The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 10, 1945 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE The Tipton Daily Tribune Published Daily Except Sunday by Ramsay & O'Banion From Early Files Mrs. Ellen Cole was seriously ill at her home southeast of Telephones 67 and 68. Member International News Service. Hobbs, suffering with flu. Entered as Second Class Matter Oct. 4. 1895, at the Postoffice in Tipton,. Ind., Under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1879. Miss Helen Sullivan, county had taken _,__ . ,-i Red Cross nurse, • SUBSCRIPTION RATES. j Harry Zimmerman, Jr., to the | Bylarrier. in City, Per Week — -15 Cents jRiley hospital in Indianapolis, j One Year, Tipton and Adjacent Counties ....... ,-$4.00 |He was'to undergo a tonsillcc- j Papers Mailed by Single Wrap, One Month 75 Cents jtomy at 2:30 p. m. . , All Mail Subscriptions Payable in Advance - | • ,, u ^ , i • • • • ._ . ' . Robert Brown, who had been . . ' - -~~- ! . : '- \ residing at 428 North Conde looking of life By ERICH BRANDEIS 'street, had moved to 226 North i 'Main street. " ; Funeral services for Mrs. Lulu i Onf-'-nf ihc country's great in public school. He never went I Sanford. wife of Jesse S&nford. j sciolists Edgar B Burchell, to high school or to college. Iwere held at the Liberty Baptist bactS '...-' I the New York Eye and Ear ho.- of Siamjcame^ to^t^e^United j, pital, golden tion cnsion nos- u * ijM»iii \.w»»n. i *** *?•*• *~----—— i-,. .. . he i.,ct ^lonraipa his States for a difficult eye opera- Miss May Hobbs. Mrs. Oris; jubileewithlhaffnstUu-.fS a few years ago, Edgar Jackson, Mrs. C. Swindling | jubilee witn ™\^ oc .'Burchell. ex-orderly, ex-porter, and Mrs. R. L. Haskett were in ; honorary was called in as consulting path-1 Lafayette attending a short, * _ . , I .._-• «* T3n«*/4iiA imitmrcitv l ^o^lor^AmTri^n Academy ologist. : 'course at Purdue university, of phtalmology and Otolaryn- We can't all become great I • • - - .^ «j- e t er Rology. the largest organization scientists, of course. j Mr j °"kt er Marilyni Mae, | of '. of its kind in the world. . But we needn't be failures.- i AndersO n had spent the week-j "But why do you tell us that. When the war is over many| end visitin g Mr Teter's parents, in a column such 'as yours?" thousands of bovs will have toj M gnd Mfs L - inv in c o. Teter,'. You may ask. "That's an item find jobs. They'll look in the . ^^ Hopewc n. i of interest only Uo .scientists." classified columns and take any « » « • , No it isn't jiist. that. It is.old job that offers them a de-, 24 yEARS AG o—Jan. 10. 1921 j proof once more 1 what a human;cent salary. | s erv j ces for Joseph Lcwel- j* being lean do if the fire, is in They'll drift along and com- j n were held at thc home _ Rev .: him and if-he-"has the will to plain about lack of opptrtum-1 jj ar £j ey o f the Hobbs Methodist win. ! . ties and become disgruntled old ,'.. j n charge and i THESE WOMEN! dependent for the purpose of the surtax; exemption. •; Second,; you able to f or- in -item .1 on page 1 of _ V;1040)' has been worked into •table itself. If you make a lp«&- - oevuuu, yuu muai uc auic iy «. 7 . ... .- form returh on fornr 1040,'you show'that .you furnished mpre; ' •'• ' i ' •.''••''"' •/'• should subtract the "surtax : ex- j than one-half of his support for' NEWI YORK--ExecutiveS^C-,e m p t i on fol ; dependents (on line-| the calender year (or, if you retary ,Leo M. Cherne of the 14. page 4) from your net income I have a fiscal year, for the cal- Research 1 Institute^ of: Amerca, -before applying the surtax J endar year hi which your tax- forces jnew shortages on the rates . . . , ' . i fable year begins)! This test ref. home| front: "The outcry over; . W hat is a "dependent" for in-! ers to' the amount and not the the lack^of cigarettes will, be ,8—• ^ purposes? • !time element For example, if a mere; whisper compared witn, i a w'concerning' depend^ a soh, A; Bad paid $700 for the the : shock a scarcity of 0 other.