The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 9, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 9, 1890
Page 4
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»u i» >**«»»»•••-» fct 8 -o'cloc A wtte <«ittttuA. t6 -IT: *., »^, daring the ;iti" r irwfliSijefi thte'fall ifi good fti&tfc- MM. U, O. Sd&tet; and Mrs. ft. 'ft. mother and sister of J. .o. " iHh a •W«t last 'vwSek, te- . e races at thd fair. & K«»»ft* fecfelted Word brother ty miM Weft falllfi^ to* some time but , tarhlffg td KftoxWllS MflBdSy.- . R. JonfeS tt&feived & jtetegram Moh the serlotffl ilUrett of Mr. oB. MendefBon ha* teen new BUM ufidef Sail's Ml estate offlee, and fitting it up for fresh paint And a -" " • hTs father atMs heftneUi Jotfes took tbe Mgnt Wain east. Mrs. tv*. H. Inghatn and daa'ghter Nellie *ent to St. Paul Monday evening. Mrt., Inghata *M Wtend the toeetlngsbf the national educational meeting there this week. 0 A. i&uttrard started yesterday I6f L/. f*.t M**0a»™ •*¥*. Uil—A I*. . 4k Of th«8 fa* dally nien who feBifio . . -.-_- Bfldreitaesi class shall ha estoni that laws are t* conform to Wdl inawui tort Yaose upon Sis f si* l Afto* five yenrs wftitiflg, Alter nve yeore wiubiugAI^UUM c «« «hrt ^ST irf fcwrtShv fcH a*mnd-to ceieteate the ever glorious ^gSWtwffflHlM «*"- tofl ****«•»&?!!*. *£; Se»«tffi^ St Ma*. Hferhst, and tes MW. ara entitled also td credit for the haadBome'm'ftnaer in which' the'y dOcoratod th6 floats for the procession. ' ^P made , a na,ndlfome ftp- the parade. It is % great ,.fe> tt Standing lot 1 tfafe child, am realizes he >beyc8nh*ndlethe tvlted to let the at St. : Thomas' •cni On Sunday, morning at St. * , tatarion the,wstor will give t! ' ftddreaa of the Series oil the •" • chtirch. Suh ect, "Tins Chti " '•' tiutl'iB on 6*htjjttlon In L, 0. arst 1tettery< • A- company is o .-/ will push the .business.. *.';. licenses 'have beea ifcsued -- Patterson aad .Oracle i U Wheeler, Albert O. Hay ward aad ; zle Pike. The marriage. ..ot. #ie couple is celebrated today, -we leara. Mr. PatterSoaisasOaof S. D. Patterson of Union. -The drawing for Jas. Taylor's sewing machine came off Saturday evening, some 160 tickets being in ; for the coa- test. TheluckynumbeV belonged to W E. Stahl of Burt, who .walked oft With the prize. It was a haadsome maculae, and Mr, Stahl is in luck. \We'notice in tije. state fair- catalogue that Sheriff Stephens has been appoint^d assistant marshal during fair week,. and will take an active hand ia .superintending the grounds. This is an honor worthily coaferred, and secures to the aasoclatioa an active and efficient officer. .--..<• We hear it rumored that some of our people are discusslag a Bellamy scheme to be put la operatioa In the ComstoeK house! They propose to run a co-operative boardiag house. No hotter place could be secured in which to try the scheme, aad there is really something attractive about .it. The weather signals were put^ out last week lor the first time. They hang on a line from the postpfflce across State street, and are put out 10 o'clock, and ihelarwest. oyu »»»..^ but he will go through anTother country on fhis side befpffe, returning. It 16 a business trip. . , T. H. Conner went to ttolfe Jesterday to begin Work on the school building he isto WML He hf* not yet let Ws contracts, but has his bids In. He Will stay and Superintend the job throughout. , ' Eira Adavns, ah Wd Algona boy son of duf painter, has been back with his family Tor a visit. He has beeri fc* ' ik cashier In Genoa^ Neb.i „» *o .«.-.....£ a success itt ibusihBSs. Many frtesds were pleased to see hlwi again. •" '•' ; '"' : ''•'•''', ' ''"'' Judge Carr Was. in,town Saturday to hear a niottOn to dismiss an injunction -Wok he had issued to restrain^ tnan was day that h'as 1 thtts fa oe&i ttteJlted to July, The air was delightfully 'dool, the sky clear, aftd the Wnd hot too tfctite. E*« rise, began fci btoatthe-iatuteafc sun- ho bne in the people of tUs yea*ago. neus,ffiij)« named Carter from uslagthe hay..! of a maa name* Ford,-'«The motion complain, aadat aa houf-the'pe'OplefromiiKmBd about be- gfta pouriug 18, u»tll a* the pfOdesMon fofiiied bt id 6'clObk 'tile fitrtets ,Were jammed aad' crowded with people. Company fin full uniform lead , the assembled multitude, ' the" 'Algoaa band—a pleasaat reminder' of otir old band—followed, and then came officers, speakers, two floats elaborately 'gotten tip and decorated to carry the'girls rep* resett%g stays' tlija 1 0or;with' baiid, aad the Bun'4're4ii of, teams..that.competed for the flag. The march under Marshal ird and his assistants, altef pass- inn luroujA the main streets, came to a halt at the-park where, whenithd seats were filled, President Clatko arose and called to order. No estimate has beefl-made 1 thtft put the crowd present at the grounds at less than S",000 people, while during the day between 'V __JC -* 4 r. ivnn i . 1_ IAU.H ftA>*»* lilt* hftt wits' tj&u&ht a little ore? " _ back the yei'miglSJr'pb'wet of the massive «M thfe lake; It is true that openings in the appeared from time to time though small streams found theif Way. Bui _ . a slight opening could da no harm in a Structure Of Such size and Weight. Occasionally SoM6 one Would sound a note of Wfttn&g that tue dam was becomlnt unsafe, that there was danger It might break away tad let loose the imprisoned demon of cr-edit to Alfoaa; . Efefyoae Spoke in praise of the music, TlKS chorus, gotten up undet the directioa of D. T. Smith rendered the finest vocal inuslo eter glvert In Al- 6ona, the Algoaa bahd Was al«o%t as gbdd: as In the days of its- gr&at&t's'e- ndwfa, Had the Oorwlth bam *M a But- n*j*»* _ tt-_. t..±r^..s ^£s.zt »»fiu«iaii-t—Jy A SiWtr Wedding Words for the tetlarteouB Locftl. Work on the city well is sttil 51*0- after the steam pump proved .icuimpuww »««»»"— — r— —,, . al, Mr, Smith Scraped dui M much ci fenselessfitt> children who could be ^ eft the wall to settle without anything _*ay, absurdity, ana ropfiellfchlnhefnaa'heara that old chestnut every year about the dam going out, but that the data was still there; and eeeme^ quite pleased and gelf-comphv cent W the utterance of such doubtful logift. Mean-while more holes uppcated, And tha little Streams grew larger that were seep. The au< Why do you-pay-such highjrkes ( fo* flour,-when you caa get it for the Queen or President Harrison at $1 per sack, warranted at Bhn>«V—16t8 enough J. J. Wll' iO.WU and DjUWfWOliW ^"i.wun4». j-wv ««»* dlence. stretohed away before the speak er's stand 1*8, Jar as voices could be heard,, and gave the most attentive hearing to the programme which Was ' ' an invocation by Rev. under H to stop it. 'But, although it is U, show that the Bennett law "aj CdWfrlth oftde d ^th 16 Mns of iron, it has not | about 50,000 children between if thelSwn that so' r —... -... Snd *&fft?SSffi£ iSUrtft fled in the least, th •!