The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 16, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1890
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Undertaking and embalming will always receive careful personal attention.. Prices are reasonable. gre will they be when the pollsopeft?, The attempt to regulate elections anywhere other than by local publld sentiment will be a failure just as it has been before, fcnd the t only solution of'the southern question is time and pressure of«publlo 'opinion in northern elections.' Let the people .of the north once sfiow the .country .that, no party which affiliate's with law breakers can win, and the south will adjust Itself to the sit- u'ation more rapidly than it ever will under : : the clubs or guns of United States soldiers. ESTABLISHED 1188, The Upper Des Moto, Store. LAIRD'S FURNITURE \8JDBL J, R. LAIRD, Propridl; ffiSW old a&iooiatioMf and form ftew ties, I are to to ft legal tends* lor all debts When It is also trtfe that for teffiporary pur- flat btftertHae ifedfled to the contract, poses it is oftefi bdth wise affd hbneat to ~ febuke party chicanery. But as a wile The bill practically secures free coinage' of American silver, as tho amount provided <rf political conduct o*<Jept in stringent for is ** Mtlon tf not * OT<I tnto n °* P*°- emergeney there is neither evidence O f 3 tteeaifloffifIM ' ne *' Kisnot the lines of nA L Secretary Windom's reccomonendatlon for u v t lMttl n* Ml*** bullion der«£eBt«, but main- Ott busl« | tains the'Mlver standard of value. A mile from here and just east of the lies Koines river on the highest point ' land for miles aroundj the meh came contact With what they thought to _. Shelly frock, but on closer investigation c, u on coser nvesgaon made the discovery that they had struck ||A Veritable Traveling City of Splendor. .4«w*t.. I ' t/ A. account of policies, whose fiftal settlement de- upon the education bt the voter. ... __ Joint resolution ha* been offered in both houses providing for n (JomiBisston to a monetary fa. » -—— *vww». i i/iuviuiug lur u vuumjisBiuu TO a monetary t^M U +tT. *urjJ rr---?*•«»"»«•• f™* "o^r* has not resulted in anything conference to be called to adopt a ratio be- S£±±i 1? t^ W _t *?«?: £«»*«« ** {S ." llke * t° InthefUt- *"«* »«ver and gold, on which all nations . If the southern local sentiment is H6t witli ,m -fttithoritiesiow maMy/soldleri «it $<$$& ft tftke t6 protect; iile ~&ffi property*,; tMted States marshals'mSy Keep the polls ciulet oh election day, but how about the dajr ahd days preceding election day? If it is desired that Some onfe or' ones do not v&te. ' , fore. Personal ambition may sometimes I will *Bmonet}ze silver. «B gratified, but no cause has ever been '. :u ~ : — TT* totally ftdyftiiced by it. Everv i tt . h- A* Of*nge J31ty> fawner orce 6f association * 200 " *" Mb " i , orce associaton ahd of- M ' Sanction has certain chknfaels th^h - *"° % * *** • - ***?• channels of communication. Through them by maintaining his own indenend- eacehemay much accomplish cause ten times as ~»». ^ -g_ The only possibility of his I «ftted"for"ms fifth term in congress by touch good IB by retaining these | olamstlon. The New York Tribune refers to gale at Fargo and Says: "A type of squall, thoroughly local nnd very short lived, but consisting rather of a direct • blast than a mtn-i,t,, „, vj . , — -««i whirlwind, is characteristic of Iowa, and mighty^machinery of jwrty Orgahfza. probably the adjacent region." ThU edlto- won. , it makes little difference rial utterance shows the ignorance of the how long time it takes, or how large a effete oast. S*argo adjacent to Iowa! And talnomy any one raay'be Iti, persistent j Iowa the sole possessor of a peculiar and and well directed work will absolute!^ I aestruotlve kind of wind I change party policies, and .through LOANS. At 6, 7, 71^, and 8 per cent., on five to ten years' time, wj privilege of partial payments before due. 'Interest can paid at my office, apply for a loan. Save money by calling on me before you CONGJlKSS. One of the best nominations that has been'or will be made in Iowa this year Is that of Geo. D. Perkins of the Sioux City Journal for congress in the Eleventh district. Besides & long "and active experience in journalism which has given him an extensive acquaintance with public questions, he has aN ways been an active worker in state Wftics, and has there shown the q'unli- 1cs which are peculiarly needed at this "-o in-our loyfa congressional delega- -. Mr. Perkins is inaependent, ,r headed, and gogressive. When isue of railway control was raised ± LV. Larrabee he took sides with- iltatloh, although most of the :«nns uhd local interests were „ st him. , In tho lato exciting discussions which have divided republican sentiment tho Journal bos represented . them national policies, as has been' de-1 JUDt'E MILLER bos decided officially monstratedmore than once. The charge I tnat n P'K 6011 ls not -a fowl. It IB'said doubt bird brings food to Its young,-a' fowl takes Its young to the food. Now let the First district nominate 8. M. Clark. -..