The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 30, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 30, 1890
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JtttiY 30 1890. AMJONA IOWA, The Grange Store, ^Clearance sale of Bummer Dry Goods until August 18; 1890, All Prints, Giiighams, Chambfays t Batiste, ZepKyfs, Lawns, ChalHes, Satihes, etc,, must go. >:.. 10,006 yards of Laces and Embroidery from one cent to ,41 a yard, V Summer styles of Gloves, Mitts, and Hosiery, without re^ gard to cost, Everything marked in plain figures. "The early bird catches the worm." Hie tipper Des Moities, fcY The fact that ft bill went through congress perpetuating a tariff on 66$- f>ei» lifter Coiigressinari Butter-worth, the great Ohio fetoubileah, had exposed tlie dishonesty of It, only Illustrates how completely our national taxation Is manipulated lii "the Interest of monopolies. So congressman attempted to answer Mr. Butterworth's scathing speech lii which he said: " But there Is another to Which 1 wish to call your attention, tho copper industry. m£ sir, there has not been ft time in two decade* When inv countrymen have not produced copper as cheap as any' other nation LAIRD'S FURNITURE STORE. J. R. LAIRD, Proprietor. in the world, and mSst of the time cheaper, and yet we have these people who on an in.. have taken out years and asking additional pro) '[Applause.] Will you tell Why the ( copper should be continued! W Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention.. Prices are reasonable. FARM LOANS. At 6, 7, 71/2, and 8 per cent., on five to ten years' time, with privilege of partial payments before due. Interest can be paid at my office. Save money by calling on me before you apply for a loan. T. vestment equaling tt.mOOO have taken out over WO.000,000 in dividends in nineteen additional protection. jo duty on DUV.U.U — Why not mSte copper'freo"tb all the'peopie who are using It fn this country! "Do you not know that every electrician in the country petitions to remove the duty on copper? Is ft necessary to protect this'In- dustrvl Is it an Infant industry] .Why, Mr. Chairman, It would be better if we had taken every, man connected with that em- plovment in the copper mines, boarded them at tho Fifth Avenue hotel, and set them up In the banking business for life. [GrocA laughter and applause.] There is no apology in tho world for the duly. Not the slightest. It does not protect any Industry, but it » IIVU U J »» « "- ••-- ~T •" '. "*T** ,» , wuu,™ in any household in the land that does not pay tribute to these people. . "That is not all. ' Although they have tho American consumers at their mercy, there is not a nation on the earth tho citizens of which do not buy American copper cheaper than tho American citizens buy It. [Applause. I Nor is that all, Mr. Chairman, but, having control of the copper market, in 1887 they organized a combine by which tho supply of American copper had to go 'back to American homes sifted through the mercies of a French syndicate. [Applause.] I am In favor of protecting Industries to tho last and to tho fullest measure necessary, but I happen to know that these gentlemen have simply placed all our people under tribute. It Is not a question of protecting by those who -DEALER IN- Stoves, Tinware, and Cutlery, Shelf ware, Belting, Paints, Glass Machine Oils, Iron and Wooden Pumps a Specialty. ALGONA, IOWA. Repairing of Dealers In \ My iarftf are Milli Cans, Churns, Riverside Stoves, Stoves and Kangos, "Quick Meal" Gasoline Stoves. Agents for tho NEVER RUST TINWARE, warranted not to rust. Call and got trice* we can do you good. Yours, etc., WINKIE BROS. (1NEY TO LOAN on Farm Properly. At lowest rates and' optional payments. Interest payable at our office. If you want a loan, call on us. We can save you money. JONES & SMITH. tho Indus try." It wns admitted supported tho bill that this statement was truthful, but so vlgorousand powerful is tho copper trust thnt mon representing other monopolies did not dare to resist its demand for a share of tho plunder. Although no one can show why copper should enjoy a tax on the people, it has a healthy tariff under tho McKinloy bill. «•«•••« THE SOUTJIEUX QUKSTIOX. A southern paper in an angry frame of mind might be excused for treating the race problem as tho Courier does, but what excuse a northern paper offers for denying patent facts, and for practically lending its influence to tho violators of one of tho most sacred rights guaranteed by our government, is notapparent. The Courier professes to bo about tolesid tho western f armers to change political parties. The party it proposes to have thorn support is dealing with a great question In the south. The Courier, discusses that question, and settles it by denying that there is any and if there is tho north is responsible for it. It says the ballot is as free in tho south na in New England. Here Is an extract from a let -. tor by W. P. C. Breckenridge ol Kentucky, read in a public meeting at Charleston, S. C., last year: "It appals thinking men to know, to sec, that the present generation and the rising generation of white men In tho south are taught, In practice, that republican institutions are a failure and that elections are to be carried not by honest voto of a fair majority but by compaignlng which begins with rank intimidation and ends in subterfuge and evasion." ing states. Btrt the most marked change has been in the growing* freedom of discussion of public questions, and in the spirit tod tone of criticism. In form and dross the Keokuk Gate City is following its neighbors, not lees handsome that it has flowered latest. Siit hi all that has gone to wards liberal^ izing and broadening the newspaper work of lOwa the (Sato City h,&? been so easily leader that it seems ftn impertinence to dwell on its external attractions, it is scarcely too much to say that there is not a paper in the state