£•««*«» Where in the couhtry. the sides is so efeat. What sand The boWery la • of attractl the old-rink wiis the ' Lost, ft light brown cloak, July 4, aearC. W. Parker's. Return to this office. opene Pratt. A son the Algo Show of All New Features. each morning before _ - _ tell the weather lor the day. They will prove a very valuable aid to tne people in this vicinity. A son of Mr. Mittag at Fenton mistook a cartridge for a fire cracker on the Fourth, and in firing it got his.face full of powder. He ran to a pond near by and rubbed water on the burn, until all the skin on his face was rubbed off, This may with Puritan precision bo said of tho Ringllng Brothers' United Monster Railroad Circus, Museum, and Menagerie, the enormous Institution which exhibits at Algona, Saturday, July 19. With regard to detail may it also be observed that this great show possesses more actual great features than any other of toe few b g railroad shows. Among the lists of their circus and hippodrome artists wo find tho names of the most celebrated riders, gymnasts, acrobats, noriallsto, charlotters, etc., among them Mile. Julia Lowando, the world-famous Brazilian lady rider; Edward Shipp, tho great four and six-horso equestrian; La Hole Bros., the flying men of the air; Andrew Gaff ney, "theoldoak;" tho Ash tons, the Japanese performers; the Arab horsemen, and scores of others. The great double menagerie we find wonderfully complete, In fact a perfect innovation to all lovers of natural history. The monster hippopotamus. the amphibious bovp- , ------ f^.. --- ,.. ~™, u ino African zebras; lephant, tho baby elo- song beautifully rendered by na chorus followed, after which Samuel Mayne read the declaration in a most pleasing manner, and the orator of tho day, A. L. Hudson, Was introduced. To most of the audience Mr. Hudson was well known, and his re* tura to his old home was the occasion of a hearty and enthusiastic receptlou. As the applause died away he beeaa la a clear voice a brief eulogy of Kossuth aad her people, aad thea apostrophizing the saaitary flag secured la early years, he passed to the discussion of the duties of citizenship, the consideration ugh the dam, \mtil one morning just as tho beauty of the valley was. blooming into the month of roses, owhlle Its faCr tory Wheels were turning, and its wealth o: human lives engaging in the activities o the day. there came a c*ash that Was felt throughout the globe. The cries of help less women fcnfl childten stfuggUne ,wttU the waves, the shouts and groans of strong men Who sought In Vain to, help them, the crash of breaking timber, the crushing put of human lives, the grinding and mangling ot human bodies, were all made the light, fantastic play of the maddened waters that had first leattied to know their 'cruel power, 10,000 lives that day paid forfeit for recklessness that-was a crime. The greatest single tragedy the world has over known stands as an awful warning that we can hot safely rest in fancied security while the dam is being undermined that guards all that we hold most sacred and most dear; that wo can not safely disregard tho violation ot established law. Does anyone think the cases are not parallel! IxiU center of attraction for the 'y-Ouiig pet* pie; Oae huftdrM aad slxty^te tickets were sold at night, to say nothing of the afternooa's crowd. The ' excitement oVer the Teaaaat BrewStef trottitfg match shows tha " ' more thaa an ex -r ____ It is having two hot-ses that coatestthe race that arouse laterest, oven if they caa't go la so fas Considering the high wind, our shor aad uaevea track With Its sharp curves Kossuth's running time Saturday was Very fast. The best mile.and a quarto of history and he him study with care the pages nd he will not fall to find the the now with the people of 'Wlscoristti. I reoaliW. Hoard aa depicting the situation there, said he: "'twould aot have believed there could have been found in all free land ft set of men and faewspai$e«i Who would deliberately enter into a Conspiracy against the poor ano^ tie- & Landorfi I®"Note a few sample prices: e ---- , ..— ----- . ^ fife then proceeded „ m choice Botter Crackers for ...... i.OO • „„„,iaoibs Dried Poaches for -... 1.00 f. *£?« Ulbs Choice Rice for !•» and 14 who are not attendants upon » "^ ™ £ " „ hnol.where the English language is H* 0 ** 9 f. 1 " 9 ! £" up in I WWis* ijye, per DOX .01 do can be imagined when H can hold up I ignorance'of the language of their Axl« Grease, A Good Wash beard for 1| : Cllmat Tab, per It Bpe»r Head Tab, per Ib A^ood EHne Cut for tftiton Stove Polish, per pkg (3J08S Starch, per Ib -. Soda, per pkg 16 tons by shutting in on the sides of a j country." wall. sell all kinds of . a choice Ye-ast fof $ •' f *«« or 11 achoice au. . Mr. Stephens weal to the council Sat- V6t , y cheap . closing them out at re- w n a Ha if Patent Hard Wheat Flour for - . urday evealng and explalaed that he polats" and got what lie contracted to] furbish, If they would accept the well. Thecounoilmendiseussed the matter, would brinFhim from 2:071 to 2:081 Even 2:17* is only 11 seconds and afrac tion slower than the best. * Mason City and LeMars both had races for their amusetnen t on the Fourth, and Fort Dodge raised the money for races but was too late and dropped the celebration. The regular admission to races in all the circuits is 50 cents at 'e object contract, they officially • ' • 'Mr. Stephens ls| uimoi v^i^.c^-..«..../e his well by July 16, and they will allow him to do as he „ „ _ No m^&J^J^^^^-^^ 1 ^ seconds better ott a good track, whic , pleases, aad at the time he turns over tho well they will then accept or reject ns seems right. On the theory that the well Is all right, counterpart. Upon one page, three years leas than a century ago, ho will .find .the for the estab- ghta' of others leas than a centu story of growing U«hed law and — . — --„ — among the nobility of France, and in close proximity he -will find a picture of on infuriated mob that spared neither sex nor youth ren- nor Innocence from that great whirl " .... nor yo maddened leaving him badly injured. Th most serious accident reported. Mr. Brunson says that over twenty- five applications for pensions under the new disability pension law have been made out in ms office already. This law covers all cases where pensions are actually needed, and will undoubtedly do more to bring the money to the hands of those who would suffer without it than any law yet passed. Winkel's "Kossuth" has gone to Bancroft. Murphy, the man who helped Mr. Winkel pick him out when he bought him, has been advised of his record thus far. If he thinks it is satisfactory Kossuth will be shipped to Minneapolis at once to get ready for the derby. If he thinks the horse is not in condition, he will not go. If local rivalry keeps up we are likely to have some races belore long between local trotters. Sid. Blossom has a colt that wants to meet Marsh Stephens' stepper, while the sheriff and auditor have a little race that is still to come, and Brewster'e "Darkey" is not yet sure that "King David" is ' too fast for him. About fair time we onght to have some lively contests between our home horses. C. Byson's son had about as narrow an escape as any on the Fourth, He was holding his horse and carriage on the side of the road leading to tho fair grounds, when a loaded 'bus passed and caught the carriage wheels. The carriage, horse, and boy were for a minute together in an indiscriminate mass, but the boy came out with only a bruised head. The horso was also all right, but the carriage had suffered extensively. C. I. Harvey is home from Chicago, and is recovering rapidly from the effects of the operation on his face. A large piece of the jaw bone was cut away, and also the tumor from his lip. The wound is now healed over, and the doctors assure him that the bone trouble will not return. The tumor, v however, is liable to comeback, though not immediately. Mr. Harvey says the operation was very painful after ho had come out from tho influence of the an- lapsus: the only gem the umbrella-eared eli, r , — -r--i phant, the clown elephant, tho giant ele phant Babylon, beside tho enormous collections of other caged and uncaged animals, constitute a zoological collection that cannot be equaled by any other management, and In which tho managers seem to have actually outringlingedtnerongtogs. When of which the character of the day dered appropriate. He closed his tlon with an eloquent appeal for tho observance of law. Music by the chorus and by the band closed tho exercises, and the people scattered to indulge in a picnic dinner, and dispose of themselves for the afternoon as they saw fit. Lunch counters, lemoaade stands, the bowery dance, and tho races, divided attention until evening, wken an attractive though not elaborate display of fire-works was given east of town. MK. HUDSON'S ORATION. In opening his address Mr. Hudson spoke as follows: My Friends and Fellow Citizens: After an absence of something over seven years It is with extreme pleasure that I come to as the Invited guest to Join heart we take into consideration the great world's horse fair, tho wonderful