The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 16, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1890
Page 4
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N CtfCAOO, ftttftAtSlfc * 8f. MWfcr apolls leotrio lighted imd « trains.bitween ««, and Mlnne- With t trains Mtwepn Chicago and Council Bluffs, Omaha, or St. Paul and toe Pacific coast. •ORBAt SAtloNAt, ROttE betweoft Chica go, Kansas City, and St. Joseph, MO. S?00 MlMB OF ROAD reaching all principal points. Itt Illinois, -WttcqjlSmi MInflesotn, lojra, Missouri, South ttwFNOjth Dakota. For tnaps, time tables, rates of trelghVetc.. aPSlj. 4 " «>* nenMSt station ftgent of tfie Chlcajjo. Milwaukee & St. Paul ra.Uwftr or to any runway agent anywhere In the wbHd _ A. V. «. CARMJJTER, General Passenger and Ticket Agent UOSWELli MIIiLER, Oenerol Managi-f. •e^Pdr Infottnatlon In 'reference to land- -ana towns owned by the Chicago, • Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway company, write to H. G Haugen, land commissioner, Chicago, 111. THE CHICAGO AND RAILWAY. ARords unrivaled facilities for transit between the most Important cities and towns In Illinois Iowa, Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, Mlnne sota, North and South Dakota, • Nebraska, and Wyoming, ; The train service Is carefully ad justed to meet the requirements of through and local travel, and. Includes FAST YESTIBULED TRAINS of dining oars, sleeping cars, and day coaches running solid between Chicago and ST. PAUL, MINNEAPOLIS, COUNCIL BLUFFS, OK AHA, AND DENVER Pullman and Wagner Sleepers Chicago to San Francisco, Chicago to Port land, Oregon, without change. COLONIST SLEEPERS hlcago to Portland, Ore., and San Francisco Frtt IteclloJug Chair Can) from Chicago to Denver, via Council B. and Omaha For time of trains, tickets, and all Informa tlon, apply to station agents of the Chicago A Northwestern railway, or to the general pas senger agent at Chicago. W. A. THRALL, General Passenger and Ticket Agent. W. P. NEWMAN, J. M._WIUTMAN, Third Vice-pros. .,. Qen'l Manager. 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A few bottles of this medicine cun-il me ol this troublesome complaint ami i-inn- B letely restored my health."— JUKVII M. ogg». Holman's Mills, N. C. "When Ayer's Sarsaparilla wii* in.-- ommended to me for catarrh, I \vus inclined to doubt its efllcacy. Hu\inx tried so many-remedies, with little benefit, I bad no faith that anything wonhl cure roe. I became emaciateil from loss of appetite and impaired digestion. I had nearly lost the dense of umell, anil my system was badly duranccil, I *n» about discouraged, when a friend urged rae to try Ayer's Saraaparillu, ami referred me to persons whom it hud cured of catarrh. After taking half a dozen bottles of this medicine, I am convinced that the only sure way of treating thla obstinate disease is through the blood." — Charles H. Maloney, 113 Itiver at., Lowell, Haas. Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Pr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Max. Prt« f 1; ill toftlei, t». Worth (i a trattl*. NOTICE TO OCCUPYINC CLAIMANT, STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, 88 —M..DeL. Parsons,-l>. C. Dunton, It. P Wright, and'Albert Bush. To all whom It may concern: The commls slouer appointed to view and vacate » high way petitioned for by M. De L.. Paraouu an utbera, has reported In favor of Its vacatlo and re-location as follows: To vacate tha part running diagonally through the south west quarter of section 84, and north half o section !».8fi,iM, and re-locato on half section line beginning about 36 rods ea«t of the north east corner of the southwest quarter of nectloi 86, and running thence west'on half ueotloj line to Intersect with county highway runnlgL north and south on wgat line of uectlou 86,W,W and all objections thereto or claims for dam ageu must bo filed In the county auditor's once on or before noon of the 1st day of September A. D. IBW, or uuch hiKbway will be vacatti uud re-located wlUibut reference thereto. .. Witness my bund uud seal, this ttnd day o July. 1890. J. B. HOFIUS, 16M County Auditor, ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Public notice iu toruby given that ttic under »luncd ban thin duy been appointed nnd coui inltmloued by tbo district court of Koasutn county," Iri this »tatu of Iowa, adiutul«trutrlz o tliucututeof Jacob Jloin, decoauod; and al iiui-Bonu li»vl|iK ulaiiub against uald oatato. are boroby notified to file tbem with tUo clerk o ualU court, clearly utated and duly uworn to and within les»l tl: ' - IUK allowed and: Bum e»UU> »ro - »•»! time, preparatory to their he ad proved; and u)l penous owlnt o requested to inane Immedlau I>aytueut to the undersigned, and avoid costs Dated at Algoua, Iowa, this tod day of July A. D. 1H0. CHRISTINA HB1N. Administratrix. r\ HEAT yKKNCH MKMKDV.-Dr. Le Puc's v.7 periodical plllu from 1'arls, France, act only upon the generative organs lu females ana positively cure suppression of the wensei (from whatever cause) aud all periodical troubles peculiar to women. A safe, reliable remedy, warranted to excite menstruation, or money refunded. Should not be uwd during pregnancy. The large proportion of the Ills U Which ladled are subject Is the direct result ol u aisoraered and Irregular weustruutlou,. Aslc any druggist for them. American Pill Co., Bp.encer, }a. L. A. $boctz, supply aaont, Algp- m Itt. II. UoswortU & Boa. Milwaukee; Ut>U. Btevunoou ^ Co., OJMcago, whQ(e TO ON BiaBOiU I.+NW3. ft| fi m fctt&ftsfi. frffflk Parish fefii A mftrHfttfe license has rjefeh iiltfed to Jas. S. Welrtitift aM Lottte F<*a. Georgia Hatnlln'a Compafl* with brass baftd ipfrxtf 14 AlgTstfOuiy 29. A little girt at ft*i eve'ftinf is the occasion of tloim. The cit* has done a good work In retiring the walk to this Milwaukee depot. The types made us say last week that _ eti. .Smith's brother was 1 dead. It was his father. The Catholics are going to have a picnic at M. O'Rourke's best week Thursday. Ella June Meadeattd Lu. fc. Cake next Tuesday. AdmlSstOA 25 'cents, children 16 tsents. ' Algona cj»It.iu>$ Endure tHe Summer's leat With bomjpiosufe. '.Uticte 'Tom's Cabin is to be here Aug. 22. The official statement of the Kbssuth County bank shows the financial standing of that stable institution, Tow'nsend & Larigdon'g barrel of ice water was liberally patronized Saturday. It Is rt handy thing on a hrJt day, Frank McNall, for matty years to <the _PPERDES'MojriiEB p;ffipe, isiiOW'edlti si- nnd proprietor bf a paper In Connect' [cut. Prof. Dlxson came home from St, Paul with an attack of muscular, rheumatism which keeps him closely confined, •••'• ''•••:Sunday was the hot day of the season thus far, The thermometer ranged over 100 In the shade In all parts Of the state. Another boy not enumerated as yet arrived at Will Naudaiti's last Thursday. Algona should kick for a hew census count. There will bo a special meeting of Algona chapter. No. 68, O. E. S., Tuesday evening, July 22, for .work. A full attendance IB desired. We see Hebron is to have a delegate In the democrat