKMEDV.- pills from Parln, .—Dr. Le Due's troubles pwullur to women. A satt, reliable «a»«ay, warranted> to exclto menstruation, or wlll ever come up here, agree thut we need a institution. Mies Jessie Ren wick, the who'was taken with, diptherl The state will feeble minded day she arrived IjO visit the Wilson'. family living on the Joslyn farm in Cresco township, died lust week of paralysis. She bad recovered from her first trouble, but had a relapse,' The remains will be taken home. She was 18 years ot age, and her death is very sad. The Episcopalians are talking pf building a small chapel for the use of St. Thomas' mission sometime this fall. Offers of the gift of. lots for building purposes have been received from C. L. Lund, G, E. Clarke, and O, K. Palmer, It is proposed to put up a building costing about $1,000 or $1,600, and which can be enlarged in the future if the growth of the mission demands it. Algona business men spent $320 und some odd cents in her Fourth of July celebration, entirely aside from tjje races, and the driving park association offered $1,000 in purses for races. And yet a few men can he found willing to slander the whole county and got it advertised all over the state, for the sake of trying to make out that Algona didn't do tho fair thing. It is time we hod an end of such business. - • The dry old Republican has taken another flounder, we hope for the better. J. M. Hays, a Cornell college graduate who edited the college paper, is to have entire editorial und local charge hereafter. Mr. Starr will tend strictly to the postofflce, and Mr. Hallock to the business management. The Bopubli- can has long needed new blood,' and we hope bus got u rtrppg infusion. We welcome Mr. Huys to Algontv- Dr. Burr reports dlpthorlu in Blver? dale township. A little boy nt school complained of sore throat, but got well, Bis playmates began to get sick, and now one child in Peter Peterson's family is dead, others are alck, and Lewis Lewiuon has four that are down. How far the infection may have reached is unknown, birt the dread scourge, is clearly defined. There is no mow dangerous disease than dlptheria. A burly resident discussed the soldier question on the streets Tuesday, and remarked that the soldiers were getting pensions in the main for disreputable disease*) engendered in the service. E. E. Thomas of Wesley seriously considered threshing the fellow, and a lively debate followed. A justice who hoard the discussion remarked that Mr. Thomas, would hare got alight fine in his court K ho had mushed his face. Mrs. Sheetz. Benjamin, O. jri, Ajotuouiij uuu -u> iv***v*. Will AtSO f?0* Fred. Bartlett will take advantage of tbe cheap rates to visit New York, and J. Hlncnon will go east. W. Missionary Meeting, There will be a public meeting of the Woman's Foreign Missionary society next Sunday evening at the Methodist church. Opening of the mite boxes will be an interesting feature of the occasion. After the usual opening exercises the following programme will bo rendered: Tbe Gospel In All Lands Six Little Girls Paper, VVT P. M. 8 Mrs. Maggie Pratt Tbe Great Famine Cry Sarah Whltueld Go Tell the World Cbolr My Becky's Conversion Mrs. S. M. Barr KemarlcB. K«v. Win. WhltfteW What We Want Mrs. Dora Hough Help Just a Little lough Cbotr MiteBoi'Sonef."",'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'...'.the Little Folks Doiolony. Benediction. How It Is Done. Prof, Platt, gazing meditatively around the Lu Verne News offlce—"So you say, Smithy, that our subscription list is Increasing in AlgonaV" "Yes, sir." "Well, that IB indeed strange—but a thought strikes me—can It bo possible that Algona intends to hog our entire list? Smithy, set out that column of news and put In this 'Communication from Algona' I have just written showing how they swindle the people. Smithy, I havo carried swill too many years not to know a hog when I see it.' lloarder* Wanted. Mrs. S. D. Hamilton will take board' ers during tbe institute, on Thorington streot.-18t3 IF you want tbe best and easiest rid ing cart ever made, call at the Wigwam and get the Morse. J. B. Jones, BOOK salt goes three or four times as far us common. Buy it at the Cash Store, 75 cents per hundred. To and Vor tbe People, Do you want a good, square meal? Do you want good, reliable Insurance? Do you want to rent a farm or grass land? Do you want to sell or trade your farm or other property? Do you want to buy a farm or unimproved land on long time with but tie or no cash payment? Ut* Dr. Bend's many friend? will to leuru that he is seriously ill. tour weeks ago he waji ifcrewn {i Wbj^ifrlyjlfig. bejweps ret ' Do you want to make a loan on your (arm at the lowest current rate of interest and favorable terms? Do you want anything in the line of legitimate bunking? For any und all of tho above please consult B. M. Richmond, at the Commercial hotel, und Farmers' und Traders' Bunk block, Bancroft, Iowa. Bock gait cannot be beat for stock, 75 cents per hundred ut Townsond Langdon'e. T»x patent whole-wheat flour and J ou will use no other; $1 a sock only, al . J. WllsQn's.