- en J^'^^S^u3r support of his aged father from staple commodities." f^ 9 / ^ -tn^7^ y Tan 1 th Anril 29 1944 and i , ' • the law for 1944 there are four-Jan. 1 to Apru . .as, . i»4», ana . ,;•'.„,,„„•„,«- Atl tests'to be met before you will i his brother, B, spent $600 for AN EASTERN PORT-.Atlan-v ie , alloWd a surtax exem ption;the father's support from "April tic Fleet Commander Adm. for depenaent - ' ~' 30 to Dec - 31 - 1944, the father Jonas H. Ingrma, warning Ger- - - • " • J^_:.-__-i..j __ :—^^— *i— ,-..,. mans, may launch small-scaled ' 0 depenaent - .• ; o ec. , , The Dependent's gross in- '.having "had no income, the sur" . mans. may launch .small-scale , come must be , less th an $500. [tax credit ". for the dependent robot bomb attacks on Eastern. 2 you must have furnished ! father "would be allowable in- seaboard cities: "The battle, of mO p e than half o£ his support for. jA's final return for 1944, since the Atlantic is . not over. We : t ' he vear • „ '"he paid ^more than 1 one-half of must I- keep, alert and we; are go- A 3 He must be : c i os ely related ' his fathers support for the year. .c jurdi. ..- - --j i ^. - • - • • ; 3. He must be : closely related ; his fathers support for the year. to keep alert. - to Vou. , • " • 1 "Third, the, dependent must be - i *•**''. ;V.'V..'..''--' 4. He'must qualify under vyourrelativein one of the fol- WASHINGTON—_Rep. Edith ; specific provision's of law conn lowing degrees: Noursej ~ wants . Army- 1record" her "I couldn't very well refuse to mind them. Their mother kept our l&vefcirds wbea WE were away 1"" i "If thei people are told the truth | less t], an 5500 gross income for iwe'd trouble.. . . Tha Jt ne - ca i e ndar'.year (or, if you ; Germans in the past few weeks have, a fiscal- year,, for -the cal; have known -much • more about.. en( j ar year-in which your tax- ! selves.]' (a)- A .brother .or sister ~(in- ig a half-brother or hajf- i, a'stepbrother, or a step^ The Philippine Story ... »..*. .— _._ _.__ .— - _ ., _.__ __ I j i fictrucy uj. me ,i.iWM.-i -*»**- ».».**»•-—- •. in. ! ties and become disgruntled old , church be i n g in charge and | By HOWARD HANDLEMAN Burchell was born in the husbands and fathers and. old .. i n the Cook cemc-, international News Service inth Ward nf New York CitV. : men. . , ' i ' Staff Correspondent battle, no single purpose. Ninth Ward of New York City,; men. a ward about as far removed ; And they'll blame it on Roose from success as it can possibly velf and the Democrats or on be, '" i ; Mr. X who may'then be Repub- That cairio • later. . when' Am- 1 ericans, \yorking directly under i Gen. Douglas MacArthur, or -'i ganized the Army called the j United States forces in the Phil- i ippines— ^USFIP. Americans and : r|Q\r Filipinos i shared the organiza : ! • *•***• Tribune classified ads. ried, must not make a. joint re- ; Your parent, grandparent ------- , ,. .. ,, r . iur.otiier ancestor. turn,, with;his wife. If he has a-j. / e) ' Your stepfather or step-. I gross income of $500;or more he i mother : .jmust file his own return, or one j (f) Y OU T uncle, aunt, neph- ! must be made for him, and be !ew or niece but not { heir hus . will then be .entitled to claim a , ' P I Jan. 10.—(INS) . IjCyie, r. l., Jan. iu.— \>ILVJ/ John R. Click, o£ Hobbs, was ' —^Filipino bandit gangs war- DC, I ,mr. A wnu iimy uici. ^ -.