The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 23, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1890
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l»- |The Upper Des Moiiies, £31^^^^^^^ BY INQHAM & WARftEfr. Clearance sale of Bummes? until August IB> 1B90, *itfe Bill,. M f-,-. , _., 4 _,, . Prints, Ginghams, Cliafnbrays, Lawfis, Challies, Satihes, etc., must go, or Lace, and f* . « •«•"« WlljBOW Bllili. UrOOdS | The house substitute for the Wilson bill passed congress yesterday by a big vote. If the senate concurs, the origl- hal package trill be at the mercy of the j I *• O — •••« m MIV IfJJC? JilCl UJ Ul t/J Batiste, Zephyrs, sttlte la ^atm* injt vary snort time. ltm one MBt this fesult, 66 much to b'e desired, comjflish&d thejnoney question has W Come one»f more moment that atof before, find instead of Mr, Clark's position fjeing vindicated by trial, the load- Ing economists of every country recognize the necessity for change. In 1887 the monetary conference declared for the single gold standard, in 1678 the lending men in the conference were against the single standard, and no man of the trouble has been ctrasred by mislnter plrStatfon by the ignorant and by certet politicians. It Is claimed the la#interfere With the course of instruction planned by private schools, but this is incorrect. I does hot have the least effect on private schools. The law Is that each child shal receive three months' instruction yearly la the English language, in reading, history a«o arithmetic. That instruction may be obtained in the public schools or anywhere else. We Shall Insist upon this law. The without S. to cost. Everything marked Jh ] . " The early bird oatohes .the worm," LAIRD'S FURNITUHf RE. J. R. LAIRD, Proprietor, can doubt that the next conference that I enU 8htened people of the state favor It, iris, held will return again to a unani- J w *peoUve of politics. With this Issue the republicans need have no fear of defeat. some little ohafflngatthe expenseof the !.° r ,f platform makers on account of ' " 18 »*ool question is oneof the coming ° glaftce ' The problems In this land, and the result of our . § Dodge is the^mo^me^^^TtTeTarTe^^I mandB for U ' c °rrected by the dost 'of I 7/TjTf 1 ,"? *»»«»* Hel8 ™>*state politics the;S«riw 7 tl Producing it." The purchasing power ed ***** tha state *"**• •»* the Omrter following sentence: A .British eg . ..fence boldly states ge t it. "Recognizing- revolt in the south in behalf ff OUe ° lt8 mer) "* that U has lncre <«ed liberty and Justice, popular government the credits of England, the monied HON. J. S. CLAllKSaN, In an inter ^cSrffwhat^^^ to lt B l vIe WtTaco m a,sald,a S to -92! "I anrtx« nn w»,.oi flrgt gr £™ t j° U B™ j support with unerring instinct, while little over a ^year daughter of *.H. TertofWesli one of the earl; *r "ir."*"i" c ?™4! • The prospects f df them j£. t &&^£!°* k A v )*J r l>™ m !? ta .* f <* sue, L with their friend* in -waning wiem success. Nellie Etmnons and her brother ton aw here rfsitia and Mrs. O. Ro sr bi their inson. . . MMon Cfty is her<i ' Prof. Gilchrist did not preach here last Sunday as announced. He will be here Aug. 17. tedpreach morning and eveni ug. Mi . tedpre ien Ada Hollenbaok U g in ng. Ma*on City y Z T "~ -™«* '•*w» unviY IO ill AYJ taking a course of music lessons. /Wesley has another original package shop, and It isrumored there will be another Soon. Those antl-prohlbltlonlsts who have been advocating for the past three yews that prohibition did not prohibit and hat there was more drunkenness then than here was when we had two saloons in our own, should cast an observing eye around now and see what they think of the situation. 3utthere is noone who gets drunk now, only i little full. There are none So blind as hose who won't see. A. M. Tuttle has pu '*?" *5 S*2 Fte'" 1 formerly owned by i Bgher & PISner. George Washington Benier takes charge of the business for him at . looks after the Will Interest and Instruct every one who tvltnesses them. The W. C. Coup will give free exhibitions df Sis sixteen wonderful educated horses, the marvelous equine miracles and the most amazing animal actors in the world. Their equals do not exist. His wonderful educated dogs will also be exhibited, the Whole forming the most refined, unique, and elevating entertainment ever presented to a fair-going people. Another interesting cattraction will be a phenomenon In harness,the trotting dog, "Doc," driven by Willie Ketchum ol Canada. The dog will trot against horses, ponies, and boys on bicycles, on jortain conditions, half mile, best two in three. These races will be amusing and instructive and well worth a visit to the fair. The great chariot races each afternoon will please all. The BIG BARGAIN STORE. j and won.- We-weic^mrYrsrFroTthTnd 1 1 8u PP° r t with unerring instinct, while I " ce ^ lu that the ««* »»•»•»* ^ »>e spread of power of republican principles." the debtor and producer have seen their rep The adlnln I 8 t r ati°n of Pros *" "- '»• """"it nothing, but obligations swell ns the prices of com- SriotlTanT o^la^vltlT'tho "'co V" deal, and ex- (modules havo shrunk. So clear is the I ,M.I, .J ,^ tau ^ owln ° £° 8 ° P ^ith Whether he will be ronom I II Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful and personal attention.. Prices are reasonable. FARM LOANS. •:.A.t 6, 7, 7^, and 8 per cent., on five to ten years' time, with privilege of partial payments before due. Interest can be paid at my office, apply for a loan. T. Save money by calling on me before you the single gold i, northern standard was secured because it would republicans can well afford, in the help tho monlod classes and not because words of tho platform, to take an active it