-JOW 18 pounds Turkish prunes for 10 pounds dried apricots for 1 10 poundsCal. --"*•---•—-•-- ut Townsend & J.QW The Chicago ft»4 NPrtbwMtoru will cell e*unf slpn tlcfcoti 0 ^lf ratsi, one f»ro f«r tUe round trip, for tUi Ipw| Nft- tiona; Owards eMOjmpiuent ft v (M ajr RanWs '* -•" -"• '-""•- grain to prepare them for market found practical to graze 265 days in 3api__ _.. world, with hor fine grasses and grains. Iowa Is to bo the home of fine stock. There Is room for and need for more pedigreed stock in Iowa of all kinds than are now to be found In tho whole United States. It la too far in this century to think of improving tho scrub with the scrub. Every farmer In tho stato would make It pay to begin breeding pedigreed stock, If for no other purpose than homo use, the product for sale on tho market Independent of pedigree. There are some pedigreed scrubs, but they are tho result of bad handling. All tho Breeds of fine animals will be in tholr places on our'different pastures. Tho heavy soils found In nearly every part of Iowa that prow heavy crops of grasses, will grow .arge animals, and it Is wise to begin ou such soils with tho largo breeds of all kinds. The early maturity found In Improved animals is practically developed on our grasses. Better stock of all kinds will revolutionize our systems of agriculture. It Is found that good stock on< good grass requires loss tho average year where gross Is abundant. All this assures demand for well bred stock. The demand will keep pace with tho growth of intelligence concerning farm management, when depressions come, at they will,- the best only gives profit. This Is being observed and Is causing lively demand for better stock. See bow heavy draft horses sell. See how fine carrlojro horses sell. See how fine roadsters and speed hones sell. See how export steers sell, the best gives a profit. See how tho mutton sheep and lamb sell, the early pullet, and' the evenly assorted drove of hogs. All sell well. There is choice of vocations, variety of breeds, for different market*. We have 20 females and tho prices of many males from our pedigreed cow that began to breed eight years ago, and their cost bos not exceeded for keeping our grade cattle, as all run together. We know of no country where good stock is so easily kept good, and where Judicious breeding tells so quickly. So we say to our readers it is a favorable time to start a herd. Prices for females Is very moderate. Demand for males Is very brisk and shows tho trend of tho public mind. Among Early Scenes. Algona feels u pardonable prifte ip her young men who go out and win, and an appreciative audience filled the Congregational church Sunday evening to'overflowlng to hear Rev. Wulter M. Walker, who has spent a week at home. It ia needless to say that .his sermon met every expectation, and that the marked Improvement ho has mado in late years was the occasion of many congratulations from his old friends. As a pulpit orator he easily stands among the front rank anywhere, and his success in New York City is not at all re- markablo in view of his power. He is off on a two months' vacation given him by his church, and after visiting here, starts east tonight with his bride. After a visit at Dubuquo they go by river to St. Paul, and then to Duluth, where they take the boat to Buffalo. From Niagara they go up to Toronto, through the Thousand Islands, to the White Mountains, to Portland, and by boat around to New York again, where he begins his second year at the Central Baptist church, 220 West Forty-second street. In speaking of his year's work Rev.- Walker says that 80 have been added to the church, while over $20,000 has been raised for church and charitable work, His salary is $8.000 a year. His success in New York is assured, and, barring ill health, his position us one of the leading preachers of America Is alto assured, The Dnnsou-AVnlker XupttaU. One of the most brilliant social events of the season occurred at the homo of O, O, Walker last Friday evening, in the marriage reception of their daughter, Cora M., and her husband, W. C. Dunson. The marriage ceremony was performed in the presence of a few friends in the early .evening by her brother Walter, but by half past 8 o'clock the house was filled with invited guests, who were most graciously- received, and who extended their heartiest congratulations to the happy couple. The event was doubly pleasant to all because of the presence of Walter and his bride, us well us