-.••• of inconsistency, will no doubt often greet the ears of those who repudiate party platforms but stand by party candidates, and work for party success. They can confidently appeal to the facts of history to .vindicate their "course. It I A N interesting political contest is go- is the only one by which any great tn »onln South Carolina. Tho Farmers' changes, not revolutionary, have over olllnt)co has Capt. Tlllmnli up for govonor, been accomplished. '" " ' aft Ihdiaii burying, ground, and after Beraoing out a fetf* BoneS they raised the flag Staff and adjourned further investigation until the Saturday following, when A» B. Smith and it few helpers lowered the pole and commenced the search, which, resulted in the finding of two arrow-heads afld parts of Six different skeletons which were about 20 Inches Utade* ground, the number being HeteWHaed fly • the skulls, though So tender they Were unable to get one out whole. .They had been so Tbhg- in the ground that their cavities were filled with hard dirt,, apparently like the surrounding soil. Some of the large leg.bones were found in shape and one under jaw that was complete and teeth ml in place but worn down to a degree that indicated old age, and a leg bone that shbwed that its owner was once a stalwart man of the forest. But few vertebrae were found, - There was also a finger bone in good preservation that was evidently from a person of a short, stout make-up. Since writing the above there have been found portions of the skeletons of six more 'of the noble reds, and'the position of the bones indicate that they were buried in a slttini posture with their Htabs doubled baci underneath them. TKtmr FROM ULAINK. _. . 1 t ——•-«».« mv&VAB w t»0 VtlO DUAUU1V1 in aialno'g reply to Gladstone, on the southern .question. Copt. Tlllman tariff^ the defender of American interests speaks of the ability of our manufacturers to compete with those of England; Instead of claiming that wo are Infants and are afraid of being driven out, ho makes this remarkable statement: and the old democracy are as a unit against him. He has tho load, however, and his possible success is what tho Iowa republican platform refers to as the solution of tho is' 48 years of ago, blind In ono oyo, pays taxes on 1,800 acres of land, runs 20 plows, nnd has 40 thoroughbred Jersoys. -DEALER IN- Stoves, Tinware, and Cutlery, Slielfware, Belting, Paints, Glass, • Machine Oils, Iron and Wooden Pumps. Repairing of Pumps a Specialty. dLGONA, IOWA. Dealers In Riverside Stoves, Stoves and Ranges, Gasoline Stoves. Agents for the NEVER RUST TINWARE, M iiLUM ofl Fan Property, At lowest rates and optional - ; payments. Interpsf payable at our office, can save you money. optional "payments. Interest If you want a loan, call on us. We JONES & SMITH. M. Z. Crovo. John Crave. throughout tho liberal nnd progressive tendencies of party thought. .As author of the state platform Mr. Porklns illustrated his capacity for putting into unoffendii f phrases tho real moat of new policies. His nomination means the endorsement not simply of the express planks of the state platform, but more essentially of the spirit in which they were drawn—a spirit at wide variance with much that has been held among tho sacred traditions of tho-party. His election means a distinct protest against an .eastern financial policy. Both on the silver and tariff questions the Journal has been' outspoken for Iowa. It moans also a distinct protest against tho attempt to repeat disastrous history by putting soldiers around southern polling places to preserve quiot on election'day,—an attempt being urged against tho protest of southern republicans, and undw the whip and spur of Speaker R4II Mr. Kerkins' nomination is an expression of the new sentiment that is rapidly gaining supremacy in Iowa, and as such will bo accepted everywhere us an important and significant event. It means npt 11 i,"V •• "'° "toBfflshlp lines wcro established, wo could not Increase our trade ^e. cause wp produce under our protective- tar- 1JT nothing that can compote in neutral market*i with articles of tho like kind England. How then can the irom free-trader explain the fact that a long list of articles manufactured in the United States iflnd ready and large sale in Canada! The Canadian tariff is tho same upon English and American goods. Transportation fron Ens- land to. Quebec or Montreal is cheaper than £° m „'£? .manufacturing centers of the United States to the samo points. Tho difference is not great, but It Is In favor of tho English shipper across tho seas, and not the American shipper by railway. It is for tho free-trader to explain why, If the cost of transportation bo made the same, tho United States cannot compote with Ene- land In every country In South America fii all the articles of which, wo 'sell a lariter does simply a now bottle, but also new wine.