would bo fair to all. It is a mistake interest regardless of "tho name in to assume that tho demand for other which the battles are fought and won." than gold money comes only from tho in Texas the farmers are entering the owners of silver mines. It is tho do- toetil fight. All over tho south a revolt mand of all who have no selfish interest is\being made against the old political in a contracted currency. It is backed machines. Tho Inevitable result, by a public sentiment ns strong now as whatever the namo the fight Is carried it was when Jefferson and Hamilton on under, is a dlvlson of the white sent- agreed in the words of tho latter that A fuir election is almost insured South Curollmi, for Capt. Tillman -DEALEU IN- Stoves, Tinware, and Cutlery, Slielfivare, Belting, Paints, Glass, Machine Oils, Iron and Wooden Pumps. Repairing of Pamps a Specialty. ALGOJM., IOWA. Dealers In Bartliare NEVER RUST TINWARE, warranted not to rust. Call and get prices! we can do Intent and votes,, and the moment that Is accomplished tbo rnoo question is settled. In Atlanta in tho prohibition contest the darkles wore brought to tho polls in carriages, so anxious wore tho contestants that no voto should bo lost. The loau questions raised by tho farmers will produce tho same result. in — is showing himself ns vigilant and aggressive as his opponents, and tho farmers will bo as careful'to havo a full voto as tho old machine will bo to prevent it. It makes no difference what Cupt. Tillman calls himself, ho Is leading a movement that will puri/ly southern elections, and In so doing he is extending " republican principles." The Sioux City platform welcomes' his work. Its broad and liberal spirit is nowhere more visible than in this plank, which contrasts strongly with tho narrow and sectional sentiments In Sorao parts of the north. ' to annul tho use of cither metal as money is to abridge tho quantity of circulating medium, and Is liable to all the objections which arise from a comparison of the benoUts of a full with the evils of a scanty circulation." SECRETARY BLAINE fired another bomb shell Into tho McKinley camp last week by way of a letter to Senator Pryo. In it he said significantly: " But there is not a section or a lino in tho entire you good.- Yours, etc!, WINlaE BROS. TO LOAN on Farm Property. Interest At lowest rates and optional payments, payable at our office. If you want a loan, call on us. We •can save you money. JONES & SMITH. M. Z. Grove. John Grove. THE CUTLERY TAHIFJC. Twelve thousand cutlery workers in Sheffield, England, hold a meeting last week and joined in a protest to the home government against the proposed tariff policy in this country, which will exclude their goods. Some piipars, and notably tho State Register, have commented on this occurrence as though It proved tho McKinley policy a good one. Tho fact that Sheffield don't like it, Is enough to satisfy Iowa. Why this should be so is not readily apparent when it Is considered that Sheffield like every other English town is a heavy 'own produces. Out ngs consumer of what'Io livery, Feed and Sale Stable, West ol Thorlngton House. M. Z. GROVE, Manager. Cloths and Trimmings. J. K. FILL & SON, Merchant Tailors i rulUtoclcot cloths and trimmings ulwars on hand, u* cheap as can be bought anywhere. All work done promptly and Satisfaction Guarantood. Call itreot, Algona, lown. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ^"^ ' •~~f***v> ^^wx~v^— *~^*^*~^^v^ OEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Ofllce over Flrat National bank, Algona, la'. You are Invited To set* und buy our W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Kosmilli Couutj- bank, Algona, Iowa. E. H. CLARKE, ATl'dUNSr AT LAW. Collection (ifc'cut. Over ICouHuth Co, bunk. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Loans and colli'ctlnnu. Over Frank Bros. Ladies' Slioca. MODS' Shoes, Misses' Shoes, Kids' Shoos, Plow Shoes, Plow Boots, Kip Boota, Calf Boots, Fur Hats, Wool Hats, Stiff Hats Crush Huts, Men's Hats, Boys' Hats, Kids' Huts, Misses' HatB. ' Cheap, Medium, AND High Grade. The largest stock in town, und at the lament prices. The Jient Rubier made, Jlest tueartiw Jlonlery. Jiean- tiful Dreg* tfoQtfo. Citttoni-matle Oner- alls^ CrjatH Thread atj(V, Wo oRur you no uuldo baltu, we churge nq lunuy pi'lceH. We can Hiivo you money. One price (or town und country. JOHN REED. F. m, BRONSON, Dealer ailvurl'l H KidWur«,eti), H»l>Hlrluyneatlydon8, ilgouu, low*. Tlig New Meat Market, LOWE & MMUEKSON, . rtotars pi tl»B new market ou VIxorluBtou strost, koep avwytblnv to Itvub »aa unit wont, i'rwb Bub evwry yria»y. Cowe nut} sow us. s. s. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt uulJectlojw. Money to Jonn on chattel bucurlty. Over ChriHchlllos 1 store. B. P, REKD, ATTORNEY AT LAW. ver tho poatofflce, Algona, Iowa, L.. K. GARFIEUD, M. D., 1'IIYSIC'fAN AND UURQEON, Oftlco, State ut., one door east of CordlnsJey. Healdeuce, McGregor at., eiwt of the public uchool bulJdlut', F. E. V. SHORE, M. D., ALOONA, IOWA. Stutu atreet, east of Rutherford house, H. C. MoCOY, M. D., 1'XYafUfAN AND SUlWJSOff, Special tttteution to city prectico. O. T. WEST, M- D., PHYSICIAN AND Next door to J. O. Smith's store, Algona, la. J. E. HILL, M, D., I'UYSWIAN AND (SURGEON. Wiuley, Iowa. Oay mid ul«ht calls attended to with proiutuess. LOUIS LESSINC, Hauufacturc; and Uraler In (ill kind* ot of $19,000,000 of corn sold abroad last year England took $13,000,000. The proportion will hold nearly good in other food products. How"does it bone- It Iowa to have Sheffield rand, to havo England straining every nerve to cut off our trado, to have our agricultural products gradually prohibited? What compensation arc we getting for