of Will, and Rome, all of whom had come to enjoy the occasion. Mrs. Clara Pwight and Mrs. Jos. Pluister of Dubuque' were also present. Refreshments were served to all, und after an hour spent in pleasant conversation and in viewing the handsome presents und the elaborate decorations, the guests metaphorically threw old shoes and rice ut tho departing couple as they took the train east. They spend some time in Chicago, and then come by lake to Milwaukee, and after a three weeks' visit, return home. our cur The city council hold a meeting Saturday evening, and lUter discussion, arrived A« u conclusion in the pity well business which is expressed In the fol- tlfully situated oh the banks of the Boono, ornamented with dense foliage, and also havo an excellent flowing fountain. Tents may be had from $2 to $3; good board for $4 a week or 25 cents a meal. One ahd one-third fare for round trip. The Epworth league will also hold a convention in connection with the meeting. . Tho Normal school. The question of tho normal school Is settled, and Prof. Dodge, of Boron college, Kentucky, has been chosen by the board to take charge this coming year. The board mot lost evening, und nn- swored n, telegram from him, advising him to come. Prof. Dodgo mado a favorable Impression-,, when hero, and comes with the best recommendations as a teacher. Ho will be a good man for our school. Four new directors wore elected lost evening us follows: A. A. Brunson, D. A. Haggiird, T. H. Luntry, und J. W. Robinson. The school will start out In good shupe in September. Heal Kutate Trmmfcrs. Following are the important transfers of real estate In Kossuth county, furnished this slracter of 1 for two weeks ending July 28: Mary A. Purvis and husband et al to Goo L Oalbralth, warranty, und 4-5 e!i lot S blk 88, wK lot 1 blk &, eX lots blk SI, lots, blk SO Algona t 3,43T> Same to Isabella Nlcoulln, warranty, und 4-5 wK lot S, blk 28, eH lot 3 blk 'ft, nw lotnblUS rest Algona 3,IH) Same to John Galbraltb, warranty, und 4-KeUlotl blk U8, ne lot 5 blk S rent This will be of local interest, because it shows what kind of an -impression gets abroad through the petty malice of a few soreheads whose Vanity will not suffer them to retire from public notoriety, and who, for private reasons, vent their spite on Algona. No Algona paper has stated that we hud a poor celebration. On the contrary, Algona never had a'better celebration. The only objection that has been raised Is that no 1 amusement was provided for the afternoon, but that time was given by common consent to the races. Algona secured the best music in this part of the state, hod an orator whose name and reputation speak for themselves, and in every way, so far as the celebration went, did everything to entertain and instruct the crowds which gathered. As tho driving park association had advertised their races before, and as to the majority of people races are a pleasant amusement, the citizens did nothing in the way of tho time-honored greased pole climbing, wheelbarrow race, and greased pig catching, which would have cost nothing to provide. They thought what wus legitimate amusement for Now York nnd Chicngo, to say nothing ot Mason City, Eagle Grove, LeMars, etc., might do for the people of Kossuth. They thought this all the feore as racing is the chief attraction .at our county fairs, and especially as the state fair lias made such a specialty of' Its fust stock exhibits. There was no dissatisfaction with the Alirona celebration by nnyono who came willing to expect what ho could get at any other town. A few details of management at tho races might have been Improved, a more elaborate dl& play of fireworks might have been giv- on, but no ono who came expecting^ no more than " went nwa; AT SPlBtt LAKfi. Mrs. Ilunsell Harrison Visits town's iFhtnoUS Itcsort-How She Looks, F* B. Conaway writes a pleasant letter in the Brooklyn Chronicle about Spirit Lake In which he says: " Mrs. Russell Harrison, with her father nnd mother^ ex-GOvenor Saunders and wife, and the two children, have been enjoying the lake breezes and the attractions about the lakes. Mrs. Harrison is called a very handsome woman and has many admirers, She dresses plainly and appeared in the ball room Saturday evening In neat though not gorgeous costume. She Is quite Independent nnd seems to follow her own code. During ono of tho dances she actually rose fronJ her station on one side of the room where she had been conversing with a, lady friend nnd walked clear across tno floor unaccompanied and alone.