convention. How, are they going to get one when there was'nt a democrat vote cast there last year? A Ramsay citizen named Johnson has gone to Illinois with his wife to get $3,000 that is there for him out of an estate. Geo. B. Clarke got tho settlement arranged. A lot of young people en joyed a pleasant picnic south of town last Thursday. An elaborate supper was spread by the ladies, and the gentlemen arrived about 6 o'clock to indulge. Word comes that Mrs. Lan. Sessions is quite low with her lung trouble at Elroy, Wis., whore she is visiting. Mr. Sessions is with her and will bring her to Algona as soon as she is able to move. Heflry Thompson was over from Whittemoro Monday. In spite of the new creameries he says the amount of butter has increased this year very much with thorn, a fact duo in part to bettor pasturage. E. Tellior and Chas. Parker are to accept tho challenge of Hedrlck and Benjamin to pitch colts for a series of games. Great interest will prevail when tho games begin, as the pairs aro so evenly divided. A case of diphtheria is reported in the family of Mr. Wilson on the Joslyn farm in Cresco. Tho young lady came on a visit when she was taken, but she is getting well and no fears are felt of a spread of the disease. The county suffered a loss in . the death of the fine stallion owned by C. B. Hutohlns and "Robt. Stophenson. He was taken sick lost week and died suddenly. He was a finely brod animal, and was getting good stock. An appeal has been taken from Superintendent Carey's decision in the contested school site case'near Bancroft. W. B. Quartan will try and convince Superintendent Sabin that the present location is not desirable nor proper. Ben Smith was in town yesterday. He says they are cutting oats in Ramsay, and that crops are farther along there than here. Fifty bushels of barley is the yield up there. ' Everything is booming in that neighborhood. Mike Smith, tho old timer in tho southern part of the county, was in town Monday. He:says the Livermore fire lighted up the whole'country, thereabouts, and'as tho wind was very high they watched for it to scatter. Groat damage and loss have resulted. Work is again begun on the town well. Mr. Stephens secured Jo. Stahl from the north end of the county, who began yesterday to put in the sand points of which so much has-been hoard. The time o' the-contract was up yesterday, July 15. •••'. • W. S. Dot-land has been quite seriously laid up in his new home. While reaching into a barrel ho cut his finger on a rusty nail, and blood poisoning resulted. His hand and arm were badly swelled, and for a timo the worst results wero feared, but he is all right again. The UPPER DES MOINES has reason to feel proud of tho variety and excellence of the letters from all parts of the country it has been able to furnish to its readers. Col. Comstock in this issue tells in an entertaining manner of Spokane, and everyone will bo pleased to read his hopeful accounts. Colfax is getting u good patronage from hereabouts. Harry Walkley has spent considerable time ut the springs, Gotllcf Bqbn was there a week ago, and H. S. Langdon stopped there some time on his way cost. We hear that considerable Colfax water is shipped in and drunk in town. It bus been rumored that an original package house was to be started in the naint shop south of the UPPER DBS MOINES office. Fortunately some difference about tho rent broke up the trade, It is said, however, that after ono is started and tho ice broken that some more will open in town. A foot race Monday evening drew the crowd to the west side of the public square. Link Singleton and Fred. Fostefhad it out again, and Link came out a little ahead, ' This probably means another big race for tho championship. Other races wore promised but failed to materialize. The democrats bold their county convention Wednesday, July 80, at the court house to send delegates to the state, congressional, and judicial conventions. Seven delegates go to the state convention which is called at Cedar Rapids, Aug. 6. Thoro will be 85 delegates in the county convention. M, DoL. Parsons reports that no serious injuries wero suffered by his family on the Fourth, although nothing but a steady team prevented some of them from being killed, As the wagon tipped over he was able to stop his horses, and so, though the children lay under tho wheels, all escaped. Another witgon Jn tho jam tipped his over, ' We give elsewhere J. II. Warren's comment on alfalfa us an available grass for this country, Ho indorses it highly, but we leurn that it has been tried at the agricultural college, und was not made much of a success. It does not grow no largo a leaf nor HO luioy us in the western countries. Still it Is worth while to wtttch it hero. We learn that A. L. Sueley has a small patch of it on his farm. Sheriff Stephens was up in Ramsay last week to secure JakoKoppen, whose wife complained that ho had been handling her roughly, At first she camo to Algona to start u divorce suit, but was persuaded to not begin so serious a proceeding, and u, contract sot- tlingcertalndillerenceswasdrawn. The sherlll, however, secured Juke und took him to Bancroft, whore Justice Davis sat on him and lined him $15 and costs. The circus is coming Saturday. It advertises to bo free of fakir*, but probably anyone who wunts to gamble cnn ;et tho ohanco. If any one does gum- Euo nnd loses bis money, tut of course 10 will, let there be no whlmperipg. If there Is a sorry spoctucle It is a man who h(ts gone info u game to got sowp »»n s money for uothjpg, and, tb,on dc'is whoa he loaes his own. Two interesting lectures were nut week by Pr.- Sulerbft,, " Hesppjjeta ».—' . Baptist will serve Ice cream and cake, July 24, from 7 to 10 p. in., oi> Bet. Smith's lawn. All are Invited. A Bancrof tite named Koberts was in town yestewst with aflo'the? meteor. It was found within a mile of town In the edge of an eat field, The discovery recited frolffl nOticlfig that the oats tod grass had been burned for a distance bf two feet around. And the ground was bate. Small pieces Smell' ing of sulphur, and showing marked traces of mineral Were taken from the giwund. About a pailful have been secured, and Soine will be seftt to M tested. s. Mayfie has visited the place and Verifies the report. ' As the race traek is a little narrow at the fair grounds. It Is the- intention of the driving park association to have It.wiaened otit and leveled, Tha •otto' elation started in 10 or 12 yeai-s'ago With 20 hundred dollarshares. Ninety- one dollars has been paid on each share and gone Into improvements and purses, and the association has never yet declared a dividend, The amphitheatre, horse barns, and track, were all made With its mohey, and it has In other ways added to the comfort and • appearances of the grounds. We '•'. do, not ; knoW whether It will widen the traek before the fair lit September or not. The aft* Stiolatipn intends to join the natlona association next year, and . try and • pul itself on a paying basis by giving ' some big races. •/ PERSONAL MENTION. Thos, F. Cooke is at Spirit Lake for a month's