this sacrifice? Tho answer to this last question would be specially pertinent In connection with this cutlery tariff. For yoars it has been claimed that we ex- coll tho world in cutlery and fino edged tools. It has been tho boast of all high tariff writers that our goods uro sold on the shelves of Shertiold shops. And yet during all thin time tho tariff on pocket cutlery has boon 50 percent, and on other steel goods In proportion, What compensation Is Iowa to got for consenting to an increase of u 50 per cent, tariff on goods which pretend to compete In the markets of tho world, —an Increase that establishes an enormous monopoly at homo at tho timo it shuts tho market abroad to what wo have to soil? Blaino opposes McKln- loyism so far as it affects tho South American market. But Elaine's plan only indirectly benefits tho west, for reciprocity with South America means largely froe hides, free wool, and other farm products in return for eastern shop made goods. Still it opaiis a market for flour and corn, and Iowa should favor it. But why should Iowa stop at South America? Why should she not endorse Buttorworth's plan for reciprocity with Canada? Why moro than all should she not demand reciprocity with England, and Franco, and Gorr many, tho great food-consuming countries of tho world? It is nothing' but eastern selfishness that rejoices to seo English workmen mad at our tariff, and the western man who is caught in so gauzy a not can not seo far enough beyond bis noso to ever help build up a prosperous state. It is a groat deal more important to Iowa that English gold comes over for our beef and pork, and butter, than it is that South Amor- lean bides (ijid wool como for tho products of New England factories. It is all right to giyp tho faiitorjes their markets, but i{ favming ovor (jots above a mental position In the estimation of tho world it will bo because farmers rub their eyes uud plan, a llttlu on >ybor« thoir returns arc going- to como typm, ut tho same timo that thoy uro planning u groat deul to holp a fow cutlery >ntl- McKlnloy bill that will open tho markets Tor another bushel of wheat or another barrel of pork." Continuing in his powerful statement of tho need of foreign commerce he said: "Our foreign markets for breadstuffs grow narrower and Groat Britian is exerting ovory norvo to secure her broad supplies for India, and tho rapid expansion of wheat area In Russia gives us a powerful competitor In tbo marketsof Europe. It bo- comes u?\thorGfore, to use every opportunity fo,'" Te extension of our markets on both the American continents. With nearly 3100,000,000 worth of sugar seeking our markets ovory year wo shall prove ourselves lost by unskilled legislation if wo do not secure largo aid for tho sale and consumption ; of our breadstuffs and provisions.' Tho late conference of American republics proved tho existence of a common desire for closer relations. Our congress should take up the work whoro tho international conference left it. Our aid of commercial development and progros lies south of us." BY its announcement in this paper it will be seen that tho State University of Iowa resumes its work on the 10th day of September. It is the leading schoof In tho state-—the drowning glory of our educational system. Tho chairs of Its several departments are filled with prof ossora and teacher* selected for thoir superior fitness for thoir work, No effort will bo spared to promote tho welfare of tho student, and wo take special pleasure in rccomondlng it without reserve to tho attention and patronage of all who are interested it the acquirement of & collegiate or professional education. Full information as to expense and school facilities will bo promptly furnished on application. here visiting her sister, Mrs. Tom Clarke. no?i '^ Ba 5°S has b ° u ? ht and Dipped four car loads of hogs and hvelve cars of oats in the past month. Mr. Bacon is a man who means business, and does not propose to see therarmers take their produce to other towns to find markets for it.'He has paid 20 cents for oats when other town* wer 5S2%S*£2 I A T J£MS!«S^ Wehopothos in to othe ? . power exhibited by Madame McDonald in driving eight running horses at full speed to one chariot IB of itself an attraction that no one should fail to see. Grand trials of speed In trotting, pacing, and running each afternoon of the fain A large field of horses already entered. One of the greatest attractions will be the granl parade of aU cattle on exhibition at high noon on Wednesday, and at the same time on a e^nd parade of a11 , . .-, wher a better market for thel fir...— lii a •?• they will find produce than they are getting elsewhere. ROBERTG.lNQERsoLLsaidlately: "I believe in protecting what are called the Infant industries, but at tor those Infants get to be six feet high and wear No. 13 boot* it is about tlmo to atop rocking tho cradlo, especially when tho ' infant' tolls you that if you stop rocking ho will got out of tho cradlo and kick your hood off." TliE Sioux City Journal putly says: "Tho democrats make no point against Blame by calling him a free trader. Of course Blalno la for free trade wherever free trado will benefit American interests. Sols tho republican party. So has the republican party always been. So It always will be." John Atkinson, formerly of Wesley, bu now residing In the state of New Vork writes his friends that ho expects to return to Wesley on or before tho 1st of Soptem i. v ? lalnis .""nos are too dull there where he Is staying to suit him. Wo are glad to hear that Mr. Atklngon intends to return. Ho was ono of our best citizens. Ilnncroft. Register: G. F. Holloway moved a house down from near Ledyard last week, nnd moved Winkol's scales back a his