^some of tho dudes looked horror strwiten. Mrs. Harrison refused to daa«B, out seemed to enjoy watching the others Her children are pretty and take about as much comfort In swinging • m tne The list of the Sahie* formerly found in this space will rernaift We sell all kinds of 50 Yeast for We sell $ .Qj Hard Wheat Flour for t.oO We sell a Half Patent Hard Wheat Flour for i.2§ We sell a Full Patent Hard Wheat Flour for 140 We sell 32 bars of Good Laundry Soap for .90 And we take produce in exchange for groceries. Conie and get our prices before you buy. TOWNSEND & LANG-DO^ trees, his paper by C. M. Doxsee, ab- of titles, and real estate agent, n he would get anywhere else, \y dissatisfied. The whole re- AlBona^......:...:'........ 3,000 Goo 1, Galbraltb and wife et al to Mary APurvU, warranty, und4-5 wK lota blk27,eK lota blk W Algoua 4,100 Same to Isabella Nlcoulm, warranty, und 4-ft mldK lot 4 blk a?, wK o 3-r> lots B, 6, blk 1», ac lotn.'DlkB real 4,fiOO Evan Alum V Zoelle, warranty, w bf blk TZoelle'aad to Lu Verne... lliO M E P Fox and wife to N D Btuder, warranty, part lot 3 blk 8 Call's ad Wesley. Mrs P A McCull to Charlotte Bacon, war- MO 80 ranty, wK lot 3 blk 39 Algona S.noo O A Taylor and .wife to S. H. Orannls, •warranty, w hf BW 14, e hi ae 15-100, ia.. 1,360 C J Gilbert trustee to T FCooko, warranty, ne ne 35-95, 88 J K O'Sbernrood and wife to F F Zleglcr, 21-100. S7 1.360 Mary A Purvis and busband et al to J Galbraltb et al, warranty, und 3-5 no 18 96, 9) 9,730 Same to O L Galbraltb, warranty, und 3-Bneswnw ne7-96,S8 1,3H> Jane Salisbury et al to Mary Purvis et al warranty, und 3-5 e bf uw oht uw nw nw 5-95. 39.. , 3,080 Cltlzena Nnt'l tmuk tq A L Cheney, warranty, se 3-99. 'SO........ (HO AT* Cheney and wlte to O Orley, warranty, se 3-99, 30 W Batcbeller to A Staltz, warranty, w hf nu 33-100, £7 000 Ella Q Vaughn aud husband toG>y Hanna, warranty, se ne 3MM, 27 810 n A Talton and wife to O B Kendall, irult 81-100,38....'... 1,000 claim, w hf sw 8 hf nn -. t, A Lyon et al to FJ3mlth, warranty, w hfnwnwew a3-]00; 88 ,.,..•..,,, W J Donnan and wife to F E Smith, wur 1,900 ranty.ehfne 93-100.27 «80 J B Jones and wife to M K Campbell, warranty, n hf nw 1« n hf ne se 17-95, S9 15,400 Twenty-three transfers—conalderatlon..163,865 REMARKABLE SHOOTING. Will. F. Smith Send* In a Pretty Dig Shooting Story from Wcbuter City. State Register: A few days ago the Register published an Item about a remarkable Fourth of July shoot at Webster City, with the statement that a prominent Dos Molnes marksman believed it to be an impossible record. The same marksman also said that he would wager $100 not one of the men reported to have made the record could make it under the American association rules, The item attracted the attention of W. F. Smith, auditor of Hamilton county, who in a letter to the Register says: " An I was one of the parties implicated I wish to confirm the report and say that the score as reported is entirely correct in every particular. Esquire P. Knowles, Dr. Rltonour and myself met and shot ut eighteen pair of Peorlu blackbirds, fifteen yards rise, and both' traps pulled together. The traps are strong ones and the birds wore thrown at great variety of angles —much more so than usual. All gentlemen held the butt of the gun below the elbow, which is much harder than the American rules. For myself I do not know just how we made such a score, but Mr. Rltonour got 83 and Mr, Knowles and myself got 88 each, out of 18 pair of double rises, and we are going to do it ugalu if we can, b«t I doubt If we ever ao. I agreo with the DOB Molnes sportsman, I think he in a leiwel headed chap. I would like to bet an equal amount myself the same way.' port which has been spread broadcast about the matter came from a-few persons who have made It a business to lie about Algona for a year past, and who came to the celebration for the solo purpose of slandering the people who got it up. ° ' # » * Wo clip the following Horn from the Hancock Signal: "Algona is not receiving outside compliments on her Fourth of JuTy celebration; on the contrary, she gets Homo pretty hard hits. Tho UPPEK DES MOINES has not heretofore noticed u lot of stuff put out in tho county against Algona. But when our friendly neighbors, like the Eagle Grove Gazette and Hancock Signal, are imposed on by tho slanders being spread broudcaat, it seems that tho time hud como to say something. This whole report about tho Algona celebration comes from a scribbling Ignoramus who assigns himself to Whlttemoro, and what merit there is In it our neighbors will understand when they know that copies of his letter wero sent to the papers In adjoining counties, but not to the homo papers. Tho Emmetsburg papers received it, though we believe they refrained from publishing It. Tho report IB in keeping with a lot of such stuff that has sought tho light during tho past year. The mout Vicious of tho list was a letter last winter filled with tho most malicious' lies, published just as tho normal school contest was at Its