vacation. , Mrs. A. P. Hall went to Ohio Thursday for a visit with old friends, Walt, Bennet, was over from Brltt and spent Sunday visiting at Geo. E Clarke's. J. B. Jones went to Des Moines Monday to attend a state meeting of tho millers' association. The parents of Jas. Cowan, who have been visiting him for several weeks have returned to their home in Goshen Ind. Superintendent Carey, Prof. Dixeon and Miss Ada Smith attended the edu cational gathering at St. Paul las week, MlBsXJeShlelds has been over from Emmetsburg the past week visiting a A. .Rutherford's. ' Mrs. R F. Hedrlok is in South Dakota visiting friends near Mitchell She expects to be gone about four weeks Dr, Barr was at Jossup last Wednes day to attend the funeral of his sister He had visited her several times dur ing her sickness. H. S. Langdon goes from Illinois tc Ohio this week. .Before returning hi will go to Massachusetts, and perhap bo absent till fall. Mrs. Chas. Balr and daughter o Athens, III., and Miss Sallle Moch o GalUpolls, Ohio, are in Algona visiting Mrs. Balr and family. Murray Russell came up from Hum boldt yesterday. He is on his way t Mississippi, where he is going to specu late in gulf lands a little. . J. C. Frank was at St. Paul last woo! buying fur goods with his brother. H goes east soon as far as New. York, gol ting his fall supply of clothing. We neglected last week to note th return of Miss Jennie Boals from he school work at Des Moines. She has been taking a course in stenograph and typewriting. Will. F. Smith came up from Web stcr City to attend the.- shoot at Em metsburg yesterday. Axel Sundstrom and Aug. Steinburg came down from Bancroft to attend. G. R. Woodworth and son Rome were at Webster City last week.- This week with Webster City parties they are on their way to the Black Hills, wher they will prospect a little. A. A. Brunson and D. H. Hutohln are enjoying a visit from an old Now York school master, Mr. Whitney. H trimmed them up in their youth, and i out to see how they aro getting on. Geo. Glennan was'out to Sioux Fall last week. He says it is a nicely bull city, as aro several on tho way out. H carries his arm In 'a sling, ae it was slightly fractured in"his • runaway oi the Fourth. ' Miss E. E. Gordon of Sioux City am Miss Murdock-of Humboldt were in Al gona last week for a few hours. Wit' Miss Safford, Miss Gordon is assistini in establishing u second Unitaria Church in Sioux City, W. F. Carter and W. .WrWhoole have been batching tho post week Their families have been away visiting at tho}r, respective homes, while the, have been living high at tho Ruther ford house. The school for- officers of tho Sixt' regiment is to be held ut Sioux C'it, next week. Thos. F. Cook will attem and probably A. W. Creed or J. O Reaver or both. This change wil break up the shooting contest ut Mason City. Mr. nnd Mrs. Geo. E, Clarke have . plesant trip planned for the summer They go to Duluth the- last of the month and then take a boat for the east, going through the lakes and down tho St. Lawrence. They will vlsi relatives in Maine. A. D. Clarke and daughter Edith went to St. Paul last week to secure i house for occupation this summer Mrs. Clarke and children go this week They will remain till fall, but no longer unless they conclude to maki their home in the city. Jas. Cowan is building an opera hous at Clear Lake, O. W. MoMurray is put ting up two store buildings there, S. 1 Plumley is building- the Kunz bricl block at Wesley, and T. H. Conner is a Rolfe getting his school house started Prof, Gllchrist e^me from St. Pau last week and goes to his farm ' to res. a short time. After then spending a few days in Algona he will go to Sioux City for the summer. His daughter Miss Maud, who is a professor at Wei losley, passed through Algona but won to Laurens without stopping. Mayor Jones returned yesterday morning from Gault, bis old Canadlai home, where he went to visit his father He arrived only in time to attend the funeral, his father having died sudden ly from a fall down stairs in which three ribs wero broken. He was 8) • •••vv »IL/U (TW+W »S*w-t*Wf*l #*VJ TTilO Of years old, and though hale and hearty could not resist the shock to his sys tern. * THY patent whole-wheat flour am you will use no other; $1 a suck only, a J. J. Wilson's.-10t4 A* A4vertl»ed. At Algoua, on Saturday, July IV, nt 10 o'clock in the morning, the largest, longest richest, rarest grund free Btroot purucli over behold will be given exactly as udvor tisod imd in Its entire immensity of truus condent splendor; wild beasts, bunds, gorg eoua chariots, wide-open dons uua glorious art and dress in rattling army. Don" fprget it; frco to everybody; bo sure ant take it In. NEW patterns in glass sots just received at Townsond & Lungdon's. Orcdt V«rje|y of K Don't forgot that tlio Rlugllng Brothers big railroad show, which exhibit* ut Algo- ua, Saturday, July 1W, lifts the greatest variety of elephant* of *uy ciruus lu this country. Among th°w »ro JBaujtlpn, the largest clophuut on oartb; Funny, tho baby elephant; Spot, the lllllputlan clpwn Ple- PUiWt; Jewell, tue umbreUg-eftrod elephant; and tho greatest performing herd of olephHotlno iiotors on this coa( DRINK ke-co!4 VHter out of the red barrel; then buy your groceries ut the Cash Store. '4'Ue ami I<«»pli>fr Kom the bor«e that lo#p« over tue pi attd the A Visitor *h6 ha £ein M*ni- Vtart At>* ieh.-fi»o Vety Sad fiefttJrt— Mtffo* Loeil ft&teS. At the tequest of several of cur renders we publish the description of the weather Signals. It Will pay to cut it out and save it fo? reference: Number I, white fl&|< si* feet square, indicates clear or fait leather. Nutn- »r 2, blue flag,' six feet square, Indicates rftlfi or snow. Number 8, black, WWB 10ft MS ' To the Editor: fti Pursuant to a call a fotiftet at th6 teas feet in Mgih, always refers to iempmtfff*; wlitoplftceia'ftbore »tim. bers 1 or 2 it indicates warm weather: " .op 2; it •',' when fibtdla- , _ J( -,the Ifidlcatidni • are Uhat • th, _ {ierfttuw will remalta stationary, or that the change In temperature will not vnf* fouf degrees from the temper- alufe of the same houf the preceding day. Nutaber 4, white''flag, six feet square, with black sdiiate iH center. Indicates the approach of a sudden and derjided fall la temperature. ThW signal Is not to be displayed unless It Is eipected that the temperature will fail to lorty-flve degrees, or lower, and Is usually qrderM at least twehty-fotir houipsin adviahCe of the cold waVe, When mimWr:.4 Is displayed, nutofcet' of tHd street is'the top of the column of flags when more than oho is out. Reading from the center, tho flags mean as follows: .. No. 1, alone, Indicates fair weather, stationary temperature. No. 2, alone, indicates rain or snow, stationary temperature. No. 1, with No. 8 below It,. Indicates fair weather, colder. No. 2, with No. 8 above It, indicates warmer weather, rain or snow. No. 1, with No. 4 below it, Indicates fair weather, cold wave. No. 8, with Nos. 1 and 2 below It, Indicates warmer, fair weather, followed by rain or snow. Telegrams age received from Omaha each