museums, the troupes of performing animals, etc., and last but not least, the great, glorious, free street parade, it must bo confessed that Saturday, July 19, will be the greatest holiday event that Algona will have for many years to come, or until tho great Ringllng show again spends a day among us. Recollect that the only show in America that possesses real African zebras is.Rlnglinr Brothera' monster railroad shows. At Al gona, Saturday, July 19. There are Great liargalns , . men tho to fight its one In hats and all millinery goods at Matson, McCall & Go's. A FRESH box of Wheat Germ Meal wafers just received at the Cash Store. Try them. Rlngling Day. Every Important holiday event Is known by some popular name. The Fourth of July Is no more a general holiday than the one on which the Great Ringllng Brothers' Monster Railroad shows appear; and so universally has this became established that the advent of the enormous institution Is known far and near as Rlngling Day. The dally expenses of these Monster Shows are so great that, if their reputation was not so good that all feel they would bo great losers if they missed seeing them, tho Big Show could not live a month. This Is why schools, factories, business places, and even legislatures and courts, are closed when they come, and all transportation companies can afford to give their patrons cheap excursion rates. Ringllng day comes this year at Algonn, Saturday, July 19. WE expect raspberries Townsend & Languon. you today as the invited guest to Join noari and hand with old friends in the celebration of a day which brings all hearts and hands together In patriotic fellowship. It is always a good thing to come home: *-*-*-«• ever experiences life may bring to place where they first learn to fight battles IB always home to them. But needs to go away from home to comprehend the full strength of its associations. It ia difficult to form a clear, unbiased Judgment of those who are very close to us, cither in friendship or opposition. During the yoars that I havo been removed a little distance from you I have learned to know, as I never did before, the great strength of character of the strong men of Kossuth. Coming from the most advanced and enterprising element of the sturdy stock that peopled a now world two centuries ago, and fought for liberty until they won It, the early settlers of Kossuth havo met and overcome obstacles that would have killed or discouraged weaker men, and have grown stronger with each new contest, Just as the massive oak gains strength with every storm that beats against it. And by a simple and naturallaw, these men. great in themselves and greater in their development, havo attracted to them from the mass of humanity seeking homes in the west, men of like temper and spirit with themselves. , Every community owes its character and intellectuality to its founders. As surely as the magnet draws the stool the little nucleus first formed gradually attracts to it minds that arc congenial; while those of different typo pass on to other'fields; so thatastheyd ' ' " — pands along tl ...... „». „ r out: " TelYwind'and fire and water when to stop, but talk not to us of mercy." • I have no doubt that much of tho prevailing disregard for the sacredness of law is due to unwise, hasty, impassioned, sentimental, and Incompetent legislation, But in our obedience to law we cannot safely make distinctions. By tho memories of this day we stand on eacrcd ground. Through the sacrifice of noble live* there has been bequeathed to us a glorious republic. If laws have been or shall be unwisely framed, there has been insured to us tho right of modification. But while any law remains upon the statute book, the snored memories of this day call upon us; one and all, to preserve it with " our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor." Thus only can wo hope to attain that high ideal of government— "Where tho war drum throbs no longer, And the battle Hags are turiei), In the parliament of man, The federation ot the woriu." At tlie Itnco Trnck. Tho largest crowd that has ovor gathered at tho fair grounds to witness speed trials appeared shortly after noon, and were not delayed long in seeing five fast trotters got away in the 2:40 class. Dr. Clock of Clear Lake, owner of tho now famous Golddust Prince, had been secured as starter, the gate, A great many people to horso races, but like base bull they are a generally recognize mate amusement. Thirty '---- , people went 60 miles out of New York on the Fourth through a rain storm to see races, and then tho best horses would not go because the mud was ankle deep. Celebration at Beaton. To the Editor: Fenton celebrated. The reporter was a celebrator, at tho celebration of the celebrated " Fenton," and can truly say that Fenton celebrated as only Fonton can. The day was almost moro than could be expected, the place a delightful maple grove, so dense as to make almost a complete shade, admitting now and then a sunbeam to help gladden tho happy throng. Everything beneath was merriment, above, the brood leaves clapped their little hands in glee, with ono continuous sound. Tho programme was carried out to the letter, and tho participants did honor to themselves individually, while tho applauses of the nudlonco were showered upon them with profu- The audionco was culled to order by J. L. Blunt, music by Fonton String band, invocation by D. W. Moulton, reading of declaration of Independence •kably low prices, at Watson, Mc-| ^ ^ R FU JJ p atent j^rrf Wheat Flour for i.4<5 We sell 32 bars of Good Laundry Soap for -9° And we take produce in exchange for groceries. Come and get otir prices before you buy. TOWN&END & LANG-DON. the The leading question how i»: " Are you a bottle of Chamberlain's weather Itls ataost certain to^e needed. and Is a friend Indeed when required, as it leory Mr. Stephens will put in his sand 'points at once. These are two-Inch pipes with heavy sand screens, which will be driven ia the bottom of the well In various directions to tap other veins of water. He Will thea proffer the well for the test. If It stands, ao ono of course will raise any objection because it is 118 instead of 180 feet deep. What the test will be seems to bo la doubt, but that it will be thorough Is assured. Emmetsburg's well has just been decided worthless by experts, aud their whole system of works Is in. Algona has no need of water works until sho has a well that is a success, except that the town may have to buy the pump in ordar to satisfactorily make a test. There would bo no loss in getting tho pump at any tlmo, as thero is no doubt that we shall got a well sometime. Their Silver Wedding. A pleasant gathering was the surprise party at B. J. Hunt's, Saturday. Their 25th anniversary of their wedding has como around, and unknown to him a party of old friends had arranged to celebrate tho occasion. They gathered at W. H. Connor's, whore, they or- never falls and is pleasant to take. 26 and 60 cent bottles for sale by L. A. Bheetz. IT DlDN'TMST LONG, Tho Adjourned County- Boned Mect- Inff— Wliat Was Done. ALOONA, June 80.— Board met at 1 p. m,, members all present except M. O'Rourko. , Besolved, That $48 bo appropriated for the purchase of title for the Payne bridge in Irvingtori township, and tho auditor authorized to draw warrant for same when bill is presented. Adopted. • On motion tho road petitioned for by D, A. Duitman and others was not granted, and the costs woro assumed by tho county. On motion tho report of committee to settle with auditor and treasurer Miles 1 Nerve add Uv<-r P"l». An Important dlncoveir: th« act jon rtomnch, and boweli through the nerrai. A new DrlnclDle. Ther speedllf ,eure blllouMieii, baa 8Ste, fcrW liver, pueiTBna consHpatlon. BDlen- did for men, women, and children. BmnVteit, mUdwMtireii. Thlrt» doses for 2B centt. Bnm- ples tree at F. Wi Dlngle>'». • ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICAGO, MIIAVAUKEK * ST. PAUL. Freight— *o, 5 ...... w'.'..:...;.