that has not been affected by the inde* pendent spirit, the frank and friendly utterances of its editor. Wha't Emerson was to New England theology4 Mr. Clark has been to that dogmatic newspaper partisanship which devotes its columns to proving false every notion not deflaitely announced in some party platform, or given out In private circulars from some political headquarters. Is it too much to say thnt he has'had Emerson's spirit and to a large extent his brilliant, epigrammatic literary style? The new.form, and new type, and material prosperity of the Gate City deserve all the compliments they have received. But we think that after all its chief attraction is the individuality of its editor, a man who has never been deterred by personal or political considerations from discussing any question however unpopular, or taking any position however radical. May the spirit of Sam Clark long outlive tho now dress of the Gate City. A CUUKENT item is as follows: "The nfew postal cards which will shortly be printed are of two sizes—an Idea of tho postmaster general's—the biggest ones, which have twice tho area of tho present postal cards, being Intended for business communications that cannot very well bo crowded, and for other purposes demanding space. Both kinds have lu the right-hand upper corner, Instead of tho representation of a stamp, a small portrait of General Grant." IT turns out that President Harrison paid 810,000 for tho cottage said to have been given to his wife. tide of liherM*epttblican sentiment. It has taken ne*v61of Blfttoe to go oat of his 'way to hit lyfcKinleyism, bttt he has done It, and like a plumed knight, felaiae is the hero of the hour, and will be the savior of the republican party «the Chinese wall men will open their eyes in time to see it. BftO. HtiiTCBOft does not deny the Carroll Sentinel's Intimation that he would consent to run tor congress: If being city'alderman would not'Interfere With his taking the other office, the Algona democrat* ofight not to be backward about coming forward. CAfcNfiott), now living itt his castle in Scotland, has endorsed another library in England With »SO,000. There is nothing like building up millionaires to make a country prosperous. It keeps the money at home to help American labor, you know. ELAINE has written another letter to Senator Frye in which he says! "I sought an interview with the eight Republican members of the committee on Ways and means more than five months ago—to be exact, on the 10th day of February. I endeavored to convince them that It would be expedient and Wise to leave to the president as the treaty making power, an opportunity to sea what advantageous arrangements of reciprocal trade could be affected. I was unable to persuade tho committee, to take my View. I mention this circumstance now because it has beon charged.ln.many quarters that tfie suggestion for reciprocity came too late. In fact my effort^ came too late. In fact my effort was made before tho tariff bill was reported to the/Tiouse'or even framed In committee. , i "Tho value of tho sugar wo annually consume is enormous. Shnllwo pay for It all In cash or shall wo seek.a reciprocal agreement by which a largo part of it may be paid for In pork and. hoof and flour, In lumber and salt and Iron, in shoes and calico and furniture, and a thousand other things! In short, shall we pay for It all In cash, or try friendly barter In parti I think tho latter mode Is tho highest form of protection and tho better way to promote trade." • ... • TTDS cotrsi'y Bancroft. Register: 0. M. DoxBee,4he live abstractor of Algona, was in the city today. We notice that Pension Agent Barslou is making out a good many applications for pensions and increases. Who knows but what he will be a regu : iar established pension agent before rw\er9 • Rev. 1.1. Thompson and wife of Cor- With visited friends in the city first of the week. They ate to Minnesota to visit the family of C. H. Lake, and Were driving ' across the country. * County Attorney Mayne says he 'Will prosecute any o. p. man selling otnerr wise than in original packages as denned by Judges Carr and Thomas of this district, They hold that if beef is shipped backed in barrels or cases that it must not be Sold in single bottles. Stone are being hauled for the foundation of the new Catholic church, and hot many days hence the stone mwotts will have the walls laid. They will be 88x60 feet. _ _ morning the hifed man upon going to the barn found 6 notice tacked up in a conspicuous place, threatening him with violetfce, and the next evening, which was Wednesday evening last, he was fired upon twice the cornfield. Aes secreted In the marauding parties are Is not definitely known, but suspicion points strongly to a brace of Worthies who hare been encamped in the neighborhood for a number of days and who were about the country on pretense of, buying: old iron and rags. Whoever they, may be there ns Uttle doubt but for one of them at least the presldentVohatr would be very Uttle Inducement lust , at present. What steps, If any* the authorities have taken in the'mattef we have not learned, but it seems that an investigation just now would not be out of order. WESLEY, July 28.— E. A. Perry waa born In Stockbridsre, Blrkshire county, Mass., July 14, 1818, and died at Wesley, July 28, 1890. . He married Miss Efiza Jane Boynton, Nov.' 22, 1839. After seven years of married life they migrated to Wisconsin, where they lived ten years, then moving toKockford.Ill. At the breaking out of the civil war he enlisted in thelth 111. cavalry in 1861. Serving three years he returned in '64 and served till the close of the war. SAYS the Hancock Signal: V The citizens of Algona are showing their faith In tholr normal school by going down Into tholrown pockets and donating funds to keep the school going for another two years. They expect to raise *1,600 lu this manner." His regiment was eni in 29 battles, M. Z. Crova. John Grove. livery, Feed and Sale Stable, Weal of Thorlngton House. M. Z. CROVE, Manager. Cloths and Trimmings. J. K. FILL & SON, Merchant Tailors; PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ,^^s v ^ —^~^v~.