highest pitch, and when Its circulation would have dono tho greatest dam' ago. Thanks to the generosity and for beurance of our neighbors, the letter fell stillborn, und never oven was recognized by thoeo most anxlpus to win the school away from Algona. Tho matlvos which actuate this persistent lying are In dispute. It Is needless to discuss thorn. Wo can assuvo our neighbors, however, that whatever tho motive, tho result hero at homo is. to disgust every one with tho man or men who have so little sense of decency as to foul their own neat, There may bo many who would have preferred some other entertainment than tho races at the Fourth, but tho people in Kossuth who will endorse the statements that wero sent out from Whltte- moro are confined to the man who wrote them and the paper that let them see light. 311 VUU11UI U 1" DTT»M B -~D , ,. v,« uo . dancing on tho see-saws and. pulling the eyes out of the wall-eyed pike as ordinary children. The Chicago Herald intimates: that Mr. and Mrs. Harrison do not live happily together. This must be a mistake. When asked about Spirit Lake she. said it was a more delightful place than Conor Island or Saratoga, and she did wish Russell could be with her to enjoy it." Wedded at OttoWn, 111. The marriage of Walter M. Walker and Miss Harriot Merrlfield at Ottawa, 111., was celebrated Wednesday of last week. Tho dally Journal gives a lengthy report from which wo clip: Evorytblng was beauty and brightness itself at the handsome new residence of O. C. Merrifleld, corner Post ond •Washington streets lastevenlng. It was a most brilliant scene inspired andbrought forth uy the important ovont of tho marriage of Miss Har- v , T_V?V m,.l,l *A TJ/i.r WnUnt. "M Wiillroiv IpwJpgresoJuMon: ,t the well ooiamlt- te»t tUe fitty well The Lottery must oo, A lute dispatch from Washington reads: Postmaster General Wuna- maker has hod several conferences of late with President HarriBon, at which the Louisiana lottery has been tho subject of consideration, und it is said thut it has been about deplded by the administration that something must be done to put un effectual stop to the operation of that corporation. The president and postmaster general concede that tho present statutes designed to reach the lottery schemes are totally and it Is largely due to the ,„ ,. the administration that tho senate committee has started in to prepare tt bill mo-king the wail for lotteries of every kind, unavailable., This would have the result of relieving the postmaster general of the necessity of exercising Ws discretion. It Is also probable that the provision* of the Jaw applicable to individuals conducting lot- teflos will toe extended to their agents iv,. » M,, , r — tl —^ j w thenj,and .. . Ube excluded receive registered '- '-"•--• the rW Merrifleld to Rev. Walter M. >Valkci-. pastor of the Central Baptist church, o New York city. A profusion of smllax was predominant in the hall, and in tho parlors everywhere bouquets of out flowers,_pptted plants and ferns greeted the eye. The beauty of the green verdure seemed to smile with happiness on tho bright scene, relieved as it was by the protty carnations. When tho clock hid chimed tho hour of 8, the bridal party consisting of Misses Ella Boynton of Franklin, Ohio, and Amy Merrilleld. sister of tho bride, as bridesmaids, and Messrs. Will Walker of Algona, Iowa, and W. B. Owen of Morgan Park, 111., and tho bride aud groom, preceded by little Harry Hess and Louise Merrifleld, acting in tho capacity of pages, deccnded tho staircase to the strains of the wedding march by Miss Kate Shulor. Tho ceremony was performed in tho east parlor, and was most impressive, being that of tho Baptist church. Rev. Dr. Fredericks, with words well fitted for such an occasion pronounced tho happy couple man and wife. The bride's dress was of cream armuro silk, en train, and her ornaments wore diamonds. She carried a bouquet of cream roses as did tho bridesmaids. Tho groom wore tho conventional full dreas. As is tho usual custom of such brilliant affairs, congratulations wero showered upon the newly wedded pair, after which they visited the dining room, where was enjoyed n delicious dinner, served by Weber of Chicago. . Tho table was decorated with tho beautiful green smila* and carnations. The guestu wero most royally entertained until tho midnight hour, w they repaired to their respective homes. JAS. A. QRR, painter, decorator, A PUSHING YOUNG JTAN. Homer I. Wnsson Moves to tlw Front ot Knoxvlllo-Tlio nlgf Practice Ho ItellnquUhed In Northern Iowa. Knoxvillo Express (Ind.)i A " young ttum" named Wasson, who Is temporarily moulding public opinion nt the Reporter, is endeavoring to reconstruct journalism, tho democratic party, and tho world in general before Mr. Simpson gets back from