««>P>n Freight— :B9pinNo. if. i'?5am No. 14 9:SOpm CHICAGO & NOKTHWESTEHN. this week. aesthetic, peat it. and he has no desire to re- Another interesting and entertaining letter from C. P. Dorland is given this week. We doubt if a better descriptive writer is contributing to any of the big daiiles, at any rate they are few who excel him. We hope ho will not forget his promise to continue the story. There may be some consolation in reading the circumstances under which he writes in view of the hot weather and dust hereabouts: "I have to keep the blamed tarantulas off my feet and the sweat off my face and try to write at tho same time," Thos. Coonan, who has been in the original package business at Ruth von, has been in town several days looking for a place to open a saloon here. Yesterday he had not been able to rent a room. He says if ho can get a place ho will be running in a week, but he does not want to buy tho city. Everyone seems to fool that they want nothing to do with tho institution, and a general impression seems to prevail that Algona will not be a healthy place for it to start. Ed. Bircher says ho don't believe he wants to open here. Wo announce this week a slight change in our business policy which we have contemplated for some time, but which Jmfi seemed peculiarly appropriate coming after the celebration. It ha« been customary for church societies and others to receive free advertisements for lemonade and ice cream stands, which compete with out- regular customers who pay for their notices. This is unfair to the latter, and tho only satisfactory way is to have a rule for all alike. Advertising for all gatherings at which money is charged comes under the head of tho newspa- per'u legitimate business, and should bo paid for accordingly. For all fi'eo entertainments, sociables, etc., we shall " * to publish notices as hereto- to give all proper information of church and benevolent meetings. But all advertising must bo tmitod alike, and notices of gatherings for the purpose of getting money must bo paid I AM agent for the Bradley & Motoalf and Lilly-Brockett shoes. F. S. Stough. The Great World's Morse 1'alr Of tho Uingling Brothers' New Colossal Railroad, Circus, Museum, and Menagerie is the most magnificent and Instructive international display of draft, trotting and running horses over assembled, in addition to which may be mentioned the immense throngs of beautiful Shetland ponies and Arablon, English, Kentucky, Trakene and Ukrane horses, collectively forming a numerical strength of over two hundred and - -- aristocratic horse UUUltlUU. JltWiy fciiiUH t*i*» irf» n*»v« »»•»••• — •— — with the Great Hlngllng Show. At Algona, Saturday, July 10. TRY a sack of that $1 flour at Townsend & Langdon's. SAVE 25c by buying our 90c plow shoo. P. S. Stough. Tlie Groat French Gymnast. Mr. Wm. DeBoo, ttio great Parisian mrl- nlist, whose marvelous feats of Juggling, eating and drinking while balancing, head downward, on a frail trapeze bar, high, up !n the dome of tho immense hippodrome tent of the Kingling Bros. Enormous Shows is the French gymnast who created such a furore in Paris six months ago. Tho Iling- ling Brothers have "got him on their list" of stellar attractions and tho way to seo him is to visit tho great Ball Koad Bhowa at Al- gonu, Saturday, July 19. be happy fore, and or. J. It. Blossom was over from Bponcor for the Fourth. Gone Shadlo came ovor from Clour Lake to spend Sunday. Miss Cortle Hibbard made u Fourth of July visit with her sister, Cora Hibbard. Mr. • Stover of Marongo has been in town tho past week looking aftor his farm. Miss Mattio Bobinson came down from Minneapolis last week to visit her pld frieuds. nio Shadlo • She is tho guest of Min- Will Brunson is in Milwaukee uttoud- ipg tho annual conolavo o( tho Knights ythlas. Ohas. Walker vent with i tp visit relatives, E.G. Morgan, former secretary ot I-tits bowa pirftilway cojamissionors, was 1 ^ townlajt week, DRIED fruit of all kinds cheap at the Cosh Store. SKB Matson, McCull & Co.'s Fourth of July hats. Tho prices on them are way down, very low. Crop UeporW, Thu Washington report for tho week is: While tho growing crops generally are in good condition, tho ground is bo- coming very dry in southern Illinois, Missouri, and portions of Kansas, No- brualta and Iowa, and rain is needed in these sections to maintain tho present good condition of the corn crop. In Iowa tho signal service says: In tho central and eastern counties of the southern half of tho state a drouth of Homo severity prevails, but little or no rain having fallen during tho past week, and the amount of the season bo- ing deficient. Except within tho limited area of drouth, all crops are in promising condition. Corn is doing remarkably well everywhere, oven in tho dry- ost sections, In portions of the southern counties it is in tassel and silk, and in nearly all parts it is about up to its seasonable height. Tho harvest of winter wheat, ryo and barley is about completed, and haying is progressing under the most favorable conditions for securing tho crop. THE Bonhatn residence is for rent. Inciuire of Mrs. K. U. Bonham, at the placo.-14t2 18 pounds Turkish prunes for $1 the years go by tho settlement ex..„ ilong the same lines of thought and progress. Look all around you and observe to what wonderful extent counties and communities you know havo been populated by people of the same race and characteristics as the original settlers. The early settlers of Kossuth county wore tho pioneers of the northwest, and have been pioneers of every great undertaking since they settled here. From the first, tho predominant thought has been to push forward in every now •undertaking that seemed to them a good thing for the county, and to excel in whatever they might undertake. And every man who has come within the borders of the county according to his capacity, has been imbued with this invincible spirit of excellence and progress. I have spoken of the men of Kossuth because their deeds arc cosier to trace along the line of public history. But I am not unmindful of tho fact that tho brave hearts and heroic lives of tho men of Kossuth have been strengthened, sustained, and cheered by the subtle charm of tho pure and beautiful womanhood of those who have shared their trials, divided their toils, and multiplied their Joys, the women of Kossuth. After speaking in detail of some of KosBUth'a achievements, ho said: But it is In times of great emergency that nations, communities, and men, reveal their greatest strength, when our nation was engaged in the desperate struggle which meant life or death to country and liberty, thegreafand loyal state of Iowa called upon her sisterhood of counties to engage in friendly competition as to which should bo most helpful in the nation's hour of need. And hero again as in every other field of competition this spirit of excellence animating the hearts of the noble men and women of Kossuth made her for all time, in name as well as in fact, the banner county of the state. And when the state of Iowa bestowed this beautiful banner upon the county of Kossuth in token of its excellence. I think the incarnate spirit of liberty must have made the presentation. And that all who are present must have beard her words saying: '' Glorious trinity of colors, beams of tho rising sun that prophesy an endless day, field from the deep blue vault ot heaven, and stars of spotless purity that shall shine while time endures; beautiful emblem of an immortal land, go tell the world the story of tbo sweetest rivalry that ever stirred the heart of man; tell of successful competition, through loving sacrifice upon the altar of a country's need. Speak evermore of the excellence in noblo deeds of the men and women of Kossuth," In conclusion he said: Last but by no means least we should be law abiding citizens. No honest citizen can afford to sanction an infraction of the law. It is the safe-guard to life and home and property. Itls the great dam which holds back the flood