—-*^^~^— —~ ^ (3EO, E. CLAHKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Ofllco civer First National bauk, Algona, la. Does the Courier dispute that Mr. Breckenridge is an authority, or that he knows what ho is talking about? The Courier says in effect that tho race problem belongs to tho republicans of the north to settle. In tho same letter Mr. Breckenridgo answered this statement: . " I do not know how to Impress upon you and upon tho ixsoplo of the south my Intonso conviction that tho solution of tho race All work done promptly and Guaranteed. Call street, Aluona.lnwii. You are Invited To see anil buy our W. B. QUARTON, ATTOHNEY AT LAW. Over KoHSUth County bank, Algonn, Iowa. E. H. CUARKE, AT10KNEY AT LAW. Collection ngent. Over Kossntu Co. bunk. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and collections. Over Frank Bros. Ladies' Shoos, Mens' Shoes, Boys' Shoes, Misses' Shoes, Kids' Shoes, Plow Shoes, Plow Boots, Kip Boots, Culf Boots, Pur Huts, Wool Hats, Stiff Hats Crush Hats, Men's Hats, Boys' Hats, Kids' Hats, Misses' Hats. Cheap, Medium, AND High Grade. 'Ua lament utouk in town, and at the The Heal Riibler Poods made. Hunt wearing Hontery. Mean llful Dfeax goody. Custom-made Peer- We o«er you no UultH, wo charge no fiiucy prlcoa. Wo can Have you money. One price for town aud country. JOHN BEEP, M, BRQN80N, Denier BHwf Plated Ware, elo. s. s. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. 'romnt collections. Money to loan on chattel Hiicurily. Over OliriKcIilUes' store. B. F. REED, ATTORNEY AT LAW. omco over the postofttco, Algoua, Iowa. L. K. OARFIEUD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office, State St., one door east of CorUlngley. Heuldence, McGregor Ht., east of the public school building. F. E. V. SHORE, M. D., ALCiONA, IOWA. State street, east of llutuerford house. H. C. McCOY, M. P., YSWIAN AND 8URQEON. Special attention to city practice. G. T. WEST, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND 8VRCIEON. Next door to J. O. Smith's store, Algona, la. J. E. M. D-, HIl-L, PHYSICIAN AND SURQEON. WcBloy, Iowa. Buy aud night calls attended to with promtness. problem depends upon tho intelligence, the courage, and tho conscience of the white iplo among whom these negroes have in placed, and that this Is tho plea which we havo to make at tho bar of public opinion in the north and to the world." . If this is not satisfactory to the Courier wo take pleasure In adding tho following comment made by tho Charleston News and Courier, the leading paper of tho south: "AH expedients for tho solution of tho problem whlcli are not grounded In tho spirit of absolute Justice between man and man or race and race will full to tho ground." And even another sentence from Mr. Breckenridge may bo of value: "Thoir future development," he says, sneaking of tho darkles, "is necessarily de- i/undont upon tho good will und tho conscience of the white people among whom they arc placed." But the Courier caps the climax of its sickly attempt to palliate tho crimes against tho negroes by saying that they should never have been enfranchised. Supposing that is true, how does that affect their right to vote now that they are citizens? Even if thero wore anything in the Courier's complaint—a complaint long since abandoned by even tho southerners themselves, and proven groundless by tho vapid progress tho negro has mode wherever he has had a chance—how docs that warrant a paper, which pretends to Btund for democratic principles, in excusing a violation of that primary democratic right of every human being to participate in tho government under which ho lives? A defense of defrauding the negro of his voto, on the ground that ho should havo never become a citizen comes with poor grace from a papar which can publish columns of Thomas Jefferson's pleas for tho equality and liberty of every human being. It isprotty poor consolation, too, for thoso. republicans who oppose tho enactment of lawa putting southern elections into the hands of tho national authorities, to And a denial of wrongs made by northern papers, which tho southerners admit, and to Und Instead OUR esteemed "Courier is sure the silver bill Is a bad thing because tho Iowa Loan company contracts for payment in any money except silver. The Courier Is a funny democrat. Is It not a primary principle of free government that a man may contract for what he pleases I Tho Iowa Loan company has had that clause In Its mortgages for years. It has tho samO right to contract for gold that tho Courier has to take oats and eggs on subscription. No fanner need to borrow and agree to pay in gold if ho don't want too, however. Thoro will bo planty of silver to loan. Under tho new law tho silver dollar is maintained as a standard of value. Under tho law all the silver from tho American mines will bo used as money. Under the new law a silver dollar will pay every debt that calls for money. It is good for taxes, 'for every obligation to the government, for everything a man owes, unless ho expressly stipulates that ho will pay gold, or corn, or potatoes, or rotten oggs. Under tho now law silver bullion is already so near gold In value that free coinage of all silver will soon bo reached. Every democrat In congress voted against this law. Docs tho Courier deny that President Cleveland opposed tho uso of silver in any form as money] Does it deny that Senator Heck, that staunch Kentucky democrat, proposed in tho senate to impeach Dan. Manning because he refused to use silver to pay public debts? Tho Courier has often praised tho UPPEII DBS MOINES for criticising republican measures. Wo should llko to bo able to return tho