yard from tho stock yards, joorgo moves buildings on short notice to any part of the country, A ! I J tle S lrlof A - H. Whitehill died ost Thursday of the scarlet fover, and vas buried that day in tho city como- iOry. Sho had only been sick since the Sunday before. The loss of their little & a J5 ea girl has brought sorrow to tho houso- wld of Mr. Whitehill, and thoy havo ho sympathy of tho community. Mrs. R. M. Richmond and Rossman have boon visiting with friends in Des Molnos sinco before tho Fourth, and w 'll go to Porry before returning homo. There seems to bb no doubt but that Bancroft people can have enough to drink now, providing thoy havo enough money or credit to obtain it. W.. F. Broon will opon an original package house in the building north of Nee" on exhibition. The parades will take place on the race track. On Tuesday Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons bicyclo races. The " state fair trophy will again bo competed for by the fit teen mile teams. .* Th °J' arade °f King Sent Om Sed an Its subjects will be on amagnlficon scale. Its grandeur and brilliancy wll form ono of tho finest displays ovo made in the state. Tho princlpa streets of tho city will be brilliantly illuminated. The finest bands of music have already been engaged to tako par in making this tha grandest entertain mont ever witnessed by our people. No ono can afford to miss it. Come one and all and enjoy tho scenes. A now feature will bo tho lawn tennis games,, played under tho rules of tho Western Lawn Tennis association. Splendid prizes will be given for both 8ln ,gle and doubles. Enough court! will bo provided to allow playing at all imcs after commencement of the contest. Every assurance is given that many players will tako part in these Patterson Brothers, - — » »...».*, U |^ »»\/*. UU 1/4 AIUUJL" Ing's restaurant tomorrow or Fridav and A. F. Steinberg has a formal opening of a like house on Saturday. Both claim that liquor is being sold in original package stylo here now, and if that Is permitted in ono, it should bo in all. Competition will bo brisk, wo expect, and bopo that tho price will bo slaught- BEN. BUTTERWOimi, this Ohio congressman who made tho grea't speech on tho tariff, has been elected secretary of the world's fair commission. FROM tho Carroll Sentinel it appears tlmtBro. Hinclion hus tho congressional bee buzzing: "Editor's declinations not meaning much, as in tho case of Perkins, wo may have Judge Harris as a demoeratio nominee in tho Ninth, Jolmson| Brigham (rep.) in tbo Fifth, and several others, among them being our own Hinchon of tho Algona Courier, who ' declined to bo considered' awhile ago." ered, IjuVernc. News: R. S. Darr has 100 young lambs in his field at tho present writing. 1 his is tho largest flock in tho county so far as heard from. A local- advistory board was organized in tho interest of tho American Educational Aid association at Lu Verno on July 13, 1890. The following named persons constitute tho board: Rev P H. Eighmy, R. W. Hanna, Prof. S. C. Plutt, Mesdnmos Lisslo Quick, M. E. Bui'tiB, Lesley Barton, L. E. Larimer, and Wm. Baummund. Emily A. Bow- Icy, district superintendent. 1 he Knights of Pythias band of Oskaloosa has been engaged, which sives assurance that the highest order ofmu- io will bo given tho people for their entertainment. Pool, soiling and gambling of ovory nature will bo excluded from about the fair ground. Only flrst- class amusements will bo permitted. Tlio Republican IMatforui. Resolved, That wo, the republicans of Iowa in convention assembled, reaffirm our devotion to the principles of the national republican party, and wo make no other testof fealty to tho republican party of Wo heartily indorse tho able, prudent and patriotic administration of President Harrison, with special commendation of tho movement for bettor and closer relations both business and political, among all American governments and people. wo do specially declare our adherence to the principle of protection in American industry applied wisely in view of the Interest of all conditions of our people and administered in view of the equal interest of all industries. Wo agree that discriminations may bo wisely made, but never in behalf of the strong against the weak, never against the masses. In this spirit wo hold all legislation should bo had whether it con- corns tho raising of revenue or disbursement of the same by the general government, by the state or by sub-division of the local government; whether it concern domestic '- «*mw»u The place to buy groceries cheap. We can now malts Loans on Improved Lands vear ? ttm ?> and S^e (he borrower paying the whole loan or any 'S? t ? l S 0 atan V date when in %f- This is Iowa money and no second ' ~ -~ >.M«»«m( nnc, van uu ur ouurcBS HOXIE A REAVER, Algona, Iowa dpmeste aggression or bo the definition of the limitation upon foreign aggression. We are in favor of such expansion of cur- IOWA'S ANNUAL EXHIBIT. The Groat Preparations Being Made for tho state Fair—AUK. SO Is the ])nto of U ho re- THE Courier says tho republican party cannot bo reformed und that tho only hope for republicans is to vote with the democrats. This naturally diverts attention to tho prospect of tho. latter Ion tho form of D. a cheap Jwllticlan so unreliable dgmoorats In Algona say they w iu never voto for him, . is looming to tho fore very rapidly. His rise Is a democrat protest against Cleveland's low tnriff policy. His rapid popularity spoaks volumes for democrat lukowarmneaB on this issue, as well as for democratic distrust of tho only man who has dono anything in late yoars to entitle tho party to credit. Hill knifed Cleveland in the election, and now is getting u iwlltical boom as his ward. In