of passion, selfishness and crime that always threatens peace and safety. These facts are so self-evident that they are commonplace, aud trite, aud yet the tendency or tills generation is every day growing moro and more pronounced to disregard any law which does not suit our personal Intercuts or conform to our personal prejudices. Tho lax observance of election laws by tho people ot certain sections of tho country; the persistent evasion and viola- and except that on Friday ho allowed a good deal of time between '-^ats, ho was very satisfactory to everyone. At first it seemed that tho race lay between "Chinch Bug" and "That's What," but tho second heat developed that tho first was easily the best horse on the track. Tho entries were: Buvetreat, by W. H. H. Colby, Fort Dodge: Chinch Bug, by G. C. Thomas, Vlnton; Flora Lee, by Mart. Coonan, Kmmetsburg; That's What, by C. Pike, Chicago; Granvil, J. H. Pike, Chicago; Bertha B., A. Englo, Eagle Grove; Wapsie B., G. E. Alexander, Des Moines. Granvil and Bertha B. did not start. Chinch Bug took first, That's What second, and Flora Lee third. Best tlmo 2:35. The second race was tho throe minuto class, with 10 entries: Billy B., b. Thomas Quinn, Chicago; King Davi bv d, J. W. Tennant, W. H. H. C(Wm. Lynch van, Prince, M. F. Hazel Mala, by D. W. Moulton, then carao the oration by C. M. Doxseo. Time nor space will not allow mo to go into detail, BO will only say that he, taking tho landing of tho Pilgrim Fathers us the real beginning of American independence, sketched very effectually the course by which it was attained. Of course no orator can do that without referring to Putnam, to tho father of our country, to tho savior of our country, to Grant, and to many others. 1 will not attempt a further description for I nm afraid it would tend to war rather than olevato. However the speaker made one assertion which our honorable board of school directors could not masticate sufficient to swallow, and I am of tho opinion that if they could manage to choke it down and it was allowed to follow nature's course, it would take 20 years to digest it. It was this: " It is a day when schools should bo closed." The board claim it is a day when schools should not be closed, but a day when their children should not attend, After tho oration were declamations by Mabel and Alida Peck, and Bert Hunnu, singing of America, basket dinner, and after dinner racing and ball game between East and West Fonton, game in favor of tho latter 81 to 10. Tho Fonton Opera company served ico croam and lomonodo in grand style, and in the evening was assembled at tho hall as decent and well behaved company as a ganized, went up and took possession of tho place, served a dinner appropriate to the occasion, and as a token of esteem presented tho happy host and hostess some handsome silverware. Deacon Hudson in n few remarks fittingly presented the gift, and Mr. Hunt responded in a feeling manner, thanking the friends. Among those present wore Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hyde, Mr. and Mrs. Zahlton, Dr. and Mrs. Hudson, Mrs. M. Stephens, Mrs, B. F. Rood and children, Mrs. H. Hudson and children, Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Gardner, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Caroy, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Conner, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Wnlston, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Gilbert. Tho occasion was ono long to bo remembered by all. Tho Northwestern IJeserveg Praise. The UPPER DES MOINES has had occasion to speak in not very complimentary terras of the Northwestern railway several times lately, and hastens accordingly to recognize the enterprise and good will shown by it in putting on an extra to accommodate tho people who wanted to attend our celebration. Mr. Boynton very cheerfully arranged to have a full passenger train como from tho north to accommodate everyone, and return at a desirable hour in the evening. Tho train was liberally patronized, and wo hope paid for itself. We hope to speak ore long of other like ovldonces of a liberal policy on tho part of the Northwestern. It will find a very appreciating people along the lino If it will make a bona fide railroad of it. was accepted. On motion G. H. Peters was appointed a committee to repair tho Dau bridge. On motion G. H. Peters was made a committee to purchase two cars of oak plank, and tho auditor was authorized to draw warrants for same when required. On motion tho salary of county attorney was fixed nt $000 per annum for the ensuing two years. On motion tho auditor was authorized to draw warrants for all bills allowed at this eesslon. Resolved, That congressional townships 90 and 100 in range 29 be erected and formed into a civil township, said township to bo namod Harrison. .-• Tho yeas and nays being called for the resolution was adopted, by the following vote: Yens, D. A. Buell, C. A. Olson and J. Holtz. Nays, G. H. Pe- ReBolvod, That tho auditor bo authorized to sell to Buffalo township five acres of school lands for cemetery purposes on same terms as other school funds are sold. Adopted. On motion the members of tho board wore allowed tho sums opposite their names for services at this session: G H Peters, ono day, 16 miles KJB3 DADuoll, one day i*J C A Olson, one day, 25 miles • 00 J Holtz, one day, 1C miles B93 North— . .„ Elmore.pa89...4!lOpm St. Paul'".": i :»:D5 a m Dei Molnesft 7;S5pm South— Elmore pass. 19:90pm TIIK CASE IN A NUTSHEI,!/. When Babr was sick we gave her Cuatorla. When Bhe was a child she cried for Cnstorlu, When she became Miss she clung to Cnstorla, When she had Children she gave them Ciwloria. tent! Con? Bank ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, tfiO.OOO. FAST MAlh UNE with electric lighted and Bteam heatid vestlbnlwl trains between Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and^Mluuu- apollu. TKANS-CONTINENTAI< UOUTE with elec- trio lighted and ateam heated vesttbuled tralnshetween Chicago and Council BlulM, Omaha, or St. Paul and the Pacific coast GREAT NATIONAL ROUTE between Chlca- go, Kansas City, and St. Joseph, Mo. 5700 1III/ES OF KOAI) reaching all principal point* In Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, South and North Dakota. For ma; Incorporated under general laws ot lows. Deposits received, monej loaned, foreign ami ao- mestto exchange bought and Mid. Collections made prompur and a general banking business transacted. Passage ticket* to or from the old eouatrlei sold at lowest rate*. imtuAu, President, J. B. JONES, Vice President, Directors—W. H. Ingbam, Jno. O. Smith, J. B tfi Jones, T. Cbriscbllles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsnortb, Barnet Define. freli Schedule Clnltuu. Tho following bills were audited on tho different funds:. COUNTY FUND. J W Hlnchon, printing 8 27 50 Frank Entlor, sand for court housa.... II00 WHNvcum. committee work 4? 00 80 21. 528 800 1200 ight, _._., 01 tho Obi CU*-* i **A*» ">•«•»*'« — "-• —,— -.•^or to any railway agent anywhere in the world. A. V. H. CARPENTER, General Passenger and Ticket Agent. ROSWELL JI1LLEU, General Manager. tSTFor Information in reference to lands nndtowns owned by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway company, write to H. O. Haugeu, land commissioner, Chicago, 111. First National Bant OP ALGONA, IOWA. Capital, • • SBO,ooo Special Attention Paid to Collections. MBEOTOBS. , _ Ambrose A. Call, D. H. nutchlnit, J. C. Dlack lord, PblUp Dorwellcr, Wm. K. F orgvlsou. (ieo. C.C.U.C.6. 