compliment, but the Courier is posing now us a hide-bound party organ. Tho Courier's idea of independence is too much on tho Jug handle order. Brace up, es teemed coadjutor, and quit apologizing for mere partisan deception. THE Minnesota republicans endorsed Ulalne's Idea in their platform. "Fon tho sake of the American author who Is now robbed, for tho sako of the foreign author who Is now plundered, for tho sake of that vast body of people who read books In tho United States, and upon whom we now force all the worst and cheapest stuff thnt tho presses of tho world pour forth, a bill for International copyright ought to bo passed. Most of all, it ought to be passed for tho sako of tho country's honor and good name." So writes Henry Cabot Lodge on international copyright in tho August Atlantic. ScninxEii's Magazine for August is n fiction number containing six short stories, five of thorn Illustrated. As Is usual In this magazine, a number of entirely new writers are brought forward with stories of striking originality. They show groat variety of scene and subject, und Include a newspaper story, a tale of army life, a California story, a Maine woods story, and a Now York City story, besides Mr. Buuner's capital burlesque modernization of Sterne's "Sentimental Journey." Thoro is also tho beginning of part second of tho remarkable anonymous serial, "Jerry," which brings tho hero to manhood and opens his adventurous .U.1D LOKlimjIlw T»««J v*"^«-&«»- *..— ~ — -7- 1 the first the battle of Tforktown, 1 Va.j May 4, '02, the last one near Brand Bun. Va., in 1883, besires 18 skirmishes most of which Mr. Perry was able to take part in, receiving at one time injuries for which ho was drawing a pension of $12 per month for the first three years. His faithful wife died Dec. 7, 1887, leaving him with a family of six boys and two girls who are all living. Several of his sons served in the army with him during the war. Since that time he has made his home with his children. For the post three years ho has been stopping, with his daughter, Mrs. 8. E. Grove; here whore ho died. The funeral took place at the M. B. church, conducted by Rev.' A. Plumley of Renwick, Mr. Porry was a member of the G. A. E. post, although he. was not burled under the hands of that order. Quito a number of his comrades wore hero to pay tholr last respects to him. The church was decorated with flags draped with crapo in honor of the dead soldier and townsman. THe *ft* ott DUlies. "That was a good article you had last week on the cutlery tariff," remarked a-prominent merchant to the UPPER DBS MOINES man yesterday. " But you might have included dishes and crockery ware just as well. Do you know that, though there is a 55 per cent, tariff on our plain white wore, all that is used in the county is English or German? worthless. American ware is almost One New Jersey flra BIG BARGAIN STORE. ST. NICHOLAS has a charmlngfrontispleco for August. It is an illustration by Birch to tho serial story "Lady Jane," and shows tho former dancing master, who has become a greeiigrocer, recalling his triumphs in teaching tho pretty heroine tho elaborate steps in vogue during his youth. Tho story iUclf is delightful. Some of tho summery features are " Tho White Mountain Coaching Parade" of decorated tally-hos In competition for prizes, described in a sketchy way by Helen Marshall North; "A Lesson of the Sea," by W. J. Henderson, a simple bit of strong descriptive writing; -'A Ro- markablo Boat Race," wherein Walter Camp describes the Atlanta-Yale race and its sensational feature—the leaping from the boat of Yale's stroke after ho had broken his oar. A Curious Watch. Mrs. A. J. Welch of Lu Verne is tho owner of a watch that is a veritable curiosity, according to tho News. It is of tho old bull's-eye pattern, and was bought in London 200 years ago by a paternal ancestor of tho lady in whoso possession it now is, having never been out of tho family during the twenty decades that have elapsed since it was new. It is about an inch and a half in diameter and nearly an inch thick, and tho movement is what is generally called "chain movement." The case is a thing apart from tho watch, being simply a kind of motalic box into which tho watch fits whon being carried. The key is of the crank pattern, tho same as is used in winding a weight clock, and is attached to a "fob-chain," to whiah Is appended the " seal" of the owner. It would seem that in yo olden times when a watch was repaired the repairer placed within tho outside case a small piece of paper bearing his name and the date thereon. Several of these papers worp found within the case of the old watch in question, tho oldest being that of tho year 1828, and tho latest 1847. There is no second hand, and outside of tho Roman numerals appears a row of figures from 0 to 00. This anclont timopiece is now silent, "though it ticked while nations altered." It is a quaint old relic of the long ago, tho counterpart of which is perhaps not in America. Mrs. Welch also has in her possession some chinaware that has been in the family for more than a century. makes some fine ware, but it imports the raw article and does the finishing. And now it is proposed to raise this tax on the people from 65 per cent, in the interests of Hhls firm and a few other minor . institutions. Protection has gone to seed when the whole people are taxed in any such manner for something that isn't a success when they get it." This merchant is a republican In politics, ' ClinrKcd with Fraud. DBS MoiXES, July 22.