*' Tho Eleventh district has reason to he proud, of its action. amount in Canada than England UTO0 . append a note naming tho American article 5?i d in ,,9 al ' adn i and th< > free-trader, If can did, will admit that the list is ono which ' constantly aud rapidly increasing." He then adds tho note: "Tho following articles of American manufacture are sold in Canada more large ly than like articles of English manufacture. Brass goods, copper 'goods,- cordage ginghams bottles, flasks, ' India-rubber goods, printing-ink, ingrain carpets, wooc manufactures, twines, tinware, ship-rig -Ing. wall-paper, writing-paper, envelopes Jankjbookft, strawboard paper, boots am shoos, leather and skins, sole leather, loath °f goods, patent leather, figured oll-clotbs grain drills, harrows, harvesters, hoes, forks, mowing-machines, scythes, spades, shovels, builders' and cabinet-makers' hardware, house-furnishing hardware, nulls, nre-arms, sewing-machines, screws' stoves 0X08, Jewelry (sterling and plated), silver- warp, lamps, locomotives, hatchets, hammers, saws, mechanics' 'tools, organs, E^" 0 ?',,"notions," .Plain houso^furnf DBS MOINES is in a 'p"'«Hy picklo. Pierce, the constable, has shotono unoffending citizen and Is urider arrest, ,But his cheek still stays by him, OB he has the Leader editors arrested for libel, and they are under bonds. In the meantime the" Register is showing up tho Justices of tho\ peace as boodlers, tho boodling aldermen nro still undisposed of, it Is unsettled whether Dos Moines is a liberal convention city or not, and only ono thing is sure—tho census will show that her population is increasing. SAYS S. M. Clark: "Americans aro in politics what Thomas Jefferson mado them. All parties .accept him. No party or politician that rejected Jefforsonfem could got any votes," to o\ Bt>. "Hi io 4. Hum, prese Kovi-y- dock bv "Ju ti Cornell, placed Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, West of Tborlngton House. M. Z. CROVE, Manager. your pr< what wt Cloths and Trimmings. ,J. K, FILL & SON r Merchant Tailors PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. ^*^-" N^^>xx>^v^^ **^v*^^* -A^v^w^^, OEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. * full stock of elotbs and trimmings always on v haDdi u ebea p M can be bought anr- money, u where. All work done promptly i with you i-_ and I The Secretary „ ' ** Satisfaction Guam n toed. Call itreel, Algob«, Iowa. ' You are Invited To BOO and buy our W. B. QUARTON, ATT011NMY AT LAW. Ovur komnit'h County Imnk, Algona, Iowa, E. H. Collection Hgent. CLARKE, AT LAW. Over Koaimth Co. bunk. DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW. iuiH and colk'ctlonu. Ovor Frank IJros. t fl 01 Ladies' Shoos, Mens' Shoes, Boys' Shoes, Misses' Shoes, Kids' Shoos, Plow Shoes, Plow Boots, Kip Boots, Calf Boots, Pur Hats, Wool Hats, Stiff Hats Crush Hats, Men's Hats, Boys' Hats, Kids' Huts, Misses' Hats. Cheap, Medium, AN (I High Grade, The large/it titock iit town, and at the lowevt prliies. The liest Hulber Poods mnde. Jtent wearing Hosiery. Jitait- tlful Dresn G/ooiltt. Ountom-mailii Over- W« offer you no unldw Units, we Jltnoy priced. Wu caii »n\-*» you money. Jirlce tor town and country. JOHN BEEP. One F, M. BRON80N, S. S. SESSIONS, •ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collectloi becurity. ins. Money to loan on chattel Over Chrlschllles' store. PAKTV ALI-KGIAVCK. Wm. H. Se.ward explained his long adherence to the whig party by saying that while he ivas a-whig ho could get thousands to listen to him talk abolition, while if he should becomo an abolitionist he could got nobody. His "standout and bo counted" abolition friends never forgave him for what they wore pleased to term his Subserv- iency to party. But the practical, level-headed, business elements which combined to organize the republican party out of the whig remains, realized that Seward's party adherence alone had made possible tho "great educational work thut was a needed preliminary to their own success. As a whig Seward leavened the whole mass of northern sentiment, at a time when the abolitionists were accomplishing little o'r nothing. There is always something tttruetlvo about standing up to be counted; If a man differs froif». somo party policy it is considered a sign ''of nerve to'immediately stop but of : -the ranks. In fact it is considered n gjgn of