-I taken to the Methodist hospital ; red amo ng each other, and with His father was a fcarpenter lican president and on every- .j t Indianapo ii s . He was accom- the bands of patriotic Filipinos and young Edgar's first! job ; was thing else except themselves. • \ icd by his S on,-Orville/and who organized .locally to fight »»*i *it-»r.»-r»M<i/»»chtr» \irifh a inwn& I T rpmpmber P"IV ftrSt 1OD. Ill ^ ,. ,,r • - - - Filipinos i shared the x)rgan,za- ---j • iwill;;be entitled to claim the in . law ' sist er-in-law, son-in-law tional chores of . USF1P, ana SURTAX EXEMPTION ON ,|surtax exemption, for her hus- or daug hter-iri-law. worked side by side throughout ._!,__„_, „„ nv-PirvnF.NTS band.. In either case, you can- \ ^.. -.hove relationshios anplv ft ...u ^ VU .. D _ ur ^». — rf ( .. ; D - . ^ ( nor^jQQ uy ilia awi an apprenticeship with a jewel* ] I remember my. first job. «;]_.. c w • Warne". •. • : _•__!.____* S..«*n*>«* tr\ M*itlf_ : **A • V*» **• er. . iwas in a corset factory in New-: At 16 he became an orderly'ark, N. J. My college diploma in the infirmary of the Eye and -was stilli warm in my desk, but: Ear hospital, where he washed I had to make a living. • "• other menial My we-'- —" . I - had started on a new home building at the corner and Ker- Japs. On cope . American mestizo. Joe Montgomery.' ill for with tonsilits, hac! led one of the first anti-Jap guerilla bands in the Philippines. To Sammy Good "coping" with McCarthy two bands never met.. ! surtax exemption for himself. If i he "has-no income but makes a f joint return with "his wife, she 'will, be entitled to claim the bands or .wives. No. provision is made for your cousins. .(g) Your "in-laws"—^father- in-law, mother-in-law, brother-' ACCOUNT OF DEPENDENTS band.. In -either .case,' you can- | not '"- claim : it, for in. general. ' . daughter-^ The above relationships apply legally adopted child ! the "."' ... i,- •- t "— '- — ------ --T --- ...*-• I ^Q g. iegO**J «HJ.UplCLl *,i»AJ.W. . 1^.*^Slowly, through organization, j In computing your incorna ; -surtax exemption for one per- same as though he or she were the word "guerilla" changed its; tax , you are allowed the benefit !' son ;cannot be -allowed to -two - , meaning in the Philippines. Ci- j o f an exemption from the stir- ^different taxpayers at the same vilians who had feared it, came' tax. Iri addition to the 1944 sur- ftime/. " a chUd by'ljlood. Fourth, your dependent must be a citizen .of the United States, the United He was promoted to the job j hours a day, $3 a week. |j of porter, at which he earned! I quit after a week. Another' SIT a month and worked'twelve fellow who worked alongside! hours a day. '.of me is now one of the chief 'j^ 'removed" to the home of While on this job he became executives of the firm and a mil-1 Daren ts Mr and'Mrs! L. T. interested in experiments that lionaire. iHarker of ! South East'street, .fought thc Japanese he had watthed others demon-! Il'l had been smart, I would,f 10 . ' . » - *. ; was not connected strate. and ho practiced them at now probably be a successful j _ nd Mrs Carl Foster, of ; guerilla bands fight.,. s ^.-- —* - i^ican iiui « u..^ .v. & ^^ y . v ;>u ».., r> « night in the deserted laborato-'corset manufacturer instead o f 1 th " Honcwell communitv, were tie of the Philippines. He was Dealers' Association come true,:benefit oi •ries of the hospital. He read and a columnist. ' ." "£ " r ents of a daughter who > like atropical Robin Hood, hid- there'll be another shortage of ,to which he studied and eventually rose ' But to tell you the truth, IjJJ,^ g ivcn the namd of Martha ing in the^ mountains and^for- , spuds ^ in j the coming . spnng—j for depei to laboratory assistant; and fin- tret an awful lot, of fun out of ' --*- '- - 1 —'-- * u - ,™~ ~ , ui »!,„„ 4t, n ^^ »««,^«,^ ally to his present post. • ' life. - • . . ' ; . _' j