10 pounds dried apricots for. 10 pounds Gul. platedpluuui(or. nt Townuend & Luiigaon'u. I HAVE tho finest ll»o of children's shoos In town. F. S. Stough, CAW- aud examine my $2 and ladles' kid Oboes. F, 8. >y wealthy corporations of laws tx limit their power* and privileges; and notorious violation m our la tend- tuo tion b, open and notorious violation iu our" larger cities of laws relating to gambling, liquor selling and prostitution, aud this too with the consent of the business classes—arc only a few illustrations of a disregard of existing law so widespread that almost every citizen may play tho double role of a Nathan and a David in tho universal censure: "Thou thyself art the man." I am not a pessimist; I believe tho invincible spirit of young America will overcome the blunders it may make. But if auy power is destined, in tho history of the nations, to tear into shreds and scatter to the winds tho glorious fabric of this groat republic, it Is tbU prevollug disregard for established law. Aud tho very recklessness and Indifference to danger which makes tills warning seem uncalled for is iu itself tho surest signal of impending danger. This is the social condition that always precedes tho disruption of empires, and the danger Is enhanced by conditions peculiar to our owu land and generation. The gulf betweea labor and capital Is growing wider. Tho ranks of the former are becoming more and wore, filled with those who love to flaunt tu ° r()<1 flu £ 9 f &u - arcby, and who regard all acuuniuTatlou of property as a crime i white tho control of great corporate and other Interests is rapidly pausiug out of the handset the strong men who built them up, aud into tUo grasp of dudish BOOB and »oc»-lu-Uw whQjso bonds have never felt the energizing touch ol honest labor, and whpnj luxury fosUtou are removing farther aud faj away frpw wanly »ympatby with tt» lngitt.lUl.Qutt., MeouwbUe these great IfffiWwWSlfiWir jilllUIll/t -fl.l£JU(lt* t 4-l.a.AUl, AI.I.UI.U) :. Colby, Fort Dodge; Violet, neh, Fort Dodge; Earl Dono; Wapsio . , .. Coonan, Emmotsburg; Grinnell, C. Pike, Chicago; Darkoy, C. Browster, Algona; Frank M., J. H. Shannon, Chicago; Belva Lockwood, James Gifford, Emmetsburg. King David and Darkey did not start, but the eight others did, and after several cataatrophies, finished tho race, Frank M. taking first, Hazel Maid second, and Grinnell third. The best time was 2:48. The best and most entertaining races happened to come Saturday when not nearly so large a crowd was present. The chief eventwas tho trial ofwinkel's Kossuth to boat the best mile and mile and a quarter records made at Spencer. On his first trial he stopped at three quarters, as the saddle girth had slipped, and considerable curiosity was aroused. But on the second trial he beat the milo record one second, going in 1:61, and tho milo and a quarter record more, going in 2:17i. The records at Spencer were 1:52 and 2:23. An impromptu race was gotten up between Tennant's King David and Brewstor's Darkoy. The first heat was not exciting, as King David took it easily, but the judges put Mr. Shannon, the Chicago driver, into tho Brewster sulky on the second heat, and although King David won, it was the most exciting raco of the whole meeting. Tho free for all trotting raco had five entries, all entered In the Friday's races. The Eaglo Grove horso, which did not trot Friday, was in but cut no figure in tho race. Chinch Bug won easily, That's What second, and Flora Lee third. Tho host time was 2:84i. An Exciting Kunawoy. The effort to got eight horses started on the track proved difficult enough, without having ono of them a disorderly beast on general principles. One horse was a disturber, and first ran into Coonan's sulky and threw him out, and then turned ovor another. Tho result was a broken heat in the three minute raco, while ono horse went sailing around tho track on the run, and another swung oft through the crowd at a vicious gate. After running across tho flat the horso crossed the track near the grand stand and struck Geo. W. Banna's carriage, smashing the wheels and starting his team on a run. The neck-yoke broke and tho team broke away, dragging Mr. Hanna over tho dash and hurting his buck. Tho horso then went around and coming in at the other end of tho stand jumped on the backs of another team, but did no dam- ago. As it happened no ono was hurt, but probably no one expected but that some one would bo killed as ho saw the horse break loose. A WuKIinnlmouu Gift, Mr, Hudson did a generous aot on receipt of tho $50 given him by tho conv mlttoo for his oration. After thanking them ho said he wished to donate tho amount to some public causa In Algona, and that ho should bo pleased to have it go to tho normal school fund. Tho money was turned over to the normal board, aud will be ueod by them iu furthering the Interests of the school. This aot of generosity, entirely unexpected, will secure a grateful recognition on the part of tho board and of tho public. It speaks highly for Mr. Hudson's interest in our town and its welfare, as well ws for his magnanimity in refusing to accept oven his expenses for the time and trouble expended. Ulllvit U«tt> tt>» i'llltf. Union township showed up in too pArado with. 43 toww, and iw this is tbo largest number that is claimed, the flue banner that w«s offered by the pom- person could find any place, tho hall company did a noblo thing when they shutdown on rowdyism and whisky bottles, and will bo the gainers in the end. Tho Fenton String band furnished excellent music for tho occasion, and everything wont merry us a marriage bell until tho dawning of morning, und thus ended one of the best celebrations Fenton ovor had. Heal Kutato Transfers. Following nro the important transfers of real estate in Kossuth county, furnished this paper by C. M. Doxseo, abstractor of titles, and real estate ngent, for week ending July 1: Wm Kuhn to J E Stacy, quit claim, w hf nwSl-Wi 29 - * Andrew Larson to August Gorman, warranty eht sw 1-95, at 800 JF& Win T Craig and wives to O A Taylor, warranty, w.hf BW 14, o hf ae 15- J.uto Arrivals. ftlO 100 OS Kate BCbw«jjji«r t6~B" S Hughes, warran- 1,800 lTjoueBetalto"6'M'Pttinier'ot'ni'\var- ranty, see hf sw 18-100,87 9,-IOU - *. -ll,l«1.»l nn.l url/n tn MlLt.lllltL 1,000 400 2,600 John A. "wtttkel" and .wife"to" Matilda Markt, warranty, e hf nw 13-05,80...... I)iwl<l O Shepard and wife to I'etor Bench warranty, nw nw 3-1-05,30 0 H UrooklianU et al to D A Colter, warranty, w hf no n hf nw se uw as-ftl, 37.. Geo 0 Canto 88 Wheeler, warranty, so s hf no nw ne lft-98, !W • • T P Cooke to August Mathews, warranty Kobt Waller to 0' Baga'rj' warranty, uw 33-10087 • l,wX> D Paine etal to H E &, 0 '!' JJrPUsou, omn nSTA?Si?A al R to'H 0'13-riea",iuit claim, no31-i)8, 80........................ 400 Sarah E Woodwortu and husband to Arthur Ollmore, warranty, s W Be e }f BhfnhfBel7-tX),!» 800 Lou Louisa Spanker to August Vargon- da, warranty, n hf se 8&-W, 88 1,900 Frank Parish to etna Holman, warranty BW 1187-06, 89 800 F M Taylor and wife to Henry Habu, warranty, lot 3, 13-05.89 Union Mill Co «t al to H Hohn, warranty Black' Hawk Co'to Johu'Kl'e'l'ri,' 'warranty Wra H B Nyeum to"M" ii' o'b'u'r'ch iiu'ffilio Fork, warranty, 1 acre In 15-lff, W...... Potor Howley and wlfo to Norman L Wood, wai-rauty, se uw 31-100,87......... Cloo Allen to O Bexter aud F B Morse warranty, no ltf-»a,89........ 