morning for the next 24 hours. No telegrams are received' Sundays - or holidays. . After Many Years. Mrs. Simon Hatch has been spending some weeks visiting with relatives and old friends in this county. She Is a resident of Oregon, to which state, in company with several other former Kossuth county people, the Hatch family migrated several years ago. The family was well known here, being among the many settlers who came to this county about 1860. They lived on a splendid /arm about two miles oast of Whlttemore, which Mr. Hatch took as a homestead and Improved until it was one of the best farms in the county. Tho Oregon fever captured him, as well as many others, and he sold out. Mrs. Hatch has much to say that will bo news to our readers. She is a widow now, her husband having died a few months since. The children, ol whom thoro were several girls, ore all married nnd well situated on farms near Portland. She tells us that Mrs. Mart. Pierce, who wont out there at a later date, has recently died. She had remarried after leaving hero. Jim. Taylor, who never thought much of this " darned crab-apple country," is getting along well. Both the Taylor children have been married for some time. Capt. Call IT lind others, who also settled near Portland, seem to bo prospering, also. Tho Van Auken family is also there.,. Henry Van Auken will be remembered as the one who developed into a sort of a' preacher, but his eloquence in that direction does not appear to have impressed itself upon tho people out there any more than it did In Algona. Mrs. Hatch finds many old-time friends hero, with whom she Is enjoying a pleasant time. Sad Dentil of Mm. Myers. The death of Mrs. B. A. Myers occurred at her home Thursday afternoon. After passing through the pains ' of child birth without trouble, she was taken with spasms and gradually sank in spite of medical aid. A brief funeral was held at tho house Friday evening, Rev. Bowon making a few remarks and reading' the Episcopal service, after which the remains were taken, to tho Milwaukee depot, and accompanied" by Mr.' Myers and his mother and Mrs. Myers'mother, were taken to her Old home in Illinois, where they will be interred by those of her father. Mrs. Myers came to Algona with her husband about throe,years: ago, and has been a resident since.'' She was admired by all who know her, and was a lovely, genial, and home loving woman. She was an .ardent 'Episcopalian and a worker in that church. In all her relations to tho community she so conducted herself us to win esteem and affection. ' Her death,•seemingly sadder than many others, coming as it did; Und leaving two small children without a mother, will bo mourned by everyone. Mrs. Myers' maiden name was Grace L. Trotter. She was in her 20th year, and had been married since March !!0. 1880. Death of Mm. HcBnrty. The unexpected death of one of Kossuth's old settlors occurred Sunday evening at 7 o'clock in tho departure of Mrs. Hegarty, who lived near the Milwaukee depot. She was sick but live days and failed rapidly. She came to Kossuth with Mr. Hegarty in 1801, and located on the favm since hold by them in Plum Crook township about three miles northeast of Algona. Mrs. Heg- urty was born in Ireland, Oct. 4, 1805, was married in her native land in 1887, and there aro buried six of her children. Already at middle age, tho family cume to this country in 1850, and five years later to Kossuth county. Two children died here, and only one son is left of the family. Mrs. Hogarty was 85 years old, and had lived 54 of them with her faithful husband. Her death will cause many an old settler of the county to mourn. She was known to all who lived hero in those early years", and tho ties of old association bind more closely as the years pass. The funeral is held this afternoon, Father Nioholls attending, as always In life Mrs. Hegarty was a faithful member of the Catholic church, A Happy Marriage. A wedding occurred yesterday at the residence of our .esteemed townsman, G. M. Howard, The contracting parties wero Nora E., daughter of Mr. Howard, and E. C. French of Humboldt. At 1:80 o'clock Rev. W. E. Adams of Waubeek, assisted by Rev. F. M. Smith, spoke the words which mode the young couple one. Beautiful and appropriate presents came to them together with hearty wishes of prosperity, After the ceremony, refreshments were served to tho company'on tho well- shaded lawn. Among the visitors from abroad wero Mr. and Mrs. Frank French, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram French, Pr. and Mrs. Doane, Mies Ella French ?i l °f Humboldt; Mrs. R. Hays nnd Mertow Wer of Goldlleld; O. French, Phobo French, and Mr. and Mrs. Chapman Ward of Ronwiok; Lucius Adamsi Miss Emma Adams, and Miss Bertha $5»'Mn of Des Moines; Leslie Howard, Miss Gelia Hart, and Miss Mary Glbbs of Livermore; Mrs. S. B. Plokol of Worth county, and Mrs. W. E. Adams jfWaulwek. Tho happy couple took nf * 9,r lot) H tod" "»' Minneapolis, fhey will reside in Webster CltyT council o? recognition met with the First Baptist churoh la Wftittemofe, July 10, ISQi). Delegates were present representing the following churches: Algona, Ayrshire, Bancroft, EBther- ville, Homboldt, Jordan's Grove, Llnft OrBve, Livetthor'e, Marathon, Pdcahon- tas, RSnwlck, JJlou* Rapids. Vernon, Vinton. and whittemb'ro. Rev. 'Jno. Fifth of Steti* R&fcidS Was chosen moderator afid L. A. Cummins' of Bancroft clerk, The records of the church were examined arid found satisfactory, The following programme was then followed out: Scripture reading, " ~ " Webster. Esthe'rvllle; ... praye*. Eer/ JhdVplrth, Sidu* A ^_ , recopltldn Sefftfda, Rev. F. if. ^Eld- f-edge, Vinton; hand of welcome, Rev. U M, Wllftox, Rehwick! charge to the. ' firehi ttev. F.. M. S^itf*. Algona? i'e following ddyWhd.evenlng^tvs; d$* Voted to a Sundtty'School convention of the churches named above, Sunday school missionary Eldrodge being in the chair. ;,. L. A. CtatMms, Clerk of Council. A StateJFolr Exhibit. The matter of making an exhibit this fall at the state fair is being talked bf some, and In view of the fact that the couhty is -pretty, liberally, repro'se'fiterj in the management, it is hoi more than proper that we should do it; As & rector, S. S. Sessions is one bf the managers Of. the association, and has charge of the-'sh&ep and poultry division. J. W. Wadsworthisthe asslStanl Superintendent and will be actively at work during the fair week, while. M. Stephens is assistant marshal, bf the grounds. This gives Kossuth all due prominence, and with such an exhibit of produce as we cbuld easily make, there is no reason why we should .