tho other direction tho party is doing nothing to oolvo tho race question, is openly violating tho law of tho country, Is preventing free American citizens from voting, and is attempting to muzzle even the w ),ito democrats themselves who ask fov local reforms. Cupt. Tillman Buys ho expects to bo shot, and his meeting ttre being Interrupted by rowdies who volvors and bowle knives, that In^ts present condition the d"omo^ oratlc party offers a haven of peace and security to western republicans* but wo Imagine it will taku moro time than tho Courier will litwo this /all to show It to thorn in this suction. IT is worthy of note that tl'o silver bill was passed by republican voUss a i onu Tho democrats opposed it to a man. r» re8 |l dent Cleveland opposed nil silver during his administration. THE democrats are talking of L. S, Kounlugtou us their cimdidlto for state auditor. Mr. Kouuington is editor of the State Pomocroji at Newton, and though u young man, aliv, i,dy a lender in the party. His nomination 't.fould bo a ]ust recognition of his ability. \ W. V. LUCAS, onco editor at Mason City and state political!, is candidate for congress In South Dakota. ED. CHASSEL of tho Lo Mars Sentinel has been appointed secretary of tho republican central committee. Ho and Senator Mack formed an intimate and hearty friendship at DCS Molnes last winter, bound by tho ties of common misfortune, und can work together effectlvejy, as wo are prepared to testify. The appointment is a good ono. If wo may look for tho same skill and vigor in republican politics this fall that they showed last winter iu tho legislature, tho democrats will never get to the dignity of a tie vote. SAM ELWOOD of Sao county, candidate for judge at that memorable convention at Storm Lake a few years ago, has recently been nominated to succeed Judge Mucombor, Kossuth county can now Join in congratulations, draw it may be FURNITURE Picture Frames, Sawing Machines and Organ*, NOTICE TQ CONTRACTORS. At the auditor's know move- TH« Tho Gate City has almost alone ainpng Iowa papers in opposing- iillvei' {Measures, aud so fur as wo entirely ulouo In opposing any wont towards bi-matuUstn* Mi 1 , Hays thoro is but one standard of value and tht't Is gold, and that in tho nature of things gold will always remain tho standard, uud be the money of tho world. He assumes that tho silver legislation secured has boon worked up by mine owners, uud has no merit to oom- nioudit. luull thlslw Btauds with a very small portion of the people who have given uuy study to tho monoy question. Some twenty odd years ago tho economists agreed to whut ho ROW to IHI the THE Chicago Tribune, which hus led tho republican flght on tho McKinley bill says: " A month ago Socotary Blaino toU Senator Alliuou that ' this wan u bad year to ask tho people to stand increased duties. Vet, in »pite of that friendly waniiuff of th( wise old statesman, there are no olg-ps of «, Intention on tho part of Hie SPUHtW to trin; off the monstrosities of the McKlnloy bill- to run a blue pencil through tho wool, cot- toii, imd linen schedules, which largely ruUo the prlco.onovpry iirticio niou, women., and children wear; to chop off tjjp double duties on cutlery uud hardwot-i), JIM. MILLEH of tho Sac Sun confesses that ho forgot how to count at tho cqnven- tlon that nominated Perkins. Strublo's friends seem to think ho counted too well. IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Boone boasts of tho oldest married couplo in tho state. Tb% are Stephen and Sarah Cummins, uS'd respectively 04 and 90 yoars, who have been married ovor 08 years. Both onjoy good health and bid fair to Hvo to celebrate their contonnial anniversaries'. Another rumor about tho long-talked- of road to tho southwest comes from it art Dodge: Tho future of tho Mason City and Fort Dodgo road is just now hanging in the balance. Tho Winona and Southwestern company, which is now building to tho Iowa line, has made a final proposition to J, J. Hill for the purchase of the Mason City road, If Mr, Hill accepts, a connection will bo made with this nwd this full and tho Southwestern wlfl bo continued to Omaha from hero In tho spring. If Hill does not soil, tbo Southwestern will cnooao some other route. Tho result of tho negotiations is awaited with a good uoul of interest by everyone iu this vicinity. * J- I J , Graham started to run a heavy All our readers will bo interested in tbo programme for tho state fair. Premium lists can bo had of S. S. Sessions. To those who only want an outline pro- gramme tho following Items will bo sufficient: Tho fair will be hold at Dos Molnes, commencing August 29, and closing September 6. Arrangements are being perfected to moot tho wants of ovory one who will attend this great exhibition, whether they como as exhibitors or visitors. Tho water works system will be much improved. A now power houso will be erected, the wells in- ceased and enlarged, so us to supply, If; necessary, 000,000 gallons of water ev ory 24 hours. All stock barns will bo under shinglo roof, with a well to each of tho forty barns. Every facility will bo extended exhibitors and visitors to inuko thoir visit to tbo great Iowa State fair pleasant, comfortable, and, it is hoped, profitable. A hearty greet- Ing is tendered you to visit this wonderful school of Instruction. Tho premium offerings have boon con^- siderably increased, and so arranged as to meet the wants of a fair-going people, bo they exhibitors of stock, products of tho farm, the workshop, or the household. In tho several departments of tho fuir tho premiums uro noted: SM-W'&HJK 00 ? W.