Indiana. This pushing and enterprising "young man" seems especially bent on declaring the Express n republican paper,. and prohibiting nil good democrats from giving It aid or countenance. At the same time ho says tho Express would sell out the whole thing for ton cents per line. Now, wo don't feel angry nt this pushing " young man." True, he says- AVO must go. But ho also gives his readers to understand that tho old wheel horses of the democratic party must walk the plank. We feel really sorry for "them. Such men as ex-Senator McCormack, Hon, G. W. Crozier, Hon. C. H. Robin, son, and a score of other leading won of the party—men who havo borne the heat of the battle in Marlon county for a quarter of u century—all these must retire. According to our pushing young friend, the democratic party needs "young men" to lead It. The Express is not In politics, but we shed tears when we think of those valiant democrats who must bo sacrificed to make a Wassorilan holiday. By tho way, this active "youngman" who blow in hero from Algonu about a year ago to teach politics to Marion county democracy—this over worked attorney who relinquished a big practice in northern Iowa to come down and boom Knoxville—has not confined his pushing to tho former leaders of tho democratic party In Marlon county. Huving pushed them overboard he is now trying to push himself Into a good offlce—that of county attorney. Indeed, T1IK CASE IK A NUTSHBXL. When Duby was sick we gnve her Custorla. Wben she was a child she cried lor Ciistorlii, When she became Miss she clung lo Cnstorla, When Abe hud Children she gave them CUBlorln* 'J Kossuth Gonnir Bank ALGONA, IOWA, Capital, - • - • $OO,OOO. incorporated under general laws of Iowa, Deposits received, money loaned, foreign aud domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made prompt!* and a general banking business transacted. Passage ticket* to or from the old countries sold at lowest rates. W. H. INQHAM, PreilUent, J. «. JONES. Vice President, LEWIS II. SMITH, Cashier. Dlceatore—W. H, Ingham, Jno. ft. Smith, J. B JQJIOI, T. Chrlsclillles, Lewis II. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth, Burnet pevlne. . paper hanger, etc,, solicits the patronage of those who have work in this line, and guarantees stttisf.nctipn.-2mG WE shall keep a full lino of staples to sell at Post until we close. G, R. Wood worth. Girl A CQifluotent hausekeeper wiuitod ut ov. IJavidson's. Good wages. tf he has already been In the employ , of Rev, Low Hilton Ka»t. THIS IS GREAT LUCK. Yesterday's Tost Shown that Our City Well IB a Hi|C SUCCCSB-CPN- •tant Pumping 1'nllu to X,owor the Water—Let U» Itcjolco nnd bo Glad, Tho unexpected has happened and Algona has a well. Tho test began yesterday at 4 o'clock, and u two-Inch stream has not affected the well in tho least. Tho water is pure and delightful to drink, and all who have Investigated fool certain that tho town is in luck. Tho tost continues till 4 this afternoon, making 24 hours steady pump- Ing, at a rato that will more than supply the needs of water works. Unless something now dovolopos, an Inexhaustible supply of water is roudy for the mains nnd tank. going to divido the lot, grazing half across the river. The fellow A l»lf Cattle Steal, Esthorvlllo Republican: One of the neatest us well us one of tho most brazen steals over perpetuated wns worked ut this pluco Suturday by u young cuttle herder named Bosworth. It seems thut Bosworth senior is a contract herder and bus about 1,000 head of cuttle on the prairies east of here that ho is herding for parties down nround Culhoun county. Young Bosworth hus hud churgo of the Herd. Saturday morning he sent for a special stouk twin und then drove half his herd into town that night, tolllng^hls herd boys thut ho wus _ "did tho divide act all right without exciting suspicion und Immediately shipped out the entire lot—20 our louds, about 460 head In ull. The cuttle arrived in Chicago Sunday afternoon and were sold to commission merchants, but ho failed to get his druft—$8,000—which he wus to call for next morning. Sheriff Whelan, who was apprised of the steal, telegraphed to the commlsson men to hold buck the money, and ouught Bosw«rth, who will be back to EstliorvlUo for trial. The Story of w CUcvry Tree. To the Editor: Not wholly unlike the Father of our Country's paternal ancestor, the writer hereof IB the proud possessor of a cherry tree. In this foot alone there is nothing strange, and perhaps the bout voueou for writing conoernlng it Is thut Its product was the result of accident. About six years ago some member of the household threw out, now the rear end Pf the lot, uhjout a PM P* spoiled ebonies. The <ojcgetto«. N,e?t geflgOB SWWS. WP.ftt. tM KJftCe ftbouj 89 An excellent opportunity for a trip oast will bo afforded by tho G. A. R. encampment at Boston, August 10 to 10, as for thut occasion tickets to Boston and return will bo sold at very low rates. Tickets and full information can bo obtained of ticket agents Chicago & Northwestern ruilway.