weakness und hypocrisy not to do so. And yet tho history of American politics 'is a curious endorsement ! of Seward's practical judgment, whilp it repudiates B. F. REED, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office over the postofflce, Algona, Iowa. L. K. GARFIELD, M: Q., PUY8ICIAN AND SURCIEON, Office, State at., one door oast of Cordlnuley. Itesldunce, McOregor »t., eaut of the public school building. F. E. V. SHORE, M. D., ALC10NA, IOWA. State street, east of Butlierford houuo. H. C, MoCOY, M. D., PHYSIOIAN AND SURQEON. Special attention to city practice. O. T. WEST, M. D., ; AND SURGEON. Nmct door to J. Cl. Smith's store, Algouu, la, J. E. HILU, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND 8VRQEON. Wesley, Iowa. Day and night calls attended to with promtuoss. > , LOUIS LESSINC, Moawfucturef and dwtler In all kinds of Iov». euli ^- ^ for; Tho New Moat Market. FURNITURE, , Picture Frames, . l Sfta l «*»«i£'i»'S»itMf»» Wu*n utterly tho efficacy of' independent movements. While within party ranks persistent effort has molded and entirely changed national policy, no independent movement hiui over yet materially advanced : any cause. Tho greenback party broke away mainly from tho republicans. What material changes have tjjey effected in the money policy ol': |'ho country? What might they not h^yp done had they directed their energy,, to controlling the conventions of the regular party organ- tations'i 1 In Iowa the prohibition contingent with remarkable slirowdness forced the republloiin.s tp adopt their views. Where by breaking away from party lines have they 'accomplished half us much? Henry ". George and Father McGlynn foil ouf because the latter wanted u third party on tho land question. The united labor party became a farce and joke. B.ut George by standing with ttae'dejnooratB has exerted a wider influence on tho leaders of that party tjiuir J,liey would wire to ad* rait. The most cpnsplcuous failure ;of the independent jiplicy, however, is tho collapse of the "mugwump" movement. It began ou a • Boiontiflc basis fully explained JH Lowell's masterly address. It has hud' jii Us ranks scholars and statesmen.; But what are its substantial results? :; Comparatively nothing. After six yours Blaine is still in front, and un'administration certainly not more in ; sympathy with civil service reform i limn his would have been had lie boon' elected. Curtis was iv loader in the convention that nominated Bluine. Hto oratory was read by thouwndv. To wlmt extent does bis iniluoncp no.w ,. 0tt ch the rows- How iiuportaufjij uotwal politics especially hotel furniture, fay America con compote with England in South America, why in tho name of common sense cannot she compete tit home? What reason is there in a tariff on articles that Elaine says wo can undersell tho world on in the outside markets? We submit this one paragraph from Blaino as conclusive proof that nine-tenths of tho tariff is sheer humbug, and so far as it has any effect on pi-ices it is only to foster combinations in this country to raise them without Just CUUKO. THOS. BEAUMONT, who wus in Algo- nu taking mortgage statistics for tho census, has been appointed special agent for tho pension bureau in Washington. KATE SHELLEY, heroine of the railroad washout, has been defrauded. A car- ponter contracted to build hor a house, got somo money dowu, and skipped. She is JUDGE HAYES is ronomlnuted by the democrats in tho Second district. A Scot county farmer, named Bruce T. Seaman will run on tho republican ticket. JOHN HAMILTON is making it newspaper of the Dos Moines News. Moreover that breezy evening dally now gets to Algona on the early morning train. Any ono who wunU tho latest news cannot do bettoi than subscribe for tho News. THE democratic state convention will bo hold In Cedar Rapids early ;noxt month. CAPT. HULL is the republican nominee for congress in tho Seventh district. THE Council Bluffs Nonpareil significantly says: " There aro two very notable things about tho Sioux City platform. It doesn't Indorse tho McKinley bUl -nor tho rtcKlnley idea, nor the Lodge bill nor tho Lodge idea. Tho reservations uro significant." 'Alfalfa Cultivation. J. H. Warren writes in the Spearflsh, S. D. Mall, and says: In a late issue of tho Algona, lowo, UPPER DBS MOINES, Is the following: " D, H. Hutchlns, when came from California three years ago, brought over some seed of alfalfa, .he gross so 'prolific in that country. Ho sowed it on a barren piece of ground west of his house, and there it has sur» vived two winters and is now in a flourishing condition. It smells like clover, and has a purple blossom shaped like a clover blossom. The stem is tougher than clover, tho gross grows higher, is more luxuriant, and grows faster.