«fif A 11 " 10 ' »r expansion of currency as will meet tho growing demands of an increase in population and trade and offset the contraction resulting from tho continual withdrawal of national bank circulation. To this end wo favor such legislation as will utilize as monov the entire silver product of our mines, and wo favor such laws as will aid in the ultimate and unrestricted use of both precious metals as money. .? h .°-™Pi ll ; llc ? n P^ty of this state favor THINK BEFORE SCOLDING. How On. Motlinr \V«» Cured of Spenkln Without Deliberation. "Count ton, Tntty, count ten." Thos words came to my mind the other even ng, but they were just too late to be o ervioo. I know quite well at tho moment that I had spoken too hastily, and tbat in all probability I had boon unjust *hile if I had followed the rule ifivon to Tattyoorain," and always counted ton before speaking when I felt irritated poor little Bertie would havo been savcc a heartache, which I can never recall without a pang. I had returned- mentally and physically tired from a hard day's shopping in the city. Tho tedious waiting at the ferry, and tho over-heated and overcrowded cars had left me with a nervous headache, a trouble which I seldom plead guilty to, and to which I was trying not to succumb. Bortio mot mo at tho door with tho cleanest of faces, with his bright curls so smoothly brushed, and with such an unusually subdued manner that but for my aching head I would havo suspected mischief. There was none of the usual curiosity regarding my packages, but such a gentleness of demeanor that I stroked hissunnycurls, and asked, "How is mamma's little Lord Fauntloroy? " Please como in tho parlor, I havo something to show you," said Bertie following him there, I saw my and intoreste of 'the people of this stetoT believe tho business interests of the We poult- , for tho beuo/lt of u few waiioy gluttons 'in Uov. Hoard wo» iutervloyired IB Chi- states; »nd to kuopk out thp tWf on Wnplirte levied for the benefit of B.OWO pttsburg pot, whom it Is proposed convert into »noth,or Carnegie millionaire. It i» ovp# s.ftld tNt tlio senators will 'llftyptlfflo pnough' to modify the sugazi ttuhcdulo of tho bill, so that the surrender of tho 00 millions of duties way do cowpeusat- Od for by the opening of HOW markets In the tiutlu-Amcrlcau letatos to America^ manufactures uud western farm products." Tim State Register slgnlfiouutly rouiarks: "Ifthe McKinloy MU will uot open a now market for u slyglo bushel of wheat or u single bwrol of pork, there will Uo a good tunny disappointed people." 'SAYS the LeMu-rs Sentinel: " Ju the midst of life, wo arc Iu tho mlust of orlgluftl , "witton onglno across tho rlvor bridge it Humboldt. The floor gave way, and J"« engine wont through stern first to foo rlvor 26 foot below, carrying Ova- S," ud . rautllatln ff hin > BO that ho Ulo « In u few hours. 0" upending ' ls to voto or wu t el . works. SttVB the Algona now nos OQUNTV TOWNS, Woslcv- iy doe mes.ta . . STSSSi-'S'w formerly pccu ' jldlugit, uud' Ourtowi ' ' front. reuses there is coIsIdoMible ue *3.W nor ton lu vito Wo wotlce that our iwiog the4»' Wt>y» by *»J" fvout of thefru^, M' Taylor has bwn giving „ Office fttttt 0>y sb,<5& a cwt of | Ids very muoU to tr * Mr. 1 ™ ' uiul j to puld for „ ure 1m- tlwir side- *i8r V Si ^ tP U0 . U W •*?>* u PP«Wffio 072; swlno, $1.086; sheep, $1,100; ry, $813, buildings, $100; drainage, $80; grains, seeds, and vegetables, $1,424; pantry stores, $071; bees nnd thoir products, $178; .butter and choose, $1,252; fruit, $500; liowors, $340; mechanical arts, household work, paintings, etc., $4,243. Boys' and girls' departments, $500. Ovor $1,000 in medals and cups are offered on stock and articles in addition to cash promlums. Eight hundred and, (Ifty dollars is offered for tho best herds of beef cattle;. $000 for the best liords of dairy cattle; $300 for tho best herds of fat steers, und $350 for the bost draft stallion and mure. All railway lines In Iowa will trans port passengers to tho fair und return at one faro for tho round trip. Freights full rates going to the fair, returned froo on certificate of secretary, provided ownership is not changed. Sunday afternoon, August 31, at 8 o'clock p. m,, divine service and suored concert will bo hold upon tho ground. An eminent divine of Iowa will proaoh tbe Borm.on, All are respectfully Invited to attend this service. No ono neod como with tbo expectation of sooing the exhibits; all tho halls will bo closed and tbe business of tbo fair suspended on that day so fur us it is possible to do so. On Monday, at 11 o'clock a. in., the opening exorcises of tho fair will take place, All uro cordially invited to moot at the president's office. Monday will bo known as labor duyi There will bo u grand parade of the laboring churn, iv nunid.p that no ono should full to seo. The management havo made liberal concessions in ardor that these most worfhy people ipay not bo deprived of seeing Ibis: grout exhibition. Come and onjoy the pleasures of the day. Tho courtesy of froo admission to all soldiers of the Mexican and late war, and to children under twelve years of ago will bo given them on Tuesday, Commanders of posts will please nd- dress John ft. Shulfor, Secretary, j)os Moinos, (PC SQldtors' tlpkets, The tickets will bo s.on.t to tho cQm.