-17t3 Tut Up or Shut Up, Reports are being circulated to the effect that the Esterly Machine company is out of business. I have $100 In the bank which says that all such reports are wholly untrue, The Esterly FflANK NICOULIN. is on top. Is Consumption Incurable? Dead the following: Mr. 0. Morris, Newark, Ark..sari: "Was down with abscess of liuura, and friends and pbrslclana pronounced me an Incurable consumptive. Began taking Dr. King's New Dlicoverr for Consumption, am now on my third bottle, and able to oversee tbe work on inv farm. It Is the finest medicine ever made," Jesie Middleware, Decatur, Oblo, saysi "Hud It not been for Dr. King's New Discovery, for Consumption I would have died ot lung troubles. Wus given up by doctors. Am now In best of health." Try It. Sample bottles free at Br. L. A. Sheetz drug store. 5 Electric Hitters. This remedy Is becoming so well known und so popular us to need no special mention. All who have used Electric Bitters slug tbe same SOUK of praise. A purer medicine does not ejlst and it Is guaranteed lo do all that Is claimed. Electric Bittern will cure all diseases of the liver and kidneys, will remove pimples, bolls, null rheum and other affections caused by Impure blood. Will drive malaria from the system and prevent as well as cure all malarial fevers, for cure of headache, constipation and Indigestion try Electric Bllters-Eutiro satisfaction guurunteed, or money refunded. Price EOo »nd fcl per bottle at Bheetz 1 drug store. 5 lliieklen'M Arnica Salve. The beat salve In the world for cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and ull skin erup ttons, nnd positively cures piles or no par required. It Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or wpn, ey refunded. Price 25o per Uo*. Su4U by t. A. Sheetz. A F«ESH box of Wheat perm Meal wafers just received ut tho Cash Store. Try thorn. _ _ ^ The vust amount or labor Heart In keeplnmtlU " pain In the slue or tUumum, Hut the throat, oipreuslou, then (g|l "- -—••—' or smothering ID Kwuklln Miles' & remedy. Sold by] clioklng juK, Uunr sw6ile"n"«iikie». .eto. Cure is tne only reliable "1 A Strange Case. Uuailtii. H. A.«u,raueruf VUtulu, j«u., Jived two thoutwud mnr two she would liuvu been thought to be uwiewea by evil splrlti. Sue was DUUJtwt to nervous prostration, uuatluoUeo. dizziness, bwMohe. u«li>iutlou. «na lorly (o.urtjr •piKUia a day. Though having been treated by eight uhysloltms for yearn without success, the was --;inftneA«lfewr6aby9ne - bom8ofDr.iJue8'BD8- UlustruteU treut- recouiwemjii und lae free ul 1 Nerve and l<lvor 1'lim. An Important dlaoovery; they (let ou th,e liver, stomach,UMbowelstbrougU Ike UWYM. AW pilnclric...T.UW »l>eSMl>;<sw* JWM9S*w»fc_ b A d for men, wo'i *«&*" the county. At the lost term of court, his honor appointed our pushing friend to defend u crlminul who had no friends or money. The poo,r fellow was certainly bud enough qff, and we are at a loss to nxplftln the judge's action, unless he was actuated by an old grudge. Bo that «8 it may, ho was sent to the penitentiary us if everything was greased for the occasion. Having pushed the, client behind tho bars, Mr. Wusson at once asked the court to give him un order for S5.50, in addition to tho statutory fee, to cover "expenses," Tho court at once informed the pushing "yo,u,ng man" that he had no authority to give suph an order, and -that ho was entitled only to $10, the regular fee. Nothing daunted, Mr. Wasson on the 2()th day of May, in exact Apposition to the directions and orders of tho court, pushed a bill before the board for $10 fee and $5.60 " expenses." And Mr. Buckman marked it U O. K." and our pushing ya«ng friend got the money! But let it not ho supposed that this young leader of western democracy can push only at one thing. On the contrary, his versatility is equaled only by his unquenchable gull. When tho homo for tho blind was tiillrod of ho pushed himself on tho committee und elbowed responsible men to one side. He was first at the banquet table, first In the free carriages, and last on tho subscription paper. Indeed, so vigorously did he push that he succeeded in obtaining over $30 of the money subscribed for necessary expenses. He said it was for "expenses." Mr, Wusson's efforts wore indeed expensive. Wo shull observe with interest Mr. Wusson's efforts to push himself upon tho democrat party as its candidate for county attorney. His efforts will of course be unsuccessful, but none the less amusing—and pushing. In the meantime we should be pleased to see him push out nn explanation