3,K» Lovl Hodgson and wife to Elmer Hodg- sou. warranty, se 35-07,9» "XJ JMlieanandw'ifetoD's Garner, warranty, n hf 18-96, 80 1,000 A Boyaen and wife to Ira Harmes, war- A fine boy at Wm. K. Ferguson's, the first of tho family, is tho cause of much rejoicing. It was born Monday -oven- ing. On tho same evening a bouncing boy was added to 13. A. Myers' family, and also at the same time a boy ivt tho Chtis- tianson home. Still nn other boy is reported at Honry Weaver's Sunday evening. Wo neglected to note last week a boy at the Detner homo. There should bo a now count for tho census, liudlnoim Announcement. Hereafter all notices of entertainments, sociables, lectures, etc., etc., at which a fee is charged will bo published in tho UPPEU DBS MOINES us other advertising at tho rate of ten cents a lino for tho first insertion and five cents a lino for each subsequent insertion. When tickets to entertainments are accepted they will be at • - - - • 'for adver- Notlces of W H Nycum, committee wov Mutt Holtzbauer, work at court house. Winkle Bros, hardware for court house Geo J Lawson, clerk Wesley township. Peter Bkow, trustee Wesley township. W E Ward, on account painting court house * H P Hatch, clerk Whittemore li Bertha Carey, county superintendent and postage 10i 25 Geo W Eddy, trustee Wesley 12 00 F W Dlngley, paints and oils for court house -.......... la* 08 M Stephens, boarding prisoners, claimed »16.80 allowed 1080 E II Clarke, Justice peace and other fees state vs Stokes & Nokes claimed f35.eo allowed IgBO H C Hollenbeck, clerk Wesley 8 00 Upper Des Molnes, printing, claimed ifia.BO continued 1109.30 allowed 14 BO Samuel Mayne coutlty attorney June.. BO 00 DA Buell, committee to settle with auditor and treasurer 20 25 POOR FUND. J H Queal & Co, coal for poor farm.... fig Oliver Maquis, work at poor farm 780 Jas Taylor, goods for poor farm lano Winkle Bros, same 8 fig EFUacon, same 280 FM Butts, same 122!) Jane Bolster, nurse for pauper 4 20 Lawson & Oleson Bros, goods for poor 2 20 John Goederu, Jr, same 4 fit} W M Deltz, grain for poor f ami jj B5 D A Duell, committee on poor farm.... I) 84 J E Hill medical attendance on poor... 1 00 BUIDGE FUND. JFQllmore, hardware 847 Winkle Bros, same 100 Thos Henderson, building bridge on . Calamus creek 4H 00 J H MoNall, stone for bridge 1000 Campbell S. Reynolds, hardware 5 54 JHMcNall, repairing ,100 Thos Henderson, repairing river bridge 50 87 John Paul, lumber 114 «H Z Roberts, lumber for bridges Ill BB Bruer Bros, same 10 .?} 4 JH Queal &Co, same...... 'AiQ G H Peters, building bridges 02 00 G H Peters, omraltlee on bridges 2« 72 DA Buell, same IB OB J G Edwards, hauling lumber tor bridges BE 11 DOMESTIC ANJMAI. FUND. THE CHICAGO AND NORTH-WESTERN RAILWAY* Affords unrivaled facilities for transit between the most important cities and towns in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, and D. H. J. C. BLACKPORD, Cashier. Money nlwajs on hand to loan at reasonable rates to parties nho can furnish first class security. BANCROFT, IOWA. B. M, Richmond, Pres. R. R. Richmond; V, P. A. B. Blcumond, Cashier. sota, North , Wyoming. The train service is carefully adjusted to meet the requirements of through and local travel, and includes FAST VESTIBULED TRAINS of dining cars, sleeping curs, and day coaches, ruuutng solid between Chicago and Transacts a general banking business. Collec- ons a specialty. Money transferred to nil ports ot the United States and Europe at low rules. ST. PAUL, MINNEAPOLIS,, COUNCIL BLU their face value, and pay Using at tho above prices. church meetings and of all benevolent societies, or other gatherings which nro free, will ho given at reasonable lognth free of charge. AND DENVER. Pullman and Wngncr Sleepers Clilcago to San Francisco, Chicago to Portland, Oregon, without change. COLONIST SLEEPERS Chicago to Portland, Ore., and San Francisco. Free Reclining CUalr.Cmnt from Chicago to Denver, via Council B. and Onmha. For time of trains, tickets, and all Information, apply to station agents of tho Chicago Tickets to and from the old country forsale. Taxes paid for both residents and non-residents. Abstract of title furnished on the same day applied for. R. M. RICHMOND, REAL ESTATE DEALER, Loan ana Insurance Ag't and Notary VuUtc, 1)0,000 acres ot prairie lands and Improved furml for sale or rent. Village property for sale or rent. Now Is the time to secure you a home before the three prospective railroads are built, which will advance the price of land beyond the reach pi the average homo-seeker. COMMERCIAL HOUSE, Bancroft, Iowa. B. M. Richmond, proprietor. First class house. Satisfaction guaranteed. Special attention given the traveling public. . Luther G Potter, 75 per cent of 118.60.. 087 On rootion the board adjourned sluo die. J. B. HPFIUS, Auditor. A neiimrkftble UGBCUC, Mrs. Michael Curtln, Pl»lnlle!d, III., makes atement that she ouugbi cold, wh'cti settled makes the ' on 100 8,900 886 Boysen aud wife to Ire Harmes, wur- rauV, nhf bWBW»wlS-88,8T............ U73 WOflusttelUnd wife toi A 0_B»lioooU, warranty, n hi nw »w uw »7, n hi no Be Trustee* Marietta ooiiege'io'a' W Hftumi 9,400 deed, e hf sw 15-W, 37 .................. .. 600 0 3 Grimus to 0 E Bollea, warranty, o hf '.°00 -, ................................ H B Hesa and wi(» to A H CIWHS, wurran- ty, lots 0, 7. 8, bill 0 Algonu ............. COO AFurBtenberluud wife to 2 8 Uwrott, warranty, lot 7, blk 8, Bancroft ........ 9,700 A A Cull aud wife to Alma Johnson, war- rauty, blk 10 Call's ad to Algoirn ....... . ISO A F Call and wife to same, warranty, bllt II, Call'sadto Algouu ............... ... 100 A A CMU and wlfo to O Soiirle, warranty, lot v. blk V, Cull's ad to Bancroft ...... John Lawler et ul to U Whitehoru, war- rauty, lot 18, hlkis, Whlttumoro... ..... J B AOttlr and wifo to A Furstenburg, warranty, lot 7, WK 7, Bancroft. .... ... 1,1)00 Zlua L Holmira aud wlfB to Oliver Stephensou, warranty, w H lot S e>j lot 3 blk 31 Algoua ...................... MOO VII Stough et df to A D Clarke, warrau- ty. blka 18. 17, 45, ,47, 61,83, and Iota i 0, ' D r r j 01 rauty, lot», oi* 10, w nirajiuurv w F McCaffrey to J fa BluUte, warranty, lot 7, blU D, ZooUtm aa LuVorne K) J Jonnsou and wife to J U Johnson, . warranty, lot 6, blk I Bewles »d W Bancroft 00 A D Olarito and wt(« to W B 1 Carter, war- rantS lots 1,», 8,6, 7, 8,blk 181 Call's ail Mury Smith to Anna HodgWttU, warruu- ' O M&p VaOooo Cl Atauft wftrttu- Saul* to'a Vll&lu£ wlirriuty,' 'i hi'ii Same 'to Ww'iJoil'e'ner'li,' 'wurriujty, iw 00 £05 SCO Uw ........... •••< ........... ' " Same to 08 FftlTUP, Warranty, »W HO 4QO two too warranty, U W «w »H»8, Fifty-pile trausfors— cottsldwttUon -- «ff • — ~I HAVE just received jw Invoice irf wou'w ftue shoes in kuugui'oo wad opv . 8, JAS, A. 0«B, painter, , etc., solicit A 1I1B Stock 1'urcliuBo. Wright & Son of West Bond huvo added a. fine herd of short horn cuttle to our county. They bought tho»n of Tuttlo at Clear Lake, in nil 20 head of registered cows. There are none better in tho state, mid they will now havo nn important brooding farm. The Wrights nro the right kind of men for Kossuth. Valentino, Syria, and An interesting lecture by iv native of Turkey, Dr. Tlios. S. Sulooba, illustrated with lino steroopticon viows, will bo given at the Baptist church tomorrow evening. Tho speaker will appear in oriental costume. Every ono should hear him. A Dangerous I'olloy, L. A. Slieotz, the druggist, wishes to remind liia'patrous that it is a dangerous policy to wait until taken sick before buying a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera aud Diarrhoea Remedy. Every family sliould bo provided with some reliable remedy for bowel complaints, ready for Immediate UBO, whenever required, during the summer months, and thla remedy is unquestionably far superior to auy otnor. It cuu always bo depended upon, and IB uluusaut and safe to taUe. It fa putupiu 'JG uud W) cuut bottles. It Gave ((alck Keller. W. W. Moore of tho Grand Opera IIOUBO Doa Molnos, la an early settler in that part of Iowa, and has had a groat deal of ox porlonco iu his time. Ho says.i "At various tunas I havo had acute attaw °' bilious colic uud violent pains iu the stomach, and fouud uothlug that gave mo relief like Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera aud Diarrhoea Homofly. Every pevsP" " ho uuyu, "should have a bottle." Bale by L. A. BheoU. Wlb» Kulloolc on (Jov. Iloui'U. There are several feature*) of local interest in an uddresg on the Beouett law delivered in Chicago Sunday by Mi»s Florence Ktillook. Mis» Ktvllook was local pastor iu Algona at one time for the UnlvorsalUts, is related to the Durants, and te well, known to many citizens. Gov, Hoard likewise will bo vo- Bwmberod by ull who attended the great dMvymou'H mooting u fo\v youre ago. MUs KallQck said, in cHBCussing tho Bennett law eonjnelling ull children i -. iTTi„„„._„!n -in lnti»« +v\n It'.vxnliun iu Wisconsin to lean* {he KogliBli language: "In , the great state of" _ • v ^,^vho»Ttiiwo Known (pi•a, tuw who hw jlWW woro tor- her