---nol bo the banner county. The state fair this year will excel all previous ones The premiums amount to $35,000''in cash, and as tho association is money ahead, everything will go as advertised Dos Moines is making extra prepara lions to Illuminate and prepare for the occasion. Tho fair is hold Aug. 29- Sept; 5. A Curious Incident. Very many of our readers will're member a fine blooded bird dog years ago belonging to John G. Smith, namec "Princess." She was stolon some '1! years ago, and Mr. Smith offered $100 reward for her, but nothing was over heard of her, and thought of hearing had long since vanished, when yester day Win. F. Smith came up-from Webster City with her old collar, nnd the story of her loss. She was stolen by some campers who took her to Home in Hamilton county, und getting scaret sold her for five dollars to Henry Dalley who sold her afterwards to Fort Dodge parties. Tho camper passed for John G. Smith and Dalley thought nothini of tho collar, but kept it, and ono du: last week while talking with Will Smith asked him if John G. Smith wa u relative of his. Will, explained th matter, nnd secured the collar. Prln cess was tho finest dog that ever cam to this country, and at one time wn winner of a $500 premium ut a dof show. KnleUtB of Pytlilai at Milwaukee Will Bronson and Chas. Walke came homo .from Milwaukee Saturday after witnessing tho grand parade the Knights of Pythias. . Many thous and of tho uniform rank wero in lino and the city was full of visitors. Th contest in fancy drills by the variou companies ' excited, great admiration and tho prizes encouraged good work tho first being $1,000. Milwaukee a usual was a generous host, and gave a: evening exhibition of fireworks whicl tho boys say outdid our display on th Fourth. Now Man at the Tliorliiuton. Tho control of tho Thorlngton ha again changed bunds, and Thcodor Dunn Is how in charge. Mr. Dun lived formerly at Pomeroy, nnd latel in Des Moines. Ho is an old hotel man and comes to Algona. with his family who take active charge of' the house and intends to give tho town a firs class hotol. r . Mr. Hess retains his- own ershlp, but goes to' Des • Moines to do velopo his storage battery. He says-h shall locate a factory in time, und wil consider Algona as a point. To liavo Orltfliial 1'aekaiccH. After trying for some days last wee] to rent a building in town • for the! original package shop, tho Coonttn boy rhado n (1 pul,with B, F. Reed by wtilc' they take tho old Parish rcstaurun building near the- Grange store. Th consideration was'$1,050 in-cash, un 100 acres of land south of Chamberlain 8..D.. The building is it good ono fo original-packages or any other businesi and the consideration, .was pretty gooc A Hrlck llloclc I'romlacU An important sale was made his week by which Geo. B, Bacon of Wls consln comes into possession of tho Me Call property on State street, now occu plod by tho Setchell millinery store He Is a brother of Mr. Bacon of Wosloj and intends to open a general store. 1 is reported that ho will put in u brie building, but it is not settled that h will do so this season. f hi Work of Securing a $fe* Head to the School—How the Matter &t Present, Stands. The past week hue witnessed some iMivts work on ttoMnal school matters, 'rof. Hodges of Shenandoah has been n town several days, arid besides the committee is now in active correspondence with two different teachers in !&•> dtana of State reputation.^ Within the next few days definite arrangements perfected lor maintaining the school, and for keeping it fully up to its past standard of excellence." The liberality with which the people have re- lor the fifth yeah .shows how fQuy' they appreciate the school, and how determined they are to maintain it. . „.,, The following 'liberal contributions inve thus far been received towards ceeping up the School for two years. The sums given are. for each year. A number of citizens'have not beeh seen, and the list Will bo published in full as soon as completed: . W.H. inghsm JfiOH.A.Clo<:k r LewlSH. Smith.... BO F. M. Taylor: I A. L. Hudson....... 60 B. J. Gllrnoro....V,.. - I Ambrose. A. Call... 60 P. S.' Btougn ! 3eo. 0. Call. MM.Z. Stove. I 3.1*. Umd... .'IKG.M.Hownrd....... I J. J. Wilson....'.... »5D. A. Biiell I 3eo. E.Clarke...... 85Jas. Patterson I J. W. Boblnson 2fi K. S. Lambernon.... I 3eo. L; OttlbrMth., 86 A. L.K1W,......:•..;.. I T.H.-Lttntry asb.B. Avey I tcBlfts..... 85 Jos. Thompson I I ISIIa Juno Meado, The reader so well known to Algo lilans, and Lu B. Cuke, a noted humoi 1st, will appear at tho Congregation!! church next Tuesday evening. Tho, will give pno of tho best entertainment ever witnessed in Algona. Tho Havan nu Journal says: " Ella Juno Monde 'Alpine Eohos' wero simply marvelous Lu B. Cake has n wonderful power o pleasing the audience. A first-class hu morist, a writer high in the protTes sion." A Now Hotel. J. J. Wilson hus rented his building recently occupied by G. H. Light as a hotel, to u man by the name of Wood who will shortly open It us a hotel aiic boarding house. We understand tha 1 the active management will dovolvo 01 u Bister, who with her family comes from Rochester,' Minn. The houso will be occupied soon. A number of Algoua shooters wont to Emmotsburg yesterday to attend u big match, 000 live pigeons being part ol the supply. John G. Smith, l)r. West, Heriry Durunt, A. F, Dulloy and " " Sessions wore ovur. ft'edal; Bre ffiite team 1 iis SfttracMbe tibefaiiy f &nd f lie will be Matotftlf Of the GitSrfl. u«? ftuit*? cxuovj. ¥•*** UKTUCH.* BVTU uiii& state j&Mtoptefiship, $30 nrcdftl; half mile febys 1 mce, for those nride* IS ears, $2 silver cup; one mile donsolnr lottrace with KuMerOuS prize's. The ittendance of the champions of the tateia insured and some fast riders will participate. fourth of July nuts Very cheap, closing them otit at re- narkftbly low Call & Go's. B.-H. Htttcfittts 8S Joa. Thompson JU.W. WiuJsirorth.. 15D. J. Mitchell....... Oufant Bros.;...;.. 15 A. Rutheftord...... D.'-D.t-Townsend.:.. 10F. Is. PBrlsh....... ; ., E. O, Bowyer....... 10 A. Hough Jus, Taylor 10Kay API Taylor 10 Kay &!....,_ A. Branson 10 A. H. Naudaln Bailey Bros 10 P.L. Blagle.. Jas. Ban 10O.D. Htrtchlns M.' Stephens :. 10W. Hallock Grange.Store 10H.B. Hallock J. C. Dlackford 10 J, U, Hollus. , Fred Dormoy. 10 W. W. Wheeler.;,.. H. Ingham 10 John G. Smith Ohrlschllles J. \v: Bftrtlett.. &HerbBt. 10 F. B. Smith... Carter & Wolcott,.. 10 0. M. Doxsee H.K. Hess lOT.F.Cdoke I* A. Sheet* 10 B. H. Spencer,, BorthaCarey lOM.ti. Clarke. M. Starr 10J.O.Frank..., W. K. Ferguson 10W. P. Wllklns Dlngley & Mottatt.,. 10 Thos. Henderson.... Chan. C. Chubb 10 A. Johnson Dr.H.C.McCoy....: 10 J.L. Edmonds J. B. Laird... -.,....., 6Qeo. Horning. B.'B.warren 5A. 0. Cady.... B. H.Clarke BH. W. Blst A. F. Dalley b Thos. Gilbert..., 8. 8. Sessions AT. N. Roblson.. W.B. Quartoa. BH.A.Pulne J.'B.Wfnkel BF.B.Foster.... Winkle Bros;. BH, J.Eflens A. M. Johnson B J. O. Patterson A.C. Johns 6Henry Mason W. W, Jones........ BE, H. Slagle J.F.Lnoy... BJ. Holtz.. C. T, Doid ro.B. Blade. Pimps.. Hlllool Why'do you pay such high prices fo flour, when you can got it good cnoug for the Queen or President Harrison a $1 per sack, warranted at J. J. Wil son 'at— 1518 Girl Wanted. A competent housekeeper wanted a Rev. Davidson's. Good wages, tf REMEMBER we close on the loth September. Give us a call before tha date if you wish to bo bonofltted. G R. Woodworth. THE CROPS AND WEATHER. Tho First Named nro Splendid, a tho Latter All Itlglit. Better prospects for crops never exis ted in Kosauth. A little rust is roporto on wheat, but hay, corn, and othe small grains are above tho average Tho flax crop promises to be cnormou as so much has been sowed, and all looking, finely. Haying hus begun and tame gross is bettor that for years Barley will bo cut this week. Corn ahead of the season. CATTLE COMING UP. ' E. P. Keith in Portland sold n her of 40 head of three year olds, with sora two year olds, last week at $35 a hoa for feeding. They wero delivered once. This is a much better price t has been paid lately, and shows tha stock cattle nrer coming up. Price promise to be remunerative this season THE WASHINGTON REPORT. -.The national signal service repot dated July 12 is: Tho weather durin the past week was.fayorablo to all grow ing crops in Minnesota, but it wan un favorable in South Dakota, Kansas Nebraska, Missouri and southern II inois owing to'tho continued drought und in some sections tho recent he weather forced tho ripening of grain, 5 causing shrinkage. Corn and hay suffering for .rain in Nebraska southern Illinois. All crops proved in Michigan where 1 is In progress. The continued din in Kentucky and Tennessee, /v( there was dry hot weather, result^ some injury to tho corn. $'i IOWA CROPS. |/ Tho state bulletin for tho wj&t is in part: Tho week has boon very-favorable for haying nnd luirvos'" ' ''" lions, which have been can- orouBly,'th.o x crop being gut' eonditlori. ' The'.. oxer™ hastened maturity. ot't> „ oats, and burloy, causing a/irlnknge.of tho grain in some localltios,/ut generally 'the cereal crops will mujaa fair yield. Corn is in a very 'promwff condition, not being materially dajjAffed as yet by tho drouth except in ff very limited urea. With favorablepi'dltlons it will bo nearly, if not quitettp to tho big yield lust year. lj___ -. prices, at MAtson, Me- The Ixwdlflfc Qnistlon. toieleadhifc question no*is: "Areyon provided with a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Ifemody, as a Dishes Wishirig td close otit some of-; Crockery depaltiriefit before bi' your attentioii to the following:' 'odds and ends in otfr fall stock, we call nst an attack of bowel com plaint during-, the summer months!" No amllycftn afford to riafe. being without his Invaluable medicine during the hot •Weather. It U almost certain to tie needed, and is a friend indeed When required. a» it never falls and is pleasant to 4aW. 26 nri'd 60 cent bottles for sale by L. A. Sheet! wanted. I.Waat to contract tt)f the cutting and stacking of about 800 tons of •< hay netfr Algona. andHvVfeBley. I also want to With HS.IX) worth of Groceries at one With «7.00 worth 6f Groceries at 6>e With f8.00 worth of Groceries at one With «S.OO worth 6f Groceries at one, With 14.00 worth of Groceries at ontf With 18.00 worth of Groceries 6t oriS With «2.00 worth of Groceries at off& Large Platter, free. Covered Tureen, free. ._„. - sett-la. Soup Plates, free. i8»6j 1 Set 6-in Tea Plnles, free. "" 1 dozen Fruit Saucers, free. 1 dozen Ice Cream Dishes, free, pitchs>e,' 1 Mug, free. Gome Quick I /This will not Last Loiig! The list of prices the satne. ' • found in this space will fefhafft tire twb food men to work on farm dur- .ng haying and harvest. 18t2 C. L. LUND, Algona, Iowa. PROit THE COtJNTi? TOWNS. . : v . Bancroft. ' itegister: Johh Ai Winkel' has wrought his horses home from Algona, and will 0ve Kossuth just enough t«in- Itig. this fall to keep his taus61ed bard- efted. He has decided to Walt until next year before putting him Into a race. R. M. Richmond is having all Addition built to his hotel to give them a setter chance to keep cool this warm weather. „ ,-,:.,,: S. T. Me&ervey of Port Dodgo was here this week looking after the interests of the State Bunk of Bancroft, of which he is president. *'• > •' Thos. Fitzslmmons and sister were at _Jgona the Fourth celebrating, and while there their motllor was at home fighting tho fire which destroyed their house. How the fire originated IB not known, unless it caught from the chimney." 1 ' Nothing was saved except an old trunk and they had • rio insurance. Thomas is hauling lumber and .will rebuild at once. JjuVernc. r News: Tho Misses McCall, MatsOn, and;Frazor, all of Algona, wero tho guests of Mrs. Henry Miller this week. a G, W. Hanna and -family and G. .C. Burtls and family took In the celebration at Algona. '•',?'' •Will Hough of Algona was calling upon his best girl at Corwith, Lu Verne, Livormore and Luni tho first of tho week. • /• Our Lu Verne folks who went to /Algona on tho Fourth complain of right royal treatment at the hands of Uncle Joe Tennant, of the' Hotel Tennant. Our fellows aro always well treated when they go there. . •/,;-.' Albert J. Haywood of Rolfe and Lizzie Pike of Fonda were married in Lu Verne on Friday afternoon, the Hon. J. C. Raymond officiating. For tying matrimonial knots and unraveling legal tangles Judge Raymond has few .equals and no superiors In this region. After effectually tying the young people together nnd receiving his fee the judge came up tho walk' looking as much pleased as a boy with his first'trousers. Standard stock Food. For horses, cattle, and hogs. It will pay you to use it. Get it at J. J. "W 11- son's.—1018 .},;•'. . A Dangerpiu Policy. . L. A. Sheotz, tho druggist, wishes to remind his patrons tint it la a dangerous policy to wait untlftoken sick before buying a bottle of Chifiberlaiii's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Beraody. Every family should bo provided with some reliable remedy for bo(f»l complaints, ready fpr .Immediate useftrtienever required, during the summer ffldnths, and this remedy is unquestiouablpar superior to any other. It can alwaji/bo'depended upon, and ia pleasant und wf o to take: It fa put up in 25 und 60 cent-bottles. >• sei 'all kinds^oT for. We sell a choice Hard Wheat Flour for. ...... We sell a Half 'pate/it' Hard Wheat Flour for/;; We.sell a Full Pateht Mard Wheat Flour for.: We'sell 32 bars, of /Good Laundry Soap for. . . .$6 . . Arid We take/pi^fduce in exchange fdf 'groceries. Come and*get our prices befdre you,'buy. ' "*"' ' '• " ' SEEN AT SPOKANE FALLS. Coi> G'onistdck Telia Our Headers 1 How lio Views the New .Torusnlciil I —A Typical Western City. ': SPOKANE FALLS, Wash., June 80.