- In California they cut the crop as high as six and seven times a year, getting from one to two tons of hay each time to tho acre. Here Mr. Hutchlns thinks it could be.cut three times. If it will stand the winter here, there can be no doubt that it would be well worth trying, and many will watch the. little patch on Mr. Hutchins' lot with curlds- ity. Alfalfa may prove a valuable product for this country." People of Iowa are yet unacquainted with the cultiva-. tlon of alfalfa or its good value for stock food. Tho soil in that part of Iowa—or for that matter the entire stato—is well adapted to tho cultivation of this clover. It is a native of California, but readily adapts itself to a wldo range of climate and diversified soil. Hero in tho Hills it flourishes on wet or dry land. With irrigation tho volume of the crop is doubled or even quadrupled in a dry season. Here it is seldom cut more than three times in a wot season or under generous irrigation. It yields from three to flvo tons per acre for tho season. When the cultivation of alfalfa is once fairly introduced into lowu, stock men will open their eyes in astonishment, and wonder why they had never thought of it before. As food for cattle, horses, or sheep, its value per ton is double that of any grass ever produced on Iowa soil, and tho yield per acre will double that of native or any other grass or clover. Stock fed on alfalfa will absolutely refuse to touch any other boy until forced to it by hunger. As to its winter-killing, our Iowa neighbors need give themselves no uneasiness, for once rooted in tho soil its staying qualities are wonderful. It stays like Canada thistles. RAILROAD Museum and Menagerie, Roman Hippodrome, and Universal World's Exposition. NoTE-Owing to an agreement of the American Showmen's Pooled League Association, this . will be the only Big Show to visit Algona this year. The mighty blood-sweating Behemoth of holy writ. The, largest living Hippopotamus. in captivity. Mighty herd of Performing Elephants. $10,000 troupe of Performing Stallions. "Spider" he Leaping Horse. " Captain," the Equine lightning Calculator. TV,i 3' n r nC l ng ^ tal '?"' Scho ° l of actin e Shetland Ponies, Trained Dogs, Goats, Donkies,. Monkeys, Pigs, etc. Performing Lions, Hyenas, Leopards, Panthers, and Tigers • 25° head of -Horses! r.oo Star Performers! 80 Startling Mete- oeic Acts! 75 Musicians! 5 great Bands of Music! Ten ordinary 3 Grand Complete Circus Companies! Menageries in One! Ten acres of Exhilerating Sights! One Ticket admits to all! Grand Spectacular Hippodrome Sensation! Babylon, the largest Elephant on earth! Fanny, only Baby Elephant in America! Spot, the Lilliputian Clown Elephant! Jewel, the only umbrella-eared Elphant in captivity! Japanese Adult and Juvenile Performers! The Muster of the Nations! WHILE tho tin tariff is boingdlscussod it is well to romeiber what Congressman Butterworth saidauoutlt: " I only desire to call the attention- of-tho committee to ono or two things which «ro deserving of consideration. Hero is an Item which Is designed to establish tha tin plate industry in this country. Now I have mode a careful calculation and inquiry Into this matter. I find that it will cost tho American people today to do Just what Is pressed, that is, toestabllsh a plant to supply tho nation with tin plato, from thirty millions to fifty millions of dollar*, which, if ii can live at all under the circumstances, ought to" live with tho present tariff, i,, 0 | ilw wordB take that Item nlone and there Is not nhomo in America, that will not contribute to tho plant of this tlnpluto establishment they pro- proso to locate at Pittsburg, There u not a family in tho land, there is uot a person in the United StatoB that will uot contribute to it and to whom it will not bo a burden although my friend from Michigan (Mr Burrows) here says that It does not amount to anything, for there la only one and one- fourth cents on each suull piece of tln-a vpry small piece of ttu-ono and ouo-fourtli cents on each. I«u»po»oho could be reconciled to fleas because each onu is so small." [General laughter and applause.] D. P. COYUS retires/com the Hum- boWt Hepubllciui und the newspaper business after u bvlof experience. WWK * J.AMnKKSON, Propfllefeirs o/toe.uew marfcet en TUorliwton Coi-. HAYMONO of Hampton writes to the Bcglstor that Capt. Luko hus never boenu railway attorney, us charged by some democrat. ABCHUISHOP Ireland addressed the nsswublod touchers at St. Puui. Jn »po«k- l»g of compulsory education uud in reference to tho Bennett luw, ho suid: "The compulsory laws recently enacted in certain states of the union aro, to my JudBlOK, ob- jeotlonablo hi u low ol their incidental clauses. Tbe«o, I «w confldont, will reaa- llybo altered iu upprooobiug legislative sessions. With tho body