<n.uiidors to distribute If application is made for them on oi' before Aug. 1. We respectfully request the commanders not to do- lay thoir applications. In u natural grove, of timber you will llitd beautiful camping grounds, and which have boeu lui-jfely extended tlio present season. These grauiuU will bo laid out in streets uud camps, provided vvlVh water from hydrants. Horses will b.o separated from the camps to prevent accidents. AU this is provided free for those who wish to como and enjoy tho pleasures of camping. It is u splendid and independent way to visit tho fair. You oun rent touts on the ground at the following prices, good during tbo fair: Sizes, 10x12, $g,do ; 12x14, $8; I4x- 10, £1; 12xl(l, compartment tents, $0; 14x21, compurtWentVi $7. Cola, ohaUu tables, uto., cuu b.o rented ut retwouu/ UO.IDVU uiu uusmess interests of the people are interchangable and mutual and that Injustice towards one class must sooner or Inter work to tho Injury of all classw. Particularly do wo want to believe that tho great industry represented by tho farm !i ai j'y 1 , a £ tl '? llondof Iowa industries and that faithful guardianship of that interest is the prime obligation upon those who make and administer our laws. We congratulate tho people of this state upon the measure of success sustained in the contest in this state in behalf of the Just legal control of railway corporations doing business in this state, and wo appeal to the people to seo to it that there be no recession iu the Just policy of tho state in this regard. We believe the efforts to nullify the Interstate ••commerce law should be resisted to the end that national protection aud state protection may alike bo equal to all communities and among ail classes. The republicans of Iowa offer thoir sympathy to the producers of the south who seek now for dlsenthrallment from industrial bondage to the grinding monopolies of the states of that section protected and promoted by nil tho power of tho organized democratic pnrty of those states. We bo- liovo that in the breaking up of these- systems, under which industrial freedom is impossible nnd which rob nnd persecute the poor, lies one great hope of freedom of elections and popular government, social poaco and general prosperity In those southern states. Recognizing revolt in the south in behalf of liberty and Justice, pen- Hint* nritirn>*mnnn*- r>«>1 « n *,..l " i _i . . *.,*•* ular government and popular rights, it is a matter of minor concern in what name the battles are fought and won. Wo welcome first growth and spread of power of republican principles. * We cordially approve the purpose of the republicans In congress to so amend and iniproyo tho pension laws ns to niuko further and more generous provision for wjjon soldiers, their widows, parents und children j and wo yet bolieve the day is not far distant when a general service pension law should and will bo passed. Wo express our abhorrence ol all trusts and trado conspiracies of every kind intended to destroy competition and create and perpetuate monopolies, aud we call for tlio enactment and enforcement of both fedornl nnd state laws to completely exterminate such iniquitous and dangerous combinations and to prevent their further organization, Wo declare against any compromise with the saloon and stand by tho people of this state in thoir hostility to its existence, spread nnd power. Wo favor such legist tion on the part of congress us shall protect the police power of tho states iu their effort to regulatp, conflno or prohibit the public bar, and for approval of tho work und record of the republican party of this state iu this great onusoof temperauco, involvla the public pence and tho safety of gooi favorite lamp-shade, tho costly gift of a friend, in fragments. "What a nauffhty careless little boy!" I began, and without trusting myself to say another word I returned to the dining-room. A few moments lator my husband, all unconscious of tho tragedy, entered, made much of Bortle, asked him if he had been lonely, and if ho was glad wo, were again at homo. I saw tho little chin quiver under his papa's caresses, and I began to appreciate something, of how tho little heart must bo aching at the prospects of disclosure which he supposed would follow. Waiting until ho had finished his supper and gone into the sitting-room, I related the catastrophe. Without n word, my husband, in tho brightest and cheeriest of voices, called Bertie to him, and taking him on his knee, praised him for having at onco and unasked told the truth about the accident, and in his gentle way drew from the broken-hearted child tho story of "bow he wanted to help Bridget" by beating tho dust out of the parlor furniture, and of how he had "axidentiy" hit the shade with tho broom handle; nor did his father let him relinquish his seat until smiles had chased away tho grief from his poor littlo fneo. Had I lost my little boy that night, before I had Had tlmo to assure him of my full forgiveness, and to make him fool in some way that it was tho headache and not mamma tbat had spoken, I should never havo forgiven myself. Bridget toldmo tho next day, that- after tho accident he sat with folded hands, unablo to play, or followed her from room to room to ask her if she was quite sure tbat the four dollars from his bank would be enough to pay for it. "I was that sorry for him, mom,"said the kind-hearted girl "that I could have cried," I TO DRAW ON GLASa A Manufacturer EzpUlns an Ea.y Proo.M for Amateur*. To write or draw on glass it is necessary to impart to the surface a certain degree of roughness. This may be done by grinding or etching, but much moro easily by applying some appropriate varnish. A- good matt varnish is made by dissolving in 2 ounces of ether, 90 grins, of sandaroc and 20grms. mastic, and odd- ing benzol, J OZ . to ;IJ oz., according to the fineness of the matt required. Ihe glass may bo heated after it is wet, to insure a firm and even groin. To render tho glass again transparent, after writing upon it. apply with a brush a solution of sugar or gum aco- sia. Still better as a surface for wrlt- r>K or drawing is a varnish of sugar, Jissolvo equal parts of white and brown sugar in water to a thin sirup, add alcohol, and apply to hot glass plates. Tho