Burchell's only formal educa- And that's worth something. | tion consisted of a few years too. . - M -. - • * i Round Town with The Tribune TIPTON COUNTY R E S I- ; pose that Tipton county is as j DENTS who have studied thn fortunate and receives a largo costs'of' hospital construction ..enough federal grant so 'that and maintenance have readied only $100,000 would be needed •Ihc conclusion that construe-, here. That in itself would drop tion and maintcnance c of a hos ; the hospital tax levy to .2.6 ' pital here could be "completed cents per hundred. at a cost to the taxpayer of less -«. « • ; : than one cent p^r year per. THEN hundred dollars. — —,—;.-.. ._— --. . , refund for the g rs t time toi take'a de,10 wiuuii-you may .be- entitled j claim instead of filing a formal :pendency credit for a son or ing in the mountains and for- spuds injthe coming . spring—i for dependents is allowed'au-i claim on form 843. Hence .the daugh * ter a t school or college ests to strike the oppressors of | possibly worse than the last one I tomati'cally through the use ofj fact, that your dependent hies j ^•: ,_ :.-_ 'in^-i *• - L, t^v tohio nrn-.riHprt hv Invv. i a' seoarate return as a claim for: Hollywood By JOHN TODD International News Service Staff Correspondent Hollywood.-'—(INS)—.-When- studio wants someone his people. Many Like Him i There were many like him, but there was no unitj in 1943. I loinutiL-iiiiv impugn .*!».. u^n.-.f.-.iiui.i., .-.-—, —c— nent i who-is over 18 years of age.! 'a tax table provided by law. i a separate return as a claim for: ^ g dependency credit alloWr because ah allowance~for ,'tH:;;!refund in' these: circumstances ,. "• - ••«•_'_• •• (on the! will, not affect your' right to l: "* " for an unborn child? No; ' Thc army's basic photography'!credits which you claim (on the j will, not afTe.ct your'right to ^ i ^Tjjpurts have held that for hi- to their : . co-.'irso's $550 a student. .back of thc withholding receipt:his name in your return as your j. to have a baby or to weep, they j send for Ann Doran. • •; That's the way it now seems to the tall, Blonde actress who , ohje was stand-in . for tall, blonde Virginia Bruce-. Under contract to ~ A Friend in Need CITIZEN'S BANK BUILDING Phone 16 Financial Aid , come tax: purposes an unborn i chijd is not yet a "person" and. 1 that' this credit is allowable only ifor a living human being .or 'individual. Once the child is i born, however, the fact that it i lived during only part of the ;year is immaterial—-whether iyour-dependent is born or dies i during the year, the full amount • of the $500 surtax exemption is .. i per cent rather than 2 THAT FIGUE probably is the cent. - This would cut the lax lowest cost that could reason- levy to 1.3 cents per hundred 'ably be expected, and is based and the 1 per cent figure isn't Under contract to i--aramouni: -~~., SUPPOSE; that this | f or <the past year, Ann has made ! county would obtain<fa loan at.| prcc isely two pictures on thc j 1 PCr cent rathnr than 9 ««f t i_* i ^« m «« inort_«ti* per cent rather than 2 per UVJ.T •»*. %*.*j«i,«*»��.uf «••» » UH^^U anu LIICJ i pur ceni iiguri .on thc expectation of a low in- : fatjciful because Johnson tcrcst rate, a coverriment grant ty, which expects to begi to meet half thc. cost and local pital construction withii coun- hcs- donations. D ----- .^ , , r . 4 .