—Special to the Sioux City Journal: F. S. Van Deboe, a well-known young business man, was arrested this morning on the charge of embez'zllng $710, preferred by his partner, Mr. Fates. The firm Is engaged in the book publishing and agency bust- ness. A few weeks ago Pates had occasion to go west on business, and upon his return found his office locked and the secretary and treasurer, of tho company, Van Doboe, gone. His suspicions wore aroused and he called on tne missing man's wife, who said her husband had gone to Now York to visit his father: To-day.Van Deboe returned and Pates discovered that he had been to Detroit, Mich., and had made large collections and was some $700 short on his accounts. Pates demanded settlement, but .Van Deboo refused._J?ates then swore out an information The place to buy groceries cheap. We can now make Loans on Improved Lands from one to ten years time, and gfve the borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof In even 8100 at any date when Interest falls due. This Is Iowa money and no second - - _ mortgage or coupons taken. This plan of making a loan will nable the Sorrower to reduce his mortgage at anjr lime and nave tliellntoreet on ibe amount paid. Money furnlihed at once on perfect title. Call on or address HOXIE A REAVER, Algona, Iowa. him..-. He was arraigned, pleaded n guilty and was released upon bonds to await trial next Thursday. The Republican Platform'. Resolved, That we, tho republicans of Iowa In convention assembled, reaffirm our devotion to tho principles of tho national republican party, and wo make no other test of fealty to tho republican party of °We heartily indorse tho able, prudent and patriotic administration of President Harrison,-with special commendation of the movement for bettor and closer relations, both .business and political, among all American governments and people. We do specially declare our adherence to the principle of protection In American Industry applied wisely In view of the Interest of all conditions of our people and administered In view of the equal Interest of all Industries. - We may be wisely mi ,.„ that discriminations le, but never In behalf of THE hot weather'and tho census are tolling on tho Pioneer iPross. Hero Is one reference to a Minneapolis man: " Fletcher, the furibundul fraud and flzzler, tho foiled fixer of futile fraud fences, the flab- erdcgastod fool'-flend of the Falls." GETTING tho f ! " s ' U Bluffs Nonpareil these days Is as refreshing us u lake breeze on a sultry day. S. M. CLABK responds to tho suggestion that tho First district nominate him for congress: "No, Tho First district will and should nominate John H. Gour, who is one of the best congressmen in tho wholo United States. He will bo nominated by acclamation and will bo elected, too." THE Sheldon Mall refers to tho Sioux City Journal us not having been very generous in its recognition of the country press the strong against the weak, never against the masses. In this spirit wo holdall legislation should bo had whether It con- corns tho raising of revenue or disbursement of tho same by the general government, by tho state or by sub-division of tho local government; whether It concern domestic aggression or be the definition of tho limitation upon foreign aggression. We are in favor of such expansion of currency as will meet tho growing demands of an Increase in population and trade and offset tho contraction resulting from the continual withdrawal of national bank circulation. To this end' we favor such legislation as will utilize as money the entire sliver product of our mines, and wo favor such laws as will aid In the ultimata and unrestricted use of both precious metals uri>» Our observation bus been that the Journal, and for thai) matter all tho I°wa dailies, have boon very free both in com molding and In quoting tho country week lies. If the Mall will look over tho city papers in our nelgnboriug states, It will see tho difference. Tho Journul has grown rapidly, and has become In u few years u reully metropolitan pupor In all Its departments, und yet there has never been a time that It has not given more attention to Its lessor neighbors than any daily wo know IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. LoMnrs hns 4,100 people by tho new count. Clarion pulled three original package stores for selling to minors and drunkards. Tho cases have not been tried. Fort Dodgo is kicking because the census shows only 4,870 population, while they have boon claiming from six to seven thousand. Elraore is going to have a mill. We understand the stone for tho foundation Is ordered and it will soon bo .under construction. This is a now boom for Hebron township. Presiding Elder Pratt preached an able sermon at the M. E. church last Sunday evening at Webster City, says the Graphic, to a largo audience mod6 up of a union of different churches. Wo understand that a series of union services will ho held on Sunday ovon- Ings during tho heated term. ForoHt City, Iowa, has arranged to build u llax palace, says tho LoMurs Sentinel. Her people will have to toe the cruok or got ilaxed in tho enterprise. Nearly every grain, vegetable, and mineral has to do duty to the pal- aco cimo, Potatoes, turnips, and oats uro about tho only things loft. Who will build a potato palace and grasp tho The Cray •Report. Tho weekly crop bulletin from Washington says the reports from tho north' west indicate tho weather in that section during tho past weok was generally favorable, although in some localities dry weather continues and crops are much in need of rain. Tho Iowa report from Dos Molnes is that copious showers are reported in nearly all the western counties of the state, and all except a few southeastern and central counties received a measure of relief from tho prevailing drouth. Corn is doing fairly well, and the prospect is proi that'about'an average crop will bb produced. Injury by drouth at tho pros- ont outlook will not logson tho total product of the state more than 10 per cont> The harvest of small grain is about completed, and threshers are at work. Tho yield of oats and wheat is fair to good in the southern counties, but shrinkage by rust is reported in many of the counties favored by heavier rainfall. Barley was somewhat discolored by showers