film dries very rapidly, and furnishes a surface on which it is erfectly easy to write with pen or encil. The best ink to use is India nlc, with a little sugar added. Tha rawing can bo made permanent by sing a lac or mastic varnish Detroit ews. South Side of Jfroadway Whlttemore, Iowa. Goods, NOTIONS, . -. — safety -_ „ „ government, wo appeal confidently to the electors of Iowa. *We congratulate tho people of Iowa upon the promise of the year, upon tho measures of success that has attended the past, upon tho confidence and oourago with wi;'-' "-- • • •• -future. , an iiiclt the stute awaits the , ., . - ble prieoB, wliloh oun u.lgo bo eoourod on ' vt*L^**~£m. i -f}.l.. '•• - There's No USD Denying tlio Triitli. Hllert's Extract of Tnr ana Wllu Cherry for Couglis and Colds. It cures them. Dr. Jaques 1 German Worm Cakes destroy nnd remove worms from the system. Dr. Wlnchell's Toothing Syrni) Is tho bent for general ailments of children. All druggists. Happy Homo Blood Purifier uud HoaUU 'runic purifies tho blood imd um)(o lumw )(<iiw. Uncle Barn's OoniliHaH powders ana Uuolo SIHU'S Nervo mid. llouo Mnlment^-theso two grout/ IHClllPlBBii are sold by all urujjtflsts- English Spuvlu Liniment HomovoH (til hnrd, soft, or calloused lumps aud bloiulBlios from horses, bluod upuvlu, curbs, splints, sweeney, ring boue, stifles, sprains, all swollen throats, etc. BavoW by use of one bottle; warranted. The most wonderful bloiu lull euro ever Kuowii. Sold by J,. A, Shtwtz. Itch cured In aq minutes by Woolford'u Sunl tnry UHiou. Sold by U A, SUeeU.. A singular uirouiustunco recently occurred at Iliddofovd, Mo,, which reminds QUO of tbo days when people bartered in beads and \v<uupuiri. Two men, ono u small, slender purgon and the other of proportions in tlio neighborhood of 900 pounds, were employed by one of the women in that locality to dig B gr»ve on her fatally lot. They worked rapidly, apfl cro they wore nwuro, the excavation wi»8 uo large and deep thut tue fat «u»n was unable tv get eut ei tho hole. A wft'ohinq was oonutrwotod, and. after quite « struggle th,e W? wo wus y«co more oa tpp, Jn payroo^t lor their aerylcon tfee woi»»u »sflQi't U^fto utter gave each ot ihe two meu live p«r^ «j gray have had my lesson, and I think T shall never again allow myself to speak oven the slightest word of reproof until I havo taken timo to think. A wise man when asked his secret of educating his children, replied: "I have always found it desirable to bo a little doat a little dumb and a littlo blind." Jf you are given to hasty speeches, it is well to be a groat deal dumb."—Palmetto, ia Bural New Yorker. A TENNESSEE^PATRIAROH. Ho Ii Happy and Waiting for Ills One Hundred aud Fiftieth Grandchild. General Algor told of a queer and Interesting customer whom he met recently In Tennessee at a place named after himself, Anderson, and of whom ho had recently bought SO.OflO acres of timber land. Tho old gentleman llyed In a large, white house with a big portico in front of it, and there were dotted wound, in different fields other small white hoi)ses. General Alger asked him: '•How old are you?" "ElBhtyrtwo." "Enjoying good health?" "Yes, very good. 1 "How man^ "Nursing tbe 149th great-grandchild now, I'll send and grot him for you." 1 'What do you moan to say i One hundred and forty-nine?" "Yes, I had twenty-seven children; and with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren we »re nursing- the UvtU now, and rii send and get hinj for you," So the old gentleman sent out to one of tho small white houses in tho cluster, and a very nice specimen of a hearty b»by boy was brought in- Tho General asked hioi'whero he was during the wer. "Bight here, and the boys cleaned me out of every thing except a sow aud two pigs which we kept in the collar right under our parlor floor, and they were npt found- One day one of the blue-coated QoneraJs o»me along and asked mo how m»ny cattle I had. 'None at all,' I told him- 'Nono at all? 1 'Not one, 1 says J. But I paid for (hat lie about two days afterward when those blue-coats found my her4 of cattle and drove them 4owu here into this pl»oe and began slaughtering them right before my eyes. I Interfered and ordered them to 'Stop that; you're slaughtering; my cows,' 0, no, 1 said the Qenersli 'they are not yowsi we h,a,ve it from youjr wn lips th(tt .you h»d OP cows at al},.' i»ud (hey w'ent right on and slaughtered the whole of them. I eould get a ybwher fc» t&ew b^gaujo I had aaW that i 4&8't_MYe»»yiseiie& ifeawhpie Boots and Shoes, Bojv and Men's Readr-Uade O Hi O inn IP GROCERIES, Crockery & Glassware, CONFECTIONERY, Wood and Willow ware. Produce taken In exchange for goods. HENRY MUNCH. GRAND ALL & GARPIELD At their shop In the Grand Army building, handle the celebrated Star Spring M which nua been awarded premiums at eighteen slate fairs and eiposlllons and gold niedul at London for elasticity, strength, ana beauty It excels everything Iu this lino now extant. They also do Furniture Repairing and Upholstering In the moat approved innnner. Also keep the largest line of suiunles west of Oh cago und can furnish anything ui the upholstering line on short notice, All work guaranteed ausxactory. K. Garfleld Is authorized collector for this firm, O. ILi, Real Estate Agent, Algona, Iowa. Lands bought and sold on oom- mljsioc. Special alieotloii given to eare and sttle 8S, l SL wt !{$ In.Kwfu"! and adjoining wuntlei fornon-rejldeuts. Agent for the German Iniur- « n «>company,ollfreepprt, 111. PawogtiUekMttp and from tbe old countrlei lold at lowest ratal. Stewart's HeaUnerPow4er SOyeare In nu for nil OMB .oroa, cnmm_ and biut, bubedxrln «nti,g»ll8,bnni»,oh»flji*,eto, It ^iytSl* 'WSl

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