^. M ^jv^tt.ta iu- ucgin rics- local pital construction within the next 60 days, has just obtained a $200,000 loan at l" per cent . EVEN IF INTERESTS, rates interest, according to the countv ..ire. higher, thqrc is no govern- auditor. "; mc'iit grant available and there , , ' * » « : arc no local donation, the cos't THIRD PROBABILITY - that still would be only 5 cents per would lcssen ^ t fc hundred over a 20-year period _«,. _ so that a man who for instance,; revenue from the Mary D _ e,; Bower estate which Mrs. Bow- had assessed valuation of $10-' er unselflsh , le ftf or hosp'tal' 000 would pay $5 a year toward j purposes . T ^ at ^^ ^ J upkeep of a hospital, and the vahled at mor ^ ™ '* use of local' physicians in a lo- ' accordi to the trustee, al- cal hospital Probably would j. |hOB j h t ^. wl ^»^ sv him man times that fiure save him many times that figure j if someone in his family ' hospitalized even for a time during thc year. ~\t - - - ,ablc. on conditions at the becomes avaii- LOOKING AT THE GLOOMY i PROBABLY THE TRUE cx- SIDE "of the picture-rfiguringiP" 113110 " 5 lic .somewhere in be- on the basis that all the money ! J wccn ^ these two extremes, al• '.«'.• ** f __ j i A. At t InOUffn thn i*vn*»rionr»r» nt f\ihnf would ; be"raised by taxation—i" 1ou ?h the experience of other here is what shows up: | hospital groups indicates that -••- - 'the rosy side will prevail. > • '• • * « » r j. TIPTON COUNTY, THE ARCHITEGT'& ESTI-: MATE is $192,000 although a' scc'onf architect has estimated it at 10 ppr cent less than this THEN, ;could obtain, a 5100,n at lu per ccm icss man mis --- -federal grant with no string* figure. A bond issue at 2 per | attached. Others have done so. cent and to be repaid over a 20- Tipton county, too, may be able '- year period would cost an av-l to borrow money at 1 per cent, crage ! of $1,920 per year forjJ onns °n county has done it. interest'"This would raise the Aond T 'P ton county may have cost to $11,520 for principal and " 5 '°°" ° r more available interest annually. , " lrou » h the generosity of one of .„>•««« her late citizens. At least part TIPTON COUNTY'S ASSES- of it ahonld be available because SED valuation is in excess of I »•>*, revenue already nas beeft 523,000,000. This would Tesult Provided. Such magnificent op- in a 5-cent levy f purposes — rertainly not horbitant figure. portunitles arerarc. ex- 1 . . . In eighty-six .plants in the . Ciiicngo region where wage in- THIS PICTURE IS EXTREME , centivc planp were put into of- in its expectations bcpausc it i fcrt/ productivity increased .45 supposes that this county would percent. Within ninety days af- havc none of the "brpaks." BiU'tcr the "plans were installed. suppose the county is fortunate workers' earnings increased by • ---- : i 10 percent nnd labor costs dc- 'j nrcaserl by an average of 14 as other counties have been. •" . .- » .. » . o > . • IN IIOWAHD COUNTY anQ percent, in Grant county, hospitals' re r cently have received; grants «f aparoxjinately SlOO.COf eaOli Tor improvements. I*et us sn**- An estimated IQO.OOO.QQO tons of freight was carried pv<Jr the fthinc in peacetime'years. nomc lot and one on loan-out. For one of her energy, that's '. inactivity. At that, two of her ilms, Paramount's "Here Comej the Waves" and Warners'^ "Roughly Speaking" were made i at the same time and she had . to "bicycle" between the two. | In one of her pictures at home j base Miss Doran became a moth- | er, and iii both she tearfully : saw husbands off for overseas. ; "I'm always saying goodbye j to husbands," says Ann, who in-} private life has never had one.. There is little in Miss Doran':; professional background to equip her for such serious stuff. She began by following the precedent of her mother, Rose Ai- i len, former leading lady for I the comic stars Bobby Vernon j and Larry Semon. Ann played j leads for the three Stooges, Charles Chase, Andy Clyde and others hardly qualified as tragediennes, then went into several western and minor action films. Several Contracts Mark Sandrich, thc producer- director, .brought Ann to Paramount's attention when he gave her a role