ol tuo l«v» and their general intent in tho diroctlou of listening MWO«K «« uulvorsftl instruction I am iuwostUeurty accora." Tho ' arohbitiUop endorsed gtato cducuttou, «.ud tliopwbllc soUopl system, but w^do the usual pica for religious Instruction. fiov. HIM, Is forging to tho front, HUd tUu v#r botwecu his b»ckori» uttd Clovo- 1«M'» <« o|w«. The now doaUs Hill pi Now York uud CJroy ol I GEN. JOHN C. FREMONT died Sunday. Sioux CITY shows 89,000 people. . IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Independence, la., claim* that its track is tho fastest in Ameriea, and a great meeting will bo held, over this new course Aug. 25, 20^ 27 amd 28, when $3,550 will bo hung up'to rate for. Tho post office wrangle- at Webster City was settled last ve<at by the appointment of J. D. Hunieif. editor of the Freeman. He bus had! the , office before und is well quit-lifted) Cor the duties. The Franklin Owioty Agricultural society will hang up $8fl«> fit trotting: purses at tho futr,,/ Sspt. 24 nnd 25, This is the lurgosA imount offered by tho society'for yo»o»-uiid it ought to insure somo good rzue». . Blue Earth Poafc: The people of Al- gonu huvo been fc&Bang'loud und long for better railroad accommodations from tho Northwestern, lino.. Tho matter was brought' before- tho railroad commissioner!), nnd that body ; received a request from i tho • railroad, company not to tuko imy, action on the mutter, us they bud plans for better service-, in view. Wo hope itls-true. | James Hall, n Methodist , circuit preacher, with a territory west of Fort Dodge, has been forced to resign UB tho result of a Buccestiful attempt to touch practical love doctrines'to a young lady named Law, u school toucher, living- west of Clare. Hall has u wife and family in Fort Dodgo. t For somo time past his }ntlmato relations with the girl caused some little talk. No notice was taken of tho mutter by tho church nooplo until Hull and Miss Law were found boarding in a hotel in Grand Junction as .man and wife. Tho pro siding older was promptly notified and at once demanded > Hull's resignation. It wus given and tho preacher dis- upeured before- tho scundal become general. His wife in lying dangerously ill at hor homo hare. She is without moans of oaring for her family. No Seiino in ItoltlPK, ' The Clinton ago accuses tho Gate City of insincerity bocauno it criticizes republican measures and still supports the party. Mr. Clarke replies and says: How silly It is to expect or do- mand that tho Gate City or any other republican ahull flop out of the party if it or he takes 'part In tho debate. Vrot. XlcliolJs In Trouble. E. E. Nicholls, ono of the first graduates of our normal school, has come to frief in tho newspaper business. A gram to the Marshalltown Times- Republican tells tho story: Some time ago E. E. Nicholls of Dow City con- eived tho idea of starting a paper in Dunlap, by the narao'of tho Spectator in connection with his homo paper. It ran very smoo'thly until about the fourth issue,' when he sold but both offices to ono C. E; Melntosh of Dunlap. Ho then forbade Molntosh taking possession of the Dow City office, and finally caused Molntosh's arrest. Then he tried to g-uin possession of the Dunlap office, but failing in this ho became desperate. Last night at low 12, Nicholls arrived from Dow City and broke into tho rear end of a store building, from which he entered tho Spectator office, nailed fast tho doors nnd declared himself in possession and lord of all he surveyed. Tho typo was all sot up and in form for Wednesday's issue, and he proceeded to run it in the shape of a " pi" office. All the type was scattered on tho floor and shoveled into n largo heap, and then he began tho demolition of tho furniture. At length tho city marshal took possession of Mr. Nioholls, a warrant was issued, and ho gave bonds for his appearance. Tho security wus in the shape of a draft for $260, and now his creditors, several of them together, put an attachment on the draft. What tho outcome will be is dependent on tho validity of tho "pi" and other things, cumstances cut, abbreviated, nor neglected. Mighty Amphibious Bovalapsus! Only Real African Zebras! ., ; v- Revival of the Ancient Sports of Rome ! Every morning At It) otlifcf, tie Grand Glittering Street Parade! The longest and most gorgeous Street Demonstration ever witnessed in any age or country with its immense chariots, dens cages, flags, banners, and devices, its hundreds of wild beasts auxiliaries B ^rFIFT^ CivlU f, n l a l!