^ Special Correspondence: As I stood ; trj•' the cupola of a building, centrally lo 1 / uated, a few days since, and gazed aboil! me updn the busy throngs of •upon, every, building as far as th8' eye tfould reach, it remined me of the/ saying/of Goethe, In speaking of tHe, chawUiters in Shakespear's drani^i: "His'characters are like watches with, dlal-'plates of transparent crystal; they} show you tho hour like otherSj and tt|§ iatrard mechanism also, is all visible'.'" Here was the entire " modus operuridl'f- 'of building a city spread out before ifle 'like u piinoru'ma, and all of tho chahycf ters as perfectly performing their : ali lotcd tasks as tho wheels seen through the transparant ci-ystal of the wateh : . ?': 1 Spokane is, comparatively, but it small city. Still, for ono of its^siz'e, .1 dare say there are lew In America tha|. can compare with it in the great volume of business transactions within certain limits. Tho railroad truffle will compare favorably with many eastern towns of double its si'/.c. Seven roods, center or pass through hero with u prospect of two other trans-continental connections within tho coming year. Tho electric motor cubic and horse street ruilwuys thread all the principal streets, and in several directions run out three und four miles. • The building through the business and resident portions of the city is almost beyond ordinary computation. Over 100 brick and granite blocks from five to six stories high are in the different stages of construction. This gives employment to a vast army of, mechanics In the different trades. Still,; from what.I.can gather, I should 'say that there are«nough of all trades.' here to Some days- wo meet trge number of carpenters iaparticu- wno are idle; again all are ; at 'work. •'.;• KlnclluK Day. Every important holiday event is known by aomejwpular naino. vThe Fourth of July is no more a general holiday tluiu the one on wfifch tho Great Ringliiig Brothers' Monster Railroad shows uppear; and. so universally lias this -became established that $0 advent of tho enormous institution is Jqiown far and near as Ringliiig Day. Ttadaily expenses of these Monster Shows areno grout that, if their reputation was no! so pood that-all feel they would be great loicrs If they missed seeing them, tho Big 'gSow oould not live a month. This Is 'why iftiools, factories, business places, and oven legislatures and courts, are closed when hey coino, and all transportation companies can ftflord to give their patrons cheap 'excursion rates, Hiugling day comes year ut Algouu, Saturday, July 19. this It Gave Quick Itcllef. W. W. Moore of tho Grand .Opera house Dos Molncs, is an early settlor in that part of Iowa, und has hud a groat dcul of ox- porlcuco In his time. Hfi says: "At various times I have hud acute uttucks' of bilious polio und violent pains hi tho stomach, und found nothing that gave me relief like Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Ilemedy. Every person," ho suys, "should hovto a bottle." For sale by L. A. Shcotz. -. JAS; A. ORB, painter!, decorator, paper hungoiyetc:, solicits, the patronage of those Who have work in this line, und guarantees satisfdction.-2mO WorfCn -Home Kulr Of tho, Bligliug Ivors' Now ColosmU Railroad', Circus, M^ un1 ' und Menagerie Is tho moat magnificat uud Instructive international display* <h'uft, trotting und miming horses of assembled, in addition to which may tepentlonod tho Immense throngs of beniftW Shetland . poulra and Arablon. Eng)j/;Kontuoky, Trukono uud Ukruno horsogNlocttvoly forming u numerical streip of over two hundred uud flftv uoblo gp/uiens of urUtocrutlu horse llesli. No o*» ehargo to see this imnosuir addition. with tho rythiug advertised oxhlbltod t Klugling Show. At Algonu, •10. TRY Sck of that $1 Hour at Town- solid &,pigdon'n. ire Ureat liiil'uniliH In hafand all millinery goods at Mat- Keol KulHtQ Rowing aro tho ImpoHimt ti'tuutfors al estate in Kossuth county, fur- S. C'hunico of Locution. Owing to^thc necessity of glvlngM> their present quarters, tho Setufill millinery will be moved to tho 8'is bury building iveross tho street. Vut Uj> or Shut Uy. Itoports uro being circulated offeot that tho Estorly Mucliiu uy is out of business. I Imvo tho bunk which suys that ull ports are wholly untrue. Th/Estorly U on top. FBANK Ndouw- amusing freak that has «.tely been reported occurred last Friday in pOBftocUojR with our new weather service. The fag hung all day indl- Warty ' Witfl „ T ^, ,.„_. „ frnna munv inn • « ftwvjoe, bvjjj; vro] WJB slwll ko«?p n full lino o stoplos to veil' ut cost until wo -clcto. u. U, 5 .the OO in oh re- J>c Hurt) |p U»o blood-»\ygf*tluK Uullroua O hippojioluiuus In Amerieu, ItlugUug UvotUert)' Enor 10, uud coo 'tho lui'gout with tho Museum' uua , Uowuu HipjJOdi'Oiuo, uua Uulvei-uul \ euagwie, I World's 16 pounds Turkish prunes tor ........ $} 10 jxiundfi drliid (tpi'lwts toe ......... j 10 jwuuds Oul. pitted plumtt (or ....... 1 at Towasoud s will nod this paper by 0, M, Doxsou, ub- muter of tltlun, und real estate tigout, two wgoks'oiuUng July 14: M Uullvy Jr, trilHtuo, to (loo WullH, \vi\i-- ruiily, »w,w3l,VB, '-n I W ami) to btimo, warranty, no 11.1, BH, V7,.., I,IW A UuyBcii n'ud w to II Nlunniyw, wwrnu- ranty, w hf nw!JO,,,.. VKI Ii Nlemuyor and w to J IluiilioUor, win 1 runty, HIUIIU...: • ,., i.uuu P W Voder and w to Q VVlUllUliu, wur- 1-uyty, nu IB, 1U), 'SI.. , U.tflU Andi'owTnilnon U) H T If'rlute, witrruuly, J M Oulley Jr,'truHtit','to (iuu \Vi)il«, witr- K-S«T,. Kiln (T VuiiifUn uud h to (juo warranty, w Iif iiw B,-W, iff suiffl) to tf il Ohi -• ",,*! VV phnmbenii wurrutly,' iiw II, W uf'ijw's l ^r w '****' ^ ^ llp w *''™'^'" °™Kiw^ v i^'«^.!*^^^'*i*' |: ' uou •KM I,IW Tho pwionoo of ably provout cer Saturday to u.UBU,4 tj w the state UAvWott men, b- B W Luul. * The I'nIfiK aiifl the Stngc. Ilev. F. Shrout, pastor Called Dretlireii church Blue Mound, Kan,, auja: ", I feel It my duly lo tell what wonden Dr, Klng'8 New Discovery lias done for me, Mr lungs were badl; cllaeuscd, and my (mrlshlonem thought I could live only n few weeki, I took live bottles of Or. King's New -Discovery and am sound-and well, gululng mi pounds In weight." Arthur Love, munuger Love's i'umiy Folks Combination, writer: "Atfer H Ilioreugn trial and convincing evidence I urn couQdent * Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption l»ii)s 'em till, und cures where tveiythlng else falls. The grenUist kindness I win do my iniiny thousands of friends Is to urge them to try It." free trlul bottles ut L. A. Sheet:' drug store. Regular sizes"BOo and one dollar, _____ " Kjioch. • i. The trunsltlon froin loug, lingering, and palnrul slokni'sa to robust health murks HII epoch In the Ite of the Indlvlduul, Such u remarkable evout U treasured In the memory and the lujency whareby the good henltli lius been attained Is gratefully blemeil. Hence it In Unit so much U heimi In uralM of Electric Bitters. Ho man/ teel they-owe their reHtoriillon to health to the use of the ireut alterative und tonlo. If you are troubled wltnany disease of kldneii, liver, or itoiimcb. of long or short (landing, you will surely Und relief by use of Eleelrlo Bittern Split ut GOo und one dolUr ubot- lle nt Sheeu' drug store. U lIui'klen'H Arnica Sulre. .. Til. best »ul»o In the' world foi tuts, bruises, sores, uloers. null rheum, fever soros. tetter, ohupped liunils, ohllblalln, uorns, und all skin erup tloni, und pQaltlTelr oures pllei or no pur required. II In (uariiuteeil to give perteetsatutictlon or 1 ion« cSj" 1 ~ " "--' err.lunilod, pric? a5o. pjjr box, Sold by I,. A, A F.ltKSU buN of \yiiout Gonu wutoi'B just I'uoolvDil (it tho Uauh Store. Tcy thwu. ' : 's Foiirth thom'iiro SK« Watsou, . of Julv huts. Th0 pricos on vjf rtowu, very low. It U to be boi M.DIIO tor Uooil. uittftu perform the labor, a hire lar wl In tho mercantile lines, wholesale, retail, and' commission, tho transactions are 'largo. All eastern .Washington, western -Idaho, and portions of eastern