in "So Proudly We Hail." Her contract followed, and so did the two tearful parts.. Ann's studio has no intention of confining her to maternal roles, despite its executive respect for her dramatic ability. Nor arc there any physical reasons - for keeping her out of leads. The blonde, blue-eyed actress stands five feet, six inches tall and weighs 120 pleasingly placed pounds. If she hadn't contracted pneumonia recently, Ann would bb playing at least one lead today. She was ill four weeks, and dur- j ing her absence her studio re-' ceivcd offers frorp two other companies offering leads to Miss Doran. Meanwhile with' several .important assignments in the offering, Paramount. will probably keep Miss Doran at home. But she's waiting for a certain call. "We've got 'a part. for you." they wUl say. "You won't shed a tear or bear ;a baby. How about it?" .No wSbowing: "To Greener Pastures.' CUNJKFR HIT CLIMKER THAT LIVES T7OUJN THEP?E I'VE NEVER SEEM </OU HUCT LIKE THIS-GET UB AIN'T 60-r NOSPlMAcM/ AN UNBENDING ATTITUDE. CAN YOU POTV41S. POP? BRICK BRADFORD-Arid the Queen of Night MEN OF &MAR; YOU HAVE DONE YOUR WORK WELL ; i NOW KEEP MY PROMI6E TO SEND YOU HOME, FREE MEM:' BUT 50 i NOT RETURN PEH tff \ X -16 EACH OF YOU GOES A PURSE OF GOLD COW, ;YJft&E$ FOR YOUR TOIL-/ — allowable'to you if you -furnish-.Tomorrow: "HothLOUSePlant.". Jed its; chief support during the -'; . ; '-.•-•::• "-',•'.'• • '.' :- | tune it was alive. •.. ; . ; * ~ j t Under the present .law, in / -short, a..dependent for surtax. ';'.- 'purposes is any person in the ; | above-specified relationships, i regardless of age or physical or ' ''mental condition, who receives , I more, than one-half of his or • ! her" support .from you during' i the calendar year, and whose • ; 'gross income is less than $500..; . j. May the credit (surtav -'ex- 'emption) for dependents be di; I vided between - husband and 1 wife?: No; it must be taken by ; i the one who furnishes the chief 'support (more than one-half). J If you "and another person sup'. [port'.- the; same dependent,' |the bne°[ furnishing more ithah' half the support , !is entitled to the credit. - B7 CHIC-YOUNG i If yoil and another person fur; . .'•-. .! pish support, to each of two or i more dependents in different !proportions,'"you may..take the .credit for that dependent for ' jwhbm you provided the chief: support. Wbcrc separate returns iare filed upon a community '.j basis' and a husband or wife i contribute exactly equally for ., i the support of a dependent, as ' may be the case irt community r 1 property states, cither may take : Uhe entire credit, but. it cannot v ! be divided between them. • " i Is a credit for dependent i allowable with respect to your I minor child or other claimed 'dependent serving in the armed |forces, of the United States? !That depends. During thc period -.-•;of such service, he (or sho^ is | not supported by you or any ~. j other taxpayer. If he does not [have $500 'gross income, does ' hot •. make a joint return', and was not in the service during the entire year, you- may take tbc. surtax exemption-.'Tor .him 'only if you furnished more than lone-half of his- support for the ! calendar -ycafc This rule does I not apply to your husband in the service, because a husband , is never his wife's dependent for income tax purposes, and if he has no gro^ss income and there[ fore is not required to file a ', return, because none of hte pay | and allowances are taxable, you may claim in your return the ! benefit of his surtax ^ejccnjptipn 'of $500 as well as your By VyiLUAM RITT and CLARENCE GRAY THE LORbTIMAK'15 OVERGENEROUS AND \NE ASK HIS 'WtauON FOREVER RAISINS , K QUR HANDS. AGAINST HIM/

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