lungs; she was treated for a month by her family pbrslclnu, but grew worse. Hetold her she wus ahopeleiu vlcltin itfooimiinii<iori, and that no medicine could cure her. Her dn'Sfcist suggested Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption; sne bought u bottle, nnU to her delight found herself. benemted from the llrst dose. She continued Its use, end ixlier taking ten bottles found herself sound und well, now does her own homework and Is as well as she ever was. Free trial bottles ot this Great Discover; at L. A. Sheelz' drug store, Large buttles 50c und one dollar, 2 Northwestern railway, or to the general passenger agent at Chicago. W. A. THRAMi, General Passenger and Tloket Agent. W. P. NEWMAN, J. H. WHITMAN, Third Vice-pros. Qen'l Manager. NOTICE TO OCCUPYING CLAIMANT. STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. —M. De L. Parsons, L. O. Dunton, H. P. Wright, and Albert Bush. To all whom it may concern: The commissioner appointed to view and vacate a highway petitioned for by M. Do It. Parsons and others, has reported in favor of its vacation and re-location as follows: To vacate that part running diagonally through the south west quarter of sectional, and north half of section S6.05.S9, and re-locate on half section Hue beginning about 85 rods east of tho north- oast corner of tho southwest quarter of section 85, and running thence west on half section Hue to intersect with coi Wm. Happy Ilopilen. Tlmmona, poatinoater o( Iduvllle, Indlunu, wrllei : •• Electric Blttera has done more for me than ull other medicines combined, for that bad feeling arising from kldner and liver trouble." John Leslie, farmer and stockman, of same place, sura: "Find Electric Bitters to be the best kidney «iid liver medicine: It m»de me feel like a new mmi." J, W. Gardner, hardware merchant, same town,s»r»: "Electric Bitters Is Just the thing for a man who Is all run down and don't cure whether he lives or dies." He found new strength, good upuetlte, and felt lust like he luid a new lease of life. Only 50 cents a buttle at the drug store of L. A. Sheetz, __ _ 2 •\Vautud. I want to contract for tho cutting and stacking of about 800 tons of hay near Algona and Wesley. I also want to hire two good men to work on farm during haying and harvest. 1312 0. L. LUND, Algomt, lowu. Hay Tluuik Iler Stars. The narrow escape or Mrs. B. M. Searles of Elk- hatt.lnu., Horn a urematute death 1» woudettul. She states that " for 20 years mr heart troubled me gnaw. I became worse; had smothering siielTs;short breath, fluttering; could not sleep on n>» left side, had much until to breast, shoulder, ' , , ; ankles swelled; hud mvch beiul- aoheund dizziness; treatment did uie no good until I tried Dr. Miles' New lleart Cure and Restorative Nervine. The nest bottle Helped me and I was soon virtually cured. For sole at F. W. Wnijley's drug store, Algoua. A line book on the heart and nerves,free. * -1 Jack the The excitement caused b; this Inhuman mona- sler Is scarcdf equaled by that produced by the great discovery of Dr. Mllou-the Kertoratlve Ner- vine. U speedily cures nervous prostration, elmiise ol me, pain, dullness »w> rontuslon lu head, , uw, uesa, the blues, neuralgia, palpitation, Kw'w. Mr. John 8. Wolf, druggist, ale Mtch. ; Tulboll & Mvss of (ireensburg. ' of lllllsu tun 1 . . !i»i»Vw'BliM*ta»«i«IWo««W. Ohio, say mf " the Nervine sells better than awtblng we nt sow, and gives universal antlsfuctoii." Dr. lies' liew Illustrated treatise on the Nerves and ...i •!,..._*• ....Vl i. lot lifiltl.i fv.ia nt IP \U nintrluir'kl and Ueatt, ftl4 irUU Iwtttu twe ut '. W, PhUJtey'n There's No U»« Denying tlio TratU Ellert's Ettvaot of Tar and Wild Ohorry f pr Coughs and Colds. It cures tuom, Dr. JaauoB 1 Gorman Worm Caktw destroy aud remove worms from tlip system. Dr. WlncUelVs Toothing gyrw is tb.9 boat for general ullmoutB ot oUUOrvu. All druggists. Happy Hoiao Blood Purltlor and Health. Tonic purfffes tbo Wood a»d_w.ftlio home happy. Uncle Saw's Condition yowdw* and. Unolo Siuu'BNCTve -' "•••"-*— .junty highway running north and south on west Hue of section S5,9S,s», and all objections thereto or claims for damages must be filed in the county auditor's omce on or before noon of the 1st day of September, A. D. 1000, or such highway will be vacated and re-located without reference thereto. Witness my baud aud seal, this and day ot July, 1800. J. B. HOFIUS, IBM Gounty Auditor. LOOK. Pat.tohole wheat flour'per stutA. .81 00 -firXverv taek \sarranied. QtytfMm flour per saaJc — 50 Sotted corn meal per sack 25 Buckwheat flour per «aoft,.... .26@50 BranperlOQ «> Shorts per 100. 00 Ground feed (c.orn and oats) 70 Ground feed (com, oats, barley).... 60 Best hard coal per ton 9 00 Best Sd-vein Illinois coal per ton. 4 BO Best lower-vein Iowa Slock coal 4 00 Salt per barrel 1 25 I handle only the Best Goals, FREE DELIVERY IN THE CITY. Leave orders at the Big Flour and Feed store. • Bogs and al J. J. WILSON. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Public notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has this day been appointed and commissioned by the district court of Kossuth county, In the state of Iowa, administratrix of tho estate of Jacob Ileln, deceased; and all E ersous havluK claims against said estate are ereby notified to llle them with the clerk of said court, clearly stated and duly sworn to, and within legal time, preparatory to their being allowed aud proved; and all persons owing said estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and avoid costs. Dated at Algoua, Iowa, this 9ud day of July, A. D. 1880. CHRISTINA HEIN, I5t3 Administratrix. Save Your Hair B Y a timely use of Ayer's Hair Vigor. This preparation lias no equal as a dressing. It keeps the scalp clean, cool, nnd healthy, mid preserves the color, fullness, ami beauty of the lialr. " I WUH rapidly becoming bald (mil prny ; but after lining two or three uouliw of Ayer's Hair Vigor my hair grow tlili'V. and glossy ami the original color won reiitorml."— Mvlvia Aldrloli, Cumum Cuutct'., N, H, " Borne time uuo I lost all my Imlr in cuiismjucncu ot measles. After due waiting, no now growth appeared. I then II.HM! Ayer's Hull 1 Vigor and my liuir grow ^ Thick and Strong, Tlie U tins apparently come to stay. Vi«or Is oviilmitly ft Brent alii to nature." -J. B. WilUuius, l?U>r«wvUto, Texas. "I have iisod Ayur'o Hair Vigor for tlie past four or live years and find It a most »:UlH(m:tnry dieyslng for the hair. It U all I could dosii'0, being harmless, causing tUu Iwvlc to retain Its natural color, and requiring but a uuiatl quantity to render the hair tiu»y to arrauge.'Sr. Mrs. M. A. liulloy, V Charles street, •' I lu»ve Uoon usiua Ayor's Halt Vigor for several years, and believe tUat it lias catiauu uiy Unit to tetain its natural color. "-Jfrs. H. J. King, Dealpr U» Ayer's Hair Vigor, * mitteeU(wb.eeiiawa.riJedtp Located 4H miles from Algona, ftud Itf mile; om irvlnstou, on the river, _Twenty80ifeso/_ Looking for a Painter, Did you Say? Well, If rou are you should see WALTER WARD, who will be nteitiied to lluure with rou for iiiDllilni: In ilii' line of Painting, Paper Hanging, Those desiring paper hanging done are resnect- ..... *•• funy referred totnevarious pieces of wortt,lu Ihl; isfiictloiiln every case. j, whlcl ieefwarranted in caymg i ipeakfor themselves. I lint I can guarantee sat- Prices are Always Moderuta. Come and interview me. AUCTIONEER. D. A* HAGGARD, Will cry city and farm property, make collection* etc. All business ot a private nature will be strictly coufldeutlul. Office with K. M. Taylor, over Annls Prut, DE, L. A. SHEETZ, li Dealer in DEWS MBPOTBS, full HMOrtiuent always on huud, of Drugs, Moil I claes, twd puie llouore for medlelnal purposes only, Books and stationery. p. Real Estate Agent, ial9 ol ml estate tor non-swidsnte. igeot ,„ . anoe oomaanr, of yrwport, 111. »n4 fcp|»\U« 0$ eou»trt W r and sold on oon IVBDtoeare u&d taj •A Good Farm for Sale,

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