in tho western district. as money. Tho republican party of this state favor In a very fair, honorable way tho industrial interests of tho pooplo of this stato. Wo believe tho business Interests of tho people uro Intorchangablo and mutual and that Injustice towards one class must sooner or later work. to tho Injury of all classes. Particularly do wo want to believe that tho great industry ropresented by tho farm stands at tho head of Iowa industries and that faithful guardianship of that interest Is tho prime obligation . upon thoso who make and administer our laws. We congratulate the pooplo of this state upon the measure of success sustained In the contest • In this stato in behalf of tho lust legal control of railway corporations doing business in this stato, and we appeal to the people to see to it that thero be no recession in the Just policy of tho state in Wo believe tho effort* to nullify tho interstate commerce law should be.reslstod to th'o end that national protection and stato protection may alike bo equal to all communities and among all classes. Tho republicans of Iowa offer their sympathy to tho producers of tho south who seek now for dlsonthrallment from industrial bondage to tho grinding monopolies of tho states of that section protected and • Dwer of the organized ,ose states. Wo bo- of out of Iowa. LOUIS LESSINC, Manufacturer and deuler lu all kluUs of IB New Jeat Market, WWg * 1AJITOSQN, FURNITURE, Picture Frames f iDgOiu88c»,CbromQ8, uua all Wy NQTIQE TQ CONTRACTOR?. at the of a strong and urgent demand upon tho southerners to right those wrongs themselves, a doughfitco apology for crime, and violence, and lawlessness. Tho Courier predicts that tho farmers will follow its leadership faster than tho UPPER Dss MOINJS? thinks. Wo have no idea how'the farmers will vote. But we can toll the .Courier, and make no mistake in so doing, that iv Rip Van Winkle from tho Tennessee mountains will quicker load the farmers of Iowa to vote for Andrew Jackson than it will loud them to support a party which can render »o bettor account of itself than the Courier does in discussing tho negro cjuoBtlon. The condor of such southerners as Brockeurldge is like an owls iu a Huudy desert of such pettifogging as it indulges iu. THE changes lu lowajo.umuUeif during the past eight years ujgst have Ira- Dressed eveHmhe wwuu.1 objaorYW. In GEN. BUTW5M tolls a story: " When Davy Crockett sat lu congress thero was another member whom every one called Sausage Sawyer, because ho always went to the races with a big bologna in his pocket. One day a circus cawo to town and Crocket, wont with a ladyofriond. Coming to tho baboon, 'My stars ma'am,' says Davy,'don'tho look tho living Imago of Sausage Sawyer!' Turning to go he saw tho Baugago himself Just behind them. 'Well,'says Davy, slowly, 'I guoss-un apology—is—due—somebody.' " A NEW census count has beon ordered for Minneapolis and St. Paul. Evidences of wholesale fraud are found in tho former city, and some padding has been done oven In tho saintly city. 1'HKY are abusing B. F. Wright for stealing a good editorial on temperance. For why) Shouldn't his readers have a good editorial puco In a whllei . TIIAWAN, the lurrnor candidate for govouor In South Carolina, did oot dare 1111 his appointment to B P°»l£ in OharlCBton, for fcav pf being killed. Aud yot some of the professed farmers' organ* IB the north have not a word to say i»ga,ln»t intimidation. __ _._ L poti. op|X)rtunitv before it is pone? Tho Independence Driving Park association has announced the following additional C\UBH races for its August meeting, purse $1,000 in each, entries to close Aug. 18: 2:18, 2:27, and 2:45 classes, trotting, und 2:17 class, pacing. Tho purses for this meeting now aggregate $23,500, besides $16,000 reserved for specials. Tho mooting opens Monday, Aug. 25, and continues flve days, and everything now indicates that it will ho tho biggest and best trotting ovor held in the northwest. A Storm Uvlte original package man wont to Sioux City last week and laid ipeditlnbot- ..„. the railroad boys, according to tho Pilot, and stored it on tho blind oud of the express couch on tho fast train. A delivery man was ready at tho station to transfer the stuff, but not much had boon removed when the train moved out. Tho owner telegraphed ahead, but no amount of persuasion could induce the mon to touch it, as they had no bill und toured to get into trouble. Tho question is, who got thoso packagosV Mason City i» oxeitod over u sensation connected with u preacher who was stationed thero not long ago. The story, us told iu the despatch, is that Jones, a graduate of tho Do Puu unl Senator Babln Interviewed. NEW YORK, July 20.— Ex-Senator Dwight M, Sabin of Minnesota was at tho Fifth Avenue hotel today. Mr. Sabin has always beon a good republican, but ho thinks tho party leaders at Washington have made a mistake, and does not hesitate to say so. Ho was chairman of tho republican national convention in 1884, which nominated Blalno for president. "Every where I havo been, east and west," said Mr. Sabin, "I find that the in a supply of goods and ship] ties. He "stood in" with , . , conservative business men are opposed to tho passage of the Lodge bill. They believe that it is a mistake and will do a great deal of harm. While I presume it Is intended to apply the measure to all sections of tho country alike. I can see nothing in tho situation to justify its passage." "Howls the McKinley bill regarded northwest?" Mr. Sabin was "IT Is very objectionable to our farm- In fact, so far as I can Judge, the in the asked. BLAME'S brilliancy, dash, aud superb owruuoo have »t one bound again put him the foremost man in politics, i He JEugllsh papers admit that Ms correspondence with SaUsbury )u*t published shows him superior o» u letter writer, while ut the »amo time ho has CQuJrouted the republican cpBgi-e»glouuliftocttUAe»thojiftein - ers. , , MoKlnley bill is not regarded in tho west as any improvement on tho present tariff laws. I think our people, if they were compelled to choose between the MoKlnloy bill and the present tariff, would decide in favor of the latter." ''What dp you think of Mr. Elaine's recent utterances regarding the MoKin- 1 1 think Mr. Elaine is about right. His views will meet with general approval throughout tho west." Shooting Aifi-uy In tue County. Lu Verne News: For some time past suoak thieves havo been making reprisals upon the outs and feed bins of John Dromoted by all the po' democratic paVty of tho llevo that In the breaking up of those systems, under which Industrial freedom Is Impossible and which rob and persecute the poor, lies'one groat hope of freedom of elections and popular government, social peace aud general prosperity ini these southern states. Recognizing revolt iu tho south in behalf of liberty and Justice, popular government and popular rights, it is a matter of minor concern in what name the battles are fought and won. Wo welcome first growth and spread of power of republican principles, WoWdlally approve tho purpose of the republicans fn congress to so amend aud improve the pension laws as to make further and more generous provision for union soldiers, their widows, parents and children: and we yet believe the day Is not fur distant when a general service pension law should and will be passed. We express our abhorrence of all trusts and trade conspiracies of ovory kind intended to destroy competition and create aud perpetuate monopolies, aud wo call for the enactment and enforcement of both federal aud stato laws to completely exterminate such iniquitous and. dangerous combinations and to prevent tholr further organization. , „. Wo declare against any compromise with the saloon and stand by the pooplo of this stato in their hostility to its existence, spread and power. We favor such legislation on the part of congress as shall protect the police power of tho states in their effort to regulate, confine or prohibit tho public bar,-and for approval of the work and record of the republican party of this state in this great cause of temperance, involving tho public peace and'the safety • of good government, wo appeal confidently to the electors of Iowa. We congratulate the people of Iowa upon the promise of the year, upon the measures of success that has attended tho past, upontho confidence and courage with which the state awaits tho futuvo. vorslty, in Gi'oersswtUi, laf, entered Dovlnp, und flnnlly Ills Uli-od man came ilty, lu ui'oona«6uo, AMU., enwroq tho Methodist ministry and was Bta- tioned at Wuyetto, lud. He hod boon | preaching thero about' nine mouths when he became intimate with Mrs. FrankE. SoutUworth. and loll. Th<> matter waa pwrtly hushed up. ana h.e lelt town ana went to PhttaAotahJa, and lor a time occupied one of the most When prominent pulpits In that city avacftnoy occurred in tho eftoQa Episcopal ehuroh'at Musofl City on m- count oY the illne»» of BOY. W. Frank , Ofl veoowwendatlojtt ol Bishop FOBS, who was unacquainted, with, JoaeB' oaveer at fe&rtfe, Utivo 9} , and tw five ulplt with rare u to the conclusion that he would watch tho marauder. Ho accordingly armed himself with a shotgun and lopvotod himself to await developments. Shortly after dark two men approached the b»rn, owe of whom proceeded to fill a sack, with Qttts from the bin while the either kept watoh. While the wan at the bin was iu tho <vot oJtifllltoK thOBftolt with Qftttf, u,nd while lu a stopping posture, tfeo mu,» with the shotgun drew a bead u^blu) and Wa*ea»w»y tt * <* e » of, WH snappy with & « ShoJft'' TO I** There's No Use Denying tUe Truth. Ellert's Extract ot Tar and Wild Onerry for Coughs and ColSs, It euros them. Dr Jaouos' German Worm Cakes destroy ana remove worms Jroiutue system. Dr. Wlnehell'a Teetttng Syrup Is the best Jor general ailments ot children. All druggists. Happy Home BloodlFurltier aud Health Ton- lojnjHueB the blood Rndjuafee Uouw happy. UnoleSam's CoadWlou Powdsrfl Barn's Nerve »»d down with maddening emphasis on an unprunod corn. The furious exclamation which follows tho deed as naturally as foam from the drawn cork of a bottlo of champagne is arrested in tho middle with an obsequious "beg your pardon!" and the expletive never roaches Heaven's'Chan- cery to trouble the oyes of the Recording. Angel. ,. You tread on the "trail" of a lady and "r-r-r-ip" go tho gathers. In tremulous semitones, plaintive as the "last sigh of the Moor," you solicit•• forglvenos; and she—no, leg parden, oho does not forgive you, but with a scowl that reminds you of tho most vindictive of the Don's tormentors, she passes on, thinking daggers,' but saying nothing. If you wish to insult a man without imperiling your personal safety, disarm him in advance with this saving clause, as thus: "Beg your pardon, sir, but what you say can not bo the fact; it is utterly impossible." The deprecatory prefix is llko a whlfl of chloroform before tho pulling of a tooth. Under the Influence of a full doso of it we have known a regular fire-eater to endure the lie circumstantial and even the lie direct without wincing. "If" is a good pain-killer in some oauos, but you may throw any quantity ot moral vitriol in tho face of a person you dislike, with perfect impunity, if you accompany the aspersion with plenty of "betr-your-par.- dons." The pardoning power is the most royal of human prerogatives. It tickles one's vanity to exercise it^N. Y. l^ciger. PITH AND^ POINT. —When thought is too weak to b« limply .expressed, it Is a proof thnt it should be rejected. —Tho mission of the satirist is to tell others bow to do things' he can't do himself.—Van Dorn's Magazine. —Undeserved praise is of double Import; wo fool it is unmerited, and we feel alao that it might have been. —A man's will, properly attested, is strong in law, but a woman's "won't 1 never backs down anywhere.