> ravishin e ] y magnificent array ' auxil ' anes ' ONE FIFTY CENT TICKET admits to all the Combined Shows. Children under 12 years 2 5 c Two complete performances daily, afternoon and night. Doors open at i and 7 p rn Performances commence one hour later. Will exhibit v renorm- Sa-fo.rd.a3r, 1©. Tlio Show of All Jfow 1'enturea, This may with Puritan precision be said of tho Rlugllug Brothers' United Monster Railroad Circus, 'Museum, and Menagerie, tho enormous Institution which 'exhibits at Algona, Saturday, July 19. With regard to detail may it also bo observed that this groat show possesses" more actual great features than any other of the few big railroad shows. Among tho lists of their circus and hippodrome artists we mid the names of the most celebrated riders, gymnasts, acrobats, aerlallsts, charlotte™, etc., among them Mile. Julia Lowando, the world-famous Brazilian lady rider; Edward Shlpp, tho great four and six-horse equestrian; La Role Bros., tho flying men of tho air j Andrew Goffuey, " thoold oak;" tho Ashtons, tho Japanese performers; the Arab horse won, and scores of others. Tho groat double menagerie wo find wonderfully complete, in fact a perfect Innovation to all lovers of natural history. TIio Republican 1'lntform. Resolved, That wo, the republicans of Iowa in convention assembled, reaffirm our devotion to the principles of the national republican party, nnd wo make no other tost of fealty to tho republican party of Iowa. Wo heartily indorse the able, prudent and patriotic administration of President Harrison, with special commendation of tho movement for bettor and closer relations both business and . political, among all American governments and people. Wo do specially declare' our udhorenco to tho principle of protection in American industry applied wisely in viow of tho Interest of all conditions of our people und administered in view of the equal interest of nil industries. Wo agree that discriminations may bo wisely made, but never in bohalf of the strong against tho weak, never against the masses. In this spirit wo hold all legislation shou.ld be had whether it con- ster hippopotamus, tho Tho inon- amphibious bovo is like saying that if one should go to it town meeting ho ought to leave the toww if the meeting doesn't meet his view. Instead of that the various clti- KOHS aay thotv'suy und give their view njuToul of the various phases of opinion the meeting reaches tho general consensus of town opinion and they resolve to do that and < every individual turns In uVl helps on tho result. There » JWthlng different from this in the Uato City's or uny ' other republican's relation to party tind public questions. And douiowtttUi papers have no business to require us «nd Other republicans to flop out of the party when wo don't got our way in tho • debute unless those deniQcrittlo uppers do the same thing. Yet they do not. Judge Thttyer h«t heetn u 4omojBmt for fifty' yews. And In l»iiil tW M% yours tho * phunt Babylon, beside the enormous collections of other cugod und uncaged animals, constitute a zoological collection that cannot bo euuuled by uny other management, and iu wu,ich the managers seem to have actually outrlngllngod the Hiugliugs, When we tuko into consideration tho groat world's horse fair, tho wonderful museums, the troupes of performing unluials, etc., uud lust but not least, tho grout, glorious, free street purado, it must bo confessed that Saturday, July IV, will bo the greatest lioli- i that All '"• ' day event lgonu will have for many years to conic, or until tho great Hingiiug ihow again spends a day among us. Recollect that the only show iu America that possesses reul African zebras is Rlugllug I3rotliors' monster railroad shows. At Al- goiiu, Saturday, July IU. been'no iieur ; hell several imes that its chief odor was brimstone. And yet Judge Thayer wont right along w»h the proeesBiou and without regard to wUothov or not Ue likod the way it was going. < What clap-trap Jt is fer lUui-to protemj tfcttt wp ,uua ptUw republicans sliquM flpp out of no grout »»a beneficent ttp*rty <w tho repwbll- we t tt k<j p^t 'to the pif do Physician, h.enl thyself There'll No Vtie Denying tho Truth. Kllurt's Extract of Tar ijria Wild Ciwry for Coughs iinU Colils, It cures thorn. Dr. JayucB' Gormim Worm CuUos doutroy and ranovu worms from the systuui, Or. WiucbeU'tf TeotlilUK Syniji is tliu bout (or geuerul (turnouts of clUWrou. All druggists. Ilupuy Home Blooa PurUlar uua Houltu Tonic purulos tliu blood ttua muku home happy. Uuclo Snm's Condition Powders aud Uncle Sivui'u Nerve uut\ l)onu ^lultueut—theuu two —' uiedlplues are sold by all druggist**- •JL'Uo, Ure»t 1'1-uncli GywiiuHt. Mr. Wm. poBoo, the grout Parisian wvi- ulist, whose uiurvelous feats of juggling, outing uud drluktug while uuluwlug, Ueud dowuwurd, ou u trail trapeze bur, high up in tho dome of the luuueuso hlnpodi-ouio teut of tko RiugUvg Bros- Euormpua Shows is thP Fveuuh. ifyutuubt wbo created such' u Iu Paris »l* inpuths ugo.. The Uiug- llug Brothers Uove" got uluv ou tliolr list 1 ' olJtollar