of his connection with tho funds of tho exeoutive committee. Push on tho Express, Mr. Wusson, us hard as you please, but be sure you are will bruced next time, You're pretty light weight, und might slip, DRINK Ico-cold water out of the red barrel; then buy your groceries ut ^he Cash Store. OF ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, - - SBO.OOO Special Altenllon Paid to Collections. mnKCTOBS. Ambrose A. Call, D. H. llutcblim. J. C. WjicB ford, Philip Dorwcller, Win. K> Vurguswi;. <ieou C. Call, C. 13. Hutching, OFKIOEH9. iMBHOKU A. CALL, D. II. Hurcmis, President. Vice Preeldunl. J: C. BMCKKOKU, Casbler. Money nlw«j3 on hand lo loan at reasonable rates to parties who can furnish first class security. *f, *S BANCROFT, IOWA. K. II, lUcliniond. Pros. n. It. Richmond, V.' 1>. A, B. Richmond, Cashier. Transacts a general banking business.. Collections a specialty. Money transferred to all ports of the Called States und Europe at low rates. Tickets to and from tlie old country for sale. Taxes pnld for both residents und iion-reslclonts. Abstract of title furnished on tbe same day applied for. •-..'• R. M. RICHMOND, ' REAL ESTATE DEALER, Loan and Insurance Ag't ami Notary Public. 00,000 acres ot prnlrle lands und Improved lurm* for aale or rent. Village property for sale or rent. Now la the time to secure you a home before the three prospective railroads are built, tvhlch will advance tbe price of luud beyond the reach of tlie average homo-seeker. COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Bancroft, Iowa. It. M. Richmond, proprietor. First class house. Satisfaction guuronteed. Special attention given the traveling public. TRY a sack of that $1 flour at Townsend & Langdon's. Low Hates to Chicago, The Chicago & 'Northwestern railway company will sell excursions tickets to Chicago and return August 9 to 8, inclusive, good' returning from August 7 to 11, Inclusive, on account of tho Continental Cantonment aud Triennial Parade, Patriarchs Militant, and I. O. O. P., at the low rate of one faro for the round trip, with *1 added for admission coupon to the Grand Military Drills, wliU'U will be a very interesting feature of the. oopiulon. For tickets and full inf avmation WP!y to ticket agents C. & N. W, Ry.-CQ.<47t3 To Itoston aud lliiok On account of tho G. A. K. encampment ut Boston on Aug. 10 to 10, tho 0,, - & St. P. liy. will sell, Aug. 0 to 10 inclusive, cx- curaion tickets to Boston and return for f30.53. Those tickets will be good to leave point at which sold on date of sulo as stamped an back, und provide for continuous Wll passage to Boston. They will bo good ta leave Uostou ou tho return trip only OU Aug. 13 to 80 luclUBlvo, and for continuous passage ou the rotum to starting point, with final limit not later In any oaao thun Aug. 25. Thoy may, however, ue deposited with joint agent of Boston terminal lines on any date, Aug. 13 to 10 Inclusive, und un extension secured that will enable holder to returu W destination not later thuu Son- toinber 80.-I8tq " _ ' ' A FEW bolts of Juinestowu goods will be sold ut lOo per yard. Cull in time. G. B. Woodworth. DRIED fruit of ull kinds cheap ut tho Cash Stove. Now iHvttenis in glass sets just received ut TovYusend & ' On, couts, only $1.60 ut G. R. Wood- vywth's. KuglM* 8i>av|u vou all Uurd, soft, or calUmsoa lumps ana ils from forties, Wood sjwviu, curbs, LOOK. Pat.wJtole wheat flow persa.i:fc. .$1 00 |^~.Eiwi/ nock warranted, Graham flour per sack 50 Salted corn meal per sack • 25 Huekwheat flour per nook. 25@50 Sranper 100 , 60 Shorts per 100 CO Qrounafeed (norn and oats) 70 Ground feed (corn, oats, barley)... 60 ' Sest hard coal per ton 9 00. Best 'Ad-vein Illinois coal per ton. 4 60 Sest lower-vein Iowa Block coal 400> Salt per barrel 1 25- I handle only the Best Goals, FREE DELIVERY IN THE CITY. Leave orders at tbe Big Flour and FcL, !<*? ,.;*. J. J. WILSON. Looking (or a Painter, Did you Say? Well, If you are you should see WALTER WARD, who will be pleased to (Inure with you tor iinttlilng In the Hue ot Painting, Paper Hanging/ Those desiring paper hanging done are respect fully referred to the various pieces of wuik In Ibis town done by mo, which speak for themselves. I teel warranted In saying thiit I can guumutee satisfaction In every case. Prices are Always Mo<h,-ute. Come und Interview me. AUCTIONEER. D. A. HAGGARD, Will cry city uadfarm property, make collect! clo. Ml business ot u private nuture will be strictly ootifldentlal, collections Offlce with V. M, Taylor, over Auuls l)ro». DR, L, A, SHEDTZ, Dealer In DRUGS AJTD MEDICINES, Pull aj|ortiueutulwar« on baud, of Drum, Meal olnei, and pure Uauon (or medicinal purposes oulr. Boolf« and itu.tlonerjr. uw «ywft wOMuo tUivt cures cutUUou

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