—Ram's Horn. —A single grain of common sense beats a million of gunpowder when auperstltlons are to bo exploded.—American Grocer. —What we call curiosity and inquisi- 'tlvonoss in other people, seems in ourselves only a laudable thirst for useful information. —Charity begins at homo, but it ends in the poorhouso—which is a jolly good reason for not putting up too much on it—Puck. —This would be a more comfortable world if a larger number of the inhabitants did not think others bettor oft than themselves.—Milwaukee Journal. —The man who is always right, who makes no mistakes, and who knows himself to he superior to every body else, has a most happy experience,—United Presbyterian. —It is usually the man of money who discourses on tho benefits of proverty. This la proper since the poor arc otherwise engaged.—West Shore. —A little absurdity about ft compliment often gives it point. A Spanish lover is reported to >ave said to his mistress: "Lend me your eyosj I want to-night to kill a man," —Our deeds determine us as much as wo dotormlne our deeds, and until wo know what has boon or will be the peculiar combination ot outward' with inward facts which constitute a man's critical actions, it will bo 'hotter not to think ourselves wise about his character. —George Eliot. —Endeavor to bo always patient of tho faults and imperfections of others; for thou hast many faults and imperfections of thy own that require a reciprocation of forbearance. If thou art not able to make thyself that which thou wishest to be, how canst thou expect to mold another in conformity to thy will? —Thomas a Kempls. —Failures and mistakes often spring from discouragement. Does not every human being need a believing second golf whoso support and approbation shall reinforce his failing courage? To sensitive and excitable people, who expend nervous energy freely, mu*t come many low tides of depressed hours. In such Oftsos wo need another, self to restore an equilibrium.—Mrs. Btowe. —Industry ia commended to us by »U sorts of examples deserving our regard and imitation. All nature is » copy thereof, and the whole world K (rl*"» wherein we may .behold this duty represented to us. Even beings void of reason, of sense, of lite itself, suggest to us resemblances of industry; being net in continual action to effect reason- ftblo purposes conducing to the preservation of their own beings, or to the f ur- therance of the common good.—" Served Th«*s "New, boys, we Pooh Otnjip | udoll olUlu : South Side offlroadtoay Whlttemore, Iowa. Dry Goods, NOTIONS, a/nd Oapeu Boots and Shoes, Bon' and Men's Ready-Made O JL. O T H I IV GROCERIES/ * Crockery & Glassware, CONFECTIONERY, Wood and Willow ware. Produce taken In exchange for goods. HENRY MUNCH. CRAttDALL & GA ' At their stop in the Grand Army bi handle the celebrated ,. Star Sums Bed which Has been nwirded premiums at eighteen «tate fairs and expositions and gold medal at London for elasticity, strength, ana beauty. It excels everything In this line now extant. They also do Furniture Repairing and Upholstering In the most approved manner. Also keep the largest line of samples west ol Chicago and can furnish anything In the uphols- terinK line on short notice. All work guaranteed 8 E. Garneld Is authorized collector for this firm. O. Ij. X4-CT3ST3D; . Real Estate Agent, Algonn.IowB. Landi bought and sold on commission. Special attention gl»entocare and sale of real estate In Kosauth and adjoining opuntlei totnon-iesldenta. igentJor the German Insurance compuiT, ol Freeport, 111. Fa»ag« tloketito and from the old oountriei sold at lowest ratei. Stewart's Healing Powder iOyean in me'for all bora sores, •on man and beast, burbodvwlre eaU,g»lls,bnrn8,oh»flng,eto. It cannot be equaled. OnljrWoabx. Stewart'* Stock Remedy Is not made of bran, aihei and sawdust; to show-large .box for little money { but Is a Tonlo and' Blood Partner,-for allllvo (took. It It the beat condition powder In the World. Cf BS cents a box. STEWART'S MNIMENT the-best remedy tat Bheam' LiuneneutBwellrag.Baolc- aUD iuet.- Mhe, 6pralnfl, L eto., j .ln L usa.for man and beast . A trial order will prove it, Large bottle, U cents. STEWART'S HOOF Olfc McenM. 53-Sold Everywhere. gttwut Oh«jnlo«l Oo.j 8t.I<e«ll •UO'M to BMwert HorOlnar PowdorOo. For U, A good Improved farm In Bolt county, Nebraska Vi mile Iron) town. Running water on farm. Also one ot 11)0 acres In Phillips county, Kan-. mllee Irora railway station. Apple and ' and or- railway orchard, hedge fence around chard, Some timber and running water on farm; 00 acres fenced In pasture. A good thing lor the rlgbt man. 43 Come and see me. M. 1. CLARKE, Algona, lOWU. State University -OF- ten minutes for The T»Ui«i»u(» YOUR PARR9N," >U« I'bWJl IV What talUraaiUo virtue there is in the three brlel words, "«eff your pa*. don!" YVW diK your elbow i»tig a go»- tl9WW>'» ribs .to W>»\fing; yaw WW through ft «t9Wd, and a« Uc Urns, irate, to ftdwiuistBr the "upper ouV you utter agl 0 phri*»0 in &oproca.tlng tou«g. fops hU MW, W» bwwwli wMs; au4, JotwUh.stand.lng lh. 9 b}u* niarlf quejtlpus. Is there any thing you'd llko to have explained?" said the t*aoh- or in mythology- "l»it prapei to«»y 'he Jo, 1 or 'He-be'?" yeried Johnny, . ' "n w respect (114 Juplt-«r?" a. The several Departments will begin the Year 180,0*91, on September 10 to pursue their chosen lines oj study. •• ww j tloular Information as to.the respective navfmnntjl ndriTONR ILM fOllnWB : I1AULEB A. BOUASl'Wi Pr«»l- McCi.AiN, Pbancellor, Iowa tf, Peck, M. p., Peauol Faculty, Wedlcal-A. o. Cowww can of Faculty, Iow» City. HUNT, p. p. S., Deau ol F« Iow» " ortmeuts we reawiw ..„Wpsrweek. . i.or Jor geA«r») Information -'or,, Address OUARLES A. SCHAEFFER, President. in Qeorgie But there c*rno no aniwer. '£hete»oh- thrwbod, thorn soundly, and sent *• to their MwV-Btirper'r Sj 1 I • i

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