uttrwutlwis «ua tbo way to see Itlui Is to vl»it the gvwt Unll Howl bUow« at Al- idlUWJJSluWl corns the raising'of revenue or disbursement of > tho sumo by the general government, by the state or by sub-division of the local - government; whether it concern domestic aggression or bo tho definition of the limitation upon foreign aggression. Wo uro In favor of such expansion of currency us will moot tho growing demands of an increase in population and trudo and offset tho contraction resulting from tho continual withdrawal of national bank Circulation, • To this end wo favor such legislation as will utilize j as i money tho entire silver product of our mines, nnd wo favor such laws as will aid in tho ultimate and unrestricted use of both precious metals as money, The republican party of this stato fuvor in a very fair, honorable way the industrial interests of tho people of this state." Wo believe the business interests of the people aro iutorchangublo nnd mutual uud that injustice towards one class must sooner or later work to tho injury of all classes Particularly do wo want to believe that tho groat Industry represented by the farm stands at tho head of Iowa industries nnd that faithful guardianship of that interest is the prime'obligation upon those who make and administer our lews. Wo congrutulnto the people of this state upon tho measure of success sustained in tho contest in this state iu behalf of the Just legal control of railway corporations doing business iu this stute, aud wo anneal to tuo people to see to it thut tlioro ho no recession in the just policy of tho stuto In this regard. Wo believe the efforts to nullify tho Interstate commerce law should bo resisted to tho oud thut national protection and state protection may alike bo equal to ull communities and among all classes. Tho republicans • of Iowa offor their sympathy to tho producers of tho south who sook now for disouthrallmont from industrial bondage to tho grinding monopolies of tho states of that section protected and promoted by nil the power of the organized democratic party of those states. Wo bo- Jlovo thut in the breaking up of those systems, under which industrial freedom is impossible uud which rob and persecute the pool-. - lies ono grout hope of freedom of elections uud popular government, social peace uud general prosperity In these southern states. Rocogulislug revolt iu the south in behalf of liberty and justice, popular government uud popular rights, it is a mutter of minor concern In whutnumo the buttles are fought Aud won. Wo welcome first growth and sprottd of power of republican principles, Wo cordially approve tho purpose of tho republicans (n congress to so uuieud uud improve the pension laws us to make further and more generous provision for union soldiers, their widows, puveuts aud children; aud we yet boliovo tho day is uot fur distant when a general service pension law should and will bo passed. Wo express our abhorrence of all trusts and trade conspiracies of every kind Intended to destroy competition aud create and perpetuate monopolies, uud we call for the enactment and enforcement of both federal aud state laws to completely ox- terminate such iniquitous. and dangerous vowbluutUws uud to prevent thole further organization. We declare against any cowproaiiso with Hie sa,loou aud stwnd by the people of this state Iu their Uoutility to its oxUtouoo, spread; aud power. *" ' ~ ~ ' tlou oil tUp port of pds^^'^^tiw sytfi&mB-*™* 6 * ' ~ "pUAifteoft' Countenance will never again grace this corner—cause-why, he's dead, too dead for any kind of use. ing off was the result of an effort to sell figures than did His untimely tak- groceries at closer Patterson Brothers, In Algona, Iowa. But he won't do so anymore; figuratively speaking, his name is ' < mud " henceforth arid forever. Mud is all right in its place, but cheap goods are what you want, too. Patterson Bros, keep right on furnishing them at the same old prices—way down to the last notch. ALGONA, IOWA. We can now u\alte Loans an Improved Lands front one to ten years time, and give the borrower the privilege o aina the whole loan HOXIt: A. REAVER, or 'HIE CONDITION or Kossuth County Bank OP ALQONA, IOWA, At tliu uloao of InialueHU, June SO. 1K10, us made to the nudltor of Btutu. 1100 OD 85 00 Doubtful Past due Iu judgment..... '.'.',',','.'.','.'.', Cash on hand ana cash items...... Due from bunks, uud bunkers Overdrafts Real estate Personal property •Totul W41HUTIEH. L»t«* |oo,(xiooo 61,116867 »l8o,865tW BWW Uudlvldud profltu 19,81819 o,wo Liabilities ot directors ,., Sworn to aud subscribed by '••S^fi'STOk.^** J. W. WAPSAVCUVi'H Sworu to belore »ie tUlsSth dayol July, 1890. «. E. BI8T, Notary PuMlci Estate Agent,

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