Oregon are supplied from this city, with cur loads of camp and mining supplies sent into the Kootenal • mining regions, in the British possessions, and northern Idaho. The money transactions,as reported through the eight • national banks would make the ordinary Iowa banker green with envy. Tho Northern Pacific Railway company are making extensive, improvements in the eastern portion of 1 the city in building freight and passenger depots. Their depo ts and yard tracks are In tho very-heart of the city. They are to bo moved a half mile to the east. The clearing of the ground, of the rock and boulders, .from 10 to 30. ^eet in height; over the forty acres of ground, thiit'they, must occupy, is no sm$l item. The blasting all through the:, city, a few moments after 12 and "6 p. m. reminds one, for a few litomonts, at least, of the thunders of Gettysburg. That company will probably spend,, a quarter of a million in impi-oveinents hero this season. X •' > This city contains one of tho'ilnest individual electric plants to be found in the west: Tho Spokane river makes a scries of cascades and falls within the city limits of about 130 feet in height, and gathers itself together from behind the several islands for one grand plunge of nearly sixty feet. The electric light und street railroad plants, and in fact all tho motive power to run the numerous industries of tho city, is here obtained. I dropped into a printing office a few days since for some work, and see ; ing no engine, asked what power 'they were using, They called my attention to an instrument, occupying the space of an ordinary sewing machine, saying, "thoro is our two horse power electric motor, and by simply moving that hand on tho dial plate, wo turn the power on or off. That co$ts us $13' per month; wo run throe presses, and a more steady motion could not be desired." I understand there aro about 60 of these motors In use in the city. Spokane is well lighted with about 200 arc lights, with 5.000 incundesce.nts in use through tho city, tho Sgioknno hotel alone using 800. As one gets into tho swim of financial, real estate, and general commercial transactions in u western city of this character, the saying of Bacon is brought very vividly into prominence, especially in the mind of the humanitarian. Ho suys ' 'the f oily bf one man is the fortune of another, for no man prospers us suddenly as by others' errors." I cannot my whether natural gas is indigenous to this soil and climate, or an exotic, but certain I am that it is hero, Listen to tho enthusiastic Spokanjte, and visions of .the Now Jerusalem, painted in tho most glowing terms by the ancient prophet nnd psalmist, pale into insignificance in comparison with the grand city that is to spring into exist- eiico in a fow years in the valley bf the Spokane. As I listened, the old fueling erupt through mu, a.nd, I thought, I was surely born to bo a doubting Thomas. Then as I passed along I thought to myself that tho doubter hero as in tho past is a necessity, • to hold in steady oaulibrlum some of the visionary souls ofhumanltyr But, jest- Ing aside, my couildouco in SpoKuno Fails is not shaken in the least. Tho mining interests ulono, ovon though no tuoi'o wero discovered, uud they are opening rich wines every day, would build iv largo and prosperous city. Uuetern Washington and western Idaho comprise an extensive tract of country, containlm/ today tho finest wheat belt in tho United Stu,toa with gold, silver, und lou,d mining unsurpassed, water l>owor unlimited, and hundreds of small uud thriving towns springing up, that naturally demand u. sort of : m,otropo- lls somowhoro froin. which to. draw tue supplies, Spokane's locution, in tho v.ory coutor of this vast trust,' 4(K) mllps, moots this uwoaalty, and mu^t ovuu iu tho ostiumto ol tho most con- uv.outuully i'ouvh quite THE CASE IN A NUTSHELL. >• When Duby was sick* wo gave her Cuitorin. ; When she was a child she cried for Castorla, < When she became Hiss she clung IOCnstoruV' When she hud Children she gave them CastorlK. ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, • .- « • *50,OOd. incorporated under general lawi of tow*. Deposit* received, moner loaned, foretell ind do* mettle exchange bought and «ol<L Collectlonl made promptljr and a general banking bastne.l tranwcted. Paswige tl&eH to Wfrom the old oountriei told at lowest ratei. W. n. INOUAM. ProBldent, J. D. JONKS. vice President, LKWI8 II. 8MITH. Cashier. ; Dlreclora-w. 11. Ingham, Jno. 0. Smith, J. & Jones, T. ChrlsBhllles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wsdsworth, BamA Derlne. M Dnnlr Jjdlll OF ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, sso'.oob Special Attention Paid to Collections. DIBKCTOBS. Ambroie A. Call, D. H. Hutchlui. J. C fiioek wm - iMBiioKn A. CALL. b.H. President. Vice Prei'ldeui. J. C. BLACXPORD. Cashier. Money always on band to loan at reasonable rates to parties who can furnish first class security. . BANCROFT, IOWA. B. M. Richmond. Pees. R..n.'R!oliim>Dd. V P A. B. Richmond, Cainlef. vw\Ji •. -'V" "i^vi -„' Transacts a general banking' business. CoOee- lions a specialty. Money Iraiwferred to all poft of tbe United States and Europe at low ralea ' Tickets to and front the.old country for sale. Taxes paid for both residents and non-residents. Abstract of title furnished on tbe same dsy applied R. M. RICHMOND, REAL ESTATE DEALER, loan and Insurance Ag't and Notary Public. 00,000 acres of prairie lands and Improved farms (or sale or rent. Village property fonsale or rent. Mow Is the time to secure you a home before tbe three prospective railroads are built, which will advance the price of land beyond the reucn of tbe average borne-seeker. COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Bancroft, town; Jk M. Blchmond, proprietor. Klrst LOOK. Pat. wliole wheat flour per sack. .SI 00 ISr~Eixry nock mirranleti. Qraliam flour per saelt 50 Salted corn meal per sack. 25 Buckwheat Hour per nack 25@50 Bran per 100 go Shorts per 100 .'.'"" 00 Ground feed (isorn and oats).. !!!•! 70 around feed (corn, oats, barley)... 60 Best hard coal per ton 9 00 Best Sd-vein Illinois coal per 1,on. 4 60 Best lower-vein Iowa Block coal 4 00 Salt per barrel ,'- i 26 I handls only Ids Best Coals, FREE DELIVERY IN THE CITY. Leave orders at tbe Big Flour and Feed store, G^"lllgnest market price paid for J. J. WILSON. Looking for a Painter, Did you Say? Well, If you are jou should see WALTER WARP, who wlfl be pleuseil lo iiijiir* wllh you for "nulling In tin- line or Painting, Paper Hanging, Those desirin dune ore re«ueel- are Always Coma-«qg intertlew me. AUCTIONEER. D. A. HAGGARD, 0fjl*e wuujf, y. Tajlor, over AUDI* pro., DB. I,. A, Pwler In DRUGS AND MEDICINES. tWa out ts» loot', mul must oluao by iuvitiu^ out* Menus to stov lutQ tfto lqpj,u, colleotloiK unil reuJl o^Uvto oAlvo ot C.'owstwU & Aiuils t wUw they visit tho Fttlli* City. • Siw to ovti- frivwl ol tno Couvlor ivot to lot his hwt ^ trovibloij o'oi' tlio of ilw OojijstQyk &. Anuls WJH- tb». Uiesb iwts of Iow»; for l "Late..®/

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